Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RPK goes for broke with The Confession

An Evening with an Accomplice is, tragically, RPK's go-for-broke attempt to fix Najib Razak with something that will deny the DPM from becoming the PM. RPK's dream, it's not a secret, is to make Anwar Ibrahim PM. He's already facing one sedition and three defamation charges in his effort to realize this dream, including for a Statutory Declaration he made against Najib's wife. This time, he said, it's all or nothing:
"This time I am going for broke. This time I am prepared to go to jail for a long, long time just to make sure that Najib is not going to become Prime Minister of Malaysia in June 2010. Yes, I know I am headed for a fall, but I am going to bring Najib down with me. We shall both hit the dirt and become history, side-by-side. And how will that happen? Well, this time I video-recorded a ‘confession’ session. And the video recording is now in a safe place, ready to surface during my trial when they charge me for this newest ‘crime’, whatever that crime is going to be. The gist is as follows. When Saiful went to meet Najib, he brought a friend along. And this friend has confessed to the entire thing in a video recording, which I now have in my possession. So bring it on. Give me all you’ve got. Charge me and let us see what happens in court."
Read the "confession" or "interview" below. Is it strong enough evidence to convince the Court or anyone that "Najib met Saiful to discuss how to fix Anwar on a sodomy allegation"? Is it evidence in the first place? I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. But if you ask me, I'd say it's uphill all the way for RPK. He needs to pray that Anwar Ibrahim will become the next PM.

Of course it doesn't help that the Court has also rejected an application to get Najib to give evidence in the Altantuya's murder trial - Statutory Declarations are hearsay?

The Confession:
“What questions are you going to ask me?”

“No questions. We will not treat this as an interview. You just relax and relate what happened, like a story-telling session, and then I will video-record everything you say.”

“What exactly do you need me to say?”

“I suppose you can just relate how you first met Saiful, how he came to be employed by Parti Keadilan Rakyat, what he did in the office, and anything else you know about his allegation that Anwar sodomised him. The best thing is for you to relax and speak naturally, like you are telling a story, no questions and answers session which will make you stiff and not look natural.”

“Okay, if I make any mistake you will edit the tape?”

“No, we will not edit anything. That will tantamount to tampering with the evidence. Never mind if you make a mistake. Just repeat what you said or start over again. This video recording is not for broadcasting. This is for internal use only. We shall keep the recording in a safe place in case the police arrest you and force you to make a statement against your will. Then, if the police charge you for anything, we will be reveal this tape to prove that what you told the police under duress is different from what you said tonight. That is why you must speak naturally and not look stiff or like you are being forced to say whatever you are going to saying. This video recording is for your protection to ensure that they will not arrest you and force you to make any statement that is not true.”


“Let me know when you are ready. Drink some water to clear your throat and finish your cigarette first. Then we will start. Be comfortable and don’t worry. No need to even look at the camera if that makes you uncomfortable. Speak to me. Look at me and talk. It is easier when you speak to a person than to the camera.”

Sessions starts and he relates his story. After 15 minutes he gestures for the camera to be switched off and I oblige.

“I am not sure whether I want this next part recorded on camera.”

“Never mind. We can record it anyway and then if you feel it is damaging it need never surface.”

“I would rather get my lawyer’s advice first before this second part is recorded because it implicates Najib in the sodomy allegation against Anwar.”

“Okay, we can leave the camera off and you can relate the second part off-camera. Then we decide later if it should be recorded or not.”

“This second part is about our meeting with Najib.”

“Oh, you also went to see Najib?”

“Actually, I did not know why we were going to see Najib. Saiful just said that he wanted to go and see Najib and he wanted me to follow him. So I followed him. I was present when Saiful discussed with Najib about the sodomy allegation against Anwar. I did not know he was going to see Najib about that.”

“You did not know he was going to see Najib about the sodomy allegation?”

“No, he did not tell me.”

“Was it staged?”


“Yes, did Najib already know what Saiful was seeing him about or did Najib not know beforehand?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did Najib appear shocked or surprised or did he look like he already knew what they were going to talk about?”

“Najib looked very natural.”

“So Najib did not look shocked or surprised?”


“So, from Najib’s reaction, he appeared like he already knew what they were going to discuss. Only you did not know. What about the other people in the room?”

“They also did not look surprised.”

“So it appeared like everyone in the room, except you, already knew what Saiful was going to talk to Najib about.”


“But why go to Najib to talk about this? Why not go to the police or the religious department?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did Najib offer any advice?”


“Did Najib ask Saiful to make a police report?”

“No, he just listened.”

“Did Najib ask Saiful: ‘why come to me to complain? What has Anwar sodomising you got to do with the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia’?”


“Do you think that maybe all this was a show just for your benefit? The fact that everyone appeared to already know what the discussion was all about, except you, appears like they wanted you, an ‘outsider’, to hear the discussion.”

“I am not sure.”

“Before the visit to Najib’s office, has Saiful ever told you or anyone else in the office that Anwar sodomised him?”


“So the first time you heard of this was when Saiful brought you to meet Najib.”


“Did Saiful discuss anything else with Najib like a scholarship or something like that?”


“They just discussed the sodomy matter?”


“Why not I video-record this part?”

“Let me discuss it with the lawyer first. If the lawyer says it is okay then we can record it tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will not force you. I don’t want you to tell anyone later that you were reluctant to let me video-record this part but I forced you to do so against your will. You speak to your lawyer first and then we can meet again tomorrow and record this part of your statement.”


  1. Anonymous1:14 am

    The confession is probably in the second part of the video...i dont think RPK wants to reveal it now. The first part tu intro saja...

  2. Anonymous1:21 am

    (heha) : saifool claimed he was raped on the 26th june, so consulted najib on 27th & reported to polis on the 28th. BUT najib said on the 28th that saifool consulted him in his house 'A FEW DAYS AGO' & 'NOT YESTERDAY, the 27th ' !
    'A FEW DAYS AGO' = 25th, 24th or 23rd ie, BEFORE the sodomy on 26th,
    therefore, the so-called sodomy was PLANNED by ..... !!??

  3. Anonymous1:27 am

    --- and what? did that guy bring a camera along....CORRECT, CORRECT, CORRECT.....did he pretend to test the camera, trying to shoot some expensive vase at Najib's home----CORRECT, CORRECT, CORRECT ------ did he bring along some beverage for thyem to enjoy during thi conversation-----CORRECT, CORRECT, CORRECT-----did he also forgot to switch of the camera and let it run and recorded the whole conversation? Kinda sounds familiar here,


  4. Anonymous1:27 am

    This saiful friend is trying a luck to fish some money,if Najib Camp or Najib himself try to bribe him off,case is clear....but i dont think najib will bite this no class witness of Saiful to the video recording...Why dont ask this Saiful friend to make a "Statutory Declaration" like RPK ? The fact is that RPK is already broke no modal and trying to pull legs.Podah!!!

    The problem the rakyat is facing now is about the daily chores and we are already bored.We are sick of the game Mr RPK.We hope you will be spending the rest of your golden age at jail and Malaysia will be on track.The problem with RPK is that he think he is good and big headed just because he got lots of dumb bloggers supporting him.You deserve what you do and dont regret.We want peaceful Malaysia.Most probably the DNA of Altantunya is also fake and we are not fools to believe who is behind it.Your SD to mention the Army,The monarchy is just to make the Malay split...Go to hell lah RPK,jangan sudah bungkus habis,you need Physchology Debriefing by a specialist to make you calm and back to normal in jail ofcourse.

  5. Hopefully it does not entail another missing person. Wonder Bala is still alive?

  6. Anonymous1:48 am

    Don't worry RPK. The video recording is an acceptable, admissible and indefeasible evidence in court. Anwar Ibrahim shall be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia as definate as the sunrise tomorrow morning. Insha Allah ... Wali Kota

  7. Anonymous1:55 am

    Does RPK has recording of najib's meeting with saiful, or just recording of saiful's friend's so-called "confession" of the meeting?

    1) Can he proof that he was at the meeting?
    2) If yes, can anyone verify the conversations?

    If it's going to be just another Statutory Declaration, which, as what we've learned, anyone can make any SD, and change it the next day, I don't think anyone will take this SD seriously...


  8. From what has been disclosed in the tape transcript, I do not think it has much value. Of course there could be part two which could be more incriminating.

    From flimsy SD’s relating to Atlantuya’s case, he now attempts to interfere in the Sodomy Part 2 case which will only demonstrate his desperate intention to intimidate and smear DPM’s name.

    I would believe his objective is to merely arouse bloggers, sympathetic oppositions and public support to link the sodomy case as a political ploy and get the media to blow up/ publicize the issue and increase the pressure from the United States and foreign media in interfering with the case. Thus great; such ugly publicity for Malaysia, what a national hero!

    When practically everyone wants the police to do a decent job, RPK tries to confuse the issue and put further pressure on the police. It looks like the objective of the flimsy SDs to sub-judice Atlantuya’s case failed when the court threw out Kapal Singh’s application. While the Opposition accuses others of conspiracy theories, it appears that RPK is working closely with the Opposition (read DSAI) directly or indirectly like a conspiracy to bring down Najib for whatever reasons. A concerted action to tarnish the image of our institutions and systems is also at play.

    What’s there in one’s confession in video tape? The confessor can always retract his statement saying there’s a gun at his head or his family is under threat etc including being paid while the others present at the said Saiful-Najib session can say otherwise whatever else there is in the video tape; its one person’s words against several others. This confession is not a SD and so where’s the crime if it was misused. I am sure RPK is well informed of such possibilities and consequences (including by his lawyers and other advisers) yet he proceeds, his objective appears the same as in the Atlantuya case – trial by media, generate as much adverse publicity to put a spanner in the works, just like in the US.

    I would believe as a consequence, RPK’s reputation will be diminished beyond redemption. To me, DSAI will never be PM; the story of Prophet Lot (PBUH) and of Allah’s warnings, decrees and commandments are eternity - with God’s will, He will not let the transgressors and sinners have their way.

  9. Anonymous2:13 am

    No wonder paklah puts najib on hold for two years, besides fending him off in the coming umno's december election, who says paklah is not smart?zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

  10. Anonymous2:17 am

    No wonder paklah puts najib on hold for two years besides fending off najib's challenge to the president post in the forthcoming umno's election. Who says paklah is not smart?ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


  11. Anonymous2:18 am

    Rocky, it is not a matter whether RPK wins or not. He knows too well it's an uphill task to bring down the DPM.

    RPK has made his point very clear and we Malaysians know there can't be any personal interest for him at this juncture. Who enjoys counting bars in Kemunting?


  12. Anonymous2:24 am

    Where's the part that implicate Najib staging the whole event ? Is this another big fitnah that goes around the country right now ? Pure nonsense!

    Wang Poh Leong

  13. Anonymous3:02 am

    The "confesssion" reminds me of how psychologists interviewed children to answer questions that later led to the arrest of their innocent parents for sexual abuse. All the questions are leading question. And RPK reminds me of Madame Butterfly, the geisha who sacrificed herself for her American lover. Really, really tragic.

  14. Anonymous3:33 am

    RPK doesn't make anyone PM, unless of course you live in another planet. It is like saying you will make Najib a PM, can it work? Of course everyone knows you try your bst to selll Najib and do your best to help him polish up though he goes down further and further always, but your support is a matter of individuality that holds no water. One can argue that you may be desperate for a job, a "senior" media post knowing Dollah and gang have booted you out, and Raja may have the same thoughts as well if Anwar were to become a PM though for "money" and "position" purposes, everyone will say you are suspectible more than he is, after all, he has shown consistence and tenacity and much common good.

    If you believe Najib is innocent, you don't need to worry because nothing will stick. What's betraying him is not RPK but his own actions and the courts that refuse to clear his name. That's why I do believe Anwar said the courts should prove that he has sodomised Saiful rather than him swearing because such case no recording in Islam. Najin on the other hand says he swore in front of UMNO members. Ha ha! Are they "gods"? Are they the judges? Who cares? The only way is to go to court and clear your name. Swearing is only for marital purposes. No time in the history of Islam was otherwise recorded particularly for a criminal case.

    How would RPK deny Najib the PM-ship if he has nothing to answer? And how would he make Anwar the PM? By taking him to the Agong? Is he 30 MPs or what? There is nothing in his power to make or "de-make" one a PM or otherwise. I have always argued that Najib's greatest disadvantage is his fear to go to the courts and answer rather than swearing in front of UMNO members. Even athiests swear. It doesn't help.

  15. Poor An war I bra him supporters ...

  16. Anonymous3:38 am


    you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    the question is :

    what is the "special relationship" between the gay boy and dpm?

    they seem to be very intimate in a very special way.



  17. Anonymous3:55 am

    Wow, looks like there were a few other "conspirators" present that day.

    Boy, is Najib going to be in deep trouble if he's not careful.

    There are just too many people in the know, Najib, and they are all going to ask for "favours" soon. Can you keep them all quiet?

    Good luck, dummy.

  18. Anonymous5:29 am

    RPK's statement early on - about him bent on preventing Najib becoming the PM in 2010 - sounds a wee bit too venemous. It might be damaging to his credibility; plus that of his witnesses.

    Najib's side would definitely use this to neutralise the evidence RPK might bring forward.

    They will say that RPK had created it himself ... having ill-will and carrying out a vendetta against Najib. Not to mention being a strong supporter of Anwar - present or past.

  19. Anonymous6:04 am

    I think I hear Tun Razak turning in his grave. Did the DPM hear this too?

  20. What a pity this RPK guy is using his talents on devious, destructive ploys!

    He has shown himself to be the ugly unscrupulous Malay and Malaysian that the nation has so many of these days!

    Alangkah elok kalau dia menggunakan tenaga dan kematangan berfikir untuk membina bangsa, agama dan negara!

    Malangnya orang macam RPK percaya bahawa merekalah yang sayangkan bangsa, agama dan negara!

  21. Anonymous6:45 am

    I'd like to believe RPK as I use to. But really, have you read his make-believe articles ?
    The wild theories and scenarios ! Like I said , I use to respect his writings, but its becoming ...unbeliveable.

    Is this 'confession' another wild idea plucked from his mind !


  22. Anonymous7:02 am

    tantalizing new "evidence". RPK is one brave brave man. another he says though. will he reveal the identity of this fren of Saiful or is he taken to be a reliable informant too? and this the way we gonna have the next PM installed?

  23. Why is it that I am not surprised that the judge will reject Mr Karpal’s application to order the appearance of Dato Seri Najib as witness ? I too had a similar experience, which by the way is not over yet. Judges in Malaysia do not know the law and if they did they think they are entitled to exercise their judicial; and let me assure you that what they think is their right to judicial discretion is nothing more than their belief that their can do as they please; more like their personal whim.

    It is the practise of Malaysian judges not to write their judgment if ever they had one and they think they have a right to do that; BUT IF THEY HAVE SUCH A RIDICULOUS POWER THEN WHAT IS TO BECOME TO THE APPEAL PROCESS ? You cannot appeal unless the judge is proven wrong in law or fact. What can you do if the judge will not and in most cases do not know how to write their judgment ? That is the state of the Malaysian dysfunctional judiciary and legal system. In this case it is blatantly wrong in law to reject an application made to have a relevant witness present to be examined. THAT IS ADMISSION THAT NAJIB IS ABOVE THE LAW.

    I regret very much that lawyers in Malaysia just wait forever, sitting on their hands and my wife’s case saw a woman judge sat on her hands for over 4 years to decide on an issue relating to an application for security for costs and after those long 4 years she decided rejecting our subnission; so much for the law. However, there is an application that Mr Karpal can make to compel the judge to issue the subpoena directing Najib to appear as witness. Mr Karpal can apply for a wrti of Mandamus which I googled on wikipedia and it states that a writ of Mandamus in these terms :

    “A writ of mandamus or simply mandamus, which means "we command" in Latin, is the name of one of the prerogative writs in the common law, and is issued by a superior court (appellate court) to compel a lower court or a government officer to perform mandatory or purely ministerial duties correctly.[1]
    Itis for Mr Karpal to apply to the court for a writ of mandamus directing the previous judge to approve his application. For too long, Malaysian Judges have no realistic appreciation of the limits of their judicial powers; we need to take to court more often to hobble their natural propensity to abuse their powers.

  24. Anonymous7:59 am

    this is very interesting. our future PM has a very negative attitude and poor humanitarian. God saves us when he become our PM

    zamri sunway semenyih

  25. I read it last night. It's evidence, no doubt, but is it strong enough? Even with the video clip, it's not THE video between Najib & Saiful, but merely and interview. The judge is gonna throw it out the window; the accused with deny and swear it didn't happen; and the interviewee might just back out saying that he's "under duress" to be interviewed!!!!

    Sad to say, no matter how much evidence we have, nothing's gonna work but that doesn't mean we give up. Keep on going...fighting for the truth...

    Nevertheless, I do hope that RPK will be okay.

  26. Anonymous8:12 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I can't resist this one posting which involved my new found friend Raja Petra Kamaruddin and DPM Najib.Najib is not only my Malaysian political idol since the seventies, but he is also a family friend who had chosen politics as his career in order to carry on the political baton for the Razak family.

    Najib is not a political novice who had a long and distinguished record from his younger days of the early twenties until now and God willingly will take over from Pak Lah as Presiden UMNO and 6th Prime Minister on or before June 2010.He is talented with political wisdom and wits to be next prime minister and maybe better than his late father and also Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

    As for RPK, he should thank his lucky star for having successfully created his news porter Malaysia-Today, which has become synonymous to Malaysian and international bloggers, if not more popular than Malaysiakini.RPK is an outgoing socialite and he and his wife Marina are simple folks in the eyes of his many influential friends.

    I don't find RPK a threatening guy in his circle of friends, but like many others, we do not understand his personal agenda. RPK is not a politician and he has no ambition to be the next PM,MP,Senator or ADUN.Many of my friends in UMNO/BN asked me what is RPK's agenda and the answer is that RPK has built Malaysia-Today as a media "icon" and his first love is an internet journalist.

    However, the vital question is why should RPK sacrifice his life to glorify Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat's agenda to overthrow the BN government? In the process, he had to ensure that NAJIB WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUCCEED PAK LAH AS THE PRIME MINISTER DESIGNATE.

    To me this is only a wild dream and there is no way that RPK has the ability and capability to drag Najib into the ongoing Altantuya murder trial.Let us not believe that someone like RPK or even me can bring down a powerful UMNO leader who had been endorsed by the party to take over from Pak Lah when the time comes, it could be before December 2008 or in early 2009 if not latest by June 2010.

    It doesn't take a fool to agree that Najib can only be brought down from his pinnacle of political power to assume the post of UMNO President and Prime Minister for Malaysia, if the people rejects Najib in the election process or the withdrawal of political support from the UMNO delegates to the coming UMNO Annual General Assembly in December 2008.

  27. Anonymous8:24 am

    The problem with RPK is that it has been only talk so far. He dares the authorities to haul him to court so he can reveal his proof or what he thinks is proof.

    Let's be patient and hope he will deliver when his day in court finally arrives.


  28. Anonymous8:42 am



  29. Anonymous8:46 am

    another cliff hanger from RPK ..

    - eddie

  30. Remember about Najib's picture with Altantuya? This is same sort like that la... RPK desperately trying to bring down the TPM, in return he will become like Jeff-Oi probably, an MP. Or he probably already have a lot, a lot of Money somewhere? Oppss do I have to SD this?

    Anyway, it's so damm stupid if someone believe this guy! But probably Special Commission and Court under Pak Lah will!

  31. Anonymous8:52 am

    Let this revelation signify the second blow against BN. From their defeat in PRU12 shall arise the doom of UMNO, who, in their arrogance, sought to wield our motherland as their own.

    Blindly they built their kingdom and power, upon stolen wealth and conceit. Now they shall be consumed by the very flame that they sought to control.

    "Let the echoes of doom resound across this nation, that all who bear the sign of the White Scale may hear them and despair..."

  32. Mr MK, the only one who was bored here is you.

    What will you do when RPK goes to jail, AMNO make blogger's registrar and any type of AMNO-dissing comments will result in having a C4 planted in your mouth and you went out with a bang?

    You rather see this country go straight to hell?

  33. Anonymous9:06 am

    RPK is a big liar! as rocky puts it, RPK will do everything he can to make sure anwar becomes the next PM. He'll believe anything, and thinks anwar is a saint. Let me remind him that once anwar was one of the UMNO you guys hated so much. And he has not changed a little bit from the days he was the DPM.

  34. Interesting drama. Next we will have someone who says he has the video of Anwar doing his thing on Saiful. And the video is somewhere safe.....and maybe one day it will be at the pasar malam.

    If Najib really plant Saiful in Anwar, don't you think all the thoughts would be on solid evidence such as aka Chua Soi Lek style?

    Food for thoughts...politician turned porn stars.

  35. Anonymous9:17 am

    Wow, RPK is treading in very dangerous waters now, so is the guy confessing.

    I think we should keep the lid on this first, you know the saying "Don't awaken the snake yet"......

    Again, good luck to RPK and I believe, truth always triumph over evil......

  36. Anonymous9:48 am

    Regardless whether RPK succeeds or not in his vendetta against Najib, it is quite clear Najib cannot be trusted at all. There will always be a question mark against whatever he says or does. He has been implicated in one too many unpleasant events. From Altantuya murder case to Anwar sodomy all points to Najib having something to do with it.
    Najib has lost all respect of the people and the only decent thing left for him is to resign from politics and go away and live his life in luxury with his DOLLY. No matter how you stir shit it comes out smelling like hell, it is no longer a winning situation for Najib and same goes to the PM. The respect for them both has hit rock bottom. Time to fold, it is not the time to call, you have no winning hand and your bluff has no effect. For your own sake stop and listen to the public and go with some respect.
    RPK, keep up what you are doing, we are with you, we have enough of all the stooges in umno.
    Prophet of Doom

  37. The question is, Why is Najib still refusing to sue RPK? If he has nothing to hide, come clean. Why ask his machais to sue RPK? The rakyats deserve to know the truth and let justice take its course.
    I detest a pro-Najib blogger condemning others if they do not shall his blooming views. You are entitled to your opinions, let me be entitled to mine.

  38. Anonymous10:21 am

    Malaysia is doomed!

  39. More C4 action coming soon.. Raya come early this year.. Huhu..


  40. Kesian, such wasted talent, if RPK had gone to Hollywood or Bollywood he will make a fantastic script writer. He will make multi millions US Dollars or Indian Rupees writing about political fiction and cospiracy theories. With his obvious tell all skill merging fiction with little fact, gosh, he could even be Malaysia's first President of the American Screenwriter's Association. Malaysia Bolehlah!

  41. Anonymous10:32 am

    well,,id say gooo RPK!!wonder where he got all the courage..may the truth unfolds

  42. Hello Mr Rocky, you slight RPK for being biased towards the Anwar camp. It is also obvious that your writings are nothing but spin for Mahathir and his cronies. The confession RPK is talking about is in a video. What he has published is not the full thing. Why don't you take off your mask and stop this pathtetic attempt of trying to appear before readers as a neutral, free, independent journalist/blogger. It's quite irritating for those of us who can see through you. You're like an online version of NST!

  43. Anonymous11:03 am


    Interesting. Remember lst Najib says he doesn't know the gay boy but after a couple of days he admitted he saw him in his house for a scholarship. I supposed Saiful wanted a space scholarship. Najib must have known that Saiful's friend sold them out, that's why he admitted to meeting Saiful.

  44. Anonymous11:10 am


    I wonder why Najib allowed this guy who knows nothing in the first place to be in the room with the rest.....

    You will not do that. It seems Najib and his group look foolish if they also do that.

  45. Anonymous11:12 am

    Interesting! First Najib says he doesn't even know Saiful but after a few days he admitted that Saiful met him at his HOUSE. Najib must have known that Saiful's friend sold them out. Why the fuss about Anwar's DNA? Common sense will tell everyone that taking specimen from Saiful's arse to match Anwar's profile is the correct thing to do. Hello!!! RPK's story sync.

  46. Anonymous11:58 am

    Another 'drama' from RPK. Funny tho, we aren't that surprise anymore, well the rakyat is getting bored with the never ending saga between Najib-Saiful-Anwar.
    Too much speculations, fabrications and false plots.

  47. Hahaha. I'm not convinced, either.

    I think RPK should shut up and let the government convince the people that Anwar is innocent.

    After all, the government is doing a splendid job of screwing themselves.

  48. Anonymous12:52 pm

    if this the seceret weapon RPK is relying on for sure he going to be a guest of honour at Kajang Prison for a long time and on top of it be made a bakrupt coz of the multi million defamation claims filed against him unless anwar become a PM for which if RPK is free from all charges and claims then this would tantamount to cronyism or misuse of power which PR and RPK himself been fighting all tis time. either way rpk is history.

  49. Anonymous1:02 pm

    So has this "witness" been given the proper "protection"?

    Will he come out with a Statutory Declaration soon?

    Has he gone into hiding in a neighbouring country?

    Will he offer to swear on on the Koran soon?

    Was this "witness" the RESERVE person to be sodomised in case Saiful chicken out?

    Will Najib also swear as well?

  50. Anonymous1:13 pm

    1) this so-called 'the friend' must apply for polis protection;
    2) he /she (?) already been c4ed !
    3) najib/wife might be wanting to buy the confession with $$$$$$$$$ !
    4) he/she is bodoh to go to rpk who has no money one !
    5) should sell it to a foreign press for $$$$$$$$$$$$$, bodoh !
    6) more to come 2moro.....ok !?

  51. Anonymous1:18 pm

    If you know that a guy running for premiership is dishonest taking bribe hundreds of million and also involved in a treacherous murder, would u still cast your vote n give ur support to him?

    If u do i say u r of no better than 2 rot in bars or Hell!

    Long live RPK!

  52. Anonymous1:33 pm

    OK. RPK, yes, I salute your guts. But, enough is really enough.

    If you have proof, just take it out. get people arrested. Do it over a press conference, over the net. youtube or anything, if you dont trust the cops. but, STOP PLAYING GAMES. We have no time for this.

    Oil price is soaring at 120++ per barrel. Rakyat is quietly suffering. This is the main problem. This is the main reason why people vote or do not vote for any party. Do you think we vote to see SDs? Resources wasting court cases?? Do you all think I am enjoying this show??

    You think by committing DPM for murder and DSAI for sodomy charges can increase my income per month? can help me pay my bills? idiots. Real idiots. If this continues, the party that is really going to gain advantage over us, is our neighbouring countries. We are going down, and out soon, with such rubbish happening.


    -rakyat, real rakyat-

  53. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Islam Faqs -

  54. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Are we doing it right?



  55. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Dear anonymous.

    You wnat to know obout the date Saiful metNajib.It was 24 his house.Present Rosmah and Kharil najib special officer.

    Najib said in his second press statement.Saiful told him Anwar sodomise him and he was treumatise.He advise Saiful make a police report.Saiful make a police report that Anwar sodomise him on 26 June,two day after meeting Najib.How?

    Saiful also like to call his mak angkat.This Mumtaz is personal assistant to Rosmah.Could it be a coincidence.

  56. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Yes, suresh, i agree with you. RPK is the real fighter of justice and it's all for non-personal reasons.


  57. Wait a minute here... in that interview answered

    no maybe
    i don't know
    maybe no


  58. Anonymous2:28 pm

    I am not concerned whether Najib will be brought or not.
    I am just so worried for RPK.


  59. rocky I have a question..

    Why did you use the word Tragically at the introduction...

  60. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Bro. Rocky,
    One thing for sure you too have a dream. Your wildest dream would be a son of Tun Mamak become the next Prime Minister. Izzit?

    - Dicko

  61. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Between Tun Mamak, Dollah Hadhari, a Two-time alleged sodomiser and a Mongolian Lover - i would rather choose the lesser than all evils to rule this country. Yes..PM Dollah you are the only choice at the moment. FULL STOP.

    - DICKO

  62. Anonymous3:18 pm


    I have been a long time reader of your blog and whilst I have not always agreed with your views, I have always respected and will always defend your right to hold and air them.

    I would, however, like to point out the patent hypocrisy of this posting - given your repeated lambasting of Brendan, Kali, the 4th floor boys et al for their addiction to spin.

    Your choice of language, by no less than a career-journalist, betrays, if not an allegiance or persuasion at best, olfactory spin at worst. As RPK has not actually been prosecuted for any of the four charges he is faced with and, thus, not called to enter his defence yet (no sure thing either), how is it you deem it fit to paint(spin) his allegations against Najib as an attempt to "fix" the DPM?

    And whilst we're 'spinning', you're happy to take RPK at his word when he says he is going for broke to take Najib down but equally happy to partake in a "connect the dots" exercise when you state that "it's not a secret" that RPK's dream is to make Anwar the PM? This, in spite of the fact that RPK has stated many a time in his articles and postulations on the subject that he is not a fan nor supporter of individuals or personalities - only the cause and the rakyat.

    You are too much of a seasoned old hand not to realise that the choice of certain words over others tends to belie the agenda or the inclination of the author. I would not take issue with this spin/slant/conjecture but for your own sensitivity in previous postings as to any perceived allegiance on your part to any particular political party or politician - eg. when you remarked in a previous posting that there were those who perceive you as being a Mahathir-sympathiser.

    I have no problem with someone like Big Dog using the language and making the insinuations you have in this posting. I could care less for his politics, points of view and political affiliation but I will respect his right to those things and to broadcast the same. He does not do so under the ambiguity and auspices of a "pseudo - no spin zone".

    Difficult to accept your spin on this matter when you consistently write about wanting to dabble in "facts", not suppositions. And especially so, when you bang on about the proclivity for spin of the aforementioned characters.

    Dean Nair

  63. Anonymous3:24 pm

    I dont know why Raja Petra is interested with making accusation after accusation. And his confession for going for broke, means that he will do something even through illegal way..

    Maybe he thinks that he is a descendent of royal blood... but hey even royalty in Malaysia nowadays is bound by law... and this includes Raja Petra whose mother was one of the 44 grandchildren of the proclaimed Sultan..he is far from the royal bloodline to the current throne of Sultan Selangor... and just like ordinary people, he cant do anything illegal...

    Say we compare his blood and my blood... there is no different.. both are red .. so much of the royal blood in him poorah... the colour of his blood is the same as the blood of ordinary normal people who lives in Malaysia.

  64. All of them always pretending..selfish... what more after this????? demostration... again...again...n again..

  65. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Some of your readers are missing the point - all this proves that Najib was, one way or another, complicit in DSAI/Saiful case. Too many questions could be raised here - Najib's flip-flop first not meeting Saiful ever, them meeting him once in the office for scholarship advice (how stupid!) and then again admitting he met him again at Najib's home to counsel Saiful after this one was "sodomized" by DSAI. Bala's SD and sudden retraction and his disappearance. Rosmah's ADC's and bodyguards involvement in Altantuya case and then suddenly none is called to the court. Najib's ADC involvement in Altantuya's case. C4's involvement - where did it come from? New hype about DSAI's DNA or rather blood samples - the whole Government is so desperate for some samples. Mainstream media playing the ball till its sickening. I know many of Rocky's readers are avid Mahathirites, but better stay off Najib's ship.

  66. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Why does it looks like if Najib is not the next tarak org lain can jadi PM ????? (besides Anwar - I dont trust Anwar at all)
    He looks like he would do anything to be a PM kind of guy. If somebody would want something so badly like being a PM THAT is bad for us the rakyat .

    Isnt it a bit weird ?

    I am so sure there r others who is qualified to be PM -in waiting .
    Certainly not the buttman!

    Kak Bedah

  67. Unfortunately all deniable. This guy says there were people other than Saiful and Najib in that meeting. If he cannot identify even one or even if he does, and they all collectively deny this guys version of the meeting, then Raja Petra might just be doomed. so what if he has a confession of this guy who claims to have been at that meeting. Remember Balasubramaniam, the PI, who changed his story in under 24 hours? Unless of course this guy has a recording or better still a video recording of the meeting.

  68. Some time ago, there were 2 great actors, MGR & Sivaji.Their incredible on-screen acting made them real life heroes and idols to the people of Tamil Nadu.One even went on to become Chief Minister until he died and still remembered to this day.
    Now in Malaysia we have 2 simillar characters.Both had been providing exciting real-life drama for the Malaysian public.However in this on going drama it is yet to see if the 2 characters will end up being heroes or convicted,condemn and forgotten.

  69. Anonymous5:23 pm




  70. Anonymous5:26 pm

    When this article was published at Malaysia-Today (MT), look at all the dumb comments that follow up.

    Kudos to commentators here to be able to remain analytical on the issue.

  71. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Get LOST RPK
    A disgraced to all bloggers.
    No intergrity but self-serving purpose.
    No different with the other greedy and selfish POLITICIANs !

    RPK wants to bring it ON, then bring it ON my dear disgraced blogger.

    Don't beat around the BUSH.
    Show us what you got.
    LIEs , LIEs and more LIEs ?
    I will run naked if you can utter a single truth from your mouth.


    ~ Leno ~

  72. Anonymous5:40 pm

    PSYCHO Pasquale's Blog BarkingMagpie

  73. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Looks like RPK has got his back agst the wall and he sounds desperate. His got no choice left but to do a major drama.

    So what it is another "video" SD, it is still hearsay. One person's word agst another.

    Saiful Azhar met Najib one on one. He came with uncle pet, not uncle RPK and arrange by Khairil Anas. Ntg strange abt that. If Khairil ANas did not collaborate, it is meaningless.

    RPK getting stupid of late. WHatever it is ANwar refuse to submit for DNA test and do mubahalah. Public is increasingly suspicious of Anwar.

    Anwar is desperate and need to spin something. THe reason for the road sow. Media coverage has been fair but he needs to wow the public.

    Saiful has more to do with Anwar and AAB than with Najib.

    Believe Anwar and Abdullah Badawi collaborating to pin Najib down to make way for Anwar. PM and DPM from Penang? Opposition state some more?

    Maybe the country is more peaceful without Anwar. Perhasp we cud do without RPK and AAB too. Without Najib too?!

  74. Anonymous6:03 pm

    RPK, PKR, RPK, PKR... how much is PKR paying for all of RPK's lies, I wonder? go to hell lah RPK! you are such a trouble maker, same like Anwar. ppl like you should just leave Malaysia cos we dont need liars like you. Those who support these two idiots are IDIOTS themselves. Get a life guys and get real!! stop all this nonsense and contribute lah sikit to the country's development. Buang masa betul si Raja Petra ni. memalukan nama malaysia adalah. Exactly can somebody enlighten me WTF is this RPK? can he speak malay huh?? rose

  75. Anonymous6:06 pm

    For the video to be admissable in court, RPK must provide the physical equipment, video tapes/disc and the cameraman taping it to verify.

    I think RPK is making it up to gain attention and continue his vendetta. Words on the "political" coffeehouses said RPK went to hustle some money from Najib ...

    So ... RPK. Korek korek kore ...

  76. Ini Raja Petra sudah gila..mereng..sewel..sakit jiwa..better advise him to have his head checked.

  77. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Why these people trying to sue RPK for money?

    He is an undischarged bankrupt! Check with the official assigneee la.

    Anyway RPK looking desperate. The influence of MT is getting to his head.

    I am bored with MT.

    Post PRU12 MT is far different and too PKR/PR. He sold his so-called independence and begin to praise AAB and KJ..

    If he got the proof agst Rosmah, Aziz Buyong and Norhayati, why he worry? Present it to court la during his trial!

    Looks like Anwar giving him money to pull another stunt.

    I'm tired with Anwar, RPK, Bala, Altantuya, AAB, Najib, KJ, ... getting conspiracy fatique.

    More concern with the shitty economy we are faced with.

  78. Anonymous6:53 pm

    RPK is no cool dude just looking for justice.. He is playing a well planned and albeit a dirty game, which is pretty usual for politicians.

    He is trying to direct and influence the public opinion which he has been doing very well including mine so far.

  79. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Wait a minute..

    Is this sodomy claim itself all staged by Anwar and his people including RPK?

    Is is all a setup for Najib?

    Is RPK, Anwar and Saiful acting in cahoots to get Najib nailed for ever, and Anwar usurp the shiny throne?

    Why is RPK like a rabid dog only after Najib?

    If this was all about fighting BN, why only pick on Najib? Not Badawi? Why is Badawi always ignored by Opposition esp PKR and their man RPK.
    Is Badawi working for Anwar?

    hmm? who released Anwar btw?

    Questions Questions Questions..

  80. Anonymous7:10 pm

    I applaud Anwar on how he has shrewdly plan this conspiracy, starting from hiring Saiful in PKR to the arrangement meeting between saiful n his friend with Najib, followed by the video confession. Anwar surely has tought this thru. Pity Najid who has fallen into Anwar's trap.

    Clap, clap, clap...

  81. Hi Bro,

    I have come out of retirement (you called it strike)!

  82. God help RPK!!
    This man got guts...brain and nerves of steel.
    He is doing all this for Malaysia and Malaysians.
    How may are like him?
    God protect RPK!!

  83. Anonymous8:05 pm

    The case will be thrown out,,,Altantuya blast herself with C4,,!!!!

    Bala still missing,,????

    What happen to his anjin,,,!!!!?


  84. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Hi Rocky
    Thanks for posting. read it in RPK's blog...
    Hey thought you would add on today's news of envoys invited on briefing by government to explain Anwar probe.. i posted my views on this.. what a farce...we are a laughing stock of the world.. so now we shall see the envoys having to attend briefing of rapes, incest, i hope murder too.. see www.jonathan66my.blogspotcom.
    Let's hope justice prevails and RPK is not also being set up!!!!

    keep up your provocative postings

  85. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Betul tu, penyokong Anwar Ibrahim dan Raja Petai. Diperkuda2kan oleh Anwar. Tindakan semakin lama nampak macam semakin terdesak. Raja Petai yang dah nak lingkup pun alang2 dah nak kena, dia buat perangai orang gila meracau2. Kalau betul pun ada bukti yang macam tu, tak guna juga, kalau budak yang ditemuramah tu menipu macam dia jugak macam mana? Tak kukuh pun bukti. Daripada haritu dok cakap ada bukti itu lah, bukti inilah, sekali bukti2 murahan je yang dia ada, termasuk SD murahan cap ayam dia. Konon2 jadi hero ke tu, siapa yang dia nak perjuangkan sangat tu? Setakat Anwar tak payah la, dia bukan peduli sangat apa yang jadi dekat orang lain, yang penting dia jadi PM. Tu je..

  86. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Hey rocky,

    Thanks read it in RPK's blog... Thought you would add on today's news of envoys given briefing by government to explain Anwar probe.. i posted my views on this.. what a farce...we are a laughing stock of the world.. so now we shall see the envoys having to attend briefing of rapes, incest, i hope this murder too.. see www.jonathan66my.blogspotcom.

    Thanks for your provocative entries!


  87. Anonymous9:11 pm

    RPK, bertaubatlah !!! You are all along Anwar's man. You hood-winked everybody termasuk TDM. I tak percaya apa yang you tulis lagi!! Yang dok sokong you tu siapa? Puak2 gelap belaka. Anda telah diperkudakan , jadi bertaubat sebelum terlambat, talam dua muka!!!


  88. Or is this another sandiwara? Anyway this is the land of BOLEHS...

  89. 1001 version dan cerita, tidak penting, tidak minat, ini satu steoriotype filem hindustan, cuma menunggu dihujung cerita kerana minda perlu digunakan untuk memperkukuhkan ekonomi bukannya jadi penonton sandiwara mereka

  90. Anonymous9:57 pm

    With due respect to all parties concerned and as an independant observer, this sodomy issue raises a lot of questions as well as answers.

    Anwar should not have been so stupid to not grasp the advice given (if there were any) by PKR members on Saiful.

    On the day he got the phone call informing him of the report by Saiful, his face changed. Why should a person of his stature lose his cool if he is innocent?

    Next, why are the police not giving a copy of Saiful's report to Anwar till today?

    Why do the police need a fresh DNA from Anwar since DNA, like thumbprints, never change?

    Why must our much respected Pak Lah also join the fray like a kid so desperate?

    Why are Syed Hamid and Mukhriz going overboard on their comments?

    Why cant the case be handled professionally without interference by top politicians and balaclava-clad police b4 2pm?

    A rational person can immediately sense something very wrong with this whole facade. Pak Lah, being our Mr Clean, is not that good at telling lies.

    The actions by politicians (Umno-BN) and the police is hinting to us all that there exists a not well-planned conspiracy to put off Anwar.

    Why are there no other sodomy cases in this country? Just go to Kelana Jaya lake and you can catch a couple of blokes easily.

    Kathir Kaka

  91. Anonymous11:02 pm

    This is getting too dirty. You will never know who is right or wrong.

    This country is now on autopilot. No one is running the country. It is heading for a crash...


  92. Anonymous11:16 pm

    kalau dah liwat orang mengaku sajalah. tak usahlah duduk plan itu plan ini.

    Anwar Ibrahim bukan malaikat.

  93. Anonymous11:27 pm

    For sure Najib & Saiful who this guy is.

  94. Anonymous11:42 pm


    Another interesting 'drama'!.Who is the director? RPK or DSAI?? Desperate people with stupid ideas!!Tell RPK,that not all Malaysians are so stupid (LIKE HIM) to believe in this CONSPIRACY.

  95. By now the whole (police) world knows this botak guy keeps a story-telling video-recording impicating Najib.

    The police are welcome to harass botak.

    Botak ni manyak pandai dan belani.

  96. Anonymous1:22 am

    RPK must be from another planet....
    Hati busuk.. Jahat... PhD...!!!!
    Join politics if he is dead serious..
    beat Najib in Political arena...
    Masuk election la.. baru gentlemen..
    Poison pen writer does'nt make
    You a good leader.. Just pemfitnah..Terkutuk in islam and all religions in the world..
    Good luck to you RPK>>>

    Joe KL...

  97. Anonymous8:57 am

    Come on Rocky, have you fallen apart with the rakyat's fighters such as Haris Ibrahim, Bernard Khoo and RPK!? The tunes you are singing these are just so in resemblance of Marina Mahathir! OMG.. has the devil gotten into you, brother rock!??

    You dont seem to rock no more!

  98. I am starting to think that some people jerk off when reading malaysia today.

    Param pa Pum!! (drum thingie)

  99. Anonymous11:15 am

    cuba lu bayangkan orang rogol adik beradik lu.. lepas tu buat cerita konspirasi macam-macam nak elak dari kena hukum.. apa lu rasa?

    tak payah nak buat wayang murah.. ngaku je ko rogol budak tu nuar.. makin ko buat cerita macam-macam.. makin bangang aku tgk ko ni..

  100. Anonymous12:17 pm

    And we can expect another "cameraman" as the new MP...just like Gwo Burne WTF!!

  101. When you lie once people will forgive you, when you lie twice people may still forgive but will remember, wheh you lie the third and fourth time its not even worth remembering. People just forget about you. This fits RPK perfectly.

    Lets use common sense for a minute. If indeed Saiful's friend was with him when he met Najib at home, Saiful's friend would have already been interviewed by the Police. But do not worry, RPK will keep the so called video recording in a secret place and will keep it there until he dies. RFK reminds me of Tun Sri Lanang who mixes his story telling with myth and fantasy.

  102. RPK, I salute your courage and thank your sacrifice for Malaysians!

  103. RPK & Anwar indeed shared same attitude toward Malaysian justice. Both thinking that they are above the common laws. They use all sort of tactics to spread what they believe is the truth even nobody else believe in them. If court found them guilty of lies or seditious, it must be something wrong with our justice system, but never themselves. It obvious that Anwar has become obsessive to become the next PM while RPK in bringing Najib down. These 2 men are dangerous to our community for their end do not justifies the their means.

  104. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Let the truth prevail...but at the moment my only worry is RPK safety and that of his family. To the person complicated...sue him..bring him to court, if you dare. Let the court clear your name after all you have been saying "the judiciary of Malaysia is independent, nothing to worry" or maybe behind the screen correct..correct..correct....

  105. Anonymous10:34 pm

    hahaha RPK is going for broke??? Dude, this is not a poker game la... and trying to bluff the whole nation with this pathetic 'confession'? it's just another hearsay for god's sake! what a baloney...! RPK sir, with all due respect, you have lost a lot of your credibility. I do not even read Malaysia today anymore!

    "PRK should get a life"

  106. Anonymous11:17 pm

    (heha) : anonymous 1.30pm. WHAT ? oil = 120 a barrel !? am i sleeping or you zzzzz !?

    YB loh gwo burne, may i borrow your PRECIOUS video cam !?

    YM RPK, when is the 2nd part ah ?

  107. Anonymous2:15 am

    agree, tape is not much value

  108. Anonymous9:33 am

    RPK is so obsessed with DSAI up to extent he will do anything to please let see whether his biggest ambition in ife to put DSAI in seat no 1 in the govt of Malaysia will materialise...or otherwise he will be spending the rest of his "not so useful" life behind prison or whatever it is...tough luck RPK...

    Meratib la banyak2 RPK...


  109. Anonymous12:08 am

    Yes most of your comments are right but lets all detest arrogant remarks like MK which think he is so right and others is inferior to his stupid one sided mind.

    We are simple non partisan folks although we know the truth is out there but buried in corrupt practice we thank GOD we have people like RPK better than people who make millions whether an order is make or not.
    So MK looks like people like u seems to benefit from this kind of unspeakable delas if not u do not comes as someone who would bother to write so much if not for self interest

  110. Anonymous4:21 pm

    We dont thank god for sending a Tanjung Rambutan paranoid like RPK @Raja Pedro Commuruddin for spanking the Malays in Malaysia and condemning our religious concsience,he is just another nuts trying to destablise our political situations.Yes he has a lot of non malays follower in his blogs,but i think rocky's blog are more democratic for us to speak our minds whether is the 1st or 2nd brain.Our grey matters said it all with what we feel rightly or wrongly.In blogs you cannot right or wrong the rightly or wrongly opinions and rightly i say your stupidity doesnt lie with your thoughts about me,i have no self interest to write i feel about a person.GOD send RPK?...poorahhh!! better send a goddess of water to inflame the firebrand bloggers who like to speak their minds.It a democratic country anyway right Rocky?

  111. Anonymous4:21 pm

    We dont thank god for sending a Tanjung Rambutan paranoid like RPK @Raja Pedro Commuruddin for spanking the Malays in Malaysia and condemning our religious concsience,he is just another nuts trying to destablise our political situations.Yes he has a lot of non malays follower in his blogs,but i think rocky's blog are more democratic for us to speak our minds whether is the 1st or 2nd brain.Our grey matters said it all with what we feel rightly or wrongly.In blogs you cannot right or wrong the rightly or wrongly opinions and rightly i say your stupidity doesnt lie with your thoughts about me,i have no self interest to write i feel about a person.GOD send RPK?...poorahhh!! better send a goddess of water to inflame the firebrand bloggers who like to speak their minds.It a democratic country anyway right Rocky?

  112. Anonymous8:03 pm

    I just don't know who to believe anymore!

    RPK says he has all the necessary evidence ready. He has been saying this for some time. Where is the evidence then? If he thinks this confession thing by Saiful's friend is going to save him, then he is dead wrong!

    RPK has said a lot of things but he does not seem to have anything or anyone to support him.

    wdrt dr.

  113. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Going for broke? Why, anwar ferociously breathing down his neck.

    Its a give away... If its true, its the accomplice that's going for broke or C4ed.

    Desperate time spells desperate measures which tend to be flawed!

    This sodomy allegations implied there has been several (including during overseas trip ) occasions before the one being reported in Desa D'sara.

    And this visit on Najib with the accomplice refers to the recent occasion of sodomy.

    Does that mean RPK has to come out with more accomplices for those previous occasions?

    RPK is running out of creative ideas.


  114. This is a confession...NOT!

  115. Anonymous3:35 pm

    tak tau la... macam tak betul je semua ni... the allegations, the confessions, the interview.... one after another. so convenient kan?

  116. Anonymous8:52 pm

    (heha) : rpk said " Dr. md osman is in the hide out, scared to be arrested ,he has refused to tukar his on saifool who was not raped by anyone at all !"

  117. Anonymous2:02 pm

    more shows on pussy pussy. gimme sniper, i'll finishend this bullshit!


  118. Anonymous10:56 pm

    This so called 'confession' was badly done. Very unprofesional! I have doubt if this kind of statements is admissible in court - sounds like hearsay to me, but for Malaysians, it can impact the local political landscape for sure. As a layman, Najib is a toast.