Monday, June 23, 2008

BSA Tahir is released from ISA

Monday June 23, 2008, courtesy of The Star

Sri Lankan ISA detainee freed

KUALA LUMPUR: Sri Lankan businessman Buhary Seyed Abu (B.S.A.) Tahir, who was arrested under the Internal Security Act for allegedly deceiving Malaysian company Scomi Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd (Scope) into manufacturing a component believed to be for nuclear weapons, has been released.

It is learnt that Tahir, who is a Malaysian permanent resident, was released with conditions on June 6.

Sources said Tahir, who is married to a local and has three children, is required to report to the police weekly and would be re-arrested if he flouts the conditions.

They said he is also not allowed to leave his house after 9.30pm without getting prior approval from the authorities.

The sources added that Tahir was released as he no longer posed a threat to national security.

Tahir was arrested on May 28, 2004.

On Oct 4, 2003, a ship owned by a German company was examined at the port of Taranto, Italy, and five Libya-bound containers believed to contain components related to the Libyan uranium enrichment programme were seized.

The components were packed in wooden boxes with the Scope logo. Italian authorities then contacted Malaysian police for assistance.

However, investigations cleared Scomi.

The then Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Omar had said investigations revealed that Tahir had in 2001 offered a contract to Scomi for the completion of semi-finished products after assuring them it was a legitimate deal.

Scomi said in a statement it had shipped 14 semi-finished components to Dubai-based Gulf Technical Industries (GTI) LLC in four consignments from December 2002.

The end-use of these components, worth RM13mil, were never disclosed to Scope by GTI, it said.

1) The PM's son owns shares in Scomi - see a 6/2/2004 article on BSA Tahir and the nuclear parts black market scandal here.
2) There are over 70 more detainees still under ISA. When will they be released?


  1. Anonymous12:53 pm


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    Dari blog MP Rasah and ADUN Lobak, Loke Siew Fook (DAP) (

    Let me just give you a breakdown of his perks:

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    For an EXCO, the monthly fixed allowance are around RM15,222. The exco member also enjoy a free holiday once in a term. The maximum is equal to 2 first class ticket for KL-LONDON-KL or RM30,000 cash.

    Rocky, ni semua siapa yang galakkan?

    Takkan gaji tinggi melambung cam ni dibawa-masuk semasa pentadbiran Dato' Abdullah Badawi. Mesti sejak sebelum itu juga, bukan?

    Apa pendapat Rocky mengenai allowance pemimpin politik yang tinggi-tinggi cam ni?

    Setuju? Tidak setuju? Harus dikurangkan?

    Timbul tak di minda anda kenapa ianya tinggi macam ni? Sejak bila? Perlukah ini memandangkan gaji median rakyat biasa begitu rendah dan tidak naik-naik?

  2. Anonymous1:12 pm


    BS Tahir is a close friend of PM's son and Scomi CEO a long time before Dollah became PM.

    BS Tahir is a weapon dealer based in Dubai and he is another Adnan Kashoggi in the making aka CIA agent until he make some mistake.
    You think it's easy to become a weapon dealer ka Bro. Without CIA and gomen involvement and especially being a Muslim?

    I wonder what Home Affair minister meant by "freed from Kamunting". He was never detained there except only under house arrest in KL all these while.

    And the Sri Lanka gomen never raise the issue about him being detained nor his partner in Dubai.

    Another wayang in the making and what is the agenda now? The C4 bomb found in Colombo which is linked to Kuala Lumpur.....

  3. Rocky!

    Our prime minster's son broke a very serious and stringent US law in combating terrorism and preventing rogue countries from acquiring nuclear technology. Bush said Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's son can be extradited or put on trial under a country where the crime was committed. In the case of the Bangladeshi Tahir he committed the crime in Malaysia therefore he was detained here, at the behest of the Bush administration. In the case of Kamaluddin, it was Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's "intervention" on behalf of our PM son to the US government that allows any investigation on the "Scomi nuclear parts fiasco to be supressed" and now Kamaluddin free.
    So it is easy to deduce that Abdulah Badawi is now beholden to both Anwar Ibrahim and the US government for saving his son from being detained. BTW foreign policy is all about blackmail and intimidation. Bush has both blackmailed and intimidated AAB into submission, and to be forced by Anwar Ibrahim to deny Najib to be his (AAB )successor, this is the game. The only safety valve left for Malaysia is the Umno Supreme Council and brave senior Umno members to save the country from the clutch of the US and Anwar Ibrahim, wake up Malaysia!
    The released of Tahir is a signaled that the "nuclear parts fiasco is now under controlled" and it also indicates Najib has been neutralized of any chances of being the next prime minister!

  4. Anonymous1:44 pm

    I'm all for releasing the ISA detainees. But this isn't really doing it for me.

    Who said that BSA Tahir is no more a threat to national security? Well, because the ISA is under the Home Minister alone, I'm guessing that HE decided that BSA Tahir is a "safe" man now.

    But seriously, this is a little too random. No proof, no court, and the man is detained because they believe he "poses a threat to national security". Then after 4 years, no proof, no court, and they decide that the man is no longer a threat.

    If the freedom of men and women on Malaysian soil can be put in the hands of the Home Minister, I reckon the real threat to national security is the Home Minister himself. Because there is NO NEED, under the ISA, to disclose any information or proof of allegation.

    I say congrats to BSA Tahir for being released. But before we get all happy about it, we must realise that there shouldn't even BE any ISA detainees to release. The ISA should just cease to exist. Period.

  5. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Son-In-Law seems to be a very very powerful word now - a - days !!!!!!!


  6. Brader,

    ISA Samad also released today ?

  7. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Warning to the "hero"
    he will replaced by somebody else.


  8. Anonymous2:42 pm

    isa samad pun free ari ni..

    p/s rupa kau sebijik cam ramli sarip lah :)

  9. This BSA thing was a joke lah...scapegoat...I remember when this thing was hot, kebetulan my hubby was trying to do biz in Sri Lanka with a certain Syed Tahir, not this one yg kena ISA..but at the time the American agents were actually in the country, and I don't know if they tailed my hubby and my family, but his friend, because nama lebih kurang, was followed, harassed and his house broken into by American agents. His passport even got stolen...that was during TDM's can they allow Americans to come and harass Malaysian citizens!!!And in his own HOME!!! So much for speaking up against the Yankees by TDM. (only now we found out why..becoz he had same name and kebetulan was also going to and fro Sri Lanka)

    That's scary..that people can be picked up and accused by mere coincidence!

    And yes, Rocky..those people in ISA..many put there (during TDMs time), and STILL languishing there... sebab bow down to US pressure in the war against "terror"...ptui! No evidence and no trial!

    The real terrorists are the US administration and their Israeli leash-holders.

  10. Sometimes it really makes you wonder, was this guy put away for 4 whole years to keep his mouth shut, or because he was genuinely a threat to security?

    ISA Inmate Released - BSA Tahir

  11. Anonymous6:09 am


    I think BSA Tahir is not free yet. I think he won't dare leave his house or Malaysia. I think he'll will be kidnappe by the CIA and taken to a secret location for investigation.

    I think the CIA wants to know more about Scomi, Kamaluddin Abdullah and Shah Hakim. For his safety and freedom BSA will spill the beans to the CIA.


  12. Anonymous10:17 am

    leslie lopez did a half-page report on this topic in today's spore straits times.

    he noted that "there remain unresolved issues between mr tahir (buhary syed abu tahir) and mr kamaluddin (the pm's son kamaluddin abdullah), who have been friends since the mid-1990s...

    "chief among them is the shareholding of scomi.

    "mr tahir's malaysian wife nazimah syed majid controls an indirect stake in the company, which she held through a private company in which she and mr kamaluddin are investors...the financial settlement for her equity holdings has yet to be resolved."

    and the report also noted "that washington is also likely to step up the pressure on the malaysian government. the us has long sought the opportunity to grill the sri lanka businessman but has been granted only limited access".

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