Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Silent Prayer at TWB

Tuesdays With Bapak has been missing for sometime. It makes a return today with a daughter's silent prayer for a beloved dad.
Read here.


osamabinladen said...


shastrishah said...


Our Tokoh Wartawan Negara aka Pak Samad has always been idol where journalism is concerned. You are just like him too!


Anonymous said...

Semoga Allah memberi kesihatan dan kebahagian yang berkekalan kepada Pak Samad dan keluarga.


Anonymous said...

Btw, Sasterawan Negara S Othman Kelantan sedang sakit tenat dan berada di Wad 8 Hospital Serdang.


Unfiltered-Madness said...


Rockybru said...


Me like Pak Samad? In my dreams, bro, in my dreams. But thanks for making my day.

If there's something I'd like to claim to be like him is my tendency to go against the flow. It was his idea, anyway. He told me editors and journalists must be brave to "melawan arus".

Look where that got me! Heh. But then again, I saw where it got him! Did you know that he was kicked out from his last job as NST advisor? And he didn't give a damn. He wasn't about to play ball with anyone.

lanaibeach said...

Follow the rules
Nobody will get in trouble water

It is said many times before
When it is under a corrupted government
Follow the rules
We will be that stupid!

Abetment of evil doings
Follow the rules smack of hypocrisy
Man made laws can be appealed and changed
The good people always get burned in the beginning
Only the light of truth finally let them free

We have one life to make it right
On the land we are born into it
Do the good thing and be damned
So that future generations will benefit
The generations of the past make it working

It is the monetary suffering
And the ridicule amongst families and friends
When one goes against the establishment or working institutions
These people cry why so stupid to throw it away?

It is hard in the beginning
Finding ways to sustain a sense of belonging
Only closest friends show some support
Even one good friend will make so much difference

Follow the rules
When it is right for all
Fair and equitable to many
Everybody has an equal chance
Otherwise we fail as people
Born to right wrongs

Anonymous said...

a) Imagine this..

Issue semasa set # 1: If,
1. Anwar is charged with sodomy and thrown into jail.
2. Anwar is free of all charges.
3. Lingam is charged.
4. Lingam is not charged.
5. Medical report from that hospital is genuine.
6. if its not.
dan lain lain yang politically related.

Now, imagine this again.

Issue semasa set# 2: If,
1. Oil price hit USD 250 per barrel
2. Inflation goes up to 30%
3. Crime rate continues to go up.
4. Tourist rate decline to all time low.
5. Federal highway is constantly jammed.
6. Number of unemployed people doubles.
7. Malay, Chinese and Indian all lose their job cause Intel is pissed that their chips are stolen again.
dan lain lain yang rakyat related.

Can my cute politicians let me know how and WHICH will this affect my life? As in, can it help to pay for my mortgage? car loan? increase my income? upgrade my standard of living? create wealth for the poor? dan lain lain lagi isu semasa yang melanda rakyat jelata.

b) Am I racist?

I have no issue in working with Allan Wong, Mutu or Ahmad. I also have no issue living in area where my neighbour wakes up for his sembahyang or my neighbour watches how Shah Rukh Khan bash a group of people. I don’t know in which aspect of living and breathing the same air with them that I am having issue with. I really don't know.

The thing(s) that I have issue with, is, the few guys that is holding on to banyak banyak AP when government said its to benefit and help the majority of malay malaysians, the guy who said to have given banyak banyak loan to petani petani but the petani petani say they don't get it. I think I'm having problem with how these so called plans to help the rakyat is RAN, rather than the plan itself.

So, am I racist?