Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's bru-ing at UEM?

CORRECTION: In the posting by A Voice that I linked in the original posting below, the blogger wrote:
"My source in TNB claimed Izzaddin is brother-in-law to Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the CEO of Khazanah and member of the Board of Director of UEM."
It has been brought to my attention that Azman Mokhtar and Izaddin are NOT in-laws. I have made this known to blogger A Voice for his action.

Original posting:
New CEO, new scandal? I have, unfortunately, blogged about this new UEM CEO, here. He was the Tenaga Nasional CFO involved in a 100 per cent pay demand together with his CEO then.

But this posting Is the delisting of UEM Group to cover up a major loss? h e r e is not entirely about him.

Another major scandal waiting to be uncovered. The blogger A Voice is at this very moment working on a Part 2.


  1. Anonymous1:50 pm

    What about new CEO of NSTP??? any better???? not their money hence they dont care

  2. Anonymous2:25 pm


    Pasquale Said:

    "Rusdi Mustapha will also bring the matter to the Prime Minister for insinuating Rusdi Mustapha is a person of ill repute and to be associated with the PM. So you guys better do the right thing--in one week! Or all of Sakmongkol's shit will be made public for sure!"

    Cat's Out of The Bag...

    How does Pasquale knows????
    If he is not Rusdi???

    Joe Black

  3. Anonymous3:59 pm

    100 Qatar Rials is equal to about RM95.50 today. So QTR 1.3 Billion is equivalent to RM1.2 Billion. That is a huge amount of money for UEM or anyone. Now we can see why Ahmad Pardas Senin had to leave UEM in such a hurry.

    This whole GLC mess is the work of a few dumb shits. One of them is Nor Mohd Yakob the Black Midas who was in charge of the GLCs as the 2nd Minister of Finnace. Every thing he touches turns into dust. Why do they keep him in Government?

    First the RM17 billion loss at Bank Negara was his work alone.

    Then he went to work in Abrar Bhd - which also went bust.

    There was a scandal at Abrar Asset Mgmt where they used public funds to support Abrar share prices so that Nor Mohd and friends could sell the shares and repay his bank loan (to buy the same Abrar shares). That was Criminal Breach of Trust which was never investigated.

    Then Abrar bought Mun Loong which later went bust also.

    Then Nor Mohd took over the GLCs and appointed his friend Azman Mokhtar to run Khazanah and the GLCs. They have been losing billions since he took over.

    The Sime merger has lost billions. Tenaga loses billions. Telekom has lost billions. MAS lost billions. Now even UEM is losing billions.

    Maybank made a dubious bank buy in Indonesia.

    And Azman Mokhtar is slotted for MD of Petronas? Please lah. They will lose even more billions.

    Get rid of these losers and the country's "khazanah" or treasure will be safe. Why do these monkeys even have a job?

    Nor Mohd Yakob is closely linked to 'Arab' investors in the middle east. Keep an eye on the Arabs. The money could be recycled - from here to there and back.

  4. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Azman Mokh, tolong letak jawatan. Perkhidmatan anda selama ini, amat memalukan..

    Even Zimbawae Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM).

  5. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Azman Mokh, needs to be forced out. His key adies such as Ganen, Omar Ong should also be purged. Izzi, of Tenaga is not fit to be the CEO of UEM.
    Awang selamat

  6. Anonymous4:51 pm


  7. Anonymous4:53 pm

    The board of uem and khazanah should take responsibility, and resign. They should do the honourable Japanese thing... resign or commit sucide.

  8. I was told GLC population and employees did not vote for government because they hate Nor Yaacob , Azman and gang...with their very high pay ,bonus , stock option and high handed management style

  9. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Well summarised, anon 3.59 pm.
    Yeap, black midas and amokh are the root cause for all these mess.

    Najib must act FAST or more dirt and pekung will be exposed soon and make najib to look bad to worst to LEMBIK 2!!!


  10. Anonymous9:12 pm


    UEM office caught fire lar bro today..........5.30pm....HuH the fire is on at all levels

  11. Anonymous12:15 am

    Wherefore art thou UEM, headed by accountants?

  12. Anonymous9:08 am

    from Malaysian Insider...betul2 bruing....panas...panas....

    UEM, Khazanah mum on Qatar troubles

    By Lee Wei Lian

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 11 — A lawsuit to the tune of hundreds of millions of ringgit has been filed against UEM Group Bhd by the government of Qatar over a dispute regarding a highway project in the Middle Eastern country.

    However, UEM and its parent company, the government-owned investment agency Khazanah Nasional Bhd, have decided not to comment publicly for the moment.

    One Internet website alleges that there was an attempt to cover up UEM's legal problems in the Gulf state. The website also states that UEM's operations and bank accounts in Qatar have been frozen and that the Qatar government is going to issue a warrant of arrest for former UEM managing director Datuk Ridza Abdoh.

    What a shame..third class mentalities... thats why our sodomee expert Gani Empat Tahil & the gang lost Pulau Batu Putih..

    Kalau sodoMEE case dia boleh menang lah...