Monday, July 21, 2008

A new party called Pasumno?

Umno and PAS, Ketuanan Melayu and Ketuanan Islam. A foreign editor described the Umno-PAS talk to me as "the big elephant that might suddenly stampede". Question is, just who will be crushed when these two rivals decide to hug and join forces.

Will this put paid to Anwar Ibrahim's dream to become Prime Minister? It will split PAS and it will split Umno, but how big will that split be? Will Hadi Awang be the next Deputy Prime Minister? Will Malaysia be an Islamic-Hadhari state? Will the talk bring unity among the Malays? And unity against what? Against those who are challenging their position as masters of their own nation?

What's becoming clearer at this point is the split within PAS. Abdullah Badawi, the Umno president, said he has met with Pas leaders three times. Not once but THRICE. However, Nik Aziz, the spiritual leader of PAS, did not attend those meetings. In fact, Nik Aziz said these meetings were not between PAS and Umno, but between individuals from the two parties.

What's Badawi's end-game here? Watch this big elephant closely now ...

I've read Kickdefella's PAS-Umno, Jangan Main Belakang and Husam Musa's Abdullah Memancing, hati hati.
Both sound wary about the talks.


  1. Anonymous5:34 pm

    BN Is Aiming For Another Taman Medan Incident to Break Pakatan Rakyat

    I call upon all Pakatan Rakyat leaders to be careful of active attempts made by UMNO/BN to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

    It has been a along standing policy of UMNO/BN that there must never be a competition to Barisan Nasional. In other words, to BN, there must never be an alternative allowed to exist along with Barisan Nasional.

    My sources from inside Ministry of Home Affairs have informed me that such program has been planned and adopted by them after their loss in PRU12. Their plan now is to aim at weaknesses of Pakatan Rakyat and try to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

    I am referring to the Loh Gwo Burne incident being roughed. A good account from someone who attended the ceremony can be read here. The part that I want to highlight is the fact that the police remained quiet and passive and allowed a bunch of demonstrators commits a crime under the Sedition Act.

    The biggest question of them all is why does a group of Indians wants to protest a “surau” when the “surau” is approved by both State and Local government (under the Desa Mentari second phase development plan). Furthermore, the small demonstration was conducted during the “pecah tanah” ceremony, a clear act of provocation. They purposely disturb the events by blowing whitsels and shouting slogans. They created a very unhealthy and dangerous atmosphere.

    They could have easily protested using the proper channel and the issue would have been considered. Yet, until the day of the ceremony, there was not a single note of protest submitted to the government formally. But, out of no where, a group of protestors appeared on that day and disturbed a peaceful and harmonious program.

    The police, on the other hand, who was present on that day, chose to remain quiet and allowed the protestors to commit a clear crime under the Sedition Act. They let the protestors do their thing without interference.

    From the eye-witness report, the protestors are mainly of the Indian race. Why I highlight this issue, is because it reminded me of the Taman Medan incident. I was in Taman Medan only hours after the unfortunate incident started and I got to see ambulances coming in and out of Taman Medan.

    From what has been reported, it was a small group of Indians that provoked the Taman Medan incident. But, it was other Indians that got hacked and injured. The original provocateurs were never to be seen during the entire incident. One fatality involved a father of two who stopped at the fruit stall to buy some fruits for his children. He was a good citizen and has never been involved in any acts of provocation. In fact, he just came back from his second job as a bell boy in a hotel.

    From the report above, I can say it contains striking similarities with the first Taman Medan incident. Furthermore, the mode of provocation is strikingly similar. The motive is also similar as well.

    Except in the first Taman Medan incident, the motive was to fire up Malay sentiment feelings because UMNO lost the Malay ground in 1999. Now, another Taman Medan will result in UMNO maintaining their Malay ground plus they will be able to punish the Indians for not voting them in the last election.

    But the biggest prize will be their ability to break Pakatan Rakyat because a racial riot in a Pakatan State is the best excuse to show that Pakatan Rakyat is a failure.

    Low Gwo Burne is An Imbecile

    I’d also like to comment on the Kelana Jaya MP. First of all, I’d like to congratulate Nik Nazmi’s assistant for giving Low a lesson he highly deserve.

    Secondly, if Low was a competent MP he would know that encouraging a protest during a ceremony like this is tantamount to sedition. It’s sensitive and can lead to racial and religious tension. But unfortunately he is an imbecile.

    Third, the entire ceremony was discussed in the local Pakatan Rakyat meeting which even Hannah Yeoh was present and it was approved. Why then would Low Gwo Burne didn’t express his reservation then?

    Fourth, Low was easily duped into serving the interest of Barisan Nasional and UMNO and an imbecile like him should not represent PR in the parliament. Why does Anwar Ibrahim picked him as MP for Kelana Jaya, one can only wonder.

    Fifth, Low Gwo Burne is also trying to show that he repesents the residents. Then, what about the Muslim residents who pushed for this surau? Aren’t they as much of a resident as the others? How can Low be so stupid?

    Sixth, Low is not even sure if the demonstrators are true residents of the area

    Seventh, Low himself admits that he doesn’t know who the developer first. Maybe, if he had checked, he will notice that the “surau” is part of a complete plan for Desa Mentari Phase II Development Plan, where areas for playgrounds have been allocated as well.

    Clearly, Low is an imbecile and he belongs in a zoo. Making him a candidate is one of the big mistakes Anwar Ibrahim had ever done.

    Tulang Besi

  2. Lets hope the real reason for those meetings is to calm both side supporters.....not to go out of line and disrupt the peace of our Nation.
    Lets hope Hadi Awang is warning Dollah not to main belakang...making life difficult for Anwar.
    Lets hope...for once....Hadi Awang stop disgracing PAS....misusing his presidential do as he likes...talking something else.
    But Nik was fast to say...Hadi met Dollah on his personal capacity..and not representing PAS.
    Lets hope Nik and Husam united stand against UMNO and pro People's Party....will succeed.
    If it fail..ultimate sufferer is PAS.......not People's party.

  3. Lihat lah betapa Bangsatnya Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Tatkala beliau merasakan orang Melayu sudah mula menyampah dan meluat dengan beliau, beliau cuba bermain psikologi dengan mengeluarkan kenyataan yang boleh memecah belahkan lagi orang Melayu.

    Ingat, PAS tanpa Nik Aziz ibarat sebuah parti kosong. Kerana Hadi Awang tidak lebih daripada seorang ahli politik biasa. Maka dengan itu, muzakarah tanpa Tuan Guru Nik Aziz menunjukkan ianya hanya merupakan konspirasi individu tertentu di dalam PAS yang cuba diberi GULA-GULA oleh si anjing tersepit bernama Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Oh tidak...wahai Melayu Islam.

    Ini semua terjadi gara-gara orang UMNO bodoh + bahlol yang masih mahu mengekalkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

  4. Well ... you talk and you talk, now that you feel that you might lose power, you try to find new friends, new ally and what the malay must work together because I might not be in the goverment.

    In Perak they condemn the Mentri Besar, why can't UMNO support him since he is from PAS. The main reason will be let me ... me ... be the leader, no UMNO will Malaysia Parish ???

  5. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Hmm...should the "others" be afraid, very, very afraid?

    How will the strict moralists in PAS co-exist with the rent-seekers and crony capitalists in Umno?

    A Umno-PAS tie-up is the big gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about. It is guaranteed to make the DAP and the more secular elements in Parti Keadilan queasy, to say the least!

  6. Anonymous5:48 pm

    I just wonder if the people who is involved in this appreciate the fact that this is really treading on a very dangerous line...for themselves. I personally do not think this will save UMNO's political hegemony, but rather, I think it will be the catalyst of its demise. Tok Guru's PAS will be able to weather this in any eventuality of screw-up, but not Pak Lah's UMNO. Just my two cents.

  7. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Tidak ada ketuanan dalam Islam, kecuali keadilan..kluangman

  8. Anonymous6:04 pm

    I think that with the coalitians between PAS and UMNO, DSAI will not have the chances to become the next PM. However this would bring benefits to both parties as both have similar materials characteristics but just differ in idealism.

  9. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Kalau ia membawa kpd kebaikan, why ever not? Already around the blogs, i am seeing ppl dissing it: ada petualang, blah, blah. Why so negative?
    Islam teaches us to be as one, and not to tear asunder what is good.


  10. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Imagine ... if UMNO and PAS worked together in Perak, 100% exco member will be Malay and thus most likely 100% of local councillors will also be Malay.

    Thank god PAS is level headed with their strong Islamic understanding of justice.

    Imagine what this will bring to Perak if we are to allow the state be managed 100% by Malay.

    Enough of this Ketuanan Melayu thing?

    "Want More"

  11. Ikhwanul Muslimin which Hadi has allegedly been refering to (if I am not wrong- in his fear of dealing with non-muslim parties and co-leaders in the Pakatan) are dealing with a totally different scenario than that of Malaysia. Malaysia has long been multiracial and multireligious.

    The other PAS leaders who are having talks are using the common thread of Islam (being the religion of the majority of Malays) in these talks with UMNO and by extension, Malay unity.

    The truth is in Islam, there exists no ketuanan of any race. It is for all humanity and the Muslim leaders must mete out equality and justice for all.

    Umno is more about taksub membabi buta kepada ketuanan Melayu and have not been practising Islam as Allah ordained, and for them to USE Islam and Islam Hadhari (a bidaah) for their own ends, that is continuing to rape and pillage country, is simply DESPICABLE. Islam comes first for a Muslim, not race, and Umno diehards fail to see that.

    Islam has never called for the favoring of one race over the other. Every one is a human being with the same rights and needs that must be met by the leaders. If Umno had been practising that kind of just leadership all this while, I believe we would not have this huge divisiveness that exists in our nation today and the other races would not feel such contempt and distrust for Islam.

  12. Anonymous6:29 pm

    They are planning to do a dialogue \, no plans as to the merge of the two parties.
    The dialogue itself is a good move for the benefit of the Malay and Muslim community.

  13. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Andaian dan spekulasi sempit hanya menambahkan lagi pandangan rakyat terhadap isu ini. Sepatutnya muzakarah antara PAS dan UMNO harus dipandang positif dan ia harus dijalankan dengan ikhlas tanpa wujud perasaan ego dan mementingkan diri sendiri. Dengan motif utama untuk menyelesaikan masalah Melayu dan Islam, Insya Allah muzkarah akan berjaya...

  14. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Just when we are seeing the hopeful demise of race-based parties like MCA and MIC, we have Umno and Pas trying to make themselves stronger as one. This is not the way to go, if we want Malaysia to move away from communalism and embrace cosmopolitanism. It is going down the road towards more racial politics and ultimately, prejudice and discrimination. And that is an unsavory road to take indeed for a nation that wants itself to be a model for others to follow.





  16. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Woow... Unity talk is good for everbody.. Thumb up for PAS..(New Gen leaders)...UMNO + PAS - PKR...
    Good for all races.. proven track records during Asri.. Enough is enough of street demos.. it won't do any good... Think wisely and we all can live peacefully in this country...
    From Joe KL

  17. Kenapa Malaysia tak boleh buat macam formasi Iran?

    Ahmadinejad di depan, beliau dijana oleh para ulama' di belakang.

    Anwar Ibrahim di depan, ...

  18. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Congratulations...PAS + BN = Beautiful country.. Aman damai..
    Go for Aman Malaysia.. No more ????

    Joe KL

  19. Anonymous7:15 pm

    PAS must not join UMNO. This will be a big folly. with PR as govt, PAS can get as big a share as they want, perhaps even DPM post. They will only be cheated by UMNO, Badawi is just trying to save his ass.
    DSAI did say a lot of things which make PAS very uncomfortable, but they must know, he is only trying his best to hold a loose coalition. Once DSAI is the PM he shall act to his faith completely with all interests of Malays and Muslims in hand.
    At present to face UMNO he has to juggernaut DAP and PAS to topple BN. If he at present gives into PAS' every demands, The minorities may swirl back to BN. PAS must bear patience.

  20. Politicians love to play the musical bed with strange bedfellows
    They don't care too much as long as they fit inside as follows:
    There will be unequal sharing of the birdnests as with the swallows
    They must be able to float even when the water level in bed is shallow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210708
    Mon. 21st July 2008.

  21. I didn't think that a Pas within Pakatan would work anyway. It's oil and water ....

  22. Saya sebagai ahli UMNO tidak setuju atas usul ini kerana saya rasa UMNO punya muslihat tersendiri, tidak jujur dan ikhlas untuk mengembalikan ketuanan Melayu.
    Saya amat menyokong kepimpinan Nik Aziz...malah berazam untuk berjuang dari dalam UMNO bagi memulihkan hala tuju perjuangan yang terpesong jauh akibat kroni dan gejala politik wang. Takbir!!!

  23. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Since PL is memancing, UMNO and Pas Merger can be called UMPAM or not. :) w9

  24. Anonymous7:34 pm

    The last time PAS joined the BN, they were thrown to streetside like a used condom once UMNO had done what they really wanted to do.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

  25. Bro Rocky,

    You should this read artickel.

    Gagasan UMNO-PAS

  26. Anonymous7:49 pm

    ATTN EVERYONE! U hav to read RPK's No Holds Barred under 'How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar'

    Its indeed shocking bru! Especially this ... You see, they asked a certain doctor from a certain hospital to conduct an examination on Saiful. The doctor did so and he came out with a report that said there is no evidence Anwar had ever penetrated or sodomised the young man. The police then picked up the doctor and detained him for three days. As much as they tried to force him to change his report to implicate Anwar he refused to do so.

    Until today, the doctor stands by his report that there is no evidence Anwar had sodomised Saiful. He knows he is going to be made to pay for this but he doesn’t care. He is not going to change his report and say that Anwar sodomised Saiful whatever they do to him. Exasperated, the police had to release Anwar on personal bond or police bail. The doctor refuses to doctor his report and neither does Anwar want to volunteer his new specimen.'

    Over to you Badawi ... WHAT MORE!

  27. Anonymous7:59 pm

    It will be a marriage of the most odd couple. UMNO is the most corrupted party ever, and PAS is most extreme Islamic and advocates syriah law. I wonder if syariah law cuts of hands that take corrupt money and stone guys who screw young teenagers like you know who from Melaka. How about cronism ? how does syariah deals with that and not forgetting using C4 to blow peole up. Pas must be truly bankrupt of ideas to go to bed with umno who has so much bloody baggage with them. umno is probably scare shitless of Anwar to go to bed with an enemy. Malaysian politics could not be any more dirtier than this.
    Umno hater

  28. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Dapumnopasadil. Nicer name. Can even fit into Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar.

  29. Anonymous8:07 pm

    The politicians are all bloody selfish and oppurtunists, whoever it be - PKR, UMNO, DAP, PAS..
    All have thier own agendas..
    Idiot Badawi just refuses to quit.
    Anwar wants to become PM by hook or crook - He can tell all lies for that. Desperate guy.
    DAP just wants the malay hold to end, reverse all islamic trends that malaysia adopted - a No! No! to Islamic state (be it hadhari or PAS style). It slyfully reflects the hatefull sentiments against malays and muslims that breed amongst most of its voters.
    PAS just wants its version of Islamic agendas implemented, and be forced down the throats of everyone.

    Is malaysia turning into a democratic mockery? like Indonesia and India. We perhaps are going to see weak govts propping up, only to fall every 2-3 years like what happens in the former countries.

    I am sick.. I just want the country to function and progress.
    No matter how much I cursed Mahathir back then, seems I was wrong.. His firm rule, although suppressive - was what Malaysia required to keep balance.

  30. Anonymous8:27 pm

    From Bongek with love. Utusan n Berita Harian never understood negri loghat, so plse do this Bongek guy favour n run it. Hillarious...

    kepado pak lah... PM paling sey sayang...I lap u

    namo sey ni KARIM...pengundi bedaftar DUN CHOMBUNG, PARLIMEN
    ROMBAU...alaaaa tompek si KERY yg abah'eh JAMALUDIN tuuu...tak kona'????
    menantu PAK LAH tu laaaaa....suko bona' sey ngan dio tu...ghaso nk buek
    menantu lak...

    sey nulih surat ni bukan apo...sajo yor nk ucap'an timo kasih kek pak lah
    sobab naik'an hargo minyak ari tu..
    lopeh ini bilo hargo minyak naik..hargo barang lain pun naik gak
    laaaa...banggo boto' sey ghaso...mcm duduk kek LAS VEGAS lak...HIDUP PAK

    sey janji ngan pak lah yg sey akan ubah tebiat sey dari makan ikan kombung
    yg dah merah menyalo mato'eh & pocah bedorai porut ikan tu pado ikan koring

    sey sanggup bekoban untuk UMNO dan bn..
    anak sey yg 7 org tu yg dh buleh buek team futsal tu boleh la bekojo lopeh
    sekolah buek bantu mak ayah diorang ni haaa...kok tk bekojo pun buleh la
    jadi mat rompit kek SENAWANG tu...dapek gak la duit sesikit...buleh gak la
    menoruskan tradisi keluargo sey ni yg nyokong UMNO dan bn

    ghaso2 sey ni nk ubahsuai bilik bilik yg ado kek ghumah sey...nk buek
    tompek bolo ikan & tanam sayur cagho hidroponik (apo binchek'eh ni???) sey
    tepakso tanam kek dalam bilik sobab sey tingga' kek umah flat...

    rebet yg pak lah bagi kek sey memang melampuh2 lobeh'eh dari keperluan

    bilo sey congak2.. sey cumo guno 20 sen yor duit minyak moto sehari.. ado
    la untung 21 sen...bak kato si SAIDA AF6 "ok la tuuuu"

    sey tak pakai pon keto... sobab bilo minyak naik hargo.. sey kono jual
    datsun kotak mancis sey tu.. dapek gak la duit....tokih2 pun ado la

    team futsal sey tu, sey nak suruh eksesais hari2 berjalan kaki tak pun
    naik beska' poie sekolah...ado la 5 km...dokek yor tuuuuu...
    walaupon gaji sey ni rm 1000..sbona'eh terlobih cukup untuk keluargo sey...

    buek permulaan nk ngubah kehidupan sey..
    sey tak akan guno'an gulo bilo buek kopi... tak akan guno'an topung untuk
    buek kodok

    sey nak ganti'an bogheh ngan ubi... tiap hari sey ngan keluargo akan
    berposo (kecuali pado hari hari yg dilarang beposo)
    sey akan buek minyak masak sendiri
    itu antaro caro sey ngubah caro hidup..
    ade banyak laie caro
    semuo kerano UMNO dan bn...

    dan sey mintak bona' pak lah naik'an laie hargo minyak yg ado..
    bukan tu yorrr.. sey mintak bona' naik'an laie hargo tol sobab org sbolah
    rumah sey nih org pembangkang...dio slalu guno highway, biar padan muko
    dio...tu la...suko bona' nyokong pembangkang...PAKATAN RAKYAT konon...palo
    hayah dio tu...

    nnt pak lah buleh la melawat sey dan sedokah pado sey solai kain pelikat
    bilo dh nak dokek2 pilihanrayo nanti...
    insyaallah kain pelikat tu sey nk bubuh dlm frame dahtu gantung kek rumah...
    tapi jangan lupo lak.. pak lah sain otogeraf yor kek kain tu....

    jgn lupo pak lah.. naik'an laie hargo minyak..
    jgn la diturun'an gaji mentori2 tuuu..siannn diorang...kang apo lak anak
    bini'eh nk mentodarah....tak dapek pulak nak menyopping sakan kek obe sea tuh...
    sey totap nyokong pak lah..

    akhir kato biar pak lah sonang, janji kami papo kedano.. hidup UMNO, hidup

    sekian timo kasih..

    ps/ sampai'an salam sey kek si KERY samo PATRICK BADAWI tu yor..tak lupo
    gak tuan punyo syarikat tah namo'eh...lupo lak...

    pocah kaco, pocah golas,
    sudah baco, harap baleh.

  31. Anonymous8:36 pm

    can PAS an islamic party that uphold the faith religiously be able to live with scums from umno? What are they trying to achieve? Is Umno willing to forego all riches and follow PAS' lifestyle and governing? If yes, hey I hv no problem. If they are not willing to follow, then surely they expect PAS to forego their faith and join the scums and sama2 plunder. Cake will be smaller no doubt but hey, in desperate times calls for desperate measures.

    But once the rakyat is fed-up with PAS, then be sure that the next tsunami will be even more devastating.

    Dont be a fool. Can a leopard change its spot?

    AH groo

  32. Anonymous8:38 pm

    frankly speaking, the dialogue is abt the benefit of malays but i think it is just another cow n bull story form umno to fish pas into a trap. since when umno is concerned abt the malays? if yes, then the poverty rate amongst malays wont be so high la.

    ahs hoe

  33. Anonymous8:40 pm

    u think umno will forego a DPM post n gv to PAS? All hell will break loose lo. UNless they create 5 DPM post la.

    Ahs hoe

  34. are malays weak? or is UMNO weak? or Pak Lah is weak?

    Malays are not weak. There is PKR and PAS and there are more Malay MPs in parliament. So how can Malays be weak. and lets face the facts, the non Malays have no plans to rule this country or take power. They are not that stupid. all they want is good leaders and to be treated fairly which is what Islam wants.

    Now UMNO is weak and so is Pak lah. So PAS jangan ingatkan air yang tenang tak ada buaya. you will be kicked out as soon as there is no need for you. and PAS will loose all 3 states if you join BN. Don’t forget how UMNO tried to destroy the Kelantan govt prior to 8th March. They evoked vote of no confidence in state assembly etc…is that Malay unity? Think. Is UMNO keen on Malay unity or survival of UMNO and Pak Lah.


  35. Anonymous9:12 pm


  36. Anonymous9:19 pm

    50 tahun Melayu tidak bersatu,,,Leave it as it is,,,!!!

    Lets concentrate on the econony,,,all my share d BURSA,,sudah tiada nilai,,,!!!!

    Hari Raya da'dekat,,Hello Pemerintah,,,lets make money,,and stop bullshit RAKYAT,,!!!


  37. Anonymous9:30 pm

    No, no. The new party will be called:

    Pasembor, to reflect the rojak nature of the new entity.

    It seems MCA, MIC and other BN parties have no say on this marraige as they are not Muslims or Malay based. So there.

  38. The game people play
    Telling truth is hard to come by
    Getting half truths are easy
    As long as people don’t question it

    Feeding it nicely
    Packaging it to look so real
    When you hear about the story
    Unbelievable yet the reservations
    Why truth so hard to apply?

    The tactics use to play
    The light and dark shadowing away
    You may not know what is happening
    Yet the mind won’t rest until the truth prevail

    So this is the game
    The people play all their lives
    Tell truths are hard to come by
    Only through bits here and there
    And the whole can be determined
    The truth or what is left of it

  39. Anonymous9:36 pm

    I don't understand WHY our government can so so Racist in their thinking. Yes, you can say racism exists in all societies, but here in Malaysia it is so blatant in your face, why can't we all live together instead of trying to force each other out. Ketuanan this and that, why, in 2008 are we still talking about race, race, race.


  40. UMNO adalah yang sesak, UMNO should disolve and join PAS. PR = religious values, keadilan and demokratik.

  41. Anonymous10:06 pm



  42. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Din, susah nak percaya diorang ni. Byk sangat dosa dan penipuan kepada rakyat. Mahathir pun tak hormat Badawi, apa lagi Pas! Nik Aziz pun ada bagi peringatan macamana Umno kencing Pas lepas PRU 1974. Masa tu Umno kata nak satukan Melayu tapi lepas tu pecahbelahkan Pas sampai empat puak ... IKUT CAKAP NABIL!

  43. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Hey Anon (8.07pm)
    "I am sick... I just want the country to function and progress".

    I'm with u. I dunno when this country going back to work. We are being sidetracked into so many non-issues, no real work is being done.

    I'm sick of all this talk, talk, more free speech, more democracy, let's demo. At the end of the day, zilch.
    Yep, Dr M's firm rule kept the balance. (oops, now we will be scolded and branded Dr M fans.

  44. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Anon 8.07pm,

    It's people like you who destroy nations. You just want peace at the expense of a corrupt, authoritarian, dictatorial and destructive leader and government. This is what we had and this is what we get as a result.

    You just want peace because i think you have everything you want, don't really know if it's thru hard work or crobyism or patronage or thru the gravy train.

    Nothing comes easy, my friend. History has shown us that it takes a lot of pain and and sacrifices to excorcise the devil. We are in theat process.

    So please don't just give up and be sooooo selfish lah..

    God Bless Malaysia

  45. Anonymous10:44 pm

    in this godforsaken Bolehland country, playing the racial and religious card is the only means to ensure your political survival. All the crap about peace, harmony and unity are just so much hogwash.

    I hope the demented souls do not play up my use of the term "hogwash" like what the good old doctor did when he tried to chastise our southerly neighbours when their mouth organ called him "topdog" of the country.

    It is always the small minds that play up petty issues to garner brownie points with the uninitiated and the backward amongst their kind (or specie).

  46. Anonymous10:48 pm


    Maybe we should call it PUSUMNO...
    Because it is going to degenerate into another RACIST party that we have been fighting so hard to get away from...

    Come on Hadi and PAS, have you forgotten the Chinese and Indians who carried your green and white flag and campaigned for your Malay leaders? Have you? Please don't forget cos you will pay a heavy price in the next GE if you do. Allah is great and he will show you the price for ungratefulness.


  47. Apparently it's not just you bro check this out...

    I guess they were just pissed at some of the actions taken by the DAP and some of the PKR politicians. Some are also very unhappy with Anwar Ibrahim's statement of rejecting Islamic Nation.

  48. Anonymous10:53 pm

    back to basic



    MIC+DAP+PKR+PPP+panditan+nalakarupan+others =new MIC

    Nepal+ Bangla+ Indon =Pati

    new demand, new face & same result

  49. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Today or tomorrow, just ask anybody anytime anywhere in Malaysia regarding UMNO, there is only one standard answer: Kalau ada pilihan raya hari ini, UMNO akan bungkus ... Wali Kota

  50. Anonymous11:10 pm

    i think pas should open their eye, why suddenly umno want to talk to them after 50 years! One main reason - anwar. If the PR manage to control federal, then umno consider gone because anwar know all the game plan and who gains from umno political

    zamri, sunway

  51. Anonymous11:56 pm







  52. This PAS-UMNO muzakarah is the best news I’ve heard for quite a while. Any discussions among the two big Malay Muslim parties for the sake of the Malay community and Islam are to be admired, applauded and more importantly, wholesomely and patiently supported by their community amidst the country being torn apart by desperate aspirations of human rights without borders. Whatever the outcome, the continuing talks, be it for another ten more times, should yield beneficial results to the Malay Muslim community. Whether there will be crystallization of a big elephant does not really matter.

    However, such good deeds as the muzaharah will be the subject to much treacherous actions to kill it before it takes off; such is the work of hypocrites and unbelievers vis-à-vis fitnah mefitnah as Islamic and Malay histories can demonstrate. In this matter, I doubt PM’s integrity and honesty; he out to capitalize issues to improve his battered and fledging image, what more when his family interest and the SIL comes always priority. I am still hopeful that PM and his interest circle will be pushed aside.


  53. Apa2 usaha yang ikhlas untuk mendekatkan atau menyatukan PAS & UMNO patut di sambut baik oleh semua pihak.
    Ini adalah satu usaha yang murni untuk menyatukan ummat di kalangan rakyat Malaysia....

    Taking the political view, between UMNO & PAS , they both command the support of the vast maojority of Muslim & Malay population.Malays and Muslims are synnonimous in Malaysia,since more than 90% of Muslims are Malays, and all Malays are deemed Muslims.
    The current Members of Parliment comprise of more than 130 Malays and/or Muslims from the 222 member assembly.UMNO alone has 80 Malay members with PAS having 21 and other Malays/Muslims in PKR and Sabah/Sarawak parties.This consitute to more than 60% of the whole House which also reflect on the ratio of population of the country.
    This is the poltical reality in Malaysia that all must accept.
    Unity within the main group of people in this country should constitute to greater political stabilty and stonger harmony amongst all the people.This is what seem to be eroding by the day, from the unprecendented result of PRU12.
    Only those who thrive from other people's disunity will continue to cast doubts , suspicions and aspersions to create further discord and disagreements and benefit from it.

  54. Everybody is busy trying to survive in this inflation and here we have PAS & UMNO clinging on to Ketuanan Melayu & Ketuanan Islam.

    Can u guys be more realistic & practical?Racial n religious issues won't put food on your table.Or it will,for your race n religion only but not for others?

  55. Anonymous12:11 am

    I just wonder what will Umno do to MCA, Gerakan or MIC if they choose to have a pow wow with PKR or DAP just like the Umno-PAS talk.

    Times Are Bad, Politicians Are Bad And The Government Is Bad

  56. Refer to

    Are there really 44 differences between UMNO and PAS ?
    No, there aren't any big deal.............. !

    ” Malay unity = UMNO unity = Ketuanan Melayu ”

    Suck !…………


    The phrase mentioned above just like a product has changed it’s packing but the content still the same.

    So whether Malay unity or not is not really Malay at all, because Malaysia is a multi races , multi religions and multi culturals country.

    Refer to

    " Let me take it from..'There will be order in the nation'.. There is order in the nation only if there is harmony in the house, and there will only be harmony in the house if there is beauty in the person, and there can only be beauty in the person if there is light in the soul.................."

    So we need
    ” Malaysians unity = Anak-anak bangsa unity = Malaysia progressive ”
    It's benefit the whole nation.

    Rakyat the Power of Nation.

  57. Anonymous12:34 am

    First of all ,in reality there is no Pakatan's simply merger of convieance...You must note there is no formal agreement between DAP and PAS...the point of contact was via PKR.....The recent developement's on the scandal involving anwar..does not really go down well with PAS...and constant hampering on Article 153...really does not provoked a home-made bomb attack on perak DAP office and letter with warning and bullet for karpal...I don't think there will be a split between the it had never happend before..thought it is poltical party but it is still very much religious party...I belive if NIK AZIZ were to say no....hadi would not challenge nik aziz is the spritual head...they are just playing they would have a better deal...The idea of pas-umno togther is still at initial stages...yet to progress further...we have to wait and see....if PAS and umno coalition was formed...then I forsee a chain reaction...all thoes PKR MP's might follow anwar is not becoming a prime minster....there might be further defaction from the the majority of the DAP MP's are new ,yet to have proven their loyalty to the party....I sense another Tsnami approaching....this time it is coming toward's opposition camp's

  58. Hmm...tying the knot are we? So what are you gonna call the new consummation? Pasumno? Pasno? Umnopas? Menopas? Umpas?

    Reckon Umpas should be cool. Pronounce as Hampas. Well, for a bunch of discards from both parties, it would be quite apt, don't you think? Back when I was in school in Seremban, them Somban dudes would pronounce it as Hampeh. And that would be the most appropriate word to describe this stupidity.


  59. Anonymous1:24 am

    PakSu Nor?
    Paksu Nor dah lama meninggal dah,masa dia meninggal dia ceraikan bini tua. Cina muaalaf bini muda juga India muallaf.
    Masa mereka masih bersama,dulu bukan dia nak ajar bini-bini dia jadi orang muslim betul-betul.
    Tapi Nor selalu ponteng jumaat, kaki joli, anak-anak tak hirau,laparke.
    Asal boleh duduk kedia kopi melaram.Tu je kerja dia.
    Dulu masa dia kahwin dgn maksu, lepas tu dia buat aniaya pada maksu, tu lansung kena cerai lalu kahwin dengan Pak Kar.
    Pak Kar ni tauke minyak urut tau.
    Pak Su Nor banyak perabih harta orang tua dia. Baru ni dia kalah teruk judi, habis gadai harta bini,bila bini bising ada ke nak mengorat bini Pak Kar.Dah tuduh Pak Kar macam-macam.
    Pernah juga Pak Kar kena tumbok kat juak dia sampai lebam.
    Memang aku tak ngaku waris dia ni.

    Anak Sedara Maksu

  60. Long before the elections when a number of us were postulating a a major opposition victory, I had written that a less than two-thirds vctory for Barisan could provide the muscle that UMNO will seek to regain its two-thirds with a collaboration with PAS. After all, even if this meant MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaving the Barisan, together with PAS and their most sacred two-thirds majority UMNO leaders can reassure for themselves their free access to plunder and PAS can have their Islamic States.

    Considering that there are many in PAS who are inclined to that, it makes me question if my prediction of this has anything to do with the nature of the players in this politics or if the motivations are already hard wired in that that motivates these people. I an inclined to think it is the latter.

    After all I do not know the individuals in PAS who are inclined towards this fellatio with UMNO. But I certainly do know of the justifications that are already provided for them to veer towards this course that appears to now being trumpetted into.

    Well, I know that Haris of People's PArliament is certainly aware of my fears. Well, it shouldn't have been fears. It should ahve just been something to be expected anyway. After all who ever forgets the story of the scorpion wanting to cross the stream.

  61. Anonymous4:55 am

    BUkan Pasumno tapi Pasumbor (rojak Penang)/

  62. Anonymous6:30 am

    I hope PAS could come to their senses as they had being cheated once by Barisan National.The ploy BN's government wants to work with them is to deny Pakathan Rakyat's dream to form the federal government.Please listen to Nik Aziz's advice if they want to cosolidate Pakathan Rakyat.If there is a split among the three,there is no chance to form the federal government even in the next 50 years.The formation of the federal government is just an in away as Pak Lah's government is very shaky, and a slight tsunami would swept them away.

  63. Anonymous6:47 am

    Cuba baca berita ni. Ada tak depa nak buat kat Malaysia. Bila bab naik huh tang tu jugak.

    Retailers Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's have all said they will lower the price of petrol, prompted by falling oil prices.

    Asda said it would cut the price of unleaded petrol and diesel by 3p per litre and soon after, Morrisons said it would cut both prices by 4p.

    Nak baca habis pergi kat link atas


  64. Anonymous7:35 am

    Desperate people makes desperate moves.....

    What can UNMO/BN do for us Malaysians when 50 years have gone by and our progress have been stunted. We are not only not progressing, we are regressing in terms of economy, competitivenes, sports and if fact in almost everything. Look at our neighbours, yes, they have their own problems but as far as I know their consumers buying power is getting stronger by the year, and this can only explain that financially everyone there is pretty "ok". Let's look at Malaysia, for the past 4 to 5 years, our buying power gets weaker and weaker. I am in the distribution business and back in the "good" days, festive season like Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and CNY, we can always expect some volume of traffic from the retail sectors. Now, we have only a shadow of what we used to do.....all the Hypers & retailers have been suffering year by year and gets worse this year(I predict) with the petrol and others commodities going up in price.
    But all the UMNO/BN cronies are getting big cars, big houses, big yacht, big overseas trips, big everything etc etc....
    So, basically, is this what Malaysians wants? Or do we want to change so that our future generations do not have to go thru what we are going thru now? Don't we Malaysians want to be better? Don't we Malaysians want our sons and daughters to be better off? Malaysia now are at the cross roads of current and future generations, what we do this generations determines what future we will lay down for our sons and daughters. Be afraid, be very afraid.....

  65. Anonymous7:57 am

    rocky.. pak lah niat baik. pakatan ni jadikan PAS MB di Selangor dan UMNO jadi MB di Perak.Baru islam boleh kembang. kini DAP jadi core di situ. mereka nak sama rata semua segi Malaysian Malaysia lah macam Singapore... ambil sikit2. lama2 melayu dan islam hilang.orang islam kena fikir ada ke DAP dan PKR tu boleh sembahnyang mayat kita ke?, sedekah al fatihah ke... tengoklah apa nabi buat dlm perjanjian hudaibiyah... tok guru nik aziz dah ke tempat tu. kita orang islam akan jumpa di akhirat didepan Tuhan nanti. oleh itu fikirkan jangan terlalu berpolitik sahaja, sebab bila mati hanya bawa kain putih saja.... semua tinggal tau termasuklah PAS pun bukan boleh cerahkan kubur kalau tak ada amalan dengan manusia dan Tuhan. sendiri mau ingat. sokong muzakarah untuk benteras malaysian malaysia DAP tu.

    hj ramli

  66. Anonymous8:02 am


    Why should anyone be concern?

    If PKR were to rule the country don’t you think it is a good time to find the bad apples now than later?

    It is a good time for PKR to find, identify and get purge those bad apples among them.



  67. bro rocky

    Yang beria-ia sangat nak bermuzakarah dengan umno ni hanya segelintir pemimpin PAS aja, itu pun yang telah sampai ke penghujung karier politik mereka. Hahi Hadi, Mustafa Ali dan Harun Din, antaranya.

    Haji Hadi memang seorang ulamak tapi selalu out of touch dengan reality. In fact PAS would be better of without him.

    Equationnya senang sahaja - jika PAS teruskan juga, mereka akan kehilangan sokongan golongan muda dan profesional dan PAS akan kembali menjadi parti nyamuk yang out of touch with reality.


  68. Anonymous8:49 am

    Bru, kalau dulu Nabi Muhammad SAW telah mempersaudarakan ansar dan mujahirin di Madinah. Mengapa pula kita tak boleh persaudarakan UMNO dengan PAS di Malaysia? Langkah ini afdal sebab islam sama islam. itu yang nabi ajar. Tapi nak bersaudara dalam pakatan rakyat DAP-pas- PKR ni apa halnya. Adeke DAP dan PKR tu mengucap dan mengakui nabi Muhamad sebagai pesuruh ALLAH. Kalau ikut islam maka ikutlah nabi. Macamana nabi buat perjanjian dengan bukan Islam adeke seperti Perjanjian Pangkor 11di mana dikatakan tak boleh sebut Perak Darul Ridzuan kerana ada unsur Islam? manacamana dgn bang sembahyang di Perak? apa dah jadi yeop... bergabunglah cepat dengan UMNO di Perak tu sebelum terlambat nanti taubat tak lepas.... janganlah jual agama dan bangsa kerana politik ataupun jawatan MB.

    hamba allah

  69. Anonymous9:08 am

    Salam Bro,

    Off topic sikit.
    I think Penang Gerakan playing with 'Fire'lah.
    Itu sudah biadap!!

    Dont play-play wait you kena!!

  70. Anonymous9:22 am

    good bye malaysia.
    good day is overed.

  71. Anonymous9:31 am

    rasa Psa akan tertipu seperti dulu.
    siapa tidak tertipu kalau deal with uno?

  72. Anonymous9:34 am

    blardy fools.

  73. DESPERATE MOMENTS result in desperate actions.

    What else can Badawi do now that his own people are no longer interested in his leadership.

    He's tried to turn UMNO members into Islam Hadhari' converts but failed.

    I've always likened UMNO to a Pirate Ship. Badawi is no Long John Silver.

    So, can PAS do it? Yes, if they make all the nasty members walk the plank. But then again others have tried and failed....

  74. Anonymous10:27 am

    It seems like another political conspiracy in the making to weakened the opposition.

    First, attack the leader of the opposition and it seems some damage has been done.

    Second, divide and rule the opposition coalition partners, look like PAS is the easier target. The talk is just nothing more than to create suspicions amongst the PR partners and the PAS grassroot, eventually weakened PR including PAS itself. PAS is also now losing the trust of some of its voter/supporters due to this talk.

    It is better for PAS to immediately stop the talk or do it in the open. Eventually they will know that they will be stab in the back and would take years to built the party again to regain its supporters confidence.

  75. Malaysians, this is an old trick la, deploying race and religion methodology to secure and keep the Power within.... dah lapuk and busuk lol....

    Well, if there's "spin" in this, its surely spun for decades, Malaysian are all familiar with it.

    I've respect for PAS and am sure they'll not adhere to UMNOs tactics, UMNO will try it's best to hold on to power, too much at stake not to.

    Well, for those who propogate by race and religious lines, kalau mahu sangat split Malaysia - biar yang dengki sangat kepada orang lain ie non malays set their own country, maybe Umno should do it since they always voice and comment in racial lines, i dont think Malays are racist - its this politicians who repeatedly churn it.

    From where i see it, we are all caring and have respect for each other - Malays, Indians & Chinese are'nt perturbed and like one another, its this biadap politicians who are splitting us.

    So, people, dont get carried away la, I've faith in PAS, beware of the spins by the "tepi jalan mentality politicians" ke ke ke

    WE ARE ONE, WILL BE ONE. its this politikus that we be careful la, jangan terbawak bawak dong ke ke ke

  76. Will these people stop talking about bangsa, bangsa, bangsa already in the same breath as Islam????


    I'm not Malay. My grand-dad came from Punjab and FOUGHT for Malaya..and I married a Malay (Minang-who is also technically pendatang) which nice little box does that put my kids in??

    topic melayu dah basi.

  77. Nothng can split PAS as long as TOK Guru is around. Rest assured. Tok guru is a spiritual man bestowed with high wisdom. Once PAs opened up or upgrade kelab penyokong to Dewan Penyokong, that will spells death to UMNO, MCA and MIC. That will be the truly multiracial party then. So let's not worry about the so called Pasumo or Pasumbor.

  78. Bukan PAS yang tertipu...tapi pemimpin-pemimpin PAS yang dah senja akan tertipu.

    Sejarah PAS lebih mantap dari UMNO(baru). Its good that this issue of a small band of PAS leaders wanted to join BN crops up when muktamar PAS ia around the corner. Pemimpin PAS comes and go. When dato asri left the party, everybody thought PAS was doomed. But they bounced back with much more dynamicism.

    My advice to Haji Hadi, Mustafa Ali, Harun Din - if you guys see your future lies in UMNO, dont be shy, join nakhaei in UMNO then. Minus mustafa ali, you guys were and always out of touch with reality!

    Aku hairan...Haji Hadi kata Islam Hadhari tu mengarut. Hari ini di pulak yang beria-ria nak berganding dgn Islam Hadhari.

    If PAS holds further discussions then they can say goood bye to the young and professional who has now giiven a new shade to otherwise bad image of PAS


  79. Anonymous11:50 am

    Ya ALLAH selamakanlah para pemimpin PAS dari kejahatan UMNO.

  80. Anonymous12:14 pm


  81. Anonymous12:36 pm


    To unite the Muslims (read Malays); this will be Abdullah's legacy.

    When all races are united within themselves, then only can we hope to see a united Malaysia. For how else can Malaysians be united? How can Malays embrace the Chinese if they can't embrace other Malays; how can Chinese and Indians embrace each other when they can't see eye-to-eye within the same political party?

    For those who profess unity, yet condemn and are angered by these first steps, i pray God will open their hearts.


  82. Anonymous12:43 pm

    what is DNA? can food? expire????

  83. Rocky!

    Always remember this,PAS is a Malay nationalist party or organisation. Its members must have realised by now how Hindu and Chinese extremisms really showing and rearing their ugly heads.
    Umno and Pas will not have any choice but to merge to face the impending "battle at OK Corral" between Malays and non-Malays. I know a lot of people will be angry with my submission, but somebody has to do it and I am not a hypocrite and will say it as it is! Meanwhile wake up all of you morons!

  84. Anonymous1:41 pm

    why would anyone waste their time talking to a flip-flopper?

    sejak bila islam sokong assobiah plak?lainLah kalau imano yang joint PAS.

    di mulut alif,ba,ta,
    di hati tiga ta,
    beribu batu dapat kurasa,
    harum semerbak alam semesta.


  85. To me Rocky, if the UMNO/PAS talks, dialogues, collaboration, compromise, accomodation, integration, assimilation, muzakarah, debates, arguments, argumentations, agreement (whatever it is that politicians finally do when they come to their senses)can bring about some semblance of order amid the post-election chaos,


    There's no denying the Malays are split down the middle for all to see and take advantage of. We have exposed our hearts and minds, in fact our very soul to the devil(s)in the country. Like Oscar Wilde's Dorian Grey, the portrait or demeanour of the Malay is etched with the evil thoughts and deeds, the griefs and sorrows, the frustrations and distresses that recent events have aroused in him/her.

    NEVER BEFORE HAVE THE MALAYS RECEIVED SUCH A BASHING - both within the group and without!

    While others are revelling in their new-found glory, triumphs and successes, the Malays are lamenting their loss of political power which forebodes grave dangers to their special position as defined in the Constitution.

    They are in disarray as charges of crime and corruption are levelled against their towering leaders including Najib and Anwar.

    It's really sad to see the country and the whole world decrying/destroying people with so much potential to do good for the nation!




    Meantime the poor rural Malays maintain their status quo - unequal and disadvantaged!

    Meantime their urban counterparts forge ahead with stupendous growth and development to rival the best globally corrupted and corruptible!

    Meantime the chasm between the haves and have nots grows deeper and wider!

    Meantime interracial divides grow and interethnic relations deteriorates!


    I APPLAUD THE UMNO/ PAS MUZAKARAH for the sense that it will drive into the Malays and the other ethnic groups who are watching with apprehension.

    I WELCOME the care and caution that it will instil in the BN and PKR coalitions, in warning them not to play the racial card!

    I pray that out of the confusion, there will arise enlightened Malay leaders who will articulate their ideas and visions with great sensitivity and rationality!

    I hope that out of the mumbo jumbo will emerge a new discourse that is informed and wise!

    The Malays need to restore their much bruised pride and confidence and rise as a people who will be respected and admired!

    We have so much in our civilisation - religion, knowledge, culture and traditions -that is nurturing and calming. Let's use them to advantage so that we will not be trampled as a race (bangsa Melayu) and as a nation (bangsa Malaysia).

    Just as our forefathers extended their hospitality and generosity to their migrant brethrens, modern Malays must be collaborative and accomodating with the other ethnic groups.

    AND VICE VERSA the Chinese, Indians and other Malaysians must accomodate the Malays and their special needs.

    IT IS NOT YOU OR ME BUT US that will work for UMNO and PAS, for BN and PKR, for the Malays, Indians, Chinese and all other Malaysians.

    We have a great country. Let's aspire to be great people!

  86. Anonymous2:40 pm

    kalu anuar ikhlas, berilah DNA baru sebab yang 10 tahun dulu katanya dah dimanipulasi. DNA dulu mungkin dah rosak. lagi baik bandingkan result DNA dulu dan sekarang... lagi tepat.ini DNA dulu tak percaya, DNA baru ragu. habis camno.lawan tetap lawan tapi DNA beri dulu. Lepas tu junjung quraan dengan saiful depan nik aziz di pulau melaka dan saberry beri RTM secara lansung... amacam?

    pak nik

  87. most people here talking like pas leaders are idiot can easily be fooled by umno and dont know what they are doing. please pas! better go muzzakarah with umno for the sake of islam and malay.

    me.. only better,

    that way consitutian state that only malay muslim can be the PM. only true malay muslim will loyal to their race.


  88. bat8,

    you must be truly hardcore pr supporter since pas members never said such word to their spiritual leaders. you should respect them coz they never say to join umno or bn. dont so your true color to pas members since you all still in the same pakatan.


  89. Anonymous4:27 pm

    gua hairan..belum apa-apa dah hentam bertalu-talu..
    kata ustaz hadi tak berani deal dengan politikus pakatan la, mcm-mcm..sebaik-baiknya biar lah pemimpin bercakap, tukar fikiran..munkin akhirnya pas tetap bersama pakatan, tetapi keadaan politik tidak lah terlalu meruncing sehinggakan ekonomi merudum..pkr pun boleh berunding dengan umno..umno boleh bercakap dengan parti komunis vietnam..ppp boleh diskusi dengan dap..semua boleh..cakap apa susahnya..

    paling penting sekarang ni ialah keadaan politik tidak terlalu panas kerana kalau macam ini selama-lamanya kita hanya akan meleburkan fakta semua sekali..

    orang melayu paling accommodative, bukan melayu pula sudah banyak berjasa..kita mahu semua yang bijak dan waras di barisan depan, dari wan azizah, ke nasution dan tony phua...tapi seperti gopalakrishnan dan kelana jaya tak payah la..

    tunggu laporan seterusnya...

  90. Anonymous4:27 pm

    PAS and UMNO? Come again?

    Like the Chinese put it, 'Kau'Um Ta Pat' - 9 and 8 can never get together!

  91. Anonymous5:04 pm


    UMNO hanya bercakap soal muzakarah bila dalam nazak macam ni. Cuba tengok kalau mereka senang semua habis di telan. Sejarah telah membuktikan.

    NO to UMNO.
    YES to PAS

  92. Pasumno?

    If Pas join arms with Umno, it'll end up Um-NO-Pas.

    Yup, NO-Pas.

    I don't believe Umno can truly work with Pas.

    Much like Mca can never really mix with Dap.

    As for Dap's foray into inviting ex-Gerakans - I suspect time'll tell that it wouldn't work.


  93. NO to UMNO
    YES to PAS


  94. Anonymous7:05 pm

    I agree that UMNO and PAS should bergabung together for the sake of Malay unity. Kat Selangor and Ganu boleh tukaq MB to PAS and the only DPM will go to PAS (only one DPM key!) Alright ... 5 years from now I might think differently but that's in the future, dunno what'll happen. For my non muslim friends, sorry maybe you should just keep quiet and just think about making money through hardwork or kalau ada lubang kat overseas ... cabut.

  95. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Memang confirm aku tak nak sokong PAS lagi unless Hassan Ali, Nasharuddin, Haji Hadi letak jawatan dr PAS...
    Pengkhianat perjuangan Islam! Sanggup p bersekongkol dgn pemfitnah2.. nyata depa2 ni talam 2 muka.. depan ckp lain belakang ckp lain.. ALlah itu Maha Besar..Maha Mengetahui.. apa yg korang sembunyi dr 9 Mac 2008 dah terbongkar.. percayakan lagi Presiden UMNO tu.. bila dia bocor rahsia tak malu korang?? perjuangan Islam PAS telah nyata dikhianati.. apa harapan dan impian rakyat Malaysia samada muslim atau non muslim terhdp mereka ni turut berkubur dan terpadam.. korang BELAH LAGI BAIK!!


  96. Is this the cousin to pasembor. A bit like rojak.

  97. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Before elections, whack PAS saying they are religious bigots. After losing, court them so that you want power.

    And PAS falls into their trap...It's not about Malay should be Malaysian unity.

    If PAS plays our back like this, my vote the next time will be only for PKR or none. I believe in multi-racialism.


  98. Anonymous9:02 pm

    PKR supporters like Tulang Besi is amazing. PKR members punch each other and its a Police assisted BN conspiracy?
    Yeah Right..
    Their advisor gets accussed by his Aide and UMNO planted the Aide?
    Yeah Right...


  99. Anonymous9:11 pm

    So if PAS and UMNO unite, that should be good isn't it?
    This will be the start of ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE.
    Heck if we really wannt to have MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA, we should encourage when two groups that always oppose each other start being friendly.
    IS that not what we strive for in any party? Unity?
    If we look beyond just race tinted eyes, shouldn't we applaud this effort for mutual understanding and cooperation for the greater good?
    Or are we only hot on unity when its advantages to our race/religion/faction/business?


  100. Kepada semua..

    Cuba baca dan tafsir perkara berikut:

    Kenapa Abdullah Ahmad Badawi baru sekarang memikirkan mahu bermuzakarah? Kenapa tidak ketika beliau mula-mula menjadi PM atau ketika beliau menang besar pada 2004.

    Ini semua kerana keadaan memaksa beliau berbuat demikian. Bacaan ini cukup mudah wahai sedara-sedari sekelian. Masa senang dahulu, segala dibawah kawalan, mana mahu berkongsi dengan orang, kini bila susah, mula menagih simpati orang-orang PAS. Sedara-sedari nak percaya Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ikhlas demi agama Islam? Isteri beliau sendiri pun beliau sanggup mmebiarkan berdosa berpanjangan (Tutup aurat itu adalah wajib).

    Fikirkan lah, kenapa tuhan tidak membuka hati Tuan Guru Nik Aziz untuk menredhakan konspirasi yang kononnya dipanggil muzakarah ini? Kerana terdapat sesuatu yang terselindung disebalik tujuan ini. Bukan berburuk sangka, tetapi telah jelas orang yang ingin bermuzakarah ini adalah seorang peimimpin yang munafik. Terlupakah sedara-sedari yang Abdullah Ahmad Badawi telah sebati dengan dolak-daliknya? Dengan flip-flop-nya. Atau dengan bahasa lebih tepat, dengan PENIPUnya. Ini adalah terang-terangan ciri-ciri orang munafik. Belum lagi diambil kira isu nepotisme yang diamalkannya.Si KJ yang paling dibenci rakyat, si Kamaludin yang semakin rakus. Kalimullah dan lain-lain lagi.

    Jadi, baru sekarang nak fikirkan pasal perpaduan ummah, pasal perpaduan bangsa.

    Bagi penulis, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi boleh insaf, sedar dan bertaubat dengan cara meninggalkan parti dan pemerintahan negara dan menyerahkan kuasa kepada orang yang betul-betul layak. Kalau beliau betul-betul ikhlas, boleh berfikir di luar kotak, lepaskan jawatan kepada Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. Jika tidak, Muhyiddin Yasin adalah lebih sesuai jika dibandingkan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang lain. Bukan-nya dijanjikan Najib Razak yang telah busuk dan kotor untuk dijadikan pengganti. Di sini kita nampak di mana keihklasan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang sebenar.

    Tetapi penulis yakin bukan itu tujuan Abdullah Badawi. Ini adalah strategi bagi mengekalkan kelansungan kuasa politiknya.

    Percayalah, penulis amat bersetuju dan menyokong seratus peratus jika PAS dan UMNO ingin bersatu. Tetapi bukan di bawah Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Kerana selagi ada Khairy Jamaluddin, selagi Abdullah Ahmad Badawi kekal dengan kedangkalannya. Untuk itu, kepada semua ahli UMNO, pastikan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi bukan lagi menjadi presiden UMNO, maka baru boleh berfikir untuk muzakarah dengan PAS. Al Lu Fikir Lah Sendiri.

  101. Anonymous10:01 pm

    the already politically bankrupt toyo calling desperately :" PAS, please join me to take over the selangor state ,you be the MB & i dun mind to be the deputy, ok !?"

    This dentist is really THICK - SKINNED lah !! (heha)

  102. Anonymous11:15 pm

    How can a clean white cloth be put and mixed together with a dirty old cloth?

    BN/UMNO is so tainted PAS should not go near them let alone touch them.

    Look at the spineless component of BN. They attacked DAP for working together with PAS. Now they are keeping quiet, their big brother is now talking to PAS, a party they most despised about.

    BN=Barua Negara


  103. Anonymous11:39 pm

    After so much of race based politics, now we're talking of race-religious based politics. I'm not easy with this. Please save this country.

    -The Iron Monkey-

  104. Anonymous11:48 pm

    psa tertipu, undi orang cina & indian yang tertipu oleh unmo-psa ini pru13 tidak akan ulang lagi.

  105. Anonymous11:49 pm

    don't you guy feel sick keep talking about race race race and race again and again??

    i thought we all MALAYSIAN???

    why don't these people talk about better development of the country?

  106. Anonymous1:49 am

    A comment from my blog.

    One wants to build a highway to heaven and the other wants to build more highways with tolls.

    I am sure they can discuss till the cows come home but even if they come to a marriage of convinence, its only a marriage of convinence, the outcome will be disasterous for PAS.

    The UMNO culture will infilterate into the PAS OS (operating system). Its like the girlfriend expecting to change the bad habits of the boyfriend. Eventually PAS will "acquire" the OS of UMNO and the few will benefit at the expense of PAS. It will mean the end of PAS as we know. Grassroot support will be destroyed and it will take ages to rebuild the party.

    While UMNO can afford the spare change to dish out. The beneficiaries will destroy the PAS party forever and UMNO slogan will prevail........... UMNO selamanya (UMNO forever).

    We are destined to meet our maker and are accountable for our actions. So be warned, there is no running from it.

    "To everyone is a term appointed: when the term is reached, not any hour can they cause delay, nor can they advance (it in anticipation)" Surah 7:34

  107. Anonymous2:40 am

    here's one for the Ultras

    Apparently, all these years 90% of taxes collected by the govt came from the chinese....

    Now, i dont know if its true but kalau benar, kita orang Melayu mesti berterimakasih kepada mereka, kan?

    Mengapa kita nak bite hands that fed our race and families?????????

    this is shameful

  108. Dear Rocky,

    A very "Healthy & Hot" Blogsite you are having now - congratulations & keep it up Bro.

    UMNO-PAS “Malay Unity” talks clearly shows "BN's Desperation" in its last throes of "Death".

    Where are ALL you God fearing, Law abiding, Tax paying, Peace loving Malaysians...

    Have no fear….if God brought us there….have Faith & He will surely guide us out of there !

    Ultimately God will anoint the “True” Leaders of this great nation, not necessary from any party...

    In the mid 40s after the 2nd World War & japanese administration…..the Colonials administered Malaya with their “Divide & Rule !”...

    Our Forefathers & the “Malayan Independence” groups also had their Trials & Tribulations….& had to be UNITED in their struggles to achieve “ONE GOAL”...

    "ONE GOAL" - The Independence of Malaya from the British Colonial administration - Merdeka.

    Tunku our Bapa Merdeka together with his first cabinet were established, honest, sincere “Noble” individuals of multi-race & multi religion who had worked & struggled to give Malaya, later Malaysia including all of us “Democracy, Justice & Freedom”...until Tunku was “Betrayed” by the Elite Nationalist Ketetuanan group (maybe some are still alive !)

    Sadly, the Powers-that-be (Elite Nationalist Ketetuanan group have “Divided us yet again & Ruled” !) have screwed this great nation, its assets & all of us for almost three decades...

    We are now at the CROSSROADS….and YOU have a CHOICE…..Do we all want to allow the Powers-that-be continue to destroy this great nation, our nation’s assets including our Children & Grandchildrens’ Future...OR…

    We UNITE & FOCUS on the main issue TOGETHER to support our “Defenders of TRUTH, JUSTICE & FREEDOM…

    For the BETTERMENT of our great nation, its assets, its Downtrodden rayaat & our Children & Grandchildrens’ Future !

    Yes, I have a dream….that soon we will See...!

    Malaysia for Malaysians…where EVERY Malaysian citizen can dream about, be given a chance to work hard towards ACHIEVE their “Malaysian Dreams!” Insha Allah.

  109. Anonymous9:40 am

    "When Malays unite, non-Malays also benefit" - Mohd Shafie Apdal (as per report in 'The Star' today).

    Really, ah?

    So, if the Malaysian Chinese unite and the Malaysian Indians unite, also good, leh.

    Makes me want to puke. Suddenly, cashing in my investments and retiring in Australia looks attractive!

    Who needs this kind of crap?

    (btw, Pak Rocky, I am honoured that you referred to my "gorilla" remark in your commentary in the Spore 'TODAY' paper today!)

  110. Anonymous10:53 am


  111. Anonymous11:46 am

    Mat Amno, you're really a racist. As Raja Petra mentioned before, Islam do not permit racist like you. And all other muslim who think like a racist, it's already a sin. You will go to hell.
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!
    Stop the racist's talk! You moron!

  112. Bah. Ketuanan Melayu? *shows middle finger*


    I am a Malay myself and like million others, don't benefit from it.

    Throw away that bullcrap. And DEB too.

  113. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Saudara Rocky terlalu kerap isu ketuanan Melayu di persoalkan. Sebenarnya Negara ini aman sejak merdeka sehingga kini kerana tampuk pemerintahan Negara dan jentera pentadbiran di galas oleh bahu orang2 Melayu. Antara sebab utama mengapa pada hari ini lebih ramai jutawan terdiri daripada orang Cina dan India adalah kerana peluang2 yang disediakan oleh Kerajaan Melayu ini. Tetapi saya merasakan sudah sampai masanya untuk mengukuhkan perpaduan di kalangan semua kaum, sekolah-sekolah jenis kebangsaan baik Cina atau Tamil dibubarkan sahaja. Jika kehilangan bahasa Ibunda kaum2 yang mendatang ini yang menjadi kegusaran mereka adakan sahaja pelajaran bahasa ibunda untuk mereka. Antara sebab terdapatnya peningkatan polarisasi di kalangan antara pelajar2 di IPTA & IPTS adalah disebabkan oleh sekolah2 jenis kebangsaan ini. Siapa tahu apa yang diselitkan oleh cikgu-cikgu disekolah ini semasa mengajar besar kemungkinan mereka menyemaikan sentimen perkauman yang extreme.

  114. Anonymous3:51 pm

    This is indeed a suprising twist,as they say expect the unexpected in poltics...togther umno-pas would make up around 72% of total seats in parliment...we malaysians regardless of race and religion need's a country which is stable...after the elections,it seem anwar had started a countdown to topple the govt....this make's umno very insecure....and more time is spent on consolidation of power rather than
    resolving the issue's effecting
    every race.Pas had abadoned it's puritan islamic state vision and worked with it's arch-nemesis DAP (I rember NIK AZIZ in the past
    brandising the DAP's lim kit siang as the devil)

    ...why not with umno?...I think UMNO or BN will be
    more cautious in near future when dealing with issue's..i hope this will be over soon,so we can concentrate on
    pressing issuse's like raising inflation rate
    ,enhancing improvised in every race...........

  115. Anonymous5:55 pm

    After winning a battle, you're in a position to dictate the terms. The victors don't succumb to the vanquished by being invited, let alone be dictated.

    Sensibly, these are the rules of engagement being used throughout history, and that was practised even during the times of Prophet Mohammad.

    I still have my doubts whether some of these PAS bigwigs can still see themselves as victors despite PAS winning at the last election; maybe not totally in numbers but at least winning from the "morality" point of view.

    It is unIslamic that they vacillate too comfortably and don't appear as rock steady as Tok Guru Nik Aziz. The perceived wholesomeness of these bigwigs are peeling off like veneer to expose their true proto-self, viz Ketuanan Melayu, rabid rascism, feudalistic, greed, power mongering et al.

    They are incapable of escaping themselves from their own carnal desires, even to the extend of unknowingly spiting their own faith.


  116. Imbecile are plenty in UMNO.
    Why use one incident by this Loh Gwo Burne...a young inexperienced man..calling him and imbecile?
    Why not characterized him a rough diamond?
    Without don't have the Lingam case....and the Lingam case..threw Mahathir's lawyer...out and Mahathir....more than ever before.
    That is why....Loh won a seat in the election.
    He is a National hero....far far more smarter than Gan Boon Leong of MCA in Malacca.
    Lets be fair minded Malaysians.
    Yes fear and provocations are coming from all forms and sizes.....planed by UMNO.....particularly from Najib.....not from Dollah.......although in dirty will protect the other for personal selfish reasons.
    Malaysians should all be smart and calm......not to fall into the traps.
    They repeated Anwar's sodomy appeal to Muslims. It will not modern Malays are sick of UMNO'S hypocracies and bullying methods.
    I have a feeling...PAS latest talk with UMNO is about peace and gentleman politics....more than anything else.
    I hope I am right.
    So lets all be calm and smart...but never be afraid....then their fear. provocations...and other plans.....that may lead to "Emergency Rule"..for their own survival...will never work.'
    Now that we know this in advance....lets not fall into UMNO's sickening traps.

  117. Anonymous10:25 pm

    I DON'T support PAS-UMNO merger, if that's what this so-called talk is hinting at. As a malay moslem, I'm proud of what PAS represent, and Im also proud that PAS can work with DAP and PKR into a Pakatan that transcend race and religion.
    Whether malaysia is ready or not, March 8 has given a sizeable mandate to PR to run four states...thus, I feel that a new malaysia must work towards a two-party system, where they debate on healthy issues instead of race/religion polemic.

    TO PAS -do NOT sell out!


  118. Anonymous1:37 am

    (heha) : toyo said, " pas, come join the bn & capture selangor, you be the mb & i be the
    deputy !!??" he is betul betul THICK-SKINNED lah, already a political bankrup wants to offer
    a mb post to pas ... @#$@#$%^&* !

    Najib is being PLAYED OUT lah because aab has offered dpm to pas if pas were to cross over !!

  119. Anonymous7:42 am

    kepada anon, percakapan engkau amat bodoh menunjukan engkau adalah alih satu parti yang bodoh juga seperti name engkau.

  120. I can'r help it.... PASUMNO -- can also be MANUPOS (sounds like menopause)

  121. Anonymous1:24 pm

    (heha) : mr. pm aab, your evil plot/scheme of so-called UNITY is against who/what !!?? isn't that sedicious ? u know i can report this to any use ?) !!

    dun you DARE forgetting you have the 'CHINESE DNA' !? YOUR SON, DAUGHTER & CUCU-CUCU too but not your sil ( sori, no way, luckily !!)

  122. Anonymous4:11 pm

    dear bru. muzakarah umno-pas slow. sebabnya mungkin PAS phobia tahun 1974 semasa dlm BN. Tapi dulu mas kawin tak cukup kot atau terma kontrak tak untung? . Kini peluang PAS nak perintah Malaysia terbuka luas. Nak harap PR macam guruh dilangit aje... masaalah babi Selangor, masaalah tanah di Perak... hai Guan Eng nak jadi khalifah umar abdul aziz pulak tapi masuk islam tak mau.

    Tengok PR ke BN yang ikhlas nak buat Islam dan beri mas kawin lebih. Dulu Asri dah berjaya PASkan tanah rancangan seluruh negara sampai sekarang! Kini buatlah Islam yang syumul.PAS jangan fikir untung rugi saja. Fikirkan kerana Allah. Marilah bersama pak lah laksanakan islamisasi yang global. Islam pakatan rakyat tu gimana... dengar cerita nak diri masjid pun ada demontrasi jalanan hingga bertumbuk.


  123. Anonymous11:29 pm

    (heha) : hahaha, pm MUST have read my message about his 'CHINESE DNA',
    NOW they dare not talk about 'xxx unity' but ' only islamic matter' !! he even cancelled the 'press meeting' that day & all my reporters were SHOCKED to see the EMPTY hall ( they all sudah cabut melalui back door !)

    PM, please dun you listen to the @#$%^&* from malacca who said, "
    we the umno & umno alone can manage one without the component xxxx !!"