Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dengue deaths and Chikungunya

12 dead in three weeks. I spray the kids' rooms with mosquito-killer every morning. I am paranoid but you should be, too. According to Liow, the Health Minister, 4,221 cases with 12 fatalities were reported between January 1 and 23 this year. Most of the cases were in the Klang Valley. Read here.

What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones? How do you know it's the dreaded dengue fever, for example?

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  1. Anonymous9:33 pm

    You're a hypocrite Rocky. You try and appear like a hero activist but the truth is, you're just a crony of Mahathir paid to do his bidding.

  2. Anonymous11:14 pm

    The Minsiter Of Heath should commit harakiri for his failure to provide even basic and decent service to protect the people.

  3. Anonymous12:27 am

    rocky, chikungunya is from africa. Government policy make the chikungunya aviable in malaysia. Long live BN and UMNO

    zamri, ppbss

  4. Anonymous12:31 am

    Kerajaan tak ada masa lah bro nak jaga dengue dan chikungunya. Kerajaan sibuk macam mana nak make sure projek klia labu take off. kalau tak jadi matilah keturunan pak lah dan tony fernandes badawi.

  5. Anonymous12:38 am


    Mahathir is no longer PM la how the hell would rocky bru be his crony for?

    You sure you've not down with the dengue fever bro? Can imagine you frothing in your mouth. Kakakaakkiok.

  6. Anonymous1:44 am


    sudah-lah.tak habis habis spreading this crony thing about rocky.

    crony mahathir-lah, crony najib lah.

    kalau betul tak apa.

    come to think of it...spread lah lies like that.

    dah tak ada modal, ke?

    You know or not the meaning of hypocrite?

    u think people don't read rocky's blog? and you think people don't know rocky?

    bodoh! jahat!

  7. So, which Minister and Ministry has been sleeping on the job?

    Ask any doctor, hospital or clinic in KL/Selangor and you will get the real picture of horror from them. I believe there is also a phenomenal increase in diseases related to skin and breathing difficulties (asthma ec) in the Klang Valley.

    But our Minister and Minister will only admit it when the problem has reached epidemic proportions.

    Prevention is better tha cure? Sure, only if the authorities are ahead of the game!!

  8. Anonymous6:20 am

    Bro. The current UMNO leaders sibuk nak buat duit sebelum kena tendang keluar.

    Mana ada masa for rakyat...


  9. Anonymous7:53 am

    What does Mahathir and Dengue got to do with anything? Is it a secret weapon against Pak Lah? Biological warfare? I thought our weapons were eunuch-grade?

    I think its people themselves who make themselves believe in/create these "heroes", so you gotta whack yourself on the head Puto...helps see the light!


  10. PUTO mak,
    we are talking about the chikunguya. It's in Klang Valley where the RAKYAT is. Maybe PR forgot to tell people to clean their house or maybe they got people like puto mak, blaming the announcer and everybody else and they suddenly forgot what they are talking about.
    PUTO mak, lu ni mcm bro anwar. or could you be his new coffee boy.. jeng jeng jeng.
    wait! you are wan Farid, the bingung guy who lost and now talk gibberish.. ha ha ha

  11. Anonymous9:19 am

    you sound like a crony yourself...of KJ.

    Puto the second.

  12. Anonymous10:35 am

    Puto, lek lerrr... dok lyn emo pulak kat sini... tgh kena Chikungunya ke tu? Hahaha...

  13. I am in Siem Reap no body dies from any vector borne disease, Cambodian are basically poor and happy and they keep the houses and their compound clean from stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes breeding.
    Malaysian are a pathetic bunch they are a bunch of whiners and a bunch of racist and they have no idea what they have and what they want. For a start they can seriously to start thinking about cleaning their own environment.
    And furthermore the whole local governmental infrastructures from city hall and local council are corrupt to the bone, when they should be cleaning the clogged drains they will say "ah, Chinese areas lah, or ah Malay areas lah gasak lah", or Indian areas even worse, neglected, time for a change and yes WE ALSO CAN!!
    Give Najib a chance to improve the country and get rid of Pak Lah now before we all die from Palahtnitis, the worst kind of vector borne disease that has ever been inflicted to our country and our environment!

  14. I have said it before and I shall say it again.

    PAS won because they use PHANTOM VOTERS!!!!

    Come on look, the majority grew up and PAS was complaining and making police report about tons of busses that carry phantom voters with name list and etc.

    I suspect the PAS intercept the phantom voters and use it as their weapon.

    Come on man,
    It wasn't the BN people or even me say there was phantom voters it's PR people who says so. So when I say PR won because of Phantom Voters I am merely agreeing with them.

    SO HAH~!

    Amazingly all those phantom voters, buses and name list went down the drain with the monsoon rain the minute PAS was announced as the winner of the By Election.

  15. this is some serious shit..

    these female aedes mosquitoes are definitely bitches and of course as
    women are definitely evil but i can't live with them not around huahuahua embekkk

  16. Anonymous1:08 pm

    kasi matilah itu nyamuk, itu penyakit mesti tak ada lagi

  17. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Cakap pasal denggi dan cikukunyah, bunyi macam dengki dan kena kunyah pun ada jugak!
    Tak lama lagi ada org kat NSTP menggelupoh la sbb nak kena tendang. Keputusan dah dibuat utk buang yang berpenyakit supaya NSTP tak kena penyakit kenakunyah dek pembangkang pada PRU 13 nanti.
    NST dan BH skrg sibuk tukar rekabentuk kunon nak sejukkan hati Najib.
    Woi baruah2 Kali! Tukar macamana pun, BN/Umno dah kena kunyah la kalah 2/3 majoriti PRU, kalah Permatang Pauh dan K Tganu.
    Yang nak kena ubah isi dan rekabentuk suratkhabar tapi yang kaki mabuk, kaki betina, kaki jilat dan musuh dalam selimut Najib dan Umno yang bersepah dalam NSTP tu.


  18. I hate Mahathir for all what he did.
    But what has this post got do with him and Rocky baffles me.
    Rocky is reporting deadly mosquitoes sucking our blood...not Mahathir la.

  19. i've had it three times. hope no mossie with the fourth strain has the temerity to bite me.

    the most important advice i can give is to treat all high fevers (without cold/flu symptoms of sore throat and runny nose) as very serious. i know people who died because they refused to rest when they became ill. one idiot decided to go jogging to sweat it out.

  20. Anonymous10:18 pm



  21. Anonymous10:26 pm

    If harris is reading, there is a restaurant called teapot at SS21.

    He can do his praying there. :)

  22. Deadly they are indeed. Justifies the fear.
    Perhaps we should also fear those who spread hatred. Have some preventive measures because they can be contageous too.

  23. Anonymous11:34 pm

    rocky, funny because nowaday, most of our ministers are not qualify to hold the post. For example, minister of health is hold by a doctor from MCA. Because of new dictatorship in MCA, let make more malaysian suffer. As long that no one dare to challange me in future

    lim kuan

  24. Anonymous8:02 am

    to monsterball

    For once I agree with what you write because it makes sense. Keep it up !


  25. Anonymous9:19 am

    Woi Liow,

    lu tak baca ke?

    The breakthrough is one step towards defeating the dengue-carrying Aedes mosquito that infects up to 100 million people and kills more than 20,000 every year worldwide. working with a number of researchers in different parts of the world, but there is no Malaysian involved at this stage.

    apa yg IMR researcher buat kat lab tu?? ngabis beras aje

  26. Houses collapsed. Never ending floods improvements at all.
    Government keep saying will never happen again..when caught sleeping...and still happening.
    Dengue deaths is nothing.
    One call mineral water will kill thousands...if government do not check and close some dirty bottlers...out to fool Malaysians with pipe ..filtered water.
    Govt always wait till death comes...then act.
    Yet same thing happening again ad again.
    If there is no can this be so?
    UMNO is famous to make cover up their greedy members. Weak or no mismanagement are plentiful ...year in year idiots and racialists.
    Only know how to talk Islamic politics.
    What else they know?

  27. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Salam Sdr Rocky, maaf kerana menyimpang dari tajuk perbahasan sdr mengenai Denggi dan Chikungnya.
    Kami terpanggil untuk memperkatakan sesuatu mengenai peranan masa depan media arus perdana dibawah BN khasnya Umno lebih2 lagi setelah Umno/BN kalah di KT dan ADUN Bota Perak keluar Umno.
    Umno kini dalam kekalutan yang agak serius lebih2 lagi kemelut politik wang yang amat meruncing dalam menghadapi pemilihan parti Mac ini.
    Namun hala tuju masa depan Umno dengan kekuatan teraju media massa yang BERPENGALAMAN dan BERANI adalah amat diperlukan bagi menghadapi cabaran PRU ke-13 dan seterusnya memastikan Umno/BN relevan kepada rakyat.
    Sebenarnya media arus perdana dibawah Pak Lah telah DIROGOL dan DILACURKAN sebegitu teruk sehingga tidak lagi mendapat keyakinan rakyat terutamanya ahli Umno sendiri adalah sesuatu yang amat dahsyat dan tidak dapat dimaafkan.
    Kepimpinan dan ahli Umno sedia maklum akan individu2 yang dimaksudkan yang telah menyebabkan keadaan yang amat memalukan ini.
    Kepimpinan media arus perdana khasnya milik Umno/BN tidak memerlukan individu yang kononnya hebat dan berwibawa tetapi tidak langsung memperdulikan perjuangan Umno dan orang Melayu.
    Umno perlu kepada pejuang yang mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat, negara dan ahli bagi menjamin masa depan parti yang saksama dan diterima majoriti.
    Umno tidak perlu kepada golongan ARISTOKRAT, OPPORTUNIS dan EGOISTIK bagi menjamin masa depan parti dan media massa yang mendokongnya.
    Umno sebagai peneraju BN perlu kepada pejuang parti dan kerajaan yang berpengalaman, peka dan sensitif kepada hasrat dan hak rakyat khasnya Umno dan orang Melayu.
    Belajarlah dari pengalaman KT!


  28. how is it going to improve when dbkl is so slow to start working? we gave them a call many days ago, together with the bureaucracy and stuff, they only came to start spraying couple of days ago.

    this is madness!

  29. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Puto is so frustrated coz mr. Rocky does not fit his agenda.

    Poor Puto.

    I m in your side and therefore I m not hypocrite.

  30. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Hi bru

    i am surprised that when the whole nation is shocked by the death of a detainee u have not touched it al all..
    are indians insignificant to you, just like how the bloody goverment treats them now..?
    or r u insensitive to indian issues?


  31. Anonymous2:58 pm

    its the global warming , stupid !!


  32. Anonymous8:56 am

    anon 1.13pm or chewp,

    what's the matter with you, man.

    when rocky posts about kugan and he gets some unsavoury comments from peopel, YOU will call him a racist.

    very clever, eh. Rocky doesn't write about Kugan while the WHOLE nation is talking about the case, and Rocky doesn't like Indians.

    Fuck you, man.

    sorry, bro.

    i can't believe these assholes.
    their brains in their asses.

  33. Hi Rocky,

    God Bless for highlighting the issue of Dengue deaths.

    My dad passed away over 10 year ago of Dengue shock syndrome; and I still have not forgiven the dumb-fuck politicians for the unclean rivers all around us.

  34. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The Dengue Plague. Should we blame the MOSSAD,Singapore CIA, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, MI6, PKR, DAP ?

    Y,B Hisham Gemuk

  35. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Just wonder y this issue that concerns us all has been somehow twisted into favor for political strife. I hope that this post by Rocky will at least draw public's awareness to those issue that has more bearing on their life.

    I just wish to highlight some symptoms of dengue.
    Patient will usually presents with high fever for few days associated with joint and muscle pain + eye pain. Some may have nausea and vomiting The initial symptoms may simulate normal flu but the later symptoms that arise will distinguish both diseases. Patients will then have symptoms of low platelets : bruising, gum bleeding, small unblanchable purple spots on the skin. Some will have skin rashes desribed as white islands in the red sea. Then patient will go on to have symptoms due to leakage of the fluid of ur blood, such as reduced urine, abdominal pain, altered consciousness, jaundice, fits and other less common presentation.

    Therefore, those peoples who develop fever for more than 3 days that cannot be resolved by anti-pyretics should be reviewed by doctors


  36. Symptoms of Dengue are sudden high fever, severe headache, eyes pain, muscle and joint pain, nausea, vomiting and no appetite. Symptoms usually appear from 3- 14 days after infection bite. Dengue infection may progress up to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever where the blood vessel starts to leak and causing bleeding from nose, mouth and gums. Without prompt treatment, the blood vessel can collapse, shock and death.