Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sedition, Karpal?

"Causing friction between people and palace". Has Karpal Singh pushed his luck too far with the Raja-Raja?

In rapid succession, the DAP strongman reportedly questioned:

  • the Kelantan Prince over his titah on Malay supremacy
  • the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, over the transfer of the Perak Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jaip) director, and
  • the Yang diPertuan Agong, over his opening address of the 12th Parliament
The Attorney-General is expected to decide whether to prosecute after prominent lawyer Shafie Abdullah said that Karpal could be charged under the Sedition Act for causing friction between people and the Raja-Raja. Read the story h e r e.

The Palace's popularity soared to a high last year when peaceful demonstration organisers made the Agong and his official residence, the Istana Negara, the focal point for several anti-Government people's gatherings. The Bersih rally on 10 November 2007, for example, is also referred to as the Yellow March, yellow being accepted by Malaysians as the colour of their Raja-Raja.

Karpal was at the PJ Sessions Court on Tuesday when Malaysia Today editor and blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin was charged under the Sedition Act.


  1. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Having charged webmaster RPK and blogger Syed Akhbar Ali with sedition for allegedly making remarks affecting politicians and civil servants, it's awkward for the AG not to charge a politician, Karpal Singh, for allegedly making seditious statements concerning the Rulers.

    Justice, we are often told, must not only be done but must be seen to be done.

    On the other hand, we must remind all the parties concerned to respect the division of power among the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Executive and above all the Rulers.

    Thank you.

  2. Somehow UMNO leaders could politicize anything under the sun. Not long ago from the PM to all level of UMNO leaders were responding(negatively) on Terengganu Sultans's(Agung) refusal to consent Idris Jusoh's appoinment as MB. All of them got away so easily and nothing was ever said after that.
    What Karpal did was more on referring to legal aspects based on constitution. That's all. Will that be considered disrespect?
    The behaviour of these UMNO leaders show how narrow minded they are.

  3. Bro Rocky,
    Can we give the AG n Syed HAMID a copy of DICTIONARY so they really know the word 'sedition'?

    First RPK then Syed Akbar, 2 journalists and now maybe Karpal? Look like UMNO is really sore loser and is very very afraid of Makkal Sakti. I predicted the something like BERSIH & HINDRAF rallies after what happen in Thailand but never expect it so soon. What more the Mar 8 Tsunami!

    And UMNO will see yet the BIGGEST ...let me repeat THE BIGGEST & MOST POWERFUL Makkal Sakti Tsunami soon if UMNO & Pak Lah didn't handle RPK issue well.

    Its not just RPK, Syed Akbar, the 2 journalists or Karpal (maybe) but its all about INJUSTICE that make the people so sick of the Government. And they are still playing the racial card.

    Arrrggggg!!!!! They are so quick to point finger at LKS and Karpal for their statement on the Sultan of Perak but I thought what they did in Terengganu is 100x worst - holding placard with really 'kurang ajar' word. C'mon they demonstrate in front the palace (correct me if I'm wrong) demanding the Terengganu Royalty to approve their choice of MB.


  4. rich guy, you are wrong! UMNO leaders are NOT narrow minded. Just got NO BRAIN at all !!!!

  5. The lawyers and PR leaders are encouraged by Paklah's dinner manners at the Bar Council dinner.

    As a result we have all these latest dramas.

    Karpal Singh want to show that he is now Malaysia's Man of the Moment. Or jadi orang paling bongkak. He knows that civil servants appointed to Majlis Islam posts are at Sultan's pleasure. But Karpal just want to add another issue.

    There is a Law Minister but somehow his task has been completed early, so he goes to sleep. Enlighten us laa brader.

    Fortunately for Karpal, and unfortunately for BN supporters, Paklah is too lame to react. And who cares ?

    As for RPK, going for hunger strike after bravely choosing to go for prison is extremely dramatic. Look after your health man, you need it in October so that you can show all those collaborating evidence.

    Life is already difficult so why make others happy?

  6. Anonymous1:47 am

    Selective persecution and prosecution has always been the order of the day. The government would probably try its luck with Karpal. What's there to lose? It can always say it is protecting the dignity of their highnesses, the people, ensuring racial harmony bla bla bla and more bla.

    If by chance they manage to get Karpal, it will be a bonus and there will always be people out there cheering.

    Karpal seems to be more outspoken of late. He had been rather quiet during the last Parliament even when he was OK or was not disqualified. Sometimes he comes out on a daily basis offering his advice and comments. Hope he does not make a bad slip and then they got him.

  7. First - the LAWYERS
    Then - BERSIH
    Follow by - HINDRAF

    ALL in the name of JUSTICE

    And Save The Best For Last....

    THE ROYAL Walk in Solidarity for RPK !!!!!! POSSIBLE ? Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in Malaysia now.

    Hidup Rakyat ! Hidup Malaysia ! Malaysia BOLEH!

    Be very very afraid UMNO, Be VERY VERY VERY AFRAID !!!!!!

  8. Anonymous2:25 am


    Now that is stretching “sedition” way off marks.

    People need to stuff their “certain sensitivities” down their throat.

    What more can you ask for a better democracy than to QUESTION?
    To question a monarch doesn’t mean to sedition the ruler.

    Do not under-estimate questioning.

    As for unmo forget about them – they are morons still miring in their own glory of crap as usual.
    Since when are they concern for democracy and the royalties?


  9. SELECTIVE PERSECUTION la sah-sah...using the AG's Office and Police, as their running dogs...

    THE whole world could see how UMNO treated Tuanku Mizan, THE KING, siap panggil "natang" lagi...punya kurang ajar, lawan tokeh...punya lama pulak tu nak tunjuk gagah dengan AGUNG lagi...tapi tak kena pun SEDATE by the Sedition Act...



    THEY CAN SEDITION ME FOR THE TRUTH...make sure i got own toilet...that one only I cannot tahan...and extra room for my two children...and also my laptop, internet and teh tarik...nowadays prisoners can ask for some comforts...can ah?? Because I see many criminals walking around and living in mansions bought from duit rakyat...TRAITORS TO THE PEOPLE.WHY HAVE THEY NOT BEEN CHARGED WITH ANYTHING??? NO PROOF LA AS USUAL..THEIR WEALTH TURUN DARI LANGIT...


  10. Never once did DYM Sultan of Perak did interfere with the running of any political party in Perak. NEVER.

    Never once did Sultan of Perak NOT giving blessing and granting to any proposal of names nor request by any political party on legitimate ground. NEVER.

    And never did Sultan Of Perak against any circumstances of jurisdictions that came under the patronage of any political party. NEVER.

    Infact Sultan of Perak is holding true and noble to only what the State and Federal constitutions spelt for Heir Highness in the scope pertaining to Islam (administration) and malay's customaries and ceremonials.

    Heir highness when demanding for Datuk Jamry Sury to be reinstated was for the sake of safeguarding the interest of Islam, Moslem, Rakyat of Perak and the existing harmonious structure between 3 entities namely, the Palace, the State Govt and the Rakyat of Perak. Neither did Heir Highness is interested in politic nor did Heir Highness likes to entertain those shallow minded leaders whom gambled more than what their bargains are.

    While Heir Highness is patient enough to stand to these shits, the Rakyat are not.

    Too many circumstances have reach beyond the reasonable limit. Too damn often now in Malaysia. And all have been initiated by the opposition leaders and opposing minded people. Forgetting what matter most to this country at this point of time.

    DO NOT MISCONSTRUED the good Sultan and those of 17MIL MELAYU. DO NOT MISJUDGE the silence.

    RELIGION AND THE SULTANS are what left and closest to the heart of the Malays.

    Please THINK.

  11. Anonymous5:35 am

    What happen to RPK now? Still no news? I am afraid of 'Lebam Mata' like DSAI last time.


  12. Anonymous6:33 am

    I do agree Karpal is disrespect of the Sultans and Agong. I show you another person who is more disrespect. That person is Naji*, how can he put the grandson of our pervious Sultan to be in jail? Surely he disrespect of our Sultans.

    Also did UMNO disrepect of the Sultans in 1983? Why don't we prosecute TDM? They are thousands and thousands of UMNO members and office barrier that says things which is offensive in 1983. Please prosecute them first.

  13. Anonymous6:42 am

    No matter how it's sliced, the ACT is a powerful document legalizing arbitrary suppression of freedom of expression. And in today's context, it smacks of pure 21st century communism. It is here to stay for as long as the political status-quo remains.

    M'sian royalty, like just about everywhere else, should be confined to performing only kingly functions, and be kept away from politics altogether. They can be a real nuisance when they dabble in politics. Refuting their utterances is obviously tantamount to ... you've got it ... sedition!!

  14. Anonymous6:55 am

    Charged the Karpal! Please read and understand the Rukun Negara. Why charged RPK.He is not an MP, he just giving an opinion . Why the double standard???

  15. BN shouldn't use the government apparatus for their own political ends.

    If Justice have to be served, it must seen to be equally served to ALL offenders.

    Selective prosecution is an abuse of the judiciary process.
    It's the lowest form of political behaviour.

    Don't let Malaysia slip into the ranks of Zimbabwe.

  16. Anonymous7:33 am

    Dear Datuk AKJ,

    What is this division of power you are talking about among the Legislative, Judiciary, and Executive?

    Would I be correct-correct-correct (excuse my stuttering) in assuming that this is only an academic point? Not put into practice yet?

  17. Anonymous7:51 am

    The rulers in particular are not Supreme that they are above the law. They cannot interfere in governmental administrial matters. In this year itself the rulers are throwing themselves onto the cauldron. Like Perlis, Trengganu, Perak and even the Agong who ruled that the Hindraf 5 should see thru their two years indention. I have
    have always admired the Royals but lately I am afraid the loyalty is fading away. Kings are revered to be the embodiment of everything good and excellent and I believe here they are no whwt they are expected off. Charging Karpal is not going to change anything the whole institution should be given another look. Take the cue from the Quuen in England and emulate her, then the loyalty and love for King and Country will be embedded in all Malaysians. Daulat Tuanku.

  18. Anonymous8:05 am

    UMNO telah mendahului tunjuk dan cara tidak menghormati institusi kesultanan khususnya ketika isu perlantikan MB sebelum ini. Sikap 'natang' mereka kini hanya di potocopy 'natang' oleh Karpal. Hingga sekarang istilah 'natang' masih belum jelas dan yang mengibarkan 'banner natang' juga belum didakwa. Mungkin 'natang' adalah istilah baru menunjukkan hormat ???

    Najib sendiri kekeringan idea dan pertimbangan lalu menyerahkan kepada AG untuk membuat keputusan. Kerajaan hari ini gagal mewakili perasaan marah rakyat, mereka sudah tidak begitu yakin dalam membuat keputusan, mereka sudah tertimpa bahana tiada 2/3..

  19. Anonymous8:07 am

    B.S. lah.. someone called the agong an animal in Trengganu & nothing happens.

  20. Anonymous8:28 am

    "Justice, we are often told, must not only be done but must be seen to be done."



  21. Anonymous8:39 am

    Rocky, some of your commentors are missing some very key points.
    One, the suggestion of Sedition against KS came from another lawyer - Dato' Shafie Abdullah, who's looking at KS's comments from the point of law.

    Two, if the AG does not act, KS is going to be encouraged by his own acts of defiance and encourage others to disrespect the Rulers.
    Three, what the government did against the Royal Institution during Mahathir's time is long past. If Abdullah wants, he can apologize, promise to safeguard the Palace, and pay some damages/ex-gratia like what he did for the Juges,judiciary

    I agree the "natang" incident was ugly. Idris Jusoh the ex-MB should be held responsible .

  22. Malaysia is known for its double standards. But we have the audacity to preach goodwill to the world. This is what we call Bodoh Sombong aka Malaysia Boleh !!

    If Anwar Ibrahim says " Cina Babi " thats Racism ! If Hishamuddin says " Cina Babi " thats Nationalism !

    If Karpal questions the Sultans, its treason and inciting hatred btwn the rakyat and the royalty, if UMNO calls the Agung " Natang " like they did in Terengganu thats no problem at all.

    Thats BN/UMNO politics for you. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP dont have an opinion on all these issues. They just want to sink or swim with UMNO and accepts the crumbs dished out to them in the form of PROJECTS !!!

    Even if you give a dictionary to the AG, he will interpret the word sedition in a different way, so why bother !!!

    Arrest Karpal Singh and put him in the Black Maria. I would like to see an OKU opposition leader, a respected lawyer hancuffed and jailed for treason, and his photo spread on the internet all across the world !

    Welcome to Malaysia...... Malaysia truly Asia!

  23. Kadir Jasin said: "On the other hand, we must remind all the parties concerned to respect the division of power among the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Executive and above all the Rulers."

    Good on you Kadir. But if I am nt mistaken you forgot to remind your own boss the same while he was in power you were leading the NST group!! So how?

  24. Anonymous9:07 am

    it is time to change the government soon... i cannot wait for another 5 years for next election... DSAI pls start your plan now...

  25. Anonymous9:20 am

    i am disgusted with all these! esp that GPMS. That main guy is really a sucker lah (ppl who is sucking up is sucker kan?).They wanted to do send a memorandum lah, apa lah..

    This case is nothing as compared to the "natang" kes which was clearly insulting, but they didn't bother to do anything with it! typical double standard. For once i agree with that one BN rep who said the point consenting the titah tuanku (i have no idea what it is called actually) need to be brought up again so that he can debate this karpal. Yes, bring it up again so that the PR MPs too can debate about Tgannu MB natang case.

    These stupid politicions have no shame at all. After their disastrous GE12 outing, general thought they are going to change but they are still the same arrogant, ignorant, stupid, shitty, they-think-they-are-good ppl, even worse i think!

    Mr. Rocky, if you ever come across that GPMS guy, can you smack the back of his head? Just to make sure his brain is in working order. ;)

    ~anon 11.55

  26. Anonymous9:29 am

    Dear Only Me..better ?
    I agree with what you said about Islam and Head of Islamic affairs in a state.
    In the case of the transfer of Jamry, i do feel the MB, should have consulted the Sultan of Perak before taking the drastic step. Had that been done I am sure the Sultan would have considered the transfer. Sultan Aslan Shah as we know is one of the best Sultan in the country and most highly respected.
    It will serve no purpose to get Karpal Singh, my thought is Karpal should be summoned to the Palace and perhaps given a tongue lashing by The Sultan. I personally do not know The Sultan but I have great respect for him from the time He was the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.
    Long Live Sultan Aslan Shah.

  27. Anonymous9:30 am

    The point that Anonymous 2:25 am raised should be given serious consideration.

    That is: it is not wrong to question the conduct of the royalties if they did indeed overstep their lawful boundaries. yet, respect must be given where it is due, and this is how it should be when involving the Sultans.

    Hence, if you look at it properly, Karpal has a right (indeed, a duty as an MP) in questioning Tengku Petra of Kelantan's speech. Respecting and ensuring the Malay's rights is important, as it should not be compromised. Respecting and ensuring the right of all other Malaysian citizens is also important. Therefore, in the realities of modern Malaysia to imply that other Malaysians are second-class citizens is disrepectful. This statement is clearly sensitive to close to half the Malaysian non-Malay population, and Karpal thereby questioned whether by talking as such the royal figure was being disrespectful or unconstitutional or not.

    To those who are quick to say that all that the royalties utter or do is sacred, I think that is a little ridiculous. Karpal, being a lawyer, and so being respectful to the supreme law of the land -- the Federal Constitution, was perhaps attempting to defend it by questioning whether the Rulers may have in any way breached it.

    Therefore there is no harm in questioning, as long as it is reasonable and has a basis.

    When you unreasonably and spitefully refer to the King as 'natang', for example, it has no basis and is clearly disrespectful. I may not be a supporter of Karpal Singh, but I also do not recall Karpal saying anything of that nature.

    I would suggest careful and rational analysis of Karpal's statements regarding the royalties -- one would not expect a lawyer like him who's been in the legislative business for this long to usually utter things that are insensible. We should also be brave enough to think and weigh issues such as these, and not be cowed by instilled fear stemming from the words 'ISA', 'OSA' and 'Sedition'. Know the laws carefully, and discuss issues within its bounds. It is your right as a citizen.

    However, the people may still be afraid to think or question although it is their stipulated right, because the Sedition Act and other laws have been used in extreme ways, with little rational thought applied and a lot of emotions, passions and other hidden motives fuelling it.

    In summary, however, I ask my fellow Malaysians to use the akal to analyse rationally and judge whether what was raised by Karpal Singh is reasonable or unreasonable given the constitution. That is all that is required in this case.

  28. Anonymous9:40 am

    Dear Rocky

    Please tell all this politicians "GO TO WORK".
    What happen to RPK, Syed, Karpal and the others are all Politic games.
    Please Bro, tell all this politicians agian "GO DO YOUR WORK". There's a lot of work need to be done.
    D'nt b'cuse of this stupied things, all this politicians will make the "PEOPLE MORE SAKIT" and our "LOVELY MALAYSIA MORE SAKIT" too. MALAYSIAN POLITICIANS GO TO WORK.

  29. Anonymous9:50 am

    Bro Rocky,

    A'kum. Nak bersimpang sedikit. Ada satu warkah di akhbar Malaysiakini yang bincang pasal raja-raja kita. Mungkin bro dan pembaca lain berminat membaca dan beri pendapat:

    "Parameswara didn't convert, Hang Tuah not Chinese"

    Donplaypuks | May 7, 08 4:11pm

    I refer to the letter Don't butcher history to create your own 'truths'.

    ‘Truth Seeker’ perpetuates a number of common errors regarding Parameswara and other matters. Historical records referring to Parameswara are attributable to 3 sources:

    1. The Portuguese Gordinho D'Eredia, son of a Portuguese mariner and a Melakan lady from Macassar, referred (circa 1600) in his writings to a Melakan ruler called 'Permicuri.' Not much more information emerged from this source. The Sejarah Melayu for example, makes no mention of a Parameswara at all.

    2. The Portuguese mariner Tom Pires who lived in Melaka, referred to a ‘Xaquem Darxa’ and a ‘Modafarxa’ in his 1513 Suma Oriental.

    3. The Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) archives have records of the visit to Nanking of the envoys and rulers of Melaka. These were:

    (a) Pai-li-mi-su-la in 1405

    (b) his son Mu-kan-sa-yu-ti-er-sha in 1414 and

    (c) his grandson Hsi-li-ma-ha-la-che in 1424

    These visits to China and the court of Emperor Yung-Lo were to pay tributes to China and seek protection for Melaka against Thai and Indonesian invaders. The three above have been interpreted respectively as:

    (a) Parameswara

    (b) Megat Iskandar Shah

    (c) Sri Maharaja

    The two visits to China in 1414 and 1424 were also to report the deaths of Parameswara and Megat Iskandar Shah respectively, and to re-affirm the close relationship between China and Melaka. All three Rulers of Melaka and their envoys made their respective journeys to China in one of Admiral Zheng He's (Cheng Ho) several fleet-ships.

    It is clear from these records that Parameswara never converted to Islam. He was an Indian Hindu or an Indian/Malay/Aboriginal Malay mixed Hindu who fled Palembang in Sumatra to eventually found Melaka circa 1400 AD.

    It was Sri Maharaja who converted himself and the court of Melaka to Islam, and as a result took on the name of Sultan Muhammad Shah (possibly the ‘Modarfaxa’ of Tom Pires) sometime after 1435.

    Megat Iskandar Shah was thought to have changed his name after marriage to a Pasai princess, the name ‘Megat’ signifying a marriage between a commoner and one of royal stature. But his conversion to Islam is in doubt, given that his son was named Sri Maharaja and therefore, the possibility of another non-Malay wife emerges.

    These details of Parameswara and the succession to the Melakan throne were resolved definitively by our own Professor Wang Gungwu in his paper ‘The First Three Rulers of Melaka’ published in 1968. This is the basis on which current school history text-books are constructed vis-B-vis the Melaka Sultanate.

    With regard to Raja Chula, we can take a more definitive stance, ie, that without a shadow of a doubt, this is a reference to Raja Chulan/Cholan of the Chola Dynasty (7-13 century AD) of South India. The most famous of these Indian Hindu Kings were Rajaraja Chola and his son Rajendra Chola who invaded Southern Thailand, Kedah, Perak, Johor and Sumatra about 1000 AD.

    With regard to the legend of Hang Tuah and questions about his origin/ancestry, I believe that many have been misled that Tuah and his musketeers were of Chinese descent. That it was verified by DNA tests. Such a claim can be found on the Internet and refer to a source, viz., The Federal Association of Archaeology and Research of Michigan, USA.

    This is a spurious claim and the association referred to, in fact, does not exist.

    There is also a hypothesis that ‘Hang’ is associated with the Chinese Princess Hang Li Po from China who married Sultan Mansur Shah of Melaka in 1459. But there is nothing offered by way of tangible proof/evidence by those who espouse this line of thinking. What is true though, is that, Hang Tuah is dismissed in a single line in school history text-books. The Education Ministry will have to answer this mystery.

    But what is really sad is that our children are taught as though Malaysian history suddenly began in 1400 with an Islamic Melaka. The cultural influences of India in particular, and China, in South East Asia span over 2,000 years, starting perhaps with the arrival from India of the Brahmanical prince/scholar Aji Saka in Java in AD78, through to Vietnam, Cambodia (Indo China), Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Bali, Borneo, Brunei and beyond.

    We are led to believe that the Indians and Chinese first arrived on the shores of Malaysia in about 1850 as desperate indentured labourers, farmers and miners. Nothing could be further from the truth. The findings at Bujang Valley speak of an ancient Indian/Hindu presence in Kedah. There were Chinese settlements in Pahang and Kelantan around the 13th -14th century and in 12th century in Singapore. The early Brunei Sultanate had a Chinese Queen. One need not ponder at length the implications of Angkor Wat and Borobudur or that 40%-50% of Bahasa Malaysia comprises Sanskrit/Tamil words.

    The time has arrived for us to record our history as the facts tell us and not as we would like to wish it for. The truth will never hurt anyone. Lies, always will.

  30. Anonymous10:04 am


    We salute Karpal for some of the fine things he did.

    But that doesn't mean he should not be mindful.

    Add his insensitive remarks on Islam to those on the Rulers, we are sometimes puzzled what he is really after?

  31. Anonymous10:06 am

    SEDITIOUS, it depends on which side of the rakyat you are in.

    If you are a Malay and championing for the "ketuanan Melayu" and hormat kepada raja-raja stuffs, then you will be offended.

    If you are the common rakyat and championing for the "ketuanan rakyat" and equal opportunities for all and draw a line between the state goverment and the Raja, then you will be offended by the King's speech and the Sultan of Perak's conduct.

    Well, selective prosecution is everywhere, unfortunately.

  32. What's fair is fair
    What's unfair is unfair
    Let's keep what's fair as fair
    Let's change what's unfair to be fair

    What's right is right
    What's wrong is wrong
    Let's keep what's right as right
    Let's change what's wrong to be right

    What's good is good
    What's bad is bad
    Let's keep what's good as good
    Let's change what's bad to be good

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080508
    Thur. 8th May 2008.

  33. Anonymous10:44 am

    I hope they charge Karpal for “causing friction between the people and palace” so that Abdullah “tidurlah” Badawi can also be charged for what he has also said about the royalty on March 23 and 22 other BN state assemblymen , as reported in NST, 24/03/2008, PG 2

    Abdullah says Idris should be menteri besar
    PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday stood by the choice of Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as Terengganu menteri besar.
    The Barisan Nasional chairman and Umno president said the majority of BN Terengganu elected representatives supported Idris.
    "Therefore, any appointment other than his is against the Constitution and not valid."
    Abdullah was referring to the appointment of Kijal state assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said as menteri besar.
    The office of the Sultan of Terengganu had named Ahmad as the new menteri besar despite objections from 22 assemblymen, who wanted Idris to be re-appointed.
    Ahmad received his letter of appointment from the Regency Advisory Council yesterday.

    Is this not causing a friction between the people and palace and at the same time undermining the sultan of Terengganu, who is also the Agong?
    Why double standard? Come on IGP and AG you can do better than that!

  34. I think Karpal is opening up a discussion on the extend of Sultan's power in view of the recent developments. If this is not made clear and swept under carpet, the issue will not go away. But he could do it with more tact.

    if the UMNO Terengganu's description of "Natang"(animal) of their sultan went unpunished so why does police / AG go after Karpal? Why the selectiveness?

  35. Anonymous11:12 am

    you are right man!
    let me start,Karpal Singh!go to hell!

    mencari tempat.
    (trans in javanese)

  36. Anonymous11:20 am

    Disrecpect to the ruler?

    Karpal he himself is the lawyer... and obviously he himself knows what he's talking...

    When the rulers crossed over the political line... Something must have gone wrong... it is stated in the constitution to which extent a ruler can influence the politics of the nation...

    If a Brit can criticize his/her Queen... So does a pathetic Malaysian...

    I respect my Prime Minister for the fact that he's Prime Minister of my country... But I stand for the right to criticize and kutuk him... when he does something wrong... and so does my king...

    So what is the "sedition" of my comment? Is anyone going to sue me on this?

  37. Anonymous11:23 am

    Umno is making a meal of Karpal's words. Umno is a shit-stirrer. Be that as it may, Karpal has been making stupid statements of late. He made a fool of himself in Parliament. For once, Karpal should shup up and not give Umno ammunition to fire at Pakatan Rakyat. KARPAL, SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH, WOULD YOU. STUPID FOOL.

  38. Anonymous11:31 am

    Double standards? If Karpal is charged, what BN did in Terengganu should be too!

  39. Anonymous11:34 am

    Pak Lah and the AG DID say not too long ago that the appointment of MB Trengganu Ahmad Said was unconstitutional. Umno is above the law.

  40. Anonymous11:50 am

    Kapal Tenggalam / Ship Sink

    There is a name, the first pronouns as “Kapal”, the Malay word means SHIP. The second name pronouns as “SINK”, in Malay is called “TENGGELAM”. It’s a “Kapal Tenggelam” or The Ship Sink. To combine the Malay and Englsih word, it become a “Kapal Sink”.

    There is one old man, which the name is of the above combination, is in the limelight again. Why he need to be in the public attention? Simply because he is no longer relevant, and he thought he must to do/act something.

    Therefore, I urge to all public, and the Malay community in particular, just ignore him. He want to be a champion, let him be as what he is. The ship is going to sink. “Kapal yang dah nak tenggelam”. He is “Kapal Sink”.

  41. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Let's be objective here, and analyze Karpal's whole speech whether what he said is really seditious. Moreover, it's known that the Malaysian BN gov't is ruled by sentiments that by the law of book. For all we know, we may find that the whole speech context is not seditious.

    Anyway, I believed that the besieged BN gov't is trying to stir up all troubles, maybe to impose a state of emergency rule (due to created racial riots, or country instability, etc) to continue ruling the country. So BE AWARE!!

  42. Anonymous12:35 pm

    I really doubt the function of this MP named Kapal to serve the people who elected him in PRU12..

    So far this guy only playing issues like these and all sort of legal-lingual procedure stuff that the lay men rakyat do not bother to hear..WHY???

    Should the Pakatan focusing more on the key issues of the rakyat such as the economy, health, education, transportation, safety & welfare or what?? Why already get carried away in the august house so soon?

    Do Karpal & the kind are motivated by their hidden agendas...?

    And mind one more thing . Karpal, your Bahasa Melayu sound pathetic!

    Maybe somebody out there do not like that too (the Bahasa Melayu)& support anything against it. It is always better to take "mutual respect" as a formula to live in harmony in a multiracial society and not just weighted every blame on just one party while the other party are at their pleasure throwing every damn things, thinking the other party are stupid enough to swallow everything.

    Well, they can always try to get the 2/3 seats in Parliment & amend the Federal Constitutions to their favour if they do not like it..

    Just try that by at the same time provoking sentiments & keep on insulting the 17 mil so-called stupid Melayu & see how the result goes. Good Luck! Well I also do not like it coz its something invented by the British.(and as usual its the Melayu who got the blamed for everything)

    Emm..beware of the power of Makkal Sakti,it may end up burning somebody elso instead of UMNO.. YBs,pls thread your words cautionly! You are the elected politicians by the people while RPK is not.

  43. Rocky let's end it here and now...I say only the Malays can say things to he rulers not a Benggali, or Indian or Chinese or others who are not Malays!

  44. After all you guys brought up regarding whether whoever should be charged or not, that should be a non-issue. The Sedition Act is not relevant for an independent Malaysia and should be repealed. It should be done away with and this thread of discussion should not even happen.

  45. One does not have to be a Constitutional expert to know that that the Royalty does not have jurisdiction over the Civil Service.

    Otherwise, State Chief Ministers and KSU's of the Civil Service can be challenged by the Royalty on any transfer or sacking of staff, from office boys and clerks to higher ups.

    In the case of the Perak religious head, he has his legal rights under the law. He can sue for Unfair Dismissal and Reinstatement. This is what any other State employee would do if he feels aggrieved that he has been dismissed for political reasons.

    The principle of Separation of Powers means that the Royalty cannot interfere in the arena of the Executive and vice versa. Otherwise, State Governments cannot function.

    We must not forget that challenging the Royalty is not illegal. Dr.M changed the laws exempting total immunity for the Royalty. Should he, BN & UMNO have been charged with Sedition?

    Karpal's (and perhaps the new Perak MB's)mistake was in not first seeking a private audience with the Sultan. Especially since the Perak Royalty is championing a new era of open, fair and No Racism governance.

    But, you cannot hang him for a collosal PR mistake.

  46. Anonymous1:17 pm

  47. Salam Brader,

    1. Sorry la, I terpaksa tulis dalam bahasa jawi, sebab my english F-9.

    2. Sebenarnya, Karpal Singh cakap '1 inchi' sahaja. Tetapi para wartawan, media TV, YB dan Menteri Also sudah tambah jadikan 1 kaki.

    3. Itu sebab isu ini menjadi besar dan riuh rendah.

  48. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Haiya, racial card here racial card there. Half of the peopl here claiming UMNO being racist. Yet, by you guys calling UMNO racist knowing pretty well it's a malay party. Hmm. You guys are being racist too.

    Well, maybe it's not UMNO that is the racist. Not everyone in umno has the same mindset. So not everyone in umno is like what you all here claim.

    Be careful with the sentiments :)

  49. Anonymous1:49 pm

    PR - Penipu Rakyat. Karpal with his antics trying to show his good. Stupid ego, normal characteristics of DAP people. Said one thing and do the other. Looks like BN and BA both have the same mind with names differences.
    Be afraid of anarchaist like karpal and lim kit siang. Sooner or later this people gonna be like another chin peng. waiiitt.. these are the people who wants chin peng back..

  50. The AG should slam the book in Karpal's face and forget the fact that he is an old cripple. He makes an offensive and sensative statement and hides behind his handicap.

    It is clear that his agenda is to attack the Royal Institution and look like a brave non-Malay who dares to question the Crown and the official religion of the land.

    If the Malay leaders in UMNO fail to wheel this loud mouthed cripple to jail, then they deserve to be crucified each and everyone of them.

    Remember, it only takes one overzealous loyalist to upset the peace with violence. Some people can take that as a threat while others take it as a sincere warning. But once it happens, you wouldn't want people to throw "I told you so" in your face because by that time all your wealth won't be worth a thing.

    Reflect on it and don't keep on testing the limits.

  51. Hi, Rocky,
    I just wish to point out that What YB Karpal Singh tried to point out are all legal issues.Many, especially those politicians from BN, are trying their utmost to twist and turn them into racial issues or issues relating to the monachy.YB Karpal Singh is being unfairly criticized!

  52. Anonymous2:19 pm


    You mean nobody should question the royals at all?

    Tak ada rakyat tak ada raja
    Tak ada rakyat tak ada negara.

    Voicing one's opinion is what democracy is all about.

  53. Anonymous2:50 pm

    this damned kapal sink has been in palimen for very very long time and contributed ZERO to nation building.

    yet we have a bunch so called intellect morons keep putting him there again and again.

    for the record, can somebody show any record of kapal sink contributions to nation building!. he went to palimen and made a mockery of our system and now his other sun will soon be following him.

    kadawalai kadawalai kadawalai!

  54. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Do you want sedition? This is sedition: Plus treasonous some more. I could face the death penalty.

    "I for one, wants Malaysia to be a secular country. I want the Syariah courts to be dissolved and I want the monarchy to be dissolved."

    It's only my opinion. I am sure the 20 million other people in this country do not want what I want.

    you can read my mission statement here:

  55. Saudara Rocky's bru,

    Kalau ku tahu pembunuh Altantuya.
    Akan ku serahkan dia kepada Najib Razak.

    Kalau ku tahu siapakah sebenarnya pengembala babi.
    Akan ku serahkan dia kepada Khir Toyo.

    Kalau ku tahu siapakah pengkhianat bangsa dan Negara.
    Akan ku serahkan dia kepada Abdullah Badawi dan Khiry.

  56. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Dear Rocky if you happen to read The star Sunday April20,2008 written by Huzir Sulaiman(Wide Angel)u can reproduce they aiming at TDM but it actualy a UMNO work and colour, if they want u they support reproduce the artical and show to the bloggers what this UMNO done to their Agong and Sultan.

  57. Anonymous4:29 pm
    Saya bersetuju AG department ambil tindakan terhadap Karpal dan mereka yang mencetuskan suasana tidak tenteram di kalangan kaum di negara ini. Kita perlu utamakan negara daripada parti politik. Apa yang saya baca dalam banyak komen ini kebanyakannya hanya menyalahkan parti politik, terutama Umno dan BN, tanpa mengulas bagaimana untuk memastikan negara kita selamat. Ulaan Karpal mengenai raja-raja sebenarnya menyentuh juga Hak Keistimewaan Melayu. Padam api sebelum menjadi besar. Pokoknya, beranikah kerajaan sekarang mengambil tindakan itu.

  58. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Kepala But**!

    Last November, everyone was going daulat tuanku. Every other speeches of Lim Kit Siang seek for Royal Commission.

    Suddenly, they can't get a Chinese Menteri Besar (though still PR) and they start going after the king. Typical oinky that keep butting aimlessly.

    The Kings without whose agreement they would have not been independence, is an integral part of the country. They represent the continuation of Malay traditional sovereignty or kedaulatan (more appropriate term than ketuanan Melayu).

    Go after Karpal, I agree. Long overdue. His comments towards the King is intentionally made to refuse to accept this point of history and manipulate the interpretation of teh constitution to his chavanistic take of it.

    He shd not hide behind his handicap. Just becasue he is handicap does not give him the right to be rude and take advantage of it.

    Karpal has been seditious towards the Royal from the early days of his political career. Read Sultan Kedah. Remember him being slapped in the face for his remark by one Kiai.

    However, Pak Lah was seditious in the Tganu and Perlis affair. If they go after Karpal, then AG shd go after Pak Lah too! Someone must make a police report on Pak Lah's statements so as to initiate action.

    Someone must make a police report agst Zaid Ibrahim, Pak Lah, Ambiga (Bar Council President) and Salleh Abas for insulting and questioning the Sultan of Johor's decision to sack Salleh Abas.

    Sumbat sekali those who bising and question the integrity of the judiciary like Harris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, etc. They think they are so bloody smart and god gift to the Malaysian legal profession. Lawyers who blog are unethical!

    But I am no royalist. Historically, the abuse and decay of the Malay race tracks back to the Malay Sultans. If Mahathir had not clamp up on them in 1983, they would have been bermaharajalela. Problem is the politicians are acting like neo-sultans.

    The Royals must understand that they have the role and responsibility to be fair and just to be the voice of the people, defender of the Islamic faith, and Malay sovereignty.

    If RPK's less direct seditous remarks got him in the slammer, I would like to see Karpal in.

    Also, those who question non Malays citizenship shd be charge for sedition too!

  59. Anonymous5:12 pm

    To all the Orang Mudah Lupa, what was the first thing that PM said when the Agung rejected the choice of MB in Terengganu. He was at the F1 track and he muttered "It was unconstitutional" So please, don't pick on Karpal, a minority, a disabled person and an opposition member. It appears to be very selective how and to whom sedition is thrown at. We need people like Karpal - checks and balances. Sedition this, sedition that. About time we get to the real issues. Sedition, my foot.

  60. Anonymous5:13 pm

    DA REAL DEAL - really??
    are you trying to intimidate or threaten us?
    ooohhh i am so scareeeeee.

  61. Anonymous5:21 pm


    Kebiadapan KARPAL SINGH sudah melampaui batas-batas sebagai seorang warganegara MALAYSIA yang taat kepada institusi Raja di MALAYSIA.

    Aku tak dapat bayangkan bagaimana seorang Ahli Parlimen yang juga seorang Peguam mempunyai mentaliti kelas 3. Dia tak bodoh.. tapi mempergunakan UNDANG-UNDANG bagi kepentingan politik peribadinya. Adakah kita perlukan Ahli Parlimen sebegini rupa yang amat jahil dalam menerima hakikat bahawa .. ketuanan MELAYU, INSTITUSI RAJa perlu dihormati.

    Adakah kerana kesamarataan antara semua kaum yang diperjuangkan mengatasi segala- galanya sehingga membolehkan dia berkata apa juga kepada SULTAN… AGUNG... Orang MELAYU ?.... Di mana pendirian PAS bersabit kes ini.. Apakah masih TIDOR, membisu, terpaku, takut … bimbang atau semakin kecut telur dengan kebiadapan KARPAL SINGH. Kalau dulu… PAS lah parti pertama yang melaungkan bangkangan mereka dan akan mempertahankan Institusi Raja-Raja… tapi kini… mereka seolah-olah hilang pedoman… hilang harga diri…. Takut pada bayang-bayang DAP.

    Bagi orang Melayu, penghormatan kepada raja dan sultan amat penting dan sesiapa yang menyentuh perihal sultan dan raja dianggap tidak taat kepada sultan. Kalau dulu IDRIS ada membuat kesalahan.. tetapi dia ada memohon ampun.. Tapi….KARPAL SINGH… Entah SINGH dari mana .. yang datang ke MALAYSIA… Cuba nak tunjuk kuasa… Orang MELAYU masih boleh bertahan dengan keadaan sebegini???. Secara terang-terang mereka langsung tak menghormati Institusi RAJA dan SULTAN…. Sekarang semua perihal ketuanan MELAYU pula dipertikaikan…

    Wahai orang-orang MELAYU… SEDAR LAH dari mimpi-mimpi kalian. RAJA melayu dengan orang-orang MELAYU sendiri semakin terhakis di bumi sendiri. Masih tak sedarkah kita ??... Masih Tidur lagikah kita?...

  62. Anonymous5:42 pm

    kedudukan bangsa dan orang melayu di tanahairnya semakin tergugat. nasib orang melayu kini semakin tidak terbela oleh kerajaan persekutuan barisan nasional @ umno yang lemah pimpinan abdullah badawi. ekonomi orang melayu memang tidak pernah meningkat melebihi kaum lain sejak 50 tahun merdeka. yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya. kedudukan ekonomi melayu semakin parah. tanah-tanah melayu banyak terjual dan tergadai kerana tekanan pembangunan dan kerakusan pedagang bukan melayu. kini warisan yang tinggal sekerat dua pula diancam. keris melayu tidak boleh lagi dicium dan dijulang kerana ia menakutkan orang cina. kini kedudukan raja2 melayu iaitu simbol kedaulatan bangsa asal melayu pula dicabar. ramai yang menyatakan karpal singh dipihak yang betul apabila dia mempersoalkan tindakan sultan perak dalam soal pertukaran pengarah maip. tetapi ramai tidak sedar atau tidak mahu sedar, premis yang digunakan oleh karpal singh untuk menyoal sultan perak sudah pun salah. mb perak pertama-tama telah salah dalam tindakannya kerana menukarkan pengarah itu secara melulu tanpa memberi nasihat atau meminta nasihat sultan sebagai ketua agama islam yang berkuasa dalam hal ehwal agama islam seperti tercatat dalam perlembagaan negara. mb perak sebenarnya telah melanggar prinsip kuasa dan hak raja. bagaimana pula karpal singh hendak mempertahankan tindakan mb perak itu. beliau sendiri tidak mempunyai locus standi untuk mempersoalkannya pun. bukan pun beragama islam. bukan pun berdarah melayu. bukan pun kelahiran perak. karpal singh sebenarnya telah menghina raja melayu, hak raja dan kuasa mutlak raja. benar raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah. raja-raja mempunyai mahkamah sendiri yang akan mengadili raja yang dituduh melakukan kejahatan atau kesalahan. benar mereka pun tidak mengatasi undang-undang. tetapi dalam kes ini ia tidak sedemikian. sultan perak hendak memohon haknya dalam soal agama islam. tidak lebih daripada itu. sultan perak mungkin bimbang hak itu pun hendak diragut oleh orang politik yang bermainan kotor. sudahlah haknya sebagai raja melayu yang berkuasa sepenuhnya atas negerinya dulu telah dirampas dan dihapuskan oleh penjajah british, rupanya pada zaman ini ada lagi orang yang hendak mengambil haknya yang itu pun satu-satunya yang tinggal. hati-hatilah dengan orang seperti karpal singh yang bersama-sama konco-konconya yang lain yang akan terus berusaha mengikis, menghakis dan akhirnya menghancurkan kedudukan bangsa dan orang melayu di bumi tanah tumpah darah sendiri. karpal singh amat dengki dan cemburu melihat orang melayu cuba majukan diri dan terus berkuasa dalam politik walaupun sekarang kelihatan politik melayu sedang menuju kehancuran. setiap perkara yang menyentuh melayu akan dikecam, dihenjak, dicaci dan dihina habis-habisan oleh karpal singh. pemimpin melayu yang elok-elok dimaki hamun, agama islam yang mulia dipersendakan. dan banyak lagi kalau hendak disenaraikan. waspadalah terhdap orang seperti karpal singh. janganlah bangsa dan orang melayu mudah lupa atau leka dengan keseronokan mainan politik yang sedang bersandiwara di tanah melayu ini. negara kita mempunyai undang-undang. elok digunakan undang-undang itu supaya negara tidak huru hara dan semua bangsa dapat hidup rukun damai. tetapi hati-hatilah kerana karpal singh ini cukup bijak orangnya, dia akan mencari lubang-lubang yang terdapat pada undang-undang untuk kepentingan dirinya dan juga menggunakannya untuk memboloskan dirinya apabila beliau tersepit. tetapi ingatlah selama mana tuan hendak melepaskan diri...!


  63. The case against Karpal is not like the case against the alleged 'Natang' calling of the Sultan of Terengganu recently - with posters held up by unknown persons showcased in grainy photos such as to cause reasonable doubt of whether it even happened. Karpal has rather openly, and it seems rather proudly, denied the Sultans of their power such as the act is indisputable.

    Unlike RPK, who is of royal blood but NOT a royal, the Sultans are due our allegiance as subjects, respect for their status and the right to see those that deny their powers to be cited for the highest contempt. And unlike in 1983 (which so many Pak Lah apologists like to roll out, though the young don't really care), the Sultans have done no wrong to the rakyat in their recent actions and are likely to be united in their contempt of Karpal Singh.

    These are statements of fact, unlike the propaganda that I wish to refute. In the end, I wish people to also observe the similarity of the lines Pak Lah and Karpal are taking. Is it simply because the don't get the Sultan thing being from Penang, or are they working together?

    Lets take a tangent...

  64. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Look out Malaysia is under attack from 'SLANDERJITIS'! Bloggers, get yourselves innoculated.

    For dancing enthusiasts, there is a new dance in town. Care to try it - very easy movements - One Step Forward, Three Steps Backward, One Step Forward, Three Steps Backwards. There you sre, east isn't it?

  65. Anonymous6:26 pm

    da real deal, wealth may be important but when your dignity and self-respect are threathened, it may not be so important.

  66. Here's a twist, the AG and the government can only dare to prosecute Malays, for some strange reason, but dare not prosecute others like a Bengali (that's Sikh in Malay by the way)or a chauvinist Chinese, or ever drunk Indian reads Hindraf!
    Karpal Singh has gone beyond the line he must be dealt with as soon as possible!

  67. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Tuan-tuan semua jangan salah faham.....
    pada masa keadaan sekarang ini pihak DAP,PKR benar-benar memerlukan kerajaan yang lemah longlai. Kita tengok sukan Boxing sebagai contoh, lawan nya hanya memerlukan SATU pukulan ceduk untuk K.O dan sekarang mereka sedang mencari masa yang sesuai.
    Kita perhatikan mengapa Karpal singh buat bising luar biasa? mengapa Lim kit siang menyalak bagai nak gila kat parlimen? mengapa pulak dengan sukarela Raja Petra masuk penjara?
    Mereka bukan bodoh.............
    dan mengapa pula Anwar Ibrahim senyap sunyi sekarang ni?
    mereka bukan bodoh............
    Dan saya kira UMNO dan BN sudah terlambat dah, bak kata pepatah `dah terhantuk baru nak menadah'.

  68. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Pasquale 12:39 PM:

    You said:
    "Rocky let's end it here and now...I say only the Malays can say things to he rulers not a Benggali, or Indian or Chinese or others who are not Malays!"

    Guna otak la sikit. ALL MALAYSIANS, Cina atau Melayu atau India, all pledge allegiance under the Rulers.

    So apa pulak soal yang hanya Melayu jer yang boleh cakap atau komen mengenai Raja-Raja? Semua rakyat Malaysia boleh beri pendapat, asalkan tak mencaci menghina atau takde hormat.


  69. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Have you guys forgotten about the Terengganu incident?

  70. Anonymous9:54 pm

    This is definately double standards..What UMNO Trengganu did was far worst then what Karpal has done...

    UMNO can get away with anything but PR cannot say anything??..WHat the fuck is this??

    UMNO can do and say anything but I dont see anybody going after their neck??..Why?? Becos they are the ruling party..

    We non Melayu are also citizens of this country..but why do they have to mention that only Melayu respect the Sultans..We non Melayu also respect our Sultans and King
    Come on guys..If Karpal is going to be arrested then the whole bunch of Idiots in the Trengganu who calls themselves BN Assembymen should be arrested too..they had no respect not only for the Sultan of Trengganu but also the Agung..
    Why has nobody mentioned them?..

    Nothing to do with being disable or OKU, but what we are saying fair...Will anybody have any balls to arrest anybody from BN...I dont think so, man..

    BN still seems to be stupi d as ever...losing 5 states was not enuff for them..they are still arrogant...damn them to XXXX

    HIDUP PR....

  71. Anonymous10:46 pm

    I doubt that Sultan Azlan or Raja Nazrin have taken offense to the "seditious" levels with Karpal's statement. I guess they know that THROUGHOUT the BN's rule, BN nominated and they just rubber-stamped it. However, they would probably want some of the respect that has been taken from royalties back.
    As for the statement, I guess Karpal is right - those government employees are NOT appointed and selected by Sultan direct, but rather after being selected they get Sultan's "consent". Maybe YAB Nizar forgot to ask for consent, but Regent has also overreacted. I do not know where are the seditious elements here, but UMNO can do any shit they like without ever being called for question by Police.

  72. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Sedition my foot !
    Bloody umno is trying to play up the situation so they appeared to be on the side of Rulers, umno is swimming in shit!!!so they are trying to drag others down with them. Screw the damn corrupted umno, the members should be ashame of themselves having visibly corrupted ministers, mentri besars and mps.No apologies for not using capitals, that is how much respect these assholes in umno deserves.

  73. Anonymous2:01 am


    u should stop carrying comments of that racist bastard pasquale, many of us don't see eye to eye with him mainly because he doesn't look u in the eye with both his eyes when he is talking to u, sometimes u wonder if he is talking to u, but he is really out line with his racist remarks, come on man the malays have had it good for so long, its about time they fought on a level playing field.

  74. Anonymous4:20 am

    are the rulers and supreme head of the country above the law and constution of Malaysia? Karpal is absolutely correct in stating that the Sultan had violated the law in ursuping the State law.

    turning this whole issue into a racial or religous fiasco is something that umno and it's testical carrying goons do for crony crumbs. Mahathir did something right in his tenure, in that he made sure that the Sultans never assumed that they were not accountable to the constution or above the laws of the country.

    it seems that they need another strong reminder.

  75. Anonymous6:58 am

    Bro Rocky,
    Interesting development indeed! I did have 'discussions' with one anon(Zaib) on related topic in Tok Mommy's blog recently... I just highlighted the FACT that Malaysia still holds the envious WORLD record for having the LARGEST number of Sultans (9 of them)...[I DIDN'T make any statement as to whether we, as a country of 20++ million people could 'afford' to have them]... is this seditious too? I thought we live in 21st century?

  76. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Are Sultans really necessary for modern world ? So the citizens are not allowed to say anything eventhough they may not say or act correctly going by the consituition ? The reason we still have these nine Sultans is because of the damn brits and of course our leaders who brokered for Independence. The Sultans should have been pensioned of long time ago, so many countries have done away with royalties but Malaysia kept them. What good are they to the nation other a drain to the country's financial resources ? They have now become a tool for umno to scare the general public...sedition ! my ass!!!!

  77. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Karpal isn' an UMNOputra.

    One of the many benefits and privileges of being an UMNOputra is you get to humiliate & criticize the Raja-raja to no limit.

    Hell, as an UMNOputra... you can also elope with the Princess, deny it at first, and divorce her later with a check of $1 mil. And you'll get away with it. Many years later, you'll be rewarded with a Ministerial position.

  78. Anonymous7:48 pm

    karpal outdated already la. as if trying to make his presence felt. i think he better just leave it to the young ones.

  79. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Send Karpal to prison and put him with hardcore prisoners. Bangun bangsaku bangun pertahankan hak kita. DAP dah mula biadap kerana dia orang ingat melayu dah lemah. DAP telah cabar hak orang dah caci Sultan kita. DAP dan kawannya PKR telah kurang ajar. BANGUNLAH BANGSAKU BANGUN INGAT APA YANG TERJADI DI SINGAPURA. DAP DAH KURANG AJAR. SALAH MELAYU JUGA KERANA MENGUNDI MEREKA.

  80. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Sedition is the word for the year. So Malaysians beware. Don't open your mouth or you will be sent to the salt mines of Siberia.
    And Mr. Karpal "grow up" and stop "acting". You know you only do this to get attention.

  81. Anonymous8:37 am

    ya Allah, aperrrr la korang nih... org pembangkang menyoal jer apa apa.. itupun pasal perlembagaan terus menuduh diorg keterlaluan lerr, pijak kepala orang Melayu ler... buat aper melenting.. bertenang ler... pikir ler skit guna hotak sendiri..... jgn ler terikut2 sajer hasutan org UMNO...!!

  82. Anonymous11:06 am

    It does sound unnecessary in the modern world, but try to tell that to a highly developed nation like Britain.. they also preserving their monarch for the sake of "Ketuanan British" , do you think the Brits would allow a Pakistanis or Arabs to be their PM & rule to favour the minority?

    Monarch institution is an avenue where some people seek refuge over their frustration to a collapse governmental system. If it do sound ridiculous & stupid, tell that to the Hindraf & Bersih people.

    If not because of the royalty in Perak & Selangor having some equity over tin mining operation in the past & given 'green light' to the Brits to import foreign labour..Well, some of us may not be here today in Malaysia..

    If somebody thinking the Monarch are doing non-substance talks against the Federal Constitution..go & read Article 3, 152 & 153.. (I know, some of you people only know about championing Article 11 alone & only, above the rest, well do ya? Just admit it lah).

    Right (hak) & privellege (keistimewaan).. its 2 different concept..abide the law & nobody shall be deprived from their for previllege, in proper way it should not affect anybody right..should they?

    In work for example, monthly salary is our 'right' as per Akta Kerja..nobody can deny it as long as we abide the governing rule,
    where else company car, increment rate, annual leave, bonus etc. is a 'previllege'..Its nature for some people to envy others over their extra given 'previllege' as like it is affecting their 'right'..Hey, I heard some private company exercising this extra 'previllege' to their employee selectively on 'color' it true?

    Who dictate all this..? The Federal Constitution.
    Who execute this..? the Government
    Who preserve this..? the Monarch
    Who decide this..? the majority people through democracy..(very sad indeed, eh)

    Wouldn't it be nice right to be among the majority..? Well, start to speak like one..some people still need to work on their pathetic Bahasa Kebangsaan..Communication barrier cultivating prejudice mindset towards each other? Long way to go for Bangsa Malaysia.

    'Seduce' may lead to 69 (this one really good :D )..'Sedition' may also lead to 69 but nobody wanted that except for idiots who wanted more than what he bargained for. somebody sinking legal-lingual shit talk ..

  83. Anonymous11:44 am

    Rocky, it is a purely legal thing la, as many of us have mentioned in this blog already. Cuba baca this article from New Strait Times, 10 May 2008:

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP chairman Karpal Singh maintained yesterday that he had not questioned the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak.

    He said his statements concerning the Sultan's power to revoke the transfer of a state civil servant was purely a legal issue.

    Karpal said he was not perturbed over the numerous police reports lodged against him.

    "I have committed no offence and those making reports against me should be prepared to face the consequences of lodging false reports," he said at a press conference here yesterday.

    "I will not be intimidated by anyone or any quarter.
    "I stand by what I have said because the truth must prevail at all times" the Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament said.

    Karpal said he had in no way questioned the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak as head of Islam in the state.

    He reiterated that in his view the Sultan had no jurisdiction to direct the state government to reinstate Perak Islamic Religious Department director Datuk Jamry Sury, who was a state government servant.

    He said that in Pengarah Pelajaran Wilayah Persekutuan & Others v Loot Ting Yee, the Federal Court decided that a civil servant liable to transfer did not have a right to be heard as a transfer does not amount to dismissal or reduction in rank.

    The principles in the decision applied equally to state civil servants, Karpal said.

    "I fail to understand why there has been such an uproar on what is purely a legal issue backed by the Privy Council in London, which was until 1985, the highest court in Malaysia."

    He threatened legal action against those who made defamatory remarks against him regarding the issue.

    In George Town, DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng defended Karpal, saying the party chairman was merely stating a case in law and had done nothing wrong.

    He instead accused Barisan Nasional leaders of taking a selective approach and practising double standards.

    Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin of Parti Keadilan Rakyat said he would leave it to the leadership of the DAP and PKR to address the issue.

    He said the Malay members of PKR always respected the palace.

    "The issue should not be politicised. It is best for the Perak government and palace to resolve the issue," Mohammad Fairus said.

  84. Both are right....just that that action affects two 'authorities'.To transfer a civil servant is the right of the Menteri Besar but when the civil servant is intimately related to Islam in the state,the Sultan is rightfully involved.....a similar the personal bodyguard of say the Sultan;is a civil servant,but before the Menteri Besar transfer him,is courtesy to inform the Sultan before hand, as it involves his safety. Purely a bad case of Public Relations!!!

  85. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Dear PM, even when so many people were calling for your resignation, I really hoped you will remain as our PM. But now you are calling for swift sedition reports against Karpal, and in my humble opinion sir, whoever advised you to do it is trying to sabotage you. You have been ill advised and it will reflect poorly on your judgement.

  86. Anonymous4:26 pm

    jangan lupa, Abdullah Badawi Perdana Menteri juga pernah dilaporkan sebagai berkata bahawa tindakan Sultan Terengganu melantik menteri besar selain Idris Jusoh adalah bertentangan dengan perlembagaan.

    kenapa semua orang sudah lupa dengan kenyataan Abdullah itu?

    bukankah kenyataan Perdana Menteri terhadap Sultan Terengganu juga adalah menghasut dan derhaka?

    jadi, Ahmad Badawi janganLAH pula lupa dengan tindakan 'derhaka' beliau itu sendiri.

  87. Anonymous8:53 am

    By October 1983, Malaysians were becoming aware that a constitutional crisis was in full swing. The Constitution (Amendment) Bill 1983 had been passed by both houses of Parliament, but the King, under pressure from his fellow rulers, was refusing to give his Royal Assent to it.

    The bill would remove the need for the King to assent to legislation, and would similarly do away with the need for Sultans to assent to State laws. It would also take away the King's power to declare an Emergency and give it to the Prime Minister.

    The Rulers publicly rejected these amendments after a meeting in Selangor on Nov 20, 1983. When the public became aware that a storm was brewing, Dr Mahathir’s administration initiated a propaganda war to put pressure on the Rulers.

    There took place a “series of illegal public rallies held by Umno in Alor Star, Bagan Datoh, Seremban, Batu Pahat, Malacca, for the Prime Minister with reports of officially inflated crowd figures?.” as Lim Kit Siang would later describe them in the Dewan Rakyat.

    These rallies, staged in order to generate sympathy for the Government’s cause, were illegal in the sense that police permits were neither sought nor granted.

    Whether or not the crowd figures were inflated by the Umno-aligned media – it is true that they generally reported these events in positive terms – it is clear that the 1983 rallies were exciting evenings, with republican sentiments on everyone’s minds, if not exactly on their lips. One of the most arresting images in Rais Yatim’s Faces in the Corridor of Power is a photograph of two youths at one such rally. They are wearing T-shirts bearing Dr Mahathir’s picture and the words “DAULAT RAKYAT”.

    Although the Prime Minister denied wanting to abolish the monarchy, at these rallies “the historical moment of unfolding Malay nationalism was relived as a continuing battle of Malay popular sovereignty against royal hegemony,” as Khoo Boo Teik writes in Paradoxes of Mahathirism.

    At a rally in Alor Star on Nov 26, Dr Mahathir declared that “It was the rakyat who had protested against the Malayan Union after the Second World War; it was the rakyat who wanted a democratic system that would enable them to choose their own leaders. It was always the people who had fought for their destiny.”

    At the largest rally, in Batu Pahat, Dr Mahathir told the crowds, in a thinly veiled dig at hereditary rulers, “We weren’t born Ministers ? We’re up here because we were chosen by all of you.”

    The unrelenting propaganda war continued, with tales of royal extravagance and improprieties emerging. Someday someone will compile all the specifics from research in the newsapaper archives of those trying times in the eighties and nineties. We Malaysians had short memories no doubt but not entirely forgetful. The Government leaked the fact that they were compiling dossiers on the Sultans. RTM announced they were preparing a year-long TV series on the Rulers and the Constitution - all instigated by Mahathir in his war with royalty.

    Yet pro-royal rallies took place too – especially in Kelantan and Terengganu, where Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was rumoured to be responsible for them – and they drew large crowds, although they went unreported by the media.

    Upping the ante, the Umno Youth executive council called for the Government to gazette the Constitution (Amendment) Bill without waiting for the King's assent, effectively daring the Rulers to challenge it in court. Dr Mahathir did not immediately adopt this strategy, but held this “nuclear option” in reserve while behind-the-scenes negotiations continued with the Rulers.

    Public opinion was divided over the issue. Rural Malays tended to support the Rulers; urban Malays, while not uncritical of Mahathir’s strategies and motives, were more ready to accept egalitarian ideas.

    As for the Chinese community, R.S. Milne and Diane K. Mauzy note in Malaysian Politics Under Mahathir that “One might have expected that, since the rulers and the Agung were symbols of ‘Malayness’ the Chinese would feel little loyalty to them. Paradoxically, they were quite pro-royalty, because they did not really trust Malay politicians. Indeed, they viewed the Agung and the rulers as protectors of their vital interests.”

    There seemed to be no way out of the impasse except by compromise – which is what happened. The Rulers agreed to the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 1983 on the condition that many of its provisions were modified or repealed immediately with the introduction of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 1984.

    The new bill, passed in January 1984, meant that the King could now only delay a piece of non-money legislation for a month. It then had to be sent back to Parliament with his objections. If the King still opposed it in the form in which Parliament then passed it, he could only delay it for another month before it was gazetted as law.

    The King could therefore only delay legislation for up to two months before it became the law of the land.

    But this principle was no longer extended to the State level: Sultans still needed to assent to State bills before they became law, which was an important symbolic victory. Most importantly for those who feared Dr Mahathir’s supposed plan to concentrate power in his own hands, the bill removed the proposed ability of the Prime Minister to declare an Emergency by himself, and restored it to the King.

    Nonetheless, Dr Mahathir saw himself as having won, declaring at a victory rally in Malacca that the feudal system had ended. He had brought his theatrical, confrontational, unapologetically antagonistic style to a high-stakes arena and had, by some accounts at least, triumphed over the Malay Rulers. Not even the King dare to challenge Mahathir. That's how powerful he was then. He kepy dossiers of the dark side of everyone, even the royalty is not spared. The Special Branch was at his beck and call, being the Home Minister himself. Withe the waning threat of the communists, these SB personnel need to keep themseilves fruitfully occupied and Mahathir see to it that they serve him fully.

    He quickly moved to consolidate his gains. Stories had been circulating that the head of the army, Jen Tan Sri Mohd Zain Hashim, was opposed to Mahathir’s approach and believed the armed force’s loyalty lay with the Rulers. Mohd Zain took early retirement. This was followed by a reorganisation of the army and some 500 other early retirements and dismissals.

    When the independent-minded Sultan of Johor took over as Yang di-Pertuan Agong in 1984, some feared (and some hoped) that royal activism would reassert itself.

    As Roger Kershaw writes in Monarchy In South-East Asia: Faces of Tradition in Transition, “From the beginning, the Agong had made no secret of his contempt for Mahathir on the grounds of his mixed blood, calling him, to his face, ‘Mamak’ (a derogatory nickname for those of Indian Muslim ancestry). [?] But Dr Mahathir had proved more than a match for this difficult sovereign. Having got the measure of the King’s essential vanity and exhibitionism, he prudently pandered to it, even to the extent of placing a more convenient Royal Malaysian Airforce helicopter at his permanent disposal?.”

    Through this and other measures, Dr Mahathir maintained good relations with the new King, enlisting him in his 1987 move against the judiciary, the effects of which are still felt today.

    The Prime Minister’s campaign continued. He silenced the Rulers over the issue of the 1987 ISA detentions; staged a hostile debate on the monarchy in the 1990 Umno general assembly after the loss of Kelantan to PAS; removed the Rulers’ immunity to prosecution following the constitutional crisis of 1992-93; stripped away their flights, outriders, and special hospital wards; and in 1994, with little opposition, finally removed the need to obtain the Rulers’ assent for State laws.

    Looking back, we can see how the bars of the yellow silk cage (read Royalty of Malaysia) began to go up in 1983, closing in year after year.

    Should we find it surprising, then, that after 25 years the tigers within should want to break free? Can we not understand that the Rulers might want to regain what has been lost - the right to rule and reign, undisturbed by the politicians?

    And here is the hardest question of all: without giving up our democratic ideals, in a cynical and disloyal age like the present climes we are in, can we find a way to let our Rulers rule in peace and harmony?

    Note: The above article by Huzir Sulaiman previously appeared in RPK's MALAYSIA TODAY.

    Huzir regularly writes for theatre, film, television, and newspapers.

  88. Anonymous1:53 pm

    A well-written article by Huzir Sulaiman (please see above, as posted in the comment space of Every Dog Has His Day) that encapsulates the interactions between the royalties and the executive and legislature of Malaysia during the 1980s and early 1990s. It provides background to current events involving the Sultans and their involvement in Malaysian politics, and is essential reading for those interested in the current Karpal Singh–royalty brouhaha.

    In view of these pertinent events in Malaysian history as outlined by Huzir Sulaiman, readers may experience a paradigm shift of sorts, and find that the persecution of Karpal Singh at least a little perplexing.

    It is also regrettable that many of the so-called journalistic, socio-political bloggers — including Rocky's Bru — seem content to do a more-or-less "cut-and-paste" job, or to merely digest mainstream news and affect it with various views. While they are swift to blog, they neglect, however, to provide concise (it need not be long) and educative background information for particularly complex issues such as the current Karpal Singh one.

    The late Rustam A. Sani was an exception; he occasionally provided historical background to the issues he blogged.

    It is uncertain whether this poor blogging or reporting sense is an outcome of laziness on the part of these bloggers, or a lack of imaginativeness. Either way, they commit disservice to the public by serving the public with what is effectively news or opinion without the necessary context — snippets of reported events that are historically detached. This can be dangerous, since blogs shape public opinion. The message of Barisan National leaders about the need to blog responsibly is not unfounded.

    Therefore, it is hoped that, where necessary, blog readers are furnished with background information about important issues touched upon in blogs either in the blog text, or by reference to other articles.

    I am sure Ahiruddin Attan concurs with this.

  89. Janganlah Karpal mahu menyamaratakan bangsa lain seistimewa melayu..itulah agendanya yang sebenar.

  90. Anonymous8:53 am

    Cik Azmah,

    Maksud saudari orang Melayu lagi istimewa dari orang bukan Melayu?

    Jadi di Malaysia ni ada golongan istimewa dan golongan tidak istimewa (bawahan) ke?

    Tidakkah semua rakyat Malaysia tidak kira bangsa sama-sama membayar cukai kepada kerajaan?

    Tidakkah semua rakyat Malaysia tidak kira bangsa menyambut ulangtahun kemerdekaan bersama-sama?

    Bukankah dalam Islam semua insan tidak kira warna kulit dan latarbelakang semuanya ciptaan Allah SWT yang sama rata di muka bumi ini?

  91. Anonymous10:19 am

    anak malaysia,

    nak sama rata boleh..tetapi kenapa masing2 mati2 nak pertahan tak nak jadi sama? Kenapa perlu hanya Melayu yg mengalah dlm semua hal hinggalah ke hal ehwal Islam? Mutual respect should work both ways..

    1) Kenapa kena ada sekolah aliran ikut kaum? Bukankah ini menyemai semangat perkauman sejak kecil... perpaduan? jauh api dari panggang.. apa nak buat, dah termaktub dlm perlembagaan kan..? Only in Malaysia.

    2) Kenapa masih nak berkiblatkan budaya negara asal masing2 w/pun dah 50thn merdeka? Masih megah nak mengaku diri Malaysian ke ttp mengamalkan kebudayaan negara asing? Only in Malaysia!

    3)Kenapa ramai masih tak mampu bertutur bahasa kebangsaan yg termaktub dalam Perlembagaan walau dah 50thn merdeka? mis-com lead tu sceptism, prejudism & friction.

    4) Kenapa ada akhbar yang selain daripada Bahasa Kebangsaan & English (2nd language) ? Kat Thailand, Indonesia, UK, USA & Eropah ada ker? Only in Malaysia.

    So near yet feel so far..itulah dia yg dikatakan rakyat Malaysia berbilang kaum..nak berubah? kenalah tunggu semua pemimpin dinosour semua kaum di M'sia yg bermentaliti pra-kemerdekaan tu mampus dulu!

    Tetapi jgn terkejutlah, sebenarnya intergrasi bangsa Melaysia ni 'in practice' dah boleh dilihat di Kelantan, Kedah & Terengganu (Malay dominated states) bandar Klang Valley yg 50-50 ni jer yg ego sombong dgn ideologi perkauman diterap oleh pemimpin2 kaum masing2.

    Hanya Melayu liberal bodoh akan compromise in everything .. yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran..dah cukup yakin?

    Nak 'compromise'? boleh ajer..Melayu ni jenis bangsa tak kisah pun nak beri/kongsi apa yg mereka ada jika kena caranya..sgt bertoleransi,mmg budaya kita mcm tu, mengalu-alukan malah boleh jadi saudara lg kalu rasa dia sebahagian drpd kita..kera dihutan pun boleh disusukan..nak trigger marah Melayu mmg susah..ttp kalo nak cepat boleh, hina aje Islam & maruah dia..confirm cepat terbakar..

    Nak persaingan meritokrasi pendidikan..? Melayu dah mampu tanpa kuota, cuma generasi lama yg takut & tak yakin anak2 mereka mampu bersaing w/pun dlm abad ke21...bersaing sesama genetik Asia..apa kejadahnya tak boleh? Undiscovered potential..Hakikatnya bersepah Melayu yg result bagus tak dpt masuk U baik2 ikut jurusan yg diminta kerana penuh, skrg mana ada biasiswa lg, semua pinjaman..takut2 tanpa sistem kuota ada yg merungut pula keadaan tak memihak kpd mereka bilamana kaum majoriti mungkin sapu semua..maka merungutlah mereka lagi! Yelah, dikalangan mereka majoriti bermentaliti bhw Melayu semua bodoh, malas & tiap2 bulan dpt duit free dgn goyang kaki..

    Duit cukai ntah kemana kena sapu penyangak politik! Semua rakyat berkelayakan bayar cukai, ttp hasil utama k'jaan sebenarnya datangnya drpd GLC-GLC mcm Petronas yg bayar setiap bln Mac dlm USD..USD pun boleh jatuh 3.16 bulan Mac lalu..tu lah dia byk tak banyak nyer hasil drpd Petronas! Kalo proper planning tiap2 tahun semua projek lebuhraya, keretapi, sekolah, hospital dll. boleh dibiaya tanpa menyusahkan rakyat balik melalui 'privatization' penyangak..kaya kita ni sebenarnya Malaysia jika dinisbah hasil dgn 26juta rakyat..ttp hidup melarat juga mcm Terengganu lah contoh!

    Nak rasa prinsip Islam? tunggulah bila tiba masa 'negara Islam sebenar' tertegak bukannya 'negara berasas kaum' mcm skrg ni... dream in pipeline.

    Boleh aje sama2 kita minta perlembagaan kita ubah ikut acuan Thailand, Indonesia, USA & Eropah ..semua sama rata..tetapi basic requirement perlembagaan berhubung identiti kenalah comply dulu.... kan?

    Boleh ke? ada berani mahu cuba? Mungkin tidak..if not, stop rattling & bitching, ok?