Monday, April 14, 2008

Ah, Dr Chua the Blogger!

Thanks, TV Smith, for the alert. Never mind if there's no You Tube link, Dr Chua Soi Lek's blog is bound to draw a lot of interest.

Just read his latest posting, Media Freedom:
"The time has come for political party to re-look at its share holdings in the mainstream media and this includes MCA-controlled The Star newspaper and also the share holding in Nanyang press ... so that the media is able to regain its freedom."
Won't you agree?

Umno, too, holds too much interest in the traditional media. NST, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia are some of the newspapers controlled by Umno. As such, there are Umno politicians and their press attaches who tend to pull ranks with the Editors. And when you have Editors who are not so brave and who think they have too much to lose, newspapers turn into party newsletters.

p.s. Dr Chua blogs at Yep, I'm wondering about that figure 9, too, but in any case, welcome to the blog world, Doc! Read also TV Smith's Post-Apocalypse Bloggers.


  1. It's funny to see FORMER leaders for the components party are the only ones who are not afraid to say things.

    The others, especially those who has power still choose to keep quiet and still with their 'yes' man attitude.

    How sad.

  2. Anonymous6:41 pm

    It is good for Dr. Chua to have his own blog. I agreed with his opinion in 'Media Freedom'.

    In the long run, I still believe that a law should be passed to 'forbid' the shareholdings of political parties in MSM, private TV stations.

  3. Perhaps the figure 9 was a typo. I suppose in the rush to register for Blogger, he missed the 6 before it.

  4. Anonymous6:49 pm

    anyone notice the link to Lim Kit Siang's blog at the side? hehe...

  5. Anonymous7:00 pm

    His blogname should have been

  6. Pls visit & read the title "Let the fight begins!!!".

    It's in relation to Chua Soi Lek & MCA.

    Cheers, mate!!!

  7. Anonymous7:42 pm

    I quote Dr. Chua on his April 13 posting, just for laughs..
    "A big thank you to Han Jiang Student Association for inviting me to be the panel speaker in the forum titled "Analysing General Election, Discussing the future".
    Question: Analysing General Election? Did he mean Analysing the General Election or the General Election was Analysing? Anally liasing maybe?

  8. I agree with Stevenotes. He must have missed the 6.

    Anyway it's good that more politicans are blogging. Let the rakyat learn more about our politicians in order to make better choice.

  9. they're only brave to open their mouths after they leave office.

    that shows while in office they are only taking care of their own interests and not that of the rakyat.

    Once out they start making noise cos they know how things work on the inside...........

    How MCA and MIC sold their race off. You guys will rot in hell

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Anonymous8:42 pm

    doctor Chua Soi Lek hou-hou Yam started his own blog webpage hah!!!

    indeed he miss "drchua696" under his but no harm as Yam Yam Yummy can appear again, not in Batu Pahat but somewhere in Guandong with more Yam Yam Yummy.

    frankly speaking, drchua helped boosted the CCTV market and industry in Malaysia as a whole, and Iskandar Development Region specifically.

    wait and see new webpage coming to YouTube soon... going against Sufiah!

    goody luck, doctor and nurse Yam Yam Yummy!!!

    only in malaysia... ha ha ha ha ha

  12. Anonymous10:09 pm

    this means more sex video are set to be released by him personally?????

  13. Anonymous11:03 pm

    If what was reported in The Sun today is true about UMNO's involvement in pig farming, this will go down as the joke of the year! After all the hue and cry UMNO made about the RM 100 Million ultra modern pig farm in Selangor, it turns out that this 'Mega' project was the brainchild of none other than KHInziR Toyol. The same UMNO jokers who were crying for the blood of Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid were actually the shareholders of the Bumi owned company involved in the project.

    These jokers actually went to Germany to study how modern pig farming techniques can be done in Selangor. All these brouhaha about najis and haram was conveniently swept under the carpet all for the sake of making big bucks.

    What makes me sick about all these is the sheer hypocrisy demonstrated by the racists of UMNO. They think by invoking the name Israel or Yahudi (JEW), Malays and Muslims will go berserk and brand any individual or entity that is associated with these two names as Kafir (Infidel) and Haram (Forbidden). So what's not Haram about Muslims being involved in Pig rearing business. I'm no Ulama, but don't you think if this news is true, this will make these UMNO boys as Kafir? This will also give credence to PAS's labelling of UMNO as Kafir.

  14. .. 6 ka atau 69,mana mana pun ok la doc,been there done that,me 2 done that..only not released yet..take care and happy blogging.WELCOME TO THE WORLD BLOGGERS..THE MALAYSIAN BLOGGERS THAT MADE THE GOMEN 69..

  15. Welocme brudder Chua.

    Dare we hope you will post some revealing and Ramboesque action filled videos. With tips on hairdressing and magnetic beds to improve your you know what, nudge, nudge, wink, wink!! Lol.

    Hypocrites like you who condemned bloggers are now shamelessly joining our ranks.

    Bye, brudder Chua. I am one will will not be logging in at your website for sure!

  16. dear fisherman's fried

    i think Dr. Chua he meant analysing the General Erection!! lol.

  17. What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? *ehem*

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    Thanks for your time..

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  20. Anonymous9:52 am

    I wonder what the humble pie tastes like for those who used to disparage bloggers but are now hurrying to go online and register a blog after the recent election..


  21. Anonymous12:06 pm

    BN kian hari bagaikan bahtera yang sedang tenggelam. Dari menyelamatkan diri sendiri dari lemas, nampaknya parti-parti komponen BN khususnya Umno, MCA dan MIC nampaknya semakin ghairah meniup sentimen perkauman.

    Perbuatan yang tidak bertanggung jawab ini akan membawa padah kepada BN sendiri kerana rakyat negara ini sudah matang dan tidak mudah diperdaya oleh tipu muslihat BN. Berita yang paling mengembirakan saya adalah mendengar yang Badawi tidak akan berundur dari tampok pemerintahanya. Saya berkata demikian bukan kerana saya sayang atau sokong Si Bodoh ni dari terus menerajui tampok pemerintahan negara ini. Bagi saya, semakin lama Badawi kekal sebagai PM, semakin banyak najis BN akan terdedah khususnya dari MahaFiraun dan kuncu-kuncunya. Sebab itulah, mereka semua hendak Badawi meletak jawatan. Dalam istilah Bahasa Inggeris, strategi ini disebut Damage Control.

    Apa yang membimbangkan saya adalah dalam keghairahan mereka menjadi jaguh bangsa masing-masing, mungkin segelintir rakyat boleh menjadi mangsa jerat perkauman yang dipasang oleh BN. Kalau Umno memperjuangkan bangsa dan agama, mengapa pula Umno membisu apabila MCA yang dipimpin oleh Ong bersaudara lantang mencaci dan mengkritik agama Islam yang suci dan juga bertindak biadap terhadap Tengku Mahkota Kelantan? MIC juga mempermainkan sentimen perkauman dengan kononnya memperjuangkan hak kaum India. Umno pula sering mempersoalkan tindakan Kerajaan-kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat kononnya meminggirkan kaum Melayu. Yang terbaru adalah mengenai tuduhan yang tidak berasas terhadap Kerajaan Negeri Selangor mengenai projek perternakan babi. Menurut Terence Fernandez dari akbar The Sun hari ini, projek babi ini adalah buah tangan Umno sendiri.

    Oleh itu, saya merayu kepada saudara-saudara dan saudari-saudari sekalian khususnya kaum Muslimin dan Muslimat supaya jangan terpengaruh dengan fitnah dan dakyah BN demi kesejahteraan negara tercinta kita ini. HIDUP KETUANAN RAKYAT! HIDUP MALAYSIA!

  22. Anonymous1:33 pm

    No cares to read from MCA or ex MCA.
    MCA is irrelevant now!

  23. Anonymous1:49 pm


    inila saudara rocky bru..ceh

    itu mamat hensem sebelah pak lah...

  24. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    hope that my CM will have it own blog sooner or later.
    Bob from Kuching

  25. Anonymous4:42 pm

    how right, that nst is unno newsletter.

    NST should change to...

    NUT ( new umno times )

  26. hi cavewoman,

    ohh.. I thought it was him...

    because the only image of him that i've seen was the poster by sheih kickdefellas...

    so, have you verify the pic at my blog my dear cavewoman..?

    please confirm me.. lol

  27. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Aah...I like the words about those in power and those with personal power. Nothing beats personal (knowledge) power as compared to the influence power that compels most MCA politicians having to tread carefully on tiptoes...

  28. Anonymous10:20 am

    Since yesterday, Ali Ketam (read Ali Rustam) has disabled all comments for his blog ...

    Too much perhaps, he cannot Typical UMNO mentality thinking cyberworld is a place for goblok & idiots. Stunned in 'arrogant silence'.. eh YB? Painful eh getting lashed by factual arguments from commenters ?

    Harrr...harrr...harrr... pathetic indeed .. same goes with people who elected him... now you see, next hope you don't!

    Melaka people..Enough seing the true color of your leader? He is a typical UMNO politician who always think respect is something INHERIT from the title he carried (Dato'/YAB/Ketua Menteri,jawatan dlm parti UMNO etc..)..a license to 'syok sendiri' eh?
    However,respect as we all know, is something to be EARN..

    whatever lah..they'll never learn anything as usual..they love to "syok sendiri" as usual also!

    No need to give tips anymore lah Rockyfella..let them learn the hard way..!
    (Dedicated to new politician becum blogger)

    Welcome to cyberworld... as mentioned by Khairi Takmaludin..cyberworld is like a jungle & there are a lot of monkeys & beruk...

    but remember that you may also encounter a lot of beast in this jungle..and please do not be a 'pondan' & try to run away when you meet them..Like monkey and you also,they are all God's creation..Eat your own words hah..

    For Dr. Chua..give him a chance..I like this guy..he is a good doc & ex-minister..the only thing, he is not good in XXX a politician, NEVER share XXX secret with anybody especially to your closest politician friend..!

    hahaha.. :P

  29. Anonymous11:25 am

    Another current MP comes to blog world! MP from Pulai, Johor, Datuk Nur Jazlan Tan Sri Mohamed (yes, you read it right ... son of Tok Mat). His blog is at

    He also has Laman Web Khidmat Wakil Rakyat @

    Who says BN MP doesn't know about internet stuff??