Saturday, March 21, 2009

From Perth to Ottawa

Super rich Malaysians own some prized assets in Perth, Australia. Ananda Krishnan has an award-winning property, Rahim Ghouse (a former Anwar Ibrahim loyalist) Rahim Ghouse lives on a ranch, and the Badawi clan and friends' have palaces and dungeons there.

Malaysians' good taste has now caught the imagination of property-watchers in North America. A Malaysian lady part-own this beautiful home in Ottawa, Canada here!


  1. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Ananda Krishnan (A Mahathir Muhammad loyalist)

    Jangan lupa tambah jugak, yek!

  2. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Owners are Sean Murray and Jamilah Taib. Taib? is that one of the Sarawak CM's family?


  3. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Just 2 words. Pek Moh. Also known as the Sarawak State Chief Minister. Go ask him for this story right from the horse mouth. No one knows better than him.
    Change we need. Change we must.

  4. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Alamak Rocky! How can you do this? Implicating Taib Mahmud's daughter? Cannot lah, Rocky! Taib is a stauch ally of the BN, ain't he? Aren't you also a stauch ally of the dark side? Kalau ada kesan-kesan rasuah, diam-diam sahaja dah! Kenapa nak buka mulut? Memang itu dah jadi kebudayaan kan?

  5. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud
    30 years CORRUPT TO THE CORE REIGN has netted him and his family ENORMOUS WEALTH all on the back of hard working people of Sarawak.
    Its so vomitting !
    By controlling the Press,Police & machinery of Government they raped & continue to rape & steal the State Wealth.
    The Crooks in Government must know the Rakyat will NO LONGER TOLERATE their deceits,lies and illegal stealing of the money & resources that belong to all Taxpayers & People of Sarawak & Malaysia .

  6. Anonymous7:16 pm


    daim and mahatir live in squalid houses.

    so are the tajuddins, wan azmis and daim's boys.

    rocky, wish you are more balanced. why mention this rahim? he is nothing compared to the daim's boys. wanna take a bet? loser pays for a bottle of single malt?

  7. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Bloody hell! No wonder I could'nt buy a property in Perth. Now I know who these blessed culprits that created the inflation that push the prices out of the reach of ordinary folks. I wonder, how Malaysian politicians can become super, super rich?
    MACC what say you?

  8. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Wow. The house is more expensive than the one owned by Terry Matthews.
    I used to work in one of Terry Matthew's many companies. He is a multi billionaire (In USD).

    That means Taib's daughter and husband must have billion US dollars.

    hmmm. Wonder where the money come from? Sarawak timbers?

  9. Anonymous8:24 pm

    how about mahathir and his clan properties? do u know where are those?

  10. Anonymous8:53 pm

    The perpetuation of BN has made this success possible for the CM's daughter.
    Looks like what the peninsular MBs and CMs have earned is nothing compared to Sarawak's CM and family.

  11. Anonymous9:11 pm

    so why no mention of Najib's properties..??


  12. Anonymous9:11 pm

    we sure have plenty of our own little "marcoses" and "imeldas" running around the world with money
    they stole from people of country.

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  13. What is your beef rocky? Just because someone high profile can afford to live in luxury, you need to publicise it. Join UMNO, you will get your share.

  14. Anonymous11:00 pm


    you forgot about mahathir relatives - as usual there is a bias in this report!!!


  15. Just take a look at Tok Guru Nik Aziz's house,such a humble and a wonderfu man,who lives true to the teachings of his faith.So many non-muslims were afraid of him and PAS,but he has proven to be a real wonderfull human being.Believe me he cares for all malaysians regardless of race and religion,and he truly does what he preaches according to islam.How nice if only all our leaders were like him?BTW I am a hindu,and have always revered this man called Nik Aziz.May god always bless him.OM SHANTHI.

  16. 'dunia ini ana yang punya'

  17. Now I understand why majority of the Sarawakians are so poor!

  18. BTW OM SHANTHI means,'peace be upon all of us'

  19. Anonymous11:59 pm

    To: Sarawakians

    This house is only the second most expensive in Ottawa.
    Pls continue to vote for BN and Taib govt in all election so that Sarawakian can proud of making Taib's daughter own the first most expensive house in Ottawa!

    Sarawakian Boleh!

  20. Don't look far lah. Here in Malaysia itself. Take a look at all ministers houses, especially from umno. You will be surprise how they afford to built those houses. Super rich.

    Rahim Ghouse earn his living in Autralia. He did not abused tax payers money in Malysia and did not lundered rakyat money like others. So, why his name was mentioned here?. What this got to do with Malaysian politic and tax payers money?

  21. Anonymous12:31 am

    To Sarawakians,

    U all should proud of it!

    Sarawakian boleh!

    Kah kah kah semua boleh kah kah kah!

  22. Anonymous12:44 am

    kalu dulu Mat Taib boleh bawa duit berguni guni ke luar Negara ta'kan TAIB yang ini ta'boleh Pulak,,!!!

    Sarawakian boleh datang Semenanjong and buat harta but orang Semenanjong must renew permit every 30 days,,,

    Whats the fuck,,,!!!!

    Pemimpin pemimpin Negara kesemua,,!!!! nya tau that Malaysia is not safe to Stay so buat lah harta di luar Negara,,,takan nak tinggal di kampung-kampung.

    Lagi glamour kalu ada harta di luar Negara,,lagi pon biar pi dengan rakyat Malaysia,,,mereka semua bodoh-bodoh,,

    Pemimpin pemimpin yang dulu dan sekarang semua nya SIAL,,jaga periok nasi sendiri,,,,biar rakyat makan pasir,,,

    Menyesal tinggal di Malaysia,,ngapalah tak lingkop aja kerajaan yang ada,,


  23. i will vote PAS anytime there is an election.

    look at MB of Kelantan , just a simple house will do.

    by the way i am a chinese malaysian, that is whi i have high respest for Nick Aziz.

  24. Why all d way to Ottawa?

    Just take a trip down to Damansara, Bangsar, Taman Tun, Kenny Hils et al and do a tally of famous names. Then to Oz and NZ where once 2M is reputed to have bought $30 million of properties.

    Not to mention nos. 44- 66A, Mosman Bay, Perth which you highlighted before!!

    Will Msian Assoc for Cows and Cars take action or wait to see if these are mere 'ethical' issues and the Taib's riches have vanished to Canada and beyond?

  25. Anonymous1:38 am

    How can I be a crony? I want to be a crony? How? Crony school? Mana?


  26. Anonymous6:56 am

    Salam, apa lah nak dicemburukan pada dia orang ni. Dia ada duit legal atau illegal. Kalau kamu ni semua ada wang macam mereka ni pon entah2 lagi dahsyat kamu laborkan entah kemana. So what!

  27. Anonymous9:48 am

    Those who have read the Sunday Star
    (Sunday 22nd March F28,F29))surely would be able to have a deeper understanding of how serious the level of corruption in our country is.Way back in the 60s,the keeness and desire to become YB was not that great because most of them felt that to lead was a burden and failure would shame the reputation of the family.

    The motto " UNTUK BANGSA,UGAMA DAN NEGARA" was real.

    My late father (a pensioner) was one of them who who refused the offer to become YB but after begging and pleading by the CM,my late father accepted but for one term only.To cut it short,after one term,my late father was in debt.Our brothers came together to settle his debts.At that time there was no pension for YB !

    His advice to his children,"If you are not financially established, dont ever dream of becoming a politician."

    Today is different and almost everybody perceives that politics is a lucrative career and probably the quickest way to become rich which has no boundary.Money politics was unheard of before but today people are even fighting for a 'ketua cawangan' post,let alone 'ketua bahagian'and above because it is what comes after being elected as one.

    People are getting smarter these days by browsing the internet,and one can get away from being charged for corruption by having proxies, even in the private sectors, GLCs etc etc etc. The fact remains that there is always a question mark as to how a person or family members can build up so much wealth.Chatting at warong and coffee shops,a lot of people say that if ill gotten gains can be retrieved, Malaysia can settle all our foreign debts with a surplus for distribution to the poor.

    DSN and MACC have a tough task ahead and I pray that they will succeed to put back Malaysia as one clean and respected nation.

    I am with UMNO and end up in UMNO, so are my family members to continue with my father's legacy.

    (Wira Bangsa)

  28. Anonymous10:04 am

    once upon a time my kid asked me why all the ex-ministers,ministers,mentri besars all so rich-live big big bungalows ,drive big cars ,sleek sports cars, family holiday overseas always, with a pay of less than RM50,000 pm? Arithmatically,it doesnt tally.Until today I still have no answer to that question.


  29. Anonymous10:09 am


    Your final training to be fully accepted into the dark side -

    Go take pictures of Robert Rubin's mansion and then post it here to say that it belongs to Anwar's friend.

    Never mind that a huge house in Queensway belongs to Samsuddin, a crony of Daim. Never mind that a hotel in Marble Arch belongs to Khalil Akasah, also a crony of Daim. Closer to home, never mind a huge mansion that has 22 bathrooms and a chapel belongs to YTL, cronies of Mamakthir. Never mind that a huge mansion with a helipad in Ampang belongs to an AP king, a crony of Rafidah.

    When your eyes are closed to all these, then your conversion to the dark side will be complete.


  30. Anonymous10:13 am

    The ONLY way to rid our country of uncontrollable corruption is to get PAS to govern and kick out UMNO and their running dogs,maids etc...bcos PAS places God first.


  31. Anonymous10:22 am

    Aren't we all Sarawakians proud that one of us has the 2nd most expensive home in Ottawa? We should all work harder for our CM to make sure we will soon own the most expensive home not only in Ottawa but in the world!

    a LongHouse poor family

  32. Anonymous1:58 pm

    It is a mother of all ironies that this house was built in Canada. The Canadian official definition of AID is " Money taken from the poor people of rich countries and given to the rich people of poor countries" Now we have credence to that definition and this will make the Canadians to be disinclined to give us any form of AID. AIDS Man

  33. Anonymous4:01 pm

    why dont we also discuss about anwar's house? where he's got the money to build such an extravagant house at bkt segambut in the first place? being in jail for almost 6 years. how do his family survived living in the plush neighbourhood of bukit damansara during those years?
    cant we ask him, where he gets all the money? cant we ask him to openly declare his assets and how he got em?


  34. Anonymous4:40 pm

    this house in ottawa belong to the chief minister of Sarawak daughter and her husband. wow.
    I am sure both of them paid for the house with their own income and have nothing to do with the chief minister of Sarawak or any thing not proper.

    keng tiong hai
    shah alam

  35. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Why do some people keep admiring those who choose to stay in humble huts? What kind of progress mentality is that? We should all be looking up to those who know how to live it up. Only then can we progress. No wonder Malaysia still so backward.

  36. Anonymous11:22 pm

    You forgot about the Mahathir son's waterfront mansion in West Vancouver. here is a story from The Province newspaper.

    Thieves hit home of son of former Malaysia PM
    The Province
    Friday, November 5, 2004

    The West Vancouver home targeted in a $600,000 break-and-enter be-longs to the son of a former Malaysian prime minister and a relative of one of the world's richest men.

    According to B.C. Assessment Authority records, the home in the 7200-block Arbutus Road is owned by business executive Mirzan Mahathir, eldest son of former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamed.

    Mirzan is married to Jane Mahathir, a relative of Liem Sioe Liong (a.k.a. Sudono Salim), who is one of the richest men in Asia -- and the world -- and was a close friend and business associate of ex-Indonesian president Suharto, the dictator who ruled that country from 1967 to '98.

    Liong is the founder of the hugely successful Salim Group, which has business interests ranging from food and cement to trading and transport.

    Police say whoever robbed the Mahathirs' 7,700-square-foot, waterfront home got away with about $600,000 in merchandise and used the couple's $90,000 SUV to haul the goods away.

    Among the stolen items were two Fendi sable fur coats, worth more than $100,000 each, two $30,000 Rolex watches and two $20,000 sculptures. The SUV -- a grey 2001 BMW X5, B.C. plate 862-AAA -- is also missing.

    Police say the robbery happened some time between midnight Oct. 25 and 2 p.m. Nov. 1 while the owner was out of town.

    It was one of 40 break-and-enters in West Vancouver since Sept. 1, with more than 20 of those in the wealthy area near Horseshoe Bay.

    The Mahathir home is assessed at $3.6 million, but is listed on various websites at $5.4 million to $6.9 million. Mahathir bought the house in 1994 for $3 million.

    A woman driving from the house in a Porsche Cayenne SUV on Wednesday night said it appeared the thieves stole items that could be quickly sold. She identified the coats as hers and said the caretaker of the home was away at the time of the robbery.

    The theft left her shaken.

    "I'm selling the house . . . I don't think I want to be here," she said.

    Neighbours on the quiet cul-de-sac near Whytecliff Park say news of the robbery came as a surprise, especially because most, if not all, homes on the street are very secure with remote-control gates and other features to keep people out.

  37. Anonymous10:56 am

    Why no mention about yr bosses mansion(det & najib?)

    huh.. really like Utusan Malaysia la this rocky bru's site...
    naik meloya aku baca yr site..

    I can accept when Malaysia Today or Harakah publishes this kind of "who own what properties" because it is well known that they are against Najib & BN.

    Bro, if you are against Anwar & Pak Lah, just say it loud here la..

    -buzz lightmoon-

  38. Anonymous9:03 am

    All great leaders like Mahathir, Nik Aziz, Karpal, but not Anwar are sincere to their perjuangan. But it was spoiled by their son,daughter,son/daughter in law,relative and follower who is too greedy to grab the opportunity to become rich by the name of this leaders.-hattasan

  39. Anonymous12:06 am

    Why must we be negative about Taib Mahmud daughter for purchasing the house. She is not married to an idiot but what i heard her husband and father in-laws are an arhitects and they are also a property developer.They must have made their money from real estates. We see a lot of people get rich from real estate in the west.


  40. In 1997, fliers of his billion ringgit swiss svg acc were widely spread. Taib Mahmud's wealth was estimated around RM20 billion that time.

    He earns a lot from a 'nation size' land. Imagine now 2009.

    I wont be surprised if he's in the top 50 world's richest.

  41. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Pas places GOD first i dont think so...DAP first PKR 2nd...GOD last....wehave been fooled by these ppl

  42. Anonymous12:13 am

    power corrupts....very few r sincere anymore. theyr all in it 4 the money... pas/dap/pkr...whatever, if they get the power.... will also become corrupt..... answer this... after najib...who will lead?