Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sarawak's Independence Day

45 years ago today, the Union Jack was lowered for the last time in Sarawak and the British handed over the leadership of the state to its people. Chief Minister Taib Mahmud was there then and he is there at the State Stadium in Petra Jaya tonight for the launch of the year-long celebration.
In local lingo, Taib's longevity is called "tahan wujud", a blogger tells me.

Happy Birthday, Sarawak.


  1. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Time for a change in Sarawak,,45years,,still rumah atap without pipe water,,,

    Rumah pelacur lagi elok, compare to rumah kita,,,ada aircon,,ada tilam,,,

    Orang Utan Rehalibitation Centre pon selesa,,,

    Rakyat Merana.

  2. Let us not forget 16th September, the REAL Independence Day for Malaysia. Will that day this year signify a declaration of independence from UMNO-MCA-MIC-Gerakan etc?

  3. Anonymous8:38 pm

    happy bday to my state of sarawak

    let's see the achievement so far..
    state wealth ?
    distribution of wealth among its people ?
    cost of living ?

    nothing much to be proud of... sigh


  4. Rocky,
    If Taib "tahan wujud" our pm's must be "tebal muka".

  5. Anonymous9:48 pm

    tahan wujud...sounds like an erection...tahan lama...

  6. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Sarawak biggest mistake is to join Malaysia. If Sarawak stay and follow either Singapore or Brunei the outcome could be 10 times better.

  7. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Thanks Bro Rocky,
    I thought nobody care when Sarawak or Sabah gained their independence.I don't know Rocky,but please correct me if I'am wrong I think your spelling of independece not right,it should be independence
    Bob From Kuching

  8. Anonymous10:22 pm

    We have been led by a corrupt leader in Sarawak for the last 25 years. His reign is longer than Marcos and maybe Suharto. The greed knows no bounds. What is there to celebrate? We in Sarawak are crying.


  9. Anonymous10:35 pm

    I can't say that I like or dislike Taib. But many people seemed to have enough with him holding his CMship for so many years. Even longer than Tun Mahathir serving as the Prime Minister. Taib shares some similarities with Mahathir, that is once gone there will be no substitute as good as him. He is a very good politician, having the capability to bring development and stability despite there were times when waters rock very roughly in the land of the Hornbill's political scene. Coming from the minority Melanau community, Taib is able to divide and rule the Dayak, the largest community in the state, followed by the Chinese as the second largest. During his tenure, he was said to have cummulated huge wealth under few companies related to him and his family. The companies monopolies construction material business that when the Bakun Dam did not goes to his hands, he ordered no materials should be supplied for the project , hence the delay for so many years. However, there's yet any proofs to this or can we say nobody dare to prove it.
    But to me, since Taib had been able to bring development to the state, why not let him have some wealth from doing so. I have no qualms about that as most Sarawakians are satisfied with what brought to them. Without him sarawak will not be what it is now. I personally think that Taib really wants to quit. But so far he has not been able to find a suitable successor. Only if Abang Joe, Effendi Norwawi and Adenan's satem's brain combined can become 1 Taib Mahmud. George Chan has lost his fangs and that Jabu is a Yes Sir man. People don;t like Taib but they still need him, at least until they are strong enough to ward off any outside political advancement. Sure they don;t want to become like Sabah. No offense but that's reality.
    About Sarawak Independence, I can't recall when. There have only been changes of rulers. From Brooke to British then..we we know what. I am not instigating anybody. Sarawak did not join Malaysia. Sarawak FORMED Malaysia alongside Sabah, Singapore and Tanah Melayu on 16 Sept. Sarawakians never really appreciate 31 August 1957 as an Independence Day. What they really appreciate is Malaysia Day 16 Sept. That should be the National Day to be celebrated by all Malaysians.
    Anyway. Happy birthday Sarawak. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.

  10. Yes....soon Sarawak will really see their Independence Day......not under UMNO.....but under People's Party.
    45 years are making Malaysians in Sarawak..cannot speak out...but to tolerate and play the patience game.
    After 12th elections....Sarawak begin to see the real UMNO..now so nice to them...because they need them more than ever.
    What about before?
    So don't be fooled by UMNO anymore.
    Celebrate your 45 years Independence ....then all resign from UMNO....for your children's sake.

  11. Anonymous10:45 pm

    sarawak people, enough is enough!
    now is the history defining moment. ask your wakil rakyat to make the move! now or never!!!

  12. Looks like the winds of change will be blowing over Sarawak and CM Taib knows the party will be coming to a premature end, soon.

    Whoever heard of a year-long bash to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of anything? Not even WWII memorials last that long!!

    No, the Auditor General & ACA should look now at who has ben awarded various contracts for these celebs, how many inflated millions/hundreds of millions and nip it in the bud!!

  13. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Politicians are all the same but Anwar Ibrahim is in a league of his own lah.

    And he has trained his wife well. Once a respected ophthalmologist, Wan Azizah seems to have taken a leaf out of Anwar's books with her recent tirades.

    Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was supposed to have told the Malay Mail that they will decide on Anwar's election plans once Keadilan had carried out checks.

    “We have identified a few places where Datuk Seri (Anwar) can contest but we need to be sure of the electorate list. We are afraid that the electorate rolls are not genuine,” she said.

    Now if the electorate rolls are not genuine, how did Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Wilayah fall to the Pakatan Rakyat during the recent elections, dear Dr?

    Don't tell me you have doubts on Pakatan Rakyat actually winning those States or were the results rigged?

    Malay Mail went on to say on a statement by Kuala Lumpur Hospital director Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain that Anwar had given written consent for him to be stripped naked while undergoing a medical check-up last week, Wan Azizah said she could not comment as she was not present when Anwar underwent the check-up.

    Oh yes, very true. She could not comment as she was not there.

    The paper said Anwar, who is on a road tour, had claimed that he had been stripped naked and “measured”, and this had riled some quarters who felt that Anwar should have been accorded better treatment considering that he was a former deputy prime minister.

    His supporters had also been critical when Anwar said that he was made to sleep on a cement floor when he was kept overnight at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters last week.

    Anwar also said that he had to use towels, given to him by Wan Azizah, to sleep on during his detention.

    Police have since rebutted his claims, saying that he was given two blankets and a pillow, and that they had followed proper procedure.

    To this, Wan Azizah said she could not verify the police's or Anwar's statements as she was also not allowed to visit Anwar in the lock-up.

    “I believe the lock-up he was kept in was a place for dangerous criminals. I don't think he should have been kept there,” she said.

    How could she know because she was not allowed to visit Anwar in the lock-up? All based on hearsay...on one hand she is trying to potray as if the govt is ganging up on her husband and did not accord Anwar the respect he deserved...awww come on, why are you politicising every single issue?

    Dr Wan Azizah it appears you raise questions and issues as and when they suit you....

  14. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Yo bru
    KARIM RASLAN had a go at the establishment and Umno in his column today in the Star, bru. If my mind does not fail me, Karim is a direct beneficiary and recipient of the policies instituted by Umno, BN. Now he's accusing the same insitution of corruption. can he please explain his links with Fox communication and Sime Darby by virtue of interests in Karim Raslan Associates? Simedarby watch may be able to spill the beans. Brendan when he was operating in Singapore as the Straits Times hack often quoted Karim in his interviews as a respected political analyst. Karim and Brendan definitely go a long way back. Now can karim explain to the readers his interests in the Sime Darby, which is naturally answerable to the Umno and BN government he has labelled as corrupt? i dont understand his reasoning that should PAS fail to press ahead with the reform agenda, it will show us that the men in green (PAS) are no less susceptible to money and power than their friends in blue (Umno).
    Now he's saying PAS may also be driven by greed as do their Umno counterparts. The same Umno that owns Sime Darby that gives KRA the business to allow him the time to relax in Ubud and pass remarks, comments and analyses on the Malaysian political scenario from the comforts of his house in Bali. Oh what a life...

  15. Anonymous12:45 am

    I read with great interest in the edgedaily report that quoted Lim Guan Eng as having asked the Penang State Assemblmen to refrain from making remarks which could scare away potential investors.
    To a supplementary question from Datuk Azhar Ibrahim (Penaga-BN) on the volume of investments in the state since the new state government took over, Lim said there was a total of RM1.39 billion in investments in March and April.
    Lim was also asked to elaborate on the investment missions to Hong Kong and Korea. He said he could not reveal details until the announcements were made by the companies.
    He appealed to the opposition state assemblymen to refrain from making statements which had cost the state government huge investments.
    Among them, Lim said, was a potential investor from Korea who had decided to move to the Philippines when the BN state assemblymen made calls for the federal government to stop infrastructure projects for Penang after the opposition formed the state government.
    To a supplementary question, Lim said Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop, who was aware of the investor’s intention to pull back, had agreed to follow Lim to convince the investor to reconsider its decision.
    My question is, all this while Lim Guan Eng and YB Kit have been hurling allegations and accusations to the Malaysian government for the past two decades which could have scared investors and fund managers away...

  16. Anonymous1:13 am



    They say to avoid working with children and animals!

    About 20 adults and young children panicked when a young elephant star of a TV commercial being filmed at Bukit Jalil LRT station this evening (TUESDAY) was frightened by an off-set firework or similar explosive sound.

    One young girl who had been astride the elephant's neck was thrown to the ground and suffered minor cuts.

    A boy aged about 10, lying behind the girl on the elephant's back, fell to the ground as the elephant reared up. He was shaken but otherwise unhurt.

    The Malaysian film crew was preparing for a second shoot of a scene involving the children and adults seated around the elephant which was crouching on the ground with three attendants.

    An eye-witness film extra explained that it was lucky that the children - apart from the pair on the elephant - were not required to be in their original positions for the re-shoot.

    John Weinthal who was seated alone about three feet to the left of the elephant, against a wall, said he heard a loud bang from nearby. He looked in the direction of the sound. When he turned back the elephant had reared on its hind legs, the girl had been thrown into the air and the boy slid to the left at his feet. He then saw the elephant run scared from the set through where the majority of the child extras had been seated for the first take

    The incident occurred towards the end of a two-day shoot for a TV commercial for an Italian mattress company. The film is for screening in Italy and will not be seen on Malaysian TV.

    The film producer suffered a broken or severely sprained wrist when the elephant kicked out at him with its front leg as he tried to catch the falling girl. Ambulances were called to the scene but there were no serious injuries.


  17. Anonymous4:11 am

    This thread appears to be drifting towards another topic! Aren't we supposed to be criticising TM and arguing the true independence day of Sarawak? It figures ... peninsular politics always take precedence!

    Sarawakians have got to be really sore in the a**e after 45 years of rape!


  18. Anonymous4:30 am

    Selagi UMNO masih lagi diterajui oleh org yg sedia ada dan generasi yg ada amat payah untuk bersatu.

    UMNO dalam keadaan nazak memerlukan PAS. Bila mereka sudah sihat PAS akan diterajangnya.

    Sejarah sentiasa berulang saudara cuma pelakunya yg berbeza.

    Bagi saya kalau bersatu adalah malapetaka pada Malaysia amnya. Harus diingat Malaysia bukannya hak mutlak Melayu walaupun kaum asal.

    Kaum lain yg telah dilahirkan disini juga berhak dan tidak patut dianaktirikan. Cuma kalau kawasan itu majoriti Melayu sewajarnya Melayu yg memimpin seperti di Kelantan.

    Kalau di Sarawak kaum bukan Melayu yg ramai seperti Iban maka mereka yg patutnya mentadbir.

    Jangan dasar pecah dan belah ini yg menguntungkan UMNO dan BN terus berjalan lagi.

    Melayu harus bersatu tapi bukan dengan mengenepikan bangsa lain dan bukan dibawah UMNO.

    Nilai kebendaan telah merosakkan parti UMNO ini sekarang. Tiada lagi rahmah dan baraqah didalamnya.



  19. Anonymous5:15 am

    Sarawak, have you been independence after all? have you? Independence? from who?

    You are still ruled..same person as a leader more than 2 decades? dictator..

  20. Anonymous6:31 am

    Do you know 70% of Sarawak doesn't have piped water? Independence? Huh!

  21. Anonymous7:09 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I thought you never care about us and Sarawak. Many thanks for your posting. I don't want to say anything and spoil the celebration mood since this is the begining of our long and happy occasion. Just hope that you will post more articles about Sarawak, about our leaders, develoment, the Penan, the rivers, the forest and timbers, the business, Cahaya Mata Sarawak Berhad, Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdulrahman Taib, Laila Taib, Jabu and Family, George Chan, performance of Ministers from Sarawak, our MPs who seem to be very quiet in Parliament and many others.

    Rosli Dhoby.

  22. Dear Pehin Seri,

    Saya ingen mnegucapkan jutaan tahniah di atas sambutan yang bersejarah ini. semoga Sarawak akan terus kekal aman dan sejahtera.

    Sarawak bumi kenyalang yang penuh dengan budaya tersendiri akan terus menjaga kebajikan rakyatnya yang berada di pedalaman.

    Masyarakat yang berada di ceruk rantau memerlukan pembangunan agar dapat merasai kemajuan negeri di era moden ini..

    Berbaktilah kepada negeri sendiri demi anak jati Sarawak.

    Idup sarawak.

  23. Anonymous8:05 am

    45 years of enslavement by the Umono led government. The state's rich resources has been cleaned out by Taib and his Foochow cronies. They,ve stolen all the timber and are now stealing land from the natives who toiled on it for generations. Yes, nothing to look forward except continuous poverty and certainly nothing to be proud of for Sarawakians.


  24. It's time for the CM to vacate his position and let others lead Sarawak. The longer a person leads a State, the more stagnant the State becomes.

    I've lived there for 3 years, and that was approx. 18 years go. Back then, the people already disliked him especially those in the rural areas. Now, they still haven't changed their minds. New blood is needed, and Mohd. Taib must learn to LET GO of his grip.

  25. Sarawak should come under scrutiny. The recent big issue of kampung folks eviction, the influence of palm oil bosses & stopping of protests during Rainforest festival. And today, Joseph Salang announced addtional 12 dams to be build to cater for ONE new smelting factory. Already, Bakun is a mismanagement with 2400KV not going nowwhere. Peninsular already have 40% energy buffer that is unused. So, Sarawak seemed keen to push thru the 12 dams and somebody in federal seemed to agitate for nuclear power.

  26. I was born in Kuching even though none of my family is from Sarawak. But with pride I dare say that Kuching rocks. The river is clean, people don't tailgate and when they turn left they actually use the freaking signal.

    Sarawak = WIN!!

    Oooh did I tell you that Bing's Cafe is awesome! Their cheesake can Tapau Secret Recipe anytime man..

  27. Anonymous9:44 am

    BN atau Pakatan Rakyat memainkan peranan terlalu kecil untuk memastikan halatuju Sarawak. Samada Sarawak di dalam Malaysia, di luar Malaysia akan sama membangun atau tidak membangun begantung kepada keupayaan kepimpinan Negeri.

    Kecemerlangan setiap kali pilihanraya mencerminkan kepuasan rakyat majoitinya kepada kepimpinan Taib, malahan kalau Taib sebagai PM pun, ia mampu setahap dengan TDM - kluangman

  28. Anonymous10:10 am

    Sarawak (and Sabah) are not INDEPENDENT states on their own because they are not absolutely ruled by Sarawakians/Sabahan for Sarawakians/Sabahan. Sarawak was only allowed to gain indendendence from British colonisation by forming a new country (one that NEVER EXISTED BEFORE 16 SEP 1963, which is politically a confederation of states comprising the Federation of Malay States, Singapore, Sarawak and British North Borneo (Sabah). The governments of Sarawak and Sabah are answerable to the Federal Constitution.

    Malaysia was therefore born on 16th September 1963. Malaysia Day is 16th September. Aug 31st is Independence of Malaya NOT Malaysia! so how can Sarawak accept 31 Aug as Merdeka Day as it NEVER JOINT Malaysia?! 31 Aug has no historical significance for Sarawak / Sabah but 16 September is the most significant date for all Malaysians because thats the day we became Malaysians.

    National interation will never be complete if 16 Sep is not accorded the most significant date in Malaysian history.

    That Taib is too good a leader and cannot step down for reason of no suitable successor is very flawed on the following arguments:

    1. In a democracy, the basic premise is that a leader is chosen by the people - not by the incumbent.

    2. The power of incumbency can groom favoured successors for various reasons but the ultimate choice is still with the people which may differ from the choice of the incumbent.

    3. After almost 3 decades the incumbent cant yet decide on who is a 'suitable' successor means he is not a leader who leads and groom, but that he was autocratic and lead by fear! - so not a good leader after all.

    4. That the incumbent can't step down because without a suitable replacement IN HIS EYES, it would be irresponsible of him is to do so is RUBBISH, unless he does not plan to die before he found one and he is certain he has the power to decide when to die! - perhaps he is convince so.

    To allocate 365 days of celebration spending untold millions at time when the rakyat is hit hard by inflation is to me an independance day I would want to FORGET!!!


  29. Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Answers below)

    Jeyklls dan Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah anda? (Jawapan dibawah).

    Posted at http://Patek1472.wordpress.com.

  30. Anonymous10:59 am

    Then let me re-quote Lee Kuan Yew:

    Singaporean politician Lee Kuan Yew of the PAP, who publicly questioned the need for Article 153 in parliament, and called for a "Malaysian Malaysia".

    In a speech, Lee Kuan Yew bemoaned what would later be described as the Malaysian social contract:

    "According to history, malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of the 39% malays in Malaysia today, about one-third are comparatively new immigrants like the secretary-general of Umno, Dato Syed Jaafar, who came to Malaya from Indonesia just before the war at the age of more than thirty. Therefore it is wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysians only through their favour."

    Eventually, and Singapore became an independent nation in 1965, with Lee Kuan Yew as its first prime minister.

  31. I’m spreading the below article from The Edge Daily which I find most revealing. Simple and makes sense. Please read and let’s all return back to using our minds (instead of just “Saya sokong”, “Saya sokong”, justice and righteousness.

    Separate politics from economic management
    By R B Bhattacharjee

    Recent events involving leaders on both sides of the political divide are uncanny enough to stop people in their tracks. The first-ever US presidential-style debate between Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Datuk Shabery Cheek last Wednesday, that had the startling PR theme “If we form the government today, we’ll reduce the oil price tomorrow”, suggests an impatience on the opposition coalition’s part to take over the helm of the nation. The signal that change may be in the air is surely not lost on the business community too.

    The next day, further confirmation that all is not well in the political sphere came when Anwar was arrested by police in response to a sodomy report lodged by a former party volunteer. More precisely, the SWAT-style interception of Anwar’s car by balaclava-clad police personnel in a convoy is not exactly the usual reaction to a sexual offence report. The strenuous explanations of the Home Minister and a senior police official, and the ruckus in Parliament over the arrest, all make the political point too obvious.

    These developments, and many lesser tremors over the past several weeks, have generated a cloud of uncertainty over the political landscape. The message it bears for business is “wait and see”.

    Naturally, therefore, Malaysia has been pushed to the side of investors’ radar screens, together with Thailand, which is in the midst of political churn as well.

    One weakness in the current governance environment in Malaysia is the overly powerful effect of political developments on the conduct of economic affairs. This is to be expected due to the unbroken hold that the same political parties have had over the federal government since Independence five decades ago. Now, however, the time has come for the administration to be separated from the economic management of the country. This is a journey towards good governance that we have to take. There are lessons in this regard that can be drawn from the experience of our neighbours.

    During the 21 years of Ferdinand Marcos’ rule over the Philippines, more schools, hospitals and infrastructure were built than in the tenure of the nine presidents who preceded him. Much of this was accomplished through hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the US, which Marcos and his cronies unabashedly tapped for personal gain. The extent of the kleptocracy was so huge that till today no one is able to accurately estimate how many billions have been salted away.

    The excesses of the Marcos regime finally led to his overthrow in the spectacular People’s Power uprising of 1986. Ironically, after the dictator was deposed, the political situation became highly fractious. Not surprisingly, some became nostalgic for the orderly if heavy-handed government of his era, when the citizenry was law-abiding and disciplined.

    Since the March 8 general election, Malaysia has entered a new phase of democracy that is tending to become rather turbulent. While there is a vast difference between the Philippines, which Marcos had to flee, and the political climate in Malaysia today, it is clear that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government is being challenged in unprecedented ways. The contest for the people’s support between the BN and the nascent PR has led to exposés involving land deals to charges of questionable use of representatives’ allocations and even an attempt to file a no-confidence motion against the prime minister and his government.

    Clearly, this is a time for some honest reckoning to take place.
    When economic mismanagement left the Filipinos with empty rice pots, they began to look overseas for jobs and incomes that their government had failed to provide. The well-educated and urbane Filipina domestic maids who are a familiar feature in many Malaysian households are testimony to this failure of development to meet the people’s basic right to a livelihood.

    The Philippines is also the largest supplier of maritime crew in the world, partly because a Filipino seaman can earn up to 500 times his local wages if he manages to get out of his country. So powerful is this incentive that impoverished rural youth go to great lengths to secure a certificate from the many maritime training centres in the Philippines.

    However, shipping lines that employ these “instant” crew have found that their skills are extremely suspect, resulting in a high rate of accidents and indiscipline among them. Indeed, the credentials are so dodgy that international liners have set up maritime institutes of their own in the Philippines to ensure that their graduates measure up to the required standards.

    Malaysia appears to be a long way from such a situation, but if its people are not to land in the same boat one day, governance authorities in both the public and private sectors need to uphold a strict code of accountability.

    BTW, happy birthday to beloved state of Sarawak. So sad to see that Taib is still raping her. Have to wait for him to die in office, then we'll have some change. The Bumiputra in Sarawak have been left behind in development since independence.

  32. Tahan wujud = boleh tahan lah

  33. I'm a Sarawakian living in KL. I felt dissapointed and sad that my fellow bumiputras in Sarawak are still living almost the same condition as 20 or 30 years ago. Although they are Bumiputra, they are not as wealthy or better than the Malays. Why is it like that? Same as the orang asli in Pahang, their rights has been hardly supressed.

  34. Anonymous11:57 am

    I received this email from a friend and he asked me if the contents below about Patinggi Taib Mohammad is true!


    Many Sarawakians perceive Taib Mahmud as greedy and corrupted, but not many as evil. Only those who are supposedly close to him know his propensity for the occult, black magic and other forms of evil.

    This propensity is not merely a passing interest but one which he has embraced whole-heartedly, even as a means of keeping himself in power as well as a justification for his being in power for so long, in spite of many challenges.

    Taib Mahmud consults bomohs on a regular basis and does not make any major decisions without advice from his bomohs (or perhaps a particular one who has managed to keep him impressed all these years). Many bomohs have become very wealthy from their association with him.

    It is said that he has bomohs from different races, religions and nationalities. So what, you may say? Many other Malaysian and Sarawakian politicians are not adverse to seeking advice and assistance from bomohs to stay in power, prosper and advance.

    So who is really controlling Sarawak then, Taib Mahmud or his bomohs? And how evil are they or how evil is Taib Mahmud? While we may never really know the extent of his evil or that of his bomohs, Sarawak Headhunter doubts if there can be any good in it.

    Taib Mahmud keeps and even uses all kinds of artifacts and objects which supposedly give him power to continue to rule over Sarawak. Some of these artifacts and objects appear to be mundane stuff of many other collectors, but for Taib Mahmud imbued with certain supernatural powers as claimed by Taib (and his wife as well) – thus Tun Rahman's earlier accusations of syirik against Taib, a sin in Islam which is said to be the greatest and most unforgivable sin, even greater than that of rape, adultery, gambling, usury, drinking alcohol or theft.

    Others are without a doubt just plain evil, like for example certain devil's head busts that he keeps around his palatial house, even in the living room, and which Sarawak Headhunter has seen with his own eyes.

    Can any Sarawakian with a bit of conscience, whether with any religious conviction or not, support such a person, knowing that they could be supporting the worst evil in the land? Can we support leaders who support such evil?

    How deep is the level of this evil? Does anyone ever wonder why it appears that Taib Mahmud does not have any conscience at all? Shall we all bow to such evil?

    Can we allow such evil to control our destinies and that of our children and grandchildren? If we believe in the Power of God and nothing else, then we are obliged to fight this evil.

    Let us get rid of this evil from our land, the evil that is Taib Mahmud.


  35. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Sarawak's 45th Independence, you all say? You all got to be joking. Go and look at oxford dictionary or webters dictionary for the word 'independence'. I was born several years before Sarawak was handed over by the British to an independent Malaya to become one of its territories.

    An independent state is in full possession of sovereignty. Sarawak doesn't possess that sovereignty without sharing it with Malaya. The real independence is 31st August 1957. Sarawak, North Borneo (now Sabah) and Singapore joined Malaya by becoming Malaya's 12th, 13th and 14th state and taken a new name Malaysia 16th September 1963. If we were to celebrate Malaysia Day it ought to be on 16th September and this year is the 45th anniversary. If we celebrate the Independence Day it ought to be on 31st August. Malaysia is one sovereign country (or appropriately called 'sovereign state)and therefore should only have ONE INDEPENDENCE DAY, i.e., 31st August and not two, i.e., 31st August and 16th September. Very many people don't know that Sarawak, North Borneo and Singapore were officially scheduled to join Malaya on 31st August 1963. To confirm this you can read the Declaration of Independence Act for Sarawak, Singapore and North Borneo passed by the British parliament in 1963. Legally and technically speaking Independence Day for Sarawak and Sabah is 31st August. The delay of 16 days was because the United Nation had made a second review (which was no better than the ealier falsified Cobbold Commission Report)as a result of strong objection by Indonesia, the Philippines and also many Sarawakians too. Despite the dissenting views the Bitish went ahead to surrender its three colonies to Malaysia. To make it sounded pleasing to the ears and general sentiment that a new nation had just been born, the Malayan Constitition was amended by the Malayan Parliament in 1963by changing the name "MALAYA" to "MALAYSIA"

    We are all morons if we think that the Independence day for Sarawak and Sabah should be celebrated on 16th September. There are for two reasons for that fallacy. First, Sarawak is not an independent state on its own. In other words it is not a sovereign state. Its independence is derived from the sovereignty of Malaya, which became a sovereign state on 31 August 1957 in the form of a federation with all the former Federated Malay states of Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, and Pahang and the Non-Federated Malay states of Perlis, Kedah, Trengganau, Kelantan and Johore together with the former Strait Settlements of Penang and Malacca. And secondly, not unrelated with the first above, Sarawak and Sabah have never been truly independent on its own save for the first 16 days, namely, from 31 August to 15th September 1963. Therefore, by joining Malaya, Sarawak becomes an integral part of Malaya that was renamed Malaysia and shares the same independence day of 31 August. Many Sarawakians like to beleive that Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore helped formed Malaysia on 16 September 1963. Unfortunately, it was just a misconception. The three territories never helped to form Malaysia. The three could not be said to have formed Malaysia. How can the already sovereign state of Malaya be formed? We are all fooled by the name "Malaysia" which seems to connote another new sovereign state being formed. IT WAS JUST RENAMING THE SAME MALAYA WITH A NEW NAME "MALAYSIA". How can we all say a new sovereign state, namely, Malaysia was form when the three territories were added to the already sovereign Malaya? The Malayan Constitution was slightly amemned to accomodate the new territories as its 12th, 13th and 14th territorial states. There was never a new constitution drafted with a view to forming a new sovereign state.

    To say we are independent, yes, we are, as an integral part of an independent Malaya that was renamed Malaysia on 16 Spetember 1963. At the risk of repetition, I want to say that again, the Independence Day ought to be on 31 August. To say that we are not independent per se, yes, we are not. From Crown Colonies of Great Britain (our former colonial master) we were handed to (on our own accord of course after the conclusion of the IGC finding and report)Malaya to share the independence that Malaya had gained several years earlier.

    Malayan historians, notably, Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim of the University of Malaya and his contemporaries and their politicains included, may not officially share my argument. I beg to differ with them. They can write anything they feel will serve the purpose but one thing they cannot do, i.e, to change history and historical facts. Facts can only be manipulated but not not changed.


    Aki Andan

  36. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Anak 10:35 pm said:

    "But to me, since Taib had been able to bring development to the state, why not let him have some wealth from doing so."

    This is the most despicable, irresponsible and outrageous comment I've read on your blog!

    For a citizen to accept the plundering of public wealth by a politician, just because the politician carried out the duty he has been elected to carry out for the stipulated income, is vile and unacceptable.

    It is precisely this type of attitude that will bring the downfall of the nation -- the legitimisation of embezzlement, graft and bribery.

    And this is what this commenter is encouraging. This attitude must be denounced! For we don't owe anything to politicians.

    If this is the attitude of Malaysians, then God bless Malaysia.

  37. Anonymous12:21 pm

    well raib achieve only one thing, making his blood-thirsty families damn rich!! Funny that ACA just close their eye in this issue

    zamri sunway

  38. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Dear Rocky

    According to The Star today, the government plans to "rape" sarawak and ruin its natural beauty by building 12 dams by 2020.

    What are you thoughts on this and will you partake on any movement to boycott this if any?

  39. We Sarawakians are a tolerant lot until pushed..

  40. Brunei was smart not to join Malaya to form Malaysia.

    Singapore had its reasons to join initially, but was smart enough to get out after only two years.

    Sabah and Sarawak had stayed in Malaysia.

    Brunei and Singapore are doing very well and have been doing well. Can we say that of Sabah and Sarawak?

    What conclusions can we draw from the different fortunes of these 4 states?

  41. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Happy Birthday Sarawak. When ru going to gain your independence ?

    - sarawakian -

  42. Anonymous4:02 pm

    nama ngigak, wai?

    kemaya kitak ngagai sibu? mayoh indok bajek-bajek ni...

    do u speak iban? u better, bro!!! heheeh!

  43. Anonymous6:02 pm

    i wish sarawak had never joined Malaysia! Long live sarawak!

    kamek sayang negeri kamek.


  44. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Aki Andan

    Facts can only be manipulated but not not changed - yes - but you may have misrepresented or manipulate the facts.

    I agree Sarawak is not a souvereign independent state on its own. Fact is Sarawak is a partner in the formation of a new nation that would be named Malaysia on 16 September 1963. That is why Sarawak and Sabah have certain autonomies. The "independent" Sarawak for 16 days from 31 August to 15 Sep 1963 no longer exist so Sarawak can't celebrate 31 Aug independence day - nothing to cheer for anymore.

    Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah are collectively now independent of their common colonial masters. which is bigger - the independence day of part of a nation or the birthday of the nation itself. The latter will make the whole nation feel as one.

  45. Nibuh kak nganok bangsa bukai, ke dirikpun budo belaban sama kedirik .... nyiruk tuak, nadai kerja bukai, mabok gak tauk

  46. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Sarawakians were lied to especially the younger generation. Last years taxpayers money were spent to celebrate 50 years Malaya Indenpendence posted as malaysia Indenpendence but the actual fact is that Malaysia is only 45 years old. Please dont lie the younger generation!!!!


  47. Anonymous6:51 pm


    We would sure love you bloggers come to Sarawak and have a look how well (or badly) we have done as have done as compared to Singapore. Singapore has become first world though both Singapore and Sarawak gained independence through Malaysia in 1963. Notwithstanding our rich resources (and Singapore is only a small island) gas petroleum timber and land for palm oil, we are ranked 4th in terms of hardcore poor after Sabah Kelantan and Trengganu. it is all don to corruption at the top. Please highlight the problems for our sake in Sarawak.


  48. Anonymous8:50 pm

    bro, some people including sarawakians see pehin seri taib as a dictator, some might call him corrupt, make wealthy with chronies,etc

    come to think again, everyone has their own chronies, hey people out there, whether we like it or not, we are exposed to the world of politics from primary schools, secondary schools. we will choose, to whom that we are going to be friend of, which friends do we choose to share our foods, car..so, what is all the fuss all about?

    chronies? sigh, anyone who becomes CM, PM, DPM, hey, everyone will choose their own men! we are the same, so do not point fingers at pehin as the "devil".

    bro rocky, there are some points that i want to highlight here, hope u read and share with millions of malaysians here.

    1. sarawakians, including me, lebih rela tengok our own sarawakians, to control all the wealth of sarawaks rather than letting people from semenanjung @ melaya to control them.

    2. i do not mind if pehin seri to hold the post of CM for years to come, i dont mind at all, he gave a lot to sarawak.

    3. do u know that pehin seri is a brilliant and a genius? do u know, sarawak has more than 30 different races. do u know if anyone who's not as good as pehin seri could handle and give stability to sarawak? do u think "melaya's style " of politics can be done in sarawak, hence give it stability that we have for years already? nooOooo!

    4. do we want umno, pkr to come here and destabilize the politics here? noooo! other than Dap, no, we do not want umno here.

    5. what happen to sabah when umno control it? the sabahan lose their power to control their politics forever! all are controlled by umno.

    6. what happen to their economics' control? do u know majority of the projects dispersed in sabah belongs to semenanjung's busninessmen? i pity sabahan. really. even tukang sapu at the airport, imported from semenanjung! *sigh*

    7. do u know what happened when pehin seri questioned in local paper, why sabah got extra RM billions for development, and why not sarawak. so, PM quickly went to sarawak and gave assurance sarawak will get extra RM billions to sarawak. the sad part is, this money is federal money, which is of course controlled by federal govt. what we, sarawakians want to see, is, the fund is given to sarawak's govt, so that our govt can allocate and help the local business @ companies. we gained extra billions RM, but, it is controlled by federal govt, then companies from semenanjung will be given those projects! we dont want that to happen.

    bro, there are some issues i want to arise here;

    1. do u know most of sarawakians and sabahans still thinking that we are the 2nd class citizen, for e.g. we always see this quote in our papers " seluruh malaysia termasuk sabah dan sarawak"

    dont u think, sabah n sarawak is also malaysia?

    what happen if the news come out like this "seluruh malaysia termasuk selangor dan perak"

    what do their people feel about that?

    2. semenanjung ppl always complaint why do they need passport to come to sabah sarawak, why do they need permits to work in sabah n sarawak. its the rule n law "perkara 20", syarat2 penubuhan malaysia. its give n take, u take our wealth (oil n gas). we get only 5%, the other 95% we share with the whole malaysia, so that the schools, hospitals can be built in their state, to pay the salaries of the govt servants, etc.

    3. there are people who still ask sarawakians

    "eh, bila balik ke malaysia balik?"

    "eh, kat sarawak ada kenderaan tak?"

    "eh, korang tinggal atas pokok"

    ah yes, bro, anwar ibrahim, when he came to sarawak to campaign for PKR, he told sarawakians, if he could establish his own govt, he assures sarawakians that the oil's royalty would be increased from 5% to 20%. do u mind asking him, why not give sarawak at least 50%? or 75%? why only 20%?

    4. do u know how insulting most of sarawakians feel whenever we celebrate our merdeka day on 31st august? to make it worse, they counted the age of malaysia from 31 august 1957! how insulting that is to us, to me. malaysia did not exist on that day! we should celebrate n make it official the day of malaysia's independence day n age of malaysia is counted from 16 september, not 31 august. every year, this issue remain as a big issue in local newspaper.

    5. malaysia ditubuhkan dgn penyertaan sabah, sarawak, etc. its not that sabah n sarawak joined malaya @ malaysia. encik aki must review its own point. tunku went to sabah n sarawak, to give penerangan about his plan to establish malaysia to the leaders. remember, Sabah n Sarawak tidak menyertai malaysia, but we formed malaysia.

    6. as mentioned by ur reader, i know, the date of independence was on 16 september due to the review by the UN. my question is, did malaysia exist on 15 september? or 13 september? or even on 31 august 1963? NO! yes, it was delayed, post-poned, and there the history goes.

    ah yes, bro, i forgot something, do u know why our CM wants to celebrate 22 july? the day when sarawak became independent nation (read:nation). why not alang2 tunggu until 16 september?

    a few points must be raised here;
    1.45 years, sarawak in malaysia (its not 51 years ok?)

    2. 22 july, the day sarawak became an independent nation. encik aki did not mention n maybe he doesn't know what happened during the day of 22 july many years ago. its the day sarawak was handed by the colonial british and the management of the govt was 100% taken care of by sarawakians! its the day sarawak became an independent country!

    surely, it's a signal to the pak lah n his govt. dulu sabah's MP memberontak in parliment, so, it's sarawak's turn now. this is a big signal to pak lah, we almost never celebrate this day before. we dont have to let our MP memberontak in parliment, now its' the CM sendiri yg memberontak. yes,cara halus n bersopan, do pak lah n his govt wants us to memberontak in aggresive way?

    got the points? good :)

  49. Anonymous9:36 pm

    A state consists of the people, the land/territory, the government and the sovereignty. Official British Recognition of Sarawak sovereignty did come, somewhat grudgingly, in 1863. But in 1850, USA did recognize us, making us sovereign in to them. Meaning to say, we're only colonized between 1946 till 1963. From the date of cession till the formation of Malaysia. Never forget that. NEVER-EVER!!

  50. Anonymous1:29 am

    Happy Birthday Sarawak!

    I remember once some time back when I asked a former colleaque who's a Sarawakian how is Sarawak and especially Kuching her hometown like since I would be visiting Kuching soon then. My friend has travelled often to Peninsular Malaysia so I thought I could rely on her information.

    What I got from her is: 'Nothing much lah, Sarawak and Kuching is very backward compared to the towns in Peninsular' What a surprise I got when I landed at Kuching airport! It is the opposite of what she described.

    I told my friend that she's really not fair to your own hometown. She shouldn't have felt so inferior when there is so much to offer.

    Truly Malaysian

  51. Anonymous4:44 pm





  52. I must say, as a Sarawakian, I'm truly grateful to Taib and his government although lots of Sarawakian don't like him. Sarawakian has the chance to go to school and local universities with scholarships and government loans given to all Sarawakian from Yayasan Sarawak. I was shocked to learn that in Semenanjung, students have to apply loans from PTPTN and have to pay back the loan plus some interest after graduation! We Sarawakian only pays, the worst, 20% of the loan. And, if your results are good enough, you can convert your loan to a scholarship! No need to pay a single cent. What the f*** with UMNO and BN in semenanjung, giving people's money for study loan, then, take it back plus interests!!! Blood suckers!!!!

  53. Anonymous7:24 pm

    "But to me, since Taib had been able to bring development to the state, why not let him have some wealth from doing so."

    Well at least as he "rape" Sarawak, the people enjoy many of its benefits. Some people rape their homeland but no benefits are given to the people. Now we are seeing more Ibans, Melanau, Orang Ulu driving Toyota Hilux as the Chinese do. Don't know what happen to the minority Malays. They live in the big city longer that than Ibans did away with their loin cloths "cawat".
    I am not defending Taib. I don't like him because he has been holding that CM post for so many donkey years. But it is not fair if we totally ignore his contribution. What Taib has brought to Sarawakians? I don't want to answer that on his behalf. But just take a look at the Iban longhouses. Many are now built from brick. Some even better that the medium cost terrace house in Semenanjung Malaysia. Bigger in size too. Got Astro as well. Some got parabola though it is illegal. I have to all the places in Sarawak even to the most remote areas but I didn't see any longhouse with atap roof. If there is any that could be a "dampa" or temporary longhouse built as shelters before dwellers are constructing a new longhouse. I think what Rakyat Merana said about no changes in Sarawak throughout the 45 years was baseless. To astounded reader, I think you would do what Taib does. But could you bring the same development that he did? Could you keep the racial and religious harmony and political stability among the 30 ethnics living in Sarawak? Look at Semenanjung. There are only three major ethnics but where is the stability? The politicians gained so much wealth but the people have to work double jobs for decent income.
    Of course not all of us like Taib. But be fair when we want to mock him. If the ACA couldn't catch him, that means he had not done anything wrong. Where got politicians who do not have any business interest? Even in the so called most democratic country USA, their politicians are linked with many board listed and multinational companies.
    So, what the fuss. Just wait for Taib to say bye bye to this world, then we make a good change in Sarawak. It would be a lie if any of us have never received any bribe. We are taught to receive bribe by our parents.
    So, what is there to say?

  54. Anonymous9:25 am


    Yes, legally we are one. But in truth and as a fact we can never be one in spirit, mind, soul, feeling, etc.

    You say autonomies? I beg your pardon. It is just a perception and falling in phrases only. In reality there is no such autonomy left to be proud of. Yes, we helped with renaming Malaya to Malaysia by our entry. But as partners is far from the truth. For more than 5% oil royalty we have to beg from the Central government. We beg for what is ours and you call that autonomy? For road we beg. For bridge we beg. For welfare services we beg. For the electricity coming from our own state we also beg. Anything else we don't beg? The only thing we used to hold dear was the entry our Malayan brethen entering Sarawak without a passport and their entry was at our pleasure. We can chase out anybody we think is personna non gratta. NOT ANYMORE DEAR. Those were histories now. For the rest I am not aware of any autonomy. If land matters what you can consider where we have autonmy, then every of the 13 states is having that. With due respect to you I have read the Federal Constitution from the first Article to the last and all schedules therein, there is nothing to make me conclude that we have autonomy remain with us.

    Well, to celebrate the Merdeka Day as one nation as you say, that we must since we belong to one nation. I have no quarrel with that.

    Aki Andan

  55. Anonymous4:31 pm

    (heha) : " hahaha...! all of you in
    the main land are troubling with
    mercs & perdana issue, look at me,
    I am using RRSS...RRSS, i repeat..
    ...RRSS... a silver shadow lah !!
    ...hahaha ... !!"

  56. THeinsiderous1:04 am

    Somebody help me, cause' I have a question.. Since when Sarawak or Sabah joined "tanah melayu"? I thought Malaysia exist bcoz' Singapore, Federal Malay, Sabah and Sarawak were formed together right? But.. it doesn't happened like that right? So.. what on earth is going on?

  57. For the first time ever.... Sarawakians are going to celebrate their independence day, 22/7

    This event is organised by Sarawakian netizens in Kuching and Kuala Lumpur.

    it indicated the awakening of the people of Sarawak !!

    please see fb event page here:


  58. talking about politics?? nobody's innocent. well except for some but most of them are not innocent. lol

    lee shin