Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The six million dollar man gets 6 m visitors. In just 4 months, Dr Mahathir's blog has drawn 6 million unique visitors. No mean feat. I have been a blogger for 2 years more (the former PM started his on May 1, 2008 and I started mine in May 2006), and I'm ahead of him by just about half a million. His counter will overtake mine in no time.
But that's the power of blogs. In Dr M's case, the blog has helped him beat the mainstream media's "blackout" on him.
Take his latest posting entitled The so-called Eminent Persons. If not for blogs, we won't have both sides of the story. The Bar Council and Zaid Ibrahim should respond to Dr M's queries. I was invited for the launch of the Eminent Persons' report on the Tun Salleh Abas sacking, but I must admit that I had never heard of the group before that.


6. .... If it can set up panels to nullify the findings of a properly constituted Tribunal then everyone should have a right to set up panels to negate the findings of the Malaysian courts, Tribunals and Commissions. There is no need to appeal to the higher courts set up for the purpose of hearing appeals against the decisions of lower courts. It should be noted that Tun Salleh had not resorted to the courts over the findings of the Tribunal.
7. Is this what we call the rule of law which the Bar is said to advocate? If you cannot get the judgment you want in a proper court, then set up your own court and get the decision you want. But do it quietly in case the decision, despite your choice of panel members, did not decide in your favour. The whole thing stinks of political skulduggery - an attempt to get at someone and to seek revenge for some imagined wrong done in my past.
Read the whole article here.


  1. Anonymous2:04 pm

    The chap doesn't get it. If someone corrupts the process so much that justice in a court of law is not possible, what other choice does the PM have? All those people in the Group are respected judges and ex-judges. They have done what Malaysian judges under Mahathir were afraid or unable to do.. tell the TRUTH!

    It is well known that Mahathir's idea of the Rule of Law is: I make the rules and you follow or else.

    Mahathir's "legacy" is an age of darkness in the Malaysian justice system.

    (Adam, PJ.)

  2. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Memang hebat Chedet. Saya diantara pengunjung setia.

  3. Anonymous2:20 pm

    This is an underhanded way of rubbishing a person. The finding of the committee will make Bar Council libelous. Sue them buggers!

    Someone should file a police report on Bar Council. This is a seditous act with the intention to ridicule, make public lose confidence with the courts and insult the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong namely DYMM SUltan Johor.

  4. brader rocky,

    We are talking about unique visitor or HITS ?

    can you check on this.

  5. Honest Truth, I took the liberty of deleting the last sentence in bold. Don't think it took away the essence of what you want to say. Tq.

  6. Edyes,

    "Unique visitors". Laymen like me say "hits" when we actually mean "unique visitors". Maklumlah.

  7. Anonymous2:35 pm


    kalau kita taknak dengar nasihat che det... nasihat sapa lagi kita kena dengar?? Allah lanjutkan usia Dr. Mahathir!

  8. Anonymous2:45 pm

    edyes cannot accept the fact that ppl love che det so much more and much much more than anwar ibrahim.

    happy ramadhan edyes... may the truth fall hard on you one day.

  9. "This is a new idea by the Bar Council to invalidate the findings of the Tribunals set up according to the Constitution of Malaysia, the Supreme Law of Malaysia. It is a negation of the rule of law and a slap in the face for the Malaysian King, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong."

    All the Kings' horsies and all the King's men...

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't put Humpty together again.

  10. Anonymous2:56 pm


  11. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Walaupun pengunjung ramai berjuta-juta, tapi tak semestinya semua pengunjung tu menyokong TDM. Ada antara mereka yang hanya nak tahu pendapat TDM dalam seseuatu isu...

  12. The Bar Council President should be investigated for sedition for trying to usurp and refusing to accept the decision of the Yang diPertuan Agung in the removal of Tun Salleh Abbas as Lord president.

    Ambiga, Where is the transparency and justice that you have been preaching about when the so called review is conducted in secret and even the main personality, Tun Mahathir was not interviewed, shouldn't he be given the right to reply and explain that and I quote from "It was the Agong who complained against Tun Salleh for writing two letters, one to complain about the noise made in repairing the Agong's residence and one alleging that the then Prime Minister was undermining the independence of the judiciary. Both letters were extended to all the Rulers which the Agong regarded as putting pressure on him. He found the letters offensive and against the Malay custom in which the customary thing to do was to have an audience with his Majesty and to make verbal complaints. The letters could follow but should be to him alone. He then requested me as PM to remove Tun Salleh as Lord President" unquote.So who is actually the cause of the Judiciary Crisis in 1988, I do not think Tun Mahathir should take the blame all by himself, shouldn't Tun Salleh Abbas explain himself especially about that first letter he wrote to the Yang diPertuan Agung?

    Bar Council should put their house in order first and practise what they preach, walk the talklah so to speak instead of trying to rubbish the legacy of Dr Mahathir by any means possible. Play fairlah do not be a coward and only trying to rubbish Tun Mahathir when he has retired already.

  13. Never heard of them. Entah datang dari mana, tiba-tiba ada je.....

  14. Bro Rocky,

    I think Y. Berbahagia Dato'/ Datuk Ambiga wants to become law minister la one day. That's y she's so pro-active in showing herself that she has capability to turn the Bar Council from professional body to become some influential movement. However the act for Bar Council lately is like that they are the smartest above us, because it seems like they the one who know law so much not anyone including the King.

    Well Dato' i am for sure you will become a minister (de facto) one day like your mentor Zaid Ibrahim.

  15. Anonymous3:32 pm

    despite of all their hate and opportunity to exercise every possible mechanism, those people never got anything on the Great Old Man.

    all of them failed to implicate anything to him.

    that lingam case for example, his name was mentioned by lingam.nothing more. and by no means, they got anything despite working extra hard for the past 4,5years.

    and this whatever dispute on the tribunal, the steps will stop at the tribunal WHICH WAS SET UP BY THE KING.

    the conclusion is, what they got is just ... syok sendiri?

  16. Tun Dr. M always awes me in many ways. Eventho sometimes I don't quite agree with him, but most of the time his sharp mind speak beyond what other people can see and think.

    He is the only politician that I salute and respect. Sadly no other. (at the moment).

  17. Anonymous3:52 pm


    Tun's questions are relevant. Who paid for the Eminent People's airfare, hotel, food? Were they 'paid' money for coming here too? If so then it means that the Eminent People's report a 'paid for' report.

    Tun did NOT interfere with the Judiciary. He changed the Law regarding the Judiciary. That is why it is called a Parliamentary democracy. When the ruling party (that's Tun) wants to effect something, they use their majority in Parliament to make laws, amend laws, amend the Constitution etc. This is called the democratic process.

    Salleh may not have liked Tun's action. Too bad. Any day, any time there are always Judges all over the world who do not agree with the Laws passed by the Legislature, or they may not agree with the Executive. This happens all over the world. Judges are human too, they are allowed to have their personal opinions. But their personal opinions must not cloud their professional responsibilities. Worse they cannot be going around writing complaints about the Exec. in a cry baby fashion.

    Just what exactly did Salleh Abbas want the King to do against the PM? What was the desired effect that Salleh wanted from writing that letter? Was the desired action in keeping with our Parliamentary process? The King cannot fire a PM, especially a PM with over 2/3 majority in Paliament. There are NO other provisions in our Constitution for a King to take any action against the elected PM.

    So what exactly did Salleh hope to achieve by writing to the King about the PM? Wasnt that then a case of the Judiciary trying to interfere with the Executive?

    So here is my question to all the Salleh Abbas fans : What do you do when the Judiciary seeks to influence the Rulers to interfere with the Executive?

    If you think that our system was corrupted, then the option is easily available : you vote the government out of power and put in a government of your choice.

    In 2008 you almost did that, the ruling party almost lost. Better luck in 2012. Do a better job. Put in more effort.

    Members of the Bar were happy that the Sultan of Terengganu rejected Idris Jusoh as the candidate for MB of T'ganu, despite the fact that Idris' party won the majority of State seats. But in Perak the same members of the Bar were unhappy when the Sultan there did NOT appoint the DAP's Chinese candidate despite the DAP having the most no. of seats in Perak.

    Why the double standard? Such things do not go unnoticed. The Bar is losing its credibility.

    Who paid for the Eminent Peoples' junkie trip here? Was it the same people who paid for the Bar Council's dinner.

  18. ye... kenapa manusia ni suka berdendam ha? org tu dah tua, biar dia la nak bebel apa pun. bukan boleh terbakar PC/laptop orang baca bebelan dia...

    bangun balik, perbetul mana yang salah. bukan cari salah orang.

  19. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Bro...ada satu lagi blog yg akan cecah juta sikit masa walaupun baru mula masa pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh.

    Tulisan ringkas dan bersahaja dan sindiran tajam.

    Blog Hishamudin Rais


  20. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Bar Council> Zaid Ibrahim> PM... trying to screw around with Tun Mahathir...sorry this old man is not to be intimidated. Don't waste your time Bar Council, you have so many issues to bring out like corruptions in the govt dept...but you chose to screw around with the TUN...many grateful Malaysians is behind TUN,remember that!


  21. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Abdullah Badawi is practicing what he has learned from Dr.Mahathir over the years.

    Most Malay politician including Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah and others have inherited some form of traits from Dr.Mahathir.

    So, when Dr.M complains of injustice it's a reflection of the past. Not to worry. No one will throw Tun in jail. All of them are indebted to ex-PM.


  22. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Don't blame Ambiga alone. Zaid is not to be blamed either. There's a hidden hand behind all this. And this evil waas there at the 8ar Council dinner...delivering a speech!

    6antu Gigi Jarang

  23. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Buat semua rakyat Malaysia,
    Mulai hari ini sehingga menjelang 16 September, sempena Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-45 marilah beramai-ramai kibarkan bendera Malaysia.

    Jika sepanjang sambutan 51 tahun Malaya Merdeka yang lalu anda terlupa mengibarkan bendera, apa salahnya kita mulakan sekarang gerakan kempen kibarkan bendera menjelang Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-45 ini.

    Terima kasih

  24. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Let me see. Hmmmm. 6 million hits.

    Now if just 2 million get together and quit UMNO, then Dollah will fall. Or if they just vote against him in the UMNO elections, Dollah would be out soon.

    But wait. Could they be just phantoms or fence sitters? We need action, man.

    Otherwise, 5 million, 10 million don't mean anything if things remain the same.

  25. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Finally the truth is out. Rocky you are just a front man for Dr M but you claim to be a fair and just blogger. You still continue to praise the old man who has done so much harm to this country.Have you forgotten, ISA, Operation Lalang, Tun Abas, Sodomy1, BMF fiasco,etc, etc?

    Tun Mamak

  26. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Well if TDM is free from blame, this would'nt have happen today.They say what you do today will haunt you at a later stage.Remember when Tun was PM, he could do no wrong! Well he was everything, the law, and people actually fear him especially the judges.Everbody just wanted to cari makan and were blind to his wrongs.Most were yes man and terrified of him.
    He can count his 6 million supporters, but can he count the ones who really hates him most?Is the Bar council wrong to haunt TDM on his wrong doings.
    Look the tribunal at that time was not free and obligated to the one in control.Everyone knew the conclusion before the final verdict.So did Salleh Abas had a fair hearing? Nope ! the tribunal had to do a hatchet job for the Master.

    Green Hornet

  27. Anonymous11:23 pm

    ANON 10.04

    TSA did not even attend his hearing, so what are you talking about not getting a fair hearing. The tribunal set up by Agong consist of judges from outside Malaysia.


  28. Anonymous12:04 am

    One cannot but notice that almost every blog commentary of Tun's is followed by a few hundred readers' responses. But the disquieting observation is that practically every single one of those readers' comments seem to be along the line of:

    *Tun you are the greatest.
    *I agree fully with what you write.
    *Ya, saya sokong Tun.
    *You are best PM this country has ever had and everything you write is so true.

    ... and on and on those comments go, all in the same vein. Many of those comments appear to have a marked homogeneity about them, almost like they were written by the same person.

    Any dissenting or critical views are few and far between - hardly encountered actually.

    One gets the odd feeling that maybe a team of unemployed graduates were hired to write all those responses!

    Bewildered & Confused

  29. Malaysians and foreigners visit Mahathir's read... how he can keep twisting and turning his favour.
    I visit his blog to enjoy........the clown performing with such smart cooked and cunning ideas. If 6 million loves him...than...Mahathir is all powerful. Is he??
    Previously ...saying Agong no saying the Agong at his time as PM...instructed him to sack Tun Salleh is a classic example of Mahathir's snaky character.
    And now...blaming all on Dollah for he failure in Permatang Pauh..when he educated all for 22 to behave as racialists and UMNO politicians and ministers....are all belongs to them...and encourage..huge corrupted acts..all done under his premiership.
    Dollah's weaknesses are ... being too selfish..trying to play dirty politics...not that smart..and too slow to act...but the massive mismanagements ....which are showing results now....are the trees planted by Mahathir.
    He is so resign from UMNO.....thinking that will get him out of the blame.
    History will prove...he is killing UMNO ....and MCA..MIC..Gerakan kill themselves...yet Mahathir blame Dollah....shows what kind of man he is.
    And he is not helping Anwar purposely.
    He is so engrossed to get Dollah out as PM...for he knows..his time is up.....when Anwar takes over as government....after the general election.

  30. Anonymous3:14 am

    Was going to tell you a bit about the Hits at my site two days after it was mentioned here.

    But when I saw the figures you were quoting here - of Unique Visitors, and figures in millions ... well, might be better to keep quiet:-)

    I'll have to mention this anyway, besides saying Thanks; `puny' as these might be in comparison.

    Before Sept 1, my site had managed 282 hits over 19 days. Was not too bothered, for I'm a newbie. And the topic and theme - well, it isn't exactly of the "mass communications" category that will naturally attract people. Writing about politics, entertainment, sports etc would help get the crowd, if that's what one wants.

    It was `just' a personal blog for my needing an outlet to leave a trace in this life of "I was here"; of "for the record".

    It was/is also to be sort of a "will" or "legacy" for those closest to me when I'm gone. I had told a niece (and a close friend, DavidR) about this, and had planned to have private pages with passwords.

    I had instructed her to mention about this blog, the private pages, my purpose and intent etc to my children, (estranged) wife and those closest; should I die first.

    These are among the people whom I owe a lot of amends to; they are the most important people whom I need to seek forgiveness from for all the wrongs that I had done; for all the things that I should have done...

    It was/is not to be a place for me `to preach' or to lecture. Rather, it is a place for me "to write for me".

    This sounds a bit confusing, but I feel you understand. It's this fact that writing helps to crystalise our thoughts.

    It also allows us to look deeper and more thoroughly inside our own selves for the answers to various questions; and then having these in tangible form.

    The Malays/Muslims say this as Kenali diri sendiri: Knowing thyself ... of really knowing who you are ("really" can also be placed after "you").

    But anyway, about the hits: In two days, it went to 4,455 (from 282). Yes, that's chicken-feed as compared to the regularly heavy-traffic sites like here and Dr Mahathir's.

    But I really want to mention this one: it has brought me into contact with others again. Now, I can no longer lurk in the shadows, and remain in a rut. And possibly to slide back. It's the cue to move on and truly re-join society.

    And I am satisfied to know that this episode has opened up a few possibilities to explore. Plus the realisation that I could actually be of help to others.

    And it works the other way too, of course - of the potential for "positive inter-dependency".

    I am still learning, still "trying to understand". And wanting to always have the energy and will inside to keep on striving towards things that we know are for the better.

    At the same time, while knowing that I'm not perfect - something that I never was and never will be - I could still help others, regardless of this imperfection!

    And the wonderful thing is that, others similarly imperfect, and even possibly with severe flaws to boot, could still help me in many ways!

    Yes, this can be a "Win-Win" for everyone involved, as the past two days have shown.

    I've come to know of quite a number of others who suffer(ed) similar situations as I did/do, and who aspire for the same goodness - people from different walks of life, different races, religions, cultures and political affiliations.

    These are all encouraging indeed. So Thanks again, Ahirudin, for helping to pave the way for me.
    [This comment will be saved as a Page at my blog: "Tribute to Rocky's Bru"]

  31. Anonymous6:44 am

    Unique visitors tak sama maksudnya hits. 1 unique visitor can generate 1 hit and above.

    Let say today you're visiting the site and you're clicking 3 pages. This means: 1 unique visit and 3 hits. is using StatCounter. I'm also using it. The number you see represents the "hits", not "unique visitor".

  32. Anonymous9:49 am

    "If you cannot get the judgment you want in a proper court, then set up your own court and get the decision you want".

    Sounds a lot like what he used to do, doesn't it? The old man is full of excuses for his misdeeds and does not believe that the truth be bared.

  33. Anonymous9:56 am


    If I am not mistaken, Datuk Zahid was once, the Chairman of Muslim lawyer association of Malaysia. He was very supportive of Tun M in setting up the tribunal for Tun Salleh Abbas.

    Funny, now, he is using differrnt lingo-is he drunk or sober when he was acting as the Chairman of Muslim lawyer association. Perhaps, he carry many hats, one is for President of kaki minum association and the other as kaki bodek Pak lah head honcho or perhaps he will jump over to PKR..well he was once suspended from UMNO for........


  34. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Ambiga is d snakewoman

  35. Yes mat....Jeff Ooi also told me the 'hits' are unreliable.

  36. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Satu saja yang Tun belum buat … Diam !!!

    Tun Mahathir di dalam blognya hari ini, menulis dan mengkritik kerajaan dan kepimpinan UMNO kerana meminta maaf kepada bangsa Cina atas apa yang diucapkan oleh ketua bahagian UMNO Datuk Ahmad pada pilihanraya Permatang Pauh baru baru ini.

    Beliau menyatakan bahawa orang Melayu sekarang takut dengan bangsa asing dan terpaksa meminta maaf dengan mereka kerana tersilap cakap sedangkan bangsa asing tidak pernah meminta maaf kepada orang Melayu apabila mereka juga sering menghina bangsa Melayu. Nak buat macam mana Tun, kita terpaksalah meinta maaf kerana orang Melayu juga suka menghina orang Melayu, malahan lebih teruk dari bangsa lain menghina Melayu. Macam mana bangsa asing nak hormat orang Melayu.

    Tun juga berkata dia telah melakukan banyak perkara untuk mendesak Pak Lah agar meletakan jawatan malah secara terbuka menuduh beliau terlibat dengan rasuah. Saya telah secara terbuka salahkan Dato Seri Abdullah dan meminta dia meletak jawatan. Saya kritik keputusannya berkenaan dengan jambatan (bengkok ke Singapura) .

    Saya telah tegur pemimpin dan ahli UMNO bahawa mereka akan menghancurkan UMNO dan sekutunya. Saya keluar dari UMNO, saya telah bercakap berkenaan rasuah dan kesannya terhadap nasib yang menanti orang Melayu. Saya telah mulakan blog saya dan pembaca pun tahu apa yang saya telah katakan dalam blog.

    Betulah Tun telah banyak lakukan dan bermacan –macam perkara yang telah Tun lakukan termasuklah di bulan yang mulia ini sepatutnya Tun menumpukan kepada beramal dan membuat amal jariah dari pada membakar hati rakyat untuk menaikan kemarahan rakyat kepada kerajaan.

    Tun hanya perlu bersabar, Pak Lah akan tetap turun seperti mana Tun juga ada jangka waktu peralihan dahulu. Kenapa Tun tidak boleh bersabar sedangkan ahli UMNO boleh menrima peralihan ini dan Najib juga tidak mempunyai sedikit halangan tentang proses peralihan ini.

    Jika alasan Tun UMNO akan hancur dalam proses peralihan ini berlaku ,saya setuju dengan alasan Tun itu kerana selagi ada orang-orang yang mendesak macam apa yang Tun lakukan ini cepatlah, UMNO akan
    hancur, kerana setiap kali UMNO mahu mengadakan proses pembetulan parti dalaman Tun akan menghentam dan cuba mengaggalkannya.

    Isu memohion maaf ini buka lah satu isu yang hina sangat, tidak hina jika kita memohon maaf terutama dalam keadaan sekarang, memang benar kata Tun Melayu sedang lemah, kita akui kita sememang lemah, lemah kerana siapa , Tun tentu jawab kerana Pak Lah, selain itu kerana siapa ? Tun perlu jawab kerana Tun pernah akuinya sebelum ini bahawa Tun juga salah seorang yang mengakibatkan UMNO lemah.

    Kita meminta maaf kerana kita merasakan kita telah menyinggungkan perasaan bangsa asing dan terus terang kita telah menyinggung mereka. Apa salahnya kita memohon maaf, sama ada mereka terima atu tidak itu hak mereka. Adakala kita tidak boleh terlalu ego dalam kehidupan, jika kita terlalu ego dalam kehidupan akahirnya kita akan membenci semua orang dan kita akan menuduh semua orang sebagai tidak betul.

    Persoalanya sekarang , kenapa Tun perlu bakar jiwa rakyat, apakah Tun mahu bangsa Melayu ini bangun dan berperang dengan bangsa asing dan tercetus kembali peristiwa 13 Mei ?

    Tidak salah sekali sekala kita berundur, mungkin kita sudah membuat satu kesilapan kerana membenarkan pihak pembangkang menjadi kuat dan pembangkang telah memberikan muka kepada bangsa asing. Nasi telah menjadi bubur, kita perlu mencari kekuatan kita kembali untuk mengatasi perkara ini. Tun juga yang mengukuhkan parti pembangkang dengan banyak mebantu mereka untuk menghentam kerajaan kembali.

    Seharusnya , jika kita turutkan hati, elok saja kita desak Pak Lah lepaskan kerajaan ini dan berikan saja kepada PKR. Rasanya itu yang akan memuaskan hati Tun.

    Lepas Pak Lah turun Tun boleh lah menyerang Najib pula kerana tidak ada satu pun Perdana Menteri di Malaysia ini yang Tun setuju dan menerima cara kepimpinan mereka, jika Najib turun ,cepatlah jalan untuk Mukhriz naik jadi Perdana Menteri.

    Sebanr ini saja yang kami berharap dari Tun, Tun telah buat bermacam-macam perkara sudah, mungkin Tun juga sudah letih kerana Pak lah masih tidak berganjak dari keputusan beliau, kerusi yang beliau duduk adalah kerusi sah bukan kerusi pintu belakang.

    Yang ini Tun belum buat lagi, buat lah….. Duduk diam-diam.


  37. Anonymous2:24 am salah blog nih beb..

  38. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Hoi Koloi!

    Kalau Tun Diam itu bukan Tun Namanya

    Itu Dolah Badawi!