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Project Malaysia

update 4pm on Merdeka Day.
Politics of Race 2.

"Bangsa Melayu has always been the "tuan" in Tanah Melayu since centuries ago. Just as the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and the Germans, in theirs". - Dr Hassan Ahmad, former Malaysian permanent rep at the UNESCO, quoted in "... Yes, this is about Malaysia!"

Original article
Politics of Race. At midnight, prominent human rights lawyer Malik Imtiaz launched Project Malaysia, a non-profit initiative he has put together with some friends. The "experiment" will run for a year, during which it will explore 12 core Malaysian themes through "comprehensive no-holds-barred, critical discourse in which all stakeholders have a chance to put measured views across".

"The aim," Malik says, "is to find solutions for a better nation and craft a blueprint for the future."

The initiative debuts with its first core theme, Politics of Race. A piece full of promise and optimism. I want to share Malik and Michelle's confidence, but ido I think that, after March 8 and Anwar Ibrahim's win in Permatang Pauh, "race is no longer a pivotal consideration in (Malaysians') quest for what they believe is right"? I have my doubts. I 'd say we're not there yet. But, hey, read the piece and tell them what you think.


  1. Anonymous3:46 am

    It's been only 52 years, or almost one generation.

    It will probably take another 2 or 3 generations, until all race reached a comfortable economic level and stake in the economy. It took the U.S more than 4 generations to accept black president.

    The reality is, our society is still susceptible to racial tension, where racial security need to be balanced with the current formula.

    We are still far for these ideals where issues of religion, custom and cultural respect, are similarly far from resolved.


  2. 1. Imtaz made himself a bad name in endorsing the Interfaith Commission and for that generally, Malays and Muslims alike, will view any of his proposals with acute scepticism. worse with him coming from the Bar Council’s platform will disgusts a good number of Malays/ Muslims. Thus Imtaz will not be respected or objective with whatever he does for the bulk of the Malays/ Muslims will reject him. The issue is most complex with very far reaching consequences that I do not think Imtaz is fit to conduct even if he does it jointly or has support elsewhere; thus his project will likely cause more animosity and confusion amongst the population. Already DSAI (read Pakatan, Bar Council and human rights) and the incompetent PM (with his incompetent defacto law minister) by their calls of reforms are causing tensions amongst our races not seen for a long, long time. Some even view the situation as a ticking time bomb. Such issue can be discussed reasonably and respectively by representatives of the various races and political parties when there is political, social and economic stability (including the persistent international financial crisis); these are not conducive at the moment and as such the timing is just not right

    2. All human beings are protective of their kind and the extended family and clan system in our country plays a pivotal role and influence in shaping our political perspective. Lets be practical and not be hypocrites; what is fairness is subjective, extremely subjective and so is equality. The situations where the Malays were marginalised in Singapore and in Fiji where the ethnic people are economically and politically controlled by an immigrant race are fearful examples for the Malays. Thus the issue is a hard case in convincing for significant change. Asking for ideas for the blue prints of the project will only enhance the mistrust greater than as per the "flawed" Interfaith Commission.

    3. The people of Malaysia are not ready for the kind of Malaysian Malaysia or Ketuanan Rakyat or adopting absolutely the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Malaysia’s social contract, the affirmative policy and race based politics have proven to have brought Malaysia where it is today in terms of social economic development with generally peace and harmony albeit some of its imperfection. Nothing in this world is perfect except Allah Himself. Let’s not forget our history, comparative examples and the uniqueness of our systems and structures rather than just trying to meet the stereo western line of thinking.

    4. Even in a family there will be inequality or not being fair; more so because it’s God’s will that we are responsible and accountable for our individual actions. By discarding race based politics or promoting a new Malaysian DNA will not eradicate the inequality, unfairness etc in society Perhaps Imtaz may wish to recommend Lebanon type politics with PAS significant participation in the Pakatan.

    5. A new and strong leadership with a stable government is a must before any considerations for such project; the people of Malaysia is not interested in rhetoric or experiments unless Imtaz’s intent is contribute for all hell to break loose.. I am sure when such time is right; the representatives of the races and political parties can reach some meaning compromise and readily accept the adjustments, come what may.

  3. Anonymous7:24 am

    sdr kepla batu ganas,
    lu sendili bolih pilih hidup mana2 tempat takdak politic racist lo, apa pasat bising2, ni dunia lu punya lo.

    kepla besi keras

  4. Anonymous8:12 am

    Until and unless the government stops hiring majority one particular race, and all hirings are based on merits, racial discontent will always be there. NEP is the main cause of this problem as many public services are almost completely staffed with one race. Arrogance is witnessed at most departments, and of course the Police is no different. Visit MAS at the airports and this is just as apparent, so is the railway.
    Need we say anymore, umno is the cause of all the problems, get rid of umno and peace will prevail.

  5. Anonymous8:15 am

    Who will be the people Malik Imtiaz bring in?

    Hmmm ... let me see Harris Ibrahim, Zainah SIS, Pakistani Shad Faruqi, Human Rights ppl, MCCBHS, ... birds of the same feather.

    Someone will ask him to bring in political parties. He'll say no we are not partisan. But isn't Harris seen at PPauh supporting Anwar. NO it is not partisan becasue it is Harris Ibrahim.

    Okay ... bring in GPMS or Gapena? No They are affiliated to UMNO. Do you need know there are fans of Ibrahim Yaacob in Gapena? Hmmm .. I don't know this man but sounds like an UMNO member.

    Bawaklah Persatuan Peniaga-peniaga kecil dan Penjaja Melayu WIlayah Persekutuan? Hmmmm ... cannot. Maybe not UMNO people but real reason is they representthe majority population ... Malays.

    So no Malays la. Yes got Zaid Ibrahim. Hahaha ... the Malay and UMNO reject UMNO Minister. It doesn't matter that he is one of the early ITMers.

    This Malik Imtiaz is a dreamer. He wants to draw up something like this he should emulate Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tunku brought in everyone plausible.

    The last great initiative Malik Imtias was involved was Interfaith Commission. It divided the people. He didn't dare accept Anwar Ibrahim's offer to arrange him to meet with the PAS people. I bet he would say they are unreasonable people and what not.

    Malik Imtias seemed brave but he is actually a sofie coward ... jambu mamak maybe. He keeps himself within his circle of friends.

    He goes to Parliament to brief MPs on his interfaith issue but couldn't answer legitimate social issues raised by YB Razali Ibrahim (UMNO) and YB Salahuddin Ayub (PAS). But outside he claimed they were unreasonable. Mulut pun penipu juga ... loyar.

    Do us a favour Rocky. Stop promoting this half bake self proclaim social reformer. Suruh dia turun padang masuk kampung melayu, new village cina, rumah panjang iban, hutan org asli, ... then can talk of all Malaysian!

  6. Anonymous9:47 am

    Dear Rocky, would like to share this pantun by Mufti Perlis with your readers

    Kota sarat disimpan tempayan
    Zahir berlian di sunyi hari
    Harta rakyat dijadikan taruhan
    Akhir kebencian menjadi api.

    Gula dan santan diuli roti
    Kelapa diparut dimakan sama
    Bila kebencian menjadi api
    Apa dihasut ditelan semua.

    Anak singa di Pulau Teberau
    Anak tebuan seekor lari
    Jika negara sudah kacau

    Pergilah mandi di Titi Tinggi
    Jalan tersepak tali pencuci
    Carilah ganti berbudi tinggi

    umat yang inginkan keteteraman

  7. The fire works display
    In the sky at midnight strike
    I saw it exactly
    When the hour arrived

    The hoarse voices
    Of ‘Merdeka’ rung out loud
    The sea of faces
    Color blind in all races

    Will it happen?
    Speaking as one nation
    Races thinking as one race
    We are Malaysians

    Yet we have politicians
    Calling us ‘pendatang’
    It affects every one
    Ancestors from China, India and Indonesia
    And the colonial people who stayed behind

    Merdeka was in 1957
    Now it should be national integration
    So far we haven’t achieved it
    The policy of rules and divides
    Happening so often in the government policies

    National integration
    Thinking of one race Malaysian
    It isn’t so difficult to intermix
    It is the government intrusion
    Every thing gone into the rain

    Merdeka done in 1957
    We must find ways to integrate as one nation
    Treat everyone with respect and dignity
    The ancestors helped to gain independence
    Now we must speak as one country one race
    Can’t we do it now?

  8. Anonymous10:44 am

    idealistic project but unfortunately a pipe dream. the system is too entrenched for changes. unless there's a huge change in the majority race's thinking, doubt there is much home. Attitude is the most difficult to change and i doubt Malaysia has much time in view the the severe competition in the globalised world. The professionals will continue to leave. Just look at the recent budget, they are just morgaging our children's future for present day appeasement. The Titanic has hit the iceberg. It has no where to go but down and

  9. Anonymous11:35 am

    I guess all Malaysians have a common mistake, we complaint the government about this and that and we seldom do anything about it. For example, the majority of Malaysian Chinese, like to say that government is heavily corrupted but at the same time will not hesitate to put RM50 beneath their driving license whenever they face traffic summons.

    Instead of using our mouth or using the blogs to do the complaining, why dont we start doing something more constructive? Since everyone is saying the budget 2009 is bad, how come nobody actually go and study the economics of Malaysia, doing lots of research, and suggest the best budget for running the country? We always hear something like "unrealistic budget lah, too much lah, too little lah, cronies lah, etc." but nobody has actually came up with a thorough research and solid finding saying exactly how much should we allocate for certain budgets.

    Alot of people are complaining about the road tolls, if there is a group of people who really committed in helping Malaysia, they will so a survey and calculate how much the PLUS company is earning, by standing near the toll and calculate how many vehicles using the toll everyday, and then calculate the revenue of the toll companies and publish the result and let the public judge whether these companies are really over-charging our money.

    How about finding a team a people, pretend to break traffic laws, and corrupt the traffic polices, and capture the evidence using video cam, and upload to somewhere on internet?

    How about setting up a team, go to interview the malays, chinese, indians and other races, asking about they think about other races, racial issues, and then publish the interview and let the public judge whether all races are really living in harmony?

    There are alot of things the rakyat can do in finding facts and figures to back up our claims. Even though the government can always disagree with the works, but its always we rakyat who will be judging and choose a side that we can trust. If a team of people who always do these works in a fair, honest, and organized way, very soon the rakyat will trust this group of people instead of the hopeless government. Or we simply too lazy to do something and tend to disagree with the works done by those we dont like?

    - cboy

  10. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Saudara Brew

    “I am a Muslim, I am Indian… I see no distinction between the two,” Omar Abdullah’s curtain raiser to his addressing the Lok Sabha last July.
    Such was the intensity of the Kashmiri politician’s speech; it’s also available over You Tube to enlighten your readers and Malaysians alike about racial unity.
    It could be appropriate with the year long programme.
    Having been around for almost a year, its clearly evident there’s a malaise amongst Malaysians, including your readers. And it would seem its politically infused.
    Would not delve into the numerous SDs, which made its rounds even during the build up to the recent by-election. Simply mind-boggling.
    However, the manner the race card was played out in this Northern State was uncalled for. Is this what is meant by your country striking Independence Day 51.
    A recent conversation revealed how about this RM60 million pay off by a gaming company. One point raised was how a public listed company, answerable to shareholders, could have allowed this fiasco to take place; if indeed it had taken place.
    Why should there be a graft investigation??? Unless of course, this new politician who swore upon the holy book has been tagged.
    What ever happened to securities watchdog, minorities share holders committee… If indeed this RM60 million fiasco had happened, that would mean the annual returns were doctored to reflect something else; shareholders were denied the true dividends.
    Maybe you should raise this posers.

    It has been an interesting week;
    The move to curtail Internet… Take a cue from the Kevin Cog ill case. When there is sufficient evidence, only then should the authorities move in. This move to shut down a site leaves a bad odor not only in ones’ mouth but also in the air. Enough of this B-S should be the clarion call of the day!
    The Avril concert’s flip flop as to if it was on or off… We thought some of your Ministers are broad minded… including the English trained ones.
    Of course, realising that society’s elitist had purchased tickets, including teenaged kids of Cabinet members, did the show go on.
    The by elections too brought about a first of sorts… But if anyone had taken a cue from the Stevens-Alaska Republican primary elections, Anwar’s foray into Parliament would have been a foregone conclusion.
    This week has shown how the US presidential campaign is seeing a first of sorts.
    First African American candidate and first female vice presidential candidate.
    Don’t bother about Sept 16… it’s the month of Ramadhan and all is forgiving.
    Wait until after Moslems their festivity of reconciliation for the first of sorts.
    On another note, this Windows Genuine Advantage campaign…about pirated copies of programmes.
    If enforcers require, we can draw them a map as to how to react this multi storey mall in the heart of the city where everything china and fake and pirated are available.
    Whether it’s a Playstation 3, Nintendo DS Lite…or chips ect, its all there.
    Irony of thigs… the Metropolitan police headquarters is just down the road, and so is this prison.
    And a poser for the credit card companies, why are foreigners charged an additional five percent for using their cards at this mall?
    This blatant rip-off is public knowledge but no one seems to be bothered about doing something about it.
    Are you?

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  11. Anonymous12:27 pm

    It is never to late, we need new approaches, we need new ideas but above all there must be a political will in all aspects of nationhood, using the last 50 years of experience-the good, the bad and the ugly as references.Definitely we need CHANGE, we can't afford to continue the way we are, politics of race has been rooted to the extent of our civil service so much so they are subservient and become tools to the political masters.I still believe in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers but when it is interpreted and implemented in the way it is done today, we are confused and feel very unsecured, instead of "we the people" it is replaced by the "we the favored few". The rakyat have to be blamed for ignorant and the political leaders are blame worthy as well for forgetting their solemn duty to the nation. Too much self interest, too arrogant. The recent election is an indicator-we must change and what ever race you belong to, we must be first MALAYSIAN wherever you are. If you think you are a superior race, show them and be ready to defend your superiority and do not hide behind unjustifiable and threatening reasons. At the age of 55, I have served the nation, I have seen the world -been there, done that-,relook at the spirit of our founding fathers. It is never too late. MELAYU NUSANTARA.

  12. Race is no longer a pivotal consideration? This a completeley a thrash. Based on recent bi-election in Permatang Pauh then race is certainly a major driving force. The UMNO-Malay argued that their rights would be compromised if PKR wins. Is this not racist? The Chinese and Indians overhelmingly voted for PKR because they see this is the only chance for a Chinese or Indian to be appointed as DPM. Is this not racist? Meanwhile the DAP fightened the non-Malays by claiming that a vote for BN is a vote for UMNO. Is this not racist? Taking the cue from Anwar's win then all politicians in this country are racist biggots. Only the intensity differs.

  13. Anonymous1:00 pm


    These politicians - they create something out of nothing so that they can be seen as doing everything! And we the Rakyat can continue to be busy writing, shouting and fighting...

    Oh what a!!!

  14. At last Rosky Bru made some sense here. yah Rocky Malaysia are not ready. The only time we will be ready is when every race made sacrification. Our forefather has sacrifice their lives to build Malaysia.Now after post independent we have to sacrifice. Malays, Chinese, Indians and others have to sacrifices. The fisrt thing is to accept each other as a Malaysian then towards a one way education policy i,e Malaysian education policy, not Chinese school, Tamil School or Malay school. Every one of us Chinese, Indians , Malays must ensure Bahasa Malaysia is our official Language and English is no2. Therefore all sign board, advertisement must ensure Bahasa Malaysia is always on the top and in big letters while English in a smaller font and others the smallest. This is just 2 sacrifices that all Malaysian regardless of races should made. there are other more sacrifices but are the Chinese, Indians and Malays ready for a change for a better Malaysia?. By the way, what is a better Malaysia?. Aint we all races still leave peacefully and still joint to celebrates each other festival. Aint those Bumi who works for non bumi firm still enjoy their previllages. Chinese, Indians, Malays and otheres still patron together in the so call mamak stall or restoran to have a tea tarik. Aint the malayss still have confidence in Chinese manfacturing company halal products. They still buy Chicken slaugher by these companies and made them richer even though some time there are contovercial issues. The indian restaurant even with their god diety display on the shelves still being patron by the malays, it not an issue, Chinese, Indians and others still enjoys Malay nasi lemak and rendang. SO what is with towards a better Malaysia?. aint we now not better. It actualy those politician, law makers, Bar council,pios people up there is making a worst Malaysia rather then a better Makaysia. Think about it, Why dig a hole when there nothing to bury? Happy Merdeka.

  15. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Bunch of attention seeking drama queens! The only possible way to change now, is to change the government & most of the internet community know that. Stop wasting your & our time with your projects & contracts!


  16. This have been said over and over again by brave .intelligent and truthful Malaysians.
    The biggest problem.......majority Malaysians simply don't understand nor care. All they are interested is ..whether life is better or worst.
    Somehow...the timing of life getting worst and worst and the release of Anwar Ibrahim from jail...changed all things...favouring Malaysians to sit up and pay attentions.
    Firstly truly the Man Of the Year...with his powerful...simple..dynamic speeches..explaining things.
    So more and more Malaysians....especially the Malays begin to understand.
    Then the three famous walks..BERSIH..Lawyers..and Hindraf...Malaysians begin to see how their fellow Malaysians were treated like animals... with tear gas and water cannons on peaceful and non violence walks.
    You matter how clear and how right you one can succeed to topple whatever means ..except Anwar Ibrahim..and by sheer luck on his side.
    That was also very difficult for him....had there be no fear factors....provocations and clear race and religion politics... keep playing by UMNO.
    So the 8th March 12th election result!!
    Yes.....after that very difficult hurdle to cross...Anwar is sailing smoothly....yet UMNO came out with sodomy.....and P.Pauh result showed
    Malaysians are solidly behind him.
    So he crossed two difficult unfair hurdles.
    Can anyone do that?
    5 Malaysian Indians tried..and where are they now?
    Now back to others doing this or that to wake up Malaysians.
    I will add more negatives than positive results to Anwar's quest.
    Whoever want to strengthen the noble cause...should not cash in the better situation and confuse the issue.
    They should find ways and means to contact Anwar for his advises.
    In politics...good Semaritans are sometimes...UMNO's people.
    Nice to many highly educated people ...out to find ways and educate or expose.
    Bottom line is..think twice before one do anything that may hurt Anwar's far so good.

  17. This guy is a disgrace to UmNo, BN and and to all Malaysian ! He should be punished ! He is Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail !

    Ahmad had allegedly called the Chinese pendatang (immigrants) and was also reported to have said that “as the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races” during a ceramah in Permatang Pauh in Aug 25.
    He had allegedly uttered the remarks in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    And AAB still protecting him Read thstar Online… Ahmad didn’t mean it, says Abdullah

  18. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Where is Tanah Melayu? In Java? In Bugis? Down the sea?
    This is the land of Tanah Orang Asli, please never claim it as Tanah Melayu.

    Kedah, Perlis and Kelantan is Tanah Siam.

  19. Anonymous5:14 pm

    i seriously don't see what's the whole point and big hooha here. Ever single normal rakyat, we don't see each other by the colour of the skin. I'm not, my colleagues don't care, the friends don't give a hoot.

    Only the parties leaders and their kuncus, the Ministers and their kuncus, the authority, the big name bloggers, the big name commentors of the blogs are the one who make a fuss of the race. Stop being a so-called heroes for bringing all of us together while in fact you are the one who is having problem with other race, we definitely don't.

    How come most malaysian adults are stupid anyway? it's a shame.


  20. Bila mana tanah perang bumi yang kita pijak, arus alir laut sungainya, segar dingin kabus udara, flora fauna hutan rimbanya mengenal, membelah-bahagi, memilih kasih mengikut kaum atau kepercayaan? Apa erti bangsa baginya?

    Bumi ini menyayangi dia yang menyayangi bumi ini.

    Ini hukum ketuanan bumi. Ini terasnya, dan ini yang abadi.

  21. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Hi Rocky! You were once with NSTP which is Umno-owned. Those days it was very pro-Umno in its reporting for obvious reasons. Its still Umno-owned but no longer pro-Umno or Malay bias in its reporting today. Most Umno leaders and members are very unhappy with NSTP since Abdullah Badawi took over the leadership of Umno and government. These leaders are very scathing in their assessment and observation of the NSTP led by Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan who was put there by his friend Badawi. Kalimullah screwed Umno leaders who condemned Abdullah and even boycotted their news and photograph in NSTP. He brought in Singapore operative Brendan Perera to run the NST but later got kicked out by Umno for his anti-Malay/Umno stance, according to Umno leaders. Prior to Kalimullah, all the NSTP bosses practised the Malay-muhibbah style of management. While promoting the Malays into important editorial positions, they did not totally ignored the other races. Kalimullah has done a wonderful job in NSTP that irked most Umno leaders and members. Therefore, Umno leaders and members hated him so much that they boycotted the NSTP papers. The problem with Umno is they can be very angry and upset with Kalimullah but they didn't do anything. Kalimullah too could't be bothered with those Umno leaders whom he despised. Thus, Kalimullah happily appointed Non-Malays to take charge of the NST. Umno members say several Malay Datuks running the NSTP but not in-charge of the newspapers in particular NST n Malay Mail are his running dogs who are anti-Umno. Thus, Kalimullah happily sold the Malay Mail tabloid to a Singapore-linked group run by Non Malays. Most Umno leaders are unhappy with NSTP because Berita Harian and NST are not helping Umno's cause instead ruining and destroying the party. Malay-based Opposition parties are indeed very pleased and happy with the situation in NSTP. These opposition parties called for the boycott of another Umno-owned newspaper Utusan Malaysia but did nothing to NSTP of which Kalimullah is very happy for that as he wanted to see Utusan cripled and later merge with the earlier abandoned plan of NESTUM. Among the reasons as to BN's resounding lost in the March 8 general election and Aug 26 Permatang Pauh by-election were due to Malay/Umno members and other races boycotting the BN and the leadership of Badawi. Umno members say Umno-controlled MSM were among the contributing factors because in the case of NSTP, those running the papers allowed BN to look stupid and untrustworthy in their approach to the extent Umno members too got fed-up with their party and BN. Umno leaders say NST were more interested in highlighting mainly Tamil heroes and anti-Islam/Malays articles such as the Herald issue. Not to forget Maniam, Meenachi, Ah Chong and Ah Moi's sacrifices to the country. Hey! What about Fatimah and Ahmad Nesfu's struggles! Umno leaders says the Star were interested in looking after the interest of the Chinese and exposing weaknesses in Umno. The Sun too was highlighting Govt's weaknesses. The Chinese newspapers were more interested in highlighting Umno's weakness. The NSTP Datuks are only interested in making lots and lots of money for their future by screwing the company. These Datuks too love to apple-polish Kalimullah who seems to be very happy with their performances! One commenter once wrote BN = Beginning of the End. Perhaps, there's some truth in the statement in the near future for Umno and BN. - FORMULAE UMNO

  22. Anonymous7:44 pm

    pasqule is an ardent believer of race supremacy.
    may i ask him how can he reconcile on sabah and sarawk's position? race supremacy over them too? dayaks, melanaus etc are also immigrants?
    by the way,history is repleted with disasters induced by race supremacy.

    anak bangsa malaysia

  23. Anonymous7:50 pm

    to whackthembugger

    "malaysians are not ready for ketuanan rakyat.."
    if i am not mistaken, 70% of the enlighten malays voted for Anwar who stood on the platform on equality, fairness and meritocracy tempered with social justice.
    its no one swallow. majority of Malaysians in Peninisular Malaysia voted for what Anwar stands for in 8/3.


  24. Anonymous9:18 pm


    how about you start doing things that you talked about? how about it?


  25. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Sadly many of us do not agree with you. The Malays and other races lived in harmony in the fifties and early sixties. We visit our classmates who are Malays and Indians and we ineract and bond totally. It was the umno government who introduced all kinds of rights for Malays to gain complete control of them and get their votes. The Malays became cripples and rely solely on the government. The racial polarisation is created by the government beginning with the formation of race and religious based political parties. The relationship between the races became strained from here on. Ketuanan Melayu was never an issue and it was never even mentioned in the early days after Merdeka. The umno government became corrupt and powerful, they now wants more than what is stated in the constituition. The original NEP was for a period of 15 years and it has been extended to such an extend that Malays became cripples without it and relied totally on NEP instead of standing on their own two feet. It has also become a powerful tool for umno to stay in power. NEP has been there for 51 years and if Malays, after 51 years are still lagging behind, they are never going to catch up. Till Malays learn how to stand on their own two feet umno will exploit them for political gains and selected few will enrich themselves and poor Malays will still be poor for the next 51 years. The demise of umno will help the Malays to stand on their own two feet.

  26. Anonymous10:52 pm

    For as start, maybe we shd get that senile old man Monsterball to shut up!!!!

    No Fan of Monsterball

  27. Anonymous11:08 pm


    I agree. Malik Imtiaz, Harris Ibrahim, Zainah Anwar, Zaid Ibrahim, Farish Nor, Bar Council, SIS, MCCBHS, WAO, ... = IFC

    These people shd make a habit to use the mirror daily. Look at their faces. People don't trust you guys.

    Moreover, getting pretencious pompous lawyers to attend to societal problems will just worsen thinsg further. They will do more damage than trying to amend things.

    Learn from Tunku. They way forward is talk and sacrifice. We must mix and socialise with each other. Every community has to sacrifice. If necessary, human rights must be sacrificed for the sake of uniting the nation.

    For a start, there must be only one education system and common language to speak. National-type education and National Language as main lingua franca with English as second.

    If we can't start we this, please tell that Malik Imtiaz, Harris Ibrahim, Zollo, and etc to dump his Bangsa Malaysia thing. They can't even define properly Bangsa Malaysia!

  28. Anonymous11:09 pm


    I agree. Malik Imtiaz, Harris Ibrahim, Zainah Anwar, Zaid Ibrahim, Farish Nor, Bar Council, SIS, MCCBHS, WAO, ... = IFC

    These people shd make a habit to use the mirror daily. Look at their faces. People don't trust you guys.

    Moreover, getting pretencious pompous lawyers to attend to societal problems will just worsen thinsg further. They will do more damage than trying to amend things.

    Learn from Tunku. They way forward is talk and sacrifice. We must mix and socialise with each other. Every community has to sacrifice. If necessary, human rights must be sacrificed for the sake of uniting the nation.

    For a start, there must be only one education system and common language to speak. National-type education and National Language as main lingua franca with English as second.

    If we can't start we this, please tell that Malik Imtiaz, Harris Ibrahim, Zollo, and etc to dump his Bangsa Malaysia thing. They can't even define properly Bangsa Malaysia!

  29. Anonymous10:29 am

    There is a big difference between protection of rights and supremacy. Protection of rights is a moral thing, supremacy even equality is not unless you are totally faithless in humanity which is strange give the importance of faith placed by Malays..

    Malays as well as every group deserves protection of rights but for anything more, its up to them. There is no guarantee of any race, nation or group that they will enjoy equal or better status with others except by their own merit.

  30. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Many of you here are blinded!

    Travel around the world & you will see why English must be made the first or primary official language of Malaysia, Bahasa Malaysia should be the second official language!

    We must catch up! Only fools will not see the bad things here in Bodohland!


  31. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Why are malaysians so blinded? anything happens they never stop to think or to consider its just bitch bitch bitch, whack whack whack... have all these people like punedek and whckthembugger read the site even? jangan la marah membuta tuli, tengok produknye dulu. the first piece on the site is a view point from an UMNO rep la. Inilah sebab rakyat Msia tak boleh berjaya... sebab memang bodoh. takde sikap fikiran kreatif, takde initiatif, takde semangat nak dapatkan info, kritik je tahu sepert kata Tun!!!!