Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Malaysian headhunter in London

I sometimes wonder if I'd ever let the kids go abroad to study. There are just too many horror stories. This latest one, sent by a reader in Britain, involves one Noor Azura Mohd Yusof, of Ealing, a 22-year old Malaysian prostitute.

Read the article here.


  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Truth to be told the news is not surprising there are increasing number of Malaysian student whom involves in vice activity in UK especially those students who comes here and study in low ranking universities and cheap collages thus one should not complain bout the UK for imposing visa for Malaysians since its they are the one which took granted what have given to us. Just go through some of the escort pages in UK you would be surprise to see how many Malaysian girls and shemale are there providing their services . I guess some of these people are showing MALAYSIA BOLEH attitude all over the worlds.

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Kenapa nak hantar overseas bro? Study local saja la. Kan Mahathir yang hebat dah bina banyak universiti yang baik-baik belaka kat sini. Buat apa pegi UK ke Australia kan?

  3. Rocky

    Thumbs Up. Malays BOLEH.....!!!!

    The DPM C4 Bomber can do it with C4, what is there by chopping here there everywhere????

    Malays indeed BOLEH!

    Lets all awaits for another C4 Bomber before Permatang Pauh HERO materialise.


  4. Anonymous11:07 pm

    hmmmm ....probably the other fled suspect via many routing countries and finally landed in Hong Kong did the beheading out of jealousy and ran away,offcourse he was jealous and probably use Azura's HP and sms threathening that chinese girl,murder her and blame it one Azura....well to cut short ...just make the story that Azura is a whore and the judge will take for granted that every whore is a criminal to close the case.

    Normally our Malaysian Police force will investigate so detail and the case will take a longer time unlike the British Police..and messr Toni Bliar will speculate about our rule of Law just to leverage this case.

    Well what the diffrence between Sophia and Azura...both are beautiful princess of Whores taht like partying around and was not alert at at all whats coming....Hope Sophia will be more alert to make out any future case,our great Malaysia Barrister Council would probably jotting down Toni Bliar philosophical lecture and make a case study....or probably Tony was trying to make a small campaign before the Permatang Pauh coming election to heed the Rule of Law and Governance.
    What's happening to the MCA sms threats on the sex scandle involving another China princess,hope there wont be another local headhunting by a distressed wify.What's your opinion anyway Papa Rock?

  5. My god Rocky,,,

    We Malaysian are getting famous every seconds.. either locally or internationally..

    I am so "proud" to be a Malaysian.. Malaysia Boleh!

    The young generation is learning fast from the leader of the country.. C4, beheaded, sodomy and more...

    Shiok Guy

  6. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Rocky... sapa tu Pak Sako?

    hj ramli

  7. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Rockyfella, may I suggest that our Malay compatriots are famous and or infamous in the world (even this wretched Bolehland country) for all the wrong reasons not unlike their much-aped Arab alter-egos.

  8. The canadian beheading was also gruesome..out of the blue..or maybe the guy could have passed a racist comment and set off the Asian guy...I thought the Canadian transport system made people happy...I would expect such a beheading in our buses...stuck in jams, standing room, ketiak busuk, kena cocok in the butt and all....

    But this also terrible..beheading her while alive...

  9. To All PR supporters,
    I think we should brain storm on how to ensure DSAI win the Permatang Pauh By election.
    As we well aware, BeeNd will do whatever dirty tricks to woo the support from the Permatang Pauh voters! So what is our strategies for counter attack?
    1. Like what I can see now, the animal Saiful had start barking here and there and keep on emphasize his willingness to swear on Quran! This kind of animal Saiful can do anything to contaiminate the name of Religion just for the sake benefits of him and those who behind the conspiracy!
    This kind of animal Saiful is misused the name of the Religion to turn the wrong things into right things!
    2. The animal Ezam will used the NEP and Ketuaan Melayu to woo the Malay voters!
    So we have to tackle on this issue to all the Permatang Pauh’s voters!

    We can anticipate and say DSAI will win big, but our word carry no weight unless we are the voters in this constituency!

    We should never to be over confident! BeeNd is desperate and they can do anything and don’t care about the eyes of the WORLD

  10. Few words => MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Just wondering how many of our students become prostitutes in overseas? Good income right?

  11. Its bad enough having a PM proudly displaying to the world about Malaysian sodomised anuses, but these Malaysian prostitutes keeps popping up in weird circumstances, and always in London of all places. Azalina should start to promote something else more honorable in London, like ayam percik, ayam rendang, ayam masak merah.

  12. happens in malaysia too right Rocky?
    and who ever said Malaysians are saints? but it was shocking for sure to read it.

  13. Brader,

    Siful's notes at may interest you.

  14. Anonymous2:45 am

    Hmmm... I am worried about my daughter working in KL itself .
    I was actually less worried when she was studying overseas.

    Kak Badah

  15. That's truly an abnomaly as it's been exposed and SOLVED.

    Rocky bro, you should be worrying about our local education(BTN anyone?) and environment(uncouth MPs fist-pumping on national tv and UNREPENTENT about it), judiciary(VK Lingam) and even our fLaw-enforcement(where evidence are planted and extortion is encouraged).

    Call me unpatriotic but we can't hide our own Ugliness when we're doing comparison. We were once a proud nation which pride ourselves with Just for all, even went international to condemn other nations but we're not saints either with our own systematic atrocities, especialy to the poor and weak on pretense of fighting for their cause.

  16. Anonymous3:13 am

    I wonder why no Minister or any religious body made any noise in the media about rehabilitation or sending a probing party to see to her welfare like they did for the other callgirl? Double standards or too preoccupied with homeland sodomy?


  17. Anonymous6:12 am

    Such a shame though. I always proud to tell my English friends that I'm a Malaysian. Another tick added to the skepticism. Malaysia boleh! (Mak Lang)

  18. Anonymous6:26 am


  19. Anonymous6:47 am

    A Malaysian gigolo is also after someone's head in M'sia. What's the Malaysian police is doing, sleeping?


  20. "The brutality and savagery shown by Xing Xing's killers is something I have not come across before and beggars belief."

    It summed the case, but I really can't believe a Malaysian can do this.

  21. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. Hopefully such a fiendish person is not an example of "Melayu Glokal" expoused by our DPM. She has to be d different kind of glokal --- gelojoh and dangkal;

    2. Secondly, as the Melayus become more global, we are bound to have a few rotten durian (the equivalent of rotten apples) smearing our good name;

    3. This is the bad side of globalisation and cheap airlines. And not to mention poor immigration scrutiny. If you look around KL today, you'll see a lot of old Chinese beggers from China;

    4. You shouldn't worry to the point of not allowing your children to go abroad. Raise them well, and I'm sure they'll be ok anywhere in the world.

    Cheers and thank you.

  22. rocky,
    i have long wondered what azura looks like. my googling did not turn up anything. maybe you or your readers' google-fu is better. would appreciate a link to a picture of her.

  23. Rocky,

    Your apprehension is understandably, though after reading such horror stories.

    Still, I believe as a parent, the best one can do is to raise one's children the best of one's abilities.

    Sooner or later, you still have to let go of your attachment to them. Let them go their own way but stand by them and be supportive. Being too dogmatic might only push them further away...

    Hehe... that's my humble 5cents opinion only... Hope I don't sound too dogmatic myself :)


  24. How come this time Wanita UMNO or Puteri UMNO and who ever else did not volunteer to send soemone to talk to this girl and to give her moral support and maybe even pay for a Queen's counsel to defend her? After all, just like the Maths prodigee, she is also a prostitute!

  25. Anonymous11:43 am

    I read the news too and it really saddened me especially not long ago we were rocked with the news about our child maths prodigy, Sufiah Yusof turned into hooker while studying in UK. I hope parents will take note on this and be careful when sending their daughter to overseas for studying, etc.

  26. Anonymous1:33 pm

    What is the difference between her an the Chinese prostitutes who came to Malaysia ?

  27. Malaysians go overseas
    Studying and earning wealth
    Legal and illegal means
    Thinking of the future
    Forgetting about the ground
    The foundation of where it all begins

    Legal ones earning the country proud
    The illegal making the country’s PR disasters
    Tarnishing the image of many
    This is a sad story
    Profiling us into this category
    When visa needs to apply
    When we don’t change our image
    In UK and maybe other EU countries

    Like this report
    About a Malaysian prostitute
    Beheaded a Chinese national
    And dumped her body in many parts

    Whatever reasons
    Our country’s image is badly ruined
    Besides the many drug carriers and illegal workers
    Our country’s face is badly scratched

    Yet in our home country
    The leaders branded sodomy
    Aren’t we becoming people of low morality?
    Dishing private affairs into national damages

    The art of managing
    It is conveniently forgotten
    So in another 6 months
    We will become the unwanted visitors to the world
    Unless we manage to improve our security
    Telling the people to walk on the good sides of the laws

  28. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Azura is half malay and half chinese,the chinese prostitute are 100% chinese,thats the diffrence.So whats the case anyway?

  29. Anonymous5:38 pm


    it is not a question where to go to, it's a question how you teach your children. here in kl, malaysia, we also have malay prostitutes, full time/part time, students, working adults.

  30. Two wrongs do not make one right
    To sell body and to kill somebody
    That will create in society fright
    With whom to blame except "nobody"

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030808
    Sun. 3rd Aug. 2008.

  31. Anonymous6:49 pm


    This is just another one of those stories la.. Nothing shocking. It can happen to any citizen..

    As for kids, well, if they are well brought up, going anywhere is not going to be a problem... So, parents out there!! DO YOUR JOB AND DO IT WELL! Damn it!

  32. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Just some facts about Noor Azura. She is NOT a student. She came to Britain in 2005 as a visitor and clearly overstayed. She didn't mix with any Malaysians so little is known about her.
    She based herself in Birmingham but moved into a house in south east London with her Vietnamese boyfriend. She was there between February and April 2007 during which the murder happened. It was a crime of jealousy.

    It is nothing to do with sending children to study abroad.

    Noor Azura (and genius Sufiah Yusoof - of a Malaysian mother) unfortunately were involved in prostitution but each case is completely different. One was with the wrong crowd, the other wants to prove it is not wrong to do it.

    Haliza Hashim-Doyle
    TV3 Correspondent London/
    Malay Mail journalist

  33. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    So what is that to be fussed about. Malays also need to dispersed their seed all over the world, like the chinks, the irish, the indies, the anglos and the lebanese did.
    Prof R

  34. Rocky,
    Don't worry about sending your children abroad to study. Personally for us it was a wonderful and fulfilling experience studying in a foreign country. Presently, our only daughter, whom we love so dearly, is studying and surviving in the UK. We have to let the children go some day. Bring them up well and teach them what is right and wrong and pray to God that things will be all right. If you can afford to send them abroad, then by all means do so.

  35. Another thing you should know - it was The Star that misquoted Berita Harian, saying that Noor Azura was a student. No where in Berita Harian, and I should know, was there a reference to Azura being a student. Nak quote story pun tak pandai.

    And now all you can see online is that Azura is a student. Do check out other stories as well.

  36. huh..this is indeed a sad news...

  37. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Alamak! Dah jadi pelacur, jadi pembunuh pulak! Tapi tak heran pun: cam politik kat Malaysia kan? :)

  38. Anonymous2:07 pm

    We have this funny sense of belonging.

    Everything our citizens or people of Malaysian origin do that get them fame or notoriety, gets discussed and dissected to glory.

    The thing is, it is the individual who does these things. The accident of citizenship or origin does not make us collectively responsible for their actions.

    When Zang Toi and Jimmy Choo made it big, it is their own hard work.

    In the case of Sufiah and this new convicted murderer chick, it is still their own actions that give them notoriety.

    We have no part in this. Rocky, remember, if our kids are fated to be "rosak" it can happen even here. Kids get killed here too, remember?

    Crimes happen everywhere. Not just the UK.

  39. Anonymous6:16 pm

    A M'sian 'small head' hunter offering business deal to the highest bidder.

    Chow KIT

  40. A few years ago a Malaysian ibu ayam was sentenced to jail, together with a vietnamese ringleader whose wife is a malaysian.
    two years ago, 19 malaysian prostitutes were arrested and deported back.

  41. Anonymous11:46 pm

    this is exactly the kind of publicity Malaysia really 'needs' at this moment... Malaysia Boleh

    corruption, MRR saga, sodomy, murder, drugs sex vice and beheadings..
    even myanmar can't beat us in that.. at least they are BEING taken seriously by the world, not a laughingstock


  42. Anonymous11:34 am

    "What a waste!", I say when I think of our mispent youth in London. Those days there were no Malaysian prostitutes to be had, not even Singapore one. We just had to restrict ourselves to pub crawls and then believe what a great time was had by all of us. My, how we have progressed. Malaysia boleh!
    (Old Timer)

  43. Anonymous2:29 pm

    friends : why you always go to LONDON one, for what !?

    saya : go there to DONLON lah, what else ! have not met that pretty maths lass yet !

    kawans: lu tak bimbang dgn bi-election meh !?

    aku : why not, aku selalu worry my-erections !!

  44. Anonymous11:01 pm

    nothing wrong with that malay is her is called human show any ethnic with any religion can also be show that malay(sian) girl are good fucker...yeah it really good.but killing other is totally wrong and should be punish.she deserved it if she really did show that malaysian actually need sex open like other country.but don't rape,i don't know why some like to rape even their daughter.
    by:good malaysian

  45. Anonymous4:21 pm

    every dog has his day,

    You're racist SOB. What have Malays and Arabs done to your mother and sisters?


  46. Anonymous11:52 pm

    why need to kill other people?if true.really crazy.i hope some malaysian wouldn't do some campaign to save or help bring her that sufiah,i think malaysian should not do anything to help her because she still able to think normally.she perhaps much clever than most malaysian.and she also enjoyed what she is her choice and she must be fine with it.but not her victim.

  47. Anonymous8:19 pm

    who said they are no racism in malaysia?it depend on how well you know it and how well you understand it.well,maybe i am wrong,but i think it's can't eliminate racism when there are thousand of races in this beautiful world.i don't believe you love other race more than your own race.if you are so,than i eliminate you from list of people who are racism.

    love universe

  48. Anonymous6:07 am

    Everything boils down to individual values, you may live in a nice Kampung, but it doesn't mean that it is safe there. The most important thing to consider when deciding to let your children flee the nest no matter where it may be, be it to London is if you trust that they are mature and sensible enough to make good judgments for themselves and be independent. If you've done a good job in moulding and guiding your children, you shouldn't have a problem.

  49. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Malaysians, Americans, Arabs, headhunters, all of them are human, and do what human do.