Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parliament reporters to boycott Lobby

Pic borrowed without permission from New Malaysia.
Read Bernama's piece on the boycott here. It seems that press conferences by the PM and DPM yesterday were covered only by the official media (Bernama and RTM), the foreign wires, TV3, and, mmm, Berita Harian.
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New ruling treats Press like pests, say journos:

Reporters covering the on-going Dewan Rakyat session have decided to boycott the Parliament's lobby in protest of a new ruling that they say treats them like pests rather than press.

The lobby is where reporters station themselves, sometimes all day long, in order to catch MPs for comments and news. It's been a practice for decades.

Effective this week, the whole lobby has been cordoned off (imagine a police crime scene, yellow tapes, barricades). Reporters prohibited. Not allowed. No Entry. Main jauh-jauh.

The reporters may enter the lobby area only between 1 and 2.30 in the afternoon.

"If we want to catch an MP or Minister, we'd have to holler or jump up and down to catch his or her attention from outside the area. How demeaning is that?," a fed-up journo told me this morning.

Very insulting, indeed.

Nazri Aziz, the Minister in charge of Parliament, must withdraw immeditaely this latest stupid regulation of his.

And also the earlier, equally ridiculous one limiting each newspaper to only 5 reporters covering Parliament at any one time.

The media in this country need to be liberated, not suppressed further. (But if Nazri is so keen to police the Press, he should lobby the PM to be the Editorial Adviser or the Group Editor in Chief of the NSTP. Heard the incumbents are leaving soon).


  1. Anonymous10:30 am

    Why is this sudden rules to hinder the journalists from using the Parliament Lobby?

    MPs are accountable to the public so the means of transmitting views and information from an MP to the public are the journalists, a vital conduit.

    To restrict this is an infringement on democracy?

    Don't you agree?

    Who authorised this new rules?

    Can it be overturned?

    As for the number of journalists (5) from each newspaper... maybe there is some sense in this. If unlimited number of journalists turn up, it will be too crowded and there will be a commotion as all of them do battle to gain access to the MPs.

  2. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    It's free press. The authorities are free to press others.

    The growing independence of the press may not have pleased those in power.

    I remember the Lobby. Covered Parliament for Bernama and the Business Times in the mid-1970's.

    Remember well the late Syed Jaafar Albar's witch hunting of members of Tun Razak's kitchen cabinet and Umno reactionaries.

    Soon after that Tun Hussein used the ISA to arrest the likes of Abdul Samad Ismail, Abdullah Kok Lanas, Abdullah Majid and many more.

    Now the witch hunt is against Tun Dr Mahathir and his supporters.

    What goes around, comes around?

    I hope the Lobby reporters fight for their rights and dignity.

    Thank you.

  3. You don’t expect much from Nazi
    He needs to say to get his publicity
    Now he doesn’t see his name in the press
    He feels he is going to the dustbin

    So he invents his rules
    Limiting 5 reporters from each newspaper
    Citing security risks and what else?
    Is he so afraid about threats?

    And when Yong of SAPP said
    About threats to his MPs
    Nazi said BN never uses threats
    There must be something
    About political power base
    Remember about the UMNO youth black dragons?
    They seemed to do a good intimidation job…….

    Politicians always have double speak
    They want to make you aware of things
    And at the same time they want you to know
    They don’t play with me else you will go

    Maybe the reporters shouldn’t go
    Reporting about Parliament proceedings and all
    Nazi and his colleagues don’t treat them with decorum
    So let there be no news in Parliament

    Why give the politicians and ministers’ coverage?
    They don’t feel appreciated on the reporters work
    Now he thinks reporters are pests and need to net them away
    Now the reporters don’t have to go
    Let Parliament sits quietly and rumbles alone

  4. Carpark may be a better place to do interview?

    But then some of them ride bicycles take taxi to parliament one lah...

  5. Just storm the Parliament, drag the BN and Umno buggers out by the botak heads and remaing hairs, take them out to dataran merdeka and tie them naked to the posts..habih cerita...we are too peace-loving and patient with these arrogant bastards..just look at Thailand..we should say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and physically drag the buggers out of their unworthy positions! They DO NOT deserve to be governing the nation..they are clearly still stuck in their old thinking AND NOT AT ALL LISTENING AND OR RESPECTING THE PEOPLE'S WISHES despite the lessons of the last elections and we can get them the hell out of there...blood, sweat and tears..always works to bring about change..

  6. It's true that you press are pest. You are like flies around SHIT.

  7. Anonymous11:11 am

    This must be a joke!! What a ruling. I am a practising journalist and trust me I know how demeaning it could be to wait outside the cordoned-off area. This is the Parliament for god sake! Nazri's statement that only five media personal per media is already absurd enoough and now we are slapped with this. What kind of fool would impose this ruling when the BN "yes men" need all they good publicity they can get at a time like this. I propose that media personal covering Parliament, just do coverage based on the CCTV installed at the media centre. Do this for the rest of the week. Sacrifice for your thirst for news for a week. This is for the good of the profession. If there is a press conference is called by our "Yes Boss" Ministers, then ask him or her to come to the media centre. Do not rush over like we are beggers. If our reporters can follow this for just one week, I am sure our Nazri will come crawling back, buying reporters tea and some kuih to patch up. Be firm with your bosses because people like Nazri would definately call-up the bosses to complain. This is a time for the industry to stand up and say "STOP THIS GARBAGE".

  8. Anonymous11:15 am

    You can't allow the reporters to find up close that Badawi is snoring on one of the Parliament sofas. Allow the Sleepy Head some dignity lah...


  9. Nazri Aziz is indirectly putting a gag order on the people's reps by doing this because he can't tell them not to speak to the press.

  10. People boycott you .. why not you boycott all BN MP ..... don;t publish anything from BN and only publish for PR MP.... :-) That will do.

  11. Anonymous11:23 am

    The meaning of Press suppression?

    UMNO's Police State vs PAS's Islamic State Vs Pakatan Rakyat's Secular Democratic State.

    Make your choice.

    Bloggers especially those who had the 20 minute fame on RTM should stop playing ball with this Govt.

    Bloggers should stop referring, linking quoting aand commenting on news sourced from Bernama, NST and Star. Stop blogging on the coat-tails of the mainstream media.

    The Press should boycott all Press Interviews of Govt ministers.

    That is how you boycott. Not just the lip service.

  12. Anonymous11:27 am

    Only this stupid idea will happen in Bolehland

  13. Anonymous11:41 am

    What is the Parliament? It's already filled with dogs barking all the time..why not have some fleas around?

  14. Bro, as you rightly mentioned in this posting, dat Nazri guy is the Malaysian Icon for STUPIDITY.
    How could we expect anything sane from a guy who thinks he is 'born again Prophet'?
    Idiots like this will someday rot in our backlanes for their sind which appear like 'service to the nation' now.


  15. Anonymous11:44 am

    suddenly when Raja Petra's issue appear, parliment limited reporter!! Something fishy is going gone. Again none of malay newspaper report this declaration by Raja Petra. Funny ya

    Bandar sunway semenyih

  16. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Wei wei! What's going on wei papparazzi tabley masuk lobby wei macam mana wei mau cari makan wei wei!

  17. Anonymous12:13 pm

    we are dust - quoting sammy refering to himself!

  18. Rocky

    KickDeFellaS was telling the truth that Malaysia is moving towards becoming The Next Myannmar!

    So long Pak Lah the Dumb Fella is running the show in his Diapers, the people at large will be screwed by him even in broad day light until GOD call Pak Lah to Prescint 20, if not Kepala Atas.

    In meantime, people should beg PR and BN components to JUMP ship onto PR, to get rid the C4 Bomber and his As*H*le Diaper friend.

  19. "I am a practising journalist and trust me I know how demeaning it could be....." (said irritated reporter)
    The journalist have themselves to blame for the pathetic state they are in today. For far too long they have allowed themselves to be pushed around and even intimidated.

    How many times at press conferences, have they been warned not to ask questions on 'this and that'?

    How many times have they been sneered at and admonished for asking 'embarrassing questions'?

    How often reporters deliberately ask 'friendly' questions to elicit a relished response (against the Opposition) from these VIPs?

    How many times reporters have been reprimanded for misquoting them?

    Come on friends, redeem your pride?
    You act like poodles, they treat you like one.

    Tell me, how many journalist will walk up to the PM or DPM today to get their reactions to RPK's SD?

  20. Bro,

    I can't recall any media restriction such as this within parliament itself in the past as long as the news agencies are properly accreditated.

    Furthermore, I've been 'reliably informed' that even a major news agency will only send at most two reporters because newsdesks are notoriously shorthanded.

    Therefore, limiting to five reporters from EACH agency is a moot point.

    So where's the beef/mutton/pork, etc?

    Two possibilities -

    a) BN is muzzling down further on the MSM by restricting access to certain BN MPs whom they think have privy info on current 'hot issues' so much so that filing of daily reports will be dependent on government sanctioned propaganda i.e. through Bernama.

    b) The MSM top guns could possibly be in collusion with BN in making this restriction a fait accompli.

    Let's keep an eye on how MalaysianInsider (and the 'soon to be relaunched' MalaysiaVotes) dispenses with their reports.

    On the other hand, isn't this a great opportunity for All-Blogs to get media accreditation and have a presence in parliament. Make it happen, bro.




  22. Hi Rock.

    As you said LIBERATED, the very context of this ruling has nothing to do with your so-called LIBERATION, if i may. This is all about REGULATION. As much as i would want to differ with the idea or rule imposed; been to Parliament a few times lately, i have seen and have to agree that the scenes were horrendously crowded.

    Its not all about journalism, afterall we have to agree that PAPARAZZI SORTS OF APPROACHES should not be encouraged here in M'sia; BUT more than that THE MANNERS TO ACHIEVING SO is the most important.






  24. The Editorial can "block" comments by politicians who do not respect the rights of the press.

    Those MPs who bermaharajalela ought to be taught a lesson, i remember the former Minister of Women telling off a jurno during a press conference for asking her a question on a matter not related to the event.... she went on to lose her seat in Lembah Pantai.

    Its the same ole BN strategy and its time to put a stop to this nonsense. The people have the right to information.

    MPs remember, you are elected to serve not to order/black out news.

  25. Anonymous1:25 pm


    agreed with apanama. Nazri is the icon of STUPIDITY.

    his mentality belongs in the woods where monkeys and other primates of his nature live.

    bagi malu melayu je. perut je besar, akai tadak!

  26. Anonymous1:36 pm

    SIMPLE...They treat u like "DIRT" or "PEST"...YOU boycott them...teach them..so whats the fuss...GIVE More coverage to PR States. At least they deserve it...

  27. Encik Rocky,

    Maklumat yang u dapat tu tak betul kot. Takkanlah dia nak buat macam tu kat press. Nazri tak buat macam tu aih ... U jangan tuduh Nazri macam tu. Tak baik. U berani buat statutory declaration ker kata u dengar dari press yang Nazri cakap macam tu?


  28. Anonymous1:49 pm

    fernado wrote:
    MPs are accountable to the public so the means of transmitting views and information from an MP to the public are the journalists, a vital conduit.

    I agree with you and I am disturbed by the fact, 129 BN MPs voted for the price hike without consulting the grassroot they represent. Either these BN MPs are so out of touch with the Rakyat or they are afraid of the BN WHIP. Useless MPs, not one of them has the BALLS!
    The Rakyat should NOT BE AFRAID OF THE GOVT. The GOVT should be afraid of its Rakyat!

    -Man on the Street-

  29. Anonymous1:50 pm


    we got bosses up there.

    pls refresh ur mind. where did u come across this sign - BOSSES ARE LIKE DIAPERS, FULL OF SHIT AND ALL OVER YOUR ARSE!

    remember oredi aaa?

  30. Anonymous1:52 pm

    or, maybe... only PORTERS are allowed, not REPORTERS. i mean, porters who carry their bosses briefcase around.

    nazri is a porter too... paklah's! he carries.... oooppsss!!!

  31. It was reported today that administration of Parliament has ban reporters in most areas in the Parliament such as the lounge meant for MPs, cubicles for ministers, the bridge linking lobby to the next building where Prime Minister’s Office is located, mobile post offices and ATM machines. My, my, my...can't go to post office and withdraw money at ATM machine? This is too much right? But what was the motive behind the ban? According to Parliament administration, the ban was due to security reason. But what type of security? Any bomb threat? Any murder threat towards the MP? Why only now Parliament feels there is a security concern and not before? Why only after opposition won 82 seats and proposal for motion of no-confidence against the PM and not before? Is this another attempt to undermine our intellectual? I guess so because the instruction must come from none others than then the shallow minded Minister in the PM's Department who is in charge only for Parliament, the brainless Nazri Aziz.

    It was also reported that the number of press conferences held at the lobby has increased recently with the stronger opposition in the Parliament. More ministers have been holding press conferences at the lobby. NGOs too have been meeting up with MPs at the lobby area. So, is this the "security" that they are talking about? I believe so. Well you know Nazri Aziz. How far can he thinks? Is it really security issue or just to please Si Bedol, so that Si Bedol always think that he is still popular to lead the government because with such ban, only five (5) journist are allowed to cover the Parliament. I guess with those five (5) journalist, is would be easier for Nazri to control the "actual" informaton from leaking out. But if the journalists are "threat" to Parliament, what about the public citizen who can go to Parliament to watch the debate? Does the ban also extended to them meaning they also canot go to ATM and post office? May be Nazri overlook on this aspects because if public citizen are allowed to enter the area banned for the journalists, then "security" is just an excuse. The journalists threatened to boycott Parliament sitting. There you go. Go ahead with the boycott. If they want to filter the information, let them just keep all the information with them. You guys can go somewhere else to get more interesting news that dealing with all these buggers. Click here http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/6/24/nation/20080624111845&sec=nation
    Whatever it is, only recently I came to know that Nazri Aziz is a Minister in Malaysia in charge of only one (1) building i.e. Parliament. I can't help my self but laughing like hell. Do we need a inister to be in charge of Parliament? Or is it one of the ways for Si Bedol to entertain the greedy by giving any ministerial post though such a post is not needed? I mean like what he promised to Yong Teck Lee? Shame on Si Bedol and especially Nazri Aziz. I still can't accept the fact that we need a full Minister to be in charge of Parliament. Perhaps Si Bedol still needs Nazri around because people like Nazri is able to make him happy and feel popular all the times and is always there to protect him (Bedol) but Si Bedol just could not find a suitable ministerial post to give to Nazri, as all ministerial posts requirethe incumbent to think and think and think, the crucial and critical part in human's ability that Nazri does not possess So, in the end, oklah Nazri, you take on Parliament, as you do not have to think and that position does not require you to issue intellectual statement. It is a waste of public fund to pay people like Nazri when we already have Zaid Ibrahim, Hamid Othman when we already have Zahid Hamidi and Sahrizat when we already have Ng Yen Yen. The country can save thousands of RM a month from the three stooges' monthly salary and allowances (minus the 10% cut on entertainment allowance, which is peanut - do you know that the 10% cut for the PM is not even RM2k?) and that will come about a million in one year and few more millions in four to five years.

  32. I am wondering why the Press should be covering the politician function. I think the Press in this country should be covering the people more. Show the world what is going on with the people, what are they suffering from, what they want the govt do. Boycott the BN politicians and lawmakers. This thing happen because you members of the Press give muka sangat to the BN politicians. Yes, we have to respect the politicians but please jangan sampai dia orang buat korang jadi macam bodoh or make you look like beggars. There must be collective voice on the matter, if the action is to boycott the parliament, make sure everybody boycott it..that includes Bernama, RTM and UMNO owned media. Kalau sorang boycott sorang tak..then you are opening the window of opportunity for the politicians to treat you like kucing kurap.

  33. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Is that what they do at Westminster?

    Why is this government sooooo afraid? Do they have something to hide?

    No live telecast. Now no talking to the press. What's next?

    That's why a no-confidence motion is in order.

  34. This half-past six govt.is like a three years old kid - simply introduce laws according to their whims and fancies.

  35. Anonymous2:34 pm

    mr smith,
    nice one dude!!!


  36. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Welcome to Zimbabwe, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Behave! Or Else!

    It was the decision of the Speaker and his two deputies. Are the East Malaysians up to something?

  37. Anonymous2:38 pm

    ini lah dia kerajaan yang dibanggakan sangat oleh karpal singh dan anwar ibrahim.


  38. Anonymous2:38 pm

    WATCH OUT!!!

    The Kobau from Ghombau might try to be the Knight In the Shining Armour in the eyes of the journalists.

    I was told he is trying to capitalise from this stupidity.

    Now I wonder ... all such moronic ideas could have been pre-planned.

    p/s we shud just wait n see ... who benefits from this latest Flip.


  39. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Here's Today Report on the Dewan Rakyat Sitting:

    In Parliament today,.......nothing happended.

    Thank You and Good Night.

  40. Anonymous2:48 pm

    "Effective this week, the whole lobby has been cordoned off (imagine a police crime scene, yellow tapes, barricades). Reporters prohibited. Not allowed. No Entry. Main jauh-jauh.

    It is a crime scene all right. But like Altantuya's case, where's the body?

  41. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Journalists oh journalists....buat apa bising bising..ask you fellas to walk..only a handful turn up. When the BN govt see the WIMP in all of you, what do you think goes inside their shithead? These brainless nincompoops can only think lowly of you (journalists) not brave enough to stand united.

  42. Anonymous3:18 pm

    bro rocky,
    parliament house is the highest symbol of democracy in the country. and yet, they introduced this stupid regulations for the press, and at the same time also they were talking about press freedom in the country. members of the press should ask nazri, a lawyer cum politician - what rule of law is this?

  43. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Kah kah kah kah ...for Malaysian Icon for STUPIDITY(Nazri as said by apanama). Now all we need is a Mascot for the same ! Wonder who should be the mascot for stupidity.


  44. Bagus jugak tu. Journalists can also sometimes become pests to our society. Not all reported are true and normally they are edited to suit their business needs rather the truth. Malaysian Journalism is about business, not about reality.


  45. Anonymous3:28 pm

    With the number of burning issues (such as the SAPP 'no confidence matter', the Altantuya case, rising prices of petrol and other items, etc.) hanging over the head of the BN government, and with reporters asking penetrating, uncomfortable questions relentlessly, the Yang Berhormats from Barisan Nasional must be feeling greatly stressed lately.

    It's like how many times can a conman say, "I am not a crook; I am not corrupt; I am not lying" and yet still maintain a straight face? Eventually the defensive facade will crumble under the relentless questioning and the truth will be laid bare.

    It is said that launching an attack is the best defence. So in this case, isolating the press corps to an out-of-the-way corner is probably seen as the best way to protect the Yang Berhormats from the annoying, uncomfortable and embarrassing questions of the reporters.

    This can be said to be a pre-emptive strike on the part of the Barisan Nasional politicians.

  46. Anonymous3:35 pm

    As KJ was saying, press freedom blah blah blah ? hahaha.. typical BN cakap lain buat lain macam ular..

    Mr Pusing Kiri Kanan.

  47. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Oh my God what is this? Or is this another ploy of sorts -- hand in glove with MSM that are anyway owned by the same goons.

    What else and how low more would the powers that be stoop to just cling on the increasingly slippery ropes of power?

    God forbid that this is yet another Malaysia Boleh phenomena.

  48. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Nazri is again making a nuisance of himself.

    We have never seen another Minister so capable of making a fool of UMNO, and making it easy for others to criticize it, yet still remain in Power.

    "Is Anwar forgetting the basics?"

  49. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Saudara Brew,
    It was recently reported that almost 70 bloggers, unaffiliated with other media, worldwide had been arrested for contents in their sites in recent years. The most recently reported involved this Nair gentleman in Singapore. It was also predicted the number of arrests for 2008 is expected to exceed that of the previous year. Unfortunately, this Washington report does not include events in Malaysia. Why is that so?
    Having sifted through the various sites to be kept abreast with developments during our three-week absence, this shindig over your august House of Parliament must really take the cake of political shenanigans.
    Since commencing thesis research on media development in your lovely country, it is with regret when have to conclude your journalists, pen-pushers, story chasers, reporters and NPC bar top critiques take the blame for the evil which has befallen them. So much for that much revered Fourth Estate philosophy.
    The turnout at that Sunday gathering with your Minister spoke volumes of how these lads and lasses, view their profession. Today, they moan and groan but WILL they go that extra mile to earn that professional courtesy they so rightly deserve… we wonder!
    All this talk about boycotting Ministerial media briefings ect., some things one can only wait to see if it happens. One should ask where do the editorial desk managers stand on this issue and if your Minister feels so strongly about this issue, then a swift solution would be to simply disseminate all information via the “appropriately named” national news agency.
    But it has also been pointed to your journo wannabes, in their quest of earning a poorly paid living, compromised their beliefs, allowing themselves to be lowered to mere plebeians, hence their shoddy treatment by those self proclaimed powers to be. Justified or not is something these individuals can only answer to their voice of conscience.
    One can also wonder what has happened to the NUJ, NPC, CIJ and those self- proclaiming profession advocates (who have never served on the editorial floor). Should not there be a voice in unison?
    Are they not basic violations being put in place, like impeding an individual from carrying out his profession. Lay down those note books and pens, let the national agency disseminate the news and will the be a backlash.
    This is the august House of Parliament and there must be basic floor de ri-gueur.
    Its amazing how much information one can derive but these indviduals seem to have given up on media development.

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  50. to the malaysian press particularly the main stream media, my advice, don't cover parliament at all! wasting time listening to 'donkeys' and 'monkeys' both the government and opposition sides, treating the parliament like a zoo. it's better to go to the ground and cover the rakyat. report their events, how are they surviving during the hardship now, their sufferings, what have the 'monkeys' and 'donkeys' done to their kawasan since they won the general elections! the real thing is what's happening on the ground whether the rakyat that voted them into parliament benefited from it or not. the parliamentarians can tell and claim anything in the august house whether it's true or not is a different matter because its their privilege to talk rubbish. the parliament actually just a talkshop!!! so pressmen stop going to parliament unless you want to hunt the deers!!

  51. Anonymous4:28 pm


    PAS cakap wanita takleh pakai lipstick, takleh pakai kasut high-heels, wajib pakai tudung tutup dada, takleh tudung yang lutcahaya, blouse kena jenis lengan panjang, panjang dan longgar, serta kena pakai sarung kaki.


    Apo ni Pakatan Rakyat?! Macam Taliban!

    Bawak balik Barisan Nasional!!

  52. At 2.15pm, Bung Mokhtar removed the barricade after journalists boycotted the press conference. See!!! I told ya. That security thing was just an excuse and not a reason. Let us wait and see what that bugger Nazri has to say about the latest move by Bung Mokhtar. So, now no more security issue at Parliament?

  53. Anonymous4:57 pm

    to mr osman ali..if we the press are like flies to the shit then u must be the dirt that sticks to the flies coz people like u r hunger for the news..if not u wont be here right so stop calling other people pests when u dont know what is journalism or how the reporters work just to feed the news to society....ninaa

  54. Nothing the government do....surprises me anymore.
    If one or two reporters are making a nuisance of themselevs...single them out...ban them from entering...and continue the good respect for other reporters.
    After all....they may need to wait and wait for hours...and do need a comfortable place to sit...or even take a short nap.
    Expecting government to be that considerate and understanding....dream on.

  55. spot on irritatedreporter! Civil disobedience.

  56. Anonymous5:51 pm


    -So you can't send more than 5 reporters to cover Parliament...
    -So you can't rove all over the Parliament to 'ambush' MPs for your so-called scoops...
    -So you cannot lounge on the couches like you're watching TV at home, sit (and squat in your skirts and low rise pants)on the carpet anywhere you like in Parliament...
    -So you cannot linger in the cafetaria, smoking, freeloading and backslapping with MPs..

    My question is: SO WHAT??? QUIT BITCHING! GROW UP!
    Being a journalist is SUPPOSED to be a tough job, remember? The rules have always been there. They're just enforcing them now.


  57. Anonymous6:00 pm

    I guess if they can't keep out the opposition, they'll try to keep out the press... no surprise this coming from Bodoh, bodoh, bodoh!!!

    I urge all journalists to uphold their dignity and pride in carrying their job, just leave the BN MPs alone, and report the truth in the issues as they see it. No more reports on ribbon-cutting and opening ceremonies, please!


  58. Anonymous6:03 pm

    I like the analogy some wrote up there. Flies around SHIT. Haha!


    I couldn't have said it better. Lol!

    The Dude

  59. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Saudara Brew, (if I may add)

    What a combination! Tea without scones, the afternoon “English” tabloid and Malaysian journalists – serving and former!
    These individuals have clocked the hours, been there done it and yes, they hold their profession with great esteem.
    Alas, they are a mere handful! But have gone unrecognized for reasons only known to their respective employers.
    It would seem a political writer has thrown in the towel while sports writers have turned king makers.
    The conversation revolved over the allegation of match fixing and shylocks’ plying their trade amongst those involved in the popular sport of hockey.
    The tabloid (which yourself too once led) has taken the news to the streets! But what followed was a police report which smells smack of intimidation by sports officials.
    The report in today’s edition seemed to indicate that sports officials were unperturbed over this development and would rather finger the message bearer “of things not being right in your house”.
    The conversation showed the report was indeed accurate and such activities have and are taking place!
    And as for the hockey officials presently serving, rest assured when their term is up, changes are in place.
    Whispers are that those behind the match fixing and shylock debacle have also ensured a new lineup to be put in place.
    The incoming treasurer for your national hockey association will be an individual from a Northern State. The president’s term is up and he too is scheduled for a step down.
    How can this not be possible when “contracted individuals” have a term exceeding “All The Presidents Men”.
    As far as the tabloid is concerned, the writing team can heave a sigh of relief, no matter what is said or done, they are dead right with the news report.
    But what remains to be seen is whether their desk managers or editors will remain steadfast with the team when the phones start ringing off the hook.
    Oops! Didn’t we mention that sports journalists were present when the national officials lineup was discussed and decided.
    Sekadar diPinggiran

    PS: And that bit about who could be head honcho of the editorial floor... well, how is this bloke called Darren, some Uncle Don Tea House and this Minister associated?

  60. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Reporter manja, kena perli sikit dengan Nazri sudah merajuk. Lagi seronok-nonok LAH simelaun tu.


  61. The press are badaweed..
    NAZRI also badaweed..
    All of us are badaweed..

    New word to propose to Oxford.. 'badawee'>>http://mantra-indeeptots.blogspot.com/

  62. The situation is getting worst than before election! PM said before the press is more free when he become PM. Really?

  63. Rocky!
    All of u media persons have been giving us crap all these years!
    U reporters, writers & whatever u call yr selves have no gumption to report the proper facts. I know as I have been blackballed!
    So U all deserve all that u get.
    If u r more concerned about yr paychecks & how u can "bodek" yr bosses, then tell us we poor Rakyaat the situation, then again u deserve what Nazri dishes out, as much as he is a pain in the u know where!
    Perhaps I may c u at The Bloggers House soonest!

  64. VOM - Voice of Malaysians ke ke ke its truly hilarious.... hey, maybe we should have a Radio Show like call in for ALL

    Then bantai cukup cukup, semua kita sapu, apa macam????? ke ke ke

  65. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Why'd one be surprised.. afterall isn't STUPIDITY a pre-requisite of politics in Bolehland? has been for 5 decades.. don't bother being impressed with the increasing stupidity that is sure to surpass even further in the near future..

    another breaking news- no more high heels and lipsticks for women- we have successfully mutilated PROGRESS in the country.. it is as bad as discriminating women from voting during the dark ages. Why doesn'tt PAS ban their pyjamas-looking & hospital patient looking attire? Instead of being provocative, it is an eyesore to all in the world.


  66. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Krew wartawan adalah sebahagian dari media yang selama ini 'memberitakan' sesuatu yang selalu 'terbalik' dari cerita sebenar. Dalam situasi dihalang untuk bebas, kenapa perlu rasa terkejut dan rasa tidak adil atas apa yang dibuat oleh nazri dan konco2nya. Kenapa tidak diputarbelitkan berita itu kepada sesuatu yang 'sentiasa baik'.

    (Ada yang berpendapat pemberita bukanlah 'spin doctor' media, ia bergantung kepada Ketua Pengarang dan Editornya)

    Pemberita juga adalah rakyat Malaysia, mereka juga harus berperanan dan bertanggunjawab memaklumkan kebenaran kepada rakyat dalam lain bentuk dan cara. Jika tidak, wajar mereka tidak dibiarkan bebas di ruang parlimen-kluangman

  67. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Saudara Brew...
    *As the price of gasoline goes up, so do the transaction fees that gas station proprietors must pay whenever a customer purchases fuel with a credit card...*
    That was a clip from an article in the United States early last week.
    Why it took almost a week for your journalists to pick this up or if they did at all... leaves us flabbergasted. Suddenly its front page here... now we can see the calibre of local scribes!!!
    Now you have the local gas station owners huffin n puffin...
    If what is being discussed over tea is anything to go by, I smell a rat...
    Your express transportation companies - buses and taxis - provide their drivers with what is purportedly known to be "fleet cards" for their drivers' use at gas stations nationwide.
    If this to be true - express buses and taxis will reduce the frequency schedule of their fleet. The obvious reason being they cant be all over the country overseeing cash transactions for fuel purchases.
    This is a scenario being played out... what if the public transportation fleet decide to cease operations as they cannot "purchase" fuel.
    What would credit card companies response be...
    What would gas station owners be left with...
    One of those sipping tea simply quipped...
    Look out for a response which goes like...."Its all a rumour!!!"
    Somebody is definately out to do no good...
    Get the media distracted with Parliament issue, while reality is otherwise...
    Sekadar diPinggiran

  68. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Ello Mazri,

    Hands off People's Parliament (Dewan Rakyat)!!!

    Benda2 gostan ke belakang ni serah kat engkau lah ye...? Udahlah, tok sah buat keje2 jahil ni.


  69. Anonymous9:27 pm

    apa yang mereka tu takut sangat? apakah takut reporter akan tanya soalan-soalan yang tidak dapat dijawap?

    siapakah ada rahsia yang tidak ingin ditanya?


  70. If the journalists had some measure of dignity in the first place, they wouldn't be treated so shoddily.

    Anyway, they're the ones who go to lick BN boots while giving Pakatan Rakyat the cold shoulder.


  71. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Hello guys
    Where is the Artoo Detoo brother ZAID who talks about transparency and now we get this nonsence.
    Wake up rakyat..the spin machines are work again.

    The sword of Justice

  72. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Reporters chicken out, should report on 'cock-fighting' or 'fighting cock', not sure!


  73. Anonymous11:33 pm


    apa lah kawan lu ni. dah lah botak, bodoh pulak tu.

    EDITOR Depa tak protest ka.

    Ni mesti nak balas balik lepas meeting NUJ dengan Zaid.

    Si Botak ni yang cakap naik basikal macam budak darjah 6. Dia lupa ke dulu Dato Onn, TAR, Tun Razak dan BAPAK dia naik basikal masuk kampung.

  74. Not a wise move at all. It's not like the MP's need all the space when Parliament is in session.

  75. Anonymous12:33 am

    Come now...who is afraid of who?

    Surely the tame, pro-govt, wimpy, noosed-at-the-nose journalists pose no threat to the powers-that-be? So why the restriction on journalists NOW?
    Only in bolehland, i suppose.


  76. Anonymous12:40 am

    When Barisan Nasional lost their 2/3 majority on 08 March 08, they also lost their brain. Sekarang ni dah tak ada otak langsong ... Wali Kota

  77. Perhaps nowadays....all reporters wait and wait to interview oppositions leaders...and Nazri walked passed..and all reporters ignored him.
    So no good image for UNNO.
    Need to do something....

  78. Anonymous8:37 am

    As a former reporter who had covered both houses of parliament I agree with the cordoning of the lobby of the parliament to reporters, and especially of the hounding of its members.

    I remember when I was a journalist and covering parliament, none of us ever did that. We only went to parliament to cover the sittings and not to hound its members for comments.
    Parliamentary reporting then was strictly on the goings-on in both the houses, Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara, and there was no reporter who loitered the lobby area seeking to interview the members of these two houses for additional comments.
    The lobby of the parliament is not such a place to hound anyone; it is just a lobby space. And if there are comments that the journalists seek from the members of parliament, then they should do it outside of the parliament.
    Lastly, I hope parliamentary proceedings must be covered accordingly and adequately, and there comments and views or even remarks made outside of the two houses and especially in the lobby cannot be reported since they are not part of the proceedings.
    The Malaysian parliament has been turned into a 'pasar malam' where there is jostling of reporters and members of parliament.
    This should not be the case and it should not be allowed to denegrade to such a level where outside of parliament statements and comments are quoted more than those that are spoken in it.
    Where in the world where parliaments are being treated this way? In Malaysia, it has also been used for 'street theater' by notice parliamentarians who use the premises for their circus acts, by taking birthday cakes, bringing in a small group of children and cycling.
    If the media had refused to entertain such childish acts, none of them would bother to think of other ingenious acts to show.
    mansor puteh

  79. Anonymous10:16 am


    TV3 did not even show it as headlines on prime news. They did boycott it.

  80. Anonymous10:25 am

    Bro Rocky,

    BH behaved like a Judas in this episode. As such it was the only paper covering the PM on RPK's SD.

    I was shocked to see BH naming the couple, whom I know personally, as I was in the impression that you are innocent until proven guilty. hence the not naming or remand prisoners until they are charged.

    I think this is reckless and irresponsible on the part of BH.

    FYI, the couple is proceeding with legal action againts RPK.

  81. Anyone can dictate terms to the press because the press (editors especially) allow themselves to be pushed around. Journos no longer work with unity of purpose, or conscience..