Monday, June 23, 2008

Khalid Ibrahim's honeymoon is over

23/6 A top aide to Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, who is under ACA probe for allegedly "fixing" cleaning contracts, has been suspended for two months/STAR

That's not good news for the new Selangor government, of course, especially after Khalid said more than a week ago that his man had been cleared of any wrong-doing (read here).

I have been told there will be a demo in front of the MB's official residence in Shah Alam at 8.30 tonight and at Anwar Ibrahim's home at 9.30 am tomorrow morning.

pic of Yahya Sahri, the MB's special officer, by Malaysiakini


  1. The fun begins!
    Concerning corruptions...Khalid is stupid to believe all his men are clean.
    And UMNO will have a field day...using this weapon.....since corruptions ...big and small....surely on going..will be proven by UMNO.
    They still hold the governing power and lots of police head and judges must support UMNO...or else!! That's the genius of Mahathir's 22 years dictatorship.
    He knows...."MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVILS" and it take an evil minded man make use of that be a dictator. He is several class above all crooks in Malaysia.

  2. It seems like some of the reformist from PKR calling for Khalid's resignation...

    Not quite sure what is going on... is it because Yahya doesn't think he did wrong and hence rally for support from the PKR grassroot?

  3. sebenarnya mereka ini pun 2 x 5.
    bila ada peluang, ada jawatan dan ada kuasa semua boleh jadi. kita tunggu sama ada khalid and the gang akan guna peluang depan mata tak?

  4. This is a very disturbing trend which is coming out of selangor which is led by a keadilan menteri besar, with majority of keadilan members being former UMNO members. KEADILAN has to understand very clearly that the rakyat of selangor, kicked the donkeys of bn in the butt and got rid of them, now we find the same kind of umno politics of umno emerging from the keadilan led govt, MB KHALID ALSO SOUNDS AND BEHAVES like an umno politician with his speeches with a lot of , ahs , ems ah, not clear and precise as though he is trying to choose his words without dropping the ball, what a contrasting difference in style when speeches by the other pakatan led mb nijhar and cm lim guan eng whose speeches are precise and crisp to the point of rebuttal answers are off the cuff and relevant. NOW THERE IS ANOTHER STORY EMERGING regarding corporate donations going into the accounts of keadilan, ANWAR IBRAHIM PLEASE PULL UP YOUR SOCKS AND WAKE UP AND SEE THE TREES FROM THE FOREST, we did not vote pakatan rakyat for your members of keadilan, to start doing the antics of umno in the new pakatan states, there must not be even a hint of corruption, you have been forewarned. I wonder what the other exco members of the pakatan rakyat are doing about these claims, are you all sleeping.

  5. Saya menjemput anda semua membaca tulisan oleh Nora.

    JIka Nora sudah membuang article itu, anda boleh bacanya di blog saya.

    Jangan lupa baca di Selangor Today.

    Rupa-rupanya yang membuat laporan adalah orang-orang Khalid sendiri dan ini membuat Yahya marah.

    Khalid sedang bermain politik seperti caranya di PNB.

    Seorang komentar di blog saya mengatakan Khalid sedang mengatur untuk menaniayakan pekerja-pekerja GLC Selangor kerana dendam politik dan tamak dirinya!!!

  6. Si kontol raksaksa ini

    Dah nyanyuk ke? Tak ada kaitan isu Khalid dengan Mahathir.

    Yg dipersoalkan adalah Khalid PKR.

    Merepek dah nak mampus gut.

  7. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Umno do have and advantage a royal flush ACA.
    BN and PR are obviously the same.
    HOwever two party system will benefit rakyat in the long run.
    eh. ahat happen to linggate?
    what happen to Bakti's issue?
    what is AG doing?

  8. Bro,

    Honeymoon tu sama ker dengan bulan madu? Macam fantasia berbulan madu tu ... :) Selalunya pengantin berbulan madu kerana masih ada "madu" .. Kalau dah tua2 dan boleh jadi artifak di muzium, nak berbulan madu apa lagi yer? :)

  9. Anonymous8:08 pm

    What has Khalid got to do with the ills of his worker? Was he the one who faked reports? At least he has suspended him, in AMENO, he would have been promoted. Some AMENO MBs have 80 police reports against them, not against their officers, but the ACA will be activated against them if they do a la Yong.

  10. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Aiyo the Whole world knows Zaikara Satay House is corrupted, what did ACA done? Please give PKR five years to prove, those who are after blood please go and get a life.

    Anyway if the guy from PKR is trying to corrupt than just throw him out.

  11. Anonymous9:41 pm

    A new FLIP FLOP government in making?

  12. Anonymous9:42 pm

    What do you think will happen if the same thing occurred under the former MB? Nothing! No ACA! No action!
    At least there is a check & balance with the present State Govt.!
    And we, the Rakyat are happy with the action taken by the present State Govt.
    -PJ Watcher-

  13. Selangor state government what the hell is going on? How come only past 100 days and we hear of corruption in their midst. You guys are voted in to put a stop to this dread disease. Don't tell me that so early you guys are infected

  14. Anonymous11:16 pm

    I think it's a good move. If indeed there is corruption in the MB's office, who better to flush it out than the MB?

    This whole episode does not show that there is no possibility of corruption in Pakatan Rakyat. What it illustrates is that at least Pakatan Rakyat is willing to face those elements of corruption and do what needs to be done.

  15. Anonymous11:28 pm

    who is clean, anyway. BN govt or the opposition, both are the same bro. whoever runs the fed or state govt will only think of their tummies, not yours or mine. m not talking about belly, uh!

  16. Anonymous12:08 am

    To all PKR-PAS-DAP members,

    Please be reminded that rakyat voted Pakatan in Selangor not because of your ability to demonstrate and conduct civil disobedience.

    We voted Pakatan because we want change. We are sick and tired of the typical BN branch and divisional chairman be given seat in local councils and state exco line-ups.

    We want professionals to administer the state and people's affairs.

    Tan Sri Khalid have done well with the state exco line-up and we expect the same with the local councils.

    We do not need street thugs as policy makers. We had enough of those in previous government.

    I support your effort for better kerajaan. I am against your penchant for demonstration.

    We need governance. We need peace.

    -Seri Setia-

  17. Khalid was a CEO for Guthries.
    Why can't he go...head hunting for non political great head all Depts?
    That will put UMNO totally out of balance.
    After does not need a politician.
    It needs commonsense ....right with leadership qualities...and vast experiences..and so many thousands are available from commercial firms?
    Why can't he pull them them good salaries..for a non irrevocable 3 years contract?
    That is ..after serving the 3 months probational period to his full satisfactions.
    Key men/women must be chosen by him....and give no chance for UMNO to stall things.
    He should know....that..UMNO knows all their ex members..including himself.
    So..Khalid is clean..or else he would have been finished long ago.
    Khalid should think ahead.......and let this be the first lesson......for him to learn.
    He has done so 100 days...and my water bill was RM35 ....down to RM6 per month!!
    That is good enough to prove Khalid cares for the poor and needy...and in 100 days...must be world help the poor from a new government.
    So all can say bad about Khalid...he does deliver.
    It's just that...he does invite trouble...being short sighted.....right now.

  18. Cantik banner di blog Nora itu, mirip rupa banner yang menyuruh Pak Lah berundur dahulu.

  19. Anonymous3:25 am

    baru 100 hari dah main kotor... Kalau Anwar jadi PM nanti tak tau la macam mana .


  20. Anonymous3:28 am

    Dont really know what to say . Feel like slapping all these idiots ~!


  21. Anonymous5:18 am

    sedehnya melihat Melayu yang semakin huru hara dan keliru. Adakah ini agenda yang telah disusun begitu rapi??? Pasti bukan melayu teramat gembira melihat melayu bermusuhan sesama sendiri.Tidak salah berprasangka buktinya jelas DISEBERANG SANA.

    Permaisuri Keliru

  22. Anonymous6:11 am

    Fuckers are all the same. When money is put infront of them, they just cant resist.

    We are screwed either way.

  23. Bro Rocky,

    I have written in my blog earlier on the need to suspend this special officer while being investigated. This should be done earlier not now.

    Parti-parti politik khususnya dari gabungan PR telah lama meminta agar mana-mana ahli politik (dulunya dari BN la...) yang disiasat BPR supaya digantung tugas mereka semasa siasatan BPR sedang berjalan.

    Jadi kenapa nak pergi tunjuk perasaan kat depan rumah MB pulak ni? Tindakan MB tu betul walaupun TERLAMBAT!!

  24. Anonymous8:49 am

    Masa kempen kata anwar akan segerakan janji janji apabila menang.

    Mana dia janji manis PKR PAS untuk Selangor. Kini kata berperingkat2 pulak!!!!

    Dasar ahli korporat penipu seperti Khalid!!!!

    Malaysia akan aman dan makmur jika ahli korporat dan orang business tidak masuk campur dalam pentadbiran dan politik, baik apa parti sekali pun!!!!!!

    Ahli perniagaan dan ahli korparat adalah perosak negara, tak kira bangsa, parti atau ugama!!!!!!!!!

    Wak John

  25. Anonymous10:19 am

    well, at least the right thing is being done which is to impose a suspension. if toyo is the MB, expect this to be business as usual.

    demos? sanction by police? no need approval?


  26. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Huhhh.. just 100 days over this one and only PKR State now come under alarming signs. Let me tell that all this nasty things are another epidemic carried by former UMNO goons. As long as any UMNO goons become part of the systems there is no ending to this problem. Within or outside UMNO, this UMNO goons are virus looks as super mutane!!!

    - DICKO

  27. Anonymous8:59 am

    I dont understand why everyone is so fixated these days on nitpicking everyone's faults. Why SO much focus on murder cases, that RPK case/allegations, media/bloggers protests, religion (again!)and just everyday blame game among MPs. Right or wrong, these are not the most pressing matters for the country right now. I know everyone loves a scandal but we REALLY need to just accept the elections verdict and MOVE ON. Instead of digging up dirt from the previous government we should focus on how to build up the economy (which has never recovered since the GE), rising inflation, impending global recession and just simply the well being of the rakyat that are stuggling to make ends meet from day to day. Please, just do your job lah, government!