Friday, February 06, 2009

I know what Sultan Azlan did last March ...

DO YOU? But first, it is quite obvious that Anwar Ibrahnim and Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin are trying to push the issue to the streets. All the ingredients seem to be there: disregard the Sultan's wishes, to hell with the state's Constitution! This morning, Nizar reported for duty as usual despite the Sultan having asked him to step down and pave way for a new state government.
NST 10.07 am Nizar and exco members have entered state secretariat building after minor scuffle, Nizar says he will remain in office
BH 09:58 pagi Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin dan Exco masuk ke pejabatnya di SUK jam 9.43 pagi. Katanya tiada arahan tinggalkan pejabat dan kediaman rasmi.
Nizar is fighting "till the last drop of his blood". So the police had to come in.
NST 10:27:21 MB's office taken over by police who receive orders to escort Nizar and exco members out. Press conference interrupted by state secretary
STAR 10:27:47 Nizar was escorted out of his now emptied room at the state secretariat at 10:15am by Ipoh OCPD who stopped Nizar press conference
What now? Another mammoth rally to show the Sultan the might of "Ketuanan Rakyat"?

What the Sultan did last March. I was reliably informed of this story only yesterday. So, before anyone thinks of burning down Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar or fight till the last drop of blood, listen up. This was how it was told to me:

"I know that you do not know what Sultan Azlan Shah did last March when UMNO, the party with the biggest number of ADUN seats, sought his consent to re-form the state government of Perak. Not many people know. I'm going to tell you so that you will know that the Sultan has acted in the best interest of his State and his Rakyat in the case of Nizar.

"You see, on the night of March 8, after securing more Adun seats than the other parties, UMNO made a representation to the Sultan to form a new state government.

"But Sultan Azlan is a wise Sultan. He knows the law and he could read the situation well. He did not accede to UMNO's request even though UMNO had won the most number of seats compared with DAP, PAS, or PKR.

"So the Sultan told UMNO that he had a feeling that DAP, PAS and PKR would join hands and if they do so UMNO will not have the support of the majority in the state assembly. He requested that UMNO wait until had had mete the reps from DAP, PAS and PKR.

"That was how the Sultan called in all the DAP, PAS, and PKR state assemblymen. He decided after that to allow Pakatan Rakyat to form the new state government in Perak. The rest is history. Or, rather, was history.

"You see, Sultan Azlan, our former Yang diPertuan Agong, is a professional and he knows his law better than you and I, Nizar or Anwar. He was the former Lord President."

In Malaysian cyberspace, "reliably informed" could mean a tall story, so don't just take my word for it. Read also what constituional law expert Prof Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi had to say here [Not in Constitution, but Sultan can dismiss MB].

And Big Dog writes about "ingkar", which is the correct Malay translation for defiance against one's Sultan.


  1. Anonymous11:37 am

    Rocky who is this nut case telling you this tall tale,you mean to saY the learned ruler never knew pr existed.All this spinning got to stop for the sake of our country our MALAYSIA.

  2. Anonymous11:44 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Legally the Ruler here did accordingly to his rights. Morally its wrong....that's my opinion.

    How do we get & gain people respect & trust??? By doing legally right or morally right?

    Look at Hikayat Hang Tuah...the Sultan has legal right to killed of Hang Tuah because he is the Sultan (there's no constitution then), the Sultan is the Law then!!! So legally, he can asked to finish off Hang Tuah. But is it MORALLY RIGHT or not the Sultan do what he does????

    Put this back to previous what the Sultan did in Perak when PR won. Legally, the Sultan can proceed to crown UMNO as state government, but since we know PR will then join and form state government. Its pretty obvious to waste & state money to do Sultan has the right to chooose. Here, we have a morally wrong way to form state government thru party hopping. Legally Sultan can proceed to award BN the state government, and the same reason not to waste time & money for motion of no confidence. But morality has no effect in any judgement made by Sultan in quest to be impartial.

    Whatever, I would advice the morally right PR Perak state government to put this past them. This can be used as point for their next election to wrest the state and let the people decide again. BN wins legally....Morally BN is corrupt.

    Love Malaysia

  3. Anonymous11:49 am

    This info is a little distorted.. With all due respect, PKR, DAP and PAS had already formed an allegiance calling themselves Barisan Rakyat even bfore the March 8th elections.

    So somebody must hv twisted and turned the facts around when you were so called "reliably informed".

    The feeling that the Sultan had on March 8th that PKR, PAS and DAP would form an alliance is therefore not valid at all when Barisan Rakyat was already pledged even before March 8th.

    Therefore, when Barisan Rakyat had won 31 state seats to BN's 29 seats, it was all over for BN.. BN had just wanted to find an easy way out to 'con-vince' the Sultan.

    If UMNO had this up their sleeves, then similarly MCA and MIC or even Gerakan can do the same. What if MCA had won more state seats in any part of the state back then in March 8th and told the Yang Di-Pertua or Sultan that they would like rule it all on their own and not with BN.

    This reliable info somehow has been reliably misinformed so to say..

  4. Anonymous11:50 am

    typo - Therefore, when Barisan Rakyat had won 31 state seats to BN's 28 seats.. (earlier was mentioned 29)

  5. Dear Bro

    I would like to suggest Tuanku Sultan Perak to strip-off the title DATUK SERI which was given to Nizar immediately bcoz of his 'tengin' behavour.

    You may ask Perakian what is the meanings of 'Tengin'

  6. Anonymous12:00 pm

    rocky, if you have any shame and dignity, you will close your blog down and stop blogging. I have lost all respect for you. You are obviously Najib's ball licker. Why don't you blog about how Najib screwed the people by buying over the 4 ADUNS? Also how can UMNO claim that they have the majority (after GE) when PR won more number of seats. U fail your maths is it?

  7. Anonymous12:01 pm


    Bro learning fast from Pakatan bloggers tagline "I was reliably informed".

    But please dont use too often and please don't ever think of joining those PKR cult:))

    Blind support kills.

  8. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Masa Umno tak dapat tubuhkan kerajaan perak walaupun mereka ada lebih banyak kerusi... tak de pulak umno nak mengamuk sakan nak buat demonstrasi atau kutuk kutuk sultan macam si haris ibrahim buat dalam blog dia..

    pirah mabuk Pakatan Rakyat! korang sume ni perangai macam setan!

    Setan sondol nuar

  9. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Given the current economic situation as what Prof Salem said, I'm very sure Tuanku has taken into consideration the cost of having a new state election. It's better to spend on some other things and let us wait for the next PRU....


  10. Anonymous12:10 pm

    azlan shah is one of the best sultan, law savvy, professional and up to date person you have ever known...

    my vote of confidence in azlan shah.. the best of the best!

  11. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Is it possible that a slight difference in wording between the state constitution of Perak and the federal constitution pertaining to the loss of confidence of mentri besar/prime minister has misled the Sultan of Perak into thinking that the constitutional requirement necessitating the Mentri Besar to resign has been fulfilled?

    Judging from the Sultan’s statement explaining his decision to appoint a new mentri besar, that seems to be the case. Let me quote the relevant paragraph of the Sultan’s statement explaining why Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin must step down:

    “After meeting all the 31 assemblymen, DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak was convinced that YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members”.

    This statement would have been a correct interpretation of the constitution if applied to the Prime Minister, but an incorrect interpretation, if applied to the Mentri Besar. This is because the loss of confidence of the majority is prescribed differently in the two constitutions (relevant parts of the constitutions are shown at the end of this article). Under the federal constitution, the loss of confidence refers to “members of the House of Representatives” whereas under the state constitution, it refers to “the Legislative Assembly”. This means that while the ascertainment of loss confidence can conducted outside Parliament (such as collective appearance before the Agung) in the federal case, it cannot be repeated in state case. In the state case, the loss of confidence must be ascertained within the state assembly, meaning through a vote of no confidence in the state assembly.

    The reason why I said the Sultan could have been misled is that in his statement extracted above, he mentioned “the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members”. Notice the statement refers to “State Assembly members”, and not to “State Assembly”.

    Under the circumstances, the Mentri Besar was right when he said that he was legally obliged to step down only when a motion of no confidence on him has been passed in the state assembly, but not otherwise.

    And since the Mentri Besar has not resigned, any appointment of another Mentri Besar will be ultra vires the state constitution.

    The swearing-in of another Mentri Besar is only few hours away from now (at 1530 hrs). Perhaps His Royal Highness can spare a few minutes to take another look at the two constitutions, so as to avert a major constitutional crisis?

    The relevant extracts from the two constitutions are as follows:

    Federal constitution: Article 43 (4): “If the Prime Minister ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang di-Pertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the Prime Minister shall tender the resignation of the Cabinet.”

    Perak state constitution: Artikel XVI(6): “If the Mentri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council”.

    Kim Quek


    Btw, we knew what UMNO (Tajul Rosli did last March)IF you kindly read more blogs other than UMNO bloggers only...

    Tis fellow Jamaluddin has rejected when Pakatan Rakyat suggested Nizar name as MB of Perak. Then Sultan Perak asked them to sign a letter saying they agreed with Nizar appointment.Once they are out from Pakatan Rakyat, automatically they have resigned from their post.All the Pakatan rakyat Aduns signed this letter WILLINGLY infront of Tuanku.


  12. Anonymous12:11 pm

    i think sultan has made a right decision with the possible reason:
    1. bn claimed majority as the 3 ind. has pledged support to BN
    2. state election will waist a lot of energy, money (will be poured by both pr and bn - don't tell me PKR doesn't give "gula-gula") and deviate focus from concentrating on econmony to politics
    3. stronger support from federal govt.

    i really hope DYMM sultan can come out and explain his decision. people a very emotional now. Perhaps media can try to get interview with him quickly.

    Damn PKR and UMNO for all this bullshits, buat malu MELAYU saja. I'm now thinking to join PAS as they are lebih berpegang teguh with their principle.

    DSAI has no right to say anything as this is all his idea!!!

  13. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Gila Kuasa.

  14. Rocky,

    The Paduka Seri Sultan Perak is a wise man. Daulat Tuanku!

    I would suggest that BN invited all the PR Aduns to joint the Perak Government led by BN as a unity government. Then everybody got to serve the rakyat.

    YB Dato' Seri Nizar, jangan ikut cakap Bro Anwar, nanti makan diri. Apa kata Adun PAS join kerajaan baru Perak. Lagi best.....

  15. Anonymous12:31 pm

    So what, BN is the new state government in Perak. They will not earn the respect from the Rakyat who voted PR to be their state government during last election.

    Since the BN has minor majority, don't be surprise that the defection will happen in 1 or 2month time, then both BN and PR will hava an audience with Sultan again. Yes, the whole drama shall repeat over and over again until the Rakyat got fed up!

    Perak War 1 - A New Hope (when the Rakyat voted PR for a change)
    Perak War 2 - Empire Strikes Back (when BN toppled PR via backdoor)
    Perak War 3 - The Return of Jedi (PR is back to Perak state government again)

  16. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Did Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang and Hadi protest against what Sultan Azlan Shah did in last march (if this Rocky story is indeed accurate) for not granting decision in favour of UMNO?

    Anwar, don't you understand "You cannot have the cake and eat it"

    In politics, you can't win all the time.

  17. Anonymous12:34 pm

    the way bn seized perak, will be surprise if this new admin could last even a week.

  18. Anonymous12:38 pm

    I fully agreed that DYMM Sultan Azlan is the most learned and respected Sultan. In fact the only thing PR should do is to go for the voters of the 3 constituency and ask the voters about their opinion. Do they want their rep to be Bebas? When they vote they voted for a party just like Sdn Bhd the rep is just a rep of the party. If they jump the Party/Sdn Bhd should be there the voters are the Boss of their respective constituent. TQ
    From TBOH

  19. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Rocky , stop your spinning way unless you are paid to do it muahhhh.... lah

    If anything condemm the useless politicians for screwing the rakyat, does not matter whether BN or Pakatan. I believe this is not going to end , now Perak, next will be some where else. Today this way , tomorrow the other way. Can they respect the rakyat mandate and focus on economy and our well being, where Malaysians are losing jobs ( one of them).

    Buang masa aje.

  20. Anonymous12:39 pm


    As of PRU 12 8 March 2008, BN managed to get 28 DUN seats in Perak.

    Out of that, 27 are UMNO and 1 is MCA (DUN Chenderiang - YB Mah Hang Soon).,_12th_Malaysian_General_Elections

    Hence, UMNO is the party with the largest support (in abosulute numbers)in DUN Perak, even though they don't have more that 50% majority.

  21. Anonymous12:47 pm

    This is a good time to flush out the ular-ular.

    Remember the union of Bar Council , Zaid Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat.

    1. What is Zaid Ibrahim stand on this Bar Council's view?

    2. Pakatan still want to mmarch together with Bar Council? Vigil nite party with Bar Council?

    Now Bar Council has said this:-

    (Bernama) -- The Bar Council has called on the Perak government to abide by the decision of the Perak Sultan for Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and the state executive council members to resign from their posts.

    Its president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said she was convinced that Sultan Azlan Shah had made the decision guided by the law and therefore, the decision should not be questioned.

    "The question now is whether the Menteri Besar has the majority in the state assembly to govern the state," she told reporters after the presentation of the Certificate in Legal Practice to the recipients by the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, at the Putra World Trade Centre, here, on Thursday.

    We are never short of great entertainment here:)))

  22. As usual, our not very bright outgoing PM have made an invalid comparison!Last March Pakatan won the Perak State election and the Sultan had no choice but to fulfill his formal role.The present situation is the result of unethical political powerplay involving dishonest politicians.Some people are just dim-witted!I bet, even a secondary school student will know that there is no comparison!Anyway, the Sultan is losing some respect, as some people seem to be disillusioned.They don't have to be, as ours is a constitutional monarchy.The Sultan is there to fulfill his formal duty.Period.
    On the other hand, the stature of the embattled MB Nizar seems to be increasing by the day...apparently because he is doing the right thing.He is only asking for "due process" as the Sultan had exceeded his formal role and instructed him to resign .The present constitutional crisis will have to be settled by the Judiciary!

  23. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Ignore the pakatan zealots bro.. Whenever u write criticising Bn all is fine and dandy but when it doesnt favour the PR automatically ur an Umno dog.. Piss off la Pr supporter.. Dont read this blog then.. Go to Malaysia today for your daily political orgasm.. Plenty of ur ball lickers there..

  24. Anonymous12:50 pm

    with 2 dogs & 1 bitch in heat running wild.

    best solution is...

    this week, bn rule & next week pr rule until these dogs & bitch drop dead from all the running.

    perak o perak, may god bless u perakian.

    next kedah? ns?

  25. Anon 11.37:

    It's very easy to forget, isn't it. Please refresh your memory, bro.

    1. As Pakatan Rakyat never ruled before March. There was NO such thing as a Pakatan Rakyat state government. Before March, Kelantan was under PAS govt, not PR.

    2. DAP, PAS and PKR did not - I repeat, DID NOT - have any pre-electoral pact on who should rule, etc., in the event that they were to get more seats than the BN

    3. Therefore, BN was correct to claim to have the biggest number of seats. It had 28 (27 Umno and 1 MCA).

    4. In comparison, DAP had 18 seats. PKR had 7. PAS had 6.

    5. Combined, the 3 had 31 of the 59 state seats. Today we have the benefit of hindsight, but last March the Sultan did not have this hindsight.

    6. But he had the vision, you see.

    7. So, basically, as I see it the Sultan cemented a pact for the Pakatan after the March 8 elections. Remember how DAP, PAS and PKR were trying to claw one anohters' eyes because DAP wanted to be Menteri Besar (but DAP being DAP, they did not even have a Malay candidate to offer!).

    8. So Nizar because the MB but at first, if you remember, the DAP allowed PAS and PKR only 1 state assembly seat each.

    9. The Sultan, again, helped the Pakatan boys and girls to resolve the crisis by calling them in.

    10. And now they and people like you question the HRH's wisdom and integrity.

  26. Doggie Dog!

    Please re-read what you wrote:

    "This info is a little distorted.. With all due respect, PKR, DAP and PAS had already formed an allegiance calling themselves Barisan Rakyat even bfore the March 8th elections.

    So somebody must hv twisted and turned the facts around when you were so called "reliably informed".

    The feeling that the Sultan had on March 8th that PKR, PAS and DAP would form an alliance is therefore not valid at all when Barisan Rakyat was already pledged even before March 8th.

    Therefore, when Barisan Rakyat had won 31 state seats to BN's 29 seats, it was all over for BN.. BN had just wanted to find an easy way out to 'con-vince' the Sultan."


    And on and on you talked about Barisan Rakyat. Where got Barisan Rakyat, doggie dog? Pakatan Rakyat lah.

    You also confused, see?!

  27. Anonymous1:03 pm


    Sekarang ni siapa yang lebih nampak 'kebulur' untuk kuasa. Kalau UMNO/BN leh ngan 'gentleman' nya menyerahkan Perak dulukala, takkan PKR yang penuh ngan 'Moral Value' (ho-humm) tak boleh? Takder rasa malu ker...kalau dah diberhentikan still terhegeh-hegeh masuk ofis? Alahai.. Nizar .. Camry tu bukan leh masuk kubur pun.

  28. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Dear fellow strugglers and losers,

    Simple! all sabar...

    Sultan Azlan had to do what is best in the interest of Perak. You must remember he also need to kao tau to BN as his daughter is involved in Gamuda and etc so have to mane-mane sikit....So harm done after all.

    The harm is with the hopeless reps that lompat due to $$$$$$$. They have to be investigated - the motive!!! which i think all of us know.

    See from my point of view.

    1) Politics is dirty. So there are bound to be losers and winners. In this case, the experts in main belakang, BN/UMNO did what they know best in winning 3 (not 4 coz the other is a trojan horse) rep which has a questionable personality. So PR kena sontot. thats todays life...

    2) Of course the manner in which they lompat to BN to form the next govt is doubtful pending the court charges. So we know the motive besides $$$$$$$$$$ is the dropping of those charges. Am sure they would be dropped.

    3) Let BN govern the state - and if they fail to do the right things, boot them out completely in the next election.

    4) Dont harp on such issues - MOVE ON. Address your promises...


    - achievement in putting a stong team overnite to rule BERAK from 3 cork parties made up of questionable personalities (not to say BN fellas are not the same)after GE March 2008

    - have a personality liked by the simple rakyat.

    - strong religious background.

    - Intellectual. No Boom2 Mama2 Tetek2 and Altantunya business at his baggage.

    - Address the issues of the rakyat and is always seen happy to meet rakyat. No ulterior motive.

    - Perak's lose is lost - perhaps it could be Malaysian gain in the future.....

    Conclusion: NIZAR IS BETTER THAN NAJIB AND ANUAR AND IS A GOOD PM MATERIAL. Lets hope in the next GE, we can given him a promotion if there is an avenue.

    Lets move on with life..... there are better things to do. BTW, can someone pls address the matter pertaining to sai-fool's bontot??? what happened? senyap je???

  29. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Why is PR making a big fuss over this issue? They (read Anwar) was the one who had gone every where telling the whole world that he had enough numbers of defactors from BN to cross-over to PR to form the federal government. Remember Sept 16? That was a gone case, and so was Anwar's reputation and credibility.
    When Anwar tries to take over by way of defectors, he said he is doing the right thing. Now when BN do the same thing he had planned to do (albeit on asmaller scale, state level), it suddently becomes a coup. Grow up folks. The law is applied equally to both sides.
    My advise to the PR supporters, just get back to work. Game over.

  30. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Oghang Perak masih ingat:

    Perak swearing in for MB cancelled March 2008.

    click link to read: DAP vs PKR vs PAS</a

    So betul lah tu ..

  31. Anonymous1:15 pm


    I have to disagree with the Sultan on this one. I may be wrong as history may indicates that it was a wise move by HRH but I can't see any strong reason to deny the people of Perak a chance to exercise their ballots. What Nizar wanted was a chance to rebuke the claims by Najib that those jumpers were sincere in protecting the interests of the rakyat. We are all in an agreement that we can't trusts politicians. The ode about the sanctified whore and an honest politician aptly describes that perception.

    And I don't buy this argument that the Sultan is doing this to save the government money so that it can better tackle the economic situation. BN could and should have engaged the Pakatan team in Perak to bring prosperity to Perak earlier on. Right after the election, there should have been pro-active action plan to further the growth of the State. Alas, there were very little sincerity to do this from both sides I might add. But again, politicians, what do they care about you and me.

    Anyhow, just like many other things that have occurred in this beautiful country of ours in its relatively young age as a nation, this episode will be forgotten and dusted. Will we be any wiser? Only time would tell.

    OrgMelakaTakde Sultan

  32. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Lord President pun dia pun hamba allah juga......... apa dia ada dua tanduk ke.............. kalau dia tahu semua apa pasal anak dia yg dpt ganti dia...... sepatutnya bukan anak dia yg ganti dia.....jd the next sultan.....

    hamba allah.....

  33. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Before March last year, RPK, Zorro and Harris was shouting Daulat Tuanku. The King and the Crown Prince was expressing the voices of certain segment of the people. They were shouting Daulat Tuanku!

    But these people got bold and start to see only their portion of the message.

    They were shouting Daulat Tuanku for a royal who will never ever be a King, ie RPK. For respecting the wrong King, they intentionally left the part of the historical and Constitutional rights of the Malay and Bumi.

    The Sultan of Perak has hinted several times but PAS refused to heed. They start to do drastic unnnecessary changes. The non Malay were getting bold and called the Malay as pendatang. Did they realised by that the Sultan are also pendatang? RPK can talk like all of you la. He is visibly a pendatang, think like a pendatang, dan speak like a pendatang. Cina Apiow mcm Zorro dan keling pundek macam Harris Ibrahim naik besar kepala. Ini Nusantara Melayu ... bukan negara asal usul tok nenek kau.

    Sekarang bila Sultan buat keputusan yang tidak memihak kepada mereka, DAP PKR dan PAS pula nak ingkar dan derhaka dengan Sultan mcm babi dan lembu ini.

    Ingat! Kalau Sultan tak setuju kasi pukimak haram jadah ini semua kewarganegaraan, kau tidak akan dapat. Babi dan lembu semua ingat, bukan Tunku Abd Rahman kasi kau orang, bukan orang putih yg setuju kasi, bukan Tun Sambanthan, bukan Tan Cheng Lok, ... tapi Sultan Melayu yg penentu untuk kasi warganegara.

    INgat tu haram jadah! Jemput derhaka ... Aku tak menyesal untuk basahkan seluruh negara ini dgn darah pendatang. Aku rela darah bangsa dan seugama aku yg derhaka dikorbankan.

    Kurang ajar dan bangsat!

  34. Anonymous1:22 pm


    Ahmad Nijar berani derhaka kepada Sultan Perak akan tetapi begitu taat setia dan takut kepada N & N.

    It's better for Ahmad Nijar to be an efficient opposition first rather than being a lame puppet like Pak Lah.

    Prove to us that on your own you are better than your exco.

  35. nampaknya doa orang-orang Pakatan Rakyat untuk tukar kerajaan telah termakbul , tahniah ..

    Tahniah M.B ( bekas ) Nizar

    Tahniah Penyokong P.R

    "Takziah" pada B.N

  36. Anonymous1:24 pm


    I am currently interviewing you on only one topic and with only one very "closed" question.

    Let's cut to the chase and please answer this question truthfully without any journo spin, evasiveness etc etc - what, if anything, are you expecting to be be handed to you on a platter when NTR takes over in March ?

    Are you for e.g. hoping for a lucrative appointment somewhere etc?

    Pray enlighten me so that based upon your response I then know how to "take" your blog posts - i.e at face value or through tinted glasses.

    "Eagerly Awaiting"

  37. Anonymous1:31 pm



  38. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Hello doggie dog

    Don't be blind lah.

    On 4 April 2008, Lim Kit Siang was still welcome terms for Pakatan Rakyat. So how can it be formed before 8 March 2008.

    Pakai Otak sikit before you lie. That is the proble with the pro-Pakatan now, they learn the habit to lie!!!! Sad! Sad! Sad!

    And before forming already worry of fighting:))))

    ".........It is clear that the proposed co-operation of the three political parties in a new front in post-March 8 political scenario has to proceed with caution to ensure that all levels of leadership of the respective parties fully understand the basis of co-operation of the three parties which will not lend themselves to inter and intra-party differences and exploitation by political foes, as well as avoid the repetition of the 2001 break-up of Barisan Alternative...."

    For full read here:-

    Suggestions for more suitable term than Pakatan Rakyat are most welcome
    Many suggestions have been made for a more suitable term than Pakatan Rakyat for the proposed co-operation of KeADILan, DAP and PAS as a follow-up to the March 8, 2008 general election results for the common objective to promote justice, freedom, democracy, integrity and good governance in Malaysia.

    When the term Pakatan Rakyat was tentatively chosen, the consensus was to avoid the use of the term “Barisan”.

    The term Pakatan Rakyat is subject to the confirmation by the respective leadership of the three parties. Suggestions for a more suitable term than Pakatan Rakyat are most welcome.

    Statements issued in the past three days have raised the question whether all the three parties have fully learnt the lessons of the 2001 crisis of the Barisan Alternative, where the DAP had to leave the opposition coalition because of PAS’ insistence to pursue the Islamic State objective, which was not in the common Barisan Alternative manifesto.

    These statements include that of the Kelantan Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yaakub that “Pas wajar menjadi tunjung kepada pakatan itu sekiranya ia mahu merealisasikan impian menubuhkan sebuah Negara Islam”, and the full support given to this statement by Dewan Pemuda PAS Kelantan and the statement by the press secretary to Pas president Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir that “the values of the Islamic state were already incorporated in the Negara Berkebajikan” and that “In states where Pas is the dominant party, we will try to set up an Islamic state”.

    It is clear that the proposed co-operation of the three political parties in a new front in post-March 8 political scenario has to proceed with caution to ensure that all levels of leadership of the respective parties fully understand the basis of co-operation of the three parties which will not lend themselves to inter and intra-party differences and exploitation by political foes, as well as avoid the repetition of the 2001 break-up of Barisan Alternative.

  39. Anonymous1:33 pm

    If even you are right and what Sultan did now is for the sake of the rakyat, what most of us can't swallow is he didnt suggest to investigate the three Adun's transformation to BN. It's just so absurd fishy there.

    What Sultan did is the best for rakyat's benefit but to abruptly accpet BN's suggestion to form a state government at this right moment is not that wise.

    What happen currently and what happen as what you post is two different situation.

    The previous one is obviously right and wise since it given two party an equal opportunity to form a government based on their seats. Dont say all 29 seats is all UMNO's seat but its BN seat, isnt it?

    The current situation, legally BN can form a government but moral wise its not the same. T

    he previous, the majority is through election whereby the current majority through 'lompat' which is obviously different.

  40. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    The way I look at it is very simple.

    1) Having a snap state election, might not be right thing to do at this point of time, given the current economic scenario. Millions will have to be spent and I think that the money could be used for something better as stimulating the economy with local development projects, for one.

    2) However, when the March 8, 2008 election was held, the people in the four constituency (where the elected assemblymen/woman became independent), chose them for a reason. They were representating the Barisan Rakyat coalition and that must mean something doesn't it? It was the rakyat who chose them and put them where they were before they became independent, not by anyone else.

    3) Therefore, when the 4 elected assemblymen/woman decided to become independent, did they actually speak to the people in their respected constituencies on their intentions and actions? I doubt that they would have done so!

    4) Therefore, by becoming Independent assemblymen/women, we can safely say that this action by them was made solely on their own accord (or with their advisors). The views of the rakyat who voted for them in the first place would not have been taken into account at all.

    In that sense then, the most viable option or solution that could have been done would be to call for a by-election in the four constituencies, which would have enabled the rakyat to voice their choice of candidate to lead them. This I believe would have been a cheaper option rather than calling for a state wide snap election and it would have been a democratic way of settling the disputes.

    Otherwise, it will be good to ponder the following questions:

    1) Why the heck did we even vote in the March 8, 2008 election if something like this could happen which is not the democratic way of doing things? I am sure that people in the constituencies who voted for the now independent assemblyman/women will feel cheated and would feel like fools. I for one will surely feel the same if the same thing would happen in the constituency that I voted.

    2) The situation for the party-hoppers in Perak could be likened to someone swicthing jobs. You would either switch jobs if you are really dissatisfied with your current job, management or the company or it will happen because you are offered a job with a higher salary from a different company or competitor.
    I think that the situation for the party hoppers in Perak is no different than the saying that "the grass is always greener on the other side"

    3) What will happen that maybe in the months (or days for some) to come that maybe some of these politicians in Perak finds that the grass is now greener on the Barisan Rakyat's side. Will they hop and will the state's monarchs declare a new government?

    Whatever the situation is, I still believe that the rakyat are the ones responsible for deciding the outcome of this crisis and the mandate should be given back to them for the right decision to be made.

    Go figure.

  41. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Rocky you mean to say it was because of this royal pr got to rule perak,your spin is really amazing.As we are on it please la don't talk about integrity of this royal as i have personally witnessed his so called values of intergrity first hand,and you know what i mean.


  42. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Doggie dog,

    Only on 1 April 2008, Pakatan Rakyat was proposed.

    So what kind of lie you making?:))))))

    Pakatan Rakyat – logical next step of March 8 political tsunami

    Leaders of DAP, PKR and PAS met in Petaling Jaya today and took the logical next step of the March 8 political tsunami – proposing the establishment of a new front of the three political parties to be tentatively known as PAKATAN RAKYAT.

    A joint statement issued after the meeting reads:

    The leaders of KeADILan, DAP and PAS met today in furtherance of the meeting held on the 18th of March 2008.

    Today’s meeting was attended by, among others, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang and YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

    In today’s meeting, we have proposed to consolidate the cooperation between the three parties under the name “PAKATAN RAKYAT”. This name has been proposed pending confirmation by the respective parties.

    Pakatan Rakyat pledges to uphold the rights and interests of all Malaysians, regardless of religion or race, as enshrined in the Constitution.

    With the results of the recent elections, the state governments of Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak and Selangor will be known as Pakatan Rakyat state governments. The policies of these governments will be conducted in accordance with the policies of Pakatan Rakyat.

    To further mutual understanding regarding such policies, a convention of all Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives of Parliament and State Assemblies will be held on the 27th of April 2008.

    We have developed and strengthened the structure of Pakatan Rakyat by creating under the Leadership Council, consisting of the leaders of the three parties, a Joint Secretariat consisting of three leaders from each of the three parties. This joint Secretariat will be tasked with building the foundation and framework of the Pakatan Rakyat for ratification by the Leadership Council

  43. Anonymous2:01 pm


    Nasib baik la Nizar ni bukan MB di negeri bersempadan dengan Spore.

    Kalau dia buat mcm tu kat sana, dah kena campak dalam zoo kena berus gigi rimau atau buaya...

    ADUN yang tak nak pakai songkok pon kena halau, apalagi kalu dehaka.

  44. Anonymous2:03 pm

    I hope you do publish this...


    Pls do some homework before you shoot the heck out of me.

    See this below? Unless you tell me that wikipedia is as confused as I am...

    Perhaps you were in your deep slumber back then.

    Pakatan Rakyat name only came about after the elections.. Before that it was Barisan Rakyat. You need me to say more?

    "The Pakatan Rakyat is a maturing development of the concept, of Barisan Rakyat (English: People's Front), that was created during the election campaign of the 12th Malaysian general election in 2008. Barisan Rakyat was the banner and policy position document which a group of Malaysian opposition political parties (DAP, PKR, PAS, PSM, MDP and PASOK) endorsed and coalesced around for the 12th Malaysian general election in 2008"

  45. I believe The Sultan's only concern is a smooth administration of his state & the welfare of his subjects.

    As reported, The Sultan had met the four assemblymen individually to ascertain that they are leaving their respective parties on their own free will, without inducements or coercion, not to mention consulting his advisers, government officers, as well as leaders from both sides of the political divide.

    One should give The Sultan some credit for this.


  46. Me respect the Sultan's decision too. There should be no doubt that it was a very painful decision for him.

    Legally, Nizar and his exco have to step down as Nizar no longer command the confidence of the majority; yet, BN has definitely seized power through a dubious way.

    I seriously can't imagine the wise Sultan wanting someone like Jamaludin, Osman or worse, Nasarudin that had hip-hopped back and forth within less than 2 weeks, in Perak's state assembly, and believe that these trio has acted in the rakyat's best interests. How can you trust these people to take care of the rakyat? And the coalition that accepted these people so that they can seize Perak?

    Yet on the other hand, if the Sultan dissolves the state assembly, there is no guarantee that there will be a clear cut results in the elections, and massive amount of money will be wasted, just when econ recession is getting worse. What a dilemma...I think he'll continue to look back and wonder if he has made the correct decision in years to come...

    Personally, I do think Nizar and his exco should respect the Sultan's decision. Nevertheless, I think the Sultan would understand Nizar and his Exco's defiance too.

    If BN won fair and square in a election then fine la, but to seize power in such a way...haiz...Can the Parliament pass the Anti-Hopping Bill soon please?

  47. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Sultan should have waited for outcome of court cases. What will happen if pr wins the cases? Another round of uncertainity, kah? Bn is scared to face the people. Full stop.

  48. Anonymous2:08 pm

    DAP Chairman Karpal Singh said that the Sultan of Perak had acted beyond the powers conferred to him in dismissing the state government of Nizar.

    He said that Nizar will file a suit against the Sultan and the new state government at the Ipoh High Court on Tuesday if the new Barisan government takes power.

  49. Anonymous2:14 pm

    IF ANWAR would succeed in taking over the govt on sept 16 would he request for a fresh election? THINK

  50. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Dear all,

    Barisan Rakyat is not a registered political party (unlike Barisan Nasional). Therefore, it cannot commit themsleves to be a proper government. So, the argument the very first anonymous said here is misplaced.

    'Loyar Buruk'

  51. Anonymous2:19 pm

    If ANWAR would have succeded 16 SEPT would he request and seek for a fresh elction? City BOYS

  52. It's ok Rocky as me too have read Shad Saleem article since yesterday. Just like all of us you too have your own opinion and being an experienced journalist I know you could articulate your little points very well. Thus, you may have the opportunity to continue to do so as being the top blogger for now.

    BUT remember Umno too once was top, I mean really at the top but we are seeing what is happening now, right? Go ahead do what you are best at until such time no one bothers to read or comment your words! At the end of the day, we all know the bad never last.
    Do I gain anything materially for saying this? No. Do you gain for putting your remarks here? I bet everybody knows!

    If I say this with bad intention, let the almighty punish me, If you say this also with a bad intention or prejudice... Well, I rather leave it to god.

  53. Anonymous2:21 pm

    all because of these 3 adun who derhaka to the people who vote for them in the first place.if the sultan is wise which i think he sided umno in this case,he should suggest the snap election not just because of these 3 useless corrupted adun who should be dead for the sake of perak people.this is very unfair to the perak people who vote for PR and all of a suddden the 3 useless adun defect and support BN.there will be chaos in perak if no snap election cause the rakyat felt betrayed,please have snap election,by the way when this sultan perak died ,not his son is going to become sultan but his brother's son,so i think this sultan is bias and like to see chaos!!!


  54. hahahahahaaa nizar pandai jugak cakap "WHAT THE HELL" masa press conference pagi ini!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtf la u mantan MB perak

  55. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Poker well played by Najib ! 4 Aces ...Anwar ... You Lose !

  56. Anonymous2:45 pm

    duh, he is elected by the people, u don't simply kicked him out.

    if like dat can have election thing flushed into the toilet, next time just get the royalty to appoint mb/pm & dll.

    why want to waste people time & money going for election, nothing else better to do ke?

  57. I am sad with what that has happened.
    The Sultan is right,legally. But the Umno is wrong in using dirty tactics.PR is very ungracious, shame on me for voting u. But again how can i vote for those other fella.Even the Bebas is corupt now. Allah ajelah tunjukkan kebenaran...

  58. come sept 16, pkr will form the new govt. pak lah and his cabinet to resign after 30 bn CROSS OVER. hey nothing said about snap election? nothing said about going back to the people to WISELY choose? haha poor anwar..get to taste his own kene batang idung sendiri buat cerita lain! sultan should dissolve in the interest of ANWAR's RAKYAT! aparaaa anwarrr

  59. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Don't talk crap.Azlan Shah was the Lord President just like Hamid Omar and the rest. He has written nothing worth to be called a classic judgement or to be recorded as precedent in law.
    He never raised a finger when Tun Salleh Abas and other senior judges were dismissed. Mahathir had the upper hand over all royalties. Where was his wisdom then ? Among the royalties Azlan is regarded as educated.Wisdom...!

  60. Anonymous2:51 pm

    buang jo kat kandang babi!


  61. Anonymous2:55 pm

    so, now they want to sue the sultan. go ahead, that's the very bullet that najib needs to rally the malays behind him. poor nizar, he's made as a pawn by DAP and PKR. now he'd be seen as utimately derhaka by the malays. not sure that this will give a good image to PAS.


  62. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Dear all,
    Remember the Penang demonstrator NGOs organise by UMNO that shout HIDUP MELAYU! HAK KAMI!! Those leader are found to be corrupted and they were never tear gas by the police. I read latest blog, the protestor is now being tear gas by the police in Perak. Different strokes for different folks, now we know where is the Police dogs are working for.

    We Remember

  63. Anonymous3:06 pm

    HRH got it wrong this time, i think.

    He & his son always say soothing thing but come to doing it... aiyah don't know la!

    How can la, only 35 mins talking with the fat boy they kick out my mb... blimey, and me & thousands queue up for 2 hrs to vote for the party who would defend our interest... so how now?

    But I can understand HRH got his rights but then again what about the people rights to choose their government...

    Next time tell us who u want us to vote... if we like we will go out and vote for him but if we don't like your choice we will stay home & watch astro... ok?

  64. don't be a joker ok !...The three parties went to polls as Pakatan Rakyat....why u think there're one to one straight contest ?...

  65. Anonymous3:14 pm

    02:45pm FRU fire tear gas into thousands of Pakatan protesters outside Masjid Ubudiah near Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar.

    Early morning:

    Nizar when asked what would happen if new Mentri Besar Datuk Zambry Abd Kadir moved into the office Friday,

    Nizar said: “I will probably share the room with him. It’s better to have a ship with two captains isn’t it?”

    I like his sense of humor.

  66. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Dear frens,
    We have another Israel in the our OWN GOVERNMENT!!! Down with BN!!! Very angry now with the POLICE!!! They are nothing but DOGS!!! Who asked them to hantam own people!!! These leaders must ANSWER THE RAKYAT!!!

    14:42 They are still chanting, "Allahu Akhbar! There is no god but Allah!"

    "Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi. Hidup hidup .... hidup hidup....hidup rakyat!"

    14:43 These are tumultuous scenes.

    14:45 The eight-year-old girl near me, Asiah, is recovering from tear gas. She is now sitting up. I think she will be okay, perhaps she is in a state of shock.

    14:46 Two thousand people are now sitting on the road, directly facing the FRU water cannon trucks, which are blocking the way to the palace.

    14:50 Actually the FRU trucks are blocking the road to the Kuala, not the Istana. More than half a dozen FRU trucks are on the road. But the crowd of 500 on the road are blocking their way. A couple of thousand onlooks are standing higher up on the landback outside the mosque. It's a standoff. The police are addressing the crowd through their PA system, but the crowd are yelling back.

    14:51 More sirens are wailing as police vehicles arrive.

    14:52 One old man is lying down near me, in a state of grief. "Allah selamatkanlah kami dari segala kezaliman," he is choked with grief.

    Polcie are firing tear gas and peole are running inside the mosque.

    14:53 The little girl near me is is wailing now.

    15:06 Tear gas fills the air and people are running helter skelter. My eyes start to sting and I find it hard to type so I dash to the back of the mosque.

    15:07 Even at the back of the mosque, the teargas overwhelms me. A woman opens the back door of the mosque and beckons me in. I dash in and I am overwhelmed with the fumes.

    15:08 For a few minutes, I lie on the carpeted floor of the mosque in the midst of 40 Muslim women who are praying.

    15:10 Minutes later, I feel better

    15:12 A kindly elderly woman comes to me and offers me lumps of salt. "Makan ini," she says with concern. Then she offers me a drink.

    My eyes smart like hell and the fumes make it difficult to breathe.

  67. Bro Bro..
    Check this out....!!!

    Rukun Negara

    Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan
    Kesetiaan Pada Raja dan Negara
    Keluhuran Perlembagaan
    Kedaulatan Undang-undang
    Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

  68. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Hopefully your informer is not the same as Harris Ibrahim's informer.

    BTW Perak gomen should just give the camry to Ahmad Nizar. It could be the actual reason why he's reluctant to leave the office.

    Happy weekend

  69. Anonymous3:24 pm

    (Live from Kuala Kangsar)
    14:13 We are now in the Masjid Ubudiah, close to the Istana. Friday prayers are drawing to a close now.

    14:15 Outside the mosque in Kuala Kangsar, a row of police trucks are on standby with police and riot police making their presence felt.

    14:15 People are now leaving the mosque.

    14:17 The road to the mosque and the Istana have been blocked by the policeclose to the roundabout. We have had to walk 2km to reach here.

    14:18 It's a hot sweltering afternoon here. Along the road uphill to the mosque stand large mansions. On the other side of the road lie more humble abodes with zinc roofs.

    14:19 The crowd outside the mosque is now chanting, "Allahu Akhbar", They are chanting, "Reformasi!" The roar is deafening.

    14:22 The crowd is swelling as more people emerge from the mosque. They are chanting near the porch inside the premises of the mosque, while the police are outside the premises on the road passing by the mosque below.

    14:25 Now they are chanting, "Hancur, Hancur, Umno! Hidup, hidup,. hidup, rakyat!" About 6,000 Perakians outside the mosque are now facing the FRU..

    14:29 A large group of 500 or so are heading to the Istana to meet the Sultan.

    14:30 But police fire teargas forcing them to turn back and head back to the direction of the mosque.

    14:32 Fisticuffs have broken out between the FRU and the frontline of the crowd. The riot police are outnumbered but they force the crowd back with teargas.

    14:36 A Malay couple approach me. The woman, an activist with the Abolish ISA Movement, is carrying a child. "See what they have done," she tell mes, showing her teary eight year old child. "The tear gas has hit her."

    14:38 The crowd are still chanting, "Allahu Akhbar!"

    A Malay gentleman approaches me. "Are you from the media? Please tell the people that the MB is not derhaka against the sultan. He is trying to defend the administration of the state from corruption in the people's interest."

    14:38 SIrens are wailing outside the mosque now.

    14:39 The water cannons have arrived. The people outside have scattered, and not many are now remaining.
    14:41 About a housand people are still outside. Further away, people are standing on the perimeter outside the mosque.

    14:42 They are still chanting, "Allahu Akhbar! There is no god but Allah!"

    "Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi. Hidup hidup .... hidup hidup....hidup rakyat!"

    14:43 These are tumultuous scenes.

    14:45 The eight-year-old girl near me, Asiah, is recovering from tear gas. She is now sitting up. I think she will be okay, perhaps she is in a state of shock.

    14:46 Two thousand people are now sitting on the road, directly facing the FRU water cannon trucks, which are blocking the way to the palace.

    14:50 Actually the FRU trucks are blocking the road to the Kuala, not the Istana. More than half a dozen FRU trucks are on the road. But the crowd of 500 on the road are blocking their way. A couple of thousand onlooks are standing higher up on the landback outside the mosque. It's a standoff. The police are addressing the crowd through their PA system, but the crowd are yelling back.

    14:51 More sirens are wailing as police vehicles arrive.

    15:06 Tear gas fills the air and people are running helter skelter. My eyes start to sting and I find it hard to type so I dash to the back of the mosque.

    15:07 Even at the back of the mosque, the teargas overwhelms me. A woman opens the back door of the mosque and beckons me in. I dash in and I am overwhelmed with the fumes.

    15:08 For a few minutes, I lie on the carpeted floor of the mosque in the midst of 40 Muslim women who are praying.

    15:10 Minutes later, I feel better

    15:12 A kindly elderly woman comes to me and offers me lumps of salt. "Makan ini," she says with concern. Then she offers me a drink.

    My eyes smart like hell and the fumes make it difficult to breathe.

    15:14 The "treatment" works and I feel better.

    Inside the mosque, a woman next to me says, "Sepatutnya meraka tidak boleh tembak dekat masjid."

    Outside the police are firing teargas at people emerging from the mosque. It looks as if we are quarantined in the mosque.

    A loud murmur of prayer fills the mosque. "Allah is great, Allhamdullilah!"

    15:18 I feel outraged. How can they do this?

    15:20 I am still inside the mosque with a fellow journalists, among all the women who are gathered in prayer. We are protected from the teargas for now.

    Police are just outside the premises of the mosque.

    15:21 Inside the mosque, beyond the partition, a thousand men are gethered in prayer.



  70. Anonymous3:31 pm

    million to mohd osman
    million to jamaludin
    million to yit foong
    billion to .............

    wow big money, bn memang kaya.

  71. daulat tuanku
    daulat tuanku
    daulat tuanku


  72. Anonymous3:41 pm

    ROCKY spin Dr

  73. Anonymous3:42 pm

    anwar ibrahim dengandemonstrasi,rusuhan dan meliwat...tak dapat dipisahkan.bagai irama dan lagu

    -anak perak

  74. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Nizarngan nuar dengar la cakap dato Mursyidul am kan lebih mudah, sabar aje...jgn gadaikan keamanan hormati institusi raja,melayu tinggal raja aje yang ade pikir sendiri la nizar dan nuar yer. Jangan bile demo bersih ingat sultan bile kena usik sikit maki sultan yer


  75. Anonymous4:05 pm

    It is a simple game made difficult by the losing parties.

    Why twist, turn, meander and be in denial mode when Anwar, the undisputed chief of the mob blatantly announced over and over again that he has the numbers to form the next government.

    What if he succeeded with getting the BN to cross over to his side?

    Will his tantrum be the same?

    I can bet my last penny that he will claim that everything was done according to the book (read his book).

    But when the tables are turned by the very game he invented, then he becomes anti-everybody and wants to hold a revolution.

    He forgets that if he manages to get BN to jump ship, he still has to mengadap the Sultan.

    With his behaviour right now showing obvious disregard for law and order, will the Sultan bless him should he come to power?

    Yes Anwar the Great only knows a few things and these are what he specializes in :

    1. Mob rule
    2. Blame game
    3. Science of deceit
    4. Ungratefulness
    5. 'I am KING'


  76. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Perak sultan can wait for 2 weeks before swearing in Nizar as MB,why cant HRH wait till the 2 dirty frogs cleared of currucption case before accepting them as ADUN...afterall only few days to Feb 10.What happen if 2 frogs( i doubt so,since they are now UMNO supporters) found guilty,so,another swearing in ceremony again???
    I use to have very high regard and respect for Perak sultan family,but now,i feel very dissapointed.
    Please,we Malaysians are not STUPID..we heard and seen what UMNO done by 'bought'over these shit-ridden frogs..Shame on you Najis(b)led UMNO,your action will be remember by Perakians for long long take Rakyat for granted.

  77. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Dear bro,

    My comment didn't gain the approval aren't it?

  78. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Rocky, you said (1:02PM):

    "And on and on you talked about Barisan Rakyat. Where got Barisan Rakyat, doggie dog? Pakatan Rakyat lah. You also confused, see?!"

    You must have some pretty serious memory problems. Don't you remember writing about it? Pls refresh your memory at your own blog:

  79. Anonymous4:22 pm

    so u r saying that the Sultan made a wise choice for not allowing UMNO to form the Govt in last March???
    Another simple question,what if the parties involved now are in the reversal way, would the same decision be made?

  80. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Maybe Nizar should admit defeat for now...there will be other battles....and it does look like barisan will lose the war

  81. Anonymous4:38 pm


    Nizar and the geng memang sah penderhaka.

    Rakyat bersabar ada batasnya, tapi bila Nizar di cucuk hidungnya lagi, untuk menyaman Sultan yang besikap rasional dan bijaksana, nizar just plain stupid.

    It will backfire not only to him but PR as a whole.

  82. This is simply preposterous!

    When the Malaysian Judiciary issued a verdict that was not in favor of the opposition (e.g acquittal of Razak Baginda) Pakatan Rakyat supporters claimed that it was a 'biased' verdict, that Malaysian Judges are under the influence of the ruling party. Then they would wage an all out war to tarnish the reputation and image of the Judiciary.

    When His Majesty the Sultan of Perak made a decision that do not go well with the opposition, they now claim that His Majesty is being unjust and prejudiced. They would then proceed to attack the Perak Royal Household.

    Whenever I close my eyes and imagine a scenario where Pak Lah or any BN leaders with big enough balls would TELL the Sultan of Perak WHAT TO DO, I'd end up laughing. Seriously, it is that STUPID!

    "Err I'm gonna make you an offer YOU CAN'T refuse, kapische?"

    Remember when the Terengganu and Perlis Royal Households FLATLY rejected PM's candidates for the post of Menteri Besar? And this is Raja Azlan Ahah we're talking about, a former Lord President with years of experience in the judiciary. Totally absurd.

    If I were a Sultan or a Federal Court Judge, I guess I'd be more TERRIFIED of Pakatan Rakyat supporters then UMNO and BN. What can UMNO and BN do to me? Fire me? Cut my allowance? I doubt it.

    Pakatan Rakyat supporters running amok however, is another story. They can REALLY DO DAMAGE! Both locally and internationally. They could stage mass rallies, spread lies in the internet and SMS's.

    So, who is really EXERTING influence here?

  83. Anonymous4:50 pm

    To all the people who claim malay supremacy: remember when you are dead, you are going to be judged just like any other people. This world are not created just for one race but for many races so that we can learn to live peacefully with each other. Don't people read the teachings of Prophet Muhammad anymore? Don't people have moral conscience anymore? We malays cried when we watch the injustice served on the palestinians and were angered at Israeli's claim of supremacy. But are we not doing the same thing here? Probaly lesser but essentially the same. When white people claim supremacy we call them racist but when malays do that what do we call ourselves? If we can't respect other races and religions how can others respect us? The malays keep on saying the non-malays do not respect us and our religion but do we respect them in the first place? Do we enlighten them about Islam? Does Islam even encourage supremacy of one race? The answer is NO. Seriously, the malays have a lot of thinking and reflecting to do.

    Pak Lah is no different than George Bush and Najib is no different than Dick Cheney. If this kind of event keeps on unfolding then we are no better than Zimbabwe.

  84. Anonymous4:51 pm


    Nizar and the geng memang sah penderhaka.

    Rakyat bersabar ada batasnya, tapi bila Nizar di cucuk hidungnya lagi, untuk menyaman Sultan yang besikap rasional dan bijaksana, nizar just plain stupid.

    It will backfire not only to him but PR as a whole.

  85. Anonymous4:55 pm

    one solution, send someone to get these froggers disappear and start the bi-election.

  86. Anonymous5:01 pm

    The famous story of Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang and may history repeat itself!

    - Jebat

  87. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Nuar Berahi,

    Kalo kau jadi towkay funfare dan pusing satu Malaya adalah lebih bermanafaat dan ia boleh menjana ekonomi rakyat ( terutama yang tiada kerja ) di saat ekonomi sedang merudum

    Tapi ko pusing satu Malaya dan canang nak jadi PM kunun. Last sekali Perak terlepas, strategi makan diri dan besar kemaluan ko.

    Lepas tu si Nizar pulak sanggup bute hulur leher jadi penderhaka demi cokolat N&N nya. Nuar ikut aje walau tanah kena gadai. Janji jadi PM.

    Ni bukan kes Pak Kaduk kampung tergadai, tapi dah jadi Pak Kaduk negeri tergadai 999 tahun.

    nasib kome le yob.

  88. Look, what is the root cause of this conundrum?

    In case you haven't noticed, we have this situation in Perak because four members of the state govt changed sides or left their parties: 3 PKR and 1 DAP.

    And don't be naive; of course political parties do their damnedest to entice (whether the means are legal or not are a different matter) an opponent to join them, especially somebody who is ADUN or MP. I do not necessarily agree with it, but that's the name of the game in politics.

    Following the fiasco -- caused by the Perak govt's own members -- the Sultan had to make a tough call.

    And he made the call. Not hurriedly, not hastily, and certainly not carelessly.

    Don't go on whining about it being morally wrong or right. We are talking about the *government* of a state. Being legally right is everything.

    The Sultan has made his call and that is to invite the DUN member who has the support of the majority of the DUN to form a govt.

    The Sultan used the same test of support for the BN candidate as he did for Nizar 10 months ago, and that is to bring the members physically to the palace for him to ascertain that they are indeed supportive of the prospective MB. That was what the Sultan did at Istana Kinta yesterday.

    And I humbly think the Sultan did the correct thing.

    [I say humbly because even if he were not the sultan, Raja Azlan has formidable credentials and is a very accomplished man. Let us lesser mortals not forget that when we comment]



    You said YB Dato' Seri Nizar, jangan ikut cakap Bro Anwar, nanti makan diri. Apa kata Adun PAS join kerajaan baru Perak. Lagi best.....

    I second you on that. PAS should stop wasting time with PKR, a party with no real ideology except to satisfy its Janus-faced de facto leader's ambition.

  89. Anonymous5:35 pm

    I love it when zorro writes things like this :

    "To put in bluntly, the decision of the sultan – who is the custodian of the people, their protector and someone who is suppose to act for the people – had just killed any semblance of democracy in the Perak "

    He wants Anwar's style of Democracy ! Thrust Backwards !

    many many many cheers today !

  90. Anonymous5:40 pm


    Dulu Anwar and the gang ajak rakyat lawan PM.

    La ni Anuar and the gang ajak rakyat jelata derhaka kat Sultan pulak dah.

    Tak heran kalu satu hari nanti dia ajak rakyat lawan tuhan pulak.

    Janji dapat duduk kat putrajaya.

  91. oh... I'm much more dissepointed within this thread...

    you sucks bro...

  92. Anonymous5:50 pm

    We shall see if the sultan is really sincere and also cause suspicion if he got a bribe when for the power transfer for the Next sultan of perak, who is raja dihilir and not raja nazrin.

    We shall see....the saga continues this is better then Bold and Beautiful the king is the same as Najib controlled by the Sultanah of perak...that is why raja nazriz cannot marry the woman he loves.

  93. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Hey guys chill out, my friends, if you flip the history pages on how certain families became Sultan of States, you will better understand how the people of Perak were robbed again...
    Meanwhile, for those who do not like history lessons, just listen to Bob Marley's Redemption and you will understand.. Bob Sang:
    Old PIRATES, yes, they rob I;
    Sold I to the merchant ships,
    Minutes after they took i
    From the bottomless pit.
    But my hand was made strong
    By the and of the almighty.
    We forward in this generation
    Wont you help to sing
    These songs of freedom? -
    cause all I ever have:
    Redemption songs;
    Redemption songs.

  94. Dear bro Rocky,
    My sister-in-law family is in Kuala Kangsar and nothing is sacred to them where the Ubudiah
    mosque was contaminated by the profanity of Pakatan Rakyat (PR)politics and sacrileged
    by it cowardice supporters when they used it to show their angry.

    Their show of violence indicates they nurture the belief that a
    democratic means to power is less important than power itself. Their
    inflammatory action as they exploit the emotionalism of political issue and desecrate mosques begets savage chaos. A Frankenstein in the making. But
    already, their invectives and rioting give the impression that the PR (PR for us is Permanent Residence - if it can be called one), represents forces of violence.

  95. Anonymous5:59 pm


    Malik Imtiaz Sarwar's take on the crisis

  96. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I do not doubt that HRH Sultan Azlan knows his law, he was after all the Lord President. But in this instance, he is not a lawyer but a guardian of the people of Perak. Should he not do what is best of them rather than what is in the letter of the law?


  97. Dear Rocky,

    At the end of the day, what matters most to the man in the street is the perception of important institutions in the country such as the judiciary, law enforcement, attorney general and of course the Royal house-holds. The Royal house-holds must remain fair to be relevant in this day and age. It is sad that more than 50% of the people in Perak will feel that the above institution did not respect their wishes.

  98. dear rocky,

    salute you for defending kedaultan sultan melayu,

    so digust with PR, they tell about trying to uphold democracy, but they initiatied undemocratic act first byleting Dato' Nasaruddin joining them. Now Anwar is swallow is own medicine.

    i am sick of all hypocytes anynomous and the likes of 'Sick&Tired'

    When Sultan is heeding to their need they said 'Daulat Tuanku'

    But When Sultan not heeding to their demand, they use streets to protest

  99. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Nizar and Anuar,

    Kalau hang pi menderhaka kat Zionis di Gaza tu adele faedahnye.
    Nuar dah tentu tak berani pergi.

    Ni kau suroh budak budak pegi demo kat depan Istana - tapi bayang kau entah tak nampak pon masa tu.

    Anuar dengan demo jalanannya.....

  100. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Rocky, quoting from a law professor on the Sultan's prerogative or right to dismiss the Menteri Besar does not mean anything at all. Is that supposed to add weight to one's contention his quote is sufficient to justify such act? You well know I can get another law professor of similar or higher esteem to differ. You know better than that. Try at it harder again please. I'm just not convinced at all.

  101. The ruler is right and no one should question his wisdom but please dont kick someone when he's down. Nizar was a very good MB and still very much a leader to the people of Perak. Good luck to you, YAB Zambri and hope that you will fight corruption and be a leader to all Perakians.

  102. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Takkan Sultan tak tau Pakatan Rakyat dah wujud sebelum 8 Mac... Baginda pernah jadi hakim tapi tak bermakna baginda juga manusia biasa...oleh itu adalah silap tidak membubarkan dun pada kali ini kerana rakyat menyokong PR bukan Adun yg melompat

  103. Anonymous6:31 pm

    one would need to be reminded that the Sultan of Perak has got to be cautious in coming to his decision on the situation at hand. my opinion in this case are as such:
    the Sultan had no other choice but to reject PR's request for dissolution as if Baginda Sultan he may actually open the flood gates of yet another tsunami where there are possibilities that PR may actually sweep the DUN Perak and have more than 2/3 majority.
    if this happen other states which is at the knife's edge may face similar problems and this could eventually lead to havoc at the federal parliament and even a dissolution at parliament.
    if this happens, the Sultan of Perak will be blamed and history will condemn him and BN i am sure have cautioned him on the consequences.
    so the Sultan does not want blood on his hands and preferred the situation of - better the devil you know than the devil you dont !! .. and to BN this is a delay tactic where they hope PR will die out ... when Anwar is no longer gone as well as the other senior opposition leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh as they are also old now with no credible replacement and BN will continue in ruling Malaysia.
    oh yes i think some bloggers are bias already in their reporting !! ..

  104. Anonymous6:31 pm

    You know what Rocky ...

    Am not into politics before. I find it trivial, petty and boring...but after reading anilnetto, haris, malaysiakini, malaysianinsider..followed by reading comments made about UMNO/BN .. I will pledge one thing.

    I shall support and make sure that my support are heard for this UMNO/BN.

    BN is Cool!

  105. Anonymous6:39 pm

    dear Rocky Bru,

    The Sultan knew that the 3 Adun had broken their vow tht was made in front of him.

    That alone is tantamount to derhaka?

    Why couldn't he advise the 3 ADUN to commit to their earlier promise and resign?

    If not, then why can't Azlan Shah refrain and wait the outcome of the court case made by the PR before taking any action?

    Or better still, why can't Azlan Shah waits until Nizhar is properly voted out of office?


  106. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Roc baby!
    you are trying to salvage the goodness of those Perak royals.Do you know why he could ,nt adhere to umno ,s wish?He would have been made to look like a fool.
    Yesterday he was morally wrong knowing those 4 scumbags were not upright in their duties to the people.Yet he executed the process without considering the people,s views very quickly .Why ? He should go down to the ground ,listen and talk to his Perakians.
    I thought most Royals have his people at heart, but then again its all mouth.
    Sorry Roc, the truth hurts sometimes.Perhaps you go the streets and see the truth.


  107. the real reason why sultan rejected UMNO bid?

    UMNO was late. The Pakatan people had already formed an alliance long before UMNO.

    For the Sultan to reject the Pakatan bid would make the Sultan look very bad indeed


  108. Anonymous6:45 pm


    Orang Perok yang dapat tanah 999 tahun duduk diam diam aje.

    Tapi orang luar yang tak dapat hape pulok yang berdemo kat istana

    Pandai nye kome Nizar dan Nuar

  109. Anonymous6:51 pm


    Tak dapek den nak nolong ekau. Den baru solosaikan masalah ket negeri den ni ha.

    Kalau susah sangat, kome humbankan ajo penderhako tu ket Pulau Batu Putih.

    Bior deme perentah ket pulau tu ikut suka hati deme.

  110. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Takkan Sultan tak tau Pakatan Rakyat dah wujud sebelum 8 Mac... Baginda pernah jadi hakim tapi tak bermakna baginda juga manusia biasa...oleh itu adalah silap tidak membubarkan dun pada kali ini kerana rakyat menyokong PR bukan Adun yg melompat


  111. Anonymous6:52 pm


    i think najiban najis will make a good PM. he is good at playing back - even anuar kentot also cannot kencing like him. najis is the man... like ppl who are action orientated rather than kencing and capak banyak2......

    najis - you are the man. berakians and also malaysians love you.. go for it buddy.

    btw, only one thing i need you to do - once you are PM, i would like to see you changing your wife. i would replace Pak Lelah's photo with yours. I have to change Jeanne's photos.. and i need to replace it. But i dont like to replace her photo with Boom2Mama2c4's photo. You tak secocok dengan dia lah. You should get some nice hot sexy chick as our first lady. for suggestions, you can talk to your umno comrades - am sure they can suggest you some nice hot babe. but pls..... not fat boom2mama2c4.......and pls be quick cause i need to order the photo to replace jeanne's pix.


  112. Just wondering, what happens if next week or next all those kataks or other kataks jump to PR. Will the wise Sultan then allow PR to reform govt....then they jump back...and then...No end la.

  113. Anonymous7:01 pm

    One advise to this Nizar fellow.The Sultan has not use his "other" powers entitled to him.

    To his friends like Lim Kit Siang,Karpal,Guan Eng is the time to distance themselves away from this "blur" Nizar.

    One word from the Sultan all will be scooped and banished. Don't provoke the Sultan! This Nizar doesn't know what or who he is against.He will get what he deserved sooner than later.

    As a reminder to all that wish to "ingkar" and "derhaka" take the word from the "wise" Ambiga. Wait for the next PRU 13. Why cannot is it? Anwar journey to Putra Jaya is further by the day.
    Dah tak sabar nak jadi PM? What a silly dreamer this Anwar is and his supporters like kena black magic by his bloody temberang.Like it or not.... Najib is the next big thing.Remember that!


  114. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Rocky, UMNO could not have formed the Govt because UMNO did not contest as a party in the elections. Barisan Nasional did. You can't even see an UMNO flag during PRU12 campaign because UMNO was not registered with SPR.

    Howeven from what I understand, since then they have also registered with SPR so you will see UMNO flags during PRU13.

  115. A former Lord President who does not know that he has first to establish objectively that the MB does not command cofidence at a vote of no confidence at the State Assembly? A MB cannot be removed from office by any other procedure - how come the ex LP does not know this?

    How can HRH rely on the words of self-serving pathetic, scurrilous party hoppers and Opposition members?

    And what about the rights of the majority of the PEOPLE in Perak who voted in favour of Pakatan at the GE 2008?

    One who knows the law in substance and form would have dissolved the State Assembly and asked the PEOPLE for a fresh mandate.

    What has happened in Perak is clearly a coup d'ete, one sanctioned by an HRH who should have looked at the larger interests of the PEOPLE as a whole and not the narrow interests of UMNO/BN!!

  116. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Hello all,
    How's our government media reporting the event??

    Kecoh besar bantah MB baru Perak

    Drama Perak

  117. Whatever PR does are always the right thing, BN only does the wrong things. PR are angels, BN Devils. PR smarter, BN Dumb. Check out blogs and read the comments and articles about UMNO especially they go all out degrading and attacking not just the politics but the individual themselves, their family even the look of their faces. After March 8 there are more voices out loud which are racist (especially towards the Malays) now even stepping on religion (like the 'Allah' issue) now even challenging the Sultan as if they have the green light to do whatever they want. I voted for for better stability and better governance, but it's deteriorating everyday. I dont want this for my children and generations. I want Malaysia as it was before. When everybody still respected each other as individuals. It's getting worse now. Even if we dont like each other we've never really said out loud,did we?(like in the blogs now). I want the old Malaysia back. UMNO,MCA, MIC and the rest of BN let this episode be a lesson to all who think they have absolute power and think they can screw the rakyat. Remember we the rakyat have the power to choose but you have the duty to govern justly. We'll choose you again if you change, bring back the stabilty. I dont see stability in PR, people are overstepping their boundries everyday especially racial and religious harmony. Why does this happen? Is this total freedom? I dont want this and neither does the majority of Malaysians. Change for the better BN!

  118. BN has 'won'. But this will come back to bite them as in the eyes ofn the rakyat it means money was used and people so call corrupted which BN screamed for prosecution are now ok to support a BN gomen.. I'm sure the corruption charges will be gone. all that will tell the rakyat the story. In the meantime,PR should go to the courts but don't worry this is not the last episode.

  119. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Ya Allah.. Panasnya hati aku tgk penyokong pr yg tak ingat dunia ni.. Masya allah..

  120. Anonymous7:25 pm

    So, with mere utterance of allegiance to BN by the three "idiot-pendents", the learned Sultan says "OK, BN rules"?

    So, when the three "idiot-pendents" MPs 11 days from now tells the Sultan, "we pledge allegiance to PKR la Tuanku", so another government is formed?

    Please lah!! The Sultan needs to be advised properly. If indeed there was a resignation letter, and it was accepted, the seats then are vacant. So, its by-election time Tuanku!


  121. Anonymous7:30 pm

    wahai orang orang gila sekalian,

    when that BOTA dude join PKR, no one bising and calls it unethical or what shit u gonna call it.

    Why bising now?

    clearly that Nizar dude is gila kuasa man!!!

    Take it like a man la and resign with dignity. Tak tahu malu punya orang melayu! I hope dia kene buang negeri and his datukship revoke for all the nonsense he had created!


  122. We got rid of the Nga-Ngeh hegemony which did everything they could to help DAP rob the state

    Don't worry the detaisl wills tart to trickle

  123. Jika Nizar dan Pakatan bungkus secara pro dan jantan atas titah sultan, mereka akan mendapat simpati rakyat dan undi lebih pada PRU13, tetapi kini mereka menunjukkan rakus dan tamak haloba dan kemaruk pada kuasa - mereka hilang pengaruh.

    Selepas ini mereka akan jadi anjing yang kembali menyalak di dewan rakyat kononnya untuk dan demi rakyat. Masa berkuasa - mereka bukan tak ingat, tetapi terlupa !!

  124. Anonymous7:43 pm

    bullshit . if it is true, why only reveal now. bull shit.


  125. Anonymous7:48 pm


    Bila bro cerita indah tentang PKR, komen yg bro dapat indah. But bila bro cerita seperti ini. Semuanya jadi serba tak kena. Tak kiralah cerita bro sendiri atau cerita bro dapat dari orang lain.

    So as usual... Orang lain tak boleh. Dia org boleh. Itulah yg DSAI dah tanam pada pengikutnya. One more things, saya harap bro dapat perhatikan. Apa yg berlaku di Perak sekarang akan termasuk sekali dalam blame-game DSAI. Apa yg saya lihat, mungkin akan jadi sama seperti kes liwatnya. Cuma kes Saiful tak melibatkan Sultan.

    Seperkara lagi... DSAI dan PR asyik kata 'kehendak rakyat'. Siapa rakyat mereka?

  126. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Why the Ruler can't wait ? Pelik.. semua nak diselesaikan dalam masa yg singkat, macam kalau tak angkat sumpah hari ni akan jadi huru hara.

    Relek la .. takkan tak percaya kat Kerajaan pakatan rakyat sebelum ni.

    Tunggu la 2/3 minggu.. tak boleh sabar ke, sabar tu kan separuh daripada Iman.

    Kalau saya Raja - Bertitah "Beta perlukan masa utk meneliti perkara ini , semua pihak dok diam sat dlm 2/3 minggu. Kerajaan sekarang teruskan dulu macam biasa."


  127. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Dear all,
    To solve the Perak issue....go to the Court!! Let Federal government convene emergency rule in Perak while waiting for the court to decide. This will solve the current deadlock.

  128. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Damn mother fucker Anwar, Karpal, kit siang,

  129. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Kepada Melayu melayu bangang diluar sana, hang pa kurang ajar apa kat sultan nak berdemonstrasi....hang pa nak bela cina ka?...sampai 6 exco cina memerintah negeri melayu..tak reti malu ka??? bangsat sangat ka?? tak puas nak makan taik babi?? haram jadah anwar. An

  130. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Dulu kuil diserang polis!

    Sekarang masjid diserang polis!

    Dua-duanya institusi rakyat biasa...
    dua-duanya tempat rakyat biasa berlindung atas nama Tuhan... di situ pihak yang zalim menyerang...

    Di mana perginya perkemanusiaan?

  131. Anonymous8:46 pm

    yg aku nampak yg baring dan bergaduh ngan polis tu satu kaum jer...pakatan ada beberapa kaum...kaum yg lain pergi mana?tgk siaran langsung kat rumah jer ker?

    yg kaum berani mati nie pulak dah macam tak ada kepala hotak nak pikir..otak dak letak kat kepala lutut ngan kat bontot...taksub sgt ngan perjuangan satu mamat nie.. tak nampak ker korang satu kaum jer yg ada kat situ...

    pernah pikir ker kalau tak ada sultan apa jadik kat hak kaum yg 'berani mati' ni kat Perak..

    kata bodoh ...marah
    kata bangang..pun dia marah
    so baik cakap 'bodoh dan bangang'

  132. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Its a human sign
    when things go wrong
    when the scent of her LINGERS
    Elton John " sacrifice"

    I read the first two comments, puked, had a glass of water, switched on Elton John and poured Demi Moore from the teapot into my arms and did the slow your hearts out SAT D, I told you i will paddle real hard in my BOAT to that UMBRELLA under which good ol' TEAPOT lay...

    well after that shuffle
    ..i flipped on Rocky... and what have we here? A couple of old men gone bonkers!! talking about last drop of blood,blah,blah,blah and i can foresee tin can warriors hooked on life support systems and blood transfusion while rebel boy and his minions jump on a spruced up Harley and ride into the sunset of another carnage....Oh Blimey.

    For the sake of the first 3 commentators, I had to troll to forbidden places, Rocky. I had to for the sake of their sanity and for the only source of reliable information and i came up with a hoard of gemstones of the unvarnished kind:

    1. One of the saddest moments for me in recent days was to read that Lim Kit Siang had denied the existence of an umbrella body called the Barisan Rakyat under which DAP and PAS had agreed to cooperate.

    2.The second blow came when Lim Guan Eng announced that Penang would be ruled by a DAP-PKR coalition. Huh? Where was PAS? What happened to Barisan Rakyat? Even after the PAS government in Kedah announced the inclusion of the lone DAP ADUN in the State Exco, Guan Eng didn’t see fit to reciprocate. If the BR did not exist in Penang, what did that tell us about the 3-party coalitions in other states? Were they nothing more than the marriages of convenience ( same post)

    3.The official announcement was that Perak royalty had selected the PAS condidate as the one most qualified to lead the state. DAP objected to the choice. Lim Kit Siang has called upon the Perak DAP ADUNs to boycott the installation ceremony, in the process, insulting the royalty of Perak State.(same post)

    Then, I trolled here, Rocky for some "authentic" malaysian dishes and ended up with some juicy morsels:

    1.DAP icon and national leader Lim Kit Siang confirmed today that there is no co-operation among PAS, PKR and DAP under an umbrella body called the Barisan Rakyat.“There is no such thing as Barisan Rakyat. DAP has no general election co-operation with PAS,” he said in a text message.

    Commenting on a photograph of him with a PAS flag published in The Star today, he said: “I was suprised myself. PAS is contesting the Tenang state seat inside Labis (parliamentary seat).”

    Eager to read the people's declaration as mentioned by the post, I clicked and these undressed before my very eyes ( alas Mr Pecker remained unmoved!!):

    "Barisan Rakyat was the fruit of efforts within the blogosphere to seek solutions to all that ailed our nation."

    and this:

    2. Pledge to uphold the Malaysian Constitution.

    3. Create a just and prosperous Malaysia with a truly democratic government.

    and this:

    2. Building a genuine democracy all from here:

    U see, Bru, you are even mentioned in the same breath as other cyber warrior luminaries:

    The Barisan Rakyat is led by people like Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Haris Ibrahim, Bernard Khoo, Ahirudin Attan, Wong Chin Huat…......

    Then i trolled tha same site for more gemstones and dug up a motherload of bull like these:

    1.Hence Lim Kit Siang’s statement on 6th March that there’is no such thing as Barisan Rakyat. DAP has no general election co-operation with PAS’.His statement is, in my view, factually correct. To the best of my knowledge, there was never any election pact or co-operation between DAP and PAS. PKR appeared to play the go-between.

    Telling isnt it the last bit? Sultan Azlan is not a numbskull for tricks. What Rocky wrote has all the germ...nay infection of truth over it after all (never doubted u, Rocky!) as affirmed by these:

    1.Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming said that Raja Nazrin wanted a letter of undertaking from all 31 opposition assemblymen indicating their support for the formation of the new DAP-PKR-PAS coalition government.“The letter should also state that all 31 of them supported the appointment of Pasir Panjang assemblyman Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as the new Mentri Besar,” said Nga, who is also Pantai Remis assemblyman.] is this different with what the self-same Sultan did in verifying the truth with regards to the BN . Read the ripe truth from the horse's mouth here:

    So what gives, Rocky? You see this is what i had been expecting all along, the end result of throwing stones out of glass houses. The shards of reality have a sure way of inflicting a deep cut of truth on self disguised and morally depraved souls. After, purportedly occupying the high moral ground and hurling catapult-loads of unadulterated bullshit on a beseiged enemy, the lobotomised zombie brain of the Fakatan scum cannot comprehend the sudden turn in events.Hence, it trots out Equivocator Model F2009, plugs it onto its fast balding pate of reason and as the electricity of duplicity flows through its wanked out synapses, it begins spinning golden fibs with the thimble of deceit on the loom of hypocrisy, a feat that would make Rapunzel gawk in dumbfounded wonder and Rumpelstiltskin moan in orgasmic delight....

    So there you have it, a tale of one lie too many, one spin too far, one deceit too tall... the tragic consequence of a blindfolded conscience being lulled into complacency and led down the highway of perdition by this lilting tunes piped by a dissoulute choir boy:

    Haruskah ku terus melayani perasaan
    Meski pun ku tahu itu hanyalah khayalan...

    And lo behold when the heat of retribution singes the clothes of jiggery-pokery, the wearer wakes belatedly to the light of truth but alas unable to accept the inevitable flees to vainly seek refuge under the shades of self-deception even though reality bites with a vengeful ferocity:

    Perhaps DAP, PKR and PAS are also merely dinosaurs, spiffily dressed in the modern garb of Barisan Rakyat conferred upon them by a hopeful rakyat. So do we say “Goodbye, revolution of 2008”, heave a sigh of disappointment and go on with our lives?

    Yes, i say you better do!!!....LOL

    I lied too, Demi......:

    Tiap kali memandangmu tak terhingga kesalku
    Maafkan aku sayang menodai kepercayaanmu
    source: JAY JAY

    For as I sip my Tequila Sunrise, it dawns upon me that there behind the walls of that heaven sent TEAPOT lurks the charms of Malikka.And as I wait for my BOAT to be repaired at the docks of Mermaid Island, the sylvian strains of Malikka's voice is echoing through my soul, softly kindling my desires, awakening my senses, torching my passion,caressing my pecker even as the UMBRELLA shades me from the infernal heat.

    i got to paddle Rocky, all the way up to Besut. I will be back soon closer to reality for Terengganu is a tad too close to fantasy. Sorry, for my throbbing hard-on is calling me to the allure of deceit.....

    Sweet deceit comes callin'
    And negativity lands - Elton John

    Sorry SatD, 2 down, one to go ;D.You took your eye of the picture, and like BN i scooted away with the booty ;D. Dont worry, Bro, I will return the favour when Penelope Cruz, Theron,and Alba comes acalling.

    Demi, thanks for them memories:

    Sejauh manakah
    Terdaya ku meredah
    Melepaskan diri
    Dari belenggu ini
    Dipanggang dibakar
    Ia takkan pudar
    Seraut wajahmu Ku rindu....
    source:Rahim Maarof

    Yes! Teo Siew Chin:

    I am on meds....the meds of sexual bliss.....LOL. Malikkkkkkkkkkkkaaaa!, here I come....ahHHHH!, if only i could tarry by the TEAPOT for another lifetime.......

    From the "Jungles of Terengganu"

    PS: my stand on the whole issue...echoes that of Tun Dr M. but then again, Frogging n Defrogging became the haute cuisine of fine dining through the assidous efforts of Chef Perfidy and frog legs are just desserts for morally bankrupt scum.......dont ya think so??

    Warrior 231

  133. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I forgot this when refering to Dr M:

    ok...i am off up north to besut and malllliiiiiiiikaaaaa!

    Warrior 231

  134. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Rocky, your spin-doctoring is as good as one gets. Sultan Azlan should hire you as his chief PR man.

  135. Anonymous9:04 pm

    KAH KAH! Ngeh! Ngeh! Ngeh!
    While PAS supporters go for JIHAD the DAP and PKR supporters are nowhere to be seen. This is what we called Pakatan Rakyat Bodoh!
    Melayu bergaduh, parti lain dok kat rumah!
    Terimakasih PAS kerana menjadikan tahun lembu betul betul PAS lembu!

    Kecian PAS

  136. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Look at you people telling its immoral for the Sultan to strip Nizar of his powers. What is morally justifiable? Its a case of almost 50-50 chance. When this scenario happens everything will be have either a winner or looser in the slightest majority. God is fair in nature and so does his servant. All strive to survive and all bore right to live in accordance to natural will. In our case the oath we took, we gave him that power. Who is to blame, but us the people of Malaysia. So rise, viva Republik Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia. Abolish theocracy and monarchy, if any of you want definite change.

  137. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Mana orang-orang lain selain melayu kat perak tu?

    Sorry to say but macam satu kaum je. I thought Pakatan Rakyat tu termasuk semua bangsa (Malaysian Malaysia).



  138. Bro, all I can say is that these Pakatan Rakyat leaders are living in denial, since March 2008 they think that they are smarter than the BN but now they know that they have been totally outmaneuvered politically in Perak.

    Problem with these Pakatan Rakyat people is that they believed too much in their own self generated righteous publicity that they simply could not see this coming.They lost the moral high ground when they gleefully welcomed the Bota Adun into PKR. For Pakatan Rakyat its Ok if frogs jump into their pond but so wrong when the frog jump back to its old pond. What a load of rubbish these people are.

    I also observed one particular phrase these Pakatan Rakyat supporters commonly use, the "rakyat" this and the "rakyat" that, as if they hold a monopoly on the word "rakyat". As if they are the sole representative of the "rakyat". So pathethic.

    Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat should accept that they have been defeated. Perak has been reconquered by BN, Pakatan Rakyat Government has been vanquished so deal with it in a gentlemanly waylah no need to go to the streets. No need to go to the Courts as I thought you people said that the Courts are unfair so it will only prolong your Pakatan Rakyat agony and sorrow. Why not Plan for the next GE, if you think you can win with a greater majority then why worry? After GE13 Pakatan Rakyat can win if God wills it.

    In the mean time Nizar should do the right thing, malulah kalau exYAB macam ini its not the Malay way, bak kata orang tua-tua kita hidung tak manchung pipi disorong sorong.

  139. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Jawatan Kosong

    Nama Jawatan: ADUN perak
    Kelayakan: SPM atau sebarang kelulusan. Bekas posmen pun boleh.

    Lain-lain: Sihat tubuh badan dan boleh melompat.

    -Buzz Lightmoon-

  140. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    whatever it is..aku tak suka anwar ibrahim anymore, I hope he goes back to jail if that is the best place for him to retire. Otherwise , please do other things than rioting and instigating people to riot ; what's the point of fighting everything when you are also not right? and, the worst part if, when u win, you think u win, but your kampong already tergadai.. Anwar Ibrahim and Nizar Derhaka are clowns, pak kadok and lebai malang.

    sembahyang hajat utk kebaikan ummah, bukan utk jadi boneka.

    aku yg bosan

  141. Anonymous9:25 pm

    MELAYU BODOH!!!!!!...Perak dikuasai pakatan cina, nizar boneka....tapi bila hilang kuasa MELAYU terhegeh hegeh berdemonstrasi menentang RAJA. Mana CINA??......
    INILAH kebodohan MElayu Kita, gila nak Kuasa tapi bukan untuk KIta...bagi KAT CINA..tersenyum CINA dapat kuasa...Hiang tanah hilang segala..... ANWAR TUNGGU HANG KAT NERAKA. Anak Haram JAdah............. Hadi BOdoh, Nika Aziz tak berapa nak berakal.... An

  142. Anonymous9:29 pm

    That's pure nonsense about "What Sultan Azlan Shah did last March".

    That story of him choosing who will rule occurred after an election.

    Here, now in the current problem, there is NO election!

    Paham ke tidak Rocky?

    Maka suara rakyat tidak menentukan di sini sama ada BN berhak atau menerima mandat daripada rakyat untuk mentadbir.

    Cukuplah Rocky kau nak memesong fikiran kita.

  143. Anonymous9:30 pm


    This anjing biadap has gone overboard yet again. Thats vintage ANWAR BANGSAT for all of us.

    How can you allow all these to happen to our beloved Sultan of Perak.

    Only an anjing kurap like Anwar Ibrahim will revert to this kind of action.

    Where are all the communist bastards Ngeh and Ngaa ..hiding and laughing at all that has happen ...


    Hidup Sultan of Perak

  144. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Hallo rocky, kalau aku jadi sultan perak, aku tarik balik gelaran dato seri nizar tu. typical malay suka lupa daratan. tak kenang budi. sanggup kerja sama dgn kafir utk bergaduh dgn sesama islam. tolng ingat kan dia sikit jgn jadi badut la. terima la rezeki duduk di tampuk tu utk 10 -11 bulan saja. Muhasabah diri tu. Muka tak malu.


  145. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Celaka ANWAR IBRAHIM! Tuhan LAKNAT Ko!!!! KARPAL N KIT SIANG..both of u can go to HELL!!! _Anti BR_

  146. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Dear UMNO Najib , DAP Nga , PAS Nizar and PKR xxx,

    Please put aside all these childish political squabbling and for once, join forces, put economy above politics and fix the RM 330 Billions leakages (over the last 15 years) because ordinary Rakyats are suffering.
    If we can eliminate this annual average of RM 20 billions leakages it will be more than the several stimulus packages proposed.

    I am totally against snap elections where more billions will be wasted but to prove a point, I would like to challenge each party to vacate one each of their seats in Perak and hold a by election to gauge Rakyats’ sentiments.

    So politicians, do you have the guts to test your strength and Rakyat’s intelligence.

  147. Anonymous9:42 pm

    The Sultan and Regent acted with dignity, fairness, and firmly in keeping with their God assigned roles. Can the same be said of PR or the BN?

    The PR should have accepted the reality of their reps defecting and used this setback to ponder what kind of quality control on their part ended up with people who defect so easily. This vulnerability will remain unless they learn. But they won't learn because Anwars' goals are so personal and nothing so grand as to innvolve quality control policies which may be inimical to him. Like Anwar, DAP and PAS now appear to be more keen on power than respecting people's wishes and serving!

    BN is no better. As Dr Mahathir has pointed out, either way - whether the two reps are aqcuitted or not of criminal charges - the BN will be weakened further by this turn of events, this choosing to rush into a 'BN' govt with 'independents'!

    The key issue then is what's pushing Najib into all this stupid moves?


  148. Anonymous9:50 pm

    You mean the Sultan had done the right in the last time, now he can do the wrong thing? What he did on march was correct, but he did today was wrong!!! That is a straight forward fact. If he can decides this, why he agrees election then? Might as well ask the Sultan to vote and not the people. He should be the sultan of the people not of BN! nor PRK! I can honor him as a sultan but cannot agreed to his decision!! What is wrong with that? He is not God after all!

    anak malaysia

  149. Anonymous9:54 pm

    kim quek and khadijah penang :

    perenggan-perenggan berkaitan tu dalam bahasa Melayu pula bagaimana sebutannya?

  150. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Begging your pardon but if it isn't in the Constitution then the Sultan CANNOT do it. The Constitution is like a the proverbial durian: it goes against you, you lose. You go against it you lose.

  151. Anonymous10:15 pm

    I say we move on. It's over. Sultan has spoken, MB sworn in, people arrested, pride dented, camrys taken away...all that done and over with. Face it. Let's move on people. There's more work to be done. Let's get Selangor next.

    Hidup Sultan-Sultan Tanah Melayu!

  152. Anonymous10:29 pm

    apa dah jadi. melayu PKR, pak lebai PAS meniarap atas jalan raya rela menyanggah raja, ketua agama, for the sake of what? this must be anwar ibrahim the fool, using his talent to create the chaos. chee zen.. mana india PKR, cina DAP, pi la meniarap sama. what the hell, PAS selling their soul to ensure DAP in power. what the F

  153. Aiyo Rocky,
    We cannot believe you fell for this from the Umno "dirty tricks" department.
    It's a cheap spin of the "lowest" order.
    Even if it was true, that was then... when the dust from a general election had yet to settle.
    Here you have a legitimately formed State Govt that the Ruler DISMISSED on the deception of Najib & Co.
    Why the haste to dismiss and swear in a new MB? Why not wait for the courts to decide on the Speaker's suit against the EC? Or the Speaker's petition to declare the seats vacant?
    Or, at the very very least, convene an Assembly meeting and check out who's got the majority support in the House?
    Why the manner in which MB was "thrown" out -- to the extend of clearing his drawers overnight?

    We are the laughing stock of the world...

  154. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Hidup Pakatan Rakyat!!
    Mari melayu2 semua kita berarak ikut Anwar Ibrahim. Kita kena pertahankan kerajaan DAP ini pasal nanti Cina boleh dapat tanah.
    Melayu dapat gas pemedih mata pun cukup la.

  155. Anonymous10:49 pm

    MELAYU BODOH!!!!!!...Perak dikuasai pakatan cina, nizar boneka....tapi bila hilang kuasa MELAYU terhegeh hegeh berdemonstrasi menentang RAJA. Mana CINA??......

    Agreed totally.. What is PAS fighting for? Islam? Come on, don't kid us!!!

  156. Anonymous10:58 pm



    Now Pakatan Rakyat a.k.a ANWAR wants to saman the SULTAN OF PERAK a.k.a the Former Lord President. Hrmmm...

    It shows how desperate they are..


    Btw, I've read Saiful's blog recently .. It's quite interesting..

  157. Anonymous11:03 pm


    Aku pun tak suka Anwar PKR tu... tapi anak dia Nurul Izzah aku suka bangat... hehehe

  158. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Check this out before accusing him spinning tales

    Original link :-

    "Talhah Says:
    February 5, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Dear AJ.

    Like i said consult your lawyer first. The mechanic of law as per question 1/2/3 by you as posted by shall be answered. Specifically ask him to look at Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri Perak, Malaysian Constitution, and some precedent facts and cases concerning simple majority government like Perak GE 2008. and do not limit the precedent and reports to Malaysian shore only. There’s precedent from India/New Zealand etc ( commonwealth countries)too for consideration. Simple Majority rule is unlike 2/3 majority. Simple majority is not an out-right win. Therefore 2008 GE Perak was an excellent opportunity for this issue.

    Please do not get side track and romanticise the issue here by talking the will of the rakyat, about your conscience how you were robbed by UMNO bandits etc bla bla im not interested.The issue is the role of the Sultan back in 2008. The role that i asked people here to REMEMBER and why we should leave Sultan out of this.

    IN 2008 the Sultan of Perak had a difficult decision to make. The decision as one can recall was deferred several times. As a non-partisan entity he the Sultan Perak must consult the Law of the land and must decide to the best interest of the rakyat.. Not even his conscience can help as his conscience might be wrong and might PARTIAL to certain factions or quarters.

    Both BN and PR made their submission. Both BN and PR equally had the locus standi, the merits, the facts and law to do so back in 2008. But PR had the advantage. They only had to show the numbers whereas BN had to show why PR should not be the government and why the Sultan should consider BN as the minority government. Yes there is such thing as minority government and its part of democratic process.

    And He chose PR and the rest was history. REMEMBER THAT..

    And as for Kelantan we can only make guesses. so it wont serve any purpose here to go any further.

    Thank you.


    the malay version which is more humorous

    February 6, 2009 9:51 PM
    talhah said...

    Original link

    Sebenarnya Cikgu kamu tak berbohong. Cuma disebabkan kamu mengaji sekolah maka sukatan pelajarannya setakat sekolah je la. Kes di Perak ni bukan tahap level sekolah.

    Biar saya ingatkan apa yang terjadi sebelum Nizar (ala yang memohon untuk menderhaka tu la ) dipilih jadi MB.

    Di Perak kemenangan PKR ialah majoriti mudah. Bukan 2/3. Taukan apa itu majoriti mudah? Harap harap Cikgu anda sempat mengajar takat tu atau pun harap-harap kamu tak ponteng waktu bab ni keluar pi buat air untuk Ceramah Mat Sabu memaki hamun orang.

    Apabila majoriti mudah berlaku, mana-mana pihak yang ada majoriti atau tidak, yakni bermakna BN atau PR boleh buat permohonan untuk menubuhkan kerajaan sebab keadaannya samar-samar.

    Maknanya BN dan PKR masing masing boleh memohon untuk tubuh kerajaan. (bab ni susah sikit mungkin Cikgu kamu tak tau, kamu kena tanya loyer, bukan loyer sebarangan kena tanya loyer yang arif undang undang perlembagaan. Loyer yang membela orang meliwat biasanya tak arif bab ini.)

    Maka dalam keadaan ini taraf BN dan PR adalah sama masing masing boleh memohon untuk tubuh kerajaan. PR yang dikepalai oleh DAP pun memohonlah sambil berkata "AMPiiiiiiuuuUN tuanku Patik ini pohonlah kasik buat ini Perak kerajaan Negeri kirana kami-kami ini ada cukup orang orang yang dimana rakyat Perak telah pilih untuk kasi bikin" Ini surat kami dan kami mau MB pun dari DAP" Sila Tuanku tengok surat kami." AMPIUUUUUN tuanku. (p/s Kami janji tak bikin industri khinzir besar-besaran kami bikin dekat itu Kedah, Kedah itu kerajaan rakan kami musti dia kasi punye)

    kui kui gaya bahasa atas tu rekaan aku je, aku pasti Bahasa Melayu dan adap DAP amat TIP-TOP sebab tu boleh kawan dengan PAS. Ala orang PAs kan baik baik.... kengkawan PAS pun metilah baik juga.

    Ok Sultan Azlan pun terima. Lepas tu BN pulak datang. BN mohon juga untuk menubuh kerajaan MINORITI ( kerajaan minoriti dalam proses demokrasi ada woooo jangan ingat majoriti je mesti Cikgu kamu tak hajor bab ni sebab kalau dia tau bab ni mungkin sepatutnya dia jadi loyer bukan jadi Cikgu sebab bab ni rumit sikit) negeri Perak atas alasan PR ialah bukan kerajaan yang stabil dan BN lebih stabil. (eh eh rasanya betul juga kata BN ni tenguk apa dah jadi sekarang lebih kurang 10-11 bulan dah tumbang.)

    Sultan Azlan pun terima juga permohonan ini. Jangan lupa kedua-dua ada hak untuk memohon menubuhkan kerajaan negeri sebab keadaan majoriti mudah ini.

    mmm Sultan Azlan kena buat pilihan sekarang. Bukan senang sebab kedua-duanya ada locus-standi ( uuuu kalau Cikgu kamu tak hajor bab locus standi ni pegi keluar sat dari dango kamu pi beli kamus) kedua-duanya ada merit dan kedua-duanya layak memohon.

    mm macamana ni yek? Kalau pilih BN kerajaan minoriti BN silap silap kena ada pilihanraya semula. Tindakan pertama BN mungkin bubarkan kerajaan. Big problem kalau itu berlaku.

    Tapi kalau pilih PR pulak kerajaan rasanye tak stabil. Si PAs nak tubuh kerajaan Islam. DAP pulak sibuk MAlaysian Malaysian nye. PKR pulak sibuk nak tukar Malaysia jadi Republic. Apa hala tuju Kerajaan negeri Perak? susah susah..

    Tapi akhirnya beliau pilih PR. Malangnya DAP tak dapat MB sebab Udang-Undang Tubuh negeri Perak tak benarkan bukan ISlam jadi MB. Ye la buatnya Sultan Azlan nak naik Haji nak bawak MB sekali macamana? Pergi majlis tilawah Al-Quran sapa nak iring? Tak pun masa sembahyang raya. Paling teruk masa baca doa kat majlis hanya berdiri tegak dan tangan letak kat anu bukannya nak berdoa sama.

    Jadi akhirnya dapatlah Nizar jadik MB.

    Akhir kalamnya apakah ini bukan ikut perlembagaan? Adakah ni Sultan lebih memihak kepada BN? Adakah Sultan berat sebelah? Jawaplah sendiri. Pada tahun 2008 BN menerima keputusan ini dengan hati terbuka walaupun boleh diteruskan ke Mahkamah. Boleh BN persoalkan Sultan kenapa tak pilih BN sebab apa yang diutarakan ada merit dan nampaknya betul la apa kata BN ni. 11 bulan je Yooooooop.

    Walaupun apa yang teman cerite ni dalam bahasa mudah tapi inya ilah fakta dan betul menurut undang-undang nye. Kalau mike tak percaya, pi la tanya loyer mike pasal hal ni jangan duduk di dango lagi.

    Tulah tanah bagi kat orang 999 tahun dapatlah mike duduk dango. Padan muka mike.

    Sultan Perak amat yang arif bab-bab ni dan adil untuk semua. Kali ni beliau memilih BN sebab BN dah cukup anggota untuk memiliki majoriti mudah. Adil la tu zzzzz. nak bubar buat apa sebab peruntukkan perlembagaan dan undang-undang tubuh negeri Perak dah memadai.
    February 6, 2009 9:52 PM

    MMMM sounds simmilar? is this Talhah your friend mentioned?


  159. I think some of them have failed to understand the actual situation here. It is not about PR being out power or position. It's about us the people, the voters who are angered by the power grabbing situation created by BN. PR members are the legal representatives chosen by their respective constituents. Just because of some black sheeps backstabbing their people for political gain, punishing the very people is completely against the values you and I have been taught to emulate. Hence, the action of forcing them out of power is akin to chasing people of their residences.

    To me, they are no different from the Israelis who chase Palestinians out of their house and property in Ghaza just because they have the support of superpower and weapons.

  160. Anonymous11:06 pm

    I do not even want to read what others commented about.

    you are a joker !

    You call yourself a professional ?
    trying to pass this kind of stories around to justify what had happened ?

  161. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Penyokong PAS dan PKR yg demonstrasi kat Bukit Chandan semua tak sedar diri. Korang semua kena tipu dgn Anwar dan DAP laknat.
    Cina yang dapat tanah freehold 999 tahun dari kerajaan PR dulu tak nampak batang hidung pun. Yang korang tak dapat habuk pulak yg beria-ia nak derhaka dgn Tuanku.

    Stupid punya Melayu PAS & PKR.

  162. Anonymous11:18 pm


    Gua olang DAP. Itu hali gua lapat tanah freehold lorr.. 999 tahun talak olang boleh ambik balik lor.. itu MB Nijal manyak bagus lor..

    Ini hali itu Melayu PAS sama PKR tolong sama Cina pegi lawan Tuanku... manyak baik la itu PAS sama PKR...

  163. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Anonymous 9:10 pm

    Aku baru balik dari Kuala Kangsar.

    Selain orang Melayu, ku nampak juga orang India, dan ada juga segelintir rakyat Cina.

    Benar bahawa Pakatan Rakyat menerima sokongan tiga-tiga bangsa utama di Semenanjung dan semua keluar membuat bantahan, di tempat-tempat berlainan.

    Di perkarangan Masjid Ubaidah tu ramai Melayu, biasalah, solat Jumaat, tapi di tempat lain ada juga orang Cina.

    Jangan tertipu dengan propaganda Barisan Nasional.

    Jangan memperlekakan hak kamu juga sebagai rakyat, iaitu hak mengundi dan memilih kerajaan.

  164. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Sapa kata takde Barisan Rakyat sebelum March 2008?

    Cuba Google dan baca dengan mata kepala sendiri.

    Sapa yang mudah lupa ni?

  165. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Damn it! PAS behaviour infront of Istana Iskandariah today was no difference than that of HINDRAF. Bloody uncivilised, memalukan Islam. To bad I have no sympathy to PAS now, as you are now are the bloody zombies of Nuar Brahim.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  166. They called themselved PR but did they legalised it?.Perak political turnmoil started when Nizar aka PR goverment started ofering 999 years land title to the Chinese (999 YEARS read that again 999 YEARS) and the allocation of the thousands acre land to the chinese school (what about the DAP slogan of Bangsa Malayisa aint they supposed to slowly eradict the vernacular school to achived one bangsa Malaysia). This action has not only hurt the Perak malays especially those UMNO goons who voted PR as a sign of protest to BN but also to the rest of the Malays outside Perak.KT election is a sign of protes of UMNO members towards thier leaders, it not an important PRK. UMNO memebers knows that. If Perak DUN disolved, PR can say goodbye becasue Perak Malays will vote for UMNO while some chinese may vote for MCA and Indians still remained the same post 8 march 2008 unless Mr Samy make a drastic action by resigning the MIC President post. BN learned their lesson and Najib is a season politician. His master is DR M and his father TAR is his aspiration. Najib may not be on par with DR M but he will fare better than AAB. He is just waiting to take over as PM and once he does you see his true color. You see Most Malaysia realised that BN is the best for this country the only thing BN need to do is to kick out 'the passengers'. It better to be with the devil you known rather than the unknown devil.Dear Anwar you talk big as though all Malaysian support your move even thought there are BN or UMNO members. You should measure your own shirt on your body and dont measure other people shirt. Nizar as a Pas member who fought for justice and wise spending, unfortunately you want to be seen as a higher class citizen than your so called spiritual leader Nick Azziz, now say bye bye to your camry. Tengok dari jauh je lah che Nizar ooooi. Nevertheless a disolution should be the best approach but the Sultan knows better and hopefully BN will reliased and disollved the state assembly for a fresh election to confirm their stake. Najib should not be worry the Parak Malaysa are with you. the rest of BN parties are you ready?

  167. Anonymous11:44 pm

    ...But I did know what Tuanku did today...

  168. Anonymous11:57 pm

    I wonder these three defectors dare to go back to their own constuincies to face their people, if the Sultan thinks that these three will serve their people and be able to represent their people better, he is going to be dissapointed, if i meet them face to face, i would spit on the floor!

  169. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Dah dah la rocky nak gua suluh isi kepala sultan yg memang tak pro Rakyat suka buat tak paham kot

  170. Anonymous12:18 am

    Bring down BN and the Sultan!
    Sultan is human as well with personal interests.
    Rakyat decides not the monarchs...they're just puppets that fool the people.

  171. Anonymous12:20 am

    At a Press Conference, Karpal Singh said a suit will be filed next Tuesday where Sultan of Perak will the the First Defendent and the Governemnt of Perak as the Second Defendent.

    But this Anwar Ibrahim denied suit against Sultan.

    How to trust this Anwar, , please make up your mind!!!

    A liar will always be liar!!!!!

  172. Anonymous12:32 am

    Aku dah agak mesti ramai orang Melayu je demo di Perak. Mana peginya kawan-kawan seperjuangan? Malaysian Malaysia? Cakap pasal keadilanlah, itulah inilah, yang jadi askar depan orang Melayu. Tak tahu jika PR yang memerintah, DAP/Cina kawal kerajaan melalui remote control dari jauh. Haih....





  174. Anonymous12:42 am

    Tengok berita TV tadi. Sedih tengok majoriti yg buat kecoh dan demo tadi adalah bangsa Melayu (Islam) yg cuba pertahan kerajaan negeri yg majoriti exco nya DAP!!! Tak nampak pun kelibat org DAP...

  175. Anonymous12:55 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I have always read with great interest your blog before and after 308, but of late you have toned down in your postings and worst still you started to be on the other side.

    I don't want to speculate on your ideal but what happened in Perak is very doubtful and confusing to all the rakyats.

    Maybe after they drop charges against the 2 frogs, they will drop the NST-Rocky case.

    Best Regards

  176. Anonymous12:58 am






  177. Anonymous1:06 am

    I agree with sarkasmalaysia @ 12.11 saying that Anwar hasn't got the right to say anything because this was his idea.

    Remember the Sept 16 deadline?
    And the BN MPs "study" trip to Taiwan??
    And Tien Chua tagging along to try to woo BN MPs over??
    Remember that big joke that made Malaysia a laughing stock??

    If PR thought it was a morally right strategy then, they should not complain now that it has gone against them.

  178. Anonymous1:12 am

    The Sultan's daughter is the richest lady in Malaysia, according to Forbes Magazine.

    He wanted to save her stake in Gamuda.

    Sharifuddin Firzada

  179. Anonymous1:20 am



    Yang berdemo kat Istana KK tu semua orang Islam. Mana pi DAP. Itu lah Melayu bangang & derhaka, not only to Sultan but to the Malays ! Daulat Tuanku.

  180. Anonymous1:30 am


    Anuar dan Nizar telah mengajar bangsa lain untuk menjadi kurang ajar kepada Sultan.

    Nasib baik Perak ada sultan, kalau tak jadi macam kat Gaza - PLO tak ngam dengan Hamas, Zionis lengkap agenda nya.

    Fikir le sendiri

  181. Anonymous1:44 am

    Bangga dengan orang Melayu yang sanggup meniarap depan kereta (anak melayu pertama). Nyaris tak mampus kena lenyek tadi. Bagus la tu, berani mati utk org Cina.

    Jangan menyokong membuta tuli dan mana maruah kita bangsa Melayu???? Sedar la wahai penyokong PR, jangan termakan tipu helah Anwar Ibrahim si pengkhianat bangsa.

  182. Anonymous1:48 am

    I'm anak Perak too, Nizar is a great MB, the mainstream media and UMNO propaganda is spinning out that Nizar is a puppet of ngeh and nga, but he's not and he always acted with his power as the MB, and as long as they do work and not corrupted as UMNO, they are better, stop personal attack, as I noticed that the UMNO people only do personal attacks on this issue.

  183. Anonymous1:55 am

    when the perak politic is in crisis, you are are fighting because of different ethnics? islam taught us to be like that?
    stop being blind! stop that umno mind!

  184. Anonymous1:56 am


    what the shit are you talking? Pakatan won and it took days for the sultan to confirm the MB. I respected his wisdom to delay the confirmation to ensure that PR is intact and can rule the state with a majority, thoguh slim. what the shit are you talking about UMNO has the most seats. ya, but do they have the majority?
    NO, the royalty has not abide with the Constitution this time round. simple as that. What did the sultan write about his role about upholding the Constitution. I aint no lgela eagle but after reading razaleigh's latest piece, I am convinced that the Sultan is misled. Whatever, the C4 man can never legitimise the coup.

  185. Anonymous1:58 am

    pakatan rakyat selalu kata BN ni korupsi le...ape le...but then masa diaorang memerintah kat perak...aku nak apply balak pun yang kononnya ustaz dari PAS ni pun minta komisen 40% after tolak ape hal...sama je...kata orang dia yang lebih

  186. RICHGUY,


    PR = ISRAEL.....


  187. Anonymous2:07 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. Anonymous2:11 am


    Ni saya tak faham pasal ada orang Melayu Perak yang tak setuju Nizar kasi tanah kat orang Cina. I thought those lands were given to deserving Chinese, poor Chinese that should be taken care of as they are also citizen of this country. Or is it segelintir orang Melayu terlampau racist. We Malays are mostly Muslims and what I was taught as a Muslim is that we're suppose to be fair to those in needs even they are not of the same persuasion. Lainlah kalau Nizar tak tolong Melayu, hanya Cina then I would agree wholeheartedly on the comments about him being barua Cina.

    Satu lagi, pasal derhaka. Saya rasa orang Melayu kita ni confuse dengan perkataan derhaka. What Nizar has being trying to say is that under the law the sultan has no right to terminate his service only the state assembly can do that via a no confidence vote. Saya tak salahkan dia kerana undang-undang ciptaan manusia ni always subject to interpretation. And there are just too many things done hastily that most people perceive the takeover is orchestrated.

    Time macam ni I feel good to be someone living in a State where there's no Sultan or Raja. At least no one can tell me I derhaka when things like this happened in my state. Oh btw, we did the derhaka thing (or at least were made to believe in that Jebat story, maybe fictional but romantic nonetheless) some 600 years ago and in my humble opinion we're a better society since then. And no, I'm not suggesting anything sinister here.

    Anyway Rocky, aren't you going to answer the question by a poster about your rewards for spinning things for Najib? Is ok to be honest about it. In fact I hope you become the taiko kat NST mcm Kalimullah. I believe you make better editor coz you 're now wiser. Or at least I hope so.


  189. Anonymous2:13 am

    Wahai Rakyat Malaysia yang berlainan pendapat politik,

    Saya berpendapat hentikanlah menyokong parti-parti poltik yang hanya memporak-perandakan keadaan di negeri Perak. Kita tak beroleh sebarang untung dari menyokong secara membabi buta sehingga derhaka kepada Sultan. Mereka hanya menggunakan kita untuk memenuhi kehendak dan nafsu politik mereka. Gila Kuasa dan Ego!

    Sudah 11 bulan pilihanraya, kita masih bertelagah hal hal politik. Ekonomi dunia semakin teruk, kita yang lambat menerima kesan "ripple effect" harus berfikir kehadapan untuk bersiap sedia menangani permasalahan serius.

    Rakyat Malaysia, paksa ahli politik kita bekerja untuk kita, bukan kita bekerja untuk mereka.
    Dalam Bahasa Inggeris..."stop this politicking madness"

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya harap saudara Rocky ulas dan mulakan kempen untuk ahli politik kita bekerja.


    Budak Muda Setahun Jagung

  190. BRO...
    I have a Gift for you wei..

    Check it out here

  191. Lets start a freaking campaign!! WOOT!

  192. Anonymous2:17 am

    What rights does BN have the Rights to form a Goverment in Perak? When since independent seats are counted? Sultan should see the real total of 28 and not 31.So what happen if the independent Rep's decides to be back up PR tomorrow? another swearing in?? Think carefully pls. DONT COUNT INDEPENDENT SEAT!PERIOD! The Sultan is making a fool of himself only.


  193. Anonymous2:25 am

    sick and amp,

    its rocky rights.its his blog. he is entitled to do what he wants for his blog even if it means he ia paid by the C4 clan. dont like it? start one yourself, my friend and hope to get well paid for your efforts.
    hey rocky, i aint no supporter of you. its your right, even if it means talking cock.

    Bangsa malaysia

  194. Anonymous2:40 am

    wahai penyokong2 PR yang Melayu Islam ni ... yang korang meroyan pasal apa... bukan Sultan punya kuasa. Allah Maha Berkuasa - period! Manusia hanya merancang, Tuhan menentukan. Sekarang ni time untuk muhasabah diri, not finger pointing.

    Yang Penyokong PAS - kata nak buat hudud la Islamic state la.. apa la ... cari makna ni dulu "Beriman Kepada Qada & Qadar".

    Kadang2 terfikir, ntah2 mlm tu Sultan buat sembahyang istikharah, and God gives HRH guidance the next day. Who knows.

    I believe Allah the Almighty is the Greatest of all. He will show to us the true colors of B.A.B.I, pieces by pieces. Don't be in a state of denial. Could be "sumpah makan tuan."

    points to ponder:
    Why rakyat wants B.A.B.I to be the PM as claimed by many?

  195. Anonymous2:41 am

    Salam...selamat sejahtera semua. Sultan adalah benar dalam membuat keputusan dan biarkan bn memerintah..and to all perakian,just get on with your bloody healthy life. Just igrone this 2/3 "dirty and sick" politicians who wuold like to make chaos just for the sake of their self the new state government..rule wisely and be more concern to the perakian and to the ex-government....try your best in the near future election. just accept the fate has been determine by MIGHTY ALLAH towards people@leaders who always like to lie. I couldnt agree more to the question raised...if anwar manage to form govt by accepting so called "katak MPs" as claimed on 16th sept will he agrees to call for re-election??? "congratulations" to anwar leadership. Just bare that in mind ...ALLAH itu MAHA ADIL dan lebih mengetahui segalanya apa yang akan berlaku. to ex-Perak MB...find a suitable job then...

  196. Anonymous2:42 am

    anon 12.10pm,

    dont think like UMNO. its just not money alone. its the constitution. preserve it, else no surprise we will descend into another Zimbabwee.

  197. Anonymous2:48 am

    brunt council,

    thanks. you sounded like UMNO. once again, thanks.
    i hope one day God will open your eyes that i am no different from you, except in name, religion and colour of the skin. just as you breath, i do too from the same air to live.

    whatever it is, I wont be drawn into the same bigotry. thanks again, UMNO-like.

  198. Anonymous3:19 am

    Regarding Barisan Rakyat or Pakatan Rakyat. If the bloggers themselves are confused, how bout the voters? They claim Barisan or Pakatan and yet they don't dare use ONE logo. Hence the confusion. I know wat they did last election.

    Kepada penderhaka2 aka orang Islam bodoh yang dikudakan DAP, nasib hangpa laaa. Al Maunah yang curi senjata dah kena gantung. Lepas ni giliran hangpa pulak.

    Bahalul, kapal toncet nga ngeh and the gang sedap tido malam, hangpa takda keje lain, cari pasal.

    Tunggu titah Sultan. Kita tengok siapa kena sembelih. Orang Sultan kaa atau orang derhaka.

    *Orang Melayu*

    ps. Yang baring atas jalan masa demonstrasi tadi tu frust nungging sebab Nizar tak sempat luluskan projek dia. Muahahahaha Sabar bro.

  199. Haris said...

    Begging your pardon but if it isn't in the Constitution then the Sultan CANNOT do it.

    It's also not in the Constitution that the Sultan can ride a car but he does it. Read Shad Faruqi's article lah!

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk said...

    Damn it! PAS behaviour infront of Istana Iskandariah today was no difference than that of HINDRAF. Bloody uncivilised, memalukan Islam.

    This is classic (late 70's and 90's) Anwar Ibrahim ploy. Organise demo from mosques and other places of worship.

    PAS is being played out by Anwar. PAS supporters are angry because Nizar is PAS but it is actually PKR and DAP calling the shots in Perak. Nizar is just the front man because they couldn't find anyone else who was suitable in March 08.

    PAS ended up with the short stick after all the 'negotiations' pre-election in 08. PKR and DAP ended with bigger seat allocations then. They got played out by Anwar.

    PAS should dissociate themselves from Anwar.