Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Malaysian swims from Europe to Africa

3.38 hrs to cross the Gibraltar. A few hours ago, Malaysian born Lennard Lee swam across the Straits of Gibraltar in 3 hours and 38 minutes, the top ten fastest time according to www.acneg.com, the official site of the Gibraltar channel swimming.

Lee, 24, swam with two Oxford junior mates,
Harry Fisher and Nick Berry. Four years ago, Lee swam the English Channel in 9 hrs 45 mins.

Lee is scheduled to attend his degree ceremony this Saturday at University of Oxford to receive his Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. He is starting his houseman at King's College Hospital, London on 1st August 2008.


  1. Yay! Go Lennard Go..... You made us proud.


  2. Anonymous10:43 am


    Welcome back, man!

    So does our Lee Lennard have to swim to the North Pole before the Malaysian government gives him proper recognition, ah?

    The other guy who took like ages to cross the Channel (English) got Datokship and a fortune immediately? Correct me if I'm wrong.


  3. Anonymous10:55 am



  4. Anonymous11:03 am

    Forget the north pole. They last time Malaysians tried to parachute a car on to the pole missed it by 90M. That's NINETY miles!


  5. Anonymous11:06 am

    some malaysians have proven that they can succeed without asking for government handouts, political publicities, datukship and all.
    I hope Lee did it sans the above.

  6. didier,

    I'm totally agree with you. why on earth there was no publicity for him?

  7. Congrats Lee, great effort. You have done Malaysia proud.

    No need for any recognition from the Malaysian government. Let's keep this achievement pure. Don't taint it with any award.

  8. Rocky, i drove my kid to school in one minute flat from wangsamas to keramat permai and got her in just before the bell rang...another Malaysia Boleh record tak? and i do it everyday!

    Why I get no recognition??? Because I dont look hot in trunks like those guys???

  9. Anonymous11:14 am

    way to go, Lee!

    and rocky...good to see you'r back from your self-imposed hiatus.

    i respect your stand.

    it is just so unfortunate that there are people here who had taken your break-from-blogging negatively.
    those sincere seem to understand your stand.

    to those who called you a hypocrite and a coward --- just look at yourself in the mirror. do you see that in yourself?
    and do you understand what democracy is?

    Man....the way some of these blinkered idiots sound....you' get worried if they'd ever hold power.

    seems to me, all these BN-haters, Najib-haters have murder in them. you don't agree with them and you must be wrong.
    they sound so irrational.

    cheers and continue the good fight, rocky. amid the maniacal morons...you seem to be sober...(haha)

  10. Anonymous11:16 am

    Dato Lee?

  11. Anonymous11:17 am

    Apa nak buat, rezeki masing-masing.

    In Malaysia if you want recognition you must be below average. Sorry, that is the reality today, lets hope it will be better in years to come.


  12. Recognition only in TunM's time. Now its tahun meliwat malaysia.

  13. Rocks,

    Dr. Lee dared to dream and made it possible! No need latukships all la. Just give taxi concession also ok wat! Can goyang kaki and collect money!

  14. Anonymous11:22 am


    Thank you for telling us this. At least there are somebody out there who is claimed Malaysian that able to make us proud, after long gloomy months (if not years) of sick politics, administrative decision, and economy performance. I hope (which I doubt so) Lee will come back and practice in Malaysia.


  15. This one there will be absolutely no comments from our UMNO leaders surely. Sports Ministry will be absolutely silent too...Congratulations to Leonard!

  16. Didier,
    Let's see if Mr Lennard comes from any of the 5 States ruled by Pakatan. Let's also see if any of these five states confer on him the decoration.

    It usually is given by State govts from where the person originates, not by the Federal govt.

    Also, it needs to be determined if he swam for his own self esteem or for the Nation. There is a separation. I don't see the Malaysian flag being draped around him like the other guy. Granted the other guy was less successful, but his allegience was shown.

    And please save the crap about it all being in the heart or in his academic acheivements.

    The article says "Malaysian born". That doesn't necessarily mean he is Malaysian at heart.

    There was once a Malaysian born who wore the English Rose in his chest playing Rugby for England. Rory Underwood. Should we give him a datukship for that as well?

  17. hmmm where is his Datukship, and a house and car and land? ....

  18. Ya, the swimmer with a big tummy who floated across the channel. For such jaguh kampung feat, BN Gov thought he deserved a Latokship.

  19. Anonymous11:28 am

    And the beauty of this achievement is that not a sen of taxpayers' money was spent on it, unlike others! Bravo Lennard!

  20. Whoa !

    An awesome non-UMNO achievement !

    Which means the UMNOPutras, Sleepyhead and Sodomiser et al in cabinet will just ignore this....

    The balless MCA chaps might want to break rank and drop their quasi-UMNO behaviour and actually give this guy his due after the bad showing in the last GE.......

  21. Bro,

    Berita macam ini lah yang membuat kita bangga menjadi rakyat negara ini. Sepatutnya menjadi tajuk utama akhbar bukan cerita-cerita basi atau ulangan.

  22. Anonymous11:37 am

    go go go

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  23. Anonymous11:40 am

    If anyone thinks that Lee Lennard will be awrded a Datuk-ship, all i can say is 'dream on'.

    The govt won't even consider giving him an AMN.

  24. Anonymous11:46 am

    Another shining Malaysian, inspiring all Malaysian to greater heights. Such feat is better than sending Angkasawan to space. Some more he's a medical graduate from Oxford, with or without Datuk title he has my respect and admiration!

    With the current unending fiasco here, I wonder whether people like Lee will be interested to come back to serve the people and country. Can someone like Lee achieve their true potential in a country like ours? Or is he much better off else where?


  25. Anonymous11:47 am

    DYTM Raja Nazrin's Bro-In-Law achieved that too.

  26. Welldone!!!!! whatever everything Malaysia Boleh!!!!Pak Lah Kingdom also Boleh Lah!!! Rasuah Boleh! Fitnah Boleh! Naik Barang Boleh!

  27. Anonymous11:53 am


    Your blog is getting to suck realtime, bro! I'm, really really sorry, but is this what popularity brings you!??

    I hope you'll find your old true self back. Or maybe this is your true self? A so called journalist longing for peaceful and happy news!?

    A journalist who closes one eye in regards to the on going shit that's happening in the country?

    I'm very glad though i still have Haris Ibrahim, Bernard Khoo and A Kadir Jasin. And i really cant wait for Raja Petra to recover from his serious injuries and fight on for us Malaysians!

    As for you, have a good time osting news you think are worthwhile. I'm very curious, when is ronaldo moving to real madrid. Does he really wanna move there? Hmm.. has Real Madrid did anything wrong in trying to coax him to join them from ManUtd? Hey, who won the Tennis Wimbledon!? And, do you think Lewis or Alonso is a better driver!?

    How's Ning Baizura's married life? Is, ermm.. Naomi Klein coming out with any new boooks? Franck Muller, what's the history of this watch brand actually? Is Mariah Carey really giving her hubby a hardtime? Is that wrong? What are the tips? What are the ways to keep a happy and long lasting marriage?

    Oh.. why care about Malaysian politics!? Why give a shit about whatever happened to Bala!? Altantuya!? She's dead, so i'll rather leave her alone. The "court" will handle it.

    Your bru's getting to taste bad, brother, and that really makes me sad.


  28. Rocky
    I have crossed the Straits pof Gibraltar from Algeciras in Spain to Ceuta in North Africa, Morocco, by ferry many years ago. More people have swam the straits there as the water is much warmer and less polluted, compared to the cold English Channel. Swimming the straits is still considered a feat. Logically it is "easier" to swim the Straits rather than the Channel as Saul my English friend has said years ago for he had done the channel.
    I am not splitting hair here but just to let you know the channel is a lot harder to do, longer time or shorter time to do it but if you did it is something else!

  29. Anonymous11:55 am

    Well done, Lennard. It's a great personal acheivement and unlike the other guy, you bring glory to your university Oxford. Don't expect a datukship though because you don't qualify since you are not a bumi.


  30. Anonymous12:08 pm

    A chinese.... that's why not much publicity in msia.

    If he is a Muhmammed Lenard Bin Lee, Badawi himself would greet him

  31. Anonymous12:15 pm

    I wonder why some get Datukship and some don't.

    Karam Singh also, pity him, such good talent but so difficult to get sponsors.

    Anyone knows why?

  32. Anonymous12:19 pm

    How true Didier. Not only took ages but also with the help of Malaysian Airforce to deliver his sail. We call it kulitfication.

  33. Anonymous12:21 pm

    I wonder why some get datukship and some don't.

    Karam Singh also, pity him, so much talent but so hard to find sponsors.

    Many say, we Malaysians reward based on merit not kulit (it rhymes), so what is the determining factor to get rewarded?


  34. With all the Crap going on here in Malaysia , i wont be suprised if Malaysians start swimming from here to Africa.And Lennard Lee can swim all the way to Djibouti and still wont get any recognition from the Malaysian Govt.Way to go Doc and all the best!

  35. Anonymous12:29 pm

    to da real deal,

    whether if he is msian born or msian bred, he is still a malaysian for a fact. that fact remains unchanged..

    sufiah wasnt msian born but her mum was. her mum wasnt only msian born but msian bred.. but do u see the double standards applied by the stoopid govt in their efforts to save her from her vices?

  36. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Anonymous Jun,

    You are so racist!

    Being a Bumi or not has nothing to do with it.

    There are many non-Bumi Datuks who haven't done anything at all for the country.

    - JULY -

  37. A "Dato"ship for Lee, please.
    Congratulations too.
    How many more "channels" must he cross before getting due recognition? The other fella crossed the English Channel a few years ago with a lot of hoo haa from Malaysian media. How come no coverage this time?

  38. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Congratulation Lee,
    This is what i call towering Malaysian!

    Puan Azizah

  39. Lee look fittest of the three.
    Malaysian government should reward him..if race and religion politics are not in their minds.
    If it is a 100% UMNO supporter...performing the feat...big big headlines....lot of rewards ....waiting....Datukship ..guaranteed.

  40. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Congratulations Leonard!

    You have done Malaysia proud. If your name had been Muhammad Lee, I'm sure by now they would not only have given you a scholarship to Oxford, but also a datukship and your name would also go down in Bolehland's version of Guinness Book of records!

    Malaysian citizen

  41. Anonymous1:15 pm

    You are right on that note July.

    Its sickens me to see the amount of datukships given to fellas who have done jack to society but are willing to pay for a datukship as to their small minds, it gives them status.

    Worse still they put half page ads in papers congratulating themselves and you ask WTF is this guy?

    And I bet you they can speak a word of Bahasa Malaysia.

    What a loser.

  42. Anonymous1:20 pm

    great indeed. well I do wonder whether he will get a datoship, unlike others or is it selective datukships only.

    kunta kinte kuala kubu, tanjong malim

  43. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Lennard should be given official recognition for his achievement, but not a Datokship just for this. Too many royal titles (and rewards) are given to sportsmen for just one achievement alone, resulting in their heads getting big & them slacking off. Remember the Sidek Bros.?

    And can we try not to racialize everything pls?

  44. give this mate a DATukship???

    come on...he achieved much more than the channel malay guy...or that around the world in a sail/engine guy...on tax payer funds...

    i don't wish to be racist..but our indian mates who conquered everest or our unsung malaysians who bike around the world, swim across seas...get ..

    personal satisfaction.

  45. Anonymous1:33 pm

    When Karamjit Singh , one of the world's top ranking rally drivers' was asking for sponsorship it was so bloody difficult, azlina was the sports minister than, what did she say, we will discuss, bottom line nada, but angkasawan, north pole, south pole, main gasing, monsooon cup, longest loti chanai are cheered and considered accomplishments, well what to expect with aparthied policies. champions of mediocrity. what do they say , kalah tak pah tapi gaya mesti ada, plus a couple of million. whlist some talk others just do.

    sad malaysian

  46. lets not talk about datukship. Dont insult Lennard man! Besides, I have a message for Lennard. COngratulations to you and your friends. Good and noble cause. Keep up your good work. Stay in London, work hard so that your family will have a brighter future there... coz over here things are tardy. Very 'sien' wan... The bickering gets louder but no one is punished. I may safely say, i dont trust the system here.. The rakyat is left confused and 'sakit kepala'.. so much so, we also are behaving like politician trying to talk our way to victory in kopitiams. Afterall, we will not be regarded as Anak Malaysia Sejati coz no matter what we are still pendatang aja. Reality bites.

  47. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I can't blame Jun for being so racist. Blame it on the BN govt for making us all like this with policies that divide us and then discriminate based on race.

  48. Anonymous1:41 pm

    who says our govt no reward ppl who swim across channels?

    we so generous wo. we gv them PR status esp those indons who swim here annually across the straits of m'cca!

    bravo BN!

    but those swim from china i dunno la.

    nick : grooooo

  49. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Screw the Datukship, Tan Sriship and Tunship, name me one worthy of the title ? Mr Lee do not need to be in the same league with these asshole.
    Mr Lee has done us proud and just stay where you are and you will be recongnised for your work and achievement, come back and will regret, Malaysia has no equality and you don't have the right skin.
    Good luck and congratulations!
    Sad Malaysian

  50. So Leannard now qualifies to be referred to as a Malaysian first, now that Malaysia feels a little proud of his achievement. Otherwise, another bloody Chinese la!

  51. ahh I KNEW people are going to politicize the fact that this fellow non malay dude is not getting a datukship or recognition thing..

    This guy is the hero/great swimmer/good malaysian while the other Malay guy only has big tummy fat float across the english channel can get a Datukship.
    Some of the commenters here give the indication or perception if you're a malay and did something great means you are not really qualified for whatever you did. You must be some government support datuk mongering bullshit.

    Apparently nowadays the term Malaysian means not being Malay.

  52. Juanito,

    If Sufia wasn't so hot, the stupid fellas in Putrajaya wouldn't give a hoot. Imagine if she looked like the abused Indonesian maid, would they all go through the trouble? I think not.

    Well in Leonard's case, they don't have to wait for the govt. MCA, GERAKAN or even DAP can do something to recognize him if they want. They are also part of the govt but they themselves don't give a shit...and you expect the others will?

    Reflect on it.

  53. Sad Malaysian,

    That's good advise. At least you know where your place is.

  54. Eh, someone forgot the Uitm chap who cycled through some countries and mostly motorbike the rest and spend RM100K of government/ GLC money. He came back to Stadium Uitm and gave a rousing speech on how great he and his bangsa is .. something like that.

    Dr Lee is not Malaysian.. he did not give those kind of "i can because of my bangsa bla" speech..


    Anyway, am proud of any Malaysian who made it. He studied in Oxford and does not use his education on ill gains. Nor did he ask for anything from government. He did not even meet Najib for scholarships. Continue to be in UK, your talent is appreciated there.

  55. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Congratulations boy! It's a breath of fresh air. Good to see young lads from our country out there doing positive things.
    (Compared to another 23 year old, ahem, who pretty much threw his life down the rubbish chute over a week ago.)
    Let Lennard be the right example for our youths!
    P/s- forget the Datukship, people only snigger at datos' behind their backs.

  56. Anonymous3:29 pm

    No man worthy of his salt would accept a title from this country. All malaysians should surrender their titles as it has been made worthless.


  57. Anonymous3:37 pm

    another brain drain? if so, sad isnt it?


  58. Anonymous4:37 pm

    "Malaysian swims from Europe to Africa"

    Malaysian Pee Am travel in style throughout the world with his brand new private jet/s, and his yacht.

    Mind you, many taxpayers are delirious and are extremely happy for the price hikes on basic goods so that the Pee Am can maintain an expensive jet setting lifestyle.

    - Anarchy

  59. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Ok, ok, I'll bestow Lennard not 1 but 3 datuk in one go and two for Mr Lee senior just so all u noisy cunts can stop hyperventilating.

    Anonymous is King.

  60. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Let's forget about latokship, tunship, tansi ship, sinking ship whatever ships.

    Malaysians are too sick and tired with most of those with fancy titles that are current causing endless shame to this country. People will respect En and Puan more than a Datuk Sri Tan Sri.

    That's the fact not hearsay.

  61. I dont see this was reported in msm but in rocky bru.
    But if Lee is a bumi , i am sure this will be highlighted in the msm .
    Yup, i am racist here , bn taught me to be racist.

  62. Anonymous6:21 pm

    hey all i think CIMB will speak of Leonard further like how they spoke of Nicol David.. remember how intelligent that bank is. every where had CIMB advertisements saying syabas to the winners.
    Yellow Rose of Texas

  63. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Lennard Lee? Who is he? Forget about it. He ain't even a bumiputra. Note even an UMNOputra sycophant. You think he will get the scholarship? Hah!

  64. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Lennard Lee is great, done Malaysian proud. This is the kind of Malaysian we should show to our school children as role model and not some one who went to space as a tourist paid by our tax payer for RM80 millions.

    Lennard Lee turely Boleh!

  65. Anonymous8:51 pm

    so what is bodohwi & his nitwits going to award dr lennard? he did the english channel in less the half the time in comparison to another malaysian who was then made a datuk amng others.
    come on, wake up bohdowi, do the necessary before singapore offers dr lennard citizenship...

  66. hmmm... oxford, sounds very familiar.
    hmm.. wonder if it is the same uni as a certain kj aka pm's sil attended. cannot be lah...no no.

  67. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Like Pasquale (11:54 AM) put it, the Straits was "easier" compared to the Channel. Fariz Salim, the brother to DYTM Raja Puan Besar Perak conquered the English Channel in 8 hrs 51 mins in August 1987.

  68. Agreed with didier. Lennard Lee did cross the English Channel much faster than that Malek (later got datokship, his time is more than 17 hours compare with Lee who did less than 10 hours. Pls forgive me if the time is wrong but i am sure, the time difference was so huge.

    Why no publisiti for him. Just because he is chinese. Hei, he is Malaysian lah.

  69. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Yang korang sebok-sebok pasal datukship apa hal? Presuming he didn't get the title because he is non malay etc. etc. He did it for his personal satisfaction, good for him. Some bloggers here really have bad breath when once they open up their mouth..Boleh blah la korang.


  70. Anonymous11:02 pm

    I hope he comes back to Malaysia after he has finished his studies to inspire fellow Malaysians that everything is possible if you have faith.

    Diversity is strength. I don't think he is interested in any datukship. He did it to prove not to the world but to himself that it can be done.

  71. Anonymous11:10 pm





  72. It's better not to be reported by the our MSM, as you know anything these Kleptocrats touches will corrupt it to the core.

    Thanks for bringing a little good news, we wish Lennard well and tumpang gembira!

  73. Anonymous4:40 am

    Lets see if he returns to M'sia to live and work. Saya bet he will stay in UK and have better life than 'Malay --only --sia'.


  74. Anonymous9:04 am

    I bet rakyat's Lee Lennard did not attend any gov boarding school or so called MARA Science schools.
    I bet rakyat's Lee did not get any gov scholarship to be where he is.
    I bet rakyat's Lee will not get any datukship.
    I bet we are all happy for this otherwise he will be UMNOputra's Lee and next you know teh guy will be going for pemuda post.

    Ketuanan Rakyat

  75. Anonymous11:26 am

    hmmm,,good swimmer,,doctor,,oxford,,,,no rempit wheely skills???

  76. Lennard has made Malaysian proud. However, countries who appreciate his talent will gain the most. BN-Umno will be most happy to have one less competitor against their jaguh kampung.

  77. Khun Pana,

    What race do you think Rocky belongs to? Indian? I don't see this acheivement in any of the Chinese or Indian dailies? The only one I see it in is this Bumiputera's blog. So shut the fuck up about being racist. Anyone can be stupid after a few barrels of cheap toddy!

    Unalake Naladthe

  78. there was a report about lennard lee's achievement in the malay mail yesterday

  79. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Congratulations Lennard!, you have made every Malaysians proud with this second achievement.

    I hope you will duly be recognised by our government for putting Malaysia on the World Achievers Map.

  80. Anonymous1:49 pm


    All of us Malaysians should feel proud with Dr Lenard Lee's achievements. Yes he swam the English Channel in half the time it took for the mamak boy Naina something, who is now a Dato. UMNO Youth supported Naina in his cross channel swim but even MCA forgot about Dr Lee.

    I am proud of Dr Lee not just because he is a Malaysian but because he is a human being. Human beings were not designed to live in the water or swim across long strecthes of sea. That is the job of the fish.

    For Dr Lee to have achieved this requires serious training, preceded by a serious commitment to undertake the training and stick to the rigorous schedules. That is a great achievement capped by the final swim across the Straits of Gibraltar. That is something for all human beings to be proud of. One of us has done it. Let us celebrate the human spirit.

    The fact that he is a Malaysian is a random occurence. Once again we congratulate Dr Lennard Lee. May he also cross the oceans in the medical profession just as easily and achieve great things for himself and for all humans.


  81. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Don't say I am a racist for highlighting the difference between Dr.Lee and Mat space.

    Dr.Lee done Malaysia proud without spending us a single cent where as Mat Space did us shame by being a space tourist and spend RM80 million.

    Dear Malaysian if you have a son whom do you think you want him to follow?

  82. Congratulation to Dr. Leonard Lee.

    You are a TRUE BLUE Malaysian & you did Malaysia & Malaysian proud on your double Feat (English Channel & the Gibralta Straits) plus your Academic/Professional achievement at Oxford University.

    Not many get to do their Housemanship at King's Hospital, London !

    You are a True Blue Malaysian Role model with COMMITTMENT, DEDICATION & PASSION" - which is far ABOVE glory & fame which many Malaysians SEEK!

    Cheers Leonard !

  83. Anonymous7:27 am

    His parents, i repeat, HIS PARENTS must be rewared !! (heha)

  84. Anonymous12:52 am

    (heha): datukship for his dad like datuk sidik ! but he is not a bumilah....damn !