Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There were no Anwar cronies?

Not even one crony? The Star online's report, Anwar: Name my 'cronies' (excerpts below) is intriguing. The question that came to my mind was, Did Anwar really say that?
When Anwar Ibrahim was DPM and Finance Minister, many businessmen were linked to him. There were, or course, many, many more who claimed that they were linked to him. The joke among us disillusioned reporters then was: "Mahathir has Ting, Anwar has Tong". Sure, people said Ting Pek Khiing and Tong Kooi Ong were fairly big corporate names even before they were labelled Dr M and Anwar's cronies, but the fact remained that they were seen to be extra close to the two.

I also remember the list of so-called cronies put up by Dr M at the PWTC in 1998. It was said that there were many Anwar's cronies on that list. Can't recall their names, though.

BUTTERWORTH: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has challenged his detractors to name the people who allegedly benefited from his position when he was deputy prime minister and finance minister.

“There was no such thing. If you know of the people who benefited, you should identify them. Do not just make claims,” he said.

The PKR leader, who is contesting the Permatang Pauh by-election, was asked to comment on his involvement in bumiputra policies when he was in the Federal Government and the award of projects without tenders.


  1. Anwar makin merosakkan dirinya jika mengaku tanpa kroni kerana itu adalah 'mustahil' bagi seorang pemimpin yang ada nama dan pengaruh.

    Kenapa gentar untuk membuat pengakuan asalkan 'jalan betul' telah diambil. TDM dan Dolah tidak rosak teruk sekadar orang lain menamakan beberapa nama kroni asal tidak 'melampau'

  2. Anonymous7:11 pm

    hi bro,
    anwar introduced this so called bumiputera berjaya programme (can nae rmbr the name) where successful contractors will not need to go thru the hustle of tendering process (direct nego)! bet his supporters will do their best to deny, stir this and blaming others! its just the same thing like saying the condo was not even there when the GREAT LOVE EVENT took place! ridiculously they all trust him and still.

    would like to support opp but i dont thing i can!


    lady from hell (scotland)

  3. Anonymous7:21 pm


    Time to dish out the dirt eh, now that elections are near?

    Way to go bro!

  4. Anonymous7:22 pm


    jauh di sudut hati saya suatu hari nanti nanti saudara anwar ibrahim akan mendapat pembalasan Allah yang Maha Dasyhat atas apa yang dilakukannya hari ini. semuga kita terhindar dari laknat Allah.

  5. Anonymous7:23 pm

    lady from scotland

    u sounds so much like Pasquale

    puttin on a wig eh?

    way to go bro! lets attack Anwar!

  6. No crony...

    That's funny...

    funniest joke I ever heard...

    He even slashed down the people living in Kampung Baru Ampang... conveniently "introduce" Malays into Ampang area that sees Ampang constituency now a "Malay constituency"... and I wonder who was the developers... ;) I don't think commenting like this make me a racist?

    Anyway... Anwar has so many friends out there... during 1997, he has this abang adik from IMF that so willing to borrow Malaysia money... I wonder this should be called CRONY? I don't know lah... His way of solving the economic crisis 97/98 was so pathetic that I still feel creepy thinking about it...

  7. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Lady from Hell sounds like Rafidah..HAHA. Were you monitoring the 'great love event', ms lady from hell? All you stupid BN people can go to hell.

    Nonymous Turnip

  8. I am also having problem recalling the name of his cronies. Even the list TDM posted was quite long, if I am not mistaken. Those days, this guy was so arrogant because he thought everyone was under his payroll and thought he could just sweep aside TDM.

    Right now all I could recall is someone named Saiful.

  9. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Name them, don't simply talk. Empty talk is for empty elements with empty ideas. Oh, you can't remember.

  10. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Bullshit Anwar has no cronies, all umno Minister past or present has cronies. They practice Ali Ba Ba business, Ali gets all the contract and Ba Ba does all the work. This is a form of cronism, TDM has the most cronies and now it is obvious AAB has cronies, how else can you explain the richest SIL who is jobless, surely it is the cronies paying them of. Anwar or TDM incuding AAB and Mongolian bomber can deny all they want, the rakyat knows better. ABB would not cling to power eventhough he is cursed by many, see how DPM is holding on with all the accusations, it all goes back to cronies and money and of course umno being most corrupt party ever, no one is going to believe a leopard has changed it's strips.
    Balls No Cronies.

  11. Ucapan Anwar ketika kempen hari tekhir PRU12....

    "Bila Pakatan Rakyat memerintah, semua kita jaga, Melayu kita jaga, India kita jaga, Cina kita jaga, KRONI PUN KITA JAGA!!!"

    Lokasi : Padang Ibu, Guar Perahu
    Jam : 9.30 malam
    Tarikh : 7 March 2008

  12. OO OOO I got some names


    Ooo OO wait I got one

    Khalid Ibrahim!!

    Come on la you hardcore Anwar supporters, that dirty, foul smelling, evil UMNO has tons of Cronies infesting it and guess what ANWAR IBRAHIM was there for 19 FREAKING YEARS!

    Oh yeahh...

    I mean let's not forget Khalid's infamous line
    "Marilah kita bersama-sama mengundi Barisan Nasional.. Eh Silap."

  13. Anonymous7:58 pm

    That's right.

    Name them!

    Rocky, give a definite list of say three. Don't just say "there was probably a list" lah, or "Maybe this Tong fellow lah".

    Come on. I dare you to concretely say this: "Yes, these are Anwar's cronies: X, Y, Z".

    Be definite. Don't beat around the bush.

    P.S. By the way, how about Mahathir's cronies? I'm sure the list for his would be fantastic! Anybody want to try to dig this out? Sure Rocky will keep quiet here.

  14. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Ok anti-anwar gang, pl name the cronies cos i want to know them too..


  15. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Try Nasaruddin (I think he passed away.) Dato Fuad ex-MPlant and now kaya raya in FSO Ventures.

    Didn't also Anwar have 30% of Hong Leong? Back when he was FM, Hong Leong was flying high.

    The late Tan Sri Yahya of DRB was the most prominent of them till TDM bought him over to his side.

    Easy to see Anwar's cronies. Check out his classmates in Malay College.

    - RaZ

  16. "His way of solving the economic crisis 97/98 was so pathetic that I still feel creepy thinking about it"


    care to enlighten us mere idiots what was so pathetic about the IMF's pills? Or are you just one of those TDM cocksuckers who spout nonsense to spite others who just can't see what's so special about TDM.

  17. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Ooops I forgot the biggest one. Tan Sri Khalid, present MB of Selangor.

    Former receipient of Guthrie shares when he left PNB. Aka 'Pagar' as in the old malay saying 'harapkan pagar jaga padi.'

    - RaZ

  18. Anonymous8:15 pm

    As far as I concerned, everyone has cronies. Even you Rocky, has cronies but who doesn't ? In this case, we have to weight, who has the most cronies, most corrupted and sucking rakyat blood till today ? But didn't I heard Anwar has paid it with 6 years in jail terms ? How about TDM ? our current gamen and their gangs ? You tell me, is there Mr Clean around ?

    - bird eye

  19. "There were no Anwar cronies?"

    Bro Rocky. I kinda like DSAI's message of Reformasi. As to the answer to the question above, "Of course got lah." Only a die-hard partisan would claim otherwise.

    But now, he's in no position to dole out goodies as before, and I hope that the six years where he has suffered grievously, unjustifiable at that, has cleansed DSAI of UMNOism. May he be the Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia.

  20. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Dakwaan ini,

    Boleh dipertimbangkan;
    Kalau betullah dia nak bela orang miskin..dia perlu tulen &
    Jadi mcm nik Aziz.

    1.Jual banglo 7 juta tu, buat rumah kampung kat Ceruk Tokkun. Bau gua respect

    Masa jadi TPM dulu pun,Tansri Yahya DRB,Lankhorst dsb

    Knoni? Boleh refer:



    -50% boleh pakai-

  21. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Sekadar pendapat:
    Anwar pun manusia biasa..ada nafsu
    Sepatut jadi mcm Nik Aziz, jual banglo 7 juta kat segambut & duduk rumah kampung kat ceruk tokkun. Dapat modal support nelayan, orang miskin & buat ladang, bisnes. Baru gua respect.


    Tp masa dia jadi TPM dulu DRB-Yahaya-Intrakota membiak, YTL, Lankhorks sekarang milik Paklah Rapid-Scomi.
    itu biasalah..ada kuasa ada kroni.

    Tapi lagi buruk lagi..
    aku ada tengok sumber2 yang tersebar;
    Betul @ tak Wallahualam.



    Betul @ tak Wallahualam.

  22. If Anwar is without crony, then monkeys are born without parents. Lots of anwar's crony are currently hanging out at PKR office for dear life.

    1. The MRCB gang without A Kadir Jasin, namely Khalid Ahmad, Mohd Noor Mutallib and Nazri Abdullah.

    2. Khalid Ibrahim which undeservingly was offered 15% in Guthrie.

    3. Dato Ghazi

    4. Late Tan Sri Yahya Ismail, Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd Salleh, Sulong Dato’ Maznah Jalil

    5. Late Nasaruddin Jalil of Gadek

    6. Kamaruddin Jaafar of Dialog Group and for stealing some Bumi's shares in Suremax

    7. Lankhorst Group like Aziz Fakri

    8. Dato’ Ghazali Khalid famously known as Second Board king

    9. Salehuddin Hashim, current Secgen of PKR

    10. Tong Koi Ong

    11. Dato Nallakarupan at Magnum

    12. Abrar Group of Rahim Ghouse, Wan Hasni, Kamaruddin and Nor MOhamad Yakcop

    13. Dato’ Ghazi Ramli

    Thats just for teaser.

    Off course, you can throw in Anwar's father Dato Ibrahim, that benefit a lot from IOI. Then the brother Rani Ibrahim and many more.

  23. Anonymous8:49 pm


    ada sahabat bagitau semalam dengar anwar berceramah kat pp. katanya saiful kena paksa dengan polis bersumpah mubahallah kat masjid jumaat lalu. entahlah labu.. bodoh sangat ke rakyat malaysia nie?

  24. Anonymous8:55 pm

    hairan, habis condo di desa damansara di bukit damansara with a fleet of high end luxury cars tu siapa punya?



  25. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Strange none of you can even name or remember a name from his list of supposed cronies.

    Tells a lot no?

    So, shut up guys unless you have facts to dirty launder.

    Also, isn't it strange that all BN could think of is this Saiful fella with his buggered anus?

    Surely if Anwar is as dirty as you guys seem to imagine (or hope or wish - whichever), wouldn't the stinky dirty laundry be hauled up from some dark dingy corner to be aired and washed in public now??

    Rocky, try harder.

    You are losing credibility.

  26. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Is Anwar getting conveniently senile? Dr M should post that list again to remind him.

  27. Anonymous9:04 pm

    yeah.. maybe Anwar is right. All his former cronies had shied away after finally knowing him.


  28. Anonymous9:05 pm

    kehkeh..apa barang kroni..tuh kan sunnah nabi.. x caya tanye nik aziz...
    This is what we called Foolamak and Alamak..and they claimed to be ulama...


  29. Anonymous9:13 pm

    ohh yeah..something came up..where is rahim ghouse?


  30. This guy should be renamed SODA - state of denial always ...

    His past glamorous name was SODOMEE.

  31. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Anwar says 'Name my cronies' but he didn't say he doesn't have cronies. I think Rocky has misread his quote somewhat. I don't believe he doesn't have cronies when he is DPM. What he meant in his statement is too name those cronies from the accusation that Ezam that thrown to him.


  32. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Marah betol orang2 bila Nuar kena kutuk! Inikan free country.

    & Democracy?

    Boleh kritik & terbuka.

    Why not? Tak boleh kritik Anwar ke? Baik sangat?

    New Prophet? God? Episode IV, a new hope?

    -Donald Trump-I'm not God

  33. Anonymous9:31 pm

    I saw one who is still following him side by side and hand in hand. Clue? He sponsored your 2007 roast lamb lah. Did anyone watch Hancock? Imagine 2 gods make for each other; when they come together, they become mortal and die. I think politicians and cronies are similarly made for each other. When they are together...they will also become mortal. Anyway, it is a pot calling the kettle black trade off. :) w9

  34. Bro,

    Biasalah bila orang politik bercakap..., macam tu la. Orang politik (tak kira yang kiri ke yang kanan ke)..., tidak berpijak di bumi nyata.

    Semuanya sama...


  35. Anonymous9:54 pm

    We need to understand things first.

    Anwar was part of BN 10 years ago. He could have had his cronies and so the others.
    Mahathir had his cronies. Pak Lah too has been associated with some powerful cronies. In fact I seldom heard about Scomi before Pak Lah took over the premiership. Look at Scomi now. One could only imagine its extra ordinary growth over the short 5 years.

    Whatever and whichever things he did it was 10 years ago, and the amount of punishment and humiliation he had gone through cannot be described in words. If today you and I were to put through such situation both of us might swear on our respective holy books for over 100 times that we were screwed by the person the conspirer points at just to escape a punishment and torture.

    And I would say its inhumanness to mock a person repeatedly even after he had served the sentence. What would we do if this person was our family member? Would we treat him the same way as we treat Anwar? None of us seen the alleged wrong doing by Anwar, and if so why can’t we give him the benefit of doubt especially now that he has been very consistent?

    Why are we bias of Saiful? Is it because we like Anwar so much that we hate anyone who speaks against Anwar? No, I don’t think so. The situational evidence and flip flop of government, its leaders and authorities’ prejudice stance which is so explicit that make us perceive that Anwar is innocent. To add, most of us agree the rule of law in Malaysia hopeless. Another factor that comes to my mind; a religious and god fearing man will never exploit his religion and faith to prove his innocence.

    If Anwar was a sodomite as claimed we could imagine the kind of Anwar we could see. Being a sodomite he could not be religious and hence under the present circumstances he would have complied quickly with general public’s view to swear on Koran. It wouldn’t be difficult for someone to just swear on a book that he has no faith in, would he? But he did not and so far he has refused knowing very well it could work against him. Think about it, he has so much to lose for not swearing. Don’t you think it explains something, Rocky?

    Harris Ibrahim in fact has written an open letter to Anwar Ibrahim. It was such a wonderful letter that could make one cry. From most of the comments one would know I’m telling the truth. We need a charismatic leader, a leader who could unite us Malaysians as bangsa Malaysia. True Malaysians couldn’t ask for more than that.

    This is a month of Merdeka, the birth month of Malaysia. Coming 26th of August could be the day for another birth, the birth of Bangsa Malaysia and the parent could be Anwar Ibrahim himself.

    Let us wish our dream come true! Long live Malaysia.


  36. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Ya, saya adalah kroni beliau sehingga sekarang,tapi saya tak dapat satu projek pun dari beliau,kerana saya bukan ahli Umno dulu dan selamanya.Yang dapat projek misti menjadi kroni Umno sebagai syarat utama.


  37. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Rocky and cronies,

    since the way you make it sound so cynical, may be you all can enlighten me on who are anwar's cronies ?

    name the names and I am all ears...if not, ... you decide where to put your face !


  38. ( ahem )...

    Why attack Anwar now .
    Why don't we attack tdm for his selective amnesia during the vk lingam hearing.
    Why don't we attack najib and rosmah for the mindef shady dealings.
    Why nobody questions abdullah regarding his family business and the Iraqi oil for food?
    So this ezam exposes Anwar but where are the details?
    Is ezam trying to copy RPK?
    But RPK don't even need those 6 boxes which ezam have.

    Anwar do have cronies.I will name 2 of them here in RockyBru.
    They are Ezam himself and nallakarupan.

  39. Anonymous10:23 pm



  40. Anonymous10:26 pm

    I say man. Check it out here: anwaribrahimdotcom.blogspot.com for SOME of the names.

  41. Anonymous10:33 pm

    to day i baca paper yang mufti harunsani pertikaikan saiful, kata nya saiful kena ada 4 saksi, mana le nak ada 4 saksi , satu pun tak akan jadi saksi dalam perkara liwat meliwat ini.di mana najk cari 4 saksi, pasal itu lah cara yang lebih afdal ialah bersumpah, sebab tak ada jalan lain saiful nak buktikan yang dia cakap benar, dan juga DNA, si anuar tidak mahu sumpah , tidak mahu ambil DNa , semua bohong, kalau sumpah pun bohong, habis saya nak tanya ini pun kalau orang islam tak percaya susah lah, sebenar nya anuar kena sumpah, lepas itu yang lain kerja Allah. takut apa dia, takun kena di makan sumpah le tuuuuuuuuuuuu


  42. Anonymous10:36 pm

    There is a seminal and widely cited paper titled “Cronyism and Capital Controls: Evidence from Malaysia” published in 2003 in the influential Journal of Financial Economics. The authors, Simon Johnson and Todd Mitton, identified individuals and companies that are linked to Mahathir, Anwar, Daim and other political figures. Here is a summary of what they found:

    **The onset of the Asian financial crisis in Malaysia reduced the expected value of government subsidies to politically connected firms, accounting for roughly 9% of the estimated $60 billion loss in their market value from July 1997 to August 1998. Firing the Deputy Prime Minister and imposing capital controls in September 1998 primarily benefited firms with strong ties to Prime Minister Mahathir, accounting for roughly 32% of these firms’ estimated $5 billion gain in market value during September 1998. The evidence suggests Malaysian capital controls provided a screen behind which favored firms could be supported.**

    Another useful book that documents the politically connected firms during this era is written by Malaysians Edward Terence Gomez and Jomo Kwame Sundaram titled
    “Malaysia’s Political Economy: Politics, Patronage and Profits” first published by Cambridge University Press in 1997.


  43. just ask any politicians if they would admit that they do have cronies, then see if you can dig why anwar would not in his dear life admit likewise. so don't go spinning like as if you guys are the politicians. ask the sleepy dickhead for prick sake.

  44. Predictions on 10 Possibilities In Malaysia.
    (Ramalan atas 10 Kemungkinan di Malaysia.)

    1. Is it possible that DSAI wins the Permatang Pauh elections and become the next Chief Minister of Penang as a stepping stone to becoming Prime Minister?
    (Mungkinkah DSAI memenangi pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menjadi Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sebelum menjadi Perdana Menteri?)

    2. Is it possible that DSAB resign as PM of Malaysia after the Permatang Pauh elections and handover to DSNTR earlier than expected?
    (Mungkinkah DSAB meletak jawatan sebagai PM Malaysia selepas pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menyerahkannya kepada DSNTR lebih awal dari jangkaan?)

    3. Is it possible that UMNO and PKR will combine to form a new party?
    (Mungkinkah UMNO dan PKR akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?)

    4. Is it possible that all other component parties of BN without UMNO will combine with PKR to form a new party?
    (Mungkinkah parti-parti komponen BN lain kecuali UMNO akan bergabung dengan PKR untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?)

    5. Is it possible that PKR and PAS will combine to form a new party?
    (Mungkinkah PKR dan PAS akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?)

    6. Is it possible that PKR, DAP and HINDRAF will combine to form a new party?
    (Mungkinkah PKR,DAP dan HINDRAF akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?)

    7. Is it possible that TDM and all other Little Napoleons knows of these possibilities and are preparing to migrate?
    (Mungkinkah TDM dan semua “Little Napoleons” mengetahui kemungkinan-kemungkinan ini dan sedang bersedia untuk berhijrah?)

    8. Is it possible that DSAI is charged and disqualified as Member of Parliament after winning the Permatang Pauh election?
    (Mungkinkah DSAI didakwa dan tidak layak sebagai Ahli Parlimen selepas memenangi pilihan raya Permatang Pauh?)

    9. Is it possible that there will be another by election in Selangor or Perak?
    (Mungkinkah ada pilihan raya kecil semula di Selangor atau Perak?)

    10. Is it possible that there will be new religious parties formed besides PAS eg. Christian, Buddhist, Confucianism, Hindu, Bahai, Sikhism, Judaism or other beliefs?
    (Mungkinkah akan tertubuhnya parti berugama baru selain PAS seperti Kristian, Buddha, Konfucius, Hindu, Bahai, Sikh, Yahudi atau lain-lain kepercayaan?)



    1. Tok Guru
    2. LKS & LGE
    3. Gus Dur
    4. Aquino
    5. Rice
    6. DSAB?

  46. Anonymous10:56 pm

    some of you may says Anwar did salah guna kuasa when he is in Umno. That is okay .... he had paid for it already he did spend few years in prison, have been hit badly.

    So what abt Tun ? correct !! correct !! correct !! don;t you think he git to paid for it as well !! what abt present flip-flop present no 1 and 2 are they angel ? are they clean ? don't shotdown you eyes and ears and brain.

  47. I think everybody has a crony or two. Maybe Rocky is working for the late PM. hehe

    Anyway, it is just the fight of the least corrupted. At least DSAi have a bit more brain, as sharp as Mahathir.

  48. Hi rocky,

    I'm the new blogger.

    I got the story of Anwar's cronies back to when he is in power


  49. Anonymous11:31 pm

    dalam satu persidangan umno, seorang pemimpin telah dikudakan untuk membangkitkan isu2 kronisme.

    anwar senyum. mahathir masam muka.

    sebagai respon kepada tuduhan kronisme yang dilemparkan, mahathir telah mengeluarkan SENARAI projek2.

    anwar masam muka. mahathir senyum.

    dapatkan SENARAI ini.


  50. Anonymous11:33 pm


    Check this out.

    BN is probably gonna spend tens of millions, and probably more than what they offered as 'sweets' to Sabah just for Permatang Pauh.

    Money for poor people gone just like that?!


  51. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Before someone dig out that detailed list that will jog Anwar's memory of his numerous cronies (which included his own father, brother, various family members and close associates), here is an SD that should give food for thought.


    STATUTORY DECLARATION of former Bank Negara assistant Governor Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid - made on 28 October, 1999.

    I, Datuk Abdul Murad Bin Khalid (NRIC No. 531215-08-5957), a Malaysian citizen of full age and care of No 104, Jalan Setiabakti 9, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:

    1. On 16th September 1999 I was charged with failing to disclose truthfully information on Ben Harta Sdn Bhd (BHSB) shares and 51 of its properties allegedly held for my benefit pursuant to section 87(2)(c)Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (BAFIA).

    2. In order to do justice for my own sake, I must make a public declaration on certain matters connected with the various positions I held in Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) so as to show to the public at large the nature and stresses/strains that were attendant to these positions. This public statement is also intended to provide the public with the proper perspectives of the machinations of the former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) who was also the Finance Minister and hence the Minister directly in command of BNM.

    3. As one of the top executives in BNM, I invariably came into contact with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who took a liking for me and subsequently entrusted me to carry out some of his instructions, what has to come to be believed by me now to further his political ambitions. In furtherance of his political scheme, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed me to implement certain corporate exercises in favour of his friends and cronies. The debts of his cronies were cleared/settled using the profits from deals using the influence of BNM.

    4. Amongst the most significant corporate exercises is the takeover of Sikap Power, the concession holder of the Independent Power Project (IPP)at Lumut, Perak. The concession was sold to MRCB on the instruction of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and MRCB later injected the concession into Malakof Berhad, which is the subsidiary of MRCB. I believe that a profit of about RM50 million from this deal went to one of DSAI's political funds.

    5. A male Chinese named Tong Kooi Ong is also involved significantly in raising financial assistance for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Tong Kooi Ong is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Phileo Allied Berhad, which is listed on the Main Board of the KLSE. Phileo Allied Bank is also under the control of Tong Kooi Ong. Tong Kooi Ong came into contact with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on my introduction and they subsequently became very close. Tong Kooi Ong subsequently disclosed to me that in return for the favours granted to him by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, he had established a "Master Account" under his control, from which financial contributions could be made for the interests of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This Master Account is to derive revenues from the holding of shares and buildings. At one point Tong Kooi Ong confided in me that the Master Account was worth RM200 million based on the values of shares and building assigned to it.

    6. I believe there are at least 20 other "Master Accounts" established for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by his various cronies. I believe that the total funds in these 20 Master Accounts run into more than RM3 billion. DSAI's modus operandi is to divide and rule and the operator of each Master Account is not aware of the existence of the other Master Accounts. I believe the Government is aware of who these cronies are.

    7. As far as I know and through my own involvement, more than RM120 million had been paid to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, his cronies and the organisations he used to advance his own political ambitions. For example, it is within my personal knowledge that on the instructions of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim funds from the Master Account was paid to himself and the following persons and organisations known to be affiliated or connected to him between 1992 to 1997: (1) to himself (DSAI) - RM50 million (2) Dato Abdullah Ahmad (UN) - RM5 million (3) Dato Nasaruddin Jalil - RM10 million (4) Asia Pacific Policy Centre (APPC) & Douglas H. Paal - RM38 million(USD 10.0 million) (5) Institut Kajian Dasar (IKD) - RM5 million (6) Aliran & Dr Chandra Muzaffar - RM5 million (7) ABIM - RM5 million (8) International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) - RM2 million (9) A UK-based Islamic Foundation - RM1 million Total - RM121 Million

    8. I am also informed that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed Tong Kooi Ong to take into his employ Puan Shamsidar and one Encik Rahman, which he did. Puan Shamsidar is the wife of Encik Azmin Ali, the Private Secretary to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. It is widely known that Puan Shamsidar is generously remunerated and is provided with a car and driver and most of the time she did not need to go to work.

    9. I must make a special mention of the American based organisation called Asia Pacific Policy Centre (APPC) headed by Douglas H. Paal, the former Senior Director from Asian Affairs (1989 to 1993) of the National Security Council (NSC) of the United States of America. Douglas H. Paal left the National Security Council to start APPC in 1993 funded mainly by contributions from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I was responsible for arranging USD 10 million in contributions to APPC and Douglas H. Paal on Datuk Seri Anwar's instructions. I believe that other cronies of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also made substantial contributions to APPC and Douglas H. Paal. Although I cannot ascertain the exact quantum of their contributions I am convinced they ran into millions of US Dollars. APPC and Douglas H. Paal are one of the main vehicles used by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to promote his image in the Western countries, mainly in Washington, USA and the United Kingdom and other European nations. APPC also lobbied strongly for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with the international media organisations.

    10. APPC organised "The Pacific Dialogue" conferences under the patronage of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The First Pacific Dialogue was held in Penang sometime in November 1994. The Second Pacific Dialogue was held in January 1996, the Third Pacific Dialogue in November 1996 and the Fourth Pacific Dialogue in January 1998. There was supposed to be a Fifth Pacific Dialogue to be held in December 1998 but it was cancelled because the Patron was no longer the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Malaysia. All the Pacific Dialogue conferences were held in Malaysia because Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the major source of funding for APPC.

    11. In what I believe as tantamount to a betrayal of public trust, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also insisted that APPC should manage BNM's reserves of RM50 billion and the EPF fund in return for the services provided to him by APPC. Alternatively a hefty fee of USD 3 million was to be paid annually to APPC for the cost of running the Centre in Washington. Fortunately this instruction of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for APPC to manage the above funds was never put into effect. What I have stated above goes to prove without doubt that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was indeed an unscrupulous leader who was prepared to sacrifice the country's coffers for the benefit of its political ambition with the help of foreign elements. The current developments that are taking place in the country which threatened the public peace and well being of the Rakyat to further Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's political ambition are ample proof to support this assertion.

    12. I was also directed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, then already appointed as the Finance Minister, to assist the following persons to clear their debts as described below: a) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed me to settle the debt of Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad (now the permanent representative to the United Nations)with Bank Bumiputra of more than RM10 million. I helped to negotiate the settlement amount of RM7 million. An amount of RM5 million was taken from Master Account to help pay the debt. The balance of RM2 million came from Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad from the sale of his land. b) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed me to help settle Puan Marina Yusof's debt with local banks amounting to more than RM20 million. I presented her application to the Tabung Pemulihan Usahawan (TPU) for assistance to develop her land along Jalan Tun Razak, on which is now the completed Complex Marinara. The TPU panel approved her application. Puan Marina Yusof is extremely grateful to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. c) Penang based Mercury Securities owed MUI Bank more than RM10 million secured by a third party land charge. The majority shareholder is Chew Seng Guan and one Encik Ahmad Kamal whom Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim groomed to be an up-and-coming Bumiputra businessman and politician. I subsequently helped to arrange for the sale of the land to Matang Emas Sdn Bhd, a company owned by Taib Hamid, the sale of which incidentally also sorted out some of Taib's personal problems. The same piece of land was later sold to TPPT Sdn Bhd by Encik Taib for a low cost housing project which is now known as Taman Tun Perak. d) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed me to help Dato' Nazri Abdullah's Group to take over NST Group from Renong. I sought the assistance of Hong Leong Group to structure the deal. I spoke to Seow Lun Hoo and Quek Leng Chan of Hong Leong. They proposed that Dato' Nazri's Group use MRCB as vehicle to take over the shares of NST. I then spoke to Maybank to arrange a loan for Dato' Nazri to buy into MRCB and another loan for MRCB to buy into NST. e) I was directed by Datuk Seri Anwar to help Encik Faiz Abdullah (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's ghost writer), together with Seow Lun Hoo of Hong Leong to buy into Kewangan Usaha Bersatu Berhad (KUBB), then owned by Idris Hydraulic Berhad. The scheme involved using Arus Murni Berhad formerly known as Timuran Berhad, a company listed on the Main Board of KLSE as the holding company. I approached the following banks to help syndicate the loan for the purchase of KUBB shares costing above RM400 million. 1. Hong Leong Bank 2. Hong Leong Finance 3. Sime Bank 4. RHB Bank 5. Southern Bank 6. BSN Commercial Bank. Faiz Abdullah is a very clever ghost writer and a political operator for Datul Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He is also a lawyer, ex-journalist and ex-Special Branch police officer.

    13. My involvement with Tong Kooi Ong and "Master Account" in furtherance of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's instructions landed me in trouble with the law. On 16th September 1999, I was charged with failing to disclose truthfully information on Ben Harta Sdn Bhd shares and 51 of its properties allegedly held for my benefit totalling RM23.9 million.

    14. I must state that I never knew the two gentlemen purportedly to be the shareholders of Ben Harta Sdn Bhd i.e. Gan Hong Sin @ Lan Hong Sing and Gan Sor Ting. Tong Kooi Ong did indicate to me that this company holds property and shares as part of the scheme to raise funds for Datuk Seri Anwar. I have never been shown or seen the books of the Master Account handled by Tong Kooi Ong. I am not aware of any shares held by Ben Harta on my behalf, nor the locations of the 51 properties allegedly also held on my behalf, except one (1) apartment and one (1) bungalow which I was entrusted to maintain for purpose of investment and to be later sold for the Master Account.

    15. I strongly believe that wrong information has been given to the authorities implicating me with Ben Harta Sdn Bhd. I point my finger at Tong Kooi Ong and the two shareholders of Ben Harta. They have implicated me to save their own skin.

    16. Apart from the properties held under Ben Harta Sdn Bhd, I also know that a few properties have been bought for investment under the Master Account and for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's future personal use. These properties located around Kuala Lumpur are valued at about RM15 million.

    17. As regards the damaging policies adopted by BNM following the economic recession in July 1997, I must categorically state that I was opposed strongly to these policies. I opposed the "Legal Lending Limit", the reduction of NPLs (non-performing loans) from 6 months to 3 months, the "Credit Crunch" introduced in October 1997 and the Higher Rate of Interest. These were all policies endorsed and adopted by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. A few concerned BNM officers/executives and I tried to halt these policies from being implemented. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim even censured me for speaking out against these policies. He accused me of being "too close to the market". I now realise that these harsh measures were Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's political plan to crush the economy and bring Malaysia to its knees in order to invite in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to over? the Prime Minister's position.

    18. Following my arrest and my subsequent resignation as Executive Director of RHB Bank Berhad I have thought over my involvement with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and have come to realise that what I have done, though as I said earlier was forced upon me as one of the Executives in BNM, is indeed very regrettable. I now realise that I have been exploited and made use of by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to hold assets for his political and personal use and benefit. These assets including those held under Ben Harta, do not belong to me. As such, it is up to the Government to take the necessary legal action in respect of their disposal, including forfeiture if permissible.

    19. I now call upon all peace loving and loyal citizens of Malaysia to reject all the political manoeuvres by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters and instead support all the economic and fiscal efforts to bring back the economic well being of the country. I am ever ready and willing to go public to denounce the improprieties and machinations of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in furtherance of his political ambitions that are indeed detrimental to national peace, security and political stability.

    20. In conclusion I state in unequivocal terms that this Press Conference/Release made by way of Statutory Declaration was made by me voluntarily, without any inducement, threat or promise or coercion fro many quarter, nor in return for any favours or special treatment in connection with the charge that I am now facing AND I make this solemn declaration conscientiously, believing the same to be true and by virtue of the Statutory Declaration Act, 1960.

    Signed by the above named
    Dato' Abdul Murad bin Khalid

    28 October 1999.


  52. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Selama hidup saya(43 tahun) sebagai rakyat malaysia keturunan bangsa cina, saya selalu difahamkan oleh banyak pihak berkuasa bahawa ayah saya adalah orang pendatang dan oleh yang demikian saya tidak mempunyai hak hak asasi yang diberi kepada bumiputra. Dari masa ke semasa saya terdengar daripada orang orang yang berkuasa berkata bahawa kaum saya supaya balik cina tanpa ada apa apa teguran daripada pemimpin. saya percaya dan juga faham bahawa golongan yang lemah perlu banduan kerajaan seperti nep dan lain lain. Tetapi kenapa saya sentiasa rasa seperti seorang anak yatim dalam negara sendiri. Saya lahir di Malaysia dan disini juga tanah tumpah darahku. Adakah saya sunguh sedih bila saya terdengar ketua ketua negara berkata bahawa kerisnya mahu dibasar dengan darah orang cina. Saya juga mahu menjadi seorang patriotic yang bangga. Saya juga banyak memberi sumbangan produktif kepada negara namun produktif saya dipandang seperti
    saya telah curi peluang rezeki yang sebenar nya kepunyaan orang lain. Sungguh sedih saya sebagai seorang warga malaysia keturunan orang cina, saya rasa macam orang pendatang. Apakah anak saya juga akan di-didik supaya takut untuk bersuara demi hak asasinya. Tidak kah anak saya juga anak bangsa Malaysia. Baru baru ini bila saya terdengar seorang pemimpin orang melayu berkata bahawa anak melayu anak kita, anak cina anak kita, anak india anak kita. kalaulah kata kata itu benar, maka saya rela berkorban hinggalah ke akhir nafasku untuk pemimpin melayu ini. DSAI hidup selama lamanya.

    rakyat malaysia

  53. Anonymous12:00 am

    For the sake of Rakyat Jelata and our country as a whole. Crony or no crony is not an urgent issue now. What Rakyat need is to have 2 strong parties system to make them sit straight. Don't take Rakyat money until Rakyat suffering. Don't take Rakyat money until benefit can't reach the grassroots. Don't create stupid policies and sign stupid agreements to enslave the Rakyat. How wonderful if one day the FBI and world banks will expose all Malaysian politicians, their relatives and friends oversea bank accounts. This may be the best solution to solve corruption. Why not ?

  54. Anonymous12:01 am

    Ada project, ada crony-lah!
    Semua sama saja!

    Tapi kalau sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga, semua crony pun lari! Yang tinggal, hanya kawan dua tiga orang saja...

    Yang paling penting, dalam kerajaan baru (akan datang), semua project kena buat open tender. Baru adil. Crony ke, kawan ke, datuk ke, semua kena queue up dan submit tender. Jangan bagi free, ini semua duit rakyat!


  55. Yes I am Anwar's crony; who did not benefit in any way financially.

    I know of some legit Anwar cronies; so who are you'all trying to accuse.

    If all has cronies then who is worse and whose best; THAT IS THE QUESTION.

  56. No one is perfect. People do change.

    No time to lose for collapsing BUMNO.

    BUMNO playing dirty all this time.

    No more for that please.

  57. Rocky with BUMNOlah!

  58. Anonymous12:24 am

    U guys are amazing. This is the power of rumour mongers. When I saw the crony list by one of you guys, well i know for a fact some of them are totally out of whack. I was privy to even how some of them started. Yes, Allahyarham Tan Sri Yahya was Anwar's friend, but how did he get DRB-Hicom...hmmm ask Tun Daim..a mtg where Wan Azmi was there, Tajuddin Ramli was there...
    I think the difference is this. Did Anwar really benefitted from these businessmen? If he did, then they are/were his cronies. If he didnt, then its business as usual. Is Singtel a crony...LKYs family there, able bodied peiople but they are there. What about NCS..Lee Hsien Yang is chairman, another smart able bodied. I can name few large successful American companies, Australian companies, British companies, Japanese companies, Swiss conmpanies, Italian companies who have access to politicians or friends to politicians...are they cronies or just businessmen and conglomerates who have a duty to be friendly and close to people in power.
    So, lets not get excited abt this issue. Lots of you dont like nor trust politicians, i guess you have to live on an island alone. Thats the way the world is governed..
    I cld be in the list...just because you know the person in power does not mean you are his crony. I'm a fairly successful entrepeneur, I employ abled Malays, Chinese and Indians, even expats. Not a single business i do was handed by Anwar nor any other politicians...alhamdulillah. And i'm close to Anwar.
    - Be reasonable guys.

  59. Anonymous12:25 am

    to all,
    i am not a fan of any politicians! from my point of view, if they are not talking cocks and walk the talk, i ll be fine whether they are PR or BN! As of now, its very irritating esp to my ears with all these dramas and to PR supporters saying anwar was set up by BN w/o any concrete reason! So far what i can see like TDM when he says something, theres always supporting document(s) or evidence not like anwar! he said he can proof the G is corrupted here there etc but here again im still waiting for it! if what he is sayin is true that the police had refused to accept report from his part just release it to the public then, u have internet etc just like TDM and RPK! Anwar is like LALANG! why is it so hard for anwar to swear that he didnt do it? Just look at him, all his wealth, arriving at the nomination plc with toyota alphard! after several yrs behind bars! come to think of it, private employee has EPF so after several yrs behind bars u still have the money but for gov employee, once behind bars theres no pencen loo (no money)! and i am still puzzle related to this atlantunya case, how the hell did he know she was killed by the UTK and C4 even b4 the police investigation? CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS! did the murderer inform him in advance? shouldnt he be part of it?

    i know this sounds like i'm pro TDM etc! but have a thought about it!


    lady from hell (scotland)

  60. Anonymous12:37 am

    He has many cronies during his time as DPM. I cant recall but isn't it ABRAR is one of them? Habis Mun Long dia ranapkan .

  61. Anonymous12:44 am

    Bru, Anwar, Pak Lah and Najib semua main kotok due all groomed by TDM.

    Actually, we do not need politicians (incl PAS's) to run the country.
    Read " Melayu Islam Beraja"

  62. Anonymous12:52 am

    Without cronies he will not be where is he now. His cronies want him to be PM so that they can get rich and richer too. (They say, "It's our turn now.")

  63. Anonymous1:11 am

    Anwar is coming back? albeit using the backdoor way. This is the quality of a leader? Oh you who believe, your religion will not be straight until what you do is in accordance with what you say. Unfortunately with many, ignorance is a bliss. And with UMNO plagued by money politics, where are we going? God helps us. Observer.

  64. Zahid Hamidi, Ezam, Azmin Ali, Rahim Ghouse, Nazri Abdullah, Sukma, Munawar, Shamsidar, Fauzi Abdul Rahman dan ramai lagi yang sewaktu dengan-nya.

    I'm sure Zahid ingat lagi Lapangan Terbang Kota Kinabalu dan rentetan selepas kembali ke KL.

    p/s would Zahid Hamidi junjung Quran now or is it time for him to speak out a little louder about his former lord/mentor/boss?

  65. Anonymous1:37 am

    all umno Minister past or present has cronies too..
    so whats the difference them with DSAI??
    They all the same, but why dont they got the same critism and punishment that DSAI had benn through??
    Are they Veto? american or Russian?
    Cant be slayed down?
    What can we do do??

  66. Anonymous2:39 am


    Apa ni brudder?.. u know who his cronies are but yet you excuse yourself by stating that 'I also remember the list of so-called cronies put up by Dr M at the PWTC in 1998. It was said that there were many Anwar's cronies on that list. Can't recall their names, though....'

    Please la, Rocky... u being an ex-journo, thats the lamest....am very dissed, bro.


  67. To PKR, PAS and Malaysian Malaysia; that’s the real DSAI for you who speaks with a forked tongue and can’t differentiate between truth and falsehood, what more the difference between buggery and cronyism. Funny, what a sinful liar which Tok Guru, LK Siang etc wishes to be associated with!!!

  68. Anonymous2:48 am

    Name names, Rocky... Don't say u can't recall...sedih la macam ni.. or are your testicles shrinking? I notice popular bloggers lately have been referring to each other rather than saying things OUTRIGHT. Jangan jadi kakaktua... bad precedent. tq.


  69. Anonymous2:56 am

    wa tk kesah pun anwar ade kroni ke tak(in fact semua org ade)yg aku kesah macammane dia akan reengineered balik malaysia kpd satu landasan yg betul(not the current one-so disastorous)..setakat masuk poket juta2 tu ape nk heran,,tapi mkn sampai berbilion sampai dekat nk abis duit negara dikerjakan(sampaikan tk larat nk bg subsidi petrol,tkleh bg free education,tkleh tutup semue tol),itu memang tk patut!!!!Anwar is just a man with mistakes


  70. Anonymous2:57 am

    Some argue that it is not a big issue whether "or not DSAI has cronies". Okay lah, lets put that aside even though he had cronies.
    But what is pissing people off is that he is trying to deny it!

    P.S Lets leave those who have passed away out of the picture. Let them rest in peace insyaAllah. Lets not burden their innocent wives and children with heartache and sadness. Thanks a lot guys.

  71. Anonymous3:41 am

    Dont forget the followings;
    1. Pakistani writer 2. Adik angkat pondan 3. Azizan 4. Pondan2 kat US, Philippines, S'pore 5. Bini Azmin 6. Saiful dll that we dont know of

  72. Anonymous6:07 am

    (heha): both BN & PR are NOT ideal BUT for humans' SAKE :
    (BN + PR) & PM-ed by YM RAJA NAZRIN, ok !!
    GODBLESS the innocent people of
    Malaysia !!

  73. Anonymous7:24 am

    forget Dr M or DSAI because now they have no power. Or even, they are helping friend. Not like AAB, he really help relatives ONLY!!!! while KJ helps his political friends only. How about us, rocky.

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  74. Anwar Ibrahim using the back door???

    BUMNO using the front door, side door, back door, from rooftop and from underground. Damn good right!

  75. Mat Sabu has named them mostly! Remember before Anwar left UMNO, Mat Sabu called him "AlJubori"?, now what?


    "Anwar lebih ganas berbanding Tun Dr. Mahathir? Ganas yang bagaimana?
    Ya, ini kerana Anwar masih lagi berjawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan yang belum berkuasa penuh tetapi suku sakatnya telah mencipta kekayaan lebih hebat. Bukannya dari segi amaun kerana amaun yang dikumpulkan oleh kumpulan pro Tun Dr. Mahathir tentu lebih banyak. Kita boleh bertanya, misalnya, adakah Kamaruddin Jaafar atau Kamaruddin Mohd Nor menjadi jutawan segera kerana dia pandai berniaga atau disebabkan sahabatnya menjadi Menteri Kewangan? Begitulah juga dengan Rani Ibrahim, Marzuki Ibrahim dan Rosli Ibrahim yang naik mendadak dalam perniagaan, adakah kerana mereka pandai berniaga atau kerana saudara mereka menjadi Menteri Kewangan? Begitu juga dengan bekas setiausaha sulit Anwar, Nasrudin Jalil dan beberapa orang lain yang dekat dengan Anwar naik begitu mendadak. Kita jangan lupa semasa hendak menjatuhkan Ghafar Baba wujud peranan seperti Quek Leng Chan dan beberapa orang jutawan yang lain dalam membiayai golongan tertentu untuk menguasai saham NST dan TV3. Ini semua gara-gara Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang juga Menteri Kewangan demi mengukuhkan posisinya."

  76. Anonymous8:17 am

    Aku rasa rakyat Malaysia yang dahaga perubahan kroni DSAI termasuk aku.

    Banyak dah aku berkorban demi menghapuskan UMNO/BN bangsat tu.


  77. Anonymous8:43 am


    Makin lama makin banyak pulak temberang DSAI. Kalau pengikut beliau masih tak nampak dan terlalu taksub dengan DSAI maka makin punahlah negara kita.

    Apa yang bagus sangat tentang DSAI. Beliau tidak mempunyai prinsip perjuangan dan hanya mementingkan kepentingan diri dengan mempergunakan anak anak muda setua jagong.

  78. Anonymous8:46 am

    dah agak dah, macam-macam jawapan/komen yang bakal diterima.

    yang silapnya, cuba menutup apa yang semua dah tahu. pendekatan biasa dekat pilihanraya. macam kata sesetengah orang la, tak kisah pun, memang la pemimpin-pemimpin ni ada kroni. kalau tak sapa lagi ? bukanke kerana kroni yang duk pimpin mereka dulu sebelum dinaikkan jadi pemimpin.

    yang aku tak nak dengar kalau lah selepas PR memerintah, rakyat jugak yang merana, 2x5 masa BN memerintah jugak, bila di'query'. senang je nak jawab, 'apa bising-bising ni, takkan la tak biasa, dulu masa BN pun macam ni jugak, kami sikit-sikit je'

    buat la apa yang patut, skrg duk check orang, nanti orang duk check kita pulak.

    to rocky,
    just continue post anything like this. i know you not 'pilih bulu'. lagipun takkan perfect sgt seseorang tu sampai tak dak kesilapan langsung.

  79. Anonymous8:47 am

    Ada ke tidak, croni itu, itu zaman lepas Anwar.

    Sekarang, sebagai pemimpin baru, tugas kita adalah untuk memastikan bahawa takde siapa di Pakatan Rakyat menyimpan kroni lagi.

    Kalau Anwar menjadi ahli parlimen dan kalau dia jadi Perdana Menteri pun, tugas kita sebagai rakyat yang lebih arif sekarang untuk memastikan takde sesiapa yang diberi keutamaan atau diceduk beri kekayaan rakyat sebagai kroni.

    Ini yang harus kita lakukan mulai sekarang.

    Apa kata semua?

    Setuju tidak?

  80. Anonymous8:56 am

    Don't forget Tan Sri Ahmad Mohd Don, ex Maybank CEO that was appointed as BNM Governor to replace outgoing the late Tan Sri Jaafar Hussein.

    Ahmad Don was Anwar's MC Gay Gay's crony and he was appointed as reward for approving the loan for the empat budak Melayu using RM100,000 company Realmild to takeover TV3 and NSTpee for RM800 million.

    Yup, no choice even if Realmild had no collateral and insufficently capitalised (sylll an understatement).

    Anwar called one Merchant Bank boss to tell Ahmad Don to approve the loan if he still wants to keep his job!!!

    He was seen by many as a genius, briliant and honest Banker. But he was lining his pocket with insider tips from Ishak Ismail (of Aokan and Idris Hydraulic), another Anwar crony. I happen to know where buy and sell his shares throgh his proxy.

    At Bank Negara, Ahmad Don was caught in the currency crisis turmoil.

    Before the currency crisis, one local branch of a foreign bank alerted BNM and Ahmad Don of a huge buildup in shorting of Ringgit (US Dollar sales against Ringgit) coming out of London via London and Singapore centre.

    Unlike the Ahmad Don that was always briliant to preempt the market at Maybank, he did not heed the warning and made merely a token effort to stem the spiriling Ringgit. After a couple of intervention, he chicken out and Ringgit almost touch 5.0000.

    It was later revealed that the attack on Ringgit was a coordinated effort of Hedge Fund traders emanating from the UK and George Soros played his role to talk the Ringgit down.

    The resolve of the hedge find traders is suspicious. Unless there is a assistance of some sort, such gusto is not possible.

    Some remain suspicious till today and believed that Ahmad Don was asked to hold back. The justification was Bank of Thailand ran out of bullet to stem teh spiriling Baht and Ahmad Don decided to take the safe approack.

    Ahmad Don is very close with Murad. When at Maybank, any of his communication with BNM is done through Murad rather than dealing straight with his former boss Jaafar Hussein or others like Nor Mohamd Yakcop. Murad is also an ex MC Gay Gay.

    The rest is history.

    An Anwar, a technically inept Minister of Finance merely submit to the wishes of the IMF without consideration for the social, economic and political implication at large.

    He not only carried out IMF prescription but strangely vehemently defended it. It was clear that Anwar's allegiance was to IMF and not to the country. Ahmad Don resisted the SCC and abide to Anwar's wishes.

    When Mahathir took charge with the Selective Currency Control policy, the country was saved from ruin. It was the leadership of Mahathir at his most briliant and best - swift, decisive, and clear.

    If we ever faced that situation again under Abdullah or Anwar, lest just packed and migrate. Malaysia is doomed!!!!!!

  81. Anonymous9:20 am

    Oooops, It should be Edmund Terence Gomez, not Edward. Sorry. It always happen to me. The brain and the fingers do not synchronise/coordinate. The brain thinks Edmund but the fingers type Edward.

  82. Anonymous9:30 am


    what is the definition of crony actually?

    -buzz lightmoon-

  83. Anonymous9:57 am

    I remember the previous incarnation of MRCB.

    As well as UUM (Universiti Utara Malaysia). Is UUM still in existence?

  84. Issac, dont be a wise ass, we all know his crony list (including the Rock).Try Coconut Plantation Zahid for Starters!

  85. To the "idiot" that posted a reply to mine...

    Fancy a never-ending loan? That's our big brother DSAI's way of handling the economic crisis during those days... ;)

    TDM way of handling it was not perfect, but it brought that particular "national pride" and boosted the people's morale by that time...

  86. And Dollah have Anwar's ex Bell boy....Saiful.

  87. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Hi All

    Have you read Haris Ibrahim's
    "Letter to Anwar"?
    Please read the comments on the Letter too.


    Phua Kai Lit

  88. rocky,

    what about persons named in (Bank Negara ex governor) Dato' Abdul Murad Khalid's Statutory Declaration?

    Weren't they DSAI's cronies? Or was the SD another lie?

    The SD can be viewed here:

    and here:

    it's also in NST's web but i couldnt find the link.

    Buleh Belake!

  89. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Get your facts right, guys. DSAI is only responding to the allegations that he awarded RM One Billion EACH to the unnamed 15 companies. He is asking them to name the 15 INDIVIDUALS & their companies whom they alleged are his cronies. DSAI DI NOT say that he has NO cronies....and I thought that Bumiputra Malay Muslims are supposedly good in English.I am NO supporter of DSAI but he is anytime better than all the motherfuckers in the present government who claims to be holier than thou sons of God.

  90. Anwar Ibrahim Crony companies:
    1)MRCB - owned by '4 budak melayu' (AKJ excluded as AI crony)
    2)Phileo Allied Group
    3)ESPRIT Construction
    3)Abrar Finance Group
    4)Lankhorst Construction
    5)Projass Engineering
    6)All Bumi contractors under
    'Kontraktor Berwibawa'
    ......anymore like to add....

  91. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Aku kroni Anwar.

    Jiran aku kroni Anwar.

    Kita rakyat Malaysia kroni Anwar!

    Maksud kroni: kawan atau sahabat.

  92. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Semuo jahak - Dr Mahathir, Nuar Berahe, Doloh Bodowi, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Ajis, Hj Hadi, ...

    Songhe sajo tak jahak - calun bebas Berahim Ali .... hiduk Berahim Ali

  93. Anonymous4:19 pm

    How about something easier for a change.....name us one politician who doesn't have a crony......

  94. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Why bother arguing?

    Nik Aziz already says that Crony is Halal.

    So, close argument. Full Stop. Period.

    Since he is maksum and that of Pakatan Rakyat, Nik Aziz must be correct. Correct?

  95. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Amused Taxpayer said... How about something easier for a change.....name us one politician who doesn't have a crony......

    ANWAR IBRAHIM, of course!

  96. Anonymous9:19 am

    There will always be dirty laundries and skeleton in the closet for every layman out there in the streets, what's more politicians. Why are we bothered with DSAI past?

    What happened on the March 3rd was that Malaysia saw the Raykat woke up stood up and shown the the ½ past 6, arrogant and corrupted BN that we can overthrow them and to show that we the Rakyat are in control? So what if DSAI gets to be PM of Malaysia this September with his “PAST”!!! Aren’t we, the Rakyat are in control.

    Even God cannot change the past but we the Rakyat of Malaysia can shape the future of Malaysia!!!


  97. Anonymous10:52 am

    Wow Rocky, you sure are pro-mahathir. When Abdullah say certain bloggers are evil, you are quick to point out that his blindness to nurin's case and etc also made him part of the evil. hey hey, so the BigM said Anwar has cronies, dude, he has even more friggin cronies. You know! he knows! everybody know! but you still choose to use his words...and what does that make you i wonder?? humbug!

  98. Anonymous1:25 pm


    I've seen the Wibawa list with my own eyes...

    The list of 15 includes one BumiHighway Sdn Bhd who was awarded the MRR2 project with never ending problems...

    A lot of shit today has Anwar's fingerprints on it... Like the RM6.35Bil Petrol Vassel project, the submarine deal, IPP award to Malakoff (at the time owned by his people in MRCB).

    I think the point is not so much the "mistakes" that he made during his 16 years in the government, but the hipocracy of a man whom so many worships and his ability to decieved many into believing his massage of hope and change. If he at least own up to some of it, it least there's some credibility to argue he has learned his lesson from the 6 years in prison, but i just don't see from his actions that he has...

    This person is willing to say and do anything to be the PM. What hope is he sowing promising Sabah & Sarawak politician's 20% royalty knowing their track record of plundering. Just look at how Sabahans & Sarakian leaders have pundered so much given their control over timber concessions. He for one knows these money will not got to the rakyat in Sabah & Sarawak, but its just his form of bribery to win their support to cross over. I know PETRONAs track record and series of bailout is no great, but is no where near compared to the local politicians in Sabah & Sarawak's track record over timber concession... and now his so call massage of change and hope icludes giving this same sets of thieves greater control over more money. DSAI knows its not the right thing to do... but well, what ever it takes, so long that I become PM...

    Also some clever ones argue that if Anwar is bad when he becomes PM, we'll remove him. You know, power of the rakyat is as much to do with their perception and with Anwar up there, he'll make sure the Rakyat feels good being screwed in the ass and not realising it...


  99. Anonymous4:31 pm

    anwar liwat saiful tu aku pon tak tau btul ke tak....hai....sini kata tak,sana kata ye...

  100. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Lebih2 pulak Anwar ni, konon2 diri sangat suci sampai cakap macam tu. Hebat sangat ke dia ni, pencacai2 dia boleh lah percaya cakap dia yang macam ni, orang lain sori laa nak dengar cerita mengarut dia tu.

  101. Anonymous7:59 pm

    People need to know certain facts;-

    i) Education ministry did a study a few years back on how many Malays will get a place in IPTAs under a full merit environment. Only 7% Melayu will be i university.

    ii) What is the current breakdown of undergraduates in local universities:- Only 35% Malays, with 65% other races. The % figure looks decent thanks to the 120,000 students in UiTM.

    iii) Current quota for scholarships :- 60% Malays, 40% Non Malays, but MCA, Gerakan & MIC is pushing for full merit, i.e 90% Non Bumis (largely Chinese) and less than 10% (Malays)

    So Melayu dalam PKR sedar sikit la. You've asked PAS to give in so much in terms of ideology, Muslim/Malay rights, etc... Who is pushing DAP to soften its stand on full meritocracy?

    You think the MCA, Gerakan & MIC are not pushing the government ke. I'm a civil servant... Under the pretext of elements like PEMUDAH, they are pushing from inside BN, as well as outside, using people like you.

    You may conclude that i am a racist, which i probably am. But ask those graduates whose strugling to get job, being told their English is not good enough, or subjects taken not relevant etc. but does not think twice to hire TAR College gradutes, some who can't string a proper sentence in English.

    Pls ask the private sector 80% controlled by Chinese to be fair and reciprocate any concession that Malays have given.

    Stop painting as if Chinese are victims of discrimination. What about those Malays who are constantly being discriminated in the private sector?

    Pls stop being fooled for one bit that majority of Chinese supports DSAI because they really care about his struggle. Bro, in 1998 I was arrested for so called upholding justice with Reformasi movement, etc. How many of those who stand up for DSAI at that time where Non Malay. I dare say 2-3% of the crowd, save for Tian Chua, Sivarasa, etc. When we approach many of them to lend support, all sorts of reasons were given. "Cannot lah...wait country not stable, stock market down, susah carik makan, etc"

    Today, many crying out loud for DSAI talking about justice and equality etc...when in reality, most of them see this as an opportunity to end this NEP nonsense once and for all.

    You see, i don't give a damn if you want to end the contracts/ handouts, Class F contractors and open tender all the projects. But not when it comes to education, cause this is the only genuine opportunity for Malays to help themselves. In fact, mind you, the Chinese themselves don't really care about the Government projects/contracts. Why? Cause Gov't projects only constitute 15-20% of all projects in the country. The other 80% is private sector driven. Also, all government project awarded to Malays, 85% of value is leaked to the non Malay. So in total = Gov't (85%*20%) + Private (95%*80%)= 96% of all projects in this country, public and private are in the hands of Non Bumi's. And before you start suggesting that all Malays are useless and therefore deserves to be losers that they are, ask even the genuine ones about how materials from Chinese controlled suppliers are sold at different prices to Malay as oppose to Non Malay, discriminated in terms of credit terms and some having difficulty to source some of these materials leading to penalty and LAD charges imposed on them for late delivery, etc

    But as I said before, what they want is not so much the projects and the contracts, but in the education space.

    Again, pls spare some thoughts to these things. What are PKR plans for all these?

    Again, I'm a racist, but I'm only willing to stop being a racist if fairness is accorded to Malays as well. Only if any equality gestures from Malays are reciprocated especially in terms of private sector employment and opportunities.


  102. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Suruh dia bersumpah!Takan ini pun nak ke mahkamah syariah kot

  103. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Wow, so much news and passions, thank GOD we r still in one piece. Pray that this will persist for many many years to come. Note the undertone of these disgruntled feelings among various parties, have and have nots, racial etc etc. Another day in bolehland

    God save our people from the wolves