Thursday, February 05, 2009

Anti-War Forum, today at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel

E-mail from Cynthia McKinney, received a few days ago:


I'm so sorry to fill your box with so many messages lately, but a lot is happening. I am on a long layover in Seoul, Korea on my way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many of you will recall that I was there with former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at the founding of his Kuala Lumpur Tribunal to Criminalize War in its effort to bring Bush et al to justice.

Unfortunately, Israel's ongoing actions in Gaza have caused Dr. Mahathir to call another meeting, "Forum for Palestine," at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel on February 5, 2009 at which he will deliver a major address. I have been invited to tell of my experience aboard the Dignity pleasure boat carrying 3 tons of medical supplies for the people of Gaza that was rammed by the Israeli Navy in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I have received several requests for information about "Dignity: A Movement for Peace and Justice," the t-shirt I've been wearing lately and my comments about the people's need for a lobby for peace and justice since our elected representatives in Congress, who are supposed to be our lobby, consistently fail to represent our values. I am working feverishly, when I am not on travel, to organize our Dignity movement effort appropriately. I will tell you more about our Dignity movement as the planning progresses.

Here is the information on the Forum for Palestine:



Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad


Cynthia McKinney, US Presidential Candidate and Former Congresswoman,

Will Tell Her Experience How the Israeli Navy Rammed Her Boat


Prof. Michel Chossudovsky


Matthias Chang


Prof. Gurdial Singh Nijar


Prof. Salleh Buang



Call For Enquiries – 019-384 3913, 012-227 0159

At The Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

5th February 2009 (Thursday) – 9.00 AM TO 5.00PM

Registration Fee: RM50.00 Payable at Venue Entrance

All Proceeds To Be Donated To Victims of Israel's War of Aggression


  1. this forum sounds tempting. if onli I no need to work ...

  2. Bro, how I wish i can attend the forum! I too can share some perspectives of the war over Gaza, having met and spoken to quite a number of people on the Gaza strip. If justice is to be done on the Gazan soil, then the internatinal media should start highlighting the fact that the 18-month blockade over Gaza before the Israeli killings had triggered whatever actions Hamas did. When the people of Gaza - Muslims and Chistians alike - had their back to the walls, how else would one expect them to react? they have no choice but to fight. It's a question of survival more than anything. That's the general consensus of the people I met in Gaza, including Father Mussalman, the much respected leader of the 3,500-odd Christian population.

    pahit manis

  3. What is so important about this matter?
    Is it because Mahathir is a make a post for pro M to know?
    Are you a pro Mahathir blogger?

  4. Anonymous8:15 am

    hello monsterball,

    if u don like Dr M is up to tou...even u don like to Rocky also up to you..dis about palestine...if u don like palestine then go to hell with u!!! dumbsh**


  5. Anonymous9:03 am

    This Forum is hollow and crowd pleasing if you only have pro-Palestine speakers. It will only be fair if opposite views are given equal time to counter the pros. 'Bias Forum', lopsided and crowd pleasing.
    Roc up to your old tricks?
    Playing with ignorants' feelings and anti-Israeli lobby is not what democracy is all about.
    Good try, hahaha!

  6. Anonymous9:25 am

    This issue will be sidelined due to the more 'interesting' state of affairs at Perak.


  7. Anonymous9:26 am

    rocky...think you got the header wrong la..

    why not just say Anti-Israel forum, or Solidarity for Palestinians, or something to that effect..

    Wars are happening all around the world..but as usual, in this country, we only focus on one...sigh!

    It really tells a lot that all this is just hypocricy of the highest order!...we're no better than the Israelis!

  8. please add in the issues regarding abuse and irresponsible act of some police in kuhan's case and also the ragging of a malay recruit by the army which was shown over tv3. Anti war forum should start from home too. keep our house in order before you speak against others

  9. Some commenters here obviously cannot understand that this meeting is a "Forum For Palestine." It's FOR Palestine stupid! Why the hell should they invite anti-Palestine speakers?

    By the way, here's a radical thought - NOTHING justifies the atrocities committed by the Zionists.

    Go get yourselves educated about the Gaza conflict. Heck, let me do you a favour and give you a link to an article written by Oxford Professor of International Relations,Avi Shlaim, who had served in the Israel army.

    Please, read more will you? A lot more! Before you people post stupid comments.

  10. Anonymous9:55 am

    I usually don't like to write comments but for those critics....pls use your faculty b4 you shoot garbage our of your mouth. Yes, you monster with(out) balls, vesu, wandererAUS.

    Hang in there Rocky.

  11. Anonymous9:56 am


    The current Sri Lanka issue is pretty similar to Gaza.

    The United Nations and the International Red Cross say thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire in between soldiers and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels are in desperate need of food and medical care. Many have died. They are also calling it a humanitarian disaster.

    However, what troubles me is that I don't hear you or the other bloggers, who were passionate about the humanitarian toll in Gaza, talking about Sri Lanka, or advocating a ceasefire there.

    So I do wonder whether the Gaza issue is a personal issues, a religious issue or truly a humanitarian issue?

    I really doubt that Mahathir is doing this because he cares about the humanitarian issue. So what is the mens rea behind this "anti-war" forum. In fact, which "war" is he talking about?

  12. Its baffling that at this electronic age, where Zionist atrocities are there for all to see, there are some who still chose to appear educated, smart and balance and try to make sense of what Israel did. Come on lah, It is beyond justification even if you try to put kugan, or your hate for Tun as your reasoning.

    Stupid questions like "what is important about this matter?" is just so arrogant. I bet he did not ask the same question when one lady from china was video-taped in the lock-up the other day, or Kugan got beaten in jail.

    You complained that there are so many things happening around the world and why Palestine? Well, tun or Rocky chose Palestine and you know what, no one is gonna stop you from organizing your own forum and talk about Sri Lanka.

    WandererAus, why dont you offer yourself to talk at the forum? I dont think so. You know no one will listen to you, right? And Mosterball, that is exactly why Tun is the speaker and not you.

  13. Anonymous11:38 am

    For the Sri Lanka issue, we leave it to the Hindraf & Pakatan bigots to initiate any move whatsoever..they want to initiate the 100k gathering..just make it part of the agenda..You got Haris, RPK, Hindraf etc.

    Why just bitching out loud & never walk your talk..? Whenever somebody else walk their talk u people become so envy, criticize & condemn .

    Why just behave like a big-ass passengers? As usual only best at complaining & complaining & complaining until the cow come home with no self effort...shameless thick-faced morons..

    Sri Lanka issue is as same as what happened in Southern Thailand..I do not remember any NGOs or Govt. officially interfering Thailand internal affair whatsoever, do they?

    Can these poeple see the different between Palastine vs. Israel and LTTE vs Sri Lanka Govt.? I guess not, otherwise, they would not dare displaying their worthless words of stupidity here..forgive them for their stupidity..

    Always missing the forest for the tree..lost in stupidity..typical of that people and the rest of that usual blockhead bastards as nicknames mentioned by Anon 9.55....other than plain stupidity talking cock, the worst that make people like me piss of is them being "perasan pandai" condemning others without the basis of the real facts.

    p/s: Last time we already had idiot equating Hindraf struggle similar with South Africa Apartheid..The stupid asholes get themselves confused with terminology terms minority vs majority and vise versa..

    Really pathetic to expect this bunch of stupid blockhead people to bring changes to Malaysia when they themselves failed to define what is meant by democracy systems..they are no better than the people they always condemned..see how they turn into monkey when in power..

    To Fakatan Rakyat..remember what Peter Fucker's uncle said:
    " With great power come great responsibility" Be responsible to the majority voters..not just responsible to the majority of your own kind (which actually just a fraction of minority)..They need to learn from BN failures,have they?

    p/s: Yo! minority morons.... we are living in a democracy system country..and MAJORITY do see Palastine - Israel as a real issue..what with that bitching, idiot? you got problem with that hah, assholes?

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  14. Anonymous11:42 am

    Dear Dr. M.
    Why are we so pretentious and shallow?
    B4 telling the world our moral high ground why not looks into more pressing issue at home. We should get our house in order b4 cakap besar besar.

    I hope u can spend more time to deal with issue that is really affecting us.

    1) Serious flood in Sarawak.
    2) Outbreak of dengue and HMFD.
    3) Rampant crime rate
    4) Police brutality
    5) Hardcore poor
    6) Epidemic corruptions.
    7) Tidak apa civil servants.
    8) race relationship...

    Pick any of the issues and you will be left a legacy for us to remember later ...long gone.
    It is easy to talk big and telling the USA,ISraalis that they are war criminals. then what? Leave that to Obama, the UN!!!

    In reality, what we need is a champion to tackle our problems at home. so how?

  15. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Rocky, you should post it earlier... For sure I'll attend it... Feel bad cant attend it...

    wandererAUS: For your information, I do like war, war mean something, war is world weapon, war does hanged the world, but let the war between army and army, not army and civilian or vice versa.

  16. Smart ass pemuda7 talking cock.
    I have the right to give my opinion.
    That slimebag pemuda7 cannot understand simple post.
    A racialist drunk with fanatical religious beliefs..jumping to wrong conclusions.
    I have always supported Palestinians as freedom fighters...and that son of a gun with a pea brain..talking cock to me.
    Rocky should approve my defend myself.

  17. Anonymous1:12 pm

    straycat's strut;

    I was merely suggesting that a more worthy Forum is to have the opposite views and not just for selected audience.
    Even I have to speak, I would'nt waste my time with a dickhead like you, with only half your brain functioning.

  18. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Tun Dr Mahathir? the founder of this so-called Foundation to Criminise War, is a politician who has been broaching and filthing with the possibility of Malaysia going to war with a neighbouring country for many years...

    ...Oh, the irony.

    -Love Malaysia

  19. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Yang korang ni dengki apasal, dr M ke, dr omm ke nak buat forum nih. Korang nak buat forum korang sendiri buat lah, apa pulak nak ber-anti2 Israel. Manusia2 macam korang yang banyak complain pasal perkara2 begini elok dihantar di tengah2 Gaza atau pon di tengah2 Afhanistan tu, atau pon di Kashmir nuuh sana, akan korang tahu betapa perit rakyat2 di merata2 yang mengalami penderitaan peperangan. Malaysia and muslims or non-muslims who participate in this event can only help so much. Ini yang cara2 kita boleh tolong, tolong lah. Korang ni sakit hati apa hal. Sebab orang islam menolong orang islam, kalau tak tolong nak mengata apa pulak. Biadapp. Tak bersyukur.

  20. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Cynthia Mckinney is a total disgrace to the state of Georgia and the entire USA.
    McKinney like her daddy is a devout racist and a major disgrace with an attitude that she is above the rules and laws. McKinney is not very bright, clinically insane, a “certified" nut, typical loud mouthed activist with her biased agenda.& a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. No matter what the issue is, she turns it into a racial issue. And that ’s who Malaysia need in a forum ...It is a shame!! Malaysia Boleh
    Mahathir #1 racist. Do not let a few racists blind you.

  21. Anonymous7:01 pm

    I wish I can attend.

    For those who complain, complain and complain without substance and intelligence, GO GET A LIFE, stupid !

    'Mahathirism', come back....You are my idol, Dr M.

  22. Anonymous11:52 pm

    well sed Ladyhawke! cheers! and thank u for the article link.

    think about it guys, if i came to ur hse and slowly took over, bit by bit til u are only left with the attic to eat, sleep and shit, for u and ur family, would that be fair? would that be alrite? Fact: Israel is on Palestinian land. No Palestinian sed it was ok and the thing is no one asked them. If u say the survivors of the holocoust deserved their own land, why wasnt it in Europe cause if im not mistaken it was Germany's Hitler that started the Holocoust, not the Palestinians. Someone sed about being bias and one-sided, what more do u wanna justify? it was a massacre! genocide! "Playing with ignorants' feelings and anti-Israeli lobby is not what democracy is all about", u sed. haha.. u seem to know democracy all too well. then tell me, isnt educating the public part of democracy? teaching what is right and what is wrong, no matter the reason. black is black and white is white, u can mix it but u can never say black is white. Knowledge is power, and this is the 'power' democracy gives to the ppl so they would make better choices. democracy is also about rights. to oppress and to take what is never yours is never a part of democracy.
    Another sed to start working on home affairs.. dude, Tun Mahathir did his part and he is trusting the generation after him to do a better job. whether they do it or not, we are to judge and educate our kids to become better leaders (remember, we dont live forever) One Son of Israel even barked that Israel vs Palestine is similiar to LTTE vs Sri Lanka but the thing is, its not. well, except for the pain and suffering. but if u, o' son of Israel, supports the genocide on Palestine, then just say so. dont go cussing ppl for having a gud heart, a gud set of eyes and a sharp, keen perspective on whats going on. we see for what it is and we do not support the methods these zionist leaders are using. bet u uve never had loved ones taken away from u.. better yet, lost a mobile phone to a snatch thief coz if u hav, u'd know how it feels when ur family and ur home taken, snatched and pulvarised. U are the ignorant one, but thats only my opinion :)

    Roc, ur doing gud.. keep up the gud work! never let these buggers, whom tend to know a whole lot more than anyone else (due to their unnaturally monstrous-huge brain)put u down.


  23. Anonymous12:04 am

    Cynthia McKinney is a former Congressman from Atlanta. She accused a security guard in Congress in Washington of being a racist after he refused to let her in as she didn't have her ID card. She had to resign because of it. She's is a race baiter and anti-Israeli. This forum is nothing more than Israeli bashing. Ahmad A Talib says the 18-month blockade triggered the Hamas reaction. What he failed to tell you is when Israelis handed Gaza back to the Palestinians, Hamas kidnapped 2 soldiers and started firing missiles. And have not stopped until this recent war. Hamas has also stated they wish to destroy Israel.

    As for McKinney's to get Bush indicted for war crimes, she needs include all of members of Congress who gave Bush the consent to go to war in Iraq. She's a left-wing liberal who wants to make a political grandstanding.

    The Western liberal press will continue to portray Palestinians as the poor victims of Israelis aggression. Yet Hamas was voted in by their own people.

    This forum is nothing more than Malaysians wanting to seek publicity as its also a Muslim cause.

  24. Anonymous12:35 am

    Cynthia McKinney is an idiot, race baiter, arrogant, narcissistic, petty politician. She got booted out by her voters in Georgia because of the above.

  25. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Gosh, enough about bloody Palestinians already!

    Those fuckheads are gonna continue killing each other long after all of us are dead. So focus on something that can actually make a difference!! No one in d Mid East gives a shit about your opinions. Seriously.

    The only reason Malaysia is makin so much noise cos most Palestinians are Muslims, and Israelis are Jews. Admit it. It's a religious thing.

    Human rights issue?? Hahaha!! Gimme a break. Malaysians won't know what human rights is if it screwed them up d ass.

    No one gave a shit when the Burmese were shooting monks and throwing their bodies in rivers. They weren't Muslims were they?

    Hypocrites. Get a life.


  26. Anonymous11:22 pm


    Yes, Lets get some filthy Zionist scum to balance up and offset the deaths of over 1000 people.

    Do me a favour. Don't wonder too far from Oz.

  27. Anonymous11:27 pm

    @ Ben Israel.

    Sri Lanka is NOTHING like Palestine. In Palestine the people ARE the targets. There not caught in some cross fire.

    Tip: Speak to a Palestinian (before they all eventually get "caught in the cross fire"

    *rolls eyes*

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