Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Perak Porak Peranda

NEW GOVERNMENT IN PERAK: BH 04/02: BN kini memiliki majoriti dalam DUN Perak apabila empat Adun Pakatan Rakyat sebelum in umum keluar parti dan sokong BN: TPM


1. MB Perak gets audience with Sultan at 5pm. The Sultan was in KL. Legally, the Perak State Assembly HAS NOT been dissolved yet even though the MB had told the Press so.
2. 16:43pm 4/2 Perak assemblymen Jamaluddin Radzi, Osman Mohd Jailu, Datuk Nasarudin Hashim and Hee Yit Foong are now in DPM Najib office/STAR

Original posting:
Four from Pakatan to cross over to Barisan Nasional? It's a mess right now in Perak. The Menteri Besar, fearing defections from the Pakatan to BN, was trying to dissolve his 11-month old state government to pave way for a statewide by-election.

According to a Harian Metro alert, it was believed that the State Assembly had, indeed, been dissolved. But if that news is true, then the MB would have resolved his state government without Royal Consent. That won't be possible, of course, as you need Royal Consent to dissolve a state assembly. The Sultan, I heard, is in Kuala Lumpur. [update by Bernama: MB dissolves first, seeks Royal Consent later]

And I'm getting smses about a Press Conference in Putrajaya that the DPM was calling. I was told that the two PKR reps who were resigned by their party (the resignations were subsequently ruled unlawful by the Election Commissioner) were also on their way to Putrajaya. I also learned that two other reps from Pakatan (probably from DAP) would be joining the other two.

If the 4 are defecting to BN, there'll be a new state government in Perak tomorrow.

I voted in Perak last March. I voted for change. That was less than a year ago, but look at what we have now!


  1. Anonymous4:59 pm

    BN bacul halang Sultan dari bertemu Nizar untuk membubarkkan DUN Perak..

    BN masih tidak boleh menubuhkan kerajaan baru kerana 3 wakil DUN yang melompat telah dihalang oleh speaker untuk keDUN..

    PR masih berkuasa di Perak 29 kerusi, BN 27, 3 Bebas (tidak boleh masuk dewan)

  2. Anonymous5:12 pm

    ni apahal nmjh tiba-tiba kata BN bacuk sebab halang Sultan dari bertemu.ingat senang-senang ke nak halang Sultan.akal ada ka?!.

    jika benar ada yang mahu melompat ke BN,maknanya Anwar kena telan air liur sendiri sebab dia yang war-warkan mahu bina kerajaan baru atas dasar lompat tapi (jika jadi) BN pula yang akan buat kerajaan baru.

    jangan salahkan BN semata-mata jika benar berlaku Perak diambil semula.Anwar yang pada mulanya menghebohkah idea lompat-melompat ni.

  3. nmjnh

    I too voted for the opposition last GE.

    But my genuine hope for a better Malaysia was ruined because of the Stupid Drama started by the ever bastard Anwar Ibrahim.

    He started all this nonsense and you guys blindly applauding him.

    Things did not turn to better because people like Kit Siang, Karpal, Guan Eng are still living in denial - instead of grabbing this grand opportunity before them.

    A puppet like the confuse Nizar make things worst.

    If even a scumbag like Dollah Badawi, and full-of-skeleton Najib you can't overcome, then stop blaming other.


  4. Anonymous5:15 pm

    O My are these aduns trying to make history so that their poor children can read about what they are doing? Trying to create a crisis within a global on going crisis. 2009 is definitely not on a good track with all the job lost and now state government also going to loss their job. I fill so sad about all this and hope this madness does not spread to other states. From> TBOH

  5. The midnight glow
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    The midnight glow
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    The dark they hide
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    Making fools of the people
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  6. Anonymous5:18 pm

    How can BN form the new state government with the stupid defectors?

    The stupid defectors fail the voters. It is their own self-interest and decision to defect but is that the will of the voters ?

    Eventually I think Behrang and Changkat will be freed from their charge.

  7. Anonymous5:19 pm

    It is either sign of arrogance or immaturity on the part of Perak MB. Too presumptious that the Sultan will grant his wishes, perhaps.

    Any head of state would have obtain consent 1st, then make announcement.

    I think all telcos are making moolahs with millions of SMs wizzing around right now.

    To nmjnh: "BN halang Sultan", sure or not? "Tak boleh masuk dewan", masuk dewan what for?

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  8. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Would the corruption charges against the 2 jumping PKR members be dropped? BOTA now jump back after being "kidnap" and DAP Hee Liong join MCA. The single 1 MCA voice in DUN Perak. Money money money....we have money, its the richs man world.

    Najib - 1, Atlantuya -0

    Sad for Malaysia

  9. nanti keluar lah statement bodoh:

    "kami hilang kepercayaan kepada kepimpinan parti, kami sedar bahawa BN adalah parti yang benar-benar berjuang untuk rakyat,dan macam-macam lagi"...

    cakap lah:

    "kami ada anak bini nak ditanggung, gaji tak cukup, sekarang ada orang nak offer $$$ yang lumayan tanpa dituduh rasuah, tak kan nak tolak, bodoh lah saya kalau tolak"...

    bangsat betul...

  10. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Nizar havent met with the Sultan yet he announced the dissolved of State seems that Nizar was too damn sure that the Sultan permitted him to announce so.

    on another news,there will be a press conference held by the DPM i supposed later on.the two former PKR representatives was said also to be on their way to Putrajaya.there are rumor as well that there will other two PR reps (possibly from DAP) gonna join the other two.

    if really the 4 of them gonna defect to BN,then BN will and can takeover Perak by tomorrow.

    now Anwar absolutely got the taste of his own medicine!.

  11. Anonymous5:27 pm

    I do not trust Anwar's great ambition to be PM by the method of luring MP's or YB's to his PR .

    But if BN does the same by embracing jumping YB's to their side , what is the difference does it make for BN reputation ? All the talk about making a law to disallow jumping politician is a mockery to the public.

    If PR's rep jump boat out of disagreement or for whatever reason , so be it . Let them just be an independent MP/YB.

    Economy should be current goverment's top issue now.


  12. betullah rocky, perak porak peranda ... MB perak tak tahu undang2... habislah camry yang baru beli tu... tak sempat panas hahaha... tulah.. sombong sangat... next inline s'gor..

  13. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I totally disagree for Najib to form a new state govt in Perak be all these defection. Cheap skate and man on NO principles. These assemblymen/women are a betrayal to their constituent that have voted for them. I sungguh malu dengan mereka.Pengkhianat!

  14. We should thank Anwar Ibrahim if BN gets back Perak. Anwar is the one who went crazy with the idea of winning over BN reps just to gain power when he forgot that in Perak BN only needed 3 to change the govt but decided to let democracy rule. Since Anwar Ibrahim never let this craziness rest, Najib had to give him a major dose of his own medicine by walking his talk while Anwaer remains talking, and talking....and talkin.....and talki.....and talk......and tal.....and ta...and t.

    While he dreams of taking the Federal govt undemocratically, he loses one whole state. Instead of getting on with the business of running Perak, he concentrates on petty issues and chasing for what's not in his grasp.

    The Malay proverb describes this aptly, "Yang di kejar tak dapat, yang di kendung berciciran."


  15. “Even though we have governed well and done good work there have been attempts to rob the right of the people who have chosen a Pakatan Rakyat government,” MB Nizar had this to say.....

    Attempts to rob the right of the people who have chosen a Barisan Nasional government......That should also be said of Annuar's persistence in having MPs from BN to crossover!!

    Sorry, but as long as its politics, its diirty, whichever side you are on!

    Serves Pakatan right, for instigating all these frogs to jump....hopefully Hee from DAP can go on to emulate Lee Lam Thye!

  16. The mess we're in will only get worse as people with neither knowledge, experience, wisdom nor integrity get voted in and become our leaders!

    What made the voters think the PR component parties are better? They were fed up of the rhetoric of BN/ UMNO politicians and were completely mesmerised by Anwar's powers of articulation! But why is he so quiet now?

    Malaysians are in for a long haul, so ordinary people like you and me had better sharpen our wits and consolidate a mental/moral revolution!

    We have to bring back ethics and morality into our lives, especially the political one!

    Do read my letter on party hopping and the lack of loyalty and integrity in The Star and The Sun today!

  17. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Dont worry. God is always Great... The 4 will die within few days aprt from each other.. New By-Elections and Pakatan will sweep them.. Even better Sultan OKs the dissolution and Pakatan sends BN and UMNo straight to hell on a 1 way flight

  18. Anonymous5:44 pm

    I memang kagum pada Najib, boleh buat siapa-siapa saja hilang tiba-tiba, lepas tu muncul semula.

    3 wakil hilang dan muncul di pejabat Najib. Masih ingat Balakrishnan & family.

  19. Anonymous5:48 pm

    I could not agree more with Damansara... all of these are the stupid game of the Bastard Anwar. Why could he just let PR ran even with one seat majority. When the bastard torched another bastard butt, this is the outcome. Whoever forming the government, they are all bastard.

    I voted for change last election and I will still vote for change in the next GE!

    Kick Those Bastards

  20. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Pak Rocky

    The point of all this toing-and-froing and hopping being precisely what?

    At the end of the day, the Malaysian economy is in a state of s**t and the Malaysian govt is still in denial about the effects of the global financial crisis on the country.

    - Nazir Razak is calling for a review of race-based economic policies to improve Malaysia's competitiveness

    - the second "stimulus" package is expected to cost the federal govt RM10 billion

    - the federal govt budget deficit will blow out to 5.2% for 2008, 5.7% in 2009 and 7.4% in 2010

    - the federal govt budget has been in constant deficit since the 1997/98 financial crisis. For 10 straight years, the federal govt has been spending more than it gets in revenue. With what results?

    - an international credit rating agency has downgraded the ringgit to "negative"

    - the latest federal budget is based on out-of-date prices for oil (US$100 per barrel, now US$40 per barrel) and palm oil- revenue from which accounts for 40% of govt revenue

    - more and more Malaysians will lose their jobs as the economic crisis bites deeper and domestic consumption and foreign direct investments fall off drastically

    So the BN gets to form the Perak state govt. Big b****y deal! What is there to govern if the country's ratings and competitiveness are being steadily downgraded?

    The BN coalition and the PR coalition know s**t-all about how to rescue the economy. Pak Lah is being elegantly silent and Najib is busy scheming on crossovers and takeovers. International investors and MNCs will know where to put their money when the recovery comes. Most certainly not in Malaysia where domestic policies outweighs economic realities.

    As Scrooge said - "Bah, humbug"!

  21. Anonymous5:55 pm

    tuanku murka sangat kat si nizar ni bagi tanah orang melayu kepada orang kampung baru tak tentu hala...

  22. Maka dengan resmi nya gelaran 'Raja Katak' telah beralih dari Ibrahim Ali kapada Nasarudin Hashim.
    Dan sekali lagi pelateh lompat katak yang terkemuka DSAI berputeh mata kerana katak jagohan beliau telah melompat keluar dari gelanggang dia.

    ...hehehe jangan mareh...

  23. Memang patutlah kerajaan negeri perak bertukar tangan.Harapkan si Nizar jadi hancur dan porak peranda dibuatnya.Cukuplah Nizar..tak payah bazir duit rakyat buat election baru..TOYOTA camry tu engkau buatlah permohonan dgn new state govt utk membelinya..

  24. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Asal Bn semua tak boleh, PR boleh je. biasalah tuh... Taktik lama...

    Anyway, Im a BN supporter who pangkah pas on Adun and pangkah BN and PKR on Parliment (yup I pangkah both symbol!). But in Perak, I prefer fresh election in Perak. Although it will burn more money la...

    Hmm... tomorrow story about Abg Nuar will be a bit silent la...


    This is not Democracy

    This is Crazy


    Apalagi berkompanglah!!!!

    Aritu suka sangat!!!!

  26. Anonymous6:00 pm

    You can catch haris and zorro at the FMS IPOH drowning their sorrows . Hahahahahahaha. i love this .

    many many cheers today !

  27. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Haha, a very expensive lesson on frogging.

    He frogged, they frogged and u know what, he frogged back! Haha, funny but very very expensive lesson.


  28. Anonymous6:03 pm

    stupid of anwar to start all this frogging issue- it backlashed.
    he forgot the the BN controls the malaysian money- millions can be spent for lure many assemblyman away from Pakatan.
    Unfortunate for Anwar - zionist money won't come easy now as the total economy crumbling...
    I'm a perakian and I just don't care who's ruling. Maybe we can say all the Penang, Kedah ,Selangor and Kelantanese happy with their PR government, but Perakian PR supporter are NOT! and people just forget that majority of all secular politician have the same objective in life - MONEY!


  29. Anonymous6:05 pm

    I am sad what is happening in Perak. I like Nizar the Pakatan MB and was happy that the smart Sultan pick him instead of the Pkr guy, Jamaluddin. look what Jamaluddin did. Nizar is a great guy and a good man. Fight on , Datuk Seri Nizar against the evil BN. I guess nothing change since March election. dirty politic continue in malaysia.

    Keng Tiong Hai
    Shah Alam

  30. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Just to save face, you simply want to waste taxpayers' money ka. Like that kah keadilan?

    - taxpayer

  31. Anonymous6:08 pm

    This is how the rakyat are being fooled by politician. Both by BN and Pakatan. The BN guy joined the Pakatan, then three Pakatan guys joined BN. Are these the people you want to trust.
    You have voted them the persons they were before. You voted them either as Pakatan or BN candidate. But now? Don't you feel you have been fooled. They only serve their own interest. It is time for the rakyat to act.

  32. Anonymous6:11 pm

    PR Perak. Serve you right. You have been acting like a child enamored with a new toy since you gained Perak.

    You have been busy ... too busy ... playing house ... you forget who gave you that toy ... that toy-ota ... now the toy is broken.

    What you gonna do? Why run to the Sultan?

    Bolo punya PR. Wasted my vote.

  33. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Hahaha.. who is to blame for this entire episode? IMHO, I think the "leader with an ego" who goes around persuading and enticing others to join him.. (remember Sept 16th?).. should bear the responsibility for the fall of Perak. He hails the addition of 1 single member but now lost the entire state. Now he accuses that ""The BN are trying to form the state government by hook or by crook - more by crook.".. Hello there.. remember Sept 16th?

  34. apalagi...kompang, kompang....mana kompangnye mak ooi!!!

    aritu riang sangat.

    ingat pesan orang tua-tua



    hah!!! makan, makan, makan

    yang tu muke moyok sangat apasal?

    lahhh kan baru minggu lepas kita bersorak untuk bende yang sama.

    tu lah! lain kali beringat


    hormat pemimpin biar berpada.

  35. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Ini sudah berita bagus ni Bang Rocky. Nak tanya sikit pasal benda Legal ni. Kalu semua ADUN PR letak jawatan, nanti Perak kena buat pilihan raya untuk ADUN semula ke Bang? Ini macam, Iran sudah lancar roket ke angkasa, kita dok sebuk buat roket kertas.

  36. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Wahai saudara Islam ku,

    Apa yang berlaku di Perak adalah ekoran tindak tanduk dan perancangan DAP Perak sendiri.

    Tidak seperti di Selangor, DAP gagal "membeli" MB Melayu yang dipilih istana. Roh perjuangan PAS tidak sama seperti roh PKR yang lebih mirip kepada roh UMNO yang mana pemimpin Melayu mereka boleh dibeli orang lain.

    Sungguh pun Ir Nizar dilihat seperti telah membuat keputusan yang merugikan Melayu Perak tetapi kita harus ingat keputusan dibuat oleh kerajaan yang majoriti dikuasai oleh DAP.

    Sungguh pun beliau dikritik dengan "Perjanjain Pangkor II" secara terbuka namun tidak mustahil dibalakang tabir sebagai MB PAS beliau merupakan penghalang kepada agenda DAP/Cina di Perak.

    Kerana itu tidak hairan sekiranya semua yang berlaku khususnya usaha untuk menyingkir ADUN Behrang dan Changkat Jering sebenarnya usaha kotor Ngeh dan Nga?

    Kalau tidak kenapa mesti speaker DUN Perak tidak sabar-sabar mengumumkan perletakkan jawatan mereka?

    Bukankah terdengar desas-desus hendak digantikan MB pilihan Istana ini dengan wakil PKR?

    Sudah tiba masanya untuk Melayu PAS dan UMNO untuk fikirkan semula kedudukan Islam di rantau ini.

    Apakah masih lebih rela bekerjasama dengan kafir daripada yang dianggap sebagai zalim?

    Allah telah memberikan kita peluang untuk Islam mempunyai majoriti di Perak.

    - Alif Ba Ta -

  37. Anonymous6:27 pm

    This was the way Anwar had wanted to take over the Government. He lamented on his methods from West Malaysia to East Malaysia and finally this same mechanism was used by BN to win back Perak.

    Why is it today the MB of Perak Datuk Seri Nizar hit out at this entire circus somersault? Yes, it was OK if the PR did it but not OK for BN. The problem with PR is you have two sets of rules for the same action. If BN does it it is bad, unethical, but it is good and ethical if PR does it.
    Even if there is a snap election, PR will lose big time. Because now it makes no difference, you had the chance and you chose to mess it up.

    Yes, we all voted for a change, but we are not getting this change from PR or BN. They lack principal - the fundamental requirements we seek high and low for in our leaders. They may be a smattering of good people but their voices may not be heard, drown by the arrogant, power crazed people.

    What fools we were for believing that we could have a change!!


  38. Anonymous6:32 pm

    does this ADUn who become bebas really care for the rakyat who vote for them during last election?if BN become Perak government,i feel betrayed by what this ADUN did,They try to save their own ass by becoming bebas.i suggest that these kind ADUN been shot dead and there will be new election and Pakatan rakyat will still win not BN simply took over!

    Mat Mi

  39. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Anwar yang mulakan dulu! Bukan main angkuh lagi masa bagitau nak ambik Putrajaya dulu. Sekarang camna?

  40. Anonymous6:36 pm

    obviously, both are devils, but BN seems to be less evil ... sorry for PKR for their greedy plan to back fire ...

  41. Yob, Yob,

    Apa ke h nyer ni ?

    nmjh, nak kata awak tak tau baca, bolih tulih...

    rasenyer kerajaan bermula bila Sultan mengizinkan sesuatu pihak membentuk kerajaan bukan kerajaan bermula di Dewan. Ia bermula di Istana...

    urm... udah la tu Yob...

  42. Anonymous6:42 pm

    ya laaa cina semua memang sayang sama itu nizar...sebab itu ngeh koo ham (babi?) boleh cucuk itu hidung nizar

    tanah pon sudah suda dapat 999 tahun...cakap melayu pon tak tau still dapat tanah

  43. The Poisoned Pawn Variation is a name used to describe several chess opening variations where a pawn is said to be 'poisoned' because its capture can result in positional problems or material loss for the captor. The best-known of these, and that most often described as the "Poisoned Pawn Variation," is a line of the Sicilian Defense, Najdorf Variation that begins with the moves:

    AI tak belajar main chess ke... main lain ajer kot......

  44. HAMIZI




  45. Wow, suddently the hue cry about ethics of frogs are all forgotten. The Perakians would be very angry at UMNO now for this twisted effort. Manipulating all the sundry to gain power. Nizar is from PAS and would not know such craft. Najib does not have our respect.

  46. Oh yeah, we all pray to tua ti gong that Hi and the 3 others will soon suffer the consequence.

  47. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Ini pengajaran untuk mereka yang durhaka. Nizar durjana derhaka!

    Setelah menandatangani Perjanjian Pangkor II, Nizar menyembah kepada Dulu-Duli Tuanku Ngeh-Nga.

    Dia tidak ambil endah teguran Tuanku. Padan muka. Sekarang Nganga.

    Ini satu pengajaran pada DAP dan Cina harbi supaya jangan tunjuk besar kepala.

    Jangan main ketepikan apa yang telah dijanjikan. Baru dapat kuasa sudah tunjuk lagak.

    Cina dan India tidak akan dipercayai Melayu lagi. PKR dan DAP akan hancur diajar pengundi Melayu.

    PAS pun akan menerima padah sekejap. Harap mereka jauhkan diri dari Anwar durjana.

  48. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Money politics played to full scale..........Malaysia Boleh!

  49. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Isnt that what ANWAR was trying to do first? Isnt that what all the Anwarist looking for? The frogs leap!

    Now look, that is what Najib is capable of doing. That was the reason why Anwar was frightening of Najib. That explains why Anwar keep on attacking Najib. Looks like Anwar will be facing a lot of obstacles in the days ahead. Good luck both of you!

  50. Anonymous7:15 pm

    this is one of the most interesting/intriguing moves i have seen by bn and the pm in waiting.
    syabas and well done.
    they never even saw it coming. ha ha ha
    this is what u call the art of war.

  51. nmjnh said...
    BN bacul halang Sultan dari bertemu Nizar untuk membubarkkan DUN Perak..

    BN masih tidak boleh menubuhkan kerajaan baru kerana 3 wakil DUN yang melompat telah dihalang oleh speaker untuk keDUN..

    PR masih berkuasa di Perak 29 kerusi, BN 27, 3 Bebas (tidak boleh masuk dewan)

    CAKAP ORG BODDO ......

  52. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Aku heran dengan penyokong Anwar. Waktu Anwar heboh kata ramai orang BN nak lompat dulu, bukan main lagi kamu semua seronok dan kata Anwar boleh! Lompat boleh! semua boleh!

    Tapi kini bila jadi sebaliknya, timbul lah pulak rasuah lah, salah guna kuasa lah, colek lah, ugutlah!

    Semua kamu ni hipokrit sebenarnya. Semua kamu taksub dengan Anwar sebenarnya hingga dah tak nampak jalan. Semua Anwar kata betul belaka.

    Aku memang tak setuju benar dengan lompat melompat ni, tapi bila memikirkan siapa yang mulakan dulu, aku jadi seronok dan nak ucapkan kepada kamu semua salam sejahtera dan PADAN MUKA KAMU!

  53. Anonymous7:26 pm

    kalau bn lompat ke dalam pr tak pe, kalau pr lompat ke bn, tak boleh plak, commonlah... sapa ajar lompat-lompat dan main belakang ni, tanya hero koranglah....

  54. Anonymous7:27 pm

    I cry and bleed for Malaysian,

    when more and more people are sacked from their jobs

    when the economy is sinking down fast into the abyss

    when we the people struggle to makes ends meet daily

    YET, we are govern by politicians
    who do not give a damn about our well being

    politicians who lack the basic integrity as a normal human being

    politicians who cheat and lied point blank in our face. are damned, damned stupid too !

  55. Anonymous7:38 pm

    If those frog are not attracted by money what else? They don't have any hope of getting re-elected so if they are not for the money what else are they for? Even a 3 years old knows.

    Since MCA only has one representative out of 59 sits so this is not a BN state but a pure UMNO state. So we have a state government that represent all the 3 major race to one that only represnet a single race. Well done UMNO and this could be UMNO last winning battle before the curtain fall on them come 13GE.

  56. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Tahniah kepada DS Najib Razak atas kejayaan menjatuhkan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Jutaan Tahniah Dato Seri kerana akhirnya, perasuah seperti Jamaluddin dan Osman menjadi penyelamat Umno untuk berkuasa semula di Perak.

    Dato Seri, kita jumpa dalam PRU akan datang

  57. Anonymous7:47 pm

    They were called 'Turncoat'. What are they named now...'just messy Pakatan'? Shouldn't BN who took them into the fold be chastised as the Mother of Turncoat? Really sad for Malaysia to have such people. I really don't want to read anymore. Just let the rot and maggots take care of the gangrene from now onward.


  58. Anonymous7:56 pm

    yea! yea! PR dah tumbang! yea yea! PR dah tumbang!

  59. Anonymous8:01 pm

    PKR PAS & DAP sat on the wall.
    PKR PAS & DAP had a great fall,
    With all the dark horses and all their henchmen,
    Can never put these 3 heads together again !!!

    Election was over,the struggle begins,
    Try to outsmart one another but nobody wins,
    They shout they snarl everybody can hear,
    Jumping and hopping beginning of the year !

    You voted for them to make some changes,
    But Instead of apples you get rotten oranges,
    What kind of fools I dont know what,
    They just deserve a kick right in the butt.

    Its time to think your years ahead,
    Wrong choice again you will all be dead,
    Dont blame others the choice is yours,
    Now scrambling for power just like jabber jaws.

    (Mike Shakespear)

  60. hahaha

    aduhai orang PR be a gentleman please. if the BN jumped into your party you call it the will of the peopole. justice and what have youse

    but when its the other way around you cry corruption and dirty tactics from BN

    jst admit the fact that PKR is littered with ex UMNO loyalist who left the party when they were marginalised by the Abdullah regime. Now that Abdullah is leaving they started seeing opportunities inside the new Najib regime. Can't blame them! they are a bunch of money grabbing buggers to begin with and should not be allowed to represent your party in the first place! BUT NO! you gave them the power and now they are abusing it just to show you the reality of politics. no such thing as FAIRNESS in politics my dear friends!

    if you make your bed with ex UMNO hardliners be prepared to be "cheated" when they decide to make love to their "ex lovers" again

    good luck people!

    dont hate the game.. hate the player

    UMNO is not dead. BN is not dead. It is your fault for calling BN dead and underestimating their mastery in political espionage!

    HA HA HA.. i am laughing at Anwar Ibrahim now..

    hey saudara anwar.. bila nak jadi PM ni? CNY dah habis? Thiapusan sudah dekat.. apa cerita ni? HA HA HA

  61. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Anwar must be pissed right now for what's hapening in Perak at the moment.Who know's what he's capable of doing.Beware people...safeguard of your behind..we don't want Anwar knocking on our back door do we?Heck..come to think of it,once in awhile..why not.Bang Anwar bang Anwar..bila nak sodok I ni..I tak tahan dah ni..I ni cute tau..ala ala mcm si saiful tu...aaauuuwww!

  62. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Tak satu pun komen2 ni betul. Senang dan mudah sekali buat tuduh itu ini. Padahal yang evil (so called - ayat berlapik) tetap yang sama di depan mata masih bernafas rakus.

    Damansara, jangan suka sangat. Pesan pada diri sendiri juga ya.


  63. Anonymous8:18 pm



  64. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Anwar must be pissed right now for what's happening in Perak at the moment.Who knows what he's capable of doing right now.Beware people..safeguard of your behind..we don't want him knocking on our backdoor do we?Heck..come to think of it..once in awhile,why not.Bang Anwar bang Anwar..bila nak sodok I ni?I tak tahan dah ni.I ni cute tau..ala ala mcm si saiful tu...aaauuuuwww!! nyah

  65. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Baru minggu lepas PM berkobar-kobar hendak menggubal undang-undang anti lompat, bagaimana pula sekarang boleh bagi statement menerima adun2 melompat ke BN (Bebas tapi menyebelahi BN - sama lah)?


  66. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Yeah yeah yeah! Money cant buy me love says the Beatles..

    but money CAN buy Malaysian Politicians!

    History has proven again and again (from Kelantan to Sabah) how corrupted and evil this UMNO/BN is..

    But do not worry u good guys there cos time and time good will always trump over evil. Bear this witness.


  67. Anonymous8:45 pm


    Saya penyokong BN tapi bukan paklah. Tapi saya lebih prefer kalau Perak ada mengundi lagi sekali. Baru semua puas hati.

    Yg penting, Anwar dah makan ubat pahitnya sendiri. 16 sept to 4 Feb.

  68. Anonymous9:05 pm

    The "I have the number" froggie Anwar now tasting his own medicine!!!!

    Expect more Statutory Declaation fromn Pakatan now one.

    And more "I have been reliably informed" blogging from Haris, RPK and zorro.

  69. Anonymous9:22 pm

    do you love money?
    i love money, money can do a lot of thing, resolve my problem especially during the current crisis!

    that is why nowaday wakil DUN cost a lot!
    let join PR so that you can make million when jump to BN!


  70. Anonymous9:26 pm

    BN win Perak but lost the people trust. In the next GE BN will reduce to an opposition in the country, the people decide not the few YB in BN counting money.

  71. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Padan muka PR esp. Anwar.

    Saya pembaca MT dan Rocky Bru dan saya dapati pembaca MT terlalu fanatik dan pemimpin PR pun dah jadi bodoh sombong sebab tak pandai baca sentimen rakyat.

    Dulu BN kalah sebab kami benci BN dan sekarang PR pun akan kalah sebab kami sedang marah sangat kat PR.

    Pandai pandailah cari sebabnya....

    BAHLOL !!!

  72. Anonymous9:38 pm

    I believe the Sultan will have the wisdom of his subjects and let his subjects decide once again who should form the new government instead of allowing $$$ to make the final say.

    Long life the Sultan.

  73. Anonymous9:45 pm

    To our benevolent Sultan Azlan Shah,

    I am a born-bred Perakian. Batu Gajah was my home for the first four years of my life before my family shifted to Ipoh where we still stay in.

    I have always loved Ipoh as a hometown, although I am now working in KL. This is the city where I meet my best friends, receive the finest education and lessons about life. I am also most proud of the Perak royal household that has always said the very things true to the rakyat's heart.

    I remembered that you once spoke to my brother who was only 7-years- old then.Though it was only a short conversation, nevertheless, the memory of you as a people's ruler etched in our hearts. Hence, I plea to you, my dear Ruler, that you will exercise your excellent judgment and discernment to hear the hearts of Perakians, your people.

    Today is indeed a dark day for Perak, where we see power struggle being on centrestage instead of nation-building. We have hopes of a better Perak, one that is growing economically and stability. And I believe Perakians have seen glimpses of development since Pakatan Rakyat governed the state.

    Verily, the state government is far from perfect, far from ideal, but I believe this government ought to be given a more significant chance to serve the people of Perak. I am not a lawyer, hence, I do not know how to speak the lingua franca of law and legalities.

    But, I do know that the Perakians have spoken on March 8, 2008 and we have chosen the government to represent us. At least, let us decide once again whom we believe can govern this state well. Let us have the government we voted for, not one that barges in through crossovers.

    The time has come for nation-building to be the country's and the state's highest priority. The responsibility and privilege has become even more significant under such trying economic times, where the man on the street is hard hit and the poor becomes even poorer.

    Yours sincerely,

  74. Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop.....

    Tu bunyi PERUT YB YB tu tengah meragam.

    Perjuangan konon!!! Yang penting jaga tembolok masing-masing.

    Bunyi perut YB Bota paling kuat.

    "we have the number" said B.A.B.I.

    Sekarang makan asap ajelah.Pergilah guna nombor tu untuk beli 4D.

    Nombor tu B.A.B.I yang telan, tapi keluar ikut Dubur dia sebab dah loose, lalu Najib ambik (Ada orang gelar Najis)

    Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop.

    Bunyi tembolok masing-masing. Rakyat terganga.

    Kalau selipar/monyet/etc yang bertanding untuk apa-apa pilihanraya akan datang, saya akan pangkah.

    Tak buat ape-ape pun takpa, janji selipar/monyet/etc tak akan tipu kita.


    Ralat: sebab komen dalam bahasa melayu perkataan Brother dalam B.A.B.I sepatutnya diganti dengan Saudara, S.A.B.I (B.A.B.I masih boleh digunakan di negeri Selangor dan Kedah, Perak dah tak boleh)

  75. Anonymous9:48 pm

    How many of you believe the deputy prime minister saying no money offered to four Perak state assemblypersons who defected from their parties and paved the way for a BN takeover of the state?

    Is our next PM a lier? Yes or No? You decide.

  76. PR destroyed by its own members and BN a double wammy difficult to defeat. So Ipoh'slatest cuizine is 'For legged frogs' very good if you want to destroy your enemies especially your own 'flesh and blood'...see more at

  77. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Lets talk about Hee Yit Foong.
    Why would she want to end her political career this way? What does she gain? Do you believe that Najib did not promise her the 5 million riggit for her to migrate?

  78. Funny how the real culprit got away, yes the one who bought the 4 with money and extortion, yet you blame all these on Pakatain.

    It's funny now we get to see so many hyprocrites start crying over choosing PAKATAN when the real 'murder' gets away scot-free. So many are hostages to Barisan Najis's dirty tactics. So instead of condemning the DEEDS of politicians betraying the mandate of the people, many just blamed Anwar.

    Who is the real culprit now, who had just announced forming a new state gov just now?

    We still remember Brisan Najis were sooo against defections during the 916 scare, now, suddenly they all for it.

    You can't be this simple-lah, bro!

  79. Anonymous10:06 pm

    What's the story with this nasaruddin fler. He jumped out of umno to join pkr, then jumped back to umno?
    Somebody pls, tell me the story... I wasn't paying too much attention.
    Msian politics memang gila


  80. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Mak oi! enko org marah apa he. Biasa la tu dlm politik. Kena pandai main game brader. Halal haram lain kira. Apa susah... P mekah tobat aje la! Bravo Umno! Hidup Najib!


  81. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Anon 5.22

    What's the difference between MCA,DAP and Gerakan!
    We are not that stupid after all.

    Anti Opera.

  82. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Anti BN,

    Kalau Najib semua salah ha! Kalau Anwar semua betul ha!
    Poooodah Pundamane.

    Anti PR

  83. Wait a minute Najib!

  84. Anonymous10:28 pm


    "Perak Porak Peranda" can easily be translated to "Malaysia Porak Peranda". In difficult times, what any reasonably sane person would look for is some semblance of leadership. Sadly, when the nation needs direction, our government whether be it at State or National fail to provide the necessary leadership. We're going to the dogs this nation if this persists.

    Worryingly, if posters on this blog are of any indication to the mentality of Malaysians, I feel were in for a long haul.

    To Alif-Ba-Ta, your comment that "Allah telah memberikan kita peluang untuk Islam mempunyai majoriti di Perak". Actually Allah gave the Muslims the majority in this country for ages. Just that the leaders of the Muslims failed to undertake that task.


  85. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Why blame BN? PR can't even take care of their own reps!! It takes guts to jump ship, cos it affect one's reputation and credibility. These Aduns still need to face the people they're representing.

    The party hoppers must have had strong reason for defecting.

  86. It looks like few when voted in by Malaysians are thinking of their own benefits..disregarding entirely their obligations.
    Crossover...bought over...resigned.....whatever...what type of politicians are these frogs?
    Do we hear Perak voters shouting with joy?
    Yes....Malaysian politics is shit.
    Be it from UMNO or PR....and for better or worst..we need to change the government in 13th show Najib who is the real boss of the country.
    Let any of them fool us for 4 or 8 years ..the most...not 51 years...anymore.

  87. Anonymous10:54 pm

    kepada DAP kat Perak yang mencucuk hidung Nizar;

    Ingatlah bahawa kalau orang Melayu tak undi DAP di Perak, takkan menang kamu! Jadi janganlah sombong dan berlagak.

  88. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Analisis atas apa yang berlaku:

    1. kalau PR yang lompat ke BN - rasuah, tapi kalau sebaliknya itu kehendak rakyat.

    2. Kalau ADUN PR ditahan kerana rasuah,PR kata mereka belum bersalah kerana mahkamah belum menjatuhkan hukum dan mereka tak perlu meletakkan jawatan, tapi bila mereka hendak lompat, dan dan PR kata mereka dah letak jawatan, rasuah dsb

    3. Kalau Najib membawa ADUN masuk BN. NAJIB RASUAH, TAPI KALAU Anwar bawa, itu sokongan rakyat kepada Anwar.

    4. Bila Kerajaan PR di dalangi DAP, itu kerajaan rakyat, bila BN perintah balik, itu berat sebelah kerana Melayu mendominasi!

    5. Bila BN seru 2 ADUN terlibat rasuah supaya mengosongkan kerusi dulu, PR kata tak perlu, tapi bila dua ADUN ni sokong BN, mereka kata kosongkan!

    Siapa hipokrit sebenarnya.

  89. Anonymous10:59 pm



  90. I pray for the day when the Agong dah dok meluat tengok gelagat ahli-ahli politik and summon the army Generals to his palace.

    His instruction : "Take over parliament and get ready for military rule, I'm in charge now"

    Bodoh! Politicians semua Bodoh! The economy is on auto pilot and just drifting along with the market forces which is headed in a downward spiral, with people losing jobs, recession around the corner (if not already here) and you all fucking around like this.


  91. Anonymous11:12 pm

    padan muka PKR. Lu makan la your own medicine. Sapa pandai2 main belakang, mau beli adun? aku x sokong mana2 politicians anymore. they are all equal..u know wat I mean. when u enter politics, be ready to main lompat lompat.. i hope lepas selesai kes pentadbiran perak, najib sack these two jokers and find other more capable wakil rakyat. and please la....we dont want a puppet to rule a state...and to Kedah, free sex OK apa, kata menteri besar kedah. semua org pun buat...kawin bini org, bawak lari anak raja...hahahahhaha.. wat a joke.

  92. Rocky, are you regreting you vote for PR or regreting BN taking over. By the way, PKR (Parti Kelentong Rakyat) chief satrted is all. They the ones who does not respect rakyat choice.

  93. Anonymous11:14 pm

    ha ha ha... tergelak siot baca komen kat Malaysian Today & Lim Kit Siang Blog, nah... sekarang baru cerita pasal moral, hak demokrasi, bla bla bla.... masa Pak Anwar mencanangkan lompat-lompat dulu tak ada pula bunyinya. Aku pun bukan penyokong BN/PR sangat, tapi tahulah yang mana nampak macam tahi.


  94. Anonymous11:19 pm


    BN kata nak buat undang2 lompat parti...aku cadangkan lepas beruk2 yang lompat masuk BN balik..BN terus buat undang2 anti lompat parti..

    barulah barua2 BN ni tak berani nak lompat balik ke PR..

    Najib dah terdesak sebab undi popular merosot 41%..hahahaha...baguslah buat Election coz UMNO akan tabur duit lagi..rakyat Perak akan pe election..election lepas pun dapatlah aku tumpang sekaki dapat duit..hehehehe..

    Apa ek Sirul Azhar cakap dalam court?hahahaha.....

  95. Anonymous11:21 pm


    Air dicincang tidak akan putus!

    Who knows, Anwar sudah insaf dan taubat.. dan SEDAR... Hanya dalam satu tahun bagaimana Bangsa dan Agamanya telah cuba diperkotak katik oleh kuncu2 dia.

    Next BOMB that will shatter everything will be, ANWAR dan keluarga telah LOMPAT masuk kepangkuan UMNO...



  96. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Good will always triumph over evil in he end.

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  97. Anonymous11:23 pm

    BN or Pakatan.. This drama has proven malaysia in dark age. All about money!

  98. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Maaf la ye ...orang melayu Perak memang terkejut sebab di kuasai oleh kerajaan yang macam business...base on performance, tapi sebab ornag melayu perak dah biasa makan suap dgn kerajaan BN jadi culture shock la."Tak hilang melayu di dunia tapi boleh di jual beli"

  99. Anonymous11:27 pm

    That DAP who has defected is a disgrace her family and her generation to come.

    We should give her a shoe each for betraying the people's trust.

    Remember the cause and effect. She will get her bad karma.

    Anti-flip flop

  100. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Anwar is all talk and no action. Najib is evilly smart. Don't play play with Najib. He holds the kitty bank now.

    Anwar better think of the next move like...
    running to the Mongolian Embassy or apply a job in the OBAMA's administration.
    He has no political future here...he's as good as finished!


  101. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Sorry to say that someone gets hurt when the Pakatan government was ousted, but this is the reality.

    My comment is that when you need a 999 year in the land title which is normally available in England and Sabah, and not in Perak, this government is desperate for support.

    It has no support at the first place. So it ends likewise.

  102. ADUN Bota jilat ludah sendiri..hina sungguh.

  103. Anonymous12:20 am

    At last , even Dr M announced that he disagree with the idea of allowing low quality YBs to jump in BN.

    Whats ur take on this Bro? I have no faith in Anwar since '98 and my stand still until now but for BN to mimic Anwar's gungho style to be PM , thats distasteful.

    Go back to basic economics issues Bro , thats what you do best . Dr M mentioned IPP review , research on this , we the regular rakyat wish to know this matter more , as review may lead to cost cutting that able to translate to LOWER ELECTRIC BILL TO MY HOUSE. That is one issue that touch everyones heart and pocket.


  104. Anonymous12:26 am

    Full of hypocrites who hailed and hoped for Anwar's Sept 16 miracles. Now saying defections are "immoral". You guys make me laugh.

  105. Anonymous12:28 am

    Orang Perak dah menyesal semenjak March yop.

    We mustn't get too excited. The Sultan has the final word.

  106. Anonymous12:31 am

    Oh another thing , if PR really wish to win peoples heart , ditched Anwar and install Karpal Singh as PR Chief , President , Supremo or whatever you call it. Hey at least he is an honest guy that speaks his mind and stand still on what he believe .
    Even dares to speak up against hudud during PRK KT election.He do not care even he may cause any loss of votes. Seriously man .
    If only you have moral integrity , you place the old man right away.

    Adam B

  107. Looks like Rocky need to prepare himself to go back to Perak and vote.
    Will be nice to tompang free ride...if that day materialized.
    I pay the toll fees...
    Deal or no deal?
    But come that day..he will be spending days staying in Perak..interviewing.
    So no deal. Sad.

  108. Rocky, you sicken me! What is it that I've said which is so wrong that you have to not publish my comment?

    All I said was Perak currently has a hung state assembly which means status quo remains.

    And status quo means that PR is still the government of Perak and YAB Nizar is still the MB.

    Anything wrong with that unless you have an UMNO agenda Rocky?

    Get real Rocky if you claim to be truly Malaysian. Much as it disturbs me to say this, you are no better than the politician goons!

  109. 311 Najib meet PKR Perak leader..wat the motive?

    dun Just blaim Anwar but never see wat the BN has done ???

    Anwar dengan suara lantang mengajak ,tapi Bn dengan tipu helah dan pelbagai ugutan untuk merampas.

    sad with you menghina anwar and so hina yourself. Why Obama can win ,b'cos the ppl really change their mindset ,wat about you blaim anwar and never leran from the history about this Bn dirty tactic?

  110. Anonymous12:51 am

    All non-BN wakil rakyats, please get ready for the 'cross-over or be gone forever' invitations that will come your way, slowly but surely.

    At least one ADUN in Kedah has been brave to make police reports of such 'invitation', but not all can be like that Indian fellow?

    As it is we have yet to get information on the sudden dissappearance of folks like Bala, and the guy who claimed of abuse by interrogators while in police detention.

    The Mongolian will not come back to tell who did it to her. But surely Bala can come back - only if allowed by the leader of the gang that sends out 'invitations' to non-BN ADUNS.

    By the way, did you all notice how some who blog also have changed their styles and 'impartial' writings? They do got invitiations and responded positively?

    Its no more Malaysia Boleh.
    It is apt to state - Funny Malaysia.


  111. Najib beginning to show his leadership ,peoples believe in him
    The next is Selangor just like In Perak peoples cannot stand with the antics of the cousins and in Selangor with T Koh
    DAP do not have the number but behave like they are rep the majority of Rakyat

  112. Romerz wrote: Rocky, you sicken me! What is it that I've said which is so wrong that you have to not publish my comment? .... (blah, blah, blah) ...


    Aiya Romerz, lambat sikit pun marah ke? I'm not glued to the internet 24/7 mate, so get that temper under control pls ..

  113. Anonymous1:56 am

    Bodoh. Belum dapat perkenan Sultan dah pandai2 bubar.

    Parti dlm PR ni, bila menang, berlagak. Bila kalah, kata tak adil, pengundi hantu, polis tak betul, SPR tak betul, rasuah, rogol demokrasi dan mcm2.

    Renungkan fakta ini: UMNO menang 27 kerusi. PKR 7 dan PAS 6.

    Kalau tak lompat pun, majoriti rakyat sokong siapa? Mana ada Pakatan Rakyat bertanding. BN adalah. Kalau berani, gugurkan logo bulan dan roket tu bila bertanding.

    Hahahaha nga nga nga nga ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh. Kelakar saya membaca komen2 orang yang pandai menuduh rasuah di blog tapi PENGECUT untuk membuat laporan pada SPRM. Yang pasti pengecut ini hanya pandai menabur fitnah.


  114. Anonymous2:23 am

    What goes around comes around. :)

    Nak nangis pun tak guna. Kita berpolitik ala Anwar Estrada Gus Dur Ibrahim. Lompat-melompat. Siapa lompat paling tinggi, dia menang.

    Anwar, you are the one who introduced this game. And now, the BN has just outjumped you. Instead of having September 16, we may soon have February 6! Ho, ho, ho!

  115. Sorry Rocky,

    When I saw other comments published timed after mine, I jumped to a conclusion.

    Sorry again and I will eat humble pie here.

    You have my blog address and you can crucify me there if you want and I will take it a man, much as it hurts!

  116. Anonymous3:29 am

    azri fickry,

    Dia masuk 10hari tapi lemas bila terpaksa bau perasap colok tiap pagi nak masuk pintu pejabat. Bila time balik pula terpaksa hidu asap kemenyan dengan bunyi loceng berdering ding ding ding tiap senja.

    Masa CNY baru ni, kat pejabat penuh Oren dari negeri cina dan Teh special dari negeri cina, sampai cirit birit nak perabis. Tak lama lagi kena sumbat muruku pula...

    Tu pasal dia cabut, cultural shock!!

    Biar hujan batu diNegara sendiri!!!


  117. padan muka kau wahai anwar al juburi.... Kaulah perosak bangsa., pemusnah malaysia, penyokong yahudi. Nyah kau dari malaysia.

  118. Anonymous6:34 am

    See what those hypocrites are trying to do now. Perhimpunan 100 ribu rakyat untuk selamatkan kerajaan perak?

    And they dare to say "Pertahankan Kuasa Rakyat".

    Come'on man. If you still cannot see the hypocrisy, you must be really dumb fool and blind.

    Please Malaysian. USE YOUR BRAIN!

    I think this is the most disgusting moment in the history of Malaysia politic.

    Perhimpunan Selamatkan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Perak Hari ini (5 Feb)
    post info
    By Anwar Ibrahim
    Categories: Aktiviti, Anwar, Catatan, Demokrasi, Hebahan, Isu Semasa, Pakatan Rakyat, Pilihanraya and Politik

    Sebaran Media
    5 Februari 2009

    Perhimpunan Selamatkan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Perak Hari ini (5 Feb)

    Perhimpunan 100 ribu rakyat akan diadakan hari ini (5 Feb) pada jam 7 malam di Kediaman Rasmi Menteri Besar Perak, bersama Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan semua Menteri Besar Negeri Pakatan Rakyat, bagi menyatakan sokongan terhadap kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Perak dan menuntut agar hak rakyat dikembalikan.

    Berikut adalah mesej khas dari Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim buat semua penyokong Pakatan Rakyat:

    “Pertahankan Kuasa Rakyat - Saya bersama Menteri Besar dan Pakatan Rakyat esok Khamis 7:30 malam di Ipoh. Saya yakin, Insyallah rakyat yang menentukan.”

    Semua penyokong Pakatan Rakyat dan aktivis diminta hadir untuk memberi sokongan.


  119. Anonymous6:57 am

    The perak people should organise a big strike and demand re-election. let them decide which government they want! they should not just sit there and let all these greedy ADUN make fun of them! take charge of your state!

    Rakyat boleh!

  120. Anonymous7:17 am

    Surat Terbuka Kepada Sulan Perak:

    Duli yang Teramat Mulia Tuanku Sultan Perak yang amat dikasihi rakyat jelata,

    Patik pacal yang hina ingin merayu kepada Duli Tuanku untuk mempertimbangkan semasak-masaknya kedua-dua cadangan sama ada pembubaran DUN Perak ataupun pengambilalihan kerajaan oleh BN. Ini adalah kerana apa jua keputusan Tuanku akan menjadi precedent bagi negeri Perak dan negeri-negeri lain di masa akan datang. Kiranya hanya dengan tindakan melompat parti, menyebabkan DUN dibubarkan dan/atau kerajaan bertukar, maka akan lebih banyaklah kes-kes lompat parti di masa akan datang dan lebih menjadi kacau bilau keadaan di Malaysia. Keadaan sosio politik menjadi tidak sabil dan yang akan menanggung implikasi dan kosnya adalah rakyat Tuanku yang kerdil ini. Ini adalah kerana lompat parti amat mudah dilakukan sebagai mana yang terbukti dalam kes seorang ADUN Perak yang mengubah fikiran beberapa kali dalam tempoh singkat. Sehubungan itu, patik yang hina ini ingin mencadangkan agar untuk meredakan situasi di Perak ini, Tuanku memutuskan agar pilihan raya kecil diadakan di empat DUN yang terlibat sahaja. Ini lebih adil untuk semua kerana rakyat Tuanku di empat DUN tersebut perlu diberi hak untuk menentukan siapakah sebenarnya yang ingin mereka lantik menjadi wakil rakyat mereka setelah wakil rakyat yang mereka pilih berasaskan parti tertentu membuat "lompatan" atau terlibat dalam siasatan salah laku. Patik percaya cara ini boleh menyebabkan para ADUN dan ahli parlimen berfikir semasak-masaknya sebelum mebuat apa-apa tindakan yang boleh menganggu gugat keamanan dan kestabilan hidup rakyat jelata. Patik dengan ini merafak sembah takzim dan memohon keampunan daripada Tuanku di atas segala kejahilan dan kedaifan.

    Daulat Tuanku.

    Hisyam Roslan

  121. hmm.. i don't think can call the recent Perak state government fiasco a defection, maybe a change of allegiance, we must understand only ADUN Bota was the one that was leaping back and fro.3 ADUN from PR didn't join BN, only support them. at the same time, BN is yet to accept them as members of UMNO or any component party.therefore, we shall blame PKR and DAP for not able to command and control thier MPs.As for BN, please be careful with these 2 assemblymen before accepting them as UMNO or any component party member as they might tarnish BN's image.
    By the way, i did vote for PR but somehow there are no better than BN.i wonder if PR really think they represent the people? that is something to think abt.

  122. Anonymous8:31 am

    A vey simple reason.PR realised that we're slowly dying due to economic crisis and we will be the next Philipines or Iceland. So,without wasting much time PR competing with BN to empty the leftover wealth.We the "rakyat" as usual just talk and talk and talk.....and finally "padan muka".

  123. Salam Rocky, bro!.

    Pagi yang ceria!. Negeri Perak telah mendapat rohnya kembali. Perak telah bebas dari pemerintahan suku-sakat Chin Peng yang bersembunyi di bawah kopiah PAS!

    Ya ALLAH, selamatlah Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan!

  124. Anonymous8:45 am

    I have this to say and after saying this, hell sure I will receive backlashes.. But I aint bothered..

    RPK put it in a very nice manner for the Sultan of Perak to ponder while he considers the dissolution.

    To me, this is how I put it. WTF he wants to consider only after having met Najib? Who the hell is the Sultan of the state? Is this once a distinctive King and Sultan the country once admired now kow towing to a scumbag cum DPM.. sorry DPM cum scumbag it shud be.

    Come on la.. If the Sultan does not like PR to rule Perak just say it out. If the Sultan is inclined to BN then also say it out. So hard meh? And all those talk that royalties shud not touch into politics. WTF? If that was the case, then just give the greenlight to Nizar to dissolve the state assembly la.. So hard ah? Yes is 1 word, No also 1 word... When we hope for the royalties to step in to give their best judgement, and this is all we get?

    Fuck this country!!!

  125. Anonymous8:47 am

    little sandhurst,

    whether pr fucks up big time or not is not the underlying msg for now..

    read this clearly





  126. Anonymous9:17 am

    Habis wang EPF kita untuk beli 3 wakil DUN.....

  127. Anonymous9:22 am

    Two can play the game and the game has been played.

    The vote for change has changed, and this is the change.

    Now do you still believe in politicians?


  128. Anonymous9:26 am

    Masa ghairah nak tangkap 33Katak dulu, waduh, bukan main lagi gang PKR nih, SEMANGAT 911 ooops 916? Berpesta tak renti renti!!

    Pandai mulakan, TokNik pun dah berhujah hukum Halalnya, bila benda boomerang kat diri sendiri, nak buat PERHIMPUNAN mcam 1juta dulu pula?

    LAIN MACAM BENO KOME SEMUA NIH!! Si Yong terbang mai juga ker, dia tu WIRA lompat 916!!

    Ada Konsert juga ka? Boleh aku buka gerai air tebu, mesti ramai dahaga duk kena melalak sekali lagi.

    Tapi kali ni, jangan londeh seluaq sekali lagi...


  129. Anonymous9:29 am

    The 4 f**ked up lot!

    The lowest level of politician ever lived

  130. Anonymous9:40 am

    doggie dog,

    Bukan benci PR tapi kesian sebab senjata dah makan tuan.

  131. Anonymous9:54 am

    doggie sure sound sour grape...if you really want to know the truth..perak people are really sick to death with PR govt ego cum stupidity..and the real peanut sized brain man is none other than Nwar ebraham.He started the joke and He got it back..perfect..huhu


  132. Anonymous10:18 am

    Bila pula masanya BN halang Sultan daripada jumpa Nizar untuk bubar DUN Perak? Mungkin saudara ni penyokong pembangkang berani mati kot. Saudara jangan salahkan BN sebab ADUN PKR lompat parti. Yang memulakan amalan lompat parti ni pun Anwar kesayangan saudara tu juga. So, jangan salahkan BN.

  133. Anonymous10:22 am

    2 dogs & 1 bitch running wild.

  134. Anonymous10:36 am

    takde hebatnya kalau adun2 melompat ke bn itu penuh kotor dan najis.Kes rasuah tak selesai bn ambik jd wakil.Sungguh bodoh pemimpin umno dan penyokong umno totok.Otak dah jammed.Lawak paling kelakar bodoh di malaysia sejak najib bakal ambil alih kuasa.Lepas ni ketawalah puas2 bila malaysia dihancurkan oleh kaki perasuah negara.

  135. Anonymous10:38 am

    I have a question for all the froggies (whether Pakatan punya ke or BN punya): when thinking before leaping (you did think, right?), did you factor in your constituents' welfare into your decision to leap-leap? Forget the spiel we read in the media. Really did you or did you not think of us, your constituents, who voted you in the last election?

    Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Sheeeshh!!!

    We are losing our jobs everyday, we are having less to spend on food for our families, and you, Mr Politician are having fun,with our money and our future.


  136. How can BN have a majority.As far as we know both BN and Pakatan have 28 seats each.Since when have BN form a coalition with the three renegades assemblymen?Can the so-called "friendly" independents be trusted to help form a relatively stable Government with BN lowering itself to accomodate them into a new coalition?What happen should the two alleged corrupt politicians be convicted, assuming that our Judiciary is really independent?Can the sulking ex-DAP politician be contented if she is not given a senior Ex-Co position?Will she jump again?Be more careful in your choice of word ,Rocky!

  137. Anonymous10:49 am


    Anwar version of Pak Kaduk - menang sorak kampung tergadai.

    And Anwar knows very well how dirty is politic.

    Macamana Anwar nak jadi PM and face his master @ zionis kalau Najib and his gang pun Anwar tak bleh nak makan.

    Any PC from Anwar yet?

  138. Anonymous10:55 am

    Bloody hell all this politician... Wasting our money...
    Is there any rule, force those who jump to other party to re-elect back by ppl. I think this will be more fair enough for we the RAKYAT.
    At least THEY will know who actually the RAKYAT WANT....

  139. Anonymous10:55 am

    Bloody hell all this politician... Wasting our money...
    Is there any rule, force those who jump to other party to re-elect back by ppl. I think this will be more fair enough for we the RAKYAT.
    At least THEY will know who actually the RAKYAT WANT....

  140. Vancouver

    ‘Damansara, jangan suka sangat. Pesan pada diri sendiri juga ya’



    Maka ramai rakyat Malaysia dengan rela hati serta bercampur dengan benci meluat terhadap BN telah memangkah PR



    Maka selepas itu berlakulah pelbagai INSIDEN BODOH seperti 16 September yang telah mendapat tepukan gemuruh semua pemimpin PR


    Ada sesiapa dengar cerita pasal BACUL or BANGSAT dilemparkan kepada BOTA?

    Orang tua selalu cakap, ADA MATA TENGOK, ADA OTAK PAKAI

    Dan inilah yang sedang berlaku.

    Kalau engkau tak start main kotor, orang makin malu nak main kotor (orang-orang ni malu je, bukan tak mahu – tapi dia ada otak lebih sikit)


    Kemudian kata orang main kotor!!! HOW BODOH CAN YOU BE?


  141. Anonymous11:10 am


    imagine the world without internet...sure cannot get such updates this fast!

  142. Anonymous11:13 am

    I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
    but I didn't see that the joke was on me, oh no.

    I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing,
    oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

    I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes,
    and I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I'd said.

    Til I finally died, which started the whole world living,
    oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.


  143. Anonymous11:18 am

    Memang memualkan melihat gelagat pemimpin PR...Apabila wakil rakyat mereka keluar PR jadi bebas sokong BN...DSAI kata langgar hasrat rakyat..masa dia dok sibuk hantar org nak beli pemimpin BN Sabah masuk PR tu apa dia..guna akallah sikit..Kalau PR ada prinsip, patutnya dah lama buang 2 org ADUN PKR yg dituduh rasuah bila diorang nak sokong BN..barulah mengelabah dan tuduh BN tiada prinsip sebab ambik pemimpin Korup...yg PR dok maintain diorang tak bersalah tu apa...betul2 memualkan...PR main kotor, cuba beli pemimpin BN Sabah tu takpe..utk rakyat...mulia..Takde sorang pun pemimpin PAS kutuk nasarudin keluar UMNO msk PKR..bila PKR keluar..langgar amanat rakyatlah..itulah..inilah...memalukan..

    Benci guna agama/prinsip utk kepentingan parti dan kepentingan diri..

  144. Anonymous11:51 am

    hoho anon ali,

    u sound u know it all.. must be umno cyber trooper i bet.. rocky is a perakian therefore he must be stupid enough not to know that perak ppl are tired of PR... i also perakian.. but how i come everyone is saying PR is good.. u must be from another state of perak called BERAK!

    why dont u take a stand that a snap election shud call and let's see the results on a level playing field...

    if PR loses then i will call u father!

    if PR wins, i really wish to see where u put ur face then.. but on the other hand u are thick skin.. such a sad case..

    u, mams and landick only know how to moan and insult ppl... why dont u guys cermin diri and do something for the country rather than giving ur non worthy opinion.. if u guys cannot afford to be criticized then dont criticize ppl.. if u want talk facts then show them to me.. dont be an empty barrel.

  145. Anonymous11:53 am

    oh on the other hand anon ali and mams, even if anwar didnt start it, BN is still capable of paying PR to jump ship.. u guys dont echo wat that stupid koh tsu koon mentioned. have an opinion of ur own..pls.. dont be tin kosong.

    if u have forgotten just in case, PBS guys jumped ship too not too long ago in our era. it didnt need anwar to start the joke.. u guys are a joke the way you talk and write speaking of joke!

  146. Anonymous12:03 pm

    I for fresh elections. Give the PR 2/3 BEFORE casting votes or else ... no justice.

    Hahahaha nga nga nga nga ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh.

    Belum bubar DUN untuk pilihanraya dah kata menang 2/3. Lepas tu kalau tak menang 2/3, tuduh macam2. Kerajaan rasuah lah, rogol demokrasi lah, SPR tak telus, pengundi hantu bla bla bla bla.

    Kalau takda katak lompat pun: UMNO 27 / PKR 7 / PAS 6. Mana ada parti PR bertanding. Ada ka? Apa logo pakai?? Mau tipu olang pelak?

    Siapa tipu hak rakyat? PAS dapat 6 saja pun boleh jadi MB ka? Lu ingat olang Pelak bodo kaa??


  147. Anonymous12:26 pm

    that's the party. they will take in even dogs and cats just to form the government. it is a shame of the party and an insult to the people of perak.

    ghost of onn jaafar

  148. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Takyah cakap banyak,

    Sampai ke Taiwan jejak KATAK, Tian hua, Elizebeth, Poziah, Nasaruddin dll ghedah typhoon terhegeh2...

    Teck Lee WIRA lompat, waduh, bukan main sengeh.

    Bota lompat, waduh, bukan main sengeh.

    Ngeh ngeh ngeh...


  149. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Osman babi dan Jamaluddin babi kau dua orang memang pakai kulit babi. Tebal muka kau, makan rasuah takut masuk jail kau lompat parti.

    Tiew nia ma ka cebai, tiew nia ma ka chow hai. Osman dan Jamaluddin kepala butuh laa kau berdua.

  150. Sume pasal Anwar Ibrahim.
    1.Kecoh2 nak tubuh kan kerajaan pad 16Sep:Result?Hampeh...Zero.
    2.Pi hantar rombongan p Taiwan kununnya nak pujuk@jumpa org BN LOMPATTTTTTTTT PR.Result?Hampeh...Zero.
    3.Ckp lagi kata ada MP Sabah/Sarawk nak join PR.Result?
    4.Canang2 dan canang lagi pasal Lompat Parti....

    Sekarang apahal?Sapa yg lompat sapa?Dah dapat byk negeri buatlah keja elok2.X yah bising2 ,heboh2.
    Aku rasa,PR patut tukar ajelah penasihat baru yang lebih berkarisma,fokus dan paling utama,menyuntik pelbagai perubahan untuk rakyat.Bukan sekadar retorik kosong,cakap2 dan tak berhenti bercakap dan berkokok macam tong kosong.Rimaslah....



  152. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Totally outrageous and unacceptable
    both with the action of BN and ignorant posters here
    Acts of wooing opposite people representatives by money are totally unacceptable whether they are committed by BN or PKR
    It does not justify at all the acts of BN of toppling Perak government by buying all those people representatives
    peoples of Perak has shown their support in previous general election to have PKR as our government
    Do not undermine the wish of peoples and I wish the day when BN will fall the hardest
    One final thing, I plead that PKR accepts the whatever decision made by the Sultan. Be it good or bad. The battle may be lost but the war is yet to be determined. Lose in the game but not ur morality and prinsip

  153. nampaknya doa orang-orang Pakatan Rakyat untuk tukar kerajaan telah termakbul , tahniah ..

    Tahniah M.B ( bekas ) Nizar

    Tahniah Penyokong P.R

  154. Anonymous5:06 pm

    doggie dog, wtf, if u say that this country is fucked up, then, belah lah, GET OUT OF MALAYSIA....Just because u can't get what u want, u cry baby.....u insult the Sultan, DPM...betul punya kurang ajar....Bastard!

  155. Anonymous7:19 pm

    PKR = ex BN

    ex BN = PKR

    ex PKR = BN

    nothing different between these people in the two parties.

    Mereka bukan berjuang untuk rakyat ... mereka menggunakan rakyat.

    Rakyat jadi patung. Nak tunjuk perasaan tak puas hati? Kena tangkap. Nak bersuara? Jangan harap. Silap silap masuk ISA.

    Sebab itu jadi kes tembak lari ...

    Kerajaan Malaysia dah jadi lebih kurang kerajaan Junta. Ulamak diketepikan, rakyat tak boleh bersuara. Pemimpin tak boleh ditegur. Silap silap kena bom dengan C4.

    Maka rakyat hidup macam patung. Patung bernyawa ...

  156. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Pembangkang yang sombong dan angkuh. tak dapat dan tak mau terima kekalahan. asyik-asyik nak menang saja. cubalah belajar terima kekalahan. jangan buat kacau negeri orang. Anwar! aku tau negeri hang takdak sultan! sebab tu hang tak tau nak hormat pada sultan. Karpal! tolong jangan provoke orang Melayu. Hj Hadi Awang! Tuhan takkan tolong niat orang yang hasad dengki. Anda sendiri lebih tahu. Wassalam.

  157. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Pembangkang yang sombong dan angkuh. tak dapat dan tak mau terima kekalahan. asyik-asyik nak menang saja. cubalah belajar terima kekalahan. jangan buat kacau negeri orang. Anwar! aku tau negeri hang takdak sultan! sebab tu hang tak tau nak hormat pada sultan. Karpal! tolong jangan provoke orang Melayu. Hj Hadi Awang! Tuhan takkan tolong niat orang yang hasad dengki. Anda sendiri lebih tahu. Wassalam.

  158. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Terima kasih ADUN Behrang. Saya hari tu pangkah PKR harapkan ada perubahan.

    Aleh-aleh balik kampung hapah pun tak ada. Surau kosong, jalan berlobang. Kampung sunyi takde aktiviti.

    Ni BN dah ada balik koman-koman pun ada la bola 9 sebelah. Jadilaa...

  159. Anonymous3:23 pm

    AM sorry ee. Lu tau PAS perintah Kelantan, dan Kedah, Pkr, selangor & wilayah KL.
    DAP Penang dan Perak yg kini BN sudah rampas. Umno mana negri?? cakap lee.
    Dalam UMNO lu all tau, Haram pun jadi halal,Rasuah dia kata politik wang.
    3 ekor katak lompat tu ada kes rasuah yg digebur geburkan
    oleh BN,Masuk je
    Umno, lu all tengokle nanti.tak salah punya.kalu salah pun dende sikit je. kalau parti lain.
    wahh macam nak dipenjarakan .ugut.
    Tingkah laku org UMNO NI macam
    firaun ( tak semua lee)macam mana
    org melayu tak lari dari UMNO.
    Lepas ni gua masuk pas. keahlian seumur hidup.
    t/kaseh kpd BN yg menaikan tambang
    yg menaikan harga minyak
    yg membena stadium baru setahun runtuh.
    yg membela perasuah2
    (politik wang)