Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Police report against comments in Bru

Anti-Raja comments. I spent my whole afternoon after lunch at the Cyber Crime Unit in Bukit Aman for an "interview" following a police report lodged in Sg Petani recently against certain comments left by posters under the article Glass and Diamond, and a Silver Jubilee which I wrote on Feb 14 at the height of the Perak state assembly crisis.

Our cyber cops have been rather busy these past few days. Apparently, there has been a rise in the number of police reports lodged against bloggers or comments posted by others in their blogs.

Blogger Jed Yoong was called in yesterday and spent nearly 4 hours at the police headquarters. [Click the image above to enlarge].

The cops are investigating Jed following a police report lodged in Johor on 13 Feb against her posting the previous day entitled Time for PAS to stop trusting the Malay Rajas.


  1. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Polis wanted to arrest the motorists who never pay their fines. They never walk the talk. Polis want to arrest the young Malaysians who evade national duty. They never walk the talk. They are good at punching VIP with black eyes, implanting underwear with DNA, collborating with unscrupulous lawyers for crimes which were never committed and all that bull crap. And yet they carry the "ROYAL" tag in Malaysia. Now, tell me, are they shameful or are they causing the Royalties to be shameful?


  3. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    Tks for this.
    Just to let ppl trying to access my blog, I've not suspended it but am facing bandwidth problems.
    The police also confiscated from my house my laptop, desktop CPU, modem, router and my laptop power cord.
    What's happening?
    Also apologies to Mukhriz n Big Dog, if I mistakenly attributed this action to them.

  4. Anonymous9:19 pm

    calm down and be wise my country men and women..

  5. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Ha ha. Padan muka Jed Biadap.

  6. Anonymous9:36 pm

    ACTUALLY ROCKY to tell you the truth, for all we care you could get knocked down by a car and suffering in pain, I wouldn't bother calling for any help, you know why, you sold your soul to become a judas, so why should we care whether you got called by the cops and got butt fucked, itu semua you punya problem, go ask umno to bail you out. typical melayu.

  7. Anonymous9:48 pm

    "The cops are investigating Jed following a police report lodged in Johor on 13 "

    Hey Rocky, not the Johor report, according to the police, a report lodged in Sg Petani (Kedah?) on Feb 15. When I mentioned the Johor report, the police were silent and said it was the Sg Petani report. The Sg Petani report is lodged by a man named Annuar Hamidi, if I got it right.

  8. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Rakyat Setia berkata,
    Pada muka mereka!. Ada sesetengah komen begitu biadap terhadap raja. Malah komen begitu mungkin tidak akan kita lemparkan pada musuh kita, inikan pula raja kita. Sekali lagi padan muka mereka! Semoga mereka ditahan bawah ISA kerana boleh menimbulkan huru hara. Sedarlah ramai lagi rakyat yang taat kepada raja. Kemarahan yang meluap-luap membakar sanubari mereka terhadap komen-komen yang begitu biadap terhadap raja.

  9. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Bro Rocky, The police is doing the right thing. Lately, I have read so many comments which redicule the constitution system of this country, particularly the roles of the monarchy. Some are quite seditious. Malaysia Insider is one example. While I found some of the articles published there are quite interesting, but nearly 99% comments posted by the readers are glaringly anti establishment. I think the BA Cyber Crime should start talking to the editors of this online news.

  10. You have to be responsible for what you have write. Right or not, Bro?

  11. The police should rope in Anwar Ibrahim for instigating the people against the HRH Sultan of Perak. Anwar is the one who is promoting mob-rule in this country and he shouold be stopped before the situation gets out of hand. So what if he is an ex-convict, ex-DPM and a compulsive liar?

  12. Its not what Rocky wrote la wei.. its about one of the comments.
    I think the police are just investigating ... trying to do their job in the midst of tremendous pressure from all angles.
    As long as its not pure harassement, then we should just co-operate. Take it easy bro, you have done nothing wrong.

  13. Anonymous12:40 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Anonymous2:49 am

    Anonymous 9:36 PM
    To tell you the truth, I would care if you were picked up...
    I hear they use rubber hose... and the pliers you see on the table: guess *what* they're going to squeeze Aaarghhh!! Heheh!

    Some people are starting to piss in their pants now... Psst! IP numbers of the cowardly bangsats who had insulted the sultan are being traced now. Hope you have "balls of steel" MUAHAHA!

  15. Anonymous4:15 am

    To anonymous 10.07 pm who wrote

    "Malaysia Insider is one example. While I found some of the articles published there are quite interesting, but nearly 99% comments posted by the readers are glaringly anti establishment. I think the BA Cyber Crime should start talking to the editors of this online news."

    If you are pro-establishment, I believe Malaysian Insider will gladly put your views up, too. But either the pro-establishment supporters have
    (a)nothing to say or
    (b)have no internet access.

    If (a), then it is either by choice that they say nothing or perhaps the topic cannot be defended.

    If (b), then we should get the govt to accelerate internet access to the whole of Malaysia.

    In any case, the Cyber Crime Unit should investigate any police report lodged.

    In fact, the police should always investigate any police report lodged, not just with the Cyber Crime Unit.

  16. Anonymous5:37 am

    padan muka JED !!!

  17. Police just doing their job
    if you cross the boundaries of law you should know the repercussion
    Lucky you are not in Singapore ,the cyber cop there is very efficient within 15 mins they will knocking your door after posted or down load

  18. cannot manage crime situation in the country, but super efficient to investigate so called seditious comments on the blogs and questioning DUN Speakers...phui! kugan's case bila nak solve?

    and as for the royal beggars surviving on tax payers' hard earned money - it's the rakyat that decides who governs them, not you! one beggar deciding who forms the govt - how different is that from dictatorship!

    time we became Republic of Malaysia


  19. Morning AA !
    The CYBER SPACE forum for views,discussions,comments,dialogue is the single most powerful & vibrant development of the 21st Century.
    Granted it has witnessed some very negative features initially but all developments/evolvements, like polishing a raw diamond, the evolvement has taken place.
    Commentators however must be responsible and not hide behind 'ANONYMOUS' for instance.
    Further, there seems to be a perceptable calming down of LANGUAGE.
    I must confess that without have to travel distances, I feel the rush, when I am able to read discuss, comment from the comfort of my home , at my leisure.
    I feel the rush too, when I realise that I am communicating with many,many,many people across the globe,as it is this constant communication betwixt people/persons sans barriers that will bring peace within us.
    There will be "complainants" who will lodge police reports - CRYBABIES are what they are.
    Unable to cope with the "RUSH" of Cyberspace Communication,
    Unable to think for themselves,
    Having no real soul in them,
    they make police reports.
    all of us in cyberspace must understand each other and develop in the language used a more refined way of expressing oneself.
    If you want to comment,
    calm down,
    take a break,
    have a tea/coffee,
    then come back to COMMENT!
    We have to keep reaching out to each other.

  20. Anonymous8:28 am

    Looks like a lot of people do not know much of CyberCrime Division. You think they simply investigate cases? You got to get their attention first. And what's in it for them? I guess same goes for the rest of the PDRM and population in general.

    Spirit of National Service for the country is dead!

  21. Anonymous8:32 am

    Why there are so many police reports against the BN/UMNO,and yet the Royal Police are slow in action or no action at all?

  22. Anonymous8:39 am

    why police not "interview" KMU editor ?

  23. Anonymous8:47 am

    There are far too many seditious comments coming from everywhere and the so called rule of law is blatantly ignored, especially by the mob mafia.

    It is time to keep a check and balance to avoid abuse of freedom.

    I agree with the police if they are indeed trying to maintain law and order, but do not agree with their silly speed trap operations on relatively safe roads.

    One more thing the police should focus on is to increase manpower to battle daily crimes and thefts.

    Apart from that, please go after the instigators of peace and stability in their free time.


  24. Anonymous9:05 am

    Our corrupted PDRM is busy catching bloggers and peaceful protesters but somehow the crime rate in Malaysia is on the rise....i wonder why we need to pay our taxes. Oh yeah, to sustain all the leeches we have in Malaysia.

  25. Anonymous9:31 am

    Anonymous said...
    ACTUALLY ROCKY to tell you the truth, for all we care you could get knocked down by a car and suffering in pain, I wouldn't bother calling for any help, you know why, you sold your soul to become a judas, so why should we care whether you got called by the cops and got butt fucked, itu semua you punya problem, go ask umno to bail you out. typical melayu.

    9:36 PM

    wah so angry. but what on earth are u doing here if u hate this guys so much? rocky & jed, hope u guys r ok.


  26. Anonymous9:41 am

    Dah Ulat Tuan Koo!

  27. Anonymous10:24 am

    Padan muka Jed.

    She's very racist and ungrateful. We should respect the foundation of which the Perlembagaan Malaysia was based upon, not question about it. Take it or surrender your citizenship. Not only to Jed, those who don't respect and question about the rights of DYMM Agong, DYMM Sultans and the rights of Malays. Malays have sacrificed alot to grant thier forefathers "Citizen of Malaysia".

  28. Anonymous10:34 am

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    Thailand has a strict lese-majeste law which has been rigorously enforced of late.

    Which are the other monarchies in Asia? Let's see now - besides Thailand, there's Japan, Brunei and Cambodia.

    India's Nizams, Maharajas and Sultans were stripped of most of their powers post-Independence.

    The monarchies of Europe and Britain are still around, but their countries are all secular democracies (even in Britain where the Sovereign has to be a member of the Church of England), and their monarchs don't enjoy anything like the power they used to wield in times past.

    The monarchies of the Gulf States and the Middle East (including Jordan and Morocco) are in the middle of increasing demands from their subjects for more democracy and accountability. Iran's monarchy was deposed when the Shah was overthrown by a popular revolution. The Ottoman Emperor in Turkey was overthrown by Kemal Ataturk who then proceeded to transform Turkey into a resolutely secular country.

    Malaysia is unique in that it is both a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. It is also unique in that it has chosen to maintain a number of royal houses that rule the states in the peninsula.

    In the Malaysian system, the rights, privileges and responsibilities of the royal houses and the rakyat have to be carefully balanced. But if, like in the British system, Parliament is supreme (as an embodiment of the will of the rakyat) in Malaysia, then the roles of the three "pillars" in the country - the royalty and the judiciary and the ruling federal government have to be carefully demarcated, defined and administered.

    In the Malaysian context also (which is unique in Asia), the powers of the elected State Assemblies and the Sultans have also to be carefully defined and managed, with a well thought-out dispute resolution mechanism in place.

    A question to ponder is whether monarchies in general can still remain relevant in an age where information is readily available through the click of a mouse or the tapping of a computer keyboard. The free flow of uncensored information will force this issue to the forefront in the not too distant future.

  29. Anonymous10:46 am

    some people still CANNOT understand why you were called in by the police.

    It was for ONE OF THE COMMENTS in your posting. NOT WHAT YOU WROTE.

    why so stupid-lah?

    as for ANON@9:36PM -- well, all i can give you is MY MIDDLE FINGER.
    you smack of all those pathetic Pakatan Rakyat supporters. The operative word is PATHETIC because there are PR supporters who are not bodoh and bangsat like you.

    Bodoh, because you have no inkling what Rocky's Bru is about.

    I don't know Rocky's Bru, but I see that as long as you are in power, he's gonna get you. Obviously, he thinks Pakatan is the one with power. BODOH!

    You, anon...can piss off.

  30. Anonymous10:47 am

    Sid, I hope PDRM's Cyber & Multimedia Crime unit traced your IP and haul you up for that seditious comment.

    Perhaps you are an agent provocateur and not even a Malaysian, for if you are, you would know Malaysia practices a system of government based on Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.

    You think you can hide in the cyberspace? Not for long Sid, not anymore.

  31. Anonymous11:02 am

    padan muka those kurang ajar people.I hope the police come hard on them..make them responsible show proof/evidece whatever allegations/rude statements said against the sultans.check background can help determine their loyalty towards the country and ultimately with evidence lucutkan kerakyatan mereka..


  32. It always makes me wonder how one would describe all the descriptives and stories that were told about the Royal households in 1993 when they got clamped. Were they honouring the royalty?

  33. Anonymous11:18 am

    cyber crime ni selalunya melibatkan kes kes komersil penipuan kewangan .. ini jadi menyiasat komen orang dalam blog.. apa la bengong ..


  34. Anonymous11:33 am

    We identified the culprits, gave their IC and passport numbers, pictures of the family - clad in tudung and swimming in their 2piece bikinis, pictures of them holidaying and fishing, the childrens' kindergartens, schools, UPSR/PMR/SPM registration numbers, the hotels they frequented in, the house address, the car registration numbers, the parents and siblings addresses and photos and phone numbers, and even had the neighbours call immediately, should they be home....

    Alas... 8years on, we were told that Police were not able to locate these crooks? How come Anonymous begitu cepat dapat tangkap?

    Ini sudah lain macam ni!!


  35. Anonymous11:51 am

    I am with you Malaysia Tercinta. This Sid is such a SIAL one, the kind who speaks from the arsehole. If you so don't like this counry, berambuslah..nobody's is holding you back. We don't need your kind here.

    Sayang Negara

  36. Reminded me of the old stories in medieval times where soliders crush those who come out with ideas that is anti-monarch, like republic or democracy.

    Do also observe that those ideas become popular when the monarchs are out of touch or victimising or when the citizens face hardships ( war, economic turmoil) and find the other party enjoying life.

    Isn't it ironic that citizens are shackled when they react to an event or issue?

  37. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Not agreeing does not amount to disrespect. I don't agree with what the Sultan of Perak has done but there are no malice here. It is how I feel and in this modern age, people should be encouraged to speak up on issues that affect them.

  38. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Padan muka anti-royal people, they deserved to be stoned to death. To those who ask when Kugan case going to complete, fact is we like Kugan to die, this criminal should not be born in this world. How many people doing demo after 3 polices were shot by criminals last year? This Kugan is not a hero you stupid!


  39. Anonymous1:17 pm

    to amoker,

    Reminded of the old stories of Tongkang people who were given citizenship in this country and later questioning the one who give them citizenship here.

    Isn't it ironic that the giver than have to bow to the given?

    Do observed that the idea from Tongkang people like this will result to heavy repercussion from the true blue Malaysia.

    Do not wait for soldier, the true Rakyat (not the Pakatan Riot) will crush and send you to sea just like the Rohingays.


  40. Anonymous2:36 pm


    You r just an nst journo reject. what makes you think you are qualified to write on things that are beyond your comprehension.

    Please la.. be responsible when you write. What the hell are you trying to do. Personally i feel like they should just sumbat u dlm lokap for your stupid and childish ramblings.


  41. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Pls do NOT trust PENDATANG! Padan muka kau Jed!!!

  42. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Many are there the voices of reason
    Not less there are the voices of diplomacy.
    But chuck them all away
    cos at the end of the day
    It is voices like that of "Koko" here who is going to represent the true-blue sentiment of the originals of this country.

    Come out, come out, whoever you are, brother. We want to let you know you are not alone. There are many out here, perhaps unequipped still with the internet, who share your sentiment, admire your spirit and foremostly be with you whenever you decide to voice out those things that we are all made up of, us pribumis.

    Too long has the blogosphere been steam-rolled over by tongkang voices just because, language -wise, they are more articulate. In this they err.

    If this country needs to achieve the glory that was meant for us, not having been infiltrtaed unwillingly historically, then you, brother, need to voice out more.

    We stand by you. Write more and you will gain our support.

    Baradan Kupu-kupu

  43. Anonymous5:56 pm

    As usual the "syiok sendiri" Tongkangnese decendant bloggers goes on with their verbal diarhoea on the royal issue as if they command the majority support of their assholes retards thoughts...who cares?

    Hallo minority morons...the majority rakyat , not Fuckatan Riot & to be specific the Malays are still with their Sultans whom are the keeper of the Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan..the inertia is so big lah, bodoh..i thought after 5 decades granted free citizenship u people already understood the nature & social landscape of this land..yet nothing, yes nothing near to that.

    its probably due to the fact that these Tongkanese brain weight is as much equivalent to their micro ounce balls .. pathetic bullshit, no substance..

    Tongkanese dlm cyberspace je berani, kena tangkap polis, anu yg kecil tu pun hilang tertinggal kulit & terkencing .. hahaha...

    Keep on pushing the limits, morons....let us see..how far u think u can go..?
    the reacting momentum can kick your ass out of this land very soon..WE have the mass & we do not need so much velocity like u loosers..

    p/s: Kugan is a fact a fucking criminal who become hero when he is dead..the police should just shot this animal dead outside the lockup during arrest & there will be no case..

    Aiyo PDRM brader..why act stupid like that on this one...i know u guys are better than that..

    Rule of thumb:
    Don't keep carcass in the closet..nobody would say anything about rotting carcass by the road side..who cares seeing the filthy things surrounded by maggots.. good riddance!

    ..PDRM should put their main objective to eradicate these filthy troublemaking animals by whatever means..plant evidence if necessary..shoot them dead like recent cases shown in TV..for that one i salute..well done! Keep up the good work..make this country a safer place..for the better good..no need to keep these filthy animal in lock up, wasting taxpayer money....and even risk yourself to commit animal cruelty due to that irritating & provocating sound they make..u release them, they end up harming other humans...really useless animal..

    kill em all..after all, WE control the police & army..the Agong is the boss..and the real fact is that they are afraid about that.

    muhahahaha :D

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-




  45. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Didn't Jed laugh & rubbish Teresa Kok & RPK when they were detained by the draconian powers-that-be? And lectured to everyone on 'karma'?

    Ironic isn't it, that she's now being victimized by the same machinery she defended? Over an article that she merely translated.

    Perhaps its a move by the pro-Muhkriz camp to get rid of a pro-Toyo supporter?

    Well Jed, my sympathies and support. I guess this is a lesson on feeding a crocodile hoping it will eat you last.

  46. Anonymous8:47 pm

    To those who bites the hands that feeds you---you damn well deserved it. Have you ever wondered how your grandparents must have felt when they were given the citizenship by the the very institution that you are condemning now ??
    Think about that.
    You play ! You pay !
    When you wrote all those surely you must have known that it would cause this --you stupid ungrateful scum !


  47. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Apasal bila web UMNO MyKM hasut suruh buat sesuatu kat Speaker Perak...Polis dok senyap jer...Mana la org tak hot...

    Kalau Polis nak kenal sapa depa ni...tengok jer la muka muka penganjur ceramah Dr M yg masa tu sorang mamat kena halau sebab tersalah tanya.

    Janya berpilih pilih nak menyiasat...membuat tuduhan dan menghukum.

    Kat akhirat nanti takdak senget senget macam tu.

    Aku peringat semua dan aku juga


  48. Yip..If Jed Yoong who love to put salt in Elizabeth's wounds...is Rocky's close friend...then this is somewhat pro personalities of certain people in politics....and certainly not pro any PR politicians.

  49. Hey JED YOONG,


    Been cut down to size huh? Well that's democracy at it's best! We are all free to write whatever we want but we have to be responsible for it.

    As I have warned many times to those who think they can do wrong and get away with it, the cyber-cops may be slow in coming and aren't at all close to their counterparts in Singapore, but they will eventually come to, and when they do, they will be doing their job with animosity because you have have forced them to do get off their backsides an do their job. So don't be surprised when an officer comes looking for you at the office or at home. Just surrender your laptops and resign yourself to getting used to different surroundings.

    You'd think you can get away with using different nicks or be anonymous, but your ip address will sack your ass!

  50. Anonymous9:01 pm

    I note that "anti hindraf & ultra chingkies" has surfaced again to spew out a mix of racist claptrap and bigoted venom.

    This is the same person who backed away from my challenge in another thread, which I believe Pak Rocky can attest to.

    Go bend the ear of Najib who is desperately trying to think of ways to save the Malaysian economy. Including, maybe, the possibility of getting more Tongkangnese investments in the country direct from Tongkang-land.

    Your pitiful caterwaulings are meant to divert our attention from the s**t facing the Malaysian economy this year and next year. It's obvious that you don't have a clue as to how bad things are in the economy (oh, I forgot - Malaysia is magically protected against the global downturn).

    It's a pity that rampant stupidity seems to be the intellectual stock of some posters in this thread.

  51. Anonymous9:41 pm

    SID should be put behind bars. Perhaps strip the citizenship for being not to respect the Sultans & Agong. This "bangsa asing" people should be shipped back.

    Also to Karpal who said "Singh is King".. Mind your fucking mouth singh. Your forfather were here as "askar sepoy" by British. They dumped your forefather. So, to live here do "dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung". If you don't understand what were written in Malay, please surrender back your citizenship and fuck off from this Tanah Melayu.

  52. Anonymous2:24 am

    Ala skilgannon, this is what they mean by "pendekar plastik"... threaten, talk cock, talk big, but when its time to prove, they disappear. All fake bravado... like plastic.

    Even to handle a disabled man they need to bring along 30 people. What-lah dei?! Menghadap OKU pun kena bawa segerombolan ke?

  53. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Hallo skillmoron..

    Which tread moron, be precise lah..so typical of u Tongkangnese..

    that's all u got under there..?

    Go buy a mirror, u moron..

    How green is your Tongkanland nowdays, hah?

    :D muhahahahhaa...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  54. Anonymous6:12 pm

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies 1:38 PM

    Why should I refresh your memory? Go dig it out for yourself. And it's "thread" not "tread". What happened - a little incident of "keyboarditis"? Or maybe the drool got the keyboard all slippery....

    Tongkang-land is doing ok. At least, it was one of Hillary Clinton's first places to visit. The US has to make nice with the Tongkang-land government - the latter is the biggest buyer of US Treasury bonds. That's what US$1 trillion+ of foreign reserves buys you - the right to talk softly and carry a big stick.

    Here's a little test for you. Why not ask Najib to do the following when he becomes the PM?

    - stop MAS and AirAsia from flying to Tongkang-land
    - break off diplomatic relations with Tongkang-land and tell their ambassador to leave within 24 hours
    - make it clear that Tongkang-land tourists and investments are not wanted in Malaysia

    Simple enough, yes? Even to someone with your limited perspicacity?

    So, what's stopping you? Where's the self-sacrificing courage of the front-line warrior, steeped in the annals of antiquity and paranoid about his/her heritage?

    Unless, of course, it's the realisation (unpalatable though it may be) that, unlike things in Malaysia, you just can't push the Tongkang-land government around and not expect "repercussions".

    Or, as they say: "discretion is the better part of valour".

  55. Anonymous10:19 am

    Hey..look..! i spot a 'dory fish' skilmoron..haha..

    the last time i check the fact, myself & warrior 231 had a good time banging your asshole to blackhole..hahah! Remember?

    so typical of u chingkies..short term memory retard brains.. bragging with micro-ounce balls & try manipulating situation as if u are so damn good & right..

    Never remember how u low life creature exist in this land in the first place..? otherwise, u typical morons would not bitch out so loud without looking on yourself in the mirror..typical genes trait.

    Tell u what moron.. I would prefer to ask najib to nego for a barter trade with Tongkangland.. trade all retards brain bastards ultra chingkies like yourself with all our muslim brothers & sisters there..75million muslim in China..i don't mind also barter trade with some stupid liberal bastards malays here..

    Then only we can form a true Bangsa Malaysia without so much problem living with ungrateful 5 decades bastards like you..

    Hey moron..do you watch TV3 on recent CNY morning.. see how they interviewed 3 exchange students from China whom also muslims..i admire how they master Bahasa Melayu so good in less than 3 yrs unlike majority of our ungrateful ultra chingkies bastards here.. 5 decades..!
    whatever reasons lah moron..i just can conclude that it is just excuses threaded with hidden agenda.. did i say thread? or tread? wow.. *yawn* :O..
    Other than ingellish vocabulary & typo lectureass to make u look good, what else your retard brain & micro balls substance got?

    OK..i admit it..tongkangland contribute so much to the world ..only 2 i really remember most..all in terms of cost:

    1) cheap products - low labour cost..

    2) cheap girls - like air asia tagline..now everybody can ****.. even the Taliban in Afghan & Pakistan also can taste tongkangland pussy.. :)

    i salute tongkangland for these global contribution..thank you!

    p/s: moron, you seem to know so much about tongkangland..which ground do you stand right now? your verbal exchange in terms of diplomatic assumptions tell us that u deserve to be fuck off from this land..

    wow, i don't know that the depreciation of USD won't affect somebody holding 1 Trilion of the greenbank money at acquisition of 3.8 exchange rate in terms of bond..

    we & any country elsewhere always welcome the legal passport travellers from Tongkangland or any parts of the worlds..NOT ultra bastards ungrateful short term memories jus soli citizenship decendant like you..!

    You ultra bastards are an endangered species..only exist in Malaysia.. it has been a bourdon for us all this while to preserve u.. moo..! the grass is greener in tongkangland? ..go..shoosh! shoosh!

    muhahahaha :D

    Remember my nickname, moron..read it carefully!

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  56. Rais shouldn't make a police report, instead come forward with clear explanation on the issue brought forward to him which involving his son to business under his ministry.

    Rais should tackle the issue with wisdom rather than by emotional.

    Rais himself represents the public in government and his service must be returned back to public. Not suing the public if something not going on his favor. His just require to come forward with his version of explanation.

    Public are now very concern and sensitive on ministers & government officials integrity.

    Hope Rais retrieve the police report and do the best thing.