Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Lesson from Perak

Dr Bakri Musa sent me an e-mail late yesterday congratulating me on the Malay Mail CEO appointment. He has not read my posting here but I thank him for his confidence, nonetheless.

Attached to his e-mail is his latest article The Lesson from Perak (which he hasn't posted on his blog yet, but which you can read h e r e). He may sound a little let down by Raja Nazrin in his posting but in his mail Bakri says he harbours the hope that the Perak Regent will "change our monarchy for the better".

A slightly different take from socio-political blogger A Voice* here, who said DAP and PKR (but not PAS?) had resorted to tyranny because they were outmanouvred and ill-prepared for the moment of truth.

p.s. One of the pictures from Perak's Day of Shame that tell a thousand words, a favorite of OutSyed the Box, who writes: "Democracy ruled the day in Perak. Any DUN who wanted to shout at the top of his voice got his chance. YB Loke even did it while standing atop a table."

* A Voice was one of the bloggers who were accredited to cover the assembly, an unprecedented move by the state government and a simple acknowledgement of the role of bloggers alongside other media practitioners.


  1. You said "* A Voice was one of the bloggers who were accredited to cover the assembly, an unprecedented move by the state government and a simple acknowledgement of the role of bloggers alongside other media practitioners."

    Selective recognition of who is or who is not a blogger?

  2. Teringat cerita sarjan Hassan, di zaman jepon radio menjadi barang larangan..takut rakyat termakan propaganda British.

    Patutlah Zambri melalui Datok SUK arahkan media yang tidak pro BN tidak dibenarkan dari melaporkan kisah di dalam dewan...

    Walaupon Nazrin tidak mahu masuk campur atau peduli.. rakyat masih peduli...

    Kita lihat siapa yang kena nanti di dalam PRU ke 13 nanti..

  3. Anonymous1:30 pm

    the voice doesn't have a voice when it comes to pr,bn barking dog.

    the real woice of the people.

  4. Anonymous1:31 pm

    We are now seeing more similarities between rocky and hee. The RM fueled wind has changed its course ...Rgds, Merah

  5. Pasir Salak1:33 pm


    I refer to this passage from Bakri's article:

    "Amazingly in his speech, the Raja Muda did not deem it important or necessary to comment on the ugly spectacle he had just witnessed and been a part of. He remained aloof and strangely uncurious. He must have been in temporary suspended animation, oblivious of his immediate surroundings, during his six-hour wait. He was from another planet, earlier programmed to deliver his royal speech and then leave! Nothing more; for that you would have to reprogram him again!"

    Well, actually the RM, while he was seated in the royal room at the SUK, waiting to come to the assembly hall to give his royal address, did ask a senior state officer (one of three top ones) to get a recording of the on-goings in the dewan.

    The officer rushed into the dewan and was seen asking reporters and other SUK staff if any of them had clips of videos of the ruckus.

    This was about 11.30am on May 7. He was heard telling that "RM wants to see what is going on in the dewan. Ada tak buat recording on your handphone".

    But, he could not obtain the clips at that point and rushed out of the dewan (probably to tell the RM that 'sire, can't get the recording for you at the moment').


  6. Hi Rocky I was also accredited to go in the Dewan and I was at teh Pakatan Pembangkan PC afterwards when Nizar lied about what teh Perak Regent said to him, He told teh Media that the Perak Regent wanted to cooperate with PR. NST carried the quote verbatim so we now know what was really said.

    anyway Pakatan tried to bully me when I asked them difficult questions, read my account here;

    My account fo the events on Thursday and how Pakatan PEmbangkand did their best to drag PErak Royal Household through the political mudhole is here

    You can see my pictures here

  7. Anonymous1:48 pm

    This ADUN atas meja excites me!

    Maybe both should switch places.


  8. Anonymous2:07 pm


    Curiously, who were the other bloggers "accredited" to cover the sitting by the "state government"?


  9. I would think you should talk about the infamous deputy speaker with a pepper spray? You should talk about the sargeant at arms disregarding the orders of the speaker? What law you say it was? Jungle law? So what law my dear learned friend?

  10. wandererAUS2:27 pm

    Rocky, you have now become the CEO of BN balls licking...not bad, you learn fast!
    The lesson from Perak is UMNO will stoop down to any length if their power is threatened. So those opposing these UMNO scumbags have only one fire with fire!
    They have more to lose this time what's the heck!
    They should be told, don't take advantage of the good natured Malaysians...even tolerance has a limit.

  11. Hey two-face,

    Don't try to paint YB Loke as a desperate and shameful act.

    I see no wrong in fighting to defend what is right and lawful.

    Even if it means shouting while standing on top of a table.

  12. alvin_gov2:58 pm

    Salam Sejahtera dan kepada semua pemimpin PR.

    RE: 1 Malaysia, People First, Performance Now

    Sebenarnya apa yang Najis halusi diisi hatinya adalah;

    1) "My Malaysia"
    2) "Grab First"
    3) "Detain Now"

    Inilah yang berlaku di Perak tempoh hari (07-Mei-2009) secara langsung dan rakyat telah menyaksikan segala perbuatan UM-No/BN yang begitu rendah maruah. Rakyat Malaysia khususnya orang Perak tidak akan lupa akan perbuatan ke-lanun-nan berikutan mencabuli hak hak yang sepatutnya berada pada Ahli DUN selaku Speaker Dewan yang sah, YB V. Sivakumar.

    Marilah seluruh rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira bangsa atau kaum bersatupadu menegakkan keadilan bersama pemimpin PR mengembalikan sistem demokrasi berperlembagaan dan berparlimen justeru mengembalikan hak hak kepada rakyat Malaysia.

    Peristiwa-peristiwa politik yang berlaku hari demi hari secara amnya oleh UM-No/BN yang menafikan hak-hak rakyat dengan cara ke-lanun-nan ada-punya baik kerana ia akan terus memperingatkan rakyat Malaysia dengan hati yang membara untuk terus menolak UM-No/BN pada masa terdekat dan di PRU-13.

    Semoga perjuangan PR dan rakyat Malaysia akan membawa perubahan positif dari segi sistem demokrasi mahupun pembangunan ekonomi negara Malaysia yang dicintai oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

    Posted by alvin_gov at Sunday, May 10, 2009 0 comments

  13. Anonymous3:15 pm

    i dont understand..when you say you believe in democracy and the rule of law, how come you did not follow it. you become thickhead and headwind as you disregard what you advocate and profess.

    i have a feeling, if you continue to behave like this, others who are not with you and who can still hold their decorum and respect of democracy and the rule of law, may follow your footsteps, behaving like you, and i believe the reaction may be worst than what you can imagine..

    viva democracy!!

  14. Anonymous3:16 pm

    You have painted to highlight one side of the picture only. In any case, readers know fully well where to source for the other side. Tell me Rocky, how does your picture compares to the Speaker being literally dragged out physically of the Assembly?

  15. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Congratulations Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan/Brenden Perera/Khairy Jamaluddin!
    You guys have time and again proven to be a thorn in new PM Najib’s administration.
    The three of you should be proud now that Umno diehard Ahmad Talib’s proposed appointment at NSTP have been halted through the systematic clandestine operations of your operatives in the PM’s Office and the NSTP.
    Umno and maybe, Mahathir Mohamad will never forget how the three of you made used of one operative ‘Jo’ - showering the person with cash and promises - to access information to tarnish the image of the former premier.
    Certainly you guys remember, how the Tun was portrayed on the front cover of FEER!
    Well, again Umno allowed the three of you a free hand to penetrate the heart of the Govt and media etc – controlling and destroying the entire system and security of the country for your masters in the Republic.
    The end result – you guys did a terrific job! - Barisan Nasional lost two-thirds majority and is on the verge of being wiped out in the very near future.
    The three of you together with your other running dogs – one almost made it to the DPM office – were worried about Ahmad Talib’s role at sniffing out your stinking operations went all out to stop his appointment at all cost borne by your spy masters.
    Hey, you guys did very well and must be applauded for the job well done! It’s a double whammy for you trios – you guys fixed and removed Ahmad Talib in the early years of your puppet’s reign – and now again dealing him and Najib Razak the embarassment of succumbing to your well planned dirty tactics through your operatives in the NSTP and Malaysian Insider.
    You guys knew very well Ahmad Talib would be Umno’s diehard point-man and terminator to weed out the venomous operatives planted in the PM set-up including Pasquale and Hardy girl – just like Jo – as well as Hishamuddin Aun, Syed Nazri, Lionel Morais, Chandra Segar, MaChai, Manja and Zainul Ariffin to continue doing your bidding to undermine Najib and BN.
    You guys have succeeded and now have the upper hand in determining Najib, Umno and BN’s future.


  16. Watching the video of the NPC Forum in Ipoh, it clearly shows this people are not prepared and resort to act irrationally and violently when out-manouvred.

    Typical cina komunis!

  17. Anonymous4:06 pm


    Whatever the way reporting is slanted, the truth remain truth.

    During a war killing is part of the game, it is not murder.

    While The Speaker is in his seat, how do you ever justify a deputy speaker over-ruling the speaker? Do standing on a table signify anything?

    For separation of power, what will justify explicit constitutional pronouncement for arbitrary intepretation by a judge?

    We should focus on the issue, substance not the how, where and what not.

    The people are seeing through these, whoever wanting to gain from the scene of standing on a table is just saying that whatever it is the justice is only mine and my way.


  18. Anonymous4:07 pm

    True to the saying `like a monkey on the rakyat's back. The lesson the Penanti constituents can learn from this- vote for a creditable leader not a monkey with a flag on its back.-Jinjon

  19. Anonymous4:12 pm

    The Rakyat in Perak hold the ultimate power so for those who do not respect the Rakyat you can't sleep well, do not live another day in self denial.

    I believe the ADUN from BN camp will make the most out of the remaining term so that their pocket is as fat as Hee Haw the whore.

  20. Rock,

    1. CONGRATE2U...



  21. Anonymous4:14 pm


    Why don't you say anything about the photo of Speaker dragged out from the house? (or perhaps pretend don't see it...!). It's a shame la bro... & it's currently circulating around the globe...

    -It's Just Me-

  22. Anonymous4:22 pm

    when the mikes were off this is the only way for Aduns to make their voice heard. Mr. rocky do u think most of the the ppl who fallows internet are dumba**. com`n la we all know ur spinning tacticts....looser u r

  23. Anonymous4:33 pm

    As usual Bakri Musa hit the nail on the head.
    Perak is now a mess. The institutions have failed both the voters and the constitution.
    Lessons should be learnt by this fiasco:
    1. The matter of who has control should have been tabled to the state assembly
    2. PR should have vetted their assemblymen/women a lot better
    3. BN acted in too much haste - and have ended up looking like idiots to the voters
    4. The Sultan should have given a lot more thought in his decision making and foreseen the reaction of the public
    5. The judiciary should have read the constitution
    6. The police and civil service should not be partisan - they are paid by us the voters not by BN

    Now we have an impasse in Perak and the only way out of it is to take it to the voters.

  24. Perak dan Ipoh.



    Ingatlah kamu di sini bermulanya
    MELAYU HILANG TAKUT kepada penjajah
    sejak kurang 300 tahun....di PASIR SALAK.



    DIJAHANAMKAN OLIH MELAYU.....tak sampai 150 tahun selepas Pasir Salak.



    CERDIK DAN PANDAI sungguh melayu

    SERONOH,MEGAH dan BANGGA mempertahan kedudukan seorang India!

    SERONOH BENAR dan MEGAH BETUL MEMPERSENDA institusi raja melayu.

    SERONOH,MEGAH,BANGGA benar mempermainkan institusi legislatif


    Yang tinggal hanyalah MEGAH,BANGGA, HALOBA dan TAMAK.......


    Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

  25. Anonymous4:34 pm



  26. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Hi Bru,

    Congrats on being appointed as the Establishment's Midday hatchet man.

    I feel sorry for you though as The MM is really a lost cause/case, what with the SUN claiming popularity, there's really no need for another midday paper.

    On Perak....
    A Man will see only what he wants to see...No Point pining over it. Its either State wide elections or None...We know what the consequences of either will be as Fear rules the Day.
    BN Fear of Losing
    PR Fear of Being Bullied.

    Joe Black

  27. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Rocky + Awang Selamat,
    Seekor di Malay Mail dan Seekor lagi di Utusan Melayu..... memang ngam, sesuai !! bagaikan pinang dibelah dua !!

    " The stupid UMNO buggers also say that both of you write and spin rubbish...." the way "Seekor" a darling word borrow from tukar tiub.


  28. Anonymous4:42 pm

    utterly shameful about that ADUN standing on the table.

    this is their version of demoCRAPcy.

    WHenever PR atlka about democracy, remember folks, it is about demo and crapping...

    thus, demoCRAPcy.

    they only know how to demo and talk crap.

    Yap YL

  29. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Rocky, why remain silence about how the police force carry and throw the Speaker out? You didn't know or you are proud of what BN does?

  30. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Syed, no caption contest ka?

    ´Lu ingat lu teler ah,gua lagi samseng teller wo, mali chalent, siapa punya stupit lutut manyak kuat lagi bole bikin ini stupit lewan punya stupit meja kasi dua wo,lu tarak puas ati ah, mali itu stupit pokok sana pigi gua tunjuk sama lu olang itu manyak bagus talak-gigi tiger fly lor´


  31. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Rocky, gua baca pasal Rehman Rashid dengan Pasquale marah2 Mat Talib apahal ni!
    Rehman dengan Pasquale siapa mereka mau soal Mat Talib.
    You two have no bloody moral standing to question Mat Talib’s integrity towards NSTP and Umno.
    Unless Najib has fallen into Kalimullah’s and Brenden Perera’s trap, Najib and Umno (I repeat Umno!) should support Mat Talib’s appointment to strengthen NSTP and rid of all enemy operatives in the organization.
    Semua tau Rehman dan Pasquale pengkhianat laga-lagakan pemimpin Umno.
    Ahli dan pemimpin Umno sudah tahu siapa dalang sebenar dalam NSTP yang bersekongkol dengan spy Singapura.
    Najib akan dipertanggungjawabkan, jika Umno/BN dan kerajaan hancur kerana tindakan musuh dalam selimut!
    NB: Rocky, lu pesan sama Rusdi Mustapa, bagitau orang Umno nak jentik teloq Pasquale!


  32. Bro, if MB Zambry had prayed for something good to be given to his BN State Government on 7th May 2009, the photograph of the DAP Adun yang "Kurang Berhormat" standing on the table with his fist outstretched must be a real God's gift to the BN. The infamous photo can be placed on huge billboards and with the right catchphrase and timing will sway the hearts of many UMNO/BN voters back to voting for Barisan Nasional.

    Bro, a picture really does tells a thousand words...Pakatan attempting to trample the rights of the Majority.

  33. alvin_gov6:10 pm

    Dear Readers,
    Good days to all PR Leaders.

    Subject: Hypocrites of One Malaysia, People First, Performance Now

    The real facts from the bottom heart of NAJIS definitions of the 3 phrases.

    1) “One Malaysia” means “My Malaysia”
    2) “People First” means “Grab First”
    3) “Performance Now” means “Detain Now”

    This is what was happening in PERAK state couple days ago (07-May-2009) and the PERAKIANS and the whole Malaysian have seen with their bare-eye of what UM-No/BN have cordoned with such a low esteem and of lowest dignity. Majority of the Malaysians would never forget about the incidents of this recent aggression by the UM-No/BN pirates in denying the rights of the peoples especially for the rightful and legitimate speaker of the house YB V. SIVAKUMAR.

    Let’s all Malaysian without putting barrier between races and religions be one to push forwards the fairness, equality together with all PR Leaders and restore the democratic system as well as restoring the rights of Malaysian Citizens.

    All these ongoing political incidents that specifically denying the rights of Malaysian Citizens by this UM-No/BN pirates would have (in a sense) be a good reason for the peoples to remember, thus, when comes PRU-13, UM-No/BN pirates would be displace and rejected by peoples in the ballot boxes

    All that have been said, the peoples and PR fights would bring about change for the democracy and for betterment of our economies.

    Let’s keep up the momentum together with PR Leaders, we fights to a greater democracy.

    10-May-2009 : 18.05

  34. Anonymous7:02 pm

    errr...dr. bakri musa giving comments on the sultan's role, would this make him an eligible candidate for the ISA lists?

    The killer bee

  35. from my point of view,rakyat are dissapointed with what had happened in Perak.Why they cannot stop fighting and give full commitment towards rakyat,instead having talk about that issue months and months without ignoring the hectic economy crisis and H1N1 virus...

  36. Banyak yang dapat di pelajari di Perak khasnya kuasa siapakah sebenarnya yang haram.

  37. Anonymous8:25 pm

    dari AK47 - Datuk Sak's blogg

    Anonymous said...
    maybe lari dari topic Datuk, ttpi saya rasa maklumat ini amat berguna untuk menunjukan bahawa Dtk Najib bukan-lah PM Flip-Flop. timakacih

    'Kallymullah and Brandan are openly instigating a rebellion against Ahmad Talib in NSTP. The no.1 GEIC told friends over tea that he 'tak berani nak ikut cakap Kaly' but 'editors dari NST' have had a few meetings with the cospirators in Bangsar Village and Briekfields. Mereka ini juga menggunakan MalaysianInsyderr untuk berbohong konon-nya Perdana Menteri tidak bersutuju debngan perlantikan Ahmad Talip.
    MI berani berbohong kerana jika Pm ambil tindakan itu akan ditohmah sebagai sekatan kebebasan.
    Sebenarnya MI adalah umpama racun dlm masyarakat kita sekarang.
    Kalymullah even cuba prevent Najib from becoming the PM, apatah lagi bersubahat dan berbohong demi mengekalkan kepentingan dia dan kuncu-nya dalam NST/BH.
    Harap2 Dtk Johan Jaafar dan yang lain2 tak terpengaruh dgn mainan Kalymullah yang tgh takut akan bayang2 sendiri.
    These conspirators won't stop at anything bcoz they have everything to lose if NST/BH is purged of foreign operatives and anti-Malay/pro-Malaysian Malaysia elements.
    if ecah and every 'editor' has to endorse any incoming Editorial Advisor/GE/GEIC or Chairman, then Kalymullah wouldnt have made it even to the bus stop along jln maarof.
    p/s Datk Najib should take action against anonymous articles in MI that is attributed to him. If you don't stop it now, these guys are not going stop either.

    Semambu Striker

    10 May 2009 19:49

  38. Anonymous8:35 pm


    So are you going to be the CEO, or whatever, or not at The Malay Mail (i still like this name)?

    You should state your terms of employment and if the-power-that-be cannot agree to it then it's better to turn the offer down.

    While The Malay Mail can still be saved by the right candidate, how can it be done if one is given an AK47 minus the cartridge of ammo?

    Don't let those blurs make you a scapegoat for The Malay Mail final demise though the 'package' may be hard to resist. hehe

  39. Anonymous8:40 pm

    I prefer the pic of Hee using her pepper spray, I meant key chain.

  40. Ellese A8:41 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    There are too many misconceptions out there which need to be cleared. Bakri is a case in point. I used to hold the view that the majority must be decided by the state assembly but further reading on the constitutional cases have changed my view.

    We must take a step back and see what has transpired. Upon taking that step, I think the Sultan has been wronged by many people. He did not err or could have erred.

    Let me explain as simple as possible. The crux of the matter is that under the perak constitution, “if MB looses the majority he SHALL resign”. This reflects a well accepted basic practice in any democracy.

    Now assuming the assembly passes a vote of no confidence and MB does not resign, does that mean he will still be MB until he tenders his resignation? Surely not. This is a preposterous interpretation of the constitution. Otherwise an MB can be in office until the end of his term despite the no confidence vote. It will be chaotic. Thus the word “SHALL resign” must mean that if MB looses its majority and he does not tender the resignation, it shall be deemed as an automatic resignation.

    Question now is how do you determine the majority. My initial view is that it should be the assembly. But apparently the highest court in the commonwealth, the privy council, and the malaysian cases have accepted the principles that it need not be in the state assembly. There are many similar situations here and overseas. And I believe the Sultan knows this.

    Based on the above, assuming you are the sultan, an MB comes to you for a dissolution. Why would he ask this? He will only ask this if he looses the majority. If he has the majority, its foolish for him to request for this. Anyway the fact that Nizar has lost the majority is a public fact already. Nizar is however denying this by saying that he had not watched TV and newspaper and not informed by Sivakumar. A bit ridiculous if unbelievable. Nevertheless he admitted that PR has 28 and BN 28 which again an admission he has lost the majority.

    But sultan having known the law, took unprecedented steps to determine the majority. He interviewed them. He determined their stand as he did when PR formed the government and had a written confirmation on their allegiance. Only then he came upon the decision who was the majority. He went beyond to determine the truth who had the majority. There is no way not even the PRs lawyers can admit that the sultan had erred. He cannot have erred. He was fair and to me beyond reproach now. The question now is why must he be vilified, condemned and ostracized? There was a fair arbitrator in this impasse. Why can’t the decision of the sultan be abided with?

    PR, on the other hand, knows that they have lost the majority and played this majority game to give credibility. Thus they push to first disqualify the three representatives who unequivocally said they have not resigned and then another six so that they now have the majority. Its all a political game without limits. PR did not play this game with clean hands.

    What is not fair from this episode is that the Sultan has been wronged. We must rectify that. He was fair and balance under the circumstances. He followed the letter and the rule of law. He did not err. PR must stop this campaign of misleading the public.

    I understand that the way going forward for PR is to ask for a dissolution. Their ardent supporters, Thommy Thomas and Prof Bari have written in Malaysian Insider that the only way to ask the Sultan to dissolve is only upon two requests. One from MB and the other from the state assembly. PR knows that the Sultan has appointed Zambry as MB and that PR does not have majority in the state assembly. There is no way that Zambry and state assembly will ask sultan for a dissolution. Knowing these facts and the surrounding legal limitations why is PR still pushing the public to request the Sultan for dissolution? This is utterly mischievous. It is despicable to drag the Sultan again.

    This charade must stop. Justice to Sultan Azlan Shah must be upheld. Keadilan must hold up to its name.

    Ellese A.

  41. Anonymous8:43 pm

    I prefer the pic of Hee using her pepper spray, i meant key chain.

    Rocky, I really hope you'll be more pro-malaysian (doesn't necessary mean pro-PR), than pro-BN. tq.


  42. Anonymous9:07 pm

    I expect to see more people who can't justify things properly to slam pakatan here, mission accomplished, well done once again, rocky the CEO!

  43. Anonymous9:11 pm

    He's the guy!!!

    Jackie Chan says Chinese people need to be 'controlled'.

  44. Anonymous9:26 pm

    THE ONLY LESSON to be learnt here is let the perakians decide their own fate by re-vote: everybody back off!Strangely, some VIPs will never allow such freedom at all cost.The result-stupid unnecesarry mayhem


  45. James Khoo9:35 pm

    Though I am not a BN fan, I have noticed that PKR and DAP so-called YBs can be just as racist, boorish and thuggish.

    We just don't seem to be able to attract quality politicians as the good ones prefer to focus in their fields, e.g. business, industry, academia, etc., instead of politics.

    Of course, try telling the truth to PR supporters and they will jeer at you as BN lover. You have already discovered this.

    James Khoo.


    When silver is not with Silvo polished
    It will very quickly become tarnished
    Or at worst deemed totally vanished
    When the political ball game is finished

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100509
    Sun. 10th May 2009.

  47. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Just wondering ... where this YB Loke ancestors came from ?

    Looks like his ancestors came from Taiwan. His behaviour just like Taiwanese lawmakers !! Well to be fair minus the punches ....


  48. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Where does Pakatan Rakyat get it's inspiration, strength and ideological justification for it's sustained assault on democracy and the monarchy?

    Big Dog seems to have some clues in his latest posting, PR Primates...


  49. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Dont the citizens have the right to sack all the monkeys in that zoo. Both BN and Pakatan monyet. Why should the citizens pay their gaji as they have not done a single day of work except fighting each other.

  50. Anonymous10:29 pm


    when are you going to close this blog since you have being appointeed as chief editior malay mail. and hope to can show a true BN reporter in the malay mail. sadly taib being rejected by Board Member of NSTP


  51. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Dear Rockey's

    Membaca tulisan Dr Bakri saya dapati banyak faktanya adalah tidak tepat berdasarkan maklumat dari orang ketiga atau keempat atau umum. Dari Resumenya saya dapati beliau adalah saorang professional dengan bermacam anugerah dari luar negara. Malangnya saya ingin sampaikan mesej ini kepada beliau dan saya berharap Dr. Bakri jangan lah merasa gusar atau marah.

    Saya percaya Dr Bakri adalah orang Melayu tetapi saya kurang pasti dari negeri mana. Mungkin dari Perak atau Johore. Tapi cara penulisan yang begitu baik berbahasa Inggeris saya percaya Bakri berasal dari Gombak Kuala Lumpur.Dan Saya percaya juga beliau pernah tinggal di Gombak dekat dengan kawasan janda baik. Rumah beliau diatas pokok dekat dengan Pejabat JHEOA Gombak.

    Baguslah mendapat pelajaran tinggi tapi nampaknya beliau sudah lupa diri asal usulnya. Sepatutnya beliau memuji Negaranya dan corak Perlembagaan Malaysia. Namun nampaknya penulisannya berbentuk menghasut, anti Melayu dan anti Institusi raja-raja. Mana dia dapat fakta yang tidak betul dan tidak tepat yang kemudiannya ditulis berjela-jela untuk nenyebar dakyah dan fitnah tentang perjalanan DUN Perak yang dia sendiri tak tau duduk dimana. Ini lah masalah yang dihadapi oleh Mlaysia sekarang. Semuanya nak bercakap tapi apa yang mereka cakap adalah pembohongan ,palsu dan tidak ada kredibiliti langsung.

    Saya rasa kalau Dr Bakri nak jadi penganalisis tentang politik Negara , jangan bergantung kepada maklumat dari orang ketiga atau umum. Balik sini dan tengok dengan mata kepala sendiri kemudian komen. Baru nampak kebenarannya.

    Jangan lah gah dengan bermacam anugerah dan degree , tapi intipati penulisan penuh dengan pembohongan dan pandangan yang tidak betul.

    Saya ingin bertanya Dr Bakri. Dah berapa banyak buku yang Dr tulis. Dalam apa bidang sekali pun.
    Kalau dah banyak buku yang ditulis..apakah buku-buku Dr. dibeli atau dijadikan rujukan oleh pakar=pakar hospital diUS.

    Kalau tidak.....elok Dr. cari sebuah kawasan yang luas di US dan pagar kawasn itu untuk Dr tinggal bersama Monyet , Kera dan baboon disana. Tak perlu balik ke Malaysia. You are no longer welcome to Gombak for that place is already too crowded to live.


  52. Anonymous11:06 pm

    komen cilok dari Sakmongkol

    'Kallymullah and Brandan are openly instigating a rebellion against Ahmad Talib in NSTP. The no.1 GEIC told friends over tea that he 'tak berani nak ikut cakap Kaly' but 'editors dari NST' have had a few meetings with the cospirators in Bangsar Village and Briekfields. Mereka ini juga menggunakan MalaysianInsyderr untuk berbohong konon-nya Perdana Menteri tidak bersutuju debngan perlantikan Ahmad Talip.
    MI berani berbohong kerana jika Pm ambil tindakan itu akan ditohmah sebagai sekatan kebebasan.
    Sebenarnya MI adalah umpama racun dlm masyarakat kita sekarang.
    Kalymullah even cuba prevent Najib from becoming the PM, apatah lagi bersubahat dan berbohong demi mengekalkan kepentingan dia dan kuncu-nya dalam NST/BH.
    Harap2 Dtk Johan Jaafar dan yang lain2 tak terpengaruh dgn mainan Kalymullah yang tgh takut akan bayang2 sendiri.
    These conspirators won't stop at anything bcoz they have everything to lose if NST/BH is purged of foreign operatives and anti-Malay/pro-Malaysian Malaysia elements.
    if ecah and every 'editor' has to endorse any incoming Editorial Advisor/GE/GEIC or Chairman, then Kalymullah wouldnt have made it even to the bus stop along jln maarof.
    p/s Datk Najib should take action against anonymous articles in MI that is attributed to him. If you don't stop it now, these guys are not going stop either.

    Semambu Striker

  53. No wonder outsyed the box wrote an article that is surely not partisan. seemed that BN only acknowledge bloggers that is pro BN.

  54. Anonymous11:09 pm

    dr. bakri musa shows that he is supporter of pr - nothing surprising - normal critics. in my opinion, raja nazrin did well. if raja nazrin did not call nizar (the puppet) and ngeh (nizar's master) quitely, but instead summon them openly, the pr yb(s) will get offended and will act like samseng. He did well in managing the situation. In summary, what dr bakri wrote is "zero".


  55. Anonymous11:38 pm

    1BlackMalaysia 7th May 2009
    BN a shame to Malaysia. The odds of BN winning in 13GE is 1 to 9.

  56. Anonymous11:43 pm

    The lesson I learnt is that BN is above the law, it was another wake up call for the Rakyat to realize how evil is BN.

    Devils and demons can make nice things for people to believe in them. i will be more than willing to accept any benefits from BN to me but at the end i will still not vote for BN.


  57. salam bro,

    when speaker lost his power...

  58. Anonymous12:27 am

    maklumat ini amat berguna untuk menunjukan bahawa Dtk Najib bukan-lah PM Flip-Flop. timakacih

    'Kallymullah and Brandan are openly instigating a rebellion against Ahmad Talib in NSTP. The no.1 GEIC told friends over tea that he 'tak berani nak ikut cakap Kaly' but 'editors dari NST' have had a few meetings with the cospirators in Bangsar Village and Briekfields. Mereka ini juga menggunakan MalaysianInsyderr untuk berbohong konon-nya Perdana Menteri tidak bersutuju debngan perlantikan Ahmad Talip.
    MI berani berbohong kerana jika Pm ambil tindakan itu akan ditohmah sebagai sekatan kebebasan.
    Sebenarnya MI adalah umpama racun dlm masyarakat kita sekarang.
    Kalymullah even cuba prevent Najib from becoming the PM, apatah lagi bersubahat dan berbohong demi mengekalkan kepentingan dia dan kuncu-nya dalam NST/BH.
    Harap2 Dtk Johan Jaafar dan yang lain2 tak terpengaruh dgn mainan Kalymullah yang tgh takut akan bayang2 sendiri.
    These conspirators won't stop at anything bcoz they have everything to lose if NST/BH is purged of foreign operatives and anti-Malay/pro-Malaysian Malaysia elements.
    if ecah and every 'editor' has to endorse any incoming Editorial Advisor/GE/GEIC or Chairman, then Kalymullah wouldnt have made it even to the bus stop along jln maarof.
    p/s Datk Najib should take action against anonymous articles in MI that is attributed to him. If you don't stop it now, these guys are not going stop either.

    Semambu Striker

    10 May 2009 19:49

    May 10, 2009 8:40 PM

    Hantu Laut

    If your brother is a thief are you guilty by association?
    If your brother is a murderer are you guilty by association?
    If your sister is an adulteress are you guilty by association?
    If your sister is a prostitute are you guilty by association?
    If your close friend is a drug addict are you guilty by association?
    If you close friend is corrupted are you guilty by association?

    It can happen to anyone, anytime, that someone close to you committed terrible crime and your immediate reaction, whether guilty or not, to try help your loved ones and those close to you.

    Only those in Pakatan and their supporters are overtly sancimonious and of high morals. Other are pariahs.

    A religious man said to a whore, 'You're drunk,
    Caught every moment in a different snare'
    She replied, 'Oh Shaikh, I am what you say,
    Are you what you seem ?'
    Omar Khayyam. 1048-1122
    posted by Hantu Laut at 11:01 AM on May 10, 2009

    &&& I found this comment in Hantu Laut blog.

    So Kalimullah is involved in getting Najib to stop Ahmad Talib from returning to NSTP and it seems that Najib also listens to Kalimullah.

  59. I prefer the pic of Hee using her pepper spray, i meant key chain.

    Rocky, I really hope you'll be more pro-malaysian (doesn't necessary mean pro-PR), than pro-BN. tq.


    Dear Mor,
    is BN people not Malaysian?

    I don't care what rocky want's to be, or what PRO he want's to become. I am much satisfied with rocky to write whatever he feels that is worthy to be written. Let it be which side of the fence. And that regardless of what the consequences may that he would always accept discourse, embrace difference and will never have the attitude of you are either with us or against us.

  60. Anonymous1:01 am

    Haram jaddah Kalimullah Hassan and Brendan Pariah trying to instigate staff to revolt against NSTP. Hishamuddin Aun! You better come out clean and spill the bean now. Johan Jaafar! You too better tell all NSTP staff the truth of this despicable attempt by Kalimullah’s pariah dogs led by Syed Nadzri to stop Ahmad Talib from coming to NSTP. Syed Nazri did meet up with Kamrul Idris and Chandra Segar to discuss on your meeting. Umno must act now and the Malays should not keep quiet on this Hindraf-like threat by Kalimullah and Brendan Pariah’s running dogs to destroy NSTP. Malaysian Insider was quick to name Najib as rejecting Ahmad in their coward attempt to sow hatred against the leadership of the Prime Minister. We, in NSTP will now act without prejudice to teach these bastards a lesson they won’t forget in their life time. We believe the majority staff enjoy working to earn an honest living without having to indulge in Singapore arm-twisting tactics initiated by Kalimullah and Brendan. Kami mintak Datuk Seri Najib jangan tunduk kepada ugutan dan tekanan kumpulan haram jaddah ini untuk menyekat pelantikan wartawan dan pejuang Umno veteran Ahmad Talib untuk menyertai NSTP. Kami sayangkan NSTP dan Umno sehingga tidak sanggup lihat syarikat yang memberi rezeki kepada kami diporak perandakan oleh kumpukan Hindraf dan Yahudi Melayu ini. Kami percaya kakitangan semua lapisan masyarakat tidak punya masalah dengan Ahmad Talib kecuali pengecut seperti Kalimullah dan Brendan yang ketakutan akan terbongkar angkara perbuatan dan rancangan jahat macai2 mereka. A final reminder to Syed Nazri, Kamrul, Chandra, Lionel and Ah Chai! Better leave the NSTP now before we send you scoundrels to Changi Prison!

  61. Anonymous1:06 am

    Kalimullah dah plant dua orang dalam pejabat PM.

    Pertama adalah Rusdi Mustapa tuanpunya blog Barking Magpie dan ada seorang lagi yang namanya akan dibongkar tak lama lagi.

    Mereka menerima arahan Kalimullah supaya mempengaruhi Najib dalam memilih siapa akan ketuai NSTP.

    Rusdi dan seorang ini sedang cuba sedaya upaya untuk mengekalkan hishamuddin aun dengan mempengaruhi Najib supara menolak semua calon yang dicadangkan untuk masuk NST.

    Rusdi dan seorang ini ada bertemu Kalimullah dan beberapa editor untuk berpakat bagaimana utk memastikan Hishamuddin Aun dan beberapa editor pro-Pakatan Rakyat kekal di NST dan BH.

    Betul kata anon-anon terdahulu pasal pertemuan di bangsar untuk memastikan Kalimullah dan kuncu2nya kekal di NSTP.

  62. Anonymous1:38 am

    Yes UMNO people are Malaysians who don't recognize Malaysia but still at the old mind of ketuanan melayu, they are going to destroy the law and order, and democracy.

  63. Anonymous2:42 am

    Both BN and DAP/PAS in Perak are to be blamed....for getting into Anwar's game. Had Najib listened to Dr. M, and had DAP listened to Karpal...there won't be a PR crossover in the first place, and the subsequent BN counter offers.

    Najib should lead the national agenda, and not getting involved in states matters.

    DAP and PAS should just leave Anwar. Both have bigger history than Anwar, and have constantly producing respectable leaders throughout the years. Why blindly follow what Anwar wants. Remember, anwar used to whack you guys for 16years or so. Sudah lupa ka? The September 16 drama, and Perak mess, will cost you lots of votes. Enough drama anwar la. Buat kerja. Rakyat will have KPI on opposition leaders too.


  64. Anonymous5:02 am

    Sinatra Z

    You hit the nail on the head. Rocky is the only sane one in this ruckus. he writesas he sees it and for that I accord him my utmost respect. Kudos, have my TOTAL support.

    P/s: C i told you Stoke will survive....


    seekor beruk dileatk dalam kandang man pun tetap beruk jua. Pandangan anda tentang Bakri adalah tepat sekali. sekarang saya ingin cabar Bakri, Alvin dan sewaktu denganya menjawab persoaln yang ditimbulkan dalam lampiran dibawah. Jawab kalau Jantan.

    Ellese A

    At last an angel who undertsands the nuances of how Constitutional law functions. What you wrote is echoed in the excerpt i have appended as Lampiran. Kudos to you!


    Pembaca Yang Budiman

    Dalam mengumunkan secara sukarela penamatan laman pojoknya dalam akhbar The Malay Mail, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar menzahirkan pengakuan bahawa keputusannya adalah bersandarkan prinsip yang didokongnya tanpa memberi sebarang penjelasan mengenai apa yang dimaksudkan dengan 'prinsip'itu:

    Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...
    I chose to leave, there was no issue of a contract not being renewed nor was I asked to leave. It was my choice as a matter of principle.

    MIS : May 8, 2009 5:44:00 PM MYT

    Secara zahir, tampak bahawa Malik Imtiaz Sarwar adalah seorang insan yang berpegang teguh pada prinsip. Walaupun beliau tidak berguling diatas jalan, ala pemuja Hindu yang menyempurnakan nazar pada hari Thaipusam, semasa berdemonstrasi memngenai isu Perak pada bulan Februari lepas, beliau masih lantang dan tegas menentang keputusan DYMM Sultan Perak.Ini juga tampak timbul dari jiwanya yang berpegang pada prinsip kebenaran, suatu hakikat yang jelas terpancar dan sirna dalam fihrasat dan wajah setiap pejuang Pakatan Rakyat, suatu yang dikagumi dan digeruni oleh pihak musuh..hahahahahaha!

    Kehebatan Malik memperjuangkan prinsip dan memperagakan jiwa menegakkan keluhuran perlembagaan serta kedaulatan undang-undang juga jelas terpancar ketika Si Anwar Ibrahim mula menternak berudu dilaman rumah beliau pada April 2008 dimana, Si Anwar bertitah bahawa berudu berkenaan akan bertukar menjadi katak dewasa pada 16 September 2008 dan sekaligus melalui pencabulan undang-undang alamiah akan membawa Si Anwar menaiki tandu menuju keistana bagi merampas takhta dari pemerintah yang sah. Dua orang peguam perlembagaan tersohor yakni Tommy Thomas dan Malik Imtiaz mengiakan pencabulan tersebut sebagai satu ketentuan azali yang tidak mungkin dihalang kecuali oleh Allah azza wa'jalla.Berikut saya perturunkan nukilan dari insan'ul kamil yang bergelumang dalam prinsip ini:

    Saturday, September 20, 2008
    Navigating The Constitutional Impasse (

    1. The YDPA however has an absolute discretion to withhold consent and as such, could legitimately refuse.

    2.This would leave the Prime Minister with no option other than to tender his resignation and that of his Cabinet and pave the way to the appointment of a new Prime Minister, one who in the judgment of the YDPA commands the confidence of the majority.

    3. Thirdly, the Federal Constitution does not say how to establish that the Prime Minister has “ceased to command the confidence of the majority”. A vote of no confidence is an obvious method but not necessarily the only one. To read the constitutional provision otherwise would not only be unwarranted (an unnecessary implication of meaning) but would also allow for unconstitutional action, such as the use of the provision to impede the expression of the majority of the Dewan Rakyat. It is possible that circumstances could arise where an incumbent government seeks to prevent the meeting of members in Parliament to undermine any attempt by the majority to form a new government. To read provisions of the Constitution to lend to such an outcome would be wholly repugnant to the scheme the Constitution puts in place.

    4. As such, it is open to the YDPA to form a view through other means, such as direct meetings with the majority of the Dewan Rakyat, so as to satisfy himself that the incumbent Prime Minister has in fact ceased to command its confidence. Events in Perlis and Trengganu earlier this year are illustrative of this course.

    Saudara kerabat PR yang budiman lagi arif. Setelah meneliti dan memahami cebisan nukilan Malik Imtiaz Sarwar di atas, pacal yang daif ilmu dan hina ini ingin mengajukan beberapa soalan yang hanya mungkin dijawab oleh kerabat PR yang memiliki segala ilmu dan rahsia 7 petala langit dan bumi serta pengetahuan akan segala misteri dan seribu satu persoalan alam barzakh serta Padang Masyar. Mudah-mudahan hamba dapat menimba setitis air khazanah ilmu dari lautan ilmu yang bergenang didalam minda kerabat PR yang solih lagi maksum, yang jiwanya suci bersih dari sekelumit dosa sekalipun. Pacal merayu agar persoalan2 ini di jawab secara ikhlas tanpa berdolak dalih. Akhirkata pacal, menyusun jari sepuluh mengucapkan syukran keatas limphan ilmu yang pacal berpeluang menikamati.

    Soalan 1: Bukankah petikan no.1 menzahirkan secara jelas bahawa YDPA/DYMM Sultan berhak menolak sebarang permintaan pembubaran parlimen/DUN?

    Soalan 2: Bukankah petikan no 2, jelas dan sirna bahawa PM/MB harus meletakkan jawatan jika perkenan YDPA/DYMM tidak di terima dan juga YDPA/DYMM berhak melantik sesiapa jua yang meraih sokongan majoriti ahli dewan?

    Soalan 3: Bersandarkan petikan 3, bukankah Perlembagaan mengisyaratkan secara tersirat ada pelbagai jalan lain untuk memastikan majoriti sokongan dan BUKANNYA undi dalam Parlimen/DUN semata2?

    Soalan 4 :Berpaksikan coretan 4, bukankah tindakan DYMM Sultan Perak tempoh hari dalam menemubual para ADUN satu tindakan bijaksana yang sejajar dengan:

    "through other means, such as direct meetings with the majority of the Dewan Rakyat, so as to satisfy himself that the incumbent Prime Minister has in fact ceased to command its confidence."

    Semoga Allah memberi hidayatNya pada kerabat sekalian bagi menjawab setiap satu persoalan pacal dengan tenang dan jelas.

    Akhirkata, pacal memperturunkan nukilan Malik Imtiaz Sarwar hanya kerana beliau merupakan pendita ilmu fikh manusia yang tidak terbilang kehebatannya, seorang pendekar kebenaran yang tidak terperi kecerdikannya dan seorang kesatria keadilan yang berjiwa kental dan berprinsip teguh.Tambahan pula kedudukan beliau yang tersohordalam kalangan kerabat jelas menzahirkan secara gamplang bahawa beliau adalah seorang ilmuwan yang disegani oleh kalian dan seorang hulubalang kebenaran yang disanjung.

    P/S; Nukilan Malik Imtiaz Sarwar adalah berhubung Artikel 43 Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang kandungannya sama dengan Artikel 16 Perlembagaan Perak:

    "He also said that the issue involved interpretation of Article 16 of the Perak Constitution which is similar to Article 43 of the Federal Constitution."

    artikel 43:

    artikel 16 & 18 :
    “16(6) If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council.”


    “18(2) His Royal Highness may act in his discretion in the performance of the following functions (in addition to those in the performance of which he may act in his discretion under the Federal Constitution) that is to say-

    (b) the withholder of consent to a request for the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.”

    Warrior 231

  65. Anonymous6:49 am

    I am sure the next state assembly after 13GE will be very well behaved, the 3 frog will be gone for sure and so are those useless UMNO ADUN with huge abdominal especially the so called Pangkor Pele.

    Kuantan Maradona.

  66. taipingmali7:41 am

    i don't that these pr-supporting-people. very stupid. if we write something that pleases them, they would treat you like superhero.

    if you write something against them, they would say you lick somebody else's balls.

    are they living in wonderland? just wait til anwar rules the country, then you will what kind of mess we will be in. talk about being germany during adolf hitler's time or iraq during saddam's time.

  67. Smart bloke Rocky is!!
    Give one side message against UMNO and two messages from pro UMNO buggers.

  68. Anonymous8:23 am

    Posted by alvin_gov at Sunday, May 10, 2009

    Your Malay-English dictionary assisted attempt to INFLUENCE the Malay readers is pathetic.

    Definitely need to go back to class

  69. Anonymous8:46 am

    This is one way how to tell a lie and exactly the way that you wrote about the MSM during the days when AAB was in power. How things changed so fast, you are the only person who can tell- but we are not concerned!

    you didn't posted those ugly pictures how they remove the speaker and Hee pointing a pepper spray at another ADUN.The heavy presence of police and arresting people who wear black and those having a meal in the restaurant...
    Are u telling us we are blind?

    Rocky! You are not young. Think of the last few years that you are lucky to be on this earth.You will need to present an account in the next world.

    Orang Sabah

  70. Purple haze8:49 am

    Ellesse A,

    You seemed to have excluded the fact that the 3 ex-PKR and DAP DUNs had also resigned (as per the undated letter issue now tussled in court) as well the Speaker of the Assembly suspending 6 BN DUNs.

    That would tip the scales in PR's favour.

    And as these issues are still in court, who is to say that one party is the more legitimate one ? And with the judges in the Federal Court inexplicably making a ruling totally out of context with Article 72 of the Constitution, what kind of fair justice can the PR get ?

  71. Anonymous8:53 am

    Saudara Rocky

    Ramai yang mengunjung disini tidak akan dipengaruhi oleh fakta fakta yang sebenar.

    Mereka hanya mempercayai apa yang mereka inginkan, tak kira benar ataupun tidak.

    Tetapi dengan mencaci, mengutuk dan menuduh saudara dengan bermacam macam tomahan hanya menunjukkan betapa ceteknya pemikiran mereka.

    Tindakan yang diambil berpandukan perasan bukan pemikiran yang waras.

    Tahniah kepada suadara Rocky (mereka ni masih mengujung juga!)

    Dua Sen

  72. I think Ellesse A hit the nail on the head. Indeed, why is it that the Sultan is seen as being the instigator of this entire Perak debacle when he took the trouble to determine personally who held the majority in the Perak Assembly? Let us not forget that when the Assemblyman from Bota defected to PKR, he was hero worshipped by Anwar who said "The decision of Datuk Nasarudin is critical, reflecting the sentiment of his voters, primarily the Malays in his constituency”. Anwar even went so far by describing it as “the beginning of a new wave”. But when the wave didnt go his way, well...we know what has happened. When Rocky was blogging about the weaknesses of the Pak Lah led BN government, Rocky was also hero worshipped by the same people who are demonising him today. So we know now how true the edict "you're with us or you're against us" stands. Take it easy, Rocky. When you blogged about the BN govt in a manner perceived to be supporting the PR led coalition, I didn't quite agree with some of your slants. But I noted the truth in your scribes. So i kept my peace. Today, I don't see you as blogging for the BN led government, I still see you as blogging about the truth of what has happened. And when these same group of people who hero worshipped you for blogging the truth turn against you for not deviating from your path, I start to wonder what their concept of truth is. And it gets to me that the Malays in Perak are taking on the role of systematically dismantling the Sultanate institution at the behest of the non-Malays. One day, people will look back and point to the fact that it was never the non-Malays who disinherited the future generation of Malays of the very institution that has protected their rights. Bodohnya Melayu Perak...cutting their noses to spite their faces. Go on now, PK supporters, give your best shot. I wouldnt have expected any less from you guys anyway.

  73. Anonymous9:02 am

    dear rocky ( ex champion )

    Are you da same rocky the bru who packs a super wallop everytime you post some rocket brew some years ago?

    all these are now missing n gone - you have become a lame cyberpaper vendor !

    Plse change you blog title to Rookie Bulletin Board & Brew , its more apt and sincere

  74. professional malay9:53 am

    UMNO sekarang dah tak gentlemen dan respected guardian of the nation seperti yang ditunjukkan di Perak. Kebanyakannya pemimpin2nya hanyalah ball carrier untuk bos2 di atas walhal the true power of the democracy is the voice of majority i.e. rakyat. To UMNO, please plan and act wisely and nobly on every strategy and let the members think before act not just by dangling "projects" in front of them to achieve the personal objective.......

  75. Anonymous9:55 am

    Stop playing games!All Perakians knows the Sultan was wrong!Najib was the crook!Zamry another crook!
    Sorry !there is no love for all of them!Go to the streets with your MM and get a take on the present situation!9 out of 10 will spit on the ground if those names are mentioned!
    Whatever spin you now partake is just a LAUGH on your reputation.
    Its sad you sold your soul to the higest bidder and thats the Devil!


  76. Anonymous10:04 am

    How nice to have a picture of the YB standing atop the table like a monkey but not one of the 3 men dragging the speaker out like a sack of potatoes.

    Power to the scribe.

    - Groo

  77. Anon 9.02

    If Rocky's an ex-champion like you said, what the fucking mutha fucka are you here for?

    Go to your champ, that ass fuckin, cock lickin leader of yours!

  78. Anonymous10:29 am








  79. why since the news release that you're going to be Malay Mail CEO, your stance has suddenly become so pro-UMNO? i used to have great respect for you. but seeing the one-sided report on the perak assembly fracas, i can see that you're now officially an UMNO mouthpiece. stop abusing your influence in the blogosphere to try to portray the biased UMNO bloggers as the bloggers who speak for all Malaysian bloggers. we're not stupid ok!

  80. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Foreign elements out to destroy the nation, could the commentator elaborate more! Prior to destruction of the nation, need to prepare for balik kampung masing masing - nusantara, china, india & lain lain (exclude orang asli?)as always encouraged by najis & umno!!

  81. Rocky, did you miss the photo where "they" LITERALLY DRAGGED Speaker Sivakumar out? I can provide one if you want!

    Granted, the yellings and and shoutings and swearings from both parties are uncalled for. But LITERALLY DRAGGING and HURTING the Speaker? Seriously? You've no comment towards that more ridiculous behaviour? Wow. Need I say more?

  82. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hey professional malay 9:53 AM

    You think we are easily hoodwinked by your LAME attempt to "represent" the LIBERAL MALAYS and the MALAY APOLOGISTS, huh?

    Just goes to show your cheating nature and your DESPERATION ...

    pathetic lot, a tiny taste of power and they go overboard!

  83. That pic pales in comparison to videos and pics of Sivakumar being dragged out by BN's police.

  84. Watch and decide for yourself:

    - Blatant use of law-enforcement inside a State Assembly to drag, punch and throw elected representatives is correct?

    - Robbing the rakyat by staging a Putsch to grab power is way of BN?

    - By showing a pic of an ADUN who shouted and fought for our Constitution is wrong? If I were the ADUN I would have start throwing chairs already. You have the State secretary bringing in 50 cops-in-disguise and MIC thugs to taint the state assembly and it's all captured on video!(see the youtube url above)

    - Enjoy your newly minted Deputy Speaker, I'm sure she will bring the whole country much laughter with her pepper spray and broken bahasa.

    And oh, all these will not be forgotten or forgiven by the rakyat.

  85. Anonymous7:12 pm

    ...Wow. Need I say more?...

    Court rules those 10 have their rights to attend so why was the Pundek insisting they leave? What was his motif in the first place.

    So now how? Is he still going to go against court rulings about the Menteri Besar? Dia tolak juga?

    My children still cannot eat, please enlighten them.. Please say its not TRUE..


  86. Anonymous1:52 am

    lame, will be my 1st and last post and last visit to this lame blog


  87. Don't run
    Rocky have sold his soul to the devil.
    We must help to guide him back to the path of Allah...or dump him into tong sampah.
    We must expose that his smart double twisting tongue cannot succeed to gain votes for Najib.
    Do your part for People's Power.
    Stay and expose him.
    Let his conscience decides ..whether to moderate or delete messages to suit his filthy low class game.