Thursday, February 26, 2009

Post-Fox Sime Darby

Bloggers had dinner with Tun Musa Hitam, the Sime Darby chairman, and Group Chief Executive Ahmad Zubir Murshid last night.

I agreed to the meeting for three reasons:

1. I have always liked Musa Hitam
2. I believe in constructive engagement between bloggers and the blogged
3. Fox Communications is no longer in the picture

Read The Scribe's take here. I hope to update this posting soon.

Ena on Musa Hitam turning 75 this April, here.
De Minimis says "spinning won't help dodgy deals" here


  1. Anonymous1:09 pm


    damages 'already done.... should focus more on their core business.

  2. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Sime Darby must be reminded it's not all about money and more money. Or is that what's it's all about? Gone to big to lose sight of their social and humane image? Play the big corporate boys to compete with the Fortune 500's and lose their sense of touch with the Malaysian sentiments? Sime Darby is not the GIC nor Taemasek of our neighbour. By all means live up to the expectation of your shareholders but do not make the Corporate image to be within the 'hate' list of the rakyat.

  3. Anonymous1:35 pm


    You should have told Musa Hitam to asked for full refund from FOX for the damages done and not for the job well done.

  4. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Did the horses tell you the real story of the proposed piratisation of IJN?

  5. Anonymous2:47 pm

    seronok lah jadi blogger.

    Gua pun nak jadi blogger macam lu la Rocky.

    Bukan susah sangat -- hentam sikit, lepas tu orang layan macam raja.

    Dapat makan free pulak tu.


  6. Anonymous3:05 pm

    If I was there, I'd ask why is Sime Darby board filled old kerbaus of ex Gomen servants and politicians?

    How do you expect SDarby to move on into the globalised world with those kerbau brains?

    Some of you bloggers should have asked Musa(ng) Hitam to jump into a river with an anvil attached to his legs?

    The guy know nuts about economics and business. Request him to repay back to Sime Darby all his Director's fees

  7. sorry bro, I DONT LIKE MUSA HITAM..

  8. Anonymous3:26 pm

    i want to be like rocky,

    banyak blog, bro.
    banyak yang hentam sana sini jugak. banyak juga yang berani tapi anonymous.
    banyak yang hentam tak tentu arah.

    lu boleh jadi macam bro rocky.
    lu baca blog postings dia dengan terperinci.

    lepas tu lu cuba...boleh tak jadi macam dia.

    banyak bloggers buat bauik dengan dia -- lepas tu RIDE ON HIS POPULARITY....

    tapi kalau lu puaskna hati....hari ni jugak buka blog....hentam sana sini...hah! tengok, boleh jadi macam dia, tak?

  9. Anonymous3:29 pm

    M.Hitam ada bagi gula gula utk si blogger ke??


  10. Anonymous4:40 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Anonymous5:13 pm

    So Rocky sudah kau tim dengan Sime Darby lah. Why meet up over dinner (i am sure the dinner is on them). Anyway hope you will keep up your good work. Best of Luck.

  12. Anonymous5:21 pm


    memang gua baca postings rocky dengan terperinci.

    Gua rasa takdelah susah sangat nak tulih macam rocky.

    Yang susah nak dapat info macam dia dapat.

    Orang bagi tau rocky macam-macam benda. Tu yang dia boleh tulih benda-benda yang sensasi.

    Bab tu yang susah tu. Kena ada inside information.

  13. I am amazed that SD's Chairman and CEO can state that the SD Group re-structuring and mergers exercise was a great success.

    SD's share price has nose dived from over $12 to under $6 and below the pre-merger price. Anywher else in the world, the CEO would have been given the boot since this is like saying
    'operation successful, but the patient died!!'

    And then they want to hijack IJN and puul the wool over our eyes with that Labu LCCT!

    Our GLC CEO's are totally sheltered from the performance driven job requirements for the rest of the world. More than that, they do not seem to owe allegiance to their employers, the shareholders, but to political parties.

    This lot must go to restore some semblance of order to our conglomerates.

  14. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Seems they are diverting their own weaknesses to bad PR works.

    The smells came from Musa himself-actually!

    Poorah lu!!!

  15. de minimis link does not work, it seems.

  16. GUiKP,

    thanks, it works now.

  17. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Apasal dia orang tak jemput Sime Darby Watch?

    Lain kali jemputlah, datang tak datang blakang kira.

    Kawan kita tu dahlah bertungkus lumus buat macam macam expose.

    Kan dia, lebih dari mana mana bloggers di tanah air ni, termasuk Che Det, berhak mendapat penjelasan daripada Sime Darby?

  18. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Most of the major PR disaster decisions were made before Musa was appointed as the non-executive chairman. As an elder statesman, Musa Hitam is doing the right thing by lending his ears to bloggers who were once respected journalists whom he knows personally.


  19. Anonymous8:30 pm

    For Sime Darby to regain its credibility, sack the whole lot in the publicity department. That means sack Leela Barrock, who is just a functionary. The good thing about Sime is that it has got rid of a germ in the form of Fox. Start everything anew. Thar means employing NSTman as the head ofthe propaganda department. I bet I will do a better job than Herr

  20. Newspaper man does not naturally a Public Relations make? Why Fox fell from grace so fast? Or maybe past experience promoting UMNO government policies done them in?

  21. Anonymous6:20 pm

    i want to be like rocky,


    itu yang susah nya..:-)


  22. Anonymous5:30 pm

    PR tak PR…

    Sustainable Development yang dicanangkan oleh Sime sejak kebelakangan ini.

    Mana buktinya? Share price merudum, projek terbengkalai/kerugian.

    Yang pasti, kontrak dengan FOX sustaining the lifestyle of the Elite, Rich and Infamous. Dah terbongkar. Tapi, now sweep under carpet. FOX laugh to the bank.
    Untuk rakyat jelata? Ambik duit depa secara haram ni sekilip mata saja.

    Tipu kiri, tipu kanan. Konon untuk kesejahteraan rakyat tanam kelapa sawit, tanam padi, tanam jagung, tanam pokok…

    Ha diaa! Tanam pokok kat tapak semaian Tg Malim tu sapa punya? Tolong check sikit. Berjuta-juta jugak kena bayar.

    Siapa pulak kaya nanti – saudara Musa(ng) Hitam ke, Kem Bodowi ke, kuncu Zubir More shit ke?
    Janji 5 juta pohon dari species terancam pupus…(5 juta X RM30 sepohon = RM150 juta). Betul betul mengancam tu!

    Kalau betul buat, good PR…kalau tak, Musang mana yang baru kot akan diberi kontrak PR tolong tutup lubang yang ini pulak. Duit keluar lagi...

    Ha jawab. Jawab.

    Senyum Kerieen