Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You decide, Khalid!

NST 25/02: Selangor Sultan not giving advice on Elizabeth Wong's case yet as cops still probing nude pix. Leaves it to MB to decide

25/2 Selangor Sultan is above politics; will leave it to MB Khalid to decide fate of exco Elizabeth Wong, now abroad following photo scandal/STAR

Passing the buck back. Why anyone thinks that the Sultan of Selangor should decide on Eli Wong's future beats me. I was quite anxious as to how the HRH would decide. You know, damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. We still remember Sultan Perak's Dilemma, don't we?

The full press statement by the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, over the controversy involving Bukit Lanjan state assemblyman Elizabeth Wong, issued by his private secretary, Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani

“I am pleased to inform that Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Khalid Bin Ibrahim, the Dato’ Mentri Besar Selangor has sought an audience with His Royal Highness, The Sultan of Selangor, on Wednesday, 25th February 2009 and duly informed His Royal Highness on the political development and the issue which involved Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping, the Selangor State Assemblyman for Bukit Lanjan who is also the State Selangor Exco Member.

His Royal Highness, The Sultan of Selangor, has commanded me to inform that His Royal Highness could not offer any guidance or advice to the Yang Berhormat Dato’ Menteri Besar of Selangor in the matter related to the issue of Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping as it was still under police investigation and it involved her political position. It is His Royal Highness’ stance as the Sultan of Selangor to be above politics.

His Royal Highness believes that whatever decision that is going to be made by the Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Mentri Besar of Selangor will made with accurateness, fair and with wisdom by taking into consideration the interest of the Rakyat in particular and the State of Selangor generally. His Royal Highness is upset and worried as of late the intrusion of someone’s privacy and private rights was being used to destroy one’s dignity and reputation. It is a sad thing as one’s life and private rights were being made public and subject to public scrutiny by publicising in the mass media.

To Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong, His Royal Highness felt sad and sympathised with her as to the unfortunate event she had suffered and hoped that Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong will remain calm and be patient in continuing with her life henceforth.”

Dato’ Haji Mohamad Munir bin Bani Dato’ Lela Bakti Private Secretary to His Royal Highness The Sultan Of Selangor


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    the word is 'damned if he does, damned if he doesnt' bukan "damn" ish ish ish...dah berapa kali you cakap mende tu...

    I is Anon

  2. Damned! I mean, damn! Thanks la I is Anon.

  3. Saudara Rocky,

    Satu keputusan yang tepat oleh DYMM Tuanku.

    Ada cubaan untuk memindahkan tekanan politik yang sedang dihadapi oleh kepimpinan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor kepada pihak Istana. Perkara yang sama juga berlaku di Perak. Namun apabila, Sultan membuat keputusan, ianya dimungkiri dan di perkotak katikkan. Kononnya Sultan tidak bijak membuat keputusan. Dan ianya dilakukan oleh kawan-kawan parti pemerintah di Selangor yang dipimpin oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

    Kini Sultan Selangor meletakkan dirinya di atas politik dan "menitahkan" memanda Menterinya sendiri membuat keputusan. Keputusan yang dibuat mestilah bijak dan melangkaui kepentingan politik. Pastinya MB yang bijak dapat membaca apa yang tersirat di hati Sultan dan rakyat

    Sebagai pemastautin di Selangor, saya tidak inginkan seorang wakil rakyat yang tercalar maruahnya dengan perbuatan kurang bermoral seperti yang berlaku di Bukit Lanjan. Lagi pun wakil rakyat berkenaan sendiri sudah tidak mahu meneruskan perkhidmatannya dengan meletakkan jawatan Kerajaan dan juga ADUN.

  4. Let's wait for the Selangor Menteri Besar's wisdom.
    I'm sure he must consult the DAP first (not PKR) before taking any further action since the ROCKET is more powerful in PR now.
    Dont ask me why the ROCKET is so powerful now, direct the question to Khalid, Azmin, Wan Azizah or even Nurul Izzah.
    Please don't ask Anwar Ibrahim coz he'll tell multiple lies and you'll end up asking yourself what the question was in the first place.
    But I think, this is a BIG CONSPIRACY INVOLVING THOSE HIGH UP IN THE GOVERNMENT (sounds familiar right... but this time its the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor Government)
    Makan ubat sendiri kawan!!!

  5. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Apa la you punya spin ni...
    Orang hormat raja pun salah tak hormat raja pun salah.
    What is next?

  6. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Khalid...why the heck do you want to involve these fellas when all of Malaysia wants to stay far away from it because of your Tan Sri title. Hello lah some backbone...stop this ampu ampu buisness...that is so UMNO. Be a man...stand up and be counted as a great leader. You dont have to be scared of the Sultan, Toyol, cows or cars. You need only the people to back you. And they will only back you if they see that you are doing right.

    As for Eli...let her resign...and call for a by election.....enough of the melodrama. Just get on with life. The economy is going to wipe out all of us soon.

    John Q

  7. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Imagine if they had not referred it to the Sultan, BN would have a field day criticising Pakatan. But since it went to the Sultan, BN has to shut their mouths in respect while waiting for the Sultan to say his piece. Come on, they can't be seen to be going against the Sultan's opinion.
    (Only one loose mouth who didn't care; there was an election to be won after all!)

  8. Anonymous1:58 pm

    There must be something behind all this. The MB may be trying to rope in the Sultan to make a decision for the mob mafia to capitalise upon.

    The right thing for the MB to do was firstly to conduct their own internal investigations, which probably fell flat on his face.

    Next he should have sought the views of his Exco Members, his immediate boss and rest of his gang.

    But he wanted a short cut to deflect this problem.

    If it was a BN model in the picture, would it be the same?

    There seems to be double standards too in PKR.

    But it is surprising that the BN guys are playing it cool, unlike the PKR ruffians if it was the other way round.


  9. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I'm supporter of PR ideals and I think PR made the right move to consult HRH on this. This is different from Perak case. To get advice is to get what HRH thinks about the situation and I believe HRH did give the right message and an excellent one at that. First HRH is impartial and is above politics but that doesn't mean we cannot go and talk to HRH and seek opinion & advice. Secondly, HRH is clearly sympathises with Eli and agree intrusion of her private life is a despicable act. Advicing Eli to remain calm & patient in her life trials. What an excellent Sultan we have in Selangor!!!! Daulat Tuanku!!!! Daulat Tuanku!!!!

    May the Lord grant HIS blessing on HRH Sultan of Selangor. Amen.

    Humble servant

  10. Anonymous2:06 pm

    A most appropriate answer from His Majesty.

    But reading between the lines, my personal opinion is I sensed that HRH feels that YB Eli has been wronged and his advice that "...Wong will remain calm and be patient in continuing with her life henceforth...” he is hinting to her not to resign and to continue with the good job she is doing.


  11. Anonymous2:11 pm

    To Saudara Zainal A.Kassim,

    You and me clearly have a different opinion and you shift the blame to PR who asking for advice from HRH as sort of political pressure. I don't know why you are bias in this matter. When you make decision, you consult several people for opinion, the constituents of Bkt Lanjan, her political party, HRH etc. So you can make informed decision and hopefully a wise one. I don't see anything wrong with that, and its still not final. We still need to hear how PKR would do after HRH gave his view already. HRH is impartial and shows empathy with Eli.

    Humble Servant

  12. Anonymous2:13 pm

    His Royal Highness believes that whatever decision that is going to be made by the Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Mentri Besar of Selangor will made with accurateness, fair and with wisdom by taking into consideration the interest of the Rakyat in particular and the State of Selangor generally.

    If taking into the interest of the Rakyat, then Eli should continue on her good work.

    And Barisan Nasional federal government should just shut up and let Selangor take over Puncak Niaga and Syabas.

    As a Rakyat Selangor, I support fully the effort to take back from the current water providers and give back to the Rakyat.

  13. Anonymous2:18 pm


    I sense that the real message from the Sultan is please don't mess up people's personal lives. Everyone, including the royalty, have a right ot their private lives.

    What he said was passionate. He is a good man.


  14. Fore sure, this country will be wiped away by financial tsunami if the people from top to bottom still fighting like nobody.

    Idiot, it is economy now .....

    still not yet wake up? good luck to you chaps...

  15. Really? Has the Sultan passed the buck back?

    "His Royal Highness is upset and worried as of late the intrusion of someone’s privacy and private rights was being used to destroy one’s dignity and reputation. It is a sad thing as one’s life and private rights were being made public and subject to public scrutiny by publicising in the mass media.

    To Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong, His Royal Highness felt sad and sympathised with her as to the unfortunate event she had suffered and hoped that Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong will remain calm and be patient in continuing with her life henceforth". : End Quote

    What do you think the Sultan was saying and implying?

  16. Yes, the Sultan should not fall into PR's trap. He may end-up being sued for making decisions that failed to satisfy DAP or DSAI.

    Khir Toyo should ask EW to stay as MP just like Hadi asked Badawi to stay as PM. Both are known to get caught while sleeping and they certainly make good bullets and nice jokes.

  17. Anonymous2:43 pm

    This is just a legal game Anwar is playing.

    Last year around June/july 2008, anwar obtain clurt clearance to seek position on hsi dismissal as TPM.

    He wanted to make his dismissal by TDM as null and void on the basis that it did not get Agong's consent.

    This will determine the power of Agong to appoint comes with the power to dismiss.

    Is there such power to hire and fire PM or Ministers.

    What happen to the case?

  18. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Quote HRH of Selangor:

    His Royal Highness is upset and worried as of late the intrusion of someone’s privacy and private rights was being used to destroy one’s dignity and reputation. It is a sad thing as one’s life and private rights were being made public and subject to public scrutiny by publicising in the mass media.

    Thank you, Tuanku you have said it in no better way. This will put shame to the Kuran Ajar who took advantage of a defenseless victim.

  19. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Sdr Zainal A. Kasim,

    Kalau setakat pemastautin Selangor, tapi bukan pengundi Bukit Lanjan...takde sapa tanya your inputs..

    PR tanya Sultan. No harm there..

    Mungkin anda lebih redha dengan Khir T..itu juga hak anda.

    Pengundi Bukit Lanjan

  20. Anonymous2:50 pm

    If I am Sultan Selangor, I will reprimand Khalid and deduct his salaries for playing tai- chi, passing the buck.

    This is your own parti Keadilan domestic in-fighting problem:-

    1) sort this out with your spiritual leader Anwar Ibrahim,

    2) wait for police to investigate to find out the culprit who leaked the photos and

    3) ask Elizabeth to make a Statutory Declaration that she is not involved in any immoral activities

  21. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Apa punya spin la. Tindakan khalid mempersembahkan isu eli wong kepada sultan selangor adalah satu tindakan beradap. Tuanku yang melaantik EXCO, maka apabila timbul masaalah, baginda perlu dimaklumkan.

    Kedudukan EXCO adalah diatas perkenan Sultan, at His Majesty Pleasure. Berlainan dengan perlantikan MB yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan negeri.

    Dalam kes EXCO, pandangan pertama adalah dari sultan sendiri kerana bagindalah yang melantik eli wong dalam kes ini. Jika baginda murka, maka khalid mesti meminta eli wong meletak jawatan exco dan juga mungkin ADUN.

    Dalam kes ini, baginda telah bertindak dengan bijak. Baginda memberi ruang kepada khalid dan pakatan rakyat untuk mengambil tindakan yang patut.

    Walaubagaimana pun perlu diingat, jika baginda tidak berpuas hati dengan tindakan khalid menyelesai kes eli wong ini - baginda mempunyai hak untuk bertindak.


  22. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Perhaps Khalid already anticipated the response he's gonna get but is just going thru' the motions before he make his announcement...

    Won't be surprised if that is the case, that's how they play it in corporates and he's a corporate man :-)


  23. Anonymous3:19 pm

    sultan says he lets mb decides. so, mb go and tell yb eli to continue good work as exco for the people. end of story. everybody happy.


  24. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Is it Yang Berhormat or yang hilang kehormatan ???

    Anon 2

  25. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Wahai Sultan Selangor,

    Mengapa Sultan Perak tak ikut jejak mu?

    Mengapa Sultan Perak tidak neutral macam kamu dan membenarkan Menteri Besar bubar Dewan Undangan dan membenarkan rakyat menentukan mandat kerajaan melalui pilihanraya di Perak?

    Sultan Selangor buat cam neutral. Tak mo masuk campur. Meninggalkan keputusan kepada MB Selangor.

    Tapi Sultan Perak tak neutral pula. Membuat keputusan bagi pihak rakyat, dan memihak kepada satu pihak, menolak kehendak MB Perak membubarkan Dewan Undangan.

    Saya bukan derhaka, yek. Saya cuma seorang insan biasa yang ingin lebih memahami motif disebalik tindakan strategik yang dimainkan Sultan-sultan kita.

  26. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Although I am not a 'Selangorian'
    I am so pleased with HRH's comments on Eli.Whether HRH is above politics or not is beside the point but as the Sultan,it is only right that HRH advises his subject whenever it is needed.
    Selangorians should be proud of him...some 'may' disagree but majority rules.There is famous saying,'When you point your fingers at somebody,at least 3 fingers are pointing at you.'Who has not sinned anyway.

    (anak bugis)

  27. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Going to the sultan gave the sultan an opportunity to express his sympathy and empathy as other commenters have said. This feeling would have not be 'expressable'if khalid had not gone to see the sultan.

    i am sure the sultan has done wonders for elizabeth wong's morale.

    for rocky ( and noraini of 3540 ) to try to put a spin on the motive of khalid's action is rather mischievous. especially since both of them had been relatively quite reticent on the issue before.

  28. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Come on Rocky, don't tell us you don't know why Khalid referred the matter to the Sultan?

    You really think he is clueless and is just trying to pass the back to the Sultan?

    He probably anticipated this response, so not only he bought some time, but he has covered his ass from at least one angle. Critics (you?) can't accuse him of disrepect to the Sultan should he decide to retain Eli.

    It's a brilliant move as far as political strategem is concerned.

  29. Anonymous4:15 pm

    MB selangor hanya memberitahu keadaan politik di selangor kepada sultan..thats all..that means he's a good MB lah..haiyaa itu maciam pun lu olang BN mau cari pasai kaaaa..

    nyonya meneer

  30. Anonymous4:20 pm

    When she were caught naked, she tendered her resignation. The State Government should just accept. Her supporters might want her to stay but SHE is the one who is going to face the people everyday. She will feel that the whole world is looking at her naked! She will suffer mentally and might end up in mental hospital!. So if you love someone, you should learn to let her GO!

    Now, do the MB needs a Sultan advice just to do this SMALL decision? Or the MB just want to make the Sultan looks bad if Tuanku advices against the will of PR supporters? But now we can see that Tuanku is far smarter than the MB!

    Nothing politics, just a COMMON sense.....

  31. Anonymous4:21 pm

    That is what I call wisdom of the highest order by the HRM The Sultan. The trust and wisdom of the MB lies beyond the Sultan's prerogative powers and the latter is merely a guardian to the will of the people of Selangor.Good Judgement on HRM's part. MB was the choice of the people and he decides what will be best for the rakyat. Well done!

  32. Anonymous4:22 pm

    That is what I call wisdom of the highest order by the HRM The Sultan. The trust and wisdom of the MB lies beyond the Sultan's prerogative powers and the latter is merely a guardian to the will of the people of Selangor.Good Judgement on HRM's part. MB was the choice of the people and he decides what will be best for the rakyat. Well done!


  33. Anonymous4:27 pm


    Macam ini hormat Raja?

    you must be joking. Ini macam nak mempermainkan Sultan....minta "advice" on the fate of state exco yang mempunyai gambar terkangkang dan telanjang bogel.....


    mungkin niat khalid tak jahat tapimemang nampak betul-betul jahat.

    what is wrong with you...asyik nak tuduh rocky spin saja. dia buta tu, spin. dia buat ni, spin.

    hang pa semua ni bodoh dan buta.

  34. Anonymous4:37 pm

    aaah....the sultan was really being so nice, having been put in such a difficult situation. indeed. he has remained "impartial".
    but, really what did anyone expect him to say?

    to anon@2:06PM (observer): i think you are mistaken. i think the sultan preferred that elizabeth wong moves on with her life..

    i think we all should respect her decision to quit her posts.
    although she is the victim here, she has to take responsibility for the photos being taken. for an intelligent woman, she is really stupid for having a relationship with such an asshole. for that, she has to be accountable.

    i feel sorry for her and hope that she can pick up the pieces of her shattered life.

    everyone (figuratively), will remember her as the ADUN yang bergambar bogel.
    unfortunately, this is the real world.

    so sad.

  35. Anonymous4:48 pm

    A most appropriate response form HRH Sultan of Selangor. The statement is wholly logical, rational and makes good sense. I'm all in support of this stand. It drives home the messages loud and clear. Thanks to the Royalty for His humanely care and concern.

  36. This English version of the Istana statement doesn't do justice to the "neutral" positiion HRH Sultan Selangor wishes to take as the last two paragraphs conveys HRH's dismay and displeasure.

    The English used is rather quaint, which is usually the case when you are translating "royal language" from Malay into English or vice versa.

  37. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Ya I agree with Anonymous aka Humble Servant.
    This goon Zainal anak whatever Kassim lah.... is so naive about politics. Stupid fellow!
    Thinks he looks smart kah in that jamban tarik coat?
    Haiya we have to come to term with another shallow thinking anak Melayu here.
    Don't understand and can't diffrentiate what is happening in Perak and that in Selangor and yet, also wants to make comments.
    He he he. Pity this guy.

  38. Anonymous5:15 pm

    damn if khalid didnt.y dont you get a job dude.

  39. The wisdom of Solomon, or Sulaiman, if you'd prefer, is in that statement somewhere. Guess its for Khalid to see it. Its not like the Sultan has not given it much thought. I think he has. And he has responded the best he can. I'd congratulate the Sultan for his wisdom.

  40. khalid gagap al lembu ingat dia cerdik sangat nak kenakan tuanku

    hehehe rupanya tuanku lagi bijak...ibarat menarik rambut dalam tepung

    apa la skrip khalid dengan aljuburi nak auta lembu2 pkr di selangor?


    daulat tuanku!!

  41. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Bloody Hypocrite PR trying to use the Sultan to show the rakyat that they still believe in the wisdom and powers of the royals, as if they care what HRH says. I say they ask their new King, King DAP. Hail the new ruler of PR.


  42. Anonymous6:19 pm

    He is the head of Religion of Selangor. And she is the YANG BERHORMAT of the state.

    First, involved the moral act of distribution of those pictures.

    Second, the morality and the circumstances leading to how and why these pictures were made possible to arrive at in the first place.

    The RAKYAT is watching, Muslims and Non Muslims the world over. Please bear in mind, Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. And Selangor is part of Malaysia.

    This is no joking matter.


  43. Anonymous7:18 pm


    That show how stupid is MB Khalid.He thought Selangor is like PNB.If he is clever,he dont have problem with Cow and Car.

  44. Anonymous7:19 pm

    very diplomatic put. nuff said...

    -nuff nuff

  45. With the impending doom of our economy, we are still too engrossed with the 'wayang kulit' of Malaysian politics. So what if there is a nude pics of Elizabeth Wong. Let her resign and get a new candidate to replace her....that's all!

    Being an MB of a state, you don't need the Sultan to decide for you. His Royal Highness just give consent to your recommendation. Therefore, leave the palace alone.

    You, being the executive of the state, decide and decide you must.

  46. Kenapa Khalid tak tanya sekali dengan Sultan kedudukan dia berhubung 'kes' dia dengan lembu.

    Takkan sultan nak marah pada lembu pulak kot..

  47. When you don't consult them, they get all uppity and huff and puff about their role as per the Constitution and being ignored.

    When you do consult them, they make peculiar decisions like appointing a junior no-service UMNO croney judge who burned his marriage certificate as CJ over the heads of more experienced long-service judges.

    Or, instead of calling for fresh elections in a tight, dubious situation with dubious frog MP's, they appoint a new State Govt in direct contradiction to the wishes of the majority.

    And, again whne consulted, they pass the buck back.

    Can't live with them, can't live without them!!

  48. Anonymous8:15 pm

    This a party matter. There is no need to draw in His Majesty. Ramalx

  49. Anonymous8:27 pm

    BN, please learn from this.
    Engage the royalty to update officially and whether the royalty has any views.
    Since it is politics - let the executive decide after consultation with all in the government.

    Not make a mess like in Perak.

    And meanwhile, Khir Toyo's matter to be sidelined by you guys as though he is holier than thou?

    It takes almost a year for that guy to now only say that he is finalising the transfer of some Saudi Arabian properties to the current legal, lawful MB?

    Earlier he did not want to do it because he was trying hard to see the 'backdoor' fall of PR government in Selangor so that he can come back to power and sweep the issue under the carpet?

    I suppose this kind of matter does not warrant any scrutiny in your blog as 'it is still subjudice or the MACC has not concluded its investigation'?


  50. Khalid was merely asking for advice but why would anyone says that he was trying to involve royal into this incident...
    Now that the advise has been given and Khalid could move on... simple as that...

    But Rocky... why didn't you voice your disagreement to involve the Royal when Khalid said that he will seek audiance from the palace?
    why only now ?
    ikut angin la u...

  51. My opinion is different than the opinion of Observer 2:06PM. I intepreted the statement "...Wong will remain calm and be patient in continuing with her life henceforth...” to mean as signal to accept her resignation so that she can carry on with her life from now on (i.e., henceforth).

  52. Anonymous9:33 pm

    spin...spin...spin bro....

    rakyat biasa

  53. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Sebagai pengundi beralamat tetap di Selangor (DUN Kota Alam Shah), saya menyeru agar Cik Elizabeth Wong mengekalkan jawatannya sebagai Exco dan Ahli DUN.

    Dan saya mengesyorkan wakil kawasan saya dibebaskan dari tahanan ISA.

    Lebih baik Liz Wong dpd seorang bekas MB yang mentoyolkan wang negeri...

  54. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Poor Khalid... He went to the king hoping for his majesty to decide against his party interest, paving the way for his good friend Karpal to sue HRH. But this doesn't happens. It seems that HRH has out maneuvered Khalid and his advisors in PKR.

  55. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Beritahu Suktan salah...tak beritahu pun salah...

    Banyak la puak puak putar belit ni.

    Dah kalah PRU March dulu nak kacau org lain pulak.

    Atau ada makna lain kot...sebab duit dah payah nak dapat kot.


  56. Anonymous10:37 pm

    I agree with John Q. The only decision rakyat want Tan Sri Khalid to make is let Eli go and this is what all politicians in the US, Japan, Europe will do when they are in a situation like Eli. Have by election. After that help the rakyat to move on. If this small matter also cannot make decision, how to save rakyat.Don't become menteri besarlah, just take the Kerani Besar post at Post Office in Batang Ai, in Lubuk Antu in Sarawak.

    Rosli dhobi

  57. Same le... if Khalid did not ask Sultan, then UMNO will come in with Utusan stories on kisah derhaka and what not. Damn both ways le.

    So, consult loh. Now HRH pass back the ball, then he can decide loh.

  58. Anonymous12:17 am

    How come PR even asked the Sultan? I thought the Sultan's opinion doesn't matter to them, as showed in the Perak incident.

  59. I don't think Eli should resign for those crappy photos. She is one of the few, I heard, who opposed to hillside development. The rest?

    If it's up to me, I'd get her to stay.

    I mean, the photos are so crappy, who cares?

    Morals? What morals? WHOSE morals? Not mine.

    I believe she should be given space, yes, but really, those photos show nothing. NOTHING!

    It has shaken my 20-year faith in pornography.

    And even if they did, who cares? Thank you Eli, for flashing, now go get the hillside developers.

    As long as she doesn't use the issue to get sympathy, I'm fine with her. Morally. Hahahaha.

    Oh well. It's NOT up to me.

    I mean, I'm a BN lapdog. A Malay some more. What do I know?

  60. Berdasarkan komen Sultan Selangor - nyata ia bersandarkan version yang dipersembahkan oleh Khalid.

    Apakah itu version yang benar atau 'dicantikkan' oleh Khalid.

    Kita rujuk kes Nizar persembahkan kepada Sultan Perak - apa yang disembahkan ialah dua pucuk surat dari EXCO PKR Perak yang meletak jawatan tetapi akhirnya disahkan 'surat palsu dari PKR sendiri' - tentulah Sultan murka.

    Dalam hal ini, kita berharap pihak istana mengambil tindakan saman ke atas Nizar kerana berbohong.

  61. Anonymous8:10 am


    SOrry I support the privacy thingy, but when you are public figure esp politician, we expect them to be role model to bring forward the changes for our voice. Why cant elizabeth just make her stand and resign? For her supporters, just let her resign and must it be a elected MP or Adun to serve people?

    I just cant imagine in future how on earth Elizabeth wants to fight for us about moral issues if you are caught with the moral issue too? There a lot of capable ladies beside her, find another one la.

    All public figures, celebrities should know that once you are there, the privacy is no longer yours as you pledge yourself to the public and that's how you get to where you are.

    In America, the morality of a politician is no.1 being place to shoulder it.. So except it the Elizabeth should go as we expect PR should potray to us that we are better than UMNO image..

    Privacy has its limit..

    Resign beth!!!

  62. Anonymous9:09 am

    Kalo Sultan restu, kalau MB restu, akan memberi laluan HEBAT kepada Yang Berhormat lain2 yang bukan beragama Islam kongkek anak dara orang, suami orang, laki orang sesuka hati.

    Teladan ini akan meresap merata Malaysia, "buat apa suka" asalkan ini hal peribadi.

    Yang nak ambik cuti rehat panjang bergaji pun akan mengguna budaya sama. Kongkek kat rumah, suruh orang tangkap gambar dan siarkan, lepas tu, dapat terbang sana sini BERISTIREHAT dan BERGAJI PENUH, sementara Polis kejar cari orang yang tolong tangkap gambar.

    SHOK betul.. TokNik pun dah bagi restu. Kongkek siapa ajer dalam bilik tidok.. Itu tak salah, dalam kamar bilik tidor persendirian!!


  63. Anonymous9:40 am

    I think the Sultan of Selangor did right. As for the MB of Selangor, he did right too.

    As formality requires or respect, MB of Selangor has done right by seeking the Sultan's opinion on this Eli matter. And the Sultan, as per his "job description", he is to be apolitcal and above all these party-party. Like that la!! Everybody knows their own JOB DESCRIPTION!

    As for Eli Wong, I dont know what's the fuss!? She is not married, she is not caught on film naked with another woman or animal or children or a dead corpse, she obviously wasnt caught on film in some park or alley or public place. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? She has lover(s)? She has sex? Please la!! She is not a nun la. Leave the moral mumbo-jumbo to GOD and her la.

  64. Anonymous11:34 am

    I think if khalid retains Eli then PR is no different from BN..having someone with loose character to be a YANG BERHORMAT.What a shame!and wonder whether eli will dare face mockering remarks after this!!


  65. Anonymous12:01 pm

    I think it is more of a courtesy move than to actually want the Sultan to decide.


  66. Anonymous1:18 pm

    To MB Khalid,

    Since you wanted so much to be in charge, decide yourself and then only refer to the Sultan.

    It's your party matter and you are still holding the majority.

  67. Khalid is covering all bases; asked for HRH opinion, NOT decision, to counter all those spins/arguments from the asses that will use the "D" word (derhaka) against him and PR.

    By the way, Khalid may be "gagap" as some stupid ass said here, I'm sure Khalid has done better than most. Go to Jeram, Kuala Selangor to see how far this gagap guy has made it.

  68. Khalid is covering all bases; asked for HRH opinion, NOT decision, to counter all those spins/arguments from the asses that will use the "D" word (derhaka) against him and PR.

    By the way, Khalid may be "gagap" as some stupid ass said here, I'm sure Khalid has done better than most. Go to Jeram, Kuala Selangor to see how far this gagap guy has made it.

  69. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I say it again PR and all it's goons are Dammn Hypocrites, they cant's form a government all their leaders have their own agenda. DAP wants to form their own style of governing clearly they don want Hudud and Bumiputra privileges and probaly form another Singapore, PKR is seeking revenge for their leader thus Anwar must be PM someday and PAS.. err PAS? well i guess they think when PR runs the country they probably can push THEIR agenda for this country.. and DAP and PKR will let them. HAH what a farce. BN not a better choice butttt... for their track record on unity as proven all these years i'll choose them.


  70. Anonymous3:15 pm

    ini strategy PR la..

    kalau sultan buat decision tak memihak pada PR, sure pasni diaorang nak belasah sultan lagi.

    kalau sultan punya keputusan memihak pada mereka, sure dia kata sultan adil, bla bla bla..

    PR sekarang nampak terhoyong-hayang la.. anwar tu nampak macam bijak tapi nampaknya tak cukup bijak.. he he he.

    yg benar
    org jauh.

  71. Since when a party need to seek consent from Sultan to sack its rep? In Perak and Kedah they went straight to EC.

  72. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Dont know what the fuss in about when there was a porn queen who was elected to parliament in cultured Italy. We should learn from the West on this. The woman elizabeth did not do it on her will even it was an intrusion of privacy and just shows how sick some sections of our society is. we do not need to make the innocent a victim.

    ghost of onn jaafar

  73. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Frankly speaking I am not bothered about Eli.Whether she is a public figure or not she has not committed any serious crime.She is an adult so is her boyfriend.If I have to punish somebody,I would punish her boyfriend for circulating the photos.Its different if both of them do the act at a supermarket or in a public park.
    Instead of wasting our time arguing on Eli's affair,let us all put our efforts together to solve Mat Rempit's problem,teenage girls and boys having sex,truancy and gangsterism in schools and drug abuse.Who are these people???
    Religous institutions should also play a major role to solve these social ills because these are worse than Eli's case.


  74. Anonymous12:00 am

    I fully agree with 'concerned' about Eli's case. I for one do not condone illicit sex or adultery but we have to be realistic in addressing issues affecting our country. To some extent I feel that Eli's case has somehow digressed/diverted our focus on the critical issues.

    The problems in our hand are :-
    1.Corruption - Be realistic.We can only suppress but NOT total eradication.Its easy to say,'nip in the bud' but unfortunately the bud has already produced seeds which have been sown all over the country.
    2.Mat Rempit - still a menace to the public and police.Its no secret that they even try to beat police officers as headlined in newspapers.
    3.Sex among teenagers - girls get pregnant while still in schools.Some parents dont even notice that their daughters got pregnant.
    4.Drugs - Government spends millions to rehabilitate addicts.How I wish this money can be used for development. Despite some arrests,there are still manufacturers and pushers.
    5.Gangsterism in schools - even students get murdered these days which was unheard of before.
    6.Respect towards elders. This somehow is diminishing.

    I dont mean to say that this kind of social problem never happened in the past but certainly people can compare the present and the past.

    1.Corruption - MACC (ACA)should be totally independent and seen to be independent.As the famous boxer
    'Mohammad Ali' used to say,"When you hit the head,the body will die."
    2.Mat Rempit - split and send them to NS training regardless of age including the girls involved with Mat Rempit.
    3.Sex among teenagers - Our teenagers are so loose these days.
    Hugging and kissing are quite normal at malls, supermarkets and bus terminals. I have yet to see teenage Indian girls wearing revealing dresses at malls etc.
    Religious departments should visit these places and advise them.
    4.Drugs - Go for pushers and the manufacturers,no distribution no addicts.
    5.Gangsterism - Establish police beat base close to schools.
    6.Respect to elders - This is virtually upbringing and parents should be the role model.

    Years ago (during Tun Razak's time)
    we had 'Vigilante Corp' to check our coast line etc. Perhaps its worth considering to revive this institution and the choice should be those from ex-service men.

    NGO's should support this scheme though some may say that we are violating human rights,especially when we are checking the teenagers.
    When HIV test was made compulsary before marriage,many raised eye brows.But when NGO's were asked whether they would marry a person with HIV,there was no concrete answer.