Saturday, March 21, 2009

Agenda Melayu weekend

Saya telah dijemput menjadi salah seorang ahli panel di Seminar Agenda Melayu KeLima pada Sabtu 21 Mac 2009. Untuk jadual penuh seminar, sila klik di sini.

Hari Ahad, 22 Mac, perhimpunan PERKASA pula. Bekar Perdana Menteri kita bakal kesana juga.

Update: 33 Resolusi. Untuk baca Resolusi yang diterima oleh Seminar Agenda Melayu Ke5, sila klik sini.


  1. Anonymous3:08 am

    Sila tuntun ucaptama Tun Dr Mahathir di perhimpunan perkasa di astro awani pukul 10.30 pagi Ahad Mac 22hb. Sebar-sebarkan.

  2. Rock,

    kih kih kih...AGENDA MELAYU...kih kih kih...MAMAK BERUCAP...kih kih kih...MELAYU NGANGA...kih kih kih


  3. rocky... bagus bagus.. diharap ianya menjadi medan perpaduan melayu tanpa menhitung bulu politik atai pencalonan semasa.. ke depankan melayu ...

  4. Anonymous7:49 am

    No thanks. Enough damage done.

  5. Anonymous8:22 am

    Like I said in an earier posting, your conversion to the dark side is almost complete. This is yet another move to get you closer to the dark side.


  6. Rocky,

    Pls tell me when is the Agenda Cina weekend and Agenda India weekend as well....

    lets break this country to bits ......there is no Malaysians here , just malays , chinese and indians etc right ?

  7. Agenda Melayu hanya lah satu Rockybru untuk memecah belah kan kaum sendiri tengok lah apa yang di buat oleh saorang yang sedang mengamok kini nama beliau Yang Berhormat Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim.
    Bangsa Melayu harus menerima hakikat bahawa mereka ada lah sasuatu bangsa yang akan menerima nasib saperti kaum Red Indian, orang asal Hawaai, orang Maori, orang Melayu selatan Thailandc, orang Islam di Mindanao, orang Palestine yang di kongkong dan di bunuh hari hari, orang asli di Amerika selatan.
    Persidangan Agenda Melayu masih menunjukan bahawa orang Melayu masih tidak yakin bahawa negeri ini ada lah negeri asal mereka, kalau tidak mereka tidak semesti nya selalu mahu memberitahu kepada mereka yang tak pedulikan adat dan tata susila bahawa ini ada lah negeri Melayu.
    Kalau saya bangsa asing pun saya tak hirau kan perasaan orang Melayu?! Meereka ini ada lah bangsa moron, makna moron ada lah mereka yang mempunyai akhlak dan perangai knak kanak di dalam tubuh badan orang dewasa!

  8. Anonymous9:27 am

    Salam Br.,

    Is there any possibility to view the seminar over You Tube or any other forms. For Malay veiwers living abroad.

    Please advise
    Srazali Aripin
    Brisbane Australia (email)

  9. Anonymous9:58 am

    Hi, please read this Rocky and tell if it is one of the issue on Agenda Melayu
    More defence scandals

    Mar 18th, 2009 by Tian

    It is wrong to think that Defence scandals confine only to submarine, Eurocopter, Sukhoi, and big-time weapons.Today I held a press conference in the lobby of the Parliament to expose more scandals in awarding Defence contracts. Last week, I received a written answer from the Ministry of Defence revealing that in 2008 54% of the RM8 Billion worth contracts had been awarded through direct negotiation.The justification for direct negotiation was due to secrecy and sensitivity of national security. However here is a case that required high level secrecy:One the favorite recipients of contracts is a guy named Syed Abu Hussin Bin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal. I found out that he is a loyal member of Umno from Bukit Gantang division (Membership no.: 00924477).My search also found that he has been a director or share-holder of some 30 companies. Nearly 90% of contracts involving the supply of various items and rations to the Defence Department were awarded to his companies.I presented to the reporters a list of these contracts. Here I just want to cite two examples:a. Komantra Sajian Sdn Bhd was awarded through direct negotiation a privatisation project of food catering to the Armed Force (ATM) for Northern and Eastern Zones of Peninsular Malaysia. The contract cost taxpayers RM600 million.b. GPB Coporation Sdn Bhd was given a RM300 million contract for bus transportation to service National Service training.I don’t want to go into the issues of the quality of the services. I have also received a lot of complaints from members of our Armed Forces over the food quality and other supplies.We have no doubt some hanky panky is going on here. I think Pak Lah didn’t have much time to go into the details in the Defence Ministry. However I call on him to at least set up an independent inquiry to audit the Defence spending and contracts.


  10. The Malays are not only morons but schizoids as well - they can't decide whether they should be westernized or arabized and while they are marooned between these two ends of the dichotomy - OTHERS are chastizing them AND looting the Malay Peninsula right left and centre (of the Political spectrum).

    Also there are enough Malay traitors and selfish neanderthals who are happy to sell their people down the drain for a handful of silver and accolades from their foreign minders

    "Takkan Melayu hilang dari dunia"? Oh yes there will be some left - the morons and the schizoids.
    So this conference of the malays (note the small 'm') can be called either 'Whither the Malays' or 'Wither the Malays'

    Make your choice. I know mine.

  11. Anonymous11:08 am

    What is a few hundred million here and there ? However, you need to ask the simple question: Is stealing part of the Agenda Melayu ?


  12. Anonymous11:19 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Dunt forget to bring along your keris as well. The whole lot of my family would love to watch you & the rest of "ketuanan melayu" group run amok at the end of the event.

    - Jebat The Warrior

  13. Anonymous11:30 am

    It looks like the Agenda Melayu weekend is another program like the BTN to brainwash the malays on the need to defend their race and rights agaonst the imaginary attack by other races. This is the type of work by the ruling racist UMNO to threaten the malays so that they will continue to give the support to the self serving UMNO warlords for their own political survival. A great civilisation will goes beyond race in their march to the future but here in malaysia the selfish and greedy politicians will use race issues to the hilt to divide the people so that they can get the power to rule the country and get a bigger stake on the nation's wealth.

  14. Anonymous11:46 am

    Sdr MS

    Tak kisah le siapa berucap asalkan ia adil memperjuangkan Melayu sambil ambil kira juga hak bukan Melayu.

    Yang kita tak mau, Melayu yang menganjurkan ketuanan rakyat konon, tapi agendanya ialah menikam Melayu dari belakang, mendirikan "mob rule" di luar dan dalam parlimen, dan ... dan ... meny**t*t sana sini.

  15. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Is there an agenda Malaysia weekend? Can you imagine coming up with more racial weekends?
    Let's have one for white people; maybe one based on skin colour?

  16. tak ade kah pemimpin melayu yang boleh menyelesaikan masalah org melayu ?

    perlukah si mamak ni >?

  17. Anonymous12:35 pm


    You, me, Najib and Muhyiddin are in trouble.

    Please read this.


  18. Agenda Melayu????

    What $$@# is this?

    Unless you guys feel that you are under siege I cannot imagine any useful agenda any particular prospering race will require.

    What is this internal insecurity that you guys claim to possess that you feel you got to have such a weekend.

    It is indeed an insult to all my Malay friends who are confident as they come.

    So what is it Rocky, that you lack confidence in that you feel you got to be party to this?

  19. Anonymous2:42 pm

    good for you rocky, but aks them why BN especially umno made malays look like stupid. for example Ali Rustam, gulity, but can keep his CM post. While Isa gulity, have to quit from WP minister. Are we damn stupid or umno policy stupid!!! most people got upset!!!


  20. Anonymous2:50 pm


    MS kalau setakat pandai kata orang tak reti berucap dan selepastu ketawakan orang...fikir baik-baik. apa faedah yang awak dapat? Awak pun tak ke mana juga kalau sekadar tahu ketawakan orang sahaja tanpa berbuat apa-apa! Kalau awak orang Melayu, awak ni Melayu ketinggalan keretapi.


  21. Agenda satu sahaja - Ketuanan Melayu. Sigh!!

  22. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Dear Pasquale,

    I disagree with you. The Malays critically need a strong, well-structured, clearly directed and united association led by sincere, competent, intelligent, wise, matured and far sighted team of leaders who truly understand what they are struggling for and are always ontrack.

    Do you think other races have no such associations?

    Yes, I do agree we should not fragment Malaysians further. But I must say that we can't help, but to have such grouping to tackle disturbing issues that are weakening the Malays.

    All we need to settle these issues is to put in place rightly capable and sincere leaders to take the Malays forward. We have so far never had any problems to live within a diversified community who knows how to respect the rights of each other.


  23. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Saya setuju dengan Pasquale: Pergi persetankan anything else: kita mesti yakin bahawa Tanah ini Tanah Melayu dan tidak sesuatu apa pun boleh dibuat untuk menidakkan fakta sejarah ini. Kita sokong mana-mana usaha untuk menyatupadukan orang2 melayu semula.
    Mungkin sebagai langkah pertama, kita bawa balik Ahmad Ismail ke dalam kancah UMNO sentral. Dia saja nampaknya yang menyuarakan apa yang benar. Suka atau tidak frasa yang dia buat mengenai pendatang, tidak boleh dinafikan 2-3 generasi dahulu mereka2 yang lantang mahukan kepala Ahmad Ismail, mempunyai datuk dan moyang yang datang mengayuh tongkang ke negara ini. TIDAK DIJEMPUT PULAK TU. Nah! Dewasa ini kita nak samakan mereka dengan kita atas asas kepunyaan Tanah Melayu ini?
    Saya juga cadangkan bahawa Malaysia ini mempunyai nama kedua, yaitu nama asal yaitu TANAH MELAYU. Bombay dah tukar Mumbai , nama asalnya. Chennai, Khmer dan banyak lagi yang ditukar ke nama asal. Kenapa tak Malaysia?
    Sorry Tian Chua. Apabila kita menuju ke arah yang murni ini, maka terdapatlah “collateral damage” dari segi kontrak sana sini. Tapi tak apa: we can live with that. Jika benar pun, ia akan disalurkan ke arah langkah-langkah keperkasaan ini. Betul tak Pasquale? Dan sesiapa yang tidak bersetuju dengan ini, terutamanya tentang Tanah Melayu ini, nah persilakan. Pintu luas terbuka dan sudah ada negara-negara kaya (waimma dulunya miskin)yang sedia menantikan kepulangan anda semua.

    (Pasquale, kalau iyer pun, awat yang hang tak publish komen aku tempoh hari tu? Ishhh hang ni pun satu …)

  24. Pasquale said,

    "Bangsa Melayu harus menerima hakikat bahawa mereka ada lah sasuatu bangsa yang akan menerima nasib saperti kaum Red Indian, orang asal Hawaai, orang Maori, orang Melayu selatan Thailandc, orang Islam di Mindanao, orang Palestine yang di kongkong dan di bunuh hari hari, orang asli di Amerika selatan."


    Wow, that's one hell of a statement I tell you. I sure hope you are one of us "bangsa moron", for having the balls to issue such a provocative statement.

    This is one hell of a fine statement coming from someone who advocates the concept of "Malaysian Malaysia". Other races are truly bangsa Malaysia, while Melayu are "bangsa moron" who will fade into oblivion like the Maoris.

    Well said! And to think that we Melayu will let goons like you run this country.

    For your information Pasquale, all the examples you cited above are examples of peaceful people were deprived off their rightful lands due to COLONIZATION BY IMPERIALIST WESTERN POWERS.

    Hawaii by the Americans, North America by Europeans (mainly Brittania), Selatan Thai was taken by force through a series of invasions by the Siamese imperial army; and later given on a silver platter by the British to Siam during the 1909 Anglo-Siamese treaty. Mindanao successively by the Spaniards, Americans and now the Philippines.

    And Palestine, well the Jews saw that the Palestinians Arabs were TOO WEAK at the time, so what they did?

    THEY BLOODY STOLE THE LAND and sent the Arabs off to rot in concentration camps.

    Say pasquale, are you comparing other races in this country to all of those IMPERIALIST VILLAINS? The "bangsa moron" is weak, so let's take this country from them, like the Jews did to the Palestinians.

    Bad boy you pasquale. Bad boy. Bad! Bad! Bad!

  25. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Melayu masih ade agenda ke? Kalau agenda Ameno dipisahkan dari agenda Melayu, mungkin masih ade. Anyway Rocky, hope u do a good job, and don't u ever go to the "dark side!" :) Just to echo the sentiments of Patriot Selatan about the meeting: "diharap ianya menjadi medan perpaduan melayu tanpa menhitung bulu politik atau pencalonan semasa.."

  26. Anonymous6:01 pm

    melayu lama atau melayu baru ni?

    melayu singapura pun melayu jugak ke? what about melayu selatan thai, melayu south africa, melayu deli, melayu mindanao, melayu champa...?

    janganlah kita MELAYUKAN melayu ni...

  27. Anonymous6:13 pm


    Lu sama bini sama anak, kawat pun tak tau tapi mau ambik tau...

    Mau nyanyi lagu "Perwira" pun tak tau... Lu ingat lu punya tax boleh beli satu submarine ka?

    Mind your own business. Pergi bawa anak bini makan KFC cukup...

    Colonel Saunders

  28. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Melayu memang dah hancur sebab pemimpin Melayu yang rasuah ... Wali Kota

  29. Why all d way to Ottawa?

    Just take a trip down to Damansara, Bangsar, Taman Tun, Kenny Hils et al and do a tally of famous names. Then to Oz and Nz where once 2M is reputed to have bought $30 million of properties.

    Not to mention nos. 44- 66A, Mosman Bay, Perth which you highlighted before!!

  30. Eh, Melayu nak berdiskusi pun jadi "dark side"?

    When the Malays meet among themselves and talk about their lot and the future of their kind - and in their own country, too - they are racists?

    That's real ticklish.

    Dear Malayamuda, Malaysia hosted the World Hokkien gathering and a similar global forum for Tamils recently. What Malaysia will not host is a World Malay Gathering. That will happen in Singapore later this year.

  31. Anonymous11:55 pm


    No harm meeting like this.
    Carry on.

    But just look out for fairplay from every aspect.

    Police permit sudah ada?
    Bila mohon?
    Bila lulus?

    Kalau any PR initiative requests for police permit, boleh dapat similar 'fast' approval?


  32. Anonymous1:15 am

    High time more focus be given to the Bumiputras..

    Why should we need to protect our "HAK", it is ours then and now, who are they to question.. Had been ours then, now and forever!

    What we should do is to EXPAND our existing HAK..

    Orang Asli, pribumi Sabah and Sarawak and the Kampung Malays.. Thousands the likes of

    Please go all out and help them nikmati HAK mereka yang sebenarnya.


  33. Anonymous9:41 am

    Ha---they'd probably thinking of how and why the world should speak the Malay language ! Yeeess---Maths and Science MUst be taught in Malay otherwisw we are killing ourselves---i mean whomis going to buy the Malay language text books in schools ha ! Of course the university students would'nt have to buy them because there are'nt enough in the market.
    Learn from the Koreans. Watch how their KBS stations promote their language by getting people ( albeit beautiful girls--but so what !) from all over the world to speak Korean . The Koreans are proud and happy AND gave these foreigners a platform to show off .
    Agenda ? Trouble is they should talk about the hidden one.


  34. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Wali Kota,
    Sedap cakap?

    Yang lain duk korupsi TIAM TIAM sejak mula berlabuh kat Tanah Air sini, SIAPA?

    Lu pikiaq the Of top Malaysian b/millianaires became who they are due to their sweat and tears ONLY meh?? POOORAAAH... Boleh belah

    Yang memberi yang menerima dua dua sama, SAME SAME, Kata Dulang Paku Serpih, Kata orang Hang yang lebih...