Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Malaysian Election: Lessons for Singapore

A Roundtable in Singapore with Jeff Ooi, Haris Ibrahim & I. The Institute of Policy Studies has invited the three of us to the Republic tomorrow for a roundtable on "The Role of ICT in the Malaysian Election: Lessons for Singapore".
There will be civil servants, regulators and policy makers in the audience, according to the organisers.
It will be a get-together opportunity for the three of us. In January 2007, Jeff and I met Haris for the first time at Malik Imtiaz Sarwar's office in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the possibility of them defending us against the New Straits Times Press and its 3 top dogs and a former Group Editor.

A lot has happened since then.

p/s All Blog's tv crew will be in Singapore to try and film the proceedings. Nathaniel Tan (the blogger who was remanded for nearly a week last year over some doctored pics of the DPM, Razak Baginda and Altantuya) and Steven Gan from Malaysiakini will also be in Singapore, but for another forum on Thursday evening.


  1. Anonymous3:26 pm


    Is it true you didn't contest in the GE becoz you were a bankrupt?

    Bro Roo

  2. A Singaporean Indian wanted to emigrate to Malaysia. A Singapore MP asked him:

    Q. Haven't we allowed you the right to worship?
    A. Can't complain.

    Q. Haven't we let you live in peace with your fellow Indians?
    A. Can't complain.

    Q. Haven't we allowed you to travel freely, and go anywhere you want?
    A. Can't complain.

    Q. Haven't we allowed you to teach your children Punjabi, or any other languages?
    A. Can't complain.

    Q. Haven't we treated you fairly?
    A. Can't complain.

    Q. Then why do you want to go to Malaysia?
    A. There I can complain!

  3. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Interesting Rocky's... but I just hope you don't get to the blind spot and lose sight of the bigger agenda?

  4. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    They have invited you and your gang to Singapore for the forum to help Singapore’s political elite learn how to protect their power. May God bless you to be a good tool for them. Remember the saying, “when your neighbour’s wall is on fire, it becomes your business.” They have invited you because of self interest.

  5. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    They have invited you and your gang to Singapore for the forum to help Singapore’s political elite learn how to protect their power. May God bless you to be a good tool for them. Remember the saying, “when your neighbour’s wall is on fire, it becomes your business.” They have invited you because of self interest.

  6. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Why are you mis-reporting? Or are you telling lies?

    Nat Tan was not arrested for the fake photo on the threesome. He was arrested for a comment linking to an anonymous and unsubstantiated website alleging corruption of a minister. If Nat had any integrity, he should not have done that. He should have checked first. Especially when his girlfriend is a reporter.

    And now you, do get your facts right before you sit on that roundtable.

    President of All Blogs konon-nya!

  7. Anonymous5:14 pm

    It's another missed opportunity by our Govt. Instead of embracing new information media/technology, we choose to "close one eye". Instead Singapore are the ones who show interest of wanting to learn more about it.
    The Bloggers in Malaysia created "Tsunami" What a great opportunity to learn from the "Gurus" but our powers that be let it slip by.. But then again
    ....the Slip by thing ... that is expected ..ZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzz


  8. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Rocky, YB Jeff & Haris,

    Congrats. Wishing you all the Best. May the Force be with you.



  9. Anonymous5:52 pm

    interesting rocky..i am sure you will do a good job. Cheers!
    btw, your hits coming near the four million mark

  10. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Hi rocky's bru,

    is the talk open for public? Do you know where will it be held? Coz I'm studying in NUS... could be able to join!

  11. It used to be 'Have Gun Will Travel' (a TV series long ago)
    Now it's 'Have Blog Will Travel'
    While some are prepared to learn from the navel
    There will be some with learning it's 'Never!'

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080408
    Tue. 8th April 2008.

  12. Rocky, Nat Tan wasnt remanded because of publishing the photos. It was Tian Chua who published the photos in Malaysia-Today and his blog. Nat Tan was arrested and detained by the police because of a posting in his blog that linked Johari Baharom to some corruption allegations.

  13. Dear Chong Zhemin,

    Thank you for pointing out the error. My apologies.
    Nat e-mailed me much earlier to alert me

    Alex, you sound like Jed la. Hahaha. Thanks, nonetheless.

  14. Anonymous7:23 pm

    rocky - where and what time is the forum? is it open to the public?

  15. Hey, bro.

    Was still at Bloghouse the morning after GE12 when Tan Tarn How, the IPS bloke, interviewed Haris.

    A question was asked - Why is your blog entirely different from the rest.. (or something to that effect)?

    Man, I almost choked on my morning b**r.

    Anywayz, you guyz be careful, ok. RDC is quick to learn on the shortcomings of others. Something AAB and company are still oblivious with.

  16. Anonymous9:37 pm

    That's why Singapore government clever. They let you all talk, learn from you guys, future know how to defend. Not like BN here, really stupid...don't let you all talk. Buat dunno, call blogger stupid, beruk etc and it cause them an election.

  17. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Rocky, jangan sampai nanti orang menuduh awak pulak yang menjadi spy Singapura sepertimana awan menuduh mereka-mereka di NST tu... selamat berforum....

  18. Singapore
    Follow the rules and laws
    PAP won’t let its citizens
    Saying no good on the streets

    Complaints not in public
    Dissatisfaction carves in private homes
    It is ruled on a tight ship
    Believing it is best for Singaporeans

    Now the Singapore leaders are worried
    A new wave checked into her neighbor
    She wants to know details to play the game
    Before her citizens mouse it in their homes

    It is good she recognized bloggers
    What they can do behind closed doors
    In the cyber-space clicking away
    Yet I know she doesn’t allow freedom
    It is still the same old Singapore

    At least now she wants to know
    PAP leaders don’t want to get napping
    Sending out feelers to pow-wow
    Not like BN/UMNO leaders
    Calling bloggers goblok!

    Now who got the black eyes?
    They wished they learned
    So Singapore doesn’t want to get it
    It is better to prepare then feeling sorry after effects

  19. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Hope u wont become another tool of singaporean elite to suppress their own ppl. Best of luck!!!

  20. Rocky, noted your admission and apologies on Nat Tan's arrest. Credits should be given to those who highlighted your error.

    I wish you well for your team visit to Spore. I am sure that your team could benefit from the experience of sharing ideas with the Sporeans.

    Happy blogging..

  21. If it can happen to BN country, it can happen to PAP country. And PAP is of course taking all the necessary precautions to stay relevant.

    Unfortunately, in BN country, it's back to square one. And here we are thinking things might finally change for the better.

    The anguish is numbing.

  22. Anonymous12:14 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The lion city blokes are in their usual paranoia state and this invitation, which I believe, is to put themselves in a state of preparedness for their next elections.

    My gut feeling says that after the meeting, the lion city blokes will come up with "Rules of Engagement" for their blogging community which will somewhat state like this :

    "No libel,no slander,no swearing, no words that teenagers use a lot these days,no words that are used by rappers,hip hop artists or Nam Wee type,no words that might offend
    any group or person or member of the animal kingdom,no ethnic slurs or obituaries,no religious bigotry,no bathroom humor,no bedroom humor either.
    And no chewing of gum while blogging !

    All the best to you and the gang.
    Share it with Bro Haris too.

    Rastaman JB

  23. Rocky Bro,

    If its Ok for you, why dont you share with us the outcomes of this forum. Perhaps you want to consider that Singapore Govt structure and practices is different than our govt. How they look at bloggers? Hope to have some words from ya..

  24. Anonymous1:17 am

    Grant to state selangor WILL BE "BERMANDIKAN DARAH BABI"

  25. Anonymous3:09 am

    Totally agrees with Alex ,the more I read this blog ... the more I find this guy rocky "loose a tiny screw somewhere"....

    ROcky u pun banyak tak betul ... u keep on commenting on others ... cermin muka la sekit ...


  26. Anonymous6:13 am


    It's not Malaysia election but Dollah election likes what Musa Hitam said.You must make correction about your title.

    The result shows Malaysian are not fail in election but BAdawi are totally fails in this election.

    You must say this to singaporean forum which their government boast and gave credit to Dollah leadership.

  27. Anonymous8:23 am

    Interesting. Ong Ka Chuan's press statement, in the Sun (http://tinyurl.com/6pd8yb):

    "If the people grow less apprehensive of (Malaysia becoming an) Islamic state because PAS is now under PR (and seems less of a threat), one day when PAS becomes strong and wants to amend the constitution to make Malaysia an Islamic state, what else can we do?" he asked.

    So by this does Ong Ka Chuan mean that Malaysia is NOT at present an Islamic state? If so, this contradicts the statements made on the matter by his fellow cabinet ministers, namely Najib Tun Razak and Abdullah Badawi.

  28. Anonymous9:05 am

    Hey Rocky...Singapore tightly controlled politics will break up the moment MM LKY goes into another world. There will be at least a two party system...just like Malaysia..

    Be patient...Just wait and observe what will happen.

  29. Anonymous9:23 am

    Prevention is better than cure...

    S'pore probably do not want to end up being like Pak Lah who need to take 'overdose drugs' prescription now to cure all the BN/UMNO's diseases that seem not to be working at all...even worst, the 'overdose drugs' seem to caused plague among themselves....slowly they rot.. hahaha...


  30. Anonymous9:44 am

    knock 'em dead...

  31. Anonymous10:43 am

    Don't be too flattered, lah. This is just a ploy by red dot to see how you guys managed to stir up political awareness among Malaysians. The pottu state will try to find out how you guys did it, through what networking, using what servers, contacts, cooperation, etc. and when it gets all the info it needs, habislah for Singaporean bloggers.

  32. Anonymous10:55 am

    Rocky + Gang,

    Great that they have recognized bloggers..esp M'sian "opinion leaders". At least our frens in S'pore have recognized the importance of new media and the impact it can & has caused the govt unlike our pendekars...still in dreamtime & denial! Pls have videos, pix & updates of the session. BTW where & what time ? Can we atend?

  33. Anonymous10:58 am


    Alex are you one of the UMNO cyber trooper geting paid RM 2,500 monthly to masuk blog orang & bagi komen negatif?

    Or maybe you kalah during last GE??

    wakakaa...kita kenal sapa kamu...

  34. Hey man, In spite of your rabid anti S'pore you are now selling your soul to the "devil"! Do not dabble with the Devil or you may just be his Disciple! Is it true you are a bankrupt!?

  35. Anonymous12:39 pm

    I was suprise why our Malaysian blogger want to shares their experience with PAP spy.They should only shares their strategy and experience with Singapore opposition party.I am sure LKY and Singapore leaders a bit panic with the success of our blogger influencing the voter in Malaysia election.They want to know how they did it.

  36. Minta Laluan...dengan keizinan dan budi bicara Tuan Punya Blog yang dikasihi,

    Sanusi Junid sudah bawa keluar Pedang Samurai...Haaiiittt!

    Benarlah sepertimana yang tersebar diseluruh negara satu waktu dulu bahawa, dengan Pak Sanusi ini jangan dibuat main-main; kerana beliau mengamalkan semangat Bushido; yang sering dipegang oleh Samurai Berani Mati dari Negara Terbit Matahari...

    Dato' Seri Sanusi Junid yang kini merangkap Presiden UIAM sememangnya ahli politik yang berani dan mempunyai prinsip kesetiaan yang tinggi kepada bekas ketuanya... Haaaittt!

    Lihat sahaja keberaniannya mempertahankan Enche' Ghaffar Baba (Tun) daripada serangan bertubi-tubi media yang dikuasai oleh kem Anwar Ibrahim dan juak-juaknya, pada masa perebutan kerusi Timbalan Presiden UMNO pada tahun 1993; yang penuh berliku dan bersejarah itu.

    Sanusi mengepal penumbuk berdiri teguh diatas Rostrum membela Tun Ghaffar Baba habis-habisan biarpun selepas itu beliau kalah mempertahankan kerusi Naib Presiden Tempat ke-3, yang disandangnya pada masa itu. Perhimpunan Agung, tahun 1993 menyaksikan Dato; Seri Sanusi Junid menongkah arus 'Kem Wawasan' yang dikepalai oleh Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim; yang disokong oleh juak-juaknya seperti Mike Tyson, Muhyiddin Yasin dan Rahim Tamby Chik.

    Sila baca ulasan seterusnya di :
    Check it out!


  37. Anonymous3:51 pm


    A month has passed since BN encountered its worst general election results in the history of Malaysia. Opposition nobodies and wannabies stood and won while BN stalwarts looked forlorn as they lost miserably with saving grace going to those who weren’t selected to stand for the elections. Sabah and Sarawak aside, it was almost a total whitewash.

    The people had their say and made democracy count while BN looked on in dismay, even without any indelible ink. A number of seats won by BN were also deemed contentious under extenuating circumstances. The old ways and old media became history as new media took center stage. The vote clearly went to the opposition and, even where the opposition lost, it was by much narrower margins. Malaysians finally drove home their point - “we’re sick and tired of the empty promises, the same old bull shit and corrupt practices“.

    One would think it should have been a wake-up call for the ruling coalition. But no, instead of taking stock of the situation and resolving issues at hand, the present administration wasted no time in resuming its usual bickering, finding fault in each other and drumming up obsolete issues versus drawing a master plan going forward. Instead of calling to immediate action, PM Pak Lah simply reiterated the same calls he made many years ago. It’s no wonder they lost!

    Former PM Mahathir immediately jumped on the bandwagon, lashing out for the umpteenth time at Pak Lah whom he had nominated at the outset. There is no doubt that he had done a lot for the country, including starting the rot. He should just stay completely out of politics, as any honorable and wise ex-politician would do. But, then again, he may have a hidden agenda in the name of his son or could it be he is harbouring thoughts of returning as PM?

    The thought of ex-DPM Anwar’s return to power is sending shivers up the spine of BN leaders who continue to dig up his past to degrade him. But, instead of reflecting on what happened and how to rectify the situation, everyone’s too busy pointing fingers in the pretext of guarding their own turf. The sum of all parts would definitely be the outcome of the recent general elections.

    As the usual UMNO infighting continued, DPM Najib was thrilled to bits when Pak Lah openly and publicly announced his support for him to eventually take over as PM. Meanwhile, ex-Sports and newly-appointed Tourism Minister Azalina childishly announced that tourism MOUs in the five opposition-led states would be cancelled. This drew an immediate protest from the states after which she “clarified” to say that tourism initiatives would continue as planned. Sound familiar?

    Is this a sign of changing times, status quo or retardation? When BN won the last general election, Pak Lah made certain vows, apart from those he took upon becoming PM. His “Mr Clean” image, for what he was known, slowly but surely diminished over time as he came under the influence of his relatives and aides. All his talk about setting the stage right by righting the wrongs remained as just talk and hot air.

    Now the calls for him to step down seem to grow louder. But nay he says, “I need to put things right, first”. After all those promises and dying Malaysian hopes during his reign as PM, how many more would it take to put things right? It is the trust and faith he has lost from Malaysians. Just like when one takes those marriage vows “until death do us apart”. Death has come and gone in this country and right now it makes no difference if it’s “better the devil you don’t know than the devil you do”.

    The Malays have become so NEP-dependent that even the very thought of withdrawing it drew all kinds of protests. Granted there should be some rights accorded to them but 30 years into the NEP, one would think that they would easily have found a firm footing. But, then again, some say NEP is biased towards the elite and select Malays while others say everyone has taken it for granted. So, is there any merit in still having it?

    The non-Malays, on the other hand, are trying to make the best of what’s left of the cake. But try as they may, the wounds are too deep to heal as the damage is done. All they can hope for is some retribution for their next generation. This is for the “yet hopefuls” as the rest have fled the country while many have put similar plans in motion. “Make hay while the sun shines”, they say, but even the sun’s shine is in question, thanks to global warming.

    The dismal performance of Bursa Malaysia vis-à-vis regional markets is a case in point as foreign investors shy away from the local bourse due to the prevailing political uncertainty. Our education system too has gone to the dogs. The standard is so poor that even local graduates can’t speak English for nuts. As international borders fall, is this how Malaysia is gearing up for international competition?

    As the world grapples with the possibility of world recession, following the US subprime mortgage crisis, and climate change, resulting from the depletion of the ozone layer, BN is still licking its wounds while trying to figure out how to avenge the defeat and deliver a crucial blow to the opposition. A sure way to win the next general election indeed!

    I could probably go on forever but I don’t want to sound like a broken record, as most of us are already aware of the issues at hand. But the question is “does BN”? In one fell sweep, BN has created a PR disaster like a walking time bomb waiting to explode. Industry doyens would probably scoff at the thought of any possibility of remedying what’s left of its image.

    If the ruling coalition doesn’t pick up the pieces soon and solve the looming jigsaw puzzle, BN would probably suffer a worse fate at the next general election! I thought of sending this to the newspapers but who reads them nowadays?

    Malaysian Citizen.

  38. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    u sure the SG gahmen welcomes you? surely they don't want their opposition to be strong like M'sia's?

    2 GEs ago, S'poreans gave the incumbent PAP (pay & pay?) 75% of the votes, then in the previous GE, 66%. Will they be giving them only 50% in the coming GE as an indication of the strengthening of people's power?

    No worries, the PAP gahmen can always threaten voters with no public transport if the opposition wins, or charge the opposition party members with income tax evasion to silence them or make them run off to other countries to escape from unfounded guilts, as have happened before.

  39. Read RPK's Royal response to my numerous accusations:


    The truth is out there... *cue X-files music*

  40. Anonymous5:50 pm

    well done rocky....hey wait a minute. aren't we against those land-grabbing money worshipping singaporeans and their cohorts in malaysia?
    Hmmmm...guess i was absent when we changed the agenda on them.
    good luck mate.....

  41. Anonymous5:57 pm

    PAK LAH MUST GO ....
    Posted by kasee
    Monday, 07 April 2008
    The Malaysian Insider

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 7 — When Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi visits Johor this Friday for a closed door session with senior state Umno politicians, he will face his moment of truth.

    The most powerful Umno state in the country is leaning towards asking the party president and prime minister to consider making way for a successor. They are unsure if he should set out a time table for departure immediately or if he should contest the party elections in December.

    But the general view among division heads who met on Saturday is that perceptions are powerful, and that the perception hovering around Abdullah is that he is a weak leader and that his family has inordinate influence over him.

    A division leader told the Insider: “We understand that these perceptions are untrue but Umno members believe these things and Pak Lah will not be able to govern effectively or unite the party. It is not going to be an easy decision for Johor Umno but we feel that we have a responsibility to let the president know of our sentiment."

    Johor is considered the bastion of Umno and party candidates in the state have consistently done well in even the most difficult of elections. Election 2008 was no different with all Umno candidates winning their seats. But nearly everyone came home with a reduced majority. If Johor Umno sends Abdullah a signal on Friday that he should go, this could embolden other states.

    Among the big names who attended the Johor Umno meetin

  42. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Rockyfella, I noticed you seems to be getting sloppy and slow in coming with your blog postings, post GE12. You no longer update yourself more often like you frequently do so in the past.

    It appears you are invited here and there and everywhere to sample some toddy-shop stuff all over the country, even as far as Singapore, and therefore had no time to keep up with the blogosphere happenings.

    Take a break, man.

  43. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Singapore's tightly controlled politics will split up the moment MM LKY leaves this world. Just wait....be patient.

  44. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Catwoman said: Go to the devil's table but mind what you eat and don't forget to say Bismillah. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and you do have good intent. Hujan emas negri orang, hujan batu negri sendiri.

  45. Fyi,


    Mahathir Loyalists.

  46. Anonymous12:36 am


    Give Rocky a break!

    It is easy to get confused when you are in deep blogging mood... Tian and Tan, both sound almost the same.

    But how did Rocky got mixed up with the words "Nathaniel" and "Chua"..that I could not figure out. Its like getting confused between Maozedong and Cho-en-lai.

  47. ... all the best to guys,bro hopefully you can get whatever coverage(video)and put on ur blog...

  48. Anonymous7:49 am

    Rocky... semuga anda tidak akan dituduh sebagai spy Singapura pulak macam mamat-mamat kat NST tu....

  49. Anonymous12:14 pm

    nice to hear that our bloggers are creating waves around the world, singapore, indonesia....

  50. Anonymous1:32 pm

    rocky's bru blog seems very slow updated lately...anybody smell Sang Kelembai here ?

  51. Bro,
    Your blog, together-gether with Nuraina, Kak Maria & A. Kadir Jasin's blog are on the Former-MB-Selangor's blog. lolx

    Former-MB wants to 'borrow' your blogging credentials?

  52. Anonymous4:28 am

    Mob1900, pray tell, what's the problem with Nuraina, Kak Maria & A. Kadir Jasin's bloglinks are on the Former-MB-Selangor's blogroll?

    Don't let your hatred on BN restricted your already myopic views. You are not so bright afterall, if going by on what you ditch over at your blog.

    Go sharpen your photoshop skill and leave the serious stuff to them real men, ok?

  53. anonymous (3.51pm malaysian citizen)


    (pls. write some more)

  54. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Singapore`s main strength is in the ultra efficient civil service and not soley the PAP politicians. That is LKY`s legacy. Love or hate him. He left behind a competent civil service which can even run the country without the political figure-heads.

    In some ways, Hong Kong`s SAR is similar too. That is the reason why China did not replace the civil servants in Hong Kong. China needs them for Hong Kong to be competitive.

    In Singapore, you have to be extremely good in studies and capabilities to be a civil servant. It is easier to get employment from the private sector.

    PAP`s old guard has not forgottened how they inherited the good civil service structure from the British.

    Reform the civil service and you can afford to have the occasional donkeys as political leaders.