Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year to all readers!!!

I am the Ox. Those born in 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 and 1997 are Ox or Bull people. They make good surgeons, generals and hair-dressers!

[Find out more about your chinese zodiac here]


  1. Happy Linar New Year to all my Chinese friends. I am born in the Year of the OX too. They say these people are stubborn also but I believe they make good Managers and Civil Engineers as well.

  2. Anonymous12:45 pm

    They also make good BULL-shitters!

    Cheers and may it brings you joy, happiness, health, wealth and happiness.

    A non-BULLshitter

  3. Anonymous12:56 pm

    So sad, PM in waiting was burn...oops borne ooops bore oops borned oooops 1953.
    So the reading according to Chinese zodiac is Nothing in Mac and continues zilch!!!!!
    happy chinese new year brother rocky as me too born same year as PM in waiting. dh9753

  4. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Congrats, it's your Year, bro!

    Be the leader. Go charge at 'em.

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthyear, too!

  5. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Yeah!. Year of the bullshitters. Happy Bull Shit oops year of the OX.

  6. when we visit our friends and collegues this CNY, make sure we dont consume or use any of the food/drinks from the companies that support zionism. It is not a sign insult o their hospitality but a stand against zionism through collective boycot.

  7. This is your year! Make good use of it!! Next year you are 60...luck zero..depend on skills.
    "6" luck.."o".is zero...understand?

  8. I'll remember that Mr SS Goh. All skills and no luck! Thank you.

  9. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Rocky, you are a hypocrite. You wish Malaysians Happy Chinese New Year while consistently taking cheap shots at the non-Malay communities. At a time when Malaysian leaders are working hard to unite Malaysians, you seem intent on dividing Malaysians with your racially-biased writing. What goes around comes around, bro. First your laptop got stolen. What are you going to lose next? Realize that you have to compensate the universe for your evil deeds.


    In the year of the bull
    May your coffers be full
    Living a life never dull
    With enough thoughts to mull(over)

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 230109
    Fri. 23rd Jan. 2009.

  11. Anonymous4:38 am

    I wish every Chinese a bad new year. Pse dont celebrate. This is no time to celebrate. This is the time to show our solidarity for the 2 million unemployed in the country. There is nothing to be joyful about the new year. Those who celebrate should be ashamed of themselves.

  12. Anonymous8:30 am

    Best wishes on your 'Year'! If we Malaysians had such a calendar, then surely the donkey would have to figure prominently, given the antics of some of our politicians and polis.

    No Bull.

  13. Anonymous3:30 pm


    Rocky, a hypocrite?
    Writing about Air Asia, about Labulabi is taking cheap shots at non-Malay communities?
    I'd say that any comment Rocky (Bru, not you dungu) makes is not cheap!
    Cannot take honetsy, eh?
    Siapa yang cocok sana sini-lah.
    So, don't go doing the bidding of your bangsat friends-lah.
    Tell you what. Read Rocky's Bru-lah. That is, if you pandai baca and not slamfucking everywhere.

  14. hahahahahaha..I am joking la Rocky!
    Skills must have...and everyone have chances and opportunities..big or small...usually are missed by ourselves...focusing on other matters...cannot see luck coming...then blaming no luck.
    Focus on more and more compensated what you may be evil forces...cannot see your luck coming.
    Evil forces are everywhere!!
    Smart..but being greedy and selfish people become dogs. Mix with them...but be alert and not let any drag you into hell.
    Above everything else...make mistakes...learn from that...and never repeat it acquire more skills.
    Take is as a brotherly advise and in good spirit.
    May you year of OX..2009...protect and keep you well.
    Yip..message from your sincere friend.....S.S.Goh

  15. Anonymous7:37 pm


    Don't start whacking Rocky-lah.

    You berani or not take on the government?

    Take on multinationals?

    You must be illiterate. Go read Rocky's postings..

    IJN, Air Asia, Labu danial said.

    don't try to do that number on Rocky-lah.

    what? someone mentioned pakatan bangsat bloggers?

    Did they fight for IJN?

    They support Pak Lah's excesses. Reform? They trust Pak Lah to carry out reforms? Pak Lah cannot do it in 5 years...remember son-in-law? remember the Opposition election campaign whacking Pak Lah?

    Pak lah better than Najib?

    you must be joking. Najib is no good because of Altantuya...?
    that's not fair at all. the case is still before the court and yes, it is the job of the opposition to bring down najib.

  16. Anonymous12:26 am

    (heha) : Happy Chinese Niu (ox) Year
    2009 to ALL in the universe !!

  17. Can anyone tell me who have not lied in this world?
    Can anyone tell me...who has never been a hypocrite in his life?
    Will RockyRoad writer confirm he is such an honest and noble man...never been hypocrite all his life?
    One can lie and pretend with smiles....with no ulterior motives to hurt others...or for selfish reasons. That's life!!
    Sometimes...I play the part of a avoid. mixing with real hypocrites.
    I have been known to be too the business world...but I am not.
    I think Rocky have a mind of his own.
    Many said...Mahathir helped Rocky to get a job in Malay Mail.
    So ROCKY is ever that wrong?
    Now..please don't tell me I am carrying Rocky balls...if you cannot debate..or have no answers to prove Rocky is not a man of principles.
    There is ONE blogger....who asked me to help him twice...and sold me carry pro Mahathir change colour to carry Amwar balls.
    Now that kind of the worst Malaysian you can ever find.
    He was Rocky's friend too.
    And I know...Rocky will vote for change of government...loving Anwar Ibrahim...without carrying balls.
    I stand to be corrected with fact...from anyone...not blast out insults...with no proofs.

  18. Anonymous1:44 am

    gong xi fa cai!

    a prosperous chinese new year.

    rocky rocky rocky.

    when they want to taroh you, they spread all kinds of nonsense about you. Lupa kah, rocky voted for the opposition?

    very sabar lah you.

    i think your friend haris, is very jahat.

    spreading lies about you.
    as though he doesnt know that you know so many people.

    simple. they cannot get you on their side that's why they bend backwards to bring you down.

    so, my friend. next GE, don't vote for these maniacs.

    mas merah

  19. Anonymous4:24 am

    Whether it is the year of the bull, zebra, donkey or elephant, it is the coffin maker that benefits most.

    A few hundreds will again die at the end of the annual mass suicide on the roads.

    So, lets mourn for them.


  20. Anonymous11:02 am

    (heha): NOT all humans are liars ...BUT ...BUT...all liars are humans
    one lah !! ( dogs & cats never !)

  21. Anonymous11:08 am

    Damn, can we leave bickering & accusations out for the time being?

    Anyway, happy new year of the Ox to you too. To me, its just a nominal ritual to go around visiting & collecting red packets (this year's yield would be lower due to the world economy) >:D

  22. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Wishing you have a great and wonderful Ox New Year.
    Hyvää uutta vuotta!

  23. Brader Rocky Din:

    Thank you for your Niu (Ox) Year greetings.

    Obama & Hishammuddin are also "Bulls" ( both were born in 1961). They are born leaders--like you alsolah, Rocky.

    I think Hisham will come out top in the Umno VP elections --thus preparing himself to be no.2 after TSMY. Of course, this depends on the scenario that Najib won't be the last BN PM (pl refer to R-A-H.M.A.N.theorylah)....

    President Obama? He has a tough time in the Ox year (4 Feb 2009 - 3 Feb 2010). A lot of troubles lie ahead of him --including assasination if he carries with him that kind of "KARMMA"lah....

    Snakes (those born in 1953 like Najib) got no problems this year. His real headache lies in the year of snake - 2013 lah, mind you!

    So it appears that 13th GE must not be held in 2013. In 2012 - year of Dragon - maybe ok for BN.

    The best option is to hold NO GE at all....


  24. Lawyers have nothing to do...start a blog. minding other peoples businesses are useless bums.
    Only lawyers reading law journals to keep updating his/her chosen noble career are worth listening to.
    However...lawyers giving up his/her profession to serve the country as politicians....need not go around and snap pictures or behave like a kucing kurap ...writing to belittle one man.
    He should shout at every Sunday..standing at a soap box...all the unlawful deeds done by UMNO...hopefully to get arrested...and get PR guys to defend and free him.
    Instigating....from the back of the crowd...I have seen one.
    To me...that is a...good for nothing...bastard lawyer.

  25. Anonymous7:34 am

    Hey Muslim are u an OX?
    shouldn't follow the chinese calendar lah if you are a true muslim

  26. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Azlin BODOH,

    Following the Year of the OX by Muslim is nothing wrong, cos The Year of the OX has NOTHING to do with any religion.

    It is IDIOTS like you that creates tensions between religions and races!

    So if your fucking mind is that of the Udang, then just be a Udang! BODOH! BANGSAT!