Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat


- the second pillar of our Rukunegara

Is this the Ketuanan Rakyat that we've been promised?
The right to give the Sultan your middle finger and pelt his prince's official car when you don't agree with them. Is that your idea of Ketuanan Rakyat? The right to accuse the HRH of "failing in thinking as a Ruler of his subjects"? [Who the duck is K. Kabilan to pass that kind of judgment on a Sultan, anyway? Read here]. Does Ketuanan Rakyat mean that you leave it to the Sultan to decide but defy him if his decision goes against you? And profess "Daulat Tuanku" only if you think you can use the Sultan to fight for your political battles?

This is no Ketuanan Rakyat.

This is what I'd call Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat. You are either with them or against them!

I am placing the Daulat Tuanku logo up there for an indefinite period. I'm asking you to do so, if you have a blog or on your Facebook, etc. It's not in support of any political party; it's about preserving an Institution that is part and parcel of the Rakyat and the Negara.

If Karpal or Nizar or Anwar or Hadi want to drag the Sultan to Court to defend what you think is the right of your political party, that's their right so go ahead. I only ask for one thing: Biar beradab, jangan biadap dan tak payah derhaka.
And remind ourselves of the nuances: it's not just Kesetiaan Kepada Raja; it's Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara.

p.s And I hope no one resorts to hanging the Perak flag or the portrait of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah upside down to counter this blog campaign

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  1. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

    Budak Cina KL

  2. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Dear all,
    While we ponder about Ketuanan Rakyat...let us be jolly and sing the pirate songs...

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

    We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho
    We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

    We extort, we pilfer, we filch and sack
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho
    Maraud and embezzle and even high-jack
    Drink up me hearties yo ho

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

    We kindle and char, inflame and ignite
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho
    We burn up the city, we're really a fright
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho

    We're rascals, scoundrels, villains, and knaves
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho
    We're devils and black sheep, really bad eggs
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

    We're beggars and blighters and ne'er do-well cads
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho
    Aye, but we're loved by our mommies and dads
    Drink up me hearties, yo ho

    Captain Jack Sparrow

  3. Sorry mate, when the Agung or the Sultan make a mistake, a mistake it nevertheless is.

    Not all of us subscribe to or are members of any political party. But the sense that the Sultan has moved without taking everything into account prevails upon all and sundry.

    Now that, suddenly, for UMNO the sanctity of the Royalty seems paramount, maybe they may want to reinstate their previous powers back to the Royalty once again?

    The Royalty should learn something from this episode. The respect and regard for them is as tenuous as the weather. In almost most cases it will hold. But then just like the French, it would seem like ordinary Malaysian's regard, respect and deference to Royalty cannot be taken for granted.

    For the first time, maybe, it seems like it may be that the esteem of the Royalty in Malaysia has taken a dent. Mind you the fall they took during the Mahathir era is UMNO's doing. Not like as if ordinary Malaysians like me agreed with it.

  4. Penyokong Pakatan Rakyat ni memang dah melampau dan kurang ajar. Inilah gara-gara taksub kepada pemimpin yang gila kuasa. Memang tak gentleman dan biadap. Dalam Islam rasanya kita tidak diajar suruh biadap dan memaki hamun.

    Saya sokong kempen Rocky's Bru.

    Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

  5. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I remember Bernaard Khoo aka Zorro the Unmasked wanted Prince Nazrin the Perak Regent as Malaysia's Prime Minister.

    I agree with Bernard Khoo. Prince Nazrin for PM!

    Kah Kah Kah..

  6. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Rocky, you placed emphasis on the Monarchy as an Institution that must be respected to preserve dignity. I whole-heartedly agree with your line. But how about the other 3 Institutions under our Federal Constitution? You know and are fully aware how our Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Institutions, all 3 of them, have been systematically raped and scandalised for the past 50 years since Merdeka. And what is your line in this respect? I'd like to hear from you on this score.

  7. Anonymous3:21 pm

    bagaimanakah adab untuk menegur raja jika baginda tersilap membuat keputusan?

    khalifah arrasiyidin boleh ditegur oleh rakyat biasa. itu adalah prinsip islam.

    adakah cara dr mahathir menegur raja kaedah yg terpuji?

  8. Old Fart,

    A little refresher's for you. What Mahathir did was to curb the excesses of our Sultans. If you remember, some of them were quite,er, excessive. What Mahathir did was to put the law above everyone, including Raja2.

    Which we all agree is a great thing he's done. In fact, that would prove to be one of his biggest legacies, if not THE legacy.

    As a result of that, we have Sultan2 yang adil and do not go overboard. We have one of two stray ones, but the special court which was created as a result of Mahathir's brave initiative have provided the rakyat a recourse that was not available before.

    Now, what we are seeing in Perak is a deliberate act of defiance measured to make people hate the Sultan. Not because of his excesss or the HRH had unpaid debts or something like that. But just because the Sultan's decision this time favored the BN.

    And we are talking about a HRH who was Lord President at one time. In Malay we say the Sultan is "bukan calang-calang Raja".

    Thank you

  9. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Ketuanan pakatan rakyat seems more like using the rakyat for their political mileage.
    Most angry PR fanatic supporters didnt know better (look at their profiles) and acted in biadap and derhaka manners. The real shame goes to their leaders.
    Sound minds would have more faith in the Sultan's decision than any political it PR or BN -same sajer gila kuasa!

  10. Anonymous3:30 pm


    Dah lah tu ....Melebih lebih pulak..This is the 21st Centuary and going on..Please all this thinking is Archaic, this is the only country in the world with this kind of thinking!!

    God is Greater

  11. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Dear all,
    Sultan can be short sighted sometimes. Because to err is human, and that includes Sultan.

    What happen to the adun who admitted to accept sex rasuah, will he be convicted and a by election is run?? Possible by election PR to win and form back government?


  12. old fart,

    your reference to france is an invitation to trouble,

    before you take that leap, look around you and beyond and find out how many people are actually angry to lose Nga and Ngeh as the de-facto joint MB of Perak

    Nizar is just a puppet, he is of no consequence here

  13. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Respect has to be earned and not given and this also applies to kings and sultans. Remember the french revolution, the falls of melaka sultaned and the dynasties in china. WHAT ARE THE CAUSES?


  14. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Anon 3.17pm

    Dun waste time on that kaki arak zorro.

    Give him a bottle, he will sell anything.....

    Yeah, we still remember of his post and RPK as well on Raja Nazrin. Now that decision made is not perceived in their favor, nak derhaka, biadap!!!!

    Anyway what can you expect from a drunkard?

  15. Anonymous3:38 pm

    there are a lot of ansient history showing that a cruel King eventually brought down by people throught the force and sacrifying. This is the last resort when people cannot torelate anymore. King should be a people friendly and has a heart of people, but when king become bias and favor to the zionist, then what will happend to his people? His people will be sufer, yet the Zionist and King still enjoying the luxury and good life. We have not come to this stage as We all still respect our Sultan, but it is a people right too to voice their concern to Sultan when something is affecting his majority of Rakyat. Sultan at this moment should come out to understand his people's voice instead of hiding in palace and leave the people cry out.

  16. Anonymous3:40 pm

    frankly, at this time and age, do u still think we [[ need ]] a sultan/raja/queen ?

    what benefit us - as rakyat may i ask ?

    ( beside one more day of holiday for his birthday.... but, i also see my tax monies.... )

    Anon as ~ free indeed ?

  17. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Saya sokong sepenuhnya. Bro Rocky.

    Dan tambah sikit, harap dikenakan tindakan sewajarnya kepada perbuatan durhaka kepada Rukun Negara.

    Rukun Negara adalah bersangkut paut dengan kerayatan, tak sokong Rukun Negara, kerayatan menjadi tanda tanya. Boleh buang kerayatan nya.

  18. Anonymous3:41 pm


    On this one I can agree with your viewpoint. There isn't any need to insult the Sultan. We may question his decision and we may sue him as that is provided under the Constitution. I'm pretty sure Mahathir is mighty peeved seeing those Malays lying on the roads, defying the royalty. He never managed to get them to do that. Ask Tun when you meet up with him just to rile him up. You may hate Anuar and his politics, but you have to admire his ability to whip the fervour.


  19. Anonymous3:41 pm

    UMNO yang derhaka kepada institusi Raja yang menyebabkan Majlis Kekebalan Raja dihapuskan...


  20. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Kata kuncinya adil. Tiada keadilan. Start a fresh election lah. Winner deserves to lead perak. This is dirty, nanti orang bertambah benci.

    Megat seri rama atau juga Jerbat derhaka kerana apa. Raja adil raja di sembah.

    apa apa sajalah bn.

    Kasim joget

  21. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Old Fart wrote:

    "Not all of us subscribe to or are members of any political party"


    But all Malaysians must subscribe to the principles of the Rukun Negara:

    1. Belief in God
    2. Loyalty to the King and Country
    3. Upholding the Constitution
    4. Rule of Law
    5. Good Behavior and Morality

    If any of you don't, please surrender your citizenships and ship-out of this country.

    You also wrote:

    "The Royalty should learn something from this episode"


    Those bastards and their masters who demonstrate at KK should be taught a lesson by Tuanku so that they will never repeat their "biadabness".

  22. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Remember the Sultan and the Swordfish with the intelligent boy killed for helping the Sultan solved his problem. remember hang jebat for standing up for
    great friend Hang Tuah. Malay history is full of examples to show the shallowness of the race. Malaysia as a whole is plagued by this shallowness.

    ghost of onn jaafar

  23. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Ok.. so the Sultan made an unpopular decision. People throwing items in the direction of royalty car... oh wait, people threw items during last March campaigning too. I guess that's the problem with the rakyat mentality today... yes that applies to BN supporters as well. There's no need to show bias. I guess an appropriate banner would be one directed to the education in Malaysia. We must do something to IMPROVE IT. So that the next time people disagree to a decision, they don't throw stuff at people. Don't you agree?


  24. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Wake up la this is 21st century not 1400 zaman kesultanan melaka.

    There is no such thing as derhaka to anyone(mortal anymore..

    Can u say its not right to derhaka to stalin bush or hitler?
    This slave mentality must stop if u want to progress in life n beyond.

    Islam doesnt preach absolute and unguided loyalty. It strives for real justice fairness not hollow rhetoric slogans and promises as preached by BN.

    Sorry for u Bro, if u still cant see all this, neither is UMNO..for they never learn.
    Go n talk to any unUMNO ustaz, am sure he can guide u to the straight path but if only u r sincere enough.
    May God bless u!


  25. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Dear all,
    The poor lands are being robbed. I'm sure Sultan understand the plight of poor citizens in Perak.

    The Edge website carries a report yesteday saying that the top active stocks on Friday included Gamuda.

    Gamuda is involved in the double tracking electrified project, which has been delayed due to slower than expected land acquisition especially in Penang. By 31 October 2008, the Malaysian government should have handed over 95% of the land but only 61% was handed over, according to Gamuda's first quarter report for 2008. Along with a weak profit market, this has led to lower profits for the quarter.

    According to the firm's 2008 Annual Report, its substantial shareholders are:

    Name of substantial shareholder interest interest %
    Platinum Investment Management Limited 171,995,600 - 8.57%
    Raja Dato’ Seri Eleena binti Raja Azlan Shah 200,000 150,500,000 * 7.51%
    Generasi Setia (M) Sdn Bhd 150,500,000 - 7.50%
    Amanah Raya Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd 102,162,600 - 5.09%
    - Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera

    God of Fortune

  26. Anonymous3:53 pm

    What a moron Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat! I dont even bother if you file a suit against BN or whatsoever..but you wanna file a suit against our Ketuanan Melayu - the Sultan & Raja - the Sultan of Perak?



  27. Anonymous3:54 pm first PR agreed to leave it to the sultan, but when it's not in their favour, they commit lese majeste. Please respect the ruler, he is above politics and his decisions should be binding.

    -penang lad-

  28. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Dear vsop,
    who is kaki arak zorro?
    even if whoever that you meant to imply is kaki arak, that is not the point here, is it?
    Are you too insecure? Stop assuming that whoever is not on your side must be a BN supporter - or connected to rocky's bru.
    Can it be simply from someone who has a clear conscience...well, obviously clearer than yours!

    anon 3:17

  29. Anonymous3:55 pm


    Dimana engkau waktu UMNO guna perkataan 'Natang' kat Agong? Ke UMNO saja yang boleh derhaka?

    FYI, Pakatan Rakyat walau pun tak bersetuju dengan perlantikan mamak sebagai Menteri Besar baru Perak, tapi dia orang masih tak menggunakan kata-kata kesat kepada Duli Sultan Perak. Jauh beza dengan apa yang UMNO buat waktu krisis di Terengganu dulu


  30. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Dalam Sejarah Melayu pun penuh dengan cerita-cerita raja-raja Melayu yang zalim, tak senonoh, bodoh, kejam, seks maniac, sodomite dsbnya. Kalau tak tahu baca lah. Akhirnya yang kejam itu disanggah juga. Jangan lupa dengan kontrak Demang Lebar Daun dengan Sri Tri Buana. Rakyat ak boleh dizalimi. Porak peranda akibatnya. Konsep daulat dan derhaka itu memang mitos semata-mata direka oleh raja untuk mendapatkan taat setia rakyat jelata. jangan lupa juga protes anti-Union pun sebenarnya protes terhadap Sultan Johor yang mula sekali menandatangani perjanjian Macmichael. UMNO sebernarnya marah pada raja masa itu --- sebab itulah raja telah dijadikan raja perlembagaan sahaja. Kedaulatan Raja di tukar menjadiKedaulatan Rakyat. Jangan pandai-pandailah sekarang nak mempertahankan raja pulak. Tanyalah roh Onn Jaafar. Dalam mana-mana zaman pun yang korup dan jahat dan tamak semuanya akan terima balasan.

    Wan Empuk

  31. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Dear Malaysians,
    How can anyone tear gas a place of worship? remember what happened to Indira Gandhi when she ordered the storming of the temple? Worst things are going to happen.
    This is not the Malaysia I know.


  32. Anonymous4:03 pm

    mengarut la bro, raja adil raja di sembah, raja zalim raja disanggah.

    bro, ni bukan zaman feudal lg bro. tulah tulah xwujud dh.

    raja, sultan cuma penaung kerajaan, raja berperlembagaan, maksudnya raja yg kuasa dia diberi undang2. kalau mcm tu apa bezanya raja dgn ahli politik biasa.

    xpayahla nk angkat sgt raja ni. dia bukan buat apa sgt pon. sbb dia raja, org lain xleh xpuas hati. mengarut la tu.

    gua rasa selagi ikut prosedur undang2 xdehal. tp kena tgk gakla. apa matlamat terbesar perjuangan kita berpolitik ni? untuk kesejahteraan di dunia dan di akhirat. klau ikut undang2, taat buta tuli boleh buat sengsara, buat apa ada undang2. itu namanya rukhsah. dharurah.


  33. Dear rocky,

    I think it's just shallow to assume that whenever people are against the BN government (in this case, against the royal court of perak) they are lumped together as the ever staunch, fanatic supporters of the Pakatan/oppositions (or even penderhaka for that matter)...

    Believe me, they are not...

    Open your eyes wide open, and listen to them closely...

    You'll find much of their dissent and disappointment are directed towards all the hu ha in this country created by the present government and its antics...

    Apa yang betul tetap betul, yang salah tidak boleh dikatakan betul kalau yang melakukannya dari pihak yang kita sokong...

    Go to the street rocky, leave your 'informers' and information loop for a while...

    Nowadays you'll only get to hear the voices of dissent and grouses of the people who feel that they are pretty much taken for granted...

    Only people with vested interests (cari makan maa) will have a good thing to say bout the BN government...

    The government has to remember, these voices, if they get oppressed again and again and again by the BN government, one day they'll definitely go off like a timed bomb...

    Saya hairan kenapa orang tak pernah mengambil pelajaran dari sejarah...

    Using brute force to stifle these voices ain't gonna do any good to the BN government...

    And it's sure as hell ain't gonna change the verdict passed by the court of public opinion against the BN government any time soon...


  34. Anonymous4:05 pm

    This is the last straw. You people can go and daulat your tuanku. I am definitely migrating.


  35. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Im from Sarawak but Daulat Tuanku!

    For those commenting that the sultan this time made a mistake who are you to judge on that? A decision not favouring pr is a mistake? F**k you and your retarded democracy!

    Anak Sarawak

  36. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Dear all, I believe everyone has their own interpretation on the matter.
    1.The best solution is to allow the court decide based on the constitution who is right or wrong.
    2.The MSM should stop playing this derhaka,hina sultan to the PR. It will just create chaos.Even Anwar said PR will not sue the Ruler.Sue and let the court interpret the law is two different things. MSM should be fair to both(BN and PR).
    3.No 2 should also apply to bloggers.

  37. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!
    Each time i see the footage of the biadaps on tv, my heart boils.
    I dont see one person from DAP running around, laying on the street, biadap to the Prince & Sultan. Once again, they have played the Malays from behind.
    Blind and ignorant. May God grant all of you the vision to see beyond Anwar Ibrahim.



  38. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Najib talked about giving Chinese a fair deal. The fairest deal that he could give them a fair deal
    is to give them their right, and also the Malay's right to choose their own State Government.


  39. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Ya...tak payah derhaka. nanti berdosa besar...kah kah kah kah...!!!

  40. Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata, atas nama Islam, setiap manusia adalah sama di sisi Tuhan dan mereka bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang dilakukan di akhirat kelak.

    "Ini bukan soal Melayu (menderhaka) tetapi dalam Islam, raja atau rakyat, orang bandar, orang kampung, tak kira raja, tok guru, setaraf semuanya dan mereka bertanggungjawab kepada Allah di akhirat kelak,'' katanya.

  41. bro rocky,
    i am not saying i agree with the sultan and i am not saying i am with the PR side on this story.

    In general thinking,a Sultan is still a normal human,correct? A grand title does not make a normal human perfect.

    so,if the Sultan do make mistakes,who's responsible to correct him?No one?

    Is nobody allowed to do that?

    Even the Prophet SAW needs guidance from Allah SWT and his circle of trustees and friends.

  42. Anonymous4:25 pm

    You are right - all these anger and ruckus against the Sultan are certainly most unbecoming of the PR. A royal decision has been made , rightly or wrongly - depending on which camp - but a royal decision nonetheless. The rakyat must accept. PR must accept and learn their lesson on how to govern and to control their own people.
    Now, if the incoming BN state government did learn their own lesson, it would certainly be good for the rakyat!

  43. Anonymous4:28 pm

    IMHO, 'lompat-lompat' ini menunjukkan -
    1. perjuangan sebenar PR, kalu to their advantage OK else NOT OK.
    2. kalu DSAI dapat Sept16, huru-hara tak, ade tak org BN yg akan pertikai perlembagaan.
    3. perlembagaan kite mungkin ade kelemahan - to define sacking of PM & MB - PM & MB sekarang nak tukar ke ? Kalu tak de 2/3 majority - tak leh kan ? Habis tu cam ne ? Back to square 1 !!!

    Just my thoughts.

    Nani, Cheras

  44. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Hey come on la! there are so many angles, twists, turns and turncoats here.

    If you really think that what the Tuanku did was correct and as rakyat we must follow blindly then how do we explain this :

    Hang Tuah killed Hang Jebat in a fight. BUT, before that, the King acually ordered the killing of Hang Tuah sebab derhaka. BUT the man who was supposed to be obedient and blindly follow the King's orders DID NOT carry out was was ordered.

    Is this not ingkar? and therefore derhaka?

    Please la - only God is God. We are all humans.

    Rocky, now all can see which side the wind is blowing.

  45. Every leader earns our respect no leader has respect from us as a birthright.

    The Sultan of Perak and his son the Regent were the most outspoken of Royalty and their wisdom was sound and no doubt they earned the respect of their subjects.

    Now the Sultan has clearly just thrown all that hard earned respect out the window because he forgot 1million of his subjects to favour 31 people of the assemble, 4 of which cant even make up their mind.

    Now Rocky I know you are a staunch UMNO supporter, there is no use denying it but do you really believe deep down in your heart granting the people the right to choose is a mistake? and Sultan did the right thing not to give the rakyat this chance?

    Definitely Anwar has been beaten at his game, but if he did the same I believe most people in Malaysia would still want a snap election. We wont accept Anwar as PM by virtue of frogs.

    Ketuanan Rakyat is power to the people. The people decide who gets the chance to rule them. No birth right decides it, no amount of money decides it.

    Rocky, get out of closet, take off your UMNO red tinted glasses and look at the bigger picture.

    PS: I wonder where were you when UMNO supporters called our AGONG "NATANG". Cleverly everyone has forgotten about that. Bloody UMNO hypocrites. UMNO youth knows how to make reports against Opposition corruption like the MB of Selangor which amount to a few cows and a couple of thousands. What they forgot are the billions UMNO has siphoned out of the Rakyat and into their pockets.

  46. Anonymous4:31 pm

    middle finger on you. kuda tunggangan UMNO.

  47. Anonymous4:32 pm


    Why still so THICK SKIN ??? Are you wankers deaf & stupid??? Didn't you wankers read & heard Tuanku had said "Pakatan Rakyat, tolong balik kampung dan kongkek lembu??".

    Look, you wankers in Pakatan Rakyat are now finished. Even Tuanku who is often dubbed 'The Wise Man' by most Pakatan wankers before this latest incident have spoken. Pakatan wankers are a bunch of THICK SKIN SORE LOSING MUTAFAKARS. Still wanna hold on to MB post??? Hahahahahahahahahaha..."Don't wast time lah. Just go back & screw your mother. That's a better thing to do". Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Pakatan Rakyat memang BODOH lagi BANGGANG,
    Dah kalah masih mahu kerusi MB DIPEGANG,
    Tuanku bertitah tolong balik kampung makan nasi KANGKANG,
    Saya genbira tengok BN CEMERLANG.

    With love & happiness,

  48. Just waiting for somebody (expecting Anwar Ibrahim to change his tone soon) to say 'The Sultan Has Acted with Bias Intention’ to help BN

    And I think that’s coming very soon.

    It seems that we are very good at this.

    Before any election or after a defeat we’ll say this

    After we actually won

    Statement most recently heard in Kuala Terengganu

    When we announced Sept 16 agenda

    When we lost Perak through our own back-fired tactic

    Statement most recently heard in Ipoh


  49. et me quote what Nizar said on Feb 5:

    Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin is confident the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, will make a fair and just decision to resolve the State’s political crisis.

    "I have no doubt that the decision will be fair to all ... to the people and to the political parties," he told reporters at the State Pas headquarters in Ipoh last night, where he attended the party’s emergency meeting.

    Nizar, who had an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah to seek his consent for the dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly, said the Sultan said he needed time to look into the matter.

    "I will abide by and accept whatever the decision," he added.

    I dunno Paklah`s flip flop is so contagious?

    Let me quote again another hypocrite from PR:

    "KOTA BHARU 16 Sept. - Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berpendapat, tidak menjadi kesalahan kepada Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk mengambil alih kerajaan dengan memujuk Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional (BN) lompat parti.

    Katanya, apa yang dilakukan Anwar adalah selaras dengan kehendak demokrasi, mengikut peruntukan undang-undang dan sejajar dengan tuntutan masa dan keadaan."

    After the current event, he made another new "fucckwa" favoring PR! Jokers!!!

  50. Anonymous4:37 pm

    rocky at this point in time i do not agree with you on this issue. respect yes of course we must respect the Malay rulers but respect is to be gained and never inherited or bought. the Sultan should have followed proper decorum and procedures in the sense of convening the DUN and either party can table a vote of confidence of no confidence. in the event HRH the Sultan does not wish to do so he can very well dissolve DUN and call for an election to settle the matter once and for all. there are precedents in other countries i am sure which can be referred to like that in Australia the Governor General Duncan Kerr and many others going back to the medieval times of England. HRH the Sultan must act as an arbitrator and neutral with the benefit of the rakyat in mind- a constitutional mornachy and not that is swayed by opinions from one party or the other.
    but it seems he has failed to do so discharging his duties according to the interest of the rakyat. he should have left it to the rakyat to decide at the end of the day at the ballots which he knows is the best option available knowing all the circumstance surrounding the issue and events leading up to it.
    what this has created is a constitutional crisis and a erosion on the faith of the people towards a the Sultan as the preserver of democracy, rights of the people and an arbitrator. the Sultan knows for sure that it is the formation of the State government at the knife's edge and because of a few of defected has caused the collapse of the government and in some ways perhaps they were bought over and by right the Sultan should have asked the rakyat to make a decision on it through a general election and not for him to decide because he is not an absolute mornarch but a constitutional mornarch. eventhough there are provisions within the constitution which gives him the prerogative to decide yet he must remember that it is only done to give some kind of dignity to the throne but any decision hinges on the 'advice' of the MB the same too with the PM and the Agong.
    as the saying goes 'Vox Populi Vox Dei' the voice of the people is the voice of God.. and this time around Sir i think you are bias and is not in tune with the mind and aspirations of the people. perhaps you have turned into a BN man - .. in some ways ..
    i the constitution having read and qualified in the area .. of interest. dont feed me bullshit .. please

  51. heloo rocky, raja adil dijunjung, raja zalim disanggah!!

  52. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Firstly, I am for change, change for the better being preferred. Pre 308, anything was better, therefore, a simple CHANGE would sufficed.
    Our constitution allows for changes to be made on the government of the day with the purpose of safeguarding the rights and the well being of the people. Even if certain passage is open to interpretation, the beauty of our constitution is that we still have the monarchy as a last bastion to defend the people, its citizens. The people, on the other hand, offers the monarchy its loyalty, its deference, its subjugation.
    This relationship is sacred. It is also dynamic. Each party has to play its role in the spirit of the said arrangement. If one party chooses to not to fulfill its end of the bargain, how could the other party be possibly expected to carry out its duty unilaterally?
    The desire of the people is to have a fair and just government. They did not get it for the longest time. The voted for change because the people would like to give the other side a chance to prove themselves. THAT is the desire of people. Tuanku, you have to consider the will of the people.
    I disagree with Rocky's point of argument. He took just one part of the RUKUN NEGARA as a point of argument. If you want to argue the RUKUN NEGARA, please argue it it totality, then see if you are standing on terra firma.
    Thank you for allowing my humble opinion.

    Mike Cheok

  53. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Pakatan Rakyat is crazy for power, and their supporters are too fanatical to notice this. Their fanaticism caused them to even diregard adab orang Melayu. Bodoh Melayu baling batu kpd kereta Sultan. Kamu kata "raja zalim raja disanggah"? Apa kezaliman yang Sultan buat? Sebab tak pilih orang kamu? Sebab tak berpihak kepada Pakatan Rakyat? Kalau kat kamu semua boleh, semua betul, tapi kalau BN semua salah.

    Bagi tanah kat Cina sampai 999 tahun tu kamu sokong pulak.

    Semua penderhaka celaka.


  54. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Abang Rocky,

    Saya berpendapat, kekhilafan tidak mengenal sesiapa, walau dirinya Agong, Sultan, Raja, Menteri, Penghulu, Ketua Kampung dan lain-lain di dalam setiap keputusan yang dibuat pasti terdapat ruang bagi kekhilafan. Hanya Allah SWT sahajalah yang sempurna sifatnya.

    Saya hanyalah rakyat kebanyakan dan mungkin pendapat saya hanya murahan. Saya berpendapat, dalam isu kemelut politik di Perak, seharusnyalah keputusan yang diambil adalah dengan membenarkan dewan bersidang dan undi tidak percaya kepada MB Perak diusulkan, bubarkan dewan undangan negeri kemudian adakan pilihanraya semula. Tindakan yang diambil adalah dengan mengembalikan semula hak untuk memilih pemerintah kepada rakyat bawahan.

    Semasa proses pilihanraya Mac lalu, andai Jamaluddin Md Razi, Mohamad Osman Jailu dan yang DAP tu bertanding atas tiket bebas, kebarangkalian untuk mereka hilang wang pertaruhan adalah cukup tinggi. Mereka dipilih oleh rakyat pada ketika itu adalah atas tiket parti yang mereka wakili.

    Saya melihat situasi ini seperti kegelojohan manusia untuk berkuasa. Bak kata orang Perak...'tak nyempat-nyempat" dan tak mengikut adab yang sepatutnya.

    Saya percaya, andai pilihanraya semula diadakan, BN boleh menyapu bersih kerusi yang mereka tewas dlm pilihanraya lepas kerana rakyat telah melalui pengalaman diperintah oleh kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat yang seperti menganaktirikan bangsa Melayu. Tetapi, dengan mewujudkan kerajaan segera seperti ini, pentadbiran agak rapuh dengan memiliki "Adun Bota yang kurang cerdik kerana bertindak dahulu berfikir kemudian", "Adun Behrang dan Changkat Jering yang kes rasuahnya masih menunggu dibicarakan, melainkan jika ada jaminan bahawa mereka ini terlepas dari tuduhan dan dibersihkan karakternya" dan "Adun Jelapang yang mungkin boleh beralih semula kepada parti asalnya".

    Walau apapun, saya berharap kerajaan yang baru tidak lagi mengabaikan nasib orang melayu di Perak.

    "Dari Rakyat Mereka Dipilih, Kepada Rakyatlah Pemilihan Mereka Harus Dikembalikan"

    Daulat Tuanku!!!

    Yeop Lambor

  55. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Saya amat menyokong penuh pandangan Bro Rocky.

    Dan ingin ditambah, "Rukun Negara adalah nadi kepada perlembagaan dan kerakyatan Malaysia'.

    Dan didalam kekecohan, "rasa nadi itu baru tau mati atau hidup perlembagaan atau kerakyatan."

  56. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Both the Sultan and Raja Nazrin are hypocrites. Say one thing, then do another.

    We are human beings gifted with brains. When humans like the Sultan and Raja Nazrin make mistakes, we have every damn right to call them out. You are only answerable to God and your parents, anyone else should not be your master.

    Might as well Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Nazrin just abdicate their thrones and coronate Sultan Najib Razak of Malaysia. The real Sultan here is Najib, not Azlan Shah.

  57. Anonymous5:16 pm

    In a Democratic country, no one is immune, including the Sultan. Respect yes but, do not use a few demonstrators as your measure to condemn PR. Ketuanan is only in the minds of the UMNO goons. So don't even suggest the poor helpless PR leaders and supporters have that mentality.
    Do I or do I not have the right to criticise the Sultan, if we saw him failing in his duty?
    If you wish to lick his balls that is your privilege, please allow us the right to express our opinions.

  58. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Javanese (Malay) values are not compatible with Islamic values. The informed and educated know this well. So does PAS, though they will not admit it openly.

    Related info:

    Maybe Indonesia should invade the fake country called Malaysia, throw out the government and corrupted system including the monarchy, and call it the straits settlements of various races and religions from all over the world, especially Asia.

    We would be more developed, diverse, strong and cosmo compared to Australia if the British had done a HK on us.

    The current system, rules, constitution and rukun negara were just put in place by UMNO to prolong their (fake and manipulative concept of) Malay Elite dominance, which is in actuality only for UMNOputra dominance; and to allow their divide and conquer tactics and methods to fester and disunite.

    Ketuanan UMNO boleh! People deserve the government they get! Time for the people to rise and rebel!

  59. Anonymous5:25 pm

    (fury9) : keep recalling : 'kami mau idrus, natang !'.

  60. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Roc, Most probably you are waiting for a Datukship!Forget it, The Royals can fend for themselves and defend themselves.No need to be their spokeperson.
    We are in the Cyber age, and this guys still want people to obey,succumb to them by showing respect.Sad to say they have to earn it.You CANNOT FORCE PEOPLE TO LOVE YOU! Period.

    The Dove

  61. For those who went to the Bersih Rally wearing yellow ask the Agong to Intervene in political matters should by principle understand this.

    For those who applauded HRH when he asked to reform the Judiciary should by principle abide to this.

    For those who understands that Justice and law is a concept not only apply to oneself but others including one's enemy should by principle understand this.

    Those who sing Merdeka, profess themselves to be the son and daughter of Malaysia that abides the constitution and "Rukun Negara" by Principle should understand this.

    People with the right mind should understand, that sometimes not everything goes according how we wish to be. Doesn't mean when something happens and it is not according to our wish does not neccesary mean it is wrong.

    Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan,
    Kesetiaan Pada Raja dan Negara,
    Keluhuran Perlembagaan,
    Kedaulatan Undang-undang,
    Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

  62. Rocky
    To err is human
    Kings are human
    Ok I'm begging the question.

    I'd rather have a king to let the House decide the fate, then wait for the defeated to see me and tell him in the face 'you lost' so now I make the decision, than to believe in a 'press conference' and friendly independent (who can can backstab its own kind the next instant a turncoat,) believe they now will kiss the other party and the ruler's hand. Both Pakatan and BN are hypocrites and instead of eliminating this perception they have perpetuated it in this fiasco. You see when we start to use the 'LAW' to try and point out who is guilty and not guilty, we might as well not bother with change at all. Please don't use any Rukun or Law (man made & often pro the government of the day and what have you) to mask the truth and reality of situations and issue. There is a big difference between the will of the ruler and the will of the people.

  63. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Untuk keterangan Umum Rocky sila baca sumpah taat setia demar lebar daun....jika raja adil rakyat sembah dan jika tidak sebaliknya... kontak sosial anatara raja dan rakyat...cuba fikirkan...

  64. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Kepada PR, Sultan salah, kepada BN Sultan betul, kepada rakyat, penyokong PKR terlalu taksub! Sultan tak salah, itu hak dia, jika dia mempunyai kuasa melantik, tentulah dia mempunyai kuasa memecat. Tidak ada krisis di sini, yang ada, orang yang tidak boleh terima kenyataan.


  65. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Bro...I thought Muslims dont sembah any human except Allah/God. So is it ok if we sembah/pray to our Kings and Sultan??

    I wonder if an Islamic Revolution will be lead by PAS one day to wipe our our monarchy like how the Iranians did to the Shahs??

    Do you think its right for royalty and democracy to mix or even have the slighest influence/participation??

    Confused! Very fed up with politics


  66. Anonymous5:48 pm

    to malaichai

    I assumed that you want the Sultan to EARN YOUR RESPECT and to earn that respect the Sultan have to do what YOU THINK is right and not what the Sultan think is right. Well... what kind of Sultan is that? And who are you anyway?


  67. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Comment “Banned” from certain blogs as mentioned either due to blog policy or inadvertent technical glitches.

    Disclaimer: I am not a Loyar Buruk from University of London external degree programme and this view should be read with caution even though the facts used therein are genuine. I aver that I am not culpably responsible in any manner whatsoever that the content might lead a disturbance in public order or may cause physical harm to those perusing the contents. Under no circumstance any whatsoever, should the said views expressed therein should be misconstrued to foment rebellion or hatred against any public institution, the royalty, the laity or members of the public. I affirm that the truth of the said contents are verifiable in the public domain of which access to is predicated upon ..ha!ha!ha! LOL….:

    I just flitted over here, malik from Art Harun's blog and can clearly grasp his artful arguments which will earn him praise from the Artful Dodger himself from ‘Oliver Twist’ fame. However, there are several issues regarding his post and your post (malik)that is bugging me:

    1. "in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Assembly." Article (16(6))

    My comment: Given that the phrase "in his judgment is likely......" imbues the whole scenario with a degree of subjectivity, then I humbly aver that the Sultan in instituting the relevant actions to validate his assumption is correctly exercising the neccessary procedures to validate that assumption.(read here:

    the very same procedures he applied here:

    "Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming said that Raja Nazrin wanted a letter of undertaking from all 31 opposition assemblymen indicating their support for the formation of the new DAP-PKR-PAS coalition government.“The letter should also state that all 31 of them supported the appointment of Pasir Panjang assemblyman Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as the new Mentri Besar,” said Nga, who is also Pantai Remis assemblyman".]

    given that there was no formal opposition coalition in the first place:

    “Perak result: The Perak assembly result posed fascinating possibilities. No party or coalition holds an absolute majority of the 59 seats. Barisan has 28; DAP captured 18; PKR won seven; and PAS holds six. The combined opposition vote is 31 to Barisan’s 28. But as the Opposition is not a formal coalition, we have a “hung assembly” – a chamber with no clear-cut leader.”
    BY SHAD SALEEM FARUQI available at :

    2. The very request for the MB to dissolve the state assembly, would I humbly submit, be an implied admission that he "had lost the confidence of the majority" and not as what you (Malik) purport to spin as in here:

    "This request was not made on the basis that the majority of members had lost confidence in the Mentri Besar". Pray, tell me what else was the MB doing in barging into the royal palace other than to intimate the fact that he (the MB)wanted the assembly dissolved because “he had lost the confidence of the "majority of the members of the assembly" and thus seeking the Sultan's consent to dissolve, a fact published in many mainstream and cyber rags!! Or did he barge into the royal household just to play an asinine prank on HRH since he(MB) did not know what to do with the oodles of time at his disposal?

    In fact, an express affirmation of this admission is apparent when national televisions stations broadcast live the unadulterated admission by the three Pakatan members that they had abandoned ship and were WILLING to support a BN led government, a fact attested to by the Right Honourable Member of Parliament for Pekan = Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ; D

    In tandem with this spin, you (Malik) also seem to have adroitly confuted the issue further by this statement:

    "…… twenty-eight members have indicated IN PRIVATE to His Highness that they no longer have confidence in the incumbent Mentri Besar." (My capitalisation of “IN PRIVATE”)

    which clearly implies, that despite there being NO FORMAL vote of confidence in the State assembly, the Sultan had been formally notified of the fact. This does not gel with your subsequent assertion that:

    .......His Highness was empowered to conclude that the incumbent Mentri Besar no longer commanded the confidence of the Assembly without there having been a vote of no confidence."

    Now Sir, what is your stand? On the one hand, you seem to imply that it is all right for the private intimation of a fact to be sufficient grounds for the affirmation of the MB "ceasing to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Assembly" yet in some 10 lines or so later, you firmly aver that any such intimation can only manifest itself..nay clothe itself with validity through a formal vote!!(citing Stephen kalong Ningkan to support your misconceived assertion).

    But your artful reliance on the Ningkan case is your Achilles heel, Art Harun & Malik imtiaz. For notwithstanding the fact that the findings of the learned bench in Stephen Kalong Ningkan have thus far remained unchallenged (mainly because, I doubt whether anyone had ever attempted to challenge it at all!!) there is something interesting which I wish to raise.

    While I agree that the learned judge had ruled that the act of dismissal performed by the governor was unconstitutional due to the fact that "the Court took into consideration the fact that the Sarawak Council Negri should, in principle, manage its own affairs. No vote had been taken in the Council Negri and instead the Governor had come to his conclusion based on extraneous matters, particularly confidential letters. The Court observed that members expressing a view outside the Council Negri might very well take a different position in it.....", the judgement by its very nature does not strictly affirm that the "confidence of the majority of the members of the Assembly" MUST be determined by a set procedure i.e., a vote of confidence conducted within the precincts of a State Legislative Assembly or any such fora. In fact, the judgement merely "proposes a guideline" on how any such confidence or the absence of may be determined (and this interpretation is open to challenge which has not been instituted as yet). Neither does a perusal of the relevant sections of the Perak Constitution expressly imply that such procedures need to be adhered to and only thence for the Sultan to draw the relevant conclusions.

    Hence, I humbly submit that the determination of confidence need not be solely conducted within a State assembly neither must it be procedurally and solely effected through a voting procedure as the “confidence of the majority” was a term of art". Simply put, other procedures/methods are equally valid in determining that confidence. This argument of mine is affirmed by this finding in Datuk Amir Kahar Mustapha vs Tun Mohd Said Keruak where the learned judge noted that :

    "In this case the feature and circumstance are the same as found in the Nigerian case (Adebenro vs Akintola, (1963)) in that ... In this case, from the petition (which was incidentally telecast live on television the day before Pairin tendered his resignation), the 30 members not only said they no longer had confidence in Pairin as the chief minister but they also requested the first defendant to convene the assembly and to direct Pairin to table a motion of confidence. However, the assembly was not convened to enable the action to be taken. In addition to that, Pairin himself in his press statement stated he resigned because the ruling party, ie PBS of which he is the leader, no longer had the majority support of the assemblymen, for owing to the defection of the members of his party, the position was reversed with the BN having the majority, and thus paving the way for the BN to form the next government."

    No, how is this far removed to the events that preceded, Nizar’s dismissal in Perak as I have already illustrated above?

    I further opine that the insistence of the learned bench on the need for an assembly vote in the Ningkan case is primarily premised on his suspicions appertaining to the certain documents submitted:
    It seems to me that by the provisions of the Sarawak Constitution, loss of confidence may be demonstrated only by a vote in Council Negri. Men who put their names to a ‘Top Secret’ letter may well hesitate to vote publicly in support of their private views."

    The “Top Secret” letter probably a reference to the signed letters of no confidence submitted by the said assemblymen to the then Governor of Sarawak. The bone of contention being that the authenticity of these letters were vitiated by the absence of signatures and other unmentioned “defects, a fact also alluded to by the learned judge in Datuk Amir Kahar Mustapha vs Tun Mohd Said Keruak:

    The hard fact in that case (Ningkan) was that the alleged loss of confidence was highly suspect. There was a top secret representation made by persons outside the Council Negri which on the fact of it did not disclose that the representors were the majority of members in the Council Negri. Also, the fact represented was suspicious in the sense that the letter was not signed by all persons listed in the letter and even in respect of those who signed, one of them was represented only by a ‘chop’
    In fact, this ‘defect’ was what prompted Justice Harley in the Ningkan case to proffer this observation :

    ‘Men who put their names to a ‘top secret’ letter may well hesitate to vote publicly in support of their private views ... page193

    In fact this observation:”, the fact represented was suspicious in the sense that the letter was not signed by all persons listed in the letter and even in respect of those who signed, one of them was represented only by a ‘chop’ can also be plausibly used to nullify the authenticity of pre-signed resignation letters..but then I digress………

    Back to my argument, in the Perak instance, no such duplicity or suspicion was evident as HRH in his legal wisdom deemed it incumbent to meet the respective assemblymen in PERSON to verify the authenticity of their purported support for a BN government:
    Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri Mohd Najib informed that the Barisan Nasional and its supporters, now comprising 31 state assemblymen, had the majority in the State Assembly.
    On the order of the Duli Yang Maha Mulia to ascertain that the information given was accurate, all the 31 state assemblyman were to present themselves before Paduka Seri Sultan.
    After meeting all the 31 assemblymen, DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak was convinced that YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members.
    A decision replete with the self same wisdom his majesty demonstrated when appointing Nizar in the first place!!:]
    Kudos to your Royal highness. Your sagacity , wisdom and carriage in this whole unseemly episode is indeed a testimony of your noble character and polished intellect. Rocky, now u understand why I aver that Raja Nazrin would make excellent prime ministerial material in a non-partisan technocrat government. Comes through good breeding and the genes…U should be proud to have HRH as your Sultan…am envious of you!!

    Based on the above arguments, the flow of events clearly indicate that all the legal conventions had been clearly adhered to and the appointment of the new Perak MB was both constitutional and procedurally sound.

    To recapitulate:
    1.the rejection of the resignation by the EC is in accordance to the powers vested to it under Article 36(5) of the Perak constitution that stipulates :

    “A casual vacancy shall be filled within sixty days from the date on which it shall be established by the Election Commission that there is a vacancy…”

    Now unless the esteemed reader is a moron, the actions invoked by the EC to establish whether in fact there was a vacancy or a “fraudulent” representation of a vacancy would fall under the ambit of “it shall be established by the Election Commission that there is a vacancy”. I am flummoxed as to how this simple phrase could be construed as otherwise by so-called educated legal eagles
    Further, the EC's astute reliance on Ong Kee Hui v. Sinyium anak Mutit (1982) to validate its decision that no such resignation could be effected is accepted even by Karpal Singh

    “Veteran lawyer and DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said the commission’s decision to recognise Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman as the assemblymen for Behrang and Changkat Jering respectively was based on a Federal Court case in 1982.
    “The legal advisers have likely advised them based on that,” he said.
    The Federal Court had ruled in 1982 in the case of Sarawak United People’s Party member Datuk Ong Kee Hui v. the then party president Sinyium anak Mutit that the arrangement of submitting an undated resignation letter to the Speaker was contrary to public policy and therefore void.”

    2. a) The explicit act of MB Nizar requesting the Sultan to dissolve the assembly is a clear indication that he (Nizar) had indeed lost the confidence of the majority of the assembly and was thus duty bound according to convention to resign for the law is implied here in so far that the executive council ipso facto refers to the MB itself. Further, the very construct of the the relevant article renders any other interpretation moot unless loyar buruks want to quibble over semantics!!:

    If the MB ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council." ( Article 16(6))

    b) The express assertion of support enunciated by the three independents to support a BN government both over the print and electronic media as well as their reiteration of that support in front of HRH in PERSON is sufficient ground for the His Majesty to aver that MB Nizar indeed "had lost the confidence of the majority…….." and with the powers vested to him under 16(6) judiciously invited the BN to form the new state administration.

    3 HRH had throughout the whole fiasco had clearly demonstrated his admirable capacity for constitutional proprietary under immense pressure and His conduct has been wholly irreproachable .

    That the defiance of Nizar is tantamount to lese majeste and his insistence of remaining in office is further nullified by provisions of the Interpretation Act as astutely pointed out by Prof Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi here:

    "Article 16 Clause 7 of the Perak constitution says a member of the executive council other than the MB (Menteri Besar) holds the office at the pleasure of the Sultan. In other words, the MB cannot be dismissed.

    "But Article 16 Clause 6 says if he loses the confidence (of the majority) he must resign. So the gray area is what happens if he doesn't resign," he said when contacted by Bernama on Thursday.

    He said the two separate provisions seemed to contradict, so one had to look beyond the Perak constitution and into the Interpretation Act, which states the power to appoint includes the power to remove.”

    Shame on you Nizar, you have demonstrated the ill breeding that come about from your wanked up genes!! Uncouth and uncivilized barbarian! Desist from your thoroughly dastardly and perfidious ways and seek HRH's pardon.

    Your Majesty, your forbeareance for such loutish and thuggish behaviour is indeed awe-inspiring.

    Be that as it may, I am of the opinion that a dissolution would have a better proposition based on the observations made by Tun Dr M in his blog simply because the art of frogging perfected in the swamps of conspiracy are wont to engender morally depraved tadpoles who may change allegiance at the flip of a slipper and the flop of a sneaker………………

    Finally, interesting to note how a certain "choirboy" turned "street hoodlum" once deigned to usurp a constitutionally elected government through the ex-ASSembly pathway, the same modus operandi he so insouciantly rails against today (see:

    Regarding the views of a certain coolie…. ingest it with a sack of salt for the now reclusive hermit is still haunted by the SPIRIT of a perfidious path… talk about just desserts!!!

    Now Malikka…ur lips please……………..

    Warrior 231

  68. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Being a sultan 1st he must respect the Rakyat, without the Rakyat he is nothing, without the Rakyat he doesn't need to show his authority, without the Rakyat he doesn't have a palace, without the Rakyat he doesn't have a crown.

    His action make him one of the team player of Najib mastermind to highjack power from the Rakyat, his action worth millions to umno but he forget the pain his subjects are suffering and the right he denial millions of his subjects.

    Who does the Sultan think he represent? Those who walk the corridor of power or the millions of his subjects?

    A Sultan who does not respect the Rakyat does not deserve to sit on this high office. He bring shame to Royalties and shame to his son and his future generation.

  69. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Hei, dont talk C*** lah, respect must be earned lah. Do not sembah without brain. Kolok lah lu.

  70. Anonymous6:03 pm

    respect must be earned lah. do not sembah without using your brain. Practice your thinking skills lah.


  71. Anonymous6:03 pm

    I am Perakian in Jelapang constituency. The Sultan said that his highness will be fair to his people and protect the interest of his subjects.

    So when his highness allows BN to take over as government because a traitor that our village have voted wins a big majority under DAP banner and then she decided to defect and support BN. So, is it fair to us?? Did the Sultan even bother to hear what we the rakyat has to say?? Why there is a need for the Sultan to hurrily consent that BN is a new government? So, his highess thinks that it is very ethical to allow BN to rule this way?

    This makes our respect to our ruler dips right to the bottom.

    Perakian 808

  72. Anonymous6:04 pm

    RPK just wrote this quite nice piece.

    What more to say?
    Posted by admin
    Saturday, 07 February 2009 15:32

    If I were in Umno I would do exactly the same. I would use the immense wealth that Umno posses to buy over the prostitutes in Pakatan Rakyat. Anyway, is that not what we want Anwar Ibrahim to do? We want Anwar to form a new federal government by enticing at least 30 Parliamentarians from Barisan Nasional to cross over to the opposition.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Many ask why I have been very silent the last 48 hours. Well, that is because I sudah menyampah. Why scream now? If we want to scream make sure we do it before the ship sinks. Once we are in the water we should save our breath for breathing -- if we can keep our heads above water, that is. If not, then quietly drown and die with some dignity. At least you will be remembered for someone who died in style.

    There is a time to talk. There is a time to act. Now is no longer the time to talk. So can all those people who keep sending me messages via SMS about ‘you must do this’ or ‘you must do that’ please stop doing so. You are just wasting your money. I don’t even read them. I just delete them without reading any of them. Stop telling me what I should do. If you feel something should be done, go and do it yourself.

    Okay, I am down with a bad flu so I am in a very bad mood today. Even my wife is staying out of my way. I have not been sleeping because every time I do I start coughing violently. This article, for sure, is being written with me in a most foul mood indeed.

    In spite of the flu I drove up to Ipoh on Thursday but came home that same night because I had to go to court the following morning (yesterday). I am sure many of you who met me in Ipoh noticed I was not my usual friendly self. Sorry if I appeared sombong but I was feeling real bad on Thusday.

    To add to that list of aggravations, I am in the midst of preparing for three court cases next week -- my sedition, criminal defamation and ISA hearings. Yes, I am going to be locked up in three different courts almost the entire week. And chances are, I might be sent back to Kamunting to spend the remaining years of my life under detention if I lose.

    I wrote the following pieces in the run-up to Thursday:

    Constitutional Monarchy, rule of law and good governance (5 Feb) (

    How to bring a government down (4 Feb) (

    If fresh state elections are held in Perak (4 Feb) (

    Santa Claus is coming to town (2 Feb) (

    No two ways about it: DISSOLVE the Perak State Assembly (2 Feb) (

    Live by the sword, die by the sword (31 Jan) (

    I just love this country (27 Jan) (

    As you can see, I have already said what I wanted to say. There is nothing more I can add about an event that is already a fait accompli. Nasi sudah jadi bubur, as the Malays would say.

    About a week ago, a few of us sat down to discuss the impending collapse of the Perak government. It was suggested we speak to the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, which we did. Our recommendation was that they dissolve the Perak State Assembly and hold fresh state elections while Pakatan Rakyat still has the majority in the Assembly. Once Pakatan Rakyat has lost that majority it will be too late. No way will the Sultan agree to the request to dissolve the Perak State Assembly once you no longer command the majority in the Assembly.

    But the Pakatan Rakyat leaders would not listen. They still have things under control, they remarked. We did not think so and we told them this. But who are we to ‘teach grandmothers how to suck eggs’, as Malaysians would say? If we are so smart then how come they, and not us, are the party leaders. We would be sitting in their chairs, instead, if we are cleverer than them. Politicians do not think much of you if you do not hold any party positions. They only respect those who hold positions in political parties and government, not those outside mainstream politics.

    Everyone is an expert on hindsight. Only good leaders have foresight. And our leaders lack just that, foresight. They are very clever when it comes to reacting to situations. But they know nothing about pre-empting. Why react, especially when it is too late? You must be able to pre-empt before it is too late to do anything. This is what our leaders lack, the skill to pre-empt.

    When the Rulers of Perlis and Terengganu ‘interfered’ in Umno’s choice of Menteri Besar, we hailed them as great Rulers who are full of justice and wisdom. When the Rulers agreed to allow Pakatan Rakyat to form the Perak and Selangor state governments, they are the best Rulers in the world. Whenever things go our way we are full of praise. But as soon as the decision does not favour us they are haprak Rulers.

    The Rulers are a disappointment. We are disgusted with our Rulers. Our Rulers sold out to Umno. Malaysia should abolish the Monarchy and turn the country into a Republic. And so on and so forth. That is what is on the lips of many Malaysians. But if the Rulers had favoured the opposition, even though they did so in violation of the law and the Constitution, we will hail the Rulers as amongst the best in the world.

    Actually, the Perak and Selangor Rulers were worried that the Pakatan Rakyat state governments of these two states would not last, in particular in Perak, which had a very slim majority. That is why there was a week’s delay in swearing in the Perak and Selangor state governments.

    And can you blame the Rulers? DAP had said it will not sit at the same table as PAS, let alone form a coalition government with it, if PAS does not openly and publicly declare it will abandon the Islamic State agenda. PAS, on the other hand, said it shall not openly and publicly declare such a thing. That means DAP and PAS can never form a coalition.

    The Rulers of Perak and Selangor then called all the State Assemblymen and women from DAP, PKR and PAS and asked them, one by one, whether they agree to the formation of coalition governments in Perak and Selangor. The coalition can only be formed if all three parties -- DAP, PKR and PAS -- agree to it. Even if just one of the three do not agree, then Pakatan Rakyat will not have enough seats to form the governments in both Perak and Selangor.

    The DAP, PKR and PAS State Assemblymen and women indicated their agreement. But this still did not satisfy the Rulers. You can say one thing now, but what is there to prevent you from changing your minds later? So the Rulers asked the DAP, PKR and PAS State Assemblymen and women for both Perak and Selangor to sign letters confirming this agreement. Only then will the Rulers agree to swear in the new state governments.

    It was, in a way, a contract of sorts. The Rulers wanted all the DAP, PKR and PAS State Assemblymen and women from Perak and Selangor to sign a contract stating that they agree to the formation of a three-party coalition and that there are no dissenters from amongst the ranks of DAP, PKR and PAS.

    Then the fight broke out. DAP, PKR and PAS could not agree on how to share out the EXCO positions, the racial quotas, who should hold the posts of Menteri Besar and Speaker, and so on. In Selangor, some DAP State Assemblymen organised demonstrations. In Perak, they threatened to boycott the swearing-in ceremony. Even the trivial matter of the wearing of the songkok during the swearing-in ceremony became a hot issue and almost brought the coalition down before it could even be formed.

    The Perak and Selangor Rulers had their doubts. They doubted whether the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition, now called Pakatan Rakyat, could last. DAP, PKR and PAS had very little in common and were always squabbling over minor issues. And they argued about party and racial quotas just like Barisan Nasional. Pakatan Rakyat is as racist as Barisan Nasional. It appeared like there is very little difference between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional.

    Nevertheless, the Perak and Selangor Rulers decided to give Pakatan Rakyat a chance. Let Pakatan Rakyat prove that not only it can do a better job but it can also keep the coalition going. If the coalition breaks up, then a decision would have to be made, later, what to do about it. In the meantime, allow Pakatan Rakyat to prove it can last at least one full term until the next general election.

    Then we began to hear grumblings. This State Assemblyman was not happy and wanted to resign. That State Assemblywoman was not happy and wanted to resign. Barely one year into the marriage and the marriage appeared to be breaking up. The Indians complained about not having enough Indian quotas. The Chinese grumbled about having the most number of seats but not being able to become Menteri Besar. The Malays grumbled about the ‘Chinese’ government not looking after the Malays.

    It was all about race and about so-and-so being neglected and not being looked after better. Suddenly it was no longer about the rakyat. It was about your personal interest and position and about the quotas your race is being denied. Pakatan Rakyat was nothing but Barisan Nasional by another name.

    What happened in Perak is good. I hope it will teach Pakatan Rakyat that it has to get its act together. The DAP lady’s crossover was triggered by something very trivial and goes to show she is more concerned about herself than about her party or about the rakyat. Everyone got a new Camry except her. So she sulked (merajuk) and left the party. If she had been given a new car she would not have sulked. A mere car brought the Perak government down.

    If this is what brought the Perak government down, then it deserves to fall. The Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak used to be a non-Malay majority government. Now, it is an almost entirely Malay government. 27 of the 28 State Assemblymen are from Umno. Even if the three ‘independents’ join the new government it will be 29 Malays against only two Chinese. And there is not a single Indian State Assemblyman/woman in the new government.

    What took 52 years of transformation has been destroyed in a mere days. Today, we are back to an entirely Malay government in Perak. And a DAP State Assemblywoman helped achieve this. A Chinese made the restoration of maruah Melayu (Malay dignity) possible. She should be given the next Ma'al Hijrah award and be accorded Bumiputera status.

    I can only say that this serves Pakatan Rakyat right. They had it coming. When personal interests and racial issues override everything else, you deserve to fall. And there are many low quality wakil rakyat still in Pakatan Rakyat -- DAP, PKR, as well as PAS. Expect more to cross over. The RM25 million dangled in front of their faces is just too difficult to say no to. After all, not everyone is in politics to serve the rakyat. Many are in it for their personal interests. And RM25 million is an attractive proposition.

    Next time, get better candidates. Some of the Pakatan Rakyat wakil rakyat are so low standard I would not even trust them to baby-sit my dog. I would not deny there are some good wakil rakyat in Pakatan Rakyat, some even better than those from Barisan Nasional. But all we need are 30% bad ones to bring the party down, especially when you are barely surviving with a 10% majority in Parliament or the state assemblies.

    Okay, Umno bought over our wakil rakyat. So what? If they are not for sale then Umno could not have been able to buy them. It is like prostitution. If there are clients then there will be prostitutes. It is the law of supply and demand. If there are no takers then there can be no givers as well. Simple!

    We all know that Umno has tons of money. And RM10 million is nothing to Umno. If the Pakatan Rakyat people are so unprincipled then whom do we blame? Why blame Umno? Blame our people who worship money and pray to the Ringgit. Blame Pakatan Rakyat for fielding low quality people to contest the elections.

    You can take the man out of the kampong but you can’t take the kampong out of the man. Low quality people can’t suddenly become high quality just because they are now wakil rakyat. They will still remain low quality and will kowtow to money because they have no maruah (dignity). That is, after all, what prostitutes do. They open their legs for money. And many in Pakatan Rakyat are prostitutes while those who manage prostitutes and called pimps.

    If I were in Umno I would do exactly the same. I would use the immense wealth that Umno posses to buy over the prostitutes in Pakatan Rakyat. Anyway, is that not what we want Anwar Ibrahim to do? We want Anwar to form a new federal government by enticing at least 30 Parliamentarians from Barisan Nasional to cross over to the opposition. Najib did in Perak exactly what we want Anwar to do at federal level. So, why the sudden outrage? What if three State Assemblymen in Negerl Sembilan cross over and Pakatan Rakyat gets to form the new Negeri Sembilan state government? Would we still express outrage?

    Let’s face it: we lost. Let’s just lick our wounds and learn from this bitter experience. Our leaders were stupid and we paid for this stupidity. We chose poor quality people as candidates. We knew that Umno was trying to buy over our wakil rakyat. We knew they would eventually succeed. But we just stood and watched without launching a pre-emptive strike -- such as dissolving the state assembly when there was time to do so and when we still had the power to do so.

    That is the long and short of it. Let us lose like gentlemen. Sure, they did not play fair. The Sultan should not have forced the MB’s resignation or appointed a new MB from Umno when Nizar did not resign. Sure, there are questions of whether it was legal to do what the Sultan did. But he did, fair or otherwise. And the Sultan could not have done so had we been cleverer. We left the door open and they walked in. We should take the blame for that rather than moan and bitch. And, next time, lock all the doors. Thieves are thieves and will always be thieves. But we were sloppy and that allowed the thieves to get in. There is no denying that.

    We lost the battle. But we are yet to lose the war. That is the big picture. So focus on the big picture and see how we can eventually win the war. That is more important. And how do we turn defeat into victory? How can we menang dalam kalah? We can turn defeat into victory if our leaders are clever. My only worry is whether they are clever enough to do this. Let us see.

  73. Agree with you Rocky that the Sultan should never ever be treated in such a way. HOWEVER, what about the other statements in the Rukunnegara??? Has it not been raped by certain parties just to attain what they want??? True there is nothing to gain by protesting wildly however who is to say there were elements among the crowd who were actually from the other side??? (Remember BERSIH???!!!!) Fact of the matter is although most if not everybody in the cyberworld disagrees with HRH we should show our displeasure by letting things take it's natural course as what has been done by Pakatan Rakyat which is to bring this matter to the courts. Then again who is to say the courts aren't influenced as well by you know who???? It's just sad that we claim to be a developing nation but we don't seem to portray it through our actions

  74. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Rocky Bru,
    If you are counting on UMNo and goons of protecting the royal instituition, you would be sorry.
    Well, once the sultan instituition is not useful.......Just like Adolf Hitler's treatment on the German's king leading to the rise of Nazism....

    Go read history......


  75. Bro, when BN supporters carried banners labelling the Sultan of Trengganu 'natang, where were you to support him? Who were the traitors then?

    No, and don't bring in this red herring Ketuanan Melayu shit which is a racist stance promoted by ultra BN supporters when they have nothing else to fall bacak on after 50 years of misrule highlighted by endemic corruption, racism and plunder of the national coffers!

    I agree with you that pelting HRH's car with stones or resorting to violence is unacceptable. But that does not mean people cannot publicly disagree with HRH's decision or take legal action as provided for in our Constitution.

    This is not tantamount to 'Menderhaka'. If it is, then Dr.M changing the law to make our Sultans criminaly liable must also be clearly traitorous. Did you protest about Dr.M's action then?

    Who is Kabilan? I suppose just another M'sian citizen who has the same rights as you to comment in blogdom. If you don't agree with him, blog out your objections clearly. But don't sound like only Ketuanan Melayu supporters can comment about HRH's actions.

    This is what democracy is all about. Let everyone peacefully express their views and take action as provided by our Constitution and Laws. Is that something you cannot agree with?

    And if some other blogger decides to hang the Perak flag or portrait of HRH upside down, that's his right. Live with the thought that there is opposition to any political stance in this nation and world!!

  76. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Satu soalans saja: Apa pendirian Rocky tentang aktiviti melompat parti?


  77. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Dulu org2 pakatan ni beria-ia sgt Daulat Tuanku Daulat Tuanku pakai baju kuning nak jalan konon berbatu-batu to Istana Negara. Yang tak pernah jalan jauh pun(yg selalu parking je depan supermarket guna petak handicap..yes you know who you are)sangup tu berpeluh2, kaki melecet, nak mintak belas kasihan Agung. Masa tu sayang sangat kat Royalty,now apa dah jadi? Memang biadap. Cursing at the Sultan, turning the national flag upside down,supporting and promoting lawless behaviour,merusuh sana sini...What kind of people are we breeding here in M'sia?
    Yes. I support your cause. Daulat Tuanku.

    p.s can someone please drag that ex MB out of the MB's residence and tell him it's not really his own house? All this is getting old and pathetic la.

  78. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Ya la. Aku ni orang kuat UMNO, tapi aku pun dulu sama-sama dengan Bernard Khoo (Zorro Unmasked) menyokong Raja Nazrin jadi perdana menteri Malaysia daripada Anwar Ibrahim tu jadi perdana menteri Malaysia.

    Tapi rupa-rupanya aku ni dah jadi Tipah Tertipu... sebab masa tu aku tak sedar peribadi/sifat sebenar Raja Nazrin... aku terikut jer ucapan-ucapan manis Tuanku itu di berita... tak guna akal untuk pikir...

    Kah kah kah...

    Kini aku dah tahu.... proses pembelajaran lah kan, namanya...

    Kah kah kah!

  79. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Abang Bakaq,

    Macamana pula tentang Ketuanan UMNO di Terengganu, kenapa pula boleh mereka panggil Sultan Terengganu (btw DYMM SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong Malaysia sekarang), 'natang' (dlm bahasa Terengganu - binatang)... Adakah mereka dibolehkan?..

    Kenapa ada 'double standard'?..

    Mengapa Abang Bakaq tak highlightkan perkara ini dalam blog ni?...

    Sebenarnya, saya sokong kempen abang ni, sebab bagi saya Sultan adalah 'Pemimpin - Khalifah' untuk orang Islam di negeri mereka, kalau Sultan berlaku zalim pada rakyatnya, balasannya... Maha Suci Allah lebih mengetahuinya.

    Ada sebab mereka dipilih oleh Allah untuk memimpin rakyat. Segala kebaikan yang rakyat mereka lakukan, Insya-Allah, Tuhan akan memberikan pahala kepada pemimpinnya, TETAPI jika kemungkaran dan dosa yang dilakukan oleh rakyatnya, dosanya juga akan tertanggung oleh Pemimpinnya.. Wallahua'lam..

    Mohon maaf kiranya saya biadap,
    Pemimpin Kecil

  80. Dear Rocky,

    Daulat Tuanku,Daulat Tuanku,Daulat Tuanku..

    I'll give u a piece of support of this campaign.

  81. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Aiayh Guys.SULTANs are also human.They also need MONEY as in Perak.Dont treat them like GOD lah.25 million to cross over.Multiply by 28= ?????.HIDUP MALAYSIA, lama lama lingkop.


  82. Anonymous6:41 pm

    im malaysian and i dont give a shit about royalty , they just human being like everybody else. How is it possible one man decision can be used to determine who rules the state , it just plain stupid.

  83. Anonymous6:41 pm

    How is taking a Sultan to court biadap? It's called a constitutional monarchy for a reason: the Sultan's powers are determined by the Constitution. If he feels that he has not overstepped the limits of his powers as stated in the Constitution then what is wrong with defending himself in court?

    You refer to the Rukunegara but that is more of a philosophy and not a law. The prime law of the land remains the Constitution and no one is above the law, not even a Sultan.

  84. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Saudara Rocky

    Jangan menulis dan memutar-belit tanpa memahami keadaan sebenar di Perak. Ini adalah tidak beretika.

    Jangan lupa bahawa ada perbezaan antara 'institusi kesultanan' dan 'Sultan'.

    Sultan pun manusia, boleh membuat kesilapan. Jadi ini bermaksud kita tidak boleh terima buta-buta segala yang disebut atau dilakukan oleh Sultan; harus kita pertimbangkan dan fikirkan dengan akal. Sebagai rakyat, kita dengan sopan santun kena tunjukkan kesilapan Sultan itu, misalnya dengan meminta Mahkamah mengadili tindak-tanduk seorang Sultan sekiranya bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan.

    Sultan ada peranannya yang termaktub dan ditentukan oleh Perlembagaan Negara dan negeri. Ini harus dipatuhi oleh semua, tidak kira rakyat biasa atau Sultan.

    Jangan kita ketepikan perlembagaan dengan bulat-bulat menyokong semua tindakan dan keputusan seorang Sultan. Sultan yang sebesar mana pendidikannya pun ("secalang-calang Raja" pun), ada juga nafsu dan kepentingan diri dan kerabat keluarga. Sultan manusia juga macam kita.

    Kita hormat dan sayang kepada Sultan yang mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat dan peka mendengar suara rakyat dan menghormati hak rakyat menentukan masa depan politik mereka. Ini dia institusi kesultanan moden yang betul. Tetapi pada masa yang sama, kita wajib menegur juga dengan sopan sekiranya seorang Sultan itu salah.

    Harap faham.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  85. Anonymous6:44 pm


  86. Anonymous6:45 pm

    apa yang susah sangat buat mengundi semula je?

    takkan sultan tak fikir impact yang ramai pengikut bawahan tak berfikir wajar tuh?

    mengapa tidak play safe?

    it's better to play safe rather than current impact! impak dari orang2 yang emosional iaitu rakyatnya sendiri!

    nak ikut sudut law pun tak betul juga. kalau betul aku percaya ramai tak kisah.

    tambah2 babitkan najib yang keji.

  87. Anonymous6:46 pm


    you forgot what your idol, Mahatir did to the monarchy? Did you consider him to have committed treason?

    disagreeing with the HRH's decision is not derhaka, rocky. Remember what the Prince has recently said which goes on something like this:-
    " His Highness must rule with fairness and beyond politics. History is replete with monarchys being rejected if..."
    Yes, I think his decision to sack the MB is beyond his powers legally. Yes, my view is that he acted in haste. But, a bad decision in my view doesnt mean I have to be disloyal to the monarchy. I will continue to be loyal and being disloyal is surely unconstitutional.

  88. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    If they have RPK,we have Rockybru..
    You just tell the truth of civilised people.Not an antic of PR..They might think they have a lot of people supporting them,but they never know,down below there there is a lot of silent supporter who feel ashamed of what PR have done to the Sultan Azlan.

    - Anwar,because of your 916 gold (goal),now you have been sold !!!

  89. Anyway, Zambri is of Indian Muslim descent!

    So, wherefore your Ketuanan Melayu tirade?

  90. At last the malay in Rocky came out and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I wish you guys just be civilised when commenting about our royalty. They are not perfect but they are our monarch nevertherless.

    There are signs that malays are getting restless over this. What ever you do please do respect this unifying symbol. Without them we are heading for trouble. Believe me.

    Who would you want to unite us instead? Abdullah? Najib? Anwar? Karpal? LKS? Hadi? Nik Aziz? Guang Eng? Lee Hsien Long?

    In this trying time patience is a virtue. If you dont agree with them, just wait for next election to have your say.

    In the meantime life must go on. be careful not to put fuel into the fire. We will regret this.

  91. i totally with you all the way. let me know anytime. isk teringin nak kerat tangan melayu yg baling kreta tuanku tu......

    kurang hajar punya melayu.

  92. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Sultan and his son deserve to what they have done. Just 'a rubber stamp' to what has been planned by Annuar Zaini. Annuar Zaini guides every single their decision on that matter. Through history, such as rulers have been cursing until our time. Among them Sultan Mahmud whose son was the first ruler of Perak Sultanate. He killed his Bendahara and even his oldest son. Then, Sultan Mahmud Mangkat di Julang who killed an innocent woman just because longjack fruit. How we can we imagine such as injustices still existing in our time. If the royal institution of Perak become a history, it is not because of rakyat, but because of themselves. The solution is very simple, not even need a former lord of justice to think it, dissolve the assembly.

  93. Anonymous6:49 pm


    i dont expect any other type of reaction from you. typical UMNO-like.
    Go to the ground and you will find the majority is happy with Nizar. Can a puppet command such respect?

  94. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Harap blog master dapat dedahkan perkara ini
    Cerita ini saya beri eklusif utk anda
    Ezam & the gang adalah perancang utama 2 adun pkr lompat di perak
    Jamal dan osman berlindung di rumah ezam di shah alam sepanjang kehilangan mereka
    Saya tidak dpt bersonkongkol dgn perkara ini
    Saya sgt sedih lihat cara kerajaan perak dijatuhkan
    Saya juga tahu ezam & the gang dapat habuan lumayan dlm kes ini

  95. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Rocky is so sold.

    Budak Cina Ampang

  96. Anonymous7:04 pm

    alahai bro....

    kalau nk tau nilah golongan yg lidahnya kelu, bisu tak terkata bila sultan terengganu di panggil binatang.... mungkin ni ketuanan cemerlang, gemilang dan binatang!

  97. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Old fart,

    You are really a fart.

    The Sultan didnt make a mistake. He had studies the situation form all angle and make the best decision to suit the occasion.

    If you want to continue to pollute go do somewhere else, perhaps at Harakah online..

  98. As a Muslim my faith is clear. I cannot say "Daulat Tuanku". It is against my faith.

    I am a Muslim first, a Malaysian second, a Malay? I dont know.

    I no longer know what a Malay means.

  99. Anonymous7:14 pm


    Sifar sebenar YB Nizar Jamaluddin terdedah!

    Sila tontoni video Youtube berikut:

    Satu temuduga yang jarang diketahui dengan YB Nizar

  100. Anonymous7:14 pm


    i am really flabbergasted the way the pakatan rakyat supporters reacted and took the street to show their displeasure. mind you - most of them are malay-malaysian and just had their friday prayers!. mereka-mereka ini hanya orang melayu-malaysia yang menunjuk perasaan dan baru saja lepas menunaikan fardhu jumaat!.

    aku amat sedih tengok orang melayu-malaysia ini dipergunakan semudah-mudahnya untuk menunjukkan derhaka kepada raja, dimana pergi fahaman mereka tentang rukunnegara kedua - kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara.

    kenapa orang melayu-malaysia ini yang rata-rata diperbodohkan oleh pas dan pkr sanggup hilang adab dan kesopanan. malu sungguh tengok perkara ni - agama pun tak ajar macam ni.

    mana pergi penyokong dap dan pkr daripada bangsa lain? hanya berani baling batu sorok tangan! pukimak lu orang!

    damn you all bastards! don't try to rock the boat and don't try to test my melayu patience. we can be accomodating - yes - but we can also push our selves to the extreme if the need be!

    kepada sahabat-sahabat yang lain tu. fikir-fikir lah sebelum bertindak jangan lah jadi kerbau cucuk hidong - senang dibodohkan oleh orang lain untuk perjuangan mereka - ini termasuklah B.A.B.I tu!


  101. During Tun Dr Mahathir's time, Hang Jebat was hero, and Hang Tuah was villain. The tables of history has now changed, it would seem.


  102. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Daulat Tuanku!!

    Daulat Tuanku!!

    Daulat Tuanku!!

    I am one raayah that will support this campaign...

    p/s : This Pakatan Rakyat sememangnya telah melampaui batas.

    I definitely will not vote for them in 13th General Election.

  103. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Old Fart,

    I guess thats what u think of yourself, by naming yourself 'Old Fart'. You must those Chingkies who has no regard for loyalty and respect for others. I can understand you where you come from. Your forefathers came to the shore of this land of Malay Sultanates betraying your 'motherland' just to be coolies to the kwailos.

    I can understand which hole you came from.

    But not we Malays. We have our culture and respect for the rulers.

    I agree with Rocky on this 100%.

  104. Anonymous7:24 pm

    bro rocky,

    you je lah yang betul... pr semua salah....

  105. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Tindakan para perusuh membawa bendera Palestine dan menyamakan perjuangan mereka seperti menentang Yahudi adalah terlampau. Mereka seumpama mengejek saudara-saudara di Palestine. Orang palestine berjuang untuk nyawa dan tanah mereka. Di sini, mereka hanya kerana marah setelah pemimpin disuruh meletakkan jawatan.

    Sedarlah. Jangan menghina perjuangan umat Palestine.

    Bukit Hebron

  106. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Luahan ini ditulis demi bangsa Melayu untuk mendedahkan siapa peenderhaka.

  107. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Yes, Respect has to be earned and not given. Once it is lost, it is gone forever, so no use of shouting Ketuantan Rakyat or Daulat Tuanku. Action speaks louder than words!

  108. Anonymous7:33 pm

    This is the only country in the world to have to maintain nearly a dozen royalties....
    We need to have the country go through absolute abject poverty before the rakyat realise that they need the money for themselves instead of maintaining these lot....

  109. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Shame on the Sultan to scam together with Najib to fool the Rakyat. He has lost all respect from we the Rakyat.

  110. Anonymous7:37 pm


    zorro kaki arak, kau peduli apa? dia bukan muslim. tapi kalo pemimpin muslim kaki arak, macam mana bro?

    huh.. berpeluh nk jawab tu...

  111. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Well done, Rocky. You have become THE ambassador for the Barisan Nasional and the Sultan. The best job in the world.

  112. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Please be reasonable.Ketuanan Rakyat has not done anything worse then compared to your new found company UMNO when they put up posters at Kuala Trengganu chiding the Agung/Sultan with various name callings.
    Critics on Sultan Perak is only a helathy way of showing him that the rakyat should not be left behind. By right Perak state assembly must be dissolved so that the Perakians can choose wisely. Maybe your friends from BN would end up winning more seats. For the matter, you could also stand as a candidate for UMNO/BN. Carrying on pinning, its all paid for!hahahah

  113. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Where is the love, democracy and human rights?

    Beban Negara rich enough to buy the Adun and MP.

    Pakatan Rakyat charm enough to charm the rakyats' heart.

  114. Anonymous7:44 pm

    "beradab" kepada HRH is one part and questioning HRH's straying from Law is the other.

    I agree that we should be repectful la. But lets not forget we are also human and do get upset n emotional in momments when our rights are trampelled upon. Just like u would be if someone you love gets brutally killed.

    Why didnt the learned HRH follow the Law? This is main issue. Everything is side show and will slowly wear off la.

    Come-on Rocky you know this la.

    Habib Rak

  115. Anonymous7:47 pm


    how do you define derhaka? clearly disputing the constitutional rights of HRH to fire the MB does not tantamount to being treasonous. it's a disputable matter, contentious legal aspect that are being debated even among the learned legal scholars. To those who freely equate asserting one's rights as being derhaka, then I would gladly be known as a derhaka. But allow me to remind everyone that without the rakyat would there be a Sultan?

    In this episode Mahathir is without blame. His legacy is not that he managed to civilise our Raja-raja but rather allowing the institution to be disrespected. Remember the orgasmic revelation by the government controlled media on the excesses of the Royalty?

    Mahathir's real legacy is institutionalizing the maxim "do it, whatever it takes as the ends justify the means", these being manifested so clearly through the many scandals, Saleh Abas, Anuar sacking, Lingamgate etc.

    So it continues to this very day. Badawi practices it albeit cloaking it under his Hadhari doctrine with the able hand of Kali to spin it. Najib will definitely will take it to another level and this time round, perhaps, our Rocky acting as his spinmaster. I must say they're getting good practice the last few days.

    CountryHeight Resident

  116. Daulat Tuanku ! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

    Watch the movie HERO by Jet LI
    you will know how the emperor deal with the defiance...or Sejarah Melayu Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat..

  117. Dear malaichai,

    You wrote, "Respect has to be earned and not given and this also applies to kings and sultans.."

    As a HUMAN BEING a Sultan has to EARN respect, much like everybody else. After all, a Sultan IS HUMAN.

    As a RULER however, that respect is ENSHRINED in the constitution. In this sense, a Ruler is as 'sacred' as the soil that you stand on, which is why the second article of the Rukun Negara reads;


    "Loyalty to King and Country". Last time I checked, Rukun Negara is still valid.

    A Ruler however, is also subject to the constitution, which means he CAN NOT act beyond his prescribed sphere of power, and if he ignores this, than he is acting as a HUMAN BEING.

    Then, only then WE ALL can BASH him.

    To the best of my knowledge, the Sultan of Perak acted totally in accordance with both State and Federal laws.

    You also wrote "Remember the french revolution, the falls of melaka sultaned and the dynasties in china. WHAT ARE THE CAUSES?.."

    For your information, the Malaccan Sultanate, the Ancien Regime of France, the Chinese Dynasties were all ABSOLUTE MONARCHIES.

    Malaysia is a Federal constitutional elective monarchy.

    But hey, if you need answers then;

    The Malaccan Sultanate fell because the Europeans were two hundred years ahead of the Malays in terms of weapons' technology.

    The French revolution took place due to widespread famine and intentional starvation due to countless wars waged by Louis XV.

    The Manchu-Isingoro Dynasty of China fell because a former concubine named Xici appointed a toddler as Emperor.

    I fail to see any similarity in the above historic events with what went on in Perak.

  118. Anonymous8:00 pm


    How much are they paying you?

  119. Anonymous8:06 pm

    me close to tuanku know whats goin on.dont make a fool
    of being a subject to an illusion.


  120. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Looking at the whole Malaysian Scenario objectively, do you think a tiny country like Malaysia can continue to maintain nearly a dozen royalties forever?
    This is and will be the only country to continue doing so!
    I wonder what the rakyat will feel when they are all in abject poverty whilst continuing with the way things are....

    God is Greater

  121. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Raja kah, hamba kah, setiap pagi mesti berak juga. So sapa pun tak beyond reproach. Kita kasi bikin satu institusi supaya jaga kepentingan negara semua kaum. Kalu tadak courage mau defend kepentingan negara kita komplen la...


  122. Anonymous8:08 pm

    owh come on, he's a puppet himself! diorang kurang ajar kat rakyat boleh pulak bro?remember tsar, puyi, french resolution...kalau rakyat terlalu dianiaya

  123. Sultan juga manusia biasa....

    That is A FACT!!!

  124. Anonymous8:12 pm

    PR yang beria2 nak buat lompat parti besar2an pada September lepas... tapi tak jadi... tapi bila BN buat semuanya tak sah! Sultan pula yang jadi sasaran... I will support your cause Rocky!

    Tak faham kenapa Anwar kata ADUN BOTA 'lompat balik' ke BN tidak sah.... lompat keluar BN yang mula2 sah ke?


  125. Anonymous8:13 pm

    I respect to every human being as that is the basic right, I respect the sultan as he is the iconic leader of the state, that is what I did.
    But in this political and democracy crisis, other than saying somebody "derhaka" or "biadap", can you guys be more logical for the future of Malaysia? The law and constitution is not perfect and must be studied properly and make proper changes, if they just resign and let the cases close, who will think of improving the constitution and law?
    Please be more logical!

  126. Bro,

    Yang terkilan tu

    1. Keganasan berlaku atau bermula di Masjid
    2. Yang berlawan Melayu sama Melayu (Islam dengan Islam saya tak pasti)
    3. Yang memukul pun Melayu (Islam tak Islam pun saya tak Pasti)
    4. Yang kena tangkap Melayu dan dengar nya satu INDON

    Nak Tanya Bro,

    1. Sekarang ni +- 50/50 dan 3 Bebas.

    Yang Pakatan Rakyat kata serahkan ke Mahkamah Rakyat tu depa kira lagu mana? Rakyat dari negeri mana?

    2. Dalam TV (memang media ni BIAS), tak nampakpun Apek dengan Spesis Terancam. Semua MElayu je? Apahal? Dia orang tengok tang jauh dan tepuk tangan ke?


    Aku ingat masukkan aje Brother ABI ke dalam. Aku pun tak faham. Eknomi konvensional kita dah hampir lumpuh. Yang ada tinggal belum terancam , macam pelancungan. Tapi sejak semenjak Spesisi TErancam ni buat hal, aku rasa tipis harapan negara kita nak bertahan. Dengarnya sektor pelancungan menymbang +- 35% aliran wang asing.

  127. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Whoaa, double standard aka Rocky style! When UMNO insulted the sultan during the whole Terengganu fiasco, you didn't say anything! Now you are running your mouth about how Pakatan is insulting the Perak sultan.

    Seriously I am taking your website off my bookmark list. Your double standard is sickening. Only idiots will believe what you are saying.

  128. Ask 10 lawyers and you have 10 opinions, but I like this one best ... from Art Harun

  129. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Dear friends,
    Gamuda stock going down, need contracts. Federal government a lot of money....but don't know where to invest, maybe Perak can be now invested.

    Concern Investor

  130. Anonymous8:42 pm


    try this :

    this :

    camon rocky..

    setia pada raja?becoz of setia pada raja :

    1)Perjanjian Pangkor 1824?

    2)Perjanjian Bangkok 1924?

    3)Jatuhnya kerajaan Melayu Islam Siam Patani (raja melayu pembelot)

    4)Khianatnya Sultan Perak ke atas Long Jaafar yang tolong membayar hutang Sultan Perak.

    5)Hutangh Sultan Pahang yang dibayar melalui duit kerajaan negeri (Duit Rakyat!!)

    6)Who the hell is Anuar Zaini in Sultan Perak?


    8)Pemajakan Singapura kepada Stamford Raffles?

    9)How bout Tok Janggut,Haji Rahman Limbong, Tok Gajah, Dato Bahaman, Mat Kilau?They are being declared as PENDERHAKA from istana because protect the rights of people.

    If you can answer all this..then you can say about Kesetiaan pada Raja!!

    You should learn from Allahyarham Ustaz Wan Soghir pertaining to what should Raja do to their people!!

    oh..forgot are veteren in journalism...







  132. Well said Rocky ...
    I think this is too much ...
    It shows the lack of class on Pakatan's side ...

    Wahai orang Melayu ingatlah ...dalam pelembagaan Malaysia ...Orang Melayu tidak nyatakan sebagai warga negara ...kita sebenarnya rakyat kepada Raja ...tiada Raja mana kah kita?


  133. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Bukankah Anwar jugak yg mahukan kuasa raja dikembalikan? Tapi when the Sultan of Perak spoke, dia dgn konco2 yg gila talak ni tak sanggup to hear the truth kan?


  134. People mandate vs Legal mandate.

  135. Daulat tuanku? kah.. kah.. kah..
    daulat tuanku pun agak2 la... kah kah kah

  136. Anonymous9:04 pm

    how much they paid u?

  137. Anonymous9:05 pm

    I am amazed that the diehard supporters can say that the self-styled Pakatan Rakyat (it is not a legal entity yet unlike Barisan Nasional) had the overwhelming majority in the Perak legislature. Overwhelming majority means a wipe out, like Penang. In Perak, BN holds 28 out of 59 seats, which is nearly half. PAS, DAP and Keadilan formed the government because they agreed to unite for Perak. If you talk about a single political organisation's majority, it is Barisan.

    Failed in Maths

  138. Anonymous9:06 pm

    The problem with you Rocky is that you come up with a nice written article and expects everyone to agree with you!

    The Sultan is just another human being like you and me. He is bound to make mistakes. He is not a perfect human being. He is no GOD! Just a human being like you and me. He has his own desires and weaknesses too. SO stop treating him like a GOD!!!

  139. Anonymous9:07 pm

    bila rocky bercakap apa yang benar orang cakap rocky berat sebelah pada kerajaan yang memerintah bila rocky menghentam kerajaan yang memerintah, dia dianggap sebagai wira pembangkang, orang yang bijak boleh menilai samada saudara rocky ni bebas dari pengaruh sesiapa atau tidak, janganlah sebab kita kecewa kerana terlepas kuasa kita menyalahkan sesiapa sahaja yang bercakap benar, saya rasa rocky sudah bertindak melalui kebebasan bersuara beliau untuk menyatakan apa yang hak. Masa YDP Agong tidak memperkenankan Idris Jusoh jadi MB pun kerajaan BN terima dengan hati terbuka, maka kuasa sultan jangan dicabar, kerana itu memang kuasa Tuanku untuk memilih Menteri Besar. Daulat Tuanku.

  140. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Bro. Rocky,
    "Kesetiaan pada Raja & Negara"... kesetiaan membabi buta macam Hang Tuah mungkin tak relevant nowadays? At the same time street demo. tak pasal2 is NOT the answer either! Lets hope some COOL HEADS would intervene and return the "right" of the people to the people! Have another state election and decide again! If UMNO/BN has the balls, lets have it again lah! Seronok ke menang by political hijacking macam ni? Btw, whoever MPs yang lompat, PANCUNG or BUANG NEGERI saja! (Ibrahim Ali will be the 1st). They have pecah amanah of the people - apply for ALL MPs, PR & BN!

  141. Not because of his excesss or the HRH had unpaid debts or something like that. But just because the Sultan's decision this time favored the BN.

    exactly. and shouldn't the Sultan's decision favors the rakyat all the time!

    The Sultan can see what the rakyat wants and he should appoint the government that the rakyat wants. if he has no idea which government the rakyat wants, he should call for election!!!

    raja adil raja disembah, is it not!

    and yeah, mahathir took some "measures" to control the sultan's power. he did it so elegantly because he has the right resources and all the right motives too! he wanted to put the law above all but "himself" ;)

    anyway, the rakyat has no proper channel to voice out their disagreement on sultan's decision. so they took it to the street!

    as simple as that. he (the sultan) should have atleast waited for the court to decide on the status of the two prostitutes opened their legs for candys. he didn't, did he?

    again, raja adil raja disembah

  142. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Salam sejahtera Saudara Rocky.

    Sentimen atau perasaan Saudara Rocky yang membara-bara mengenai isu ini boleh kita semua fahami.

    Kita semua mempunyai nilai-nilai pendirian dan lensa pandangan yang berbeza, serta pegangan politik kita yang masing-masing.

    Namun begitu, nasihat saya kepada saudara Rocky termasuk semua pembaca lain adalah untuk bertenang dan menggunakan akal fikrah dengan sebaik-baiknya sebelum membuat keputusan apa-apa atau menghina mana-mana pihak. Ini termasuk merujuk dengan seluas-luasnya "input" daripada semua pihak, daripada suara rakyat biasa sendiri hinggalah ke analisa golongan yang berilmiah.

    Ini adalah kerana keputusan-keputusan atau kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuat dengan terlalu mengikut emosi atau fikiran yang berat sebelah, tanpa menggunakan daya taakulan ("reasoning"), boleh mengkaburkan dan memesongkan pemikiran kita dan pemikiran orang-orang yang lain berhubung apa itu yang benar atau palsu, dan apa itu fakta atau pendapat semata-mata. Ini adalah bahaya.

    Berkenaan tindakan Tuanku Sultan Perak melantik menteri besar baru, ianya haruslah dikaji dan dilihat sama ada selaras dengan apa yang terkandung dalam Perlembagaan. Ini adalah kerana hak dan kuasa politik Sultan dan raja-raja telah pun digariskan di dalam Perlembagaan. Perlu kita tentukan sama ada sah atau tidak sekiranya timbul keraguan.

    Harus juga kita terima kebarangkalian bahawa tidak mustahil bagi tindakan seorang Sultan itu bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan. Ini pernah berlaku sebelum ini bukan sahaja di negara kita tetapi di negara lain juga. Ianya bukan luarbiasa.

    Dengan segala hormatnya,hakikat bahawa seorang Sultan itu sangat terdidik dalam bidang perundangan tidak mengecualikan Sultan itu daripada melakukan suatu kesilapan. Ini adalah kerana:

    (i) undang-undang itu kadang-kadang mempunyai apa yang dinamakan "grey area" (kawasan yang kabur penentuannya) dan bukan mudah ditafsir mengikut situasi atau suasana unik yang mungkin muncul;

    (ii) seorang Sultan itu mungkin bertindak tanpa mempunyai (atau diberi) maklumat yang tepat dan selengkapnya ("without accurate or perfect information");

    (iii) seorang Raja/Sultan adalah seorang insan biasa juga seperti kita dan perlu mengimbangkan (membuat "trade-off") di antara beberapa prioriti atau kepentingan-kepentingan yang berbeza (misalnya kepentingan peribadi, kepentingan rakyat, kepentingan negara) dalam mengambil sesuatu keputusan itu.

    Oleh demikian, kita tidak boleh memutuskan dengan mutlak bahawa keputusan atau tindakan yang diambil itu adalah 100% betul atau wajar. Harus kita kaji terlebih dahulu dengan minda yang benar-benar terbuka tanpa memihak siapa-siapa dengan berpandukan undang-undang secara objektif.

    Berkait peristiwa di Perak ini, terdapat satu "precedent", iaitu peristiwa yang hampir sama berlaku di Sarawak (iaitu kes Stephen Kalong Ningkan lawan Gabenor, tahun 1966). Kes ini telah dibawa ke mahkamah dan satu keputusan dibuat di situ (sila rujuk rencana ini, misalnya).

    Maka marilah kita kaji dengan tenang dan baik-baik situasi ini dari semua penjuru sebelum membuat kenyataan melulu dan emosional.



  143. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Hallo Rocker

    degil betul nizar derhaka tu ..siap nak masuk ofis pagi selasa lagi..nanti main rebut kerusi dengan dr zambry..itu pun kalau dpt masuk pintu bilik lama dia tu. harap kerajaan negeri ambil tindakan sebelum terjadi yg lebih buruk. mana la tau ada pulak nak terbaring atas meja kat pejabat MB tu. hahahahah.. kalah tiananmen square

    aku bosan

  144. Anonymous9:27 pm

    No matter what you say, Rocky, the Sultan has no right to decide on who should run the State. The people are the ones who have right to choose their own state government. This is a basic right of each person and sad to say, the Sultan himself has taken away this basic right from all Perakians!!! And he used to be the Lord President!

  145. Rakyat Murka, Sultan Derhaka! Malaysiakini

    Tiba-tiba rakyat bangkit murka
    tidak sangka sultan menderhaka
    meminggir sepi suara keramat
    memperkenan sembah barisan bangsat

    Keadilan bukan kanun retorik
    hiasan perlembagaan kosmetik
    dari busuk ketulan taik-taik
    pertubuhan bersatu melayu fasik

    Bersama c4 tiada maaf bagimu
    katak-katak songlap jutawan baru
    riuh melompat ke mulut buaya
    terkutuk maruah selagi bernyawa

    Riuh setan mengguling demokrasi
    bacul mengubur hak majoriti
    murka rakyat membawa resolusi
    mengulang saujana gema reformasi

    Dulu, kini, selamanya sejagat
    ketuanan rakyat tetap berdaulat
    maka sedihnya derhaka sultan
    meruntuh warisan taat kesetiaan

  146. Whatever the Sultan's decision is, Perak won't reach political stability unless a by-election is held there.

    If not, Perak will have two MBs from Pakatan and BN, just like today (weird eh?). Pakatan supporters will keep demonstrating again and again.

    Just hold a by-election. If BN win, Pakatan will accept the decision and withdraw. If Pakatan win, BN would also accept the result.

  147. This comment has been removed by the author.

  148. Anonymous9:48 pm

    I spoke too soon in my yet to be unpublished post, Bro!

    Here is the real story whispered into my ears by a little hummingbird as i was busy canoodling Angie Jolie in Pantai Air Tawar, Kuala Besut. An earth shattering revelation that prompted me to zip up my pants after a quickie, lug in my other lappy and with jolie busily 'fondling" my crotch in angst, gun my engine to the nearest WiFi spot, 48Km down the road in KB. Man, I had a trying time, to keep steering, keep thinking and to keep Jolie's pawing hands off my u know where. Somewhere near Bukit Yong at the Tren/Kelante border, her rational senses kicked in and she slipped on a jilbab and jumped into the back seat in deference of trespassing into the Turbaned Lollipop's territory.

    The revelation? If you read my latest post timestamped around 5.30 or thereabouts, i made a case that Amir Kahar vs Tun Said Keruak posited an alternative mode of how confidence can be elicited beyond the confines of an assembly/parliament and the verdict of that case affirms what HRH did. But therein lies the rub....

    U c Fakatan have played the poison pawn alluded to by some commenter elsewhere in your blog earlier. To put it simply, they are gonna request the Courts on the constitutionality of such a method with the aim that things will work along the following permutations which will benefit them whichever way we look at it:

    Permutation 1
    If the court decides that HRH erred in applying the law, then the appointment of the MB is ultra vires and consequent to that fact the Perak state assembly reverts to either a dissolution or a logjam!. Since the former is the most expedient possibility, fakatan will flog the issue that Najib and by extension BN had consorted to usurp power in concert with the 2 "dissoulute" independents and will paint the town red with this tale.

    Result: Perakians swallow the line hook, line and sinker..najib ends up with a red face and compromised credibility and will appear to be a liability to BN as a premier-in-waiting.Whatever, March will seem a tad too far........

    Permutation 2: this is what Fakatan and their legal thugs are really hoping for. The court to declare that everything about the crossover and the declaration of loss of confidence is above board even when issued OUTSIDE THE ASSEMBLY. Then, using this decision, lure the 30 or so claimed to be hoppers to jump the moat and thus Miss Federal Government falls into Mr Street Hoodlum's waiting arms to be wanked for eternity and najib to "berputih mata" about what might have been. That is why, they are now hastily spinning this as a constitutional issue and licking their chops dry!!

    They have been plotting this all along and that is why that article appeared in someone's blogpage last September..the one i linked to at the end.There is an exit though out of this conundrum which might just throw a spanner in th whole plan....but then i am not telling until things pan out...

    For now Najib may end up kicking himself for not heeding the Tun's wise counsel and that smirk will soon turn into a scowl for all u know.......

    But then, who knows if my littlebird is not infected with bird flu?

    Well, i have to go as the cafe is beginning to fill up and jolie is lying in wait in my room upstairs to the billion outlet. I will Rock KB my own way..that is ;D

    Warrior 231

  149. Anonymous9:48 pm


    Cuba perjelas yang ni pulak -



    Anak Jati Perak bukan Singapore

  150. Well said and done Big Bro. Daulat Tuanku. Izinkan saya mengambil logo berkenaan untuk di pastekan ke blog saya aka Cucu Tok Selampit.

  151. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Unfortunately you have disillusioned yourself. The core issue is regarding the constitution which says the Sultan has only the right to hire but not to fire. With due respect to HRH, imagine a Sultan who has the full power to hire and fire? It going to be a chaotic democracy system in this country. It has to be an integration system involves the monarchy, the executives, the judicial and the legislative. You are too emotional in this case....a sign of ageing.

  152. Anonymous9:53 pm

    you have changed my fren mr.rocky.wake up will ya rocky,arnt u being biased as well? to err is human.u are calling a a guy duck simply because u didnt like his posting likewise many people were sad with the decision made in perak as well. sama aje rocky bru.its alrite for u to go after kalimullahs throat but its not alrite for another person to say a piece of his mind? grow up!

  153. Anonymous9:54 pm

    As former Lord President, maybe HRH Sultan Azlan Shah can spare some time, to furnish a written judgement, as to why he came to that decision?
    That would help to restore my respect.

    About Rukunegara, I think it's outdated la Bro, imagine Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan. Does it make an atheist non malaysian?

    Further extrapolation, if one believe in God, how can one justify going against God's teaching..

    So going against a just God is ok but going against an unjust King is not?

  154. Anonymous9:59 pm

    There are 9 Royal and all are respected should they betray their raykat then they ask for it. The highly respected Sultan of Perak and his son were an icon for all Malaysian but they just lost them.

    As said 1000 good deeds will always be look at but one evil deed will mark out the good deeds.


  155. Anonymous10:03 pm

    What happened to my 5.30 or so comment.dis you receive it..if not i will re=post it.

    Its relevant to 9.48. or was it incendiary. i will try to tone it down if its so? am awaiting your response.

    Thank you, bro.

  156. Anonymous10:11 pm


    You pasted at the bottom of your blog:

    The freedom of expression is essential for any society to evolve.

    So has K.Kabilan expressed if you. You can disagree but you have to respect his view.You are journalist still I think and you came out last year strong on the belief of free expression. Why now insult K. Kabilan just because he took a different stance.

    Now I think you know from your readers most if not all have decided to part ways with you since the last general election, as you have been perceived as biased. As you had said, perception is often times closer to the truth.

    I used and hopefully to continue to be an ardent reader of your blog. I yet to hear you give your opinion as you had done in some other issues on the Perak Political Turmoil.

    The basic question, not speaking as a lawyer, but as an ordinary man in the street with the limited information you have: Has His Highness done the right thing in his decision, never the constitutional issues to be fought out in court. Just your opinion.

    Sadly, my friend, a slow disappointment in you is seeping through my veins. I wish it had not.

  157. Anonymous10:20 pm

    rocky biased.Your blog has lost its appeal.Macam baca Utusan Melayu dah ni.

  158. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Bro Bru,

    Please continue. The fact that these clowns cursed and rambled means you have hit it bulls eye.


  159. Kita Melayu ni sombong tak bertempat. Walau pun mengaku Islam dari datuk nenek, mengaku silap susah sekali. Lupakah sudah kita bahawasanya hanya perbuatan yang diredhai Allah yang dikira ibadah ? Yang tak betul tu tak akan dikira betul oleh Allah jika yang bersalah terus berdalih. Dalam hal ini, saya kira yang nampak salah sudah pun hampir dipenghujung jalannya. Bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat !!!

  160. Anonymous10:30 pm

    When you put blinkers on a horse, it cannot see left or right.

    The PKR losers are just like that . They only see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear.

    When the MB poser in Perlis and Terengganu was decided upon by the respective Sultans, they gave their nod just to belittle Abdullah Badawi.

    But when justice does not fall by their wishes, they cry foul.

    They have only recently tasted power and are already becoming so arrogant and acting worse than the baddest UMNO man.

    If they come to real power, they will kick out the Agong too, if he disobeys them.

    And yet their tunnel visioned followers seem to obey their cult leader so religiously. If Anwar asks RPK, Karpal, Lim Kit Siang and son to eat dog poo, I am sure they would gladly do so. Like what he is instructing them to do now :
    'Bring the Sultan down, or else'.

    The so called champions of justice are just showing their true colours and are still hiding lots more.

    Remember what Nizar said earlier? That he would accept whatever decision the Sultan made? Well, did he?

    I sincerely hope the Police will lock these trouble makers up before they cause more un-needed problems.

    Sure they want this to happen, so they could blame the Police for not being democratic and will also say there are no prison large enough for their mob.

    What the heck, round them up at all the stadiums and lock them up inside with the army standing guard outside.

    I, like millions of others have totally lost faith in these unscrupulous PKR jokers except Nik Aziz.

    Pack your bags and leave. It is a Perak matter, and the problems should be resolved by the State Ruler not outsiders from Permatang Pauh, Cerok Tok Kun, Penang or elsewhere.

    To hell with the betrayers of justice and I hope the message gets through their brick heads.


  161. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I wish DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah sued Bai Kapal and His Goons Nuar Brahem and Haji Hadi for defamation like Emperor Lee Kuan Yew did to those Singkies who dare to speak bad things about him, his family and his goons' governance.

    Leman Kulop Besor
    Kati, Kuala Kangsar.

  162. Biar beradab, jangan biadap dan tak payah derhaka. ~ Rocky.

    You forgot to direct this unsolicited advice to BN/UMNO? Cheh!

    Have also forgotten the Constitutional Amendment Crisis in the 1980s orchestrated by UMNO and concerning the Raja2?

    'Spit' if you must, it is your right, but you seem to have missed the real target.

  163. Kita Melayu ni sombong tak bertempat. Walau pun mengaku Islam dari datuk nenek, mengaku silap susah sekali. Lupakah sudah kita bahawasanya hanya perbuatan yang diredhai Allah yang dikira ibadah ? Yang tak betul tu tak akan dikira betul oleh Allah jika yang bersalah terus berdalih. Dalam hal ini, saya kira yang nampak salah sudah pun hampir dipenghujung jalannya. Bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat !!!

  164. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Sorry not be too emotional abt the issueI believe eveyone should accept the fact that current umno has srewed up from the last pru till now.They are a failure and desperate.Do not cheap trick but costing million RM50.Rakyat is not stupid and they will pay heavy price sooner or later.My advice to current umno,please tackle the root cause if you have problem.By diverting the attention and confusing the people,the prolem will grow bigger.Anyway nice try and good luck to umno...

  165. brader....sudah la tu..

    pernah tak terpikir macam mana/bagaimama/siapa/kenapa dan bila wujud pantun 2 kerat ini...

    Raja adil raja disembah,
    Raja zalim raja disanggah.

    Ampun Tuanku!

    FYI, Najib was not here tonite for the program mesra rakyat at the Yuk Choy school in Ipoh. He is supposededly here for the CNY celebration. Dia takut dapat sambutan 'luar biasa' kot.

    Td petang ternampak van dari rumah orang2 tua, semua bangsa cina, pakai baju baru semua..lepas itu tgk star online ada gambar Zambri pulak ber 'Yee Sang' dengan cina tua..

    Tak ubah macam gambar Ariff Shah (yg pandai cakap cina) baca paper cina terpampang kat semua muka depan MSM masa dia diumum bertanding di PP.

    Cakap kat mrk itu trick dah tak laku la..idea lapuk mcm ini.

    So Zambri nak ambil hati kaum cina ya? Melayu terpinggir lagi?

  166. Anonymous10:55 pm


    I loved the photo of the kopiah dude lying on the road with a Palestin much free time after friday prayers...the only thing was he was in the wrong country.

    But Rocky,

    Can you please clarify this for me:



    So as usual, you get all the clueless malay jokers running riot and these cowards as usual, manipulating from behind.

    Bila nak mintak hak, pandai - bila nak protes harap si melayu bodoh do all the dirty work for you.

    All of a sudden some melayus and bloggers get an overdose of "internet bravado" and want to become psuedo jebats. And the non malays who have a degree in marketing/business studies from some obscure private college become experts in constitutional law and have a field day yet again for free malay bashing.

    Memang bebal dan bega.


  167. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Pt#1 Q: French revolution? A: All the French People Vs The King and The Kingsmen. In Malaysia, all the Malaysians are against the Monarch kah? Or only a selected few? Or a selected segment?

    Statement#1 Malaysians are not hungry people. Just angry people. Yes Malaysians are angry people.

    Question: What if the Sultan is non-Malay? Still angry?

    Pt#2 All writings and these tongue waggings can be summed-up in one sentence. A lot of energy and saliva can be saved if everybody takes the bull by its horn.

    Q: Can anyone here be REALLY REALLY SINCERE to say why he thinks the Sultan did not do the right thing?

    A reaaally honesttttttt anwser will be very much appreciated.


  168. Anonymous11:12 pm

    From the postings here, it is very obvious that the people in Perak do not want the BN Government. A gross injustice has been done.

    ghost of onn jaafar

  169. Allah saja yang maha bijak, dan maha mengetahui. Hanya dia dan tiada yang lain,selain ALLAH. Dalam kes ini Sultan telah tersilap. Tapi tak perlulah mencaci dan menjadi kurang ajar.
    Semua manusia melakukan kesilapan, Sultan dan Raja pun manusia biasa. Daulat Tuanku. Tapi Allah tak memandang pangkat atau darjat.Di akhirat nanti semua manusia dan jin akan di hisab, lebih lebih lagi para pemimipin, atas segala apa yang kita lakukan.
    Kalau kita tersilap, betulkan balik... kembali ke pangkal jalan.Pada siapa-siapa jua, taubat dan balik ke pangkal jalan, iaitu jalan Islam.
    Ya Allah selamatkan kami semua, Amin.

  170. @haji abu azim
    "bagaimanakah adab untuk menegur raja jika baginda tersilap membuat keputusan?"

    Saya tertarik dengan soalan ini. Kalaulah betul dan ikhlas tuan ingin tahu, saya ada terjumpa satu contoh yang baik. Ia adalah rayuan kepada Sultan Azlan pada hari Khamis lepas supaya tidak diberi perkenan untuk membubarkan Dewan Undangan: Ampun Tuanku Beribu-ribu Ampun.

    Saya rasa contoh yang terdapat di sini boleh dibuat contoh dalam hal adab dan prosedur kerana penulisnya adalah seorang yang mempunyai kredibilty: Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi adalah seorang peguam, yang sekarang ini merupakan setaiusaha politik Menteri Besar Pahang.

    Jadi, tidak dapat dipertikaikan bahawa beliau mempunyai cukup pengalaman dan keupayaan untuk mengajar kita... melainkan kita ni dari jenis "bodoh-sombong", yang tak tahu bahawa dirinya jahil, tapi merasakan bahawa teramat pandai dan enggan merendah diri untuk belajar dari orang lain. Sebaliknya, akan sentiasa mencari berbagai alasan untuk tidak mahu belajar... seperti, "Orang yang tulis ni, Umno!" dan sebagainya. Ampun Tuanku Beribu-ribu Ampun.

  171. Rocky gua cut and paste lu punya daulat tuanku,,, tapi gua nak pasang terbalik,,, lu faham lah maksud gua,,,,,boleh,,,,??

  172. Why are some people beating round the bush, asking why Rocky or anyone "does not question Tun Mahathir and his constitutional amendments in 1993" etc. The issue right now is that some people have acted biadap and kurang ajar towards Sultan Azlan Shah, the sultan of Perak... because they did not get what they wanted.

    If these people can behave like that with a "Raja" of a state, and someone who is also a former Lord President, then it doesn't take an expert to figure how they behave towards lesser souls.

  173. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Spinning shamelessly. Kutuk Kali macam-macam. You oun dua kali lima jugak.

    Soul That Can't Be Bought

  174. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Ampun Tuanku Beribu Ribu Ampun,
    Sembah patik mohon diampun,

    Mengapa kita menanam padi,
    Kalau tidak sebab berasnya,
    Kenapalah rakyat membuta tuli,
    Sehingga sanggup gadai maruahnya.

    Jangan menghina bangsa sendiri,
    Hingga yang lain gelak ketawa,
    Adanya Raja tegak berdiri,
    Sebagai lambang membela bangsa.

    Tidak luput bangsa Melayu,
    Biar pun hujan dan panas tidak berhenti,
    Jangan lah kita terburu buru,
    Hingga terlupa diri sendiri.

    Memang terbilang Laksamana Hang Tuah,
    Taat kapada Rajanya tidak terhingga,
    Bumi Malaysia ini bumi bertuah,
    Adanya Melayu kerana masih beraja.

    (anak Melaka)

  175. agreed. biased. apa punya journalist? hampeh la.

  176. Rocky, please answer Burstaxon's two burning questions (9.54pm) on how the Malays can justfy going against Allah's teachings but always cry foul when someone lifts a finger against the sultan(s) or the govt based on your and your UMNOputra's understanding of Islam. I'm not an UMNOputra and would wish to learn from the Islam Hadhari's perspective.

  177. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Kau ingat Sultan immune dari buat salah ke? Lagipun sultan Perak ni kalau aku susah, dia pun tak pernah ambil tahu kat aku..kampung aku...
    Sultan pun masuk kubur...kena soalan malaikat..malaikat tak pernah KIV Sultan..
    Ni melayu dok mabuk dengan setia kepada sultan..siapa ajar ha? Islam ajar ke? Janganle menambahkan kebodohan melayu dengan taat membabi buta kat sultan...Tak ingat ke...Sultan Perak ni...suku-sakat dialah yang bawa masuk British kat Tanah Melayu...Siapa yang jahanamkan Melaka dulu kalau tak sultan Mahmud...Dulu masa Malayan UNion sultan-sultan ni juga yang sign surat Mac Michael..lepas tu konon kena paksa...sultan tak ada maruah...menjahanamkan umat...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sekarang dah lebih 50 tahun merdeka..apa ko nak pegang kasut sultan lagi????? Itu mUfti Perak,,,apa dia ingat syarat rukun iman ada masuk taat kepada sultan ke? Kenapa terlalu bodoh adanya.....

  178. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Dear All and Rocky,

    this is the last time I am visiting your website.

    Can't take your biasness anymore.


  179. Anonymous11:41 pm

    No power should be absolute - even the power of the Sultan. Rocky your blog is losing its impartiality. What's happening? Pls don't give in to the temptation of their millions. It's all blood money that will come to haunt you for the rest of your life.


  180. Anonymous11:41 pm

    dear sirs

    "Menerima apa apa keputusan..."

    What then is the use of a brain that god given us if we cannot use it to deduce for ourselves and reason for ourselves the best decision.. although flawed some decisions may be.

    while we respect the royal instituition very much as a Malaysian, pls don't group them into the same grouping as GOD...
    they are HUMANS after all, right??

    Look at the Brunei royalty (the infamous brother) who has spend BILLIONS of their country's oil-rich MONIES to buy THOUSANDS of exquisite cars, planes, etc while some bruneians practically eek out a living rowing a SAMPAN in the bloody hot sun very day just to survive..

    while I am confident our royalty is Rakyat centred - I ask all of you not to put BLIND faith...!

    - alamak

  181. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Sultan boleh disaman: Mahathir

    or here,

    Perbezanna Lompat Anwar, dan Lompat Najid,

  182. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I agree with this postings, we malays should respect the rulers 100%, what ever said by the rulers should not be questioned/argued let alone against it, if told to eat poop then eat poop no two way about it, if told to get a gun put it on your head and pull the trigger immediately then follow,if not it will be called DERHAKA. I AGREE FULLY with this postings.


  183. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Cisss... Biadap !!

    Orang Ameno yang menentang Raja-raja dan memansuhkan kuasa kekebalan mereka.

    Orang Ameno yang memanggil Sultan Terengganu (dan YDP Agong) "natang"...

    Siapa Yang Derhaka ??


  184. Anonymous11:53 pm

    the sultan is not infallible. or is this simply another case of the sultan's new clothes? c'mon rocky.


  185. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I agree with this postings, we malays should respect the rulers 100%, what ever said by the rulers should not be questioned/argued let alone against it, if told to eat poop then eat poop no two way about it, if told to get a gun put it on your head and pull the trigger immediately then follow,if not it will be called DERHAKA. I AGREE FULLY with this postings.


  186. You are 101% right Bro, what you wrote in this post were exactly mirrored by the many comments from Pakatan Rakyat supporters here.

    They are just a bunch of pathetic and frustrated fools in denial,Bro. Their guru, George Bush of the "you are either with us or are against us" fame has dissapeared into the sunset, best these people just follow him down the road as well.

    Its sickening and so unrreal to see the puppet Nizar on TV3 just now, holding an illegal EXCO meeting and giving directives to State Government agencies proclaiming that he is still MB. I think it is an obvious act of defiance against the Sultan and the State Government of Perak. If he does not stop this nonsense soon, first the Sultan ought to withdraw puppet Nizar Datuk Seri title and then the KDN should send him to Kamunting under the ISA for causing incitement to anarchy and violence against the Sultan and the State Government. Nizar is a disgrace to the Malay race.

  187. Anonymous11:57 pm

    You dirty politicians!

    Leave the Sultan alone.

    I'm sure he has his reasons for doing so. He's afterall one of the most learned Sultan, (once) Yang Di Pertuan Agong, former Lord President and former judge we ever had.

    Daulat Tuanku!

  188. Anonymous11:58 pm

    oh yeah, and nazrin came in a chaffeur-driven MAYBACH. is it a necessity? how about helping the poor instead?


  189. Anonymous12:01 am

    Lets look here, if say the PR govt is not a stable, strong or whatever from this incident can you say that BN Perak Govt is strong with the support of only 3 Indi ADUN which may in the near future go against BN and simply launch a vote of no confidence against the new MB, thats a possibility right? also possibility the 2 x-PR found guilty for the Sex Bribe, then what 2 by-elections, ok say PR wins both seats, then what? again New MB. So, giving back the decision to the people better, let it be who wins or who losses.

    Perak MAN

  190. Talk about the third pillar


    Is the Raja supreme or the Constitution?

    Yes, loyalty to the Sultan but not blind loyalty.

  191. Anonymous12:05 am

    Its incredible how much and how fast you have turned !

    Rocky Bru , ex freedom fighter . Full of promise but now lie buried

    clear until death

  192. Anonymous12:08 am


    Seems that a lot of attack on you in here but yet 2 hear an answer from you. Especially a few of the comments that brought up about the protest against the Terengganu Ruler for MB post, whats your take on that no BN/UMNO flag upside down ka?

    Haha, i think most of the reporter should not be call reporter, reporter reports events not say what they think or twist words about an events, thats not reporting thats commenting.


  193. Anonymous12:12 am

    Geeeee...looks like your blog has become a typical UMNO website...


  194. Anonymous12:14 am

    rocky, when 1 royalty whack the crap out of a caddy many many years ago, and if that incident were to happen today again, would you write what you have written today?

    ok you are going to say that is totally different but how different can it be? a wrong is a wrong. 2 wrongs cant make 1 right..

    as i commented in 1 of your earlier articles, when we are in need of the rightful decision making and righteous move, do we ever get it? when i say we, we as in Malaysians. Read it carefully - MALAYSIANS.. irrespective of race...

    look at the bigger picture pls.

  195. Guys, no matter what you say to Rocky, it would not all change the new stance he has taken. He is a strategist. He knows too well how to attract readers and critics to his blog. Rocky through his journalist experience can sensationalize issues no matter how small or big they are. Just look at the number of comments. As I write this there is already 163 comments. And if you are still doubtful please look at those wrestlers in WWE who could come to ring and portray themselves as dirtiest wrestlers. Throwing challenges to one another, all for the purpose selling their pay-per view tickets. End of the day they make plenty of money. Rocky Bru is doing exactly that. Drawing 30,000 visitors like you and me to his blog could give him some good bank balance at the end of the day. Plus, thick bonuses for talking some good stuff about the ruling members like Najib.

    So, guys, say what you want to say, Rocky wouldn’t mind. How clever, even the title “Rocky BRU” reflects the vision and mission of Rocky.

  196. Anonymous12:25 am

    A veteran reporter has to resort to such cheap shot ...

    it says it all ...


  197. Anonymous12:28 am

    A mistake is a mistake. It does not matter whether it comes from a politician, royalty or even a one's own mother.

    True democracy is allowing people to call it a mistake and allowing them to express it. I agree that demonstrating and using mindless agression or name-calling will get you nowhere. It has to be done in a civilized manner.

    Survey shows 98% of Perakians feel that the decision was not right. In my book a mistake has been made and the Sultan must be held accountable for that.


  198. Anonymous12:29 am

    Rocky...Rocky..Rocky...where were you when Umno goons called our current Agung and current Sultan of Trengganu "Natang"...Siapa yang biadap pada Raja of Perlis dulu?...Siapa yang Derhaka dulu, Rocky??...Siapa yang enticed to jump party dulu, rocky?...are you having selective memory loss like Tun Mahathir now???

    Rocky mudah lupa nampak nya..hihihihihi...

    WASP tak mudah lupa

  199. Anonymous12:31 am

    Warrior 231,

    boleh kasi summarise kau punya thesis tu tak? after 3 para I got lost. Sorry no lowyar. No comprende. tapi kalau hang rupanya nak tunjuk tera oklah. after all internet ni free for all.

    Pakteh Adam,

    Kalau aku cakap kau ni bahlol mesti kau marah. Penjara Anwar suddenly economic will pick up. Apa punya logik ni? Patutnya kau tanya Najib apasal asyik cakap ekonomi kita ok walhal pakar2 ekonomi kata tak. Orang putih kata lying through the teeth. Pakai otak before bukak mulut!


  200. Anonymous12:39 am