Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Forgotten Saga

Proton is 23 today. Once the pride of Malaysians, especially those in the lower income bracket, our national car has today become an embarrassment and, to some, an obstacle.

But in the 90s, Sagas were hitting foreign streets from Singapore to London, and there was even a time when left-hand drive Malaysian-made cars were being considered for the US.

My first Proton was a brand new Saga hatchback. I traded in my 7th-hand RX-7 for the brand new Proton. Sold it off for the more spacious and sporty Aeroback in 93. When NST, in a bid to tighten its belt, offered to sell its company cars to the senior executives driving them, I decided to buy the Perdana. The Aeroback and the Perdana are still serving us faithfully to this day.

Proton's charge on the world auto arena peaked when it bought MV Agusta, the Italian bike maker (after having acquired the Lotus earlier). It was planning to manufacture one of the cheapest cars in the world using bike engines.

And then Mr Badawi took over as Prime Minister ....

Anyway, Happy Birthday Proton. The company's pioneers are celebrating at Kelab Shah Alam at 8.30 tonight. There's a blog for the pioneers, here.

Photos from top to bottom:
Proton logo now
Proton UK in the 80s
Proton police cars in the UK
The Jumbuck in Australia
Proton logo then


  1. Anonymous12:06 pm

    sorry to say, proton was at its best during tengku mahaleel. he dared to come up with innovations and new models.

    today, we are sad to see proton falling behind other makes. when others are coming up with new models, proton only come up with an improved-model.

    we dont know when are they coming up with SUV or MPV as this models gain good market.

    no more money for a new hybrid?

  2. Anonymous12:07 pm

    sorry to say, proton was at its best during tengku mahaleel. he dared to come up with innovations and new models.

    today, we are sad to see proton falling behind other makes. when others are coming up with new models, proton only come up with an improved-model.

    we dont know when are they coming up with SUV or MPV as this models gain good market.

    no more money for a new hybrid?

  3. Happy birthday to proton saga...i'm still with my 11++ years old proton saga areoback 1.3...she never give me any problems except once...due to my carelessness...i luv my saga...

  4. And because of this Proton what would have otherwise cost us under RM50,000 for an imported car today, we probably pay RM85,000 or more.

    Taking away so much disposable income for so many years and years to come from the citizens just to support the megalomaniac disires of anyone is a crime far greater than blasting someone with C4 la!.

    If not for Proton we would not have criminals charging us 10s of thousands for teh APs on imported cars. That is what has helped to prop up the Proton so that the Malaysian population can support this megalomanic endeavour.

    And now we are left with these two diseases. Proton and APs.

  5. Anonymous12:19 pm

    I think all Proton cars should come with a bumper sticker that reads: Parts falling off from this vehicle is of the higest Malaysian standard.

    They still can't or don't bother to improve their quality. My daughter's 3-year old Waja just had it electric window mechanism replaced for the third time this week.


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  7. proton should have come up with a nano before tata did!

  8. Rocky,

    Happy Birthday To Proton too.

    The one who started it MUST be brilliant and has remarkable vision.

    The one who sold Agusta must be an idiot.

  9. Anonymous12:28 pm

    God bless proton and Mahathir Mohamad!

  10. Proton is the cause of Costly car in Malaysia. Without proton, we should be able to enjoy better quality car at lower price.

    Proton is equal to blood sucking vampire which cause hardship for people of Malaysia.

    I disagree that proton benefit the lower income group, without proton the lower income group can also get a Russian make car for a song or cheaper.

    I rather say good bye proton!

    Shiok Guy

  11. And then Mr Badawi took over as Prime Minister .....

    and with that Malaysians came tumbling down

  12. Anonymous12:32 pm

    the failure of proton is due to the MD responsibility. The quality is below the market standard. While the price is above the market, which mean, proton has fail to achieve it economic scale.

    zamri mohd nor, bandar sunway semenyih

  13. I still have my beetle VW .It is not a car , it is a volkswagen.

    old people have brains.

  14. Abang Rocky...

    Saya langsung tidak terpesona dengan Proton Persona baru saya...enjinnya berhantu...masih berjalan walau dimatikan... sistem penggeranya juga berhantu, mengeluarkan bunyi yang menggerikan pada waktu-waktu ia tidak sepatutnya berbunyi...tayar belakangnya juga sentiasa memberi amaran supaya jangan melebihi had laju 60km sejam...dan yang paling menyakitkan, Persona saya kuat minum..bukan bir...tapi minyak...saya amat menyesal menjual Mercedes 230CE (4th hand) saya yang sudah berumur hampir 20 tahun...pulanglah wahai sayangku...aku berjanji tidak akan menduakanmu lagi....aku tertipu and terpesona dengan Proton Persona yang baru dan berkilat2 yang mengenyitkan lampunya, menjanjikan hidup baru...tetapi ternyata...ia hanya PISAU CUKUR!!!!

    (tetapi Iswara dan Kancil saya yang dulu, tidak mendatangkan apa2 masalah... meskipun dari segi keselamatan, kedua2nya sangkar maut)

  15. Anonymous12:46 pm

    I'm not sure if the post is trying to blame Dollah for Proton's fledging identity. As much as i hate Dollah and wanted him gone for good, i do not think we should pin proton's failure on him. Proton has 23 years to improve...less 5 yrs which is dollah's time, that gives you 18 yrs under Dr M. in that 18 yrs, dare I say, there is no sustainable improvements at all. Without going into other areas that Proton failed miserably, let's just talk about the quality of the car. 18 years of existance and they cant even get that right?! so what's left for proton to brag about OTHER than its dirt cheap price? and i'm not even sure if it is 'cheap' considering that the only reduction we get is from the sales taxes and car duties! Proton breeds cronism & what not, the worst kind there is! from the way proton is managed, with or without Dollah, Proton is a project waiting to fail! You want proton to survive, set it from government intervention!

  16. Anonymous12:49 pm

    oh ya! proton wants to develop bike engine to use in car?! *eyes* rolin'...

  17. Anonymous1:04 pm

    the first car i drove was a saga.
    the first car i crashed was an aeroback.
    the first car i owned with my own hard earned money was an iswara (bought it for rm45,000 at peak price period)
    the first trade in was for my current wira.

    sigh. nostalgic as things may be, for some reason i think proton has lost the identity it had. maybe it's just me...
    by the way rocky, hate the proton logo yang baru ala thundercats tuh. wonder how much they paid to the designer to rip off an 80s cartoon logo.
    the logo which sticks in my mind is the original kite shaped logo.
    ugly as all hell. not too unlike proton cars of the earlier generation. but at least it was ours.

  18. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Mahathir became PM in 1981.
    In 1985, Proton was born, ie. 4 years later.

    Badawi has already became PM for the second term.

    Apa ada bikin? Jual Augusta Euro$1 ada:)

  19. In the previous time Proton its OK.... im so proud!!! but now KJ conquer already and made Proton slip down!!! Pak Lah kingdom Hell do everything....

  20. Anonymous1:12 pm

    proton were build to instill loyalty and pride to malaysians,,regardless of the reality(low quality/expensive).Unlike renault who were build to support the ppls,cheap car for everyone and look at how big they are now. bottomline is right now after more than 20 years proton should be able to compete under level playing field just like the other foreign more crazy tax/ less goverment protection,, more rnd , etc etc.

  21. really...if you want to blame the proton for the inflated prices of foreign cars -- yah! point taken.

    sure, wish i could have bought a merc, a beemer. foreign enough? oh you mean a honda...

    i test-drove the Saga in 1985, i think when Proton delivered each newspaper company a fresh-from-the-plant proton saga.

    i was with the late sri nayagam (at that time NST assistant news editor).

    we took the Saga along the federal highway. everyone almost stopped to have a look. not that it was a fantastically unique car (it was a mitsubishi look-alike). but it was malaysian-made. it had a malaysian name.
    we got the thumbs-up and cheers. Yes!

    we all can look back and start bitching about this and that.
    always so easy to bitch..

    i know i was so proud to see our proton in the UK.

    if there were hiccups,so deal with them.

    and i do agree....whither proton. frankly (i don't know the politics), what i see is that this administration wants to kill off this legacy of TDM. I maybe wrong. but sure looks like it.

    Happy birthday, proton.

  22. It is remarkable how most people are quick to heap blame singularly on Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi for the inefficiency, poor management and general failure of Proton. Not that I am a supporter of Abdullah Badawi; the sooner we have a new government led by a more capable leader, the better.

    In relation to Proton, recall that it was a project that was incepted and propped up with public money, and, unlike the Japanese keiretsus like Toyota and Honda, it never fully weaned off its teats -- public funds and Mitsubishi's technology/assistance. Economically speaking, the sheltered set-up introduced inefficiency and complacency. These are anathemas to successful competition in business. Coupled with the regrettable lack of local ingenuity, aggressiveness and resourcefulness, Proton just wasn't carved up to compete on the global scale, despite the government-supported, limited sales overseas.

    This is a painful fact we must accept and remedy. Analogous to this is the fact that we are (still) reliant on foreign direct investment to keep the economy afloat; there is no inherent, independent, home-grown, industrial R&D and management savvy to ignite a largely self-sustaining economy as in Japan, South Korea or Taiwan. The oil palm sub-sector is somewhat of an exception, but it falls under the agricultural sector.

    The causes for this state of affairs are manifold; among the key factors are the dumbing down of our university education (Malaysian universities are seen as degree mills), and the fact that critical thinking is not fostered.

    Hence, if one wishes to solely blame Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi for Proton's degeneration, then we should not shy away from blaming Tun Mahathir for the colossal collapse of Perwaja Steel that cost the public billions.

  23. Proud Owner of Proton SAGA 1.3 A/B (2000) ... No problem on engine, chasis, brakes, clutch, power windows, steering, drive shaft, and everything ....

    Tip Top condition started from the beginning...

    Only minor dent on bumper as caught some accident last time.

  24. Anonymous1:36 pm

    If not for Proton, we will have better makes at affordable prices. If not for Proton, we would likely be a vibrant and world class vehicle assembly hub without having to thrown in trillions of ringgit just to make Mahathir proud. Once too I owned Proton cars but each one was like a leper... things were falling out and falling apart with alarming regularity. Little wonder then that fed-up owners called them "leprosy cars". The first generation cars were good because the engines came from Japan. When I bought my second Proton (a Wira), it refused to start if the engine was still hot. Still hopeful, I plonked down money on a Waja next and it proved the straw that broke the camel's back. The auto transition was awful and dangerous. The plastic panels here, there and everywhere fell off. The tail lights contained water, the brake lights failed and the seats were so hard it was like sitting on planks. I sold it off cheap and swore myself off Proton. Rocky, don't ampu bodek your mamak godfather by over praising the Proton which commits daylight robbery on car buyers.


  25. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Say what we want, Proton is part of Malaysia. It is good in the sense we can brag bout we being one of the nation that can produce cars and it is bad in providing us that false sense. Then came the APs sagas...which instead of providing Proton window of opportunity, became the road to riches to the selected few and again brought false senses, this time to the majority of the bumiputeras thinking that APs is good and every bumis gets a share of the APs.Sadly it is still being issued to the selected few, sadly the usual few bumis get to continues enjoying the benefits instead of the mass due to the greed of the leaders.

    Say what we want, Proton is part of the nation's history.

  26. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Bro, i live in kota bharu.

    20 yrs ago my malay brothers in southern thai couldnt even afford a decent car.

    Today they r driving new hondas and toyotas to KB while most of d rakyat here hv only old protons and tiny kancils to show.

    i say long live dr mahathir!

  27. Anonymous1:47 pm

    I've always been a proton fan...sad, isn't it? Malaysian have the ability to build things, but is not always that capable to maintain the things we built.


  28. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Lets go back to basic. When Proton started we all were buying Nissan Sunny 130Y & Toyota LE almost same category.

    The Proton Saga then was selling at RM17k++ 1985 then for 1.3 manual.

    Money stop flowing out and the quality were at same par if not better then the imported ones.

    New vendors were developed through vendors program. Some vendors went public listed and even venture into supplying their products to big names i.e Toyota, GM , Korea and even China.

    Proton directly and indirectly provided job opportunities to close to 200k and invested millions for R&D plus paying taxes to the govermnent.

    Say what you want but PROTON is still relevant today after 25 years of establishment 7th May, 1983 and the first commercial production roll out is on 9th July, 1985 by TDM.

    The pioneers remembered this because they were very nationalistic and full of proud when making the Saga. It is serving the nation, it was national proud.

    Happy 23rd Anniversary of Commercial Production Roll-Out Proton.


  29. I am very happy with my Iswara... 11th years and running.

    Yes, proton spin-off effect does bring good deed to the country but it had the ugly side as well..

    those greedy vendors were the biggest culprits.

    when Badawi created Naza, he added salt to the open wound... where do we go from here? I don't know and I don't think PakLah knows...

  30. Anonymous1:57 pm

    What can I say about Proton? I'd spend so much buying Proton cars for the past 15 years and none ever lived up to the standards. A price of being patriotic but then again, we non bumi always be branded as non patriotic and outsiders. So what's the point? It's all about some cronies making profit and play around with the word "Patriotic".
    I'm driving Toyota now and I don't feel being ripped off, and I don't care about being patriotic or not. Why should I? Driving Proton with a tiny Jalur Gemilang on top can make us more patriotic ? DUHHHHH.

    Car User.

  31. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Shut it down. Proton untung kita rugi. Proton rugi, kita rugi dua kali. This is a negative sum game. We get the negative.


  32. Sorry Rocky,

    We have to disagree on this one.

    We are so proud of Proton, and we can understand how in the beginning it made sense.

    But Proton's failure to adapt cannot be solely blamed on Pak Lah (although we would love it if we could).

    The subsidies and tax protection on Proton was necessary in the beginning, but just like everything else, the fat cats got too comfortable with the status quo. Protection shouldn't be forever, and that's the truth.

    Nostalgic or not, we have to face the facts. We cannot keep on spending rakyat's money to satisfy our "national pride".

    I love the idea of Proton. But if it doesn't work to the detriment of all Malaysians, we should re-think about it.

    In fact, I am impressed with the new models, simply because they are getting back to the basics.

    How can we pretend we want to build expensive cars when our OEMs are all cronies?

    Sokong sokong juga, tapi jangan sokong membabi buta.


    UMNO D.U

  33. and oh yes...
    forgot to tell you -- my first proton was a Saga aeroback 1.3. my second proton was a Wira aeroback 1.5.

    never gave me any problem.

  34. i think proton should look forward to the future and started the use of hybrid engine or maybe fully electric car. then with help of mr badawi to increase fuel price higher, who know proton would dominance our street once again.

  35. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Just how many BN leaders who barked at us to fully support and buy the Proton cars in the name of patriotism, nationalism and loyalty to the country, are owning and driving the national cars? Of course, for official function they would use the Perdana but that belongs to the government. Do you ever see their spouses or children drive national cars? I don't think so. So why on earth should we drive Proton cars if these so called leaders of ours do not own one? Because we have to. We can't afford foreign cars because of the ridiculous high tax and stupid AP requirement. Proton cars are so cheaper in the foreign market than they are sold locally. Absurd. Really absurd. What can I say? Sedarlah rakyat Malaysia. Anda ditipu.

  36. Anonymous2:20 pm

    rocky...I also want to pin the blame on Iraq war on Pak Lah.

  37. Anonymous2:25 pm

    SHould tun be praised for the birth of perodua as well? perodua cars r so much better than proton cars...

    pro perodua

  38. I suppose I can also conclude that indefinite protectionism really does not improve the target. There is just no dire need to improve oneself.

  39. Jelajah Sabah dan Sarawak menggunakan Proton Saga adalah kenangan manis pembabitan saya sebagai wartawan dengan kereta nasional, ikon kebanggaan negara.

    Kini semuanya tinggal kenangan...Bak kata TDM, "dah lama dahh".

  40. Anonymous2:37 pm

    I have used my wira 1.5 for 8 years now. Never had a major problem, even when I missed the periodic maintenance many times due to budget la ...

    Wish all the best to Proton ... happy 23th birthday ...

    Mohd Osman

  41. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Proton is sold out in most foreign country because they only import 10cars a year!!!

  42. Anonymous2:47 pm

    I've been using proton cars for nearly 10 years. From satria, wira and now waja. Well the car is reliable and i dont have much problem with them.
    However, i feel that price of proton car are not reflected with the quality it brings. The gov should scrap import car taxes so that proton would be competitive not just take people hard earn money.
    I think in order proton to survive, they should produce & devolope cars using solar power, electric and hybrid. I'm sure the demand for this car is high.
    Another thing we should start to develope is our public transport. Buses are history. Use bullet train and subway instead like Japan & Singapore.
    Pak Lah wake up!! Do something good for the country.
    If u cannot do it let someone else do it.

  43. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Proton has about 30% market share while Peodua has about 45% market share. Others like Nissan (Tan Chong) , Toyota (UMW), Honda (now??, used to be Oriental) and others share the balance. Look at Tan Chong, UMW and Oriental's (all assemblers) profits. Does it makes sense for a manufacturer and distributor with such big market share to do worse off than these assemblers? If Proton can clean up its purchases dept (i.e. list of vendors), it will be a great company.

  44. Anonymous3:03 pm


    - no 5-speed auto transmission, when competitors' cars come with 5-, 6- or 7-speed auto trans or CVT or DSG transmissions.

    - no "hybrid" technology

    - no Euro IV engines

    Basic bread-and-butter technology, which the Japanese, Koreans and Germans can do much better!

  45. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Proton has potential and they did have the 'brains' and wawasan back then but my gut feeling tells me those when away the moment the late Tan Sri Yahya went down in the chopper. Had a school friend in Pekan who was entrusted with keys (just keys, like thier mitsubishi counterpart culture in Japan) and he was very enthusiatic with his job and future. But after the passing of Tan Sri, most of the Pekan lines taken over by truck ckd. Then came the Tiara and the downhill trends started.

  46. i dont really mind if the government inflate the car price b'coz of proton.but what i cant understand the government already burden us with taxes each time we bought a car why not they use that tax money to subsidise the petrol ?

    to compare proton with several other cars brand is not as simple as u think.especially to compare them with the japanese & korean.the japanese took how many years to earn their success their enjoy today ? it is more than 40 with the korean atleast 30 years.and they have bigger population than us.So in other word,they should be able to sell more cars to the local for a start compare to us with smaller population.unlike the japanese and korean which really support their own brand no matter how crap the thing is,we usually like to show off with the foreign brand like merc,bmw,honda etc etc. so by that logic,it is not easy for proton to make them profitable enough to launch a new R&D for each model their produce.Do u have any idea how much does it cost to produce a new model ? atleast $500m bro.and pls lah dont be ashame to admit that we are not so supportive to our own brand,if we can simply blame mahathir for whatever reason we didnt comfortable with,why not sometimes we accept that us also sometimes isnt so perfect.

    some said we should follow the thais foodstep by wooing the automotive companies to setup their factory in malaysia.

    but dont u see most of the nation with the highest technology capablity produce their own cars ? do u have any idea how many engineers they can produce from local to build a car from A-Z and not just assemble them.Even today with have 2 or 3 engineers in F1 already.Now petronas can build an engine with a euro 5 standard which the goverment lately to sell them to the chinese car is the knowledge we gain that mahathir can see from it not an instant profit(its a heavy industries for god sake)instead we grumble so much from proton rather than to think how they can benefit us in a long term.

    and its not only cars that mahathir wanted to produce,there are more such as monorail(MTRANS) which almost bankrupt b'coz paklah delayed the monorail project in SCOMI took over the company already so that they can use em for the monorail project in penang.

    its never to late to support our product.if not us to support who ells ?

    btw, happy birthday to proton.

    Le Emile

  47. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Ala Kak Nuraina ni... emosionalnyer!

    The Proton Saga itu 'good model' lah, boleh dikatakan. I ingat masa kereta tu keluar saya tertarik dengan design dia yang menarik, lain dari yang lain skit.

    Tapi macam tin sardin jugaklah skit kan, banding dengan kereta Jepun yang murah dan solid. Harga kereta Jepun melambung tinggi sebab dikenakan cukai semata-mata nak lariskan jualan model-model Proton.

    Ok lah, memang setuju industri tempatan yang baru berpucuk seharusnya diberi perlindungan skit kalau nak kasi dia membesar dan berkembang.

    Tapi ni kan pulak, sampai bila-bila pun tak berkembang atau catch up dengan persaingannya. Sampai sekaranglah cukai kenderaan import tinggi melambung. Proton tak pernah-pernah dapat mencabar kereta saingan dari segi kualiti atau dari segi sesuatu yang unik (mungkin buat model yang makan minyak sikit ke, model elektrik-hybrid ke). Takde innovasi langsung nak cekup pasaran. Camana nih?

    Projek tempatan tu baik tapi kalau tak buat betul-betul all the way atau takde harapan jangka panjang, usah lah. Usang bazir wang rakyat. Yang mati siapa? Kita pengguna dari rakyat biasa lah. Nak beli kereta berkualiti dari luar negara, tak boleh. Mahal. Yang murah, kereta Proton lah, berlambak berlonggok adanya. Tapi tin sardin pulak. Iyer lah, owang-owang kampung cam saya mampu jugak beli kereta kan? Tapi kalau harga kereta Jepun yang steady tu tak dinaikkan, dah tentu kitak boleh beli kereta Jepung.

    Entahlah. Kalau tengok genap-genap, ada baiknya Proton ni, tapi ada buruknya jugak sebab dalam jangka panjang, tak hebat sangat pun.

    Baik tutup kedai, jimat wang rakyat. Guna wang tu buat benda yang lagi bermanfaat. Kurangkan harga minyak, misalnya atau perbetulkan perkhidmatan kenderaan awam yang tunggang-langgang. Kereta Proton bina bebanyak, nak untungkan kroni, tapi sistem kenderaaan awam terbiar pulak. Mana betul?

    Stuju tak kengkawan?

  48. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Even during Tun M's premiership, what was he thinking when he launched Proton Juara??

    Ewwww....that is the most ugliest piece of moving machine on the road. It was like seeing a piece of bread turned bad yellow colour, and given life to move on the steets.

    But the 1st Saga, even until today, we can see them on the roads. Now, that is performance.

  49. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Happy Birthday proton!! Although the quality of the car is not the same level as the Honda, Mazda, Toyota or other known foreign cars in the world, But I'm still proud of our national car; being using my Proton Satria car for 11 years.

  50. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Tried hard not to comment here! The problem with Malaysian people is our mentality! Even if Malaysia produced Honda, Toyota etc, still the Malaysian people will find fault in it, in anything which is ‘Home Made’. A’ bodoh’ mentality! Malaysia deserved to be STILL in developing nation category together with Bangladesh, nigeria just for having this type of mentality. Grow up! Be proud for once of barang-barang buatan Malaysia and if you must critize make it constructive.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Proton!


  51. Anonymous4:12 pm

    That's why they remove him, they wanted to bury proton. We must support them by not buying proton so that proton or TKT will kick the bucket sooner.


  52. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Proton spells failure. Failure of the NEP. The objective to make Proton into a international class car manufacturer to compete against the likes of Toyota. Now Proton can't even compete locally. Billions of dollars is being poured in through the skyhigh prices of imported cars paid by the hardearned money of the rakyat. Just how long more are we going to subsidize Proton. It is another classic example of failure of NEP. With all the losses no wonder the Malays are still stuck at 19% of the the economic pie which we all know is a sham.

    The noble cause of issuing APs to protect Proton are turning into a cash cow for politicians to get easy money. And the rakyat is now paying to fill the politicians pocket in the name of protecting national interest, the ailing Proton. When is this going to end? Since petrol subsidies have to go. We must demand that APs must be abolished. When the iron lady was at helm, muhidin cried for the abolition of APs, now, APs is forever........


  53. Proton is the symbol of Malaysia Boleh. It is the lauch pad for locally made cars. Like Japanese cars they took western technology and innovate to produce more efficient engines.

    The long term plan is for Malaysians to be technologically savvy for future growth.

    So congratulations to Proton. Handled properly the future is bright.

  54. Anonymous4:18 pm

    LIKE ALL IDEAS IN MALAYSIA, the idea was good until some people got greedy, overambitious,one sided protectionist policies,tax increases,stagnation of product development, product quality drop, no consistency, too many product defects, arrogant, shameless abuses of funding and asssets for the cronies, substandard sub-contractors. ideas were good until unqualified people put into positions they have no competance to run, like fish out of water it is just a matter of time before it dies if left to umno, pure and simple.

    simple simon

  55. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Pak Sako...Ihope you are not a supporter of AAB cos if you do it shows the mental similarity that both of you have.How can you compare AABs determination to kill of proton the same as that of the collapse of Perwaja steel.Tun definately wont want to see the collapse of projects he initiated.
    And thank GOD for the no problem iswara.

  56. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Happy Birthday Proton.

    If there are those who want to bitch about it and get hard on their VWs and salivate for foreign made cars they should leave this country especially since nothing about Malaysia seems to please them.

    Happy Birthday also to all Proton Employees.

  57. happy birthday proton ...but time to move on ...

    well said old fart :-)

  58. Salam

    For those who dont haf pride in themselves and their nation, will easily dissing proton.

    There are many books on Toyota major bookstores recently..Buy one and read their history to become number one..
    Or my fav, try 'Bad Samaritans by Ha-Joon Chang'..
    Do u knw hw even Japanese ppl hate 'Toyopet'? And hw many times Japanese govt had to clearly bailing out Toyota.
    No country will ever succeed without automative or heavy industries..

    So, even though it's now being managed n control by incapable and ignorant ppl, we should cont giving our support to Proton, hoping that it will return to those who are brilliant..

    Understand the vision of 'the man' who started Proton....

  59. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Dah tiba masa kita singkirkan Barisan Nasional.

    Tengok sajer aksi pemimpin-pemimpin BN yang angkuh takabur tak senonoh dalam video ini:

    Rocky, tengok video ni rasa jijik tak? Takkan tak nak strike lagi? Strike ler bang oi.

    Bila Saiful buat laporan, laju kau memblog. Bila Bala buat laporan, lembab cam siput.

  60. Anonymous5:13 pm

    The Proton debacle took, very very conservatively, no less than RM100,000 out of every household in Malaysia.

    That's how important it is to have the right people running the country... because when you thnk about it there are projects like Perwaja, Dayabumi, Putrajaya and countless more.

    What should be a nation of millionaires have been turned into a failed state filled with desperately poor people.

    All because of Mahathir and the people who continue to run this country after him.

    What celebration? I think a wake should be held.

    "Former Proton User"

  61. Proton is synonymous with Tun Mahathir. Therefore Pak Lah does not see the need to assist or strengthen the GLC company. Just like he did to other Mahathir's projects,The scenic bridge, MSC, double tracking etc. Tun was the only voice fighting for Proton's future till today. It was disappointing that Proton's chairman and management board did not support Tun.

  62. Anonymous5:44 pm

    If Proton didn't exist,we wouldn't be hit so hard by the fuel crisis. Dr M should have improved public transportation instead. If he had poured all the car-making money from Petronas and his will into that 18 years ago, we would probably have the second-best public transport system (after Singapore) and cleanest of air in SEA today.

    See what happens when you had a PM without a clear and clean vision of the future of his country? See what happens when a PM didn't think about the future of his people but only his own ego? Only an idiot can call that brilliance.

    And why did Dr M choose the lethargic Badawi as his successor? Is it his plan for Badawi to be the fallguy before his favourite Najib takes over? Five years for us to bash Badawi for all his megalomaniacal mistakes?

    Dr M, you can't force Najib on us, do remember, man proposes, god disposes. And the Proton is more an embarrassment than something I would proudly admit that is made in my country - especially when I'm living in Germany.

    And now the incompetent government - Dr M's ONLY real legacy - is even talking about building a nuclear power plant. I've seen Chernobyl and its long-term effects. Pleeeez, make a hydrogen bomb instead, at least it will end all our sufferings instantly. Boom!

  63. The logo is bad fung shui. The tiger looks like it's starved to the bones.
    How to improve the quality when Proton keeps pressing for cost reduction from their vendors when prices of raw material kept rising. Vendors had no choice but to supply inferior parts to meet cost reduction targets. Don't believe, ask the QC sure some of you readers are their friends or neighbours. Some of the production machines in Tj Malim are running at only 60% effeciency even after spending hundred of millions. How do you expect Proton to manufacture as lower cost.

  64. The logo is bad fung shui. The tiger looks like it's starved to the bones.
    How to improve the quality when Proton keeps pressing for cost reduction from their vendors when prices of raw material kept rising. Vendors had no choice but to supply inferior parts to meet cost reduction targets. Don't believe, ask the QC sure some of you readers are their friends or neighbours. Some of the production machines in Tj Malim are running at only 60% effeciency even after spending hundreds of millions. How do you expect Proton to manufacture as lower cost.

  65. somebody pray tell me, why is it that all the rust spots on the Saga are almost exactly at the same spots on ALL CARS?

  66. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Those were the days. My family still owns the first proton saga.
    Sigh. Those were the days when things were simpler. Clear line of authority.

    Proton driver

  67. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Old Fart is totally spot on. Proton was a fool's dream and if anyone is pro-proton, he/she must have gained from this misadventure financially. Otherwise no sane person would have reason to support this sham!
    flush_the _crap

  68. Anonymous7:21 pm

    "We are so proud of Proton, and we can understand how in the beginning it made sense.

    But Proton's failure to adapt cannot be solely blamed on Pak Lah (although we would love it if we could).

    The subsidies and tax protection on Proton was necessary in the beginning, but just like everything else, the fat cats got too comfortable with the status quo. Protection shouldn't be forever, and that's the truth.

    Nostalgic or not, we have to face the facts. We cannot keep on spending rakyat's money to satisfy our "national pride".

    ~Akar Umbi UMNO Damansara Utama, 2:02 pm~

    Spot on, brother Akar Umbi. It is nice to see sensible and realistic people talk.

    Yes, it is nice to "feel patriotic" to have our own car.

    But I rather feel patriotic about Malaysia having tip-top public hospitals for ordinary folks, good schools for our children, clean and beautiful cities and towns, reliable public transport for all ordinary people. That way, I can tell everyone in the world my country is a paradise to live in. What do I get by telling people we have our own national car?

    Look after the essentials first la... those things that benefit the public where it really matters, and for the long-term. Then we can feel truly patriotic and think about other smaller "patriotic" things like making and sustaining our own car using public money. If out of private venture, takpe lah, go ahead. Proton guna wang rakyat. Make sure we use wang rakyat for real, long-term welfare for the people. Don't shortchange the poor rakyat please, politicians.

    We cannot be "patriotic" just for the sake of "patriotic". "Patriotic" can be a very deceiving concept. Like sending a Malaysian to space for several hours of patriotic feeling. Millions of public money gone. What did that achieve for the future of the nation? Minyak turun ka? Public transport senang ka? Takde pun.

    Since this "patriotic" thing can be misused by savvy Machiavellian politics to manipulate the masses, the rakyat, must think hard about what "patriotic" really means, and what is it that we really want to be patriotic about.

  69. Anonymous7:41 pm

    TATA...believe it or not is emulating Proton strategy...first; they managed to produce Nano car (the cheapest car in the world) literally using a motorbike engine. Second, they acquired Jaguar/Land Rover recently as part of their branding strategy to compete beyond domestic market.
    Plus most of the countries such as India, Korea, Japan still continue to provide protection to their automobile industries.

    We need talented and gifted people with visionary to revive Proton and rally the nation why automotive industry is important.

    I don't see this will happen now given with the current economic conditions and people have bigger things to consider right now like to feed their families tomorrow....

    -"Savvy" user

  70. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Narrow vision. Cause and effect based on race and not ability. We all know who to "thanks" for making us pay car that is almost the price of a house and therefore very little money left for more productive things.


  71. proton is not actually a subsidized company.the government inflate the other car price b'coz most of the proton parts were locally made by our local vendor .that is why the proton cannot lower the price so much.

    mahathir can make proton even cheaper if he setup the proton factory in china or vietnam and using parts from the established vendors but he didnt.WHY ? b'coz he want to create jobs for using the local vendors would encourage many malaysian to become an entrepreneur in the auto industry.

    so u see since the 1st day of its existance,proton already had a big responsibilty not only to become a major player in the industry but also to become a place to educate the rakyat and to earn some income which is not easy for proton on the other hand.if proton is own by a private company do u think they would sacrifice all these as a regard of national service ?

    to some people who said proton is one of the NEP failure.Pls watch your mouth b'coz i think u hurt many by saying that.

  72. Anonymous7:53 pm

    For those proton lovers, you're wasting your money. I used to own 6protons from the 1st version to Gen 2 and all crap and rubbish. Just because of being patriotic, you're duped by UMNO goons.. their money is accumulating while your pocket is shrinking haha.. jokes on you!! hahaha

    ex proton lover.

  73. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Next time when another carmaker wants to buy Proton, just sell it to them. Of course, make sure the going price is worth a decent sum at least...

    Q: How do you double the second hand price of a Proton Tiara?

    A: Put a D24 durian in the trunk before visiting the dealer

    Q: Did you hear about the planned Proton model to be named after Badawi?

    A: They couldn't solve the problem of the car suddenly going into reverse without warning

  74. Anonymous7:58 pm

    You can always look at how the price of Proton rips your hard-deserving income and start to put blame on few insignificants who make money 'atas angin'. You can also look at how Proton creates down stream industries who fed million of Malaysians.

    America mostly fed their people from their huge automobile industries but after the failure of their marketing strategies and high fuel price, millions got lay off. What do you think American want to put the blame on. Henry Ford ????

    The point is, not until you can put a fair weight on the benefit/failure given to the country from Proton generated industris and stop whining selfishly saying wanted to drive Toyota made car with decent price. please don't put blame on other's deeply thought vision.

    - kancil driver

  75. A developed nation is a nation that can produce things. Not just buy things.

    For instance mitsubishi used to build fighter planes, porsche used to build tanks and BMW used to make aircraft Engines.

    From the technology gained in the know how of making a car you then would know how to make other mechanical machines just like how Honda is able to build many other things.

    But if you keep buying from outside especially cars when do actually learn to make anything? Buy lah why make one cheaper what buy can get HONDA sumore!! says the village narrow minded idiot.

    When you have a big manufacturing plant you need many vendors who then acquire skills in making suspensions, gearings, electronics and etc.

    These skills and technology can then be applied to make other things.

    That is why Mahathir insist we make our own car.

    If you kill Proton and just buy that Honda or Toyota because you are non NEP GREAT MALAYSIAN CITIZENS and not just some stupid UMNO MALAY WHATEVER then tell me will Honda build a factory in Malaysia?

    Or would they just simply make them in China and import them here.

    Would they require many vendors and suppliers from malaysia then?

    If we don't have the venue to or market to develop technology then would we have new skills then?

    When we have no new skills and industry would we then be prosperous?

    And when our economy merely rely on services and very few local based industry would we then have enough money to buy a Honda?

    If there is no competition in the Malaysian Market would Honda want to sell their cars for RM 50 000 then?

    Why do you think Korea bans electronic imports from japan?


  76. Anonymous8:20 pm

    I love my Satria Neo! The Jumbuck name is stoopido...


  77. Anonymous8:28 pm


    We all get your point. It was a good idea, initially, to have our own automotive industry.

    But sorry to disappoint you: the plan failed.

    We just don't have the R&D, the innovative spirit and thinking, the management skill etc. to launch a really successful car company.

    The making of Proton in Malaysia can be comparable to this: forcing an African nation to adopt a national aeroplane industry. Human capital takde, innovation/know-how and management takde. What you should do first is to develop the country's basics first la. Develop human capital, provide basics like excellent hospitals, excellent public transport, excellent local industries that capitalise on what we do best (comparative advantage).

    What is the point of forcing down our throats a scheme that Malaysia is not ready to take up follow through all the

    It can be seen as a flawed judgement. Proton has been clawing to survive for so long thanks to generous tax protection and government support.

    After 23 years, still on life-support.

    It was a cool idea back then, but Malaysia just wasn't at the developmental stage to have an independent carmaker. We just didn't have the R&D, the innovative spirit or attitude, etc.

    As I described, it is somewhat like force-feeding 1st world ambition onto a still developing 3rd world nation.

    We could have gradually secured the basics -- step-by-step rock-solid development, then when ready, when the know-how and human capital is there, launch a local car if we have to.

    But sigh... Mahathir's overambition and ego just was so hard to rein in.

    p.s. Australia and Denmark -- two countries at the top 5 of the Human Development Index (most advanced nation in terms of development) don't have their own homemade cars! Australia also has short buildings... no tallest building in the world! Did it mean that they didn't succeed? They provide the best healthcare and public transportation and many other good things for the people first.

    Did we really need a Proton to succeed and provide our people with high-standard of living?

    Think about it carefully.

  78. My neighbor has a proton wira aeroback which she purchased because she was quite happy with the first same car she bought in the early days of Proton. Same car but the new one is "a major fuck up job", hey, I'm just quoting her words there.

    What I don't comprehend is that, when you make the same thing for the past two decades, aren't you suppose to be more good at it if not an expert already????? It's like making the same kueh bengkang everyday, only the tastes deteriorate with practice...???????

  79. well said sinatraz..well said..

    but paklah made proton looks really bad to many malaysian.cant understand why.just b'coz of mahathir he will put many others suffer.

    too bad if its continue like this proton would finally collapse,many would loose jobs(not only the proton employees but other companies or vendors connected to them).since the stupid PM we have now only know how to talk cock.with many of multinational companies shying away from investing in malaysia since they can get much cheaper labour in china or viet.What might that future look like ? so scary when think of it.

  80. Proton is as old as the Sodomee Kid? This doesn't augurs well as both has been 'rear-ended' by powers that be.

    Ole to my ancient Wira, giving me problems left and right but again it's 'personality'.

  81. Brader,

    Because of Proton, the doors open to malays to be come car salesmen, car dealers, car mechanics and, and ultimately, rivals to non-Malay car moguls. Malays become mechanically more sayyv. Tengku Mahaleel even even succeeded in getting Lotus from the British.

    Before Proton, no Malays ever had any of these.

    It is not the cars that Proton produce that chage the landscape, but the fact that Tun Mahathir had the foresight to even the playing field just a bit.

    Thanks Tun M.
    Thanks Proton & Happy Birthday.

  82. Anonymous9:48 pm

    My first car was a Saga, then a Wira and now, a Waja. I plan to change my 5-year-old Waja next year, insyaallah.

    And, my new car, insyallah, won't be a Proton becaue my Waja gave me a lot of nightmares.

    Both of my former Saga and Wira gave me no problem at all, which makes me to wonder.

    What is wrong with Proton? Proton started well, but has now lost its grip as the quality of its cars is on the decline.

    And that should not be the way as each new model should be better than the previous one.

    For my next car, I want to invest a bit because I'm looking for both comfort and quality. Proton should also invest a bit more to stop the rot.

    But the beauty of Proton is that it is protected by the government so people will continue buying Proton models (and continue to be cheated) due to its cheap prices.

    So Proton happy anniversary and may your life is short because we, Malaysians, deserve better quality Proton cars.

    -Mat Kilau-

  83. Proton was part of Tun Mahathir's drive and vision towards a technology driven economy. I think it did well to acquire a British icon; Lotus, which is an automotive design and engineering company and later added MV Agusta(Motorbike maker) to its stable of companies then something stupid happened and Tengku Mahaleel was not renewed his contract to lead Proton by Abdullah's administration.

    Tengku Mahaleel is what one would call an automotive maker he was replaced by a car chief salesman from Perodua and the current Chairman of Proton was an ex banker or something like that, anyway both of them are not the right choice to lead Proton as they do not have any automotive pedigree good enough to take Proton to new heights in the face of mounting global challenges.

    Proton does have the necessary infrastructure to move forward , just look at their state of the art car assembly facility in Proton City, why do you guys think that Volkswagen is so interested in Proton not so long ago. Proton just needs good people with an automotive pedigree like Tengku Mahaleel or better to move forward.

    For you Malaysians who are so easy with their words to deride Proton and its many achievement to even compare it unfairly to being a NEP failure. I ask you how many countries in this world besides Malaysia which has the technological know how to design and manufacture its own petrol driven combustible engine. You can count these countries with your 10 fingers lah.

    So, we Malaysian should be proud of Proton and support it where we possibly can, if not buy at least do not say bad things about our Malaysian carslah, the Japanese and Koreans never say bad things about their cars because they are always proud of their own home made goods.

  84. Anonymous10:38 pm

    i had my proton iswara sedan 1.5 for 16yrs. only decided to sell after it broke down 2 times last year. felt like crying when i had to sell the car. been my savior so many times. proton, despite all your faults, u r still malaysian, and you r part of your history.

  85. Anonymous10:59 pm

    dear michael jackson!

    i agree with you..proton dont have rnd.they make wira from benz model,persona from mitsubishi,new saga from renault.and campro ,we copy honda engine.we buy lotus bcoz they want our they can make new elise.

    yes,,we should develop human capital first.after we can make sure there are enough malaysian engineer who work for honda,mitsubishi,bmw etc then we build proton and lure them to proton with rm2500 per sure malaysian are patriotic so they will leave their position and salary in bmw etc and come back to malaysia to work for proton..

    or...we should tell our kid to study engineering so that after he/she graduate,they can wait for government to launch proton.

    im sure mahathir is overambitious..that why he cant think about future.

    janet jackson?

  86. Anonymous11:01 pm

    if "proton" does has a "birthday', that will bring us a interesting question...who is his father and mother?


  87. Anonymous11:04 pm

    i never have a proton before, all my cars are foreign made.

    why not proton? well, ask yourself...why should pay for 50k for a joke?


  88. Best during Tengku Mahaleel foot!
    The "Setria" model was proven..a total failure..because its bonnet was too low..and out come .the..'Gen2" by him...same low bonnet car...with outside changes..and Mahathir..put a thumps up...saying .it is the best.
    This shows Mahathir knows next to nothing about cars too...and will keep supporting his cronies or puppets.
    All things been said...certain proton models were value for the limited.. "Black Knight"....more powerful than the look-a-like..Areoback.
    And I think..the 'Saga" and "iswara" are still the best......and why not.... at that time...Mitsihbushi was the active partner and workers listened to those Japanese managers. When become successful.....UMNO became ungrateful..chuck those Japanese and claim all the thick skinned hypocrites.
    VW knew all these...and must have given government.straight to the point..."take it or leave it"...for them to partner Proton.
    If the government really thinks of Malaysians..the should hang their heads humble..and let VW have total control...for the success of Proton was due to Mitshibushi and failures were due to Malaysians...Mahathir and his chosen CEO.
    But leave it to UMNO...pride and never...never admit their own sickening mistakes..have cost Malaysians..billions of RM looses.
    And to conclude again..Proton do have few models..value for money and are good....all originated fro Japanese technology.
    But Perdua is doing very well...with their 'Kembara" and 'Kelesa" they stick to foreign help sincerely..with no political nonsense allowed.

  89. Visionary or moronic. Beautiful or plain ugly. Creating an automotive industry or creating overnight millionaires by way of the APs. The Proton Sagu was the only car that I can afford back then in 1991. And it's the only one I can afford now. I'm on my third Sagu, also a 1991 model which I bought last year for RM2,500.00.

    It used to be RM41 for a full tank back then. Then it was RM72. Now a whopping RM102. But hey, life's cool. I don't have any repayments. The only catch, no insurance company wanna gimme first party coverage.

    With the price of fuel on the increase as it is, I could be driving my Proton Sagu Terakhir.

  90. Anonymous11:15 pm

    For the proponents, after 23 years, consider this, why are we paying more for say a WAJA compared with Toyota Vios in Australia. They've to sell the WAJA cheaper in Australia than here and on top of that offer many goodies like 7years maintenance free! If you convert, it's already expensive. But we shouldn't be converting like our politicians who say our petrol is cheaper than ... It should be based on PPI (Purchasing Power Index)

    I heard from someone, when the proton just came out, Datuk Musa Hitam (DPM then) was asked what colour of Proton Saga would he like, he replied pink because it's for suckers. And then the fallout, the rest is history!

    Aaaah! How I missed buying a Nissan Sunny at RM20k...Yes that was the price before Proton came into the picture. Let history be the judge..

    No bloggers, no cry?

  91. I had my thoughts on Proton recently, post fuel hike.

    This will involve in removing some of the policies that we have adopted as a way of adjustment to the current economic situation. It will also mark a turning point to the initial agenda which need rethinking to adapt to the global economic climate. Proton was conceived with the agenda of putting Malaysia in the Engineering and Industrial map, and after 20 years, Proton has reached to a point that it could no longer be seen as a national symbol. Proton has enough foundation to project itself beyond Malaysian boundaries and follow the path of Korean carmakers.
    It will need a global partner, and Proton need to review again the partnership proposal with VW. Maybe we can't win all the time, but a strategic global partner is crucial for the survival of automotive industry in Malaysia. Let Proton determine its course as a private entity. Proton has to go global and put aside the national agenda. With the foundation that Proton has laid, I think we have already establish the desired agenda of putting Malaysia as part of automotive global player. We have reached that point where the agenda must change. The government has done its role, and Proton need to seriously look beyond the malaysian borders and start to play with the big boys. At least, Proton must place itself strategically in the near region with its new partner and the strength of its current foundation.

    Consequential to this departure for Proton is the drastic reduction of duties for vehicles in Malaysia. Meaning cheaper cars. meaning less money spent on cars, and more on other things. Such as petrol.

    Malaysian pay huge amount of money on cars and this amount to a large portion of the average salary. And we don't get much out of the money, lost due to depreciation.

    If such direction is to be taken, it has to be done gradually, perhaps proportionate to Proton's global performance with its partner.

    The other issue that may arise is the increase in traffic due to the affordability of cars. There are ways to deal with this - controlled access to the city, improvement of mass public transport, regulating car parking provision etc.

    Giving away Proton may be painful, but only on the face of pride. Most important and above all, this will reduce the economic pain that the average malaysian has to endure. On the other hand, we could say we have tried, and succeeded to a point that the agenda has to change for the benefit of the public at large.

    Global Automotive industry is very competitive and there is no way Proton can survive even under the government protection. When the industry is so competitive, cars have to be built efficiently and cheaper. It is this trend that the government has to think as the threshold between local and foreign might just be too close, for the former to maintain its comfort zone, and for the paying public just to fork out a little bit more, just for the sake of choice.

  92. my dad bought his first proton saga in 88 and two months later, one of his sons stole the car key and drove it and crashed it down the drain.

  93. I don't see the existence of Proton and their crony vendors as helping the development of Malaysian technological knowledge, if it happened it was just happenstance in this great scheme to enrich a few people in Proton, the distribution chain and the part vendors. Well sorry to prick your bubble but the report card just came in. Proton is a failure. (yeah thas is never final but then again who is going to pick up the tab?)

    And yes, every single Malaysian regardless of race had to pay more for their car many folds. And for what? Just becos someone can say, "oh we have never had a Malay do that before?" WTF?

    Have they gone mad? How much money did it cost every Malaysian through taxes and APs that could have been spent in better and more productive ways?

    And don't forget, we were supposed to develop world class parts suppliers who could compete with the existing suppliers to Honda, Toyota etc. How many are doing that? I mean internationally, not the local crony-cross-connection type of way? NONE.

    You could find better parts producers in Thailand, where they only assemble cars and make parts. Who knows? Maybe 10-20 years down the road the Thais will have enough knowledge to produce a car that will not be sucking the blood of their own citizens like Proton!

    I say sell it off before it costs us even more money and tell the AP holders and crony suppliers to go to hell !

  94. my mother dulu pakai honda. lepas tu kami beli saga tahun 1988. Masih elok walaupun kami jual kepad alawan kereta itu masih elok. Kemudian saya beli aeroback untuk isteri saya pada tahun 1997. La ni Ayah saya masih pakai kereta itu. Juga masih elok. Tahun 2003, saya beli Kelisa(Perodua), masih elok hingga saya jual pada tahun 2007. Tahun 2006 saya beli Wira Aeroback Special Edition, masih lagi kami gunakan dan sangat bagus... Kesemua local car yang kami beli tidak memberikan banyak masalah kepada keluarga. Honda pon bagus dan tahan lama sehingga kami jual pada tahun 2003.

  95. Anonymous1:39 am

    I like proton cars. I own an Iswara Aeroback PS. I had plan to buy Perdana but why does its fuel consumption is not as efficient as Vios or Honda City. I really want to get a Perdana but it is way behind in technology. The price is okay. If proton solve this problem, for sure Perdana will be my next car.


  96. Maslahnya rakyat Malaysia tak pernah bangga atas apa yang dilakukan oleh negara.Kita asyik nak menghentam saja.Negara lain rakyatnya bangga dengan hasil keluaran negara sendiri.Kita mencemuh.Sepatutnya apa yang kurang bagilah pendapat yang membena.Ini tidak pulak.Dalam kepala otak sendiri pun tak ada lah pilak idea apa yang baik patut dibuat.Bila nak majunya jika berfikiran begini.Matalamat penubuhan Proton adalah baik.Sekurang-kurangnya kita mula melangkah kehadapan.

  97. proton is not actually a subsidized company.the government inflate the other car price b'coz most of the proton parts were locally made by our local vendor .that is why the proton cannot lower the price so much.

    >> It is a subsidised company. The buyers of foreign cars were paying for it through the opportunity cost of higher prices. And why can't the vendors produce at a lower price when crony connections dictate they can charge a higher price than a company without such a connection? I know for a fact that Proton has a list of "approved" vendors that everyone has to go through to supply Proton. Why is that? Don't bother answering becos this question has gone countless times to the Proton board already!

    mahathir can make proton even cheaper if he setup the proton factory in china or vietnam and using parts from the established vendors but he didnt.WHY ? b'coz he want to create jobs for using the local vendors would encourage many malaysian to become an entrepreneur in the auto industry.

    >> You mean a crony? How much did the distortion in the economy thru taxes and AP cost the Malaysian economy in alternative economic development?

    The most successful "enterpreneur" I can name is the AP holders especially the AP kings. Funny how it is part of the NEP but we are looking at tens of thousands of APs in the hands of a few. There must be fewer Malays in Malaysia than I thought<<

    was actually so u see since the 1st day of its existance,proton already had a big responsibilty not only to become a major player in the industry but also to become a place to educate the rakyat and to earn some income which is not easy for proton on the other hand.if proton is own by a private company do u think they would sacrifice all these as a regard of national service ?

    >> since the first day of its inception the word was already out that in order to survive, Proton has to export as the local market is too small to sustain a car manufacturer. To do so would need quality improvements to compete against the existing players. Ditto for their parts suppliers. Where is the export sales? Where is this vision now? What the hell happened to this plan? Under some dusty cabinet all these years? Korean car manufacturers are selling up to 3 million cars worldwide, and they are considered small fry.

    Where is Proton? And that is after 20 years plus of paying through our nose for an inferior brand name that is becoming synonymous with the word kereta "potong". The only thing that the rakyat has learned would be:

    1) You would need connections to supply Proton at a higher price. OK becos everything kau-tim oredi.

    2) Proton is junk. If you have the money, get a foreign car for quality and safety. Seriously, 20 years and they still can't get the power windows to work properly???

    3)AP holders are rich bastards.

    4) You pay permium price for a junk car cos other cars are no longer affordable. High prices are caused by taxes and APs (see above)

    5) How to pasang unwanted Japanese/Korean/French models under license and rebadge them Proton or Naza or whatever brand name that the cronies have made up. We have four national cars now remember? Proton, Perodua, Naza and Inokom. WTF? If the market can't sustain one, why four makes getting the same preferential treatment?

    What on earth has Proton achieved that actually mirrors the so called formation objectives in 1980s? Will any of the other makes be viable? <<

    to some people who said proton is one of the NEP failure.Pls watch your mouth b'coz i think u hurt many by saying that.

    >>It is an NEP failure. Proton is not going anywhere. That is the truth. And it pisses me off that this cancer is being nursed while the rest of us pay through our noses so that someone else could get rich. A person could pay for a substantial part of a house with the money spent on a car. And our pay is not going up anytime either.

    The last time I heard the AP holders were clearing up to RM250m a year. And that is taxes foregone by the government so that some NEP crony pockets the difference between selling price less costs less actual taxes charged.

    Now that hurts, doesn't it?

  98. Anonymous5:01 am

    Proton car are junks, sorry to say that. I have a proton sage and a proton iswara during the course of the last many years. After using it for no more than 2 years, noises from all over the car and worst still, the iswara trunk becomes a water reservoir after a heavy rain or a car wash. There were numerous rusty spots on doors, top and car body on the sage. Proton should close shop in my opinion.


  99. Anonymous5:59 am

    Mahathir had the foresight to build Proton ? You guys really make me laugh. Proton sucked out at least RM 50 billion of the nation's money, and this could have been used to build factories, R&D, better infrastructure, etc.

    Proton allowed a new generation of Malay traders ? You guys really make me laugh. Proton resulted in a new generation of rent-seekers, all surviving on APs which is nothing more than a tax on the car users.

    Because of Proton, Mahathir dissuaded all foreign car manufacturers from setting up base in Malaysia. They all went to Thailand. Because of Proton, our cars are 30 pct more expensive than those in Thailand. Because of Proton, with its culture of mediocrity, our death rates on the roads are about the highest in the world.

    Talk about leadership....Proton is a complete failure and there is nothing nostalgic about this dinosaur.


  100. Anonymous8:09 am

    is a rip-off. It has cheated a generation of Malaysain from buying quality products. It is subsidised, and there fore of poor quality.
    If it is 23 years old and it cannot compete with foreign brands, it is a total failure.
    Malaysia tak-boleh

  101. Anonymous8:57 am

    happy birthday proton. the 14 year old iswara aeroback still serving well. except for normal wear and tear, the engine still running good and can hit 160km/h.


  102. Anonymous9:49 am

    Why Proton?

    Why did Dr M not invest public funds in, say, petrochemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or advanced electronics? Or in a decent public transport infrastructure centred on mass transit systems?

    What advanced technology has Malaysia gained from Proton that has not been replicated in Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan and China, let alone Europe and the US?

    Is Proton doing cutting-edge R&D in hybrid engines, fuel cell technology, clean diesel engines (Euro IV and V) and advanced transmission systems?

    Nah, all they are doing is pushing "cheap" cars down the throats of Malaysians!

    Look at Proton's market share in Singapore. The top car brands there are Toyota/Lexus, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Subaru and Hyundai. The top car models there are Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla Altis and Toyota Vios (Spore Business Times, July 9). Nary a glimmer of Proton!

    Now, let the apologists for Proton tell us the reasons for the above!

    My guess is that they will lapse into an embarrassed silence ;-)

  103. Anonymous10:46 am


    Thank you for reminding us all about Proton. I don’t know whether wishing it “Happy Birthday” would bring happiness to this “anak tiri” company. It is now but a shadow of its former self.

    It’s a pity. This is a major industry which Malaysians mastered in just 15 years. They can design, test working models, build engines, set-up assembly lines and produce their very own cars meeting world standards.

    They were protected, yes. But much of the support has ceased. But foreign cars were allowed in, underquoted and pay minimal tax. And the national car was literally driven off the street by APs.

    Another Malaysian icon has been pushed off the pedestal by a Government whose icon is the “Eye of Malaysia”.

  104. Anonymous10:47 am

    Ferrari - Sixth Sense
    BMW - Style Sense
    Mercedes - Luxury Sense
    Volvo - Safety Sense
    Honda - Young sense
    Cute Cute - Dollar + Cents
    Smart - Non Sense
    Toyota - Common Sense
    Proton - ConMan Sense


  105. Anonymous10:56 am

    Our 2nd family cars have always been a proton.

    We bought our 1st proton - a proton saga - way back in 1988 and kept it until last year when we sold it for a Gen 2.

    In 1989 we bought a saga aeroback and traded it later for a wira sedan in 1993 which is still running well.

    In 1999 we bought a wira aeroback and a year ago we bought a Satria Neo.

    We still have these cars, and we've never had any problem with any of them.

    So am I lucky or what to have bought all proton cars which never gave us any problem.

  106. Happy birthday proton.. i agree with bujai, proton is best during tengku mahaleel era.. more quality and more pro-active...

  107. Apart from offering jobs to Malaysian, what else can Proton contribute to the people? Tun Mahathir was visionary in initiating Proton but after 23 years, what do we get? Advancement in automobile technology? Cheaper car for ordinary people? Or simply a burden to the people as because of protection given to Proton, we are deprieved from owning imported cars which are of better quality. After 23 years, can Proton compete with foreign made on a level playing ground? Patriotism aside, is Proton a boon or bane, I wonder.

  108. i like kancil's. They are made so simple that they actually last.

  109. Anonymous11:48 am

    Because of Proton/Perodua, our government neglect to develop an efficient public transport.

    Because of Proton/Perodua, our domestic fuel consumption high, hence need to cut fuel subsidy, thus high fuel price, even for oil net exporting Malaysia.

    Because of Proton/Perodua, cars are very expensive in Malaysia. The high tax and duty is a big obstacle for people to enjoy fuel efficient or highly eco-friendly automotive technology eg. Hybrid. (Proton/Perodua don't have the technology to develop).Results in high domestic fuel consumption that results in fuel subsidy cut.

    Because of Proton/Perodua taking the advantage of our lack of efficient public transport (I still remember a radio commercial by a local car maker that make fun of our pathetic state of public transport), push for more car sales that results in high increase traffic volume around klang valley. This lead to more highways are build with tolls booth, with the excuse of alleviate traffic jams. However, that is not true, today almost every day we stuck in a toll-booth highway traffic jam.

    Fundamentally, it comes to whether are we have the economical of scale or viable to have our own automotive industry in the first place.

    Today Malaysia is this dire strait is directly and indirectly results of our national automotive industry. Our natural resources: Oil, Rubber, Palm Oil and Tin reaches high market price, but all average Malaysian hit by high global economy slow down. It make you wonder, what went wrong with our economy compare to other high develop countries that do not have all the natural resources mentioned.

    After 23 years, what is our dominance in global automotive industry? NOTHING. Only miserable for its nation and people.

    Miserable Citizen

  110. Anonymous11:54 am

    With hindsight Proton would have been a success if it had treated the Non Bumi fair as in appointments, subcontracting, dealership etc. Initially Proton was very successful with the protection afforded by the Government but due to its arrogance it fails miserably in garnering every Malaysian supports thus the downward trend. Padam Muka!

  111. Anonymous11:57 am

    Proton is crap because they need to support all the cronies suppliers. Power window for example; have you ever heard of failures on Perodua??

    While we can blamed the gov for protecting Proton by imposing taxes on imports; it is still up to Proton to improve. Korea used to produce craps but look at Hyundai and Kia now. If you are in Seoul, 99.9% of the cars are Korean made. The key is, they have good technologies and quality. They learn from their mistakes.

    Whay do you think they kept the Saga/Iswara for so long, because that is sacred the cash cow...

    The wiring guy

  112. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Kepada dipinggiran...1:51 am:

    Bangga tu kena bangga atas sebab yang munasabah.

    Kalau negara kita bersih, indah, dan faedah/manfaat asas rakyat terjaga, gerenti aku bangga.

    Inikan pula, beriya-iya nak buat kereta sendiri padahal rakyat tak cukup doktor dan hospital tak cukup baik dan sebagainya.

    Dari buat kereta, kenapa tak buat labur pada benda-benda yang lebih terjamin memberi kebaikan dan pekerjaan jangkamasa panjang seperti industri-industri asas yang lain?

    Kenapa nak buat bisness kereta? Yang kaya kroni.

    Kalau kau cakap anak Melayu dapat skil membuat motokar, dapat kerje sebagai mekanik -- kenapa pula anak Melayu tidak digalakkan kerja sebagai radiologis yang baik di hospital, di dorong jadikan doktor (negara kita kekurangan doktor) dan sebagainya?

    Penting sangat ke bina kereta sendiri agar kita "rasa bangga", tapi kebajikan menyeluruh boleh lebih tercapai dengan pelbagai cara lain, selain daripada cara mengkayakan segolongan kroni yang kecil... segolongan jutawan yang kecil. Mana mereka semua sekarang?

    To commenter Dr. Mahathir Mohamad:

    Please read this baik-baik:

    "Why did Dr M not invest public funds in, say, petrochemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or advanced electronics? Or in a decent public transport infrastructure centred on mass transit systems?
    ~Skilgannon1066~, 9:49 am

    Kau kata ya lah, Malaysia ada peluang design kereta baru, bina engin... tapi perkara-perkara yang lebih besar, lebih utama, yang dikatakan di atas ni apa jadi?

    Janganlah terlalu fokus dan terlalu ber-obsesi dengan satu projek yang impak keseluruhannya tu tidak sama dengan impak perkara-perkara asas yang lain bagi rakyat.

    Kau tak beza sangat dengan Dollah Badawi -- Dollah bina "Eye of Malaysia", kau syok sangat bina kereta.

    Tapi rakyat sampai sekarang hospital tak betul, sistem perkhidmatan awam tak betul, dan sebagainya.

    Ini lah dia 'visi' yang awak wariskan sebenar-benarnya.

  113. Anonymous1:29 pm


    I think overall, based on the comments here, it seems like Proton is not that great an idea after all.

    Nice feel-good feeling for a while, we got our own national car, but in the long-run, not viable or necessary. If we have industry jentera berat (our own national tractors/jentolak and cranes and other mechanical equipment), then okay, cuz it is useful capital to support other essential industries (construction, agriculture, factories and chemical plants) and so contributes to economy in a deeper more fundamental way. Negara lain pun akan beli sebab diorang pun nak bangunkan negara mereka, dan perlukan jentera berat untuk matlamat ini.

    So I think we could have poured the money and effort on other far more beneficial investments like what some other people here said first. Biar asas negara dan kebajikan rakyat kukuh dulu. Then maybe later when we can afford it or really, really need to make our own private cars, we could think about national car.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  114. Anonymous1:40 pm

    my first car was proton saga megavalve and i have a blessed life with the car for 215000km,not much problem,light and fast.
    then i sold off for old volvo....i shouldnt sell was a damn good car thar 12v.


  115. Proton Saga, my vehicle which is using now and accompanying me till today.

    What can i said? I did not blame the petrol price is keep rising, but at least government should reduce the tax. So at least in accident we can die in the air bag..(although some proton got)...

    Stop promoting to buy car, please enhance the public transport linkage and system so that less pollution. Do it as Paris, promoting bicycle (Malaysia is too hot), please at least Singapore(but they really do it very well)!

    Be sustainable!

  116. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Rocky say "And then Mr Badawi took over as Prime Minister ...."

    Rocky, maybe Pak Lah wants to put an end to a project that is not viable and is leeching public wealth and energy.

    We should consider this aspect too.

  117. When Proton was first launched, I think many Malaysians viewed it with pride then. I remember the first drive was over Penang Bridge, before it was opened to public.
    My father-in-law bought a proton saga in the early 90s (the car must be about 18 years old now) and that car still start with just one turn of the ignition key.
    My wife bought a proton wira 1.6i more than 5 years ago. Also starts with just one turn of the ignition key.
    We were one of the few countries who have our own brand of cars and seeing one of them on the road then was nostalgic.


  118. It's like the Hancock movie tagline:
    "There are Heroes, there are Superheroes... and then there's... Hancock."

  119. Anonymous5:02 pm

    The American motor car industry had the Ford Pinto (dubbed a coffin - bursting into a fireball when hit from the rear), the ugly AMC Gremlin (a compact car sawed in half), Chevy Citation (wheels come off if you brake too hard). The point is; have you heard any of those awful things said or documented about the Proton Saga, Iswara, Knight, Satria, Wira, Putra, Perdana, Savvy, Persona, Gen2 or even the ugly Juara? God forbid!! I know Proton cars can be much better made and I hope the Company is listening to all complaints. Our national automobile industry had to start somewhere and Proton was it. We haven't done too badly. It's a buyer's market out there. Don't like, don't buy.

    Some times like

  120. Anonymous5:14 pm

    I laugh and laugh reading your article. I know you have received this compliment often but never from me. It is a very great and humorous piece.

  121. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Rocky aku rasa kan baik kau namakan saja blog kau "Kelab Peminat Che Det".


  122. Anonymous5:35 pm

    I love my proton saga,knight,iswara,waja..their common characteristic are the faulty power windows and central lockings....even if you replace them..I love the challenges!!Happy Birthday PROTON

  123. Anonymous5:51 pm

    ' then Badawi took over as PM !'

    Badawi," Yes, that's right, in june,2010, i will step down & let .
    ..let..him take over !" (heha)

    Finally, i repeat, finally that fellow, the mp has admitted," yes, i did it , so what ! i did that to johnson too, remember !?" (hehehaha)

  124. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Perak news : BN wants to buy dua=two PR aduns b4 31ogos at RM10,000,000/= each ! hurry-hurry,
    1st come 1st served = cepat-cepat,
    yang liwat ( oops, sori)..yang lewat tak dapat !!"

    The rocket adun has repoted to ACA=
    mana ? mana duit itu ? no money =no proof lah, NFA ! WASTING TIME saja !! (heehaa)

  125. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Hey ! bala in thailand lah = refugee !? ( heha)

  126. Anonymous6:12 pm

    I'm not too insistent endorsing the "killing" of Proton, but placing it on a leveled playing field by ditching APs and high import taxes. After all, AFTA is already in effect, yet M'sia's government refuses to budge. We already gave Proton a good 23 years. The least that I want to see is Proton ditching those stupid crutches and standing on its own two feet.

    Sinatra_z said...
    "If there is no competition in the Malaysian Market would Honda want to sell their cars for RM 50 000 then?"

    M'sia is one of the biggest car markets in Southeast Asia alongside Thailand. In an event M'sia has little restrictions on imported cars, even when speaking of Japanese carmarkers alone, to market models at high prices is suicidal. It's no longer the freaking 1900s anymore; normal consumers win in a free market. People will either buy a cheap car or take the bus (if the buses are efficient to begin with).

    Sinatra_z said...
    "If you kill Proton and just buy that Honda or Toyota because you are non NEP GREAT MALAYSIAN CITIZENS and not just some stupid UMNO MALAY WHATEVER then tell me will Honda build a factory in Malaysia?

    Or would they just simply make them in China and import them here."

    Honda and Toyota are already operating complete knock down assembly lines in M'sia. But high taxes are still imposed on CKD kits, so any argument CKD cars are expensive anyway is misguided.

  127. Anonymous7:30 pm

    I saw a picture in the press the other day of a Saga (I think) that had split into two after a minor crash. How many times does this seem to happen to Protons? I am scared.

    - Crash Test Dummy -

  128. Go..go.. Proton.. Congratulations

  129. I don't think you can blame Badawi for Proton's poor showing. Even with substantial protection they simply did not build enough economies of scale. The mass car business is all about economies of scale. You either go for mass or luxury.

    They never managed that. Not many countries have a car industry. No SEA country and very few countries worldwide. A lot of car companies that do exist know have been long established and have historical advantages as being the first mover.

    Proton unfortunately did not cut it. It was a tough business in the beginning and they did not simply build enough overseas volume.

    How is the PM to blame for that?

  130. Anonymous2:07 am

    Proton should be shut down permanently. Government and political interference ie Mahathir has caused its downfall.

  131. Anonymous2:12 am

    What la. These Malaysians they know how to kutuk only la. They think GErman cars are perfect ka? VW baru dua hari keluar kedai sudah ada bunyi bunyi. S-Class berapa bulan atas jalan air suspension sudah koyak. But how many VWs are there on our roads? And how many S-Class?

    mahaleel was brave but he was too gungho and he built cars that HE liked, not what the market wanted. That was his weakness.

    The current boss, to me, is the ideal choice. Just dont throw away the R&D team la.

    Anyway, heard rumours of some new rebadging exercises going on. But then again, being Malaysians, even if Proton rebadges BMW pun, they will still find faults.

    Freaking double standard citizens should be called bodoh sombong!

    - bangaaaauuuuu

  132. Anonymous7:12 am

    (heha): proud of proton, i saw 'gen2' in south africa !!

    No complaint of proton cars but its resale value drops like shit !

    New car in mind = proton saga .

  133. Anonymous9:36 am

    My current car is Waja, in its 5th year already, already ran 110,000KM, and still going strong. No major repair except a few which I think are just normal wear & tear. I traded in my Iswara for the Waja. The Iswara (bought new for RM32k++ around 1998) has been used for 5 years before the trade-in, it had already ran appr. 300,000KM.. without any problem. During those time, we had only one car, it was the sole vehicle used for our frequent outstations & family trips. 300,000KM in 5 years, anybody can beat that? My most memorable trip for which I am still proud of that Iswara is the one when we had to travel from K.T'ganu to KL (no KL-Kuantan hiway at that time)... and the Iswara's engine ran non-stop for the 12 hours journey.. we didn't even switch off the engine when we stop for rest because we had a baby sleeping.. it took a very long time because we tried to check-in to several hotels and chalets from KT till Kuantan, but none accepted, it was peak season (school holiday) .. My point is, nothing wrong with Proton car. For those who got into trouble with their Proton, I feel sorry for them. Consider yourself plain unlucky. But then, I also know my boss who bought a brand new CBU Mercedes E240 Kompressor, had to fork out several thousands of RM to repair damaged gearbox and a few rattles here and there, just after a few months use. I also know, my best friend who bought a Honda City still complaining of his brakes problem. Just Ms Nuraina A Samad said, "if there were hiccups,so deal with them".

    Don't condemn and be negatively judgmental of Proton.. we have to give them a chance. How could we compare Proton with Toyota / Honda / Mitsubishi (or Merce/BMW/Renault) etc. .. consider the vast experience / technology / fund they have. If they are already like Usain Bolt/Tyson Gay, Proton is still like Watson Nyambek/Azmi Ibrahim? Sooner or later the open market will prevail, and Proton will have to be ready for the competition w/o the Govt's Protection...

    And of course la, we cannot say those who are driving Proton is more patriotic than the others..

    Pakya Stopa PJ

  134. Dear Rocky Bru,

    Thanks for the special coverage. It was so sad when the ousiders, the Malaysian people are talking bad about our product.

    Tengku Mahalllel & Dato Syed Zainal has served Proton with thier best interest.

    Please pray for national interest as Proton has helped thousands of people & company.

    All the best for Proton.

  135. Proton was a big mistake. Sell it or shut it down. Don't continue punishing rakyat for one man's folly.

  136. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Kepada Norae:

    Walaupun benar Tengku Mahaleel dan Dato Syed Zainal berusaha dengan ikhlas dan dedikasi demi Proton, yang awak tak paham adalah projek Proton tu secara keseluruhannya tidak ada masa depan yang terjamin atau mantap.

    Kau letak orang yang hebat bijak mana pun, kalau ideanya tu takde harapan jangkamasa panjang, takde gunanya.

    Sebaik-baiknya letak Tengku Mahaleel untuk mempermodenkan sistem perkhidmatan kenderaan awam... kasi lengkap dan kukuh. Tapi tidak pula.

  137. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Meanwhile, BMW is set to open it's first Asian design studio in Singapore.

    Bladdy hell - why didn't BMW put the studio in Malaysia?

    Why in Spore, when the little red dot has no domestic car manufacturing industry, not even a freaking assembly plant?

    And how many of the big international car manufacturers have their regional HQs in Spore? Let's see now - there's BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Daimler/Mercedes, Volvo, Honda, Toyota, Nissan etc.

    And this in spite of Msia being the biggest car market in Asean.

    The ingrates!

    Surely they should know that Msia is the place to be, what with all the skills and technology spun off by Proton and all!

  138. Anonymous6:57 pm

    (heha): people, be FAIR lah to proton, without its cars what can we buy with 30k !?
    i am having a 1996 iswara after 120,000 km still good though fuel drinking = 35sen/km & its jap engin
    gives no trouble !
    TQ, proton ! hopefully new car is the saga !

  139. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Ada sesaper yang boleh gerenti kereta anda amat 'berkualiti' untuk jalan-jalan di Sabah ? Sabah terkenal dgn jalan-jalan yg berbukit-bukau, tidak rata dan kurang 'perhatiah' dari YB2 atau kerajaan yg kami pilih. Ini adalah pengalaman saya yg sebenar.

    Saya memang tidak suka kepada Proton kerana persepsi saya kereta Proton kurang kualiti. Saya menggunakan kenderaan pacuan 4 roda jenis Landcruiser Mark 2 utk kerja2 Penyeliaan. Ini termasuklah satu projek yg memerlukan saya untuk melalui jalan K. Kinabalu - Sandakan secara kerap. Tahun lalu Diesel naik harga, saya menjual 4WD saya dan membeli Hyundai Sonata. Pada bulan ketiga, arm roda belakang patah di batu 29 Sandakan sblm Check Point. Kemudian saya jual Hyundai tersebut dan beli Kia Spectra. Engin pula meletup ketika melalui Jln Telupid-Ranau. Yang menghairankan saya, staff saya hanya menggunakan Proton Iswara hijau A/B model tahun 2000. Masih okay plak ! Kawan saya kata cara pemanduan saya ataupun kereta tak betul. Dengan harapan kawan saya bercakap benar, saya beli Wira sedan 1.5, 2nd hand sebab takut rugi mcm yang sebelum ini. Saya sudah memandu Wira 2nd hand ini utk 6 bulan dengan stail pemanduan yg sama tetapi keadaan jalan yg semakin teruk. Utk rekod, saya hanya baru pecah tayar depan sekali. Belum ada kerosakan serius.

    Memang betul kata kawan saya itu. Persepsi tak berasas tidak membawa anda ke mana. Anda bangga dengan kenderaan dari luar ? Dijamin berkualiti dan spare parts murah ? Kata2 salesman memang manis sekali dan hari ini saya benar2 mangakui kereta Proton memang berkualiti walaupun 2nd hand !

    Adsamboy, Sabah.

  140. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say! Oops sorry its their anniversary ah? Aiyah I thought they finally closed shop...and it won;t be soon enough either if they closed shop today.

    While other countries do their own R&D, and create their national car from the ground up, Bolehland slapped a crappy logo on a Mitsubishi and called it their own, unabashedly.

    And just look at any of their models; the shape never change for decades. Other car manufacturers changes the shape of their models at least once a year, if not more frequent.

    Embarrassment? Its waaaay more then that; more like being forced to look into the hideous deformed face of a demon every waking moment...the agony!

    I'd rather ride a bicycle then be seen in a proton.

  141. i realised that there's alot of support for Proton, some talk about being patriotic, some talk about the quality, the maintenance free etc etc.. i suggest we don't protect Proton anymore... gradually... and with the support of these few truly fans of local products... I AM CERTAIN PROTON WILL LIVE AND PROSPER

  142. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Yo Rocky,

    Consumers give Proton a vote of no confidence.Even way back in Mahathir's time. 2001. Tough luck eh, mate?

  143. Anonymous12:59 am

    (heha): aiyah , what for only 'a few true fans' !!??

  144. Anonymous1:19 am

    Dear I hate Proton,

    Obviously cars are as alien as ALF to you my friend. Go read some books, you just made yourself look and sound like an imbercile.

    Proton has long stopped rebadging cars, but then, of course in the palce where you are living, newspapers and internet have yet to make their way there. So excuse my lame comment but seriously, I think you should go fly kite lah.

    - bangau -

  145. Anonymous11:31 am


    nuff said!

  146. Anonymous3:29 pm

    (heha) : why proton's motobike co. sold for just one euro can NOW fetch 70 million euros ah !!!!!!???????????? (@#$%^&*)!

  147. Anonymous8:55 am

    Dedicated to " I hate Proton"

    I wonder whether you are still snugly sleeping in a cafe somewhere near the swiflets nest in one remote juggle.

    Open your big dirt eyes and dewax your ears beore making any comments which will make you turn like a double fools.

    Proton has venture far more then you have imagine. Read with open heart rather then open ass...

    Mambo No 10

  148. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Talking about Proton, I've just realized it's not Proton problem, It's Malaysia's problem. Here an article about Malaysia - a copycat nation :

  149. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Dear Bangau,

    I was referring to when Proton first started. Are you denying that the first generation of protons were rebadged Mitsubushy? Yes later they made the parts more and more locally, but still under cooperation with Mitsubishi.

    Dear Mambo No 10,

    I could care less where Proton has ventured. Bottom line is their cars are still crappy, lack styling, and prices of their parts exorbitant. And let me ask you this: If Proton is so great now, why is the word on the street towards it still less then favourable? Everyone I know who owns a Proton don't have much good thing to say about it. Its all about perception; and what I hear shapes my perception. I do not subscribe to 'official' articles about Proton in mainstream media, just like nobody believe what BN says anymore...

  150. Anonymous1:53 am

    all this thing is a game. Proton but TDM actually by that time made people buy proton with sky hight price compare to the value by it self.The price at Uk more cheaper then local price. Spec also different between local & export model.

  151. Anonymous12:48 am

    (heha) : haiyah, proton cars NO GOOD one especially the ' perdana'
    which may cause a repair bill like a bukit after 3,4 years = more than price of new car lah !
    Dun blame the trenggnu mb buying mercs instead of proton & now the PM also has given his blessing !
    sorilah, proton...bye,bye !!

  152. Anonymous11:37 am

    Proton = potong

    It is the biggest joke if someone believe if u can make car u can make other thing.

    I totally agreed that Msia should concentrate to develope the public transport and other important thing first.

    By having proton for the sake of creating job opportunity is the stupid move.

    You can let the foreign investor to manufacture their car locally like honda, toyota and etc..The people who work in these industrial also can learn from the foreigner...

    Unlike now proton sucking our money to sustain their grow...and shame of them till today also yet to reach the economic of scale.

    Well Malaysia Boleh Land anything could happen

  153. master of the universe10:17 pm

    Thanks Proton. Thanks for making us pay so much for cars in this country. Even yours. Happy Birthday. RIGHT.

  154. Anonymous5:50 am

    Proton is the spark of impoverishment of majority malaysians.. Stop dreaming that like you're this nation's hero, mr mahathir.. and start picking a graveyard already since you're too old.. i'll see you later at the god's court of justice and i'll assure you cry like hell begging for forgiveness.. duhhh