Friday, April 10, 2009

How do Sirul and Azilah look like?

Updated: A plea by A Voice - Anwar and RPK must help save Sirul and Azilah

Original article: We know how Altantuya looked like. We know how her lover Razak Baginda look like. But we have never seen the faces of Sirul and Azilah. Both cops were sent to the gallows yesterday for the murder of this "Far Eastern Mata Hari" but their faces are not known to us until today.

I asked my photographer friends in the mainstream media. No, there was no conspiracy by the media to not publish the two killer cops' pictures. No, there was never a directive from the police to not publish their pictrues.

I think it is important for members of the public to know how the two look like.

Read the AFP's piece here on the case that the Opposition has been trying to exploit in a bid to stop Najib from being PM.


  1. Here comes the Mata Hari12:43 pm

    Mata Hari was a dancer and high-class prostitute of Dutch descent, who spied for the Germans, using her sensuous sex appeal to lure classified information away from her spellbound admirers.

    Among them was a young Russian lieutenant who, devoted and unsuspecting to the tragic end, succeeded in capturing Mata Hari's love.

    Was the newspaper that dubbed Altaantuuya as Mata Hari implying that she was a high class pros and a spy?

  2. Anonymous12:45 pm

    I guess there should be pictures of them from their department.

    This remind me of a movie, Infernal Affairs. Even spies have their records somewhere (with pictures nonetheless).

    I mean, their family should have pictures of them. It's absurd to think they don't have any.

    - Aizuddin

  3. Anonymous12:45 pm

    so u mean they can find 2 fellas and hang them, and at the end of the day, sirul and azila actually disappear into thin air...?????? as it is right now, they are faceless1

  4. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I don't care how the 2 looks like.
    I want to know what is their MOTIVE of killing her.
    And I am 14 year old by the way.
    Please tell BN that I will be voting in a few years time.
    Allah will punish those who obstructed justice.

    Abdul Hisham.

  5. Anonymous12:48 pm

    How can the opposition stop najib from being pm when he is already pm,aiya rocky how la and from a person who was to be nstp chief.


  6. Anonymous12:57 pm


    this will be my last visit to yr blog. clearly you're another BN machai.

    -buzz lightmoon-

  7. I was thinking about the same thing. Can they just disappear into thin air after this? Nobody have seen their faces, beside the closest ones.

    Why don't you all wait and see what Najib's government will be first. If he could give the country the best moment of its existence, economically of course, why can't we support him. Even if he is shrouded by controversies.

    Work and personal problems are two different entities.

  8. a'a kan benar itu la yg patut diletak dalm muka depan paper setiap hari unkai da rungkai macam es mona affendi.samapi anak kceil arwah pun diorang cari interview

  9. Anonymous1:52 pm

    i believe one of them looks like u la bro...

  10. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Yeah, what is their MOTIVE? Why would they want to kill her?

    MOTIVE MOTIVE MOTIVE.... in every murder case, there must be a MOTIVE.

    Are we Malaysians so easily convinced the case is closed?

    Born in Taiping

  11. so u mean they can find 2 fellas and hang them, and at the end of the day, sirul and azila actually disappear into thin air...?????? as it is right now, they are faceless.... that's what a taxi driver told me some time ago. SYABAS Rocky. Can you start a campaign to get their photos published?

  12. Anonymous2:15 pm

    "this will be my last visit to yr blog. clearly you're another BN machai."


    Mother of all bull shits this blog is. Sheesh.

  13. Anonymous2:15 pm

    For all you know, this tragedy happened because Najib had compromised our national security.
    Somebody was blackmailing him thru' the girl.That's why everyone involved played their part to dispose of this case and i mean everyone including other accused UTK's, the IGP, AG, Lawyers, Judges, police, prison wardens, mahathir, KJ, the army, Agong etc etc...

    Do you think our UTK will carry out any orders in future if 2 of their cohorts were hanged for merely following orders?


  14. Anonymous2:23 pm

    rocky,... the gossip in town is that these ppl who hv bn walking in and out of the courtroom are not the actual sirul and azilah, just some ppl who are being paid to do the job. i mean, if baginda, being such a big personality, can show his face, why not these two rite? i pun tak cahya larr

    sigh... lagi lagi kontroversi.. bila gaknye kita dapat crite yg benar eh?

    and in the case of our current pm, like it or not, we are stuck with the situation till the next elections. so yeah, let's see what he can do

    -power puff gal-

  15. Anonymous2:23 pm

    You are the journalist and you have certain access.
    My question is what was their motive? Based on Sirul's confession he was given orders from Najib's ADC - yet he was not called as a witness.
    Secondly how and who authorised the access to the explosives.
    And why the effort to hide their faces?
    Now guilty there is no excuse to hide them.
    So many questions and no answers...

  16. These two are just machais who didnot know Altaantuuya. There is no motive for them.

    Commonsense will tell you that someone higher up who must have instructed them to carry out the order.

    Who is the someone higher up? Why the immigration records disappeared? Where is Bala who suddenly disappeared?

    Even with these two machais being hanged or disappeared in thin air, it still doesnot answer the question.

    Why? What is the motive?
    There must be an answer to bring it to a closure.

  17. Rocky,

    The public does not know what Azilah & Sirul looks like so logically, how can the public be certain it's the accusers who will be hangged?

    I'm sure this will be an agenda for certain parties who wants to tarnish certain people image.

  18. Yes bro, like the 14-yr old, whats the motive..its remain unclear..killing without motive..kinda weird.

  19. Logically, how sure can the public be that the ones who will be hangged is the 2 accuser??

    They never seen the two faces before and all this while during trials their faces were covered.

    I'm sure this will be an agenda for certain parties to tarnish the image of certain people!

  20. "exploit", Bro?

    Come one.. Surely you must agree that the two, even if thy did kill and blow her up could not have had the MOTIVE the pre-plan teh whole thing.

    And while MOTIVE does not have any bearing on the judging of a murder, it is for the rakyat especially given the circumstances.

    Exploit would not be the word here.

    The WHY is really a big issue.

  21. rocky, i've been following your blog for sometime now. By your reputation & resources, i'm amazed that you dont have a single pic of these two. Why???

  22. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Your Honour, I put it to you that the two accused had acted on their own, I repeat, on their own, and I stress it again, not on any instruction from anybody. The fact that they have no motive and will not benefit anything from the act is irrelevant as far as this court is concerned. For the crime they commited, which didn't involve anyone else but the two of them only, I ask your court to sentence them to hang. Please, Your Honour, the motive of killing is irrelevant. I beg you, please trust me, nobody else involved, Your Honour.

  23. Anonymous2:53 pm

    The missing link is - Who "updated" our country's immigration record to make it appear as if arwah Aminah Abdullah never entered Malaysia?

  24. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Just going to delete this site from my list of "favourites".
    Just remember guys and gals-"what is right is RIGHT and wrong is WRONG"
    Have a conscience to guide you, that's all.

  25. wandererAUS2:56 pm

    Bulls! The whole MSM including you Rocky, could not get a picture of these two dumb mongrels?
    If the is the case, give up your profession as a journalist, you all are farking useless and bought!

  26. Still long way to go.

    I don't think the authorities are going to delve further into the question of who ordered the killing ie the person who authorised the killing. It is stepping on too many important toes. But I don't think anyone is going to hang.

    1) They are appealing. Can go all the way to Federal Court. That is going to take some time. By the time it reached the Fed Court, a mistrial might be declared. How many years will lapse?

    2) In the meantime, who is to say the 2 accused would not be given freedom to roam about? Corrupt prison officials in the Abdullah Ang case allowed him to roam free, and that was a time before Malaysia became a corruption cesspool it is now.

    3) They don't need to hang anyone either. * nudge, nudge, wink, wink* ! (refer to above)

    A whole lot of money would see to it. Malaysia ma?

  27. berader,

    gua takut silap silap last minute depa habaq yang dalang sebenarnya bukan najib tapi ......

    jeng jeng jeng........

    lu pikir lah sendiri lu lagi terer apa

  28. Anonymous3:24 pm


    Macam yg kena tangkap dadah (miskin) tu kene gantung tapi 'supplier' (kaya-raya) lepas gak.

    I will keep reading this blog to help me to make balanced and informed opinions.


    Nani, Cheras

  29. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Usah ditanya mengapa dia dibunuh

    Usah dihirau mengapa blogger terulung dan media utama tak pernah bertanya dan mengulas

    Usah diminta pembunuh menunjukkan wajah

    Usah dihirau C4 diambil dari mana

    Tanyalah Pak Menteri, katanya di Malaysia ada undang-undang.

    jangan di sebut nama si wanita Mongolia

    Semuanya pertanyaan sia-sia.

    Terima sahaja lah

    Yang aku amat berkuasa!!!

    rotten poem by
    -dah fedap-

  30. Anonymous3:30 pm

    You know pretty well that the two goons who are convicted of murder are foot soldiers. As a journalist, you don't seem to ask a lot of question on this mystery. Murder is murder, we need to find out who ordered her dead. She can be a Mata hari or prostitude, none have the right to take one's life.

    Abil is my name.

  31. Dey Rocky,

    Kenapa you tak minat tulis tentang motif di belakang pembunuhan ini?Ta habis2 nama PM engkau yg baru ini di kaitkan dengan perbuatan yg begitu menjijikkan,sampai surat khabar2 utama di seluruh dunia melapurkan nya,ta malu ker?

    Be a responsible journalist lah dey.I cant imagine if you were to become the editor of NST.What a spin the poor rakyat will be served wth?Do some justice to your profession by rejecting injustices.

    The country has already gone to a state of lawlesness,and the MSM is also largely responsible for this.You fellas do not have to fear us the rakyat,but at least be fearful of god.


  32. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Simple..since no one saw the 2 murderers face, they will swap with body double to hang.

    Later..Sirul & Azi will resume with new identity..probably fly over to join with Abdul Razak.


  33. Assalamualaikum bro,
    I have been a follower of your blog for the past 2 years...I respect you writings all this while( during pak Lah' tenure as PM). But unfortunately recently your reporting is biased towards this new PM...This article confirms it.
    Dr Rizal

  34. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I asked my photographer friends in the mainstream media. No, there was no conspiracy by the media to not publish the two killer cops' pictures. No, there was never a directive from the police to not publish their pictrues.


    No directive but why must their faces be covered? Are they uglier than Rosmah?

    Why the preferential treatment?

    If there is no conspiracy then all these things wouldnt hv happened.

    Think la lapdog!


  35. Anonymous3:44 pm

    You are a policeman or a soldier, would you have blown her up if there was no direct order? If those 2 policemen had killed her for reasons unknown to the higher ups, where the heck did they get the xplosives from?

    Petaling Street ah? That's why the big boss went there the other day?

    Kangaroo Justice!


  36. woo Rocky Bro ..

    you're becoming "persona non grata " to the P.R suppoter ..

  37. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Brother Bru,

    Are we in the calm sea now? Will there be life for politicking bloggers after 6 years of stormy Pak Lah bashing?

    Chow Fan Tat
    Sg. Siput

  38. A 14 year old can also find out that there is no motive. My favourite show is Shark. Murder must have motive, evidences. And the prosecution based on a Signed affidavit by Razak which is deemed the truth.

    How do you connect this to opposition? Any retionale thinking person would question why the mystery in their face.

  39. why are they given this privilege ?.

    can the judges plese explain or at least clarify ???

  40. Anonymous4:08 pm

    There is one Malaysian Apek about to be shot in China, and appealing to meet his siblings for the last time.

    Why noone cares? Karpal, go help him la.. he is a Malaysian, who knows maybe he is innocent?

    Kau orang ni, kalau pasai gang ROSE CHAN, sikit punya sensasi...

    Yang kena gantung kat pokok durian kat Sg Coh tu, kenapa semua tak tolong investigate?

    Pilih bulu pula kau semua.

    Habis DCM Penang corruption, apakah ini bermakna EngGuan, Kit Siang, Karpal, TokNik, Anwar juga yang beri arahan kat DCM untuk longsap duit2?

    Prostitution and Corruption, SAMA SAJA..


  41. Anonymous4:27 pm

    To all those who question the motives, pictures of the two accused and even whether they will be hanged, please murder someone and hide your face during the trial. Get aljuburi to spread rumours of Muhyiddin Yassin involvement and when the noose is around your neck, keep on saying that it is all wayang and you will dissapear into thin air. Stupid stupid bodoh sangat.....

  42. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Anonymous 2:54 PM

    Noone ask you to come and noone is bothered if you go.

    Yang duk perasan syok sendiri apa hal?


  43. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Please, this is a genuine enquiry.

    Do these men appear before the judge, that is in the courtroom, all wrapped up like this? Or do they get wrapped up on entering and leaving the court?
    It's not clear from the reports of the trial.
    Anyone out there who knows?


  44. Anonymous4:32 pm

    They will get new identity and instant rich.Maybe they're in KFC,Starbuck or Cinema but none of Malaysian could identify them.Poor "rakyat" being cheated as usual.

  45. Abdul Hisham,
    You are still a kid. Go to school and get good score in PMR. Dont talk about politics now. Get your priorities right. Go to university, get proper job and then go into politics. Dont go into streets and become Mat rempit.

  46. Anonymous4:44 pm

    The article clipping said:
    "Each of them are blaming the other, they failed to raise reasonable doubt against the prosecution's case. I convict both of you as charged, said Shah Alam High Court judge Zaki Mohamad Yasin."

    Hayya this Sirul and Azilah boleh main-main ka masa kena tuduh bunuh.. kalau aku dah longlai dah. Bunuh org mcm main pondok2 yer? Ini org gila namanya.. so of course the big question is WHY???


  47. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Sebenarnya semua ni lakonan je.. Altantunya sebenarnya tak mati pun. Ada kat Mongolia nun. Tengah lepak tengok TV. Sirul & Azilah mmglah kena gantung sampai mati, tapi bukanla diorang yang mati, tapi orang lain rupa je mcm diorang mungkin macam muka sorang dua yang komen kat sini, sebenarnya tujuan semua ni bukan nak menjatuhkan Najib PM kita, tapi nak buat macam Malaysia ni pun boleh ada cerita sensasi macam ni kepada masyarakat antarabangsa, lepas tu diorang pun bolehlah tulis cerita ni kat news diorang untuk tatapan rakyat seluruh dunia, kira nak 'spice-up' our daily livesla, also Elvis tu pun tak mati lagi ada kat Bukit Gantang buat show. Macam-macam berlaku, macam-macam spekulasi anybody boleh buat. Ha ha ha all of you sibuk sangat about this matter pun u know u cannot change a thing. In the words of oghang nogori 'Ngabihkan Bogheh Yo!"

    Now the real world that needs urgent attention, Congrats to Najib, go ahead and do your job and bring our nation to greater Heights. Hidup PM Najib!!!


  48. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Rocky's been throwing hints. He's been posting pics of him with JJ, who by the way is a close associate of the new pm. It is his way of telling us "hey guys i've been turned over". The goons are up to it again - either through money or threats they'll get anyone they want. Beware Rocky, once you lose your site visits they will just discard you. Remember you are dealing with murderers here.....

  49. matarram5:16 pm

    soal : apa motif sirul dan azila?

    anda semua ada teori? aku pun ada teori.

    kalau anda semua ikut kes ini, anda tahu bahawa razak baginda minta bantuan mereka berdua untuk tahan altantuya (model/gundek/blackmailer -- ini sudah di sahkan dalam perbicaraan) dari mengganggu razak dan keluarga beliau.

    altantuya sudah mengugut razak dan sudah sampai di pagar kediaman beliau.

    razak sudah desperate dan panik dan minta bantuan sirul dan azila
    untuk "settle" masaalah itu.

    adakah razak suruh mereka berdua membunuh altantuya.

    kenapa ini tidak di nyatakan dalam mahkamah?

    kenapa sampai sekarang, sampai nyawa dah nak di ngap sayupkan, sirul dan azila tidak nyatakan sedemikian?

    anda tak terfikir, ke...yang mungkin mereka sudah terlanjur dan terlajak dan sudah panik...terus letupkan wanita itu.

    mereka elit force, takkan lah mereka ni buat kerja sampai messy sangat?

    ini-lah pendpat saya...

    sudah lah anda semua yang benci najib....

  50. kareem5:19 pm

    let me say this again.

    Altantuya did not deserve to die...and that way.

    nobody does.

    but yes...she was a high class prostitute. a spy? maybe.

    that is a fact.

    look at what her cousins did? they got the PI's assistant to "party' with them.
    nothing to it for them. case people forget that, yes...she was all that. and there are many like her.

  51. Khairy menyeru semua ahli pemuda memberikan sokongan padu kepada YAB Perdana Menteri

    Satu pertemuan dan majlis ringkas minum pagi telah diadakan pagi tadi di mana YB Khairy Jamaluddin telah menjemput penyokong beliau dan juga Exco Pemuda UMNO Malaysia untuk bersama beliau bagi bertukar pendapat dan mendengar pandangan dari ahli-ahli Pemuda. Dalam ucapan ringkas YB Khairy telah menjelaskan kedudukan sebenar dan menyeru agar semua penyokong beliau untuk menerima keputusan Kabinet dan membantu beliau untuk melaksanakan kerja parti yang telah di amanahkan oleh Perdana Menteri. Beliau juga menyeru agar ahli UMNO tidak melabelkan diri mereka sebagai orang-orang pemimpin pemuda tertentu dan perlu membuang anggapan berkenaan kerana semuanya adalah Pemuda UMNO . Mereka mesti bersatu dengan semangat setiakawan sebagai Pemuda UMNO dibawah satu payung.

    YB KJ juga menyeru agar semua ahli Pemuda UMNO untuk memberikan sokongan padu kepada YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Perdana Menteri Malaysia kerana beliau juga selaku Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia akan terus setia dan memberikan sokongan yang padu kepada YAB Perdana Menteri. Beliau juga mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada yang telah membantu dan menyokong beliau semasa pemilihan dahulu dan baliau benar-benar berharap semua penyokong beliau jangan merasa kecewa… Meminjam kata-kata Ali Rustam , Dunia Belum Kiamat, Esok Masih Ada.

    Beliau juga mengucapkan Syabas kepada dua pemimpin pemuda yang telah dipilih sebagai Timbalan Menteri dan beliau amat berbangga kerana pemuda diwakili oleh dua orang Timbalan Menteri. Beliau berkata , beliau sebenarnya tidak meletakkan harapan untuk menjawat jawatan dalam kerajaan ketika bertanding untuk merebut kerusi Ketua pemuda UMNO dan kerana itu beliau tidak merasa kecewa apabila dipanggil oleh Perdana Menteri sehari sebelum penamaan senarai kabinet.

    Pemuda akan menjadi sebuah pertubuhan yang tidak terikat dan bebas untuk menyuarakan apa juga permasalahan yang diperjuangkan kerana beliau tidak terikat didalam kerajaan dan beliau berharap Pemuda akan menjadi sebuah sayap yang digeruni oleh kawan dan lawan seperti di zaman Datuk Harun Idris dahulu. Untuk mencapai matlamat ini pemuda perlu bersatu dan memupukan semangat setiakawan. Beliau juga berharap agar semua yang hadir untuk menyampaikan apa yang telah beliau nyatakan dan berharap semua ahli Pemuda memahami akan pendirian beliau .

  52. Anonymous5:25 pm

    one pip,

    yeah, man. i kinda agree with you. what was their motive?

    their motive was that they screwed up trying to deal with her. a botched-up job. or they did something to her. and you know, as we can see, altantuya was no pushover...she must have threatened them etc etc...fought them even.

    so..what was to have been an easy job to get her away from razak baginda's home and family, went awry and ...the rest is history.

    i'm on nobody's side here.. i'm looking at this whole thing impartially.
    the immigration records?
    they are police officers you know...THEY have connections...

    unless we all think the court case is a mockery....

    i don't think so. sirul and azilah can cry foul!

  53. Well.. if this someone needs to die to protect our country security I think that's oklah.

    In this case I think this Altantuya is one very HOT BABE just happened to know to know too much.

    Too bad for her. Just for the record I think she's HOT !!

    p/s : I need a job, got job for me ah anyone??

  54. shaaribuu5:28 pm

    i do believe that DSAI knows everything about this case, from A to Z, from the smallest to the biggest thing.
    surely he know because he have all the resources inside and outside the country. furthermore he is the smartest politician alive in Malaysia's history
    the only thing is that he doesn't want to share them with others. you know DSAI ..

  55. if i murder someone tomorrow, i must have a motive. but must i have been ordered to murder that someone? regardless whether i am a soldier or not...

    of course azilah and sirul do not know altantuya before that...but they killed her. motive? someone told them to kill her, then BLOW HER UP in a place where people could here the explosion?

    they killed her on someone's order because they are policemen who are too stupid to act on their own?

    stupidity has nothing to do with your capacity to kill.

  56. One Anonymous wrote this:

    Rocky's been throwing hints. He's been posting pics of him with JJ, who by the way is a close associate of the new pm. It is his way of telling us "hey guys i've been turned over" ...

    5:04 PM


    I haven't stopped rolling on the floor. Tears are still flowing, brother. Actually, I was giving hints that I am close to YB Ronnie Liu and YAB Khalid Ibrahim should give me a piece of land near Shah Alam where Rosmah was said to have blown up Altantuya ..

    Gosh. You guys are getting really bad at this.

    But thanks for the major tickle.

  57. Anonymous5:39 pm


    I agree with some of your commentors that yes, we all have our theories.
    but it seems to me that people insist that we must ask the motive of thse two convicted persons.

    some even want you to question.

    it looks like they want you to state in no uncertain terms that someone higher-up (razak?najib?rosmah?) ordered the killing.)

    whaaat...are you RPK? najib-basher, anwar-spinner...??

    even if you were, i don't see you twisting the case.

    just because RPK insists that najib is behind the murder, it doesn't mean that we all have to agre with RPK.

    azila and sirul are policemen so they must be so stupid -- as many had suggested as as highlighted by one commenter.

    so they only kill on orders..???

    i suppose some people refuse to see anything else except what they want to see.

    as for me...i have no idea what went on, except for what emerged and surfaced in court.


    Charles W.

  58. At first instance, the story of blowing up Altantuya should not be made public then everything is well covered.

  59. Anonymous5:44 pm


    I totally agree with you. Never in the ciminal history are known criminals sentenced in the interest of the public and hanged without the public knowing what the criminals look like.

    At the least the greater family of the deceased wants to know what the person who killed their loved one look like.

    With the kind of publicity this case is being given internationally, I hope the Govt makes sure that there's no screwup (even a setup can be screwed up!!). I always believe that if things are not done honestly there will definitely be a screwup (we can call that Karma generated screw up).

    Justice Must Prevail

  60. iskandar5:50 pm

    rocky bro,

    i have been "studying" comments in your blog and it is very very clear to me that those attacking you are actually the same people over and over again and they are very sore that you are not with them on the DARK side, attacking Najib.

    they do not know you, or pretend not to know you. i do not know you but i have been following you from DAY ONE.

    I know this -- rather, I gather this from being a follower (not necessarily a peminat):

    1. you started blogging after you had to quit NST because Kalimullah made it difficult for you to fit in the new Malay Mail because he had designs to kill Malay Mail and you are one person he so scared of.

    2. Also you were against the abuses and the poor adminsitration of Pak lah i.e.-- the rise of the brat of a son-in-law...and the damage Pak Lah had inflicted to the country.

    3. Also you began whacking Pak lah after the 4th floor boys through Kalimullah began their attack on Tun Dr Mahathir.

    4. You began blogging nice things on Tun Dr M because he became the underdog and you feel that that's no way to treat a statesman.
    when he was PM, you had run-ins with him.

    5. You've known Najib from way back when but you have not really attacked him (though I've seen some veiled attacks by you in your blog) because he was not PM yet.

    6. You have criticised Umno and BN more than Pakatan..

    Hmmmm..what else?.

    so you see, your attackers or those who now say they're not going to read your blog -- are either Pakatan supporters, or they are pakatan supporters.

  61. Anonymous5:51 pm


    apasal bodoh sangat anonymous tu?

    nak kenakan you-lah!
    dah desperate nak kenakan you!

  62. Anonymous6:03 pm

    keh keh.. nak kena gantung tuh nanti hakim and all those involved datang tengok laa...jadi saksi..
    nih aper kes nak tukar2 org?? Tu laa.. baca lagi harakah ngan suara keadilan tuh.. alas taik anjing pun x layak...

    Motif?.. macam laa bleh baca hati org..? If they are working for someone high up..dah lama kena arsenik cam anwar kaki kencing tuh kat penjara.. they will be no court case.. heck they wont be any case from day 1.

    So harap2 please fikir pakai kepala.. bukan kepala bu&8h..


  63. Anonymous6:07 pm


    If I were the accused and the noose was getting closer I'd even lie to save my skin, even to the extend of concocting stories about everything, conspiracies, etc.

    I would have nothing to lose, and I'd probably implicate everyone including the PM to free my ass.

    But why they did not even when they knew they were going to be sentenced to death?

    Politics should make us want to care and help about fellow man, not about making stupid statements.



  64. Anonymous6:10 pm

    You people here want to know the motive of the ask Anwar..he seems to know everything.
    BTW if you people are so concerned about altantuya being bombed..please also do so to the numbers of innocent Iraqis being bombed like nobody's business by Anwar's godfather.


  65. zelot666:22 pm

    We all know a lot of questions are still unanswered. this stupid drama can't fool all malaysians. The whole world is laughing at us.

  66. Anonymous6:42 pm

    shaaribuu 5:28 PM

    DSAI yang praktik macam tu kut dulu?

    Kroni2 dia guna budak2 17tahun baru keluaran sekolah sorong kat dia untuk dapatkan projek dari dia kut?

    Kalau dia tahu pun nak keluar cakap kat orang macam mana, dia sendiri dulu LAGI hero kut?




  68. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Can i murder a person and then ask for a chance to save 10 people, so that i can be pardon of murdering the first person?


  69. dannalli7:20 pm

    wonder?boy .. 4:32pm,

    I guess none of us been to the hearing as no one seems able to give the hint. I also need to know.

  70. Anonymous7:28 pm

    come on guys, why ask Rocky what was the motive of the murder?

    Did not the two guys say something to the effect that they merely carried out the orders?

    Our courts are also careful not to court controversies.

    So, even if the two guys had said that they were carrying out the orders, the onus is on the defence to follow up and probe further.

    But if the defence did not want to probe further, apa boleh buat?

    And then whats the big deal that two guys are given new identities?

    Remember, Malaysia is no more 3rd world.

    We are creative and must compete with world standards.

    Anything is possible here. That attracts the much required FDI and acts as a catalyst to proper us to 1st world status.

    And do not pressure Rocky.
    He already has had a number of visits to the official workplace of the authorities.

    No need for Rocky to be invited again for another chat.

    One thing though Rocky - I do not accept that only opposition politicians are trying to link this case with a VVIP.

    As though all those who are posting replies in your blog are all politicians? Or are you saying that politicians are the ones who are stirring this up and instigating ordinary people to think like that?

    Most of these postings are the thoughts of the commoners. I have yet to see LGE, LKS and Karpal Singh posting their views on your blog about this subject. You too can track that anyway.

    When ordinary people's concerns are not addressed, politicians enter the arena and make things more 'appealing'.

    Its best, ordinary people's concerns are answered/addressed by the authorities instead of waiting for politicians to get involved.



  71. Anonymous7:57 pm


    Day by day you are slowly but surely swinging towards UMNO's mindset and rick sounding more and more absurd to us the rakyat. Pls reflect again what's been happening with your life the right thing because it's right bro...


  72. Anonymous8:07 pm

    glad u replied to my comments. But i cant help but notice the slant in ur postings. It has taken a 180 degree turn. on the case specifically why didn't the prosecution call as witness musa safri, despite being named by razak. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered - may even be the fatal 'mistake' when the defence appeals. -- Anon 5:04

  73. Anonymous8:20 pm

    In my 33 years of working life abroad I have never seen an accused coming into the courts with their heads covered to the extent that no one knows who they are. This question of hiding ones identity only arises after identity is common knowledge. In many countries accused come to court in uniforms provided by the detaining authority. Can anyone explain to me how this was allowed. Ramalx

  74. Rocky, don't know if anyone else has pointed this but I'm finicky: it should be 'WHAT do Sirul and Azilah look like?' 'How' is bad English but I see it all the time in our papers.

    OK, carry on...

  75. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Although the Sultan can pardon a convict, His Majesty can only act on advice from Umno. For example, Rahim Nor could get his pension quietly restored after he was convicted and lost his pension.

  76. both of them are now enjoying in London la.

  77. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Rocky, some of your haters here didn't get what you really wanted to say because of writing style. Don't blame them. Anyway I like your style,short but full of meanings. Yes, it's good if you can get hold of the pictures as demanded by your commentators but whoever they are I still dOnt know them.

  78. Anonymous9:33 pm


    Raja Petra Kamarudin, Anwar Ibrahim and others said at one time or another that they have proof that others were involved in the murder of Altantuya.

    If they have the proof it also means that these two Policemen are innocent. If they have these proofs, now is the time to bring out those proofs.

    Otherwise these two innocent Policemen will hang for nothing.

    So since Raja Petra and Anwar say they have proof that others were involved in the murder of Altantuya, please bring the proofs out now. Azilah and Sirul will appreciate it very much.

  79. Anonymous10:15 pm

    The curse for Malaysians has commenced .. Hehehehe

    Who will be next victims of Najib after Atlantuya and our two police officers

    Malaysia Boleh ..

    The Spirit of Freedom

  80. Malaysiaku Tercinta11:04 pm

    You really are an arsehole wandererAUS!

    For the fact Rocky still published your comments despite your constant show of rudeness and lacking in manners says a lot about the person that you are. This is his blog remember? His abode and his home, and you don’t come here making condescending remarks such as yours. He took the trouble to bring up this issue and indirectly brought awareness to us all, on why it is really important for us all the members of the public to know how they look like. I certainly would like to know. These two could be roaming the street right this moment and we wouldn’t know that. Or worse still, the newly moved-in next door neighbour.

    How about making yourself useful instead and get your own contacts to outsource their pictures, instead of showing to the whole world of your stupidity and ungratefulness.

    On the same note, for your own sake, I really hope that you are not a Malaysian and not anywhere in this country. But if you are, I really hope the police investigating team are nearing in identifying you for your previous seditious comment here under the posting of “ Glass and Diamond, and a Silver Jubilee”, when you said;
    “Why don't we simply get rid of all the royal leeches and have just a President, as Head of the nation... elected by the people or by Parliament. Let Malaysia be "The People's Republic"
    There are only 20 Kings left in the world, a small country like Malaysia has almost half of them, what a bloody joke!”

    You dared calling my Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong and all the Sultans “royal leeches” and suggesting “we simply get rid” of them?

    Oh, when that happened, I would love to know how you look like too.

  81. Anonymous11:35 pm


    Camshial is right. There will be witnesses from both sides if and when the guilty are hanged. Maybe those who criticize so much would like to be there as well.

    As for covering up their faces, that is only to and from the court. Inside the courtroom they show their faces, but cameras not allowed inside.

    Some newspapers hire artists to draw the court scene and suspect faces and these have appeared in the newspapers, but alas, some of your critics don't read newspapers anymore.


  82. Oh My God, they're gonna kill the Kennys. You bastard!

  83. So both the accused Sirul and Azilah have been convicted and sentenced to death by the court. However, Pakatan Rakyat goons are still not satisfied with the verdict. They are now questioning the motif behind the gruesome murder of the late Altantuya.

    What is wrong with these people? Altantuya is dead, the people charged with killing her have been duly sentenced to death, so what more do they want?

    Perhaps they'd like DS Najib to write a signed confession letter, admitting that he ordered the hit on the deceased. After that BN's popularity will steeply decline and Pakatan Rakyat would emerge victoriously, with Anwar as the Emperor of 'a new Malaysia.'


    How truly kind we Malaysians are, there were cases where Malaysians committed suicide after failing to settle Ah long's debt, and we turned a blind eye on them. A Mongolian was murdered, and we would risk prison (like RPK) for them.

    What about the fate of our citizens languishing in foreign prisons after being duped into truck trafficking by international drug syndicates? They don't seem to get a 'special treatment' from the 'rakyat' like what the late Altantuya is getting.

    Had the court delivered a not guilty verdict, Pakatan Rakyat goons would probably go berserk, accusing the government of cover-ups and foul play. Now that a guilty verdict was passed, they go berserk and question the motif behind the murder.

    How pathetic.

    Now this conspiracy that government intends to release the convicted felons, and set them up with new identities and such. After all, their faces were not shown to the public.

    Yeah, right.

    And who will be hanged on that fateful moment, before all those witnesses? A couple of Swiss dolls perhaps?

    Or perhaps the government will kidnap two illegal aliens, have their faces surgically modified to like Sirul and Azilah, and produce them before the gallows.

    How pathetic.

  84. Anonymous1:38 am

    at issue is the state of our judicial system which can be manipulated. You Umno people have no conscience. You brought Munawar Anis to court and he was tried and sentenced the same day. To you, it's nothing. He's just a foreigner. Likewise, u thnik Anwar is bad for the economy, so u charged him with sodomy. That's why u r Umno. U will feel at home in harare and rangoon.

  85. Purple haze3:06 am

    There must be a lack of investigative ability within the Malaysian media as it has been pointed out that there are no known photographs of the convicted killers who were members of the Police Force.

    Now, everyone knows that there should be at least a picture in the Police files or even in the NRD for identity card purposes.

    Even pictures or facsimilies of seemingly hard-to-catch criminals like Botak Chin and Bentong Kali have found their way to the media pages and yet, the pictures of Sirul and Azilah are unavailable.

    I wonder if the reporters approached the families of the accused for pics ? Certainly, it is strange that the families do not want to publicise the identity of their loved ones to help to prove thier innocence.

    The newspaper that can get the real pics of the two accused would have scored a major scoop ... but none of them seems to want to bother and seem content to publish pics of the hooded men.

    A little bit unusual, don't you think ???

  86. Anonymous5:43 am

    The charade enacted by the two depicts an abberation. Whimsically, one of them chuckled when pictures of him in that garb were shown to him.

    In addition to the crime that those two were charged with, their display in such a manner in the news can be quite disturbing.

    I'm sure our own children would have posed some pertinent questions about the pictures that they saw, and to which we would find it difficult to answer.

    Even if we answer, they would not have understood. Simply, it's not an answer because we ourselves don't understand it either.

    In a way it is something like a microcosm, a representation of our nation. Its institutions. Leaders. Politics. Politicians. Authority. Laws. Family, et al. Even our own existence.

    Perhaps they are faceless and shrouded too?

    A Perakian.

  87. Anonymous7:29 am

    Rocky , just a personal advice (i dont loose if you dont follow) ....your writing nowadays more to one sided. Are you becoming pro bn now ? Please be yourself again . Cheers

  88. Libation Bearer10:06 am

    All those anonymous anonymii yang got tired of Rocky and preparing to leave. Good Riddance. But I bet you a silk lingerie: you will come scurrying in here in less than the time you fart, using another anonymous nick. By the way does it make sense? One who wants to “get away from the blog” trumpets his intention to do so? Nak leave, leave laaa… why must announce announce one. And in almost every posting of Rocky, there are these voices of “Getting tired of Rocky’s one-sidedness. Goodbye---won’t come to this blog again”. Hahaha. Do these Pakatan Republicans not have any original buzzwords. (Republicans because “Rakyat” also stands for me, and I do not succumb to you all punya agenda so don’t call me, a rakyat, as part of you).


    Abdul Hisyam of 14 years of age. You do either two things: (i) tell your master Chee who ask you to do this menyamar thing and remind him that “Hisyam” is not one of the 99 names of Allah, and therefore in Islam the name “Abdul something” is an abomination if that “something” is not one of the Asma’ul Husna. You can’t have “Abdul Ishak” or “Abdul Najib” or “Abdul Shamsuddin” because neither of the three names are the names of God. “Abdul Mutallib” is a pre-islamic name. So please, if any of you wants to menyamar or deceive your malay/muslim readers, please do your homeworks first. After 51 years of living together, not knowing even the basic things like muslim names show how much “Bangsa” Malaysia you all want to be. (ii) In case you really are a 14-year old muslim who, amidst your studies of Persamaan Algebra or Sejarah Mesopotamia for your PMR, then you’d better get your Papa to come and see PakCik Libation Bearer and I will teach him a thing or two about naming Muslim kids names plus duku kepala dia sekali bagi anak sibuk politik tengah ambik PMR.


    Sirul and Azilah had motives: Money. Anybody who can give me 50K I will go ahead and assasinate Rocky’s Cat and for a mere 100K, I will settle the old man himself (not that you are worth that much, bro, but NST will surely lose a lot if I decided to take the money and do you in. Kah kah kah.)


    And lastly, Altantuya’s father has expressed satisfaction over the ruling. Ironic kan? The only ones who are not satisfied are the Pakatan Republicans who, I can bet my mother’s spleen, care the least about some foreign woman’s justice. They just covet Najib’s chair which of course, me and other rakyats are not redha about. So there!


    [Bro Rocky, I dah defend you ni. Belanja I Paper Tosai and kopi kaw kat Cawan?]

  89. Electrocutioner10:12 am

    Hey guys, just ask that TV3 Melodi crew get into this. For sure they will get not only the 2 UTKs pics but also the motives and all the details. Watch how these Mat Rambut Ketak and Michelle crew 'korek' salacious details from unwilling celebrites week in week out. They are Malaysian Modern Day Journalist (NO?)

  90. Anonymous10:45 am

    Is there a lesson to be learnt ?

    Those in the police force and govt - those with some semblance of authority like to suck up to people with higher status.

    In those years the Tai Koh, and I mean the real stuff , triad tiger general, opium peddling tai koh -
    wielded so much power because, maaf, the little Napoleons suck up to him.

    Little Napoleons suck up to Tai Koh because Lt Napoleons and Bg Gen Napoleons bent over backward to please the guy.

    Upshot of this was wide-spread prostitutions, illegal gamblings, loans.And the infamous protection money collections.
    These rackets went on quite undisturb except, once in a while, a silly brave soul complained and they pretend to make a din of it . Very soon things were back to the normal bad old ways.

    Heard then that a group of guys got free passage + tickets to see the World Cup Football somewhere.

    Glad to see the passings of these dragon tai kohs - practically human garbage.
    But why do they get the patronage of the authorities ?

    Somebody please enlighten me about motives !


  91. Anonymous12:55 pm

    why was there no investigation as to who deleted the immigration record? surely this is also a criminal offence. Police were very quick in going after an anonymous blogger who "fitnah" Saiful Bukhari as having a sexually transmitted disease. Nampak sangat lah... EVERYTHING has become a tool of the Umno government. The Palace, judiciary, police, attorney-general chamber, majlis agama, mufti, anti-corruption agency etc etc

  92. Anonymous3:49 pm

    One Pip 12:55 PM said...

    why God did give me brains to become intelligent enough to take up Law and become the High Court Judge?

    Nampak sangat lah... EVERYTHING has become a tool of the Umno government. The Palace, judiciary, police, attorney-general chamber, majlis agama, mufti, anti-corruption agency etc etc

    Why why

  93. My dear One PIP,

    You wrote "at issue is the state of our judicial system which can be manipulated."

    How right you are OnePIP, and the Pakatan Rakyat happens to be the BIGGEST manipulator of them all. If any member of the Judiciary issues a verdict or ruling that is not in the PR's favor, you people would just accuse him of being a government's lackey. If he rules in the interest of Pakatan Rakyat, then he is upholding justice. Ergo, if you want justice to be seen done, you must side with the Pakatan Rakyat.

    If were a high court's judge, I'd be terrified of these PR goons, they could really do damage.

    I don't know that UMNO people are endowed with the power to bring people to court, and have them tried and convicted in a single day. Now where do you get that, in your Pakatan Rakyat manual?

    To the best of my knowledge. the only way for us UMNO people to drag someone's ass to court would be by filing a civil suit against him, something you PR goons are quite proficient at.

    Sikit-sikit nak saman, sikit-sikit nak saman.

    One PIP, I don't have to think that Anwar is bad for the economy, ANWAR IS BAD FOR THE ECONOMY. That bugger tried to sell us to the IMF once, luckily for us Dr Mahathir was there to stop him, otherwise the IMF - an organization that owes its allegiance to the US - would still be dictating how we should manage country's purse.

    One PIP, Anwar was charged in the court because the prosecution had ample evidence to link him with sodomy, not because he was bad for the economy.

    What is this about UMNO people having no conscience? Two months ago I accidentally ran over a street cat while driving, I still couldn't get over it.

    That poor cat.

  94. my elderly father said these 2 mamats could be freed anytime for all you know, since nobody knows what they look like.

  95. paramsinghwalia8:06 am

    few point

    1-anwar berahim said "ade tulis kementerian pertahanan kat C4 tu"
    (how the hell he know the exploding bomb got any writings on it? explode into dust or pieces what?)

    2-lawyer and forensic said that it was not even C4 that has been used..a smaller what is all about anwar and rpk harping bout C4 form kementerian pertahanan??hehehe

    3-DAP president is acting as a lawyer for sharibuu there...he has seen those accused faces in the court...he seen their family members there..maybe at the time of execution also..he's allowed to a lawyer..why he's keeping quiet about their faces gossip in malaysia???maybe he wants to manipulate stupid malaysian..hahahah..ade otak ke malaysians???

    4-time of burial...many people can go see...lot of people involved in the trial know their family members now..honestly..a lot will be involve..
    -driver van mayat..
    -yok imam..
    -tukang gali kubur
    -nak mandi mayat etc2...

    ade otak pikir leeee

  96. paramsinghwalia8:16 am

    oh..and 1 more thing...

    why must link this matahari with our PM??

    1-is there any link??just razak baginda???he her what's that got to do with PM???

    surely..if 1 of ur friend had sex with a girl and the girl ended up dead..should you be blame also???heheheh...idiotic arguement...

    2-the girl cousin AMY tu...from day 1 of the trial lagi keep on harping on a photo of our new PM with altantuya and razak...
    my question is
    a)-what is wrong there???having a photo taken with someone who is later murdered is a crime nowdays??heheheh..
    b)even anwar said there a where is it??
    c)im sure the cousin can upload the photo in the internet if there is a why nothing??hehehehe...
    d)anwar is brave that he upload video of linggam..but why not this "FAMOUS" photo???heheheh...

    surely u can just upload the photo from anywhere in teh world..don give excuse laike the bn govt court wont allow the photo la etc2..since when PR follow the law???when it comes to the photo...suddenly must follow the law?

    just give us the damn photo...

    oopss...i forgot..i was demanding proof from the guy who promised 16sept and a shadowy figure like matahri's cousin amy...


  97. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Quoted by Awe "I was thinking about the same thing. Can they just disappear into thin air after this? Nobody have seen their faces, beside the closest ones.

    Why don't you all wait and see what Najib's government will be first. If he could give the country the best moment of its existence, economically of course, why can't we support him. Even if he is shrouded by controversies.

    Work and personal problems are two different entities."

    Oh well.. maybe we are kinda desperate these days coz some good men do nothing so let us have some strong characters to rebuild our declining Malaysia. Moreover, Najib is not proven related in this case or thus not guilty.

    Why can't we see things more objectively..just like the BA people think Anwar Ibrahim doesnt sodomize anyone and not guilty as he wasnt proven guilty by the court..

    Stop hammering on the issue. Let Najib Razak prove his worth , while we as the rakyat scrutinize his and his BN's every steps just like we will scrutinize what the BA leaders are doing in the states they are in power of.

    If this KPI stuff is done seriously, we can all be on track to become better nation. I am tired of the politics . Can the cabinet minister, the MPs and the ministries and agencies start doing their work?

    Kasut Tumit Tinggi

  98. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Adik Hisham

    Go to school, study hard and don't mess up your future by getting into politics at pubescent... when your secondary sexual traits (e.g your bulu ketiak all come out. etc etc) come out and then if you have scored some As may be you will get a scholarship and get into soke good uni overseas or even locally..but after you graduated , you please come back and work for the government that send you abroad to study and be more open minded.. but please dont shit on the hands that have given you those opportunity to become somebody. You will unfortunately start to become so smart, enter politics and kick the asses that once helped you out.

    Typical Malaysian story huh?

  99. Anonymous5:50 pm

    "Please, this is a genuine enquiry.

    Do these men appear before the judge, that is in the courtroom, all wrapped up like this? Or do they get wrapped up on entering and leaving the court?
    It's not clear from the reports of the trial.
    Anyone out there who knows?


    No, they have to open up their veils in court. See they have sketches of Sirul and Azilah all over . Next time go and visit the court. Don't just watch tv or read the blogs. The media are unreliable to get first hand news.

    Kasut Tumit Tinggi

  100. Anonymous10:02 pm

    you asked bro?
    Sirul probly be a man now in Medan and Azilah be a lady probly in Hawaii!


    noway man!

    probly in JB

  101. Anonymous11:16 pm

    - just go to

    - select 'images'

    - type 'sirul & azilah'

    - click [search images]

    apa daa..cari sendiri lah..pemalas..bising je pandai mcm sesetengah babi bodoh tu..tau nak marahkan lockyblu sebab tak masak babi kicap panggang utk diaorg..tau nak makan & komplen typical of them..

    p/s: C4 anyone..?

    :D muhahahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  102. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Since you said there is no directive from the authority not to publish the killer's photo, then why don't you publish their(sirul & azila)'s photo?
    Since they have been sentenced, no longer a suspect, why can't anyone publish their photo?


  103. Metta wrote:

    Since you said there is no directive from the authority not to publish the killer's photo, then why don't you publish their(sirul & azila)'s photo?
    Since they have been sentenced, no longer a suspect, why can't anyone publish their photo?

    Dear Metta,

    That's bcos I don't have their photos, Metta. If I do, I'd publish them. Thank you.

  104. What seems to allude most us are :
    The court, police, prosecution,immigration and the MSM's only concern in this case is to keep the legalities, proses etc. confined to the 2 accused and under NO circumstances should anybody (those really involved/connected) be brought into the picture/court. That,s how gingerly the court had conducted the case. That is why despite the accusations/statuory declarations from different parties, they were never challenged in court.To do that in court would definitely be injurious to the 'subjects' concerned. It would expose more skeletons from the cupboard. >>> TAKHAIRAN

  105. Anonymous7:41 pm