Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good blogs, bad blogs

While I was on strike ... The PM hits out at
bloggers for the country's current political tragedy. The
Sun called me for my comments, and I said my piece (see
the article below or click here to read the online version).
I am a big critic of Mr Badawi. In my posting to announce
my 48-hour strike in protest against what was being
allowed to happen in the political sphere, I wrote: "I blame
one man for our woes. I blame the Prime Minister".
[Read? Malaysian Bloggers go on strike].

I still blame him for the current situation.

Abdullah hits out at slander and lies spread in cyberspace
PUTRAJAYA (July 7, 2008) : Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah
Ahmad Badawi yesterday labelled as treacherous, the deliberate
attempts to create perceptions of uneasiness and distrust among
the people, via the Internet and SMS.

"Conduct attribute
to the truth is not
appreciated. What
is appreciated is the
perception, and along
with it the lies. Perception
negates the truth. The
truth is no longer talked
about. The important
thing is the perception"

He said these attempts, undertaken through Internet blogs,
YouTube and SMS, had blemished the principles of the
such as loyalty to King and country,
upholding the Constitution, the rule of law, good
behaviour and morality.

"All the slander and lies spread through the blogs and
do not contribute to ease and confidence in
the people," Bernama quoted him as saying at the monthly
assembly of his department staff.

"There is no more regard for statements of truth in law. Little
attention is given to (one's) demeanour in life. The sovereignty
of the Rulers is turned into an issue."

A stern-looking Abdullah said not all of the people believed
in the negative perceptions created but it was portrayed
that more people had become trapped in that situation.

"Conduct attributed to the truth is not appreciated. What is
appreciated is the perception, and along with it the lies.
Perception negates the truth. The truth is no longer talked
about. The important thing is the perception," Bernama
quoted him as saying.

Abdullah said perceptions had influenced the attitudes and options
of some people in decision-making, including those related to
investment and business.

He said it must be rectified but, unfortunately, it had become a
subject which the people were most interested in, so much so that it
had become word of mouth and they resorted to exaggeration.

"The people must be appeased so as not to have any fear of a possible
shortage of food. They must be pacified so as not to have any worry
over their own safety and that of their families," he said.

He said the people had given the government a new mandate to
administer the country and they "must have confidence in our

The government, he added, had adopted and would take measures
to reduce the financial burden of the people arising from the increase
in fuel prices which had caused them some restlessness.

Abdullah urged enforcement authorities to be firm in maintaining
peace and security.

"Let's stop doing what is undesirable. The people must exercise a
high sense of responsibility. Our priority must be to maintain

In an immediate reaction, National Bloggers Alliance pro tem
president and National Press Club adviser Ahirudin Attan, who blogs
as Rocky's Bru, urged Abdullah and other leaders to look at the
positive side of blogging.

"Labelling blogs as something negative is going back to the stone-age,
because we have been through this before," he said.

He said if blogs make slanderous or defamatory accusations, the
government or authority should address these allegations and take

Ahirudin cited the example of Malaysia-Today blogger Raja Petra
Kamaruddin’s (RPK) recent statutory declaration on the Altantuya
murder, adding that the declaration had been online for about
two weeks now and the police had questioned RPK several times.

“If there is something to charge him with, go ahead and charge
him,” he said, adding that he was sued by The New Straits Times
for defamation early last year.

“The situation we are in now is also partly contributed by the
authorities. It is compounded by the inability of the authorities to
enforce the law,” he said.

Ahirudin said the government should not accuse bloggers of
attempting to create negative perceptions through their
postings, but should instead act on slanderous and defamatory

“Just like there are good cops and bad cops, good politicians
and bad politicians, there are good blogs and bad blogs,”
said Ahirudin.

Ahiruddin, the former editor of the Malay Mail, said that
politicians were to blame as well “because they are the ones
who give out statements”.

A blog is just a medium for discussing issues affecting the people,
adding that the traditional media were also reporting the same
thing, said Ahirudin whose blog shut down for 48 hours over the
weekend in protest against the political mud-slinging over the
Altantuya Shaariibuu and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomy cases.

He said there were more important things to focus on, adding that he
was fed-up with what was happening.

Datuk Marina Mahathir also shut down her blog, RantingsbyMM for
the same reasons.


  1. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Anwar is sick mentally after spending years being sodomize in prison.

    Badawi & KJ are laughing out loud now, with Najib & Anwar playing each other backside!

    Tony Pua for PM!

    We need someone clean

  2. Anonymous12:11 pm

    why must the blogger afraid of a human being called PM!!! Blog usually take from other news, so some blog really good because they exposed real news which other government media control ignore the news.

    go blogger. But bad bloggers stop your blog now!!

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    First...bloggers are unemployed, then bloggers are monkeys, then bloggers liars, then and now bloggers are traitors.


  4. Anonymous12:21 pm


    But no, I do not blame Abdullah alone. Just as people say it is not fair to blame TDM alone...

  5. Salam,

    I did the same. No politic for 48 hours.

    I'm an unknown blogger compared to you. And yes, I agreed with your views.


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  7. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Previously the government blamed the foreign media. Now the blame is on local bloggers. I wonder what's next. This is the problem with people who fail or don't want to acknowledge their mistakes. Yes, You Tube carries pictures of PM Hadhari touching the bare upper arms of some women. But, didn't he do that? If you want to portray yourself as a Muslim Holy Man, then act like one.

    No Interest in Becoming PM

  8. You do not lead by hitting people over the head. That's assault, not leadership.
    ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

  9. Rocky,

    Pls visit this website for your info:


  10. Anonymous12:54 pm

    If he believes that all these are not constructive criticism, then show us his strengths and achievements all this while for us to respect. He must remember genuine respect must be earned not bought unless it is a fake one.....

  11. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Ala rocky..I think PM is directing his comments/anger at blogger Chedet..


  12. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Haven't you heard?
    Badawi is as whiny as a bitch.
    Pointing fingers at everyone but himself.
    He blamed the youth after the downfall of BN for not voting "wisely".
    He blamed the bloggers.
    Someone should shove a stick up his arse or somethin in his mouth to keep his mouth shut.
    I bet Anwar can help.

  13. Anonymous1:13 pm


    I share the same thoughts....Mr PM is to be blame for all the problems.

  14. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Mr Prime Minister, let me tell you what is treachery:

    1. Sons, sons-in-law and close cronies siphoning off from the nation's riches;

    2. Blasting a foreigner to bits and manipulating the judiciary/prosecutors aimed at covering up the whole thing;

    3. The indelible ink fiasco;

    4. Giving out taxi permits to only zBN-linked companies and not poor individuals;

    5. Spending tens of millions on all your overseas trips averaging twice in a month;

    6. Spending millions of the rakyat's money in two months in dubious ways and non-existing companies prior to the election;

    7. Ministers owning many, many cars and houses and living beyoind their means;

    8. Children of ministers - past and present - owning assets beyond anyone's comprehension;

    9. The Zakaria mansion issue,

    10. The shameless way BN spent money, bribing voters in the last elections.

    And this, sir, is only the tip of the iceberg.

    And you dare blame the bloggers and SMSers as treacherous?

    Thak God we have the bloggers and Malaysiakini. Otherwise, our coffers would have been wiped clean by now.

    Anti-nepotism, anti-cronyism, pro-blogs

  15. Why blame bloggers? I think we all read blogs with an open mind. Can accept accept lah, cannot accept just ignore. Agree?

  16. Anonymous1:22 pm

    BRAVO! mGf and brudder blogger rockybru: I am right/write upORdown dare wit' Thee:) -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

  17. Anonymous1:29 pm

    If blogspot are bad and full of lies then why do sane people read it?

    If blogs are fictitous media then why so many hits per day?

    You see, there are hundreds of blogs talking about the same issue in their diffrent perpective, view, analogy, assumption and hypothesis.

    You readers have got a choice to pick and digest at your own risk.

    Same goes to the main stream media - which not many of us now believe the naked truth in it any longer.

    The main-stream media can have their own on-line, website, blogs what so ever...but why the rakyat gave just 5 sens worth of respect to it?

    The choice is yours. I blog as a community service to my neighbourhood - as I do not have faith in some people claiming as leaders but a clown in penguin suit!


  18. Kepala Husin fening fening lalat
    Belum pusing dewan kali ke empat
    Sana tuduh bunuh, sini repot liwat
    Mula seronok, kini meluat melihat.

    Di Parlimen Fong Po Kuan tegur semalam.
    Malu Melayu yang konon dominan.
    Berpolitik yang tiada kesejahteraan.
    Hancur ekonomi nak makan apa?

    Sesama kita pandai serang.
    Bijak geliga berhelah pertahan.
    Hak kepentingan kena kritikan.
    Melayu diam macam ular kenyang

    Kontrak Sosial dipinta mansuhkan.
    Forum Bar Council yang mulakan.
    DAP MCA MIC Gerakan.
    Teras kenegaraan MP Melayu tak pertahan.

    Beberapa kerat MP UMNO jawab
    Ramai diam macam di liwat
    Ada tak peduli hanya nak rembat
    Ketua lembab, pengikut sembab.

    PAS pulak berdiam sepi.
    Masa mula DEB, sama mengerti.
    Kini diam jaga hati DAP.
    Ada yang mimpi nak jadi Menteri.

    Isu negara Islam Hadi kafirkan
    DAP tak setuju, tak melawan
    Hanya istilah kini alasan
    Ngaku saja Anwar aturkan

    PKR memang tak peduli apa.
    Melayu tunggul, Hindraf sebenar raja
    Punahsihat pula gilakan kuasa
    Jadi PM halatuju sebenar apa?

    Dari Islamis menjadi Nasionalis
    Keluar penjara, Liberal Imperialis
    Prinsip politik terlalu Pragmatis
    Lepas istinja masih bacin hamis

    Politik tanpa batas jadi punah
    Dari bontot tuduh bunuh
    Mufti Perlis suruh mubahalah.
    Pengadilan tuhan, rakyat tak balah

    Sudah betul Nik Aziz setuju.
    Harussani main cakap melulu.
    Ilmu hitam putih, tak timbang dulu
    Jadi helah untuk tak mahu.

    Ada sudah yang mencabar
    Saksi empat hujah hambar
    Ketentuan tuhan mendebar
    Tok Guru pulak kasi konar

    Misai, tak ada janggut itu kucing
    Janggut tak ada misai, kambing
    Ada janggut misai Anwar Berahim
    Tak ada janggut atau misai Guan Eng

    Kita leka dengan drama
    Dolah terus perintah negara
    Anwar ganti, Khairy kemudiannya
    Kalau Azmin pun, tergadai ali ba ta

    Apa karbala nak jadi kita?
    Bodoh, berkuasa tak bijak guna
    Ikut Husin punya cara
    Wow! Untung jual orang dari unta

  19. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Why not tanam jagung instead ?

    Just like Pak lah style.

    'No more malaysian chinese'

    call me Malaysian

  20. Anonymous1:41 pm

    how come leaders who are so thick skinned suddenly so telinga nipis

  21. Anonymous1:42 pm

    I blame sleepy head too


  22. There are also good govts. / bad govts.

    Good ministers /bad ministers.

    Good PMs /Bad PMs .

    Good Altantuya /bad Altantuya.

    Good Saiful / bad saiful.

    Goodness gracious me .

  23. Sometimes it really may seem lame responding to this really pointless prime minister.

    So he thinks he knows truth from lies.

    After Raja Petra publicised his Statutory Declaration it took this idiot almost 4 full days to respond to it.

    Oh come on, an accusation of an impropriety on your part which you know to be false needs hardly a second to respond to. Why take 4 bloody days for?

    And now he is preaching to us about truth and lies.

    These UMNO politicians when they come out preaching and MSM judiciously report it, it really makes me cringe and weep. Bloody hypocrites they are.

  24. Anonymous2:11 pm

    The present government, oppositions and all the politic monkeys are getting desperate to safeguard their interest. All are losing popularity. The public who hold the almost ultimate power to decide have become more vocal and have record high expectation on whoever govern the country to address issues affecting them. If you can't address oil price problem, foods and so on, pack up your things and berambus from the office. Otherwise please make some efforts to address the issues. Stop making rhetorics in the media. Like bloggers, mainstream media reporters too have become fed up. The thing is they have to do what their moron bosses told them to do.

  25. Anonymous2:11 pm

    5 tahun Pak Lah jadi PM ...tak satu kemajuan pun nampak di mata .

    But at the same time .

    I dont want Anwar as PM ...tu lagi bahaya . I seriously dont want PM yang sakit otak .


  26. Anonymous2:12 pm

    There are Good bloggers

    Bad politicians

    When can the government stop blaming the ground and skies ?

    No more malaysian chinese

    Call me Malaysia

  27. The same goes with the 'Autas'. The PM should also classify them as treacherous. The worst thing that can happen to a lawyer is to stand as a witness to SDs which are malicous in contents, and entirely based on hearsays, and yet they are made legal before the court. When the autas dominate then it signals that something-somewhere is terribly wrong. Perhaps limiting the number of lawyers belonging to one particualrly race is worth considering.

  28. Bro,
    You never went on strike ! Your posting on Saturday 5th (12:45pm.)said you were striking for 48 hours but on Sunday 6th. you had a post up by 11:36 am ! where got strike meh ???hehehehe!!
    Cheers !

  29. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Blame Blogspot, blame youtube blame Friendster, blame bill gates, blame heaven and hell

    But not yourself

    Typical UMNO Otak

    When you are gonna mature ?

  30. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Blame Blogspot, blame youtube blame Friendster, blame bill gates, blame heaven and hell

    But not yourself

    Typical UMNO Otak

    When you are gonna mature ?

  31. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Their (him and son in law) plots to kenakan both Najib and Anwar at the same time has been revealed in the blogs. Hence, that is why he called bloggers as traitors


  32. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Melayu bunuh Melayu, Cina bunuh Cina, India bunuh India..itulah kat Malaysia. Itu sebenarnya berlaku. There isn't inter racial dispute. Intra ada lah. tapi politician sudah pusing-pusing, rakyat percayalah. Last last gadoh, siapa merana? Rakyat jugak. Pemimpin korup terus beraja, malah berani cabar sistem beraja. Agong pun tak dibagi muka. Malah sanggup kutuk sultan sebab MB pilihan tak naik takhta. Yang suka bontot tak ubah perangai. Masih lagi nak sodok sana sodok sini. Apa..pompuan Melayu tak menarik lagi kah? Kalau tak tahan tak dapat bontot, sodoklah sarang tebuan, sarang semut, lubang ular. Dah berapi-api marah rakyat Malaysia. Jangan sampai jadi macam Indonesia. Bakar sana bakar sini.

  33. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Don't be a manja Ros, running away will not solve the rakyats' problems and woes. "Think what you can do for the country and not what the country can do for you" (JFK).
    We are doing the our fair bits, whether constructively or otherwise...depending on which side of the fence you are in.


  34. Would like to quote The Who in Won't Get Fooled Again.

    We'll be fighting in the streets
    With our children at our feet
    And the morals that they worship will be gone
    And the men who spurred us on
    Sit in judgement of all wrong
    They decide and the shotgun sings the song

    I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday

    Then I'll get on my knees and pray
    We don't get fooled again.

  35. People should be free to blog and unblog for whatever reasons and should accept those reasons.

    If Pak Lah is a problem, some people might wish to neuter him like mosquitoes that they are now considering. But mosquitoes are just one problem and that won't solve all the problems. There are also sandflies, etc, etc. There are problems which will untimately have no timely solutions, immediately, but would help solve other problems.

    Problems can be solutions. It depends on how we look at them. It might be useful to think whether we want to solve them or not. Problems won't go away. If you think they would, bless you!

    Solving and not wanting to solve them can also be some solutions. It could also be a problem, and not a small one at that.

    It's a free country, right? Or is it?

  36. Michael Corleone: I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren't.
    Hyman Roth: What does that tell you?
    Michael Corleone: It means they could win.

  37. Anonymous3:27 pm

    @ anak

    "Jangan sampai jadi macam Indonesia. Bakar sana bakar sini."

    Hey watchit, Malaysian.

  38. It seems we're back to square one, we had spent years creating online awareness about our rights as a citizen and cultivating massive feedbacks and after Marth 8th, it 'looks & smells' like BN is actually 'getting the message' but alas Pak Lah had a sudden relapse and masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan or maybe even a 'short attention span syndrome' because now he says we're all a bunch of Liars & Rumor-mongers.

    How low could a 'leader' get to hit out on its own countrymen when the bloggers and the rakyat are the same?

    Only despots would ignore our voices and blame bloggers for their failures. Abandon all hope of 'reforming' this Ignoramus, he's rotten to the core.

  39. Anonymous3:37 pm

    If you don't mind me saying this, but it sickens me to the core to see this imbecile who calls himself the captain of this ship grab at any opportunity available to make himself look like some saviour of this country....he talks and talks and talks about listening, working together, evil bloggers, blah, blah, (basically same script, different year) and not coming to terms that nobody listens to him anymore!!

    I'm not only sick of how the MSM has played this entire DSAI saga to be one great big embarrassing telenovela, but also of how useless this governemt is.
    I demand a refund of my taxes paid!!

  40. Anonymous3:52 pm


    VERY STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is government institution helping Anwar now? Smell rats!!!!

    1) JAKIM

    "Mubahalah" Tidak Perlu Dilaksanakan, Kata Ketua Pengarah JAKIM


    ALOR STAR, 6 Julai (Bernama) -- Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz berpendapat bersumpah dengan menjunjung al-Quran atau 'mubahalah' tidak perlu dilaksanakan kerana ia bukan sahaja akan mendedahkan aib seseorang di khalayak umum malah akan menimbulkan kesan lebih besar terhadap umat Islam.

    Beliau berkata dakwaan liwat yang melibatkan Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan bekas pembantunya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, tidak perlu diperbesarkan kerana lebih banyak cara lain boleh digunakan bagi menentukan kesahihan dan kebenaran terhadap setiap tuduhan yang dibuat.

    "Jika diperbesarkan, ia bakal membuka ruang kepada pihak lain untuk campur tangan, sekali gus akan menimbulkan kesulitan kepada negara dan masyarakat," katanya ketika ditemui pemberita di sini hari ini.

    Wan Mohamad berkata dalam situasi masa kini, lebih baik masyarakat memberi tumpuan terhadap agenda lain yang boleh mendatangkan manfaat kepada agama, bangsa dan negara.

    Baru-baru ini, Mufti Perlis Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin mencadangkan supaya isu liwat itu diselesaikan secara mubahalah sekiranya ia tidak dapat diselesaikan secara perundangan dunia.

    -- BERNAMA

    2) Religous Advisor to PM, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Othman


    Hentikan cabar bermubahalah

    KUALA LUMPUR 7 Julai - Pelbagai pihak yang kini saling cabar-mencabar agar mengangkat sumpah dan bermubahalah berkaitan kes liwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim disaran agar menghentikan perbuatan itu.

    Penasihat Agama Kepada Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Othman berkata, ini kerana perbuatan tersebut bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam terutama jika ia membabitkan unsur-unsur politik.

    Beliau berkata, sumpah adalah suatu perkara yang tidak boleh dipermain- mainkan dan hanya perlu dilakukan ketika dalam mahkamah membabitkan peruntukan undang-undang atau kanun tertentu.

    ''Sumpah bukan boleh dibuat sewenang-wenangnya, jika yang bersumpah itu mahu menunjukkan bahawa kalau dia benar-benar bersalah maka akan turun azab daripada Tuhan.

    ''Tetapi bagaimana pula keadaannya jika orang yang bersumpah itu tidak dikenakan azab (di dunia), adakah itu menunjukkan dia benar-benar tidak bersalah.

    ''Sedangkan ajaran Islam hanya mempercayai bahawa azab Allah kepada umat-Nya akan dikenakan di akhirat dan bukannya di dunia," katanya ketika menghubungi Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

    Beliau mengulas insiden cabar mencabar agar bersumpah atau bermubahalah membabitkan isu dakwaan liwat ke atas Anwar.

    Sebelum ini Mufti Perlis, Dr. Mohd. Asri Zainul Abidin mencadang agar Anwar dan bekas pembantunya, Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan bermubahalah bagi menyelesaikan isu liwat yang menarik perhatian nasional.

    Berikutan itu, Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) turut mengeluarkan cabaran terbuka agar pegawai tertinggi negara, Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan dan Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail turut bersumpah bagi menafikan dakwaan penglibatan mereka mengenai konspirasi membabitkan siasatan dan perbicaraan Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    Semalam, Anwar dilaporkan bersedia bersumpah bagi membersihkan tuduhan liwat sekiranya ia dibuat di bawah pimpinan ulama berwibawa meskipun daripada segi pendiriannya, beliau berpegang kepada pandangan Mufti Perak bahawa beliau tidak perlu berbuat demikian.

    Menurut Abdul Hamid, sesuatu musibah yang diterima oleh manusia di dunia tidak boleh dianggap sebagai azab Allah kerana balasan Tuhan itu hanya ditentukan di akhirat.

    ''Adakah kita nak katakan kalau seseorang itu bersumpah, kemudian terjatuh motosikal lalu kita katakan itu azab Tuhan?

    ''Kalau dikira begitu, ada ramai orang warak yang merasa azab kerana hidup susah berbanding ramai orang jahat yang hidup kaya-raya di dunia ini," katanya.

    Selain itu, beliau juga menegur amalan menjunjung al-Quran kerana dalam konteks bersumpah ia adalah satu perbuatan yang salah.

    ''Itu hanya tradisi, iaitu seolah-olah orang yang bersumpah itu dekat dengan al-Quran.

    ''Sumpah hanya dengan kalimah Wallahi, Watallahi dan Wabillah,'' katanya.

    Saw a comment earlier that an invincible powerful 3rd party is behind all these.

    Looks like one, sounds like one.

    Saiful challenge is here:-


    Tuesday July 8, 2008
    Saiful dares Anwar to swear

    PETALING JAYA: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who alleged he was sodomised by PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently is daring the latter to swear on the Quran to prove his innocence.

    The challenge posted as a link in his fiancee’s blog said: “Dear Anwar the hypocrite! I challenge you to swear on the Quran. Set the place and time! I will come. The truth will prevail. Falsehood will surely be exposed. I am not afraid to die. God is mighty!”

    His fiancee Janna Mohd Zaki included the link from Friendster in her newest posting on her blog in conjunction with Mohd Saiful’s 23rd birthday on Sunday.

    The blog titled “A Step in My Pink Mary Janes” can be visited at http://jannamohdzaki.blogspot.com/.

    In it she said she still looks up to Mohd Saiful as a hero despite all the public scoffing he is facing.

    “In my eyes, Saiful is a hero. We have no power to make people stop making spiteful remarks about us but we know the truth will prevail some day,” she said.

    Looks like one, sounds like one.

  41. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Treachery is allowing those you know steal from the rakyat. Treachery is allowing those you know get away with rape and murder.

    Does anyone in UMNO know the real meaning of the word "treachery"?


  42. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Sorry Marisa, am just saying about things that had happened. It would not bring any benefit to both Malaysia and Indonesia if the things that have happened in Indonesia occur in Malaysia. You got to admit, the thing did occur in Indonesia. Of course I don't have any right to make Indonesia as an example. Sorry again.

  43. Anonymous4:36 pm




  44. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Just as bloggers charge politicians for careful evasion of responsibilities, so are some bloggers guilty of hand washing off the dirt. Bloggers weren't shy to indulge in excessive speculation, making fun and name-calling these politicians, as well as other unethical postings, how about that? The attempt to camouflage their part in the present confusion is a really poor one. Bloggers have on more than one instance made a stance, a political stance, motivated by whatever, I care not to enquire. the least that can be done is to take responsibility for it.

  45. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Your blog, you do what you want.Badawi, have you ever ADMITTED the state of economy now is because of your handling of theeconomy? Nobody is blaming you, PM for high oil prc, inflation... but many oil producing contries such as Russia are doing well. We are where we are, because you BADAWI,mishandled the management of the economy.

    Mo falseclaims Morais

  46. Ha... Badawi scared already!!!! dia tembak kepala dia sendiri.... end of the day dia sendiri yang mati!!!!

  47. When politicians started throwing shits around, it is a wise decision to walk out because once it hit the fan, no one is spared.

  48. I agree with Dollah that some political bloggers are not sincere.
    They do blog for some selfish agendas...but for Dollah to lump all up...he is the real sick bodoh PM.
    Yes..in 'All Blogs" I know there are
    some bad apples....thinking they can ride on Rocky's good reputations and great personality....to gain some attentions for themselves..with hopes..to get money from sponsors...in blogging..or even get employmentship.
    And from my personal observations and reading the hundreds of Rockybru posts....Attan is a true non racialist loyal Malaysian. he is a businessman.He needs no financial help from anyone....or can be bought...by a sponsor.
    I don't blame Attan getting made at Dollah's ....one of his usual ...low class...statement.

  49. Anonymous5:35 pm

    The arrogance of the BN/Umno regime continues to baffle me. Even after the bitter humiliation of defeat in the last General Elections, BN/Umno leaders are still going about their own arrogant ways. The controversial BN/Umno MP from Kinabatangan Bung Mokhtar Raden interrupted proceedings in the Dewan Rakyat this morning by whining like a school kid to the Deputy Speaker that the Opposition were given more questions to ask than the BN MP's. He said it was unfair of the Speaker to do so.

    Completely irate with the childish behavior of Bung Mokhtar, someone from the Opposition understandably called him 'bodoh' (stupid). This led to Bung throwing a tantrum. When asked to sit down by the Deputy Speaker, he unprofessionally gestured the f**k sign which schoolboys normally use when throwing tantrums. This was done on live TV.

    This guy, Bung Mokhtar is not fit to sit in Parliament. His 'samseng jalanan' (street thug) attitude would not help make our Parliament a First World Parliament. This guy is simply 'biadap' and 'kurang ajar'. I bet that the imbecile newscasters on TV3 will not dare to call him this, though they had no qualms in referring to the Pope as 'biadap'. Where were you Bernard Dompok? TV3 owes the Catholic community an apology here.

    I'm not surprised that this street thug won his seat unopposed when his opponent from PKR failed to turn upunder mysterious circumstances on nomination day for the Kinabatangan Parliamentary seat in the last General Election. Speaking of Kinabatangan, just last year large tracks of forrest in the area were cleared by illegal logging. I wonder what Bung Mokhtar has to say about this.

    Lastly, I wonder what the female MP's from BN intend to do about Bung Mokhtar's lewd gesture in their presence. If they fail to censure him, I take it that they approve of what he did. What say you, Ng Yen Yen?

  50. Rocky,
    I simply don't understand what you hoped to prove with a 48hr "strike".
    It sounded silly if anything.
    What they have achieved is redirecting the discontent on bloggers - good or bad.
    Speaking of that, I'd very much like to know what are the criteria for good and bad - to make it simpler, you could just name a few in either category.
    Maybe I can do something to appear good?

  51. Goddammit!

    Hasn't AAB learnt anything?

  52. mob1900,
    That's what I too believe - it was such a low-down dirty trick that he pulled to blame bloggers.

    They never made any attempt to actually do things to clear their name - thus encouraging speculation.
    All they did was claim innocence, accuse others of slander, use religion for emotional appeal on primetime news - all of a sudden, bloggers are at fault!

    Now to make matters worse, there are some "moralists" who suddenly cannot stomach the filth and make press statements that are misconstrued to mean, an admission of guilt!
    I even got 2 comments on my blog criticising and blaming bloggers for the state of our political affairs!

    Rocky - you better come clean on this!

  53. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Hello all,

    I find it rather amusing and hypocritical of some bloggers who have called a strike in protest at what they term as disgusting and shameful politics. For it was these very same bloggers who broke the story of the police report by Saiful, and almost within the hour produced pictures linking him to certain politicians, and some even when so far as to shamelessly and totally without the ethics that they so often preach about, put up pictures of Saiful's fiancee.

    Subsequently it was these same bloggers who went to town with the two statutory declarations based on hearsay and then made totally biased assumptions on the two SD's and the manner in which they were made.

    These bloggers are now calling for a strike and blaming others, when it was they who first started spreading 'the shit' as one blogger calls it.

    (It is interesting also to note that these bloggers have no qualms attacking Pak Lah ans making all kinds of false and misleading assumptions without needing to take a break, but when they find their patrons Tun Mahathir, son and Najib on the defensive they quickly find the need to take a break)

    It was from http://stephendoss.blogspot.com/, and I believe this is infact true. So sad and pity the bloggers mentioned.

  54. Anonymous6:40 pm

    In godforsaken Bolehland country (the usual Malaysia Boleh! crap), truth or the dispensation of the truth is a rare occurrence.

    If the government hide behind a facade of lies, slander is what youy get. Tell Mr. Bodohwi, what goes around ultimately comes around to haunt you till the end of days.

  55. Brader,

    I share your views.
    Incompetent PM.

    He must be cursing reading CHEDET on 'Pembodek'

  56. Anonymous7:17 pm


    Agree with anonymous "Mat".

    Lets bring PakLah and his cronies down. Its either us or them. They've taken too much!

    -Aint no liar-

  57. Like I said bro, if you go down the ground to the rakyat on the streets, you will find that they do not care or listen to what Abdullah say any more as they have lost trust in his endless flip flops and cakap tak serupa bikin leadership.

    Agree what you say Bro that of course there are bad blogs and good blogs. Anyway, the Truth is also not a democracy and is not determined by the majority or a popularity contest, truth will always prevail in the end.

    We Should take comfort in that Abdullah latest whining about blogs and the internet show that blogs are here to stay and is an effective medium to disseminate information and start healthy debates, freedom of speech is great for the road to a matured democracy, don't you think.

  58. Anonymous7:45 pm

    The Prime Minister is incompetent


  59. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Bloggers are evil as they exposed that I have a yatch in Turkey, and when there was flood in Johor, the deputy I dont like Najib, was there with the people, while I was down in Australia opening my brothers NASI KANGKANG restaurant.
    Bloggers spread lies because Raja Petra said I was going to marry my maid, who happens to bemy dead wifes brothers former wife.
    Bloggers are unemployed because how can they eat like my son in law, who by the way has a boutique, without working.
    DEAR, Malaysia, the economy is not doing well because DR M was prime minister for 22 years....and also because he said Im half pass six.
    What I will do for you people in Malaysia is I will ask my advisor Kalimulah (qualification SPM only) to come up with some ideas.... by the way did you know that before, my son became a monorail baron, he used to sell condoms....
    Now you know why the economy is sinking and where the hell is Francis Yeoh?

    Half Past ENAM.

  60. Realitinya Dolah Bodohwi takut pada bayang-bayang dia sendiri sebab itu dia cakap merapu-rapu. Cuma satu saja rakyat semua nak pesan pada dia, tolong jangan LEBIH dan LEBIH-LEBIH menyalakan api kemarahan rakyat. Kita takut seluruh jentera bomba satu Malaysia pun tak cukup nak tolong padamkan api yang bertambah marak bila rakyat dah mula naik minyak nanti.

    Kedengaran di sana sini tak kira apa parti pun rata-rata dah hilang sabar dengan gelagat Dolah Bodohwi ni. Saya yakin kali ni rakyat dah sedia berputih tulang daripada berputih mata bak kata Professional Sodomist - LAWAN TETAP LAWAN!



  61. This PM himself makes prejudicial statements. How does he know what is slanderous unless he already has the facts, and if he does, why doesn't he say them out?

    For instance, how can he say he believes his deputy and left it at that, thereby putting the PDRM under him as home minister in a quandary in their investigations which have not been finalised? And how can he be satisfied as PM of the country with the way they just took statements from the RPK-named parties when at the same time the same are grilling those in the case Anwar?

    He says people walking in the streets and writing inflammatory things in blogs cause investor flight. There are three things here:

    - can he prove that investor sentiments are actually affected by the rakyat not doing as he would want?

    - can he answer why they do it?

    - can he show what he has done to go to the root solutions of what the rakyat are asking for?

    He can't so does next using force not show he is trying to exert totalitarian authority inconsistent with the very Rukunegara principles he himself has 'perceived' those who disagree with him to have abused?

    He should stop denying everything that comes his way, stop the rot in the judiciary process, stop the cronyism and corruption, and most of all, embark on real equi-just and due process in the investigation of all cases that remain outstanding.

    He should also be more consistent and open to the rakyat, not label them by just using two motor neurons in his brain but by seeing beyond what they are asking and so getting to the root of matters once and for all.

    Bloggers and their commentators are to be applauded for adding new dimensions to the debate on integrity, justice and governance of Malaysia. They must be encouraged to continue to say their piece without fear or favour. The rakyat must be allowed to walk to show their displeasure at the way this country is being run into the grounds by politicians with shady lifestyles and dark pasts.

    The only reason why people are doing the writing and walking and showing is to tell him and his kind that things are wrong in Malaysia and he hasn't done enough to even make one matter right.

    If something is deemed slanderous, quickly get the real facts and truths out so that all lies die as quickly in their light. Trying to snuff them by force will only increase the suspicion they are right and socalled authorities wrong and crooked.

    The records on the authorities for the past almost 30 years already create a compelling case that the rakyat are right.

    That up to now he hasn't seen that is an indictment of his thought processes and his case on the matter.

  62. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Abdullah is the cause of our sufferings! Just ignore him.


  63. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Come on Mr. Prime Minister, I thought politicians thrive on perception? That's what you guys have been doing so effectively via the MSM targeting those unassuming folks. In any case, if the MSM are reporting fairly and not junks, I don't really need to read blogs.


  64. Anonymous10:13 pm

    bro Rocky,





  65. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Ala rocky..I think PM is directing his comments/anger at blogger Chedet..



  66. you gained nothing by having a strike. some people would be happy as their minds at last were at peace, albeit two days, from nosy bloggers. bloggers shouldn't be emotional. they must fight in what they believe in. they must write and write to make their point stand out. by 'mogok' you are a defeatist lot not a fighter.

  67. The sleeping beauty
    Roaring his voice timidly low
    As he gets up and walks around his mansion
    Looking in his mirror

    He doesn’t like what he sees
    The softie turns hardcore
    Nobody listens
    So he thunders loudly
    Pointing at the mirror

    ‘The bloggers are to blame
    Spreading lies and accusations
    Lies akin to treachery
    Demeaning the Rukun Negara’

    Oh boy he knows
    Has he practiced it yet?
    I am afraid he doesn’t do
    Eyes red staring in the mirror

    ‘We should stop blaming
    Let the works begin
    It is too long throwing mud
    It is time to stop the nonsense!’

    Where is he?
    Dreaming in his world
    Now when he wakes up
    He says the darnest things!

    Cronyism, corruption, he doesn’t spend his time
    RCI he doesn’t want to take to fight on the recommendations
    He plays his golf in his mind
    Le the ball flies in the sky

    What else he wants to blame except himself?
    Bloggers are monkeys, idiots and traitors
    Jobless people useless in society
    But what is he?
    The sleeping beauty for crying out loud

    The way he goes
    In no time we will be down on our knees
    Begging for help to save our skins
    Spending money before asking Parliament
    Where is the transparency?

    The sleeping beauty roars
    The millipedes just ignore
    Crawling at a leisurely pace
    Why the hurry?
    He makes us goners anyway

  68. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I blamed Pak Lah when the grocery store opened 30 minutes late today.

    Just so you know.

    lembah pantai boy.

  69. Rocky for PM...
    ...4th Floor JPM tutup...
    Rocky for PM...
    ... Iskandar Development tutup
    Rocky for PM...
    ... ECM Libra tutup...
    Rocky for PM...
    ... SCOMI tutup...
    Rocky for PM...
    ... semua kedai gunting rambut tutup...

  70. Anonymous10:56 pm

    It has come to the stage when Pak Lah appear on TV for whatever event, I will change channel. Why? Because as always whatever he is going to say will be a big bag full of shit. Too many times his actions reflects that of a 'munafiq' i.e. saying something but doing just the opposite.

    He is not a good public speaker and must have rehearse his speech. I'd like to suggest to Pak Lah, rehearse his speech infront of a mirror. Listen to what your mouth is saying and engage your brain. Think. Then ask yourself do you sincerely and honestly believe what you are saying?

    If at the back of your head you doubt the truth, believe me your listeners will not stomach that as well, no matter how great it may sounds. People are not stupid. If you have done that, you will not call all bloggers as liars just because you are.

    Pernah dengar ke pepatah Melayu "Macam ketam ajar anaknya berjalan ke depan", dia sendiri berjalan ke tepi.

    "Memaku dulang paku serpih, mengata orang awak yang lebih."

    Pak Lah baca blog ke yang dia kata bloggers pembohong? Surat rasmi pun dia tak baca apatah lagi blog?


  71. Anonymous11:18 pm

    a perak ADUN said," 10 juta ringgit
    offered for crossing over b4 31ogos !!" (perakian)

  72. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Please save MALAYSIA :

    R-A-H-M-A-N(NAZRIN)=PM (2009)!


  73. Anonymous12:21 am

    et tu, bru?

    you should not have declared strike and put yourself together with bn lapdogs and hypocrites like wong chun wai and marina mahathir. the stupid pm seized the opportunity to whack all bloggers, albeit with his trademark moronic comments. only susan loone stood out strongly against cowards striking and she remained committed as a serious blogger.

    the bn idiots has to be exposed for their misdeeds, especially the racist and corrupt najis. for as long as he does not answer in court and apologise for his keris stunt, the court of public opinion will always find him guilty.

  74. Penulis merujuk kepada kenyataan PM berhubung dengan kutukan beliau kepada pengamal blog yang dianggap sebagai pengkhianat dan melanggar rukun negara.

    Kepada PM, cermin diri sendiri. Tak tau menari, lantai dikatakan tinggi rendah. Tak tau mentadbir negara dengan cekap, dikatakan blogger pengkhianat bangsa dan negara. Siapa sebenarnya pengkhianat. Kalau sudah gagal memerintah negara dengan baik, berundurlah. Tidak perlu nak menyalahkan orang lain. Tidak hairan lah anda terus-terusan dibenci rakyat.

    Bagi penulis, kayu pengukur begitu mudah, kalau semua peringkat lapisan masyarakat asyik merungut dan mengutuk PM, apa maknanya tue? Penulis setuju dengan setengah komentar di blog Dato' Kadir Jasin, Pak lah sebenarnya bukan baca blog, apa yang dicakapkan itu atas nasihat seseorang. Dia mungkin baru sedar yang semua bloggers mencerca dia. Tapi bagi penulis, konteks pemahaman dalam isu ini cukup mudah, kalau anda bagus, tiada sebab orang hendak mencerca anda. Tapi kalau hampir 100% semua orang kebanyakan mencerca anda. A Lu Fikir Laa...sendiri.


  75. Anonymous7:46 am

    this is the epitome of barisan's criteria for members of parliment. these are the umno champions.
    this is off your subject matter but still salient, here is bung the dung head with his unparlimentary gesture, lets demand for his suspension.
    Watch this for evidence. Bung the Dung cannot escape now!

    bung the dung must go.

    pejuang anti-bung the dung.

  76. well ..i guess this not the time to point fingers at anyone ..well the goverment has their take on the issue but we as the normal citizens do have our own take on the matters too..

    when something is not quite right i guess everyone has the right to say something ..we cants just simply pretend that nothing is happening ..
    hope the PM looks into this matter in diffrent perpectives rather than just wanting to evade n erase the imperfections that the goverment has ..and blame it others..< bloggers,you tube,etc etc etc>

  77. pendapat saya ..
    ni bukan lah masa untuk ..untuk menunding jari pada mana mana pihak ..
    rakyat ada hak untuk bersuara jika sesuatu kengenjalan atau kegenjotan berlaku dlm sistem pemerintah kita ..semua buat kesilapan ..sama ada di pihak pembankang mahupun kerajaaan BN sendiri ..

    tak salah untuk mengaku kesilapan ..
    setiap kesilapan boleh diperbaiki demi rakyat ..dan keutuhan negara
    menyalah kan ..blogger,you tube etcetc tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah .

    we as malaysian cant just simply pretend nothing is happening ..when obviously we rakyat fairly knew something not quite right is happening

  78. Anonymous9:08 am

    I am mad as hell
    I can't take it any more
    Enuf enug enug

    Fuck Dolah for his fuck up sense of freedom liberalisation and openness

    Fuck Anwar for becoming a perpetual agitator, over policking and power crazy.

    Fuck Najib for allowing Dolah srew up this country and not being seen to be clean.

    Fuck Khairy for being a smart alec who actually knows nuts, corrupt and advising adiot wrongly.

    Fuck Hadi dan Lim Kit Siang for their stupid ideology that are template from others countries and not suitable for Malaysian situation.

    Fuck Ong Ka Ting, Samy, Lim Kheng Yaik, .... for not reminding UMNO and their racial selfish opportunism

    Fuck all these people!

    Hoi UMNO Melayu bodoh!

    Find among you another leader. Bloody hell, stop being arrogant and change!!!

    Otherwise, I am done with UMNO and BN for next Election.

    But bloody hell there is no suitable alternative.

    Not the democrazy ruffian PKR, confused mullah PAS, chinese chauvanist camouflaging as Malaysian DAP.


  79. Anonymous10:25 am


    you should pity youself for making all this assumption.

    many blogs postd the latest development surrounding the altantuya murder case. the internet sites and the mainstream media -- from rpk's SD, to saiful's allegations, to bala's first SD and then the second.

    it is dirt...becos it is politics, political and involves politicians and poliical leaders.

    after a point, it got to be so convoluted.

    in fact i don't blame anyone if he or she decides enough is enough. what the fuck are we posting?

    people have been made pawns. including blogs.

    good for rocky and marian if they feel they don't want to post anything on the case anymore becos it's getting more and moe sordid and more and more ridiculous. it's getting to be more comical...but it's not funny.

    so, wisdomthinker, i disagree with you.

    altho i'd want rocky to blog so that he can give us his perspective. i respect his decision.

    and what is wrong if rocky is critical of Pak Lah? At least he doesn't hide behind any anonymity, or anyone or anything.
    let'se see you give your identity? TAKUT?

    you mean rocky is only fair if he shows support for anwar?

    i don;t see rocky showing suppport for anwar or najib.

    i don't sense any hatred or venom in his posting.


  80. Rocky

    Malaysian must ADMIT that Pak Lah is a person that blames others for his mistakes. Pak Lah could also probably his MOM & DAD for bringing him down into Earth.

    Pak Lah is a BORN FAILURE and no doubt about that. SWithout Bloggers like you, Malaysians will be surpressed to the extent similar to Orang Utans at Sepilok and Malysians may one day looks like and sounds like Bung Mokthar of MP Kinabatangan.

    Just Ignore Pak Lah claims, accusations and treated his huisance like a 3 year old Baby making tantrums.

  81. Anonymous11:04 am

    Why we should read blogs :-

    1) Newspapers are toilet papers
    2) Politicians Talk C**k
    3) Pak Lah is an UBI
    4) Najib's face tells
    5) We put a blogger in parliment
    6) Tun M million hits are lies ?

    Pak lah You havent learn for Zainuddin Maidin Did ya ?

    Even my niece prepares his homework.

    Pak Liar doesn't

    Pak lah you know how to use microsoft excel ? My niece can teach you if you want.
    In return you can teach him how to tanam ubi kayu, ubi kentang.

    Pak lah Sleeps at nite.
    Most youngster play warcraft at nite.
    I think warcraft too advanced for pak liar.

    "Majulah Bloggers untuk negara'

  82. Anonymous11:25 am

    memang banyak blog yang menyebarkan fitnah dan sebagainya.. tak payah nafikan, memang ada..biasa berita2 yang hangat dan kebenarannya belum dapat dipastikan, dah dicanang sana sini oleh sesetengah blogger yang tidak bertanggungjawab..

  83. Are we all not fed up with no work and full of shit talks...going around and round...since after election.
    Nearly four months...accusations...followed by immediately declarations...that the first admissions were not true...now police said actor is holidaying overseas...and ..with one backside victim challenging Anwar to swear by the Koran.....he did not do it..and all these events started with RPK...accusing Rosmah.
    How much more can Malaysians take all these shit..with accusers...behaving like saints..no suing RPK...with Anwar keep warning and giving hints...no tangible solid proofs...with Najib...and Dollah plus old man throwing in comments...all against Anwar.
    Yes...the three cannot be trusted...but can Anwar be trusted too?
    Right now......Malaysians don't trust anyone..and waiting patiently for Anwar..to deliver. Now all talks...hinting...predicting....like those soothsayers of Christian world.....predicting the end of the world...getting idiots to believe and die for a lost cause.

  84. Anonymous3:10 pm

    "Abdullah Badawi - South East Asia's Gorbachev?"

    Check out the editorial in the latest issue of "The Economist" magazine. The Internet link is:


  85. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Ala Rocky kau pon 2x5 ler. Serang Dollah yang kesian kelam-kabut tu, tapi kau pulak, bergaul dengan siapa lagi? Mukhriz Mahathir dgn Marina? Cukuplah nak sokong sgt geng-geng regime lama nih, mereka bukannya baik sangat pon.

  86. Anonymous3:46 pm

    betul, mogok pun tak memberi apa2 kesan. lebih baik blogger lebih berjaga2 dengan content yang nak disampaikan, jangan sampai benda yang fitnah dan penipuan tersebar sebab anda..

  87. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Dear julajuli,

    I understand that is your stand of view. It is truth in a sense of way.

    I'm am not afraid to give my identity. YOU?

    Yes I respect his decision and his point of view regarding on the issues. he is brave enough until he doesn't need hiding behind any anonymity, or anyone or anything.

    many blogs postd the latest development surrounding the altantuya murder case. the internet sites and the mainstream media -- from rpk's SD, to saiful's allegations, to bala's first SD and then the second.

    Yet, you trying to said that you believe all this infos? If you do so, then its pity for you.

    I never believe all of them fully, but I get points of view and speculation from everyone and then make my own assumptions as I'm am fully responsible of my actions.

    Cheers back!!

  88. Anonymous4:01 pm

    "Dear julajuli,

    I understand that is your stand of view. It is truth in a sense of way.

    I'm am not afraid to give my identity. YOU?

    Yes I respect his decision and his point of view regarding on the issues. he is brave enough until he doesn't need hiding behind any anonymity, or anyone or anything.

    many blogs postd the latest development surrounding the altantuya murder case. the internet sites and the mainstream media -- from rpk's SD, to saiful's allegations, to bala's first SD and then the second.

    Yet, you trying to said that you believe all this infos? If you do so, then its pity for you.

    I never believe all of them fully, but I get points of view and speculation from everyone and then make my own assumptions as I'm am fully responsible of my actions.

    Cheers back!!"

  89. Anonymous5:08 pm

    God! we are doomed, we haven't got any promising leader for Malaysia.

    I appeal to those young men/women who are born or lucky enough to have these qualities: excellentleadership and management skill, person of principle, integrity, religious, intelligent, humble, humane, honest, brave, good communicator, good insight, fair, perceptive, astute, perseverance,..

    Please volunteer yourself to go into politics, start a new political party - I'll support you.

  90. Assalamualaikum Saudara Rocky,

    Saya harap saudara bertenang dan fikirkan semula apa yang Pak Lah cakap semalam.

    Memang ada kebenaran apa yang dia ungkapkan bahawa ada blog blog yang membawa fitnah atau berunsur menghasut, mengapi-apikan kebencian antara Pemerintah dengan Rakyat.

    Ada blog blog yang tulisan mereka, Kita yang dah berumur ini pun tak terbaca tulisan tulisan, perkataan perkataan yang kurang manis dan sopan dan biadap kepada sesiapa pun apatah lagi Pemimpin Negara.

    Dan mungkin kalau kita larat baca jugak tidak mengapa, kita tepis ketepi sahaja tetapi bayangkan dalam berjuta orang yang membaca kalau ramai juga di antara mereka adalah budak budak, remaja dan pelajar pelajar muda belia?

    Barangkali ini yang PM maksudkan. Cubalah Saudara Rocky layari blog blog Pembangkang dan penyokong mereka dan semak balik fakta fakta berbanding fitnah, mengapi-apikan semua rakyat benci BN dan sudah tentu UMNO. Memporak perandakan lagi kekecohan terutama sesama Melayu.


    Kita boleh NAFI apa yang kita buat, lihat komen komen di blog ini sahaja, berapa ramai yang menghina PM mereka sendiri? Rakyat rasa mereka PERFECT, merekalah yang PANDAI, mereka yang TAHU SEGALAnya, MEREKA maksum, tak berdosa. Mereka sekarang semua layak nak jadi akuntan Petronas.

    Ini semua sebab tidak banyak blog blog yang mahu mententeramkan keadaan, menerangkan APA sebenarnya yang berlaku dalam senerio sebenarnya. Tidak ada blog yang mahu mengulangi nasihat DYMM Yg. Di Pertuan Agung pada ucapan Keputeraan baginda baru baru ini bahawa kita tidak boleh guna semua hak Petronas harta dan keuntungan Petronas untuk kita sekarang semata mata tapi kena fikir dan simpan untuk cucu cicit kita juga.

    Akhirnya kalau fitnah bermaharaja lela kita sama samalah tunggu kehancuran yang bakal berlaku nanti (Waliyazubillah). Tidak mustahil, kerana sejarah telah menyaksikan betapa banyak kerajaan yang hancur kerana fitnah apa lagi dalam zaman cyber sekarang ini.

    Cuma kita perlu beringat pada dosa pahala bila menaip. Supaya kita tidak tergulung dalam yang menyebar fitnah. WaAllahuALam.

  91. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Kepada melayuangkat,

    Sekiranya saudara merasakan bahawa pentadbiran Pak Lah lebih banyak kebaikan dari keburukan, saya cabar saudara list down kebaikan2 yang dia telah buat selama dia memerintah untuk membuktikan kepercayaan saudara itu.

  92. Anonymous12:54 pm

    In agreement with you RB... The current situation has compelled me to blog than just give feedback.. see my take on blaming bloggers 'Rumour is the Opium in BolehLand' at www.jonathan66my.blogspot.com.
    However I hope bloggers don't resort to expletives in venting their frustrations. Don't give the authorities any reason to justify their actions or degrade ourselves to their level like in the august house. Is treason the purview of the government of the day to label anything as treason just because they don't speak the truth in the first place and the truth out there decided to hit back? Lie-Dat Oso can-ah!?

  93. We shouldn't spend too much time speculating on the recent events. It will lead us nowhere. It's more productive if we just let the squabbles, finger-pointing and such, pass us by like the wind. Enjoy them, but "ignore" them. We have mouths to feed...but don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we don't care two hoots about Malaysia. In fact, it is those who care who will eventually get into trouble. Often, it's not worth it. Not everyone can be a warrior. Nevertheless, I'm truly disappointed at what's been happening to this country esp. lately. Something must be terribly wrong, or else Malaysia will not be in the current stressful situation.

    I shall not blame Anwar, for he has the right to defend himself. Neither will I blame others because when you blame one, you should blame everyone else. It comes in a complete package.

    Yes, all of us want a clean, fair and caring government. The thing is when will we get to see this without having to shout, kill, make allegations or demonstrate?

  94. Anonymous6:10 pm


    now...did i say i believe in all that was written/posted?

    I know that, like thousands of other malaysians, i was disgusted with the developments, to a point that i don't know what was really going on.

    A young lady is dead. three people await conviction. and politicians sling mud at one another.

    how ugly and shameful this all is.

    so, yes. bully for rocky and marina for standing their ground. and pity those who rocky and marina names.

    i'm not the one who is lambasting rocky. so i don;t need to reveal my identity.

    i'm not surprised you misunderstood what i was trying to tell you.


  95. Anonymous7:22 am

    (stcin) please pray with me :


    the prophecy =
    R-A-H-M-A-N(NAZRIN)=PM (june2010) !


  96. Anonymous6:28 pm

    The correct URL for THE ECONOMIST opinion on Badawi as SE Asia's Gorbachev is: http://www.economist.com/opinion/displaystory.cfm?story_id=11670350

  97. We are just here to express our point of view, like writing diary; like chatting with buddies,
    can not ah?
    We are not block your way, are you ? Damn,
    why you always blocking here and there?
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    Are you BLOCK(er) or FUCK(er) ???

    So, we are blogger; but we re NOT “block(er)”. Are you ?

    • Belief in God
    • Loyalty to King and Country
    • Upholding the Constitution
    • Sovereignty of the Law, and
    • Good Behaviour and Morality

    Have we done anything which is so called blatant disregard for the above principles ?
    If yes, then PM labeled you as [treachery].

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    at http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2008/07/are-you-good-blogger-or-bad-blocker.html

  98. If it weren't for the blogs, it would be coffee shop talk anyway, except blogs have the wider reach! Thank goodness for the information age.

    The politicians have themselves to blame given the opacity in which they conduct themselves, as well as their muzzle over the the mainstream media.

    If people could trust the police, the ACA, the judiciary and the media, then blogs will purely be what it is - a means for people to express their opinion and thoughts.

    That politicians need to vilify blogs reflects their embarassment at being exposed for the truth that they are trying to conceal.

    Traitor to the Nation? Look in the mirror, Mr. Prime Minister!

  99. Anonymous2:13 am

    (heha) : " ...talk x3...aduan x4...
    niamah x5...@#$%^&* x 6......fedup x7 ...cant you people
    be sabar till june2010 ...jin,jin..
    TIDUR lah...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!"

  100. Anonymous1:05 am

    (heha): hey, jin ! no aduan &
    curses on me today sunday lah !
    tq, can sleep better, come tidur