Sunday, August 03, 2008

Leave politics to the politicians ...

One morning at Istana Pelangi.
I was present when a group of Malay non-governmental organisations met with the TMJ weeks after the elections to request that he address an all-Malay convention.

The theme of the convention was to safeguard Malay rights. The TMJ was expected to assure the Malays in Johor of their survival in the face of the stronger opposition.

The TMJ curtly told the delegation to leave politics to the politicians.

"The Malay Rulers are responsible for all Malaysians. The Chinese, the Indians and other non-Malays ... What about their survival and their rights? They are our citizens, too."
The above are excerpts of my latest piece for Singapore's mypaper. You may read the full article here. Earlier in the same week that I wrote this:
Bakri Musa has written a piece on the Terengganu Sultan in The Courage to be Different;
Leslie Lopez wrote, basically on Raja Nazrin of Perak, in Royals start to flex their Muscle (read blogger Headliner's comments as well); and
Tehsin Mokhtar had something to say to the Agong in Message for Tuanku Mizan.

As politics become more celaru in the coming months, we'll be reading and hearing more about the Royalty ...


  1. Bro,
    I'll make a toast to that's a spirit to promote for a bangsa Malaysia ! The royalties must be blind to color, culture or religion when it comes to all fairness of their subjects , that's what make us Malaysian unique!
    Cheers Tuanku !

  2. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Hi Rocky
    I just love TMJ's response! Just hope the same sentiments are also shared by other state royalties.

    Justice For All Malaysians!!

    from Makcik Kampong, TGG.

  3. We'll gladly leave politics to the politicians
    If they can fairly and honestly do a good job when elected
    Otherwise we'll send them all to the opticians
    To see clearly that they have been wrongly selected

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030808
    Sun. 3rd Aug. 2008.

  4. Anonymous3:57 pm



  5. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Daulat Tuanku !

    TMJ was absolutely right when His Majesty said The Rulers are Rulers of all Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity.

    Daulat Tuanku !

  6. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Yes, politics should be left to the politicians.
    But when the decisions made by these politicians affect our living, the Rakyat must have their voice heard.
    If this fails, may the Rulers help the Rakyat !

    Daulat Tuanku !

  7. Well said.

    They are the new breed of monarchy that deserves to receive appraisal from the citizens.

    The monarchs used to get a lot of flak from becoming a "lame duck", but I believe the new ones all have opinions of how they should look at the Malaysian land.

    Good to have these people. I salute them. Daulat Tuanku.

  8. Are these 'Malay NGO's' headed by people like Reezal Neena Merican?

    respect the sultans who can think and act decisively. Yeah!

  9. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Soal kesultanan Melayu, kita serahkan juga kepada semua Sultan dan Raja2 melayu untuk mempertahankannya sendiri.

    Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah.


  10. The TMJ is soing the right thing. Malay politicians in UMNO, PAS and PKR put themselves above the people who they claim to represent and the faith that they assert to profess. To them nothing matters except their ego and self-worthy. These politicans will not hesistate to sell this country together with its people in exchange for powers and whealth. Let them do what they best doing like proving who is more islamic than the other, arguing to wear turban or songkok, contending who sodomise who, etc, leaving everything related to race and religion as written in the constitution to the DYMM Raja Di Pertuan Agong.

  11. Anonymous7:34 pm

    The problem is the politicians do not leave us alone. If they blunder and make mistake,they'll blame us for electing them. wtf.

  12. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Hindraff has their own ruler!

  13. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Politics are dirty

    so dirty that even a begger underwear got no match!

    Leve it to them!

  14. 1. I do not think we should leave politics to the politician, everybody who are qualified to vote should be interested in politics as ultimately the politicians we elect into office will determine how effective and efficiently this country is governed. If their management of the economy is bad then we suffer, but if its good then we all stand to benefit.

    2. Its interesting to read that some of the younger generations of our royalty talking about being color blind and all that, it bodes well for our multiracial country.I however believed that many royalty are mindful of the fact that when the Brits tried to form the Malayan Union and writing off the Monarchy, the Malays under Datuk Onn Jaafar had risen up and vehemently opposed the Malayan Union and the Brits were forced to back pedal and subsequently Malaysia was formed under a Constitutional Monarchy system. My point is if the Monarchy is under threat, the Malays will definitely be the first to come up to defend them, so while the younger royalty are being liberal and all that, they must also not forget Malaysia's early history.

  15. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Syabas Ku Yem, I am a proud Johorean!

    You tell 'em that!

  16. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Yes have the fox to guard the hen house, leave your wealth to the robbers. You can never trust politician and they are the very people that will make your life miserable. Never trust the politicians, sorry I do not agree with TMJ, look at the situation today, we are in dire straits because of politicians like Mahatir and stupid Badawi. Also not forgetting 90% of Malaysian politicians only enrich themselves and their family. The Malays thought they have umno to protect them, see where they are today, only the handful of umno top echeleon members are extremely well of, because all of them are corrupt beyond description. The poor rural Malays are still as poor so don't tell us to leave politics to the politicians. Are we to trust the likes of Najib and Mohd2 or the that brain dead Hamid ? Our fate lies in the hands of politicians, with the calibre we have there is not much to expect from them, so don't bloody tell me to leave politics to the politicians!!!!!!We have yet to see the Sultan of Terengganu say something about the Mercedes that the excos member from umno are running around enjoying with the peoples money. The MB was His Majesty's personal choice if we remeber correctly.
    Up You Politicians

  17. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Apa itu TMJ? Tolong beri huraian untuk singkatan ini. Terima kasih.

  18. Brader,

    Now we know that we are in safe hands. TMJ ,YM R.Nazrin and other enlightened royalties will keep checks on the political abduls.

    Tuanku Raja Perlis and Sultan Trengganu have shown the way.

    Daulat Tuanku.

  19. Anonymous11:25 pm

    "The theme of the convention was to safeguard Malay rights. The TMJ was expected to assure the Malays in Johor of their survival in the face of the stronger opposition."

    This is quite puzzling. The Umno leaders, especially, are constantly harping about Malay rights and Malay survival being threatened. For crying out loud - by who?

    The Malays are in complete control of the government, the administrative bureaucracy, the military, the police force, and other law enforcement agencies.

    In other words, the Malays are in the ascendency and in full and complete control of the nation. And the Malays make up about 65 per cent or more of the total population. Besides, the country is called Malaysia, not Chinasia or Indianasia. Therefore, who or what could possibly threaten the position of the Malays?

    Isn't all this talk and assertion about Malay rights and Malay survival being under threat quite ridiculous and totally unfounded?

    Tentu Bingung

  20. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Apa yang orang Melayu takut? Tidakkah Ugama Islam yang maha suci lagi adil mengajar mereka untuk menjadi manusia yang hebat lagi berdaulat? Kenapa mesti ada Ketuanan Melayu...Ini menunjukkan yang orang Melayu takut dan tidak percaya pada diri sendiri dan agama mereka...

    Kalau terdesak sangat, saya nak buat satu cadangan...kesemua orang Melayu yang lahir akan secara automatik diberi pangkat Tuan dihadapan nama mereka dan tercatiti di dalam surat beranak serta kad penganalan.

    Kalau anak itu diberi nama Ali, maka nama sari adalah Tuan Ali. Maka dengan ini terjaminlah Ketuanan Melayu. Semua Melayu adalah Tuan. Dan kalau si Tuan Ali ini pergi ke Eropah atau Amerika..nama dia akan menjadi SIR ALI.

    Kalau Tuan Ali ini merogol, membunuh atau menjadi Mat Rempit, maka dalam surat khabar akan berbunyi Tuan Ali mermpit, membunih atau merogol...

    Sesuatu bangsa itu tak payah takut untuk menjadi Tuan. Kalau bangsa itu maju, pandai berniaga, tinggi ilmu, baik hati, berspan santun, pemuraj, bijak laksana, maka secara otomatik orang akan menghormati bangsa itu tanpa perlu memanggil mereka Tuan. Inilah Tuan yang sebenar...

    Adakah Melayu mula takut akan kehebatan Bangsa lain sehingga terdesak untuk berbuat sedemikian? Kehebatan sesuatu bangsa itu di buat bukan dalam sekelip mata, atau seratu tahun atau seribu tahun..malah lebih lama...Orang Melayu harus belajar bagaimana hebatnya bangsa Cina atau India suatu masa dahulu...Sejarah mereka beribu-ribu tahun..bermacam ilmu dan ciptaan dibuat...bermacam penemuan dibuat...Mereka mengambil masa beribu tahun untuk menjadi bangsa yang hebat...tapi Melayu hari ini hendak menjadi Tuan dalam tempoh 50 tahun....Kalau gagal juga, hendak membuat perlembagaan negara agar Melayu itu menjadi Tuan....piiiiiiirrraaaaahhhhhhh....ppppoooooodddaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

    Saya tidak mahu menjadi Melayu yang sebegini...Dihina...dan di kutuk...

    Orang Melayu juga harus belajar dari Bangsa Arab, satu bangsa yang amat hebat sejak Tamaddun Islam...bermacam-macam penemuan, ilmu perubatan, ilmu sains dan teknologi dan banyak lagi...tetape mereke leka dan bergaduh sesama sendiri..akhirnya dari menjadi Tuan mereka menjadi hamba di tanahir sendiri...di jajah oleh Amerika dan kuncu-kuncunya...

    Oleh itu wahai Orang Melayu, selagi ilmu tidak di kejar, kelemahan tidak dibaiki..jangan harap nak jadi Tuan....


  21. TMJ
    what about the malay bugis and other malays fighting to their demise to uphold your kesultanan?
    let's face it, your kesultanan was bathed with malays warriors defending it. Please don't be "Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang".
    Kerana harta, rakyat derita.

  22. The reason why, when you mention the royal families, all you hear about is how they abuse their power, but like everything else in Malaysia, this is all UMNO PROPOGANDA, THEY WANT TO BE THE GUARDIANS OF THE MALAYS, this is all called sendiwara a la UMNO. Now with the blogs, we learn the truth. well done bro for writing this piece, as it goes to show our royalties are also sick and tired of umno brand of politics. The time for the royalties to stretch their muscles and bring Umno to its knees is now, without the royal help the transistion of a new and clean ethical govt will be difficult but not impossible, but with the royal houses making their stand clear it would be a kick in the butt for the corrupt politicians to surrender their corruption once and for all.

  23. I will tell you a story about the umno clowns in jb, It was a dinner function and the Sultan of Johor was presiding, when he was approached by a group of umno wallas with a piece of chicken neck, 'SEE, SEE, THIS CHICKEN WAS NOT SLAUGHTERED THE HALAL WAY', This incident happened in 1980s, the HRH, looked at these umno clowns, took the piece of chicken neck and started to chew on it and, (the clincher)HRH THE SULTAN OF JOHOR, SAYS THIS IS A VERY TASTY PIECE OF CHICKEN, I DON'T FIND ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT. THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME , THE NEXT ROYAL FUNCTION I WILL GET THESE SAME CATERERS TO DO MY BANQUET. the umno clowns crawled away and hid themselves. The moral of this incident, don't think that the royal families are hippocrates like umno. ps the dinner was a TENAGA DINNER.

  24. Anonymous7:26 am

    Yes we have seen some true politician after GE12 but by and large the BN are making up of mainly monkeys so we cannot leave politics to them can we?

    We have monkeys that still use hand sign to down grade those they doesn't like, one of this monkey is holding the highest position in Pahang and the other from Sabah who also shout "Bocoh" to women.

    Unless we can see them as politicians but until now they still have a tail under their pants.

  25. Peranan anak **** sebagai seorang warganegara harus juga mengambilkira kepentingan Islam, Melayu dan seluruh rakyat. Memperjuangkan hak Melayu bererti memperjuangkan Perlembagaan temasuk semua kebajikan rakyat.

    Raja Nazrin antara contoh terbaik menegur institusi Melayu dan siasah negara dengan hemah dan bijaksana.

    Jika dibiarkan kepada ahli politik, inilah nasib: JOHOR BAHRU 3 Ogos – Ahli Parlimen Johor Bahru, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad melahirkan rasa terkilan terhadap projek pembangunan Iskandar Malaysia yang didakwanya masih tidak memberi keutamaan kepada penduduk bandar raya ini.

    Koridor pembangunan yang dinamakan sempena nama sultan menjadi huduh dan buruk. Bukankah itu antara cara kapitalis memburukkan kesultanan Melayu dengan mengabaikan kepentingan Melayu supaya Melayu hilang hormat kepada sultan dan Raja.

    Bukanklah selama ini rakyat Melayu yang masih mempetahankan kesultanan Sultan dan Raja2 Melayu ?? Tanpa Melayu, apakah institusi itu akan terus subur...

    Jelasnya, Melayu dan rakyat akan dipergunakan oleh semua institusi demi cita cita peribadi mereka dan apabila mereka tidak tergugat sekarang, pelbagai alasan diberi untuk tidak membela Melayu dan rakyat..

  26. Anonymous10:38 am


  27. Anonymous11:04 am

    TMJ's reply says it all. Reading between the lines of his reply, it is clear he is reprimanding the politicians for their racist policies as well.

    I had the good fortune to have met TMJ at a Chinese New Year function at a friend's house. HRH arrived with his wife soon after we had our lunch. But that did not stop HRH inviting us to join him at the lunch table to chat while he was having his lunch. I was impressed by his informal airs as he good naturedly called us a bunch of golf "buayas". When tee off time arrived, he shooed us off for our game, again clearly indicating his sensitivity to the ordinary people.

    Truly a rakyat's monarch.


  28. Anonymous12:16 pm

    (heha): NOW only chicken mic dared to softly voice out BUT umno shouted : " MIND YOUR PARTY OWN BUSINESS, shut up !"
    mic : " ...........!!??"

  29. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Before we go further with the righteous rights and the political game, could anyone verify on the shrinking johor land that is changing hands to foreigners?

    It is being camouflaged here.


  30. Percaya raja2 berpada2.

    Sejarah menunjukkan mereka sedia menandatangani perjanjian MacMichael.

    Siapa nak kemudahan browsing blog2 pilihan saya, sila mampir.

  31. "The TMJ curtly told the delegation to leave politics to the politicians."

    "The Malay Rulers are responsible for all Malaysians. The Chinese, the Indians and other non-Malays ... What about their survival and their rights? They are our citizens, too."

    Bro Rocky,

    By putting up this article you may think you are doing TMJ a favour showing him as a magnanimous and fair blue blood, but on the contrary, you are just portraying His Highness as someone who lacks history knowledge or if he has, is an ungrateful Crown Prince.


    If not for the Malays and UMNO, none of the nine rulers would be enjoying the prestige of living in huge Palaces, have a stable of Bentleys and Ferraries and be revered by the people today.

    If not for the Malays, then and now, their Istanas would be turned into museums while they wait in their costumes to entertain tourists by taking photos with them like in Indonesia.

    Where were the other races when the nine rulers were about to sign off their rights to the Brits under the Malayan Union? Were there any Chinese or Indian amongst those lining up the streets? Heck for that matter, were there any other political parties besides UMNO trying to save their royal butts then?


    So Rocky, get the TMJ to realize that he was contradicting himself. In leaving what would have been HIS DUTY to the Malays who saved his ancestors' back, to the politicians, he himself played politics by wanting to be win the hearts of the non-Malays who from my observation in the various blogs, are very happy to see this country turn into a republic.

    Remind the royals where they came from and who saved their backs.

    If we so readily condemned Pak Lah for saying he is Prime Minister for all when in fact if he isn't President of UMNO he wouldn't be Prime Minister at all, we shouldn't be patting these royals on their backs for turning away from their DUTIES TOWARDS THE MALAYS!



  32. Anonymous3:38 pm

    The public will leave the political matter to the politicians if they are doing their work and responsibilities as supposed. Otherwise they will be thrown out by the public as these people will only cause wastage of publics tax money.

  33. Frankly the Sultan or Agong or Govenor that gave Rahim Nor the Tan Sri should be the first of many thousand to be STRIPED of his title.

    Perhaps malay will know why many opposition non-malay leaders would not want to be ASSOCIATED with crooks and corruption titles.....let alone having to wear a Prejudice Racist Dhimi Songkok Protocol.

    If the King and Sultan rule for the people....then get rid of the notion by Declaring Malay CANNOT be born Islam....while malay = Islam, then songkok = islam....over my dead body.

    Malay of uMNO-PAS are shameless yet they have to Gall to be proud to have stolen the rights of Orang Asli. Orang Asli is true Malaysian...make no mistake about that...robbers. What have Islam Cult UMNO-PAS taught Malays about lying and stealing?? Ziltch!!

    Please don't give too much hope to Sultan or Agong...You rakyat are the Sultan and Agong of your power by Boycotting Proton, Air Asia, Local Banks......Never underestimate the power god have given you....

    At one time in History Sultan and Agong also Orang Biasa....if they are useless History will repeat....ala Nepal. BUT FIRST OBLITERATE UMNO-BN....the cause of ALL Malaysia ills and if possible Jail Tun Racist Dr M first and strip him of his Tun...then Daim, then ...phew the list is long!

    Remeber we are fighting for a BETTER Malaysia...where Freedom of Religion is respected ala Lina Joy, Freedom from ISA and Freedom of Press....all else are just diversion and more Racism...ala dress code and Racist prejudice Songkok Protocol.

    ...Curse Malaysia if I see on Beijing 08 Malaysian non-malay Contigen FORCED to wear Sarung and Songkok....Thousand curses on the Malaysian Economy!!...believe it!!

  34. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Finally, man worthy to be the King, a ruler and leader for all Malaysians!

    Daulat Tuanku!

  35. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Loyal Subject of the State of Johor

    As a Malaysian citizen who calls JB his hometown, I am considerably bemused by your post.

    I would have thought that the Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

    Inasmuch the Constitution has specified the special rights of the Malays, it has also specified that non-Malay Malaysians also have rights and privileges.

    Umno may have spoken up for the Malay royalty in the pre-Independence negotiations with the British, but it is also a matter of record that the Chinese and Indian members of the negotiating team at the time did not call for the institution of the royalty to be curtailed or abolished.

    So, ipso facto, the Sultans are responsible for the interests of ALL Malaysians living in their states.

    Because, if you hold a contrary viewpoint that the Sultans have a primary responsibility to protect the interests of the Malaysian Malays only, then it could be asked why non-Malay Malaysians should owe the duty of loyalty and respect to the Sultans.

    This is getting into pretty deep constitutional matters, but the bottom line is that HRH The King is the constitutional monarch of all Malaysians. There is nothing in the Constitution that says otherwise.

    Other monarchies like the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Britain seem to be doing pretty well. Their activities and lives are reported by the media in their countries, with no deference or censorship.

    In Indonesia, HRH Sultan Hamengku Buwono X of Jogjakarta is a respected and influential politician in his own right.

    I hope that HRH TMJ will continue to take an active interest in the well-being of ALL Johoreans.

    And I hope that all our Sultans will be aware of the impact of globalisation and competition, and the fact that Malaysia is only a small cog in the mechanism of global trade, investment and commerce.

    Which many in Umno are either blissfully, or wilfully, unaware of!

  36. Anonymous5:58 pm


    "....Perhaps malay will know why many opposition non-malay leaders would not want to be ASSOCIATED with crooks and corruption titles.....let alone having to wear a Prejudice Racist Dhimi Songkok Protocol...."

    Tell that to all the chinese businessmens who bought their titles and shamelessly advertised a full page in the national papers.

    "....while malay = Islam, then songkok = islam....over my dead body."

    Joe, what have you been smoking? Whats with the phobia? Do you see chinese muslims wearing songkok in china?

    "...Curse Malaysia if I see on Beijing 08 Malaysian non-malay Contigen FORCED to wear Sarung and Songkok....Thousand curses on the Malaysian Economy!!...believe it!!?

    Yeah, sure. i bet all the money making chinese businessmen would do that.....

  37. Anonymous6:18 pm

    What is happening to this country is due to that saying, "leaving politics to the politicians." For too long, the people have done more.

    This country does not need circus crowns.


  38. Bro Rocky, I read the comment by Bumi Non Malay with interest as its not like you to allow such comments in your blog. I still cannot really figure out what this Bumi Non Malay is trying to say, I can only conclude and I agree with Saudara Boomi that our friend Bumi non malay has been smoking something illegal that can really make the smoker hallucinate and xenophobic to boot.

    He did mentioned Tan Sri Rahim Noor in his first para though, besides giving Anwar a black eye and spending time as a guest of Jabatan Penjara for that, the Tan Sri has been instrumental in the negotiation towards the surrender and dismantling of the Communist Party of Malaya(CPM), could be bumi non malay is the few remnant of the CPM who refuse to surrender and never forgive the Tan Sri for his great deed to Malaysia in dismantling the Communist threat against our nation.

  39. Cili Padi,

    You tanya apa makna TMJ?

    TMJ = Tak Mengenang Jasa

    Cucu penentang Malayan Union.

  40. Anonymous7:51 pm

    TMJ got it wronged. We, the rakyat are also politicians. We cast and pick our leaders to govern this country. We never roam the whole country aimlessly.

  41. Anonymous8:17 pm

    It now appears to me that the problem began with the concept of "Ketuanan Melayu".

    This concept was introduced around the time when Malaysia was working hard to achieve independence from the British.

    As we are all aware, the malays were marginalised in the economic sector and perhaps to a large extend the political side as well.

    The malay leaders of the time tried to boost the spirit of the malay community by introducing the concept of "Ketuanan Melayu".

    So, the malay leaders at that time used the concept "Ketuanan Melayu" as a rallying point not as a tool to oppress or rid the non-malays, but merely as a cry to prevent the malays from drifting towards oblivion in the era of Malaysia as a country.

    While the other concepts ranging from ethnic cleansing to white supremacy are meant to dominate and wipe out the other races, "Ketuanan Melayu" is only meant to help the malays to get to equal footing with the non-malays.

  42. Anonymous8:19 pm

    take a look at perclonan UMNO bahagian Kota Tinggi It seem that so far Syed Hsmid only received 2-3 nominations, already more than 20 cawangan mtgs. Kota Tinggi people already fed up with Syed Hamid, good PR at Federal no much changes to Kota people, no new MRSM, no campus, no big project, not much opportunity to local people. I heard, TMJ also been sided to Daeing the opponent, so who says TMJ leaves politic to politician totally.
    It is interesting to see how Syed Hamid ferries this situation and should he resigns from minister post before the UMNO election. ??

  43. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Keistimewaan MELAYU tidak bole di pertikai,,,Perlembagaan Tidak bole di gubal,,,!!!!

    Apa guna Askar,,!! Polis,,,mereka akan memerintah di Belakang Agong,,

    So,,BN or Pakatan,,watch your move,,!!!

    Fahamilah,!!! Malaysia Constitution,,,!!

    Just leave it to the expert,,!!!

    -Ngok,sekolah pondok-

  44. DA REAL DEAL, you are one of those who does not know his place, " tak sedar diri", comes to mind. Whatever your point of view, I ask you this who has sold the Malays down the drain, the 'ROYAL FAMILIES' OR UMNO. everybody knows the answer except you, if following the rule, atau undang2 di raja, HRH THE SULTAN CAN HAVE YOU HEAD LEAVE YOUR BODY FOR INSULTING AND MAKING YOUR TREASONEOUS STATEMENT, and you call youself malay, look at your roots, how long has you family given loyalty to ROYAL FAMILIES, they drive bentleys and feraris not because you or I allow it, they drive them because they can, unlike some scum who drive only and are the noveau rich through corruption. SAYA PUN ANAK JOHOR. SO WATCH YOUR MOUTH. Can your umno throw somebody out from a state and make him persona non grata from a particular state, well my SULTAN CAN, WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION THE RIGHT OF MY SULTAN, YOU ARE NOT EVEN FIT TO KISS THE FEET OF MY SULTAN. AND I AM NOT A MALAY.

  45. And the real deal, by the way HRH SULTAN OF JOHOR'S LINEAGE RUNS Through GENERATIONs And is not an elected position, it is inheirted and guranteed under the constitution.


    Maybe you should take off that turban and give your head some air. Better yet, have your head examined.

    Mahathir proved that nothing is guaranteed in the constitution which is at the pleasure of politicians. Go check out how many times since independence the contitution has been changed.

    The Sultans are the protectors of Islam and Malay customs and rights. As long as they maintain their roles, they can command and expect my undivided loyalty.

    When they step out of their roles, they will only erode the power that is bestowed upon them by the Malay people of this nation.

    Classic example, the constitutional crisis under Mahathir.

    Daulat Tuanku!

  47. Skilgannon 1066,

    When I said that the royalties' role is to be the symbol of the Malays, did I mean that the rights of the non Malays were not protected under the constitution?

    Since when is it considered racist to talk about provisions under the constitution protecting the Malays while it is ok talking about the provisions for the nons?

    I continued asking if there were any Chinese or Indians at that time who were in support of the Sultans. Abstaining from asking for the abolishment doesn't constitute support, and for the record, had they asked for the curtailment or even abolishment then, they would have signed their own death warrants.

    So stick to the facts and stop twisting the facts to draw mileage like Anwar.

    Comparing Europe's monarchy and ours is like comparing chalk and cheese. Do they change their monarchs every 5 years?

    The non Malays owe their duty and respect to the Sultans in acknowledgment that the predominant race in Malaysia is the Malay. Having said that not many of the non Malays do as you so comfortably presume.

    Sultan Hamengku Buwono is still respected because he is in politics and is still accepted. If not for being Governor, and a rich one at that, he too would end up hosting the palace museum for photos with tourists in his costume.

  48. boomi, eddy

    You are both smoking the same stuff obviously. You are preoccupied with your own songsan agenda.

    plueze....those non-malays who wear songkok I respect their wishes....but don't force us to wear it in the name of prejudice protocol. Get into your THICK skull and whatever squeezing your flow of blood to your brain Freedom is Choice.....a basic concept which your pea brain cannot the Lina Joy matter.

    Yes i condemn those chinamen, indian men who buys the title shamelessly too...and I know majority are MIC/MCA.....but it is the Sultan and Agong who gave them. So Agong / Sultan / Govenor can be bought??.....perhaps we need a Royal Commission on Royalty too.....judged by the people??

    The fault lies with the matter how one looks at it and the giver have the authority to rescind it.......As of today it is hard for a ruler to be seen making a mistake but humility has its time..Allah will show them the way!!

    As for Rahim Nor.....ha ha ha ha "instrumental to surrendering and dismantalling" CPM.

    CPM quit in Thailand and left Malaysia because Malaysia Racist UMNO-BN would not allow them in while any type of muslim terrorist crossing from Thai south is okay with their guns.....kononya humanitarian!!

    Rahim Dog did Squat about CPM........In your pea brain I get the conclusion that "IF I once did something great, Its okay if I kill, maime, torture another person because....Look I did something great in the past....immunity"

    In your pea brain the Past is an insurance for the future even if the acts are Evil.....

    You 2 must be spinning faster than the chair I am sitting on......First do you 2 acknowledge the possibility that one can be born Islam?? Your silence on this matter will determine the type of person you are!! need to response as I already know your Songsan ideology!! I need to adjust my debate style based on your bi-polar disorder nature of your brains accordingly!!

  49. Anonymous9:39 am

    Bumi-non-malay said,

    ".....At one time in History Sultan and Agong also Orang Biasa....if they are useless History will repeat....ala Nepal. BUT FIRST OBLITERATE UMNO-BN....the cause of ALL Malaysia ills and if possible Jail Tun Racist Dr M first and strip him of his Tun...then Daim, then ...phew the list is long!

    What is this loser going on about???

    It really amuses me that there are indeed demented loonies like bumi-non-malay in this country.

    Heck, I just realised that he is just a lonely retired security guard(enforcer?) who has a ranting blog which is full of unreadable and grammatically incorrect garbage.

    A little knowledge is really a dangerous thing.

    So please stick to watering the plants at your old folks home, gramps.

  50. Anonymous10:16 am

    Dear Da Real Deal!

    What's wrong with the HRH Sultans to be symbol of Malaysia and all Malaysians?
    Was not that why we built this nation upon the Constitutional Monarchy system?

    The Malay Rulers will always have special interest in the Malays, and vice-versa.

    That's why they called "Malay" Rulers.

    I agree with Skilganon - it won't do any good if nonMalays don't love their HRHs and have no loyalty to them.

    Don't live too much in the past. Da Real Deal, let's rejoice in having someone like the HRH TMJ there in our Istana.
    Seems to me he has his feet firmly on the ground (whenever they are not on the footpegs of his Harley or his pony). If he can eat from the same plate as his people and drink from the same cups they use, that's a rakyat's Sultan and I'll settle for that.

    Thank You.

  51. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Anak Bugis Johor,

    It is interesting that TMJ is siding Daeng. and you are right. You want to know why? Because TMJ is daeng's business partner for a sand concession in Johor. Pls do your homework...

    Anak Arab Johor

  52. Graduan Air Tawar,

    "The Malay Rulers will always have special interest in the Malays, and vice-versa."

    Well from what I read in Rocky's article, it sure looks like TMJ's interest is in the Chinese and Indians more than the Malays as he declined to officiate a Malay gathering to discuss their future.

    Anak Arab Johor,

    If it is true that they have sand concessions can you please reveal where they ship the sand to? It would be treason to sell it to Singapore if they use it to reclaim land and narrow our shores making it difficult for big vessels to pass through Pasir Gudang.

    SO they're into business as well huh? Why doesn't he leave business to the businessmen like politics to the politicians?

  53. Anonymous7:03 am

    Bro'Rocky and all bloggers,

    I think you have chinese and blue blood lah.Good piece for our thots. The TAN IS THERE KAN!


    Salam buat Tuanku,Ayahanda Tuanku dan juga YTAM Raja Sofia Zarith.Let's do it together in order to save this nation.

    AMPUN TUANKU.Patik Mustapha Ong,anak angkat Istana Bukit Serene,JB.salam diRaja daripada patik Raja Mariam bt Raja Mohamed jua.

  54. Anonymous1:21 am

    This is just unbelievable...

    The comment by our TMJ is so disturbing, simply the fact that the phrase sounded so much like a responsibility shedding comment...

    Look at how Johor is doin now....
    We have 1 of the worst roads in Malaysia, not to mention the many blunders committed....

    U say Leave it to the Politicians.. I say.. Forget it...!!

    All these "Show of concern" has done nothing but blinded many of our fellow Johorean voters.....

    Johoreans shud really start opening their eyes & see the real picture b4 it's too late...

    Disturbed Johorean

  55. Anonymous6:37 pm

    setuju dengan semua pendapat.. tapi pelik kan, dalam banyak2 hal dan masalah dalam malaysia ni, 'kes liwat' yang jadi priority kan.. sampai tiap2 ari masuk paper & tv, sampai rakyat bosan... jadi, apa pulak panadngan anda??