Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Un-confuse the people then, Dep IGP

Deputy IGP Ismail Omar said the police may investigate "a website and a blog" over news articles on a medical report by a Myanmar doctor at Pusrawi Hospital. The articles, he said, undermine police investigations into the sodomy issue. The articles were also aimed at "confusing the people", he said.

I hope the Deputy IGP does not waste any more of his officers' time by opening up a another investigation every time there is "another effort to sabotage police investigations".

The best thing to do is for him to call for a press conference and let us the people know about the progress the police have made in their investigations. If the Deputy IGP thinks the people should not be confused, then keep the people informed.

I also think the police should order Saiful's head examined. If he had gone to Pusrawi claiming to have been buggered when in actual fact he had never been buggered, he must be plain daft or it's all in his mind.

Also, what kind of fixers do we have if the Government is indeed masterminding Saiful's sodomy accusation against Anwar Ibrahim. I mean, why engage a doctor that may not cooperate with you if you want to fix someone?

p.s. I was following Haris Ibrahim's Certified Virgin! and Zorro's Now we know who buggered Saiful ... for latest on the issue. Could not access Malaysia Today and my account with Malaysiakini has expired.

Please also read Stephen Doss' IS RPK SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL???


  1. Anonymous5:00 pm

    To catch a fish, you often need bait.

  2. Anonymous5:02 pm

    ismail omar doesnt have enough teeths to speak, bro.

    so, leave it to the IGP to do it... of to saiful himself!

  3. Anonymous5:26 pm


    Cerita seorang teman.

    Di satu awal pagi pasca PRU 12, dia membuka satu laman web terkenal kontroversi. Terbacalah olehnya berita gempar edisi akhbar harian kesah penyelewengan yg topikal masa itu beserta dgn gambar dan kontroversi yg discan oleh laman web itu.

    Malangnya beberapa jam kemudian item yg menggemparkan itu telah tiada lagi dlm lmn web berkenaan.
    Teman ini pun bersusah-payah menelefon pejabat akhbar berkenaan di sebuah negeri pantai timur. Dia ingin membeli akbar itu yang kalau mengikut lamn web tadi keluar pada hari sebelumnya. Edisi KL takder pun.

    Beberapa org staf akhbar berkenaan ditanyakan sungguh2 kut2 lah mrk masih ada menyimpan senaskah akhbar berkenaan yg tak dijual (returned copies). Alangkah terkejut yg amat teman tersebut krn menurut mereka takder pun story yg disiarkan selama bbrp jam oleh laman web itu.

    Dlam keadaan pelik bin ajaib itu, teman itu mula merasakan apa yg dibaca dan dilihat dgn mata kepalanya sendiri di awal pagi itu mungkin "fantasi" semata2.

    Namun mana mungkin demikian? Sebabnya dia mendapat tahu kemudiannya kawannya juga ada terbaca artikel yg sama di awal pagi itu.

    Moral of the story?

    Tepuk dada, tanya akal.

  4. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Raja has seen the original report and not simply the Dr’s statement. Read The Wall Street Journal Asia.

    MalaysiaToday’s editor, Raja Petra Kamarudin, confirmed to us by telephone that he has seen the original report.”


  5. Bro Rocky,

    Are these the tell-tale (or whatever) signs that Pak Lah would not survive as UMNO President beyond 2008?


  6. Anonymous5:36 pm

    I'm sortry but Stephen Doss is a fraud. That article wasn't his in the 1st place. No wonder he has the same "thorough" work like that of our police. Please note that RPK has seen the original report and met certain elements who are in the thick of the things. It is not a petty concoction much as certain desperate elements may wish for knowing the stakes.

  7. Biarlah polis menjlankan tugas seada dan secaranya..kenapa kita terlalu sebok untuk di updatekan, kita tidak perlu mencampuri urusan polis..

    Adalah lebih baik kita tidak tergesa dan terburu terpengaruh dengan apa jua maklumat sehingga kes di bawa atau tidak dibawa ke mahkamah, bukan urusan kita untuk mencampuri urusan polis..

  8. Anonymous5:44 pm

    "...I mean, why engage a doctor that may not cooperate with you if you want to fix someone?"

    You don't need to highlight it because evil doesn't bear fruit. You see, it is not what an evil man intends but what the Creator wills that materialises though the schemer has his plans.

    Let me HIGHGLIGHT it for you.

    "On account of their arrogance in the land and their plotting of Evil, but the plotting of Evil will hem in only the authors thereof." (Quran 35:43)

  9. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Once again, Malaysia will be a laughing stock. Instead of gearing towards producing 'towering malays' the government only managed to produce a bunch of moronic clowns. I hope the Health Ministry would not discriminate other Burmese doctors. I wish all those clowns are wiped out from this world with a single thunderflash so we can lead our normal life.

    Anti Lawak Bodoh

  10. Anonymous5:56 pm


    police dept is not investigating the issue but cracking head fabricating the evidents.

    they are actually the one in total confusion.

  11. Sodomy II has the trademark of the incompetent director from Sodomy I. The director has not improved his techniques which make Sodomy II a pain/bore to watch/read/hear.

  12. Salam,

    No one's doubting he has seen the report.


    So fanatical.


  13. RPK ain't a doctor, but in this case, RPK aint the only one spinning out of control.

    First it was a meliwat thingy.

    Then they checked DSAI's private part.

    Followed by the allegation that it ain't a dick to anus thing, but a plastic insertion matter.

    Then the doctor disappeared, just like that Private Eye.

    C'mon, folks, what else the authority has to spin?

  14. Bro Bru,
    Police would have wrapped up the investigation if Anwar had cooperated. This cunning guy is trying ways and means to delay the investigation and claiming conspiracy. Now a Mynmar doctor has been dragged in to justify Anwars claim. Why are we so gullible to believe RPK's expose.

  15. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Just don't understand why the authority is still in the state of deny that they are confusing the people by the way they handle the case. If there is a real evident, why can't the authority charge DSAI to the court straight away and present the evidence. Then let the independant forensic team to varify the evidence so as to demonstrate the transparancy. Why take them so long to disclose the police report made by Saiful and what stop them if they feel they have case to charge DSAI.

    If they don't have then drop the case...don't drag it.


  16. In a crime of this nature with the frenzied media publicity and mindful of the last Federal Court Judgement which overturned Anwar and Sukma sodomy conviction, I think the police will be more thorough than thorough and must be sure 110% before they press any charges against Anwar.

    I have absolute confidence in the Royal Malaysian Police, let them have all the time they need in their investigation. After all be fairlah one unauthenthicated "out patient note" from a private doctor cannot be a foundation of the case to warrant a dismissal as seemingly "ordered" by Anwar. The PDRM would be investigating from ALL angles need to call and recall witnesses, examine the medical reports call in local and probably foreign forensic experts too, etc. etc.

    However, I note that the PDRM is in serious need of a Public Relation Senior Officer who would from time to time give information to the public on the conduct of this sodomy case to alleviate any fears of a cospiracy or what nots. Make no mistake, Anwar is not an ordinary Malaysian he has access and sympathy from the international media and the reputation of the country is at stake and therefore cannot be regarded as a common suspect. Therefore continuous information from PDRM to dispel rumours and hearsays about this is required.

    As for RPK his gift for spinning and weaving facts and fiction is unchallengeable in Malaysia in fact I venture to say the whole of South East Asia and therefore one need not get too excited about his latest revelation.

    In the end the truth will prevail, If Anwar has been wronged than someone will have to pay BUT if Anwar has done wrong than remember the old Malay saying "Sepandai-pandai Tupai melompat Satu hari jatuh juga"

  17. Anonymous6:47 pm

    to jojo51,

    you have been consistent in attacking anwar in other blogs too. are you so blind that you cannot see the truth.. well what the quran says about people ike you .. they are not just blind in the eye but mata hati pun buta.. janganlah hanya gunakan akal sahaja dalam isu ini. use the standards given to us muslims i.e. the quran annd the sunnah to judge what's happening( if you are.. if you r not then forget it lah)..anwar has lots of shotcomings and negative points.. well he is just as normel person like us.

  18. Anonymous6:50 pm

    ini masuk belakang case they are very fast, but judiciary abuse case took as long as 20 years to correct. now you know where those in the government put their heads in.

  19. First it was a meliwat case.

    Then DSAI got his dick checked.

    Followed by the "plastic insertion" thing.

    What's next?

    Broom stick??

    Aiyoh !! Please lah !! Enuf already lah !!!

  20. Anonymous7:05 pm


    so the point is .. however you dislike him.. just think for a moment how it will be like if you r in his position.. just think..and use your heart too!!

  21. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Benda dalam siasatan sepatutnya tiada pihak yang mengganggu. Orang2 macam RPK yang mengelirukan orang. Sepatutnya semua lebih tenang, tunggu sehingga kes berada di mahkamah, disitu pasti akan banyak bukti2 yang dikemukakan. Tidak semua benda boleh didedahkan kepada orang ramai secara terus, nak2 lagi ada orang macam RPK yang akan memusingkan cerita. Cukup lah tu RPK.

  22. We the rakyat are not that dumb. We are not confuse, sir but are watching the various antics showed by the main actors...The truth will prevail. May god blessed you all.

  23. We the rakyat are not that dumb. We are not confuse, sir but are watching the various antics showed by the main actors...The truth will prevail. May god blessed you all.

  24. Anonymous7:38 pm

    as usual la!, those najib-ass-licker bloggers, with a medical examination report also want to spin... pordah!


  25. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Bro the only way the "articles can undermine police investigations into the sodomy issue" is if the Police investigating team involved also reads these Blogs and becomes confused or disoriented by the Blogs.

    The Police's actions at
    i. arresting Anwar instead of waiting for him
    ii. not charging him with anything iii. asking for his DNA then not producing a Court Order to get his DNA (which they are entitled to) iv. the Home Minister's complaint that the Police are not doing their job

    are really "confusing the people".

    The Home Affairs Ministry has organised a special briefing for 96foreign missions. Why does the Home Ministry give briefings for foreigners and does not brief us - the citizens of this country?

    Having said that your point that "If he had gone to Pusrawi claiming to have been buggered when in actual fact he had never been buggered, he must be plain daft or it's all in his mind" when read with Stephen Doss' analysis suggests that Saiful was indeed buggered.

    I dont think Saiful is daft. It is illogical to say that it is all in his mind. There is mention that his behind was penetrated by some plastic. That is even more daft. How does anyone think up 'something plastic' get into my ass?

    He may have been shy to say that he was sodomised (maybe by someone wearing a rubber. In slang Malay, a condom can be 'plastik')

    It sounds like he went to the Doctor with a genuine complaint of pain, discomfort, constipation etc arising from penetration of his ass.

    As Stephen Doss says the Pusrawi doctor possibly wanted him out of his clinic. This was obviously a complicated case, possibly involving the Law.

    You said "also, what kind of fixers do we have if the Government is indeed masterminding Saiful's sodomy accusation against Anwar Ibrahim. I mean, why engage a doctor that may not cooperate with you if you want to fix someone?"

    Exactly the point. If Saiful was being used to fix things up, why not the fixers send him straight to a more compliant doctor? With all due respect to the medical profession, there are many types of doctors out there.

    In fact this revelation comes as a surprise to me. It looks like Saiful is pretty much alone in this one. He went all by himself to Pusrawi hoping to get treatment. By the way 'Pusrawi' means Pusat Rawatan Islam.

    Instead he was shooed away to the General Hospital. That is where this story really began. I think the GH doctors too did not detect anything amiss but it is possible that Saiful verbally informed them that the 'plastic thing' was actually attached to a man.

    When he told them who the man was, the GH doctors possibly freaked out too (just like the Pusrawi doctor). Hence the advise to Saiful to make a Police report at the GH Pondok Polis. Bro the doctors are obliged to tell the patient to make a police report if a crime has been committed. The doctors are also obliged to report any crimes to the Police.

    This sounds less like a fix up to me. The guy was penetrated in the rear.

    Bro with all our networking and resources, someone should talk to the doctors and nurses who examined Saiful. Who was the doctor on duty on Thursday 26th June 08 (?) at the GHKL?

    Saiful must have told them what had happened to him?

  26. This probing exercise is a damn waste of tax payers' money!!!!!

  27. Anonymous7:52 pm

    jojo51 is in state of denial or maybe still living in the LaLa land. If I were to be accused of doing something which I didn't do, why should I admit it? Why should I admit the thing that I did not do? The cunning guy who you refer to should be Saiful. There are so much weakness and no evidences whatsoever in his claims and how about his fiance blog and his friendster? It's like an overnight project to stir up an issue. It would be better to think first and do some research on this Saiful's background who has a strong link with someone up there before barking at the wrong tree!


  28. Anonymous7:54 pm

    the malaysian police are of incompetent lot. untill now they cant charge DSAI( if there's any evidence). Must wait 1 year, 2 years to drop the case ???!!!

  29. Anonymous8:12 pm

    HI Rocky

    Reading RPK's report Madonna's infectious song 'Like a Virgin' seem to replay in my mind... 'Like a Virgin - Never been touched there anytime... not by anwar ... or his fiance ... or anybody.'

    Read my blog.

    Still A Virgin - Never Been Touched Anytime?

  30. Anonymous8:13 pm

    jojo51 , you are obviously one of the umno morons who is terrified of truth and justice , your numbers are getting smaller by the minute . My question is how low will you go to hang onto power in an attempt to cover your dirty tracks . You should all be punished in the most severe fashion , you are a disgrace to Malaysia and all the good people of Malaysia . Your crimes are almost unspeakable , I think you must be a pervert and wouldn't be surprised if you were there molesting DSAI in custody , it is all you umno morons who should be investigated for your perverted fabrications and twisted fantasies of power . My anger is surging and you will be at the brunt of it , be forwarned , I am not alone most Malaysians feel my anger , run now , go into exile , you have exceeded the theshhold of mercy , you have gone too far .

  31. Anonymous8:26 pm

    We regret to inform the Deputy IGP, that his organisation called the Police has been confusing the thinking Malaysians. [It is rather difficult to use Royal Malaysian Police .. that organisation exists only during Tengku Abdul Rahman ].

    We also regret to let the raayat know that not only the Police but the AG, some Judges, the whole of MSM, most Ministers, most KSUs. DGs.

    What makes it worst is not only the confusion of their statements, figures etc but the UNTRUTHFULLNESS of them all.

  32. Anonymous8:38 pm

    read this opinion.. http://rights2write.wordpress.com/2008/07/29/pusrawi-medical-report-did-rpk-erred/


  33. Our Home Minister, Hamid Albar wanted the police to end the investigation fast. And the latest on Malaysian Insider (from Malaysia Today website) said that the police will wrap up the investigation by CHARGING Sdr. Anwar... which also means that they have reasons to believe that Sdr. Anwar has indeed sodomised that healthy young man called Saiful. This also means they most likely do not care a hoot about the Doctor's report that we all saw.

    See the POWER of the police, and see how POWERLESS we are in fighthing for justice. Imagine, if Anwar - our internationally known & influential political icon - could do nothing to change his plea of innocence, what could we, the normal rakyat do? :(

  34. aku dah bosan...

    ini lagi penerangan berbeza lak


  35. Anonymous8:59 pm

    I agree with David Teh, that this is waste of our tax money...

    saifool is just a materialistic fool as those close to him have revealed...just look at his pictures lah after the police report, looks so glad to have his anus pried apart for the world...he is just an idiot being buggered (by plastic (fork?), broomstick, matchstick, toothstick, dipstick, ice cream stick or whatever) by either three of the EVIL TRINITY of SHITDOM...anwar/pak lah/najib... in their quest for power at all costs to the Malaysian people

  36. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Plastic Insertion ????

    Could it be a Dildo ?

    Or battery operated vibrator ?

    As the case unfolds each day, I am laughing out as loudly as a clown.

    After reading Stephen Dosai's writeup on the issue.....can you tell me where did he obtain his MBBS ?
    The bloke needs to go through a 2 year "housemanship" on grammatical English before he starts barking and yelping !

    Please Bru....don't pollute your blog by giving links to nerds !!!!


  37. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Who is more powerful, the Polis or PM? Looks right now, the Polis. But then again Polis = PM = BN. All the same assholes.


  38. Spend less in front
    Enjoy more at the back
    What the BN government trying to do?
    The eyes and mouths can’t tell the same thing

    The sleeping administration
    Going out in its dream world
    Conjuring the sparkles of lights and shadows
    Smiling happily as it whirls into orbit
    Leaving all the work far behind

    Easy in the front
    Pushing hard at the back
    Telling half truths enjoying the fruits
    Are we that stupid in our minds?

    The road of freedom
    The desirable needs of civil society
    It isn’t going to happen
    On the sleeping administration

    Spend less in front
    Enjoy more at the back
    What it tells you?
    Transparency a hard nut to tell

  39. whats so confusing la? that guy's anus was not raped. he's a liar. end of fabricated story.

  40. Anonymous9:54 pm

    I just can't believe why so much hoo-hah on this medical report by all the authorities when nothing seemed to be said & done about: (1) how come records in the Immigration Dept can get deleted and whodunit?; (2) how come C4 can be assessible for use to blow up a person and how on earth this powderful explosive can find its way out of Mindef and whodunit? Can someone shed some light on the above?
    From: TNS (& not NIAMAH)!

  41. Anonymous9:56 pm


    Can someone get our de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim's take on this?

    He has been so quiet lately...


  42. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Ada pandangan kedua oleh pengamal perubatan kat blog Stephen Doss

  43. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Result of Malay Culture in both Government and Corporate sectors.

    Malays Choose a deputy who is a Yesman or the least endowed brainwise so he cannot threaten the boss's position.

    Therefore we have
    Rahim Noor : 40% Pass Mark
    Musa Hassan: 30% Pass Mark
    Current Serving Deputy IGP: 20%

    Cannot Imagine what the next person has to offer!!


  44. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Did Saiful dream that he was buggered and thought that that it was for real when he woke up?

  45. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Maybe during the 4 hours between the first and second examination, Saiful was at his friend's farm.

    As he was petting a cow, a jealous and amorous bull named Anwar, well you know...

  46. Anonymous10:37 pm

    why must the police scare of the report. funny, a professional doctor already verify, but still the police continue to verify. So when really anuar "do" with bloody saiful. What happen to his sumpah!!!

    zamri, ex- umno

  47. Masa yang secukupnya kepada polis sebenarnya bergantung kepada siasatan sepenuhnya dan sempurna setelah dibuat, ia bukan seminggu, dua bulan atau setahun.

    Laporan polis yang tergesa gesa akan membuat AG tidak cukup bukti untuk mendakwa dan jika pendakwaan yang dibuat tergesa gesa mengundang banyak kebocoran dan kelemahan semasa perbicaraan hingga melemahkan pendakwaan dan seterussya sekali lagi masyarakat akan memperlekehkan polis.

    Semasa siasatan dibuat pun, Anwar terlalu banyak helah, dolak dalik dan menggunakan berbagai cara dan individu untuk menarik simpati.

    Saiful yang patut menggesa polis memcepatkan siasatan dan dakwaan dan kenapa pula Anwar begitu rimas dan gelisah jika merasakan diri benar dan betul. Anwar patut membiarkan polis menghabiskan masa untuk siasatan jika dia tahu dia tidak bersalah. Beban untuk membuktikan Anwar bersalah ialah polis dan bukannya Anwar.

    Tindak tanduk Anwar seolah olah dia telah didakwa dan merasa bahang pintu penjara sudah mendekatinya. Anwar patut bersikap 'cool' macam Najib walaupun dituduh terlibat dengan altantuya dan komisyen pembelian jet..

    Kenapa Anwar cacing kepanasan..

  48. Anonymous10:51 pm

    There is something in Malaysian law that is called "reverse onus"..

    Now you fellas out there get your mind out of the gutter..


  49. Dulu Musa Hassan buat wayang kulit, sekarang Ismail Omar pula! tak ada ke saudara mara dia orang bagi tau dia orang tu lawak la!

  50. Anonymous11:24 pm


    RPK, after the unethical reveal of fiancee pics, now this??!! How the heck can we trust so called "alternative sources" like your malaysia kini after this lahhhh....???!!

  51. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Dear God,

    Why do you punish us with idiots and unethical worm to serve this country? Did we pray to you well enough? Didn't we serve you diligently? Why sacrifice the good when the bad continuously flaunt your commands?

    Dear God, please save Malaysia..


  52. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Rocky, the article that you referred in the stephen doss blog is actually mine. Stephen should have highlighted it more clearly.

    My blog is rights2write.wordpress.com

    Please do the necessary correction

  53. Rocky, the article that you referred in the stephen doss blog is actually mine. Stephen should have highlighted it more clearly.

    My blog is rights2write.wordpress.com

    Please do the necessary correction

  54. Anonymous11:35 pm

    can't wait till all this is over.
    frankly speaking, i've believe the govt. long enough!
    rakyat biasa

  55. If anal sex is done willingly, with lubricants and proper care, there will be almost no damage to the skin.

    No injuries in his anus is not a sign that he was not buggered. Its just a sign he wasn't forcefully buggered.

    One could still have been been treatened to bend over and spread to receive. Rape victims are sometimes treatened that if they do not give in willingly, harm will befall them.

    I also think the media is treating this case wrong. Saiful is a rape victim, the identities the victim should not have been revealed in the media. There is double standards here.

  56. Anybody with experience going to specialists’ doctors for examination would know the difference; the GP’s medical expertise and check up is limited. Stephen Doss’s explanation seems rational. Those who watch CSI would already sense the difference – the details required. More so when one needs to get a medical report for certain additional purposes say a legal suit or for lodging a police complain whereby the report has to be most extensive and credible to stand in court.

    RPK has been threading on very dangerous grounds, putting his reputation (as well as bloggers) to rock bottom after his “fiasco” in the stat decs, video confession and now this. He sounds so desperate, vindictive and vulgar, much like character of ‘the Joker” in the Batman latest movie; he really sucks and will never learn.

    Learning from the past, do not under estimate the Police for their role in maintaining national security. Let us be patient and let the Police do their job. Do not press them; in fact the protraction of the police investigation has already demonstrated that DSAI has not changed a bit as well as the changing colours of those who believe or don’t believe that the sodomy could have taken place.

    Certain important people, because of their impatient with vested interest (not national interest) have already “pre-ejaculated” before reaching the climax (completion of police investigation) using the American way of justice – trial by media just because of a GP medical “report”; Ambiga, LKS, the man himself and his wife as well as a host of his ardent (PKR) worshippers including RPK and of course the representatives of the Dajjal (US administration and UN bodies like the IMF and world Bank). Such a pity for some of these people, telling the Ministers and others to refrain from making “prejudice” statements so as to let the police do their job while boasting about respecting the rule of law but they themselves “pre-ejaculate” as they shit at the fan.

  57. Anonymous12:39 am

    If u r a neutral by-stander.. what will u think?
    1) Damaging evidence to the accuser's case surfaced
    2) The accused is closed to a by-election, which he will win
    3) Cops & gomen threaten people not to interfere...while
    4) Home minister tells cops to hurry up
    5) Health ministry makes public statement about the case, obviously siding the accused...
    6) Accused is promptly charged...

    HELLO!!... a bit obvious, ain't it????
    If u r gonna conspire.... at least write a better script lah!!!

  58. Anonymous12:57 am

    spinning again by RPK.

    RPK keeps on confusing everyone with lots of flawed facts (arguable facts) but the dumbest thing is the police keeps things to themselves.

    The police should have made a PC or somethg everyday especially in the midst ofcrisis like this. Never heard of crisis management PDRM?

    Anyway, i hope this thing is over soon and whoever is the culprit, get screwed and buggered for screwing with our heads.


  59. Anonymous12:59 am

    It is not the medical report that surprises me. What continue to surprise me is the way police react to every adverse issue they receive.

    Can we believe the police to come this quick, refuting it was a fabrication and sabotage to confuse public? What do they think of us Malaysians, are we stupid? Who wants to sabotage whom? As responsible institution, Police should have taken this new revelation in good faith. They could have said, it is to be investigated for its' truth and authenticity before they could derive to any conclusion and meanwhile they could have appealed to the public to be patient and reserve their judgment.

    But what has happened is just opposite. They defended themselves for wrong reasons supported by their minister and now ready to charge Anwar despite the new found evidence which could prove Anwar's innocence. Doesn't this simply reflect their prejudice to Anwar and their keeness to convict him?

    These uniformed fellows must be damned at all cost. Such unscrupulous attitude would only bring disaster to Malaysia.


  60. Anonymous1:08 am

    no matter how THEY must charge him so that 'no by-erection' for him b4 16th of sept lah !! (heha)

  61. Anonymous1:25 am

    The authorities are going all out to prove anwar is guilty e.g. sending commandos to arrest anwar etc. The authorities however were not going all out on the altantunya case. eg. prosecutor declared only 3 ppl involved and no one else. They never want to call najib, musa safri and recall Bala.

    According a certain fox website, anwar is to be charged soon. And the police have been instructed not to screw up investigation this time round.

    Bearing in mind the Federal Court's decision to release anwar in Sodomy The First Episode, the prosecutors cannot now rely on just saiful's testimony, remember the Federal court acknowledged the act of sodomy but stated that the court cannot just rely on the testimony of the victim alone to find anwar guilty in relation to the charge.

    The police now need corrobative evidence. So far they have the second medical report, they probably have video evidence of anwar entering the condo, they desperately wanted DNA evidence to match the sample they found or didnt find.

    The first medical report is a minor stumbling block, it can create reasonable doubt but a skillful prosecutor can easily challenge it and discredit the report.

  62. Anonymous1:25 am

    To quote Jack Nicholson:

    "The truth? You want the TRUTH??? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.."


  63. Who is this Pusrawi or Pusiraw (or whatever his name is) doctor?

    WHY are some of us (obviously Anwar's cybertroopers) making conclusion based on his statement alone?

  64. Anonymous3:16 am

    So this means there was no conspiracy????????

    Otherwise, Saiful would just visit a designated doctor whom would gladly confirm the anal intercourse.

    So this means, Anwar lied when he claim the allegation is a conspiracy.

    Plus, if Najib planned the whole thing, why would he agreed to meet Saiful just days before he made the report.

    And if Najib really planted Saiful, he must really knew Saiful to entrust him the big task.

    Which means, there's no need for Saiful to meet Najib thru an appointment, as they would have probably been in constant communication for quite a while.

    That is if one understand what conspiracy means in the dictionary.

    Anyway, the report at pusrawi was preliminary and not comprehensive as forensics.

    If HKL proved the same, then the police will have to close the case.


  65. We were confused when Saifool made the allegation.

    We were not confused when najib said he dont know saifool.

    We were confused when the polis wants DNA

    We were not confused when we remembered Anwar's 10 years old DNA

    We were confused when najib said he met saifool at his residence.

    We were not confused when the polis with 15 escort cars and elite polis arrested Anwar as he is a wanted criminal.

    We were confused when polis did not charge Anwar for anything and that he is not a criminal.

    We were not confused when we saw the medical report with our own eyes, as the report is very clear.

    We are now very confused when this deputy of polis said the report was to confuses us all.

    We are not confused that this is a conspiracy!

    Actually the one who is really confuse is saifool, he is endangering his own life now as he have to face the conspirators and supporters of Anwar.
    May your god have mercy on you.

  66. Anonymous6:51 am

    Stephen Doud is talking nonsense and doesn't understand medical teminology. Tenesmus means painful rectum and this meticulous doctor clearly described he cannot see any external signs of injury due to forced penetration including erythema, anal tear or pus (aka sperm). Doc

  67. Anyone who gives a report..favoring Anwar is a liar and UMNO ministers...even police leaders..who are suppose to protect the country and Malaysians....show clearly...they are pro UMNO.
    Perhaps...they are thinking...their job is to be loyal to the ruling party...and not to Malaysians.
    Then lets see.they are loyal to 5 States and K.L....all won by People's Party.
    It is so clear...Anwar will need to go to jail again..shut his mouth...than UMNO will rule forever.
    That's their mission and objectives.
    So many UMNO policy makers are leaving the party...one by one.
    One said UMNO still have one million members...but forgot to note....thousands voted against UMNO.
    The only way...to see the police act and be fair....is to vote UMNO out.
    And Anwar have to show...he mean what he said and do what he meant...with his promise to take over the government.....saying he has the numbers.
    That's the only way.

  68. yep I agree with this proverb,
    "Sepandai-pandai Tupai melompat Satu hari jatuh juga"
    but I have one better, try this for size,
    "Sepandai-pandai UMNO melompat Satu hari jatuh juga"
    BRO, You have to understand this conspiracy, from day one you have morons, plotting a scenario, which failed the last time, now what they are trying to do is to fight for time, with all the internal fighting and backstabbing going on in Umno, try reading the papers, poisen pen letters, sex scandals a la labuan, botak ali habar fro kota tinggi being restrained by court order, and many more to come, they need to quarantine DSAI, well the pdrm, they are a bunch of keystone cops, answer this simple question, how do you defend yourself if you do not know what and where, you are being accused of, it could all be rumours, like the govt. loves to say. And think very carefully, with all the stupid and sorry excuse of govt officials, they are not rocket scientists, majority of them are morons proped up by advisors, ask them an original question, they will be blur or they will give such ridiculous answers it beggers belief. bottom line it was a half baked plan, made by idiots who have no idea what they are doing half the time. so whatever said and done this case is dead, the first doctors report buried it, even if saifool arrived at HKL WITH blood dripping on the floor from his butt, its dead and buried, DSAI DEFENSE IS SAIFOOL couldn't get the first doctor to declare him sodomised, why did it take him 4 hours to get to the next hospital, did he stop off somewhere to get himself buggered so that the second report will show that he had tears and was bleeding. SO whoever sodomised him in that 4 hour gap I am sure it wasn't DSAI. OR IS HIS CLAIM THAT HE WENT BACK TO DSAI TO GET HIMSELF BUGGERED IN BETWEEN HOSPITALS. Another reason those who planned this, they didn't think that reports will come out, it just goes to show how much the "inside" people hate umno. or else where would RPK AND BLOGGERS GET THEIR EXPOSE'S YOURSELF INCLUDED.

  69. What's the difference between a burnt-out light bulb and a pregnant unmarried girl?

    Well, you can un-screw the burnt-out light bulb and put in a new one...

  70. I would like for only one thing from this very confused Deputy IGP. Just tell us what line of investigation was carried out after they came to know of the existence of this medical report which basically contradicted the veracity of Saiful's claim?

    I would also like to know how the police deal with cases where on the one hand they have an allegation being made and then they are faced with a report that contradicts that allegation as in this case.

    It would seem like if the police,as they had so far admitted, that they interviewed the Burmese Muslim doctor for 3 days, what really were they interviewing? Who among the police was qualified enough to interview the good doctor for heaven's sake? The report is in medical lingo about a medical procedure that is basically not within the training of the police. So what were they trying to do interviewing the doctor for 3 days for? Surely they could not have contributed anything at all to the medical status of the accuser or the medical diagnosis of Saiful's ass.

    If the Burmese doctor's inspection of Saiful's ass had revealed nothing, and yet the GH inspection showed something, Saiful could have had his ass rammed between these two investigations isn't it?

  71. Whatever happens, the raakyat is and should be with DSAI after reviewing the first case in 1998.

    Those involved in 1998, is now worried that DSAI will go on a rampage and after them. I foresee them fleeing the country like how Marcos and his cronies did when his government fell.

    Is AG sueing? Why not now and what is he waiting for, since IGP have started the ball rolling.

    DSAI will win Kulim hands down as a martyr if he his detained and jailed this time around. The option is in his hands and better still if the dog (EMN) with six shoe boxes stand against him.

    Knowing what our government stand for, the persistant fabrication of evidence such as doctering Police Reports and how the man in blue work, there is no relevance in which Medical Report is genuine. (RM50.00 will enable a sargent to help you write a very good report and even help you alter it so that you get round what you are reported against.)

    So my dear fellow malaysians, whatever race you are, the question is:-

    1. Do you want to be part of history?
    2. Do you want to play a part in toppling this Corrupt Government of ours?
    3. Do you want to join our Asean brothers who have already toppled their corrupt and useless government?
    4. Do you want to let our corrupt and useless government and politicians continue sodomising you?
    5. Do you know besides the petrol increases, there are other areas we are robbed of our hard earned money in the name of Privatisation.
    6. Do you or have you been deprived of a decent job in the name of M&A.
    7. Do you know many suffering Malaysians, have been robbed on their job and families broken as a result of Bolehland big grandoise plans and life style set backwards 30 years.
    8. Do you know if you are given the same privilege as the 1st Mamakk family, you can also be a billionaire and not resort to commit suicide when the financial crisis sets in in 1997.

    And many more questions that we can start asking and only you will know the answers.

    Lets show it via the ballot boxes starting with Kulim.

    Go for a change and hope for the better.

    The system needs a complete overhaul and the beauty of it is we decide who runs our lives and not the Politicians.

    Once again, my dear malaysian brothers, please be bold enough to go for a change and see to it that justice is done. Do not adopt a "tidak apa dah biasa and nothing we can do" attitude.

    The well being of your children and future generations is in your hands.

  72. Anonymous11:40 am

    Sadly Malaysia has IGP and Deputy IGP who cannot understand a medical report unless the report is fabricated by the Police. The three stooges PM,DPM and Home Ministers (usually refers to wife)could not get their clowning act together to hang it on Anwar. Poor stupid Saiful, he could have sticked a police baton into his arse, and it would have confirmed he was sodomised.

  73. whats more do we need?
    First, no police report shown, can you imagine being arrested and subjected to the police tortured but haven't seen any police report against you?
    2= Pak Lah speaking out loud asking for new DNA sample, is this not conflicting the police investigation. and, DNA DOES NOT EXPIRED!!!!
    3= No medical report shown except the one from RPK
    4= The doctor run away ala P.Bala
    5= FUCK LAH haven't declared what the Royal Commission report on VK Lingam tape, so do you think we can have a fair trial in Malaysia?
    6= Both Gani Patail and IGP was involved in the first sodomy case, yet they are still in service
    7= Najib first DENY BUT LATER admit he had seen Saiful before he lodge the police report and RPK had video record on the witness
    8= if Anwar had screw him, he can easily do a Chua Soi Lek VCD, but hell no, only words!!!!!!

    whats more do we need to see the true colour of UMNO and BN? They admit offered position to PAS for them to join over, they also tried but failed to BRIBE DAP men in Perak, do you need any more proof that UMNO/BN will do just whatever they can to stay in power and screw the people forever?
    I am not Anwar fan or Pakatan Rakyat fan, but hey Malaysian, whats more do we need to convince us that BN fucked the people all this while.

  74. Anonymous12:43 pm

    The pusrawi record is rather brief but this is not unusual in the busy A&E/outpatient setting. Basically, it implys that there is no positive finding to support the diagnosis of assault/sodomy. Those important negative findings e.g. no tear,no bleeding have been recorded. This is a valid medicolegal document. Once a doctor has made an entry in the record, he can not make any alteration on it. But he may make another entry later about any change in his opinion or conclusion.

  75. How many times do you see a sequel made for a movie is better than the first one? It is very rare. This one simply falls under a bad sequel category, so to say. End.

  76. /// luxen said...
    If anal sex is done willingly, with lubricants and proper care, there will be almost no damage to the skin. ///

    luxen - 'poken like a true blue professional with first hand experience. Well 'poken...

  77. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Kluangman....najib cool....melilau mata masa sidang akhbar hari tu..mengelabah nak jawab soalan and polis dah dicoolkan olehnya...

    by kluangwomen