Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A minister's RM1.4 million entertainment expenses

The Sun may have one big scoop tomorrow about a Minister's whopping RM1.4 million entertainment claims. Initially, I thought it would be in pound sterling and not ringgit as the Minister used to have some complex interest, now dead and buried, in Britain.

Whatever you do, make sure of your copy of the Sun tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous10:51 pm

    itu Menteri rasanya banyak kurang AJAR. Dlm meeting MT dia Kutuk Bekas Perdana Menteri dan even Sultan tak berkira2....mungkin itu Menteri Bukan Wanita tapi Bukan juga Puteri....huh..kita tengok siapa yg kena...


  2. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Don't they all have a budget ceiling for "entertainment"?

    So where is the Auditor General?

    I once knew of a Minister who likes to "entertain" himself.

    Also, if it can happen to one, it can also happen to others.

    Just like government ministers using the government facilities for free for their personal benefit.

    There is a tale of a former PM who took his former classmates on a RMN ship for a cruise to Langkawi for their "class reunion".

    So what's new? Using government executive jets for joyrides?

  3. Could this possibly be a scandalous pre-GE unauthorised spending bash by the lady Minister who was formerly known as the Master of Brickendonbury and now Minister of B&B Tours in the southern corridors?

    Tip of the iceberg, I believe!!

    If a thorough investigation is done by the Auditor General, I am sure more cases of BN Ministers having reckless pre-GE spending bashes will be discovered. Like the 56 Assemblymen in Klang who spent the whole of 2008's budget in 2 months b4 the GE!!

    Yet the EC chief states that there were no pre-election abuses and that the monkey is off his back. The monkey - maybe, the cobwebs - they are still there!!

  4. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Hoi, jealous ke?

  5. Anonymous11:28 pm


    That was a clever play of words to pin the tail on the donkey. You said it was complex, and buried once and for all. You might as well name her la bro. Who else can it be but the infamous, the most corrupt, and stil arrogant Dato Seri Azalina Mohd Said.

  6. Anonymous11:28 pm

    if she deserve for it, then it is a sin for us to blame her.

    but looking at the scenario now, nothing is impossible in BN. they spend taxpayer money just like that. 1.4m is like nothing to them when they can get any tens of millions at fingertip.

  7. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Teringat aku kat Ahmad Nisfu & script famous nya dlm filem Tiga Abdul "ini rumah ada undeng undeng"

    hah apa lagi, angkut itu Menteri belakang kuda, heret ke mahkamah laaa

  8. Hey, you think the report will ever see the light of day? this after all, is a full minister we're talkin about.

  9. Anonymous12:06 am

    i am sick. all the ministers behaving like dajal stealing
    money rom the taxpayers. neraka is where they will go and let them be burnt by the money they siphoned away.

  10. Anonymous12:14 am

    i think... former minister??? IT anyone???

  11. Anonymous12:14 am

    Citizen Nades at it again, eh?

    Heard that out of the RM9 million allocated for an NGO, over RM4 million was spent on entertainment, RM1.4 million on travel, RM1 million on souvenirs but very little on boosting or enhancing whatever program they might have had!

    Now let me hear Demis Roussos' From Souvenirs to Souvenirs...

  12. Mungkin dia memang sudah belanja .. Tapi kalau PAC kata justified nak buat macamana?

    So hopefully dengan lebih ramai YB PR, bolehla kita membuat siasatan keatas sapa-sapa yang ade skandal.

    Tapi kalau ahli penyiasat tak cekap, mungkin lepas jugak....

  13. RM300 million bridge in Sarawak goes to Abdullah Badawi brother and now goes to RM3 billion.

  14. But the person of interest is not buried...far from it. Was spotted at another complex, but, thankfully, not on some snowy mountain slope or meadowland in 'Ole Blighty, but in the heart of KL by the banks of the river that gives the garden city its muddy name. Some money saved there.

    The accompanying troupe was there...pressmen, bodyguard, cameramen, and all the usual suspects. Looking rather grim and businesslike. The POI, I mean, not the rabble who must be all used to this circus every time a bolehland minister steps out of his or her sanctuary and into the ring.

    What a way to earn your keep and waste precious resources on something that the chief clerk of the enforcement unit of the ministry should be doing

    Wonder if a visit to the toilets was also on the agenda...after all must keep the tourists happy...even if they just had to duck some live bullets sprayed their way at the other garden that marks most tourists first point-of-entry to this besotted and benighted VIP's latest playground.

  15. Gila babi punya claim! RM1.4 Juta tu banyak tuh. Kalau Rp 1.4 Juta tu takpe lerr. Hah, ingat duit claim tu dari poket bapak dia sorang. Abis ler duit rakyat. Patut kena 'sula' dia nih dengan batang nibong!

  16. well they in BN seem to think it is their money. any they never care for public views or sentiment. well except for a month before and after elections and in this GE, maybe 3 months after elections.

    BN reps think we are lucky they are chosen to represent us and Azalina is one of them. Man she took a helicopter ride to pass a flag to those M'sian scaling Mt. Everest. If it was her, she would actually gone up to space station to hand another flag to our most expensive 'bus' passenger who happen to ride to space.

    Do not hope to much from this. They will come with an excuse and bury this.

  17. Anonymous1:24 am

    Was the entertainment budget spent mainly on retaining the professional services of one Sufiah?

  18. Anonymous2:19 am

    Hanya arahan dari pihak atasan saja yang boleh membuka pekong menteri.Adakah ini merupakan satu peringatan @ ...?

  19. Anonymous3:09 am

    huh look at this new blog....is it the same person u are talking about, ,http://shaun-politics.blogspot.com

  20. Anonymous3:16 am

    what has happened to issues on 'rm1500 carjack, rm570 screwdrivers....' !!!???

  21. Anonymous3:25 am

    Bro Rofcky,

    I amnot surprised at all. This is the trait of BN/UMNO leader. Nothing newlah! RM1.4 million is chicken feeds xompare to Khairy, Kamaludin and Kalimullah and cronies.

    RM1.4 million is no big deal!!! It is the BN/UMNO trade mark 2 whack the rakyat monies.

    That IT can also do that. Not badslah!!!!~ BN.

  22. dont think it will published....since BRO have tipped it off to us yesterday

    poor us

  23. Anonymous8:25 am

    kalau mmg dia travel ke britain banyak kali atas sebab negara dan kementerian tak sempat nak bagi advance.. then its not her fault.. apapun mari kita baca dulu dalam the sun esok dan jangan buat pre-conclusion.

  24. Anonymous8:27 am

    ACA please investigate and arrest the minister! Kalau tidak, next GE, Pakatan Rakyat will rule Malaysia. Ni bukan main main.

  25. Anonymous8:57 am

    Human beings suffer,
    They torture one another,
    They get hurt and get hard.
    No poem or play or song
    Can fully right a wrong
    Inflicted and endured.

    The innocent in gaols
    Beat on their bars together.
    A hunger-striker' s father
    Stands in the graveyard dumb.
    The police widow in veils
    Faints at the funeral home.

    History says, don't hope
    On this side of the grave.
    But then, once in a lifetime
    The longed-for tidal wave
    Of justice can rise up,
    And hope and history rhyme.

    So hope for a great sea-change
    On the far side of revenge.
    Believe that further shore
    Is reachable from here.
    Believe in miracle
    And cures and healing wells.

    Call miracle self-healing:
    The utter, self-revealing
    Double-take of feeling.
    If there's fire on the mountain
    Or lightning and storm
    And a god speaks from the sky

    That means someone is hearing
    The outcry and the birth-cry
    Of new life at its term.

    Seamus Heaney's translation of
    "The Philoctetes, " by Sophocles

  26. Anonymous9:34 am

    Make sure what you blogged is the truth nothing but the truth instead of inciting more hatred towards the BN Ministers.

    Whats to point to add in more fire. The scenerio now is bad already for the country as a whole. Why not blog something postive for once.

    For example, Pak Lah did good in uplifting the standard of living for the kampung folks by moderninzing agricultural standard, giving opportunities for many unemployed grads to open up more farming of goat, chicken, rearing of fresh water prawns and fish?

    NOW, at least you can find local made keropok on the shelves of Giant, Tesco, C4 which last time was impossible.

    Rocky, no matter how agry U are with the Establishment plese also see their good side afterall they have been ruling the country for the last 50 years. Dont deny this.

    U are a good influential writer. Used it for the good of the nation.

  27. Anonymous9:38 am

    rocky, by hindsight you should have stood for elections as well. Aligned with PR but as an independent to maintain your credentials.

    What say you? It is not late still.

  28. Anonymous9:43 am

    bro rocky,
    dah 2 kali aku nakpak ko ... satu kat kedai mamak precint 9 ...

    satu lagi kat kedai mamak din bandar kinrara ... hari jumaat ...

    ingat nak tegur ... tapi muka ko serius dan garang jer ... takut plak aku ... huhuhuhu .....

  29. $1.4 million on entertainment
    The former minister better explains
    This isn’t just on one minister
    Maybe they are many in BN stable

    Hip-hop in the air
    Horse riding up and down
    Kangaroo fighting learning from old timer
    $1.4 million is just chicken feed

    Benefit of doubt to the minister
    Give the list of expenses
    For what purposes it was spent
    In corporate world there is always a schedule
    Listing it out, what purpose and with whom..

    BN/UMNO contractual agreements
    The costs always over-run
    Just like the Penang 2nd bridge
    Now it is said it costs over $4.6billion

    And someone said about the bridge project in Sarawak
    The initial cost was $300 million
    Now it is said ballooned to $3billion
    Niamah……the taxpayers taken for fools!

    It is time Pakatan Rakyat
    Get the frogs to hop over
    Why wait when the country’s wealth gone?

    Others may say
    No principle or what not
    When the country’s wealth is at stake
    When the future of the country is question
    Who cares about principle?
    This is one I don’t care
    Get the frogs and do the right thing
    Before we all say goodbye…………
    The wealth of the nation!

  30. Anonymous9:48 am

    So now how??? All said and done already, after the investigation than what?? Nothing right?? That swine for a minister will continue as usual. No nothing! What the flying FCUK la...

    Snoop, make noise and after that nothing. So no fun!!

  31. Anonymous9:49 am

    That's Y they dun care about inflation coz it is not a big deal to them .Just entertainment fees can cost such much!

  32. Anonymous10:00 am

    No wonder to be a Minister is like striking a lottery.Everybody wants to grasp it no matter what,right?

  33. Anonymous10:05 am

    As I said before, the Brickendonbury project was just an excuse to shipon our money. Thank godness the project was shot down by the local council otherwise you can bet your bottom dollar that ministers and their entourage will make a frequent beeline there, using it as an excuse for their shopping trips. As it is, many millions have already been wasted on design, consultant fees etc.

    By the way, does the RM1.4 million include lesbian prostitutes?

  34. Anonymous10:18 am

    UMNO blames election disaster on wrong candidates, wrong strategy, Pak Lah, his SIL etc. but they will never acknowledge that one of main reason is that the public are fed-up with rampant corruption and waste of govt.funds.

  35. Anonymous10:19 am

    Biasalah ROcky. Abusing RM1.4 million is too small for BN-UMNO. This is just petty cash to them. As long as the UMNOputras are in power they will keep on abusing taxpayers money for their own benefits.

    The only way to stop the abuses is to throw them out of power. These UMNOputras thrive on abused of taxpasyers money becasue they feel that that is their money - becasue they are in power.

    You cannot change their mentality by kind words. The rakyat just had to vote them out. Look at Bodohwi. Having lsot 5 + 1 states to the opposition and up tothis date he refused to take full responsibilities and instead he and the 4th floor boys were still trying to justify his tennure as PM.

    This is the problems and political cultures of UMNOputras.

    The only language they can understand is to vote against them when the 13th GE come. They are just squandrels of public fund.

  36. ACA got no time for all these kinds of investigations. They only know how to count to nine. Read: A bribe no less, state ACA probes RM9 pay-off, in todays Star!~ (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/4/16/nation/20962131&sec=nation)

  37. Anonymous10:48 am

    Can't wait.... these things should have been exposed long ago... many of our ministers are rich beyond our imagination.....

  38. Anonymous11:05 am

    Getting 'personal entertainment' with some 'suffiah' in Britain maybe?

    After that buck that up from taxpayer pocket... RM1.4 million..hmmm.. alot of 'interest' in there...

  39. Anonymous11:09 am

    After the Print comes out , all the Citizen can do is Get Drunk and bang his head on the wall repeatedly cause nothing will be done about it rock . Letih ....

  40. Anonymous11:30 am

    Good job once again, Citizan Nades & The Sun, and Terence too, of course.
    You guys are the real wira rakyat, the makkal's voice.

    Let's see how the powers that be deftly deflect this one...again.

  41. Anonymous11:34 am

    If your read the articles is not about personal entertainment la. It was used for the opening and closing ceremony where the minister is not involved.

    Bacala betol2 baru komen!

  42. Anonymous11:53 am

    Aiyah biasalah...Malaysia Boleh!!! Not only Minister even MP can go overseas ever year -pergi Vienna, pergi New York bawa isteri sama-sama, naik limousine paid by the tax-payers. And what did they learn? Nothing!!!

  43. Anonymous11:54 am

    Dear Anon 9.34,

    utusan Malaysia, NST and Berita Harian are writing enough lies about how good the barisan is lah..You don't have to ask bloggers to do the same.

    Heare you have RM1.4mil of OUR hard-earned money gone down the drain and YOU, BLOODY HELL, expect us to shut up and read about how good the BN govt is.

    Anon, you are a shame to the country. When are people like you going to be outraged over leaders who CHEAT us, STEAL our money?

    BN leaders have fleeced us Malaysians. Let's stop them here. And if Pakatan Rakyat leaders don't perform and cheat too, let's throw them out in the next GE.

    The people have been given back the power finally. Let us use it to clean up the country which all of us love and call our home.

  44. I wonder what will come out next...hmm...

  45. Anonymous11:59 am

    The Sun had a good expose on Azalina but as a journo I thought they did a poor job of playing it up. If it was me, I would have had the news breaking story on Pg 1, and the comment in Nades' column. But today's story didn't have that visual impact. The news should have been loud, screaming foul play in fact. In cases like this visual impact makes a lot of difference, makes the story very important, very big. But still, methinks it shouldn't end here, there have to be follow-ups, and action taken by the ACA, or azalina hauled up by the BN leaders. But the only problem is that, everyone there lives in glass houses, so how to throw stones? But well done Nades.

  46. Anonymous12:03 pm


  47. Anonymous12:11 pm


    whoever that person might be, i would say...BABI GILA. During my working years, I've never heard of anybody with that amount of entertainment, even a CEO. This is truly unbelievable. This umno-bn has never failed to amaze us with unethical doings.

    Bro, why not we catch this bastard and ramai ramai kita pijak dia punya perut! :)

    Another amazing minister is KHinzIR Toyo who is confirmed of having 'don't know' or 'retarded memory' syndrome. He can't remember who signs the water deal, who approves pig farm project and where the millions of ringgit have gone to.

    Bro, any person with this state of mind should not be allowed to roam freely in the public without tight supervision.

    Reminds me of din beramboi.

  48. Anonymous12:21 pm


    Maybe the amount of 1.4Million included the expenses for her/his to be elected as uncontested MP in the recent election.

  49. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Let's see how swift the police gonna respond to this?

  50. Since when has the police been playing politics ? They don't seem to respect an MB of a State by asking the Selangor MB to go to police hq. to give a statement. If it had been an UMNO MB they police would be breaking their backs to go to his office and probably wait for him to give a statement. IGP what has happened to your professionalism in the police force. Don't just talk about it for publicity.

  51. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Dear Mr "You Rock" Blogger,

    please be aware that BLOG is the new 4-letter word. please pass on the information to your fellow bloggers.


    Raja Zarith Idris,
    columnist of "Mind Matters", The Sunday Star.

  52. Anonymous12:54 pm

    This post makes an ambiguous (no name, no source, no distinguishing details) reference to purportedly gross and implied excessive overspending by a minister.

    In a blog, the point of reference is supposed to embed a link (the distintive feature of a blog) so that people can get the facts to comment, discuss or debate, on the same page, so to speak.

    I'm really amazed at how 31 commenters managed to talk about this post without being connected to any hyperlink. Are they all talking about the same (unnamed) minister and the same instance in the same (where?) article in the Sun?

    Have I somehow missed something or is some telepathy happenning here? Or is this just a (free?)publicity assignment for The Sun?



  53. Anonymous1:35 pm

    A Married Man believes that one day, tourists to Malaysia will be asked to visit our museum located in England.


  54. Salam bro,

    Dah baca Citizen Nades hari ni. You punya headline ni ada misleading sikit la.. although the former Sports Minister seems involved in an indirect way. Nak tahu jugak siapa yg di belakang Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM) ni.

    Good head's up anyway. Let's see if any of the new PR MPs would take this up and press for a full explanation in Parliament. As they say in basketball, `Let's go for a full court press!'

  55. u r promoting the sun...hahah

  56. Anonymous1:51 pm

    the 'minister' spends
    RM3,845.61 a days
    assuming she sleeps 7 hours a day, that leaves us with another 17 hours to spend her entertainment expenses which leaves us with:
    RM255.62 an hour
    RM3.70 a minute

    Question is, why does a minister have to spend so much of money on entertainment if she is 'entertained' most of the time? Pray tell!

  57. Anonymous1:56 pm


  58. After reading the headline, my blood boiled and all the four letter words in my inventory came flying out of my mouth.

    After I settled down, The question of how would I entertain myself with RM1.4Million dawned upon me?

    Maybe a karaoke session with Bard Pitt as the gro? Or is Angelina the preference?

    Darn. How do I get the chance to spend RM1.4M of someone else's money?

  59. sorry just off this topic, just wanna highlight how unethical mainstream media is http://babeinthecitykl.blogspot.com/2008/04/copyright-who-cares-star-doesnt.html

  60. Anonymous2:41 pm

    apa nak jadi ... the famous tan sri sm salim song... maybe should be dedicated to azalina...

    habislah duit tourism pulak lepas ini..

  61. btw the star had just quietly removed that video from their site!!!

  62. Anonymous4:04 pm

    RM1.4 mil over how long? If over 1 year, that's RM3,845 per day!! Entertaint what? Chicken (for guys) and Duck (for lady) everyday also no need so much money unless it's Vegas every nite for 1 whole year. What has happened to our country? We had better change the government which is more frugal.

  63. Bukan nak mengapu atau bela kemungkaran tapi pada aku RM1.4 juta tu bukannya besar untuk mentadbir sebuah kementerian.

    pelayar dan bloggers bukannya golongan bodoh tak terpelajar, oleh itu sebelum membuat tuduhan serasanya elok penulis yang bernama rocky`s bru siasat dulu...

    Lainlah andainya penulis tak berakal dan berpelajaran.

    Kalau menulis ataupun nak post setiap artikel tu rasanya elakkan menulis berdasarkan fakta, bukti kerana dibimbangi akan timbulnya fitnah.

    Kalaulah penulis sudah berada dalam kepompong pembuat fitnah, rasanya susah untuk keluar. Jangan hanya hendak mencipta populariti kita terperangkap dengan dosa yang tidak diampunkan tuhan...Tujuh Perkara yang membinasakan...

    Kalau penulis memperhalusi dan tidak terburu-buru membuat telahan, sudah pastinya penulis nampak kemana wang itu disalurkan dan mengakui jumlah tersebut memang releven.

    Hitunglah yang kos sehelai baju koperat dengan kualiti kainnya itu menelan kos berapa?

    Untuk pengetahuan, baju itu di bekal dan dipakai oleh seluruh staff KBS termasuk bertaraf kontrak dan sebagainya diseluruh negara...Itupun belum termasuk dengan baju lain lagi

    Rock`s bru yang budiman, cuba hitung betul-betul kos baju tersebut yang sehingga sekarang masih dipakai walaupun menterinya sudah bertukar.

    Jika kos untuk sehelai baju koperat itu berharga RM30, cuba kali dengan beribu-ribu staff kbs di seluruh negara. Itu baru sehelai untuk seorang sahaja!

    Oleh itu, penulis yang kononnya bijak dan pintar tetapi sebenarnyta dangkal dalam menghitung tolonglah bertindak seperti manusia terpelajar, bijaksana dan menggunakan akal.

    Jangan hanya kerana sesuatu yang tersirat kita musnahkan kreadibiliti, kejaguhan kita hanya kerana `kebodohan kecil semata'.

    Cuba renung dan conggak-conggakkan.

  64. brother ROCKY SIR

    who is that KEPALAOTAKDEFELLA that spent RM1.4million tax payers money in UK....

    must be another Two-Legged KHINZIR from the United Monkeys No Otak team, am for sure.

    don't we all know that KHINZIR don't have Otaks like the Monkeys, specifically Black Monkey from KHINZIR state...

    which.... D'KHINZIR????

  65. Anonymous4:59 pm

    you guys are damn lucky i didnt get the brick-end-on-bury up. gee, whats the 1.4 million compared to the potential millions to spend(up to 500 million) if the original plan goes thru.
    again count your lucky stars. anyway, this is history. there's a bigger cow in the horizon for me to slaughter.
    cherrio and stop gripping, you idiots.

    sincerely yours,

    your undefeated minister

  66. Siapakah Menteri tu???

    Tak sabar nak tengok The Sun pagi besok...

  67. Anonymous5:56 pm

    read here:


  68. Anonymous6:05 pm

    That, my dear friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. Anybody who can, should also go into the National Fitness Council or NFC accounts as well as that of the National Sports Council, and in real detail. Firstly one would struggle to find the relevance of the NFC within Malaysian sport. It was another cash cow for those within the circle. Where did NFC get its money from? The ministry and National Sports Council too. Taxpayers got taken for a round the globe ride by Azalina alright!!

  69. Anonymous6:09 pm

    For that much of money, I wouldn't mind being Azalina's "entertainer"..
    Yea yea miss minister.. Let meee eee, entertain you!!

  70. If we make such and buzz about 1.4 Million, I think all the Minister might think we are really Kacang Putih la!

    How about 1.4 Million Pound? Instead of Ringgit?

  71. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Here is the link in question.

    But looking at the income and expenditure, one wonders whether these goals have been achieved. Let’s look at the income: The National Sports Council gave a grant of RM9.72 million and another RM1.5 million came from the Youth and Sports Ministry. There were two smaller amounts – RM200,000 from the Olivia Newton John concert and RM110,000 from Datuk Dina Rizal’s Sports Unite Sdn Bhd.

    No one will complain about that. But when the page is turned and the expenditure is listed out, one cannot but be aghast over how the money had been used. Before even one sen is spent, the question that should be foremost on the minds of the people who are holding public money in trust should be: How will doing this help the sportswomen?

    For purposes of easy reading and understanding of the issues involved, here’s where the bulk of the money went:

    • Grants: RM1.18 million

    • Meals and Accommodation RM2.1 million

    • Media & Advertising RM932,000

    • Post and Prroduction RM710,000

    • Printing & Stationery RM710,000

    • Rental of Equipment RM865,400

    • Volunteers’ Allowances RM242,000

    • Wages RM117,700

    •Entertainment RM1.4 million

    • Travelling & Transp RM858,000

    Go to link for full article

  72. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Anon 9:34pm,
    ???WTF! Expose, is something a journalist would want to do! Its like a scoop, you know?
    If there is not truth in it, I think most people would not bother to read this blog.....

  73. Anonymous7:53 pm

    oh my god i never knew lesbo is such a leech too. nanti tourism negara ini habis lah. already said she would cancel memo signed for tourism activities for five oppo states. we all know where the money would go to now.

  74. MR, lain kali tegur la ..

  75. 16/8/2008


    The WSFFM would like to provide the following information pertaining the above-mentioned article:

    1) The 1.4 Million under the category of Entertainment

    a. The 1.4 Million was utilized for the expenditure of the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the National Women Games 2007.

    2) T-Shirts

    The t-shirts were for the purpose of the National Women Games and the total t-shirts distribution are as follows:

    1. Volunteers – 350 x 2 sets

    2. Security – 180 x 2 sets

    3. Participants – 3,500

    4. Officials (Team / Technical / Committee Member) – 1,820

    The reason for the t-shirts is for Identification of Jobs and Designation. The volunteers need identification, such as bright orange for volunteers and Red for security.

    3) 250, 000 for gifts and condolences - were for the free Pillow,Pillowcase, Bedsheets and Blankets given to the 3,400 athletes and 600 officials. The total price is RM44 for one set. These were given to the participants and officials for free because the cost to utilize these facilities at the Games Village @ hostel would require a daily rental of RM10, the total rental cost would be an estimated RM10 * 6 days = RM 60 per person, making this definately more than us producing these items and distributing it for free. Thus, it would be the most optmized decision in terms of cost effectiveness.

    4) 100, 000 for the "upkeep of the temporary Secretariat"

    a. The temporary Secretariat is for the following :

    i. The National Women Games – games village secretariat which provided a working space, computer and network printer for the Contingent Secretariat and the Sub-Committeee Operations

    ii. It also comprised of the Secretariat set-up for the International Women and Sports Conference 2007

    5) RM20, 900 as "professional fees"

    a. The professional fees includes the accounting and auditing charges for WSFFM 2006 and 2007 accounts and the National Women Games accounts 2007 respectively.

    Yours sincerely,
    Dr Shamala Subramaniam
    Executive Director

  76. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Treating the public money like own money.......

    This open cheque system given to all the Umnoputra/puteri must stop.

  77. Anonymous8:59 pm

    oh entertainment claim menteri ye? buat gempak sedunia aja... tapi perlu ke semua segala staf diberi baju tu? mungkin sebab kementerian tiada peruntukan khusus? so guna entertainment claim menteri? ooo gitu... apa syarat entertainment fund tu?

  78. Huh nasib baik aku dah tak bayar income tax since 1998,dulu bayartapi sekarang aku buat dek je,pasal aku memang dah tau punye menda ni.
    Roadtax kereta aku pun tak bayar, dah tiga bulan (rm 87 permonth) sekali tu kena saman, aku bayar kompaun je RM150, untung lagi(RM87 x 3 bulan - Rm150 = Rm111)
    Lagi pun aku tak halal engko makan duit aku yang lama-lama dulu
    (Agak LHDN carijugak ke?)
    Tak aci le.....

    (tok alim agak-agak)

  79. Anonymous11:01 pm

    This is what NST reported just nowe on its website on the RM1.4 million entertainment claims

    Women's NGO justifies RM1.4 million entertainment claims

    PUTRAJAYA: Following a report today that a Cabinet minister had links with a NGO that purportedly spent RM1.4 million of public funds on entertainment claims, the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM) emailed to newspapers in the evening its explanation on its spending in addition to a detailed expenditure list. The WSFFM said it organised the National Women Games last year, with the participation of 3,400 athletes and 600 officials. In addition, it also hosted an international conference, attended by 289 participants, and various courses for 780 officials.

    For the games, it provided free internal transport between the games village and competition venues, as well as meals for athletes and officials. It also gave gifts of pillow, pillowcase, bed sheets and blankets to the athletes and officials. Each set was priced at RM44.

    The WSFFM explained that these were given as it would have cost the organisers RM60 per person per day to rent these items at the Games village. T-shirts were also given to athletes, officials, volunteers, technical officers and others for easy identification.

    On grants, it said RM30,000 was given to each of the 15 state sports council and to the national sports associations for organising the competitions. In the email, it also listed wages and allowances but no amount was given.

    On the RM1.4 million entertainment bill, WSFFM said: “The precise definition of the term entertainment used in the accounts encompasses a broad range of expenses related to sported events, athletes and team management participating in the National Women Games 2007. This included ceremonial events, opening and closing ceremonies, and prize giving ceremonies.”

    “The WSFFM is able to justify every single expense and investment the government, Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Sports Council provide to women and sports through us. There is no manipulation in our expenditure, no one has taken a single sen for personal gain and we have been very transparent to publish this for public consumption.”

    The NGO’s spending was highlighted in The Sun today, which claimed it had obtained a copy of the NGOs annual report.

    Also listed in the expenditure, besides the entertainment claim, was:
    :: RM1.18 million on grants,
    :: RM2.1 million on meals and accommodation,
    :: RM932,000 on media and advertising,
    :: RM710,000 on post and production,
    :: RM710,000 on printing and stationery,
    :: RM865,400 on equipment rental,
    :: RM242,000 for volunteers allowances,
    :: RM117,700 on wages, and
    :: RM858,000 for travelling and transportation.

  80. Anonymous12:35 am

    Apa punya entertainment die dapat ni?? escort service ke?? shilpa lee terlibat tak?? hehehe..

    Well..this is another story.. di u all know that Malaysia Govt wanted Michele Yeoh to promote malaysia tourism.. and its cost almost RM10 million + lucrative accomodation, hollywood style traveling, prada n gucci clothing and Mr Jean Todt have to be included..

    If this BN goverment still in power .. they will keep stealing peoples money from our back pocket and tell us thisis for developement and bla..la..bla (lies).

    So.. 2008 we manage to deny BN 2/3 Majority
    13th GE lets us all just deny BN!!
    start the campaign now!!

  81. Anonymous1:45 am

    80 comments on this RM1.4 mil issue?? You guys are wasting your time. What is RM1 mil or RM2 mil? I know it's a lot of money to most of us. Firstly, we don't even know what that amount entails. The term "entertaiment expenses" may be wrongly used. Anyway, I'm not jumping up and down on that "small" amount.

    What I'm more interested with, is the RM1.2 BILLION a year x dunno how many years (wang ehsan terengganu) that vanished! Mysteriously, this issue has gone quiet. Now, that is worth bringing a Government down...

  82. Anonymous2:39 am

    I find it hard to believe that the breakdown in expenditure provided by dr shamala went under entertaintment claims. What was stated by shamala was not entertainment claims but organsational cost of hosting the Games. But the entertainment claims were from Azalina's visit to Paris, the US, etc where people like shamala, sabrina, etc were there with her. Insulting the intelligence of the people cost the BN government their 2/3 majority, so stop hoodwinking us anymore, we are not the MSM.

  83. Anonymous3:01 am

    On the RM1.4 million entertainment bill, WSFFM said: “The precise definition of the term entertainment used in the accounts encompasses a broad range of expenses related to sported events, athletes and team management participating in the National Women Games 2007. This included ceremonial events, opening and closing ceremonies, and prize giving ceremonies.”

    This gives a new meaning to the word entertainment.

    Just wonder the accountants, auditors and most important the tax men, would agree to the new definition.

  84. Anonymous11:50 am

    Do we need all these event - "
    The WSFFM said it organised the National Women Games last year, with the participation of 3,400 athletes and 600 officials. In addition, it also hosted an international conference, attended by 289 participants, and various courses for 780 officials. "
    During times when cost of living is going up with high inflation, our govt must look at ways to manage the coffers.
    All ministers must be responsible for their expenses because it's all the TAXPAYERS money. Don't spend as you like just because it's not your own pocket!

  85. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Dear Dr. Shamala,

    With due respect, i really appreciate your long and detailed explanation on where the RM1.4m has gone to. it really got me focused reading your statement.

    However, when come across items under 'entertainment' where purchase of t-shirts, payment for professional fees and etc are encapsulated as 'entertainment', it got me burst into bloody loud laughing and continuous coughing.

    Dear Dr. Shamala,

    No one gets the thrill of entertainment by buying t-shirts or handing over payment to a professional for services rendered unless it is arranged with built-in 'entertainment' mark-up.

    it is obvious, expressly clear that you are out of 'entertainment' doctrine in accounting world.

    Well Dr. Shamala, there's a saying goes, "great inventions always discovered by accident"

    I'm not sure whether this "accident" would lead us to a great invention.

  86. Anonymous4:47 pm

    aha, t-shirts can be hilarous depending on the print. opening and closing ceremonies can be entertaining. it depends on the organizers ingenuity.
    so, to classify these spendings under entertainment requires some ingenuity and imagination.
    just wondering whether this doctor is prepared to open the books for independent audit. any worms?

  87. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Dear Shamala,

    I am sorry I can't identify myself, but I know you and I feel sorry for you. I am sure you were never a beneficiary of the "enertainment" bill which you tried so hard to justify for your corrupt and unscrupulous boss. Azalina doesn't give a damn for anyone but herself. If she did, she would be the one answerng these questions and not leave you to face the firing squad. If you were smart, you would make as much distance as possible between yourself and her because she is bad news. Already one of her trusted aides David Chiam is being interrogated by the ACA, and who knows next could be Tony Mariadass, Philip Chan. And do you think she will protect them. If you do, think again, when it comes to the crunch, she will ditch all of you and protect herself. Think about it Sham.

  88. Anonymous8:20 am

    I remember not so long ago there was a report by the auditor general regarding misapporiation of fund to finance the institute belia purchases linked to this ministry(remember the screw driver for rm50 or something like that... Anyone knows what happened to it ?

  89. Anonymous1:02 pm

    seriously i think u guys have nothing better to do..

  90. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Dah lah masa jadi menteri belia dan sukan pun tak nampak apa-apa contribution, sekarang masuk tourism pula, makin kaya la dengan projek-projek lagi...budak pompuan (eeerrrr pompuan ker?) yang baru setahun jagung masuk politik ni dah jadi liability kepada rakyat dan kerajaan... orang macam ni pun boleh menang tak bertanding... huh rugi ajer aku bayar income tax tiap tahun...

  91. Anonymous11:52 pm

    dr. shamala paid rm20,000 to auditors to audit the accounts and yet they couldnt do a proper audit. We demand to know who's the auditor she engage to do the job, big 4 accounting firms ka?

    or perhaps it is just the usual lip services by ur own people...

  92. Anonymous12:37 pm

    A minister's whopping RM1.4 MILLION!!!
    we are still 'miskin' here and when we shout! you arrest us! DAMMNN YOU LAH.