Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yo, leave my lawyer alone!

The cops released Haris, said it was all a misunderstanding. Lawyer Edmund Bon was there at the Dang Wangi police station, just to make sure that our bro is ok.
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Haris Ibrahim.
The People's Parliament blogger-lawyer went to Dataran Merdeka tonight to lit a candle for RPK. Witnesses said he was minding his own business, seated on the staircase in front of the flagpole, waiting for the crowd to swell, when two cops took him away.
Whatever for, I don't know. Maybe his candle's too big? Maybe because he's the defending Syed Akbar Ali, the author who was charged for sedition Tuesday.
Haris was expecting to welcome RPK, who leaves Sg Buloh tomorrow. Click h e r e.


  1. Well, the lawyer wanted to express something there. Lighting a candle is an offence now? The police have a way of showing too much concern and suspicion.

  2. Well, the lawyer wanted to express something there. Lighting a candle is an offence now? The police have a way of showing too much concern and suspicion.

  3. WTF is this, Malaysisa has degraded to a police state or a dictatorial country ?

    The federal government never learn is it ? After the people voiced out so loudly on 8th of March 2008, they still want to intimidating the people who exercise their democratic rights ???

    Rocky , please keep us informed of the current harassment on Haris Ibrahim .

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Api - kecil-kecil kawan. Besar-besar lawan.

    Jangan main Api !

  5. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Our creative prosecution will charge him for open burning, maybe!

  6. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Oh dear! Please can someone check what is happening....Are they going to haul up everyone like the operasi lalang?

  7. Yoh! HI! I told u to wear a wig{SValue}! I told u to wear a beard{TABAN!} I tell U this Anak Buah Malaysia, will never listen 2 me! I tried all the tricks, even caleed on the SriLankan Heritage! It never works! His Brother never listen, his sisters never listen!
    Siiggh!!! Becoz, HI represents our future!
    Chiao! U Crazy so & So! I like what u said about Sedition & THE FEDUALISMA!!!
    C U Friday!@ A&W!

  8. Anonymous10:46 pm

    The police in Bolehland is acting like Mafia.

  9. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Well, maybe the police suspect that he is an arsonist about to commit his dastardly act...

  10. Anonymous11:05 pm


    The spineless
    is getting paranoia.

    Simply because he knows he is wrong and he will always be wrong

    Like father like son
    Father paved the way
    So son can screw the people and the nation.

    Malaysia’s very own Mugabe in the making.


  11. Anonymous11:20 pm

    question is who's next?
    more democratic space and freer society? your call, please.

  12. I think Kit is right. The Empire strikes back now.

  13. Maybe UMNO told the police that HI is going to burn the Malaysian flag like the incident in Batu Buruk last year .

  14. Anonymous11:56 pm

    The malaysian police consist of dumb jackass who will do anything the BN Government ask them to do. Including the Chief none of them are worth their salt, they are corrupted as hell. If lighting a candle is an offence, what about blowing up a MONGOLIAN WOMAN ! that is fine because they are protecting a corrupted minister ???
    Screw the malaysian police!!!!

  15. Now they have resorted to taking Haris!! Who’s next? Wasn’t the political tsunami of 8/3 enough to tell the powers that be that 50 years of your nonsense is more than what we can stomach? So BN continues to act in ways smack of arrogance and complete disregard for human rights and rakyat bangsa Malaysia rights! If this continues, I am sure bangsa Malaysia will prove that 8/3 was merely the beginning of the end of BN and UMNO in particular.

  16. Hi Rocky, please keep us updated on Haris's progress, things are definitely hotting up again..sigh

  17. I think the Polis arrested Haris Ibrahim for organising the candlelight vigil ~ something they would call an illegal gathering.

  18. Bro Rocky,

    Pls keep us update on HI.

    I was at Dataran about 7.40pm. Only handful around. Then 10mins later they barricade the entrance to S'gor Club near the Library building and 3 load of FRU arrived.

    Wow! eeemmmm what a waste of tax payer $$$. Despite all the intimitation (by then more than 50 people were there) I refused to move away. I keep asking that man in blue why can't I be allowed in Dataran and take picture of that beautiful building?

    Am glad I served my purpose being there - light a the candle.

    Hip Hip Hooray!

  19. Anonymous12:25 am

    I am very sorry and I had been blindly voted for BN. After 2 months of seeing what BN has being doing to the good people, the rakyat. I just can't wait for GE13 and onward just to curse and bury BN for good.

    I was blind and now I can see.
    My voice of disappointment of BN will spread like virus.

    Klang guy.

  20. Anonymous1:16 am

    This comical incident makes me suspect if it's done to give the coppers a bit of run-around, like some other happenings recently. There were hardly anybody turning up at the Candle-light vigil. Is there a conspiracy? Nah, better not get HI in trouble.

    Imagine this: if we were to announce gatherings at different places all over the country each night, 365 nights a year, but nobody turning up most of the time. What would that make the coppers look like? I-D-I-O-T-S. Better NOT. Let them do their jobs- like preventing & solving crimes!

    This Badawi govt is getting over-reactive to everything. What an idiot govt- hope he is really going to change for the better soon. A fool is always a fool- and those fools that follow him in the cabinet!

    When the future generation looks back in history, they will probably be having a good laugh reading about this clumsy and bumbling govt led by an incompetent fool!

  21. Even when out soon on 'public' bail
    There's still much wrong to assail
    We pray all evil schemes will fail
    With truth and justice only to prevail

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 090508
    Fri. 9th May 2008.

  22. Anonymous2:14 am

    One more reason why we need a government that's truly FOR the people, not AGAINST.

  23. Anonymous3:09 am


  24. Anonymous6:34 am

    RPK out on bail. Well I knew from the very beginning that he's NO Gandhi!

  25. Anonymous8:02 am

    Agama apa Haris Ibrahim dan RPK? Ada 'vigil' dalam Islam? Atau nak tiru ugama lain? You orang ni dah terpesong jauh! Taubat le, melainkan you bukan Islam. Nak sensationalisekan isu , tergamak kamu melakukan benda2 yan kurafat!! Bertaubatlah !!

  26. Anonymous8:09 am

    WTF, you all!! You sem to comment only on the incident o HI being whisked away by police. But you never examine what HI did conforming to Islam or not! Don't sensationalise things for the sake of venting your anger towards the government.

  27. So please no more candle light dinner... or you will be arrested!

  28. Anonymous9:06 am

    Anon 8.02 AM, this is not an issue of religion! Ini soal HAK KITA sebagai orang Malaysia untuk meluahkan perasaan kita secara bebas. What has religion got to do with this?

  29. Anonymous9:21 am

    Raja Penipu Kaum (RPK) bukan kesah sangat agama kalau tak masakan dia fitnah orang lain dan sokong BISEXUAL ANWAR. Where's the proof linking Najib to the Mogolian SLUT. Ezam, Anwar, Azmin claimed to have hundreds of boxes of documents implicating UMNO politions with corruptions. Until now we have not seen any of the document. To sexyjudge not all lawyers know the law. If they break the law send them to prison like any other citizen. Yang protest ni lawyer BODOH nak cari cheap publicity yang PANDAI duduk buat kerja dan tolong orang. ONLY STUPID LAWYERS BREAK THE LAW BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW THE LAW.

  30. Anonymous9:26 am

    Like members of most uniformed organisations, police officers typically submit to authorities and force.
    If you want a clean and accountable police force, what do you do?
    When your friend is in charge, the police will bark like your dog.

  31. Anonymous9:47 am

    WTF 8.02AM, shut up and go back to your cave. Let Haris & the rest of the supporters do what they please. Dont bring religion in to this.

  32. Anonymous9:51 am

    It's okay to light a cigarette but not a candle otherwise the constabulary authorities will have a period of spastic attacks that is not curable.

  33. Anonymous10:56 am

    Interstingly questioned :

  34. Anonymous11:17 am

    haha... yeah i think his candle was too big and a danger to national security.

  35. What is happening to our beloved country. No freedom to lit a candle.? I am sure the police knows who they are picking up. May God Bless Malaysia.

  36. So typical of our cops: they only go after easy and innocent targets and give a wide berth to true criminals. Little wonder why our streets are no longer safe, and why many victims of robberies,snatch-thieves and house break-ins find it futile to lodge police reports.

  37. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Anon 8:02/8:09

    WTF? what does religion have anything to do with this?

    Unless you claim that Muslims do not have freedom of expression or basic human rights. You wont go very far with that.

    Why bring religion (and race for that matter) in?

  38. Anonymous1:35 pm

    I rase lebih baik si HI ni balik rumah buat sembahyang hajat daripada pegi buat 'vigil'. Saje je nak tunjuk hero la tu.

  39. Anonymous4:17 pm


    that anon 1:14pm sure sound like Karpal Singh !

    ada gaya mau jadi loyar -- sikit-sikit race n religion !

    get real lah.

  40. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Being muslims, there are so many acceptable ways for YM RPK & HI to show their concern instead of lighting candles...Maybe our brothers from PAS could shed some light

  41. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Looks like there are commenters who are too bias towards religion to respect human rights and freedom. It is this kind of attitude in the religious department that got them in trouble. Are we arabic or taliban country? Think progressively a bit lah. Already have muslim going to space also got people still think under the coconut shell.


  42. Anonymous6:36 pm

    damn gangsters! what are they doing to my bro? our streets are lurking with criminals and they arrest a good man!
    Something must be done before they turn our country to some shit junta state.
    The people must wake up1 especially those that voted for these gangsters! are they of sound mind? vote for them at your peril?

  43. Pasang lilin? Mcm org Kristian je....Tak ada cara lain ke?