Saturday, August 30, 2008

Give Life

Ansara's blood donation drive. No plans for the weekend? Why not visit one of 30 locations set up by the former Maktab Rendah Sains Mara students nationwide and donate blood?
The blood donation drive is an annual do aimed primarily to ensure sufficient supply during the Raya period.

For details and the location nearest you, click HERE.


  1. Anonymous12:51 pm

    i hope they don't mind if 10% of those donation comes from non-bumi...

    - anonymous1 -

  2. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Hey Rocky.

    Nanti depa tak takut kat darah depa masuk dalam badan "keling", "cina" "etc" and vice versa?

    Wouldnt that be a huge mess there, trying to slash each other by keris to get the blood out/back?

  3. Giving blood is actually a very good habit.
    You give out blood and give your body system to create fresh new blood. that..and save lives.
    But if you are suffering from bad blood...don't do it.
    If you don't know...get the doctor to check your blood..or tell the head nurse.
    You blood must be 100% pure. may do more harm than good.

  4. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Biaq lah Ansara kutip darah nak buat amal jariah. Tetapi malangnya, Dol Bedawi bukan saja hisap darah tapi lagi teruk sampai cekik darah! Tipu rakyat dgn Bajet bagi kaya anak menantu dia. RM3 BILLION untuk pengangkutan kepala bapak dia!. Anak dia Kamaluddin yang sapu semua duit tu kunon nak perelok bas Rapid KL/Penang! Kereta Hybrid siapa yang untung, KJ dan kroni dia la. Baruah Dol Bedawi yang semua tau iaitu Nur Muhd Yaacop dan Kalimuthu Masherul dapat komisen berjuta-juta buat keja menipu ni. Kesian kat kakitangan kerajaan, Cuepacs kata tak puas hati dgn Bajet 2009. La ni hampa kakitangan kjaan dah tau duit rakyat pi tang mana. Jadi bersiap dari skrg untuk PRU 13. Tak lama tu, negara kalu nak selamat Bedawi nak kena tendang keluaq segera dan ganti dgn Najib. Pi baca Chedet! Ada nasihat untuk rakyat Malaysia dan Umno seluruhnya. Kita sanjung kakitangan kjaan tapi asyik kena tipu dgn Dol Bedawi. Mana Mau Tahan... DAH NASIB!

    Dol Bedawi pakat dgn anak menantu dia, penyamun besaq Nur Muhd Yaacop

  5. Anonymous5:44 pm

    'mara students' ?! ayooooh...oh NO !
    those ungrateful xxx 'marching & protesting' against a suggestion by a bumi on ' 10% intake for the non bumis '!! (heha)

  6. Anonymous5:53 pm

    MARA? MARA? what for, yesterday they want to boycott me, today want me to donate blood, not enough suck me dry of my money now want my blood too? No need lah, I rather go to U.M. and donate there, p.s. I have been a donor since 1978 and have been called numerous umpteen times for my blood during emergencies, did I ask the hospital who my blood was going to, NEVER, I have donated with a free will and to hear umnoerians saying I and my fellow Malaysians are squaters is an insult to me and my family. THAK YOU BRU ROCKY, BUT NO THANK YOU on that Mara bit, WILL not want to tarnish my blood, but will meanwhile continue to donate quietly at U.Hospital, P.J. GRATIS.

  7. anon heha, what's wrong with MARA students? Don't la sapu cat pakai satu berus. hehe. gua graduate ITM tau ..

  8. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Rocky...I also MARA student, I agree jangan sapu cat satu berus.

    Tapi men we can tar them all with same brush.

    Don't you agree?

  9. Anonymous11:38 pm

    (heha) : sorry , i tau u & aina are from ITM but the present uitm is different bcos the 'misai fellow
    & those in black dun know WHOSE money ( 90% wang cukai cina lah) been wasted on them man !!

  10. Ansara is not those Mara students yg marching kat Uitm tu. We are ex-MRSM students. We accept bloods from all races because it will be use for all regardless ur skin colour.

    The last day for donation is today.

  11. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Not to be pedantic, but why is the give blood logo similar to that of the universal WiFi logo?

  12. Anonymous1:20 am

    (heha) sorry lah,the name 'mara'

  13. Anonymous4:58 pm

    (heha) :
    ...bloods from all races !??!
    but i eat ciyuk lah ! you mau juga ?

  14. Anonymous9:14 pm

    No offence ! PEACE be upon all mankinds = muslims & non muslims ,
    ok !? amen !!

  15. Anonymous8:43 am

    Dari komen2 di atas, terang2 mereka yang bersifat perkauman dan penuh dengan hasad buruk sangka adalah kaum2 bukan Melayu ... suspek CIan dan India.