Friday, April 10, 2009

Rocker blogger

Amy's Phewwitt!!!. I first caught Amy with the now-legendary rock band Search in 82/83. Some of you may still remember Red Rooster (Medan Tuanku) in KL? Great place at a time when the first Mat Rempit wasn't even born yet (this was the era of Anak ABU).

Today, my friend Radin e-mailed to tell me that Amy has started his own blog. Dia ada blog beb!

Check the rocker-blogger's Phewwitt!!! here. It's to promote the Seach's upcoming Farewell Tour but I hope Amy will continue to blog even after the gigs are over.

p.s. For concert dates, history of the band, etc please visit Search di Awan Biru. I'm thrilled to make it for the site's very short blogroll, which includes Aznil, the celebrity tv host!

updated, 11/4 -- Amy Search nafi sertai PAS


  1. anak bugis johor5:32 pm

    pheweet anak johor

  2. Anonymous5:42 pm

    From Altantunya to Amy Search. Mesti yang dok syok komen kutuk u Bro Rocky stop kejap cari modal to link with this posting pulak ha ha.


  3. Anonymous6:18 pm

    DEAR pheweet
    harap sdr cukuplah rocking, umur kita dah makin meningkat.
    semoga kita semua dapat berfikir sejenak,muhasabah dan renungkan ke dalam diri, apa yang telah kita lakukan selama ini.

    i believe sdr amy is a smart guy.

    thank you.

    40's rocker.

  4. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Yang pun pun Roker`s jugak Beb!
    NO ISA 729

  5. zelot666:26 pm

    yes,i was there at the Red rooster (Pub air kencing). 'Siong' was abundance those days. 'Siong' and rock, a perfect match.



  7. masih mahu melihat UMNO berubah , tak nampak apa apa perubahan dalam UMNO.
    sebelas soalan yang diajukan kepada PM

  8. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Fuh, sekali sekala takda politik, lega rasanya.


  9. Anonymous7:13 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Yeah, Red Rooster...that were the days dude. They also played at the so called "Hard Rock Cafe" at Damansara, along with Blood Shed and Lefthanded. They have really came a long way and do it very well as compared to those half cook artist/musician nowadays.
    Billy The Kid

  11. Siapa sebenarnya Perdana menteri sekarang, Liza rasa kehilangan DS Najib semenjak seminggu ini kerana dibayangi oleh orang itu dan timbalan nya ~ lihatlah sendiri

  12. Charles Moreira8:50 pm

    Oh! Brings back fond memories.

    I was there at Red Rooster in 82 & 83 as well -- hmmm! can't recall if I ever met Rocky.

    Search are really great and they should be made datuks for their contribution to Malaysian music.

    It's strange that Shake is made a datuk just because he got some recognition in France, returned to Malaysia briefly and took off overseas again but the Search guys stayed and made it against much resistance by the authorities and they are awarded nothing.

    I guess they should have gone overseas and made a name for themselves there and then the Government or Malaysia will kiss their arses when they returned and soon honour them with a datukships -- even though it means nothing much these days -- with datuks all over the place.

  13. Anonymous9:12 pm

    TokNik tak booking dia?

    Mana tau boleh influence KASI buka serban dan kerintingkan rambut macam Amy..

    Kan dia tengah hebat REFORMASI!


  14. cayalah... for a rocker to another. I wish Kid boleh perform sama.

  15. Oh yes...Red Rooster was my first initiation to live rock n roll music. Good times and the concept of going green started

    what is anak abu?

  16. bro amy...jom layan rock

  17. Rocking the boat10:52 pm

    Amy is one of the products of Tun Mahathir's administration just like corruption, judicial sodomy, proliferation of kedai mamak and bla bla bla yada yada yada.. and Rocky will bend backwards to remind us of that golden years according to his interpretation...


    Birdy, spot on man!

    Mana dia org ni...?

  18. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Untuk yang tak tahu Amy ni Insya Allah 1000 kali baik dari yang korang sangkakan. Rocker bukan jahat tapi mengekspresi diri melalui jalan yang dipilihnya. Hayatilah Mentari Merah di Ufuk Timur dan Suralaya. Dan banyak lagi. Masya Allah.


  19. Rok braderrr...gua korek melayu sebut Ses...

  20. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Hahaha Rocky, Red Rooster ... those were the days. I remember it very well. At one time while half-drunk I saw Broery there - sportingly, he played us a few songs.

    I thought later on they changed the place name to Newcastle or something like that. Or is it somewhere else - cos I remember Dr Sam with his trade mark song GET UP STAND UP playing there.

    It is unfortunate things are not the same anymore. Me with my PAS struggle and you with your UMNO hegemony - maybe all of us should stop talking politics and get ourselves drunk again

    - Haji Malek

  21. Rock Kapak Is Not Dead!

    Ehh, bro. Remember Whitesnake, Van Halen, and Aeromith? Yeah, those were the days...

  22. gerekkkkk!


  23. Anonymous12:22 am

    yeay for amy! looking forward o his farewell concert here in KL!!!

    minah rock kapak

  24. I am a hardcore fan of Search since the late eighties although I am a non Malay.

    I still think their Karisma and Gema Di Ufuk timur is the best albums ever produced that is even better than than those of westerns bands like Metalicca and Gun & Roses. I am serious here.

    Just sad that they are no longer being welcomed by the malays themselves who have moved to synthesisers and electronic music.


  25. Bro,
    blog house tak mau anjurkan lawatan ke gig diorang ni tak? Barulah rock kapak. Ramai-ramai pergi tengok, aku mesti join punya.

    Gerek Seh!

  26. Anonymous1:16 am

    Walk The Talk,

    Ko ni tak ada disiplin la. Orang tengah nak rock, kau masih dengan politik.

    Releks bebb!

  27. Loken,

    Anak ABU is budak2 Angkatan Bawah Umur. Underaged kids who went around behaving like they had reached the age of consent. Late 70s and early 80s phenomenon.

    Today we have Mat and Minah Rempits. Back in the 90s we had another term for them .. can't recall ..

  28. Sinatra Z, Good idea tu. Will let them know!

  29. count me in. kita pakat sarung tight leather pants ramai2 dan himpit scrotal bag masing2.

  30. Anonymous7:45 am

    Rocking the boat:

    what a stupid statement from u moron..

    You are the product of your own father & mother, why blame a 3rd party like Mahathir? Are u born orphan or what?

    We're talking rock lah here.. see what has become of u with too much exposure of the al-Juburi dark force..

    Search was a legendary phenomenal.. i grew up with it and still i end up become somebody.. not nobody junkies like you..

    U should already developed matured homosapiens brain by now..instead u going backword worst than paleolitic human..

    Get a neuro-psychologist consult, will ya?

    huh, letih..i thought this genre should be politics free...memang melayu pariah dia ni..

    p/s: woi bodoh yg berkenaan, Amy search ni peminat setia Tok Guru Nik Aziz lah orang tak tau ka? tu lah asyik tgk RPK, people parliment, malaysiakini etc dan dengar cakap ayah pin saja..

    walk d talk: jom dating 3 org ..kita sembang politik UMNO panjang2 beb..kalau u all dah kawin ..hmmm..tak payah lah..i suka kwn u yg seksi tu :D

    :D muhahaha

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  31. pergh....

    yang kuat anak abu ni kat johor je dulu..... kat kl mase tu pamos pgil kutu.....

    tmpt pertama gua rasa wine dgn seben up...

    heheh nasib amy lah.... y no sebut lohana jalil jeton meon, ito blues, li jembang ....ramli salip laa..... huih byk beb m nasir pun lock mase tu......

  32. Amy sings well.I wish he would sing ballads ...more slow souls songs to display his powerful vocal cords.
    He has a beautiful daughter too.
    He loves to sit with his gang at Complex near Colgate factory.

  33. I think some ABU from red rooster did ride their bikes like mat rempits....sometimes at least...Not me...Well I did a couple of

  34. Little Red Rooster - Eric Clapton and the stones.

  35. DNL,

    Lu betul. Anak ABU was a Singapore/JB phenomenon rather than KL and other parts of Malaysia. And it referred more to the girls than the boys.

    In the 90s - I remember now - they were called Bohsia.

  36. Laser Blade3:38 pm

    Rocking the boat, the stupid moron .......Where were you? What a racist chap you are..Why must you bring TDM here...this is about Amy, the Rocker.....not about politics ....IMBECILE!!

    Btw, I like Search, Wings ...oh those were the days .....

    "Dia Izabella ....lambang cinta yang lara, terpisah kerana adat yang berbeza .......cintaku ...."

    "Sejati .....itu yang kau ucapkan, bila janji ku genggam, bawah pohon kemboja ........"

    Btw, to those 'holier than thou' morons here, Amy Search can read the Al-Quran better than any of you here I think ......Jangan condemn orang aje juga tak betul ....cermin diri dulu la....

    Way to go Amy Search.....All the best .....

  37. Anonymous5:31 pm

    salam bro.. i letak link bro kat blog i ok?..!! terima kasih

  38. Anonymous8:12 pm

    album terbaik Search ialah Fenomena (1989). Oleh kerana lagu Isabella terlalu sangat hit, lagu lain yang sama best - Gadis Misteri - terus tenggelam dan dilupakan. Kalau Search memasukkan Gadis Misteri di dalam album lain, pasti lagu tersebut akan menjadi hit juga.

    Masihkah kau ingat poster Search yang ditaja oleh Adidas?

  39. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Gaaad'is idaman ku
    Hanya engkau yang satu
    Biar seribu
    Biar ramai yang mengganggu
    Pada ku
    Engkau lah ratu

    Sejak mula bertemu
    kau buat siangku
    sedingin salju
    dan malaaam jadi hangat
    sehangat cinta mu
    Oh gadisku
    Kau gaaaad'is idaman ku

  40. Rockin' n Rollin'10:38 pm

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies dan kawan dia Laser Blade,

    Ni dua-dua jenis samseng kampung dusun hahahaha

    Ni la masa kelas Bahasa Inggeris dulu engkau dua org ponteng. Dah tu bila tua jadi tak berapa pandai nak marah2 org tak tentu hala hehehe

    Aku kena tulis dlm Bahasa Malaysia supaya senang kau org paham hehehe

    Baca balik komen Birdy (no. 2 dari atas, ok) dan baca balik komen aku, boleh?

    Lepas tu bagitau aku sapa yang kurang cerdik.

    Kalau nak kelas Bahasa Inggeris, aku boleh bagi free je pada org yang lemah macam engkau orang berdua ni hehehe

    p/s: yang sorang tu boleh ubah nama jadi anti-cerdik & ultra bodoh

  41. Laser Blade1:18 am

    Hoi Rockin' n Rollin',

    Apa ni, nak gaduh ke? Kalau nak tulis bahasa Inggeris tu, tulis lah betul betul ....kasi orang paham, ada paham tak!! kalau tulis hentam buta aje, macam mana orang nak paham !!! hehehe

  42. Anonymous2:14 am

    Nah aku baru saja komen, beritakan yang TokNik berlinang air mata..

    Tak lama lagi, terbang pula serban kawan kita ni.. REFORMASI heheheheh


  43. Anonymous3:02 am

    Hoi rock kampung..ngko lah kurang cerdik..bodoh mcm pariah pencacai babi..satu haram isi pun takdak yada yada pariah bebel basal korupsi, mahadey..kalathai pundek ngko.. ada ke pernah aku kutuk rockybru bahlul?

    cuba ngko baca balik komen ngko sendiri dan kait balik dgn burung ngko tu & fikir balik betapa bodohnya kepala hotak ngko tu...kesian ngko..jadi bangsat pariah pasal mak bapak sendiri tak ajar salahkan pula kat org lain mcm mahathir..hahaha.. pak lawak sungguh..

    hah..tu lah.. suka sgt ponteng kelas bahasa melayu dah berlagak sebab konon pandai sgt bahasa inggeris ..

    :D muhahahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  44. Anonymous11:28 am

    salam bro.. terimakasih letak link kat blog bro!!

  45. Sasi The Don - Suatu Impian Feat. Amy Search

  46. Anonymous6:18 pm

    ROCKY...salah tu...kat KL in the 80's...kita panggil awek rewang la...

  47. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Rocky...Bohsia ni masa 90's...80's kalau kat KL...awek rewang la...

    mat retro..

  48. I known Amy Search when i first saw them at Hard Rock cafe!!! Amirruddin Baki,TTDI way back to 81/82..they are such telented group especially Amy..To me.Search is the best rock band in Malaysia and i don think any one replace them as at today.Thanks Amy and The Search for your wonderful music,song and performance.

  49. Anonymous11:44 am

    Laaa, apasal marah 'Rocking the Boat' camtu.. dia cuma bagi kemungkinan komen org yang fanatik tentang politik akan buat based on an earlier komen by 'Birdy' at the begining of this thread. I'm sorry it came to this. It's tounge in cheek thingy, bukannya dia bermaksud nak kutuk sapa2. C'mon man jangan cepat melompat.

    Anyway i was frm da Amy search era and i wish artist nowdays would learn of his staying power.

    Cool post Bro.

  50. Anonymous10:19 pm

    hah..tu lah.. lain kali nak cakap sesuatu idea tu nyatakan bagi terang dan jelas..bukan semua org ahli nujum boleh ramal & faham apa yg nak sampaikan..

    serupa org yg gelak sendiri dulu masa nak cerita lawak kat org lain pun taktau apa yg lawak sgt cuba dicerita..nampak mcm sewel & gila syok sendiri je...

    kan tak pasal2 kena seranah kalathai pundek aku kena rasuk jembalang wil2..nasib ko lah rocking boat.. kan susah kalau tak pandai berbahasa.. ape ke bingai lah beb..!

    :D muhahahaha....

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  51. salam rock 80's
    boleh bagi tau kami, siapa owner Red Rooster tu?
    terima kasih !!!