Saturday, May 09, 2009

Najib frees 13 more ISA detainees

Happy Wesak Day. The PM has decided to release 13 more ISA detainees to coincide with today. This is the second real good thing Najib Razak has done since he became our Prime Minister on April 3; the first was to release the first batch of 13 ISA detainees.

But why release the Hindraf 3 and not Laila's husband and the other long-serving ISA detainees? Hishammuddin Hussein, the new Home Minister, said the Hindraf 3 are "no longer a threat to national security".

There should still be 39 ISA detainees left. Najib has released 26 in two months. At this rate, there will be no more ISA detainees by August, the month Malaysia marks its Independence!


  1. Pak Zaid2:18 pm

    Yo ROck,

    Omar Mustapha Ong is a USA agent. Evidence coming up shortly.

  2. Last week Hindraf ISA detainees were a threat and that's what Kerismudin said; this week they are not.

    So, which Revolution or Civil Strife did Najib avert that has changed the internal security alert situation from DEFCON 1 to 5?

    This is what you get from dictatorial administrations - window dressing and wag the dog actions!

    Things are decided upon on mere whims and fancies and not on rules of natural justice.

  3. Pak Cik Zaid2:21 pm

    and another thing, if you realized, Omar Mustapha Ong is planting Anwar guys in all the important positions in the government e.g. Zambry is an ex-ISA Anwar time, Johan Jaafar is a sworn Anwarista.

    Look at the Mainstream Media right now, especially the recent Perak Chaos, the MSM was openly bashing BN, is subtle and non-subtle ways.

    Look at the amount of crime reported, that is to create a climate of fear in Malayisa, and later this will be used to bash the Malaysian Royal Police, and hence BN. Everyone, watch OMar Mustapha Ong memperkudakan Najib...ahahhahaahahahahaahaahahahahhahahaha

  4. Mr Rocky Bru, I learned that you have been made the CEO one of Newspaper in Malaysia, congratulation to you...

  5. They need to free these 13 out as Najib would probably need more space for the newcomers.

  6. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Rocky since Najib have ears for you why don't you do us the Selangor UMNO a favour. Recommend to Najib to do a "Perak" in Selangor and get the men in blue to throw out the MB and speaker from the Selangor assembly. You know the sight of removing the speaker is just great, this is really something new which our PM can be proud and I think other countries can copy us too.

  7. Anonymous2:47 pm


    Happy wesak to all our buddhist friends. Good that the 3 hindraf sudah keluar. Hope by now samy vellu learn his lesson. retire la bro samy. you are not wanted anymore. najib let the hindraf out not because you ask but because you don't ask.


  8. Anonymous3:06 pm

    such a good news Rocky !! so kind of Najib and Co.

    Yeah... release all the ISA.
    Rocky, in the first place, is it right to detain someone for years with a trial or without giving a chance to defend oneself in the court of law ??

    Anyway Rocky, you did a extremely good spin on Najib and Co, but only to those peminat setia Rockybru and UMNO !!

    The Rakyat Will Never Forgot !!


  9. (1) Bapak Zaid said:

    "Omar Mustapha Ong is a USA agent. Evidence coming up shortly.blah-blah-blah...."

    Well done. Your intelligent network appears to be the best compared to others --making others like fools, man!

    So you are saying this: It is a matter of time before Bung Anwar takes over Malaysia on behalf of his Masters...?

    Let me hear from you again. Cheers.


    Whatever you do or omit is open to criticisms.

    When the Govt obliged to appeals, ISA detainees were and are released. After the release, the same "playpuks", learned lobbyists will start accusing the Govt of "taking advantageslah/to divert attention from Peraklah...."

    What I can sense is that, once Najib's Administration cleans up the mess, these "puksplayers" will have no more issues to "shoot" the Govt with.

    I take pity on themlah. Cari makan people.

    They are obviously different from Brader Rocky @ Ahiruddin who writes with conscience, and fight with principles....

    Any fair minded people like Ahiruddin shall enjoy the fruits of his hardwork.

    SYABAS & TAHNIAH, Brader Rocky.

  10. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Saying that was a real good thing is polishing apples. When the detainees should never have been detained under the ISA in the very first place. Charge them in Court if you have any credible evidence. Is the PM not covering the shit that was laid out by his own Government? Be prepared for more onslaught from the MM in the coming weeks.

  11. Pahit tak manis.3:46 pm

    Najib said no the the Pahit Manis guy? That must be really pahit for him.

  12. Anonymous3:50 pm

    and they have the paper and editor to sing their tune.

    Gila dunia fana

  13. So you expect all indians to fall on Najib and Hisamudin's feet for the great favour they did by releasing the Hindraf Leaders. They should repeal the ISA and close down the Detention Center. Even the Terrorist who killed 260 innocent people in India is getting a lawyer and a fair trial. That is democracy where you will be charged by a impartial court and sentenced as per law of the land.
    Should I say more...................

  14. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Typical reaction:-
    1)"it was THEIR fault in the first place"
    2)"you only see the good things Najid does because you're his dog"
    3)"he does this only because he wants to detain more later"

    Bangsa2 tak reti berterima kasih


  15. Syahredzan4:29 pm


    Mr. Rocky, I think you should tone down on your spinning. It's TOO obvious.

    Subtle does it, eh?

  16. Marci Poli4:50 pm

    Ah! What a good man Najib is!! As the Italians would say "Fantastico!" All the ISA detainees going to be released? Bagus betul si Najib ni!! You mentioned two good things that he did, both connected to the release from ISA detention. Would the third good thing Najib did be the calling off of the appointment of Datuk Ahmad Talib as the editorial adviser of NST?? Are you trying to say that the Italian-backed rumour is not true after all?? Whatever it is, let us praise Najib's goodness to the clouds, shall we? Najib è un uomo meraviglioso!

  17. Don't release lah!

    Arrest, salah, release salah jugak.

    We should expand the ISA and throw everyone in. That's JUSTICE!

    Better yet, we should just kill these idiots. Tak sunat.

    Seriously, though, as someone who genuinely believes in freedom, this is a good thing.

    These people who complain about ISA, would only be satisfied if the PM himself were to come to their house and kiss their asses.

    Not gonna happen la, bro!

    And no, you're not gonna get free money. Dream on lah!

  18. Bro Rocky, this is a stupid move by the govt. These monkeys will never see anything good we do as good and will always find a negative spin to it. That's why I say the hell with them! Let them rot in there and destroy the key bro.

    Najib is listening to the minority who seems to be the ones making the loudest noise. Look at what happened to your buddy Ahmad Talib!

    What the hell is wrong with NST going back to the days of Mahathir anyway? That's the way to rule man!! Look how peaceful Singapore is? It's because they've got their rakyat on the leash!

    BTW. Congratulatiions on your appointment. Are you sure you've had Najib's blessings on this or are you going to join Ahmad Talib thanks to the Pariah Insider?

  19. artchan5:49 pm

    in the first place they have no business detaining them...remember the reason our Blurry Syed Mid said they have links with Tamil why release them? Same like no reason to detain those people wearing black in IPOH. Wearing black is an offence? Why don't you blog about the abuse of police powers.

    Come on experienced journalist like you sure can spin better.

    I think your journalism skills are dropping bad. I certainly expected better.

  20. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Wow! Praise and heil the saviour Najib. Malaysia never had it so good.

    We will be entering a golden era soon.

    - Groo

  21. Rocky!
    You have sold your soul to the devil to age 60.
    No need to start your low class advertising how great Najib is...releasing the detainees.
    The battle of two so call great bloggers fishing for votes have began
    The battle between the good and the evil bloggers.
    You think your devilish style can take RPK on?
    As long as you support are also a racialist.
    Dream on Rocky. Mark my asked for it. Your health will let you down.

  22. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Releasing HINDRAF detainees will NOT bring back support to UMNO !!!

    Nani Cheras

  23. Anonymous6:47 pm

    support bn adun & end up with a bunch of &#@$%^*...

  24. Anonymous7:05 pm

    why 3 indian detainees...

    just wondering why bn are so reluctant to release but keep imprisoning thousand of indians in poverty?

  25. Assholes arrest them and when they come out they have to be grateful to the assholes who arrested them......doesnt make sense does it ?

  26. Assholes arrest them and when they come out they have to be grateful to the assholes who arrested them......doesnt make sense does it ?

  27. Anonymous7:27 pm

    typical UMNO reaction to anyone who challenges them is

    1. arrest them under ISA in the name of national security

    2. stoke racial tension with slogans such as " JANGAN persoalkan hak kami ", " Jangan Cabar Kami " , " Kedudukan org melayu tergugat " etc etc

    3. Get physical and drag the speaker our of the Dewan

    4. Kidnap people who are prepared to give evidence in court

    5. Threaten and intimidate the rakyat

  28. Tongking7:38 pm

    WTF happening to the grey matter of these anti Establishment goons? You tangkap people no good, you release people oso no good dey, all the Bagéros, WTF do you want huh? Everything not happy!!!!

    If it is like this, go to anywhere in this planet that you think you'll be happy .....Ask, Demand and Shout if you want in other countries ...and see if the natives will cave in to your stupid demands!!!

    Bast**ds!! HEY, ASSHO**S, balik kampong lah China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, wherever you want ....don't come back to MALAYsia.....

    Setan Laknatullah....Tak reti bahasa punya orang orang ini ...

    A message to the Government, LET ALL THESE BANGSATS ROT IN ISA JAIL ......these non appreciative types ...better still put them in a jail in a faraway Malaysian island and let them rot there for the rest of their lives ...LKY did that to a Commie bugger .....he left the island only after he became an old man ...tua nak mampoos baru boleh balik mainland Singapore ....why must be kind to pengkhianats???

  29. Tongking7:51 pm

    Hey anon 7.05 pm, u said,

    "...just wondering why bn are so reluctant to release but keep imprisoning thousand of indians in poverty?"

    WTF are you talking about, moron? tell us how many thousands of Indians in "poverty" in ISA, bahalol?

    Btw, Indians in M'sia are known to be robbers, gangsters, todi lovvas, child killers, wife beaters etc ...they are really low life because it is in their DNA ....nearly 3000 years of being the Untouchables - the pariah of the pariahs (and still going on), so their mentality is really retarded, readily influenced by Bollywood/Tamil movies ....Poverty? haha that is their fault...Who ask them to study only in Tamil? If study in Tamil, must go back to Tamil Nadu lah, not stay in Malaysia, poondeck!!!

    Anyway, for those who are passing by here, this is a typical venom coming out from so-called Malaysians ...They are Malaysians only in name but not in the heart, wonder why they are still here in this beloved country...they should long ago leave this paradise for good ...leave us, the natives, here alone ....we don't need you, dammit!!!!

  30. Anonymous8:15 pm

    ISA is for terrorists & anti national elements and ISA definitely can not be applied for anti bn & anti umno parties like PR, DAP, PAS, Hindraf, others.
    Most people are pro Malaysia but too bad, now anti establishment, btw this oppressive and corrupt establishment is umno.
    And, if everyone balik balik as repeatedly mouthed by those stupid umno members, then the original people here would be the orang asli.

  31. Dear Rocky..
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now,and sometime am frustrated reading all the comments made by your 'readers'. I don't know whether this is the sentiment of the people on the street, cause they certainly don't live on mine. Most of the time,even you are accused of spinning, maybe i am an idiot but your latest article questioned why releases these three instead of others.. I guess you're not good spinner after all.

    Anyway,congratulation for your new appointment. Being an avid reader of your blog, I am convinced that you could resuscitate MM to their glory days.

    Jita 'Najibrista' Jamil

  32. suaramalaysia10:01 pm

    yes donplaypuks, its what i call 'mind games' that regimes play... when the people call for transparency and accountability - send a powerful deflection.

    when the regime's crimes are shaken, send a deflection... when the Perak house is hijacked by mutiny, send a deflection...

    when a Mongolian woman is blown to pieces and clues have spoken... send a delusion. when prisoners are brutally tortured and killed in prison... send a delusion.

    when billions of riggit of taxpayers money are cheated, send a delussion... when forced conversion and abductions are rampant, send a dellusion...

    and the regime mind games won't fool the rakyat anymore. no, not after march 8th 2008. you can't change fruit without changing root.

    the axe is at its root and the tree of BN depravity will fall.

  33. Anonymous10:25 pm

    It is a good deed indeed but damage has been done.


  34. Anonymous10:29 pm

    2nd good thing he has done since becoming PM? HAHAHAHAHA>

    Rocky, u sure u didnt vomit typing this out?

    How about the many more he detained the the brute force of the police in Perak?

    You are a joke la brother!


  35. Anonymous10:29 pm

    i got a story

    one fine day in the month of march, miss supermarket-cum-groceries (known after this as miss jg) went to see her boss RR and requested that she covered the by election in bukit gantang. she had avery good reason - she ahd never covered any by election andw anted the experience, very good reporter no wonder machai recommended her to eb in the A team reporters grou under RR.

    but RR told miss jg that she cannot go as there was no budget for reporters from his group to cover the by election although they are from the A group.

    so miss jg went to see her sifu machai and told him how sad she was because all she wanted was to gain experience and now she cannot do so.

    but worry no more as sifu machai is here. he told miss jg that she can go to bukit gantang after all to gain experience although she was not in the news desk team. ah ha and miss jg then told machai that she would not claim a single cent as what was important was experience covering by election and not teh claims, wah wah wah

    but the best part is it seems taht miss jg has actually claimed for the expenses. and non other than her sifu machai had approved it.

    wahg wah wah so waht happened lah to the gainning experience claims. aiyoo. but what i dont faham is why lah specifically want to gain experience in bukit gantang alone, i mean a by election is a by election lah, why not bukit selambau, why not batang ai, why not permatang pauh, why notkuala terengganu, why not pennati

    maybe because only in bukit gantang can get experience and other places cannot

    but what i dont understand is how can lah machachai allow her to claim, aiyoo but why not because machai likes miss jg. miss jg very clever loh always covers supermarkets and of course machcahi gets his part as well

    before i end the story, in case all of you are wondering why miss jg can only gain experience in bukit gantang and not the other places ... well the answer is because miss jg is from perak, she, her parenst and family hate bn and they like dap. so miss jg went to bukit gantang to do her part to help dap. wah very creative reporter

    but machai also clever loh like how he agreed to let miss putrajaya to go to ipoh a few months back because miss putrajaya also wanted to gain experience and to help dap

    congrats machai and miss jg

  36. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Hri donplaypukis

    Y dont u contests in Penanti Election. Try ur ball and don't talk cock..


  37. It was beliive that 'donplaypukis' is a true Anwar's blue-black anus follower.

  38. Alphaguy!

    Go and turn 360 back to India la. Get company with ur 260 terrorists serial killer guru

  39. Pak Cik Zaid11:00 pm

    Yo Dua Gelas,

    That wasn't my intelligence. Saya punya intel belum keluar lagi, tunggu think-thank process data first.

    Omar Mustapha Ong is Khairy's guy. Many speculated the ''4th floor guys are sent in by the ''jews'' ". My think thank did some investigative journo and came up with some interesting stuff. Tunggu, kena sabar.

    Mula2 saya suruh RPK buat expose, tapi sejak dia bawah takhluk Singapura, dia sudah malas. They're feeding him too much and he's too fat and lazy to do anything. Asyik main bontot dengan Anwar.....

    Dua Gelas, tunggu sikit.. saya punya budak tengah compile info.

  40. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Give your best at Malay mail, just dont take too much brew, ok.

    Sri Hartamas

  41. Tongking11:26 pm

    Anon 8.15,

    Anyone who tries to destabilise the country, coming from whatever political party (including UMNO) is a subversive element. Period.

    ISA is there to protect the masses. Reading the comments here, I think most of you are candidates for ISA hahaha....You guys ARE terrorists !!! I have no qualms putting all of you inside ...kah kah kah ...Pray that I don't become the PM of Malaysia, if not .....

    UMNO corrupt? Come on ...morons...just say it just want to insult us purposefully, the Malays of MALAYsia, DAP/PKR/PAS not corrupt? you are worse, YOU ARE ANIMALS!!! The Communists, the Untouchables and the Turban Lollipops Free Sex Organisation (Warrior 231, I borrow your phrase ok)...hahahah wonder you people can get along ...birds of a feather flock together ...You people lack of good grey matter, hence stupid comments here ...

    Oh, we prefer to have the Orang Aslis, they are also the Bumis, nothing wrong with that, aint it? ....we are the Melayus of the Tanah Melayu .....kah kah kah ..

    Anyway for those Bodoh Nak Mampoos type here, Malaysia is part of the Malay Archipelago or Nusantara Melayu ...wherever we are in the Nusantara, it does not matter as this area is OUR AREA ....ADA FAHAM, BODOHS??

  42. Anonymous12:12 am


    Kalau sebelum ini Hishammuddin orang Melayu Johor memohon maaf kepada bangsa mata sepet kerana menghunus keris, tapi kini dia membebaskan pula pengkhianat negara berkulit hitam kerana politik maka percaturannya seharusnya dikecam. Mereka yang menentang ISA mempunyai kepentingan dan agenda tersembunyi. Jangan lah buta mata, buta hati dan tidak tahu berfikir'. Kenapa RPK cabut lari dan takut berdepan dengan pendakwaan terbuka ?. Orang pertama yang akan celebrate pemansohan ISA ialah Anwar Ibrahim.

    Ingat, tindakan Hishammuddin sebagai Menteri dalam Negeri belum tentu akan dapat sokongan politik dari rakyat yang telah pun berani mempertikaikan kedudukan orang Melayu yang didakwa sebagai pendatang. Mereka nilah yang terbukti berpura menyokong BN dalam PRU 12 dan PRK Bukit Gantang baru-baru ini..

    Saya amat kesal dengan pembebasan yang terang-terang bermotifkan politik ini.

    Tiada ISA Negara akan menjadi huru hara dan terhakislah kuasa HISHAMMUDDIN yang akan meletakkan beliau sebagai pendatang tulin, percayalah.


  43. probably Laila's husband stand a better chance if he contest in Bkt Lanjan, if there were by election.

    Even Ella has got the meaning correct.ISA
    has overstayed his welcome. SA is the new boy in town...

  44. alphaguy said...
    They should repeal the ISA and close down the Detention Center. Even the Terrorist who killed 260 innocent people in India is getting a lawyer and a fair trial.

    I dun care if someone have a fair trial after the killing, I CARE about PREVENTING the killing.


  45. Anonymous12:50 am

    Ada satu shrine untuk dewa-dewa hindraft bawah pokok demokrasi, boleh buat pemujaan cari kuasa. Pengerasnya - Guiness Stout or todi or both. Menteranya:

    mambang siva mambang ngeh nga
    mambang 16 september pun saya tanya
    bila mau kasi kuasa sama saya
    deiy cepat la..deiy cepat laa

    Mambang Mabuk

  46. wow tongking,

    so much hatred coming out from your mouth...I wonder whether you were abused as a child...

    a dude, not that long ago, also barked about the superiority of his race, about how other people on the planet, apart from them, were nothing but a bunch of lowlifes, worthless of living, let alone be called human beings...the dude even went further by exterminating those lowlifes simply to prove his point of their race superiority over others

    i think the dude was called hitler

    chasing others out of malaysia? well2, I wonder where you got that from bro, it sure as hell sounds frighteningly similar to hitler's skewed racial notion

    this piece of land belongs to those from the nusantara? hahahaha, what a joke, I don't think Islam promotes such hatred and preference towards one race

    I know u won't like it if i say this, but u sure sound like them zionists, they too think they are superior over all of us you know, and surprise2, they too want to chase the 'pendatang' away from their 'promised' land

    what a coincidence bro!

  47. Anonymous12:57 am

    I wish to say a big thank you to the following people who managed to kill Dato' Ahmad Talib's chances of returning to the NST.

    1. Kalimullah Hassan
    2. Brendan Preira
    3. Hishammuddin Aun
    4. Manja Ismail
    5. Syed Nazri
    6. Zubaidah Abu Bakar
    7. Chandrasegar
    8. Lionel Morais
    9. Zainul Ariffin
    10. Kamrul Idris
    11. Lee Ah Chai
    12. Rehman Rashid
    13. Mustapa Omar
    14. Azizi
    15. Mahfar Ali
    16. Leslie Andres
    17. Joseph Soosai

    Thanks again

  48. Anonymous1:04 am


    mcmana kerajaan nak bebaskan suami laila, dlm blog dia tiap-tiap hari belasah kerajaan.

    pada mata laila tak ada yg baik pd kerajaan.

    jadi kenapa duk rayu minta kerjaan bebaskan suami?

    anak ISA

  49. Anonymous1:17 am

    the release of these isa detainees are to make way for another batch of new isa detainees probably the perak pakatan rakyat govt!

  50. Anonymous1:23 am

    alphaguy said...

    So you expect all indians to fall on Najib and Hisamudin's feet for the great favour they did by releasing the Hindraf Leaders... bla India is getting a lawyer and a fair trial. That is democracy....bla bla bla....Should I say more............

    Is this the India you are talking about? Please, please tell us more as you seems to know so much about India..

    Is this true TODAY, year 2009??

    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,


  51. Anonymous1:29 am

    Kepada Saudara Tongking , Kalau semua orang balik India atau Cina, bolehkah Umno memintah selama 50 tahun? Umno berkuasa kerana bangsa asing .Kamu jangan lupa , Islam dimalaysia datang dari Tanah India dankebanyakan orang Melayu kalau dikaji asal usul meraka ,kebanyakan mereka adalah dari darah campuran termasuk kamu sendiri kalau kamu buat sedikit kajian terhadap asal usul nenek moyang kamu. Jangan lah sesekali kita menghina bangsa orang sedangkan kita pun tak tahu asal usul kita. Yang benar tetap benar yang salah tetap salah.

    Dari Stingray

  52. Anonymous2:38 am



    Rus u know who

  53. Anonymous2:45 am

    dontplaypuks cilaka... tak keluar kau marah, kasi keluar pun kau putar belit.. memang tak sedar diri. Patut bangsa tak sedar diri macam kau ni dihantar balik lepas merdeka aritu. Hiduplah kami aman damai disini.

  54. Anonymous2:54 am

    sikit2 nak cakap 'ini tempat orang asli, kita semua pendatang'

    ..dey, if not for Melaka, no one would be interested in this land. None of the likes of you would come here cari makan. Sekarang you mau ka pegi masuk hutan majukan tempat orang asli? Tak mau, sebab tala untooong (although some of the sepet non-Bahasa-Malaysia-speaking-but-want-all-the-previleges-of-a-Malaysian-and-then-some DO get near these orang asli lands and do all sorts of ada untoooong things, with the orang aslis not benefitting).

    My demand to non-Malays wanting to be treated as Malaysians:-
    1)stop speaking some foreign language that your fellow countrymen do not understand and start speaking the National Language. Speaking in a language that your fellow countrymen can't understand is offensive. Not being able to speak in your National Language is wrong. I mean, how am I supposed to differentiate a Malaysian Chinese and say a Taiwanese? Am I supposed to 'be on par' with both?
    2)stop demanding any races to be represented more (in parliament or wherever) and trust your fellow Malaysians. You said in uncertain terms that you are not beggars. Well stop treating Malay politicians like they are robbers
    3)the rights of the orang aslis are similar to that of the Malays. If you want them to get more, fight their case. Don't use them for your cause
    4)stop demanding equality when you do not practice it. If you do practice equality, either:
    a)stop the ads with requirements such as 'able to speak a certain language (which is not the National Language)' OR
    b)devise a method in which you can make sure all races have equal opportunities to learn all languages (actually, this has been proposed by several Malay politicians in which you reacted unfavourably)

    Malaysian Malaysia? Sure. But prove to me you're Malaysian. I mean, you can be Taiwanese or a China national or an Indian citizen, for all I care. No more special rights? Sure. Then everyone should only speak the National Language and hence no one will have any special rights of going to certain schools or applying for certain jobs or understanding certain conversations.

    When in university, and this is a public university, I knew Malaysians who cannot sing the National Anthem. You can accuse me of being racist if you wan't, but my logic is that we must never ever have a National Anthem in different languages. In that sense, we can never have equality the way you define it.

    Do it the MALAYSIAN way


  55. Anonymous said...



    Rus u know who


    I don't know, Rus.

    Who the fuck are you?

    FUCK OFF...and die.

  56. Rocky_Borak3:12 am

    someone ask if wearing black is an offence, no, but wearing black with the intention to send out messages of defiance is.

    next someone else ask, are we aping the zionist, no, we're not but when we gave, we expect something in return, but when its no done, its not fair, isn't it?

    some of you thinks governing is just whims and fancies, imagining that its just a simple task, well, think again.

    and this guy said this: alphaguy said...
    So you expect all indians to fall on Najib and Hisamudin's feet for the great favour they did by releasing the Hindraf Leaders. They should repeal the ISA and close down the Detention Center. Even the Terrorist who killed 260 innocent people in India is getting a lawyer and a fair trial.

    just wait for it to happen to your close kins and we'll hear you scream for blood.

    last but not least, why is the bar council playing politics? should'nt they be using other platforms to voice their concerns instead?

    I only have a piece of paper representing my 10 years of education(GCE O level) so excuse any errors of jugdement on my part.

  57. Tongking3:35 am

    Hello everyone!

    See, I've said it already. The Malay Apologists aka Malay lollipops go up in arms to support their co-PR members. One of them called me "Hitler"...I haven't even said that I wanted to annihilate those "pendatangs" ...just ACAH aje, sudah menggelabah ...Wow, you all sure go to heaven one ..Ameen.

    Hello, Mamats, where were you guys when the Malays were being insulted, bullied, being called names by your comrades in arms from DAP/PKR, huh??? Can you swallow all those insults and fitnahs and cacian from THEM??? You guys good Muslims,eh? Real Melayu, meh? Cubit peha kiri tak terasa ke peha kanan? Bangsa Melayu dihina, Institusi Negara dipermainkan,Raja Melayu dipertidakkan, ugama Islam dipersendakan, dan kamu mengotakan apa yang mereka kata, kamu tak terasa apa apa ?? Aneh bin Ajaib.......Oh, lupa, Melayu UMNO kafir, tapi DAP tidak ...DAP buat apa saja halal, sampai tanah tergadai pun tak apa ....Hi hi Melayu bodoh, Melayu bodoh ....Jangan lah nak cakap pasal ugama atau apa apa kat saya ok ...cerminlah diri awak sendiri ......

    It sure reflects on your being as a Malay, you're feeling real inferior to them that you guys have to go all out against me ....Bet ya that they are laughing their hearts out now....Malay and Malay fight ...pucuk dicita ulam mendatang ....Hallelujah ..

    ps .........Hey Bodohs, I did not invent anything ok ...I just stated what had been stated in geography books......this is the Nusantara whether you like it or not .....whether Malaysia is going to be populated by 100% Melayus/Pribumis, that is not my prerogative but it is not impossible ...if the pendatangs leave Malaysia and go for greener pastures where they can be happier and can demand and demand and demand till the end of time .....

  58. Anonymous3:45 am

    Apa punya logic pundek ko pakai ni? Aiyoyo,kasi rehat itu todi botol sikit dei.UMNO berkuasa sebab bangsa asing? Tu la byak sangat tonton Bollywood ni,tak tau sejarah sendiri.Oi,siapa yg menghina siapa? Ko kata aku apartheid,genetic cleansing la macam2 lagi tu ko ingat bagus sangat ke.Da duduk sini berapa generasi pun cakap melayu masih pelat. So what? Apa kena mengena asal usul aku? Orang Melayu tak ada masalah dengan ni,tak perna menafikan. We have no issue about skin nor interracial marriages mcam korang.Tak racist, tak da mempunyai sistem kasta ye. China apek pula kulit putih melepak macam mayat baru dia sembah. Tapi Amoi sangup tutup mata kalo Melayu tu ada title Datuk berpangkat tinggi..tak sabar dia nak kasi. Cit, hypocrite la korang ni.Ko jolok sarang tebuan tapi harap tak di sengat ye.

  59. Anonymous5:01 am


    Pembaca Yang Budiman

    Dalam mengumunkan secara sukarela penamatan laman pojoknya dalam akhbar The Malay Mail, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar menzahirkan pengakuan bahawa keputusannya adalah bersandarkan prinsip yang didokongnya tanpa memberi sebarang penjelasan mengenai apa yang dimaksudkan dengan 'prinsip'itu:

    Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...
    I chose to leave, there was no issue of a contract not being renewed nor was I asked to leave. It was my choice as a matter of principle.

    MIS : May 8, 2009 5:44:00 PM MYT

    Secara zahir, tampak bahawa Malik Imtiaz Sarwar adalah seorang insan yang berpegang teguh pada prinsip. Walaupun beliau tidak berguling diatas jalan, ala pemuja Hindu yang menyempurnakan nazar pada hari Thaipusam, semasa berdemonstrasi memngenai isu Perak pada bulan Februari lepas, beliau masih lantang dan tegas menentang keputusan DYMM Sultan Perak.Ini juga tampak timbul dari jiwanya yang berpegang pada prinsip kebenaran, suatu hakikat yang jelas terpancar dan sirna dalam fihrasat dan wajah setiap pejuang Pakatan Rakyat, suatu yang dikagumi dan digeruni oleh pihak musuh..hahahahahaha!

    Kehebatan Malik memperjuangkan prinsip dan memperagakan jiwa menegakkan keluhuran perlembagaan serta kedaulatan undang-undang juga jelas terpancar ketika Si Anwar Ibrahim mula menternak berudu dilaman rumah beliau pada April 2008 dimana, Si Anwar bertitah bahawa berudu berkenaan akan bertukar menjadi katak dewasa pada 16 September 2008 dan sekaligus melalui pencabulan undang-undang alamiah akan membawa Si Anwar menaiki tandu menuju keistana bagi merampas takhta dari pemerintah yang sah. Dua orang peguam perlembagaan tersohor yakni Tommy Thomas dan Malik Imtiaz mengiakan pencabulan tersebut sebagai satu ketentuan azali yang tidak mungkin dihalang kecuali oleh Allah azza wa'jalla.Berikut saya perturunkan nukilan dari insan'ul kamil yang bergelumang dalam prinsip ini:

    Saturday, September 20, 2008
    Navigating The Constitutional Impasse (

    1. The YDPA however has an absolute discretion to withhold consent and as such, could legitimately refuse.

    2.This would leave the Prime Minister with no option other than to tender his resignation and that of his Cabinet and pave the way to the appointment of a new Prime Minister, one who in the judgment of the YDPA commands the confidence of the majority.

    3. Thirdly, the Federal Constitution does not say how to establish that the Prime Minister has “ceased to command the confidence of the majority”. A vote of no confidence is an obvious method but not necessarily the only one. To read the constitutional provision otherwise would not only be unwarranted (an unnecessary implication of meaning) but would also allow for unconstitutional action, such as the use of the provision to impede the expression of the majority of the Dewan Rakyat. It is possible that circumstances could arise where an incumbent government seeks to prevent the meeting of members in Parliament to undermine any attempt by the majority to form a new government. To read provisions of the Constitution to lend to such an outcome would be wholly repugnant to the scheme the Constitution puts in place.

    4. As such, it is open to the YDPA to form a view through other means, such as direct meetings with the majority of the Dewan Rakyat, so as to satisfy himself that the incumbent Prime Minister has in fact ceased to command its confidence. Events in Perlis and Trengganu earlier this year are illustrative of this course.

    Saudara kerabat PR yang budiman lagi arif. Setelah meneliti dan memahami cebisan nukilan Malik Imtiaz Sarwar di atas, pacal yang daif ilmu dan hina ini ingin mengajukan beberapa soalan yang hanya mungkin dijawab oleh kerabat PR yang memiliki segala ilmu dan rahsia 7 petala langit dan bumi serta pengetahuan akan segala misteri dan seribu satu persoalan alam barzakh serta Padang Masyar. Mudah-mudahan hamba dapat menimba setitis air khazanah ilmu dari lautan ilmu yang bergenang didalam minda kerabat PR yang solih lagi maksum, yang jiwanya suci bersih dari sekelumit dosa sekalipun. Pacal merayu agar persoalan2 ini di jawab secara ikhlas tanpa berdolak dalih. Akhirkata pacal, menyusun jari sepuluh mengucapkan syukran keatas limphan ilmu yang pacal berpeluang menikamati.

    Soalan 1: Bukankah petikan no.1 menzahirkan secara jelas bahawa YDPA/DYMM Sultan berhak menolak sebarang permintaan pembubaran parlimen/DUN?

    Soalan 2: Bukankah petikan no 2, jelas dan sirna bahawa PM/MB harus meletakkan jawatan jika perkenan YDPA/DYMM tidak di terima dan juga YDPA/DYMM berhak melantik sesiapa jua yang meraih sokongan majoriti ahli dewan?

    Soalan 3: Bersandarkan petikan 3, bukankah Perlembagaan mengisyaratkan secara tersirat ada pelbagai jalan lain untuk memastikan majoriti sokongan dan BUKANNYA undi dalam Parlimen/DUN semata2?

    Soalan 4 :Berpaksikan coretan 4, bukankah tindakan DYMM Sultan Perak tempoh hari dalam menemubual para ADUN satu tindakan bijaksana yang sejajar dengan:

    "through other means, such as direct meetings with the majority of the Dewan Rakyat, so as to satisfy himself that the incumbent Prime Minister has in fact ceased to command its confidence."

    Semoga Allah memberi hidayatNya pada kerabat sekalian bagi menjawab setiap satu persoalan pacal dengan tenang dan jelas.

    Akhirkata, pacal memperturunkan nukilan Malik Imtiaz Sarwar hanya kerana beliau merupakan pendita ilmu fikh manusia yang tidak terbilang kehebatannya, seorang pendekar kebenaran yang tidak terperi kecerdikannya dan seorang kesatria keadilan yang berjiwa kental dan berprinsip teguh.Tambahan pula kedudukan beliau yang tersohordalam kalangan kerabat jelas menzahirkan secara gamplang bahawa beliau adalah seorang ilmuwan yang disegani oleh kalian dan seorang hulubalang kebenaran yang disanjung.

    P/S; Nukilan Malik Imtiaz Sarwar adalah berhubung Artikel 43 Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang kandungannya sama dengan Artikel 16 Perlembagaan Perak:

    "He also said that the issue involved interpretation of Article 16 of the Perak Constitution which is similar to Article 43 of the Federal Constitution."

    artikel 43:

    artikel 16 & 18 :
    “16(6) If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council.”


    “18(2) His Royal Highness may act in his discretion in the performance of the following functions (in addition to those in the performance of which he may act in his discretion under the Federal Constitution) that is to say-

    (b) the withholder of consent to a request for the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.”

    Warrior 231

  60. ''second real good thing?''

    wow .. i got myself a new puppy since last week and i am so lazy to get up early to feed him. so it would whine all the time...
    but after feed, it would wag his tail and happy bubbly...

    thinking about that... i have done 7 real good thing up to now...
    najib .. lu kalah la...

  61. Anonymous5:22 am

    Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

    Quote from Buddha

  62. Stressed Out9:56 am

    To ungrateful PR supporters and released ISA detainees.

    Go soak your head in the toilet bowl.

    Quit stressing me out with your hypocrisy and fakeness.

  63. Anonymous10:00 am

    dont worry all is not lost

    if ahmad talib does not come back, i believe someone else woould so to all of ou do not feel so happpy ok

    leslie is a supporter of machai but now he different loh because he also afraid of the regime change

  64. Anonymous10:47 am

    Hello Rocky :: Najib should just scrap the ISA. Tak kan Najib tak tau that there is a movement called Gerakan Mansuh ISA. During the last UMNO AGM Najib said that UMNO shall now be rakyat orientated. The way things are going I think it's a very big political bullshit. Bila UMNO dah rebah nanti baru nak menyesal. No point in crying over spilt milk ... Wali Kota

  65. Mohamed Ismail10:54 am


    Hang bleh tulis macam-macam kat blog hang yang makin hari makin ramai datang melawat blog ini tetapi yang pasti Rocky sekarang sudah jadi barua kerajaan.

    Sudah sekian lama dah nampak ciri-ciri yang Rocky semakin ke arah kerajaan dan terbukti Rocky dapat something sebelum bersikap demikian. Apalah sangat yang dilalukan oleh Rocky, ia hanya sikap seorang manusia.....

  66. rakyat11:36 am

    Wonder if gov is so cruel, why all of us here is not in Kamunting.

    donplaypuks call our gov dictator. Why he/her not arrested?

    some call our PM murderer. Some never call our gov apartheid, zionist bla bla bla



  67. Anonymous11:44 am

    be 50 / 50
    release Mat Slamat too!


  68. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Encik ROcky,

    its fun to read a blog by a journalist who is somewhere between veteran and retired. Seems that now u are not gonna retire anyway. And you will gonna be remembered same as the HEE HOW of Jelapang. All in it for the money. Sorry Rocky. The tide is on the other way. You will gonna be washed away.

    Somewhere between teenager and adult.

  69. Anonymous1:21 pm

    najib is afraid to face another by-election in selangor. najib is also afraid to face backlash from the indian community due to the barbaric removal of the perak speaker on thursday.


  70. Anonymous1:38 pm


    Mana jawapan?

    Anak2 aku dah 2hari tak lalu makan. Is it REALLY happening or just WAYANG? Aku sendiri terus kena take my ubat, pening2 lalat rasa loya!

    Tak pernah seumur hidup mereka bayangkan ada manusia berak merata tempat macam anjing.. Betoi ka apa yang disiarkan?

    Cis! Ini yang aku MELUAT sangat. Bila Negara aku dihina dicerta dipersendakan tak tentu arah. Asyik keluarkan cerita Negara itu ini.. tapi bila anak2 aku nak tau lebih pasai Negara itu, terserempak pula dengan cerita2 yang tak masuk dek akal!

    Please tell my children, IS IT REALLY HAPPENING IN INDIA and are the likes of these people practicing the SAME in MALAYSIA? Naik seram bulu ruma..

    You seem to know so much about India, please enlighten them..

    Yours sincerely,

  71. Anonymous1:42 pm


    i think syauqi_x got it quite right there

    i've met a lot of malay whorerriors like you, it just so happens that we have the chinese and indians to go and pick a fight with

    people like you, they don't stop spewing their self righteousness venom once they've achieved their objective, let's say the chinese and indians are gone, next thing you know, they will train their gun towards those who are not really 'melayu tulen' or those who came from tanah besar jawa or sumatera or any part of the nusantara for that matter

    when will it end, i wonder!

    it simply does not go away, that hatred!

    learn to co exist lah, this world was not created for you or people of your colour exclusively

    -rocky bra-

  72. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Setakat 2 petang, belum ada pendita PR yang berani menyahut dan mencabar komentar saya yang dinukilkan pada 5.01am tadi.


    1. adakah mereka bacul atau kecut kote setelah melihat kitab yang diguna dikarang pendita ulung mereka?

    2. adakah pondan PR ini hanya layak menabur fitnah dan mengadu domba serta tidak berupaya menjawab walaupun santapan minda yang dihidangkan secara penuh beradab?

    Jika ya jawapannya, maka sahlah barua PR hanya itu; kerabat balaci yang tidak mampu menangkis hujah berasaskan fakta malah hanya mampu menghambur caci nista kepda Rocky, saya dan orang-orang yang berjuang menegakkan kebenaran, mengutamakan adab berhujah berdasarkan fakta dan mengelak porak peranda hasil adu domba, fitnah dsbnya.

    Amat mengecewakan jika wira2 kebenaran yang solih lagi maksum , yang memiliki segala ilmu tujuh petala langit dan bumi tidak berupaya menjawab hujah yang dikemukan oleh pemuka mereka sendiri.Amat memalukan jika mereka yang memaki hamun, mencerca kami menghilangkan diri tatkala dicabar dengan beradab menyanggah segala hujah yang diperturunkan.

    sekira mereka gagal menjawab menjelang pukul 4 petang ini maka saahlah mereka tidak lebih dari barua pondan yang hanya lantang bersifat hero dialam siber.

    Jangan2 kerana cabaran dari Warrior 231, dijadikan alasan buat lidah anda kelu tak berbahasa.


    the reaction of the hindraf 3 validates my contention that the Chingkies and hindulens are just a dissembling bunch. where is the:

    1.much hyped terminal diabetic case?
    2.the much bally-hooed threat of resignation?

    the reactions post release over both video and print form clearly indicate that the release is now turning into a PR fiasco of epic proportions for the government. Unless, the government acceded to the release to undercut the MIC 9due to an intrasigent SV) in some backroom dealing with these extremists (Hindraf assuming the MIC mantel as Uthaya's interview seem to hint), I cant see any benefit accruing to the government. As i wrote somewhere else, there seems to be a notion that concessions will draw back the non-Malay polity to the fold (with Penanti looming) but sadly this seems to be a faulty analysis of the situation as the events above attests unless i am missing something.

    I am more concerned with the stability of this nation with the release of these extremists for as a neutral.I aver that stability is crucial to the economy and political pyrotechnics are not helpful in the least on that score. It all boils down to "its the economy, stupid" to quote Clinton.

    Warrior 231

  73. I don't think by releasing those ISA detainees , DS Najib could actually appease the Pakatan Rakyat goons.

    You see, Pakatan Rakyat goons could only be appeased if the UMNO/BN government cease to exist.

    If DS Najib's intent is to regain the people's trust in the UMNO/BN government, then DS Najib should consider the fact that those detainees were incarcerated because the government were safeguarding the safety of the people.

    The ISA detention center houses people who are considered clear and present threat to the national security. Rogue politicians who inflame racial and socio-cultural tension, hardcore criminals, religious fanatics who claim that they are on a divine mission to topple the government, members of militant groups and such.

    I believe 99% of the Malaysian population do not belong in any of the above categories, yet if those detainees are free to carry out their subversive missions without intervention, then the safety of the 99% would be at great risk.

    The problem with preventive detention laws are that the authority does not require evidence to detain people. That sucks.

    Without these laws however, subversive and criminal elements will look for loopholes in the existing laws to operate freely; and they would grow stronger and organized with each passing day. When things finally get out of control, some governments would resort to use 'unpleasant' tactics such as making people disappear into thin air. That sucks even more.

    Should the Pakatan Rakyat come into power one day, I wonder what mechanism would they use to control a "new and liberalized" Malaysia. I mean PAS would demand religious policing, DAP would demand all religions are treated equally, PKR would demand that people are free to do and say what they want. There would be utter chaos.

    What could the PR government do to control all those wild and irate voices? Simply tell them to SHUT THE DUCK UP?

    I don't think so

  74. i am mute because i am listening
    gov is to blame,bn is corrupt,this barua that barua

    at the very least them who run the government is working to change the country

    what about you?sabotage is the way to go?

    macam parasit sial!

  75. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Hindraf is the 1st chapter of the the Foreign Political Grand Design on Malaysia.If you analyse the real problems afflicting Malaysian Indians,which is not true as what Hindraf is fighting for.KDN released them to allow Hindraf to start their 2nd Chapter but they will become fall guy whithin Indian Political Fraternity.Indian Social Strata is divided according to SAKTI and SAKTA, caste and heirachy which determine who will be leaders and followers.For the past 52 years with BN, all efforts failed to CHANGE the Malaysian Indian Mindset and they blame UMNO.

    Tahniah what ever you do.

  76. salam bro,

    it's just another political gimmick!

  77. Anonymous1:06 am

    The umno punks have records of intimidating other races, harping on balik balik China, India & lain lain tempat and other racial nonsense again & again. In fact they are the real threats & terrorists to national unity & security. These umno punks should be detained under ISA as they are inciting racial disunity and they do not believe living harmoniously in diversity! Let these umno punks suffer themsevles the pain & bitterness of ISA!
    These umno punks are just like the American ku klux klan, always haressing & intimidating the non whites but in God's grace America got a BLACK president against the wildest dreams of ku klux klan. Eventually, good will triumph over all these bad people (racists & supremacists).

  78. Anonymous2:37 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya terpanggil untuk menyuarakan pandangan dan memberi beberapa fakta yg mungkin dapat di kongsi bersama oleh rakyat yang mematuhi undang undang dan Rukun Negara.

    Sebenarnya kerajaan tidak ambil kisah sangat tentang hal ehwal HINDRAF ini kerana memikirkan bahawa keharmonian kaum perlu diberi perhatian dan bertolak ansur. HINDRAF juga bukanlah suatu pertubuhan NGO yang berdaftar dengan kerajaan Malaysia. Namum, selepas PRU ke 12 berlangsung, aktiviti HINDRAF kian menjadi jadi dan dianggap boleh mengancam keselamatan negara. Dikatakan HINDRAF mengeksploitasi isu isu berkaitan nasib kaum India dan mereka tidak berpuas hati dengan kepemimpinan MIC khususnya dalam memperjuangkan nasib kaum India di negara ini. Isu utama HINDRAF ialah kemiskinan dalam kalangan kaum India pada pendapat mereka UMNO dan kerajan bertanggunjawab mengabaikannya. Agak menghairankan juga kaum India yang terabai ini disalahkan pula kepada UMNO. Sepatutnya MIC atau parti politik kaum India yang harus dipertanggungjawabkan untuk memperjuangkan nasib kaum India. Ini disebabkan wakil kaum India dalam representatif mewakili mereka dalam kerajaan baik peringkat persekutuan atau negeri.Tetapi, dalam PRU ke 12 dan selepas pilihan raya tersebut, aktiviti HINDRAF sudah mula terlibat dalam demonstrasi jalanan, selain daripada forum forum yang dianjurkan oleh HINDRAF yang mengutuk UMNO dan kerajaan. Saya masih ingat pada 21 Okt 2008 Menteri KDN, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid mengumumkan pengharamam pertubuhan HINDRAF.Beliau berkata" Ia bukan di haramkan kerana HINDRAF mempromosikan hak hak Hindu atau hak hak orang India, Bagi isu yang legitimate, tiada siapa yang boleh mempersoalkannya. Tetapi kita mengambil tindakan ke atas cara mereka melakukan di mana mereka mempromosikan unsur unsur melampau (extremism).Mereka kata musuh kita adalah Melayu, orang Islam. Ini adalah antara beberapa ucapan mereka" Menurut DS Syed Hamid lagi," Mereka telah menganjurkan 17 forum dan 338 demonstrasi jalanan. Kita ambil masa yang panjang untuk mengambil tindakan sebab kita tidak mahu mereka berfikir bahawa oleh sebab mereka merupakan sesuatu masyarakat yang menyuarakan pandangan untuk sesuatu bangsa atau agama, maka kita ambil tindakan". Kita selidik lebih jauh untuk mengesahkan kaum India yang paling miskin atau tegar,perangkaan menunjukka kaum India lebih baik taraf ekonomi mereka berbanding kaum bumiputera dan orang Melayu, di mana kadar kemiskinan bumiputera ialah 8.3 peratus, Cina 0.61 peratus dan India 2.9 peratus, manakala bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak, kadar kemiskinan lebih tinggi lagi ialah itu 23 peratus.Jadi, siapa sebenarnyan yang lebih ramai mengalami kemiskinan tegar di negara ini? Jawabnya, Melayu/Bumiputera. Oleh itu, kenapa mereka mendakwa kaum India?. Bagi kemiskinan tegar (hardcore poverty), di dapati bumiputera 1.9 peratus,Cina 0.1 peratus dan India 0.3 peratus (1,200 keluarga daripada 370,000 keluarga)(source EPU).Jadi siapa yang sebenarnya yang lebih ramai mengalami kemiskinan tegar di negara ini? Jawabnya, Melayu/Bumiputera. Oleh itu kenapa parti pembangkang melaung laungkan kaum India yang paling miskin?Kajian yang di buat oleh Saudara Jayanath Appudurai dan G.A. David Dass didalam Malaysian Indians: LOOKING FORWARD(SIRDC 2008) cukup membuktikan lagu yang di mainkan oleh HINDRAF adalah tidak benar.Kerajaan telah belajar daripada peristiwa 13 May dan Kg Medan, konflik Bosnia dan peristiwa Gujarat 2002 tidak terjadi di Malaysia kerana kerajaan Malaysia sangat sayang kepada rakyatnya yang tidak kira bangsa dan agama.Hidup 1MALAYSIA. (EX MI NSC)

  79. Anonymous5:00 am

    The cholas from india were here in kedah or kataram and also nusantara one thousand years ago, wonder whether the cholas passed down their lowly pariah DNAs to people here!
    Also wonder whether the orang asli would share this land with the pendatang nusantara? After the land grab, in damansara perdana, the orang asli lived in puny bungalows whereas the pendatang nusantara lavished themselves with huge palaces!!

  80. Tongking8:51 am

    Hey foul mouth "rocky bra",

    You don't have any other things to say and do is it? ... except insulting and bullying us in cyber space. The fact with you PR goons is that you guys are retarded up there ... rational thinking is zero, very bad grey matter, hence, even in your comment, there are no commas, fullstops etc head and no tail ... geez, don't try to show your 'holier than thou' attitude here, you guys are no different's high time you PR goons get to taste the same bitter medicine that were thrown at us for many, many moons ....tit for tat do you feel? good eh? the silent majority is waking up ....

    Further evidence of your stupidity, you said,

    "people like you, they don't stop spewing their self righteousness venom once they've achieved their objective, let's say the chinese and indians are gone, next thing you know, they will train their gun towards those who are not really 'melayu tulen' or those who came from tanah besar jawa or sumatera or any part of the nusantara for that matter ..."

    Haiya, why don't you create a script for your movie lah....this is what we call fitnah, goon memang manyak boloh lah ...Lu suka buat celita ....manyak lapat luit hor???

    PR goons are actually the great master spinners of all times ...blardy idiots..!!! Poddah !!

  81. Rocky Pru9:52 am

    Kalau najib buat sesuatu yang orang tidak bermati-matian berjuang utk nyer, then these people will thanks to him.

    Bebaskan tahanan ISA ada lah sesuatu yg mereka perjuangkan. Kalau tahanan ISA tu dilepaskan (mereka mana ada kuasa nak lepaskan melainkan Najib), sudah tentu ini adalah kejayaan bagi pejuang tu. That's why mereka tak perlu berterima kasih kepada Najib tetapi bersyukur kepada Tuhan.

    Lain lah kalau mereka tak mintak pun tahanan ISA tu dilepaskan, tiba-tiba Najib pi lepaskan. Sudah tentu mereka akan berterima kasih kepada Najib. Orang tak mintak, dia bagi jugak..Kira mcm Najib buat sedekah lah...dah tentu org akan berterima kasih.

  82. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Do it the Malaysian way!
    You are definitely not a racist but you are very very cynical, unreasonable and unsympathetic to the plight of the other Malaysians. Do you expect those poor folks in lombong/ladang/kebun/hutan who have to cari makan 24/7, 365 days to pay tuition fees to learn Bahasa Malaysia?
    To forge national unity and to promote usage of Bahasa Malaysia, why dont the gomen conduct free Bahasa Malaysia classes for these poor folks and also foreigners eager to learn another language!!
    BTW, there is no harm to learn more languages other than Bahasa Malaysia, just dont be a katak di bawah tempurung!!

  83. Anonymous9:35 am

    Anon 8:26 PM,

    The National Language can be learnt for FREE at any national schools. I thought all Malaysians now this so it's my mistake for not knowing that there are Malaysians who actually do not know this (this is of course based on the assumption that you ARE Malaysian). On the contrary, the Malays have to pay tuition fees to learn other languages (other than Bahasa Malaysia and English).

    The orang aslis are doing fine learning the National Language when there are people who always highlighted that the orang aslis are somewhat left behind in terms of wealth and prosperity (compared to the Malays who always oppress the orang aslis, according to them). I wonder how the orang aslis can be so fine learning the National Language when like you mentioned; learning it involves so much money. They must have prioritize really well. I know one orang asli lecturer in a public university in fact and I doubt he uses the orang asli dialect in his lectures. So I guess it's not because it's an expensive language to learn, but rather do you really use it (I know some people who are reluctant to use the National Language despite wanting to be treated equally as Malaysians). But anyway, do let me know if you plan to open a SRJK(C) or SRJK(I) near orang asli kampungs so that they can learn other languages for free, okay? I mean, you guys ARE concerned about them, right?


  84. Anonymous11:00 am

    Now the black circus clowns are back again in town..
    planning for another black parade.. ?
    kurung salah, bebas pun salah..baik bagi mampos saje senang..inilah lawyer pariah!

    bangsa diaspora dari tamil nadhu ni memang sedia maklum di seantero dunia secara fitrah sebagai makhluk pembawa masalah...

    secara natijah mereka ini tidak boleh berasimilisasi dengan mana2 bangsa masyarakat setempat dimana mereka datang merempat....

    ...tetapi mereka amat suka menyalahkan orang lain semata-mata diatas kecelakaan & masalah sosial & ekonomi yang menimpa mereka tanpa mencermin diri sendiri...

    ..mereka sentiasa mengharapkan orang lain untuk memperjuangkan nasib mereka, tabiat fitrah mereka hanya mahu meminta, menyuruh, melihat org lain buat kerja utk mereka & kemudian bising merungut & komplen itu-ini ala-ala mandur (inilah kesan psikologi turun-temurun hidup sbg kuli yg setelah mengecap kebebasan di tanah orang kini sudah kemaruk mahu menjadi tuan..)

    cth: Kutuk org melayu tak perjuang nasib puak tamil mereka di sri lanka kerana dengki melihat kesatuan org melayu muslim malaysia dlm memperjuangkan isu palastine..? kemudian kata kita 'double-standard' & mcm2? sungguh pundek! memang mentaliti pariah..mmg lebih teruk & hina berbanding ultra chingkies puak2 pariah ni..mana dia pemimpin2 tamil hindraf, mic, ppp pundek pariah korang? memang tiada maruah puak pendatang estate ni!

    dikalangan mereka sendiri berpecah belah kerana kasta dan agama..cth: salah satu punca kemerosotan sokongan kpd LTTE di sri lanka adalah kerana ketaksuban pemimpin mereka Prabakaran untuk menubuhkan negara tamil-hindu mutlak, tanpa memperdulikan menifesto asal mereka utk menubuhkan negara tamil tanpa mengira agama..bagi mereka Tamil = Hindu ; Tamil NOT others.

    sebab itulah kerajaan sri lanka dah berpatah arang berkerat rotan nak menghapuskan puak pelampau ini demi kerukunan & keamanan negara mereka tanpa menghiraukan tekanan pihak barat....kini kerajaan sri lanka sudah hampir di ambang kemenangan...lihat bagaimana pemimpin LTTE merayu campurtangan britain & france bila dah nak mampos kena hentam dgn kerajaan sri lanka..tak perlu bagi muka lagi pun..

    kenapa kerajaan malaysia nak buat U-turn skrg? bagi muka kpd puak minoriti supaya makin naik kepala? esok2 dah tak boleh kawal nyesal..

    Kenapa perlu ikut tekanan negara keparat barat..mereka yang palat..pembawa puak bermasalah ini ke tanah orang merempat..menyemak bangat dgn suku sakat, kenapa bila berangkat tak bawa balik bela puak ini ke negara barat?

    Membela hindraf ibarat mendukung biawak hidup!

    Lain kali kalo nak selesai masalah..hilangkan kapla-kapla dia dari awal..CEGAH SEBELUM PARAH..jgn jadi Pak Lah..takkan nak tunggu wayer & tayar dpt kejutan eletrik & berpotensi membakar dgn karan mcm makhluk 'prabakaran'?
    terlalu byk sgt bertolak ansur kita ni, hutang perlu dilunaskan.
    Codename: lunas

    p/s: seterunya kalau ada melayu pariah yg masih nak membela puak hindraf selepas coretan aku ni, silakan..bawa cermin sekali..mari..! .|||,

    :D muhahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  85. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Anon 8.26pm..

    Do you expect those poor folks in lombong/ladang/kebun/hutan who have to cari makan 24/7, 365 days to pay tuition fees to learn Bahasa Malaysia? Are these people illegal workers or malaysian citizens with EPF account? damn hardworking without any leave or even time off to sip an ounce of toddies or samsu? Life must be so tough eh?
    Does Akta Kerja 1965 meant anything? If pendatang haram ok lah, PATI can be forced to work like nobody business, until eyes rolled, arse bleed and die standing..

    Still no time for FREE learning? No watch TV? no hear radio? No read bahasa malaysia papers? no friend with melayus? but read alien language newspapers, watch alien language programs, mix only among yourselves.. got astro..?

    My tv in bahasa malaysia.. not tamil/cantonese movie & tamil/mandarin news bahasa malaysia newspaper..mix and get to know more with the malays.. what a poor pitiful soul..lost in soul searching in own secluded built cocun, hoping light would find way or bend thru to shine upon him/her.. pity poor pathetic soul :)

    To forge national unity and to promote usage of Bahasa Malaysia, why dont the gomen conduct free Bahasa Malaysia classes for these poor folks and also foreigners eager to learn another language!!Free Bahasa Malaysia class ? -->SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN.
    its everywhere throughout this nation..some even built near hutan..
    Foreigners..? (who do you means by this 'foreigners'? pendatang?) use free INTERNET! Tell you what, real foreigners put more effort to learn bahasa malaysia than any of those jus-soli FREE citizenship decendant of 'foreigners' here.

    See.. free answers, free solutions.. the only thing u people are so free ever since were to blame govt & anything malays.

    Forging? You want forging like process in steel mill? heat treatment & blow?? Indonesian & Thailand already demonstrated to the world on how to FORGED national unity via languange.. do u really want that?

    p/s: katak..know where your tempurung are...use GPRS if necessary..learn to get out from that rotten carried tempurung baggage brought all the way from Tamil Nadhu, Fujian & Guandong.... know the language that the majority speaks outside that tempurung first, before dreaming to jump far from your tempurung..with dignity, learn to get your National language in order first..

    :D muhahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  86. Anonymous2:57 pm


    aku sokong Da real deal who said that this is a stupid move by the govt. These monkeys will never see anything good BN did and will always hv a negative look to anything..ANYTHING. It is VERY true that Najib is listening to the minority who seems to be the ones making the loudest noise. PLEASE LA GOVERNMENT, listen to us the silent majority who want to move on with our live and become excellent nation. Org2 yg suka pakai baju hitam, biru, hijau, merah etc mcm kat Siam ni, terbaring atas jalan etc etc..just so that they can defend Mis Elly or the likes, can go to hell i dont give a hoot.

    Diorg ni patut dok sampai berjanggut atas bawah.. mcm yg keluar pun tak tau terima kasih.

  87. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Semua tahu lah, you dont have to repeat - free Bahasa Malaysia classes at sekolah kebangsaan but can those 'cari makan' poor folks (more than 19 years old) be admitted???
    Dont belittle others for cheap fun of belittling with words like what a poor pitiful soul ... pity poor pathetic soul, these words should never come out from God believing human.
    Anyway, you guys, what are you - you see human but you dont see humanity. Gomen should conduct free humanity classes for you guys!!!

  88. Anonymous2:10 am

    Agree,scrap the ISA already!! There's a more effective, economical and creative alternative.Lets emulate our apeks fave homeland in its punishment for traitors which is execution by firing squad and the Chinese govt will also charge the family for the bullets. Aiya,manyak bagus la like this,the ingrate pendatang population will be cut down to 99.99% and the likes of this vicious Hindraf group to NIL!! Then can sell the bodies(where got chinamen will donate when they can make money ma?) to the plasticized cadavers models of anatomy exhibition in the name of art and science.Can serve society better now hor. Hats off to the Chinese govt for they really know how to deal with their kind!


  89. Anonymous12:10 pm


    Pls advise PPP tu change their name becoz Kayveas thinks UMNO should, since UMNO is too MALAY. I wonder why UMNO has to be less Malay when MCA and DAP are very similar in their fights when it comes to issues such as the vernacular schools etc ...same thing with the MIC.. why do we see softening by Malay, when the others will not budge when it comes to "their" mother tongue..when their mother tongue should be BM...why no one asked americans to be less american when they have other races in their country? Like Chinese in America, they learn to speak english. bagi betis nak peha, bagi peha.....

  90. Anonymous9:12 pm

    How to deal with their kind! Both commnunist triads & umno goons are the same bastard group, both selfishly intimidate & plunder and both whack their opposition kau kau. Whether you are malay, chinese, indian & lain lain, you better toe the line or not umno will whack you kau kau. BTW, anwar was whacked by that mamak umno, umno sure know how to deal with their kind!

  91. Anonymous11:49 pm

    PPP kayveas is damn bloody wrong, unmno is too malay? umno = united mamak najis organization!

  92. Anonymous1:19 am

    Anon 9.12 pm,

    "Both commnunist triads & umno goons are the same bastard group, both selfishly intimidate & plunder and both whack their opposition kau kau".

    Haha.. if u liken it to your Communist triads you'ld be without your chingkie schools, associations, chingkie this and that, your own bladi party and oh,they will not think twice about running over your filthy china towns. Am afraid LGE will not be where he is today.So your analogy sucks big time! Sorry to disappoint you am no supporter of UMNO but now that you've given me the inspiration...