Monday, August 04, 2008

ACA report against PM on money politics

Umno against money politics. At 9.30 tomorrow morning, Mazlan Harun is expected to lodge a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency against Umno president and Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in relations to alleged money politics.

Illegal gathering. Before that, around 9 am, some Umno veterans are expected to gather at the Dataran Merdeka before proceeding to lodge the report.

Read Umno bloggers' posts on this here and here.


  1. Hoorey!
    *Highly skeptical of ACA. Still.*

  2. ACA report on the sleeping beauty
    Can ACA open an investigation on him?
    Mind you he is the PM of the country
    And he thinks he is the lordship to rule

    What can ACA do?
    He is the immediate boss
    Instructions flow from him
    Can ACA conduct it without fear or favor?

    Ezam once filed many reports on him
    See what did it come out?
    Now Ezam joined the party
    Singing the backstabbing tune
    On his mentor over the fence

    The UMNO veterans can do
    They can make a show let others see
    Eventually ACA will just close the file
    As other cases involving the elites

    Unless the Rakyat change
    The political landscape
    They make their own destiny
    To right the wrongs in the country

  3. Anonymous9:50 pm

    This is the beginning of the end for the BN/Umno regime.Yesterday, we had 'cheapskate attention seeker' Ezam Mat Nor talking trash to Umno members who this Scribe came to know were ferried in by the busloads from outside Permatang Pauh to listen to Ezam speak through his ass...More

  4. Anonymous10:05 pm

    It is great to see some decent people left in umno even though there maybe very few left. Time to rid the party of liars, corrupt President and Deputy and majority of the supreme council members. Perhaps umno may still be able to salvage some pride with a few good people left.
    Rotten to the core

  5. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Wow! Is this really happening???


  6. Anonymous10:17 pm

    ha ha ha, do you think the police will check this issue!!! Thousand of police report were made, but no action because once you become PM, you are consider above the law in malaysia. See how PM's relatives like Dato Ahmad Zuki from TSR Capital, YB Sahfri Aziz, ADUN Bkt Iban (consider second youngest ADUN in Malaysian after Najib), Nasir Rashid (made million of dollars under khalid nordin in MECD)& how most of new security license issue to his relatives. No one question PM about his issue

    Hidup kroni


  7. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Most of us prefer Abdullah to step down. Under the present scenario in the event he steps down the rightful heir will be Najib. Wouldn't that be equalent to playing with hornet nest?


  8. Rocky

    Dont ever trust these UMNO members, be it Mazlan Haron or even others like Kambing Jubor (KJ). They all talk CO*K and once they see Pak Benggap Lah waiting at Dataran Merdeka, these are same people will shout "HIDUP PAK LAH". Typical Dumb Haggard Monkeys.

    Guess what; they are proud to be Leeches of their Own People!

  9. Anonymous11:32 pm

    There is still hope yet for UMNO..if action is taken to stop the rot started ny AAB. Tun has spoken..many UMNO members quietly watching.

  10. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Kerja Bodoh,,!!!!

    Menyusahkan warga KL,,kalu sesak,,road-block,,Salah siapa,,????

    You have chosen BN,,,give them the mandate,,!!

    Real ASSHole

  11. Salam brader

    1. Kapt(B)Zahar...?

    2. Kapt(B) Sukj...?

    3. As a Capt, we were born to lead, defend, secure and to strike.

  12. hahahahaha.This is fun!!
    UMNO guys reporting UMNO guys corruptions.....hahahahahaha
    At least 25 years too late...but better late than never.
    Rafidah so scared...announced retirement ...mid next year. I am sure....she wish to retire already...yesterday......hahahahahaha
    APs will robe her in...sooner or later. She knows it.
    But she got to play calm...and the political game.
    Dollah do not know.. whether to be happy or sad...just look at his blank face expressions.
    Najib.....better actor....smiling away..even though he is as confused as Dollah. That idiot....Najib..can act bit now.
    2000 MCA members news.
    UMNO top brass join news.
    Saiful and Ezam spoke....headline news!!
    UMNO is a low class.. bankcrupt party.!!

  13. Anonymous12:03 am

    From bigdog
    "PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah bertemu pemimpin UMNO peringkat Cawangan, melalui JASA dikatakan mengaturkan agar mereka dibawa ke Kuala Lumpur, diberikan penginapan sekurang kurangnya bertaraf empat bintang, wang ringgit, kain pelikat atau batik dan jamuan serta persembahan juga disediakan."

    I just can't believe this "kain pelikat or batik" trick still works.. like they just stuck in the 70s!

    For those who are expecting FRUs, water cannons and tear gas will be disappointed this time.

    - one rakyat

  14. PM will plead ignorance and put the blame on the organisers; so what, he has already got his objective executed. He doesn’t care about the constitution as he doesn’t care about opinion polls; he’ll get others to ratify/ justify his actions.

    I wonder about the ACA, PM seemed to be using them a lot these days. The ACA seems to go after the small fries but big ones like this and of coarse Wang Ehsan Trengganu, Monsoon Cup, Crystal Mosque, Agusta and many many more; fat hopes. And yet PM wants to reform the ACA. It’s all a big bluff, wayang kulit when it comes to PM and of coarse his son and SIL and off coarse his corrupted defacto law Minister.

    How do UMNO expect to meet the challenges in the Permatang Pauh by election with a dunggu still at the helm of the country! Even an office coffee boy can win over BN at Permatang Pauh, what more his sodomite boss.

  15. We're a nation of reports-go-round
    With a report here, a report there
    Here a report, there a report
    Everywhere so very many reports

    Old MacReport is sure to have his own headaches-report with all of them.

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050808
    Tue. 5th Aug. 2008.

  16. Anonymous6:29 am

    Excuse me..
    Mazlan Harun ni bukan ke bapak dia dulu yang penah kena penjara pasal rasuah ka?

  17. Anonymous7:12 am


    maruah kebanyakan "pencacai" melayu umno-bn sama harga dgn kain pelikat/batik, sejadah, sewa hotel & duit poket jln2 kat kl. inilah yang umno kata "hidup melayu".

    lawak la umno ni, "apa tangkal engkau sudah pakai la?"

    this stupidity reminds me of a song called "sabbath bloody sabbath" by black sabbath.

  18. Salam Bro,

    Tataetika itu terpakai ke untuk Presiden parti? tataetika itu nampaknya hanya macam terpakai untuk macai-macai sahaja macam calun kat Seremban tu...

  19. Anonymous8:07 am

    Dear Umno

    Don't la bother your no 1, let him sleep on tv, during functions, whereever..........go on with your habits and addictions on money politic........the more the better.........

    Dear Malaysians

    Please open your your hearts.......VOTE FOR CHANGE

  20. Anonymous9:15 am

    AIYAH, dun be naive with ACA lah !
    on 31st( 30th night): light up one big&fat(=50)BLACK/WHITE (sorrows)& one small candles, ok !

  21. Anonymous9:20 am

    Its nothing new, these corrupted leaders will do anything incl C4 just to remain in power.

  22. Anonymous9:21 am

    another police or ACA report against PM? So what, do u think police or ACA will bother to take any action on him?

  23. Anonymous9:28 am

    you expect the current PM to step down and the new PM to fill in which might as well put things in circle one again (e.g corruption issue,cronisme,etcetc).how perfect is perfect for all of us?

    if ppl wants to report on PM of corruption,better to report of former PM too.

    that's fair and square.

  24. Let's see what the so-called 'act without fear or favour' agency will do!! The allegations are clear-cut and PM can't defend it because all the expenses and arrangements were done by JASA who recieve their allocations from Ministry of Information. ACA can collect the evidences from those who attended, if I am not mistaken runs into thousands. They will tell you!! However strong a case is, the final say will be the AG!!!!!!!

  25. Perhaps there's some civility or a sense of shame within the MCA at lest coming from this group statement. Lest there be any need for condescending after all a statement isn't enough today; considering the inaction from these groups as against the overall public detestations and the magnitude of despicable shamelessness from the components.e.g.
    "Let the court decide on the sodomy issue," said Permatang Pauh Umno division chief Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid.
    These guys just don't get eh. We do not trust rely on or have faith in the courts, not only the court but all institutions of gomen except the opposition - not even parliament is justice and a genuine interest of the people guaranteed. Even in their own personal capacity BN/UMNO officials affiliates sympathisers we passionately come to dislike at this juncture in our contemporary lives. These vagrants just add nausea whenever they are heard or seen in public. There's nothing constructive futuristic or promising about these people any more. The mere mention of their name sake even their off-spring into public corporate ordinary life reaches fever pitch antagonism. Just go! Goooooooo! My wife and I switch between channels whenever these morons appear on the TV- it doesn't matter what they have to say, we discontinue news papers delivery to our home , we don't spare time to ready the ones that are free at the office and we take the free SUN at the guard house every 3 days to lay bed for the kids Hamsters at home - seriously! not even a glance. It is what they also shit on.

  26. Anonymous10:15 am

    Siapa sebenarnya Kapt. (B) Dato' Zahar Hashim and Dato Mazlan Harun?

    Check it out at HERE

  27. Dollah is finished!!
    First it was Terengganu....defying him.
    Look at his face....when Rafidah announced her retirement.
    She did not do the usual customary procedure....inform UMNO President first.
    Dollah did that to her. It's a tit for smart and sharp Rafidah!!
    It is also not Mahathir's predictions or desires came true.....with UMNO members supporting him. Far ..far from it.
    It is Dollah's own stupidity and selfishness...supporting dirty politics against Anwar.
    When you are not that smart....don't be selfish ..insincere and play dirty politics.

  28. " Much Ado About Nothin "

  29. Salam,

    May the grass root continue to believe.


  30. Anonymous10:56 am

    Hope this is not another one of their staged acting, you know to show that ACA & some UMNO members have guts and credible after all.

    Am skeptical given their fondness to berlakon. Maybe these hypocrites are doing it to win us back.


  31. Anonymous11:03 am

    "Simpan itu Lapuran"

    "Baik Tuan!!"

    -Saya yang menurut perintah.

  32. 1. Pak Lah say he got nothing to do with it..dont know...zzzzz
    2. ACA say they hv received and will act without fear and favour.
    3. 4 weeks later , ACA say no case
    4. 6 months later- Kapt Zahar renovates his house.


    WHO LOSE - RAKYAT(like you and me)

  33. Anonymous11:28 am

    there will be another sequel of 'liwat' blockbuster...just enough to zip their big mouths..i just can't wait...he he he.

    lin, k.batas.

  34. Anonymous11:42 am

    i am just curious abouts us Malaysians.

    do we really trust the truth or we "choose" which truth that we wanna trust?

    do we really criticize our leaders because our love for the country and it's people or is it because we hate the leaders?

  35. Anonymous11:50 am

    i actually miss the normal easy going days of iron fist TDM days. Where we all the bad guys at least toll in line obediently behind their big boss... ah.. the good old days.. and then i woke up and see this headline. *groan
    What is it with scandals and people. You cheer or you jeer at these scandals i wonder do you realised at the end of the day what another episode like this is going to do to our country and citizens. The whole government is so busy watching their own back or poking someone else's back (yes, pun intended) that no one is actually doing work to repair/build our country. Who is looking after our well being then ?!
    Stop this nonsense! Stop reading blogs that promote chaos! stop speculating! somebody's mistress got blown up and somebody got poked in the back.. so what?! those stories only tell us what we already know.. our government is corrupt.
    and then we have the fella that just wont let go of the scandal and blogs about it and creates so much drama that eventually got the whole nation forget about the bigger picture. supposedly 'politically neutral' but at the end of the day supports a certain political figure who is nontheless a former victim of the current government that is obviously driven by grude and vendetta more than anything else he claims...
    arent you guys jaded by all these? because i am. it's all a big hypocrisy..
    *great now the leader of the country is being implicated for corruption (who doesnt already know that?!) so may i know who is driving the country then? i can see a big crash ahead for this headless nation*

  36. Anonymous11:55 am

    Berhati-hati dengan sebarang usaha untuk menjatuhkan Pak Lah... Ada baiknya kita kenali dulu siapa Dato' Zahar Hashim dan Dato' Mazlan Harun.. Cuba rujuk www.stephendoss.blogspot untuk mengetahui siapa mereka berdua ni... From my observation, these two guys are look like "orang Mahathir"...

  37. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Mazlan Harun is the son of former Selangor Mentri Besar, the late Datuk Harun Idris, who was jailed in the 1970s for corruption.


  38. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Saudara saudari, para pembaca sekalian:

    Anda semua bercakap seolah-olah sewaktu Tun Mahathir tiada sebarang pun rasuah. Ini sikap khayal dan menipu diri sendiri.

    Rasuah pada skala yang hampir sama wujud dan berterusan sejak dari zaman Tun Mahathir lagi. Ini kenyataan.

    Cuma bezanya sekarang ianya lebih ketara dan mungkin banyak sedikit lagi. Itu sahaja.

    Maka janganlah sesekali fikir bahawa sebelum Abdullah Badawi jadi perdana menteri, semuanya bersih dan baik. Budaya rasuah ini adalah 'budaya', maksudnya ia mengambil masa lama untuk wujud dan menjadi praktis biasa.

    Kedua-dua perdana menteri ini bertanggungjawab untuk situasi ini kerana mereka membenarkan ianya berleluasa asalkan UMNO tetap berkuasa. Ini 'trade-off' yang dilakukan kedua-dua perdana menteri ini: biar rasuah wujud pada satu tahap tertentu dan puaskan semua lapisan pemimpin UMNO asalkan yang penting UMNO tetap dapat berkuasa.


  39. Anonymous12:39 pm


    Bakri Musa of California said that the UMNO president must be hit on the head with a 2 by 4 (a standard dimension for a piece of wood used to construct houses in the US) before he realises that the people really do not want him.

    I mean really what else is this guy waiting for? His own party members are now making ACA reports against him. So far how many of the 90 or so cawangan have nominated him for president? None?

    According to that Merdeka Poll, his unpopularity has hit a low of 28%. Even this 28% must have been the Zoo Negara constituency.

    Melayu tak akan hilang di dunia sebab Melayu tak malu.

  40. Anonymous1:09 pm

    I'm not sure if this Mazlan Harun is the same person from VI who played football for the Selangor state & also one of the English clubs way back in the early 70s. If so, syabas to you. I'm your junior in VI and also a classmate of one of your brothers.

    It's good to see common sense and good governance prevail. We're sure in UMNO there are lots of people with these as well as the most important human attribute of all - conscience. So, is it the situation now that enough is enough? If so more are yet to surface.

    Syabas to you Mazlan, whichever MH that you are.

    From: TNS

  41. Anonymous1:31 pm

    "So far how many of the 90 or so cawangan have nominated him for president? None?"

    there are 20,000 thousand cawangan all over Malaysia.90 versus 20,000?who shall win? hehe

    "According to that Merdeka Poll, his unpopularity has hit a low of 28%. Even this 28% must have been the Zoo Negara constituency."

    there's something wrong with the poll at

    thank you.

  42. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Well, that's why pak lah doesn't want the ACA to be independent like HK's ICAC. If not, even ministers and other big shots who are normally above the law will be probed. Laws are for us rakyat only, not for them in the corridors of power!

    -Anti krony

  43. Anonymous1:58 pm I posted in Susan's blog...what else is new?

    So they log the report..and tomorrow they take it back and go in hiding or be C-4ed by the gang. NORMAL Mah...Aiyoo why so much hub-la for this la..


  44. I hope this will not be another high drama but with NFA(no further action) ending

  45. Anonymous2:19 pm

    (heha): if aab were to step down 2moro, who is WORTHY to take over NOW...WHO...tell me...just TELL ME : anwar ? najib? mudhidin? rust-am? rais? botak? kerismudin ? .... WHO else ? all are shit...shit...shit...worms !
    so just , NO CHOICE, let him squat till 2010 the june & in the mean time, people, WORK this out :

    r-a-h-m-a-N(NAZRIN)= PM (june2010)


    ( i am a chinese, dun even want lks,lge,okt& bro, otk, dr sex ....
    to be a pm !)

  46. ermm... so many people accusing Mahathir as the father of corruption or Anwar ... is there any police/ACA report on these two celebrity?

    how does ACA works?

  47. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Truth is always painful...undur LAH....

    Good Samaritan.

  48. Eh? Veteran Veteran UMNO nak Memberontak?

    Tapi kena Kejut Abdullah Badawi dan Najib Dulu.

    And if its done in the afternoon, you will have to wake Najib up as Najib has his daily Nap at 3pm!

  49. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Thank God.

    Ada juga orang yang betul-betul ada guts.

    - The Last Malay

  50. Anonymous9:08 pm

    No report or investigation by ACA on Mahathir before because it was under his thumb lah. Not too different from now. Worse back then. No opportunity (or daring) for anyone to voice out against Mahathir. Or be punished. Just see what happened to Anwar. And he was no small fry -- a deputy prime minister!

  51. samad

    Kita kena juga tahu latarbelakang stephen dos....latar belakang dia pro gomen boleh tahan jugak masa student dulu.

  52. Boleh jadi ke ini? Aiyo, Nenek Kebayan sedang melompat-lompat, happy lah!

  53. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Haii..Usaha2 untuk menjatuhkan lagi la ni. macam2 betul yg di buat.

  54. Anonymous9:24 am

    kalabakan abuya..
    why not you make a report against TDM now..dollah will be just too happy for that..again..for all you know he may reward you.For all the hatred you and him have against the old man..apa lagi ..this is the time..the old man is so helpless now..


  55. Dear Rocky,

    History certainly repeats itself because Man never Learns...with his Greed for Power and Money.

    My heart bled for this great nation & its citizens since Tunku, our Bapa Merdeka was "betrayed" by the "Elite Nationalist Ketetuanan
    Group"- some may still be alive today, still mentoring the BN, UMNO & UMNOputras.

    Have no fear as more incriminating revelations will be forthcoming to
    put the final nail on the coffin of the "BN" administration by its OWN enemies from WITHIN their ranks.

    Initially we have YB LGE as one of the many TRUE Malaysian Leaders and
    many more will "Evolve" in due course, not necessarily from any party.

    Have FAITH & be PATIENT to witness the coming of a New Dawn for this
    great nation Malaysia for all Malaysians. Insha Allah.

    flyer168 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

  56. Anonymous10:36 am

    Saya setuju dgn Hj Kamaruddin Taib. Gejala dan budaya rasuah ni sebenarnya dipelopori oleh Mahathir dgn memberi keistimewaan kpd kroni dan beberapa anaknya. Silap Pak Lah ialah tidak bertindak tegas memulihkan keadaan setelah mendapat mandat besar 2004. Mandat itu merupakan 'benefit of the doubt' yg diberi kpd Pak Lah dgn harapan menggunung supaya Pak Lah memperbaikinya. Keputusan 2008 adalah ledakan kecewa rakyat terhadap penyelewengan yg kebanyakannya berlaku zaman Mahathir dan Pak Lah seolah-olah 'condone' semua kesalahan tersebut.

    Dari: Melayu Tak Lupa

  57. Anonymous12:10 pm

    big fish in the net?
    bro! make it happen!

    Johor Darul Takzim

  58. Anonymous4:53 pm

    I dont trust this mazlan harun. His father the previous MB has screwed selangor land for his own purpose and pass it on to the family. Dont you know mazlan has huge and huge acres of land in Selangor. He has an extremely big piece of estate in sungai buloh with waterfall, football fields, horses, animals, etc.
    His son is running a rally that have never won a major championship and all from burn using the people's land.
    No wonder they are so damn bloody rich. Who is mazlan to talk about money politics.

  59. Anonymous7:59 pm

    I still believe ACA is still a toothless tiger.ACA still dare not touch a hair of DPM and the PM.Let us see whether ACA's head is just,transparency and without fear or favour.If not better close-shop or else it is a shame in the eyes of Malaysia.

  60. Anonymous4:37 pm

    this so-named maslan silly one, late father is bad-named now some more to report others to aca , malulah, ask sendiri how your dad manage to give you all his unclean
    lands & properties, you tink he earned them NOT in sinful ways ah ?
    and also how he CAUSED the may 13th
    bodoh olang...cheh , celaka.. !!
    ( lango)