Saturday, August 30, 2008


Selamat Menyambut 52 tahun Merdeka! Now, is it me, or do you find it a little quiet for Merdeka, too?

\update, midnight\ thanks and apologies all, it is NOT our 52nd Merdeka but our 51st. or, as Borneo Poster Boy says, Malaysia's 45th ...


  1. Brader Rocky,

    Kita mungkin bernafas di era 52 tahun SELEPAS merdeka beberapa jam lagi. Tapi sambutan masih yang ke-51.

    I wonder...

  2. Brother Rocky,

    Do you notice that there are less people puting up Jalur Gemilang on their cars this year? Surely, large majority of the people are not satisfied with the increasing cost of living and constant politicking. Some even suggested to hang the Jalur Gemilang upside down. The government should put in serious thought as to why the merdeka spirit is deteriorating of late.

  3. wow. first to post.

    Yes it has been a little quiet. Busy covering ass and northern distractions I would suspect are the reasons.

  4. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Is it not 51?
    Anyway cheers.


  5. Broder 51 or 52?

  6. 51 or 52..? now who is confused now?

  7. Brader,

    Unfortunatly, it is. The mood is not there. Maybe this political thing has made the people less joyous.

    Still, it is Merdeka day, and wishing everybody Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak.

  8. Aku menangis pada Hari Merdeka.
    (I am Crying on Merdeka (Independence) Day.)

    1. Aku menangis kerana rakyat Malaysia telah hilang kegembiraan dan perasaan terhadap masa hadapan negara yang diimpiankan dan tidak seperti semasa Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman melaungkan “Merdeka!”.

    (I cry because Malaysians have lost the joy and hope of a future Malaysia as wished for unlike the times when the late Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted "Merdeka". )

    2. Aku menanggis memikirkan ada rakyat Malaysia sendiri yang bercakap, berfikir dan bertindak memecahbelahkan rakyat dengan penuh perasaan perkauman dan keagamaan masing-masing tampa ada perasaan kebangsaan dan kesahabatan.

    (I cry thinking of some Malaysians who talk, think and act to divide the citizens with their own racists and religious thoughts without a care for nationalism and friendships.)

    3. Aku menangis memikirkan ada rakyat Malaysia yang lebih mementingkan sendiri dari negara apabila timbul isu-isu parti, jawatan, habuan, kuasa, kawan, kesahabatan dan keadilan.

    (I cry thinking of some Malaysians who care more of themselves rather than the Nation when it comes to issues of party, posts, rewards, power, friends, relationship and fairness.)

    4. Aku menangis memikirkan ada rakyat dan keluarga mereka yang masih belum mendapat keadilan sewaktu dipenjarakan, ditindas, dirompak, diugut, didiskriminasikan dan tidak juga dibenarkan bersuara.

    (I cry thinking of some citizens and their families who have not obtain justice while being imprisoned, oppressed, robbed, threatened, discriminated and not even allowed the freedom of speech.)

    5. Aku menangis memirkirkan ada rakyat Malaysia yang masih hidup Kias Pagi, Makan Pagi; Kias Petang Makan Petang walaupun Malaysia sudah 50 tahun merdeka.

    (I cry thinking there are still Malaysians who still live from Hand to Mouth everyday, even though Malaysia has already achieved 50 years of Independence.)

    Posted at

  9. Anonymous9:08 pm

    52? 51? 45?

  10. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Have I missed out the 51st Merdeka or are we celebrating our 52nd Independence Day already. Or could it be our 52nd Merdeka celebration on our 51st Merdeka Anniversary. Whatever it may be, I'm forced to stay home (thank god I still have a home) due to my changed lifestyle as encouraged by our caring government. I won't be flying our Jalur Gemilang as I couldn't afford to buy one, even if I am tempted to fly it upside down. I can't even join in the celebration via TV as I couldn't afford the electricity charges (my caring government expect me to consume not more than RM20 of electricity). Heck, I'll probably just sit back and ponder what I should be doing come GE13.

    yours truly,


  11. Anonymous9:11 pm

    It's 51 years, rite?

    - Jay

  12. bro.. 51 tahun merdeka..shamune

  13. Dear Bru

    It is quiet because Malaysian are having a candle Light Merdeka this year..

    Candle Light Merdeka


    Shiok Guy

  14. Anonymous9:32 pm

    isn't it 51st ke bro? i agree with you that this is the most quiet merdeka celebration. looks like permatang pauh has taken away all the hype.

    rakyat biasa

  15. Bro,

    It's not only you. I feel this year's merdeka celebrations is a bit subdued too.

    Times are tough, not many flags are flying.

    Let us hope for a brighter next year.

  16. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Yes Rocky
    Who got the heart to celebrate when the country is in such a state. Barang semua naik! Dont know what direction the country is heading to. can only pray in our heart that better things will come our way. Happy Merdeka

    Johnny Chiam

  17. Its 51 years of Merdeka!!

    Congratulations Malaysia!! Syukur, Alhamdulillah!!

  18. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Dear Brother Rocky,

    I think we are celebrating 51st Merdeka this year.


  19. Happy Merdeka, or Happy National Day, or Selamat Hari Kebangsaan yang ke 51. My son saw your's mentionaing 52 and asked me to change.

    Maybe we counted wrongly.

  20. Merdeka yang ke 52 atau 51??? Rasanya menyambut merdeka yang ke 51...

  21. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Isn't it 51 tahun and not 52?

  22. It is 51 years, Ahirudin bin Attan.

    You must be confusing the birthdays.

  23. Anonymous10:04 pm

    52 years old?


  24. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Just celebrated my 55 birthday on the day DS ANWAR angkat sumpah in Parliament. Borrowing UMNO favorite word- coincident-he.hehehe. Now no more thrill, coincidentally too tired but waiting to have fun on 9/16, selamat menyambut ramadhan. sheikh Eagle.

  25. Anonymous10:17 pm


    Maybe this is part of "changing our lifestyles"....


  26. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Salam Bro,,

    Are u sure it's 52???????

    Wake up bro-wake up..

  27. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Rocky, 52 tahun atau 51? Selamat Merdeka to Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Eh, bukan 51 tahun ke?

  29. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Eh, Bukan 51tahun ke?

    Ali Munir

  30. Anonymous10:37 pm

    It should be 51 tahun merdeka instead of 52 years.

    Merdeka to u.

    And Merdeka to all Malaysians.

  31. Brother Rocky,

    Either I read wrongly or typo error or you can't wait for the 52 tahun Merdeka!

    Anyway, cheers to a NEW MALAYSIA!

    Oh yes, don't forget to appreciate Umno for gaining Merdeka. ;)

  32. Bro Rocky,

    baru 51 tahun, saya sendiri rasa kurang bersemangat tahun ini, entah kenapa.

  33. rocky,

    it is 51 or 52 years Malaysia dah capai kemerdekaan?

    its 51.'s a bit quite to celebrate Merdeka. i dont feel like celebrating.

  34. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Why 52 ? 2008-1957=51?

    Hoisting the Jalur Gemilang

    Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians !

  35. Dear Rocky,

    Happy Merdeka to you too. Yes, the mood is somewhat 'quiet' this year. Less flags been flown but not just that. It's really unlike the years before. No SEMANGAT.

    Too engrossed in the run up to the by-election maybe OR as you have said before, they were really on 'auto pilot' all these while.

  36. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Yeah... it is really a quiet Merdeka celebration...

    anyway.. Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka dan Selamat Menempuh Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak...

  37. bro,
    my wish this merdeka day is to send Sial Hamed son of Alba-yemenis to bull elephants cage.This son of yemenis's ass need to clean so that his mouth doesnt smell rotten eggs..This kurang ajar and pig brain fler judgement day will come soon..after sold our tiny island to Lion state.

  38. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Of course it's a little quiet, a national traitor got into Parliament. This national traitor has a cult that revolves around him, and his penjilat kaki believes he's a saint and everything against him is a "conspiracy". How can people be celebrating when this national traitor, whose father and siblings received millions of government allocated shares when he was Finance Minister, is now in Parliament. How can people be celebrating when this national traitor, who gave his cronies companies billions of ringgit worth of projects when he had power, is now an MP. This national traitor has fooled many people with his empty rethoric. HOW CAN WE EVEN HAVE THE MOOD TO CELEBRATE, WHEN OUR COUNTRY IS AT RISK FROM THIS NATIONAL TRAITOR AND HIS BLIND FOLLOWERS?

    Of course it's a little quiet.

    May God save us all.

  39. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Bro, 51 tahun merdeka kot ... MERDEKA!!! Sesungguhnya 2008 adalah tahun amat bermakna bagi kita rakyat Malaysia bila kemerdekaan itu dihayati dalam erti kata sebenarnya. Elok juga kalau kita muhasabah diri kita untuk kebaikan bersama.
    Saya juga nak ucapkan Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak bulan mulia umat Islam seluruh alam ini. TAKBIR!!!

  40. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Bro, it should 51 not 52
    Bob From Kuching

  41. Bro,

    Kemerdekaan ke 51 la....

  42. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Shall I feel sad on this Merdeka ?
    Malaysian are more divided than 52 yrs ago; ppl are still talking abt race, religion, privilege etc; politician only thinking on own survival.
    Who is putting the country above themselves ? Where is Malaysia heading ?

  43. Anonymous11:29 pm

    (heha) : SORRY ! too SORROWFUL & DISTRESSFULL for the 51st merdeka !

  44. Anonymous11:31 pm

    no ... I have not been feeling merdeka for many years now. this year is the worst because there is no bloody feeling of merdeka or what it means in the context of a racist government today supported by a bunch of equally racist lapdogs

  45. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Is it not 51st Merdeka?

  46. Anonymous12:00 am

    man : where is the kereta !?
    wife : my mum has taken to the petrol kiosk b4 the price gets adjusted !
    man :.... WHAT.... !?
    wife : last time you could not queue up b4 the increase of 78 sen, so she is doing you a favour
    b4 they reduce 15sen & i told her to fill FULL TANK !
    man : whose money ?
    wife : your credit card lo !
    man : ...oh..NO ..NO.. !!

  47. Anonymous12:02 am

    (heha) : it's 12 sharp BUT i'm lighting a white candle for distress !!

  48. mungkin rocky kira dari hari pengumuman di melaka... betul?

  49. Anonymous12:28 am

    it is 51st but we all cant wait to usher in 52nd merdeka when PR is the new gomen.

    this year i shall again gv the celebration a pass!

    As long as BN and UMNO in the hlem, i will find no joy in my heart. Rm20 free electricity is an insult to all Msians especially the poor!

    posted by :
    Groo who says sgroo you !

  50. bro,

    doesnt matter 51 or 52 or even 1000 if we feel someone is still hogging our back we have yet to reach even an inch of independent. Negara mungkin merdeka but what about the people???

  51. Anonymous12:40 am

    51? 52?

    Makes no difference to me and my family. No pay increase since it was 48 years of Merdeka, so what the hell to celebrate for?


  52. I have a flag on my car and in front of my house.

    But even I have to admit this is a rather sombre Merdeka.

    But not a sombre as 97 and 98.

    Proton is making money this first quarter, so is MAS and our palm oil and rubber prices are high.Yes there are indeed good things coming but even so I like people around me just don't feel like it.

    Anyway.. Selamut Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Bro ......

  53. Anonymous12:56 am

    Hi Bro,
    I am just glad I don't have to read those supposed intellectuals writing in MSM on "Why even if I don't fly a flag does not mean I am not patriotic" stuff that has been going on every Merdeka.
    At least this year we are all are UNITED in agreement to be suspicous of each other's motives based on race, religion and political party.


  54. Anonymous1:15 am


    I too, feel the same as Nostradamus.

    I dont have the spirit at all.
    Where are we leading?
    What will we face tomorrow?
    Are we moving backward?
    Many are not satisfied with present condition.
    The corruption is getting uncontrolled.
    HOw is the ACA dealing with PM and DPM corruption.
    There is nothing left to talk so great about Malaysia for now.
    All my wish is, we must have DSAI's government as soon as possible.

  55. hahaha...52? 51? and 45th.? Good luck on the 16th.! SELAMAT MENYAMBUT ULANG TAHUN KEMERDEKAAN folks.

  56. Anonymous1:22 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Every year, there is always a Malaysian flag flying proudly at the front of my house a month before and after 31st August except for last year and this year. Now why not the recent 2 years.

    Firstly, it is not that my family and I are abandoning Malaysia. Never! it is our beloved homeland.

    The reasons are because of our government and our leaders. In the recent few years, there weren't much done by them that we would have been proud of. On the contrary; corruption, abuse of power, attempts to fragmentize Malaysians by race and religion, mismanagement of mega projects and tax monies, the failure of NEP to benefit the intended target but benefiting the few well politically connected Malays who amass great fortunes, and the insult to the intelligences of the general Malaysian public by our government.

    All this had been happening long ago but it super accelerated in the past few years. Don't forget our PM promised a clean administration when he took over and all he promised are lip services.

    Recently during the Beijing Olympics, it really breaks my heart into pieces just to watch the success of this world class event from opening to closing. Now we all know that before China removed its bamboo curtains, things were very much diffirent from what we saw and heard at the Olympics. Back then, things were backward, there were no infra-structures like today, even their public toilets were just sheds without doors. And how long ago was it... some 30 years back or less.


    What has Malaysia achieved in 51 years? With the present state of affairs, I have no reason to celebrate.


  57. Disobedience with no violence...for UMNO leaders to see empty 7am Merdeka Parade...will send shivers to them....the likes of the kind...they have never experienced before.
    They do need more and more wake up stop them planning and scheming...what to do rule forever...unlawfully.

  58. Anonymous4:03 am

    worst merdeka eve in KLCC... they was thousands of ppl in klcc park who wanted to see firework...guess..tak fireworks... they were few fights among ( punk-hip hop groups who we like age 12-17) ...rela and police were there stand by since 1am the charged to park ask everyone to leave place... worst merdeka eve !!! so it doesnt matter ape nombor pun 51 0r 52 or 45 ...we not matured enough... and things are gettin from good to bad to worst.... oh god pls save malaysia !!!

  59. Rocky must have reasons to delete my message .....his and few others ..which I read was there and now gone.

  60. Anonymous8:13 am

    51st or 52nd Merdeka is for Malaya or Tanah Melayu. Malaysia was formed on 16th Sept 1965. Whether it is 51st, 52nd or 45th is of no concern of mine but we must recognize that Malaysia was formed in 1963 and not 1957. Fact is fact.


  61. rocky.

    for 10 years until last year, i'd fly the Jalur Gemilang on our balcony a few days before Merdeka Day.....

    Since last year, i have ceased to feel the urge or the need to do that.

    i think it is deep deep down inside my psyche...

    doesn't mean i no longer love my country...

    oh well... Happy Merdeka! and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan!

  62. How lah to celebrate
    When we are in such a state
    Prices go up unabate
    Nothing done to negate
    The forces to inflate
    The budget do not ameliorate
    The pains we've to tolerate!

  63. ...any other good reasons to celebrate?51 years,are we moving forward or backwards?...

  64. mayhaps it's silently
    in the depth of
    our own hearts.

    resides our love
    for Malaysia
    n silaturahim
    for our brothers n sisters.

    Selamat Hari Jadi, Negaraku.


  65. I watched the Merdeka Parade on TV.
    First thing I oppositions were there.
    Few were yawning..,knowing it is dull and a propaganda show......ALWAYS!
    Then TV dare not zoom in to before.
    Only few hundreds....all malays and tourists watching.
    There were 45,000 listening to Tunku...when our population was 7.5 million.
    During BERSIH walk...100,000 filled up that place with no room to walk.
    Now with 27 million population....and not more than 3000 viewing the PARADE...we can say...Malaysians are really fed up with UMNO.

  66. Anonymous10:07 pm

    In a way, this is the 52nd celebration, since the first celebration was on Year 0 (1957).

  67. Anonymous10:21 pm

    I have no mood to celebrate Merdeka because my business volume is badly affected due to the sudden, unconscionable fuel price increase.

    I have no mood to celebrate Merdeka because my profit margin is greatly affected due to drastic price increase by my suppliers.

    I have no mood to celebrate Merdeka because I am cracking my head trying to figure out how to scrape together enough money for my staff's salary, and pay for my basic household expenses.

    I have no mood to celebrate Merdeka because any kind of celebrating is the last thing on my mind right now.

    I have no mood to celebrate Merdeka because it boils my blood when I think of how many people worse off then me can benefit from all the money spent by the government on Merdeka celebration each year.

    I have no mood to celebrate Merdeka because the government still think that we are all stupid and be grateful when they throw us a bone like the 15 cent fuel price drop.

    I have no mood to celebrate Merdeka because I love my country, but my country don't love me :(

  68. Anonymous12:05 am

    its 45 for Malaysia!! september 16 1963 the day Malaysia was formed.

  69. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Monsterball; I was at the parade yeterday and last year and the year before. I have hardly ever missed a parade since days when in school, beinga KL girl. My dad, a loyal civil servant would bring me as a little girl and Im always lucky to sit in the grand stands a little away from the VIPs. While schooling in CBN KL, I took part in Merdeka parades and loved it. Now in this ripe age of 45 years, Im still at parades !! Regardless of whether Government or Opposition, Malay, Chinese or Indian as Malaysians I believe that we should all contribute to the spirit of Merdeka. Contrary to what you observed watching it on TV, its not like that if you were there. There were people from all walks of life and race and age, plenty of tourists who were enjoying themselves. Maybe you should be there yourself next time. BTW, there was an allocated seat for the Opposition leader in the grand stands, but I did not see him there.....

  70. Anonymous9:11 pm

    (heha) ;
    aiyah, why wasted the few millions for the routine marchings for few hours !? give lah the precious $$$$$$$ to the needy ones lah = more meaningful !!