Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How will justice be delivered tomorrow night?

Dinner with Salleh Abas and the PM. Nearly 20 years after his sacking on 8/8/88, former Lord President Tun Salleh Abas will be feted tomorrow night at a special dinner hosted by the Bar Council (updated: and sponsored by the Government, see here). Guess who will be there? The Prime Minister will be there, and he will speak on:
Delivering Justice, Renewing Trust
The Cabinet has said no to de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim's suggestion that the government apologize to Saleh for his sacking 20 years ago, so the question is:

What could Badawi offer to Saleh tomorrow night that he could have offered the last 4 years but didn't?

Ambiga, the Bar Council president, is hopeful that something good will happen at the dinner. Many of us share that hope. I hope the PM does the right thing.

Check out Nuraina A. Samad's latest posting Special Guests for Dinner ... for details about the dinner and who else are going to be there.


  1. Anonymous7:08 pm

    I bet the desperate jin setan f**ker would do anything to save his premiership!

    Hei Bodoh, these lawyers are nothing but a bunch of over-rated self absorbed prick.

    Bar Council is nothing but a council of drunkard baboons. Why accredit them more than are.

  2. Anonymous7:13 pm

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  3. Anonymous7:51 pm

    What could Badawi offer to Saleh Abas tomorrow night that he could have offered the last 4 years but didn't?

    May I suggest that Salleh Abas be appointed the chairman of the Royal Commission of Inquiry to overhaul the entire judicial system of the country. Having suffered more than 22 years of ignominious injustice, he is in a better position to know what is fundamentally wrong with the system and that is also the only way to say sorry to him without putting it in so many words.

    We need to seek atonement and gain redemption for our past sins and only Salleh Abas can deliver.

  4. Anonymous8:42 pm


    I think the right question is "can the justice be delivered?" to deliver justice is where eventually all those corrupted ministers and cronies are brought to the court and of course this includes badawi,kamal, KJ & the gang. che det will also not be spared. but this is unlikely to happen.

    Renewal of trust? well, is there anyone there in umno-bn trustworthy? to say yes equals to lying. so renewal is also unlikely to happen.

    the only sure event to happen is enjoying a good and expensive dinner...more lamb please! :)

  5. Anonymous8:49 pm

    aiyo jumpa pon salah, tak jumpa pon salah.... minta maaf salah, tak minta maaf pon salah... lama-lama jadi serba salah..

  6. "What could Badawi offer to Saleh tomorrow night that he could have offered the last 4 years but didn't?"

    Precisely Rocky, and Badawi is a hypocrite of the largest order! A reconciliatory note to the former Lord President now would seem like a futile PR excercise on Badawi's part that would even split Umno and the Malays even further. Badawi can keep on doing stupid thing and it is as though he is being advised by the Opposition to make an inadvertent negative and disparaging remarks that can further destroy Umno!
    Keep it up Moron!

  7. maybe we'll witness an apology but only in PM's personal capacity which will amount to nothing.

  8. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Justice? He doesn't know the meaning of the word.

    Like he doesn't know what Islam Hadhari is all about. Can't even explain it. Just mumbo jumbo.

    Just slogans. Like "Work with me". But we don't like what you were doing, if you were doing anything at all.

    So we "Worked Against You". Thats justice.

  9. Anonymous11:21 pm

    PAk Lah will not make any speech.

    He'll fall asleep at the dinner table

  10. Anonymous11:48 pm

    AAB is history..he is enjoying whatever glamour that is left. What can he do? He had four years..and did nothing. One night more..will not change anything. And as usual Zaid is on a syiok sendiri journey..

    Good luck AAB

  11. Anonymous12:17 am

    AAB will offer Salleh Abas '50 WAYS TO SLEEP ON THE JOB WHILE APPEARING FULLY AWAKE'... also he would affer '50 WAYS FOR YOUR SIL TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF SCOMI WHILE SAYING SCOMI WILL ONLY DO OVERSEAS CONTRACTS'... and, last but not least, '50 WAYS TO KIPAS BAR COUNCIL SO THEY COULD KISS YOUR A**'... good luck to all who would attend such a circus in the name of justice!

  12. Anonymous1:10 am

    Dr Shamala,

    If you want to write so long, i suggest you create your own blog! boringlah!


  13. Anonymous1:14 am


    All this is good. But first can the PM explain the rationale of his decision in appointing Zaid Ibrahim to the cabinet when Zaid was found to be guilty of breaching party discipline?

    Buckingham U law grad, UK

  14. Anonymous11:02 am

    The Spore Straits Times carried a half-page report "Abdullah to unveil judicial reforms today" in today's edition (Apr 17).

    As per the report, there will be 4 main elements:

    - Judicial Commission to appoint and promote judges
    - Greater independence for the judiciary. This will involve changes to the Federal Constitution
    - Financial compensation to sacked judges
    - Expression of regret by PM Abdullah

    The report claimed that the PM faced "stiff opposition from his own Cabinet and administration".

    The PM's address at the dinner, hosted jointly by the govt and the Bar Council, is titled "Delivering Justice, Renewing Trust".

    4 of the 6 judges who were disgraced in 1998 will be at the dinner. They are Tun Salleh Abas, Datuk George Seah, Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin and Tan Sri Wan Hamzah.

    The other 2 Supreme Court judges - the late Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman and the late Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader - will be represented by their families.

    Datin Seri Wan Azizah and Lim Kit Siang are also expected to attend the dinner.

    Will this bring "closure to the 1998 judicial crisis" as the PM hopes it will?

    The report said that some people feel that it may not be enough.

    Datuk V.C. George (a former Court of Appeal judge): "An apology or expression of regret would be sweeping everything that happened 20 years ago under the carpet."

    And will the PM "out" his Cabinet colleagues "who served under Tun Dr Mahathir and were not keen on reforms that would embarrass the former premier"? Are these the same people who criticised the move to set up the Royal Commission last year to investigate a certain infamous video recording that allegedly implicated a prominent lawyer?

    These people should be named and shamed, even if they are "warlords" and "powerbrokers".

    Tun Dr Mahathir will, of course, go ballistic over these moves by the PM.

    The New Straits Times editorial yesterday trumpeted "Get on with the job".

    Yet the Tamil language "Makkal Osai" newspaper has been banned by the non-renewal of it's annual printing permit, according to a notification from the Home Ministry.

    And who is the Home Minister?

    And will the pro-Umno press (NST, Berita Harian, Mingguan Msia and Utusan Msia) make common cause with "Makkal Osai" to protest the ban on the latter?

  15. This would never have happened before March 8 2008.
    Didn't Nazri say there was nothing wrong with the Judiciary?

    Defeat is a teacher of humility and wisdom.

  16. Anonymous2:43 pm

    The country need to take some steps to heals the judiciary fiasco. We must let Abdullah do it and he has the mandate("cheating or not") as he is the PM now, give the guy fair chance to fulfill what he has promise in 2004. The lesson is learned, point is taken in 8 March 2008! Get on with the job please!!

  17. What is required is NOT DINNER!! If dinner could do justice, much justice had been done because there had been so many dinners over the years!! What people want is justice, justice, justice and nothing but justice to Tun Saleh Abas, Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman and Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader, Datuk George Seah, Tan Sri Wan Hamzah and all the other judges whose career Mahathir had violently attacked, assassinated, maimed and mutilated.

    To me the dinner is another waste of public money. We eat everyday. Why, the food we consume everyday is not enough? Good and meaningful decisions are not made during dinners but in the quietness of the room of the heart.

    Listening to Abdullah's speech?? If any top political leader who can't speak eloquently, it is Abdullah Badawi. So why listen to his speech? Must it be through dinner that justice can be dispensed? What a rubbish!! Please better don't attend the dinner unless it is to celebrate the restoration of the total independence of the judiciary. But first Abdullah must have made major and concrete reform, then celebrate it with dinners. To date nothing has been done, so what is the dinner for? To fatten Abdullah or who?

  18. I thought the proposal for judicial appointment commission a good start, if only he had the guts to remove the bit about the PM still having the last say...but I suppose you can't have it all

    Secondly I feel that the ex gratia reward for Tun salleh abbas and his colleagues insulting, especially coming from the Prime Minister directly, the message to me is that the executive will just pay with the rakyat's money for its mistakes,

    had it been recommended by a tribunal of their peers it would have been better, it seems that pak lah still doesn't get that politics is a delicate game...

    by the way I got your pictures with the minister and kak nuraina if you want