Sunday, March 22, 2009

She runs for Gaza

Run, Nona, Run. You've probably heard of the Malaysian couple who brought this young lady up well. Mama is blogger Kak Teh and dad is Awang Goneng, author of Growing up in Terengganu.

I met Nur Hannah 16 years ago in the Wans' English home. The skinny, giggly girl must be 23 now or somewhere in that time zone.

And she's putting on her marathon shoes to raise some funds for the children of Gaza. To help her, click h e r e.


  1. Great initiative, wish I could join her in Paris! Surely her parents would be there to root for her...

  2. Anonymous7:44 am

    Abang Rocky,

    Matlamat Abang Rocky, saya, dan mereka-mereka yang sewaktu dengan kita yang mahu naikkan Najib jadi PM ada masalah BESAR.

    Berita TERGEMPAR, bro.

    Bro kutuk Zaid Ibrahim mintak Agong jangan lantik Najib jadi PM kan?

    Sekarang Tengku Razaleigh pun cakap benda sama. Ku Li cakap memang boleh kalau Agong menghalang Najib jadi PM.

    Tengok sini.

    Bro Rocky, bila nak tulis rencana blog mengecam mengutuk Ku Li pula?

    Kita kena hentam Ku Li sebab dia pun nak gagalkan rancangan Najib yang kita sayangi, bro...


  3. Anonymous10:13 am

    I agree the run in Paris is a 'great initiative'.
    But there are also youngsters with commitment and initiative who carry boxes for Gazans (on behalf of Islamic Relief) standing at the entrance to the Kelana Jaya LRT Station at Masjid Jamek for heaven knows how long, day after day and Malaysian passersby just ignore them, and their cause, and walk on by.
    These concerned youngsters also need our support. Just 20cts each day, every day?

    Concerned Commuter

  4. Anonymous10:18 am

    Mu nak larikan si molek, sejahterakan Gaza...

    Muniandy Karupusamy

  5. Anonymous11:17 am

    For petes sake rock. get a better photo of her up there now!

  6. Anonymous11:55 am

    yelah Rocky.. carilah gambar yang molek sikit, bersesuaian dengan niat murni dia. this photo kalau untuk Amazing Race boleh la...

    Awang Goneng, bagi satu gamba molek anak mung...

    Friends of AG & KT

  7. Muniandy,
    Saya tak faham maksud Sdr.

    Concerned commuter,
    I used to do what those kids do. Usually for the blind. We'd spend a whole Saturday when there was no school and ECA (extra curricular activities) to make people part with their 10 cents or 20 cents. We'd collect $10-$20 by end day, which was a lot of money in those days.

    These days, the blind walk around in Bangsar Telawi, sometimes without companions, and collect hundreds of ringgit in a single night! After all these years, the syndicates live on!

    Anon 11:17, That's the only picture she has on the website. Kinda cute, actually. And very the Nona.

    Thank you.

  8. hope ll be success & be save 4 she.

  9. You mention syndicates with regards to the blind asking for donations in Bangsar.
    Is there something we should know about Islamic Relief's drive for donations?

    Concerned Commuter

  10. Anonymous3:11 pm

    jangan hangat2 tahi ayam pandu je,sudahlah.
    banyak lagi cara lain,dan tak perlulah hebah2kan.
    yang penting niat kena baik,cara kena betul.
    mungkin elok pada pandangan mata,tapi tak di terimaNya.

    teruskan jika betul2 ikhlas kerana Allah Taala.


  11. Salam Bro Rockybru,

    The last time we spoke was during the Syazwan's case (the child who got eye cancer but couldn't have the ops to save the eye) back in 2006 or so.I have left that organisation (no need to mentionedlah which one) and now with Islamic Relief Malaysia.

    Let me clarify to the question from blogger 'Anak si Hamid' on the youngsters carrying out donation boxes on behalf of Islamic Relief.

    Yes, they are Islamic Relief volunteers doing the charity drive at LRT stations.

    It's a charity collaboration between Islamic Relief and RapidKL and will last until April/May 2009.

    The funds raised will be channelled to rebuild Gaza through Islamic Relief's rehabilitation projects.FYI,Islamic Relief has been in Gaza for past 10 years providing aid to Gaza and currently working closely with WHO to deliver aid.

    As for now we are committed to rebuild Gaza via the following projects;

    1.providing artificial limbs for 1000 people in Gaza.

    2.providing psychosocial supports for the children in Gaza.

    3.providing ambulances for hospitals in Gaza.

    While the media attention now shifting somewhere else, we still need to raise the funds as our projects require long term commitment in term of fundings.

    If you need further clarifications the above I can be reached at and I'll be glad to answer your concerns.In the meantime,you might want to visit our website for more details on our work;

    As for Nona,I have known the family for quite some time and am proud of her efforts to raise funds for Gaza through her own unique way.All the best Nona!


    Iskandar aka DR Bubbles
    Islamic Relief Malaysia

  12. Anonymous6:55 pm

    My students sacrificed their lunch hour for almost two weeks to stand at side-walks to collect donation gor the Gazans..
    Well of course they don't come from well-known families and nothing glamorous about standing and stopping people to ask for donation.
    These unsung heroes do their bit with no razzmatazz and nobosy to publicise and sing praises of them.
    At least they are sure of their 'niat' and I salute them for trudging along quietly to help the Gazans.

    What do we say of them ? No photos in papers or people to comment on the type of clothes they wear, they don't care whether they look cute or not.
    But the satisfaction on their faces when they handed their collecton of almost RM4000 to Mercy Malaysia remain etched in my mind.
    Thank you kids !


  13. Anonymous8:31 pm

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  14. Anonymous8:38 pm

    i would like to suggest after Gaza, she could run for the poor majority malay like in johor, in selangor and pahang and all the way to sabah and sarawak.

  15. To drBubbles,
    Thank you for the confirmation.
    I thank the youngsters in Islamic Relief for keeping the issue alive among the people of Kuala Lumpur.

    Concerned Commuter

  16. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Catman, i agree with you 100% and bless those kids.

  17. Rocky, Sorry I have to point this out:
    It's TRengganu old boy.