Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dr M: Malays at risk of being dispossessed

"The Malays cannot even defend themselves; if they meet and talk (to defend themselves), they are called racists." - Dr Mahathir

"Melayu Kini Cemas". In his 100-para address at the gathering of Malay NGOs under the Perkasa umbrella this morning, Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned the Malays that they are on the verge of losing their political power. They are being called immigrants in their own country by others who have forgotten the Malays' hospitality. The Malays face external attacks as well as from within by their own so-called liberal brothers who have become shamed apologists to those who accuse the Malays of practising Apartheid against other races.

And faced with these attacks, the Malays are not even allowed to defend themselves. If they do, they are called racists, Dr Mahathir said.

The position of the Malays in their own country are under greater threat today than it was under the British, he said.

12. Keadaan hari ini lebih merbahaya daripada keadaan semasa British merancang untuk menakluk negeri-negeri Melayu dengan perancangan Malayan Union. Pada masa itu kita boleh cakap berkenaan Melayu dan tidak ada sesiapa yang akan tuduh kita sebagai racist. British pun tidak panggil kita racist. Mereka akui memang pun hak orang Melayu menuntut negeri-negeri Melayu sebagai hak orang Melayu. Semua perjanjian berkenaan dengan negeri-negeri di semenanjung mesti dibuat dengan Raja-Raja Melayu. Tidak ada siapa dari kaum laim yang berhak membuat apa-apa perjanjian.

13. Sekarang orang Melayu tidak pun boleh berkata negeri ini negeri Melayu, tidak boleh sebut negeri ini dikenali sebagai Tanah Melayu. Negeri Jepun boleh dikatakan negeri orang Jepun, negeri Korea – negeri orang Korea, negeri China – negeri orang Cina, negeri India – negeri orang India. Tetapi negeri Melayu – bukan negeri orang Melayu. Dahulu mungkin. Tetapi tidak sekarang. Sekarang Malaysia, hak orang Malaysia dan bukan hak orang Melayu. Kesanggupan dan kerelaan orang Melayu berkongsi milik negara ini tidak sedikit pun dihargai. Pemberian satu juta kerakyatan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra kepada kaum lain tidak dihargai bahkan tidak diingati, dilupakan dengan begitu sahaja.

14. Orang Melayu dikatakan kaum pendatang di negaranya sendiri. Dan kaum pendatang lain tidak boleh dipanggil kaum pendatang. Jika sesiapa berbuat demikian, mereka mesti minta maaf. Tidak perlu sesiapa minta maaf jika berkata Melayu kaum pendatang.

Read all 100 paragraphs at Big Dog's, here.

Notes: Perkasa is not an Umno wing. It is an NGO set up to try and bring all Malay groupings in this country under a single umbrella nothwithstanding pollitical ideologies.


  1. Anonymous2:04 pm

    I would say Malays are moving forward more than ever. I think a growing Malay middle class is more poltically astute than ever and more politically independent.
    Besides the issues that face Malays such a poverty and education and economic opportunities are universal and have relevance to all other races.
    Dr M is painting a scenario that really has no relevance in the 21st Century.
    In fact looking at BN itself the MCA and MIC have very little political relevance anymore. Even with PR Malays dominate through PAS and PKR. Thus I see Malay political dominance actually more dominant than ever. Its just that within PR there is more interaction and consultation between different races.
    I just think Dr M is coming from a very narrow viewpoint and assuming UMNO is the only champion of the Malays. I think he just did not read the memo that the Malays have moved on....

  2. Well, it's about time!

  3. I wonder where this racist Firaun got the notion that the Malays cannot call this country theirs. After all, it is named Malay-sia and we all recognize them as they ealiest settlers of Malaysia. I and 99.99% of non-Malays have no problem with this.

    Sure overseas, the Chinese, Japanese and Indians call their respective countries China, Japan and India, But, the majority don't have a policy of asking non-ethnic minority citizens to recognise any concept remotely like Ketuanan China, Ketuanan Japan, Ketuanan Inia etc or refer to minorities as 2nd class "Pendatang."

    Citizenship confers equality under the Constitution and Laws anywhere in the World. And by these tenets and universal concepts, we should only have a Bangsa Malaysia. Why is not so in practice here? Because of the racist anf polarizing policies effected by Firaun over 22 years, that's why!!

    Firaun is still like a needle stuck on a broken record; a racist half Indian recalcitrant who will never change!

    Let's not give this Firaun who is a waste of space another moment of consideration, especially since he's trying very hard to push his hugely unpopular Mark II son into the higher echelons of politics!!

  4. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Just look at New Straits Times, once the pride of Umno & the urban Malays. Just 5 years under Kalimullah and it is now being run by non-Malays and anti-Melayus. All the section editors are Indians, Chinese or Eurasians. The group editor used to be an Indian with a Mat Salleh name, now it's an Arab.

  5. I read Melayu Cemas recently and was alarmed by the deteriorating state of malays in our beloved country. Dr Mahathir alerted NGOs about the reality of being malay today. As a malay myself, I do feel threatened by the turn of events. Malays who are voicing their rights are now considered racists. This is a scary prospect indeed....

    to be continued at my blog...

  6. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Dear don play puks. its because people like you that we can't achieve the bangsa malaysia.

    Not that I have anything against the non malays, but if u really want to be equal you people should be strip of ur ethnicity and act like Malaysians.

    Go to one school, speak Bahasa MALAYSIA like the Indonesian speak Indonesian. If you go to indonesia, you can't differentiate them because they speak one language.

    You guys are the one who are racist seriously. You get offended when we ask you to go back to your own countries but you're just behaving like a real dumb a** and not try to assimilate with the Malaysian culture.

    Respect others like you want to be respected la.

  7. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Dah mula merepeklah si Mahathir tu.

    Melayu di ancam oleh siapa?

    Ditindas oleh siapa?

    Pertahankan diri daripada siapa?

    Cukuplah Mahathir.

    Mahathir ni nak memperkukuh dan menjustifikasikan pemerintahan kuku besi Najib yang akan datang, dan kedudukan Mahathir sendiri sebagai 'advisor' kepada kerajaan.

    Cukuplah menipu dan memperbodohkan orang Melayu.

    Cukuplah sudah.

  8. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Married to Malay:

    So what if the New Straits Time is run by Malaysians, tak kira bangsa atau agama, asalkan kesetiaan mereka itu terletak pada tanahair ini?

    Apa salahnya editor NST tu Melayu atau Cina atau India, selagi dia itu sayang pada seluruh warganegara Malaysia dan bertugas secara beretika dan tidak menunduk kepada mana-mana kuasa atasan tapi cuma untuk kebenaran dan keadilan?

  9. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I think Tun needs to start talking to the younger generation of Malays to get a grip of the reality on the ground.
    What does he mean by we are being dispossesed? Our problems are the same as our neighbours: economic, jobs, poor education policies. Sort those out and the lot of Malays will be eveb better.
    As for politics - I think too many of us dominate poltics!
    Does Tun not know its 2009?


  10. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Donplaypuks Bastard, you may not like Dr.M , but refrain from calling him with derogatory names ...this is typical of you ALIENS in MALAYsia: complain, name calling, tantrums, arrogant, condescending if you people are the chosen foot ...YOU ALIENS ARE ALL FUCKING BASTARDS!!! GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY NOW!!!

    - A more and more fed up Melayu

  11. Bro,

    On a completely different but very important matter of National Interest, the Altantuya case has now reached UK audience via the London Times as per Malaysia Today. Last week it was France and Europe via La Liberation, but the London Times is the BIG LEAGUE:

    "Arms deal link to death of model" Posted by admin Sunday, 22 March 2009 11:45

    "The scandal exploded last week after the French newspaper Libération alleged that the submarines deal and the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu, 28, were connected.


    Michael Sheridan and Matthew Campbell, The Sunday Times."

    The deafening silence from DPM Najib cannot continue. He must respond or we will become the laughing stock of the World on April 2nd or 3rd!!

  12. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Anon 2.04 pm, this gathering is not organised by UMNO, NEVER associate anything with Malay in it as have an open mind and do understand what's in a Malay mind right now. As a non Malay, you must think out of the box, instead of looking just from a non Malay view ....If you don't realise it, let me tell you then....Malays have been provoked, insulted, being called 'pendatang' in their own country, bullied even ... the REAL PENDATANGS want everything, even the control of the country question is, why aren't they grateful for what had been given to them, the wealth, the freedom to live in M'ia as long as it's within the law????? Why are the REAL PENDATANGS very UNGRATEFUL towards the Malays??? Dr. M is not irrational ...nor narrow in his thinking ...Don't label UMNO as the only champion of the Malays ...UMNO is not the only voice of the Malays ..PERKASA is an NGO ....Rocky had already explained about this NGO...pls read again..

    In conclusion, I would like to say, Malays have the right to congregate talk about their affairs that too much for the REAL PENDATANGS to bear?

    - a more and more fed up Melayu

  13. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Malays are afraid of the English language, Malays are afraid of their own shadows, Malays are afraid of progress, Malays are afraid of everything. When will Malays come of the shell that has engulfed their minds for so long?

  14. Hey, I'm a younger generation Malay. And I think what Dr M has to say is relevant and current.

    I was thinking of picking a fight here with you racist people.

    Then again:

    1. Dr M needs no defenders.

    2. 100 Bullets. No answers. Just personal attacks that don't hold water. All you racists got pwned!

    3. I got lots of work to do than cater to your racist bullshit.

    I say we should do away with the NEP if the Bumis have 60++% of the nation's wealth. The Indians and related minorities should also get like, 5%.

    AND THEN we can talk about equal political power.

  15. Anonymous4:37 pm

    The Malabari has sold his roots . need we say more ? if he is Malay , i am an eskimo and hamod albar is yemeni .


  16. Anonymous4:41 pm

    amir ! its about time ? get a grip with ur socio intellio lectio cockosucko from the pressoclubbo . i do respect mahathir . sad ! he aint malay . I rest my case !


  17. Anonymous5:02 pm

    "..dontplaypuks 2.32pm.."

    this post says it best. pls read it. i agree 100%.


  18. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Here comes the racist again.


  19. Anonymous5:10 pm

    from the non-malays comments here, we gather clear evidence that Tun Dr Mahathir is as right as rain

    Malays, beware or you might end up from being land owners to an owner of one tiny flat for only 99 years

    take heed, it has happened

  20. Anonymous5:13 pm

    pertubuhan perkasa bumi bakal menjadi satu lagi parti politik melayu.

    bermula sebagai ngo, kemudian bergabung tenaga menjadi satu parti politik.

    cuba menghilangkan perkataan melayu kemudiannya mencipta perkataan baru, iaitu, pribumi.

    bakal menjadi pesaing UMNO dan Pas. so, siapa sebenarnya yang memecahkan Melayu dari dua kepada tiga?

    kalau betul melayu ialah pribumi, ORANG ASLI ialah apa?

    jangan terlalu bangga dengan warna rupa. ingatlah agama lebih tinggi dari kaumnya. mata tuhan tak tengok perbezaan wajah rupa.


  21. Anonymous5:20 pm

    kah! kah! kah! kah!
    Stomach pain lah, i had a good laugh after reading mamak-thirs' article.
    Kata dulang paku serpih..
    Say me, Say you, say it forever, naturally....
    sudah gaharu chandana pula...
    It's just a malay old saying which means you are asking a question pretending not knowing the answer.
    Pidah! balik kampung, tepuk dada tanya selera..


  22. Anonymous5:24 pm


    I c...Racist Madey again!

    Hentikanlah projek memperbodohkan melayu!

  23. Anonymous5:29 pm

    17. Mereka tidak mahu merebut peluang yang disedia bagi mereka. Tempat di universiti tidak diambil. Peluang perniagaan diselewengkan. Belia Melayu tidak ingin belajar, lebih berminat dengan melepak atau jadi Mat Rempit.

    18. Majoriti daripada rakyat Malaysia yang terlibat dengan dadah terdiri daripada orang Melayu, yang mendapat penyakit HIV Aids kebanyakan adalah Melayu, kes rogol dan jenayah lain juga ramai orang Melayu.

    19. Yang gagal dalam perniagaan juga Melayu, tidak bayar hutang Melayu, tak selesaikan kontrak juga Melayu.

    20. Gejala jualan AP pun melibatkan Melayu.

    - Melayu Sejati

  24. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Ni lah pasal Parti UMNO (United Malay National Orgn) tak da nama parti dalam melayu!

    Boleh Tun tolong jawab tak, kenapa?

    Kah Kah Kah!

  25. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Not all concerned Malays are so-called UMNOputras or UMNO-linked cronies.

    Yet they are genuinely concerned about the surge in condemnations and threats against so-called pro-Malay policies, especially those articulated by those claiming to be liberal (in fact equally or more "racist") opinion-makers or leaders.

    Money talks and those with economic clout are the actual "masters" in Malaysia. Imagine what will happen without counter-balanced policies and programmes.

    Non-Malays should not deny the fact that by and large they have progressed tremedously in vitually every field in this country.

    Going forward, there's no point making the Malays feel unsafe or insecure.

  26. Anonymous5:36 pm

    dear rocky
    if you print just the excerpts of the the whole presentations, chances are younger generations would never understand the relevance of pre and post independence and how we achieve it.
    Most probably those younger generations who worked in governments,GLCs and bumis companies would never see racism exist and if there are threat them as part of working and living conditions.

    Malay middle class nowadays and younger generations listen to more "gossip" blogs and only those create business would actually see how grim is malay economic reality and racism in malaysia and racism among malays!

    I think younger or older generations of malays/bumis shouldn't just pickup the excerpt of the whole presentations but read all of it and look around.
    chances are if you are living in KL and if you are a malay, you will know what tun M talk about.


  27. Anonymous5:47 pm

    I am not a member of any political body. Neither am I a Malay. I am a Muslim. I enjoy the freedom Muslims have in this country,...hope one is aware that you can easily find a mosque or surau when you travel, you hear the sweet sound of muezzein 5 times a day,...not at the expense of those who profess to other religion, who cannot say that they are opressed and not allowed their religion in this fine land called Malaysia. I have never had to raise my hand to defend myself yet, I don't have an enemy in the true sense, just people that can get along with me and those who can't. I don't teach my children to be racist, they have many friends and I have many friends too of other races. I don't speak things that I feel can offend my friends. As long as this practice and manifestation of my religion is not touched upon, i will not be a threat to anyone and I will remain gentle. Transgress them, and I will rise to be a force to reckon. I believe there are many like me out there. Till then, I remain - anonymous. ya Qawey

  28. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Twisted facts are for twisted minds and TDM and Perkasa seem to be in the same category. I worked in Malay communities Melaka,Perak and Selangor, enjoying every minute of it for 35 years. During that time I found that the very people who are supposed to render the Malays genuine help were the ones exploiting and cheating them. They were the ones who indulged in UMNO politics. God help the Malay race if this is allowed to continue.

    (God's child)

  29. Anonymous5:58 pm

    this guy you're calling half Indian DO NOT speak Tamil and had lived with Malays all his life, understood the culture and respected it, be part of it even, and SPOKE THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE very proudly.

    Bahasa Kebangsaan pun tak faham, nak cakap pun tak pandai, Rukunegara (Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara) pun tak hormat, nyanyi lagu kebangsaan pun tak betul, tapi nak hak sama.

    Ketuanan Melayu tu maksudnya tuan rumah tempat ni Melayu la, bukannya bermaksud Melayu ni semua tuan, korang hamba. Jangan buat-buat tak paham la, korang bukannya bodoh.

    ..kalau Obama cakap bahasa Kenya dan tak nak belajar cakap American English, korang rasa dia boleh jadi President US ke?

    Belajar la Bahasa Kebangsaan, hormat adat resam tuan rumah, fahami niat dan lumrah tuan rumah. Kalau dah macam tu, akan jadi sebati dan korang takkan sibuk dah nak cakap pasal hak tak sama ni. Bos syarikat-syarikat Cina selalu letak syarat 'must be able to speak Mandarin or Cantonese'. Itukan perkauman? Itukan hak keistimewaan yang menidakkan kaum lain? Lepas tu amek orang Cina tanah besar, Taiwan etc untuk kerja. Macam mana nak beza Cina Malaysia dan Cina Taiwan kalau Cina Malaysia tak nak cakap Bahasa Kebangsaan dan tak hormat Rukunegara? Nak bagi kebebasan sepenuhnya cakap bahasa apa2 yang disukai? Kalau macam tu Cina Taiwan pun nak bagi keistimewaan kerakyatan?

    Melayu-Melayu urban semua, sedarla diri oi..! Pikir sikit orang kampung sana..!! Orang-orang yang menjana ekonomi negara dengan penglibatan dalam pertanian dan perladangan, orang-orang yang kereta-keretanya hasil keluaran negara sendiri..! Tak payah la nak jadi orang putih sangat, liberal sangat, MAMPU BERSAING sangat. Korang boleh ke didik orang kampung semua supaya lebih konfiden, jumpa pemimpin tak tunduk, kalau orang aniaya tak lawan? Orang-orang kampung yang sopan santun, sentiasa layan orang baik-baik walaupun orang perangai macam cilaka?

    Berat sebelah? Come on..! Berapa banyak tanah haram dibuka oleh kaum2 lain yang dapat hak sementara semata-mata sebab ahli parlimen kawasan tu sama kaum? Ini bukan hak keistimewaan ke?

    Pikir beb, pikir


  30. Tun ...this's 2009....Racist provocation like your comment really doesn't work anymore ...

    The majority of Malays knew this even beforee Obama was voted US President...

    We all united as Malaysian...

  31. Anonymous6:16 pm

    "Sekarang orang Melayu tidak pun boleh berkata negeri ini negeri Melayu, tidak boleh sebut negeri ini dikenali sebagai Tanah Melayu"

    Dr M, are you sure that the indegeneous East Malaysians who joined the formation of Malaysia in 1963 are OK with this statement?

    Did they also agree that this country be called the way you stated above?

    You should ask the Melanaus, Dayaks, Orang Ulu, Kadazans, Bajaus and the Orang Asli tribes who have been in this country for many centuries. The East Malaysian land mass is definitely bigger than Peninsular Malaysia - though population wise West Malaysia has more people. So, we still can call this huge land mass of Malaysia as Tanah Melayu and want the East Malaysians to accept it?

    At your age, you should be more fair in acknowledging the presence and sensitivities of these people also - if you do not want to bother about the Chinese and Indians who call Malaysia their home.

    By the way, the island where you got your MBBS - it never calls itself 'the land of ethnic Chinese' although population wise their percentage in that island is far greater than the percentage of Malays in this beloved country of ours.

    Come on, be a statesman, No need to play to the tune of Ibrahim Ali who has changed political leanings many times.

    You are a better disciplined person. Never joined other parties when sacked in the 60s. Never joined any other party even when you ceased to be an UMNO member recently.

    Remain that way. VOICE OUT AND CARE FOR ALL ETHNIC GROUPS IN THIS GREAT NATION-its good for all of us.

    Thank you


  32. Anonymous6:19 pm

    This mamak p***mak mahathir needs to kicked back to home village in Malabar Coast India. This Mamak ble p***mak is single handedly responsible for racism problem in our beloved country in eagerness to show the Malays that he is more Malay than Malys themselves

    ptuuui mahathir


  33. Anonymous6:24 pm

    I think those who riled tdm's speech are exactly what tdm meant as malays cannot even talk abt malay issues.

    These anti melayu racists are exactly what the good tun is talking about.

    Ex sdary

  34. Anonymous6:25 pm

    What is Dr M thinks, look around us, corruption is everywhere, billions of tax payer money have been swindled by lawmakers for past 20 years. He was part of this group. The money could have spent to develop northern majority Malay states such as kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah etc Now he is using this opportunity to raly malays behind UMNO which has lost Malay support to achieve his corrupt ambitions through Najib.By what mean Malays will dispossessed?


  35. Anonymous6:27 pm

    What is Dr M thinks, look around us, corruption is everywhere, billions of tax payer money have been swindled by lawmakers for past 20 years. He was part of this group. The money could have spent to develop northern majority Malay states such as kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah etc Now he is using this opportunity to raly malays behind UMNO which has lost Malay support to achieve his corrupt ambitions through Najib.By what mean Malays will dispossessed?


  36. Anonymous6:30 pm

    MALAYS are not weaker after 50 years.

    elitists UMNO is much much stronger and it is a hedgemony!

    they control
    *the finance of the country
    * the print and news media
    * the judicial
    * the arm forces
    * the security forces
    * the monarchy

    you name it.

    Hang Du Ah.

  37. Anonymous6:30 pm

    well the melayus need to be reminded from time to time..otherwise they got carried away by the sweet sweet talk of the pendatangs..think they are liberal the time they realised it already too late..
    We need Tun more than ever


  38. Anonymous6:33 pm

    don't panggil him Firaun ma, Even now he can be consider him as no relevant.

  39. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Why can't malays just be malaysians...

    A malay

  40. Anal said:

    "amir ! its about time ? get a grip with ur socio intellio lectio cockosucko from the pressoclubbo . i do respect mahathir . sad ! he aint malay . I rest my case !


    What has Dr M's race got to do with his speech? Or anything for that matter?

    I don't give a shit if he's half-orc. What he SAID is important.

    Who's the racist now?

  41. Anonymous6:55 pm

    A more and more fed up Melayu;

    I bet, you are not A true malay, you must be a malay mamak, look at yourself, I see the real Malay who have been leaving in Malysia before the arrival of so called "Kaum Pendatang" are different.


  42. Anonymous6:57 pm



  43. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Hey Amir

    I'm also a younger generation Malay.

    I think Dr. Mahathir is wrong and simply trying to split us Malaysians apart, for political mileage (either for Najib or for Mukhriz or both).

    I think dalam zaman ini we dont need this 'Melayu terancam' rhetoric anymore... Also we should ban the Biro TataNegara which is also propagating the same nonsense.

    We should do away with the Bumi nonsense. Only way to go is to establish loyalty for the country and its people, regardless of race.

    That's the only way Malaysia is going to success.

    Thank you


  44. Anonymous7:01 pm

    The Malays are doomed being led by their "blind" leaders!

    By trying to save their "Race" which has been bastardized that anyone who is "Muslim, follow the Malay culture, ..etc " only enrich those constitutional Malay and the elite at the expense of the Country.

    The Malays should care more for the country which is multi-racial. If the country prospers then the future of Malay is secured.

    If I am non-Malay and wants to enrich myself, I will certainly emulate the great former impostor, Dr. M as Malay.

    However, my prognosis for Malaysia is negative because Malay has been brainwashed to be Muslim first, Malay second and as Malaysian last!

    SO long as the natural resources are available lets enjoy the gravy train before it stops.

    This is the making of a banana state.


  45. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Apek2 racists tengah sebuk mencucuk rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak pulak. Sudahla its like they really care about orang2 asli or the indigenous folks konon. If power be in their hands abis hang macam mana China buat Tibet skarang! Rocky, where are the pictures of the properties of these bastard chinamen who helped clean up the rainforest in East Msia? Di semenanjung dok sebuk korek sana sini, di timor sana duk sebuk potong segala pokok. Bangsa penjerhanam betul!

    Orang Timur

  46. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Inilah dia dilema orang melayu

    dihina diinjak oleh bangsa lain

    aku dah bosan


  47. Too many racial leaders are only willing to defend rights that are personaly important to race they belongs.It's selfish ignorand , and it's exactly why totalitarian goverments are able to get away with trampling on peolple.Who care's about the Nation building and future generation.After 50 years we are still asking quetion and struggling, this great nation is belong to whom?.This politicians quarrel never stop one day this nation will be permanently belongs to an American or a Singaporean!!!!.The neighbour Indonesian and Singaporean are getting more better than us in people unity, economy, sports, education and politics everyday!!!.We are still struggling with this great country belongs to whom ?, what language should be taught in schools? and what is the nation religion ?.

    Corrupt and in competent from within the goverment proved unable to defend national intrests or deliver sosial justice.The people began frustrate democracy to preserve thier positions of power and privilege.This failures left a vaccum that the opposition grew to fill.It is nothing wrong with Malays.Chineese or Indians.So who is the culprit ruining this great nation?."Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera"...

  48. Anonymous7:32 pm

    The Malays are being dispossessed by their own kind. Who are the beneficiaries of the estimated (by Morgan Stanley) RM 100 billion in leakages from public funds ?

    What Mamakthir is afraid of is that the stealing would stop, and that would mean that UMNO can no longer exist.

    My Malay brothers understand the situation. They see mansions in Perth, Sydney, London, Singapore, Canada owned by very very rich Malays. These are the traitors who never re-invested their spoils in Malaysia - preferring to invest overseas.

    The time has come for a revolution - to kick UMNO out of existence and to bring to justice all those who have stolen from the country.

    Allah Almighty keeps Mamakthir alive so that he can see for himself the mess that he created in Bolehland.


  49. Anonymous7:32 pm

    how could the malay be strong!

    collecting sinful taxes from 4 biggest gambling joints & pig farming in asia...

    to finance all their activities.

  50. Anonymous7:33 pm

    after 50 yrs of independance Malays cannot find a Malay to tell them that their race is being threatened, they need to hear it from an Indian ....

    On the other hand, guilty of his Indian roots, the mamak needs to be more Malay than the Malays themselves....

    Sudah la Mamakthir, balik kerala la

  51. This is a scare tactic meant to shore up support for the single most corrupt entity that he led for 22 years and bears the most blame for the Malays' current predicament. With Pak Lah out, he has a chance to exert influence on the political goings on indirectly.

    Is Mukhriz any better than Khairy or Khir? I don't anyone of them will improve the lot of the Malays in general, but maybe a small group of UMNO elitists in their circles who make up the list of usual suspects when financial scandals turn up on our headlines from time to time. Oh, and they all sing the same "bela Melayu" theme they have been singing while enriching themselves.

    This is what I saw in the years of Mahathir and Pak Lah. 2 x 5. Except Mahathir supporters were pontificating how good it was (for whom I might ask?) under Mahathir.

    See how Mahathir then opined that it was Pak Lah who had to undo the one-sided contracts and such that Mahathir signed when he was in power? He never had any regard for anyone's welfare except those whom he could use or his family members. Always have and always will.

    The Malays were on their own then, and they are on their own now. Except for UMNO Malays of course. They are either rich, or filthy rich.

    Which is why when the idea of a fund for retrenched workers were mooted (estimates were from RM30-40m a month) for a year until the recession (yes, the one idiots in office were in denial about until recently) tides over sometime next year.

    Total cost? Under RM500m to provide for basic sustenance of retrenched workers (or until they find employment, whichever sooner).

    But somehow this never got off the ground, but some people had no qualms paying a RM400m commission for a submarine contract.

    Well, that's UMNO for you !

  52. Dear Hero Melayu

    I went to 1 system school,learnt BM from Std 1 t L6, never complained about it, enjoyed it, even passed Civil Service exam in 1go in BM inc. M'sian History, and probably speak and write better BM than you. I'm better than Indon coz I speak 3 languages!

    The education system was force-changed by Mahathir and today there is hardly any 1 school system. So wtf are you talking about?

    And anon 3.19, God bless you too! if you ask me to leave, then you must also ask Dr.M to leave becoz his father was Indian immigrant, but my father was born here!!

  53. The very law of nature dictates that in any country upon the the surface of this planet, the majority indigenous race calls the shot, not because they're ethnically superior, but because they simply have the majority.

    You don't have wander far, just look at our neighbor Singapore. The Malays are being systematically discriminated in the Military service, the public service, culturally and even where the public education is concerned.

    Why one must ask?


    Here in this country, you could at least discover how some Malays showing sympathy towards non-Malay citizens and vehemently protest policies such as DEB.

    But can the same be said about Malays in Singapore? You are more likely to hear about Elvis returning from the grave than you are about Singaporean Chinese showing any kind sympathy towards the Malays.

    And unlike the minorities in Malaysia, any Malay in Singapore foolhardy enough to challenge the unjust system will get the taste of the Republic's draconian laws.

    In Thailand, what happened when Malays tried to voice out their discontent towards the government? They were shot with live bullets, then packed into trucks like sardines and left to die.

    And some yuppies in this country complain that the Malaysian government are treating the non-Malays like '2nd class "Pendatang"'

    You go to Chinese or Indian schools, you are allowed to build gargantuan religious structures like one in Batu Caves and to organize world-class religious events; you are exempted from wearing crash helmets because you're a Sikh, in courtrooms interpreters are provided so that you could testify in you mother-tongue, you are free to employ your own race only and advertise it in newspapers.

    2nd class pendatang MY ASS!

    This is not about "Ketuanan Melayu", this is about a set of special rights enshrined in the Constitution, and these special rights is a not a ticket for Melayu to oppress the minorities, it means that Melayu bears special responsibilities concerning the welfare, safety and livelihood of every citizen regardless of race or skin colour.

    Should Malaysia fail as a nation, then you yuppies can go ahead and blame Melayu.

    However, since most of you yuppies could still merrily drive to TESCO with a wallet full of credit cards so STOP PLAYING THIS RACIST BULLSHIT.

    The Chinese too are blessed with their own special privileges, the economic superiority of overseas Chinese in the Asian Pacific Region means that - through an international network - they have have a huge reservoir of capital, so huge that no race in this region could ever compete with them.

    This is ketuanan Ekonomi Cina.

    And we Melayu must accept it, and adapt ourselves to it.

  54. To Hero Melayu and all anons, take note that Dr M is playing the RACE card so his unpopular can will win in the UMNO elections over KJ.

    If what he says is true, then his 22 years in power was a total waste of time, a dismal failure and all the Malays are backward. Can this be even 1% true! Think for yourself and not be manipulated by a RACIST!

    But Mukhriz is inexperienced, has little grassroot support, knows next to nothing about politics, economics, finance etc etc and is riding on his father's fame and nothing else. I don't care about KJ either, but WILL NOT accept racist politics!

  55. mahathir saying Melayus have to be careful of others >?

    who wacked Anwar Ibrahim ? Pendatang ?

    who sidelined Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam ? Pendatangs ?

    who corrupted the Judiciary ? Pendatangs ?

    who corrupted the civil service ? Pendatangs ?

    who corrupted the police and made them pussy lickers ? Pendatangs ?

  56. Hi Anonymius comments at 3:19,
    If you are a Melayu only, I believe you must have a lot from Mahafiraun, maybe uncountable, and if you claim yourself to be Melayu asli, than you must be the Last Asli that has come out from the jungle, I believe so cos the way you make remarks worse than those coming from Zulu or Zimbahwe. If you are the only left Malay that says Mahafiraun is the person shall be respected, check your tongue, it shall be brown color as well. He built Malaysia to the world, everyones knows that, but he too destry the country, judiciary syatem, cronyism, corruption,and the worse part is destroy the Malay people education so that fewer Malays are as educated as he is, so that npo ones dare to challenge him for the leadership poosition. Look at the opposition today they have abundance of leaders with them, only thing is time are against them to gain experience. As for BN, no quality leaders are available, if so they will frame them out and get those people with brown color tongue so that they don't challenge the leaders.
    Back to the anonymous, you are probably not the smart malays but with brown tongue, with grandgylogan english like f....k ...g people who comments, probaby he did not got satisfaction from his wife before he wrote this short note. Anyway you are the one of the Malay that cannot not go far at all without
    BN bantuan.
    Hidup Rakyat,

  57. Anonymous8:26 pm

    The true "racist" speaks loud again. That's all. nothing new from TDM....the creator of all the problems we have now.

  58. Anonymous8:28 pm

    What rubbish is this Tun talking about. I thought this country belong to all of us whether we malays or chinese or indian or east malaysian.We have progress so far its because of all the races working togather. I still have many friends as malays who says that Umno is cheating everyone with their racial talk. We supposed to achive wawasan 2020.....but now Tun is talking rubbish an b......t.Wake up everyone this racial talk will only destory the country.dragon

  59. Anonymous8:38 pm

    what the use of fighting for power and economic share where the 'cake' is getting smaller. What the point, when we have our malaysian brothers and sisters suffering in this country, common man think how to grapple with a weak economy, with the country facing its first recession in a decade this year than anything else.

  60. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Aku kehairanan la.. apesal ada yang kata projek memperbodohkan melayu? Tak tau la kalau korang rasa diperbodohkan atau memang terasa bodoh. Kalau apa dia cakap tak betul, yang nak melompat apesal?

    ko ni pun satu hal. Memang la x de ketuanan Jepun, Ketuanan India, Ketuanan China..sebab sape yang dah jadi rakyat negara tersebut, dah bercampur dengan baik, cakap bahasa kebangsaan negara tersebut, ikut dan hormat adab resam negara tersebut. Tengokla jiran kita Thailand dan Indonesia. Bukan xde kaum cina dan india atau bangsa lain. Ada je, tapi diorang dah jadi sebahagian negara tersebut. Cuba la ko cari SJK (C) atau SJK(T) kat negara-negara diorang. Ada ke?

    Itu maknanya, pemimpin-pemimpin berbilang bangsa kat Malaysia ni sejak merdeka dah bertoleransi. Yang susah nak ikut adalah suku-sakat yang macam ko le. Belajar la hormat. Orang Timur ni penuh adab, dan bila sebut Timur, tu termasukla apa jua bangsa dan negara kat Timur.

    Lantak pi la TDM nak cakap pasal memperkukuhkan melayu, bukan melemahkan bangsa lain. Ada ke dia cakap macam tuh? Yang nak melompat sangat apesal?

  61. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Maybe I'm clueless, but I haven't seen racism where I live against Malays or Non-Malays. The real problem that exist is the way the political parties play things up all the time. They are making the different races resentful of each other.

    Ordinary Malaysian

  62. Anonymous9:21 pm

    from those days mahathir uses scare tactics to fear the malays and prevent them from progressing......and he always uses race and religion which they hold dear to their hearts cos he knows thats their weakest point

    mahathir.....behave like a statesman....this is not 1925

  63. Anonymous9:28 pm


    Kindly recalled the event back in late 80s, it was Anwar that chased out the Brits from the Carcosa to Jalan Ampang. Now he becomes english arseholes licker.

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat
    Permatang Pauh.

  64. Anonymous9:35 pm

    I do not understand why YAA Tun feels so insecure. We control the Monarchy, we control the Government, we control the Defence Forces, we control the police, we control the RELA, we control the civil service, we control the GLCs, we control PNB, we control EPF, we control the universities and we contol Bank Negara.

    The only thing that we do not control is when we will go up-there.Bumi-Man

  65. Anonymous9:35 pm

    UMNO lah yang akan mati bukan orang Melayu. Mahafiraun ingat orang Melayu akan lemah dan bodoh selama-lamanya ke?.
    UMNO lah yang bodoh dan tidak bermaruah bukan orang Melayu. Nama UMNO pun bukan nama Melayu. UMNO ni Melayu celup aja.

  66. Talk of race again!
    Do we ever learn at all?
    We are Malaysians
    Once and for all

    Time moves on
    The thinking stays behind
    Amongst the older leaders
    It is sad to hear it
    When we should be Malaysians

    United to challenge the world
    Borderless now never stop for the weak
    Never think alone you will win
    It is a different battle field

    We must move as one nationality
    If the current leaders still harping on race
    Here, there and every where
    We will be colonized again
    By our race running on race

    I still remember my kampong life
    There wasn't race barrier
    Every one playing as one nationality
    On the field and weddings

    Now it is about race
    What's wrong with our leaders?
    Can't they just say we are Malaysians?
    No Sir.....they still want to talk about race

    Maybe we should be colonized again
    Then we can go back to our earlier struggles
    To understand it better to be free as a nation
    Apparently our leaders seem to lose it

    We are Malaysians
    Living in this peaceful nation
    For better or worst
    We should stay united as one country one people
    Is this so hard to do?

  67. Anonymous9:59 pm

    What a load of gibberish from TDM. I think it is best he spent his time at his ranch in Argentina riding horses.

    1) Malays represent the largest segment of the Malaysian population

    2) As long as the one citizen one vote system prevails, Malays will always be in the majority

    3) UMNO is obviously worried as their "monopoly" over Malay representation has been eroded by PAS and PKR

    4) Malays have become enlightened and now realise there is life beyond UMNO

    5) TDM obviously does not like this as his vested interests (son's contracts in pharmaceuticals etc.) might be unravelled as PR strengthens

    6) TDM can't stand the idea of Anwar becoming PM in his lifetime. He even said he will move abroad.

    Hence the need to introduce the race card. At the end of the day, Malays are becoming more enlightened and are starting to see alternatives to UMNO. TDM better get used to it.


  68. Anonymous10:18 pm

    donplaypuks® said...

    I wonder where this racist Firaun got the notion that the Malays cannot call this country theirs. After all, it is named Malay-sia and we all recognize them as they ealiest settlers of Malaysia. I and 99.99% of non-Malays have no problem with this.

    Sure overseas, the Chinese, Japanese and Indians call their respective countries China, Japan and India, But, the majority don't have a policy of asking non-ethnic minority citizens to recognise any concept remotely like Ketuanan China, Ketuanan Japan, Ketuanan Inia etc or refer to minorities as 2nd class "Pendatang."

    Citizenship confers equality under the Constitution and Laws anywhere in the World. And by these tenets and universal concepts, we should only have a Bangsa Malaysia. Why is not so in practice here? Because of the racist anf polarizing policies effected by Firaun over 22 years, that's why!!

    Firaun is still like a needle stuck on a broken record; a racist half Indian recalcitrant who will never change!

    Let's not give this Firaun who is a waste of space another moment of consideration, especially since he's trying very hard to push his hugely unpopular Mark II son into the higher echelons of politics!!

    2:32 PM

    Woi donplaypukis!

    Kamu ni dah pernah ke ke Jepun? Betul ke di China tu tak ada 2nd class citizens? Betul ke di India tu tak ada perbezaan kasta rakyatnya?

    Kalau kamu ke Jepun kamu ni terus dianggap sebagai Alien!

    Jangan la jadi tongong dan bangang nak bandingkan negara lain yang kamu sendiri tak tahu!

    Kamu ni lagi racist tau. Bapak racist! Bahlul punya puki. Kerja kamu nak main puki - playpukis!

    -tukang perati

  69. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Hidup melayu! Time for us to get rid of those racists pro China n communists sympathisers!
    These ppl like don't play puks who has nothing good to say abt the malays should be thrown in jail.
    Always they ridicule the country's achievements as if they can do better if they're at the helm.
    Pure chauvinists to the core.

    They had poisoned the minds of children and made them become carbon copies of their racists mind.

    They no longer appreciate history. To them, history started from 1969.

    Before that was nothing.

    Keep on writing Rocky. Ur a beacon in the dark night.

    Kua Kia Soong Ai Ling.

  70. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Che Det belajarlah pergi ke masjid. Usahlah merepek yang bukan bukan. Kamu yg buat negara ini jadi begini, sekarang kamu nak reverse kan perbuatan kamu. Sudahlah. Jangan sampai rakyat menyumpah kamu lagi.

  71. Tun, saya masih Melayu yang berani mengatakan bahawa ini tanah airku, Melayu adalah tuannya dan yang lain lain adalah pendatang.

    Kepada pendatang, mereka diucap selamat datang dan selamat sejahtera untuk terus tinggal dibumi bertuah ini, juga negara milik mereka sendiri.

    Kamu ada hak sebagaimana hak yang dimaktubkan dalam perlembagaan, tidak lebih dan tidak kurang, tidak dizalimi dan tidak diistimewakan.

    Dan yang penting tidak kurang ajar !

  72. Tun may be we can now campaign to revert the name of Malaysia to Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, wshy not nobody respect our good nature as a god and compassionate race!
    May be we can ask the Sikh, Indian and the Chinese to reaffirm theor loyalty to the King and the country and the constitution that have made "them" what they are today!

  73. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Another divide and rule tactic. The whites in USA will be loosing out because of the Black President?

    What an evil person trying to poison the mind of the Malay and making non-malay as a scapegoat.


  74. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Dear Anon 3.40pm

    This is Anon 2.04pm. Actually my name is Mazlan and I just happen to be Malay (of Minang extraction to be exact)
    So before you start whining - please never assume that all Malays are somehow of the view that we are being over-run by Pendatangs.
    My question is who are you refering to as Pendentangs? There are many so-called Malays like Khir Toyo who is only a one generation Malaysia - as his parents were born in Java and emigrated here. However near my Kampung there are Chinese and Tamils who are now 3rd and 4th generation Malaysians.

    Now I know myself and none of my family have ever yet been insulted or threatened by Chinese or Indian Malaysians. We did get robbed by some Indons 5 years ago - so if you are referring to them by all means I agree.
    Now whenever I go back to kampung the family discussion is not about Pendatangs nor do I recall it any conversation with my friends. The conversation is usually about complainst about the government; the toll; worries about the economy and giving our kids a proper education. Now these issues I am sure are the same as that of other ethnic groups. I don't believe for one minute that these issues are caused by Pendatangs.

    Now my issue on Pedantags is that we really have relied too much on low value cheap labour from the likes of Indonesia and Bangladesh and should start moving oursleves up the value chain.

    As for our Politics - where are we threatened or being disposessed? We have a huge majority Malay Civil Service; Armed Forces; Police and Politicans and a growing Malay middle class? So if anyone is screwing the Malays is it other Malays. One only has to look at who gets government contracts - the same bunch of Malays who just sub-con it out to some poor schmucks.

  75. Anonymous11:19 pm

    We need to hear what those in Sabah and Sarawak say? Are we calling them Pendatang too?

    I am just wondering where is this dis-possession taking place? Who really is insulting the Malay race? Who is robbing the country blind? Who is ruining our education system that stops Malay kids from getting a world class education? Who is corrupting the institutions that are meant to assist Malays?

    From where I am sitting - it is the very few Malays in position of power who are keeping the loot to themselves and preventing it from reaching those who really need it.

    Melayu dari Perak

  76. Anonymous11:47 pm

    hello rocky...

    SIAPA yang telah menghapuskan tulisan jawi?

    SIAPA yang beria-ia mahu menggunakan bahasa inggeris di dalam subjek matematik dan sains?

    SIAPA yang senantiasa mengamalkan polisi setinggan sifar dengan mengusir penduduk di situ yang kebanyakkannya terdiri daripada orang Melayu

    SIAPA yang merupakan kroni-kroni yang sentiasa mendapatkan kontrak dari kerajaan tetapi sebaliknya memberikannya kepada bukan Melayu dan sekadar mengambil komisen?

    SIAPA yang telah gagal dalam memastikan matlamat 30% pemilikan saham Bumiputera tercapai? (sekarang sekadar 19% sahaja)

    SIAPA yang telah memberikan berjuta-juta ekar tanah kepada bukan Melayu untuk dibangunkan sebuah pusat perjudian,kilang2 arak,ladang-ladang babi, UTAR (MCA),Universiti Wawasan (Gerakan) & AIMST (MIC), dll.?

    SIAPA yang telah menyebabkan Rezab Tanah Melayu kini semakin susut?

    dan macam-macam lagi pengkhianatan yang dilakukan terhadap bangsa sendiri...di mana mereka lebih gemar untuk mengkayakan diri sendiri daripada menolong kaum Melayu yang kebanyakkannya masih hidup susah (sbg contoh dalam post rocky sebelum ini memaparkan sebuah rumah mewah di Canada yang dimiliki oleh seorang anak ketua menteri Sarawak)

    ...sebagai seorang Melayu,saya cukup meluat melihat pemimpin sebegini yang terus memainkan isu perkauman untuk meraihkan sokongan...


    apakah sebab Allah S.W.T. itu mencipta hamba-Nya yang terdiri daripada pelbagai bahasa dan agama?...bukan kita sebagai orang Melayu sepatutnya meletakkan agama Islam itu lebih tinggi darjatnya daripada membangkitkan isu perkauman...

    rezeki itu datang daripada Allah S.W.T. dan seseorang hamba itu hanya perlu berusaha..

    adakah di akhirat nanti kita akan diadili berdasarkan sejauhmana kita mempertahankan identiti bangsa kita lebih dari pegangan agama kita?


  77. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Hate towards Malays are so palpable these days..
    and I can only say Malays are so stupid and so divided.. they cannot make up their minds unanimously and cannot direct their future..
    Thanks for squandering their support to diffrnt parties, they have compromised their own political future, their own voice in this country. and now u can hear anti-malay racist scoundrels yellin louder and louder with all impunity..

    Just check this Tweet I picked up from Twitter..
    @jiaxiang: "I hate the fucking malaysian Malays. Malaysian Unity bullshit!"
    Can you feel the hatred spewing..
    and these are the type of ppl are now voicing for changes in malaysia.. their changes, allowin them to stamp on everything malay.
    This is not a change they demand to rid corruption etc which every1 is wanting.. this is much more..

  78. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Hey !
    The senile old man is barking again !

    Dr M says Malays are under threat

    By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad played the race card today, warning the Malays could lose their political power.

    The former prime minister told a gathering of more than 1,000 at a rally organised by right wing Malay group Perkasa that the community...............
    Blah….blah……blah……….SHIT !!!!!!!!!! Stink !!

    March 22, 2009 11:07 PM

  79. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Malays dun have a problem with Arabs, Indian muslims, philipinos, indons.. etc etc
    These are ppl who show example of integration into Malay society..
    They adopted culture, language of the Malays..
    There are many arabs.. now traced amongst malays.. speak malay and practice malay culture..
    u dun see them don in tarbush and jubbah walking on city streets..

  80. Anonymous11:58 pm


  81. Anonymous12:13 am

    Alahai Hamid Jilbab! Apolah kau bangang sangat.
    Hishamuddin Aun sibuk dgn girlfriend baru... namonya eh Audrey. Sbb tu Hishamuddin skrg rambut hitam legam, Syed Nazri...kaki mabok, Kamrul Idris...kaki betina - namonya eh Joan Lau. Bilo editor2 Melayu lupo diri, baru betul pesanan Mahathir tu.
    Di New Straits Times, Lee Ah Chai, Lionel Morais sampai hari ini ambil arahan dari Brendan Pariah tu. Sebabnya Syed Nazri mengantuk dan tak tahu apo berlaku di NST.
    Berita paling penting bagi agen2 Singapura ini - untuk memburukkan Islam dan menjatuhkan maruah orang Melayu. Contoh terbaik - Berita Murtad perlu dipakai besar. Berita Hindraf dan gangstar Hindu mesti diutamakan.
    Berita Umno dan kepentingan org Melayu tidak penting bagi Syed Nazri dan kawan2 dia.
    Syed Nazri dengan bangganya menaikkan pangkat golongan anti-Melayu yang semua di NSTP tahu adalah talibarut Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan dan Brendan Pariah.

    Alahai Hamid Jilbab Lembab...Den nak muntah, kau cakap pasal...So what if the New Straits Time is run by Malaysians, tak kira bangsa atau agama, asalkan kesetiaan mereka itu terletak pada tanahair ini?
    Apa salahnya editor NST tu Melayu atau Cina atau India, selagi dia itu sayang pada seluruh warganegara Malaysia dan bertugas secara beretika dan tidak menunduk kepada mana-mana kuasa atasan tapi cuma untuk kebenaran dan keadilan?

    Malangnyo, Cino dan India di NSTP nak jahanamkan Islam dan Melayu dengan disokong dan didokong Umno Paklah ni. Kalau Najib pun macam tu jugak... mako tepatlah sekali pandangan Mahathir tu.




  83. Anonymous12:21 am

    Agenda penghasut dari kaum bukan melayu memang sudah ujud lama semenjak zaman Lim Kit Siang menjadi AP.Beliau menunggu dengan tekun dan sabar sehingga beliau mendapat sokongan dari melayu2 bangsat seperti Anwar,Zaid,Haris Ibrahim,Tunku Aziz etc...

    Tugas mereka kini lebeh mudah kerana bangsat2 dari kaum melayu inilah akan menjual negeri.

    Apa yang Dr Mahathir katakan adalah perkara yang benar dan hanya apa yang bangsat2 ini boleh lakukan adalah melemparkan kata2 kesat kearah pemimpin melayu yang agung.Dan ia mendapat sokongan dari bangsat2 bangsa sendiri...dan bangsat2 melayu ini tidak menyedari bahwa mereka telah di-tunggang kudakan oleh kaum2 pendatang.Mereka sudah hilang arah hanya kerana kebencian mereka terhadap UMNO.

    Sanggup sungguh mereka bersekongkol dengan pendatang yang sudah nampak kurang ajar mereka terhadap raja2 melayu dan selalu menimbulkan kontroversi terhadap ugama Islam.

    Pendatang tidak akan suka melayu bersatu kuat dan teguh.Ini kita mesti kena ingat!






  85. Anonymous12:54 am

    Mahathir is more malay than any stupid liberal malays in this country...

    Go read the defination of Malay in Federal Constitution..he is constitutionally a malay..

    Legally speaking..Karpal Singh definately must agreed on this too..otherwise he can suck his own cock to practice as a lawyer..

    long live racistness..may the best racist win..

    Hello.. u ultra decendant of ungrateful pendatang already started this game full swing since Mac 8 2008, along the way since that, you people pick up too much bone already..still not enough..? so greedy & so ambitious...really too much..

    There is no turning back now...too late..just continue to play lah..why? lost balls or ball shrink already? Hoping Pak Lah to remain..? dream on..the force is too strong..thanx to you fucking ultra-decendant-of-ungrateful pendatang suckers..

    :D muhahahaha...

    p/s: i can sense the force is coming back & the ultra pendatangs now starting to shiver in fear..najib is just the catalyst of the whole chemistry.. soon...those ultra tongkang & ultra pariah shall reap what they had sow.. u people sucks big time..

    btw, like amir too..i'm also a young malay generation ..Mahathir do speaks my tune..

    if they say he is a be it.. if not becoz of Hitler, the Deutch would not have a Deutchland to call for & forever economically remain under the control of the jews in their own deutchland..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  86. Anonymous1:18 am

    Cut the bull, Rocky... everyone knows 'Perkasa' is just another AstroTurf group filled with UMNO people like Ruhanie Ahmad & Dato' Fuad Hassan. Same thing with groups like 'Pekida' & 'Pewaris'.

    What's with Tun M? First he's talking about Malaysian unity, then next minute he is championing communal interests like this. It appears Badawi isn't the only one worth of the "Flip-Flop" title...

  87. Mahathir...the tongue twister is at his best...trying again to arouse and fanning race issues.
    I guess he will never be a True Malaysian but a race Malaysian talking cock and bull of history.
    His ortak is torn between an Indian and Malay.

  88. Anonymous1:30 am

    Bro. Kepada yang malu sebagai seorang Melayu Islam. Tukaq nama pada David Limmamfoue Omtimus Alexdra dan tukaq ugama. Be one of them.

    Kepada non Malays, from yr comments, confirmed apa yang Mahathir adalah benar.



  89. Anonymous1:33 am

    Anyway, just to add. If Tun M and the Perkasa fellows want to know who or what is responsible for the "state of the Malays" today, they should go to the PWTC restroom and look at the mirror.

    After all, he had over 20 years in running this country.

    No need to try and plant an us-vs-them mentality in the masses...

  90. Anonymous1:33 am

    The Tun overlooked:

    a. The Malays form about 23% of the population in Sarawak
    b. The Melanaus form only around 6% of the local population there.
    c. The CM, a Melanau, has been in power for more than a quarter century.
    d. The 'fantastic' management of Sarawak's rich resources has gained worldwide reputation with the latest one about this CM's daughter & son-in-law having a very 'modest' accommodation in Canada.

    How come, Dr M did not sound out about the inequality and the concentration of power with the Melanus even though Malays are in higher numbers in that state?

    Simply because the other Bumiputras (Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu - who are mainly non-Muslims) are in greater numbers (around 49%) of the population there...and so as long as these Bumiputras do not enjoy the 'fruits of development' equitably like the CMs family and his Melanau group, its OK for Malays there to keep quiet and not claim their fair share?

    If Dr M really cared, he should have done something like the magic he engineered in Sabah - position the Malays in a more commanding position in the state government.

    For now, Dr M should be able to see the big picture and speak for the poor and underpriviliged in all the communities that call Malaysia their home - instead of selectively focusing narrowly on one ethnic group.

    By confining his thoughts and concerns for Malays in Peninsular Malaysia, he is likely to incur the wrath of the other Bumiputras in this country who also need help from the BN government at Federal level and in East Malaysia.

    Its best that these remaining power strongholds are managed by BN through fair outlooks and policies.

    A statesman like Dr M should lead the way at his age with more broad thinking.

    But if he has his own personal agenda, so be it. Not all can be like Bapa Malaysia - despite his weaknesses.


  91. Anonymous1:45 am

    The Whites cannot even defend themselves; if they meet and talk (to defend themselves), they are called racists."

    So Japan has Ketuanan Japanese rights, China has Ketuanan Chinese rights, Korea has Ketuanan Koreans rights and Britian has Ketuanan British rights?

    i don't think Non-Malay is attacking the Malay rights that stated in the constitution, it is the narrow and evil minded leaders trying to rule the Malays by accusing the Non-Malays.

    Do you think just by speaking the the same language and under the same school system, all people will be united under one roof?

    If that's so, there is no need to have Malays in opposition parties and no need to have opposition parties in the countries that speak the same language and have the same school system.

    It won't be suprised that younger generation of the Non-Malays can speak and write better Bahasa Malaysia with intellectual context than Malays and at the sametime they master the widely sponken languages in the World.

    Let's compete with world not wasitng time figthing with each other in the Kampung.


  92. I only read the heading ..The rest of it would have been a total waste of time.

    Why is it the leaders of UMNO especially and many who think they have a leadership role within the Malay community like to talk in terms of Malays being an endangered species who need specific protection?

    UMNO as well as Malay leaders like Mahathir seem to find their own relevance within the greater Malay community only because, they seem to think the Malays are in a state of war. The Malays have enemies. More specifically the non-Malays in Malaysia are the greatest threat to their very survival. So it is imperative that the Malays unite.

    This is repeated over and over again by UMNO and its leaders, past as well as present. And strangely enough PAS too renders the same mantra.

    Why is this so?

    Is it because UMNO as well as its leaders as well as PAS and its leaders think, or maybe know, that for the Malays there is really no need for leadership and they do not really look towards leaders as Islam after all makes them all the same? Is it because within the Malay psyche the need for communal leadership is only necessary at a time of strive when their enemy is at their door?

    Dispossessed says Mahathir. But dispossessed by whom? Is it not truer to say that for the larger Malay community, if they have been dispossessed of anything at all that has been due to them, it is because UMNOPutras have hijacked what ever for their own personal profit?

    Is it not truer to say that UMNO and its leadership know that at a time of peace and harmony the Malays will not look towards any kind of leadership and that would mean they lose their hold on the larger Malay population?

    Is it not true to say that the repeated reminder to the Malay people that they have to work towards Malay Unity and statements like that made by Mahathir threatening that the Malays can be dispossessed, that the reference point are the non-Malays who for UMNO and their leaders have to be forever painted as the Malays' natural and lifelong enemy?

    It would seem like there is a better chance that the Palestinians might sue for peace with Israel a lot more easily and sooner too than the insecure Malay leaders within UMNO and PAS for whom their relevance as leaders can only be explained by the presence of perceived enemies!!

    What is sad, is even people like you Rocky, are perpetuating this myth. Why can't you use this blog to declare to the Malays that there is really nothing to fear? That we are all actually equals in every which way?

  93. Anonymous2:19 am

    >>donplaypuks 2:32 PM
    >> Let's not give this Firaun who is a waste of space another moment of consideration,

    You and similar BANGSAT MALAYSIA types are so scared of Tun Mahathir ya... HAHAHA! Well, piss away in your pants - the backlash is here!!

    No, let's not give the BANGSAT MALAYSIA another moment of consideration. Yes, these are the damn racists who are trying so hard to take over Malaysia. Remember how these damn MONKEYS bring out bumiputera, ketuanan rakyat and other racial and religious issues after last year's GE?... The Malays were confused then... BUT THEY NOW KNOW THE DECEIT... The good days for the Bangsat Malaysia are over - SLASH OFF THE HEADS OF THESE RACIST MONKEYS!

  94. Bukankah perjuangan sebelum merdeka, Putera-AMCJA telah bersetuju bahawa wajah sebenar negara merdeka nanti ialah melalui kewujudan 'bangsa Melayu' dan semua kaum yang lain bersetuju dengan idea ini melalui Perlembagaan Rakyat mereka? Sehingga terjadinya hartal yang disertai oleh semua kaum pada 1947?

    Tetapi siapakah yang merubah dan memecah-mecahkan perbezaan wajah rupa antara kaum di negara kita? Idea siapakah yang mengasing-asingkan hubungan kaum kita sekarang ini? Bukankah UMNO?

    UMNO itu Melayu, bukan? Pikirkan siapakah yang menjarakkan dirinya daripada kaum lain kalau bukan kerja Melayu itu sendiri.

    Disebabkan terciptanya nama negara Malaysia, tidak salah kita memandang kewujudan bangsa Malaysia pula.

    Bukankah kita sudah ada perlembagaaan yang terus menjamin kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu? Kenapa pula kita perlu risau?

    Jika Melayu itu pribumi, Orang Asli pula apa? Siapa hak kita mengasingkan maksud perkataan pribumi ini dari dalam jiwa orang Orang Asli? Katanya asli... asal... pribumi... bukan?

  95. Anonymous3:32 am

    And read this Jed Yoong article, supposedly claiming to be from a superior race? She must be dreaming!!

    A superior race who had no choice but to MEREMPAT di Tanah Air orang LAIN! Very strange?

    Hope they are not bullshiting their younger generations in SJKC here that they were decendents from the Emperors Palaces!!

    Hehawhehaw... misplaced diasporas berangan Emperors!!


  96. Anonymous3:41 am

    What can you say..

    for someone who associate himself with the greatest court jester of all time (non other than katak Ibrahim Ali)?

    Gua caya lu?

    -malay obama

  97. Anonymous4:29 am

    Racist zealots like Mahathir need a crash course in non-replacement history of Malaysia.

    May I suggest researchers like Dr Farish Noor ( those who are not obessed in malice or head-hunting "orang putith" to absolve themself of hidden sins within their peoples.

    Study the real historical facts of Malays, Proto-Malays and the Orang Asli indeginious Malays objectively. Truth unlike selectivism and replacement history will bear investigation.

    It is no dark secret or racist to state the fact that various Malays of this country were at one point migrants from Sumatra, Java, Polynesia, Mongolia, China and various different parts of the world.

    Our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman himself admitted to this stating that his ancestry was not from within the peninsular. Interestingly enough, local tourist brocheurs only to give history after the fourteen century. And this too with great distortions and unbalance.

    There is a pernicous attempt to conceal the history and history records of Indian civilisation in Kedah, called "Kedaram" in Sanskrit as early as the 9th century.

    Similar kingdoms were in Malacca and Singapore. The Chinese civilisation in this region and communities had inter-married and had strong cultural roots and ties for centuries. Such records have been neglected and in some cases concealed.

    The "ketuanan Melayu" (Lordship of Malay race over all other races in Malaysia), is liken to antisemetism and Nazism. It is a dark and malicous agenda that raised its ugly head many times before Independence. If left unchecked it will bring our beloved nation to ruin.

    These racists are Malay zealots and chauvinists who want to eridatcate any trace or evidence of historical and cultural realities of non-Malay history, culture and tradition in Malaysia.

    The have attempted this through racial politics, intimidation, goverment assisted civil unrest such as the May 13th 1969 incident,Constitutional ammendments and by the continued call for non-Malays to sacrifice their language and culture and traditions.

    At the same time they declare that the Malay language is "jiwa bangsa" or life essence of their race. So, are non-Malays in this country to sacrifice their life-essence for the sake of this so-called unity?

    Uniformity is a false and distorted notion of unity. Any attempt to subjugate a people or deligitimize their language cultural identity is a step to ethnic-cleansing.

    Keris waving Umno zealots have privately and publically called for the shedding of Chinese and Indian blood. Such posturing mocks the tolerance the races have embraced since its independence.

    Such threats are a familiar echo of what happened in Egypt, East-Timor and and Muluku Islands. Islamic government-controlled regimes there carried out goverment-santioned ethnic cleansing in the name of religion, race and country.

    It is subtle tune Malaysians have been been indoctrinated with.

    Mahathir made similar racist calls not only against non-Malays and non-Muslims, but against the whole Jewish community, asking why "brother Muslims countries" could not "finish them.

    Such renowned racists who condemn all peoples and cultures of the West as well as non-Muslims should not to be called statesmen, but cowards who need to be rejected in the strongest possible term.

    Let the voice of all peace-loving Malaysians be heard above the den of racist mobs, and let the real spirit of brotherhood and ketuanan bangsa Malaysia rise above these bloodlust protagonists.

  98. Anonymous4:55 am

    I think Mahathir is trying to fan the racial card and trying to blame the Chinese educationist for the fiasco of the school Wawasan concept is a very little too mush. I presume he must be canvassing for his son for a place in the UMNO's election and why must he blah,blah blah the Chinese when infact it is the policy of the UMNOputra that is segregating the whole scenario.Such a cheap publicity does not play the trick anymore!!!

  99. donplaypuks,

    if the minorities n previously immigrants pull any of the shit in china, india or japan that the their counterpart here pull, in india n china there'll probably blood bath, in japan thay won't have any of the problem bcoz the immigrants will not be citizens in the first place and would have been chased out of japan at the earliest opportunity.


  100. Anonymous7:51 am

    Mahathir is right all along. Look at these ALIENS who refuse to be real bangsa Malaysia, instead they are more like Bangsat Malaysia. Mahathir, inspite of his already diluted Indian blood has become a Malay, that is why the Malays accept him. If you guys want to be accepted, then do like him ....and we will accept you like we accept him ....if not, then we prefer that you guys leave our beloved land NOW!!!

    I have messages here for some commentators:

    Equaliser - double ptuuui to you, a**ho*e!!

    Sembian - your English sucks ...pls go back to school and re-learn your English ....btw, when you comment, pls don't just comment as you like without facts, stoopide!!!

    Anon 6.33 pm - you're a coward hiding behind you anon 'mask'! Be thankful that TDM was M'sia's PM...Malaysia is respected because of him ...don't deny it, you racist, just because his name does not start with a Tan or Lim or Chee....

    Melayutulin - Spot on! Actually these morons who condemn Tun are scared of him .....haha, they have nothing else to do, they condemn him ...

    Long live Mahathir and Mahathirism.

  101. Anonymous7:52 am

    Sini Malaysia. Cakaplah Bahasa Malaysia. Yang bukan Melayu, berhenti dari berpura-pura. Yang Melayu berhentilah dari berpura-pura. Korang semuanya bodoh, sebab lebih pentingkan politik dari penyelesaian yang adil kepada semua; termasuk orang Melayu.

    Sebab politik semua berpura-pura.

    Yang Cina berpura-pura kata sayangkan Malaysia tapi berangan macam orang Singapura.

    Yang India berpura-pura ingin maju tapi masih sayangkan cara lama - India dan Samy Velu.

    Yang Melayu berpura-pura nak bela bangsa tapi merekalah yang perosak bangsa.

    Yang Islam berpura-pura adil tapi sebenarnya mereka munafik.

    Yang kononnya Adil berpura-pura sebab ada buat kesalahan yang busuk.

    Itu sebab sekarang ni Malaysia nampak teruk, walaupun banyak hasil bumi dan diberkati tuhan tampa sebarang mala petaka.

    Kalau tuhan turunkan bencana barulah korang semua tahu.

  102. A timely state-of-the-affair speech by a well-oiled statesman. Like it or not, that’s the truth and more succinctly, it’s not just a lament: it’s a wake-up call for ACTION.

    To some people, the mere idea of the malays getting together back again under a common reason and platform, after years of trying hard to tear them apart by political ideologies, is reason enough to make them piss in their pants.

    Tun is right. The malays now are apologetic at best, and ashamed (of their own race) at the most. They are even ashamed of the Keris: as much as the Keris is the emblem of “Keperkasaan Melayu” and symbol of modern malay unity, the Keris-waiving-incident also have been deemed to be a symbol of “malay superiority via bloodbathing”, an incident or happening boogeymanned en masse to the point that they believe it to be true.

    But ah, what can the other side seek to do? Naturally, all efforts, seminars, meetings, get-togethers or conferences that seek to bring this realization to the fore for the malays, is always deemed in negative light. Ridicule it they must. Lessen the magnitude of their calls they must.

    And so we have it, in reverse pychology, (or plain reverse) form:
    1. The Melayus practise apartheid.
    2. The Melayus are pendatangs.
    3. The Melayus seek to enrich only one race in the country
    4. The Melayus seek only to educate one race at the expense of the other races.
    5. The Melayus are the sources of corruption, and therefore all crimes, in the country
    6. The Melayus are racists

    The above falsehood of course, do not hold water amongst the general Malaysian populace here, for everybody knows that:
    1. Apartheid is a case of a minority people wielding power governing a bigger majority through undemocratic means. Whoops! Terbalik!
    2. Pendatangs? Err… self explanatory, this one
    3. Yes. They seek to enrich a mass of people who have too long been poor in their own country, while the true pendatangs have usurped and massed an untold amount of wealth that this TANAH MELAYU seem to offer
    4. Like wise in the field of education. Without a balanced effort on the part of the government, only the rich non-malays could enjoy high education
    5. Corruption and Crimes? Not if you sit back and think who it was that introduced gambling, liquor, pornography, street prostitution, rumah urut, 4D numbers, conniving multi-level schemes and almost all forms of vices in this country. The malay muslims? And also: for every corruptee there is a corruptor. And who originated this budaya in the first place here?
    6. And of course lah, racism is only when the malays start to solidify their losing stand. Cases of racism TO the malays mulitiplied a thousand-fold by the other party is NOT racism.

    Second strategy, if it doesn’t hold water here, then it probably will in foreign countries. So off they go and disseminate these lies elsewhere. I was surprised one day when I was asked by a foreign counterpart, “Apocryphalist,” (like you believe that he calls me Apocryphalist), “is it true that your country is …. (such and such, fill in your own blanks…”. It was only after careful explanation that he now undersands what is really going on in this country.

    Moral is, boys and girls: please do your part in negating these falsehoods that have been broadcasted and disseminated to those outside our country. Yes, you may buy your light bulbs or pump in your gas for your car from these people, but these are the very ones who will not hesitate to spread falsehood to the foreigners at the very first opportunity they get. Say an American or a British expat or diplomat were to come here. After the business dealings the locals decide to bring them to unwind at the Karaoke or dine somewhere. Almost always, the topics of “welcome to Malaysia” talks would in high probability be about the unfairness that they feel as a citizen here in this country. The diplomats would probably be puzzled in his mind when he steps out and sees that the objects of spite that have been pounded upon them are the ones who are of less fortune than the karaoke-patrons themselves, but by that time, enough damage has been done already. The malays, unfortunately, will forever be portrayed as perpetrators by these devious minds. Ha’ah. Go ahead laaa oppose PPSMI lagi.

    Third strategy: divide and conquer the already-bickering-among-themselves malays. How? Simple. Replace the word “Melayus” in the above list with “UMNO” or “BN” and there you have it: a solid, well-oiled and staunch symbol of anything you love to hate about. The rest is history and you can see the results right here in these pages.

    Which brings me to a point which I dearly would not want to miss. Folks, it seems also that there is a strategy to …. much in the manner of the accursed Abdullah bin Salul at the time of the Prophet Muhammad … to pretend to be a malay. In the anonimity provided by the vast world of cyberspace here, one can pretend to have malay names, write in malay, swear in malay, but one really is not. I read and suspect and have come to the conclusion that there are many cases like this especially in blogsites that have been frequented by lots of malays. The aim is of course obvious: to portray that malay-hating views are not spurred by non-malays alone, but by malays as well.

    There will be more calls like these to condemn and belittle ANY effort made to unite and strengthen the malays back again. The stronger these efforts are made, the louder still the voice of condemnation will be. Hadi’s call to have some kind of “Unity Government” have already made some people, including a certain Ketua Mentri, pissing in their pants.

    For the malays, we don’t have much choice on where to go, except forward in this case.

  103. Anonymous8:43 am

    Malaysia hari ini lebih sofistikated. Melayu, India, Cina, Kadazan, Bajau @ Melanau semuanya hebat dan bijak belaka.
    Zaman Internet kini membuat rakyat dapat menilai baik buruk sesuatu perkara termasuk hal2 agama bangsa serta sosio ekonomi dan politik negara.
    Apa yang dikatakan Tun Dr Mahathir ada kebenarannya tetapi sudah terlambat kerana ada Melayu yang Islam dan Melayu yang membelakangkan agama.
    Tidak ketinggalan juga Melayu yang berpegang kepada agama dan lupa agama yang menyimpang daripada landasan agama kerana kepentingan peribadi sehingga Melayu berpecahbelah dan diambang kehancuran.

    Melayu Mudah Lupa

  104. Anonymous8:52 am

    Sorry Rocky, this is a bit out of topic but it is still relevant.

    In Europe, when someone wants to be a citizen of a European country, that person will have to sit for a Citizen Test. If the said person fails the test, then the prospect of being the citizen of that country is nul, zilch, zero. In the Citizen Test, one is tested on the proficiency of the National Language, the culture, or anything that would give the authority the confidence that the person can be a good citizen of the country and be able to integrate. THERE IS NO FREE CITIZENSHIP .....Even if you're given a citizenship, it does not mean that you can criticise anything you want ....hey, you come to people's country, must look at yourself in the mirror first and then ask yourself if you have the criteria to criticise ....Just take an example, if you do it in France, the native French will tell you straight your face, NOT HAPPY HERE? GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM OR FROM WHERE YOUR ANCESTORS CAME FROM. In Europe normally by the second generation, the children of the immigrants are able to speak the National Language well, sharing the same mentality with the rest of the population and even adopt the culture ....there isn't any special school for any race, just one normal, National schools ..

    Btw, according to my sources, the Chinese community in France don't make a lot of noise, they just do their job quietly and earn as much money as they can (as usual). They actually know where they stand (smart of them)....These Chinese do not insist that they have their SRJK(C) or whatever ....Their children go to National Schools learning the National Language of their adopted country and not the National Language of China, that goes the same for the Indians...

    I can only say good riddance ...or should I say PADAN MUKA !!! Serve you guys right !!!

  105. Anonymous8:55 am

    Tulisan anda sahaja membuktikan apa yang ditulis oleh Yang Berbahagia Dr.M benar! Saya malas mengungkit isu-isu yang berkaitan dengan perlembangaan dan hak istimewa orang Melayu yang sengaja diungkit-ungkit oleh golongan anda! Kalau anda tidak terbaca 'that's your problem!'Apa yang lebih menyakitkan hati kami ialah mengapa hal-hal yang tidak berkaitan dengan anda semua seperti hal-hal berkaitan agama Islam turut dicampur tangan? Antaranya isu pengharaman yoga bagi umat Islam? Mati-matian hendak guna kalimah Allah. Apa sudah tidak ada istilah yang lebih berkesan dalam agama tersebut? Apakah kami orang Islam ada mengganggu hal ehwal agama, budaya dan bahasa kamu? Negeri China dipanggil negeri China, begitu juga negeri India, Jepun, Korea, dll tidak timbul masalah kerana kaum minority sedar diri dan tahu berterima kasih kerana dibenarkan tinggal di negara tersebut.! Kami memang amat memerlukan ingatan dari Yang Berbahagia Dr.M selalu untuk mengingatkan bahaya yang ditimbulkan oleh golongan yang tidak berterima kasih!

    Rakyat setia

  106. Anonymous9:23 am

    For those who condemn the Malays (and Mahathir) ... I have something to tell you people.

    Chinese and Indians are afraid of the unknown inspite of their rhetorics, their false bravado.

    They are very cruel towards their children in the sense that they prefer to segregate them since young from the Malay masses. Hence, their reluctance to abolish the SRJK(C) and SRJK(T) schools ...they even refuse the Wawasan Schools ...see, how cruel they are!! They say that they are MALAYsians, but they prefer to speak the National Languages of China and Tamil Nadu and they have the cheek to say that they are Anak Bangsa Malaysia ...what a joke ...Anak Bangsat Malaysia is more appropriate ..they can't even speak the National Language of Malaysia properly, some can't even speak it...Hey, be like Mahathir lah ...You bloody people call him "Mamak Kutty" to insult him, but he became a true Malay until he could become the PM of M'sia ...See, who is more stupid? Mahathir or you people ?

    Untuk orang orang Melayu yang tak sedar diri, yang mengutuk dan menghina Mahathir, sedar lah siapa yang memberi kesejahteraan pada bumi Malaysia ini dengan pencapaian yang sangat baik dari segi ekonomi dan sosial semasa Mahathir menjadi PM dulu ...Maruah Malaysia juga baik semasa dia memerintah .....Jangan lah lupa daratan dan meghentam orang yang seagama dengan awak awak semua. Mahathir memang betul, Melayu Mudah Lupa.

  107. Anonymous10:31 am

    Has anyone actually read the text of TDM's speech?

    Stop twisting this discussion to racist discussion. It is not about racism!

    His topic is about the The Malay Integrity. As a Malaysian, I can appreciate it. I see his frustration and felt it too.

    Please read about carefully before commenting!

  108. Malays are afraid of their own shadow.

    Only Malays decide their own future, no matter what the non-Malays said or don't say.

    They control the government,almost all important ministries, military, police and civil servant, GLCs, local government, almost in total.

    Malays can virtually do what they want given the above.

    Also, one or two DAP who hold opposite view of NEP being
    "apartheid" to diffrential bumi and non-bumi among fellow Malaysians do not represent the majority of Chinese view. Very few Chinese question the rights of the Malays. After all these years, they have already accepted.

  109. Anonymous10:37 am

    Melayu, bangsa ku. Masih tidak sedar.

    If you are weak, you will be conquer. Simple as that. In a war, it is the strategy that matter the most, not the size and strength of the army.

    If you want other races to bow to our Ketuan Melayu, then we ourselves have to buck up. Stop politicking so much.

    Seek education. Do not be a jaguh kampung. Learn from other races. Bila cakap biarlah bertempat dan 'know your stuff'. Jangan asyik bergantung kepada NEP, sebab Melayu dapat preferential treatment. Itulah yang makan diri sendiri. Kaum-kaum lain tidak hormat sebab kita bukan self made. Kita bergantung kepada kerajaan untuk berjaya.

    Berapa banyak Melayu yang betul betul berjaya tanpa bantuan kerajaan? Berapa Melayu yang berjaya di luar negara? Orang Melayu patut sedar, tanpa bantuan pun kita boleh berjaya. Jika orang Cina/India boleh, mengapa kita tidak boleh? Saya dari keluarga yang miskin. Ayah belajar dari jiran Cina. Education must be first. Education is our break from the poverty cycle. Betapa susah, Ayah akan memastikan pendidikan anak-anak adalah utama.

    If you know your stuff, people will respect you regardless of race and creed. Diligence, hardworking, honesty, integrity...all these values are universal. It transcends boundaries.

    Sedarlah Melayu. Jika hendak orang lain hormat kepada anda, pastikan anda cerdik pandai. Jangan jadi tin kosong.

    We get promoted because of our skin color but not what is in our brains. We get promoted because we are smart at apple polishing/politicking, not because of our skill sets. We are becoming a laughing stock. There is a joke that every successful Malay, he/she has a good team of Chinese/Indian to back him/her up. No wonder we are forever frown upon by other races as the 'lucky but stupid' race.

    So tell me, what is the point of telling us Malay to unite if we ourselves do not change our mindset. As long as we view it is our God given birthright to rule Malaysia because we are Malays, we will lose our right to rule.

    Bangunlah Melayu, bangun.

    Said Mahmood

  110. Tuan,

    I bet that nuumbskull donplaypuks
    has never been anywhere and is the an example of proverbial 'katak bawah tempurung'.

    No immigrant citizen in any other
    country enjoys as much freedom and
    liberty as in Malaysia.

    ahmad iqbal azim

  111. Anonymous12:05 pm

    brothers and sisters, melayu / bukan melayu,
    Perkasa ni sapa taja, ini parti politik raja katak ke?
    kadang2 ahli politik melayu sendiri yang memperlekehkan orang melayu, seolah2 melayu ni lemah sangat lah, tak boleh fikir secara waras...tapi ada juga melayu macam tu, terlalu ikut perasaan.
    Saya hormat Dr M kerana usia dan otak beliau, tapi saya rasa beliau patut diberitahu sudah2 lah, stop playing to the wrong gallery.

    Melayu hybrid

  112. apabila UMNO tersepit, maka mereka menggunakan kad melayu. mereka cuba menakut2kan orang2 melayu yg pada mac 2008 telah tidak lagi memangkah UMNO. mereka memberi amaran bahawa jikalau UMNO lemah maka orang melayu hilang penjaganya.

    kepada UMNO: boleh belah.

    orang melayu harus belajar bahawa tanpa UMNO orang melayu boleh survive. apa, lemah sangatkah org melayu sehinggakan tanpa UMNO mereka tidak boleh survive langsung?

    kepada UMNO sekali lagi: boleh belah.

    apa yang mahadir ucapkan hari ini, bersama2 makhluk yang dia pernah suspend sebagai ketua bahagian pasir mas, adalah semata2 untuk perwakilan memberi undi kepada anaknya mukhriz. tidak lebih dari itu. kerana mukhriz juga menggunakan kad melayu.

  113. Anonymous12:29 pm

    The only thing the Malays need to worry about 'ditindas' are from among their own.

    What's with the paranoia about other races are out to get them?

  114. Anonymous12:34 pm

    "Bos syarikat-syarikat Cina selalu letak syarat 'must be able to speak Mandarin or Cantonese'. Itukan perkauman?"

    I think that's a skillset, not really a racial issue. If a company have dealings with China or Taiwanese companies, I'm sure its employees are required to be able to converse in those languages.

  115. "Like any good newsman, I believe that if you're not scared, I'm not doing my job." -Stephen Colbert


  116. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Clear statement of the problem. We have been lulled into not seeing it clearly.

    It's not easy to reduce the complex set of problems we face into simple statements, and only he can do it, as he has again with simple statements of the truth that drives home the point.

    His advice also brings out the genius of the man, that we should retain our independence completely and we should follow the wisdom of our hearts, not the wisdom of the world which dominates the West and their local agents!


  117. Anonymous3:33 pm

    I am amazed that tun is still selling this whole Foreign Conspiracy theory?
    The only thing that moves any race forward is 'education; education; education!'
    Do you really believe non-Malays are gathering together plotting the downfall of the Malay race? The only people doing that are a small group of Malays who just want wealth to themselves.

    Trying to blame others for your own problems is a fallacy and never addresses the real issues.

  118. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Kaum Melayu terancam kerana PAGAR MAKAN PADI - yang ditugaskan untuk memerintah dan membangunkan negara hanya mengisikan poket segolongan keluarga dan kroni sendiri! Itu yang mengancam Melayu; bukan orang lain!

  119. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Kita ni betul lah cakap tak serupa bikin. Hypocrite semuanya! Saya nak tanya: Yang buat kaum lain kaya raya tu siapa? Malaysia Inc tu siapa punya polisi? IPP untung berbillion, tenaga rugi berbillion tu dek kontrak masa siapa?

    tanah tanah premium bertukar milek jadi hak asing tu angkara pejabat tanah bersekongkong dengan ahli politik - bukan melayu punya angkara ke ni? Hutan dan balak hak negeri dan hak negara habis di sapu siapa yang luluskan? Jawapan nya kerajaan negeri - bukan melayu ke tu?

    Dalam politik pun, nak kan undi banyak telah dikompromi, takut sangat orang tak sokong BN;

    Kalau kita semua amalkan ALIBABA nak cari jalan senang dan nak kaya raya tanpa berusaha, dan dalam proses itu orang lain jadi LEBIH KAYA dan menguasai ekonomi negara ini, jangan lah nak di persalahkan orang lain. KITA YANG MENGGADAI KAN MARUAH DAN NEGARA SENDIRI!!!


  120. Anonymous3:48 pm

    "The Chinese too are blessed with their own special privileges, the economic superiority of overseas Chinese in the Asian Pacific Region means that - through an international network - they have have a huge reservoir of capital, so huge that no race in this region could ever compete with them.

    This is ketuanan Ekonomi Cina." By some anon....

    Eh I am chinese and I am not rich. But people make money we don't hate or get jeolous. We know they work hard and they earn it. No one is trying to control malaysia.OK? Why keep saying the chinese that and chinese this?

    all I can see is chinese is they take care of themeselves , to help the poor and the school. politics? who cares...

  121. Anonymous3:53 pm


    Change your heading lah before you move to the dark side. Change it to "Dr M: UMNO ast risk of being dispossessed"

    At least do something accurate before you go over.





  123. Anonymous4:04 pm

    What do you expect when UMNO is a completely corrupted political party right from the top to bottom. Lining up their pocket comes first before anything else ... Wali Kota

  124. Yeah, if you READ the bloody speech properly, you will see that the biggest 'crime' done unto Malays as a race, is being committed by the Malays themselves.

    Disunity, general stupidity, spite, envy, selfishness, superstitious bullshit.

    All done by Malays.

    The very people robbing Malays of their power and independence are the Malays themselves.

    I agree to that. It is, I think, a desire to self-destruct. A suicidal want.

    This is purely a Malay matter. And only Malays can help themselves.

    So what's up with all you other folk jumping up and down?

    This is a Malay issue. Let us take care of our house first. Let us keep it in order.

    You guys jumping up and down and revealing how racist and hateful you guys are is making it worse.

    And to 'Fariddddd':

    No one is discounting equality and the establishment of a truly Malaysian society.

    I'm all for equality, man. Equal rights, REASONABLE equal distribution of wealth, an erosion of the status quo.

    But for the have-nots (read: most Malays), something has to be done to get the majority poor (read: majority Malays) to have more.

    Merely improving the social and financial standing of the poor need not mean the rich (read: majority non-Malays) have to lose out on anything.

    There is enough for everyone. Don't be so greedy lah. And that goes for all.

  125. Anonymous4:31 pm

    It never ceases to amaze me how Tun Dr Mahathir can get away with selective and biased interpretations of history and current developments without being called to account.

    The sycophantic main stream media in Malaysia are obviously not interested in asking hard questions of Dr M.

    If Dr M has the courage to vocalise his views, then he should make himself available to the international media and present a detailed justification for his views.

    All that he succeeds in doing is to portray himself as an embittered ex-politician who sees that his day has passed and that the world has moved on.

    Dr M was in power for 20+ years. The country's report card for international competitiveness, governance, corruption and transparency over this period has been reported in various rankings. The Malaysian government has not succeeded in rebutting the country's rankings.

    I think that what sticks in Dr M's mind, and what upsets him, is that the state of play in Asean and Asia will be defined by the likes of China, India, Japan and the US. Malaysia will be a "bit player" that can choose either to side with the big boys or nurse the mother of all inferiority complexes and sulk on the sidelines.

    So, all his brave talk about Malays running the risk of being dispossessed in Malaysia is to divert attention away from the fact that Malaysia's continued growth and prosperity depends, to a great extent, on what China, India, Japan and the US do in the region and in Asia.

    Witness the ongoing global economic recession and financial crisis. The Malaysian government can come up with stimulus plans galore, and run down the country's reserves in the name of stimulus spending, but the Malaysian economy will not get back on the path of steady and sustained growth until the global recession has run it's course.

    I think that Dr M (as does Datuk Seri Najib and the more intelligent Ministers in the federal government) senses the sheer feeling of powerlessness in the face of global economic realities.

    So, what better way to divert the attention of the rakyat from economic gloom, falling investments and continued job losses than by hammering away at all the convenient shibboleths? Of course, Dr M is an acknowledged "Si-Fu" in the art of never taking the blame or in making excuses (the Zionist conspiracy, colonial dirty tricks, ungrateful "pendatangs" etc).

    For example, Dr M should explain, in simple language, to Perkasa and the other ultra Malay NGOs, just why the central banks of Malaysia and China recently signed a 3-year 80 billion yuan (US$11.7 billion) currency swap agreement. The stated aims of this currency swap agreement are to promote bilateral trade and investment to boost the economic development of Malaysia and China, and to increase the amount of yuan that Malaysian banks can draw on to service local companies that use the Chinese currency in their trade transactions.

    So, on the one hand, you criticise the Malaysian Chinese for being "anti-national", but on the other hand, your country's central bank is happy to enter into a large currency swap deal with the Chinese central bank.

    Of course, Dr M will keep very quiet about matters like these. Why? Because his Malay nationalism agenda will be shown to be an "emperor without clothes" were such international agreements made widely known.

    Or the unpalatable fact that Malaysia has to rely on foreign investments to bring in the high-tech industries and services that is needed to create good jobs for Malaysians. Good jobs, mind. Not all of us have the wherewithal to become Class F contractors with a guaranteed stream of contracts and revenue!

    Plus there is the fact that China (and India and Japan) have plenty of other alternatives if they want to purchase crude oil, natural gas and palm oil. What that will do to the federal government budget, that depends on the sales of crude oil, natural gas and palm oil to generate 40 per cent of revenue, remains to be seen. Dr M wouldn't want to touch this with a 10-feet pole - because it is not as easy to explain basic economic facts as it is to make controversial speeches.

  126. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Dey, Godfather!

    The headliner cannot be lie that because it's not about umno it's about he malays lah, Bo. You forgot ar, dey, that Mahathir is not an umno member already.

    As for Dark Side, let Rocky be where he likes. You Godfather stay in your Dug Site, six feet under ground.


    Your Godmother

  127. Alzhemier's disease is usually an old man's sickness, but "Divide & Rule" is always in this dirty old man's mind. He is not in favour of the 3 races united !

  128. usabukata telah menimbulkan isu ini

    kebelakangan ini banyak diperkatakan dengan kononnya politik perkauman ataupun kenyataan politik perkauman. satu pihak menuduh satu pihak yang lain mengamalkan politik perkauman. sebenarnya kedua-dua pihak sama sahaja. sedikit sebanyak masing-masing mengamalkan politik perkauman. banyak isu-isu yang sering kali dikaitkan dengan politik perkauman. tetapi yang uniknya ialah isu-isu ini mesti berkait dengan orang melayu. bila orang melayu sebut ketuanan melayu ia dituduh perkauman. bila sebut hak istimewa orang melayu ia dituduh perkauman. bila sebut saja isu-isu kepentingan orang melayu ia akan dituduh perkauman.

    tetapi bila kepentingan kaum lain dibincangkan ia akan disebut hak asasi rakyat malaysia walaupun ianya dibangkitkan dalam garisan kaum. kenapa orang melayu diasak dan dituduh sedemikian rupa selepas 50 tahun dahulu orang melayu telah bersetuju berkongsi negara dan kuasa dengan kaum-kaum lain. tidakkah kita sedar bahawa memberikan kerakyatan kepada sesiapapun oleh mana-mana negara didunia ini merupakan suatu pemberian yang tidak ternilai. orang melayu hanya inginkan sedikit bahagian daripada nikmat tanah air ini. sebahagian besar yang lain telah diberikan kepada kaum-kaum lain.

    pengamal media sama ada media perdana atau media alternatif perlu mengkaji siapa sebenarnya mengamalkan perkauman. sama ada orang melayu atau kaum-kaum lain atau kita semua mengamalkan perkauman. adakah salah kita mengamalkan perkauman? cuba kita lihat di shah alam. majoriti penduduknya orang melayu. berapa banyak perniagaan orang bukan melayu yang dikunjungi oleh orang melayu? adakah orang melayu perkauman? kenapa mesti digembar-gemburkan isu kepentingan orang melayu di negara ini sebagai perkauman sedangkan orang melayu beramai-ramai dan berbondong-bondong mengunjungi perniagaan orang bukan melayu tanpa rasa prejudis. dari pasar raya hingga ke kedai runcit, dari kedai basikal hingga ke bengkel kenderaan. kalau kedai makan janji ada logo halal jakim orang melayu akan berduyun-duyun menyokong perniagaan tersebut. tentu kita biasa dengar orang melayu yang lebih suka ke kedai cina daripada kedai melayu walaupun kedai cina itu jauh sedikit. tentu juga kita biasa dengar orang melayu yang kata servis restoran mamak (india) lebih baik daripada kedai makan melayu walaupun kadang-kadang kita tidak pasti status restoran berkenaan.

    sama-samalah kita fikirkan.

    dipetik dari blog usabukata

  129. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Hey guys,
    Dont be fooled by that old man!Remember he can see visions which no other malays can see!
    He could feel his uneasiness that his love for the party UMNO is going to kiss arse come next election.Period!
    That is his old stale style to shake those contented malays not the down trodden malays.Look at the wealth his downstream family has and probably he sense his fall will be near.Off course which daddy would'nt want his son to be supremo.He has forgotten he is no more PM.And its sad we still see each day suckers are born to pander his racist hehaheha!!


  130. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Saya pun melayu, tapi tak cemas pun

  131. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Hey Don,
    how do you know that I'm not a true Malay? What's wrong with saying what I think? Isn't this freedom of expression that you PR guys are always shouting about? Why are you so irritated with what I say, hor?

    Shame to be M'sian, this is for you.
    If you are SO ashamed, then WTF are you doing here? Get out lah, when there's still time...

    Anon 8.26, what a true racist you are! your comment says it, not me ....muahahahaha...

    Dontplaypuks, the difference between you and Dr. M is: his dad "masuk Melayu", so considered Melayu.....yr dad did not, even when he was born here, look at you, this is the result of being embedded in a "pendatang tak tahu nak bersyukur" type ....get my drift?

    - A more and more fed up Melayu

  132. Anonymous5:46 pm

    When people fear, they become irrational. Fear is a powerful weapon. Dr. M is a master of mind games and there are so many yes men out there who treat everything that comes of from a top politician as facts. "He is a title holder then he must be right and pure. He held top posts then he can do no wrong. Follow his every word. No questioning. Always be critical of other people but never questioning ourselves".

    The end is near for us all. Get used to being behind the pack while the world leaves us screwing ourselves up.

    - The Offspring.

  133. Well said amir,I hope more malays think like you,and believe me I am a non-malay but I wish the malays can be as progressive as you are in their thinking.As a proud Malaysian I support you coz I know the malays are very nice people,thats why the politicians like Mahathir keep using them and instil empty fears in them.Of course you know why right bro,Mahathir is doing things like these now?Yes to bring his son up.That old formula of his which kept him in power for 22 years wont work again,coz a lot of malays have woken up too.They now know what is their right,too.BRAVO.

  134. Anonymous6:12 pm

    There are many islands and villages up for sale now in many parts of the world, for those not aware, please check the NET

    Yang rasa tak selesa kat Malaysia, yang besak kepala ingatkan mereka dah terkaya dan rasa ikut suka nak buat apa kat Negara singgahan ini, apa kalo pi beli pulau/kampung yang up for sale....


    Start with America, their properties are going "buy one free one".

    There you can claim yourself to be anything you want, do anything you please, and everyone can claim themselves to be KING of the new COLONY..

    Tutup cerita.


  135. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Tun Mahathir is the greatest Opportunist politician in Malaysia. He know how to play the gallery.

    by the isn't Tun Mahathir ancestor from Kerala in India. Therefore he is not a malay. Malay could trace their ancestor back to Sumatra.

    Keng Tiong Hai,
    a true malaysian

  136. Anonymous7:20 pm

    This is just the mandatory 'chinese bashing' as and when the political situation warrants it.

    Lepas ni bila YTL ka, Temasek ka, Berjaya ka jemput makan semua pun boleh lupa...

    correct, correct, correct

    mat tiub

  137. Anonymous7:23 pm

    The Govt should close down all the chinese and indian ethnic schools NOW. This is breeding hole for this ingrate pendatangs and the right recipe for the balcanization of this land.Where in this world can you find immigrants being able to set up their own school systems? You can opt to learn about your language in the ntional school curricular but NEVER,NEVER ur own school system. Memang Hancur la! Why be so kind to this people who refuse to integrate and look down on our culture and language? Give them their ethnic schools and you're giving their young ones the license to continue with what their ingrate parents are still practicing even after 50 yrs. Its shape up or ship out. No two/three ways about it!

    NO NO NO to ethnic schools!

  138. Anonymous7:29 pm

    why are the malays so insecure..and everytime thinks that the other races are out to get them?

    Becos UMNO has fed them all with lies and gave them crutches...and with the dependence on UMNO..UMNO bullys the Malays by selective rewarding..

    Malays must wake up to UMNO style of slavery

  139. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Sebabnya orang cina macai ni nak simpan sekolah cina supaya diaorang boleh kutuk melayu depan-depan, malayu tak boleh faham, tak boleh wat apa la. Ingat tak tahu ke kat kedai diorang cakap sama geng dia sambil kutuk-kutuk, contoh; "cio cia cio...cit voo chan si sut ki",

    tafsiran, "apa ni melayu bodoh malas mahu beli murah-murah, sudah dapat subsidi pun mau murah lagi ka".

    diorang ingat kita tak tersingung ke, cakap sama geng dia bahasa lain, abis kita ni macam apa? tunggul kat situ, pastu nak cakap muhibah lah, muhibbah kepala butuh apa... kalau ikut aku aku bakar je sekolah cina tuh...

    -kei kei

  140. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Saya setuju pendapat saudara Pasquale.

    Sudah tiba masa nya keturunan Cina dan India di Tanah Melayu ini di hantar ke Biro Tatanegara dimana mereka perlu di beri kan penilaian semula menjadi warga Negara Malaysia.

    Jika suatu masa dahulu pihak komunis mempunyai buku merah, maka mereka pada hari ini
    perlu di beri buku hijau.

    Di dalam kandungan buku hijau ini dan program jati diri biro tatanegara ini, penekanan perlulah diberikan kepada topik :

    a.kaum cina dan india dinegara ini apabila berniaga perlulah mengetahui perbezaan diantara unsur-unsur penipuan dan juga unsur-unsur jujur didalam dunia perniagaan.

    b.kekayaan di dalam dunia perniagaan perlu lah dikonsgsi sama rata dan tidak di bolot atau di monopoli oleh satu kaum atau bantuan kewangan sesama mereka sahaja.

    c.Setiap unsur penipuan yang dilakukan oleh kaum ini, penekanan perlu lah diberikan bahawa sa nya penipuan di sisi islam adalah haram dan majoriti orang melayu amat percaya bahawa penipuan membawa dosa di akhirat kelak.

    d.Kaum pendatang amat memahami perkara ini dan mereka sentiasa mengeksploitasi minda bersih majority orang melayu ini.

    e.Bagi mereka cara untuk menebus kesalahan, mereka membakar kertas wang, kereta, kapal selam dan sebagai nya.

    f.ini juga adalah salah satu perkara yang patut diharam dilakukan dinegara ini kerana ianya penyebab kepada pencemaran selain dari kilang-kilang kepunyaan mereka yang telah merosakkan alam sekitar Negara ini.

    g.oleh yang demikian saya ingin mengesyorkan, mereka diwajibkan menduduki peperiksaan dan memastikansetiap mereka mempunyai buku hijau dan hanya yang berkelayakan layak menduduki Negara ini.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  141. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Mahatiu is not a malay tulin...
    Zambry not a malay
    syed hameed is not a melayu
    Toyol is not a malay..

    so why UMNO luv these foreigners??

    cicak kering.

  142. Anonymous8:25 pm

    The demonization of non-Malays by Mahathir, Umno and Malay racist zealots is a deep-seated contagion. It is a seed of malice that bear fruit of inferiority and failure.

    You don't have to be a social-scientist to observe how many regimes have used it to subjugate or eradicate minority groups. Some out of a sense of fear and jealousy, others from a result of constant ideological and religous propaganda.

    We cannot afford to be silent when the wolf on the hill tells the pack that we must convince the sheep that their enemies are other sheep.

    In the Malaysian context, Islamisation and the ideology of "us against them", or "ummah versus kuffar", or Muslim against infidels, bumiputera against non-bumi has blinded the masses of the real enemy - self-serving recalcitrants!

    Malaysia has not recovered from Mahathirism. Cronyism, factions, racial and religious polarization, judicial emasculation, corruption, indiscriminate Constutional amendments, anti-Semitism and foreign policy has taken it from a budding democracy to a debauchery.

    Regime proponents like Mahathir bring like-minded captives into the fold. There is no room in such worldview or mindset to evaluate their own inward depravity.

    All that matter is you must blow out the candle of non-Malays in order make your "lampu" (lamp) look bright.

    It is arduous to grow a healthy Malaysia when political despots contaminate its soul with racial and religious chauvinism. When leaders or a nation look to such men and women for vision, it will find its life hijacked and debased.

    Since March 8th 2008, Malaysia has found a voice and spirit that led to its birth. No one can deny that without the Chinese and Indian choice to stand with the Malays, Independence would not have become a reality.

    Nevertheless,some Malay racist and religious chauvinist among us want to remove those who stood in solidarity with them.

    Now those cherished dreams of a country where equality and unalienable rights to one's culture and religion has become politicised and polarized.

    The poor have become marginalized and the underprivileged seen only through narrow race-coloured paradigm.With a leadership change in the horizon, many questions hang like menacing a haze over us.

    Accountability and fairness have become politically-correct terms. And double-standards and "selective justice" have become a fabric that clothes the corrupt.

    We need a "second post-mortem" on an abused and tortured Constitution and system.

    Instead of demonizing non-Malays as a threat to Malays and malice among races, let’s cast out the real demons of greed and crime in high places. Uproot the seeds of anarchy and let there be a bountiful harvest for all.

  143. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Malays rights, Non-Malays rights, Ibans rights.. what a intense argument...and for what ends?

    Yes, for Najib to be relieved of the pressure from concerned Malaysians before he take over the throne. The old man really knows how to play race politics till to old age.

    It's all self-interest...the selfish interest of an old man that matters..silly old wise fool.

  144. Anonymous11:10 pm

    "Racism arise when some people don't belong to that place"

    i encountered with this phrase some times ago, and for this moment i think it's true.

    we should abolish the vernacular school, non bumi press and any segregations because these things disunite malaysian.

    we should build up bangsa malaysia base on bahasa and budaya melayu. when this achieve everybody will feel belong to this tanah bertuah and eventually put an end of racism.

  145. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Now now now why do we have to crack our head over this issue of ' Malays being dispossessed'? No matter what adverse comments that we have on Mahathir,we must also acknowledge that there is also a lot of truth in what he says.

    Why do we have to blame UMNO all the time when we know too well that NOT all Malays are in UMNO???
    Do you think MCA really takes care of the Chinese and MIC really takes care of the Indians ??????
    Is corruption as alleged confined within UMNO only ???

    Please go back to history and SEARCH for the OLD map of Asia. Indonesia,Singapore,Phllipines and Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (now Malaysia) were at one time called the 'MALAY ARCHIPELEGO' or "GUGUSAN KEPULAUAN MELAYU." The people are Malays.

    COLONIALISM separated these countries,get it? Bugis,Javanese,Batak,Banjar,Bajau
    Murut,Milanau,Iban,Dayaks etc etc are Malays,their difference is only religion and dialect,get it? As an example look at an Iban or Milanau.Do they look more like an Indian or Chinese or Malay ????

    If the Malays are also pendatang, why the hell this country was called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu????
    The non Malays in this country are blessed,you have to believe it.In any Arab country,even our great great grndfather was born there,we will never be citizen of that country. Yes one can say that the success of non Malays is due to hardwork but one must also not lose sight that its the Malays who make them rich. How they do it, ask ourselves from our heart.

    As an elderly man,I begin to wonder
    why racial issues have become the hot topic of the day again after all these years. We start quarelling for a share of the cake when it is not even baked yet.

    1.Where is the 30% bumiputra equity? Have we reached this yet?
    2.Is it due to desperation from an individual or group?
    3.Can we stop championing for each ethnic group in order to achieve our so called desire to be Malaysian Malaysia?
    4.Dont we have enough problems already?

    (elderly malaysian)

  146. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Uitm is the one stopping chinese and indian in? who said we don want to mix??

    In chinese school we can see malay can UTIM allow us in??

    So hypo....

  147. Anonymous11:19 pm

    This always happens just before an UMNO General Assembly - a bunch of so called Bumi NGOs that are run by a bunch of Malay 'Businessmen' linked to UMNO will have some big rally complaining about the NEP, threats to Melayu agenda, blah blah blah......
    All this is is just another sandiwara to squeeze UMNO to push the government to hand over free money or government contracts to these Businessmen.
    Once these NGOs/Businessmen get their contracts they will then sub-contract them out to some Chinaman who will do it at half the cost and he in turn will get some Indians to do the physical labour.

    Of course these businessmen will go away happy til the next General Assembly and put together another rally.
    Sama cerita lagi.........

    Of course the majority of us Malays will just get on with our lives to try and make an honest living.

    Hidup Perkasa - enjoy your day in the limelight. Might be good if you lot actually did some work like the rest of us......

  148. i believe that dr m is himself of mixed race? i remember riz khan starting an interview with him saying "as an indian ...".

  149. i am a3rd generation malaysian china apek. I own a small outsourced company employing some 80 young malay boys. These under 30yrs are mostly drop-outs but earn anything from rm1300-1800/mth with epf,socso, insurance etc...

    I dont see them as 'mat rempit' melayu..they are all hardworking and dedicated to their task. I owe it to them for making my company relatively successful. I owe it to this country for my well being.
    I dont understand why the politics must alienate me.

    I could easily employ the foreign workers and make more money (politically owned foreign labour suppliers quoted me only Rm1000/head. No epf! No insurance! No socso! ) I could be richer by Rm50,000 every month! BUT i choose not to, as I love this country!

    So, why the policitcs are hell bent to chase me away???

    Keith Khoo

  150. Anonymous12:04 am

    The indians in here keep hurling names and insults at TDM bcos he has indian blood AND also because he is part Malay. This caste-obsessed race take their family habits weherever they go while trying to be whiter than white! We have not forgotten -this was the bloody snob of a race whose womenfolk would run so fast to suck their colonial master's dick. Heaven forbid you call them indian and not 'eurasian' ..whatever that means- must be some sort of a trophy or a life time achievement award for sleeping with a white master or begetting a fair skin kid. And one haven't even begun talking about how they treated the locals. So cit, poda la! We shall not forget.

    Paul John a/k Peter George - sorry ah, still looking for a real surname.

  151. Anonymous12:28 am

    Hallow Jilbab n Den, Who cares about Malays being drunkards, womanisers or even corrupt in this country.
    You see Malaysia had Mr Nice Guy Badawi who screwed the country upside down with his flip flop policies.
    Even ex premier Mahathir can't keep his mouth shut whacking everyone after realising his past mistakes.
    Its for the whole world to see that any Umno-link GLCs will be screwed up while the non-Malays are too happy to see the Malays divided fighting among themselves.
    But don't blame the non-Malays la!
    A good example is NSTP!


  152. Minta semua yang bercakap fasal agenda melayu ini bersumpah dulu macam si saiful tu tak pernah makan duit haram, salah guna kuasa dan main rasuah, baru cakap itu nampak ikhlas dan jujur. Otherwise, just political stunt.

  153. Anonymous1:10 am


    So whats the Ahli Kimia from Taiwan doing here with all the drugs?

    You seem to have all news about almost everything outside Malaysia, care to show us the pictures of these Idiots?


  154. India dan China ni malu bertuankan Melayu tapi bisnes di Malaysia tanpa Melayu, dah lama dia orang bungkus.

  155. Salam Sejahtera semua rakyat malaysia..

    setelah membaca kebanyakan komen2 anda.. terutama dari donplaypuks dan amir..

    ada satu saja kesimpulan yg saya ingin tulis..

    Jika benar bangsa2 lain benar2 mahu satu bangsa malaysia maka :

    1. Tukar sistem pelajaran kita kepada sistem satu sekolah.. satu bahasa

    2. Bubarkan semua srjc dan srjkc..

    3. Tiada lagi iklan2 kerja yg mahukan hanya calon pekerja bangsa cina atau india saja.. (berselinding di sebalik kemahiran bahasa mandarin ada satu kelebihan kononya..! cakap saja mau bangsa cina saja bekerja..! )

    saya sangat yakin anda dari bangsa2 lain tidak akan mahu/ berani tukar sistem ini., kerana kononnya.. anda di lindungi oleh perlembagaan ..

    aah. itu semua alasan dan helah utk berlindung disebalik nama perlembagaan yg silap..

    siapa kata perlembagaan tak boleh di tukar?

    kalau betul anda mau peluang sama rata.., tiada lagi di panggil anda pendatang dan sebagainya.., maka hiduplah dgn sistem satu bangsa..!

    tak perlu lagi anda agung2kan negara asal anda..! sini adalah tanah tempat tumpah darahmu..!(ada nyanyi lagu negaraku tak? faham tak maksudnya?)

    Kalau perkara semudah ini pun anda tak berani ubah! dan saya yakin anda tetap tidak mahu berkorban skolah jenis kebangsaan anda..

    maka jgn nak bercakap tentang hak sama rata! sila sedar diri anda.. anda hanyalah pendatang yang di bawa masuk oleh penjajah british sebagai buruh..

    di mana2 negara seluruh dunia pun ada bangsa anda ni..! di US, Canada.. malah di carribean pun.. tapi di negara2 lain, anda kekal sebagai golongan minoriti yg terpaksa hidup dan tunduk kepada syarat warganegara lain asalkan boleh kekal tinggal di sana dan mencari makan..!

    bersyukurlah.., anda dapat hidup senang di sini.. dan boleh menghantar anak2 mempunya pelajaran dan dapat kerja yg bagus.

    Jangan lah menjadi kurang ajar kepada tuan rumah pula.

    sekian saja pesanan saya, utk semua rakyat malaysia berbilang bangsa. Saya tidak mewakili sebarang parti politik., ini adalah pandangan peribadi saya berkenaan bangsa saya

    anda (bangsa lain) mau sesuatu, anda mesti korbankan sesuatu.

    persoalannya : mampukah anda?

  156. Anonymous6:58 am


    If you're a Malaysian Malay, then you would know who are the "Pendatangs" as stated by Dr. M. Don't pretend you don't know ...I think you haven't really read the whole speech of this great statesman. Read all of it and you'll realise that it is also a wake up call for Malays to improve or change themselves and to leave behind their bad habits ...

    You also said,
    "As for our Politics - where are we threatened or being disposessed?"
    I don't want to sound rude but don't you have any inkling of what's happening in the country?

    Ignorance is not wisdom.

    Ok Mazlan, let me tell you what I think ....I think you're "suspect" ...a pseudo "Malay" ...maybe pretending to be a Malay confuse the masses such I won't waste my time with you ..

    Have a good day.

    - A more and more fed up Melayu

  157. Anonymous7:34 am


    Allah Almighty keeps the Mamakthir alive so that Mamakthir can continue to wreak havoc on Bolehland. After being screwed by the Godfather daily, you also get screwed by UMNO and by Mamakthir daily. Boleh tahan ke ?


  158. Anonymous9:16 am

    Scientist 1:10 AM

    Is that your best shot? Is that the best that you can come up with?

    Here's a counter-challenge: how about rebutting the points I made in my post?

    Come on, lah. Let's debate on the facts and economic realities. Unless, of course, you (and others of your persuasion) want to nurse your inferiority complexes and sulk on the sidelines. While the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Indonesians and Thais are out there eating our lunches.

  159. Anonymous9:47 am

    With apologies to Neil Young, let me copy and paraphrase a line from one of his song lyrics:

    "Mahathirism Will Never Die!" and I may not be far from the truth to say that his ideas will outlive many of us here. There you go. Hahaha

  160. Anonymous9:59 am

    Please use "some Chinese", "Some Malays" and "some Indians" in your comments if you are not a racist.

    Stereotypes can lead to prejudice.


  161. Anonymous10:09 am

    just watch American History X....watever racist propaganda they are always comes with their hidden agenda..which is money and power..and it never about race or colour really

  162. Anonymous10:23 am

    Donplaypuks: Your ignorance is astounding. Your clearly are not aware of how the world works.

    1. China is a communist country. Please feel free to go preaching your holier than thou mumbo jumbo there. We'll see what happens to you after 3 months.
    2. If neither your father nor your mother are japanese, you can never dream of ever getting japanese citizenship even after having stayed there 60 years. Japan is THE most homogenous country in the world. The 0.2 per cent koreans living there are treated like pariahs.
    3. India? Dude, you really wanna go there to live? Shows how much you know.


  163. It's about an elite group of Malays who want to stay on to power by saying fearful things probably untrue to prolong their inevitable demise from power.

    This is nothing new from the old man, he still sings the same old tune using the same instruments and playing to the same audience but like Michael Jackson lately, the stadium is only half full for, there is a new act in town in PR.

  164. Anonymous11:07 am

    They speak with forked tongues, distilling their reptilian thoughts in erudite prose designed to beguile the masses and to mask the canker that lurks beneath the surface. They espouse values that are the universal quest of mankind; justice, equality, egalitarianism, liberty but beneath the polished rhetoric lurks the vengeful hypocrite. Such is the amiable, sincere mien they affect to fool the naive, the supposedly "enlightened" liberals groping in the darkness of their intellectual dungeons, the chingkie-lovvas and hindulen aficionados, the zombie rabble who will lay their worthless selves on the streets of Malaysia for any cause beyond their ken but who will never lift a finger to help their oppressed Muslim brothers and sisters elsewhere.

    And so we have closet apologists like Tunku Mukhree, Hamid Jilbab trotting out into the open and pirouetting their asinine thoughts to earn themselves a free massage for their infantile, under developed egos from their chingkie and hindulen masters. This worthless street scum are nothing more than prostitutes, whoring their pride and honour for the cheap trinkets of praise from their chingkie pimps and Hindulen bouncers. Malay apologists who have self neutered their manhood for a pittance of spittle and scorn. Religiously disembowelled and culturally castrated eunuchs who will stoop to any lengths to lick the unwashed arse of the Chingkie pig and to suck the cum out of the Hindulen cow. Gross nutrients to fertilise a wanked up brain that will spout the inanities that emanate from the likes of Tunku Mukhree

    The pendatangs are the master craftsmen of doublespeak and the skilled artisans at twisting facts and logic to hide their vile agenda. They never ever subscribed to the Social Contract nor did they ever harbour a semblance of respect for indigenous institutions like the Kesultanan nor evince any deference for Islam. Their raison d'etre for existence is to establish their hegemony over the natives. When given the chance, they butchered the Malays in 1945-1946, the very Malays, who three years later will accommodate their (the pendatang) vile presence on this pribumi land and in the process morphing themselves from a nation into a community (see KJ Ratnam and Wang Gung Wu, themselves pendatang acknowledge this fact)

    For nearly a millenium or more, the pendatangs plied the seven seas to rape and plunder this land under the guise of trade. Never did they ever set their roots firmly into the land preferring to squat as itinerant traders awaiting the trade winds to power their sails back to their comfort of their homelands, their junks and ships laden with the gold, spices, expensive hardwoods, jungle produce culled from the bowels of Swarnabhumi, Tanah Melayu, and Malaya. The natives of Gangga Nagara, Langkasuka, Kadaram, Malacca, Penang, Singapore and later the Malay States, Borneo were to them nothing more than curios, people beneath their cultured, "middle kingdom" selves to be trifled with for self gain. Hence, in the early days, it was never a question of planting the seeds of their existence in the local soil to germinate the roots and saplings that will branch out into the trees that will thrive in with the indigenous hardwood in a canopy of harmony.

    Instead, it was the selfish quest of ingratiating themselves to the powers that ruled the land, worming into the inner coterie through corrupt or legal means and leveraging on that influence to enrich one’ self and one’s community. But like a river meandering through a cave, the essence of treachery was forever flowing through the subterranean chambers of their thoughts and actions. So when the Feringghi arrived in Malacca, it was the Indian Mudaliars, Naina Chattu’s and the Chinese captain, who through their acts of treachery, brought the plague of colonialism onto these pristine shores, a plague that would infect and spread through the Malay polity like a virulent canker. In the 1850s right through the 1870s, it was their petty squabbles for territory to peddle their drugs and pimp their whores(a legacy that is well preserved till today:,chinese-women-top-list-of-foreign-prostitutes-detained-in-malaysia.html)that compelled the Brits to venture into Malay territory and wring a treaty from a whoring chingkie lovva Malay prince, the ancestors of our modern day traitors, the 5 sons of Avraham and similar Malay scum. And so the tragic history of our beloved land is littered with pendatang treachery, subterfuge and outright rebellion.

    But we, Malay/Muslims prattle on, mere words mask our inaction, our sabre rattling akin to rags fluttering in the breeze….KITA KENA BERTINDAK, MY MALAY BROTHERS. KURANGKAN CAKAP, SATUKAN SAF DAN GANYANG!!!……….. and once we wipe our machetes, scabbards, daggers and keris dry of pig and cow blood, the remnants of the pendatangs will come to their senses and realise that to provoke the pribumi is like inviting the Grim Reaper to drop by into their puny and dissolute existence….their worst nightmares morphing into palpable realities!!.

    Or are we, my Malay Brothers ready to live like these, our distant cousins ( take your pick….raw / cooked):

    “Qing literati used the term "raw/wild" (“生番”) to define those people who had not submitted to Qing rule, and "cooked/tame" (“熟番”) for those who had pledged their allegiance through their payment of a head tax………..” from:

    Need more historical evidence and fact…I have loads of it!

    Warrior 231

  165. Anonymous11:11 am

    Is non-Malay a threat to the country or Malay? Am I an evil person because of my skin color or because I can't speak eloquent Bahasa? I love this country dearly and it's sick when our leader constantly preach unity among the Malay only. The Chinese community in my hometown have always helped the poor and sick regardless of race. Most of them are Malay. The money are collected from typical Cina Apek from the Sundry shop, Taoist Temple, Chinese funeral, etc. As you can see, these Cina Apek help the Malay though they can't speak eloquent Bahasa or voted for DAP. Thus, don't ever say Chinese educated Malaysian is racist.

    Jimmy Liew

  166. Anonymous11:19 am

    Mahathir is confused.

    He should realize there's a big difference between "defending ourselves" and "believing in Malay supremacy".

    Nobody is against us defending ourselves. Problem is, there are indeed f***ing racists among us.

    Melayu Kini Cemas sebab dah terhantuk baru terngadah.

    BTW - ROCKY BRU, apart from being a pawn for Mahathir, Daim and Najib, what's your comment about the Government's banning of Opposition newsletters for 3 whole months?

  167. Anonymous12:05 pm

    all the malays screaming for tun to go away have proven his point that, Us malays are scared to vene defend our position, for fear of being labelled a racist.

    Lets face the facts here, we are in a coutry whose economy is dominated by the chinese. simple example, go to a starbucks or a baskin robbins, look at who is drinking and who is serving. 80% of the patrons are chinese.

    And when these non malay patrons place their orders, they are damn fuckin rude. And people think malays treat "non-malays" rudely. WTF! it disgusts me. what a bunch of hypocrites.

    you want equality, when are the non-malay SME going to integrate malays into their firms and have a fair chance of excelling there?

    racism is also being conducted by the "non-malay" side as well.

    SO yes Tun, thank you for calling a spade a spade. Keep it up!

  168. This is very irresponsible statement coming from a Statesman !.
    God created all man equal.

  169. Awai-awai dulu, Tun hentam Melayu dalam Malay Dilemma, kemudian buy British last, lepaih tu provoke Australia, then George Soros (ehhh..lupa pulak, dia dah maafkan Soros), then Jews (well Jews okay kot, kalau dah ada track record macam Tun, sapa pun tak betui kecuali dia) and lastly American. Bila habih dah semua orang dia kutuk, baru boleh tiduq lena la kot. Hmm...Indian tak kena lagi kan...kalau constructive takpalah. Ini asyik2 komen yang sama saja...

  170. Anonymous1:14 pm

    we will study under one school system using bahasa. I agree. We shall stop all chinese and indian school. That I also agree. We shall not only advertise looking for chinese/indian workers...that also no problem.


    OK? NO !!! YOU ALL MAKE NOISE. IF you want people treat everyone fairly and equally, you must do the same first. i am afraid chinese and indian has different treatment not from you folks but by the system itself.

  171. Anonymous1:18 pm

    I dont understand you all.Whenever
    we mention 'corruption' all fingers
    point at UMNO.Hello Malaysians,are you saying that MCA,MIC,Gerakan etc
    are super 100% clean ?

    Like it or not I agree with DR M about the position of the Malays.
    Yes,when we talk about Malay rights
    as enshrined in the constitution,we
    are called 'racists.' When Chinese demand for more Chinese schools and Indians demand for more Indian schools,it is their rights. And the Malays (UMNO) start giving out 'millions' to please them.

    What have non Malays done to please the Malays? Start from job opportunities !!! Who actually created'ALI BABA' of Malaysia and why most Malay contractors have to resort to be 'ALI BABA'? Is it only due to incompetency or lack of experience? Answer these from the bottom of our hearts.

    There is a saying,'truth hurts' and how true indeed. Ordinary Malays still need help,so are the ordinary Chinese and Indians. So help must NOT only come from the government...HELP MUST COME FROM EVERY ORGANISATION OR EVERY FILTHY RICH INDIVIDUALS.I AM NOT IMPLYING GIVING OUT CASH. HELP CAN BE ANYTHING.. EG JOB OPPORTUNITIES AND BUSINESS.




  172. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Warrior 231,

    You say it all, brother..

    Kudos to you ...let these pendatangs and their apologists as well as the Malays themselves think and analyse constructively of what you have written.

    - A more and more fed up Melayu






  174. Anonymous3:02 pm


    Malay by nature is an accommodating race that why other races is able to be the richest man, billionaire, bankers, Chief Minister, Minister, Excos, Fed Coa Hc Judges, High rank in the army-navy-air force-police, DGs etc and yet the non-malays still say they are being treated unfairly and for that the Malay has to further compromise whatever rights they have even though it is guaranteed under the constitution.

    And yet others can say that they are marginalised and the Malay are racial. They can say so coz they are not in power. Hello! what the non-malays have now is 1000 x more than what I can say about what the Malay gets as a minority in a neighbouring country where the non-malays are in power and call them self the land of meritocracy, level playing field and equal distribution and what do they give the Malay there (they are not the richest man and there is no malays billionaire, bankers, Chief Minister, Minister [except for one in charge of enviroment for years], Excos, Fed Coa Hc Judges, High rank in the army-navy-air force-police, DGs, fighter pilots etc) when they are in power almost nothing and no body made a fuss out of it.

    To me the sg Malay are like passenger in an air con bus i.e. they are provided with clean, comfortable seat and cool surrounding, they have no control over where they are going, the route is pre determine for them. However qualified they may be they can never be the driver or even the conductor coz ……...

    Maybe the Malays here should learn from the neighbouring non-malays by not being so accommodating only then the non-malays here would appreciate what they have.

  175. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Dear Anon 6.58

    What's a Pseudo Malay????
    I'm out to confuse the masses?
    Wow - you really are clueless aren't you.
    Maybe you are a Pseudo Malay? Some Indon who came over here and now can't find a job and now pretending to be a Malaysian.
    At least I have my blue IC and my ASB account to prove my heritage.
    And I happen to live in the real world where i want to get by on merit.....

    And I don't hide behind anonymous.

  176. I am a Non Malay and I have many friends of Malay descent who are very competent. To me, at the end of the day .. the better man should win. It is no longer ethnic,but whether malaysians can fight and win in global arena. It is quite sad to see how TDM use targetted messages.

    All said and done, at least the Malays still have not lost their rights like the Orang asli and pribumi in sabah sarawak.

  177. /// The pendatangs are the master craftsmen of doublespeak and the skilled artisans at twisting facts and logic to hide their vile agenda.
    Warrior 231
    11:07 AM ///

    Warrior 231 - very true indeed - if applied to one Mahathir Mohamad s/o Mohamad Iskandar s/o Iskandar Kutty.

  178. Anonymous5:02 pm

    The Malays has to blame Mahatir for the situation today. The blames must also be shouldered by the so called UMNO leaders. The NEP which was introduced to assist the Malays has become their worst problem. The Malays were given many lucrative government formed companies (NEP)and all they do is run them to the ground. The cronies of TDM such as Halim, Tajuddin and many more ran the corporations given to them to almost bankrupcy. Malays are spoon fed to the point that they cannot do much on their own but has to depend on more Government hand outs. So what happen now, non Malays are asked to come in and run some these almost bankrupt companies. Now TDM has the cheek to say Malays risk being dispossed, it is him and Razak who started the rot. Don't try and pin the Malay dilemma on non Malays. UMNO is the number one culprit that cripple the Malays, being greedy and corrupt they continue to bleed the country and invest in linning their own pockets. Over the years all the corruption cases involved with politicians are mostly Malays, they changed the education systems to favor the Malays, lower the standards to push up the Malays, now look around and see what happens. The Malays in general are still where they are twenty years ago. When UMNO elections comes up, it is time to start bashing up the non Malays to gain votes.
    TDM, you should go away and live out the rest of your life in peace and keep some of the respects that you have earned. Bashing non Malays is not going to get you anywhere.
    Love Malaysia

  179. After reading all the comments here, I agree with myself.

    No one could answer Dr M's 100 paras. So they resort to personal, racist attacks.

    I STILL maintain that I don't give a shit if Dr M is half-orc or half-elven, or even half-Klingon. What he is saying matters, as evidenced by the kind of reaction his speech is getting. SOme people call him a racist, and then point out his 'race'.

    Hmmm. Isn't THAT racism? Fuck you, racist! Muahahahaha!

    This is a Malay matter. The speech, the NGO, the meet is all about Malays.

    The gist of it is that Malays have continued to be weak. Not because of other people, but because of ourselves. It was a rallying speech to improve ourselves, not a call to arms.

    Having said that, I wonder why some people are so defensive and insecure?

    If any race want to have a call to improve themselves, go ahead.

    I'm all for self-improvement.

    People who have no money could strive to better their financial means.

    Materialistic people could opt for a more humanistic, spiritual approach to life and find out what else is out there, besides cash.

    Can you tolerate - nay - even embrace the diversity of your neighbour or brother or sister, regardless whether they are the majority or the minority?

    The displacement of the Malays is very real, in some cases. While much hoo-haa has been made about minority causes, what about the majority? And it is not an either-or proposition either.

    ALL races in Malaysia and the world, for that matter, can advance themselves without knocking the other to the ground.

    In fact, it would be much better if we all worked together without running each other down. Hell, we have enough idiots within each of our own races to do the job.

    The world will be a better place if people stop being petty. And greedy.

  180. Anonymous5:09 pm


    Skums like these DRUG dealers are the ones who roam about in places like ours, OUT OF GREED, and self BITTERNESS.

    TO BLEED their host countries and destroy the very place that can give them THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY which they COULD NOT GET FROM THEIR OWN MOTHERLAND…

    How many amongst you are them? How many of your grandparents or parent WERE ONCE THEM?

    PARASITES, that’s what all of you are all known globally..


  181. Anonymous6:11 pm

    So now Chinese and Indians demand for equal rights in University or colleges..and nomore NEP.What a great idea,but first lets ask ourselves some simple questions.To make it more lively,lets call this questionaire,"BLOG REALITY SHOW."
    Participants can call 'Talian Hayat' if necessary !

    1. Has the 30% Malay (bumiputra) equity been achieved, and if no WHY?

    2. Who actually have been dragging their feet to achieve this target?

    3. Who monopolise the business empire (some MAFIA style)that makes it very difficult for others,
    especially Malays or even some Indians to even start a small business,such as transport, importing fish from Thailand or Indonesia?

    4.Try to open a bicycle shop as an example. How long can this guy last?

    I agree with THE GOOD FELLA that truth hurts and to some extent it is not easy even by a democratic government or relevant authority to break this deep rooted mafia.



  182. Anonymous7:33 pm

    HAHAHAHA to all these 'pendekar plastik' here bitching & accusing the nonMalays for everything.

    Woit... BN has been in power for the past 50 over years. UMNO is the one calling the shots in politics, especially Tun M himself. So "BN yang diterajui UMNO" has failed, alongside massive corruption & mismanagement... and somehow its the non-'s fault? Bah!

    And you, Warrior231... before you and your little band of plastic pendekars advance with your "machetes, daggers, & keris"... please smile & say *cheese*... because the Rangers will want to take your photo with a rifle scope.

  183. Anonymous10:33 pm

    How about Orang Asli? Maybe they can start a seminar on Tanah Asli/.

  184. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Stamford Raffles founded Singapore and Francis Light founded Penang.. and we accepted that..knowing too well that the Malays (with sultan) were already there.Later sultan Tumasek was booted out and died in exile.

    What can we learn from this?????
    If corruption cannot be surppressed
    let alone eradicated...leaders live in super luxury....enjoying wine and women....history will repeat itself...and stop talking about ketuanan melayu.

    Temptation is always there and enough is never enough. That is why
    history is important and should be made a compulsary subject in school.Children of today will be the future leaders of tomorrow, so
    its good for them to know especially on the rise and fall of leaders.

    I still remember the late Tan Chee Koon who raised a question in parliament as to how many overseas trips an MP/minister has made. This was in the 60s.But today is different.Its nomore how many overseas trips.Its no longer how many Ms but how many Bs.

    Party election is totally different from GE but still one can say that it is equally critical
    because UMNO is the big brother in BN. If those elected fall short of the general public expectation,then
    any extra homework will not change public perception and confidence.

    We must stand up to say YES when it is right and say NO when it is wrong. This is for everybody.


  185. Anonymous10:57 pm

    It doesnt take a rocket scientist to smoke you out of your lair, Bright Eyes... a stroll down Weld Quay, Penang would be good exercise for starters when I drive up there to the Dump of the Orient at the ......(when?that will be a blardy hell of a surprise!)

    Have fun whilst your fat arse is well ensconced in your seat as you munch them keropoks and imagine your swashbuckling self putting to sword those plastik pendekars you so loath before a real one pops up in your face to mask the reel ones streaming across the silver screen.......Enjoy your makebelieve world thru those "cheap" movies them yanks love to dump on arseholes like your good self!

    Switchblade or Bladerunner ..anyone?

    Warrior 231

  186. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Anonymous BrightEyes said...

    HAHAHAHA to all these 'pendekar plastik' here bitching & accusing the nonMalays for everything.

    Woit... BN has been in power for the past 50 over years. UMNO is the one calling the shots in politics, especially Tun M himself. So "BN yang diterajui UMNO" has failed, alongside massive corruption & mismanagement... and somehow its the non-'s fault? Bah!

    And you, Warrior231... before you and your little band of plastic pendekars advance with your "machetes, daggers, & keris"... please smile & say *cheese*... because the Rangers will want to take your photo with a rifle scope.

    7:33 PM

    Woi MataBeliak,

    Ho Ho Ho! Kamu ni betul tongong. Rangers kamu pun bahlul jugak guna rifle scope nak ambil foto? Foto pendekar plastik pulak tu? Rangers moron tu guna rifle mainan ke? Rifle plastik kan?

    Kah kah Kah ada rifle tapi tak tahu pakai. Salah guna pulak tu. Patut ler mata kamu dah juling dengan rifle mainan plastik tu.

    Baik kamu tembak bontot Anwar Al-juburi kamu tu. Sekurang-kurangnya dia rasa syiok kena peluru plastik rifle kamu tu.

    -tukang perati

  187. my my WTF have I been missing in here...

    If you are a NON MALAY why do u gives a SHIT about what a Malay leader wanna say about the state of his own RACE..

    If you are a MALAY then you may choose to listen or completely ignore the MAN who once made us proud to be a MALAYsian....either way its what u do next that matters

    Too many kurang ajar RACIST Mafakers in this thread....

    If you ONLY know what kinda shit is being talked about the Malays in the Chinese or Indian Organised Meetings and of how they talked about their own race.....this kinda shit is also happening daily in offices, shopping centers ..actually come to think of it..every single blardy place in Malaysia n abroad where malaysian of a similar race congregate....

    So what...

    50 tahun lebih pun tak reti lagi nak belajar adap sopan tuan rumah....balik kampung tok nenek lu la..and c if they wanna accept u....

    I will only address one idiot here skilgannon1066 tau ke apekebenda Currency Swap(CS) Tu...

    Central Bankers typically uses CS as part of short term liquidity assistance should there is a short supply of USD to meet the demand against its own currency...

    China having the largest FX reserve in the world is everybody's sweet the world of finance money got no color mate.....only credit risk matters.....

    In a typical CS trade BNM will swap Ringgit against Yuan (which is fixed against USD) they dont need to go to market to source for Yuan or providing Ringgit to the Chinese Central Bank who will then invest in OUR market in safe assets like MGS (not MGR ya) or Tbills....we can then have supply to 80Billion Yuan or 11 Billion USD without AFFECTING the Foreign Exchange Rates of Our Ringgit Vs USD or Yuan


    There's a bigger picture in the ChiangMai Initiative whereby all ASEAN + 3 will have a Multilateral Currency Swap as an emergency assistance measure to help should any country is faced with a SIGNIFICANT outflow..go google yourself la malas to provide link

    BTW F*&k u too

  188. Anonymous12:43 am

    To answer ANON 6:11 PM,

    1) Don't ask non malay, ask the those UMNO politican and ask your own fellow people. Don ask why you cannot compete the non-malay.

    2)same as above answer

    3)hardworking and clever malaysian of course...and if turn up it's non-malay, don get jealous la...they work hard you know.

    4) that will depend on whether he is hardworking, clever or stupid, or whether he really study hard in the school and compete not only in school but globally...and if he is smart, hardworking and with the government extra push...he might open a rocket shop not bycycle shop. Fail?? don blame non-malay la....kesian.

    Human is a lazy animal. You just cannot spoon feed them and protect them like cocoon.... mindset has to be changed so that you all are not competing the non malay but globally. Non malay perhaps know this shit and scare the shit out of them(no money brother). They work hard and if really non malay can excel in what you all been doing ...sorry lo ..we cannot slow down and wait for crying babies you know....non malay just want/need to cari makan in this global community. No one is trying to downgrade the malays which we all also treating them like brothers.

    Imagine if you've been earning 20k every month and so happen your little brother only earn 2k...will you slow down and tell your boss you just need 2k so your brother will be happy? And what happen if your bro likes to hang araound doing nothing...and what happen your daddy(govrnment) been giving him extra help but still he just could not make it your fault?? like non malay ? come on....politician pls leave non malay alone...we just want to concentrate on our jobs.

  189. Anonymous12:56 am

    Lingam and Vincent Tan are not malays. But they were in charge of appointing a "Malay Tuan" (Lord Justice).

  190. Anonymous1:19 am

    Umno was in charge for 50 years. Why blame PR for the predicament of Malays? Why Singapore malays under LKY better off than Penang Malays under Umno?

  191. Anonymous1:33 am

    Alamak Skilganon! Kena tarok dengan SatD la .. Hahaha. I myself was very shocked at your attempt to discuss a matter you understand very little about.

    Padan muka. Lu ingat kita bodoh kar??

  192. Anonymous2:38 am

    -tukang perati

    Sarawak Rangers tu' lah, duh.

    - Warrior231

    You know, I remember having teh tarek with a famous blogger last month. Thanks to the free WiFi at the place, he was checking up comments on his blog. Your comment came up (again) with the usual bombastic word rojak that made no sense.

    I think by that time, you'd bit of a reputation going to notable blogs & forums to spew your BS everywhere... until you got pwned & STFUed by the bloggers & commenters.

    I popped the question: "Hm, I wonder who this perp is?"

    His response: "Tanyalah kawan rapat dia kat Bagan Serai".

    Hm, wonder what he meant by that?

    You know?

  193. Anonymous3:35 am

    This skilgannon 1066 fellow duk meracau sorang.

    Lu mau challenge Zeti.. she jentik you melelong mah, SHAME ON YOU,

    The only eKONEKmee you all are good at is the art of how to Kelentong everyone..

    Gone are those GOLDEN years dear APEK!


  194. Anonymous6:40 am

    Melayu perlu Bersatu. Mahathir cakap tentang orang Melayu.

    Kalau pun Mahathir itu Keling atau Cina yang berhati busuk, Mahathir sedang bercakap kepada orang Melayu. Kata Mahathir (walaupun jika beliau keling pariah), Melayu perlu bersatu. Pilih Melayu yang tidak rasuah untuk memerintah.

    Susah sangat kah nak faham bahasa Melayu?

    Kalau saya Melayu, saya akan pilih pemimpin UMNO yang bersih, pemimpin PKR yang bersih atau pemimpin PAS yang bersih. Itu saja Mahathir cakap. Susah sangat kah nak faham?

    Mahathir kata Melayu perlu mempertahankan hak Melayu. Itu saja. Susah sangat kah nak faham?

    Jika pun Mahathir itu Keling atau Cina yang tidak mengenang jasa baik orang Melayu, Mahathir suruh Melayu bersatu agar dapat mempertahankan hak Melayu. Masih susah jugak nak faham kah?

    Kita orang Melayu memang tahu ramai Keling yang memang kaki belit(bukan semua) anti Melayu. Ramai Cina memang racist(bukan semua) tidak suka Melayu dan berhati busuk terhadap bangsa lain. Kita orang Melayu memang tahu ramai Melayu, Keling, Cina ambil dan beri rasuah. Jadi Mahathir kata, orang Melayu perlu bersatu dan pilh orang Melayu yang tidak terlibat dengan rasuah untuk pertahankan hak Melayu. Mahathir sedang bercakap pada orang Melayu saja. Itu saja. Bukan Melayu janganlah putar belitkan isu.

    Kalau ada yang rasa dia tu Keling, Cina, Jawa, Arab, Siam ataupun orang Penang, Kelantan, Kedah dan Selangor tetapi bukan Melayu tak perlu dengar nasihat Mahathir. Mahathir hanya tujukan kepada orang Melayu. Yang lain buatlah apa yang patut sebab Mahathir sedang nasihatkan orang Melayu.

    Orang Melayu semua tahu, orang yang tidak setuju dengan pandangan Mahathir adalah orang yang anti Melayu. Orang Melayu yang berjati Melayu akan sokong pandangan Mahathir. Mahathir hendak Melayu bersatu demi Mempertahankan hak Melayu. Mahathir tidak suruh kita rampas hak orang lain. Mahathir bercakap demi kebaikan orang Melayu. Hanya anti Melayu yang tidak mahu mempertahankan hak Melayu.

    Ada juga dengar Hadi bercakap elok bersatu. Tapi tidak begitu jelas sebab macam ada bersyarat. Apa salahnya kalau beliau ajak semua Melayu bersatu tanpa syarat mempertahankan hak Melayu.

    Kita patut desak Anwar bercakap dan mengajak Melayu bersatu. Tolak hal politik ketepi. Katakan Melayu perlu bersatu dan pilih Melayu yang tidak rasuah untuk memimpin agar Melayu dapat pertahankan hak Melayu seperti yang terkandung dalam Pelembagaan. Itu saja. Ada sesiapa yang boleh suruh beliau bersuara. Saya juga sokong Anwar jika dia bercakap sedemikian.

    Ingin benar nak dengar Karpal dan Kit Siang suruh Melayu bersatu.

    Eh masih tak faham lagi kah???

    Hanya hendak Melayu bersatu.

  195. Anonymous7:07 am


    Ah so Spura Malays under dictator, LKY better ah? Did you ask them personally yourself or your grdfather told you? Or your Spura chinese relatives told you? Bet you never even spoke to one when you're down there - just look through them ,even maki-maki and rude to the Malay salesgirls as only your bad-mannered and uncouth kind is capable.So stop the bull shit.

    Oh yes do thank LKY for what he has done for the Malays there, to begin with he can pull down Stamford Raffles statue - founder of Spura my ass- a complete disrespect for the Malay community that was there forever!

  196. Anonymous7:26 am

    Satd 100 Skilgannon 0

    Skilgannon, remember me? I told you already to be humble, don't be so arrogant, don't showoff, don't behave so high and mighty, don't think that the world belongs to you and your kind, now you have met your match !!! It is God's/Tuhan's/Allah's will .....


    BRAVO Satd !!!

  197. Anonymous7:56 am

    Hey MonsterBall, I have something for you to ponder.

    "Monsterball...the tongue twister is at his best...trying again to arouse and fanning race issues.
    I guess he will never be a True Malaysian but a race Malaysian talking cock and bull.
    His ortak is torn between shit and tweed."

    Guess, who wrote this?


  198. Anonymous8:01 am

    Hey Amoker,

    Orang Asli and the Pribumis in Malaysia (whether in West or East Malaysia) are considered as the BUMIS stoopide .....check your facts before you open your big mouth !!!

    - Jaga Malaysia

  199. Anonymous9:24 am

    "Mazlan", what's bugging you? you have a complex or what? Have you read TDM's speech?

    Guess what, by reading what you wrote, I find that you're the Melayu Mudah Lupa type like what TDM says ...also having a typical PR anak manja kinda behaviour ....You people jump when contradicted but don't give a damn if you insult or disgrace the other side.

    Dear "Mazlan", sorry to disappoint you but I have attained my 'dream' without any pulling of strings most of the time I work overseas ...even right now ..
    but at the same time I haven't forgotten that my race still needs to improve themselves in many fields so that they can have a better life and better equipped to face the world. That's the gist of TDM's speech. Anyway, what's wrong if a Malay talks about the problems of the Malays?

    You're an apologist for the other side, hence your arrogance. You have enjoyed the privileges of being a Malay in this country, what about the other Malays who are still struggling?

    Anyway, I won't give the last laugh to the pendatangs (ok, I'll spell for you, the ungrateful Chinese and Indians, note : "ungrateful") at this moment, they are laughing so hard to see Malays fight with each other. Easy for them to divide and 'conquer' later .....Even at this moment in M'sia, we have Islam PR and Islam UMNO, Malay PR and Malay UMNO .....apa nak jadi?..

    Btw, I am not an "Anon"...I signed myself as 'a more and more fed up Melayu' .....don't tell me you could not see that?

    ps ......Please pay a visit to and if you have time, to read about what KijangMas and JMD wrote about issues pertaining to Malaysia eg. racial polarisation, politics etc might open up your mind a little bit on the issues related to our Tanah Air Tercinta. Thank you. Wassalam.

  200. Anonymous11:31 am

    now, why can't we all Malaysians work together,irregardless of race and creed, for one common purpose, to compete against other countries in the global arena, rather than fighting among ourselves and planting seeds of hatred and suspicion in each generation. we are mature in a way but do not have the cow sense to think what's best for the country and her citizens.
    Really sad!