Monday, February 09, 2009

Pakatan needs Anwar more, Karpal

Why Pakatan Rakyat won't go with Karpal Singh. Karpal Singh says here Anwar Ibrahim is not fit to fit Pakatan Rakyat. He says Anwar Ibrahim should step down as Ketua Umum.

Even if Karpal Singh was right, we will NOT see Anwar Ibrahim stepping down.


Because Pakatan Rakyat needs Anwar more than Pakatan Ralyat needs Karpal Singh.

That's the simple truth.

Nik Aziz knows it, and that's why he won't comment. Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng know it. Husam knows it. Karpal knows it. And Anwar Ibrahim, especially, knows it.

Like it or not, Pakatan Rakyat is mince meat without Anwar Ibrahim. Pakatan Rakyat needs Anwar Ibrahim more than Pakatan needs Karpal Singh.

In the end, Karpal Singh's outburst will be reduced to "just his personal view".

General February 09, 2009 00:51 AM
Karpal Expressing His Personal Views, Says Anwar

IPOH, Feb 9 (Bernama) -- Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said DAP chairman Karpal Singh was only expressing his personal views in hitting out at him and that this would not jeopardise unity in the Pakatan Rakyat alliance of PKR-DAP-PAS.

The Permatang Pauh member of parliament said Karpal Singh's tirade against him today was because he (Anwar) did not agree with the decision by the DAP leader to take legal action against Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak for asking Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to resign as Menteri Besar.

Anwar, who is also Pakatan Rakyat chief, also denied Karpal Singh's allegation that he was responsible for bringing "party hopping culture" into the opposition coalition.

Met by reporters at the Perak Menteri Besar's residence here Sunday night, Anwar also said that he would be meeting Karpal Singh to thrash out the issue.

He was responding to Karpal Singh's remarks at a press conference in Penang earlier that Anwar was not fit to lead the Pakatan Rakyat because of his propensity to seek defectors from the Barisan Nasional to shore up the Pakatan Rakyat and "creating trouble" in the opposition coalition.

Also present were PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP deputy chairman, Tan Seng Giaw.

However, DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng, who is DAP secretary general and Chief Minister of Penang, did not turn up at the residence tonight to show support for the embattled menteri besar although it had been reported that they would come.

Nizar has defied the Sultan's order and made the residence his "seat of government".


p.s. Btw, who's there if Anwar Ibrahim were to step down? Considering that Karpal Singh has also blamed Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng for the current mess in Pakatan Rakyat, that leaves a small pool of potential succesors. Azmin of PKR? Husam from PAS? Ibrahim Ali the Independent candidate?
So who do you think will make the best Opposition leader? by Pasquale

Images taken from Mat Cendana's Blog Review.


  1. Anonymous1:25 pm

    well, BN and especially UMNO became mincemeat without Tun M...we saw it for ourselves.
    history will repeat itself with PR...I won't be surprised...


  2. Anonymous1:39 pm


    Dlm tempoh 60 hari ni dapatlah kita tahu pada siapa rakyat marah sebenarnya.

    AlFatihah untuk MP Bukit Gantang.


  3. Anonymous1:42 pm


    K.S is already political monopause.

    Tidak mencerminkan a progressive rasional politic as a science.

    If he decided to do Political Science acedemically at PG level.
    I suspect he will fail miserably.

  4. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Karpal Singh may be a good lawyer. He may be a fighter. But he is a NUT. This is not the first time he loudmouths his thoughts in public, the recent one being in KT by-election regarding Pas's hudud law. There will always be disagreements as there will always be ways and avenues to channel your grouses.

    Don't just think about yourself - think of others and the party as well.


  5. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim mampu dan harus terus menjadi ketua Pakatan Rakyat.


    Kerana dia mampu menyatupadukan ketiga-tiga parti pembangkang yang mendapat sokongan menakjubkan daripada rakyat (48% rakyat Malaysia, kalau ikut pilihanraya umum 2008) dan telah meraih kemenangan besar dengan itu.

    Karpal Singh, seperti Tok Guru Nik Aziz, adalah seorang yang berprisip, cuma Karpal Singh ni jenis pemarah. Lekas melepaskan meriam kata-katanya. Yang dia konsisten marah itu pasal aktiviti melompat-lompat yang menjadi punca kejatuhan Perak.

    Tetapi tidak menjadi persoalan bahawa Anwar Ibrahim tetap orang yang pandai, mantap, berkebolehan dan satu-satunya ahli politik yang mempunyai daya tarikan kepada semua golongan rakyat Malaysia tidak kira bangsa atau agama (Iban, India, Melayu, Melanau, Cina, Kadazan) dan oleh itu layak terus menjadi pola kepada satu unit pembangkang yang kukuh demi kebaikan negara yang telah sekian lama diperintah oleh golongan tertentu.

    Akhir kata --> Kenyataan Karpal Singh dihormati, namun demikian, Anwar Ibrahim tetap layak dan mendapat sokongan rakyat yang besar untuk terus menjadi ketua Pakatan Rakyat dan memperjuangkan matlamat yang dikongsi bersama oleh PAS, DAP dan PKR.


  6. Anonymous2:11 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I suggest LEBAI NIZAR as the replacement "compulsive liar" for ANWAR's place.

    He has shown all the qualities needed for mayhem.

    Why, he even has the guts to defy his own Sultan. Ain't that a bitch?

    He he he

    He's ANWAR's bitch in the making.

  8. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Dear all,
    The BN is sending busloads of their own supporters there now. Live blog from anilnetto. How come PR supporters willingly come out there own transport but BN always use chartered buses.

    14:12 After lunch at the "wangeh" nasi kandar restaurant, I head for the padang. But it's the wrong padang. My contact who is passing by the MB's house calls to tell me that youths wearing yellow headbands are disembarking from half a dozen school buses there. It looks like these are the pro-royalty supporters. I will head there to have a look now.


  9. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Karpal Singh can always try to be a Prime Minister for Mumbai. I hope he then realized how lucky for indians .singhs to have a great life in malaysia, as compared to Mumbai or the likes. He must have forgotten how orgasmic it is to be slapped last couple of years due to his outrageous comments on another King.


  10. Anonymous2:39 pm

    karpal Singh mesti bertaubat.
    karpal singh mesti bertaubat.

    Remember, singh kena pakai jambul.

    p/s Alfatihah untuk MP Bukit Gantang.

  11. Well, if you are ready to support corrupts, murderers and womanizers in Umno, I see no reason why people cannot support Anwar Ibrahim who has paid his sentence unlike others and Nik Aziz who still lives in a small house despite all the privileges accorded.

  12. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Oi Orang-orang PAS,

    Do not believe in what Anwar said. Beleive in what he did.

    Leman Kulop Besor
    Kati, Kuala Kangsar

  13. Anonymous3:31 pm

    ''Karpal Singh can always try to be a Prime Minister for Mumbai. I hope he then realized how lucky for indians .singhs to have a great life in malaysia, as compared to Mumbai or the likes.''

    As for the Sikhs, anon at 2.36, they were brought into Malaya by the British as soldiers to save the Malay ass from the communist.. they made Malaya a safer place, and they played a great role in Malaya's security, go visit the history books, rather than behaving like a bigot and asking everyone to ''balik'' if tak puas...

    bye the way, Sikhs are not from Mumbai, retard.

  14. Anonymous3:43 pm

    UMNO needs Rocky's Bru whiskey more than AL Blur the protector of ISA.

  15. Anonymous3:54 pm

    They should now ask Mohd Nizar to fight for the Bukti Gantang parliament side.

    Imagine the peoples victory if Mohd Nizar wins.

    This will be a slap in teh face of the Sultan and Barisan Najis.

    Not uncommon to have MBs also as MPs.

    Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng to name just 2.

    Mohd Nizar for Parliament.!!!

    If Mohd Nizar wins, this will b a real slap in the face of people like Najis Razak and all those blind waiving Daulat Tuanku idiots and if Mohd Nizar wins, we have the moral standing even for the Perak state assembly.

    Pls pls ask Perak PAS to nominate Mohd Nizar for parliament.

    You need to do it.

    nickname : SunwayOpla

  16. The Perak River
    Calmly flow as the wind blow
    Dancing on its own steam
    Feeling no worry about anything

    On the river beds
    The slow kissing evaporating away
    Under the watchful eye of the sun
    It glitters on the calm ripples
    Pushing forward spreading wide

    Across the river
    The perak palace stands
    The seat of the current annoyance
    When listening takes a back seat

    The debris linger nearby
    Calmly meandering waiting for a fall
    The back doors of entering power
    It smells dead of democracy

    It is all in the ring
    What goes up must come down
    This is the natural law
    We can’t hide
    When we want to survive

  17. Anonymous4:09 pm

    i believe that PR doesn't need Anwar. Something wrong with him. As long as he is at helm, i'm not sure i can declare my support for PKR.

    i rather put my life on his wife than him.


  18. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Karpal Singh,

    Relax!!!! My advise is free and many malaysians agree with me. You have to understand..

    1) You marah sultan when you know he had to do what he is suppose to do. Macam you donno the story and stituation then. Then why talk cork to bring him to the court? You know you cannot do much. If Altantunya case also like ...........whatever, so you knowlah what am saying. Relax bayia..

    2) Now you say Anwar-tot has to go. What about the efforts Anwar put to reunite all under one roof after the election? Anwar is like Shahrukh Khan. If he goes, PR would be in more trouble and also tak laku....when tak laku, no wayang and no fun. We need him there. He is strong and knows how to jogget the present government for their money. Deep in side you, I know you also like Anwar a relax...


    I know you care for the rakyat and you love your profession - your action tells it. Despite incapable and in wheel chair, you still go to courts, meet clients, attend political meetings and etc. We respect you and are with you.But dont because of 2 low class PR MPs who care about their stomach and cover bontot, 1 trojan and a Camry prostitute you spoil the show. Relax and rebuild now for future political and economic challenges.

    Good luck bayia.


  19. Anonymous4:57 pm

    All those in UMNO who have stolen in broad daylight are not qualified to comment on PR internal issues. Running dogs like Rocky Bru are also not qualified to comment. Save your sarcasm for when the old Mamakthir kicks the bucket.


  20. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Karpal Singh thinks he's the oly one fit to take over DSAI's seat -- well, pls behave like an MP first-- you did not even set up an office or service centre to serve your constituents, at least for many terms, forcing the people whith constituency problems to wait their turn in your law office. I guess your sons will take over after you -- yeah, why don't the ilks of you and manickavagam et al join MIC and become semi-valued 2, 3 and 4, ends at four, in Kantonis, it's SEI-loh! -- Desi

  21. Anonymous6:19 pm

    When Karpal fights to maintain and clarify the stance that malaysia is a secular state (and a secular state is one in which all races are looked upon as equals) as opposed to an Islamic state , he is labelled as a racist.

    When he fights to defend the rights of citizens to take royalty to court on dispustable issues, he is accused of commiting treason.

    When he voices his stance on party hopping, principles of which are supposed to have been imbeded in the DAP ideology he does not even get the support of some of those in his party which had condemnd such actions before the Pakatan was formed.

    This is a man whom fights for the right reasons but because of his bluntness (a truly respectable quality) he is seen as an easy scape goat for both the PR and BN whenever they are important issues that nobody wants to face.

    To those who think that his timing was not acceptable, would it have been anymore acceptable if he had come out with it in 6 months, or 6 years later? If anything i think his statements were mild and should have been alot harsher.

    I am an opposition supporter but i will never support a leader that embraces party hoping one day and codemns it 10 days later when the hops happen against him. It may be constitutional to hop but it is in no way ethical.

    To the first comment. Anwar being the leader of the PR is in no way a lone reason for the capture of the five states. Cause if it was PKR would have made a big difference in 2004 as opposed to just winning 1 seat. Also Gobind Singh is a great lawyer/politican because he had obtained his principles and skill from the best, his father.Not the other way around.

    Every article ive read that is against him has always been based on opinion rather that fact which is sickening because people tend to believe what they read without looking for proof.

    I dread to think of the day when malaysian politics looses this man cause when he goes, it looks like good principles would leave with him and we;d be left with BN vs BN (PR)

  22. Karpal its time to jump ship!

  23. Anytime Ibrahim Ali is better than Azmin or Hussam.
    The best option for Karpal is to join BN after all Samy Vellu too long there..

  24. Very well put,
    I dare say There won't be Pakatan Rakyat if Anwar Ibrahim is not there.


    Will Karpal Singh finally Karam?

    He brought wrath from the Nationalist Rigt wing when he want's to sue the Sultan and brought wrath on his side when he attacks DSAI and the DAP honchos.

    But I like it when he says

    "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough trouble for the country! Anwar Ibrahim harus beraubat!"

  25. Brader Rocky,

    I have to agree with you. Without Anwar, Pakatan Rakyat IS HAMBURGER waiting to be fried. As far as I see it, PR is a coalition which consists of Political Parties with conflicting sets of ideologies and objectives. For DAP they are meritocracy and secular liberalism. PAS on the other hand, seeks the realization of an Islamic state

    In Roman mythology, we hear about Janus, a deity with two faces that serves as a patron of all portals, doorways, gates etc.

    By analogy, Anwar is Janus. He is inherently endowed with 'two' distinguishable personalities. Some would see him as a liberal soul with a universal mindset and a passion for social revolution (he loves to use phrases such as 'paradigm shift').

    Others see him as a religious character and a devout Muslim. He is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in ABIM, a youth movement with 'Islamic revivalism' as its core agenda.

    With his 'two' faces, Anwar could subtly act as a bridge between the two extremities of DAP and PAS. Owing to this virtue alone, Anwar is undeniably PRICELESS to Pakatan Rakyat.

    Like Janus, Anwar is also a patron - of a frail coalition with so many unresolved issues at hand. A coalition that appears reliant on the weakness of its opponent rather than on its own strength.

    And Karpal Singh? He's a loose cannon. A grumpy old man that could disrupt Anwar's delicate role and put Pakatan rakyat in great jeopardy.

    Soon I believe, Pakatan Rakyat will be forced to choose between a grumpy old man and a 'patron' revolutionary saint.

    So CHOOSE! Jangan tak CHOOSE!

  26. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Karpal Singh has the quality, integrity and consistency to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia

  27. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Karpal is a cow milk seller(susu lembu).. Anwar promised to extend his business, by playing with Karpal cows and Karpal's competitor's cow. Now, Anwar couldn't bring any more cows, and 1 of Karpal's cow ran away because it didn't like being fucked from behind by Anwar.. so, the cowman got angry, and asked the backsideman to buzz off.

    Then, Anwar went to the mamak cendol(KJ) and complain. The mamak cendol actually sent Anwar to the cowman because he wanted uninterrupted supply of milk(power) for his cendol business.

    The cendolman then employed his thugs(pemuda UMNO) to call for the end of Karpal business(UMNO Youth calls for the end of Karpal's citizenship).. so, we will all see what happens next.

    As for the Susu Lembu seller and the Kings dispute, that one from the old times... old story, it has nothing to do with the backside man and the Mamak Cendol.

    So, being an adult, I disagree with Karpal when he planned to sue the King, itu derhaka.

    But I completely agree with him when he said that Anwar should f'off, and he has brought only trouble for the country.

    Rocky, I hope you could do the same... whatever he said about Pakatan, Anwar and LKS, Lim Guan Eng is completely valid...regardless whether he wants to sue the king or not.

  28. DAP, today have confirmed their misguided trust on Anwar Ibrahim, I take it they rather believe in Anwar than the indomitable Khalsa Warrior Karpal Singh their very own DAP Chairman. Anwar will now continue to be the albatross around Pakatan Rakyat's neck. Barisan Nasional will be very happy today.

    The unprecedented success that DAP, PAS and PKR have had in March 2008 is because many of the rakyat who used to vote for BN decided to vote for the opposition to give BN a message to wake up and buck up as BN is perceived to be too arrogant and self centered. Anwar is but only a small factor in the oppositions's huge political gain last year. There are other leaders out there who maybe less rhethorical but certainly more capable and of better character who can lead Pakatan Rakyat.(Not Nizar lah of course)

    Sooner or later Anwar will have to go to court to be tried proper for alleged sodomy after his attempts to disqualify all capable prosecutors or judges reached a dead end. He may be found guilty, what then for Pakatan Rakyat. Best to be prepared and Karpal Singh has given an opening for which Pakatan Rakyat could act to replace Anwar now with more capable leaders.

    After all for me, it matters not who the Government of the day is but it matters to me that the Government is lead by good and strong character leaders who upholds the Constitution and the Monarchy and are devoid of corruption and self greed and whose aim is to provide for a fair, prosperous and better future for Malaysians regardless of race or religion. So far BN with all its perceived flaws has been able to deliver for the last 50 years, I guess Pakatan Rakyat will have to show they can be better but after the shameful rioting in Kuala Kangsar last Friday by Pakatan supporters I am very doubtful and remains unconvinced.

  29. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Dear Karpal,

    I hope that I can call you that. Please do not do anything that will lead to creating a situation that will pave the way for rule outside the constitution.Ramlax

  30. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Ahoy Pirates of Selat Melaka is back. 1st we beat IJN takeover..2nd Labu-labi LCCT and now the 3rd instalment.....Karpal is talking crap..if you analysis properly taking into consideration the external factor..u can find the answer...I'll be back....

  31. Anonymous10:48 pm

    i may not agree in many things with mr karpal singh, but i have high respect for his consistent principals. he's one of the rare politicians whose words can be taken to the bank.


  32. Anonymous12:34 am

    I find it interesting how Karpal used the word "immorality" several times when talking about Anwar yesterday. Didn't sound to me like he was referring to just the hopping issue either. Maybe he knows something that the rest of us don't?


  33. Karpal Singh is a mad dog in DAP..just like Hadi Awang is a religious fanatic in PAS.
    Smart people knows that.
    Rocky is smart...why all the twists and turns?

  34. Anonymous8:06 am

    By a columnist in the Malaysian Insider:

    While former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed has caused many wrong weakening of public institutions to overly strengtened the executive, one of few good structural changes he brought upon to this country is the removal of the immunity of the monarchy. He made true of the phrase nobody is above the law by making the monarchy accountable to rule of law. If the groups are successful in bringing the system to convict Karpal Singh, that would take us a step closer to undo one good structural legacy of the Mahathir administration.

    Rocky, any comments?

    Where is your stand?

    Kenapa senyap?

    Takut Najib marah?

  35. Anonymous9:12 am

    After Karpal Singh, now RPK also ask Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi to resign!!!

    Tuesday February 10, 2009
    RPK: Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi should quit

    PORT KLANG: Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has called for the resignations of three senior Opposition leaders for the loss of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat government to Barisan Nasional.

    Pakatan de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang should resign and accept collective responsibility for the loss, he said at a Chap Goh Mei celebration at the Kuan Soon temple grounds in Pandamaran here.

    When asked whether it was a leadership crisis, he said it was just bad leadership, with bad decisions and the three senior politicians were out of touch with the people on the ground.

    “It is time for them to stop the blame game. Move aside and give the position to the younger generation that are more able.”

  36. Anonymous9:24 am

    It's as clear as the blue skies yet.....?

    Karpal is a lawyer who defends criminals by finding technical faults and petty administrative procedures to set the bad guys free. He is paid well by these criminals to protect them from being locked up.

    Anwar is a historian, specialising in finding past faults, harping on old issues instead of looking forward and planning for the future. He aspires to change the past, looking backwards most of the times.

    Nik Aziz has seen it all and knows what is hell and heaven, as if he has been there. In brief, a walking zombie.

    These three components are hoping to rule the country one fine day using fuzzy logic.

    So we have a 'perfect team', right?

    And when things go awry, just borrow BN's statements such as : " It is his personal view" or " Use proper channels".

    You be the judge.


  37. Anonymous10:02 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Anonymous10:53 am


    This is a case of denied orgasm to Fakatan Rakyat..they start to behave like an "un-orgasm housewife' (phrase borrow from Warrior 231).. why to early Fakatan? 4 years is quite a long way to go..

    Now UMNO probably got enough ammunition to launch arssenal attack against Fakatan to wrestle back those states (non-Malay dominated) they lost in March..for Melayu dominated like Kelantan & Kedah its still a very tough cookie..remember KT fucking people sucks big time licking the ass of the so-called 'kingmakers'!

    Now behold - the new breed of 'kingfuckers'.. huhuhu.. :D

    As proven, UMNO is best at manipulating the attack using 'racialogy' weapons and at the present condition (thanx to Fakatan) they are at their people will start to open eye to the real Ketuanan Melayu which technically reffered to the Raja2 (Sultans) onli i know maa..ini macam memang manyak susah!

    Jackpot to UMNO! ..thanx to the "supreme leader" AI & greedy racial-coated-agenda DAP (1 thn dah mau sondol gila2 ke?..jgn lah nampak sgt kalo ye pun..hehe) and that free ride PAS donkeys (pengangkutan awam Fakatan..ini yg sedih sgt..)

    I suspect Najib may somehow consulted that old Mamak on this clever masterpiece...make that AI (Artificial Intelligence) guy eat his own excreted shit...tearing Fakatan apart by self-stripping (tiger show) their integrity in front on the, how to win like this if SPR really call up for re-election exercise..

    Hey, I thought last time I remember the Fakatan leader also bitching about wasting of tax-payer money for dissolution of Parliment if they manage to wrest power with hopping frogs..916..? duh!

    ...only that old man really know best how to deal with Al-Juburi & of course the looser-now-gainer opposition parties like DAP & PAS plus ex-Umno's PKR..

    ..same-o-fucking dirty Malaysian politics as usual...hopeless..I hope we survive for the next decade under this global economic crisis..thse political people probably see the real world through their assholes!

    I also hope Karpal do not end up at low par with those stupid bastard lawyers of hindraf..those stupid people who try to topple the Constitution & Laws that they make a living out of it... THAT IS A PURE UNIVERSAL STANDARD OF STUPIDITY..

    anyhow..we still need Karpal when it come to cases against the matter what side of party he is..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  39. Masalah PR bukan terhadap pemimpin yang menjadi ikonnya.

    Masalah PR adalah ketiadaan dasar dan wawasan perjuangan yang jelas serta mampu memikat rakyat secara matang.

    Mereka sekarang ini beroperasi berdasarkan 'kelemahan dan kesalahan BN'

    Itu sebabnya mereka memerlukan landasan retorik untuk memikat.

    Sebenarnya HUSAM MUSA adalah permata yang berkilau jika kita tahu menggunakannya

  40. Anonymous2:17 pm

    DAP have to "put aside" Karpal when they aware that Anwar is more "valuable" to them on the conquest for greater victory.because it was Anwar that initiated the idea to form Pakatan Rakyat(Peoples Alliance) and from there on DAP managed to rule Penang since DAP have the most seats there.

    but the case in Perak,DAP have to nod their head when Nizar from PAS had to be appointed as the MB.DAP have the most seats in Perak govt PR but the MB is from PAS which only have some few seats there.quite awkward when the MB comes from the least seats.

    but it was Anwar also that started the "jumping game" and PR lose in that game.too bad.if it was PR that managed to secure a govt by hopping then i guess there will be no protest as what happened in Perak.

  41. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Maybe Karpal boleh black mail Anwar.

    Maybe Karpal tahu hakikat sebenar Kes Liwat Anwar.

    anyway he used the word "TAUBAT"

    seolah-olah Anwar telah melakukan sesuatu yang salah disisi agama dan moral.


  42. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Karpal Singh has been marginalised in DAP.

    Remember Kit Siang has been very fond of saying MCA has been marginalised by UMNO.

    Kit Siang & Guan Eng, please remind yourself, when you point finger at others, 4 fingers point back at you unless you have only one finger in one hand.

    All this politician be it DAP or UMNO, are nothing more than prostitute!!