Monday, August 18, 2008

Ah, the "missing" MP is back!

Zulkifli Noordin, the PKR Member of Parliament who went missing and some feared was detained under the ISA after leading a protest at the Bar Council's "Conversion" forum on Aug 9, made a public appearance at the Dewan Rakyat today. He said was away to attend to some personal matters (read here). Bah!


  1. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Cina apek said......
    Lots of accusitions has been hurled againts the government and the police for his disappearance by the PR politicians. The best part is all this PR politician jokers don't even know what had actually happen to their own members.
    Bar Council should have put their proposal to our lawmaker to discuss the issue in parliment but instead it was done through public forum. The act is Totally irresponsible by them. All this years we have been living in a peacefull communities without any open critisms and condemanations.
    As long as a religion looking for rooms for expansions through misionaries then we will have bigger problems.
    One must respect other person religion. I once got irritated when a missionary who was spreading a religion hurling some insult againt my alters.
    We are peace loving Malaysians and please let it be that for years to come.

  2. "He said was away to attend to some personal matters."

    Yeah. And pigs could fly. To China.

  3. Anonymous8:28 pm

    How could he be an effective lawyer if he is that much emotional? His failure to study the whole forum constructively proves he is just another number without qualities.


  4. Unmitigated coward & wolf in sheep;s clothing!!

    Sack him now!!

  5. Anonymous9:07 pm

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  6. Anonymous9:34 pm

    I find the statement by MP ZULKIFLI rather ridiculous,This is what zulkifli said,
    KULIM: Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin said his presence at a protest against the Bar Council forum on Aug 10 was in his capacity as an exco member of Pertubuhan Peguam Pembela Islam (Organisation of Lawyers Defending Islam) as not as a PKR MP.

    well mr zul the Pertubuhan Peguam Pembela Islam, did not elect you to the parliment, the rakyat did, and you WERE ELECTED FOR being a representitive of PKR, not your pertubuhan whatever. WHEN YOU ARE ELCETED BY THE RAKYAT YOU HAVE TO REALISE THAT YOU REPRESENT ALSO THE rights of the non-muslims in KULIM WHO ELECTED YOU, or is it on false pretenses did you representative yourself when you put up your candidacy. we rakyat do not entertain racist bigots like you, therefore forget about your next election campaign, as I will make sure that you do not get elected, I will be passing the information to all and sundry from kulim to boycott you. mr zul you have shown your true colours, and they show that you are a RACIST. THEREFORE YOU DO NOT REPRESENT US ANYMORE.

  7. Anonymous9:42 pm

    How long was he away to "attend some personal matters"? Shouldn't he be attending to his constituents in Bandar Baru Kulim? Another by-election sounds like a good idea, don't you think? We'll get to see what the good people of Kulim think about racism.

  8. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Regardless which organization he represent, he didn't even qualify to call himself a decent human being, not to mention a Muslim.

  9. Anonymous9:58 pm

    when a person behave like a racist, he throws mud and brings shame to himself and those who associate with him. shame shame...racism does not pay. Racism is a dinasour of the new century and a curse to prosperity.

  10. I am in full agreement with Dr Syed Husin Ali.
    One cannot, in advocating the right to protest, deprive others of the same right.

    I hope he loses his MP status in court so that the people of Kulim will have a chance to choose a new MP.

  11. Anonymous10:30 pm

    well, why must PKR fines him!!!

    He is correct because he attends the demo under other capacity. But where is umno people during this demo especially khir toyo & mukris or even KJ

    zamri sunway semenyih

  12. The MIC Youth, pro-MIC Blogger Punithan Shan and a host of MIC supporters attacked popular blogger MarGeeMar for using the word 'PARIAH'. Now, MarGeemar is challenging them to do the same to Muhammad Shafee Abdullah for using the word 'PARIAH'. Btw, I came to understand that MarGeeMar is neither Indian nor Hindu. Read MarGeeMar's challenge to MIC here

  13. Anonymous11:04 pm

    my 110 percent support on you Mr Zulkifli Nordin.

    ah... the non muslim is not racist.

    ukur baju sendri la.

    as master of racist Lim Cakap siang pandang2 cakap malam raba2 and Biscuit kapal singh say....

    `over my dead body!'

    no no no no its not a racist remarks.


  14. He probably had some Muzakarah with UMNO or PAS

  15. Asalamualaikum

    the chinese are 100% solidly supporting DSAI to be the next PM of Malaysia.

    to my malay and indian friends
    come let us together show and prove our solidarity and rally
    behind DSAI.

    forget about saiful sinful or whatever fool .

    just go all out and vote DSAI your MP and our next PM of all Malaysian.

    long live DSAI and may god bless you and your family.


  16. hopefully when there is a by election PKR will not field this joker again.
    a disgrace to the people who voted for him.
    DSAI please sack him and find
    someone more liberal and moderate
    in their approach.

  17. Ahhh... good to see him back lah...

    So now Zul is back... PKR wants how ah? ;)

  18. Anonymous12:20 am

    The man is not fit to be an MP. My sympathies to Kulim. Suffer him for 5 years.


  19. Anonymous12:33 am

    PKR is the most entertaining party in the world.
    Demonstrations, ROck Bands showing butts, drama to TUrkish Embassy, Arsenic Poisoning, Asking Chinese to go to MAlay University,Punching journalist. BEtter than BN with their boring drama. Well maybe that Muar Guy was quite entertaining too. But it do not have PKR typr of RPK.


  20. ermm kawin lagi satu la tu kot..

  21. Anonymous12:55 am

    Dear Fellow Malaysian,

    I was reading the article below titled - Anwar: All races should be given equal opportunities; and I feel it is my obligation to fellow Malaysians to express my sincere disappointment and most of all disgusted with PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s recent manipulation to continuously trying to fool the people with his such statement, lectures and speeches.
    I have been to some of his speeches, lectures and even to invitational only close doors discussion which were held in overseas. In more than one occasion, he had either tried to dodge the question on equal opportunities to all race or firmly states that the Malays should be given preference, first choice or sadly enough he expresses that opportunity based on merit should not be a subject as Malay’s should be given the privilege, rights and firmly sounded like these special rights must be protected at any cost. There are other issues that were discussed during this meetings but I am only going to contribute on Anwar Ibrahim’s statement on The Star Newspaper.
    Again, at what cost are we going to deprive our future, don’t you think we all should share the same commonality success or failure to being a developed nation.
    Doesn’t this statement totally contradict with his opinion below? So, where do other races stand, if he continuously sends mixed statement based on his audiences and speaks in fork tongue manner? If you would like further information on his speeches, lectures and discussion, please contact the schools that Anwar Ibrahim had his presentation and discussions presented. These entities usually maintain archives of articles, scripts, notes and audio/video recording for their records.
    Statements and manipulation as such deceive the trust the voters and supporter have given to such person. Not politically motivated, remember that it is his statement has led me to express my disappointment. It is also important not use race as political ground to achieve one’s milestone. I don’t think my fellow Malay, Chinese, Indian or others brothers would appreciate or support a person who uses such techniques to gain popularity. We Malaysians believe in competitiveness and fair rights, so we could share and develop together. To politicians and people like PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s, it is nothing personal but please think of all races in Malaysia as Malaysian not by their religion beliefs, the same should go to Barisan National.
    I am a Malaysian first, before considering myself Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. It is very important to remind our politician that, achieving something at the expense of others- is betraying the trust that we have given you. I hope one would do the right thing for all and not just for particular group, race, religion and gender. To be a competitive nation, we should consider ourselves as nation of one. It will be a tough journey a head but with small steps we will be moving forward to a right direction and prosperous nation.
    Good Luck and hope my fellow Malaysians do what is right for all Malaysian and not for any selfish reasons.
    cc. - carried the article.

    Anwar: All races should be given equal opportunities
    BUKIT MERTAJAM: Students who have the potential to excel in their studies should be given equal opportunities to pursue tertiary education, said PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
    All students, regardless of race, should have the chance to “rise to the occasion” and fulfil their potential, he stressed.
    Anwar also touched on the suggestion by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that 10% of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) intake be open to non-Malay and foreign students.
    “Khalid was only talking about opening one or two courses to non-bumiputras. But Umno views it as selling off UiTM to the Chinese,” he said at a dinner with Chinese voters in Sungai Lembu near here last night.
    He said smart Chinese, Malay and Indian students should be given every opportunity to move up the ladder.
    “If the Malays are smart, let them rise. The same applies to Chinese and Indians,” he said. “Who benefits from this? Everyone.
    “The Government benefits and so does the economy.
    “But now, we uplift Malays who are not smart. Everyone loses and the share market drops.”
    He also said not all Malays were corrupt or thieves, adding that the good ones had the capability to make the country prosper.


  22. Anonymous1:27 am

    This MP Zul, if he cannot compromise his personal beliefs against his political responsibilities as an MP, he should then resign from his party. PKR fight for multi-racialism and acceptance multi-religions. Obviously, his lack of tolerance,
    makes him a hypocrite and a racist.

  23. Anonymous2:24 am

    we don't need racist politicians as our MP or to direct the policies of this country. we had enough of it in the last 50 years and it has taken us to nowhere except to more corruptions and the dumps.

    irregardless of what he said he represents, he must remember he is from PKR and PKR is not a racist party.

    i think he tick the wrong box when he sign up for membership. he should have ticked UMNO.

    i say sacked him from PKR and no longer vote for him as MP.

    spread the words brothers.

  24. Anonymous7:28 am

    Anyone notice that none of anwar's lineup of lawyers remain?

    Words are there is a surprise coming from Zulkifli Nordin. Heard he has an issue with Anwar. He refused to resign from post to make way for Anwar. Even Wan Azizah was reluctant but forced ...

    Words on the blogs are that their son, Ihsan is now in doubt of the father's innocence citing his reluctance to do the mubahalah.

    PAS is in a mess now with the presence of the Erdogan or Anwar sympathiser. Next year, Anwar will lineup his people to takeover PAS -Husam, Dr Dzulkifli (RPK's good friend), Hatta Ramli, Dzulkifli, Lolo, SIti Mariah, Mahfuz, etc

    So Chinese, give you rsupport for Anwar now. Go ahead and believe his promises. My guarantee for all of you is that he lied and will definitely fail you. The destructive hands of Anwar will reach out every where.

    All his promises to revive the economy will come to nothing becasue he is a technically weak person and easily manipulated by greater powers.

    His great ideas are mere parroting the ideas of others and translating it into simple political statement.

    Malays who support Anwar will feel good today just like Penang Malays who later realised they have nothing left in the state.

  25. Anonymous8:52 am

    1) He is a member of PR first and foremost
    2) He is a lawyer and got his facts and premise wrong

    So his excuse is that he was up front shouting at the top of his voice because he was a Muslim lawyer?

    Note he has not said he did anything wrong just that he want the context different than what people are talking about.

    Furthermore, I keep asking, why is this guy with Keadilan and NOT PAS?

  26. Anonymous9:48 am

    I am a resident of Kulim.I support him 101%.we melayu are very proud of YOU..ZUL.


  27. Anonymous10:02 am

    In every family there is always a black sheep, for PKR Zul is definitely the black sheep. This pig's action will of course taint DSAI by election campaign. If DSAI takes action now, he will be viewed by Malays as not championing their cause, if he do not take any action the voters in PP will think he is weak, it is a no win situation for PKR. Anwar has to take positive action against this PIG, he has grunted more loudly and uttered seditious issues against non muslims which is unbecoming of a so called lawyer and a MP. He action has shown what type of Pigs we have in Parliament, he is a disgrace to the Malay MPs.
    Zul PIG

  28. Salam abg Rocky,

    As a muslim, I would like to defend Zulkifli Nordin bravery act or may some thing that his barbaric act eventhough I know his act will 100% sure kene hentam dengan org non-muslim, liberal muslim lawyer dan member's kat PR sendiri. Becoz as far as I know since I was a student way back in 1998 I had listened his ceramah abt kes murtad, n bla2. Last time his attacked our previous PM becoz so many reverted muslim not giving protection and even some of them (reverted muslim) were killed by their family member. So is not suprised when he is the one who be the most vocal eventhough he is Anwar hardcore supporter and the MP of multiracial party PKR.

    What i had read in MT and Malaysia Kini (DAP bias) or DAP bloggers well most comment say that as usual Muslim/ Malay are always too sensative/not open and the BAR Council forum only want to talk abt the legal matter pertaining to impact of married with muslim or convert muslim. However the manner the objective, the agenda of the forum is questionable. If there is so sincere suppose they should call muftis to discuss this issue in the open debate that can see in the tv. However they should thank to current govt because they never allow an open criticizing religion held in public forum. One of the evidence is when the government band the Late of Ahmad Deedat to have a ceramah in Malaysia. If not it will be more interesting if all malaysian is open to it.

    One of the message to Bar Council, if they think that they are good enough please register as a political party instead of hidding behind the professional body.

  29. MP Zul Demonstrate extremist, racist, stupid, PKR black sheep.

    PKR leaders join HINDRAF Makkal Ossai, rakyat and Malaysia.

    Oh wait I forgot only Malays can become racist.The trend these days are racist masking as liberals.

    I think I have read Enough crap for today, time to go to the toilet

  30. Anonymous11:52 am

    I am also resident of Kulim. I tak sokong Zul 101%. Tak mahu Zul. Masa saya undi tak tau dia tu macam nih.

    ~Merpati Molek~

  31. Anonymous11:56 am

    warrhh..went a malay muslim from any parties stand up for his believe... he is a bloody racist..but if others did the same, its human rights..
    and all of u said to uphold democracy.. cehh democracy my foot..
    Look into a mirror and say this " I'M A RACIST TOO "


  32. Anwar si pengkhianat bangsa Melayu dan Islam sekali lagi menghina dan memcerca bangsa Melayu sebagai bodoh. Sila baca artikel yang ditulis oleh RPK botak yang tiada otak dalam MalaysiaNoday mengenai kenyataan Anwar anak Ibrahim.

    Siapa sebenarnya bodoh? Yang pasti ialah Anwar Ibrahim kerana dia masuk UM dulu dengan hanya mendapat 1 prinsipal sahaja. Walaupun Anwar ini bodoh tetapi kerana hak keistimewaan Melayu, dia dapat juga masuk UM walaupun hanya dapat mengikuti kursus yang paling mudah di UM iaitu Pengajian Melayu. Walaupun mengikuti kursus yang mudah, kerana kebodohannya, Anwar tetap gagal pada tahun pertama.

    Sekali lagi kerana hak keistimewaan Melayu, Anwar diberi peluang untuk “repeat’ di UM. Tetapi, pada hari ini Anwar anak Ibrahim ini begitu lantang mempersoalkan hak keistimewaan Melayu yang pernah membantunya mendapatkan segulung ijazah yang sekadar “General Degree” iaitu ijazah paling rendah tarafnya kerana kebodohan Anwar. Jika tidak Anwar anak Ibrahim ini hanya seorang lepasan STPM sahaja. Manusia yang mungkin menjadi pemandu kereta taukeh-taukeh bukan Melayu.

    Jika dia tidak dapat masuk UM kerana hak keistimewaan Melayu, maka dia tidak dapat menjadi wakil pelajar dan dikenali ramai termasuk oleh Tun Mahathir yang mengangkatnya naik menjadi seorang pemimpin. Tetapi, hari ini kita melihat si tanggang bodoh bernama Anwar anak Ibrahim ini sanggup menghina dan mengkeji bangsa Melayu Islam semata-mata inginkan kuasa dunia.

  33. hallo sinatra_z..HINDRAF IS RACIST...

  34. dear MP Zul, please resign now.

    Put up your NGO views during the by-election and let Kulim rakyat decides ... man enough or you're just using & hiding behind islam?

  35. Well brunt council, u still don't get it do you? This country has been under control by shits, and u are one of the products of the shits. "Melayu ditindas?" At the first place, who is the PM and DPM of this country? All are Melayu! So, Melayu yang menindas Melayu, GET IT???????????????????????????

  36. Anonymous12:50 pm


    Brunt Council is right. Ihsan is rebelling against his father. He believes in Saiful's oath.
    Have you guys seen him? Exact opposite of his dad.

  37. Anonymous1:30 pm

    " allo, allo, good afternoon, how are you all my FRIENDS !? I wish to clarify that the BRA CO. was having a meeting on their products , I was in front, no doubt, of those 'illegal gathering
    thugs & family members' & i didn't do anything until their company chairperson invited me to enter the hall : i went in NOT as a pkr member ...not a mp of kulim....not a gangsters head...BUT as a rep of islamic lawyers ....a man...a citizen....a common innocent observer... an ignorant..
    ...bla...bla...bla...!! ok, NO offence ....only misunderstanding ....ok... i belanjar mamak's tehtarik kaw, ok ! Thank you ! (niamahx)

  38. Saya setuju dengan din..
    I am a resident of Kulim.I support him 101%.we melayu are very proud of YOU..ZUL.

    Apabila orang Kulim sendiri sudah setuju dengan tindakan zul, yang lain, di blog ini dan di luar Kulim, tolong 'shut up' - anda tidak relevan dan jangan kurang ajar.


  39. Anonymous1:48 pm

    To all those pendatangs who voted for Zul ,,, well done !


  40. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Molongkolong said,

    MP Zul is the ONLY racist MP in Malaysia. Kit Siang is not racist, Karpal Singh is not racist.

    In fact only Malay are racist. The Chinese and Indians are not racist, they are just trying to highlight their race plight. The Malays and muslims are not fighting for their plight, they are just being racist....

    They are the most pure race in the entire universe, while the Malays and muslim are just racist...

  41. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Brunt Council,

    Pls allow me to rebut..

    1. I dont care if you are a BN supported or UMNO or freelance but my arguments here are just for sharing and braing storming purpose..

    2. The logic is simple. What has happened in the past is a yardstick for the country to improve on and not to harp on. With the current government's performance, it is a message from the Rakyat that they have to work harder if not hardest to bring the glory and shine back to Msia. There is nothing to sing praises about with the current state we are in.. Having said this, if the current government cant do anything good given 5 now under Pak Lah, why not give somebody else even the opposition a chance. We wont know what lies beneath.

    The metaphor that I am using is akin to a football team. You dont allow the rot in your team to continue and continuously saying that the players are good. If they are good then why is the team always losing? If you are that others are better than it only tells you that our current team is lousy and not up to par.. So what do you do? Kill the rot and change the players. Bring in new blood, and whatever not. So why cant this concept be applied on the current government? Do you personally think that the current government is doing wonders? If they are then what are they?

    3.Pls do not always incite racial hatred by stating that Malays will lose this and that. I am a Penang Chinese and I know how the Malays have been faring with or without DAP ruling that state. Penang Malays are 1 different Malay race in all of Msia. If you asked anybody, the Penang Malays stand tall amongst others. Penang Malays are proud to be from Penang, so are the Penangites overall.. Do you think they are being marginalized? If you think they are, then what about the Chinese and Indians of Malaysia? Is it because this is Malay-sia that Malays should not be marginalized but instead Chinese and Indians can??

    And if you say that the Penang Malays are being marginalized, that is because of the doing of the former government. Not only state but also the federal goverment. Do not forget that previously Penang was under the BN ruling for almost 40 years just like Malaysia itself being dominated by BN.. So why now blame DAP and the opposition?

    4. You forgotten that the BN majority was reduced because the citizens are tired of all the plundering and what not. But this message has not even gotten into the thick skull of Pak Lah and his administration.. For 1, Singapore is laughing at us and you know why?

    Msia has the most natural resources, but we stand tall only when we compare ourselves to African nations. This is a blatant joke!!

    So, pls dont tell what the citizens should or should not do and whether what they are doing is right or wrong. Everyone makes a decision and that decision can turn out to be good or even disastrous. But we dont rest on our laurels if it was a good one. And if it was a bad decision we learn from it and improve so that we dont repeat the same mistakes..

    We are part of a solution and not part of the problem.

  42. To Zulkifli Nordin,

    If PKR want to take action on you please be the first person jump the ship either UMNO/PAS. You r the most welcome. PKR is totally opposite with your objective n they r useless to your future generation. No worry with KULIM sit, becoz i can confirm majority of KULIM (MUSLIM) still love and proud with you.

    Do i sound racist??

  43. A bit off topic, but Rocky, how about starting a thread on Lim Chong Wei, a true-blue Malaysian hero who just won a silver medal at the Olympics. And maybe he should be given a Tunship.

  44. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Have you guys entertained the idea of Zulkifli quitting PKR. I did.
    My take is he is waiting for greenlight from UMNO.
    That explained his long absence.
    Another pointer is why isn't he campaigning for his boss.
    Permatang Pauh is so near to Kulim-Bandar Baru.
    Also he's mindful of Kulim-Bandar Baru election petition suit is coming soon.
    So do not be suprised he will do the Ezam act.
    Campaigning for Ariff and spilling his own can of worms against Anwar.
    Anything can happen between now and Sept 16.
    But not to Anwar's destination.

  45. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Ah..... Becareful..!
    This could be a another saiful in the making.

    Mess up the PKR !

    Don't worry, no backside comming, just acting like a Bitter Nut (BN).
    Excatly same behaviour like the BN goons lah..!

    Should kick him out of the organization...!

    Wasting time only !

    What the hell are we Malaysians?
    Malays only..???

  46. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Uitm Graduate ???


  47. Anonymous3:33 pm

    UiTM Graduate ???

    Uugh Ugh

  48. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Why doesn't he remain missing? We won't miss him.

  49. Anonymous5:55 pm

    oh yeah..when malay talk about malay or islam, they are racist!!

    When chinese & indian talk about their race, they are not considered as racist! But a hero!!!

    Oh like that aaa.

    That's naughty.

  50. Anak Malaysia,
    Thanks for pointing that out.

  51. Anonymous6:01 pm

    brunt council, i agree with you.
    very sharp observation.

    where have all anwar's prominent lawyers gone to?

    Words on the blogs are that their son, Ihsan is now in doubt of the father's innocence citing his reluctance to do the mubahalah.

    PAS is in a mess now with the presence of the Erdogan or Anwar sympathiser. Next year, Anwar will lineup his people to takeover PAS -Husam, Dr Dzulkifli (RPK's good friend), Hatta Ramli, Dzulkifli, Lolo, SIti Mariah, Mahfuz, etc

    So Chinese, give you rsupport for Anwar now. Go ahead and believe his promises. My guarantee for all of you is that he lied and will definitely fail you. The destructive hands of Anwar will reach out every where.

    All his promises to revive the economy will come to nothing becasue he is a technically weak person and easily manipulated by greater powers.

    His great ideas are mere parroting the ideas of others and translating it into simple political statement.

    Malays who support Anwar will feel good today just like Penang Malays who later realised they have nothing left in the state.

    Yes we should not allow Penangites to run the country...they should stick to playing squash or badminton

    -- a kedahan --

  52. Anonymous10:26 pm

    When Malay speaks - Malay Racist
    Other races said - Not racist

    Islam said - Racist
    Other Relgn - Our right

    All kind off bullshit happened..

    Then, dont say anything about Malay and Islam..

  53. It's not only what you publicly say
    But also how you say it that matters
    Under whatever clothing you choose to bray
    Never allow what you say to cause anger and hatred to scatter

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190808
    Tue. 19th Aug. 2008.

  54. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Tak payah sokong PKR, janji lain buat lain. Dekat Permatang Pauh tu buat keputusan dengan lebih bijak.