Sunday, June 22, 2008

NO! to 100 pc pay hike for TNB bosses

If the PM had listened to Amok the Khazanah boss, the 100 per cent salary increment for Che Khaleb and his CFO at TNB would have been done deal.

As it is, Badawi listened to the right advisor in this case. I am sure the advisor told him that there's a right time for everything, and that this is the wrong time to double the two TNB bosses' salaries. What with the pending power tariff hike taking effect in July.

Go to to read what else the PM had to say.

Excerpts in BM:
'Cadangan naik gaji 100 peratus CEO TNB dan semua CEO GLC ' bungkus'

"Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sahkan kerajaan tolak cadangan naikkan naikkan gaji CEO TNB 100 peratus.Malah katanya bukan kenaikan di TNB sahaja tetapi tolak cadangan nak naikkan gaji semua CEO syarikat kaitan kerajaan (GLC).Beliau nyatakan demikian semasa menjawab soalan wartawan pada sidang akhbar lepas majlis taklimat mengenai kenaikan harga minyak di Kementerian Penerangan tengahari ini ..."
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  1. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Bagi sajalah naik 100%. Mereka bukan nya tamak tapi kasian kat dia orang.Gaji mereka selama ini cuma cukup untuk makan. Kais pagi makan pagi.Apa lagi beras dan minyak dah naik harga. Bukan Mercedes dapat isi dengan air, nak pergi ke luar negara pula bukan dapat bayar dengan daun. Takut nanti resort-resort kat luar negara merindui mereka. Kasian, mereka miskin lagi dari orang sabah dan sarawak dan orang asli yang merayu untuk minta pembangunan. Datuk Yong TL baru tamak sebab mengeluarkan usul-usul untuk kepentingan orang ramai.

  2. Anonymous4:13 pm

    cuba 'follow up' lepas ni, biasanya cakap tak serupa bikin. kenaikan 200% yang akan diluluskan.

  3. Anonymous4:30 pm

    i'm not move will still be the planned increase!

  4. Anonymous4:44 pm

    I wonder how much of the stipends from the Baitul mal were paid to officials during the times of Kahlifah Abu Bakar, Umar al Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan dan Ali.

    was the collapse of the Uthmaniyyah Khalifate due to excessive demands of such kind of officials.... one wonders.

  5. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Can you believe this flip flop PM???

    Say one thing do another.....

  6. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Mr Rocky's Bru,

    Thank you to the bloggers for without you guys nobody is going to know about this abusive behaviour of the Khazanah and its GLC subsidiaries in rewarding themselves huge pay increases for managing monopolistic businesses at the time when people's income and purchasing power are being sapped by subsidy withdrwal and rising prices including TNB tariffs.

    Bloggers must expose more of these shameless self-serving activities by Khazanah and GLC managers who use KPI to justify their astronomical rewards whe the rest of the people are suffering due to Pak Lah's mismanagement.

    I am verry very sure that Pak Lah would agree with the rewards if you bloggers have not attracted the people's attention to this daylight robbery. We must remember that GLCs are Badawi's creation. Before this they were known as bumiputra trust agencies and government companies.

    Bravo bloggers!

    Homo Erectus

  7. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Betul, betul, memang kena follow up.

    Kalau tak nanti dia akan kata, “Saya tak naikkan 100%!!!” Sebab dah naikkan 200%.

    But either way still, a lot of staff wouldn't mind working for TNB, or have their children working for TNB, or receiving TNB scholarship.

  8. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Hell o Brada,

    Kesian ceo tnb tu, dah terlepas 100% kenaikan yang dia nak sangat. mujuhlah AAB itu tak tidur & mungkin blog awak tu yang sekat terus kehendaknya. Kesian sungguh2.
    Tetapi jangan percaya sangat AAB itu. Katanya tak nak kahwin, dia kahwin. Katanya tak ada pilihanraya, keesokan diumum parlimen dibubur. Jangan2 diberi sungguh kenaikan 100% itu.


  9. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Good move by the PM! this shows that he's sensitive to the sentiments of the people on the ground

  10. Anonymous6:54 pm

    I agree with Anon 4.13pm. There should be a follow up and I am not surprised there actually is a pay increase...Pak Lah wouldn't want to dampen those CEO's spirits. Hey..if he can give ex-gratia payment to those judges, do you think think he won't give a pay rise to these CEO? It is difficult to recall when Pak Lah did something beneficial to the rakyat...meaning the ordinary people, not the CEO's

  11. Anonymous6:57 pm


    Yes it's setting a bad example to all. Next thing we know thE Toll CEO's increase the toll rate and also give themselves 100% increase.

    Hey then Petronas CEO will say give himself 1000% increase. After all reduce subsidy and the rakyat is paying more so my PAY should be more.!

    Cause even though GLC arecontrolled by govt but are not govt (so tak payah ubah gaya hidup like Minister and MP (entertaintment allwoance cut) when PM says so. So they can TAMBAH GAYA HIDUP!.

    While everyone not onlu Ubah Gaya Hidup but TAK ADA GAYa HIDUp.

    Soon they will say Streamyx increase price and Telekom CEO also TAMBAH GAYa HIDUP.

    Wow "dacing' is so smart -think rakyat is soo stupid.

  12. They may not get the 100% increase officially but if they want it they can get more than that Unofficially.

    Sometimes the problem with us is that we only look at things on the surface. That is what they have been doing all this while. After all, how much is the official salaries of our Ministers? Looking at their lifestyles I'm sure their unofficial incomes are many times more than that.

    So, don't rejoice just yet.

  13. Both CEO and CFO were so happy when TNB Board endorsed their request in April. Last May, a group on Board Members, went on 1 month paid trips to Europe.

    They should also get about 3% revision. Not happy? They can leave TNB, they should not have any problem getting jobs elsewhere. Let's see.

    Goovt must revise their KPIs, to also include other intangible factorsd, such as staff morale and feeling towards mgt/CEO etc.

    Now, in the midst of current difficulties, TNB does'nt need to have any more big opening ceremonies, dinner functions with karaoke, spending 100 of thousands.

    Nobody will be angry if TNB stops sponsoring hockey, fireflies, International Rwing Boats etc. Focus on improving your system, improve mgt, financial and operational efficiencies. Improve staff productivity and morale,

    Stop selling those land given by govt to TNB during LLN days.

    Security Comm, National Audit, ACA must step in now to discover the true happenings in TNB.

    Dr. Rajindran

  14. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Jump for joy? I think not. I must concur with most of the contributors in your comment section here brother Bru, pm has "kencing" us once too often to be taken seriously with something as major as this. Perhaps back door forms of alternatives (better perks, stock options that sort of thing) were negotiated in-lieu of salary package increase? maybe? just a thought.

    Touching on the subject of increaments, I for one totally disagree with the idea be it 5% or 100%. Che Khalib and his CFO don't deserve it. What KPI target achievement are they talking about? They run a bloody monopoly, if you put a decent blind deaf mute in his place the blind deaf mute too could probably hit the target KPI.

    I think the focus of GLC management should be on better management and more importantly, accountability. Something that is seriously lacking in all our GLC's. If accountability was the key element, then it would not be pay rises that we'll be discussing here but rather why so and so is resigning or is being fired. But under this pm, that expectation will remain a dream for most. After all, leadership by example.... if pm can't admit to being the cause of his party's massive losses in the recent GE, how can we expect his people to do the right thing?

  15. Anonymous8:33 pm

    gurindam jiwa

    Tenaga Nasional Universiti exclusive meant for TEN staffs.The rest go and fly kite.


  16. Hai Rocky bru! Saya sudah sahut saranan bro untuk buka blog sendiri. Gesaan saudara Rocky kepada saya berlaku pada 18 April 2008 di PLF, Putrajaya semasa Perdana Discourse Series.


    Hidop, TUN!!!

  17. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Flip flop, flip flop... flip flop..flip flop...may I need to say more.?


  18. No pay increase
    The GLC CEOs won’t cry
    They will try again
    When the sleeping beauty roams
    Of the good feeling he gets

    Now he is awaken
    Of political moves to oust his throne
    The Amok wags the wrong time
    He will try again

    History is on his side
    The sleeping beauty yawns and signs away
    When he listens to the saving and profits
    He thinks they have done decent job

    The people rights and benefits
    In the country only secondary
    He sleeps in his head
    He reads statistics he won’t understand

    So there will come a time
    He will change his mind
    When SAPP gets snapped
    If he still stands alive

    Amok will try
    Quietly to get him sign
    Giving him the profitability results
    He will think it is alright

    And the people on the streets
    Getting angrier each passing day
    I wonder what the BN leaders thinking
    Dishing menu without prices……………
    And they think the people are fools

  19. Of course Pak lah will reject the proposed 100% pay rise for TNB's CEO's. No political mileage.

    But about ex-gratia payment to the 6 ex Judges including Tun Salleh Abas he readily agreed. Because the ex Judges are willing to sell their soul and principles. Tan Sri Azmi is willing to denounce Tun Mahathir upon receive of the ex-gratia payment. Zaid refused o divulge the amount when queried by journalists simply because its huge. According to sources, the ex-gratia payment is RM5 million.

    Hopefully some MPs will seek confirmation of the amount during the current parliamentary session. The govenrment is mandated to tell if raised in the parliament as this is public money.

  20. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Having worked in anumber of GLCs I can tell you that the CEOs and top management of these organizations are already being paid very well. This is in addition to all their expenses (petrol, handphone bills, etc) also being borne by the companies. Most of these businesses are monopolies and then there is the government crutch (they don't need to compete for business like everyone else). These companies are bloated and waste lots of money on extravagant events and activities which are usually for show. I would include Khazanah in this lot as well. This is why the GLCs are so uncompetitive in their pricing etc. I think the government should ask the overpaid management (including AMOK) to take pay cuts instead.


  21. Anonymous10:15 pm

    well maybe now .. CK will vent his frustration to a the pariahs in TNB .. no to the peanuts 3% eh ..

  22. Anonymous10:24 pm

    good decision by the government. Why is the advantage by increase their salary. If the ceo's do not agree with government decision, then resign. They all are being appointed because they either know VVIP person, not because of their capability. For example Che Khalid

    Bandar sunway semenyih

  23. Anonymous12:32 am

    Yes! TNB captured the Prime Minister's Award (for bluffing the rakyat). If this is the excuse used by the duo to request for the 100% pay increase, then the CEO and CFO don't deserve anything.

    By making such demands, where is their honour and integrity? The country and their GLCs cannot afford CEOs and CFOs who are only concerned for their self interest. They only came in with their sins to make money. They are not willing to sacrifice for their company and country.

    An honest, respectful person knows that he deserve 100% pay rise only if he can turnaround a company 100%; and in the case of TNB, not through sinful tariff hike one after another. Even if that happen, the other TNB staffs should get 300% and so on in that increasing order. Accountants should be familiar with economy of scale.

    Please don't bluff the nation with all sorts of excuses. The whole country look forward for the duo to leave TNB and they can go anywhere which can accept their dirty tricks. Wonder how the duo can face the 27000 TNB staffs with honour, dignity and respect, let alone the whole country, now that their real identity and sinful planning has gone against them.

    And if their tricks on the dirty coal transaction is true, then they deserve to be reprimanded more than anything else. Hopefully, the Minister would have this to annouce soon to show that the government is fair to all. A Government of Accountability and Integrity for the rakyat!


  24. Anonymous1:25 am

    most probably the only good thing coming out from Pak Lah since he came into power. but a lil too late is what i think.

  25. Anonymous1:41 am

    A breath of fresh air of a decision. Political mileage or not, we must give it that it's a good move by the PM. of course in everything politics one reason or another will motivate the decision-makers, but where on balance those decisions amount to more good than bad than I think we must be fair.

  26. Anonymous1:41 am

    La , kenapa 100% aje... naikkan la 500% ke ... tak cukup duit , potong aje gaji org bawahan. Golongan bawahan tak perlu duit banyak macam bosses !!!!!

    Bungkus Telur

  27. Anonymous1:57 am

    Che Khaled and Izzaddin who asked for the hike in their salaries must step down and so is Leo Moggie who chaired the meeting to approve it. But let's not expect too much of them. They have thick skin. They will lie low hoping that Malaysians will forget what they have done.
    Still we cannot underestimate them. They might resign with honour tomorrow.

    TNB staff

  28. Anonymous5:49 am

    All the f..king, bosses in the GLCs are corrupt bastards appointed by UMNO and BLOODY BN government. They deserved to have their pays cut instead of increase. People are suffering under the f..king Badawi government and these assholes are given pay increase up to 100%, where is f..king justice you bastard BN government ??
    Disgusted citizen

  29. Boleh caya ke? Mungkin gaji aje yang tak naik, tapi elaun? COLA? Lain-lain perks...

    Kita pun paham ini kerajaan sudah banyak kali bagi kita misleading information ma....

  30. Anonymous7:14 am

    'The whole country look forward for the duo to leave TNB and they can go anywhere which can accept their dirty tricks. Wonder how the duo can face the 27000 TNB staffs with honour, dignity and respect, let alone the whole country, now that their real identity and sinful planning has gone against them.'

    'And if their tricks on the dirty coal transaction is true, then they deserve to be reprimanded more than anything else. Hopefully, the Minister would have this to annouce soon to show that the government is fair to all. A Government of Accountability and Integrity for the rakyat!

    Che Khaled and Izzaddin who asked for the hike in their salaries must step down and so is Leo Moggie who chaired the meeting to approve it. But let's not expect too much of them. They have thick skin. They will lie low hoping that Malaysians will forget what they have done.
    Still we cannot underestimate them. They might resign with honour tomorrow.'

    Agree with this two comments. If these two person have any honour,they should resign and apologize to all TNB staff for their intention. Let TNB headed by people like Tan Sri Ani or Tajudin . Fix the max salary to RM25000. If some people think its a small amount,go and play kite. TNB is GLC remember,its rakyat money. I am sure they are people including in TNB who can be the new bosses.

    3 cents.

  31. Anonymous7:45 am

    good way to stop. Do you know that under che khalid, tnb has implement strict action. Anything you don't follow, just SACK. That is why TNB never introduce VSS scheme. Simply sack even for minor mistake

    zamri nod

  32. Anonymous8:54 am

    CK and double I, both of you are capitalist to the core. Shame on you. You are only in TNB for your own glorification, for your CV's. Both of you are only interested in getting Datukship and enriching yourselves.Shame!Shame!Shame!


  33. Paparock,

    Tolong korek apapasal demo tidak menjadi, mungkin komen Dr.M terhadap Samjy membuatkan saham samy naik semula di kalangan Hindraf.

    Bererti kesah samy dengan 'Ayam/Kambing/Beg' @ samy ' i'm coming back' menjadi hero semula kepada masyarakat India.

  34. Anonymous9:49 am


    This is the beauty of blogging.

    Next is to ask the PM and his cabinet to sacrify their salary by 10% macam Mahathir buat dulu.

    Takkan rakyat saja yang kena berkorban. After all their side income lagi banyak dari salary depa

  35. Anonymous10:30 am

    for all those detractors of tnb:

    have malaysians ever paid "market prices" for electricity? for the past many years, they have been "cushioned" from free market prices for electricity by govt subsidies.

    how else can tnb generate revenues, if not from what it charges consumers for electricity?

    to put this in perspective, look at singapore. the average electricity wholesale price there hit a record high of s$203 (rm479) per megawatt/hour in may.

    for households in singapore, electricity tariffs were raised 5% to 23.88 cents (56.3 sen) per kilowatt-hour in april for the april-june quarter. a further tariff increase is expected in july.

    we know about comparitive income levels in malaysia and spore, and per capita gdp etc, but the point to be made is that consumers in spore are paying free market rates for electricity (the exception being 1-, 2- and 3-room HDB apartments, where electricity and water are subsidised to some extent).

    so, on the one hand, we expect low electricity tariffs as a right, no matter that the govt has to shell out hefty subsidies. and for tnb to maintain its power stations, invest in the transmission network and pay its staff - that's just too bad, isn't it?

  36. Anonymous11:23 am

    Rocky lor!

    CK,...ahhh!...ahhh!...telling people lor! he has brought fame to TNB lor!....he vely much deserved pay lies. clayzy people like him ahhh!...ahhh! make me sick. Small time dow want to die....big time make people susah...fame what fame? shame got lah!


  37. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Similar to Petronas, the Gov must decide on TNB's role whether for TNB to be business entity or to be the vehicle for gov policies. Everyone knows that IPPs were brought in NOT because they are cheaper but because gov wanted private sector in the generation biz.

    The real money in the elec sector lies in generation and now the Regulator and IPPs want to introduce an electricity market with the specific purpose of introducing further competition in generation sector. My take on this is the objective is WRONG! The objective should be rakyat-oriented so the objective is for lower prices. Creating an elec market gets you "market prices" not necessarily "lower prices".

    We have to investigate if the electricity market is introduced in Malaysia it brings lower prices because there are so many examples where the opposite happens! Then you have to undo it like what the gov is trying to do with the lopsided PPAs. We can't be undoing our past mistakes all the time!

    Whatever the role that gov decides TNB should play then it follows who the CEO must be. It appears through the years that CEOs for TNB are parachuted in as gov appointed and have not been industry professionals. Enough said!

    So do they deserve the 100% pay hike? They couldn't have done it alone surely ! As a voter, I'd like to know the criteria for CEOs selection for GLCs. I'd also like to know Amok's and the others in Khazanah's salaries as well!


  38. Anonymous12:43 pm

    sekurang kurangnya ini langkah yang menunjukkan kerajaan masih prihatin..bagus lah buat macam ni..

  39. Anonymous1:49 pm


    Bro Rocky: this is from The Star today.
    Continuing saga of TNB trying to rip off the public and employees...

    It was reported that Khazanah Nasional Bhd had agreed to increase the salary of the GLC top management by 100%.

    Meanwhile, TNB staff unions are hoping for a better deal than the 3% salary increase.

    The three unions – TNB Junior Officers Union (TNBJOU), Amalgamated Workers Union and the Senior Officers Association – with some 25,000 members in total have yet to accept the 3% rise in the Collective Agreement, which expired at the end of last year.

    TNBJOU president Zamri Yasin said a fourth meeting on the CA would be held on July 8.

    “We hope the management will increase the offer,” he said. “It is not fair to give us 3% while the top officials get a 100% increase,” he added.

    “We are confident the management will consider our request in the wake of the oil price increase which has increased the standard of living,” he told The Star.

    On June 4, the Government announced that there would be a 20 % increase in electricity tariffs effective July 1.

    The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association secretary Muhammad Shaani Abdullah said that the Government should be looking into ways to assist consumers instead of increasing the cost of living.

    “Certainly, increasing the salary of TNB’s top management and ignoring the employees is not the right thing to do,” he said.


  40. Anonymous3:42 pm

    These CEOs can make more money if they set up their own company.
    'saya pantang dicabar'


  41. Anonymous4:23 pm

    good for Pak Lah that he rejected the proposal. common ppl give him some credit, he hasn't done EVERYTHING wrongly. u guys think a complete change of the government and issues like these won't come up? what the other guys that u are pinning ur hopes on are highly principled, untouchables?

  42. Anonymous4:47 pm


    TNB students in London paid £550, JPA pays £900.


  43. Anonymous12:19 am

    Bro. Rocky,

    CK's the mirror image of Pak Lah; "he think he is good and doing good". Therefore no need to listen to grass roots. Loose ground with people's needs. Produce and give things people don't ask for. In real business world CK and Pak Lah would be bankrupts long time a go.So much product people does not want to look at, left alone to purchased. Be a man and live in the real world CK.


  44. Anonymous9:24 pm


    Like Angryman said, kalib is clayzy lor, also power clazy, and want big money only. he thinks everyeone else in TNB useless lor, he also does not respect any govmen servant, all he say secoand class and stupid ma

    he think he so clever lor. Gua surprise, webpage also cannot update, everything old story. I saw TNB Talk last updated 9 may.. more than i month ago.. everything out dated lorr.

    Why so bad like this uhh... like that also cannot do, world class?

    Uncle Loke

  45. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Disgusting! The people in power and their "Greedy 100% CEOs" must start realising that Khazanah and GLCs including TNB are answerable to the rakyat. Being answerable to the government is answerable to the rakyat. It is the rakyat who are their majority shareholder. We cannot compare TNB and YTL; they are very far apart.

    My advice to the 'Greedy 100% CEO' is to leave honorably with dignity. The nation has lost their trust and respect in you. This episode need an ending and cannot go on forever.

    Definition of "Greedy 100% CEO":- I must take RM50,000 pay rise first before distributing RM500 each to the rest. As long as everybody get a piece of the cake, there is fairness; even though my increment is 1000 times more compared to the rest.

    Wake up TNB! Impossible for one person alone to move TNB. How I wish this message get through to everybody in TNB including the "Greedy 100% CEO".

    Not Greedy CEO