Thursday, May 08, 2008

Forensic audit on Selangor

PKNS, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan under probe.
I heard the PKR-led Selangor state government is believed to have hired auditors to forensic audit on state government agencies, such as PKNS and Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd, the state investment arm.
The auditors were focusing on land deals, award of contracts and state officials in cahoots with stock market syndicates to push up shares in Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Bhd and Kumpulan Perak Selangor Bhd, the two listed entities of Selangor government. The audit firm is said to be an expert in CSI.
Perhaps they are boasting but some people told me the auditors have uncovered enough dirt to keep some people in hell, even if hell freezes over.
We'll need to see proof, though, eh Khalid?


  1. Anonymous6:37 pm

    I was told people at KDEB made a bundle. Wonder who is the syndicate...could it be a former chinese director of a bank, in which EPF is the major shareholder. Plus why is it KDEB entered a JV with JAKS Resources Bhd to supply pipe, when Puncak already got the contract. Perhaps, JAKS price movement, should also be watched. Somebody in JAKs is related to somebody in TINGKAT 4, and that somebody is NOT the AKS in JAKS, but rather the J in JAKS....

  2. Salam Brader,

    1. Wau..this is a good topics.

    2. As one of an investor in KLSE(Bursa Malaysia), please check what happened in 'Projek bekalan air Pahang ke Selangor'? KPSB and JAKS?

    3. Walaupun projek berkenaan ditanggohkan, tetapi rasanya mungkin dah ada yang 'advance ka..under table ka..proxy ka..or just on paper ka'?

  3. Anonymous7:26 pm


    I strongly agree with khalid that forensic audit is to be carried out knowing that the ex selangor mb is the dirtiest male in selangor. This, i believe, would lead us to the biggest lair of corruption in selangor.

    The same should also be implemented in other states administered by PKR.

    Kita tengok sapa yang kena makan sup penyapu...

  4. Anonymous7:26 pm

    It is a slippery slope, the continued process of seeking manifest flaws in the old Selangor government. I am not asking for anything illegal to be ignored, however when can the present folk get down to administrating if they are always chasing old ghosts?
    And how do we sustain the pressure when the Federal government is keenly looking on, asserting on how such measures are counter productive to governing.

    Something as to give at some point, though I am pretty sure it will be after enough people see the private parts of a local prison.

  5. way to go.

    get the independent pros in and get the facts b4 we point fingers.

    this is a very refreshing approach by the Pakatan Rakyat.

  6. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Go for it Khalid. We know there's something fishy going on, esp the land deal that can be sold again and again. It is one of my wish when PR got Selangor that an audit will be done.

  7. ask the PKR gomen also...why THEY are still using old contractors which obviously still making money off in nadeswarans report on 1500rm fax machines to replace those ripped off and vandalised by the TOYO people.

    Waiting in vain for change by Citizen Nades

    THE TELEPHONE in the sports minister’s office has been ringing incessantly ever since he was appointed. Some call to extend their congratulations, others to touch base, but some with ulterior motives, One caller, a former minister’s son is desperate. He had a contract to undertake some projects, but with the changing of the guards and more importantly the policies, the money-making machine has come to a standstill. Another, from Singapore, wants to seek an appointment to “sort out matters”. ESPN wants to continue its lucrative arrangement in which the ministry pays millions for “Sports Centre Malaysia” – a 30-minute programme aired on weekdays. In short, the ministry has been buying airtime so that footages of power-hungry people can be seen by a selected few, and someone can collect hefty fees as the middleman in such deals. Has anything changed?

    Back in the Selangor State Secretariat, members of the executive council walked into bare offices, save for a table, after they were sworn in. Everything was missing – from staplers to fax machines. So, they all got new ones. The state government paid more than RM1,500 each for the fax machines. You could get the same model for one-third the price at any electrical shop. But then, the purchases had to be made from “registered contractors”. So, what the contractor does is walk to the shop, pick it up for RM500 and sell it for three times the price. No questions asked.
    Despite all the publicity given to the Auditor-General’s annual report, no one is bothered about getting quotations or seeking the cheapest possible price. By the way, who cares what he says in the report? After all, for a few days, all kinds of statements will be made and then, it’s business as usual.
    And don’t blame the exco members. They make their requisition and the civil servants do the procurement. It’s not their money and what is the incentive for practising prudence? Has anything changed?

    In Putrajaya, the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has taken umbrage to my comments on its efficacy even after it is granted “commission” status. The director-general was quoted as saying that with such a status, the ACA will be “really independent”. He let the cat out of the bag by implying that all the while, the agency was not independent! The telephone call from the agency was flattering indeed. “You mould public opinion. You cannot write about us like that …” Sorry sir, you took six months to investigate and close the files on attempts to cheat the government. Yet it took five days after media reports on extravagance by the Women in Sports Fitness Foundation Malaysia to close the case and issued a statement.

    Part of the statement read: “ACA investigations revealed that the Minister of Youth and Sports at that time acted only as the patron of the foundation and was not involved in any expenditure.” Well, who ever said or accused the minister of wrongdoing? So, why go out of the way of your terms of reference? Is it the new “really independent ACA” or the old “independent ACA”? Did anyone bother to check on other aspects of the expenditure, including conflict of interests and the RM800,000 on rental of equipment? No, the investigators were ordered to wear blinkers when carrying out the probe. Will anything change?

    In Shah Alam, an unemployed dentist is occupying a bungalow at a rental of RM25,000 per month. His last drawn salary was RM12,000. He is now drawing a couple of pensions not exceeding RM9,000. But he needs to feed himself and the family, maintain a fleet of cars and pay for treatment to look “fair and lovely”. So, how does he balance his budget? But this chap has come a long, long way from the days of selling ice cream … Has anything changed?

  8. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Hope that the Selangor govt. would expose the can of worms of the previous govt. and sent those crooks behind bars.

  9. OK. A forensic audit is an excellent idea. But after this, let get on with governing the state instead of lamenting about the past. Just send the guilty ones to jail, shall we? And let's get on with business...

  10. So finally an audit
    This must be a good sign to unearth unethical transactions
    Of the previous BN state government
    This is the normal procedure
    When a new person takes the administration
    It must be clean and seen to be clean
    So that the new page can be used
    To start a new chapter for the state

    We had heard so many cases of land short changed
    Where owners suddenly found they lost their land
    We also heard about shares transactions
    With state listed companies
    And about contracts to favored contractors
    All these to get into the gravy train

    Let the independent auditors go with fine combs
    Unearth the unethical methods used……….
    The finding must be published
    And get those involved to dance with the music
    Let them bear hug in prison eventually
    Let them stay behind the iron grilled for ages

    The people want to know
    Dig up the dirt on the side
    And don’t forget to manage the day to day affairs
    The business of the state must run
    So don’t forget the promises
    Go and get it done

  11. Anonymous11:05 pm

    ask them to investigate the delas under PNSB; especially those under taib and toyol. and the abandoned project in Bandar Baru Klang.
    Khalid, do it and you will be amaze how lopsided the deals are. to whom the bells toll?

  12. Anonymous2:13 am

    Don't miss the investigation of Subang Ria Park and Wangsa Baiduri in Selangor!!
    How can Water Retention Pond in 1979 be turned into Private Titles in 1987? When it was meant to be a Town Park even before 1987!

    How can part of the Retention Pond be alienated to PKNS for joint-Venture to Wangsa Baiduri in 1986?
    How can part of the Land for Joint-Venture to provide Club for the Wangsa Baiduri be transferred to third Party in 1987?
    How can part of the Retention Pond be sold to Developer for Housing in 1989?

    If this can make a Taxi-driver into Tycoon and have company in KLSE, who would have been benefited?

  13. Anonymous2:32 am

    praba and bayi, you mean it's not right to dig too much into their past evil deeds? how much is too much then? where do you draw the line? also how has the new government not been doing their job currently in administering the state? I'm sure you understand they had to start literally from scratch. You understand for sure what kind of previous gomen existed; even staplers pun sapu.

  14. Anonymous5:39 am

    It is absolutely necessary to make an example of those in authority who committed wrong doing. No one should be above fair minded laws, least of all those in lofty fiduciary positions. Fraud and shenanigans on the public cannot be allowed to remain a gateway to riches, or remain the motivation to join a certain state body or corporate or political party to make it rich with impunity. Let those with ill gotten gains tremble for judgment day will surely come to them. Let us develop a culture to be competent, accountable and transparent in our job responsibilities. Let our country progress.

  15. Anonymous9:51 am

    The findings of this foresnsic audit must be made public to show Pakatan Rakyat is credible, transparent and acccountable and act without fear and favour but with responsibility.

    MB Khalid Ibrahim must set time frame for the findings to be made public.

    Bro Rocky, please monitor and follow up this forensic audit public discloure so that this matter will natural silence

    MB Khalid recent statement that the State is not in position to reduce assessment rate is initail sign of renege promise made during the election campaign.

  16. It's important to audit so that we get the up-to-date state of affairs -- where do we stand now -- in the process of decision making for the future.

    If we do not audit, we will not be able to stop the wastage due to lopsided deals that are still in effect.

    Neither can we recover any monies in the case we win the lawsuits.

  17. Anonymous10:53 am

    Lets see how much rot is in Toyo adm.
    And charge them ALL!

  18. Anonymous11:08 am

    DELIVERANCE!! D E L I V E R A N C E !!!!

    I seek deliverance and justice for all the wrong doing of the previous state government!! May those who had prosper from ill means be judged and sentenced for they have caused mighty hardship and pain and suffering to the innocent.

  19. Anonymous12:10 pm


    TS Khalid should also look into the affairs of the Worldwide Group of companies and PKPS or perbadanan kemajuan pertanian sgor. Both these companies were/are run in a very high handed manner with lots of shady deals and protection afforded to a few selected croonies within and outside the companies. Needless to say millions of ringgit went into the hands of these people thru their shady deals. The CEO of world wide Dato Ibrahim should answer on the jump in share prices after unconfirmed reports from the group in regards to taking the company private. Please look into insider trading of the shares and how many lots were transacted by these top management people before the price surge on bursa. On PKPS, please look into land deals, poultry farming and agri investment as most of the investments to dubiously qualified people have gone bust. The management of PKPS has to answer what criteria and how investment were made, i.e was it related party transactions to reciepients etc.

    TS Khalid and his EXCO must show the people of selangor that our vote for them is not misplaced as justice must be seen to be done. The ordinary criminal gets 2 strokes of the rotan and 2 years jail for petty theft of a Milo tin from a supermarket and yet if millions or hundred of millions of ringgit of rakyat's money is stolen, all we get is talk, talk and more talk. Let TS Kalid, UMNO, and the rest be warned, if justice is not done, replacements will always be brought in by the rakyat in the next elections. The working class wants fair play for all. On judgement day, Menteris' YBs' and the common man will be treated the same in the eyes of the All Mighty.

  20. Rocky,
    The alienation of land in Bukit Jelutong close to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam should be investigated. Some companies are not even registered as a prpoerty developer and given precious land to develop into expensive housing. Some banks simply disbursed the loan directly to the developer without going through their lawyers. So much so that the unregistered developer has chosen to close shop and pocket the money without delivering the houses. Only lately after the GE12, the project is being revived. Maybe the fear of disclosure in court has made them think twice about absconding.
    The projects around this area deserve some attention from the current state government. Get to the bottom of all of these and your unfulfilled promise of lowering the cukai pintu will be forgiven.

  21. I hope everybody will refrain from making any insinuation but wait for the outcome. But I agree that the new State Government should spend less time trying to "punch holes" in all the projects and contracts undertaken by the previous state government. They should spend more time in running the new Government and in fulfilling the promises they made to the people. In the final analysis it is what they accomplish that matters and not what they uncover as there's nothing much they can do about what has already been contracted out.

  22. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Go ahead and investigate. But remember you are using taxpayers money. Don't come back with excuses.

    The fact is Khalid Berahim and Pakatan rakyat can't deliver on their promises and have resort to deceive the voters by raising issues like babi (not meant for you know who), balkis, shredded papers, etc.

    The Selangor annual expnditure is RM1.2 billion and his promises will see an additonal RM950 million a year. Mana mahu cari wang? Mahu charge foreign labour ke? Berangan nak PKFZ and Subang airport land.

    Knowing they can't deliver on their promises, so they ended up fault finding instead of administering the state effectively.

    If he said to Khir Toyo thanks for giving him a state that was in good shape, he should stop talking cock and managed within available resources.

    Running a state is not like running a company. Enough talk of his past record in Guthrie. Many in the corporate circle know he skimmed some RM300 million from Guthrie.

    Always wonder how si Khalid Gagap could get the money to build such a palatial home in the midst of 97/98 economic crisis. Mind you, he didn't get much dividend and prices of Guthrie shares were not performign then.

  23. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Always open the door to settlements and reparations. The US' SEC does this. I don't see why the Selangor Government shouldn't. It's legal and it can potentially save taxpayers' time and money.

    Pay-up or prison. Rakyat (state coffers) wins either way.

  24. Dear Rocky

    Sorry to post my Q in this blog. But you can delete it after reading.

    But, I need some support here.

    It’s regarding the India Ink.

    The MP’s are not asking the obvious question in Parliament, i.e.

    (1) did the EC & its famous Chief actually place an order with the Indian Govt for 48,000 bottles at RM2.4 million or for any other qty of Ink from any other country?

    (2) Was the Ink delivered before 8th March to M’sia or was there a delay/screw up?

    (3) If the EC Chief answers that the Ink was delivered on time, can we get the Auditor General to issue a certificate of verification & confirmation.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the red-herring about ink smugglers was hatched to cover up either an administrative screw-up or right from day 1, they have been lying to the Public.

    I sometimes think even our new MP’s have the IQ of a mosquito in that they seem incapable of making a concerted effort to get to the bottom of matter.

    Could you please run a new blog on this issue and pressurise all the MP’s you know. There is a ‘Watergate’ lurking here. Please, Please?

    Thank you.

  25. This is good. Read all the above comments. The worms are coming out of the wood works.Let us NOT waver. Let us ALL, one way or another, push forward together. The March 8 election was a ray of light for all malaysian. This ray of light must be broadened until ALL malaysians is free of the greed of those in power. Greedy politicians must be kick out of the malaysian power structure.

  26. Anonymous9:36 am

    I think each of the five non BN states should have a special body whose sole function is to look into all the dubious projects and dealings. The guilty party must be exposed. Enough of shit under the carpet by the previous state Government. The Deros affairs, PKNS land transfers, the Penang PGCCC or whatever they called it, the Perak land grab from the farmers...we can go on forever. So to let the government do its daily job appoint special body to look at these dubious deals and bring guilty party to justice. About time we look under the carpet and get rid of all the corrupted Umno, MIC and MCA ASSHOLES who has screw us long enough. Let the forensic audit continue.

  27. Anonymous6:58 am

    hehe.. should be interesting. btw, maybe this also would helps clears the rumors. :)

  28. Anonymous9:59 am

    I did not regret voting Pakatan Rakyat on 08 March 08. They are proving to me that they walk the talk. Cakap serupa bikin. I shall vote Pakatan Rakyat again in the next general election. Period ...