Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sime Darby blocks blog

We all know that Sime Darby Watch has been a massive pain in Sime Darby's arse. And so we should not be surprised that the Sime Darby's management has decided to block access to SDW at Sime Darby, here. All employees will from today have to go the a cyber cafe or Chawan or Starbucks to read SDW or/and post comments.

Sime Darby is not the first shut out a blog. In June 2006 the management of NSTP firewalled Rocky's Bru, which was hardly a couple of weeks old then [For Adults Only?].

Brenden Pereira, who was the Group Editor of NST then, is now head of Fox Communications, which advises Sime Darby.


  1. Anonymous6:35 pm


    i did post something on ijn, too. pls refer.

    anyway, i am against the bid too. macam tak masuk akal je...

  2. Bro Rocky,
    You are the best person to advice Brendan to move Fox Comm to Singaland coz they are in great pain now.I think he can turnaround Singapore rather than giving advice to a thief how to steal. For sure lee hsien loong would need people like Kalimullah n Brendan to back home so that no brain drain.

  3. Anonymous7:10 pm


    Then get Brendan Preira to be the first person to face the MACC...

  4. Anonymous7:14 pm

    well well well....waddya know?

    of course brenden would advice sime darby that.

    the easiest solution -- ban and block.

    no brainer!

  5. Anonymous7:16 pm


    Can Dollah give the rationality of this move. I don't see any weakness on why IJN have to be under SD.
    In facts people from Asean countries came to IJN.

    One stone kills 2 birds - look at Najib's face when giving comment on IJN today.

    Najib have to answer everything while Fox @ KJ and co's reap from the rakyats.

  6. Anonymous7:18 pm

    This sad news confirmed my suspicion that this irresponsible govt is on the verge of BANKRUPT after telling EPF to loan RM5 Billion to Valuecap recently.Harris can you please as I am willing to pay you to go to court to stop this nonsense.If you agree please confirm on my blog GEORGECHOOALLOUTFORMALAYSIA.BLOGSPOT.COM and I will come and see you.

  7. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Bro Rock,

    SD - They have the money - being the biggest plantation owner in the world.

    Why don't they concentrate on their core business - ie trying to find ways to increase back the palm oil and rubber prices

    Why don't they build their own hospital just like Petronas....

    Sucker Fox and his Master

  8. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Brendan Pereira is a nice chap and a very good Singapore operative.

    Fox Com was paid a massive RM280,000 as a monthly retainer by SimeDarby until Mr Black Moses @ Musa Hitam put a stop to it, thus reducing Brendan's paypacket to RM60,000 a month. Even that amount sounds exorbitant, don't you think so too Mr Rocky? RM280,000 a month, that amounts to more than a cool RM3 million a year man, heck I would want to work for this Brendan@Mitch Albom2. Darn it, come to think of it, RM720,000 is also not too bad for someone who is also doing the PR Job for Iskandar Development Region.

    But a little birdie from Johore told me the PR job valued at RM2 million a year has gone to someone else, Karim Raslan Associates. Since then because of the twist of development, malaysianinsider has taken the liberty to criticise the Iskandar project ahead of the Legoland launch. Brendan has had a go at the IDR project, the same project he waxed lyrical about in malaysianinsider before this. This kind of characters have bloomed under the patronage of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Kalimullah Pathan and Kamal Abdullah. One day Fox will be outfoxed I hope. Woe betide woe be unto anyone who messes with Iskandar!

    The Malaysian Insider
    Thursday December 18 2008Iskandar billions yet to reach public’s pockets
    By Shannon Teoh
    JOHOR BARU, Dec 13 — It has been three years since Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi first announced the Iskandar Development Region to boost the economy in south Johor.

    Some 37 months and 11 days plus RM41 billion in investment pledges later, businesses in the area are still waiting for this boost.

    In fact, they are finding themselves in the middle of an economic slump.

    The Malaysian Insider understands that this evening, yet another mega project in what is now known as Iskandar Malaysia will be announced in the form of an RM800 million Legoland theme park, Asia's first.

    Abdullah will witness the signing of a joint venture between Iskandar Investment, the investment arm of Iskandar Malaysia, and Merlin Entertainments Group, who represent the interests of Danish toy building blocks manufacturer Lego.

    Add to this the RM40.25 billion claimed by Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman already committed, and Johor should be looking forward to coasting through the current economic slump.

    But numbers on paper do not seem to be translated into real business for small-medium enterprises or the labour force here.

    South Johor SME association president Teh Kee Sin told The Malaysian Insider that local entrepreneurs are yet to reap any trickle-down effect, as in fact, tangible and physical evidence of investments are rare.

    "We do not feel the benefits as developments have been slow," he said.

    Most of what has been put in place is merely infrastructure, but actual trade and business have not yet mushroomed in Iskandar.

    Speaking to The Malaysian Insider, state opposition leader Dr Boo Cheng Hau (DAP-Skudai) claimed that the RM460 million rail link between Tanjung Pelepas Port and Senai airport has not been utilised and new factory lots were only seeing 10 per cent occupancy.

    Even these infrastructural projects, according to Teh, have been awarded at federal level, leaving local contractors high and dry.

    Meanwhile, SMEs are forced to do everything they can to control running costs. Keeping inventories under strict control is perhaps simply about good management.

    Despite Abdul Ghani quoting statistics from the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority, saying that at least 9,757 new jobs had been generated in Iskandar Malaysia with the investments in the manufacturing sector, SMEs have been forced to reduce wage bills.

    Teh said that they have freezed hiring, eliminated overtime, cut hours, implemented three or four-day weeks and retrenched — in order of ascending desperation — as order books have been hit by a 20 to 70 per cent reduction in sales.

    With today's announcements to come after a high-level progress update meeting between Abdullah, Abdul Ghani and top Iskandar executives, the questions that need to be asked are not about how big the project is becoming but how much of it is being delivered to the ground.

    With another two theme parks set to join the 200-hectare Legoland, which should be completed by 2012, Johoreans may be able to look forward to some fun and games.

    However, all play and no work makes Johor a depressed economy.

    See how money can transform one's opinion 360 degrees?

  9. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Hmmmmmm!!! The world's largest plantation company is run by a very short-sighted, head-in-the-ground ostrich management.

    I thought the old Sime Darby management was incompetent but the new one beats them hands down. They are outdated, still stuck with the 1900s mentality.

    Sell their stock. They are headed for doom. They are lost.

  10. I am not sure but since my 'Bullshit! Reply to Kalimullah's Hogwash' in January 2008, I have not been able to get into NST nor Malay Mail sites, even via someone's link. But no problem with Malaysian Insider.

  11. Anonymous10:43 pm

    some "pariah" will never change!!!!
    they will suck even the dirtiest asshole!!!! as long as there is $$$$$ to gain.


  12. Anonymous11:27 pm

    i think better all GLC or even better umno or government use MAMPU or MCMC to close or bloggers. Even better if they cut all internet line!!! What do you think!!!

    zamri, ppbss

  13. You have a midas touch against internet access.

    TNB already cancelled internet access since your scoop on Cik Khalib leaving for Petronas and Ismi replacing.

    At the rate you are scooping, Internet business is on a downhill. Telekom will eventually cancell intenret acess in office :)

  14. If it is goes through, this will be one more project - like Toll Highways, IPP's, Water etc- the new Pakatan Fed Govt will have to re-nationalize later.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that in all these directly negotiated privitisation projects, the Peoples' assets (IJN) will be grossly undervalued.

    We should also remember that IJN sits on valuable land. What's to stop Sime Darby later from
    'rationalising' IJN's operations with SJMC and dveloping a condo or office on this land and making a killing?

    No, not everything has to be done for commercial $$$ profit. The welfare of the people is far more important.

  15. Anonymous12:56 am

    Wa caya sama lu bro. spy aje yang buat kerja kotor macam ni. Kalimullah sama aje dgn Brendan - penipu, perompak, penyangak nak HANCURKAN negara lepas mereke berjaya memalukan BN kalah dua pertiga majority pada PRU lalu.


  16. Anonymous2:11 am

    So does tnb

  17. Anonymous8:43 am

    KoSong Cafe said...
    I am not sure but since my 'Bullshit! Reply to Kalimullah's Hogwash' in January 2008, I have not been able to get into NST nor Malay Mail sites, even via someone's link. But no problem with Malaysian Insider.

    And you seriously think that Insider is owned by an independent?

  18. Anonymous8:43 am

    not only they block sime watch, but also gmail, yahoo and hotmail as well.

  19. Anonymous9:00 am

    In a way, yes, it is good to block the blog during office hours. Otherwise, work will never get done.

    But on the other hand, the workforce may resort to some unblocked porn sites instead.

    But in reality, the management is living in fear of the 'hantaming' leveled daily.

    Just do the right thing and your conscience should be clear.


  20. Anonymous9:08 am


    Najib dilahirkan dan dibesarkan dalam dulang emas. Sakit demam akan ada orang yang jaga dan mengeluarkan duit belanja tidak menjadi masalah baginya. Dia tidak pernah merasa kesusahan kesempitan wang untuk menghantar anak, emak bapak yang sakit mendapatkan rawatan. Anak saya salah seorang yang pergi ke IJN setiap tahun untuk rawatan. Cuba Najib pergi ke IJN dan jenguk di tempat pemeriksaan kanak-kanak. Najib pasti akan terharu melihat penderitaan sebegitu ramai kanak-kanak di Malaysia ini yang ada penyakit jantung. Bahkan kami terpaksa menunggu berjam-jam untuk berjumpa doktor walau hanya 10 minit sahaja. Jadi.. apa akan jadi sekiranaya IJN di swastakan? Adakah kami akan mampu lagi? Janji Kerajaan untuk menjaga kepentingan miskin bila di swastakan hanya janji kosong yang tidak boleh dipercayai.

  21. Najib made the announcement at the wrong time and the wrong political climate
    why don't PakLah make the announcement ?

  22. Anonymous9:48 am

    Rocky, you and your friends should set up a communications company too. Rock Comm, perhaps?


  23. Salam Rock,

    1. Sepatutnya Sime Darby take over Hospital 'Tg Rambutan'.

    2. Sebab dalam Malaysia sekarang, lebih ramai 'orang gila' daripada orang sakit jantung.

    3. Antaranya ialah:

    a) Gila nak jadi PM
    b) Gila nak jadi TPM
    c) Gila nak memerintah
    d) Paling hairan sekali ialah gila nak turun ke Kuala Terengganu, nak berkempen untuk Wanita UMNO oleh 'Nenek Sakit lutut'?

  24. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Is Badawi n Najib even bothered about the rakyat. They hv been bullshitting to us that Msia will not be affected by the global recession. To back up what they say they need money to inject into the money into the economy so they must hv sat down n cracked their heads how to come up with the money. Wah lah why not pledge IJN to Sime Darby. Now they will be getting the money. They are basically pajakan IJN to Sime Darby as a collateral. Now this is my take on the matter.

    I am 46 yrs already having high blood pressure and colestrol. So by the time I am 55 yrs old may need a bypass. I work in the private sector with no proper medical benefits and depend on the my husband's company for medical benefits but you see he is 54 yrs old n not a government servant. We are educating both our children from our hard earned money n may not have any saving when we are old.

    It is people like us who will need IJN. Not all professionals are rich but get by, by making ends meet.

    How is Najib going to evaluate the poor ? Even the middle class cannot afford private hospital coz of the high charges.

    Poor Mother And Wife

  25. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Penswastaan IJN harus dilihat dari banyak segi. Jika ia dibuat untuk penstrukturan organisasi dan penyelarasan gaji para pakar, mungkin ia perlu. Walau bagaimanapun Najib harus memainkan peranan besar dalam hal ini. Jika beliau membenarkan Sime Darby untuk ambil alih IJN, maka beliau harus memberi keyakinan dan jaminan yang tak diragui bahawa golongan pertengahan ke bawah masih boleh menggunakan perkhidmatan di IJN tanpa ditindas atau dikenakan caj yang mahal. Kita harus ingat, kerajaan perlukan sokongan rakyat. Jadi jika rakyat ditindas atau dinafikan haknya, dikhuatiri kepercayaan rakyat terhadap kerajaan apakn pudar dan hilang... Apa akan jadi pada PRU 13 nanti?...

  26. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris

  27. Anonymous10:02 am

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