Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our beloved is in extreme danger!

Flying the flag upside down. Sheih of Kickdefella asked me a while ago what I thought if he was to launch a campaign to state our despair and our frustrations as a people. I told him that I will join him. I have said I am fed up with our politicians' preoccupation with politics, politics and more politics. I went on cyber-strike recently to say how fed up I was. I still am, like Sheih still is:
"... it is the nation who is in distress. We are facing economic uncertainty and the citizens are facing all sorts of difficulties facing it. We are losing our competitive edge and we are losing our territories too." - Sheih Azidi
Click H E R E to find out who are displaying the Jalur Gemilang upside down as a sign of distress.

NOTE: Displaying the flag upside down is internationally accepted to denote extreme distress. It is not a sign of disrespect for the flag. Read here.
Updated 3.15 pm: A commenter said it is an offence to display the flag upside down in India. Please read here.


  1. Anonymous3:10 pm

    In India, Hoisting the indian national flag upside downs implies utter disrespect for the nation itself and it is a punishable offense under the Indian constitution, punishable by fine and jail.

  2. Anonymous3:16 pm

    I don't care what it means internationally or whatever... the national flag belongs to the people, good or bad... it's not something to mess with.

    Besides, national distress? Come on, you gotta be kidding... are we that bad yet? Do you know what distress really means?

  3. thanks, anon, added a relevant link to support your point on India's rule about the display for their flag.

  4. Anonymous3:25 pm

    true yeinjee. The flags belongs to the people. Its not something extremists of politic should mess with. Independence day is for our remembrance of how we get to be free from west colonization of the past history. Celebrate the day regardless of political concerns. Its a day to be thankful and bless, not a day to voice out our distress to the current government.

  5. Saudara Rocky,there are many things that i will mess around with without compunction, but the Flag(be it of any Country)is one thing i will not mess around with.I am aware and agree with you that it denotes extreme distress and It is not a sign of disrespect for the flag.Correct me if i am wrong but displaying the Flag Of any Nation upside down as a sign of distress was only used by ships and by Castles before it was invaded.No Country has used it as a NATIONAL DISTRESS CALL in recent history and you guys might just make MALAYSIA the first.If you have the time please watch the movie" The Last Castle" and you might just understand why Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin didnt raise the Flag upside down.Do anything you want to the Barisan flag,turn the Umno flag upside down , burn the MIC and MCA Flags ,But if you guys can ... Leave the Malaysian Flag as it is.

  6. Anonymous3:35 pm

    we are not giving hope yet?.are you giving hope now?

    dah ramai yang mati kerana bendera ni.kawan bapak aku mati kena tembak dengan komunis untuk menentang penjajah.ada yang penah diseksa semasa zaman jepon untuk menentang penjajan.

    jadi apa kena mengena kena seksa dan mati ni?

    sebab mereka sanggup berkorban untuk negara dan negara dilambangkan oleh benderanya.

    tolonglah!hentikanlah penghinaan terhadap bendera negara kita dan negara kita.buat malu kat negara lain je.ada yang lagi teruk daripada kita sekarang tapi bendera mereka masih dijaga.bendera sesebuah negara melambangkan maruah sesebuah negara itu.

    Yes, we are a nation in distress, but we have not given up all hopes. To some people, seeing our flag upside down is more stressful.

    we are not giving hope yet?.are you giving hope now?

  7. This is the most ridiculous act to draw attention to a nation crumbling.....

    Better wear Black on Merdeka 08...line the streets where all celebration are held and let the media capture black....symbol for dying angry Malaysia.

    Send one more message to Agong, Sultan, UMNO-BN....the Boss rakyat is at the last straw......

    What is the point of celebration of 51 years Merdeka....when we are still trap in racism, lack of freedom of Religion, have ISA, corruption to the HIGHEST Court, Police.....plus now bit by bit infrastructure and business crumbling....High cost of living.....

    As a Nation Malaysia is dying....yet because the media everything are under UMNO....this is only one act to SHAME the entire elite of Malaysia. Rakyat is boss......now Slave.

    The Flag have done nothing wrong to rakyat, why Hina the flag.....fortunately it was a malay who suggested this upside down act. You see if it was a non-malay it would have been Hina bendera, Islam (because crest is upside down)....and all kinds of Hina Kepala otak Kau!!

    Then the UMNO minister will start reading the constitution to see if a person can be imprisoned or charged or even Revoke Citizenship.....Stupid to give this loser UMNO-BN any more ammunition....but coming from that dunggu who suggested it, you may join him, I prefer to wear black on Merdeka 08!!....Freedom is choice too to do what you want to Malaysia Flag....which have not insulted anyone.... Its UMNO Stupid...better print UMNO, MIC, MCA flag and sell as a DOOR MAT......there you go to those who are enterprising!!

  8. Hello All Malaysian,

    1. Bendera Malaysia tak salah...UMNO tak salah...Pakatan Rakyat tak salah.

    2. Sebenarnya yang bersalah ialah sebahagian rakyat Malaysia yang masih 'Buta Politik' dan 'Tiada Jati Diri'.

    3. Kerana mereka yang buta politik dan tiada jati diri itulah yang telah meletakan 'Politician' tertentu untuk memimpin negara ini. Walhal mereka sebenarnya bukan mahu menjadi PEMIMPIN tetapi
    mahu menjadi KAYA.

  9. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Salam Bro,
    Day dreaming nak jadi macam Robert Redford dalam film
    'The Last Castle' kot!

  10. Anonymous3:50 pm

    oi takan sampai terbalik kan Jalur Gemilang kita kott. Negara masih dalam keadaan OK ape. Yg buat tu POSER!..macm org nak dengar Metallica, kou pon nak ikot sama..end up cuma beli satu album jek!!. - ajo's-

  11. Do whatever you have to do.
    Respecting it or not will be up to individual.
    It is your democratic rights.
    As for me, i won't be putting any flags .As it s just a territorial symbol .

  12. Anonymous4:05 pm

    This is too much.
    The flag is not something to be messed with.
    It's our symbol, our dignity.
    Just because one has a space and freedom in the virtual world, doesn't mean that one can step out of the boundry by doing this 'mingikut kepala sendiri.'

  13. sorry bro.. i can't do it! no matter how much I hate KJ and dollah, I won't hoist the flag upside down.

  14. Anonymous4:14 pm

    If you hate UMNO so much, go burn its flag. If you despise PKR, shit on its flag, if you can't stand DAP, use it as toilet paper and if you hate PAS, go and f**k on it.

    But the Jalur Gemilang? It is an insult to our forefathers who died defending the flag.

    What's next Rocky? Are you going to hang our SPB Agong's photo upside down? Would you?

  15. Anonymous4:19 pm

    This is also stated in the wiki article

    "The privilege of flying the national flag on a vehicle is restricted to the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Governors and Lt. Governors, Chief Ministers, Cabinet Ministers and Junior Cabinet members of the Indian Parliament and state legislatures, Speakers of the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies, Chairmen of the Rajya Sabha and state legislative councils, judges of the Supreme Court of India and High Courts, and high ranking officers of the army, navy and air force."

    In India the public cannot display flag on cars. I guess here in Malaysia, any tom dick and harry can display flag on vehicle...i personally feel its a mockery to display the flag on cars as a sign of patriotism.

  16. The convention under commonwealth (taking the precedence from treatment of the Union Jack) is that the flag can be flown upside-down only for distress situation when country under externak attack. Otherwise it is considered as 'lese majeste" or "insulting the crown"

  17. instead of flying the flag upside down, can we hang Najib's and Badawi's photos upside down ?

  18. Anonymous4:38 pm

    The flag doesnt belong to anyone or any political Party. It is the pride of the nation. Please leave it alone ! Dont ever humiliate it...

  19. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Bro, the time you support this most STUPID thing, that is the beginning of your downfall as a reputable blogger. There will never be the same respect anymore. Whoever try mess with the flag, they will have to deal with the people who love this country. This is going TOO MUCH. DONT give bloggers bad name!

  20. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Rocky, jangan bermain dengan api. Jangan permainkan bendera yang generasi dahulu pernah bermandi darah kerananya. Jangan terlalu memandai sehingga menyinggung para pejuang kemerdekaan kita.

    jika dulu anda digelar blogger berwibawa, jangan selepas ini anda disamakan dengan blogger-bloger penderhaka dan pengkhianat negara. Nak buat lawak pun ada hadnya. Sendiri mau ingatlah BRO.

  21. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Do not fly the Malaysian flag upside down, I am a PR supporter but I will not mess around with the flag I will fight and die for and neither should you. There are still many other ways you can signal your distress rather than mess with our nation's flag.


  22. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Do not fly the Malaysian flag upside down, I am a PR supporter but I will not mess around with the flag I will fight and die for and neither should you. There are still many other ways you can signal your distress rather than mess with our nation's flag.


  23. Anonymous4:55 pm

    hoisting the flag..our own flag?!

    that's not right.what had came into you?.there are many people who look up to you but you bring shame on yourself with the idea to humiliate our own flag.

    we acknowledged that many people had died defending the flag but you and some of the other bloggers decided to hoist the flag as a "to state our despair and our frustrations as a people"???

    the people are not giving up yet on our country but you had already given up own your own country...i'm even more stressed to see our flag being treated such way.

  24. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Before you take up any sort of antics, better know the Malaysian Law. Consult Lawyers. In an attempt to discredit current regime or leaders dun end up disrespecting our own Nation or the Royalty.

    A proud Malaysian.

  25. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I hate people who is so obsess with politics without having brains to differentiate what is good and what is bad.

    Its good to hear the voice of concern citizens which knows how to love a country. Shame to those who support the motion of upside down the national flag. They show no respect and thankful for the years we malaysian receive our independence.

  26. I am against this idiotic move by Sheikh and will not support it.

    Displaying the national flag like this is an act of disrespect and as a nationalist I will not do that nor can I support this move. Whether this is some sort of a lousy protest or a sign showing dissatisfaction I find it disrespectful and of bad taste. So NO I will not have the Jalur Gemilang flying upside down. If sheikh is trying to do this by alerting everyone at how sordid the current UMNO govt is too bad for he merely doing Husam a bad PR.

    Yes we are in turmoil but not the type where people die, kill each other, hunger or no sense of security. This is a part of the lessons our nation and our people have to face.

    Suffice to say I shall Kick de Initiative away and would love to kick some sense into de fella who initiated this idiotic move (pun intended). Now if you would excuse me I have some raving UMNO propaganda blog to read and am going to fly the flag the proper way!

    p/s - You don't have to follow everything you see from the INTERNETSS!! (no it's not a typo)

  27. No bro, not the dignity of our flag though as the fallen warriors would had died in vain. We should instead hand upside down all the BN's cronies flags if it within the law to do so. Otherwise, we may end up in jail instead of celebrating 51st Merdeka on 31st August 08.

    Maybe as suggested by a blogger herein that we should all just wear black for that day to morn the death of democracy if needed.

  28. Anonymous5:14 pm

    We have seen so many that jump on the bandwagon to fight the apparent failure of all sort blamed to the current in power. Well that is all fine with me BUT to dishonour our flag is just a stretch too far!

  29. Sdr Rocky's Bru,



  30. Anonymous5:17 pm


    Each time the national flag is hoisted while the national anthem is played, i get emotional. And when it's on rostrum at a sports event, my tears flow freely.

    I am Indian Malaysian and the flag means a lot tome. Flying it upside down to display anger against the the stupid government leaders is just not right thing to do. I wouldn't tell my children that. Just vote the Barisan out.


  31. Anonymous5:21 pm


    In this country, when the national anthem is played, even the Agong stands up as a mark of respect.

    Ditto when the Jalur Gemilang is hoisted.

    Who are we to desecrate it?

    It is the country's flag, our flag. It is not an individual's flag. Nor does it belong to a group of people.

    I hope common sense will prevail. Jangan jadi spt anjing menyalak bukit.

    P/S You can see on comment on People's Parlaiemnt weblog on the same issue with a link. It says in no uncertain term that jalur Gemilang is not supposed to be upside down.

    To err is human. Don't set a bad example and precendent. Pls gostan bro.

  32. Anonymous5:27 pm

    What is this?!
    just because some people feel that the country is in distress then 'senang-senang' hoisted the flag.
    so this bunch of 'people' thinks that they speak the voice of all Malaysians, representing all Malaysians is it?
    Well, I am a Malaysian. And i dont think that's a fair thing to do. You are creating a major mistake since the whole world can see it.. or is that the whole point?.. for the world to see and know that Malaysians have finally divide themselves? and that Malaysians themselves has lost their respect for it's own country..f*** what wiki has to say about the act of hoisting the flag, this is our country, if somebody disrespect it in any way, they are traitor. Jalur Gemilang is not something that you can play around with..

  33. firstly, why 'blame', 'bully', 'abuse' the malaysian flag when it should be UMNO or BN, oh ok PR who should be blamed... for all the turmoil that had been happening? they are man-made!

    secondly, what do you mean by distress? we have not enough food to eat?? we have war looming??

    what we are experiencing now, that look so bad all has to do with politics - something i won't use 'distress' on!

    i hate UMNO and BN. i hate what the gomen had been doing. i hate thier policies but since i love my country, i will not think of abusing the flag, thank you.

  34. Saya ingin memberitahu bahawa saya baru mewujudkan suatu blog khusus menggabung, memantau dan memudahkan melayar tulisan terkini dari wartawan-blogger tertentu, blogger2 nasionalis, dan pemimpin serta blog cawanagn/bahagian/negeri umno.

    Blog anda telah dimasuk senarai.
    Sila mampir. Harap kita dapat bertukar pautan.

  35. Anonymous5:31 pm

    I wonder why the fake photo of the flag burning 'incident' in batu burok did not cause such a strong reaction. Fake or not, i consider that as an insulting the flag.

    Is flying the flag upside down insulting the flag?
    Just like flying the flag halfway up the pole (half-mast), this is another 'common' practice. If half-mast is not an insult, why this is?

  36. Anonymous5:37 pm

    I'm not so sure about upside-down, but how about flying it half-mast? That is definitely not showing disrespect for the flag, and is internationally understood to be a sign of mourning.

    If people ask what we are mourning, we can always answer "The death of democracy in Malaysia".

  37. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Bro, hang buat macam macam,cakap macam macam ,tegor macam macam and i just thought you knew what you were doing.This time you screwed up big Time man. hang dah gila kah putting up an upside down malaysian flag on your blog ? whats gotten into you man ? i think its time you get a haircut coz all the hair is clouding your judgement.NO MATTER how many reasons you bloggers can come up with to hoist the flag upside down , but to those of us who have wore it and fought for the very existance of the flag , what you bloggers doing is considered sacrilegious. Come on Bro...this is unbecoming of you.

    Old Soldier

  38. I don't agree with that Rocky.

    Our country has face several challenges before. Most of it is worst than now. Our father/mother never think to do that (flag upside down).

    Why we should?

    Come on... this can be solving... just we have no credibility like old people...

  39. Anonymous6:03 pm

    I think most people who disagree with posting the flag upside down dont realise that it is a posting...its not a real flag. Its a picture of our flag. Its a cyber flag. I dont see anything wrong. sheesh... at least no one can burn a cyber flag.

  40. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Its remind me of my fav band, Rage Against The Machine. They'd hoist the Uncle Sam flag upside down in their concert. I did this on last year Merdeka Celebration as a protest when gov wasting a lots of people's money on fireworks, but my neighbour were asking me if I am ready to be drag away by Special Branch. haha funny thing, he's accidentally saying BolehLand is a police state. LOL.

  41. Anonymous6:10 pm



    Malaysian Flag Etiquette
    Malaysian Flag etiquette is very strict and is is essential that Flag protocols and rules are followed correctly

    Basic Flag Etiquette applies to all nations, including Malaysian as follows:

    Etiquette relating to the order of precedence for the flag

    National Flag of Malaysian

    State Flag of Malaysian

    Military Flag of Malaysian (in order of creation date)

    Other Flag of Malaysian

    The United Nations uses alphabetical order when presenting a national flag including the Malaysian Flag. Their flag etiquette ensures that no one country's flag has precedence over another country's flag

    The National flag of Malaysian should never be flown above another national flag on the same staff as this would suggest superiority, or conversely, inferiority of one flag, or Nation, over another

    The Malaysian flag should never be allowed to drag along the ground

    A tattered or faded flag of Malaysian should be removed and replaced with a new flag


    A Flag of Malaysian, when in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning in private with all due care and respect

  42. Anonymous6:10 pm


    I think it's too much...

    Malaysia ni... Walaupun dah tak macam dulu. Susah sangat ke kita sampai tahap nak terbalikkan lambang negara kita sendiri?

    I hope... blog bro tak jadi macam blog org lain yg terikut2 dengan perasaan & emosi.

    I know a few friends yg dah hilang respek pada certain blogger yg overreact...

  43. My comment on "leste majeste" is based on this site:


  44. Anonymous6:42 pm

    The current Malaysian flag reflects the glory of the past immediately after Merdeka and or before the breakup with Singapore.

    I am of the opinion revising the colours of the flag to suit present circumstances is not inappropriate. The new-style flag will look great in an upside-down shape. The red stripes be replaced with green stripes. The blue rectangle be black. The crescent moon should be bolder (or round instead of being a crescent with the star encircled inside the circle)and of more prominent size than the 13-pointed star.

    The new flag as above imagined should be the new Bolehland flag (Malaysia Boleh!)... in all the imagined glory of "demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara".

    Don't be surprised that is what Najib Razak will impose on us in event he comes to power. Let a thousand flowers of Islamic glory bloom (in Bolehland) will be his new mantra.

  45. Anonymous6:42 pm

    I DON'T THINK DO. This is gila, meh!

  46. Anonymous6:42 pm


    No matter what, we should not mess with the national flag.It is nothing wrong with the flag. It is the people who run this country.Go and mess those people!

  47. Anonymous6:54 pm

    (heha) : ok, flag upside down = DISTRESS !
    SORROWS = 51 small WHITE/BLACK candles or one big (=50) plus one small candles, ok !

    malaysia = distress + sorrows !
    please HELP...HELP...HELP !!!

  48. Anonymous7:01 pm

    It's an American design,send it back US. UMNO flag with keris a more patriotic design.


  49. Flying the flag upside down is rather "unpatriotic". If flying a white flag is a sign of surrender, perhaps wearing a WHITE ribbon could launch people power in a non-violent way.

    Supported by enough people, the leaders cannot ignore the MESSAGE from the rakyat.

    It can be a symbol of purification, a renewal of leadership.

  50. Anonymous7:06 pm

    batu ganas,
    Hang memang nak cari penyakit, kalau hang kena 'bungkus' dg bendera tu, hang jg menyesai.


  51. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Hari ini merupakan hari yang paling mengecewakan saya kerana selama ini saya percaya anda antara Bloggers yang menulis menggunakan otak dan berfikiran intelek. Tapi apabila anda menyokong Sheikh menterbalikkan Jalur Gemilang yang sejak kecil saya berdiri tegak menghormatinya, saya rasa anda tiada bezanya dengan politikus yang tidak punya otak itu.

    Rasa hormat saya selama ini punah kerana anda tidak lagi menggunakan otak untuk berfikir. Mungkin benar kata Zam dulu yang Bloggers ini perosak bangsa....sedih.

  52. Bro,

    How distresfull we are, please dont mess with it. Do respect our flag as a symbol of our country.

  53. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Where's the protest to protest bloggers' gimmicky alarmist shenanigans? I'll support that one.

    Take a Prozac or two, Rocky. Go to the beach and take your mind off things for a while. The flag on my desk (and desktop) is staying the right side up no matter what.

    And with the greatest concern I advise you to remove the JPEG before some immature reader reports it to the cops, and your laptop & you... up the lorry.

    Ish... dah mula menyanyah kape?

    - Abang Maimon.

  54. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Ever since Rocky got to the makan makan with the bloggers thingy sponsored by Scomi, it just doesnt feel the same here.

  55. Anonymous8:26 pm

    it wud be better not to fly the JG to show ur disapproval. Or fly another flag instead. That wont be a crime.

    Why wanna fly JG upside down?


  56. Why fly the National Flag upside down...to show your anger?
    We are suppose to be smart level headed Malaysians..and not use the excuse..others are doing that.
    Who cares about others?
    First...it is... those who suggested it..voting for the present government. They are the first class political blogging hypocrites...can twist and turn....like sly foxes...to suit their present advantage..where and what to stand up for.
    It is these people...who ARE pro UMNO...now suggesting protest..by flag hanging...upside down.
    Nation is not under distres.
    These few political bloggers have no principles in life. They are trying to contradict and confuse Malaysians.
    Malaysians are clear minded and know exactly what they want.
    If they focus on hurting UMNO and BN....why not boycott the Merdeka Parade on 31st August?
    Let Dollah and Najib salute to empty padangs.
    This is Mahatma Gandhi's wise and smart idea..telling Indians to take a day of rest.
    All did...and Britain set India free.
    So do this...UMNO will know ...your the people's power...loud and clear.

  57. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Ini bukan distress brader tapi disrespect. Walaupun I tak suka dan menyampah sangat AAB ke tahap paling maksimum tapi tidaklah sampai hati nak buat Jalur Gemilang upside down.

    Sepatutnya AAB di upside down kan. So, please betulkan balik bendera tu.

    Thank you.

    The Last Malay

  58. Why don't we just not raise the flag on Merdeka Day. We have nothing to celebrate for.
    I love my flag, just leave it alone.

  59. Anonymous9:33 pm

    seorang patriot said...

    "I think most people who disagree with posting the flag upside down dont realise that it is a posting...its not a real flag. Its a picture of our flag. Its a cyber flag. I dont see anything wrong. sheesh... at least no one can burn a cyber flag."

    What ARE U talking about. IT is jalur gemilang we are talking about be it in computer, in TV or even in our head. IT IS DAMN WRONG! DONT YOU GET IT?

  60. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Rocky, kamu rupa-rupanya juga salah seorang daripada bloggers yang pendek fikiran. Kami sungguh kesal!

  61. Anonymous9:42 pm


    I don't think it is a good idea to fly our national flag upside down. I am sure many of us would fight it to the last drop of our blood to ensure that it flies the way it should be..upright. It is a piece of cloth..a very important piece of cloth that signifies the colours and the sovereignity of this country. If you don't like the politicians..just kick their butt when you see them.
    In Iban culture, when a person dies his family members would tie a piece of black cloth on their wrists as a sign of mourning. Why not we wear a black wrist band to voice out our distress. Just like wearing the orange coloured band in protest toward Israel. We wear it from a week before merdeka till the end of this year or till things get better. It is more practical than wearing black shirt. Ye lah..panas kan. What say you fellow Malaysians.

  62. Anonymous10:09 pm

    rocky, what is your main purpose!!! money, glamour or .....

    flag is an important before we all shit on you


  63. Saudara malayamuda has come up with a very bright idea that is why not we hang the photo of the PM and DPM upside down. Saya sokong.

  64. Anonymous10:32 pm


    Please DO NOT do it. I beg of u.

    Habib RAK

  65. Anonymous10:44 pm

    leave the flag alone. just shoot the politicians.

    -el presidente ezekiel.

  66. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Ni yang sampai nak terbalik2 bendera ni apa cerita ni. Tak perlu buat macam tu dalam keadaan sekarang ni, keadaan sekarang tidak seteruk itu. Ini dah macam tak menghormati. Tak perlu gelabah sampai tahap macam ni. Cuba bertenang sikit.

  67. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Is the BN that make the people wanting to hang the flag upside down and singing Negarakuku.

    Now the duty of reversing that is falling on the shoulder of PKR.

  68. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Bro Rocky....
    Who are you calling for help??? The American? The British? Singapore??

    Mohamad Fazil

  69. Anonymous11:32 pm

    "Saudara malayamuda has come up with a very bright idea that is why not we hang the photo of the PM and DPM upside down. Saya sokong."

    and while yre at that, Anwar's pic too.

    -kant cunt

  70. Anonymous11:48 pm


    I second to your suggestion. Let's wear a piece of black band around our wrist. Hopefully the police won't give us trouble.

  71. Brader Rocky,

    'NEGARAKU' and JALUR GEMILANG are the nation. Do not humiliate your country.

  72. When in danger we have to cry out a warning
    To tell the whole world our hearts' yearning
    To show with our upside down flags that we are distressing
    Let's do what we need to do to get the Lord's blessing

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050808
    Tue. 5th Aug. 2008.

  73. Come and join the "turn the flag upside up again" campaign!


  74. Rocky

    Here's what everyone of us need to ask ourselves, will it change anything.... answer a BIG NO.

    So whether the flag is burnt, upside down, torn it just an act that doesnt mean anything, life will remain the same unless Sept 16 happens than we have an opportunity to weigh the difference in ruling of this nation, well, that it will be for the better.

    Otherwise, ini tak laku la pada yang tak peduli.....

    We should all plan for the next election, to make sure that what we dont want anymore gets thrashed in the ballot box.... now that a realistic plan and achievable.

    oh btw, pls stop the MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA clip, it doesnt make any sense to this generation, move on.... speak the current times, many did not go thru the 50s, 60s....

  75. Anonymous12:42 am

    Before the People go against you Bloggers, please stop what you are doing with the flag. That includes the flag that you have in this blog. many of us have always agree with you bloggers. But this thing about the flag is something that we as Malaysian, that have been taught to love this country since we were kids, will not agree to. Undo what you all have done. Long live Malaysia. Go to hell the politicians.

  76. Anonymous1:47 am

    Bro Rocky,

    The Malaysian Flag is the only thing that unites and shows that we are one in the country. See how many people raises the flag in recognition of their own country, their pride and joy. Every different races in our multiracial country is proud of flying the Malaysian Flag. Know why? Because it's the only thing that is color blind and gives us, the citizens, a common ground.

    That is why, for burning, stepped on, disfigured and etc etc of any country flags by anyone is the same as offending the people of that nation.


    (That is why, political parties uses different flags, because they want to distinguish themselves from others...how stupid.. no wonder that we are still not united)

    so my advice is that if bro Rocky felt that bro wants to show that we are in distress, try and put the governments flag (BN and PR flags) upside down, or you could just throw them out of your house, lets the dogs bite them or the cats scratch on it. That would be better.

  77. Demi faedah kita semua, saya perturunkan petikan artikel daripada laman web The University of Texas Counseling And Mental Health Center bertajuk When a Friend is in Distress.

    Salam hormat,

  78. i don't understand why so many people react so badly about this idea

    most of the people suggest this and that but will they really do it?? answer is NO. it will just be another fart and another day goes by and u will go to work the next day and work and get busy and etc etc etc .. while getting screwed from the backside s.l.o.w.y.

    the difference is some of the ppl are feeling the pain from the screwing and do something while some said 'ok i can still tahan' so let it be and some might ask 'what the f? i feel no screwwing ...

    so if it is not breaking any law the why not doing it? the flag des no belong only to 1 or 2 ppl.

    Most importantly is the msg that u want to deliver to the people.

  79. And so many do not read carefully.Rocky is not for hanging flag upside down.
    He merely posted what few bloggers are suggesting.
    He did not take sides..nor defend himself...being falsely accused here...by few.

  80. Flying the flag upside-down is an international flag terminology which means sending out A DISTRESS signal like SOS.

    So next time when u are stranded or marooned somewhere & in need of help. FLY THE FLAG UPSIDE DOWN. this piece of knowledge might save your life.

    & from the way things are going, YES we need to fly the flag upside down so that everyone knows our nation is in distress.

    thats if they are knowledgable to understand the fact sending out a distress signal is not dissin the flag!

  81. Anonymous6:36 am

    I have a flag hanging on my wall upside-down that has been there since BN came to power since God knows when and it will remain that way until the idiots are removed from power.All you BN politicians if you reading this my MIDDLE FINGER(gesture) to YOU.

  82. Anonymous8:23 am


    The flag now is nothing more than a smelly piece of cloth since AAB sits on it for too long! You want to wash it, remove him now!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  83. Anonymous8:45 am

    Ridiculous, Jalur Gemilang is a pride of our nation. From The King down to the ordinary people, our flag has play a big role. It has nothing to do with politics. So my suggestion is very simple, HEY GUYS! LEAVE THE FLAG ALONE!!!!!

  84. Anonymous8:46 am

    Ridiculous, Jalur Gemilang is a pride of our nation. From The King down to the ordinary people, our flag has play a big role. It has nothing to do with politics. So my suggestion is very simple, HEY GUYS! LEAVE THE FLAG ALONE!!!!


  85. seriously, i am as fed up as you are, my 2009 vision is to see Malaysia being governed by the aunties, at least they know how the families are suffering, how the food prices have increased, and how tough to manage the household, how the fees of bas sekolah has increased beyond the controlled prices, how uncertain their children's education is because the fees will be sky rocketing ,,, GOD save Malaysia

  86. Anonymous9:10 am

    leave the flag alone..it is just pointless..tis dollah will just pretend as tho nothing happens..


  87. Anonymous9:44 am

    It is wrong to put the flag upside down. Please guys, stop doing it. You'll make it worse than ever! Please respect our flag and country :)

  88. Anonymous9:54 am

    The comunist terrorist wanted to bring the flag down (only) but now you and your moron bloggers want it to be put upside down. So what's the difference?

  89. Anonymous9:54 am

    sedara rocky,

    saya selalu membaca apa yang saudara tulis dalam blog ini,menjadi salah satu sumber berita alternatif bagi saya yang tinggaql di luar negara..... masa saudara "on strike" dulu sy agak bersedih kerana tidak dapat baca maklumat terkini tentang negara kita malaysia,selain dari akhbar2 online.dan hari ini saya lagi sekali tidak menyokong apa yang saudara tulis.memang kita semua muak dengan situasi politik dan ekonomi di malaysia sekarang ni,tapi bukan dengan cara ini...

    lagipun,apa bezanya dengan menunjukkan marah terhadap kerajaan dengan membakar jalur gemilang?

    reading your blog is a must for me everyday,but today i have to say what i have to... after all its is what freedom of speech isn`t it?
    yet dont stop blogging,for the sake of our country...

  90. The blog of Perak MB’s wife:


  91. Another version.. sopan sikit.. icon bendera terbalik =)


  92. Anonymous11:50 am

    (heha): the country has gone to the DOGS, what is there to RESPECT ! the flag is being 'adulterated & contaminated' by those unscrupulous idiots .....
    who is to be BLAMED , you know lah !
    eg. 20juta repairs still leak ! 70juta repairs still cracks,
    100juta to be wasted for bi-election, juta&juta on 'bungaraya'
    perancangan bcos of the 1st lady,.....lagi dan lagi...look at the poor & miskins : latest sad news in KL , hubby in jail, poor indian lady drank posion & died leaving 7 miserable children , this is NOT vellu's fault, this is the FAULT of the kerajaan FOR NOT HELPING THE POOR but saja buang duit else where like buying benz with juta and the RICH getting richer in sinful ways & putting the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in banks !!
    People, please CRY for the poor, the sick & the helpless but DAMN the sinful RICH and pray for
    'thy kingdom come' soon..very soon !

  93. Anonymous12:02 pm

    BRO! bendera tak salah, why not terbalikkan gambar pak lah and brengset kj (either way u hang it it is still terbalik)
    macam poster 'along' kat mana2 kan ada!

    jb trooper.

  94. I am flying the fal upside down bro.

    My blogsite is at http://mvnathan.blogspot.com/

    I am still thinking about the press club membership bro.Still thinking about it. Maybe somedaylah ! Ha-ha!!

  95. Anonymous12:14 pm

    (heha) : of 365/366 days, which days do you read 'happy ' news !? even on 'open house' merry occasions, people fighting for food
    especially satay & fried ayam !
    NOw, petrol up, inflation, rice, minyak masak, medication ..up up up !
    to the RICH : nothing lah !!
    I belive our CREATOR wants the humans of his image to live happily & worship HIM but HIS rival, the satan wants the opposite so 'it' creats
    'sufferings' and its evil helpers are being lured to cause 'distress & sorrows' to the citizens and you know who lah in malaysia !!

  96. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. Kenapa nak terbalikkan bendera. To show that we are in distress. Baik terus rampas kuasa. Gulingkan kerajaan kalau dah tak suka. Cam tu baru lah orang akan ambik perhatian. After you hoist the flag upside down, why not shoot the flare gun as well. Send some smoke signals. Sissy betul. Macamlah AAB tu akan pandang akan dengar. Like the politicians care about it. If you want to do something, do something that give immediate impact like dropping an atomic bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki.

  97. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Although the flagging of nasional flag upside down is because we are concern with the current situation,

    I still believe that it is way too much to do it. The intention is good but the practical part may backfire.

    I propose not to meddle with our flag.

    No More Malaysian Chinese

    Call me "Proud Malaysian" although
    i will be enjoying olympic in china.

  98. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Apa yang dalam kekalutan sangat. Orang2 politik saja yang membuat kalut dalam negara.Mereka dipilih oleh rakyat..baik BN atau PR.Maka bekerjalah bersama utk kebaikan rakyat.Dulu kata BN terlalu kuat di Parlimen dan tidak mengendahkan suara pemabngkang yang"baik". Tapi sekarang sudah ada 82 pembangkang di parlimen..tapi apa yang kita dapat? "Beruk" berlawan dengan "monyet". Beruk suka pisang monyet juga suka pisang.Siapa beruk dan siapa monyet..lu pikir le sendiri.
    Baik YB beruk atau YB monyet..sama sahaja.Masing2 nampak pisang dan kacang..bukannya nampak "tuannya". Kita..pengundi adalah tuannya. Tapi malangnya ramai antara kita sebagai tuannya..cuba jugak nak menjadi monyet dan beruk sama2 nak berebut pisang dan kacang..
    Kita sebagai tuannya patut sama mengajar beruk dan monyet ini sma2 memanjat kelapa agar beruk dan monyet ini dapat menguntungkan kita sebagai tuannya. Dan dalam masa yang sama KEKALUTAN dalam negara dapat di kurangkan..



  99. Saudara Rocky's Bru,

    Tindakan saudara memperlihatkan kekecewaan saudara yang tinggi terhadap apa yang berlaku di dalam negara. Bukan saudara seorang yang merasainya. Ramai lagi yang jelek dan muak dengannya. Tetapi untuk bertindak menterbalikkan bendera sebagai tanda protes adalah tindakan yang keterlaluan. Maruah sebagai penjunjung Jalur Gemilang terasa disiat oleh tindakan ini. Hentikan! Penghinaan ini tidak boleh diterima sama sekali!

  100. Pakcik,

    Di sekolah, kami diajar agar menghormati bendera Malaysia (Jalur Gemilang). Tetapi di sini, Pakcik mengajar kami menjadi kurang ajar. Terima kasih pakcik. Namun, jangan salahkan kami sekiranya satu hari nanti kami akan kencingkan kubur pakcik kerana pakcik telah menghina negara yang kami cintai.

    Umi Nadhirah
    5 Kenanga.

  101. Anonymous1:40 pm

    ladyRP says:
    i am a non malay and a non muslim but am a proud ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA. i WILL NOT insult the flag which is the pride of all anak bangsa malaysia. Thank you

  102. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Saya kecewa sama kamu Bru


  103. Anonymous1:49 pm

    hasilox said...

    Is flying the flag upside down insulting the flag?
    Just like flying the flag halfway up the pole (half-mast), this is another 'common' practice. If half-mast is not an insult, why this is?

    Let say your sister go to a concert and decided to stand up to applaud (standing ovation). that is good. if she choose to sit down and clap that is still good. if she chose to do a handstand (body upside down) and expose her panties to public, that is an over reaction and an insult to herself. the only place where handstand is not frown upon is if your sister is a stripper in a strip bar. which in this case she be the one receiving the applause.


  104. Anonymous2:11 pm

    man oh man...You Malaysians are a joke..

    You posted so many nasty comments and claimed that you love your country and willing to die for her...but why didn't you guys speak up when 1 man openly tarnish your country's dignity and good name to the whole world? Why did you guys just sat on your arses while your country is being sodomize by this man?

    Openly asking other countries to intervene with your country's laws and affairs, openly insulted your forefathers effort to bring national harmonies and unity by spreading hatred among races, seeking refuge at other country's embassy in your own country and telling lies about being an assassination target (which is ridiculous!!!),bring down your country's economy bcoz of the uncertainty among investors by creating a big fuss about political coup (which can be avoided (and malaysians are not held as mental hostages!!!!!) if he took the defeat like a real man and wait for the next GE instead of courting the opponents to join his side) and he even openly throw your money (rakyat money!) down the drains when he asked for by-election just bcoz he can't wait to control your country! All this for what?! For his own sake to be in power as PM..And all that you care about are his words and believed all his lies but you guys are afraid to speak up (pussies!!)when he tarnish your country's name...Judging from that, i think that you guys have long let your country being raped and sodomized by anwar... so spare your forefathers' dignity and don't say that you are willing to die to defend your country bcoz you let him rape her.

    Anonymous III

  105. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Waa.. So hebat la these bloggers.. Sume rasa mcm freedom fighters la kononnya.. Cool sangat la tu..Diorang ni blom rasa susah yang sebenarnya.. The Real freedom fighters are turning in their graves..

  106. stop it. in the name of what ever... don't ever show disrespect to the national flag. you can hate an individual or even a group of people but national flag is a symbol of this nation.... if you don't understand this then i have nothing else to say....
    rocky...i know you are a responsible citizen please don't let some irresponsible unpatriotic people to undermine our pride. if you have been to other countries and fortunate enough to sing our national song while the flag being raise then you will understand my anger to this seditious call by some disloyal quarters. mark my words..

  107. Anonymous3:32 pm

    how about fly kite upside down?

  108. Anonymous3:32 pm


    "I have a flag hanging on my wall upside-down that has been there since BN came to power since God knows when and it will remain that way until the idiots are removed from power.All you BN politicians if you reading this my MIDDLE FINGER(gesture) to YOU."

    what's the flag or our nation gotta with BN?.the flag belong to ALL Malaysian and not just some certain political party.Malaysian flag doesnt represent UMNO/BN.

  109. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Memang agak keterlaluan tindakan mengibarkan bendera Malaysia secara terbalik. Mereka yang berbuat demikian samalah seperti menterbalikkan diri mereka sendiri dimana kedudukan kepala di bawah dan kaki di atas.

    Begitulah tahap otak yang Allah SWT kurniakan akal yang waras untuk berfikir tetapi telah diletakkan pada tahap yang paling bawah oleh mereka yang kononnya nak menunjukkan perasaan marah dan tak puashati mereka terhadap kerajaan dan Pak Lah. Kalau pun dah benci sangat pada PM, bukan begitu caranya... Pendek akal sungguh mereka yang mengibarkan bendera Malaysia secara terbalik ni...

  110. Pakcik,

    Di sekolah, kami diajar agar menghormati bendera Malaysia (Jalur Gemilang). Tetapi di sini, Pakcik mengajar kami menjadi kurang ajar. Terima kasih pakcik. Namun, jangan salahkan kami sekiranya satu hari nanti kami akan kencingkan kubur pakcik kerana pakcik telah menghina negara yang kami cintai.

    Umi Nadhirah
    5 Kenanga.

  111. Anonymous4:31 pm

    The flag is identified with the country, not the government of the day.

    A simple but fundamental fact.

    If one is unhappy with the government, there is a chance to mark it's report card every 5 years.

  112. Anonymous4:35 pm

    ini la org panggil blogger lalang...jenis takde pendirian.konon2nya persaudaraan la sesama blogger

    marina cadang boikot kes liwat blogger lalang yang bodoh macam kau ni pun ikut.motif...tujuan apa pun tak tau.semua nak ikut org...konon2 brotherhoood

    akhirnya boikot kes liwat tah kemana.rocky buat posting pasal doktor myanmar tu.hehehe ibarat dah ludah jilat balik

    sekarang ikut cakap si sheih pulak suruh gantung bendera terbalik.padahal sheih ni la musibat.dulu bukan main puji mahathir.bila dah jadi balaci husam terus lain bunyi dah

    umur masing2 dah tua bangka tapi perangai macam budak2 tadika.mak bapak kau orang dulu tak ajar ke kita kena hormat simbol negara.kalau blogger2 lalang ni pon tak hormat bendera nak suruh PATI indon,bangla etc hormat bendera kita?

    tak payah la nak buat al bloggers...bloggers united semua ni...buang masa.kalau kau kalah saman kalimullah tu duit kau jugak yang melayang.jangan harap la orang macam marina,sheih tu nak tolong bayarkan saman untuk kau. jangan mimpi la brader

    nasihat aku guna kepala otak yang tuhan bagi tu rocky.jangan asyik jadi lalang ikut mana angin bertiup


  113. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Hello all you bloger above,

    Sudah lah jangan nak berlakon la.....

    konon2 nya patriotik la.

    Marah macam anjing menyalak beramai-ramai.

    Apa lu olang ingat saya mau percaya ka?

  114. Fly the flag upright, but at half-mast.

    To mourn the loss of our nation.

    We're gonadless goners.

  115. Anonymous5:19 pm

    it's disrespectful to the country.

  116. Anonymous6:45 pm

    This is carzy!

    Now flaf upside down.!

  117. kempen bersama kami selamatkan bendera kita

  118. Anonymous7:47 pm

    PLEASE all bloggers.

    Get serious about locating and ensuring safety of BALA and family and DR OTHMAN and family.

    Make this a daily cause. I cannot understand the relative silence on these potential C4 candidates.

  119. Bro lu nak tebalikkan bendera lu cuba buat lah ..kalau lu nak tengok rumah lu kena bakar atau kereta lu kena bakar..cuba buat lah...

  120. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Tak boleh la Rocky. The flag cannot be upside down. There may be 10,000 things wrong with the people in power.

    But the flag is sacred.

    I'm a Merdeka baby. I can't bring myself to hang this symbol of my tanah tumpah darah upside down.

  121. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Kalau ya pun tak setuju atau bantah dengan kerajaan kenapa sehingga menghina lambang kerajaan ? Aku dah fed up la dengan karenah pembangkang ni. Ini bukti sah bahawa pembangkang sanggup menjual negara asal dapat memerintah !

    ~ joesniper

  122. Anonymous10:36 pm




  123. Anonymous10:59 am

    So many 'united' Malaysians when it comes to Flag issue. Now if only we are united in every other way as well. Just my 2 cents.

  124. Anonymous12:53 pm

    you all ni, so emotional about the flag, a piece of colored cloth. it is not a sacred thing. just a symbol.

    kalau flag terbalik means distress, so be it. the country is in a mess and so, it is in distress. it is not about pembangkang or supporter.

    lagi pun, what is kerajaan? since we are a democracy, we ARE the government. The government is us. the government office bearers were elected by us. ni sikit-sikit takut kerajaanlah, bantah kerjaanlah, lambang kerajaanlah, etc. the ministers are not the kerajaan. KITA rakyat is the kerajaan.

    Yang dibelanjakan tu, bukan duit kerajaan, tapi duit rakyat. ini negeri rakyat, bukan negeri kerajaan mana-mana parti.

    wake up and smell the coffee.

  125. Anonymous2:35 pm

    bodoh, dungu, tolol, bahlol, pendek akal, kebudak-budakan, emosional tak bertempat etc..etc...itulah pendapat aku pada budak2 (atau mungkin orang tua yg tak matang-matang lagi)yang mencadangkan untuk menaikkan bendera Malaysia secara terbalik.

  126. i'm sorry, I believe all of us here share the same feeling but i felt you guys bring it a little too much to the extreme. flag upside down? but insulting the flag is an insult to the people's (you and me)not only the country while the one you should oppose the those politicians.

    if you felt somewhat un-happy with the current situation which most of us felt exactly the same "don't raise any flag" !! simple.


  127. Anonymous5:49 pm

    apasal ko tak bakar jer bendera kita tu kan senang. ko pi duduk negara lain la bru. ke ko nak intension dari orang ramai so that ko bleh jadik hero. bru tolong jangan jadi penderhaka negara.!!!


  128. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Maybe this is the sign I need to give up my malaysian citizenship...

  129. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Saudara Rocky. Tolong baca satu komen menarik berjudul ROCKY AHIRUDIN PATRIOT GLOBAL dalam malaysiaaktif.com.

  130. It's better to hang yourself upside down than the Jalur Gemilang. With one or two jugs, I think it will be an easy job.

    Rocky, please do sensible things. Don't forget that you're one of the bloggers who were trained in journalism. They taught you the right things, but you yourself choose to work at the wrong place (that's what you alleged).

    Now the choice is yours to do the right thing. Dont't listen to stupid ideas and suggestion. not even after a few jugs... - abang mat

  131. Anonymous8:12 pm

    If you are so distressed to make a bad judgement, you might as well decide to kill yourself.
    Don't bring the flag into it.

  132. picture this.

    u live near a hospital fill with the dying n its rude to shout in the nearby vicinity of the hospital.

    one day ur house catches fire. u cant shout for help in distress too. all u can do is whisper or talk at a normal tone the most out of respect for the patients.

    this is wat this country had done to its people ever since independence.

    are we failing to grasp on common sense too? are we not in distress? do u think that everyone in the country know that out country is in distress?

    do u read papers like the borneo post or sarawak tribune online? (cos its the only circulating english post & its controlled by the BN). so if we dont show that our nation is actually in distress right from the heart of its beloved capital~

    as long as ur messages are not loud & clear. Nobody in the east will take heed.

    btw, i am from sarawak. nobody actually pay attention to wats happening here due to the govt filters there. its time u guys get louder, bolder & b noticed for the survival of our nation n future.

    let them know that they turned this country upside down by flying the flag upside down, and let it be a distress signal for all malaysians worldwide to rally for that one similiar cause what we malaysians wanted as malaysians.

    a true independent, free & equal malaysia!

    god save malaysia!

  133. Anonymous12:44 am

    i also want to migrate la,

    but all of you people go first la...

    yes we malaysian have a lot of stupid, idiot people.

    Dont argue about brain drain its useless.

    go ahead migrate.....

  134. Anonymous7:56 am

    (heha) : Hey, sarawakian, really envy you a lot lah your cm is using RRSS but over here we can use only lousy v6 which can cost ribuan for ' service & repairs' within 4 years and the bloggers are making HELL of complaints as if the money come from their pockets ...@#$%^&*...! Now, we are having the E200 but can only for vvips....@#$%^&*...!! nasib baik these fellows are quiet because of anwar's sodomy which mereka lebih minat , thanks my god, hope there are more ...more that kind of incidents then we can curi -curi pakai the.. the benz,wow...sioknya the smell of the inside even belum pandu outstation, must use it back to kampong this coming hariraya to show off abit lah, ok ! by-by !"

  135. Anonymous12:04 pm

    dear rocky
    i dont agree we should fly the flag upside down.infact we should fly it high and fly more all over the country.
    what more in this month of august.dont just simply blindly follow what others do.this is malaysia,our country.whats others wanted to do with their flag,its their choice,but not malaysia.


  136. I admit that it may seem a bit drastic to display the flag upside down but I also believe that people should be free to express their thoughts and opinions.

    If you feel that strongly, then by all means do what you think is right (within legal means of course).

    By the way: here is a link for you that is directly linked to the Malaysian flag and that it is not illegal to do so.


    I hope you enjoy the National Day even if you are making a less than positive point :)

  137. Anonymous6:00 pm

    (heha) Rais :" dun lah, please dun do it, use other ways to show DISTRESS ...bla...bla...bla...ok !?"

  138. nape la nak aniaya bendera sendiri, orang kat negara luar sanggup mati bila bendera mereka dibakar dipijak dicerca dan macam-macam lagi la..... Hanya disebabkan pemahaman dalam satu bidang berlainan dan bendera negara nak dikorbankan. Tak betul lah kalo macam ni...

    Hargailah kemerdekaan yang dah pernah kita kecapi 51 tahun amat membawa makna kepada rakyat MALAYSIA pikirkanlah.