Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's the local factor, stupid!

Clueless Umno, Delusional Pakatan.
"... the West Coast Pakatan people gave themselves way too much credit for the PAS victory. In fact, collectively, the West Coast Pakatan people were even more irrelevant to the KT constituents than the West Coast Barisan people. Do you think the KT man-in-the-street gives a hoot about what Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Tian Chua and Teresa Kok have to say? Of course not. Do you think Brother Anwar is a factor? Nope. Not a chance. What about the “formidable” platoon of Pakatan bloggers who descended on KT to mingle with and seduce the Cina Teganung? ..."

KijangMas of Demi Negara says the Kuala Terengganu by-election was neither a rejection of an already lame duck Prime Minister nor a rebuke of Najib. So what was it? Read his latest posting The KT By-Election: A quasi-national plebiscite on Pak Lah or Najib ... or just a local Oghang Teganung affair?

p.s. KijangMas is author of the mind-beding Nov 6 blogpost entitled Racial Polarisation and the Forging of Bangsa Malaysia. Click here if you'd somehow missed it.


  1. Anonymous1:35 pm

    its more than just local issue...bialaha siapa yang kalah akan carik macam2 excuse...umno baik pas baik.


  2. Anonymous2:05 pm

    You do not hesitate to name the Chinese but fail to mention PR supporters of other races in KT. What kind of game are you playing?

  3. Judge Dread,

    I have provided a link there so pls don't be lazy. Go click on the link and read the article.

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous2:31 pm

    The Pakatan bloggers descended on KT to earn their whisky. They are not there to oppose BN, but to indirectly support Abdullah Badwawi to remain as PM, by concocting fairy tales against Najib.

    The Pakatan bloggers mispresent us that they are blogging for good cause for the nation, namely on good governance, corruptions issue, racial harmony, transparency and accountability, etc...

    But their complete silence on the major issues such as the recent proposed piratisation of IJN, the scandalous Labu project, the Hudud issue is perplexing. The cult behaviour and responses toward Anwar Ibrahim is pitiful for these bloggers who sold themselves for this unhealthy practice

    You will notice most of the topics of these bloggers are towards a crusade to attack Najib only. The big question is why not against Abdullah Badawi who are the one responsible for all the mess and blunders created last 5 years.

    If there are not towards in nation buidling issues,these bunch of bloggers are mere mecernary writers.

    Make me wonder, whether these bunch of pro Pakatan bloggers are the glorified cybertroopers *(ala BN version) engaged by Pakatan.

  5. As long as Barisan Nasional keep avoiding the real issues; whilst Pakatan Rakyat continue to over glorified their so-called 'tsunami', we the people will continue to get fuck by these idiots.

    When is BN want to start admitting that there are at the brink of collapsing? People are bloody seek even to hear the names of Najib, Ali Rustam, Mat Taib, Zahid, Khairy etc???

    Why will PR start admitting that the last election has nothing to do with their vision? They won based on BN stupidity!

    Same goes to Permatang Pauh where even Dr M won't be able to challenge Anwar at his own backyard while KT is all about the arrogant Wan Farid?

  6. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Memang seronok aku baca demi negara. Ko pas ke, ko umno ke, pkr ke, habis kena gasak.

    Name me all the star studded blogs, it's kijangmas who sees things clearly and expresses it clearly, with rib-tickling humour too. Can't touch this.


  7. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Everyone is entitled to his own opinions.

    KijangMas has his own concoction, i.e., his own opinions from how he sees it, which is indisputably based on his personal interest.

    It's as simple as that.

    I suggest you don't get all too excited, Rocky. As you quoted Sdr. Lim Kit Siang's words in another popular Malaysian blog: "facts are sacred, opinions are free".

    KijangMas's talk is no fact (that is, it is unsubstantiated and unsubstantiable).

    But opinions, by nature, are plenty, depending on how you want to view an issue. Or who you are rallying for, as in this case.

    Now, go pop a blood pressure pill Rocky. It will do good for you. You've been working too hard for the pro-Mahathir/Najib camp, and everybody needs a rest once in a while.

  8. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Yeah Rocky, what kind of game are you playing when you are harping on just the Chinese supporters of PR.

    What have you got to say about the huge Malay wave of support that slammed BN?

    A fluke?

    Not a single voter from the Malay community thinks Najib is the reason they voted for PR?

    Cukuplah Rocky dengan kau nak mempertahankan axis keparat Najib-Mahathir-Muhkriz.

  9. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Doesn't matter what he writes, the issue is PAS won the by-election.
    Local issues or national issues or Obama issues, KT folks had voted PAS as their representative in Parliament.
    Any sour grapes can try again next time brother and forget all the analysis just wait for next GE.

  10. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I was at KT in the by-election and saw Anwar, LKS and Raja Petra in action. They didn't move the Chinese voters at all. Wan Farid won all the peti undi in KT town. PAS won because the fence sitters among Malay voters didn't like Wan Farid. So talk abt Anwar, LKS and Raja Petra playing a big role there was utter nonsense!

  11. KT is people's rejection of corruption, nepotism, abuse of power, lack of transparencey, lack of direction,misuse of public funds etc etc. NOT peoples acceptance of Hudud and a theocratic state.

    Give it to em rocky, they seem to think that they's the kingmakers, the chosen people. ha ha ha

  12. Anonymous6:17 pm

    thank you for the continual denial.
    no problem. BN, continue your wayward ways with support from personalities like Rocky.
    the electorate will decide come GE13. I am looking forward to it excpet my fear is that when your reign is threatened you all will employ Mugabe violence. Wonder why BN doesnt even has the guts to implement IPCMC?

    Bangsa Malaysia

  13. Anonymous7:16 pm

    kalau pandai takkan dah tua pun nak buat blog...aduii..otherwise busy buat duit...

  14. Anonymous7:52 pm


    diorang betul marah you-lah.

    the RPK and PKR henchmen and kadams are all out with their knives.
    cannot accept Kijang Mas' views.

    Oooi.bodoh bangang...ini Kijang Mas punya views-lah.

    you see, Rocky, you cannot even post any articles yang criticise diorang. dan kijang mas pun bantai najib.

    so clear that these rabid PKR supporters don't believe in freedom of expression.

    PKR will be the one to ban this and that. trust me. They are not tolerant of anything outside their own viewpoints and beliefs.

    right now?
    if you ask me, the barisan bangsat rakyat bloggers are so arrogant now. they feel power-lah. they are worse than the media practitioners they hate.

    menyesal undi Pakatan keparat. Penipu pulak tu.
    sekarang sokomng Pak Lah, Tak ada prinsip. They'd sooner ruin and destroy the country to instal Anwar Ibrahim as PM.

  15. Anonymous8:23 pm


    SOUR GRAPES lah you!!

    -sweet is victory-

  16. Jonathan,

    Thank you for your concern. But KijangMas did warn us about the "increasingly bizarre Pakatan zealots"...

  17. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Pakatan Blogger made a big deal out of their presence. Over rated bunch.

    Harris Penyokong dan Pembela Qadiani and Ayah Pin goes to the point of fabricating a meeting between Rocky, Nuraina, Mukhriz, JJ .. to save Najib at BSC.

    That statement shows how naive he is politically. The UMNO people must be laughing their head off at how stupid that comment and association is.

    Harris Penyokong dan Pembela Qadiani and Ayah Pin ni perasan punya manusia macam dia bagus. Perangai macam sial dan budi bahasa hampir sifar.

    Kalau dia dikata apa-apa Harris Penyokong dan Pembela Qadiani and Ayah Pin tahu nak saman. TYpical ego lawyer. Macam dia ingat hebat sangat dia jadi lawyer. Law school pun half past six.

    Berapa banyak saman di mahkamah yang tergantung sebab orang yang dia saman beri affidavit yang mana dia tidak dapat jawab balik? Hasil law school half past six.

    Sepatutnya Harris Penyokong dan Pembela Qadiani and Ayah Pin, Zorro, RPK, Gus dll pergi kempen kawasan Melayu dan PAS.

    Boleh kita semua dedah mereka yang menyokong PAS adalah kumpulan anti- dan pembenci Islam dan Melayu, khususnya RPK dan Harris Penyokong dan Pembela Qadiani and Ayah Pin?

    Tak payah kiralah si tua Zorro. Nilai isi kandung blog si rasis sorok dalam almari ini zero.

    Dia sendiri tak faham apa yang dia sokong, tentang dan kritik. Segala apa yang dia kutuk mesti melibatkan Melayu. Dia sebenarnya benci Melayu dan suka Melayu yang bukan Melayu macam RPK dan Harris Penyokong dan Pembela Qadiani and Ayah Pin.

  18. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Yes Bru, PR is getting over their heads.

    I have told PR leaders POINTBLANK just after GE12 that they won because the Rakyat hate BN, not so much because we love PR.

    Now MP Kuala Selangor cheekily asked me , why dont we love PR, I told them you deliver first, then only we can love PR !!!

    Yes, I totally agree with Demi Negara that PR won because of the push factor (i.e hate factor) and not pull factor (i.e love factor) !!

    As a knowledge empowered citizen, I am asking PR leaders to stop the ROT, join forces and put economy above politics and I am totally against a SNAP ELECTION where more BILLIONS will be wasted.

  19. Anonymous9:08 pm


    Kalau kau syok sangat pasal KijangMas memandai cakap Pakatan Rakyat banyak "zealots", aku nak tanya kau satu jer Rocky:

    UMNO takde "zealots" ke?

    Aku cabar kau jawab soalan ni.

  20. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Satu lagi Rocky:

    KijangMas tu bukannya boleh percaya sangat ----- dia tu penyokong kuat Madey dengan anak Madey, Mukriz. KijangMas penyokong besar UMNO.

    Mesti la dia mo pertahankan UMNO, lebih-lebih lagi Najib.

    Tak beza tak lain macam kau lah, Rocky.

  21. Anonymous9:57 pm


    I am sick reading some reporters (not sure which one that I have read) are saying that the Chinese and Indians are the king-makers.

    Unfortunately, this label are making them arrogant and big headed. Sometime, they dare to raise sensitive issues that are very dear to the Malays.

    Frankly, I regret voting for DAP in the last election.No more. I will vote for the party that take care of the Malays needs while also balancing the needs of the minority.

  22. Anonymous9:58 pm

    You are racist rocky, never thought of you as one, but lately your true colours have come out. I guess the rumours that you now work for mukhriz and mahathir are true. They must have promised you something cukup lumayan, for you to sell your soul like this. rip

  23. Anonymous10:26 pm

    YOu ask people to read the Quran but ownself write like the devil. poke fire here poke fire there. YOu are hypocrite of highest order.

  24. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Your little blog is more on a racist side.....almost forget, you are pro-Mahathir, it makes sense now.

  25. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Rocky, banyak Pakatan leader ni syiok sendiri. I voted for Wee Choo Keong in Wangsa Maju because i hate Pak Lah's government. Nothing to do with RPK or Anwar or DAP. But I think WCK has done a good job so far. Maybe I'll vote him again in the next election. But if this Anwar and gang lebih2 sangat (as it is now), i'll happily vote for BN again.


  26. Anonymous11:58 pm

    we hate abdullah badawi and khairy jamaluddin. period!

    kepok losong

  27. Anonymous12:30 am

    yes, it is local factor. If you know, rocky - wan farid hardly spend time with the people. He just busy finding project (like other umno leader). Lucky there is modal insan from Terengganu oil royalty. So he, idris jusoh and patrick lim spend billion RM on useless project.

    By the way, what happen to umno leader that insult sultan. Is he free and no charges!!! Suddenly quiet as usual when it involve umno leader!!1

    Zamri, sunway


    Clueless Umno, Delusional Pakatan

    Which part of it that makes both writers are pro BN?

  29. Anonymous1:14 am

    Havent been to your blog for a while, been busy oh my, it has changed too. KijangMas has some good points in there but by attributing the win to BN's failure rather than PAS's strength, I fear he has lost some credibility.

    Of course, it was the selection of contestant that decided the election. Why did Allahyarham Dato Razali won when 3/4 BN ADUNs lost? Of course it was a local issue, has always been and will always be with Trg folks.

    BN is no longer relevant. The corruption is so rife, even loss at GE13 will not change it, not yet anyway. You've heard how the machinery doesnt run without money. How BN giants came down with their merz and BMW and Alphards. You dont hear this kinda thing with PAS. Hudud is relevant and so it theocratic state, at least in Trg. You can theorize all you want, at the end of the day, life is short and life on earth is a small part of our existence and we will all be judged.

    What does it mean to me? I was working in overseas - worked myself silly to come back to M'sia and fly to KT to vote for PAS. Just managed to do it in the nick of time. You think someone who supports BN would do that?

    PAS Voter

  30. Dont you people read and digest this post before commenting? How can Rocky be racist when all he did was link & quote from another blog which posted on a by election post mortem analysis..
    Where & when did race come into the picture?

    Did the unregistered anons bother read the link provided before commenting? Some of you sound pretty clueless from your comments..

  31. Anonymous1:58 am

    Nice try Rocky...using another blogger's piece to deflect the blame of BN's loss due to Najib.

    There's no way, anyone can know wat actually swung the votes to PAS. It could have been a whole concoction of factors.

    Its just an hard facts.

  32. Well said Riddzy

    Ni orang panggil meludah ke langit..

    Nampak sangat bingai.. tak reti bace ke...

    .ke malas nak bace langsung

    ke de structure of KijangMas's writing is too complex for u....

    So what people...election's over..anyone can talk about it in retrospec.....analyzing...providing evidence....trying to make something out of a bunch of numbers...

    Did you all bother to go and ask each and everyone of the 63,933 who voted to know why the pick their candidate

    Even the statistically insignificant survey by merdeka center "misreported " on one of the most important question which could have mislead the BN section towards focusing more on the Chinese voter instead of the Malays........

    talk la till the cows come home..

    here's the challenge....the put too much focus on the Title of Rocky's post instead of the actual article...and if they had read the actual post..i bet they would probably gave up halfway after kena bantai dengan KijangMas....

    You don't like what he says go and deal with him in DemiNegara takut?

    Rocker biar serious mamat ni
    Penyokong dan Pembela Qadiani and Ayah Pin...dia jadi ape marketing agent or Pengerusi Tetap?

  33. Anonymous9:18 am

    hahahahaha.... Its the local factor that will see the demise of UMNO from this once known as Tanah Melayu... then what say you and where will you be then Demi Negara??? Still in denial syndrome like the Grand Old M?

    - Dicko

  34. Anonymous10:05 am

    Wow!! Will add Rocky and KijangMas to Muhyidin Yassin/Ali Rustam's group. <--Umno people who still dont get it.

  35. Anonymous11:30 am

    PAS' victory in KT restores the status quo so to speak. It's hard to think how they lost in March 2008 when 3 out of 4 DUNs were won by them. I sense something fishy to deny Mat Sabu. Immediately after nomination Najib said the outcome shud not be regarded as a referendum for top leaders of BN. This strengthened the suspicion that Najib is not confident of victory because he knew very well the victory in March was not a genuine one. But I must congratulate the new chairman of SPR for acting swiftly by removing the returning officer after a complaint substantiated with hard facts. This is something unthinkable under that man Rashid for whom the Govt went to the extent of amending the constitution to keep him in the job. It's not difficult to know why. The move by the new chairman may have earned BN some votes to keep PAS majority at 2000 plus vote, but he needs to do much, much more to restore public confidence especially in the area of using public fund instead of party fund.

    from: suruhanjaya penyelewengan pilihanraya (SPP)

  36. Anonymous2:48 pm


    You mentioned somewhere, estimates of 1million going to be out of job soon? Add the existing jobless, (even without recession), multiply these by "say 3", (including spouses and dependents).. hah dah berapa nih.

    These are SURE VOTERS.

    Take good care of them with RESPECT and I guarantee they will vote for YOU!!

    SIMPLE LOGIC, no need to analyse or become political analyst.


  37. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Isn't it weird how your blog postings and Nuraina A Samad's blog postings are so similar?? Almost like you guys were in sync or something... Is the rumour true that you guys are working for Najib and Mukhriz? Tell the truth and shame the devil. Even Haris says that the both of you are lying. Care to set the record straight?

  38. Writers may write all they enlighten confuse us...the die was cast!!
    It's smart People's Power!!!
    What do talk so much about?

  39. Anonymous5:48 pm


    nampak nya penyokong PKR ni tak boleh menerima pandangan "in-your-face" dan yang mengkritik mereka seperti yang di tulis oleh blogger Kijang Mas.

    Bukan sahaja tidak boleh terima tetapi tidak faham apa yang telah di ketengahkan oleh Kijang Mas.

    jelas bahawa blogger-blogger yang gelar diri mereka sebagai Barisan Rakyat bloggers mempunyai pandangan yang sangat sempit.

    Saya meneliti tulisan Kijang Mas. Benar, beliau memperkekehkan (kehkehkeh) bloggers Pakatan yang perasan. Itu pandangan beliau.

    Selain daripada itu, Kijang Mas juga bantai semua pihak termasuk Najib.

    Betul lah kesimpulan Kijang Mas -- pengundi2 KT terima wakil Pas yang merupakan a people's man, berbanding wakil Umno yang bersikap angkuh.

    You don't have to be a nuclear scientist to know that.

    Yang pelek. Apa salah kalau Kijang mas penyokong Umno?

    Saya rasa, blogger2 Umno lebih berani mengkritik Umno dan Barisan Nasional dan sedia menerima kritik terhadap Umno dan ketua2 Umno, berbanding blogger2 Pakatan yang langsung tidak boleh menerima bukan sahaja kritik terhadapp PKR tetapi kata2 baik terhadap Umno dan BN.

    Apa punya bloggers lah ni semua?

    Jelas juga agenda blogger-blogger penyokong Pakatan termasuk pengikut Ayah Pin dan penyokong Qadiani Haris Ibrahim bekerja kuat menghancurkan nama saudara Rocky dengan mengutuk habis2an dengan "tohmahan" bahawa saudara crony Mahathir dan Najib.

    Kalau begitu, Mahathir dan Najib betul-betul "cheapo" dan saudara Rocky adalah crony yang paling murah sekali -- bekerja tanpa bayaran.

    patut lah free dan gratis, sebab kalau saudara adalah hired gun Mahathir, Mukhriz dan Najib -- mana "spin" saudara?

    No wonder they're not paying're not doing a good job of spinning!

  40. kemenangan Mohd. Abdul Wahid Endut sudah dijangka banyak pihak dari awal cuma BN melalui mesin propagandanya sahaja yang cuba meyakinkan rakyat kununnya mereka masih berpeluang , meletakkan calon yang sangat terkenal dengan kaitan budak Tingkat 4 atau yang sangat "setia-kat-WANG" KJ bukan percaturan bijak BN tetapi siapa boleh halang jika menantu PM dah buat keputusan. Keputusan sudah diketahui , umum seperti biasanya sudah menjangka skrip Pilihanraya Kecil , mereka yang selalunya duduk di belakang kereta mewah yang selalu ditemani pemandu akan turun padang, ada yang sudah lama tidak berkain pelikat tetapi dek kerana P36 ini mereka berkain pelikat , yang sudah lama atau tidak pernah menunggang C70 boleh dilihat menunggang kenderaan yang tak mungkin ada di garaj rumah mereka kalau ada pun mungkin milik tukang kebun , seperti biasa projek berJUTA dijanji, pengundi yang dirasa boleh menentukan keputusan di layan bagai raja ,
    rombongan rumah ke rumah untuk meminang undi dirakam dengan lensa kamera dengan penuh senyuman ketika bersalam dengan tuan punya rumah , yang penting pada BN mereka memaparkan pemimpin mereka kununnya berjiwa rakyat , tetapi di sabalik gambar itu BN lupa mereka juga memaparkan kedaifan kebanyakan rakyat negeri Terengganu yang sangat sinonim dengan Royalti Minyaknya .
    Telemovie P36 sudah berakhir, BN seperti biasanya akan berbicara tentang menerima kekalahan , suara keramat rakyat , post-mortem dan di masa yang sama masih mengatakan rakyat akan tetap menerima BN dengan cuba mengingatkan rakyat apa yang telah BN lakukan sehingga hari ini ,membuat perbandingan yang menunjukkan bahagian yang lebih baik dengan kerajaan yang diterajui PR , tetapi maaf-apa keburukan yang mereka lakukan disebaliknya cukuplah disimpan didalam usus perut mereka . Buat rakyat yang merasakan BN akan cuba mendengar suara keramat akhirnya hanya mengharap , dan seperti biasa selepas beberapa ketika mereka akan tetap dengan keangkuhan & kesombongan mereka melacurkan pembangunan untuk rakyat kununnya- demi isi perut keluarga , menantu , rakan & Assoc.
    Pakatan Rakyat memberi mesej sangat jelas kepada BN , pakatan mereka mungkin boleh dicuit dengan pelbagai isu- hudud misalnya yang dimula KJ ketika berdebat dgn Husam , tetapi dengan mudahnya dipatah oleh PR , DAP melalui Karpal jujur mengakui mereka memang
    tidak bersetuju dengan hudud , BN yang sudah mula tersenyum menjangka PR akan retak akhirnya tenggelam sendiri dengan isu itu, DAP menerusi Lim Guan Eng & pemimpin lainnya kental membantu PAS tanpa sebarang masalah nyatanya kejujuran DAP di dalam isu ini menutup mulut pengkritik PR , yang akan tetap bersuara org UMNO yang baragama Islam itu sendiri .
    P36 ini juga menunjukan mereka cukup matang berpolitik ,benar mereka punyai perbedaan pendapat kerna jika mereka punya pendapat semuanya sama tentu sahaja tidak wujud lagi PKR, DAP & PAS lagi. Mereka juga bijak menjaga hubungan BN juga melalui komponennya punya pendapat berbeda, apa jadi pada suara MCA yang mahukan konsesi lebuhraya disemak semula ,
    apa kata orang UMNO, apa kata Samy Vellu & Co. , ini kali kedua MCA bersuara tentang isu ini ,
    pertama kalinya mudah ditangani UMNO berdiam diri sahaja- kita tidak boleh berprsangka buruk dengan UMNO tentang ini kerana Kroni UMNO tidak terlibat di dalam konsesi UMNO ini - percayalah :), UMNO jika terus merasakan dialah tuan yang tidak boleh dicuit didalam BN,
    percayalah BN ini dalamannya yang kurang dipapar kan lebih rapuh dari PR yang dalamannya memang selalu dipaparkan.
    Pakatan Rakyat perlu bekerja bukan sahaja lebih kuat malah memberi cerminan apa visi mereka untuk menukar kerajaan semasa , ketelusan dan kesamarataan yang konsisten tanpa ada perlu pegangan kerajaan sekarang "kalau orang lain di posisi ini mereka akan melakukan perkara yang sama" buang segala unsur di dalam kerajaan BN yang jijik disebut tetapi
    hanya menjadi bahan gurauan kalangan BN perkataan seperti korupsi , kronisme dan lain -lainnya yang sinonim dengan BN ini.
    Skrip pilihanraya akan lebih kurang sama pada piliharaya akan datang tetapi apa yang perlu ditakuti BN kala ini bukan pengundi muda sebenarnya ,
    tetapi pengundi yang selama ini memangkah mereka kerana "kerajaan sekarang dah ok , asal dapat makan cukup , pemimpin buat apa itu peluang mereka kerana mereka disitu" pengundi yang di dalam kalangan ini sudah mula memahami salah laku pemimpin BN boleh ditegur malah mereka mengetahui negara ini boleh memiliki pemimpin yang lebih jujur dalam mentadbir negara yang tercinta ini.Untuk BN jika mahu terus mahu memerah hasil kekayaan Malaysia ,
    korbankan semua barisan yang ada kaitan dengan kebencian rakyat ini, tetapi jika di buang takutnya tiada langsung barisan kepimpinan yang ada sekarang - kalau masih mahu berkuasa lagi.

    coretan khalayak
    johor bahru

  41. syedaziz,

    first and foremost, let me say that Rocky and I were discussing many things and was told by someone that kijangmas just posted his "analysis" on the KT by-election. We were told it was "interesting".

    "Go lah read", that someone said. That was on Friday.

    So I did. And yes...intersting, entertainig..worth "pasting it on my blog. But I decided to post something else instead...forgot all about Kijang Mas. then yesterday I opened Rocky's blog and, Damn, he posted it already. Beat me to it!!!

    But's never too late and I unashamedly did a posting on Kijang Mas' analysis and linked to his blog.

    Anything wrong with that?
    I kinda like the way he writes.

    To your question about me and rocky working for mukhriz and najib...i gather that you got this from haris' blog.

    I have told a commentor in my blog who asked the same.

    Haris did not lie but he wrote a lie based on wrong info from his very trusted friend.

    I was not at that so-called "meeting" at La Badega, although I would have loved to be there to know what's going on. I am kaypoh by nature, having been a journalist for way too long.
    Old habits die hard, y'know.

    Haris' source must NOT know how I look like. If there was a woman at that "meeting" (a meeting at La Bodega?), it sure was not me!
    And there was no Mukhriz, I was told.

    But, he might as well be there because he'd be welcome to join me, if I were there.

    You probably don't know this but I do know Mukhriz personally and Najib personally (after knowing them professionally). It came with my job as a journalist for, like I said, way toooo long.

    I know Dr Mahathir too, but i cannot say, at a personal level. He is way up there...but i used to "cover" him extensively here and abroad while I was in NST. You know, my job.

    As I know Anwar. In fact, very well.
    I turned down an offer (after GE12)to work in Anwar's media team simply because I am not partisan when everyone knows that I have always liked Anwar from God knows when! That was why one of his orang kanan asked me because they know I am that close to Anwar.

    I don't work for politicians.

    So to your question -- no I don't work for Mukhriz and he has never offered me and I don't work for Najib, and he has never offered me.

    If they do offer me, I'll say the same thing -- I don't work for politicians.

    But I will sit with any politicians for tea and so on as I have been doing all my working life ...Umno, MIC, MCA, Keadilan, Pas etc...

    I have no prejudice.

    So Syedaziz, you will definitely find me anywhere in Bangsar etc..sitting with politicians from either divide...

    no big deal.

  42. Anonymous8:21 pm

    waah...sekarang pakatan bloggers betul betul nak kantoi najib.
    ingat kita bodoh? pak lah masih PM daaah. bengap! bodoh!
    kalau menang KT...waaah..hurray fro Pak lah.
    ni nak pak lah terus jadi PM. Helah apa ni? Dulu kutuk Pak Lah bagai nak rak. RPK paparkan cerita bruk Pak Lah. memang cerita buruk.
    Khairy Chronicles. ingat tak? entertaining. Pak Lah.
    Helah Helah Helah pakatan.
    mana prinsip?
    Sanggup rosakkan negara demi rebutan kuasa.
    betul ke sayang rakyat?

    by the way, Carbonara, biasa lah tu Rocky pasting orang punya...dia dah pernah buat gitu. Tak ada orang bising pun?

    pasal demi negara punya hebat, kan? kantoi pakatan bloggers...kah kah kah.

  43. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Now we got Barisan Rakyat's bloggers waging a war againts Barisan Nasional's Bloggers. Let see who gonna win. Winner takes all. Loser bares all. Dare to battle anyone???

    - Dicko

  44. Anonymous10:14 pm


    Every one has his right to his opinion in whatever way. In actual of fact as portrayed by all UMNO Leaders at all level from ketua Cawangan to the President , they are the better lots who know every things on earth. So why waste our time to post comment whether for or against them. Ask UMNO leaders why they lost to PAS in KT By election.. They have the answers well before the polling date. Should there be another by election or snap general election in the near future these UMNO leaders know where they stand. The disillusionment of some of the UMNO leaders as shown by Dato Nasaruddin Hashim ADUN Bota Perak switching to PKR today is just a classic example. The infighting is seem serious and on going all over and it reflects the product of weak leadership in UMNO .I believe many more to follow suit.


  45. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Knock knock! Rocky! Where are you? Big news from Bota in Perak.

    How come you're not here to report?

    Busy meeting with Mukhriz Mahathir again to plan what to do or say next?


  46. Anonymous1:55 am


    what's wrong with you people?
    you expect a lot from him, huh?
    must he post this and that?

    by the way, didn't you know (if you've been following his blog). that Rocky voted in Rapat Setia, Perak last March. And he voted for the opposition.

  47. Anonymous4:42 am

    The time will come when the voters will realise that they have been duped into believing the great spinners.

    The PKR medicine man tactics worked, but the medication did not.

    It's all about running down leaders, and the more bad things said about other people, the more the masses enjoy it.

    How the hell could the poor KT rakyat see through the whisky boot leggers of the west is one of the world's greatest wonder. Right now they are all having a Yam Seng over their victory and laughing at the stupid Malay voters for being gullible fools.

    Good luck, you KT voters. It will be another election before you see those West coast crooks again.


  48. Anonymous10:50 am

    You are totally brued. Stop blogging. Apply for some editors post in any UMNO linked media you sure get it.I have lost interest in your pages coz they are no more like yours before MAC 08. Bye Obamaniac

  49. Anonymous11:02 am

    Kalkitos said, "knock knock where ur u rocky, no news reported on Bota PERAK.
    Answer on behalf Rocky, 'Busy planning with the top guns, Mukhzriz etc '. Anyway will be back soon, will get something from Nuraina Samad. Keep blogging.

  50. Only professionals can sit with all sorts of talk and yet..will not be influenced by anyone. It is purely a professional meeting ..being casual or official.
    Only weak and shallow minded people see someone like Rocky having a drink with Mahathir's son or supporters..start jumping to wrong conclusions.
    One needs to study Rocky's character...background...and as a professional reporter.
    What kind of idiots think such a man...will avoid seeing friends or acquire information..or conduct an interview for news.
    The differences between Rocky ad others journalists that many may envy Rocky had achieved managerial his working career.
    Others cannot because of their limited IQ or due to their typical jealous characters...clever to mind business of others...yet produce nothing to be proud about in their careers..for promotions.
    I read the few out to insult or belittle Rocky....with no substances or proofs...just talk nonsense.
    The only fault I find in still valuing to be 'all blog' president..which is not important to him at all.

  51. Rocky is clearly against Dollah.
    I have defended him...few times...against insults from others..and I hope he makes it clear...he is against UMNO....which means Najib included.
    I am sick to read few two timers..that are pro Mahathir..but anti Dollah...not anti UMNO??
    Rocky should come out with a post ..on many negatives to talk about this cunning bugger.
    Do show he is not playing wayang kulit with politics.

  52. A good lawyer have no time to start a blog.
    He may occasionally makes some comments a visitor.
    However..if one is old..and have a big firm...where partners are taking care of it..then it make sense if that lawyer wants to start a pass time and contribute his wise readers.
    Only good for nothing lawyers...with a big mouth..nothing to do...have so much time to mind other people's businesses...or paid to do that.
    As lawyers are trained to accept any client..guilty or not guilty...depending on him for a solid...for or against change of asking too much. Only idiots can trust lawyers to have a fixed mind.
    They are trained to also accept highest paymaster...for their so call lawful minds...but plenty are crooks welknown..throughout the world.
    Never read a lawyer's blog...and think it is gospel truths.

  53. Anonymous12:35 pm

    “ Dan berapa banyak telah Kami binasakan umat-umat sebelum mereka. Adakah kamu melihat seorang pun dari mereka atau kamu dengar suara mereka yang samar-samar? “
    Surah Maryam ayat 98

  54. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Kepada Koala dan para pembaca yang mungkin terpedaya dengan cakap Koala:

    Koala kata -->

    "by the way, didn't you know (if you've been following his blog) that Rocky voted in Rapat Setia, Perak last March. And he voted for the opposition."

    Aku nak tanya -->

    Macam mana kamu tahu dia undi untuk pembangkang? Kamu pi bukak kertas undi dia?

    Atau kau ni munkee UMNO yang kerje untuk Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR), boleh bukak-bukak undi orang lepas tu buat pengumuman siapa undi untuk siapa?

    Ke atuk engkau tu tukang nujum hebat boleh buat ramalan Rocky undi untuk siapa?

    Atau Rocky tu ada bisik romantik kat telinga kau ke, yang dia undi pembangkang?

    Rocky ada melalak buat pengumuman ke yang dia undi untuk pembangkang?

    Koala. Ni nasihat aku pada kau: duk diam-diam kunyah daun sireh. Kalau tak telinga kau kang aku tarik.

  55. AI!
    As usual DEMI NEGARA is ranting & raving!!
    Whatever DM may say, the people of KT have spoken!
    And perhaps DM might take cognisance of the creeping fact.
    Turun Padang, whoever u r!
    Smell the Roses or in yr case - the codswallop!!

  56. Taiko Kilang Kasut Bata,

    PRU12 pertama kali saya mengundi. Itu bukan rahsia sebab saya ada menulis tentang diri sendiri menjadi mangsa "undi hantu".

    Juga, saya beritahu ramai juga orang dan kawan bahawa saya mengundi pembangkang (parlimen dan juga DUN). Tu sebab saya tahu bahawa ada benar teori yang mengatakan orang Melayu sanggup pangkah DAP sebab terlalu meluat dengan gelagat PM dan konco2nya.

    Jadi, Koala tu tidak lah salah. Takkan lah dia cakap begitu kau dah tuduh dia jadi talibarut Umno. Jangan bongkak sangat beb .. nanti orang yang pangkah pembangkang pd PRU12 meluat pulak kat parti kau ..

  57. Anonymous12:45 am

    Ambo dah cakap dulu lagi, yang kalah kat KT ialah Raja Putra. Kalau UMNO tak faham juga, lantak pi lah, UMNO ni bukan nak dengak benda yang dia tak suka...nak dengak benda yang dok puji dia saja. Yang sahnya UMNO dah kena saiko dengan PKR, percaya yang 10% kat kampung China tu King Maker kunon. BTW, thanks Deminegara & Rocky, you just reaffirm my thinking on the subject.

  58. PAS menang pakai undi HANTU,
    diorang sendiri yang kata.

  59. Anonymous5:44 am


    Kalau kau cakap kau undi untuk pembangkang, itu boleh diterima. Itupun kita tak tahu betul ke tak apa yang kau cakap, memandangkan kau ni jaguh 'spin' yang terkenal. Jadi kita kena hati-hati jugak bila mau menelan kata-kata orang, terutamanya mereka yang integriti dan prinsip mereka tu goyang cam lalang.

    Satu lagi, hal perihal kau undi siapa tu bukan sesuatu untuk disahkan oleh sebarang haiwan Koala atau pembahas lain, terutamanya tanpa bukti disertakan.

    Kau pun tak paham konsep "teori". Sebab kau undi pembangkang, itu bukan bukti yang secukupnya kenyataan bahawa itu sebab kau "tahu bahawa ada benar teori yang mengatakan orang Melayu sanggup pangkah DAP". Kau belajar sekolah mana Rocky, tak paham pasal teknik inferensi?

    Kau cakap orang nak meluat kat parti aku? Aku bukan orang parti mana-mana Rocky. Kau ni pulak aku dengar penjilat kasut Mahathir dan Mukhriz, tapi kau buat sorok-sorok, kononnya kau ni "neutral". Betul ke?

  60. Anonymous6:57 am

    Taiko Kilang Kasut Bata,

    PODDAAAH lah!

    You think you dare do all that to me?
    All PKR supporters jahat like you? Talk like you?
    PODDAH laah.
    Can see your stripes already!
    Next time before you want to condemn people, you better know what you're saying.

    Haris Ibrahim was with Rocky in Perak-lah during the general election. Haris knows lah Rocky voted for Opposition.

    anyway...all this talk about Rocky being crony.

    You want to k ow story?
    RPK was Mahathir's crony for a good while sometime in 2006. Don't believe?

    hundreds people know this lah. He was doing stuff for Dr M. Got paid also.
    Then he got together with Anwar and decided Anwar can pay more.

    Rocky? he must be a very poor crony, as someone said.

    HEY TAIKO BODOH BAHAHOL, be careful all this talk can blow in your face!

  61. Anonymous7:37 am

    phoenix foundation,

    it's just (another) point of view, stooopid!

  62. Anonymous7:39 am

    rocky's bru,

    haahaaaa....dah pun meluat dengan diorang ni...

    they are crazy PKR supporters!

  63. Anonymous7:44 am


    WOWWW>>>>is it true that haris Ibrahim is a follower of Ayah Pin and a Qadiani sympathiser.

    I mean...if he so chooses, it's his right.

    Ayah Pin? ok-lah if you are not a Muslim. But if you are, then you are a murtad!

    Qadiani -- they don't believe that Nabi Muhammad is the last prophet, right? so that makes them, er....outside of Islam.

    but smart fella lawyer like Haris ....i suppose nothing to do with the grey matter but your faith.

    haris should not be a closet Ayah Pinist. His sympathy for Qadiani is clear in his blog.

  64. Anonymous10:11 pm


    Bukan CLUELESS, tapi BLINDED..

    Depa sangkakan kerbau, lembu, kambing sekadar BELA untuk dibaham dan untuk tarik kereta lembu sja, tak sedar yang dari sini ler dapat susu, daging, kulit dan bermacam lagi termasuk makan sirlion steak...

    They must realise to get good quality milk and meat, they need to take special care of these animals too...


  65. Anonymous11:46 am

    Jeeez, look at the reaction of the "bizarre Pakatan zealots."

    Rocky, KijangMas with his usual wit whacked BOTH sides cukup-cukup BUT how come only the "bizarre Pakatan zealots" are unable to swallow it? The UMNO people accept the critique and moved on, o.k. lumberingly, but now already beginning to insaf and sedar diri.

    The "bizarre Pakatan zealots"? KM did label them the "new Anak Manjas" before, and I think its absolutely true and their cry baby thrash dished out here proves that.

    How can a bunch of oversensitive vain emotional wrecks run this nation? Scary man!

    Ugghh, these Anak Manjas make me sick!

  66. I'm glad someone posted in English on this. My posting on this (more or less) was in Malay (tengah hangat pemilihan beb...) & typically dry, so didn't catch on. Glad the nonsense around Kuala Terengganu is being countered and may it dissipate soon...

  67. Anonymous8:50 pm

    mudkliz & kjmas ,were u both edued in india, mahamamak's countryland !?

  68. Anonymous12:10 am

    Kooala & The Gang,

    If I dont know any better, I'd say you are "stupider". Ini lah mentaliti UMNO lama yg menyebabkan parti jatuh. Kalau ada orang criticize sikit, kamu balas dgn negative jibe, sakatlah itulah. Apa kamu dapat? Si Tukang Kasut Kilang Bata lagi la menyampah. Kalaulah dia sebelum nih atas pagar, sumpah tak pangkah BN lagi dah. Apa untung parti?

    Engage brother...ENGAGE! Jgn bagi orang lari, discuss rationally, ambik yg baik, slowly tolak yg tak baik. Now there are too many in UMNO like you, low class mentaliti - even up there sampai menteri level. Camna nak ada future?

    sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga

  69. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Well that precisely was my point Unker Yew.

    We have someone special from home, but why chose not to mention her name. OUR OWN BOND GIRL!! A MALAYSIAN Datuk Micheal Yeoh.

    I make it a point to watch her movies, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha Babylon A.D., the Mummy, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Children of Huang Shi.

    WHY? I am damn proud of her. Dia dari Malaysia mah! She even brought her Ferrari fiancé here Mah! And she is bloody talented too!

    Back to Trengganu. Majority of voters are Malays, what did UMNO do. Probably the same, brushed them aside!

    Nah! buat ingat lupa sama kita olang, kita olang pun sampai terlupa nak pangkah dia olang lor! Olang tua tua pun macam budak juga, lagi kuat merajuk!!



  70. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Sorry Rocky,

    Silap tekan butang. Wrong place.